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Old thread. >>9368587

Share those cosplay and lolita-related feels, my gulls.

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I suspected that I was a little old for my comm, and then someone posted this.

25+ comm where?

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I'll meet you at the pub. Where we can drink and complain about the kids today.

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>chillin in the dealer room
>see girl with frilly collar
>without realizing, reach out to touch it
>friend spots me
>screams "STOP" at the top of her lungs
>everyone staring

Fuck me.

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well the op pic sure makes me feel something

>be browsing /cgl/
>see new feels thread is up
>OP pic hit me hard
>weirdest boner

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Good you deserved to be shamed, keep your hands to yourself anon didn't your mama ever teach you that?

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>tries to touch a stranger
>yells at the top of her lungs

By chance, are you and your friend autistic?

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I know this is a super lame feel, but I really regret not buying from Bodyline more. I missed out on snagging some cute stuff, and missed out on cheap prices too. But we all know they never re-stock. And at this rate it looks like they might be leaving their shop for dead.

Very related feel: I could have started wearing lolita back in highschool had I bought from them sooner. For some reason I was too scared or something and I missed out on the era of cheap Bodyline and getting to wear lolita before having to worry about adult life.

I recently watched some of Peachie's old videos because I was feeling really nostalgic, and the entire time I just kept thinking, "That could have been me." Not the e-fame, I mean just getting to have fun wearing lolita when I was younger.

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Why is normie fashion so boring? Why is their idea of "professional so utterly boring? Why are normies themselves so boring?
>tfw have to spend the little money i have on a more "prufeshunal" wardrobe in order to get a job
>actual wardrobe is 90% lolita and 10% casual normal clothing
>used to only dress normal for school or part time jobs (leggings/pants or pleated skirts with a sweater/t shirt or blouse and ankle boots/sneakers/tennis shoes)
>also maybe will have to start wearing more makeup/go full instahoe with a tight bun because i heard that if you look too young nobody will call you back
Fuck having to get into a mould to please normies. Fuck normies. I just want to be a rich NEET already.

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>Shoot with photog last year at con, really like the pictures I got back
>Same con is coming up, message them a few weeks ago and again recently asking when they'll be opening slots
>They open their bookings today
>Tripled their price from last year, I can no longer afford them

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>take a long as time deciding what cute clothes i'll treat myself to
>find tons of stuff on dreamybows
>located in uk
>no import taxes
>accept paypal
>my lack of a creditcard finally won't be in my way
>try to pay with paypal
>automatically sends me to an "add creditcard" page

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I quit my office job to pursue my dreams and now I'm finding that without the structure of a 9-5, my willpower is weak as shit. I'm going back to the call center starting Monday. I'm worried that since I didn't make it now, that I never will.

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>my willpower is weak as shit
Hatred is the best motivation, Anon. Apparently you just don't hate working at a call center enough to make it on your own. I'd extend that philosophy to >>9374232 who claims to hate normies, but apparently not enough to do whatever it takes to not live like one.

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Man, working retail now IS my main motivation for working my ass off. I don't want to work in an office or retail for the rest of my life. You have to be a self-starter though and if you don't push yourself twice as hard, nobody else is going to

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you and your friend are both cringy

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I used to think fashion was the dumbest thing ever when I was a kid because all I knew was boring normie fashion. Then I discovered lolita and fairy kei and now I'm obsessed with it. I agree with you, I hate normie fashion.

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A girl in my comm has "in a relationship" on her Facebook, but I've never seen her with a guy, or even mention a guy. Even on Valentine's Day, she was super vague about her plans.

I mean, not that I'm gay for her or anything.

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>tfw no Mista J

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>tfw handsome
>tfw smart
>tfw moderately ok body
>tfw no woman will ever love me
>tfw no beer
Does anyone want to fetch the buckshot out of my attic?

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Go get it yourself.

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I know these feelies

>tfw no beer to drown these feelies.

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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These guys know what is up.
>tfw see handsome guys with ugly girls
>mfw my standard will never be low so I might as well be lonely at the conventions

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>In a wheelchair
>Cosplay able-bodied characters: Compliments and pictures
>Cosplay disabled characters: Suspicion and snide comments about whether I really need my chair or if it's an attention whoring stunt

I'm not exactly crying over every douchebag who runs their mouth, but I have trashed costume ideas because I don't want to get fork-stabbed in the leg

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>meet Tracer cosplayer
>she takes me back to her room
>lose my virginity!
>midway through, Tracer becomes embarrassed of her queefing and starts to cry
>never cummed

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>I don't want to get fork-stabbed in the leg
That was a hell of a thread.

Now I'm nostalgic.

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Last semester I joined a cosplay club at a local college that I plan on transferring to and started to make friends with some people there. Right at the end of the semester, the club hosts a small one day minicon and if you volunteered you got your badge for free, so I decided to volunteer for staff. I was in charge of watching the door/checking badges for some of the panels/events and was talking to this one guy who was hosting a very casual mixer-type panel (me at conventions is a LOT more outgoing than me normally). I ended up seeing him other times throughout the day and at the after party and we talked and joked like we'd been friends forever. Over break, a lot of the members (including my main friend group, which also included him) stayed in contact in group chat and now that the new semester has started we all hang out and talk pretty regularly. Me and the one guy talk one on one more and we both have a lot in common.

A few weeks ago, I'm talking to one of my other friends who goes to the same school as me and I get a message from him asking me if I wanted to hang out with him some time and my mind immediately goes "Wait. What does he mean by this?" I had a con that week and was pretty pressed for time so I ended up not following through on the date until last week, and at the end he told me he liked me.

Since then, we've been on a few dates and our mutual friends apparently all saw it coming and honestly? I've never been so happy about a relationship in my life. I've posted in a thread about my shitty ex back when we were dating months ago, and he was the type where we didn't have a whole lot in common and no shared friends (or any friends, we were both each other's only friends for a while and he hated all my friends to the point where I never saw them). It's been just a week so idk what to call us, but I'm having fun and I'm very happy!

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I recently started dating someone from my new friend group and it's pretty exciting. I've never been in a relationship where we were friends beforehand, and have the same friends (it's usually dating sites or blind dates).

>/cgl/ related
My friend group is all in the same cosplay club, and I met him at a mini con the club hosts.
>tfw cosplay bf

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Oh God this pic makes me feel so incredibly old. I was already in my twenties when that show ran...

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It's only six years old, anon.

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I used to go to every con with my sister, but she hasn't cosplayed for three years this month.

I feel so damn lonely.

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I feel your sad lesbian pain, sis
If she is dating a girl, the fact that she's keeping it on the dl is a good sign. She's less likely to run back to boyville when they break up.
Give it a while, be there for her after the breakup, and just be a good friend.
You might also try casually letting some gayness slip to let her know you could be a possible gf in future

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You sound retarded

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What? Story?

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If you don't develop self-discipline, you'll never accomplish your dreams. Someone else is going to control you all your life and redirect your energy to their purpose.

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It's almost seven years and it really feels like a completely different world to me.

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Ugly dudes are where it's at desu. None of the guys I've dated have been super attractive. I don't think I could deal with that kind of ego

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What is in your /d/ folder m8

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TW: You'll want to kick this bitch.

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Blame Homestuck. 99% of strange modern problems with the "cosplay community" stem from Shit Homestucks Did.

Nobody likes body paint? Homestucks. People are openly disdainful of your chair because they think you're using it as part of the costume? Homestucks.

I have a bizarrely specific working knowledge of state-specific laws (in multiple states) surrounding the use of "blind canes" by members of the public that are not diagnosed legally blind because I used to work conventions and FUCKING HOMESTUCKS.

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>panty and stocking


>> No.9375109

oh god I remember reading this awhile back. Can't believe I forgot about it

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>getting out of the friendzone
I call bullshit.

>> No.9375233

>linking to tumblr instead of the archive


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>be completely retarded about photography but want to take better coord shots
>bf used to be into photography so I ask him for tips
>he starts linking me to $100 reflectors and talking about flash photography
>confused, I ask him why I would need to use flash when I can just use lamps and natural lighting
>he starts raising his voice and using a more sarcastic tone
>"Because you don't always HAVE lamps?"
>ask him why I wouldn't have access to a lamp
>raises his voice louder
>"Because you're at a party or something and it's dark?? DUH? You know you can't take pictures without light, right??"
>super confused because I literally only asked about taking pictures of my clothes in my own room
>he goes "UGH" and storms off
>don't know what I did wrong
>also still don't know how to take better coord pictures
Can men PMS? Because I'm honestly not sure what just happened and now he's avoiding me.

I don't mind dressing normie from time to time but it always boggles my mind when people freak out about an outfit that's basically skinny jeans, T-shirt, sandals and a single accessory as if it's the second coming of Christ. My cousin runs a relatively popular normie fashion blog and dresses the way I do when I'm too lazy to dress properly but need to get groceries. I really don't get it.
Before anyone asks no, my cousin can't help me out with my photos, we're not close and she lives on the other side of the country.

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You forgot the part where anon is female.

>> No.9375253

got embarrassed that he misinterpreted and overreacted and is hoping you will take the blame and apologize so he cab save face

>> No.9375260

You're probably right. It's something he's done before.
>ILU honey but goddamn, grow up

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>want to get my little sister into lolita
>bring up some J-fash videos on the iPad
>give it to her
>give her a few hours alone before coming back to see if she likes what she saw
>she's watching "Twerking vine compilation #7"

>> No.9375286

Maybe you should try to find videos of lolitas twerking.

>> No.9375287

When your half-black nephew arrives, at least you can say you tried.

>> No.9375289

How is anon's clearly lesbian sister going to pop out a biracial baby?

>> No.9375292

Trying to force your hobby on your siblings is dumb anyway

>> No.9375294

He was trying to impart knowledge of something he is/was passionate about, but you weren't really interested in learning and just wanted a quick solution to your problem. This frustrated him.

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Okay, I have something I need to get off my chest. It's really cringey, but I don't care.

I stayed with my brother at Katsucon, and I accidentally walked in on his girlfriend changing into her cosplay. Believe it or not, this isn't the awkward part. The awkward part is that, ever since, I've been overcome with jealousy of her pubic hair.

Now hear me out. I've tried to style my own lady garden before. It either looks patchy or just plain gross. This girl? She's been blessed with the perfect grassy mound, beautiful and delicate, like an enchanted forest. The perfect blonde strands catch the light, illuminating the world around her groin.

Is it natural? Does she style it? If so, how do I learn her secrets? These are answers that I'd literally kill for. Most people would find the image of her immaculate bush fading over time, but it's been two weeks since the con, and I only find the image getting stronger every day.

Just to be 1000% clear, this is NOT a sexual attraction. I've dabbled in lesbianism before, and it wasn't for me. This is merely one straight girl, in awe of another straight girl's crotch game. Nothing sexual. Just admiration for a genital pelt that puts the softest, fluffiest kitten to shame. My brother is one lucky man, being granted access to this heavenly field.

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Every time I take my pants off, it hits me like a train. I look down at my vag, and all I see is her perfect peach-fuzz, with every fiber of my own drowned rat paling in comparison. Life is unfair. Why do other women get the perfect, dainty little bush, while perfectly nice girls like me can only grow a shitty, ginger mess?!

The solution is obvious: Ask her how she grooms herself, right? Because that isn't a fucking psycho bitch thing to ask. "Hey, how do I get a pussy like yours? 'Cause that's a hell of a bush you got going. I promise I won't kill you and wear your face as a mask!" Yeah, that's not going to happen. But I just KNOW that she has a secret. Nature simply doesn't produce a pelt that perfect. She must have made a deal with Stan or something, to steal the pubic hair of an angel and transplant it onto her. Or maybe she uses some kind of cutting-edge, experimental shampoo that isn't available to civilians. Jesus fucking Christ. Maybe I can troll the information out of my brother or something, because there's definitely some shady shit going on here.

God, I hope that bitch is happy. I'm nearly in fucking tears here. I'm almost positive that she WANTED me to walk in and see her vagina. (It's called a LOCK, dumbass!) She deliberately FLAUNTED that hairy pussy at me for a sick kick. I'd give her a KICK all right. A swift kick right in her furry little peach, for making me feel like SHIT about my body! And then, when she's rolling on the ground in pain, I'd tell her that bush died out in the '80s. Get with the fucking times, and get a razor. You and your vagina make me fucking sick, you pasty, ostentatious whore.

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Bushfag, pls go

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I keep dreaming someone is stealing my brand. At home, on a vacation, in a train. How do I keep my closet safe??

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everyone has their flaws, being a manbaby isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things as long as you can stay sane and not fall for the tantrums

>> No.9375390

This is intense, anon. I mean, if she's a friendly girl, you can totally just ask her "hey I'm soooo embarrassed asking you this, but my bikini area is the hardest for me to get under control, do you have any tips?"

You could also just google it. Good luck anon.

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>> No.9375395

glitter trap your closet any time you leave the house.

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Is this copy pasta? What the fuck?

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I just fucking woke up, and cgl greets me with this insanity.

At least let me have my coffee first.

>> No.9375449

I like how you responded to this girl's breakdown as if it were totally normal.

You're a nice lady.

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>at Kastucon
>see Fat Princess cosplayer
>"Omg, you're such a good Fat Princess!"
>mfw she says she's Princess Peach

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>> No.9375504

Being a manbaby is literally the biggest turn off.
You either
>need higher standards
>are a manbaby yourself

>> No.9375508

>I stayed with my brother at [insert recent con]

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>> No.9375581

I feel this to a degree as well. While I didn't like most of their stuff, there were a couple pairs of shoes I wish I would have gotten, like the navy and beige tea parties and the patten pumps with the little bow on the front. Also, it was alway kind of nice to have bodyline to fall back on if I needed something last minute for my coord since their shipping was relatively quick and inexpensive.

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First world girl problems.

>> No.9375665

Buy a gun safe

Put lolita in it

>> No.9375680

I hate people like you. You probably were the same girl at Katsu that stopped me, grabbed my dress, and told me it was "your ultimate dreamie omg uggguuuguuu."

Don't touch people.

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Hopy shit.

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>Buy $10 socks
>Shipping is $24
>Try to find something else small to add so shipping is worth it
>Nothing catches my fancy
>Fast forward to now
>Realize I want a pair of earrings
>Consider asking about combined shipping
>Get email saying socks were shipped

I applaud their speed, but dangit.
>The things I do for burando

>> No.9375925

Swear that this is a repost from somewhere.

>> No.9376062

How do I get my sister's beautiful cos-pal to notice me? She likes Zelda and Overwitch.

>> No.9376096

Do a cartwheel in front of her. Chicks dig cartwheels.

>> No.9376114

She's really good at catwheels, so mine will just seem lame to her.

>> No.9376116

Drop that defeatist attitude and start practicing.

>> No.9376119

I want plastic surgery so bad
I don't hate my face but I feel like I would look so much better
in a few years time I think I could afford it but I know people would give me shit for it

>> No.9376125

You blew it.

>> No.9376129

I want to cosplay so bad.
The last couple of years I've held myself back since my parents don't like my hobby and I supported my family financially.
Now I'm living with my boyfriend, who also likes nerdy popculture, and I can finally save up for some.
My problem is that most characters that I like are blonde, and I think I'm too tan for blonde hair (for my taste). The ones who aren't blonde got showy clothes, and I dislike looking erotic. I'm really curvy, so naturally I selfinsert with curvy characters, but SO FEW curvy characters aren't hentai on 2 legs.
>someone pls hold me

>> No.9376132

Who cares what others think! It's your body, if it makes you feel better and you're not hurting anyone(or yourself) then there's no reason holding back! As long as you can afford it without going in debt, go for it! Take care of yourself

>> No.9376138

>when you sell stuff really cheap and with free shipping and still no one buys it

Nice with PP fees and the $17 it takes to ship things I make nothing on the things I'm already marking down 75%.

>> No.9376154


Sounds like a waste of money to me honestly

>> No.9376165

nuuuu ur bootiful bb

>> No.9376200

Do whatever makes you happy! It is noone's business but your own, and you shouldn't have to feel shameful for changing a feature just because you didn't win the genetic lottery

>> No.9376224

>recently lost a lot of weight with help of normie friends
>got into make up and buying good clothes with normie friends too
>normie boys actually talk to me
>have hidden power levels for a very long time
>have secret photos of my old cosplays from high school where I looked fucking bad and fat but had so much fun

I love my normie friends and doing normie things but sometimes I hop back to /cgl/ or binge post-con CMVs and wish I could just dive back in but I have no con friends and my normie friends have definitely talked about how weird cosplay and anime is when I tried treading water with them early on in the friendship. It was just when I got to college I was so ready to get my shit together and actually not be embarrassing and now I kind of wish I'd just gone on without caring.

>> No.9376236

>Used to collect anime figures from Mandarake
>Then they changed their shipping policy, so registered SAL is no longer available for my country.
>Switched to buying anime figures as well as jfashion items to a proxy, starting with fromJapan
>Then they changed their pricing policy, so it became way too pricy to deal with them anymore
>Taobao agent has overcharged me with $40 for the last 2 times I've bought cosplays through them and every package from said Taobao agent gets taken by customs
>Just bought new shoes and two j-fashion items from Mercari through Japonica market
>They changed their shipping policy, so registered SAL is no longer available for my country and I ended up getting hit with a $100 bill for shipping for 3 items that cost me $30

being a weebnerd is not allowed in my country I guess

>> No.9376268

i really hate the passive aggression and fake-niceness that can come with interacting with other lolitas (and people in general i guess). and in addition to that, someone is always trying to one-up or humblebrag or offer up a sob story for pity points. i just haven't seen it anywhere else as much as i've seen it in the lolita community. it's probably just the circles i run in but it's hard to ignore.

>> No.9376271

Good read 10/10

>> No.9376274

If your current friends aren't into it try finding people who are and being friends with them. I was in a similar situation a couple years back but after visiting a couple different clubs, meet-ups, and cons I finally found a group that share my interests and are good people and it feels fucking fantastic to have such good friends.

>> No.9376341

Go for it. I've always said I'd get a nose job if I ever had the funds even though I know my family would give me crap. At the end of the day, you're not hurting anyone and your happiness should come first

>> No.9376373
File: 141 KB, 600x900, TK-2012-01-03-003-006-Harajuku-600x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AYRT. Ugh the shoes! I'm perticular I regret not getting a pair of those RHS with the straps over the foot instead of the long leg straps. I love RHS but I know the long straps won't stay up my legs anyway and having a strap over your foot would probably be more stable/safer. Also the buckle heart shoes. I know there's more shoes they used to sell that I wish I had too.

I actually really love some of my Bodyline stuff. Sometimes I kinda feel embarassed about that but, you know, I decided it's my clothes and I'm allowed to like them even if it's not brand.

>> No.9376376

I'm on the opposite side of this. I hate this because everyone mis-interprets me as being a fake bitch because I'm shy and nice. But I'm not being fake that's literally just who I am. I've gotten so much shit for being a goody-two-shoes and I swear I'm not doing it on purpose to look better than everyone else. I notice it's more often girls who think I'm being bitchy and fake then guys, I don't know if that's realivent to anything.

It kills me that people think I'm an awful bitch because I'm the kind of person who just wants to get along with and please everyone.

>> No.9376385

I wouldn't take is personally. Girls are kind of conditioned to be in constant competition and anyone that acts sweet and innocent is automatically seen as being fake. I've gotten girls I don't even know that give me dirty looks or treat me weird but I don't let it bother me. Not everyone is going to like and sometimes there isn't even a real reason for it.

>> No.9376400

Aw, thanks for the kind words anon. I do try not to take it personally, but it still sucks that people are so quick to judge. I don't really understand the whole "competition" thing, but I grew up not having any friends so I must have missed out on that.

>> No.9376407

don't get me wrong, i hate fake-nice so much because i'm kind of like you. i'm too shy and too nice so anons and other people complain about me being cold and fake. sucks. but i meant people who are mean spirited but play nice to try and compensate.

>> No.9376417

My feels; There's a lot of lolitas who act nice to me, but mean to others behind their back. I think some of them are only nice to people they think they can get something out of.

>> No.9376426

i feel this really hard. I'm just really wary of people who talk shit but are nice to me, because it wouldn't be a surprise if they turned around and talked shit about me. i went back to being a lonelita because i hate having to weed out the genuine from the malicious

>> No.9376434

I'm friends with a few girls who keep tabs on all the bad seeds and warn me, so I'm not too worried. It's mostly amusing to see them put on their act when they don't know I know how they really are.

>> No.9376439

it's so embarrassing when people complain about brand sizing being too small. somebody in a chat was whining about how a new AP release will have a 27 inch waist and said that "nobody will be able to wear that!!!"

say that to my 24 inch waist. either don't buy it, lose weight, or get it altered because it's not going to change for you

>> No.9376454

I see so many people who weren't going to buy the dress regardless all 'uwu it won't fit me how dar'

I actually saw some posts from one person who complained to a normie brand about sizing, said small normie/nerd brand got enough complaints that they expanded their size brand, and then this person went 'So happy this brand accommodated me! Too bad I don't have money to buy the ($25) thing' Why'd you complain then? -.-

>> No.9376461

It's the exact same shit in lolita, brands have far larger sizes nowadays and a lot of indie/taobao brands even have custom sizing for a small fee, but the fatties still don't wear them because 'I'm poor :ccccc' but turn around and bitch about OPs not having a 50 inch waist.
If brand ever does decide to make fatty OPs they would be near double the price because, spoiler alert, it's twice the amount of fabric, and all the fatties would just bitch and moan about teeing unfair

>> No.9376467

And then in that case, the brand caves and raises the price of everything to make it seem "fair".

>> No.9376487

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9376595

I've been on this site for too damn long.

>> No.9376738

A 24" waist is literally unattainable for many body types no matter what kind of dieting or exercise you do, so you can drop your smug little attitude skelly chan.

>> No.9376758

except it isn't, there are size 0 and 2 for a reason, it's possible for girls to be petite and perfectly healthy
stay jealous, fatass

>> No.9376792

light/med asian here,i didnt think i would look good blonde either but i got my hair dyed kotori beige blonde and it's gr8 lol.
I figure if rihanna and beyonce can look good blonde then so can i

>> No.9376794

You're exaggerating. Sure, if you're tall you probably won't get to 24 inches at a healthy weight but it's not a 'wtf so skinny' measurement for shorter girls. 27 inches is a perfectly normal waist measurement for girls at most heights and very attainable at an average, healthy weight. If people are saying that 'no one could fit that' they haven't looked around much (or they're in fattyland USA)

>> No.9376801

HI! I'm 4'10 and I have a 22" waist.Just wanted to say- Sorry that you're fat.

>> No.9376829
File: 523 KB, 500x296, IMG_3134.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So warning: On topic, but might start off topic derail.

CGL, what do:
>Be autistic trash and love man in pic
>Been dressing like him to cons
>Recently get his outfit from Asegao Academy all finished
> Literally sewing the jacket from scratch while the stream went up with Sargon of Aakid
> Everyone thinks he's a nazi now (wat)
> Con coming in a couple weeks
> Literally spent too much time, effort and love to give up.

Tl;Dr: How to cosplay characters at con that tumblr has deemed the devil. Do or not do?

>> No.9376833

Not op but you're 4'10? If you were 5'5 to 5'7 (average female height), it would be much harder for you to have a 22 inch waist and look/be healthy. You're petite as it is so it's not a big deal for you. So for some people, it isn't really attainable but op fatties can lose weight and this is coming from one.

>> No.9376834

Well, people think he's a nazi cause he keeps posting white supremacist shit/did an interview for a white supremacist stuff but ok.

I don't think it's common knowledge outside of tumblr however.

Do what you want! make a Jaques too tho.

>> No.9376837

Citation needed.

>> No.9376838

Just do it, bitch. You like the dude, they don't, tell them to piss off and do your thing. You put a ton of work into that and you should get your reward. Pretty sure he didn't even say anything too disagreeable to anyone who isn't a SJW.

>> No.9376840

Yes, but it's the incessant attitude about"NO ONE WEARS THESE SMALL SIZE CLOTHES! UNOBTAINABLE BEAUTY STANDARDS" that has made shopping for normie clothes literal hell for me.
Kohls no longer stocks anything smaller than a size 2. I usually have to find plain things from the kids department, and as a grown woman, it's humiliating.
I absolutely hate clothes shopping anymore due to it.

>> No.9376841

I never said it isn't possible to be that thin naturally, so calm the fuck down.
However it is not possible for just anyone to achieve that waist size even through diet and exercise. All bodies are different. Waist training maybe but that takes years.
And lol I'm not fat but I'm definitely not a little twig. If any of you skinny little bitches wanna talk shit to me in person I'll be happy to snap you in half with my thighs because I bet I could squat two of you

>> No.9376845

>. If any of you skinny little bitches wanna talk shit to me in person I'll be happy to snap you in half with my thighs because I bet I could squat two of you

You say that you're not fat- but your fatty-chan attitude is showing.

>> No.9376854

Kek, I'm not even skinny, it's just that your fat girl rhetoric makes no sense.

>> No.9376868

>not understanding that muscle weighs more than fat
Fit is the new skinny you stupid bitches, do yourselves a favor and pick up some dumb bells and a jump rope.

>> No.9376877

This!! Not to mention the 'skinny girls don't have boobs right' shirt problems.

>> No.9376881

Not to insult you or anything but maybe you could try ordering normie clothes from taobao/aliexpress? (NOT EVERYTHING DUH)
But they're cheaper in price and Asian sizes usually fit petite frames better.
That being said, I understand where you're coming from even though I'm a fatty, because I have a tiny skinny cousin (sadly she won't dress in lolita; I cry) and she has to special order her jeans because she's a size 00. Until the last ten or so years, fatties have had to go to specialty stores to get shit too. I just feel like it goes both ways and we should all just accept the fact that both skinny and fat people exist, have always existed, and always will exist and people shouldn't have to look special places for normie clothes in their size, no matter if that size is 0, 10, or 20.
If you're skinny, you're gonna get judged, if you're fat, you're gonna get judged, and if you're inbetween, someone's still gonna bitch about it. You can't make everybody happy anon, but at least you probably look 100% cute in lolita.

>> No.9376884

That's a problem for me too and I'm not super skinny, it's like they think boobs just don't exist when they make shirts/ dresses? Same with butts in jeans? I hate it like hell when my jeans fit my butt and gap at the waist.

>> No.9376888

It wasn't really what he said, more of how he reacted to any fan who said 'hey I find that a bit offensive' by calling his fans to harass them.

It's not all that bad just so unnecessary.

Similarly, he didn't say anything /that/ awful, but also who tf agrees to interview with /breitbart/

I mean I'm still of the opinion 'cosplay who you want'

>> No.9376894
File: 169 KB, 392x386, IMG_0502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally a good feel for me
>work a shitty low paying part time job
>so saving up for cosplay and cons is a bitch
>put down money for a badge, my share the hotel, etc. it's a huge chunk of change
>have a really good couple of weeks at work, work a ton of hours
>Make all of my money back

>> No.9376903

Why can't you just use amiami like every other person

>> No.9376905

I think we can all agree that off the rack clothing is very problematic for both sides of the spectrum

>> No.9376910

And then all the belts and waist cinchers are also too big too so we can't even just get a sack shirt or too-big-pants and wing it -.-

I hate the hassle of ordering from taobao, but I've had good results when I do.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that everybody deserves a chance at good clothing, regardless of size, but like you said people on both sides of the sizing can be dicks.

>> No.9376921

Im aware of all of this but none of it is white surpemacist rhetoric.
Hes getting called a nazi becausd he did a dick thing and had an interview with a right wing outlet, where he clarifies hes not right wing.
None of this shit makes him a nazi.

>> No.9376930

"Everyone" doesn't think he's a nazi. Only a fringe group of dumbass bloggers do.

>> No.9376934

Finally something fatty-chans and skelly-chans can agree on.
But srsly 22-inch-waist-chan if I was you I'd wear all the Moitie

>> No.9376944
File: 43 KB, 666x666, 1438888037067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least you're not the naked /fit/ pepe.

>> No.9376963

wow you're so mad

sorry my waist is so much smaller than yours, keep complaining about your genetics fatty-chan

>> No.9376978
File: 28 KB, 400x400, 1428415556821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Topkek, maybe you should make a deal with this "Stan" guy, too

>> No.9377089
File: 474 KB, 1188x1515, Queer Socialist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hes getting called a nazi becausd he did a dick thing and had an interview with a right wing outlet, where he clarifies hes not right wing.

You have to understand that, in [THE CURRENT YEAR], anybody politically right of pic related is a Nazi and you should punch them.

>> No.9377281

>Best gull and love of my life "kills herself" out of nowhere.
>Bull shit, I know her stepmom had something to do with it.
> Stepmom tells me to clean out bestie's closet, says bestie's father is "tired of looking at her stuff"
>Man is too devastated about the loss of his only child to realize this fucking bitch killed her.
>Ask her to clean bestie's dresses out and put them in a box; tell her I'll pick them all up, I just don't think I can face her room and closet right now.
>Step"mom" says no, that if I don't clean it out she's giving it to the Salvation Army.
She's such a heartless bitch, I know I can make a case against her if I find the message my bestie wrote saying that if anything ever happened to her, it was her stepmom that did it.

In the mean time, I have all of her burando and I can't sell it because it's her. It's all of her that I have left. And I can't wear it either, because I sob. They still smell like her perfume. I'm truly heartbroken. This may sound cliche, but she won't ever know how much I loved her and still do.
All the frills in the world won't ever make me as happy as I was with her... I'm so sad, cgl. I'm so fucking sad.

>> No.9377288

>Best gull and love of my life "kills herself" out of nowhere.
if she was a gull, and was suicidal, she probably posted about it in the feels or confessions threads. it would be a pain but you could look through the archives to see if anyone who seems like her posted about her problems.

>> No.9377289

>not a twig
alright, fatso, whatever you say
cellulite isn't muscle btw <3

>> No.9377295

Yeah I don't think he's a nazi and he's probably not racist, but he likes to do stunts to cater to the racist and nazi crowds with shit like this and that sits uneasy with me :/
and like really how hard is it to be nice to fans. His twitter rants are incredibly immature too.

It really sucks cause his videos are quality.

I'd like to think nobody would give you shit for your cosplay tho

>> No.9377302

do. there are actually offensive cosplays regularly at conventions, as well as simply controversial ones. handle it with class and let the hate roll off you.

>> No.9377315

That's the thing, this girl was always happy. I've been on cgl for awhile now. We told each other everything, showed each other our posts, everything. When she was sad, she told me! She was getting a good job, which she was ecstatic about, and she had dresses on order. It makes no sense. She wasn't the type to buy a dress two days before and then off herself.

>> No.9377316

No matter how much weight I lose my face isnt going to be any prettier ;_;

>> No.9377318


>> No.9377325
File: 32 KB, 736x402, 85a4389c6eb4c0c06053d29eb65ed657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he likes to do stunts to cater to the racist and nazi crowds

>> No.9377331

Not that anon but he does. He's rude to his fans for the sake of being edgy, then when he gets called out for it, he whines. Cosplayer anon can do whatever they want as far as cosplay goes but I just wish this guy would actually stop being 3edgy5me just for the sake of doing it.

>> No.9377336

Sure, but I'd like to leave my front door without having a 30 min breakdown everytime.
My last hope left me

>> No.9377338
File: 2.29 MB, 1199x709, First Haul.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to BtSSB in NYC today to buy a dress
>Expect to spend around $300
>End up spending $800 there on 3 dresses and some other things
>Excited, so don't really pay attention at the time
>Realize on the train ride home that I could've just bought one dress there and gotten some worn dresses from the B/S/T thread or lacemarket
>Feel a bit bad because I could've saved myself some money/gotten more dresses or other things like shirts and shoes
>But at the same time, I don't care and am happy with what I purchased
>I made my first ever lolita purchase today
>Finally going to go from someone who is a lurker and just reads about the hobby/collects pictures to someone who actually wears it and enjoys doing so
>I'll just find some nice blouses in some thrift shops and purchase a pair of heels that match the dresses as much as possible if none of the shoes I currently have will work
>I should probably get a job soon

Pic related, what I got. Not included is a Sexpot Revenge tote I bought there as well.

What type of beef did the stepmom have with your friend? If she really did kill your friend or had a hand in it, Jesus Christ. Was there any warning signs right before it happened? How recent was this? If it happened recently, maybe you can get a private investigator to start looking around while you try to find the message or if you can't find it, not sure how much my advice will help or not. I don't know how it feels to lose a friend like that, and I'm not sure if words will be any comfort for something like this, but I'm really sorry that happened. Try thinking about the good times you had with her for the time being, and be glad that you had her in your life and had such a close bond with her. Here's hoping you succeed in getting step'''''mom''''' locked away (if she is guilty of this).

>> No.9377339

Damn it... why I wasted my life too much with cosplay shit? Cosplay was a mistake! I want to be a drawing and doujin artist... ;_;

>> No.9377340

Good purchases, anon! I'm happy for you!

>> No.9377345

best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago
the second best time is right now

>> No.9377352

Hahahaha big fucking talkers on this board eh? I bet you're both either 4'10 90lbs lolis or skinnyfat manlets with back acne.
Either way,
please come to fanime con and fight me. I'm literally begging you :)

>> No.9377353
File: 2.28 MB, 1280x720, 35_-_Hisoka_aroused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your babby indie brand business cards come in the mail and they're absolutely gorgeous

>> No.9377356
File: 70 KB, 660x669, IMG_2016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9377357

Pics with time stamp or gtfo

>> No.9377366

>Feeling like I only have one genuine friend that occasionally thinks of me enough to start a conversation or talk to me when I start one
>They moved to another country 4 years ago and most of our conversations boil down to how they're totally come back one day so we can hang out face to face again

>Met up with friend that has known me longer than anyone about 2 weeks ago so we could plan our couple cosplay for a future con
>Not particularly interested in doing this cosplay, but it's a nice excuse to hang out with friend more
>They made a brief mention of how we are in two different friend circles at conventions nowadays so this should be fun
>tfw I almost always hang out alone at conventions because I'm scared of being a bother, and closest friend hasn't even noticed

>Only go to cons anymore because I'm worried that the few friends I have, even though we rarely hang out, will forget I exist if I miss a single event
>Haven't been able to make new confriends for the last 3 years

>Most classmates still don't know my name after we've been together for almost 1 entire school year
>Been pushing myself to be as friendly and social as I can be which drains my energy so much that I can barely keep myself going once I get home from school

>I've spiraled into a depression for the last 2 months
>Several hints and pleas for help later and noone is saying a word to me
>Was on a suicide hotline last night and still highly considered jumping off a roof afterwards
>Haven't slept since, just lying in my bed and crying every 5 minutes because my life energy has completely disappeared

>Have had a few guys telling me that I have no reason to be unhappy because I'm so hot and will surely find a perfect guy someday
>Only time that multiple people put an effort into saying anything to me, is when I post a selfie
>Somehow, nobody realises that this shallow bullshit only makes me hate myself even more

15 years of going to cons, for this.

>> No.9377382

I'm now 30 and many artists in my age are already fucking awesome and pros. Over 10 years I wasted all the time with cosplay shit. It's time to stop! Damn cosplay! But hey... thanks to the cosplay time I have very good friends and got some special signing and drawings by well-known mangaka because they liked my cosplays.

>> No.9377395

>post selfies

>> No.9377401

I can fit into 27, but my waist did not budge below 25 when I was hospitalized and dying from anorexia, (5'5" at 92.6 lbs) despite how I much I tried not to eat.
We all can't be perfect like you. :(

>> No.9377402

Thanks! Finally getting into the fashion (as in wearing it) was one of my goals this year. Hopefully I can expand my wardrobe a bit before the year ends!

>> No.9377405

i'm 5'3 and 95 lbs. i don't understand why you're taking the fact that i'm thinner than you so personally.

and people wonder why /cgl/ hates fatties

>> No.9377407

i never said you have to be perfect, i'm saying that a 27 inch waist is perfectly respectable and a lot of people will be able to fit into it

sorry about your illness though

>> No.9377412

It is why people hate us? For some reason people just can't understand how to fucking get along. As long as skinny-chans or fatty-chans aren't being rude about it, why snap at each other? It's useless.

>> No.9377417

Not that anon but you're actually underweight for your height

>> No.9377422

i had cancer but thanks for letting me know

that's the thing, i don't understand the point of complaining about sizes or coming at me in the first place because i can fit into something

gull logic

>> No.9377424

You sound like a skeleton pls eat something

>> No.9377425

I'm sure you're plenty cute, anon.

>> No.9377426

Lol no one is coming at you because you can fit into something, im coming at you because you sound like a smug little bitch and I think you could probably use an ass beating, but now knowing you had cancer I see I actually can't win in that scenario so nvm, have a nice life

>> No.9377427

have a nice time being gross and fat while i fit into all of the burando

>> No.9377429 [DELETED] 

lol I don't wear Lolita because I don't enjoy being fetishised by sweaty pedo neckbeard thanks.
I hope your cancer comes back you disgusting bitch.

>> No.9377430

post a selfie, anon :^)

Or better yet, post in the friend finder. It doesn't always work out, but it's worth a shot.

Or better yet, join some groups on Facebook. Find some near you; I'm sure others lurk groups on Facebook looking to make friends and being too shy.

Or better yet, talk to a therapist. They'll be able to work you through your fear of socializing and the struggles through depression.

or be my gf.

>> No.9377431

>being this mad that you're a disgusting fatty

i wonder what it's like to be so insecure

>> No.9377438

>or be my gf
Anon I know you're desperate, but don't stick your dick in crazy.

>> No.9377440

Doesn't seem crazy, just depressed. I'll stick my wang in a depressed girl anyday

>> No.9377443

Watch out anon its hunting season>>9377440

>> No.9377444

I mean it's either stick your dick in crazy or in another dude and most people can't just choose to turn gay.

>> No.9377446

And this is why I think all forms of sex work should be legal. Everyone should be able to have sexual experiences with partners they chose even if that means paying for it.

>> No.9377448
File: 412 KB, 452x897, Trying to figure it all out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Girls get jealous of other girls pube hairs
Just when you think you've heard it all about woman when it comes to insecurities when they compare themselves to other woman, this changes my mindset.

>> No.9377449

I'll stick my wang in you too. Beware bitch

>> No.9377452

I'd read a novel about this

>> No.9377453

Anon is depressed and lonely, not crazy.
We all get that way sometimes; it's the first world human condition.

And anything is better than suicide. Maybe I can get anon to not be suicidal via keeping her from being lonely.

If all else has already been attempted, I think it's worth a shot if it potentially saves a life.

>> No.9377454

I dunno why but this is pretty hot. I prefer girls with pubic hair or nice bush. Bald is boring for me. Maybe I'm old-fashioned.

>> No.9377498

trich anon from last thread here.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who replied, it made me feel much less alone and motivated to overcome my condition. I only told my best friend recently and she has struggled with it too, so it must be a bit more common than I thought.

>> No.9377506
File: 97 KB, 1000x1000, 10687947_852619384751094_7594661573888826372_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, she's like the Patrick Bateman of lolita.

>> No.9377511

Jokes on you fucker I carry bear mace on me at all times just wishing a mother fucker would so

>> No.9377514
File: 69 KB, 480x480, 14907251_318637461852257_170204275881533951_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>roommate insists on letting drunk dude stay with us
>DO NOT WANT, but can't disagree because he paid of most of the room
>wake up next day to horrible smell
>mfw drunk dude pooped the bed

>> No.9377517

>tfw fujos are still breathing

Why must they ship everything and ruin everything

>> No.9377520
File: 1.20 MB, 500x281, stopbullying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plz no bully.

>> No.9377525

That feel when CGL has the lowest average IQ along with b mlp and x

>> No.9377530

Girls are dumb

>> No.9377532
File: 1.02 MB, 480x270, 1487418478855.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is how I feel about normies though.

Oh well. There are few things left to enjoy on this desolate waste dump of a planet. I hope you find something worthwhile to distract you from our rampant and pervasively gay activities.

>> No.9377535

t. fatass

>> No.9377549
File: 1.76 MB, 1920x1080, unnh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I for one am looking forward to the inevitable landslide of Loki x Doctor Strange shippage.

>> No.9377563

>tfw your absolute mortal enemy becomes a really good friend and you go to jfash meets together and look forward to seeing her at cons
Definitely did NOT expect to get a new weeb friend from that direction, but I'm really happy to have her back in my life. Just wish she could come to more cons so we could get high and look at birb videos together.

>> No.9377570

>Why must they ship everything and ruin everything
The same reason waifufaggots ruin everything.

>> No.9377611


I promise to become a dictator and gas all the fujos

Count on it nerds

>> No.9377639

If you're in Sweden, i'd buy you a meal.

>> No.9377655

You guys are really falling for such obvious bait

>> No.9377659
File: 1021 KB, 1368x770, 1457316783830.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being brutally murdered is my aspiration. Thanks in advance.

>> No.9377695

She was always rude and terrible to my bestie, to the point of ignoring her when she would speak. There's just always been something a little bit off, I guess. It was mostly emotional abuse, which her father was oblivious to somehow. That didn't really bother my bestie though, she was more frustrated that no one would believe her about this woman's crazy antics. She blamed everything on my bestie and even accused her of stealing. I do have messages between us that detail her fear of her stepmother. Maybe a PI is the way to go for this. I just want to know the truth, because she "killed herself" without leaving a note or anything.

>> No.9377735
File: 182 KB, 648x498, Screen_shot_2016_09_24_at_5.20.48_AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the blacks don't match

>> No.9377736

Again, either post pics or gtfo, cunt

>> No.9377739


Gonna give the friend finder a shot once I've fully recovered from last night probably.
I've tried Facebook groups, but there's not a whole lot going on in my area and I can't afford to leave town at the moment.
A therapist is sadly out of the question for me, for a lot of personal reasons. Just trying to hold on, on my own.

Funny you should post that, cause I might be going to Sweden later this year.

>> No.9377764

U want pics of my cunt? Cheeky girl ;)

>> No.9377770

>not answering the be my gf


>> No.9377807

Lets see it, if you're so amazing and everyone should be jealous of you lets see. Otherwise stfu

>> No.9377840

Kek nice try FBI but I'm not about to post my sweet pink cunny and get banned just so you can have a wank and a laugh

>> No.9377849

Or have some decency and self respect by not becoming a slave to desire.

>> No.9377871
File: 98 KB, 430x350, 1488430917807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That must be why I'm a virgin. All the self respect and decency that I posses.

>> No.9377873

Take it to /soc/

Unless you're that girl who's serial-killer-obsessed with her ugly pubes.

>> No.9377875

>t. Woman

Females don't have the same nature-induced drive to breed as Males do.

In fact, you can't even comprehend the concept of the drive. Females complain about biological clocks, but it doesn't even come close to comparing.

It's not even about the feeling of sex. It's about quenching that subconscious drive. That's why there's these male virgins that get driven crazy, and why some men go to extreme lengths to get it.

>> No.9377883

this is bait
t. man

>> No.9377891

Gomen anon-san ):

>> No.9377935
File: 83 KB, 343x375, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no life, aspirations or motivation so you live vicariously through /cgl/ feels threads.

>> No.9377943

trannies don't count, stupid.
And there is evidence throughout the animal kingdom and throughout human society.

>> No.9377955
File: 799 KB, 200x189, 1488076960388.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Life is going pretty great
>finally have a job that doesn't make me want to kms myself
>going decently well with friends
>Get into a car accident
>200% not my fault, some douche blew through a stop sign and got t-boned by three lanes of traffic going 60
>I get out to help
>One douche on his phone shouting that he ruined his NEW CAR!!! at me
>go to the guy who got t-boned
>no pulse
>guy died in this accident upon impact
>mfw I've been too afraid to get into a car for two weeks, now
>mfw I was getting my life together
>mfw I touched a dead man

I don't know why but it's been haunting my dreams. It's not the first accident I've been in, but oh boy did this hit me hard. I'm too terrified to even call an Uber. I've been walking to work, and I haven't been leaving the house. I feel like shit because my life was going perfectly fine before this. I was happy.

>> No.9377963

Sounds like something that could be worked out fairly easily with some professional help.

>> No.9377964

You've got legit PTSD dude you've gotta talk to someone, with time and professional help you can heal

>> No.9377974

>kms myself

>> No.9377978
File: 158 KB, 713x738, IMG_20170118_072442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pass by qt goth girl in the hallway in main building all the time
>She's complimented my outfits before but we've never really spoken
>Really want to be friends with her even though we're strangers
>Tfw no qt friend to go to goth night clubbing with
I'm lonely

>> No.9377988

>girl who is serial killer obsessed with her ugly pubes
g-go on...

>> No.9377994

You need to see a counselor and deal with that ptsd anon, nothing to be ashamed of.

>> No.9377997

>I don't know how to scroll up and read earlier thread postings! Halp!


>> No.9378001

lol why are you sperging? It sounded like you were making a general CGL reference and not something directly in thus thread. I can see how I might have triggered you though mb

>> No.9378012



>> No.9378015

Translated: "Fuck, why are you making me look dumb? I hadn't thought to ctrl + f "pubes" or read the original post nor 7 replies to the posts of what you're talking about! I fucked up, my bad."

What a weirdly roundabout way of admitting you messed up. Why even reply at all?

I wasn't even the anon that made the reference.

>> No.9378016


>> No.9378023

Really activated your almonds, eh?

>> No.9378025

POST TRAUMATIC stress disorder you dumb fuck. It's STRESS that happens POST TRAUMA

>> No.9378027

Lol okay autismo


>> No.9378028

Why do these threads always go to shit?

>> No.9378029

>Everyday i make jokes to try and make people laugh
>talk constantly about cosplay with friends and make plans
> 3 females in the 6 person group
>Make joke about self not being good looking at all
>female friend tells me:"you're so far from cute it makes me want to vomit"
>realization that no woman will love me other than for money or a dare

>> No.9378031

>trauma (noun)
>a deeply distressing or disturbing experience

>> No.9378033

Aw don't be so hard on yourself.
It's probably just because the girls in your immediate group have friend zoned you and therefore don't look at you in that way, so they treat you like one of the guys by taking pot shots.
Find a girl to pursue who doesn't already have pre conceived ideas about who/what you are

>> No.9378034

it either comes naturally or takes a second pair of eyes and some experience to get it beautiful.

>I got your pair of eyes right here :3

I used to work as a tattoo prep person. Shave sweaty guy anus, armpits, necks, and yup, cute shy grill crotch hairs.

Just find a female tattoo artist

>> No.9378039

Because people come here to post feels and other, autistic people, feel the need to respond to the feel posts when there isn't a question involved.

This is not a Q and A thread. It's a feels thread. Stop responding to my posts.

>> No.9378040

I feel this anon
>Crazy pubes that go down my thighs
>Trim them
>If I wax or shave I get ingrown hairs
>Bald spots from botched waxing
God I'm repulsive

>> No.9378048

At least you can keep warm during winter even without clothes.

>> No.9378049
File: 648 KB, 670x982, IMG_1990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

R u the feels police now lol

>> No.9378083

I've gotten a tentative offer from a man who wants to be a man who wants to be my sugar daddy. Nothing sexual, just one or two lunches a month, and he'll look after me financially as much as i want. I'm torn, but very tempted.

>> No.9378088

Do it.

>> No.9378089

>from a man who wants to be a man who wants to be my sugar daddy

>> No.9378092

You should def do it

>> No.9378094

>Nothing sexual
It won't stay that way for long

>> No.9378106

Oh, my sister has this.

I'll bet you're beautiful, too.

>> No.9378113

It will get sexual. Anyways I forsee that you will either be a prostitute or dead in a few weeks time.

>> No.9378114

You guys... I'm scared that I'm falling out of love with cosplay. It's been a fun and exciting part of my like since I was maybe 13 or 14, and I'm in my twenties now. I'm trying to get excited about a character design, any character, for this year's project(s), and I just can't find anything. Anything I do have any interest in making, it's pretty much western stuff from movies and TV shows. I consider how I'd make it, start tallying up what I need (wigs, foam, fabric, etc) and it just sorts of hits me that it's expensive and I feel like giving up. I started one relatively simple cosplay that I thought I would make in like a week, and it took two do-overs to realize the sewing pattern I got was just fucked. Now I feel like I wasted a ton of fabric and time and effort and I'm kind of burned out, even though now that I found the problem, I could probably knock it out in a couple days, with the practice that I've had remaking this one piece of clothing.
It also doesn't help that my con social group has split itself twice over, over some stupid couple deciding to break up and make people pick sides, and then those sides picked sides, and ugh.
I don't want to give up on cosplay and crafting, it's given me so much joy and pride in previous years. I've attempted some pretty difficult costumes the last few years and been pretty successful, I think. I also might just be burned out as fuck because I just finished a four-year degree in two years and am going straight to grad school. Plus, I got finally diagnosed with a super shitty chronic painful disease this year, too. Has anybody else ever run into this wall? Ugh.

>> No.9378138

Find someone or some people that inspire excitement for cosplay and conventions in you.

>> No.9378157
File: 411 KB, 599x386, 1486939264613.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

angery feels coming
i recently moved from living at home to about 2 hours away in a different city for school. my main comm is in my hometown, so i drive back up there every weekend or so to go to meetups and visit my family. When i first moved down to the different city, i purposefully left a lot of my stuff back at home because my car isnt that big to hold everything i own and i knew i was going to be back in about a week or 2 to get some of the stuff i missed
i was missing a lot of my hair and makeup stuff which is nbd i dont really do my hair and makeup on a daily basis just for lolita,, so when i went back up to my hometown to get my curling iron and other shit(my parents hadnt been in my room in the time i had been gone) i couldnt fucking find it.. and it shouldnt have moved until i found out that my sister had recently visited.. and whenever she visits i always hide aaaaaaall my beauty stuff because she steals it.. shes been known to take my eyeliner and my nice 30$ face scrub before. mfw this is the THIRD curling iron of mine shes stolen and theres no point asking her about it because i know she will lie and say she doesnt have it... she also took about 50$ worth of makeup
i thought she would outgrow this klepto shit a few years ago but she literally cannot stop taking my stuff that i spent my money on..and its not a witch hunt or paranoia because ive seen my expensive sephora makeup in her shitty revlon drugstore makeup bag

>> No.9378159

Do your parents know that she is stealing your stuff?

>> No.9378165

Yea theyre well aware(shes stolen some of my moms stuff too) but theres nothing we can do about it because she wont tell us her address so we cant really go look for it and shes 20 so they dont really have a lot of authority over what she does either :(

>> No.9378166

>I recently watched some of Peachie's old videos because I was feeling really nostalgic, and the entire time I just kept thinking, "That could have been me." Not the e-fame, I mean just getting to have fun wearing lolita when I was younger.

I feel this way about cosplay and lolita too. I'd kill for a group of gfs to do this stuff with.

>> No.9378209

It's full of women.

>> No.9378215

>an adult not living in a residence takes items from that residence without permission
That sounds like criminal theft to me

>> No.9378221

Are you autistic just wondering

>> No.9378227

>'are you autistic LOL'
>replies to obvious bait
Anon, please.

>> No.9378233

Women just can't resist responding when somebody insults their giant fragile egos.

>> No.9378236
File: 24 KB, 600x600, IMG_2149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378238

Can you please stop wanking off the trolls thanks they're rampant as it is

>> No.9378243

See look. Even after saying it they still do it.

>> No.9378248

This is why you don't have a gf

>> No.9378254

>tfw you get a taobao piece but by the time your ss gets it to you you've lost weight and it's too big now
I mean it's a good feel but also a sad feel

>> No.9378261
File: 13 KB, 150x150, f9515d1d-a437-4d3c-85d1-199ecc1d4e68..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Um, how did she die?
It isn't easy to get away with murder, especially if the murderer has close ties to the deceased and isn't just a random nobody. If investigators ruled it as a suicide then it's more than likely legitimate.

Not to sound rude, but I just wanna help you move on. It may be easier to accept someone else was at fault because you could prevent a suicide, but you'll heal faster with acceptance and closure.

>> No.9378262

>tfw another feels thread down the pooper

>> No.9378286

They just can't stop. They're so predictable.

>> No.9378293

I want a gf, but my wife won't allow it.

>> No.9378301
File: 174 KB, 792x576, angerystocking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mom always wants to see my con photos
>scolds me if I get photographed with fat people


>> No.9378319

Get a bikini trimmer and shave/wax your inner legs. Also, blonde pubic hair is weird.

> this is NOT a sexual attraction
obsessing over another girl's pubes sounds preeeeetty gay but okay whatever you say

>> No.9378332
File: 1.00 MB, 2000x2000, 1436837842685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw retards

>> No.9378339
File: 70 KB, 559x836, 1488267555919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw too smart to have a high IQ

>> No.9378348

>To inteligent

>> No.9378369
File: 1.84 MB, 202x360, 1486939815521.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378415

Why has your mom a problem with fat people?

>> No.9378420

Who doesn't have a problem with fat people?

>> No.9378430
File: 107 KB, 494x400, animedeaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She'd rather I get my picture taken with hot guys.

Poor fatty-chans. They really do get treated like lepers.

>> No.9378441

>recently promoted to fb group admin in local comm
>other admin tells me they need help maintaining the page as they've been growing a lot in the past year
>u got it b0ss
>constantly getting notifications for requests to join group
>80% of the time it's middle eastern and Indian men


>> No.9378445

She "drowned herself" in the bathtub. She was a 5 foot, ninety pound girl. I feel like it wouldn't have been hard for her stepmom to have made it look like a suicide. Her body was found by her father when he came home.
I'm sorry if I sound crazy anon, it's just losing her so suddenly and so unexpectedly is really devastating. And in such a horrible way? She told me if she ever killed herself, she'd shoot herself in the head to make it quick. It just doesn't add up. Drowning isn't quick. Maybe I'm just hoping and trying to keep from blaming myself, but the dots aren't connecting anon.

>> No.9378447

Helo prety girl. I am prince sabeeb Muhammad Ha-keesh Ali. I bring you back to my beutiful country and make you my wife, and you be real princess like in pictures, yes?

I promis not Isis.

>> No.9378448

Your dakimakura doesn't count as a wife

>> No.9378451

>tfw creepy middle easterners have sent you this transcript exactly after liking your pictures

>> No.9378456


>> No.9378457

>implying you wouldn't happily all go along with it if you knew it was actually safe and he actually was rich and would buy you shit

>> No.9378458

>woman I have a huge crush on is into lolita and cosplay
>I'm an ugly fuck
It just won't work out.

>> No.9378468

Kek, as if marrying a middle easterner will give a woman any kind of freedom to spend any of his money.

>> No.9378470

Being fat doesn't mean she's a pillow, body-shamer.

>> No.9378480
File: 276 KB, 500x281, shitpostsadorably.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just found out that Peeps Oreos turn your poop pink.

As such, I think they'd be a great snack for lolita tea.

>> No.9378492

You'd be surprised, a lot of the Egyptian and Senegalese people my family knew when we were living there were very willing to let women have their freedom. Of course there's always gonna be a few that are dicks, but it's that way with anything. Most of said people were also wealthy and educated though.

>> No.9378495

Yeah that's real interesting.

Now tell me again how much you wish you had a sugar daddy / love already having one.

>> No.9378516

I already wanted them, now I want an entire peeps themed meetup

>> No.9378517

When I heard that I could have pink poops, I rushed out at 2am to buy them. So glad I live near a not-scary Walmart.

>> No.9378521
File: 130 KB, 344x472, mahdrills.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Omg. I want to serve these at a tea, dl laughing my ass off because I know the whole comm will have unicorn poops later.

>> No.9378522

>not scary walmart
anon I'm not sure that really exists

>> No.9378531


Women are statistically far more likely to choose "nonviolent" methods of suicide, ie: pills, hanging, drowning, cutting. Most research done into the phenomena suggests the underlying mentality revolves primarily around the woman not wanting to "leave a mess" or "be a burden" to whoever finds the body, either mentally or physically. They're not necessarily concerned with the psychological effects of finding a loved one dead, but rather the psychological effect of seeing a bloody massacre. Men, on the other hand, are more concerned with completing the task than what the task will do to the people around them- which is why they trend more towards violent methods like guns, death-by-vehicle, and jumping from buildings.

The things you learn in forensic anthropology classes.

>> No.9378532

>*women tend to choose ways they know are unlikely to actually kill them because they just want some quick attention

>> No.9378542

Good feels
>at my first con in cosplay, I went as a shitty link and got hugged
>6-7year old girl
>"thank you for saving me"

Bad feels
>possible fatty chan
>last con I played it safe and went as qt chubby gril
>things went well, got compliments, photos, had a Sebastian crossplayer audibly and visibly fangirl
>friend is pushing me into playing a less chubby character this year
>afraid I'll look like a landwhale

Should I post my measurements?

>> No.9378551
File: 3 KB, 126x126, try harder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378552

Fatty-chans are okay. Don't let >>9378301 's mother discourage you.

>> No.9378555

What about fatty-kuns?

>> No.9378556

Oh. I'm sorry.

>> No.9378557

Did I upset you? Oh no, I hope I don't drive you to take twice the recommended dosage of tylenol then lie down in the middle of a room just as somebody is coming into the house then immediately start posting on social media from the hospital after your "near death" experience.

>> No.9378559

>separating intentional suicide attempts, from non-suicidal self-harm, is not currently done in the United States, when gathering statistics at the national level
How convenient.

>> No.9378560

This is sweet, but kind of weird that you're calling your sister's vag beautiful.

>> No.9378561

No, I'm not that anon.
A-also I was asking for a friend.

>> No.9378563
File: 488 KB, 704x530, karaterobotman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378575

Smart enough not to sit around shitposting about dresses that they'll never fit in :^)

>> No.9378576
File: 310 KB, 580x282, c4jt321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to meet
>qt couple shows up in matching coords
>flawless lolita in well paired rare dress
>amazing ouji in perfectly tailored shit
>tfw my gf and i will never be on this level

>> No.9378582

Thank you, but I'm still nervous
My measurements are 38-33-40, and I'm somewhere between 5' and 5'5 (I have a super shitty measuring tape)

>> No.9378588

Hey, we're measurement twins.

>> No.9378595
File: 262 KB, 500x332, 1378508713400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Katsucon is a blast
>Drive back home to Illinois is comfy with bf and our friends
>Almost home, stop at a gas station
>Bf goes inside to pay, friend goes in to get a pack of gum or some candy or something
>Friend immediately comes back out and tells me my ex from late high school to freshman year of college works there
>Bf comes out and asks if i know the guy, because i guess he saw us outside and asked about us
>Pretty sure he linked people who commented on my page to my personal facebook profile after we split
>Well now he dropped out and is working at a gas station
>Drive to the Steak & Shake up the road and order a BLT and a banana milkshake
>Photogs sent me some of my pics the next day

Feels good senpai

>> No.9378600

Instead they shitpost about wealthy keyboards

>> No.9378604

Go back to r9k

>> No.9378612
File: 21 KB, 500x360, 1446634152556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw feels bad for your ex

I know the feels, took me 5 years to get over my ex grill. Lucky I turned my life around hope he does too. When everything is lost anime will always by yourside.

>> No.9378615

Bitch in my comm sucks. Fuck her. I've been made all fucking day cause of her ass.

>> No.9378621

had an interview recently and sperged out so hard getting dressed for it, ended up wearing a cashmere sweater with leggings that both had a gentle chain stitch detail to them, a fancy dainty necklace and some tall heeled boots. i thought i looked good till i asked someone elses opinion and apparently pink cashmere isnt interview appropriate and i shouldve gone with my other option which was a 10$ goddamn walmart shirt
>can i just say right now how fucking much i hate leggings! they feel like public indecency, but i didnt have anything to wear instead
>sage for blogpost

>> No.9378635
File: 62 KB, 216x250, legotriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck cons. That's my feel.

>> No.9378644

first of all, humblebragging is really pathetic and you need to continue with your recovery therapy, secondly, "92.6" is not dying weight for that height, try 70-75

>> No.9378657

dollar store black liquorice makes your poops neon aqua

>> No.9378661
File: 11 KB, 410x397, 1486435184627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

again theres not much anyone can do since my parents knowingly let her into the house and shes family so it wouldnt seem that serious. Im just more mad shes taken 3 of my curling irons but has naturally curly hair and still straightens it til its dead. Like her hair used to actually fall out in the sink when she straightened it.
sorry for the blogpost

>> No.9378668

Your proportions are lovely, but a 33" waist is quite thick if you're under 5'5. Ever thought about lifting weights? It's a great way to turn a meh figure into a fucking nuclear figure if you can stick to it for a while and eat right.

>> No.9378723

Thanks to bone structure, I may never be as good as some people (my rib cage is wider set, which adds to my bust, but makes fitting jfash and bought cosplays difficult) and I'm cursed with baby face, but I am planning to work down that midsection. My biggest problem is procrastination and a fear of going outside.
There's a story, but it's kinda off topic so-

>> No.9378731

Make it not off topic throw in some buzz words like con, cosplay, and anime.

>> No.9378740

Basically I had stink bombs sliced open and thrown at my face as a teenager and have been harrassed and assaulted multiple times in my neighbourhood so there's that-

Also I'm afraid of being fat because all my older relatives on my dad's side are dangerously overweight
Like, weak knees and heart problems

Sorry about the blogposting

>> No.9378954

Oh wow that's really awful, anon. No one deserves to be treated like that, and I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

Good luck with the weight loss and the lolita. I'm sure you look beautiful!

>> No.9378964

.... Wasn't humblebragging, and staying in the hospital for a week because I went into cardiac arrest constitutes as dying, especially when I was trying not to eat. Then I went to a treatment center for 3 months. I was also more 20 pounds underweight because I had a larger frame (ideal weight was 125-130).

Trying to invalidate my experience and what my doctors told me (who went through many more years of school than you probably have) because you believe I wasn't skinny enough to be dying is a nasty thing to do to someone who is in recovery. I hope you don't have friends who are suffering from an ED.

>> No.9379148

cry harder and go back to the myproana forums

>> No.9379220

Sometimes I question why I want a cgl gf, when they bicker like this.

>> No.9379405
File: 651 KB, 500x422, holy fucking shit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Peeps Oreos turn your poop pink.
So girls would shit pink and take a selfie to show at a tea party?

>> No.9379436

Sounds awesome hahahahahahahahahaha!

>> No.9379556

your scat fetish is showing

>> No.9380612

Never been on those forms, try again.

>> No.9380989

sure, anna

>> No.9381104

is amiami good? Not that anon but I do want some things off it.

>> No.9381108

My sister was somewhat similar too anon. It's very annoying when I see my stuff in her room and they always look so grimy after she uses them too.

>> No.9381223

Are you literally 5? How weak are you.
At the very least I hope you can die alone so your dna gets removed from the gene pool.

>> No.9381763

I'm sorry you've experienced that, but you did the right thing. Some people would have simply sat in their cars, or left without checking the other vehicles. You did the right thing.

I wouldn't be too terrified. I've had friends get in accidents where they rolled multiple times, got a lung punctured and worse, yet in the end were alright.

I also knew a girl who died when a palette fell off a roof and squashed her while she was sunbathing on the porch. Some people just slip, fall, and they die.

I'd try my best just to remember that life is great, but people are fragile. A reminder why people should not to blow through stop signs, shows how much the little things count. Be happy you are alive, that could have been you easily.

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