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Post your fave coords! No matter what substyle, no matter what level of OTT, post the ones that make you go 'Ah, this is why I love jfashion.'

Pls no salt, if you don't like something don't acknowledge it. Also points for saying why you like the coord! I'll start!

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I like this one because it seems so wearable, and the unconventional use of a woollen jumper is practical and inventive

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This one reminds me of halloween, and is pretty much the only coord with a bonnet in I like

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Only lolita?

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This makes my old school heart beat.

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not necessarily, anything jfash, as long as you think it's top tier

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I'll try to post recent ones

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I'm sorry my taste is kind of random

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not to worry, I'm enjoying the dump

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Oh my god I love this one. 2009 vibes

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No headwear or armwear, just a slim asian wearing clothes

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The outfit is gorgeous in its simplicity imo, but to each their own. It's also more otome than lolita.


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Unu's quirky OTT sweet style is what really inspired me to get into the fashion

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The level of detail in this coordinate is outrageous, I find something new to fawn over every time I look at it

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>implying otome is a thing in japan
If she was white she also would've been criticised for not wearing any makeup. I find it quite interesting that so many simple coords get posted in these threads considering the pressure we're supposedly under to dress more OTT.

I love this so much I have it on my wall

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Such an odd color combination, but it works

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I don't really care what label it's under, I still love the outfit. I don't really feel any pressure to dress OTT either, I'm a lone lolita and I dress for myself. Coords have to strike the right balance between wearable and aesthetically pleasing for me.

Here's another one that inspires me for daily wear.

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This is a very casual coordinate but for me it always represented a level I want to achieve with lolita, the ability to wear it daily and casually. I love OTT sweet, but that is all I have, my wardrobe isn't big or versatile enough to just throw together a coordinate daily.

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Those bows spell out KKK.

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>Wake up lolitas!

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posting a few of my faves

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Oh my god this is the best and most creative Alice in Wonderland themed cooord ever!!!

>> No.9370759

any idea where that blouse is from?

>> No.9370765

does anyone know if this dress has boning in the bodice? or what the lolibrary page for it is?

>> No.9370779

It's cute and all but we all know she lurks here, your comment it's a bit exaggerated and kinda reeks of selfpost.

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I thought that >>9370743 was being extremely sarcastic? could be wrong here but that's the impression I got from it

>> No.9370790

Sarcasm or??? Also, idk if this was supposed to be an Alice in Wonderland thing. I remember the caption from the thread I pulled it from being for some kind of theme event, but I don't think it was Alice in Wonderland. Source?

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I remember this event too. It was AiW themed. Can't remember where I read it, but probably CoF. Would have been in the past month or two.

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That face shoop is terrifying

>> No.9370941

How do you not see the white rabbit in it?

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>face shoop
Anon it's clearly a mask designed to look like a BJD face.

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I can't link you to it but she has videos and closeups of it too

>> No.9370992

I love this for the exact same reasons. I haven't seen a coord with a sweater before.

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this is just what normies are wearing now

>> No.9371029

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this was really cool. Putumayo was designed for edgycute stuff like this

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I wish I had black or brown hair so I could match my accessories with it

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I follow queranruffles on insta and she's posted a few coords with knitted cropped sweaters on there which were pretty cute. I just haven't been brave enough to try it myself since it's something I basically never see (even though there's basically no difference between a buttoned up cardi and a jumper really)

>> No.9371128

Why don't you just wear it without posting a picturea?

>> No.9371132

Mainly because I'm struggling to find a jumper that's the right cut & length, I just want to make sure I don't look like a shapeless sack and tailoring knits sounds like a hell I'm not ready for

>> No.9371162

I think it'd work better with a skirt

>> No.9371186

I regret so much not buying this set when I could

>> No.9371199

Oh yeah, I definitely mean with a skirt! It's just difficult to find knitted sweaters that are relatively fitted and end at the natural waist. One day I'll get lucky though!

>> No.9371616

My stupid brain translated jumper to jsk. They don't have the right jumpers in normie stores in my country so I get them from normie Japanese brands

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I love every coordinate this lady does.

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So simple, so subtle, it just tickles my aesthetic

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and an OTT Sugary Carnival coord is always a good time

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Cobalt blue is love

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I fucking love this. The colors and overall rich vintage look drive me nuts.

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>clashing burgundy hair
>shit tier lace tights
>shoes don't match anything except the tights that should be burned


>> No.9372399

>when you buy an expensive dress but don't invest in nice hair or wig
I hate cosplayers and conlita's

>> No.9372453

What hairstyles would you do anon? I feel all the ones you picked out would be way extra if they had some kind of updo because the coord already has so much going on.

>> No.9372454

the OP lolita's hair is actually really pretty? i think if you were an everyday lolita and not a conlita you would understand that you can't always have perfectly coiffed hair

>> No.9372455

The problem with most of them is that their wigs are shit. If you suck at taking care of your real hair, at least invest in a good wig. The second step is to learn how to style your wig.

>> No.9372486

Where do you buy this awesome quality wigs? The ones I'm seeing seem pretty ok to me.

>> No.9372488

Sounds like you're the conlita, or only attend tea parties. Most people aren't going to have perfect hair when they're wearing street fashion.

>> No.9372492

I don't know, I would ask normies instead of cosplayers tough.

I'm a lone lolita. Some of those people look like they just took their wig out of the plastic to take a picture. I know logically they didn't but that's what it looks like to me.

You are both ignoring I'm not talking about all wigs in this thread, just the ones that look bad.

>> No.9372533

Sauce on the dress?

>> No.9372580

You guys are so paranoid and bizarre. Im not her and i was being serious. I usually find Alice in Wonderland coords boring and the theme overdone but seeing someone dress with the rabbit as the theme instead of Alice or the queen of hearts really stood out to me.

>> No.9372584

I dont want to be *that* person, but this js just a set. How is it a good coord?

>> No.9372862

Normies take the wigs out of the bag and plop it on their head too anon, I follow a lot of them on insta. Nothing spectacular.
Anyways I dislike most normie wigs because their design are weird. Full wigs have this cone head shape at the crown and they're either too thick all around and too thin at the fringe. Also, they don't make that "kawaii" design with the nice face frame and full fringe. Only their lace fronts are nice and most natural.

If there was a company that actually had nice quality wigs and catered their designs to Jfashion People would spend money on it but there isn't one.

Sage for off topic
Please go back to posting beautiful coords.

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I don't know anything about wigs as you might've noticed, I just point it out when I don't like how it looks because of this thread should be full of perfection. Pic related is from my favourite coord folder and is an example of a wig I don't dislike (+ all the wigs I didn't comment on in this thread). Her fringe looks weird tough. She reminds me of a doll I used to have that didn't have shoes on.

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Didn't mean to post a shopwindow

>> No.9376082

legit question, what's wrong with it, or what would you have done differently? there's plenty of head to toe brand itas, this is fine imo

>> No.9376090


Not anon who posted it, just wanted to point out the thread is "coords you love" and not "arteestique coords that use pieces that don't come from a set".

I don't see anything wrong with wearing everything from a set, really. Except for Sweet Cream House. The matching socks to that set are a horror and all of them should be gathered up into a pile and have a giant bonfire made out of them. Eugh.

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While I agree, I don't think it deserves to be posted in this thread because it's a lucky pack set. But I'm not that anon.

>> No.9376118

>I don't see anything wrong with wearing everything from a set, really.
It's not that there's anything wrong with it but to post a full set in a thread about coords you love... like you just really enjoy what the brand did? Okay? Who doesn't?

>inb4 gulls come out of the nowhere to tell everyone how much they hate a certain brands coords
Yeah yeah, we know you exist.

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Well, yeah. These threads used to be called "coord inspo" threads until this very argument derailed most of them. That's why they're now called "coords you love" threads. Much lower bar, and nobody cares.

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>"coord inspo" threads
Isn't that part of the purpose of worn threads? And image dump threads of all kinds?

Posting shit I love to be on topic.

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Not really. There's a "worn" thread in the catalogue with little to no pics. Maybe people just want to see owner photos rather than brand photos, check out the body type of girls who wear them, take inspo from hair/shoes/makeup/etc, who knows?

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>> No.9376174

>this thread should be full of perfection

this is a thread where other people post coordinates they love. it's subjective. if the anon who posted it loves the coordinate, then it belongs here. not everything will cater to your interests.

i think it's more about HOW she's wearing it. the same set could be worn badly by somebody who doesn't take the initiative to accessorize or style themselves suitably. full sets can be worn well, and i think she's doing that.

>> No.9376193

People are allowed to discuss them

>> No.9376194

i know, and i'm allowed to explain to them why it belongs here

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>> No.9376220

Whenever I see this print I just get said poupee girl is gone

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>> No.9376310

You know there's like a reboot on https://www.bentewee.com/?

>> No.9376326

Wow, this is so satisfying. Any more matching set pictures like this?

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i was so excited until pic related

>> No.9376378

I know, but it doesn't have the resources that were kept up to date and the same community

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The coord that made me fall in love with Hime Lolita years ago. So elegant and sophisticated. I know the dress is from AP but I forgot the name.

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sanriopalace (now mahoudolly) is so cute in this.

>> No.9376984

I have a code, shoot me and email

>> No.9378603

This is stunning!

>> No.9378607

Actually, worn threads always have very few images.

My point was that most any kind of image dump thread is used for inspo.

>> No.9378678

holy shit this is beautiful

>> No.9382878

Mine too anon!

>> No.9387521


Actually, few years back the worn pics average 3-5 pics per dress, up to 10 pics for common dresses.

Thanks for killing the thread though.

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