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Previous thread. >>9357752

Share those cosplay and lolita-related feels, gulls.

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>hang my costume out to dry
>a bird goes poo-poo on it

Kill me.

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Comm mother.
She has awoken.

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The Matriarch. The one who manages the comm like an elder female elephant manages a herd.

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I doubled my lithium dosage and gained an inch and a half in my waist in a week. Convention is in a month. Must go back.

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I'm waiting on all my stuff I bought from LM to get here. Plus I still have to make my TaoBao order
>anxiety over buying overseas
>getting into new fashion is expensive
>I just want to be pretty now

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An angry feel, I'm so tired of people leaving me hanging after I give them a shipping quote! Around $10 is not even expensive for shipping large dress! I don't know what these people are expecting?

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1.5" in a week is water retention so drop back to the normal and don't worry hard about it.

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>post WIP of a new cosplay that I'm working on
>more notes/comments/followers than I've gotten on other cosplays within a shorter time span
>even get comments on Facebook which is rare when I post about cosplay
>99% sure it's because it's a bodysuit/people keep telling me how good I look
>don't know how to feel
I'm glad people are excited about it and it is different than anything else I've done but it sucks knowing that my other cosplays will probably never get the same response

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>tfw I passed the vag inspection, but failed my butthole exam

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>married to a fatty-chan
>browse cgl
>see fatty-chans ripped to shreds daily


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I used to have a group of friends that I cosplayed with, then I got a job and a boyfriend and we all sort of stopped talking. Now they talk trash behind my back and I see them go to cons when I'm stuck at work. Sigh. They definitely weren't the best friends, but it was fun to have group.

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I wish I could make a living out of lolita fashion.
It has been my passion for 7 years now and it's one of the only reasons why I didn't commit suicide when I went through a depression stage a couple years ago, and it's the reason why I tolerate my job.

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Last summer I finally went to a lolita meet up after like 5years. Said I'd attend more and get back in contact with everyone I'd missed... Yeah I still haven't done that. Life seems so hard to organise and expensive when you're unemployed.
I just want to feel cute and pretty again and hang around other cute and pretty people and talk about cute things like we used to.

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What? Responsibilities make it worse. You end up with less time for yourself. Can't even have a fucking moment to relax.

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>having to see fatties all day
Even sadder

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>show friend new dress I bought
>she says she thinks the print is really cute but it will make me look like I am 10 years old because of the cut.
I like cute cuts of clothing so I don't really care but I don't want everyone to think I'm trying to dress like a child.

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Sounds like your friend is conditioned to see certain dress cuts a certain way, like she's only been exposed to a scalloped hem in children's clothing sort of thing. That's not your fault though, anon. Don't worry too much about how sheltered she is and you do you.

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>friend always gets really active at cons, bruising her legs badly doing dives and shit

>she mentions on Fb that she's not coming to a con next weekend
>comment "Oh well, it'll save you some bruised knees."

>her mother shows up and flips a shit, thinking that I'm calling her daughter a whore

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For fuck sake how many of you people only have ONE image saved to your computer for 4chan that you just post over and over in these threads.

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I just did a Freed Flintstones laugh at that image.

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>help friend with her coord
>she's a smashing hit on insta with all the outfits that I help her with
>she comes to me more frequently for advice
>I'm happy to give it
>she drops a weird conversation on me today about feeling so lonely since her last breakup
>support her through a heavy day, taking the day off work to help her
>"wow anon, you really show me more care than anyone ever has, and it's so hard finding someone good at helping me coord! I wish I found a partner like you."
>she knows I like her
>fuck it, maybe she's nudging me to initiate
>"Geeze, if you like me so much why don't you just date me?" (playful teasy tone, very cheesy)
>"oh, you. I'm too close to you to date you. love you lots though!"

Every time. Not that I feel entitled to her affection or anything. I helped her because I care but that unintentional wound opening got me.

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Turning 29, and I fear that my decision never to marry is going to destroy my mental health.

Help me find a good con-spouse, cgl.

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I think I am an attention whore. The only way to improve is quitting all my online life, but then... why live?

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Was going to pay for a set that was on sale on LolitaWardrobe after thinking about it for the day, only to have it be 'sold out' and taken off their page. I checked the Taobao site's and apparently it was taken off of their store too.

I'm so sad because I had only discovered the print last night, then when I went to bed, I dreamt that the set was sold out. I woke up in the morning and got on the computer to see it wasn't yet and was relieved... ONLY TO HAVE THE NIGHTMARE COME TRUE JUST NOW

I message LolitaWardrobe on FB to see if it was possible to put the set back up, but I'm also thinking of paying a higher price for it while I still can on either my-lolita-dress or clobbaonline... feel like it's only a matter of hours before they remove it from their stores too, since they are just resellers...

Anyone have a bad experience like me? Were they able to get their dresses?

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Why did you make that decision? There had to be a reason

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this happens to the vast majority of women who never want to marry or have kids

younger girls should take a good look at how often this happens and settle down early for their own good


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I'm a guy.

My parents had a super-sad marriage, and I feared that I'd end up in one.

But now some of my friends are marrying successfully, and I'm starting to think I can too.

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>get taxed by customs
REEEEEEEEEE Fuck living in Europe

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>tfw you're making an EVA foam Zelda sword, and it's waaaaay better than the Stocking one you made a year ago

Maybe I am smart! Maybe I do have the potential to improve!

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Oh anon, I understand that feeling so well. Mine were the exact opposite of what I always thought a marriage should be so I decided I would never end up like them (let alone have kids), but now I'm seeing some nice examples in my vicinity and am a bit sad that it's probably not going to happen to me anymore (turning 30 this year).

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>"I'm 30 now, I'll never be able to get married!"
My dad recently married the love of his life, and he's in his 60's. Never give up, gulls.

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My current feeling - I want to barf because this picture is so fugly
Pls never use it again

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>haven't been able to go to a lolita meet in over a year
>finally have some free time that happens to match up with an upcoming meet
>said meet is planned for some day this weekend but
>day still not finalized
>time still not finalized
>location still not finalized
>tfw it'll probably get canceled and who knows when I'll have the time to go to another one

I understand the organizer has been dealing with some shit and has been a bit busy, but she should have passed off responsibility to someone else as soon as said shit started happening. The meet sounded pretty fun too.

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Either you're overpricing it or it's stuff nobody wants.

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Idk, part of the appeal of marriage to me is that you get to grow old with someone you love, and get to experience so much with each other in that time.

But good on your dad!

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this so much

>tfw /cgl/ is just the back porch of Facebook

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you are and you do

we're all gonna make it, gull

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Aww that's sweet. I'm glad for your dad!

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>tfw depression is crushing out and the only way you can make life bearable is by focusing on eating as little as possible because at least it's something you can control
>poisoned relationship with my baggage and bullshit to the point where i've killed off my own sex drive and can only take pleasure in hooking my friends up together so I can at least see somebody else happy
>make a list of things to look forward to/live for in the next few months, it's all just anime and cosplay shit, nothing meaningful and there aren't even any more cons to escape to until summer
at least i've got meido dragon lads

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Well what else can you expect but rampant normalfaggotry from the girl board.

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I wish my phone still had image.jpg for every file name because now it's really obvious whenever I repost.

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>tfw depression is crushing out and the only way you can make life bearable is the thought of suicide because then at least it's something you can control
>no relationship but take pleasure in helping friends so I can at least see somebody else happy
>make a list of things to look forward to/live for the next few months, and it's just giving away all my possessions, nothing meaningful and I have too much social anxiety to even go to cons anymore
maybe i should see meido dragon lads. downloading.

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>considering starting a YT channel for cosplay
>not con vlogs or cmvs or anything like that, just overhead footage of me working on cosplays and maybe a tutorial here and there
>bf says it's a lame idea and nobody would be interested in that sort of content unless it's live and I'm interacting with viewers (but I'm way too nervous to go live)
>says I'll never get popular so there's no point
>maybe he's right and it's a boring idea and a waste of time
>but then again he spends like an hour every day watching dash cam footage of some dude just driving aimlessly around his city
>which to me is also boring as hell
>don't know what to think anymore
Is he right about his being a lame idea or would someone here be interested in this sort of thing? I'm a decent seamstress but not super skilled or anything, it just seems like a cool way to be involved with the community.

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Go for it m8, it's got a girl for everyone and it's funny as fuck. I don't usually watch yuri or moe or anything but I love it.

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I feel this. It's almost always Americans that do this, in my experience.

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If you already have the equipment then do it. It can't hurt to try after all and you can just edit out parts that seem boring.

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Copypasta is old.

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Ooouch. Perma friendzoned.

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Always jealous of all the cool people hanging out together while I'm just sitting at home and watch netflix the whole weekend.

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Join a dating site

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No high value production or zomg! Personality needed. Set it to nice zen music and comfy lighting/ sounds of you working and it'll attract its own following.

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Honestly, why not try it for a while? People have different tastes. Just because I think watching other people play video games is boring as hell doesn't negate the fact that there are plenty of people making money streaming their playthroughs. Don't expect to become super famous or anything, but I'm sure there are people out there who would enjoy it, and if you're just going to be passively setting up a camera to record something you'll be doing anyway, what do you have to lose?

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>"Oh well, it'll save you some bruised knees."
>her mother shows up and flips a shit, thinking that I'm calling her daughter a whore

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>I'm a guy.
Know you have seen the inside of a females mind.>>9364134
younger girls should take a good look at how often this happens and settle down early for their own good

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>tfw people take 12 years to reply to messages when trying to sell/buy things


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That's what you get for being gay

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I would definitely be interested in watching something like that!! It sounds very cool. For interacting with the audience, you could use clips of close ups where you explain what techniques you use, or just talk about your thought process of how you chose the character and why, as well as thought process for fabric choice, material choice would be super cool

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>cosplay was a mistake
Nowadays I always think of it.
Cosplay a shit! I want to be a doujin artist! 2D is superior! 3D is pig disgusting!

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I work in technical theatre, which means contract work. I love my job but there's only two cons in my city and I'll always miss the summer one because of fringe, and I'm missing the one next weekend because of a show. I'm just starting to feel lonely not being able to share my hobbies with anyone anymore. I used to be on the volunteer committee and in the maid cafe...It used to be a big part of my life. I also haven't touched my lolita dresses in almost a year. Feels bad man.

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30 and male here. Marry? No thanks! Even a relationship is not my thing. I enjoy my freedom and I am unable to love someone. I feel only sexual interests, not really love. I'm a bad person?

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Cosplay is an incredibly shallow hobby, and people will only ever care about you because of your looks.

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Why? :o

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Not them, but you sound pretty selfish.

Putting that aside and speaking from a purely practical sense, have you thought about what it might be like to not have kids and grandkids around you when you're old and decrepit? Wouldn't that be better than to end your days alone in a nursing home? Do you think the state will take care of you?

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>tfw you see pics of your con crush's parents looking happy for the first time since she died

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Not that guy, but it's not a crime to not want to get married and have kids. Also not a crime to not feel romantic interest and just want to have sex.
I'm sure it's a troll post, but that's pretty fucking stupid to say someone's a bad person for the way they feel. Would you rather him lie to someone that he loves them and get married? I know a lot of our parents did that shit but it doesn't mean we have to.

>> No.9365063

I think he underestimates the market for it. You don't even have to show face, just something visually interesting (make sure you have lots of light!) with decent audio. (PLEASE don't neglect audio and microphone quality!)
The type of work progress/tutorial video you mention is ideally suited to time lapse to skip over boring bits or create a neat watch-it-come-together effect. Just look at vihart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xujIDia0oug She got a million subscribers just by making time lapse footage of her doodling with voiceovers chatting about math.

That being said, you should go into it with low or no expectations at all. Keep it as a fun side thing or you'll burnout trying to make fancier and fancier videos, unless you actually treat it as a business with plans and schedules from the get-go.

>>but then again he spends like an hour every day watching dash cam footage of some dude just driving aimlessly around his city
ooo, what dude? Does it have good music?

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I was jokingly saying yes but just make sure you're letting the women know what your intentions are and not just manipulating their feelings to just fuck'em other than that..you good

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I'm going to my first con alone. I've tried for the last month to meet people online to hang out with, etc. with very little luck.

I'm excited but at the same time kind of sad and I feel like my sadness will only get worse. I feel like I'm going to feel horrible when I see groups of cosplayers together having fun and being bffs while I just stalk around like a huge mong.

>> No.9365097

what con are you going to anon?

>> No.9365099

anime north ;_;

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>had to buy textbooks for new semester
>could've bought so much brand with that money
when will death come for me

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;_; if it was shutocon id invite you to join me. maybe see if anyone in that thread wants to hang out?

>> No.9365134

I stopped buying textbooks because I attend community college, and the teachers never used the books last semester. I did end up buying one book this semester, but I saved a few hundred not buying the others. Thus far, I've not needed them. I'm sure that'll change once I'm taking harder classes.

I understand how much brand could have been bought.

>> No.9365139

I ordered some things through Aliexpress. I thought, 'Oh, I'll pay the 1-2 dollars extra for ePacket shipping per item to see if it is worthwhile."

It's been almost a week. The 3 things I ordered are already in the U.S., and should be here by the end of the week. Apparently it is entirely worthwhile to pay the extra dollar or two for shipping. It's worth not waiting 3+ weeks.

My package from Japan ended up being cheaper to ship then I originally thought I would be. I ended up paying for EMS. It should be here next week. I'm so excited.

>> No.9365140

I feel your pain.
>needed more $$$
>decide to take online classes to open schedule up
>not worried about workload
>get hit paying over $100 for each class's online text
>mandatory to buy, shell out almost $600
>barely using the online platforms in 3 of my classes
>ugly sobbing

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What does spouse mean to you given your up bringing? Are you just looking for someone to share a hotel with? Just sex? Why have a con chic and not an all the time fuck buddy?

>> No.9365155

I wish I could get away with not buying books, but I study English and Education and I know I'll end up needing them sooner or later because luckily different subjects tend to use the same books from time to time. The initial outlay still hurts me in the soul though.

>> No.9365165

i tried 4chan, twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc. and people just don't seem to wanna.

oh well. i'll have fun anyway.

>> No.9365167

I was taking a theatre history class and my biggest regret was buying a book of Ibsen plays and then finding out that all of his work is public domain!

>> No.9365179

That's pretty funny. Well, do you have a big book of Ibsen plays now? I spent just under 400$ last semester. I used not one book. I was pretty upset.
I did have to buy a book for a world religion class this semester. It was 170$ for the book. I'm sorry you had to buy so many books.

>> No.9365188

>Tfw no EGL gf to contrast my sweet lolita coords and spoil me
why live

>> No.9365332

Can't tell if you literally want a job related to lolita fashion or just wish it took a more central role in your life than your current job does. I'm so much happier now that I found a few things I really care about (lolita fashion being one of them) and my job is related directly to one of my other passions. When I was working a shit job, lolita helped but couldn't save me from despair. Do you have any other hobbies you can find related work in?

>> No.9365352

Yep. I loved a Taobao print so much that I set it as the background to my iPad before the cuts were even released. The preorder closed a few days early because of the volume of orders. I was so devastated I cried (to help explain, I was already stressed as fuck and used retail therapy to make my week tolerable). I wallowed in my despair and refused to pay the jacked up price on my-lolita-dress. This was also when I didn't know Taobao 2 (or whatever it's called) existed.

If I could do it again, I would've bought it because I had the extra cash, but the bitter memory made the print unappealing to me. It's also why I rarely become enamored with a piece- I hate being disappointed. If I really, really need a dress, I try to make sure my SS purchases it the first day its released.

>> No.9365381

I'm sure there will be meetups announced as the con gets closer, like the midnight bathroom meetup. What kind of things are you into?

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>at tea
>comm leader informs us that she's drained everyone's bank accounts
>everyone screaming/crying

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Well, in drug-recovery news, I just built 50% of my sword this morning without an ounce of ADD meds.

I've also been drawing a bit without them. I've recovered to the point that, if I do take them, I just become anxious all day.

>mfw my brain is starting to work for real

>> No.9365628

idolshit mostly. i think i'd be too spergy to go to a /cgl/ meet.

i've tried to make female friends online into the same stuff but its really hard. i spoke with a group that's doing a group cosplay in may and i'm super jealous desu

>> No.9365641

how would she even be able to do that? Did they literally think she managed to take all their funds somehow? Is your comm made up of 4 year olds?

>> No.9365643

>growing apart from normie friends
>only recently joined lolita comm so not really close to local lolitas yet
>used to visit museums and do cool stuff with normie friends but now they're all "tired" and only ever want to get drunk and party at someone's house which I hate
>bf is also tired and only wants to sit at home and play video games on the weekend
>don't like going on outings alone
>lolita comm doesn't have another meetup for over a month
I know anons will just tell me to organise a meetup myself but I doubt anyone will want to come to a random café with some nobody. Meetup standards in my comm are pretty high. It's always some big event, and people only go on smaller outings with close friends.
>tfw no qt lolita friends

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hold me gulls, feels hit me hard after months of keeping them in

I've always been jealous of people who have friends that are interested in their hobbies. I want to walk around with someone like pic related, I want a close knit circle of lolita friends. I have really bad social anxiety so even though I have a modest wardrobe of lolita coords I can't bring myself to step out of the house in them. I know if I had a friend with me I wouldn't be nearly as afraid, but I'm the only person I know this side of my city that is into lolita. My best friend hates it and makes jokes about it, my other close friend is such a weeb that she thinks himekaji is 'kawaii lolita fashun from nippon desu!' I used to have a really close friend who wanted to borrow my dresses and wear it out with me, but we both moved away from each other and we aren't close anymore. The people I made friends with at uni have turned out to be douchebags who only talk to me when they want something (they did something this week that screwed me over and really made me not want to be their friend anymore but it's kind of long so I'll leave it for another day, plus it's not completely cgl related)

also I'm drowning in rent payments, my workload for uni right now is so intense that I don't have enough time for a job. I've literally considered sugaring just so I have enough money to get the things I want (I'm getting by on my student loan) and put money into savings. Can't spend anything else on lolita anymore.
The financial shit is the cherry on top and it hearkens me back to last year when I didn't think I'd be going to uni (which caused me to be majorly depressed because I thought I had no prospects) but I didn't have to pay rent and at least I had a job that I could blow all on brand.

tl;dr - anxious poorfag wishes she has money and friends

>> No.9365664

You can sell them back on Amazon. Not as nice as having actual $$$ but I was able to buy some art supplies and a few extra odds and ends with that giftcard. Still got some money left too.

>> No.9365686

>tfw lolita dresses are so beautiful and you love designing outfits and making polyvores
>tfw male
>tfw not a sex thing

>> No.9365693

YAAAY! good job anon!

>> No.9365699

Thank you!

Since posting that, I've also printed my other templates and baked a delicious Frito pie. It's only 1pm and I've actually done stuff on my day off!

Lmao. The girls of your comm are dumbasses.

>> No.9365703

I know these feels all too well

>> No.9365706

where are you situated, anon? My comm is like that too

>> No.9365710

Does joining your comm require bank info or something?

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>KotH picture
>Frito pie

Hank Hill cosplays?

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>annoying girl in comm bitching about her dream skirt having a 25 max waist
>snap that shit up from under her (why would you bid on your dream skirt instead of buying outright?)
>my petty ass is gonna wear it at the next meet

>> No.9365982

straight up savage. Be my waifu

>> No.9365993

waking up every day to a bunch of likes and tumblr notes on my coordinates is one of the only things that i look forward to

>> No.9366016

That is actually fucking adorable. And how I see the best friend politics in women.

>> No.9366020

See picture:

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I used to be like this as well. Though once I found the right woman, I love her like the kind of love you see in movies or hear in songs. I can say I truly love this woman with all my heart and marrying her was the best thing I ever did

>> No.9366121

>ask crush to prom
>she says yes
>attending a convention with her the next day in couple cosplay

Am I living the dream yet?

>> No.9366128

>18+ blah blah blah

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cry moar fatty

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>idolshit mostly.
If they have idol voice actors again like the last two years, you should totally go to their QA panels. You'll have a great time. One year there was even a group of japanese fangirls who followed them to the con.

>> No.9366155 [DELETED] 

Enjoy the ban, kiddo.
4chan is a website for adults to have mature discourse.

>> No.9366162

Could be a con prom.

Or he could be a senior at 18.

>> No.9366164

>crunching before con this weekend, gotta get home from class as soon as possible
>trying to avoid creeper who rides the 2:00 bus i ride home
>normally dude is on the bus before i get on. very important here
>get on the bus at an earlier stop at 1:57, look around, don't see him
>ride for a minute
>run out the back door to another stop
>am half an hour later home than i wanted to be


>> No.9366166

10/10 would watch the heck out of this.

Some happy feels
>Boyfriend takes me out shopping
>Halfway through trip, reveals he wanted to start dressing more "adult" to better match me
>I wear toned-down classic most of the time
>Wants me to help him pick out clothes
>Just recently mentioned next time I get something frilly he might get something fancy to complement it
>Tfw when your boyfriend is so supportive he might accidentally become an ouji himself

>> No.9366169

i graduated at 19, not everyone graduates at 17

>> No.9366176 [DELETED] 

>i graduated at 19
lol retard.

>> No.9366179 [DELETED] 

i'm a grad student at 21 so honestly eat my ass

>> No.9366181 [DELETED] 

some people just start school at a later age, no biggie

>> No.9366184 [DELETED] 

>not understanding how someone can graduate at 19

>> No.9366196 [DELETED] 

because there brain doesnt start working till a later age? lmao

>> No.9366198 [DELETED] 

>there brain
Are you an example?

>> No.9366199 [DELETED] 

>replying to bait
plis stop

>> No.9366200 [DELETED] 

Nice use of a state-of-being verb. lol. You're to dumb.

>> No.9366204

>see girl in cute AP coords at local con
>suddenly hope I wont have to be lonelita in this small town anymore
>check her up on facebook
>bigender trans fakeboi

>> No.9366210

post photo so we can laugh at it

>> No.9366229
File: 407 KB, 400x230, freakout.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so nervous.

I'm going to a con next week, and my new dress has a hole in the back for butt-cleavage. I'm so scared.

>> No.9366231

lol brace for security telling you to cover your pimply ass

>> No.9366246

Why are you showing your ass crack in lolita????

>> No.9366249
File: 243 KB, 1147x1599, 98ewjn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe anon is doing cosplay, that's the "c" in /cgl/

>> No.9366255

Oh haha. When I hear "dress" I just assume lolita.

Anon, but your butt away unless the con skews older. I've seen some leeeeewwwwd shit at Dragoncon.

>> No.9366300

I'm glad anon.

>> No.9366302 [DELETED] 

When will all gays die?

>> No.9366316

>Be me at Katsucon
>Sunday, dressed in Lolita
>Dressed my sister up to match
>Chocostrawberry pair
>Overhear her tell her boyfriend
>"I will never wear this again"

I just want to wear frills with my sister. She is like 5 inches shorter than me so she is super cute.
It just makes me sad that she is so opposed to ever dressing up with me again.

>> No.9366322 [DELETED] 


I hate how all of you try to push this hobby onto everyone else.

Eat shit freak

>> No.9366335

Don't force it on her, ya muppet. This is supposed to be fun.

>> No.9366372
File: 125 KB, 335x500, 1487760970313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks anon, the struggle is real though. To blog some more, I've never had a best friend who doesn't put me down about what I like, in my whole life. It's annoying and I've complained about this girl on here in the past but she doesn't get that even if she doesn't like something, I'm allowed to.
>plus she thinks she knows all about lolita because she took a fashion design class when she was 15 but anyways.......

Just wondering, what do you mean with the latter statement? Best friend politics? I'm not refusing people based on whether they like lolita, I just genuinely have kind of crappy friends
>and the crappy friends I made at uni are all dudes
not attacking, just genuinely curious anon

>pic related, how I feel

>> No.9366374

think ya might have responded to the wrong post there my buddy my pal

>> No.9366385
File: 97 KB, 679x314, jniggfart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does Jessica Niggri have a fart fetish? She posts shit like this all the time.

And is she the one who keeps posting fart stories in these threads?

>> No.9366407

Could she even fit it?

>> No.9366421

>part of lolita comm in larger region but nobody actually lives near me, so I usually have to travel 2hrs+ for meetups
>see a lolita just wandering around town one day
>too far away to talk to her but I saw her face pretty clearly
>check comm FB page to see if she's on there
>don't see her face anywhere
>check meetup pictures
>there she is! and someone tagged her! let's see who it is
>it's the girl with the fake Japanese weeb name, drooling ahegao anime icon and profile full of shitty traced anime pictures
>w-well I can't blame her for not putting her real name and face on FB, right? privacy and all that
>her profile is otherwise public so I can see how she posts multiple times a day about her "smexxy husbandos" and about how every other anime character is actually trans, biracial and disabled
>find one post where she threatens people with violence for using male pronouns for Prince George
>(we're not even British)
> n o p e

>> No.9366466

i get it but don't push her into something she doesn't want to do

>be me
>have ddlg fetishist older sister
>dummy uses the same username for everything, literally stumble upon her porn blog when trying to find her etsy store
>find blog of horrors: her doing lewd ageplay stuff in clothes we were supposed to be sharing, sfw pictures of ME (posted without my permission) alongside black and white gifs of people fucking
>keep it to myself because these things are sensitive and i want to be a good sister

fast forward to me preparing to go to my first brand tea party. i was so excited, but then i talked to my mom about it more and she insisted that i let my sister go. my uncouth, perverted, predatory (why else was she posting ME?) sister. i would have to let her borrow my brand, and after seeing all of her lewds in a couple of casual cute pieces we shared, i could not take the risk. it felt like they were trying to ruin the first thing i had to look forward to in a long time. it totally ate me up.

i let it kill me for a few days before i sat down and spilled the truth and all of my feelings to my mother. she was totally horrified and said she understood why i was reacting the way i was. i felt bad but wow, dodged that bullet. her "daddy dearest" will NOT be seeing burando lewds any time soon.

>> No.9366468

it's fine if she doesn't want to wear it, but it's pretty rude to say that when you're in earshot

>> No.9366469
File: 677 KB, 801x1200, tumblr_n6rtqkv7Cn1qdumf6o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

time to become a brolita, anon!

>> No.9366471
File: 36 KB, 600x450, reflecting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I'm around anyone else I feel the urgent need to be alone. When I'm alone I feel the urgent need to reach out. I long for friendship and then when I make a group of friends, I phase out. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months or years.

I know why I have no friends to share the things I enjoy with. I know how to fix that. Self-doubt seems like a convenient reason. Laziness, lack of commitment, or maybe even thinking too highly of myself. But none of those feel quite right. What is it? I don't know. Please hit me with a fucking truck.

>select all images with commercial trucks
thanks google

>> No.9366528
File: 109 KB, 500x298, cuteyy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what do you mean with the latter statement? Best friend politics?
Well before social media like Best Friends would have cute anniversaries, or special dates. And even team projects during different seasons of the year. A sweet very traditional, appreciated and grateful way to show you or your best friend that they are like a sister or brother. Not overly possessive or in their life 24/7 but just someone who would save your life and have your back. But now days best friends aren't really appreciated. They are used as a commodity. Yeh it sucks it has come to this. But that is why I say
>Best Friend Politics
Because with women they shuffle their friends around more like a hand in cards. Guys do the same as well but it is mostly knowing who is doing what and where. But yeh social politics is a constant now days.

>> No.9366533

>I just genuinely have kind of crappy friends
>and the crappy friends I made at uni are all dudes
Ah I see you stealthed through Uni. I understand. I do not blame you. And now even social media leads you to more unstable or committed to people. And you are just tried of this shit everywhere. Well in all honesty maybe I know it might sound strange. But work of focusing on yourself maybe research new hobbies you might enjoy. Then over time through meeting people maybe you will unlock what you have been looking for. By showing them if they are interested in the same subject or curious from getting to know you more. But don't jump in and be like "Please be my friend" just play it cool and they will come to you.

>> No.9366542

>find one post where she threatens people with violence for using male pronouns for Prince George
>(we're not even British)
dude. too much.

>> No.9366553
File: 1.61 MB, 300x241, 1481213077885.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope. She's not big, but she's no 25-inch waist-chan. Maybe she could have dropped some weight and managed to fit, but too late.

>> No.9366562

Oh I think I accidentally tagged your post. Sorry

>> No.9366604

>posting pictures of little sister on a porn blog without her permission
Hoooly shit what a disgusting cunt. Fuck that shit about "these things are sensitive", she's the one using the same username everywhere and posting YOU without your permission. She gave up her own (and your!) privacy when she did that.
I'm glad your mother understands. Has your sister shown any kind of remorse at all?

>> No.9366616

>expecting a package, took a little longer but kept checking the tracking.
>tracking finally says "Final Delivery" in UK. >now just waiting for my uni to email me saying its ready to pick up
>it's been three days and still no email
>starting to panic a little bit

>> No.9366635

Well... dudes can be awesome friends. Just don't judge them too hard, I guess

>> No.9366661

luckily i realized how silly and overly cautious i was being afterwards! i left out this tidbit, but i anonymously got her to take the entire thing down. it was literally driving me crazy knowing that this was happening, so after deliberating for a long time i took matters into my own hands.

i told my mother that i handled it and we still don't really know what to do since my sister doesn't know that we know. i said we should leave it alone for now and make her do something with her life so she doesn't have all that time to waste posting underage pics of her sister to lure weird internet men. looking back i wish i had approached her directly, but i think she's scared straight for the time being after what happened. there is something fundamentally wrong with her. it's scary to think that somebody who you were raised to trust can be so insidious.

to bring it back to /cgl/ a little, the tea party was great!

>> No.9366664

everything you say is incorrect. you sound like an old man brain in a teenager's body.

there have been fucked up bffs for as long as humans have existed. there have always been users and exploiters. it has fuck-all to do with gender or social media.

what the fuck are you smoking bro

>> No.9366697

> buy a dress set + purse from a girl in France
> she marks package as gift with insurance for 200$
> excited because packages categorized as gifts are rarely taxed
>package arrives with almost 100$ customs fee


>> No.9366705

>Used to know a kinda efamous lolita
>she is a giant self absorbed bitch, but still has good outfits
>have to look at here face all over lolita social media
pretty stupid, but I'm just tired of seeing her face

>> No.9366710

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9366714

Fear of rejection and/or fear of being surrounded by people and realizing that you're not as important as you think you are.
Essentially, you join a group of friends, everyone is talking, and then after a time you feel like they don't actually need you around. Then you feel bad and leave. Then you want friends again because you feel lonely.

I swear, I'm not projecting at all.

End the cycle. Be my friend.
(pls respond)

>select images that follow the label "House"
You see, anon? I'll make you feel at home.

>> No.9366721

>I've been on a buying binge.
>literally all staples that I need: different shaped petties, socks, short wig for summer, accessories in needed colors...
>no regrets
>plenty of extra funds from second job.
Here's hoping karma doesn't bite me.

Definition of paranoia, unless he's following you home it's unfounded.
Do you boo.
Need an awkward friendship that consists of watching tv and bad YouTube movies from the fifties?
>Spoil me
This is exactly why. You should be wanting to spoil her so she wants to reciprocate.

>> No.9366733

I get the same feeling during winter, when I don't go out, or don't get to know so much people. May be a feeling just for the season. Try to just start chatting with some old friend in facebook. helps too.

Try to get closer to your family. People from your family are the first humans you will ever practice to socialize with, if you don't learn with them, you will repeat the same mistakes with others.

Most importantly, what has helped me the most: DO NOT TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY.

>> No.9366986

I want more brand but I've been prioritizing my doll and figure collection instead and I don't know if lolita, cosplay, or even my toys make me happy anymore. Usually I'm super excited to have a package come in, but when I put through an order I kind of feel empty and useless and I'm not sure why. I just want to feel cute and have cute things but I don't understand why I feel so bad when I buy things

>> No.9366989

>Google "Jessica Nigri fart"
>loads of results

Why? Why so many tweets about farting?

>> No.9366992

Unless you're a big alpha male, I suggest you give up your dreams of being spoiled.

I doubt your idea of being spoiled is within the realms of the kind of spoiling women can and want to do anyways.

>> No.9366995

I figured "to spoil me and spoil back" would sound stupid. Ironically the thing that triggered me posting that was seeing a beautiful MMM dress that I would never suit or flatter and wanting to have a gf to wear it.
I'm a girl.

>> No.9366998

I wish I could have a girlfriend to cook for and trade clothes with.

>> No.9367000

Maybe a lot of her patreons have a fart fetish so she caters to them.
>what has to happen to someone for them to develop a fetish like that jfc

>> No.9367066

If this has been going on longer than two weeks, you might want to see a doctor to see if you have depression, Anon.

>> No.9367091

Same anon.

>> No.9367117

I don't know if I want to dress edgy or cute, and my wardrobe is all over the place

>> No.9367128
File: 97 KB, 640x641, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplaying Trash Dove
>start to do my dance in the hotel
>somebody screams "Get that fat bitch out of here!"

>> No.9367142

That dude is just mad that his fat tranny "girlfriend" didn't give him the dick this morning.

>> No.9367146
File: 251 KB, 463x419, batwhoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet a DDLG ageplay bitch at meetup
>says she wears a thong diaper to tea
>my mfw

>> No.9367211
File: 1.90 MB, 316x228, 1446003507649.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally have a sweet-ass job where I bring home $890 p/wk after tax.
>Realize I can buy nice things now.
>Have a bit of a splurge this week - Buy a new tablet (on an extreme sale) book in to get my tattoo fixed and buy Holy Lantern for an absolute steal. Also bought a bunch of small gifts for friends and got my mum a fancy day spa treat thing.
>Out shopping with mum today.
>Tries to convince me to buy a $400 silver bracelet I like (From a generic jeweler's, so definitely not worth it.)
>Say "Oh no, I just bought a $300 dress so I might wait a couple of paychecks!"
>Yelling, screaming, arms flailing.
>As soon as we pull into the driveway home she tells me to get out and drives off again.
>May have to cancel on the payment plan (and lose like $195 anyway) just to stop her from throwing a manic-depressive fit and trying to kill herself.

Jesus christ I cannot wait for my rental application to go through so I can get the fuck out of here.

>C.K, if you see this and I have to pull out I'm so sorry.

>> No.9367214

>thong diaper
how the fuck

>> No.9367215

I'm sorry your mom is crazy. grats on the job that'll get you out of that place.

>> No.9367252

When do you officially move anon?

>> No.9367259

>been a lolita for four years, attend meetups maybe once every two months but wear lolita 1-3 times a week
>don't post many coords online but want to step up my game
>decide to post more in 2017
>realise that I'm eerily similar to an efamous lolita and it looks like I'm copying her, even though I dressed like this before I ever saw her
>same age, same country, wears the same substyle, same hair colour and type, similar face and hairstyle, even own a few of the same pieces
>seems to have different hobbies and we have no mutual friends so I guess at least that is different???
>her aesthetic is different to mine and she posts some coords I'd never wear but we're still pretty similar
>don't want to change my style just to look different
>still paranoid it looks like I'm copying
>wish I'd posted more coords when I was younger because there's not enough evidence that I've been around just as long
>doomed to lurk without posting forever

>> No.9367283
File: 10 KB, 236x122, 1391904090457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Parents disowned me a couple months ago under the excuse that it was because I'm ungrateful and didn't vote for Trump. In reality I knew it's because they're moving soon and my mother has been telling me she hated me since I was 6, so they're just getting the "fresh start" they've always wanted.
She accused me of stealing my birth certificate (which isn't even possible... It's my birth certificate) and won't let me back into the house. I've been working minimum wage and finally got a raise, but it's still barely enough to get by while I'm in college and I'm scared I'm going to have to drop out. My mother already threw out (in her words "lost") a bunch of my cosplay stuff, and I'm scared that my lolita dresses are next. Called mother about getting my stuff after 4 months of her putting it off, she said she just "didn't want to," so I called the local police station who said I could get a police escort to persuade them to let me in. I get there and my parents said they knew I was coming so they flew across the country for 3 weeks. I call the police station for advice on what to do, and they tell me the previous officer was wrong. Since I'm over 18 but under 21 I'm in a gray area where I can be charged for breaking and entering if I went in with my key to get my stuff. My parents would JUMP at the chance to get me in court so I would rather not do that... Mother didn't cancel my phone, but suspended it and told my boyfriend it was because she didn't want me to use that phone that I paid my own money for, so she wanted me to stew knowing I couldn't use the $400 phone I bought several years ago. I'm really really scared my lolita stuff has been thrown out/burned/donated/etc. I've been wearing and collecting since I was 13 years old, and I have some old mediocre dresses that have a lot of memories, and also really expensive pieces I bought while I was in highschool that took me years to track down, along with a few pieces I bought in college. (TBC)

>> No.9367298

That's horrible, anon, I don't want to believe there are people that shitty.

>> No.9367301
File: 254 KB, 484x486, waylewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thong diaper

>> No.9367306
File: 38 KB, 625x702, 9Y8Xe5Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To continue the phone thought, I cannot cancel my plan myself since my parents also took away my access to my account. Called and went in person to a store to see if I could just pay the fee to get taken off and I just got told that there's nothing they can do for me. There's a lot more but... It's hard for me to stop taking the blame off myself. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression when I was 6 (same time my mother started hating me) and I just feel like if I was a normal kid my mother would love me. My mother and stepfather just bought my sister two houses meanwhile I'm struggling to even pay rent. They found my gofundme that I started in order to help make my rent (they stole my money from my bank account before I could get it disconnected from theirs) and got the entire family to make minimum donations while writing huge paragraphs about how I did this to myself, I should just get three jobs while I'm in school, I'm lazy, and how it's my fault for not "choosing" to be anxiety and depression free. I got them all deleted and refunded but my mother kept finding ways to contact me to tell me how much I broke her heart and how she made the right decision. I've been pretending like it doesn't bother me anymore to my friends and boyfriend, but I'm just getting more and more depressed and anxious, which in turn makes me feel guilty for feeling that way, and then it just gets worse. Sometimes I forget how many times I've been diagnosed along with how bad it's gotten in the past and feel like they're right and I'm just making everything up, that I'm not really depressed, I've just been imagining it...
>tl;dr my parents hate me, might have thrown out all my shit. My depression/anxiety that they disowned me for is getting worse. They stole from me. Don't have money for rent.

>> No.9367311

If they don't know all of your friends you should get someone to contact them and offer to buy your clothes from them. If your family hates you so much they should have no problem selling your stuff to a stranger, and you could get your stuff back. Or have someone go to their door asking for donations for a church clothing drive or something and see if they bring out your stuff. That's how I got my pajamas back from a girl who took them then ended contact with me

>> No.9367312
File: 76 KB, 300x300, 1420231822641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck, I thought the picture said, "because you're poor." Oh well, I hope the meaning was conveyed.

Ugh I'm in such a horrible spot because my bf and friends have been telling me it's shitty of them to do but I still love my parents...? Like I know they weren't the best, but whenever I criticize them I feel bad about it. Thank you for your concern, though, anon.

>> No.9367315

man...fuck your family so hard. "Break in" to thier house with your house key, get your stuff, and cut off all contact with them whatsoever. Delete them off FB. Get a new phone plan. Auto block their numbers. They want to get rid of you so bad? Give it to them, then.

None of this is your fault, anon, your family is just terrible. Get your shit and never talk to any of them ever again.

>> No.9367316

That's actually a really great idea... I'm going to give it one more go and threaten them with small claims court if they try and deny me access again, but it might be cheaper to try the donation thing. Unfortunately with the offering to buy, my mom knows quite a bit about lolita (she actually thought it was cute) so I feel like she would try and get full value for the dresses which I don't have money for right now. They might just bite with the donation, though. They really like being high and mighty, so my mom gets off by acting like she's doing the whole world a favor with any small thing she does. It would also present her with a good opportunity to "get rid" of my stuff.

>> No.9367319

Whatever you try, good luck!
You should update here once anything happens. I really hope it works out for you.

>> No.9367323

You should 100% break in if you know for a fact they don't have a camera in the house and take back all your lolita dresses if they're still there. Take everything that you have paid for yourself and then leave. If your parents try anything show the cops you have proof you purchased the dresses and that they're your property and had them all along. Just pull a 'lol I dunno' then cut ties with those cunts

>> No.9367327

Fuck I really want to "break in," but if I get charged with breaking and entering... They would know it's me and they have so much money it's not even funny. I would get taken to court and have to miss out on work along with travel expenses. I want to get a new phone plan but I have an iPhone, so I can't just pop the sim card out. When I went to the carrier they said I would just have to buy a whole new phone. I'm trying to convince her to let me pay the fee to break the contract since it would be cheaper than buying a new phone. (I have a track-phone thing right now for work though. I may not be able to do much but I can get calls and that's all that matters atm. I just really want to use my old phone again so I can check my emails and do other stuff.)

Reading this over it sounds like a bunch of excuses... But I really can't risk any charges against me. I'm in school to become a teacher and if I have a breaking and entering charge on my record I'm never going to get a job interview. With the phone thing though, I may just end up dealing with having a track-phone until I get my next raise in 5 months and can afford to put away a little bit more money to save for a new phone if she refuses to take me off the plan and renews.

Thank you anon! Honestly hearing complete strangers weigh in on the situation is making me feel a lot better... You guys don't have any reason to lie to me, and would call me a whiny bitch if I really were one. It seems stupid, but it helps.

>> No.9367328

I talked to the police about, "what would happen if I went in and only took my stuff? Or even only my birth certificate?" They told me I would still get charged with breaking and entering, especially since my parents knew I was in the area (this was pre-phone problem) and I had to call them and text them several times to find out if they were home or not so I could get my stuff. They told me those texts would probably be enough to convict me (if that's the proper term?) So I'm going to try things diplomatically for the time being, and threatening with small claims court of course. If I get convicted with breaking and entering I would have a horrible time finding a job out of college (in school to become a teacher.) I'm trying to play it safe for as long as I can, since I really really don't feel like committing a crime, even if the crime is completely justified.
Thank you for your concern though, and trust me, the moment I have my things back everyone of them is getting blocked and never spoken to again. The only person I haven't blocked is my mother so I can contact her for information as to when I can get my shit/if she'll let me.

>> No.9367335

If you were to break in and be charged I'm sure the courts would be on your side under the circumstances, but I completely understand your concern. If they've destroyed your property I hope you have lacemarket records of your purchases to get every penny's worth of your money back. Really sorry you're going through such a rough patch :c

>> No.9367344

Were you served an official, by the books eviction notice or did they just say 'get out'? You might be able to find a legal loophole that allows you legal entry back into the house, best of all during the time they aren't there

>> No.9367345
File: 88 KB, 310x464, 1425195950011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thankfully I've had my own paypal for so long that I THINK the records are still there. I at least know I have receipts for a $700 purchase and also a $500 purchase (my dream dress, ahaha.) So at the very least I could get those back if paypal doesn't keep records for that long. Thank you anon, I'm doing my best and I'll make sure to do my best. That way maybe I can come back in the next feels thread about how I was victorious lmao. Even if I can get that $1,200 back, it would help so much since I was going to sell some of my older dresses just so that I would have some backup money in case anything happened and I couldn't work, etc.

>> No.9367350

(sorry about all the replies, everyone, I'm having trouble keeping up...)
Another thing I talked to an officer about, they told me if I was 21 I could have used that, but since I'm 20 and utilized an apartment rather than dorm housing at college, they told me that it's not technically an eviction. When I went through the options with the officer they told me that my only real legal option was to either get my parents to agree, or to take them to small claims court. I thought that was really odd though, since when I researched other people's experiences I heard of people under 21 using the lack of an eviction notice to get in to get their stuff. Actually writing it out again I'm thinking I should ask to speak to another officer.... Because the man I talked to did sound annoyed, and based off of what other people have said to me he might have thought it was all "temporary," and that my parents and I would "make-up," eventually. (A bit OT, but my boss just came up to me one day a couple weeks after they disowned me publically in the parking lot of the place I work, and asked if the fight with my parents was over yet... I felt so enraged that she would refer to it like that when she knew about the whole situation and even banned my parents from the store.)

>> No.9367354

Definitely go speak with another officer and find a civil lawyer to help back you up, if there isn't an official eviction you -may- have a chance of exploiting that loophole. Start making phone calls in the morning, I'm not sure what the time frame is of this whole clusterfuck but you want to move fast.
Best of luck, anon.

>> No.9367359
File: 201 KB, 645x645, notahegao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>starting to pull out of my cosplay rut
>actually got decent work done on my Anarchy Stocking sword

Feels good man.

>> No.9367360

Thank you! I'm definitely going to be making calls when I get up, especially since typing everything out like this and getting fresh eyes on the situation made me realize how something didn't seem 100% right with the officer...

>> No.9367384
File: 310 KB, 580x282, this is fine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> found one of my dream dresses for sale for under $100
> sent the seller a message this morning telling her I'm interested
> meanwhile a shit ton of other people send messages asking about the same dress
> now evening
> seller still hasn't replied

please release me from this hell

>> No.9367482


If you have any photos of your older coords, or if you're still in touch with older comm members, ask them if they have photos of old meetups. Then start doing a weekly/monthly Throwback Thursdays. Throw in a few timelines where yours goes back further than her online presence, maybe reminisce about the first time you bought your burando from a someone who actually took a 20-hour flight to Japan because the burando stores didn't sell overseas, and you're pretty much set for establishing that you've been into this a lot longer.

>> No.9367498

You go anon, keep us updated!

>> No.9367506

good luck. your posts broke my kokoro. if you have not checked it out already, please consider going to r/raisedbynarcissists and share your story. they give solid advice and, despite being reddit, have good moderation.

i hope everything works out for you, poor frilly scapegoat.

>> No.9367532

>reminisce about the first time you bought your burando from a someone who actually took a 20-hour flight to Japan because the burando stores didn't sell overseas
Four years ain't that long ago, anon.

>> No.9367544

I can relate so hard and I am here for you, anon. Like you, I have no lolita friends and it makes it that much harder to step out the door in the coords I've spent ages and $$$ putting together. Part of it is finding the motivation, the other part is the anxiety. I was bullied really badly for a few years in my early-mid teens, so even now that I'm an adult, my gut reaction is to think people are whispering about me, even when I'm in normie clothes. And it's stupid because I have no reason to care about that now, but I guess my brain learned that I need to instinctively fear that.

I'll probably just have to be content with being alone though. I can't imagine joining a comm because I am socially retarded and know that meets would be extremely awkward, unpleasant, and probably panic-inducing for me. Plus I don't think I could make friends with people just because we wear the same clothes. I mean, obviously there would have to be something else. And the chances of that happening with me just really aren't great.

Anyway, I hope things get better for you soon.

>> No.9367545

>my gut reaction is to think people are whispering about me, even when I'm in normie clothes
Nyart but I relate to this. As much as I know the feel, I think that lolita makes it easier to deal with because it gives the uncomfortable feeling a logical reason; "oh no people are staring at me- oh wait it's because I'm dressed funny". It gives a certain sense of control, you know what I mean?

>> No.9367552

Oh, that's a good way to put it. I like that. I guess the hard part is stopping the automatic fight-or-flight response. It's like my mind will go "whispering/laughing detected > whispering people are going to harm you and bad shit will happen > time to either act unnecessarily aggressive or get the fuck out of there." Ugh, I need to learn to deal with this.

>> No.9367557


That can't be right, I bought Happy Garden at 30% off direct from AP off their international store. And that was 2010... six years ago.

>> No.9367560

I ordered from AP already in 2010, too. No problems, just a lot of shipping.

>> No.9367561

>6 years ago

>> No.9367564

You sound like you have Stockholm syndrome if you feel bad about criticizing them. They're shit and you should be glad to be rid of them. I hope you get your stuff back and if you aren't already going to therapy, I hope you get insured or the money to go to therapy where a professional can help you work through it

>> No.9367568

It's not easy but it's doable. I've been wearing lolita daily for almost seven years now and I still feel anxious sometimes, I just don't let it stop me from doing what I want. You can do it too, I believe in you!

>> No.9367569

I actually knew someone who was in a similar situation, but they were able to go in with police supervision.... Small claims court is the way to go imo.

>> No.9367585

no no, didn't stealth! I genuinely made friends with them at first but it turns out that they're very obnoxious people.
Also I know how to make friends, anon, I just want friends that are nice to me kek

I know, I've had dude friends before, just these ones aren't. Turns out they're genuinely manipulative.

>Need an awkward friendship that consists of watching tv and bad YouTube movies from the fifties?
hmu fampai rn <3 <3 <3

>> No.9367586

don't cancel on the payment plan, you'll regret that

>> No.9367634
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What job, senpai?

A thong diaper...? Even wearing a regular thong with lolita is in poor taste.

>> No.9367643

>thong diaper
>splits poo in two

i don't

>> No.9367658

>I was bullied really badly for a few years in my early-mid teens, so even now that I'm an adult, my gut reaction is to think people are whispering about me
wow anon, same. And thanks, I hope things get better for you too

>> No.9367667
File: 92 KB, 601x601, 1487624877299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't cancel the payment plan. Fuck your psycho mom. Get HL and it's not like she'd know what dress it is anyway.

>> No.9367670

How did she attempt to justify her outburst when you pointed out it was cheaper than the bracelet?

>> No.9367672

nayrt but I don't think she has Stockholm, sometimes it's hard to hate your parents and to criticize them.
I think anon just has a big heart in a difficult situation.

>> No.9367687

Stockholm syndrome is just taking the child's impulse to bond with what it is dependant on to its logical conclusion

mammals like us never really outgrow attachment to things that just happen to 1) be in intimate proximity, and 2) be more powerful than us

>> No.9367711

anon don't do it! My mother does the same shit, you have to learn to ignore her, it's hard. But what you do with your money, isnt up to her or her business. Plus you said you did it via payment plan you should be fine.

>> No.9367727

Lol sounds like she'd be doing you a favour if she really killed herself and this isn't just her trying to manipulate you into doing her bidding.

>> No.9367776
File: 381 KB, 755x1024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no kawaii manlet slave to be my clotheshorse and ouji accessory

I know you lurk here, you dicklet motherfuckers. FtMs too, you dickless motherfuckers. Fall in love with me already so I can dress you up and take you to tea.

>> No.9367788

>ouji accessory
Why would you want a faggot?

Aristocrat master fashion

>> No.9367793

aristo is patrician taste. ouji just makes me think of prince farquaad and the little lad from the starburst commercials

>> No.9367811
File: 1.00 MB, 216x350, 1487919337982.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying "aristocrat" isn't just ouji styled the way Fannie Rosie styles lolita, aka a mature and classicalized approach
>implying any "aristocrats" understand Mana's vision or dress within the range of the EGA line
>implying "aristocrat" isn't just a kodona-tier non-label misused by the West in its endless and pointless compartmentalization of gothic and/or ouji fashion

>> No.9367822
File: 991 KB, 478x243, 1486672997332.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can be an aristocrat manlet for you but ouji isn't my style. Pls email me. Email address is real. I'm slim, acne free, cleanly shaved, have a stable job and steady income.

Pls respond.

>> No.9367824

I still prefer aristo over ouji. Even when done well ouji looks like some weeb cosplaying their favorite anime shota boy.

>> No.9367825

I also smell nice and just got dubs. Pls. I collect fragrances!

>> No.9367826

hi r9k

>> No.9367828

Just western ouji because most westerners who wear it are really just lolita's dressing up as an anime shota boy.

>> No.9367842

This is how I feel too. When I'm in jeans and a shirt and I notice people looking at me I become paranoid trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Is there a hole in my jeans? A stain? Am I walking funny? Is my posture that bad? Am I just ugly?
But when I wear lolita it's obvious why people stare. Even if the attention is negative it is purely on the frills, and my frills are fabulous.

>> No.9367848

Show me a good Eastern ouji that doesn't look like a twink.

Protip: You can't.

>> No.9367854
File: 1.30 MB, 500x255, nohappiness.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wants an SO to cosplay with or to be an ouji or aristo with
>Cosplay guys are either all taken, gay, disgusting looking/no hygiene, or closet r9k creeps
>Girls are either all taken, straight, or HAES tumblrinas

So much for dating anyone who actually has things in common with me.

>> No.9367859

>post coords to tumblr
>added "do not reblog if your blog is ddlg" to my coord posts a while back
>most recent coord got reblogged
>go to check blog
>in the tags "I'm reblogging anyway because I hate those types of people"
>freaking out inside because last time a ddlg person reblogged my coord I asked them to take it down (which they did) and they came back later saying someone uploaded that photo on FetLife
>really don't want to get posted on FetLife again
>noticed I gained a follower after she reblogged it
>it's a porn blog
>of course it is

I messaged her saying "I understand you probably won't take it down but that it would mean a lot if you did" because I was scared of the whole FetLife thing happening again. She replied with some bullshit response that ended with "I'm drunk rn" and I just

>seething rage

I don't want my photos to be anywhere near anything even tangentially kink related why is that concept so hard for them to grasp. I don't care if you have that kink BUT LEAVE ME THE FUCK OUT OF IT, GOD.

>> No.9367860

Maybe if you had asked nicely.

>> No.9367861

Can't you block those kinds of people so they can't even see your posts?

>> No.9367863

This is why I avoid tumblr like the plague. It's a fucking breeding ground for ddlg scum.

>> No.9367874

>conflating shota with twink

shota = fantasy of a prepubscent boy for fetishists. girls in Japan dress like this because it's cute, grown women in the West dress like this because they hate themselves. 0/10 would not get kabedon'd by.

twink = actual post-pubescent male in good physical shape. adult Japanese women dress like this because they are lesbians, Western women dress like this because they are also lesbians. 10/10 pls corner me and give me a saucy look you glorious dansou panty destroyers.

>> No.9367880

Some lolitas will post an image underneath the main image(s) that basically says "Do not reblog if you are ddlg / little / cgl etc". I don't know if it would make a difference, but they can't delete the image from the post and it would say that right there on their blog.

>> No.9367897

this is why i just kind of give up because a good amount of people on tumblr who will be looking at coord shots are into the sex thing

i decided i'll only make a big deal out of it if someone reblogs my photo and adds a gross caption like "HITOSHI FELT HIMSELF TURNING INTO A SISSY THE MOMENT HE PUT ON THE DRESS. HE RENAMED HIMSELF HANAKO TO COMMEMORATE HIS FEMINIZATION."

sorry you have to deal with that though

>> No.9367899

Shotas are as you described, Twinks are men that are small and skinny and not necessarily physically fit with low T levels ("skinnyfat" is s term that exists and exists because not all that are skinny are physically fit).

Being small, skinny, and fit doesn't make you a twink. Skinnyfat =/= ottermode.

Women like twinks because they're lesbians. Women dress like twinks because they like the style (I'll admit, it's nice. On women.)

Western women like ottermode because they aren't lesbian and it's the ideal male body type, Eastern women like ottermode because they aren't lesbian and it's the ideal male body type.

Ottermode works best with Aristo.
Ouji just makes men look like twinks.

>> No.9367900
File: 381 KB, 600x827, tumblr_o5060pMLxH1ufislwo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I still want to keep using inaccurate terminology appropriated by the West because I am insecure about the connotations the accurate terminology has

anon pls. if you think all ouji looks like anime children and DON'T think all lolita looks like anime children, you are daft. childish ouji exists, especially in sweet coords (just like lolita!) but the level of apparent childishness is entirely up to the individual putting the coord together.

Boz shop/blog staff refer to their mens coords as ouji, do you really think pic related looks like "some weeb cosplaying their favorite anime boy"?

anyone who still calls their generic-ouji-coord-with-pants "aristocrat" after being corrected has issues that abstaining from short pants won't solve. pls consider your assumptions and aversions carefully.

>> No.9367902

>t. triggered ouji

go blog about your passion for boys wearing pumpkin pants somewhere else

>> No.9367909

>Twinks are men that are small and skinny and not necessarily physically fit with low T levels
you're thinking femboy. how old are you? youe definition of "twink" seems to be emerging from a younger generation of gays. it started invading my porn threads/tags with pedo-tier shit only in the last couple years, it seems.

>tfw literal oldfag feels

>> No.9367911

I agree with most everything you're saying, but
>do you really think pic related looks like "some weeb cosplaying their favorite anime boy"

Absolutely. He looks not only embarrassing to look at, but embarrassed to be wearing it.
That coord is a travesty.
Also, if you won't let Aristo and Ouji be separate, then OTT and Sweet shouldn't be separate, either.

>> No.9367912

"Twink" and its variations have been used for decades to mean "small"/"scrawny" male.

It has never meant both small and fit.
Until recently it's been a derogatory term, one that every language has for small, feminine men.
Old and dumb.

>> No.9367914
File: 90 KB, 600x288, apple-orange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Aristo and Ouji
>two supposed styles of fashion
>OTT and Sweet
>one mode applicable to multiple substyles and styles of fashipn, and one substyle of a fashion style

Wew lass, do you want to try again with a different analogy? I would go with otome and lolita if I were you.

>> No.9367916

Lolitas in anime that actually look lolita are extremely rare. Ouji generally looks like it was modelled after anime shotas rather than the other way around. I've known people who used parts of Kuroshit cosplay in ouji coords and COF slobbered it up.

>> No.9367917
File: 17 KB, 210x165, no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate customs.
I hate them so fucking much.
Fuck paying overpriced "taxes" when I import anything from japan
Fuck them for making it more difficult.
Fuck living in Europe.
>mfw the delivery guy say "custom fees/taxes"
Not the poor guy's fault but jfc i'm so salty about having to pay 60$ for that stuff i got so cheap on mercari

>> No.9367918

I was using an analogy of OTT sweet and Sweet. Using OTT as a term that simply equates to "more" is completely unnecessary. I didn't mean that OTT and Sweet are the same thing, just that OTT is unnecessary in the example of OTT Sweet and Sweet being the same shit.

>> No.9367922

>was just starting to lose interest in cons and cosplay
>meet grill
>she's cute, funny, we have pretty much everything in common
>she wants to cosplay with me and go to conventions together
>suddenly have renewed enthusiasm for the coming con season
It's only been 2 months but we're both at an age to know we've got a future together

>> No.9367923

i can buy the application of "twink" for small or scrawny guys in some cases, but the existence of subcategories like "muscle twink" or "femme twink" negate your claim that it is part of some universal linguistic need to categorize and denigrate effeminate men. it's just gay slang for slim young-looking guys that are kind of sexually disposable. how feminine or "weak" that is can be variable (thus the endless pornographic sublabels), but what is not variable is that they are men, not shotas.

>> No.9367926

That dude looks fucking silly. The girl is nice and elegant looking but he looks like a fucking JRPG protagonist.

>> No.9367931

Ouji as worn by Western girls and women looks like it was modeled after fetishized prepubescent boys because fujoshi are just the worst.

Kuroshitsuji did not invent ouji fashion, it just popularized it. Ouji isn't about shotacon and lolita isn't about lolicon. We have managed to separate the two in the case of lolita, but bitches be clinging as hard as they can to their DD/lb fantasies. If only it was as unacceptable to brag about being a "sexy shota" the way it is unacceptable to reblog a coord to a DD/lg blog. ROLEPLAY YOUR CREEPO FETISH WITHOUT MY FASHION, PLEASE.

That makes more sense, I completely misunderstood

>> No.9367933

Be prepared for rejection, boy.
Also 2 months isn't enough at any age to know if you really know somebody enough for that level of certainty.

>> No.9367953
File: 219 KB, 400x600, s-IMG_4355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>be trying to respond to >>9367911 and >>9367926 while interruptions and phone memory malfunctions occur
>keep forgetting to copy text of response so keep losing it
>trapped in ouji apologist limbo
>just want to get on with my life

ok, pic related is the other coord i considered posting to illustrate that Boz staff/bloggers call male Boz coords ouji while many Western "aristocrats" think Boz-like coords are something completely different from ouji

it is ouji, just different the way Mary Magdalene is different from Angelic Pretty

>> No.9367959

Just curious, why did you decide not to mark your parcel down? Before my country was in the EU we actually had to pay more customs. And there's probably going to be more unfair trade agreements in the future which hopefully means less customs.

>> No.9367965

Other anon is probably straight and doesn't know about how it's used in the gay community, calling someone twink is the same as calling someone sissy or gay to them

>> No.9367972

Look at it this way anon, you have to start somewhere.
Bodysuits and bikini armor will gain you a fan base, and once you have that established you can start branching out and people will still care. You will need to keep doing the slutty stuff/flavor of the month stuff to maintain to a degree but establishing a loyal audience will garner you more attention overall.

>> No.9367976

the depressing number of self-declared straight men on /hm/ supports your claim.

>> No.9367977
File: 131 KB, 1311x737, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll have you know I have at least 5 I cycle through regularly

>> No.9367979

>girl board
Hilarious bc when you look at photos in the meetup threads it's like 20/80 f/m

>> No.9367982

Don't listen to him my gull, as long as you have your shit together production wise people will be into it

>> No.9367988

Shit I'm not even a lolita but this sounds so shitty

>> No.9367990

because girls know better than to attend the inevitable thirst depot

>> No.9368000

Anon, you just saved a dress from being ruined by lardball stretch treatment. Mana bless you.

>> No.9368007


>> No.9368009

That's really sweet anon

>> No.9368010

I did that. I always do that. Yet they catch me every single time. I don't even ask my SS to mark a suspiciously low number. Maybe because zenmarket and japonica market always pack in boxes ? So it means it's more noticeable?
They get me every.single.time.
We can only hope anon, we can only hope

>> No.9368013

gross but srsly post a pic

>> No.9368016

>it's not a crime to not want to get married and have kids.
especially when they require so much time and resources to raise decently and the world could work better with fewer humans on it. better for those of us who do not want kids to pursue goals that will serve more than just the propagation of our personal genetic code.

>> No.9368026

Yep this, if anything social media has just made it more apparent

>> No.9368033

Because part of her gimmick is being
>one of the boys
>so edgy
>I'm not like those Other Girls™

>> No.9368036

pls post pics of your trash dove cosplay anon

>> No.9368046
File: 30 KB, 500x538, 6f34bb5a0e2b83181f5e08d264b53be5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i feel like each generation needs to re-remember this. like, to pick an example lolitas might appreciate, Mean Girls seemed revolutionary, unless you had already seen Heathers.

>> No.9368054

Naw twinks are young, fit boys, usually late teens to early twenties

>> No.9368062
File: 15 KB, 480x270, jeTSavg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Trans friend is trying to move
>Their parents ask a friend with a truck to help
>Friend doesn't want their help because truck person is cishet and will misgender all their friends that are helping

>> No.9368066

did hubba hubba guy gif himself drinking

>> No.9368068
File: 81 KB, 182x249, smhtbhof.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was adjusting my tights in lolita, and accidentally grabbed my thong... Gave myself the worst wedgie of my life.

>> No.9368075
File: 1.44 MB, 2560x1600, IMG_0072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends on what month it was bought.
Here's my nerd email.
We'll organize further from there.

>> No.9368077

What's the difference between wearing Aristo or simply being eccentrically dressed?
The frills around the throat/cuffs?

>> No.9368079

>get pictures back and realize your accessory was on the wrong side of your head


>> No.9368083
File: 87 KB, 574x834, 10822396_887167967962902_547699766_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cutting dress patterns out at the library
>dude sits next to you and starts eating a big-ass burrito

Why me?

>> No.9368099

>asking for spoonfeeding in the feels thread
instead of re-derailing maybe find a thread in the catalog appropriate to the subject

>> No.9368100

also sage for samefagging but I reread this and you honestly really over reached on this one

>> No.9368126

I never got caught until I used zenmarket one time. I let them know not to put stickers on my box and they did anyway. I'm going back to my SS that charges 15%.

>> No.9368133

Good congrats!!

Mmm I disagree, I knew by six weeks that we'd be long-term, a year and a half to know that we'd get married.My best friend and his partner are at six months and they haven't said "I love you" yet. Every couple is different.

>> No.9368135
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been there! It's great, huh?

I hope your story has a better ending than ours.

>> No.9368136

Ah yes I remember my days of working on cosplay in the library. Godspeed anon.

>> No.9368146

emailed you!!

>> No.9368151
File: 1.20 MB, 500x281, stopbullying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bitches in my comm are such bitches. Help me cgl.

>> No.9368153

if it means the comm experience isn't enjoyable, leave entirely or just organize times to hang out with the people you like

being lonelita isn't that bad with all the social media platforms now

>> No.9368157

>Find $40 IW Tea Parties in my size on LM
>Worn Twice
>Seller has good ratings
>Pay on the 20th
>Be told it's 1-2 days to arrive
>Still hasn't arrived
>Seller isn't answering my messages
>Slowly begin to panic

>> No.9368159

it's... only been 2 more days than the seller said. are you sure they meant 1-2 days to arrive and not 1-2 days to prepare for shipping? because there's no guarantee the seller would just go to the post office on the same day that you paid them. patience. it hasn't been long at all.

>> No.9368160
File: 494 KB, 275x154, death.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hosting meet tomorrow
>weather that was pleasant all week suddenly turns awful
>period cramps hit like a truck and will probably be worse tomorrow
>don't want to cancel meet but dang

>> No.9368161

Anon who had the parents who won't give them their shit back how's it going man

>> No.9368164

It doesn't stop them from reblogging it from someone else though
Until now every one of them I came into contact with has been really nice about it. Guess it was only a matter of time.
This a way better idea then putting a watermark on my image, thanks anon!
I got a comment once that said "buy that dress for me, pwease daddy?" but she was one of the nice ones and deleted it instantly when I asked. I thought putting the comment saying "no ddlg" would clear things up but ddlg salt levels were not something I factored in. At least what >>9367880 suggested would prevent them from deleting my comment.

>> No.9368165

>be male
>go to local con
>every other dude is a fucking ripped male model

well thanks

>> No.9368190

....what con is this exactly?
The cons I go to have maybe a handful of nice male bods but other than that a spectrum of skinny weeb to fatass neckbeard

>> No.9368215


Well i wont name the city but its a small one with about 100 people attending. Im not even a dyel but damn, it was like every man was zyzz. I know you are not supposed to look at these things at cons but it sucks to be the least aesthetic man around kek. I got BTFO good.

>> No.9368220

They said it would arrive in 1-2. That's why I messaged them to check to see if there was a delay, and they didn't reply. IDK I'm just nervous.

>> No.9368245

Those cops are wrong, despite your age, you are entitled at minimum to the rights of an evicted tenant (paying rent is not necessary, at least in the states I know about). If you were kicked out, they have to give you reasonable opportunity to get your stuff or they are liable for the value (assuming you have proof of what you have).

It isn't breaking in when you were wrongfully evicted without opportunity to get your personal property in a reasonable time

>> No.9368300

It's the internet, anon. Anyone can do anything they want with photos you upload publically, and you should know that. Don't like it, then only post your photos in private places. It's that simple.

>> No.9368311

Found the salty dd/lg creep.

>> No.9368312

Kek, I'm more disgusted with kink shit than most people on this site and hate promiscuity of any kind. I'm not saying anon is wrong to feel the way she does, but there's always a risk when posting things on the internet. There's no way to control things and if your pictures being used for something you didn't intend offends you this much, maybe it'd just be better to abstain from posting them at all.

>> No.9368327

Yeah, when you are a cute girl or doing anything remotely related to somebody's fetish, as soon as your pics go around enough somebody will jack off to them. It's rude for ddlg people to stick it in your face, but it's impossible to control use of your images.

Also the porn blogs that follow you when your posts go around are usually robots, so don't worry too hard about it

>> No.9368330

Been feeling lately like my life is pointless and I should've just killed myself two years ago. Everyone keeps telling me how well I'm doing and I'm actually in school and working on my art but I can't feel anything but dread and self-loathing. I'm worried that it won't matter if I become successful, I'll always hate myself so what's even the point?

I'm probably going to give up cosplaying next year because I just can't see the point in much anymore.

>> No.9368333

I'm going to say two words to you right now, and I want you to read them very very carefully, and then I want you to take them off of this board with you and to incorporate them into your life.

Are you ready?


>> No.9368334
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This is the life of a sweet lolita I'm afraid.

>> No.9368335

therapy, do it.

>> No.9368376

I'm just so angry and upset. A very rare, decently expensive manga series pops up on Ebay. Good price, every book, I'm insanely excited. I know it will be bloody, but I'm confident. Last five minutes are an insane rush of bidding, but in the last ten seconds I have it! I have it!!! At a reasonable price even! I have wanted to read and own this series for such a long time (it's not available online anywhere), with the anime being a large part of my childhood, and I'd never dreamed I'd be able to obtain it!

Only for someone to take a money dump that really makes the lot not a good deal even with how expensive some of the volumes are. It will probably be years before I ever see this series in full again.

...And now I've added some shoes, a purse, some socks to my Taobao order, maybe I'll finally pick up some more figures I've been eyeing, anything to fill this void in my soul...

>> No.9368380

Stop cosplaying?

>> No.9368384

Just curious, but what series anon?

>> No.9368386

Happened to me with a McDonald's Happy Meal McNugget Buddies display. Sorry, girl. I know it hurts.

>> No.9368391

It's going to sound a little silly, but Ultimate Muscle (Kinnikuman Nisei). The anime was stupid and 4kids but I strangely adored it, and I collect manga so I've always wanted it. The series is wierd though, nearly all of it is in print and cheap except 5 or so books out of 29, two of which people try to sell for $120 and $150 each minimum. I literally don't understand why.

>> No.9368394

Proposal anon from a few threads back-- he said yes! Now to plan a wedding fit to our outlandish dreams within a tiny budget so we can blow the rest of it on our honeymoon.

>> No.9368406

Was that the guy who farted to fly?

I remember the Fox Box days! I was only 30 back then. Now I can show my kids Kirby Back at Ya!

>> No.9368414

Feelings are temporary anyway. Might as well get stuck into it and produce at least 1 children (ideally more than 2.3 to have positive net genetic dispersal) as soon as you can while the feelings are still present.

>> No.9368415

Hol up, you do realise you're on 4chan, right?

>> No.9368418

Anything you post on the internet can and will be shooped against you.
Don't make it public if you don't want the public to go pubic.

>> No.9368446

>Start to dive head-first into my old hobbies
>Start collecting BJDs again, buy a bunch of brand, con coming up next month
>Suddenly: depression
>Look at my dolls, feel like I do nothing with them and they're worthless and a waste on me
>I never go anywhere besides work, never wear my lolita, would probably be too self conscious if I wore it anyways
>Probably won't finish my cosplays by the con even though I chose minimum effort ones
>Stay up each night crying, too anxious to sleep
>Preforming poorly at work, behaving awkwardly in social situations, not looking forward to anything anymore
Do you ever wish you could just put yourself in a coma?

>> No.9368481

Ugh, cons....... Some guy who runs the local con turned out to be peedofile.

>> No.9368490

>tfw a guy dies less than a mile from the con

>> No.9368584


>> No.9368585

Con nooga?

Literally just had a guy 4 hours ago get wheeled off in the ambulance.

>> No.9368589

You sound like you need serious help.
Go call a depression helpline for your country/state/city. They can help you in both the short and long term. Don't suffer in silence. It isn't good for you or your wellbeing.

>> No.9373315

and no one was surprised