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Post all of your /cgl/ related memes and silly /cgl/ related things (golden threads,pics,...)
The older the better.

Beginning with a classic.

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Did anyone screencap the thread where the girl made brown bath bombs, then realized they look like sharts in the tub?

... or when the girl started crying because someone said "the n-word" at a con rave?

... or the girl who threw a three-paragraph fit because someone farted at a tea?

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I have partyfart saved and will never ever delete it

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>... or when the girl started crying because someone said "the n-word" at a con rave?
Please someone post this so I can edit it to be about Tana?

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This made me feel better to read, oh god.
pic very related

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Just go fart in the bathroom. It's what I do.

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on 4chan, image macros are not synonymous with memes. board-specific threads like this are usually called "/boardletter(s)/-related humor."

some common /cgl/ memes have not been made into image macros:

>Dump him
>No legwear
>tfw no lolita gf
>Kamikaze Girls (non-screenshots, think /tv/'s memetic iterations of Bane & CIA; at the very least, a pepe/wojack Momoko ought to have existed by now)
>"Hi, X."

the bath bombs was a resident troll

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Here ya go.

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I fuckin screamed.

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Babysitting flashbacks...
What I've put up with for brand.

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You're a brave dedicated soul anon.

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I honestly want to watch this serie because of how funny it sounds and hpw relatable to "bitchy" lolitas it is

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Hyacinth's delusion is too real.

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It's entirely worth it, anon.

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Stories about gassy lolitas always make me chuckle

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You can't have a cgl memes thread without this gem.

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What show is this?

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Keeping up appearances

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Story behind this?

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there are conflicting accounts. The one I heard was she was out with her bf and they had a fight, she hit him with the parasol and the police were called, she tried to hit them with the parasol and pic related

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I heard it was a scene from a movie (an obscure one kind of). I love hearing tjeories behind this, they can be so amusing

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This thread was a gem

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The guy walking ahead of the police looks like the guy from Elementary so it might be a movie/TV episode from one of his British shows.

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Is this capsulebunny/Katie whatever her name is?

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Lolita needs 50% more riparian suppers.

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How are there so many replies but they're all so wrong? It was from the show The Bill.

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idk where to begin with that, yan's hat at the very end or the image of beach babe spreading her legs. 10/10

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Think so?

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GOOD LORD my exact reaction to this bag. Rerelease just this bag AP, I'd order it in a shot.

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I think this counts

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I haven't seen this one around much

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Speaking of timeless lolcows

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I wish she'd marry CWC so they can make babies and we can observe them for science.

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I have some still saved

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>friend finally shows me Mean Girls
>I now understand why /cgl/ likes Mean Girls so much

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.... you had never seen mean girls?

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I usually don't care much for old movies.

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>old movies

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I work on a fucking farm and come home soaked in piss with shit still in my pockets and straw in my hair.

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Good to see they let you out of the pens once in a while

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what the fuck do they make you do on that farm

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me too anon, me too.

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In what universe is Mean Girls considered old? Are you twelve?

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Unfortunately CWC is sterile now due to HRT. We will never have the ultimate cow child.

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Ignore that link. I have no idea how I accidentally put that there.

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None of you birches have posted the tree-lita stuff yet. I'm leafing.

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I have tree-lita

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Love that comic

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You must br 18 to use this site. Please leave or I'm telling your mother.

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Mean Girls = 2004
18 year olds = 1999
Not sure what 5 year olds were watching Mean Girls. That said it's a great film and they should watch it.

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the beach lady fucking kills me. the ocean, that position...it's so exaggerated but sums up those comments. I'm thinking the ouji himself created that meme collage.

also, is that Voldie in a selfie with him?

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Only greentext I have, and it's ancient.

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Jessica Nigri has so many tweets about farting.

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Does anyone have the hamburger version of this? Like someone dried out some buns and attempted to make a hamburger accessory, if I remember right.

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ah a classic

>I still wonder what he did to get himself arrested

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last one for now, this one's a tad cringey but still makes me laugh?

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how can you only post one of the trio?

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I feel so accomplished that this is remembered

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Amazing. This still cracks me up.

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Chris-chan, newfag

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I have the center of the Lolita universe image about that Hawaiian bitch on a hardrive in the attic but it's cold up there and I'm lazy. I So have some other ones.

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A lot of things pass under my radar. I was only 11 when it came out.

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LMAO I forgot about this

Holy fuck!

That crown is beautiful.

>> No.9360107

What did he do? Shoplifted at a stall or something? He looks pretty young

>> No.9360594

2006 fanime. He was removed for shop Lifting and then snuck back in and was caught ship lifting again so he was taken to the police station and charged for theft. But he was under 18 at the time so the charges pretty much had no weight since he was a minor.

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This is fucking gold holy shit

>> No.9362309

oh my holy lord of the lord this is the most awesome thing i have ever seeeen ITS BURGERS

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Hot off the feels thread. This cracked me up.

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a classic

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>Derpy-chan is almost six years old

Where does the time go?

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/cgl/ is just the back porch of Facebook.

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Fuck I remember this

shame they didn't get the other one

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I have some with /fit/ and /fa/ and /a/

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I dont have the original image for this one.

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the matriarch

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What the fuck, are you serious? He's actually on hormones now, not just walking around with a taint=pussy?

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remember when we had a fuck ton of tripfags?

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holy shit I remember this thread, shit was gold

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I kinda remember Chokelate. Speaking of old lolis whatever happened to Nana Rapeblossom? She was hot.

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I want a penis cake dress.

>> No.9368467

Voldie still posts here.

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this was like a month ago... of course you remember it.

>> No.9368615

It's sad that while all of these ladies have changed to some degree, Ash is still 100% accurate to this photo.

>> No.9368616

Different anon but he's been slathering himself with estrogen cream or something akin to that as far as I know. The ripped hole in his taint is still a mystery but he's still alive.

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Good thing I do

>> No.9368766

I don't get it.

>> No.9368795

She want to bang in cosplay and has been waiting for him to ask.

I don't know why they're naked on the couch.

>> No.9368807

I understood that. Is that the entire joke?

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The joke is that she's already in cosplay immediately before he even finishes the sentence.

There were a lot of amusing variants too which made it funnier.

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angela clayton used to post here? i have the biggest crush on her

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100% me

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no /g/ ;;_;;

>> No.9378433

I recognize J-Nigga, but who are the others?

>> No.9380552


Hah I remember the birth of this. Glorious day

>> No.9380571

Asherbee, Kooters, and our Queen Mother

>> No.9381268

Which year is this from? I'm 90% sure one of them in is my comm

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she's doing modelling still last time i heard her mentioned
presumably under another name
rapeblossom is kind of...

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i got some old ones that i don't think have been posted yet

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I have this gif of every seagulls dinner, can someone more talented /cgl/ify it (maybe some bow on the head)?

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Oh my god that was a trip

>> No.9381528

Im the one who made the entire archive post, but Ill be damned. I can't fucking find it to post. This is all I could find in my folder. If anyone else has the archive post, pleeease post it.

>> No.9381576

pls explain

>> No.9381667

Basically, AX 2015, a chick comes on here and says she got this skirt at one of the booths that also sells cosplay outfits that are low quality. The kind that also sells Milanoo type lolita shit. She posts asking how to coord this. Gets called out for buying something ageplay looking. Says she spent $100 or so on it or a little less. I can't find my archived post about it, so I can't fully remember. I call her out, tell her she paid a lot of money for something worth $30 [in the short version she got]. Starts throwing a fit about how we are all wrong and she bought quality authentic lolita. It was a shitshow.

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>> No.9381848


Found it.

>> No.9382043
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THANK YOU ANON! I found my post!! Wel.. Slew of posts, but mostly the one where I capped it all. I wish In knew what folder I put the original in anyway. I don't even remember what I titled it. I forgot how much of a dick my bitch smash post was.

>> No.9382044

Holy shit, thank you~

>> No.9383387

Does anyone know what either of these came from?
I can't find shit.

>> No.9383526

isn't this Lor's friend? I'm so confused

>> No.9384690

The Heathers is superior in every way

>> No.9385828

Angela's the only one I still keep updated on. Her seamstressing blog is super satisfying to read. Being a rich bitch sure leaves a lot of time and money to hone your craft.

>> No.9386004

I used to wonder why looking "plain" was a bad thing, then I saw this smug bitch for the first time.

>> No.9386014

Kek 10/10 thread

>> No.9386019

>tfw the best /cgl/ threads are gulls role playing silly shit

>> No.9386279
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