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Share the good,the bad,...

>incoming blogpost
I feel like I became what i used to dislike about lolitas before.
When I was a newbie only owning AH,Bodyline and F+F I had so little but I was so much more into the whole lifestyle thing and it was so enjoyable even though I was frustrated to not be able to buy brand, travel to the city to attend the big events, or have more things to wear due to my young age at the time. I would dream about owning brand some one day, about being a true daily lolita and such. I would kinda look down on girls owning brand and buying so much things yet not being really into the lifestyle aspect/buying just to own brand/not wearing it so much.
Ever since I came back into lolita two years ago after a break, I bought my first brand piece and I became kind of addicted, more about buying lolita and less about living it,...Hell I only wear it once or twice every month because of how lazy I became. Every main piece in my wardrobe is brand now, i sold all of my previous things including one I still loved just because they looked "cheap" next to my brand. Sometimes I look at dresses I want and wonder "Would I like this less if this was offbrand?". It's not even "it" prints or anything and i'm not even popular at all nor do i want to be so why?
I just want to feel that daydream-y feeling that lolita gave me all over again.

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There was a cosplayer that I really admired for their work and, lately, their work has been really lacking in my eyes and I'm starting to wonder if they just don't care anymore or if my standards have changed. I feel like I was a lot less critical when I first started and now I can't look at someone's cosplay without immediately picking up on the things that are wrong. I'm happy that I'm learning and getting better but the flipside is that I'm overly critical and it's much more stressful.

I don't know. I just miss how fun it used to be.

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I feel you. Both of you.
I miss the time when it was just fun to our eyes.

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I made the mistake of looking at old convention pictures, from when my friend was alive, and I had an amazing gf.

Time travel when?

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lol are you my ex?

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Anyone else feeling like they're late to the party for lolita? The glorious days are over it seems (circa 2008-2012) and back then I was too young/ had no money for lolita/muh personal problems/lived far from the nearest comm/... so I abandonned and now that I finally can afford a lolita, even got dresses i've always wanted,... I feel like I'm too late. I watch past events with envy, I wished I was there back then and I wished I lived all those wonderful adventures these other lolitas i follow seemed to have during that time. Speaking of which, all of them don't wear lolita anymore or barely, some even did a complete change and became super normies,soccer moms,...
I'm feeling so sad. And now I heard that the Baby Paris store is closing. Are the glory days of lolita really over?
A...At least with t
the lolita market crumbling down I can get the dresses I wanted before for cheaper than i could have dreamed for now...

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Anyone else feeling like they're late to the party/the glorious.days are over?
> 2010
>fall in love with lolita
>reads forums,blogs,watch videos,super excited over everything lolita...
>too poor and too young to work so very little money which made it difficult
>had a few bodyline dresses,went to cons to socialize
>city with all the big events and such (tea parties,brand stores,garden parties,..') is 4 hours away
>suddenly personal problems,sell everything
>few years pass
>never really forgot about it and still liked it but was focused on other things
>finally able to afford brand,wear lolita and go to far away places,...
>so happy
>realize all of my lolita models don't wear lolita anymore,became either normies,instahipsters,moms,...
>realize livejournal is super dead,same for the blog scene, most of my fave bloggers have quitted
>forums are dead as well,some are even deleted
>fave youtubers are gone or deleted their channel
>"big" comm is dead,no big meets like before,most girls have quitted/stopped lolita and only itas are left.
>learn Baby Paris is closing down when I was going to visit in June.
Are the glorious days really over?
The only good side is that I can get that delicious OTT sweet I dreamed of for cheaper than I could've imagined but this is making me feel depressed.

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*the glory days of lolita

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> got a new dress in the mail
> tried it on
> super adorable
> wanna wear it to a meetup this weekend
> realized that I left most of the accessories that would be perfect for it at my parents' house out of state


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>live as Lolita in the boonies
>move due to job
>can now get French pastries in Lolita anytime I want
>free Disney world in Lolita anytime I want
>the aesthetic is so nice
>I haven't felt this relaxed in a million years

Good feels.

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>Baby Paris is closing down

For real? Holy shit.

I'm glad I got to go the year they opened, but I'm sad that others won't get to experience it. I'm so sorry, anon. Perhaps you'll be able to visit Stateside or in Japan someday.

It really does seem like the glory days are over, and I know you're not the only one. I'm an oldfag taking a number of youngins under my wing, and it kind of sucks trying to explain inside jokes and lolita's history because they'll never be able to experience it themselves, and the way we share information is more micromanaged with social media.

I miss the relevancy of gothic brands, having films and musicians as part of the scene, and even logging into lj every day after school to see new posts. Those things made lolita feel like a real subculture. On the flipside, it's a lot easier to buy lolita now, and I'm no longer a teen pining for clothes out of my wallet's reach.

All I can hope for is that the "new" generation of lolitas/J-fashion kids will be able to make their own history and that people will still archive information as time goes on.

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>amazing gf
Probably not, anon.

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I feel like Baby Paris probably closed because they can't compete with Baby's online store, not because people aren't buying lolita.

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Damn, this makes me feel really sad I got into lolita as late as I did. I do feel like there's no subculture component to speak of in the current lolita scene. I wish I had lolita friends too, but although my comm is friendly, it all feels very cliquey and they've all known each other for ages. I guess my age is partially to blame, I got into lolita at 17 in 2013 and couldn't imagine getting into it any earlier. I wish we could recapture this element of lolita somehow.

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>no tp at meet
>forced to wipe ass with scrap of replica I keep in my purse
>mfw I laugh about it all day

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Goddamn it, I'm so sick of fatty-chans thinking that lolita should make concessions for them instead of the other way around.

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Fat acceptance has been getting pretty overboard these last few years. I really want the pendulum to swing back where people really start telling all these "progressive" people to fuck off with their feelings.

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Eat less and exercise more. Your body isn't an exception to the laws of physics.

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I don't even have a problem with fats, but they've become so demanding.

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I feel like the pendulum is beginning to swing back, I feel like people are really starting to get sick to death of all this sjw kinda shit.

>be fatty-chan
>do online classes so gained a fuckton of weight
>stop being a lazy fuck, counting calories, exercising, eating better and actually taking time to prepare meals
>dresses fitting better a month into not being a lazy fuck
>I got my eyes on you, beautiful OPs

Feels good, still have a ways to go. And any fatty-chans who say they can't lose weight are morons, it's really not hard, you just need some discipline

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I don't think so, anon. These things just happen on new mediums now. There's nothing to stop you from journalling on a LiveJournal or Tumblr, if you would like to, but most lolitas now will be networking through facebook, instagram and, in our case, Discord and Weibo.

I discovered that a lot of the girls in my comm who I just couldn't face up to when I was a shy, ita newbie are actually still meeting, but because they have fulltime jobs, kids and so on, they don't tend to hang around with the younger crew. I met them at a convention where the audience was more mature in general, and have had the pleasure of spending time with them since. What I will say though is it seems like less new, young people are attending meetups than they used to, and that is a little worrying.

Sad about Baby Paris and your trip though. Feels :c

Best of luck finding people your age who share your passion for lolita. x

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I'm a skelly-chan (good eats, good exercise and a shitload of illnesses), but I got fat in college. Shit happens. However, it seemed easier for me to lose weight than some. I feel quite lucky that I could shed 30 lbs in a year when I know people who are still getting there 3 years on.

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>building up lolita wardrobe a lot with my favorite brands and dream prints
>wearing lolita regularly with the support of friends and family
>coordinates and other posts being received very well on social media
>accepted and mentored by lolitas much more experienced than i
>feeling cute

not happy:
>need to strike it out on my own soon and figure out how to college
>no appetite and bad dreams because of stress
>constantly afraid that i'll somehow bring negative attention to myself

the last one is already kind of happening, because people assume things about my upbringing and my abilities due to my wardrobe. like, i'm bad and automatically mean because i dress okay-ish and i post coordinates from time to time. i wish people would talk to me instead of writing me off immediately.

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>do online classes so gained a fuckton of weight

Was it a cooking class?

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just sat on my ass at my computer for hours on end doing 17 cr.hr. class work and got super lazy from being so sedentary all semester

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How do you deal with comm members who are always Negative Nancies but never do anything bad enough to be kicked out?
We've got a few people who just aren't that well-liked by many of the members, and while some of them aren't disliked and people simply don't know them well enough to talk to them on a regular basis (for example some more shy/private members), others are really annoying and I wish someone would already kick them out.

There's one girl who never shuts up about her imaginary illnesses and always comes in a wheelchair even though she doesn't even need one, one Tumblrina who lectures everybody on everything and several chronic shit-stirrers who nitpick everything on other people, from clothes to physical features to behaviour and seem to have some sort of fetish for making fun of people's noses and weight. Which is ironic because one of them is a hideous landwhale and self-professed cowchan regular.

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If they aren't well liked and you want to get rid of them just call them out on their bullshit, they'll hiss and scuttle back from whence they came

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That feel when you run out of frozen chicken nuggets right before the con.

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not the tendies!!

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The problem is everyone's to scared to do it for fear of being targeted by the shit-stirrers and Tumblrinas, I'd do it but I just know there'd be a big online smear campaign with my name on it

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>Friends went to a hot pot place with karaoke
>Invited me but I had an event to go to with speakers from my field of study
>Struggled with the urge to skip the event and have an awesome night with friends
>It was boring and didn't really learn anything new
>Now seeing all the pics on facebook of friends having amazing time
>Been struggling with trying to balance school, job and friends
>Was trying to be responsible and get shit together
>Now just having an anxiety attack over everyone having fun without me and all the mistakes I've made
>Even though I know it's not a big deal

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Broke up with my gf a week before Valentine's Day. I don't know if we'll still do our couple cosplay in a few months. Sad af.


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>people really start telling all these "progressive" people to fuck off with their feelings.
why are you even in a feels thread

shoo shoo, Tin Man

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so stop being a coward. if you want a higher authority to settle the issues YOU have, that YOU believe others secretly have, you are just as obnoxious in your self-centered lazy passivity as the "negative nancies" you whine about.

learning to resolve social conflict is part of growing up. lolita isn't even that important, so consider your management of the situation a predictor of how you will handle conflict in more serious situations. (in your case, by comforting yourself in your cowardice by imagining everyone is secretly on your side and you simply cannot bear the consequences of risky action.)

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>How do you deal with comm members who are always Negative Nancies but never do anything bad enough to be kicked out?
> I wish someone would already kick them out.

Don't you sound charming.

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>selling a dress on Lacemarket for months
>recently got facebook and decide to post it to the lolita sales group
>instantly a girl wants to buy it and pays full price, no negotiations
>"omg this is my dream dress, i've been looking everywhere for it!"

Do people just not check Lacemarket anymore or what

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>Tfw everyone thinks their stuff is worth a lot
>Tfw it's a buyers market
>Tfw people refuse to see this

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I really want to get back into lolita, it used to be a really big part of my life back in the 00's but it got shoved onto the backburner due to college, career, moving out, etc.

The thing is that I feel so self-conscious that I'm too old for it now. I can finally afford all the shiny new pieces I want, no sweat, but I'm turning 28 this year and I feel like it's going to be awkward in a few years when I'm in my 30's and dressed like Alice in Wonderland

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i have a laugh every time somebody calls themselves a brandwhore because most of the people i know who call themselves that only have like 10 brand pieces and are newer to the fashion

even better when somebody buys one brand piece and won't shut up about how much of a brandwhore they are

call me when you have 90+ dresses

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have you missed prior discussions about this? you are fine. many of us had a late start or have been in the fashion for years. join us.

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For the most part, the Western secondhand sales sites are jokes. It's really ridiculous that I can get shit that's in better condition for way way way cheaper from Japanese sellers on mercari/fril/y!ja even after factoring in SS fees and itnernational shipping charges.

Not that I haven't gotten good deals on LM, I definitely have. I just get good deals on japanese 2nd hand sites so much more frequently.

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The sad part is even if I list things really low people still refuse to buy I don't really understand it.

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I agree that if you really really want to lose weight and do your research properly, you will be able to, but it's not that was for everybody. For me, exercising more and just eating a little less worked perfectly fine. No matter what it was/is that I eat. I have a friend for example though who can only lose weight if they go extremely low-carb and basically almost gains a pound just from looking at a noodle. My friend does eat low-carb due to that, but I can somewhat understand if you just don't feel you're able to do that and rather say overweight.

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>lived 3 years in the biggest city of my country
>had the best comm in my live
>finished studying
>there is only one company in this fckn city i could work
>no jobs free
>moved away
>now stalking that company to go back
>no free jobs

>the nearest companys are 300km far away and have jobs for me
>tfw i will never get out of weekend realationship with my comm and boyfriend

I would give half of my wardrobe to get back there but there is no way... sure i could do a bad payed job as a casheer but why? Is this the only oportunity?

>> No.9358553

Well same, for the most part. It takes me a really long time to sell things even if they're priced very reasonably. But if you look, the same goes for a lot of Japanese sellers, even if their items are priced supe reasonably. Like another anon said... it's a buyer's market.

Patience, anon! Someone will buy it eventually. does your stuff at least have a few favorites?

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I'd really like to thot around unrestrainedly with other women at cons, but it's really hard to work out who's actually gay and who's just a tumblr edgelord. Put that together with the bitchiness among women in the con scene, and it's pretty hard to get laid casually as a dyke. I often wonder what it's like getting laid at cons as a guy.

>> No.9358695

Are you me? Someone needs to develop a competent equivalent of grindr for dykes already

>> No.9358696


>> No.9358698

I feel like I'm suddenly going to get disinterested in the fashion and will get down over the fact that I just spent way too much money over the past year getting back into the fashion only to have come back for a year or two.

I also think I may have an addiction to buying Lolita related items as I check LM and Closet Child and Wunderwelt every day for new items; I haven't played a video game in a very long time and I'm scared I'm just going through one of my weird "flavour of the month" phases I go through. It happens with video games.

This also leads me to wondering about whether I have a personality disorder or some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Paranoia is a wonderful thing /s

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>be in lolita comm
>was wrongly accused of starting drama and some girls still hate me
>comm has gift swap meet where most people have each other
>lots of people get theyre friends, I get some newbie ive never even met before
>put together cute gifts anyway
>other people apparently got each other brand for the gift swap
>I get shitty newbie handmade
>realize the gift swap organizor who picked the names is friend of girls who hate me
>mfw still being punished for drama that happened ages ago

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Impossible, any semi-anonymous w4w dating or hookup platform will be infiltrated by men with a rapist mentality who can't accept that some women just do not fucking want their dick. That's the issue, it's not a technical problem. Tbh the best possible option would be some way of lesbians stealthing each other out on Grindr, because straight men aren't likely to risk the homo cooties on there. But then that would be irritating to the gay guys it was made for. Oh well.

>> No.9358729

How much leverage do these shit stirrers actually have if nobody really likes them? Have you tried asking some neutrals how they feel about the negativity without calling out individual nancies?

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>life finally moving forward
>Planning on buying a house
>Collecting money for the down payment
>No more room in my budget for Lolita
>Can't afford big meets for at least a year and a half
I know I'm being responsible, but seeing everyone being active and the pieces I could have bought before passing by hurts.
>Gotta keep reminding myself that if I suck it up now it'll be great later

>> No.9358794

Know that feeling, I sort of hate being responsible at times, but just think, with a house you could have an entire room dedicated to your frills, just try to stay off shopping sites so you're not tempted

>> No.9358796

But they've told me that personally...?
I'm sorry you found yourself in my post, maybe if you learnt how to be a better person and get your point across without vitriol, people wouldn't think you're a massive turbocunt. Don't worry, everyone can change for the better, even you.

>> No.9358816

Same here my friend, she already made sure that every future interaction between us will be uncomfortable by being a totally insane woman tho so I dont even have hope left we can still cosplay as friends

>> No.9358834

Ay bb u wan sum dik?

>> No.9358837

anyone know why misako was crying in this picture?

>> No.9358847

IIRC a bunch of girls made her a gift and she was really touched. They're happy tears, not sad ones.
>unless she actually hated the gift and started bawling at how ugly it was lol but I don't think so

>> No.9358858

>But they've told me that personally
so you are a group of cowards willingly submitting to discomfort because not one single person is capable of resolving social conflict. just make your own safe-space comm together, separatism always helps when confrontation is too scary.

>> No.9358860

Anon, most of my comm is 25~35. You got nothing to worry about. What are you going to regret more in your later years of life? Not wearing what you want because you weren't in the youngest demographic anymore? Or doing whatever the fuck you want despite what others think of your demographic? Who are you putting in control of your happiness?

>> No.9358867

>Get Liz Lisa shoes I've been coveting all season
>They finally arrive and they're glorious, fit well, super cute
>Even managed to get them in my preferred colorway
>They sit in my closet for a month untouched, tag still on because the weather is shit and I'm scared they'll get ruined
>Wear them out for the first time today
>Panic the entire time I'm walking outside, look like an idiot going out of my way to make sure I don't go near any puddles or even super thin layers of snow
>Get to class and all I want to do is make sure my shoes didn't get fucked up

Does anyone else get super anxious when wearing new clothes for the first time?

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aw. she used to be my idol when i was about 14 and first got into lolita. i had a locket with her face in it, lmfaoooo.

>> No.9358880

Really? Cuz I've been selling my stuff for less than what I paid on Japanese sites and it still takes a long time to sell.

>> No.9358889

Is the stuff you're trying to sell older? Because if you bought it when it was trendy and are trying to sell it when it's out of style that can explain why nobody wants it anymore.

>> No.9358890

I was recently diagnosed with OCD by a therapist I started visiting to help me cope with some anxiety I started experiencing late last year. It definitely helped explain my random, fleeting fixations that I have with things, Lolita being one of them.

I'm not a professional, but maybe it would be worth just talking to someone and seeing if they think you have something more going on. I really related to your post, so I wonder if maybe you're onto something.

As far as feeling guilty about spending money, I've started recognizing when my fixations are taking over, and really make myself think about whether I'll feel like I will have the same "need" for a dress in two weeks .

>> No.9358894

This. It was when she came to Russia iirc and the girls made her a book together and she was so touched she started tearing up. That's super cute and that gives us a golden reaction image.

Lmao that's both kinda spooky and cute

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ikr i was creepily obsessed, in an innocent way.

>Mfw i deleted the first pictures of me in my ita phase. I'd give anything to see those cringey pictures again.

>> No.9358917


I have the opposite issue, where I find it super painful to spend money. It started as responsible money saving and now even if I spend a few pounds on some food I feel guilty. I can understand how people turn into old stingey misers.

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>Tfw you find a giant stain on your favorite dress
>No idea how it got there, and it's set by the time you find it

>> No.9358925

have you tried stain removers? there's ones designed to be gentle on fabric.

>> No.9358928

That sounds suffocating. Are you able to still pursue hobbies and get out to have fun? If not, that stinginess is going to make you depressed.

>> No.9358936

I try to limit it when it gets really bad, although it does often stop me from doing stuff like eating out. I don't have a lot of money, nor am I earning a lot, but I'm saving for an expensive thing I need. that's where the problem stems from.

I bought two second hand dresses from ebay the other day that I'd had my eye on for months. They were only about 30 pounds together but it was hard, lol. I had to remind myself people blast through more than that on shit like a normal top or skirt.

>> No.9358983

>was not poor, but jobless and scrapping by with little money my parents gave me
>did lots of cosplay, just buying cheap but decent fabric, managing my money really well and looking for fabric and wig sales
>was not super popular but a known face in the cosplay comm in my city
>helped anyone if they asked for help
>made cosplays for free from my friends
>2 years ago, depression hits me like a motherfucker
>those "friends" backstab me because I don't feel like making their stuff for free
>gain a fuckton of weight
>still cosplay for a few months but feel like shit
>fastforward to now
>got through depression, found a job, got rid of all the weight I gained plus a few more lbs, got an amazing boyfriend who supported me, plus the best friend I could have ever ask for
>they both want to cosplay with me
>still no motivation
>put together a few cosplays altering normal clothing or buying them
>finally go to a con
>bump into someone I haven't met in like 4 years, I'm happy to see her, she looks happy too
>she almost screams to her friend "yeah this is anon, I talk to you about her all the time, she's the one I owe my cosplay knowledge to, she got me started into this. She's like my favorite cosplayer"
>stand there awkwardly in my bought cosplay
>cry later in the hotel room because it meant a lot to me
>still no motivation to cosplay

>> No.9359004

>had fabric that would be perfect for a current WIP costume.
>found it in a discount, hole in the wall shop in the FD with no idea what it was.
>It's been used for other projects so no clue what it's even made of.

>> No.9359006

>complaining about getting a handmade gift

>> No.9359061

I'm feeling sad when I don't get enough compliments.
I rarely every post pics and even though I like them, receiving lots of compliments really makes my day and when i don't get much or only "likes" or sometimes even not much, I feel kinda sad?
What the hell is wrong with me? I'm wearing lolita for myself, I'm not an attention whore in general (pretty quiet,never involved in drama,don't go too meets a lot,...) yet I just need compliments sometimes...

>> No.9359070

>yet I just need compliments sometimes...
You sound like an attention whore. Just a really introverted one.

>> No.9359071

You're right he fucking hates me now so unlikely word choice

>> No.9359073

Soaked it for ~4 hours in oxyclean.
No changes. Dress must have been dipped/left in something while I was moving, but it looks like someone was wearing it and shit them self.

>> No.9359077

Try baking soda paste overnight, that's been a lifesaver for me

>> No.9359078

Get another/additional hobby. Find some other source of fulfilment. Depending on others for your self esteem never ends well. Are you the same anon in the lolita general complaining about not being considered a kawaii loli now that you're 21?

>> No.9359081

I am the exact same way anon

>> No.9359083

I'll try this tonight. Thanks for the suggestion!

>> No.9359100

>I just need compliments sometimes...
the chemical rush is addicting. wean yourself off of it. think of compliments like caffeine: pretty cool in moderation, but if you indulge too much you will develop a tolerance and need more and more for the same effect. and withdrawal is a bitch once you are addicted.

>> No.9359107
File: 233 KB, 958x538, watamote7-1[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry anon, the crippling need for validation and acceptance knows no bounds. Despite my best efforts to be a decent person I still had to quit social media because every time I got tired or hurt I would just go on a crusade of attention whoring posts and feel like shit afterwards when nobody cared.

>> No.9359121
File: 314 KB, 600x600, 1448779383400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw iktf

>> No.9359127

Oh fuck off. We all know most newbies make godawful handmade lolita shit.

>> No.9359130

Nope, pretty positive Misako was crying because the model she mentored for the Kawaii TV/Australia's Next Top Model collab didn't win

>> No.9359131

I don't understand this at all. What's the point of having money if you're not going to spend it?

>> No.9359138

I never said it was rational. Like I said, I don't have much, don't earn a lot, and Im having to save for something large right now. I spend money here and there because it'd be shit to not get anything new for months.

>> No.9359150

I know I'm terrified of some sort of life disaster happening because of financial shit when I was a kid, so I'm paranoid about spending money too

>> No.9359171

I also had financial shit happen as a kid but I guess it made me think exactly the opposite. Basically my parents were well off and did everything they were supposed to do and had a lot of money saved up. Welp when disaster struck the savings disappeared after about 9 months and we were left broke as a family anyway, but we made it. We'd have made it if we hadn't had any savings at all, actually. So why bother to have more than a minimal amount of savings? Spend that money on fun stuff. YOLO. You'll be okay if disaster strikes. My parents wish they'd just spent their savings on fun.

>> No.9359173

Actually she's right.

>> No.9359294
File: 54 KB, 767x831, Hippo_Sad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not a lolita
>still really like the dress designs
>the dress i want is on lacemarket right now
>less than $200
>still almost $200
>saving for a house, so i'd feel guilty
>can't fit into it anyway
one day i'll get it, right?

>> No.9359300

>yfw i get massive amounts of compliments and reblogs and likes every time i post pics
>yfw every time i go out in frills people compliment me, want to take pics, and sometimes give me free stuff

you're an attentionwhore just like me, you're just worse at it

>> No.9359326

Share your wisdom with us then. I'd like to be a more succesful attention whore, but I think I feel ashamed too quickly.

>> No.9359331

You guys, it finally happen! I got a job with a decent pay!

>No more NEET life, praise be

>> No.9359336

Yeah, the social aspect of Lolita is pretty dead but that doesn't mean that lolita itself is dead.

Like, I've always been a lone lolita so not being able to meet-up or etc never bothered me. Same with posting online. But I will say that having to option to would be nice again.

Is it me, or does it seem like "nerd club culture" fading? Like even online it seems like it harder to find topic about nerd shit without it being entry level

>> No.9359338

Poor people are way worst than fatty-chans

>> No.9359341

People are not buying either in Paris store, neither at the online store. The online store is now only staffed by one person that works only a few days a week and even then she has tons of free time. I think lolita is not doing good in general. Brands, including AP that was like the queen of the brands, have been forced to dow size production because stuff is just not selling. Chinese lolitas are turning more and more into high end non lolita brands... Maybe it is the beginning of the end.

>> No.9359350
File: 78 KB, 179x179, danpanic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hit it off with guy at con
>look him up on Facebook
>all of his profile pics are ahegao

>> No.9359358

>Tfw fat and ugly

>Tfw still gonna cosplay skinny characters and have fun with it

>> No.9359362

As far as hentai preferences go, that's pretty vanilla. Sounds like a boring guy anon

>> No.9359372

Wait a second, is HIS face all ahego?

>> No.9359375

be pretty and have a lot of brand. take pictures of you being pretty in your brand. works for me

>> No.9359376

Sound like the market has shifted. Why buy the big named brands that keep repeating the same themes when you get chinese brands at lower costs, more variety, and the quality is getting or is on par with Japanese brands?

>> No.9359389
File: 17 KB, 330x219, IMG_8910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me and my husband had to move cross country for a job.
It seems like the cosplay community here in our new area is about 7 years behind what I experienced in the Mid West. I know some here in the US consider the mid west con and cosplay scene to be shit, but there are some gems there. At least I had friends there and knew photographers that were capable of giving me what I wanted.
But the com here just seems so bad. There are about two photographers around and I haven't been super impressed with any of their work.
I only had to drive about 2.5-3 hours at the most to be at some of my favorite conventions and have access to decent areas and photographers. It seems like I'm going to have to drive 7-12 hours now to get to any decent convention/location.
God this place even makes me miss even some of the shittier conventions the Midwest had.
Cgl has been the only place I can go now to have real discussions and ask/answer questions about cosplay and craftsmanship without feeling I have to sensor everything I say. Thankful for the fellow seagulls here.

>> No.9359407

But it's weird to have pictures like that on your public profile. My rule of thumb is if you wouldn't want your family/employer to see it, you shouldn't make it publicly viewable. It's a red flag to me that the person doesn't know how to behave socially.

>> No.9359425

Yeah. He's doing ahegao in all of his pics.

>> No.9359430

>think I feel ashamed too quickly

Same, I want more followers but the quickest way to do that is to use loads of random hashtags but I think that looks tacky as fuck

>> No.9359434

I finally went and got colour matched for foundation and it's made such a difference.

It's not even that big a deal but I've always felt like makeup aged me, and my face was orange and my neck was white. The staff selling the product did a full makeup on me at the counter and when she held the mirror up I almost cried. I'm not an ugly girl, but I never thought I could be beautiful.

>> No.9359464

Srsly? I take it back, he's a creep

>> No.9359538

Not that person, but I think the getting likes/compliments is good quality photos, decent styling (not necessary if you're thin/conventionally attractive), and consistent material. Not all photos need to look the same have exactly the same feel, but if you are trying to build a lolita following it's good to post lolita related things. People tend to click follow if they click on your profile and see lots of similar material, so no blurry random shots from everyday life. Food is okay, cute animals are okay, maybe some gaming or generally kawaii shit, but keep it simple and curated. If you have a decent follower base, you don't need to use tags all that much. It's also a lot easier to make friends and talk to people on Instagram than tumblr, so if you leave comments of people's pictures they might follow you back if they like the same stuff.

>> No.9359602
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A local con legend ("old man Miku") just went to jail for possession of cp.

What a fucking bummer. He always seemed so nice and normal.

>> No.9359622

Huh, I've seen a variety of Taobao brand stuff and none of it looked as good as in the photos and generally just kind of cheap. Except for that Cats Astronomer series, that is actually super cute.
Brand can look like crap too (looking especially at you, meta) but overall there is still a difference in quality.

>> No.9359635

Also me. I'd like to reach out to more people but tagging more than three things makes me feel desperate. Taking cutesy selfies makes me feel like a tool, too. How do I master attentionwhoring in a way that at least looks casual to the outside world? Is that even possible?

>> No.9359644
File: 77 KB, 249x699, facehands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was "volunteering" for a paid gig at a con. Sounded like a done deal. Got an email that said smth along the lines of, "you should be expecting a call over the weekend" and never got a call back. Emailed them yesterday or the day before, still no response.

>> No.9359834

>be 5'2" pastel, Lolita/otome/himekaji wearer
>recently confessed to female best friend
>she feels the same
>5'8" and wears only black and edgy/gothic/visual-kei type fashion
>hoping maybe to soon have my first qt grilfriend, who I can convince to wear aristo because I think she'd like it

I'm hoping to soon be living the ultimate weeaboo, fujoshit, jfashion, artsy, perfect girlfriend dream

Wish me luck gulls, this shit is new to me

>> No.9359881

Stop giving a crap. I used to feel the same way about hashtags until I started using a lot of them with my artwork. Saw an increase in followers pretty quickly. Once you gain followers, you can use less of them but they're there for a reason

>> No.9359892

>buy corset to look better in A-line dress
>corset only takes a few inches off my waist and makes my torso look bulkier otherwise
well fuck

>> No.9359900

Where do you go to even get something like that done? I live in the middle of no where and have given up on make up since I'm so pale. I'd seriously pay a lot of money just to have a foundation that didn't give me the mask effect

>> No.9359992

If this is who I think it is then what she got was actually really nice and thoughtful though? Like way to be an ungrateful bitch.

>> No.9360002

Congrats, anon! Send some of your luck my way so I can escape NEETdom next?

>> No.9360023

>too small for most brands aside from Taobao
>Moitie small actually fits really well

Praise be to Mana-sama.

>> No.9360092

>tfw when your idiot friends won't stop buying counterfeit makeup

>> No.9360095

>counterfeit makeup
I didn't even know there was a market for such a thing.

>> No.9360098

It's a somewhat large market, though mainly restricted to Aliexpress, Ebay and similar sites. It's a bit of a twin headed issue since it's both a counterfeit goods issue, which affects the brands, and a "China doesn't regulate anything" issue, which means that the counterfeit products can contain a bunch of stuff you don't really want to have on your face.


>> No.9360106

It's a huge problem, unfortunately. And it's an insidious problem, too. Most of the fake makeup doesn't contain anything that will straight up harm you outright, but rather lots of cancer causing bullshit that's gonna fuck with people decades down the road. If it at least gave people contact dermatitis, then motherfuckers wouldn't keep on using it.

Literally though, never ever buy makeup from aliexpress and be cautious as hell buying makeup from ebay or amazon or really just anywhere that isn't the brand's official site/sephora/ulta/etc.

>> No.9360114

If you live in the middle of nowhere, it might be a bit far, but in most larger department stores, there will be make-up counters for different brands. Just go to one that looks good and ask them for assistance.
Another good place would be smaller stores for make up and perfumes, not a drugstore, but those that sell medium price range to high end. They often have counters as well.

>> No.9360126
File: 26 KB, 229x408, tumblr_n5a66jRLH11qh1mp5o2_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>tfw i've never used a cute sparkly lip gloss i bought from aliexpress before i knew about chinese makeup, i just stare at it longingly

>> No.9360136

Use it on a wig!

>> No.9360159
File: 31 KB, 143x169, temptress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lip gloss.. on a wig

>> No.9360208

>make first taobao order
>just 2 wigs and a cosplay
>super excited but terrified of shipping cost
pray for me

>> No.9360213

So happy for you, anon. Go live the dream for the rest of us.

>> No.9360271

This is OT and I'm sorry, I just need to get this out. I am also running on two hours of sleep so bear with me.

So last August I adopted two cats who were thirteen years old (now fourteen) and sisters. Their names are Jackie and Annie. I adopted them knowing that I wouldn't have many years with them, and that was okay. I couldn't let them go to a shelter where they when be euthanized. I spoil them rotten.

Annie likes to mostly lay around, but Jackie likes to move and constantly make noises and demand attention. Well, yesterday I noticed that Jackie was very lethargic and she didn't touch her dinner. Which are two things that Jackie doesn't ever do. So I took her to the ER, stayed there all night while she got tested (they had difficulty finding her heartbeat because she couldn't stop purring and begging for pets). And I found out that she has chronic kidney failure.

The ER bill was getting outrageous, so we transferred over to a non-emergency animal hospital. We left her around an hour ago.

I'm a mess right now. I can't eat, I'm making myself drink water because I haven't had water in more than twelve hours. I just can't stop crying. When I got back to the ER and tried to sleep, my boyfriend started to cry. I know I made the right decision of sending her to a vet, but I feel so guilty about leaving her there. I really want to be there.

It isn't looking too good, there is still a chance of recovery- I won't find out until Sunday. The vet is going to call every morning and night until then.

Until this happened, I didn't realize how attached I actually am to these cats. I struggled so hard leaving the vet clinic.

I just want at least a year with them- PLEASE just let me have a year with them. And my two cats have been with each other their entire life, if Jackie passes then we won't have a choice really. We'd have to adopt a cat because Annie will need another cat. And I love kittens so much- but I don't want a kitten, I want my Jackie.

>> No.9360273

got back from the ER***

>> No.9360278

I hope she makes a good recovery over the next time few days. Kidney problems seem to be very common in older cats and I know several who lived long full lives after diagnosis, especially with the right diet so don't give up hope.
The best thing you can do at the moment is get some sleep and take care of yourself while the vets do their thing.

>> No.9360287

If anything bad does happen just so you know you made the cats ending years probably the best she/he has had. I hope all is well though, and that you get more time with them.

>> No.9360288

I know the feeling. My 17 year old cat died two weeks ago. It was the first time I cried in over a decade. Hope it all goes well.

>> No.9360303

>implying shitty handmade is not a thing to complain about in lolita
>implying noob handmade can even remotely match nicer brand stuff
>"how classy ohhohohoho look at me im so proper and nice because this is soooo about muh curasshinessu uwu"
boi if u dont

>> No.9360304

She is very lucky to have a owner like you. I hope your kitty gets better soon and don't lose hope! My oldest cat was diagnosed CKF, she lived for another 5 years. It didn't even kill her, what killed her was a blood clot.

Please keep us updated but only if you want to.

>> No.9360308

>complaining about getting a free gift
>boohoo this stranger didn't give me brand, how dare they

>> No.9360317

>gift swap

>> No.9360319
File: 148 KB, 565x492, only37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be character-inspired lolita
>tfw shunned by lolita community

>> No.9360334

the fuck do you mean by character inspired lolita

as in you put together coordinates based on characters or what

>> No.9360340
File: 320 KB, 800x764, cosinsplolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The one on the right.

>> No.9360345

studies are more important

>> No.9360348

>at work
>a girl wearing Dozing Cat comes into store
>compliment her
>"I love your dress! I'm so sad that I missed out on Dozing Cat, but I love your coord!"
>she stares at me blankly
>awkward silence
>she literally runs out the door
>mfw I have no idea what I did wrong

>> No.9360359

if you did it well you wouldn't be shunned

>> No.9360400

> I used to be into jfashion and cosplay
> used to look inspiration from other peoples blogs, etc
> Used to feel okay about myself, i look semi-good and I used to got a lot of compliments at cons and on my insta
> Now, I'm became more of a normie and instead of jfash blogs and cosplay photography pages, I've been looking fashion magazines and runway photos
> now I'm comparing myself to real models, not to other cosplayers or lolitas
> suddenly feel super ugly, disgusting, short, unactractive etc.
> feels bad, i want to be into jfashion and cosplay again, i wan't to feel good when people ask my photos at cons, not to feel bad because I'm not on cover of vogue

>> No.9360403

Sounds like you haven't been complimented in a long time and feel a need to be told that you're pretty.

>> No.9360424
File: 57 KB, 500x380, tumblr_inline_mm37te74Ce1qz4rgp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My two year old cat was diagnosed with CRF last year, and he's doing really well being on medicine and a special diet.

It was one of the worst days of my life when he was diagnosed, so I definitely understand your anxiety and sadness. I hope your kitty pulls through and lives a good while longer.

>> No.9360426

she is schizophrenic and thought you were going to rip the dress off her because your sneaky demon eyes made it clear your intentions toward her were hostile

>> No.9360428
File: 531 KB, 225x225, screaming.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I make it my business to stalk the postman whenever I order something online
>wake up to check parcel that may or may not be coming today
>tracking is down for repairs for the next 48 hours

>> No.9360429

I have really weird reactions when I'm working and see lolitas in the wild, too, even when I'm dressed in lolita. A lot of people just don't like to talk to store workers, I guess?

>> No.9360435

she probably needed to fart

>> No.9360444

What about poor fatty-chans?

>I'm selling Melty Biscuit Choco Dreamy Cookie House for $150!
>'uhg.. i wish :cccc'
>'maybe someday LOL'
>'can you hold it?! i'll have the money in three weeks!!!'
>'do u do payment plans?'
>'if only it came in my size *LE SIGH*'

>> No.9360446

what kind of moron do you have to be to trust knockoff chinese cosmetics???

>> No.9360464

I was gonna buy this but seeing that you're dick about fat people, nah. I'm not even fat but if you're gonna sell something at least try not to let your public opinions air out.

>> No.9360467

I hate poor fatty-chans, but it's even worse when you come face to face with poor, fat normies in public.

>> No.9360471
File: 40 KB, 508x462, deanwtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dad ridicules my cosplay hobby
>check his twitter one day
>vids of Cammy White cosplayer twerking

>> No.9360473

it's clear you're not fat, because if you were you'd just impulse buy it like you impulse eat

>> No.9360509
File: 22 KB, 474x506, cryu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have always been interested in j-fash and finally took the plunge to start building up a wardrobe
>buy a listen flavor lucky pack and fall in love
>sister gets paint on one cutsew, mom gets grease on the alice hoodie

i know it's not the worst things that could happen but i feel like the world is telling me to stop trying to be cute ;_;

>> No.9360522
File: 107 KB, 494x400, animedeaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you hit it off with a cool guy at an out-of-state con

If he lived closer, I'd ask him out in a second.

>> No.9360535

>Happy feels
I managed to get a ticket to a jrock show I want to see. I also just booked my hotel and transportation, so now I'm thinking of what style of clothes I want to wear to the show.

>sad feels
I hope your cat will be ok. If things get bad, remember you gave that cat extra time and love. And I'm happy you're thinking of her sister. Three weeks after my elderly, sweet cat passed, my other elderly cat was very sick. I rushed him to the ER and found out I had to put down him down too. I think once he realized he was the only cat his will just kind of crapped out. If you have to put your ill cat down, please consider another cat that's mellow and an adult instead of a hyper kitten.

Sorry for the sad cat stories. I know having a sick pet is horrible feeling.

>> No.9360546

Someone who's cheap as fuck and/or doesn't give a shit about actually being careful about things. I.e. the earlier mentioned friends. One of them (among other things) does nitrous oxide and smokes at parties because "it can't really hurt you" and the other one is just really, really cheap. Like, can't by clothes at H&M even though she has a decent job because it's "too expensive".

>> No.9360574

Gonna have to check this out, planning a shopping trip to the city when I get my tax refund. I just want to look cute and I'm so pale you can see my veins, veins ain't cute and I'm not into menhera

>> No.9360579

>buy a foundation close to your skin color with a good consistency
>buy a pure white corrector to lighten your chosen foundation's color.

If you're going to a make up counter in America, good luck. I've been to many and worked at them too. Most American foundations push for a tan look. I ended up using Missha BB cream No. 13 with white powder on top. It's not perfect, but it's the closest I can find to cover my veins.

Maybe you can try Mac's lightest color, but you might need to buy their pure white foundation to add to whatever you buy to match your skin. That gets pricey. Manic Panic also makes a white, liquid foundation corrector which you can add to whatever foundation that's closest to your skin and it will lighten it.

>> No.9360581

>Like, can't by clothes at H&M even though she has a decent job because it's "too expensive".

I will never understand people like this. How can people afford to dress themselves if they think that H&M, Forever 21, etc. is expensive?

>> No.9360582

I know, I just hate how this fashion is a magnet for land whales. They look so awful, I can't understand how they can look at themselves and be okay with it. I mean, if I looked like half of the CoF posters, I would kill myself.

>> No.9360589

God I do this too

>> No.9360603


Curse you patriarchy!

>> No.9360613


I await your future post crying about being in debt.

>> No.9360615

Thanks anon. I really appreciate your words on this. I'm worried if I go to my doctors too much I may come across as a hypochondriac but I might go back to the mental health trained doctors office I found and see what they think.

I find it hard to go to psychologists because often times when I have my appointments everything is generally all good even if I do write things down when I feel like crap, I'm just not in that moment any more and can't feel how I felt at that point.

I will definitely try and take your advice though and speak my concerns to someone soon hopefully. Thank you again

>> No.9360618
File: 63 KB, 152x179, cc80b107_a31b_4a2e_8739_6ae82cbbdbff..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be petite
>Fatty chan starts complaining about how lucky 'you skinny bitches' are IRL
Hearing this shit in real life is terrible. How should I react politely? What do I say? Why on Earth would someone say this to my face?

>> No.9360623

I just smile and nod and accept that it's baggage that they have to deal with 24/7. I'm also petite and even my boss has done as you've described.

If your empathy stores are running low you can fire back with some stuff about how short people also have trouble finding clothes that fit and deflect to an argument that the concept of ready-to-wear sizing needs an overhaul.

>> No.9360625

When you feel shitty just remember you look 100x better than them.

>> No.9360626

have this problem as well and all we can do is smile and nod

but if you wanna be hilarious and awful you can agree with them and be like "yeah it's pretty great"

>> No.9360627

Tell them that you dont understand blubber speak and for them to sit still. All the shaking they are causing is making you dizzy.

>> No.9360630
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1442355852661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was one time a big girl was taking about how narrow Asian sizing can be and I mentioned how I have to be careful when ordering clothes because I have disproportionally broad shoulders. All I got was a "you can't understand what it's like! You can wear anything!" in response.
>I tried
I just do the smile and nod now because they don't want to hear anything else, but sometimes it really pisses me off and if I was good at socialising I would fire back with something else

>> No.9360632

>tfw a friend you are close with stole one of your 10 dollar accessories and you don't want to bring it up because it'll likely end the relationship

>> No.9360633
File: 63 KB, 271x425, kekita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll take"Comebacks I've thought of in the shower several days after the incident" for 500, Alex

>> No.9360636

Sounds like they're not really your friend then if you can't bring it up. Friends don't steal from each other.

>> No.9360639
File: 25 KB, 500x280, 1426359863481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In LTR with bf who I met at a con
>Generally "good" relationship, we get along well enough, are comfortable around each other, no constant major problems
>Except when we go to cons
>He expects me to take care of everything for him
>Make his cosplays, pay for tickets + hotel, do his makeup, etc etc
>I'll literally make lists of what he needs to remember to pack, set everything aside for him and he still manages to forget something every time
>Spends all his money on overpriced snacks, complains that he's fat and broke
>Literally cannot enjoy cons anymore
>Get jealous of single friends enjoying cons unburdened

>> No.9360646

Do you two live together?

>> No.9360650

>thinking that's a real print

Not sure what to say.

>> No.9360651

He probably doesn't know Street Fighter and just thought it was an ass video.

>> No.9360654

She probably confused the name with what she orders for lunch

>> No.9360660

Well I mean
To the anon who thought I was serious I'll explain the joke
I used every AP generic print name I could think of and mashed them together
Then I used a super low price for what would be a popular AP release (if you are unaware, $150 would be very cheap for a popular choco/biscuit/melty/donut/creamy print)

So I'm not sure who you think I am but I was making a joke about how stupid the stereotypical poor fatty-chan is. Hope I cleared that up for ya, and if something as vague as my anonymous post on 4chan makes you not want to buy whatever it is you wanted to buy you sound kind of retarded.

>> No.9360661
File: 3 KB, 124x125, huhuhu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree, I'm never buying that Melty Cherry Happy Bunny Holy Requiem JSK from this bitch am I right?

>> No.9360667

Your boyfriend wont get better at this unless you talk to him about it. Either tell him to carry his weight, or that you'd just prefer to go to the cons alone. Guys don't really figure this stuff out on their own. If he is of any worth he'll man up, or if he is as useless as he sounds you can enjoy your cons alone while he's scared of you getting dicked.

If he mans up though, take his food money away and say that you'll manage the food situation. That's if you'd prefer doing it over him being an impulsive fatso

>> No.9360688

>tfw no gf mom

>> No.9360717

This girl I know was looking for someone to go to Colossal with her, and it'd work out well for me cause she'd drive, and I live close anyway so it's not like I need to scramble for a room or something. But I just know that I wouldn't really have fun with her. We're just on too different of wavelengths.

Not relating strictly to Colossal, but I know my best friend is interested in going to cons too. Thing is from the way he talks, the stuff he's most interested in is throwing a room party and meeting weeby girls. He also gets kind of weirdly shitty about stuff sometimes, so I don't know how it'd really go, going to a con together. I'd be super salty if he got salty at me for wanting to do con things.

Guess I'm just frustrated that I don't really have anyone to go to cons with. It's dumb.

Instead of just writing things down, you might want to try record yourself talking through your feelings or thoughts, then play that for whoever you see for your mental health. Or if you are going to just keep only writing things down, be super descriptive when you write them, like multiple paragraphs about what was happening around the time you felt that feeling or symptom, how you dealt with it, etc. I never really wrote things down, but I used to regularly practice what I was going to tell my therapist. Every few days I'd go through a mental checklist of what'd been happening and shit. The day before the appointment I'd talk myself through what I wanted to say and how I wanted to pace and present it.

Nobody here can really diagnose you online or anything, but what you described sounds a lot like some of the symptoms I have with borderline personality disorder. There's other illnesses that have some symptoms similar to your behavior too, though. It doesn't sound like your situation is life threatening or anything but I'd still seek some help. Even if they don't think you're "sick enough" for an actual diagnosis, some therapy may still be helpful anyway.

>> No.9360725
File: 46 KB, 960x540, 1082074_632831686729866_938905430_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got the virgin-killing sweater
>it's not long enough to cover my balls

>> No.9360743

chop em off

>> No.9360771

Make your balls part of the costume. Put some kawaii bows on them.

>> No.9360781

>smoking hot Kairi from KH cosplayer at my college
>don't know how or if I should approach her since she probably has plenty of nerd dudes to feed her attention
>I can't even waifu Kairi

>> No.9360827

>Tfw people have something listed for MONTHS at the same price but they never go down on it
>PM that I'd buy it for $250 instead of $300
>Instantly declined

Why? Did I low ball that much?

>> No.9360838

Nope, the seller just sounds like a douchebag.

>> No.9360841

No you didn't, but some people don't want to lower their prices.

>> No.9360856

Tfw you've been seeing a certain accessory on a character as one color, when people keep drawing/cosplaying it as another.

I can't tell if I'm mildly color blind or if the character in question just varies depending on the light/artist. I want to say the latter, hopefully.

>> No.9360864

what character and accessory

>> No.9360867
File: 65 KB, 445x488, 060ac3ec-7ff8-4be0-9c57-0e6657a66cb0..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Adulting sucks, and it's why everyone should suicide by the time they're 25. Life only gets worse, every year will feel worst than the last. You'll think it gets better, but it won't. You'll hope, but it'll be futile. You will work for money so that you can keep yourself alive to work some more. You'll have 2 days off but be too exhausted from your 5 days of work to even do anything more than sleep and browse the internet in the comfort of your PJs. Even if you're in the mood to hang with friends; they will all be adults who won't sync up their "need to go out for excitement" clocks with you. When you do go out, you'll feel like it was a waste because you just discuss boring adult stuff.

Kill yourself. I don't mean that harshly. I mean literally kill yourself because you get too deep in responsibilities to do so.

>> No.9360868


How do they expect to sell it then? It's been listed for 6 months now.


Probably is there any ways I could get them to go lower? I don't think calling them a retard would pan out well.

>> No.9360870
File: 274 KB, 721x1107, uncledeath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uncle Death. I noticed people draw his little coat strings/dongles yellow. But for the life of me, no matter how much I squint at all of his official art, I only see green.

Even his in game model his laces and coat strings have a green glow to them.

>> No.9360871

They may be attempting to get you to raise the price by acting as if they aren't interested in lowering it. Just say that if they want to sell it for your price, to contact you. End of discussion, don't give them hopes of price negotiation in the message

>> No.9360873

They are green, you're not colorblind.

>> No.9360877

I'm glad I'm not going crazy/colorblind then, thank you for the reaffirmation haha

>> No.9360880

Green and yellow are really close on the hue scale. It's definitely on the green side, going close to yellow. Still definitely green though.

>> No.9360897

Adulting is only boring when you have zero responsibility. Then everything you do is empty bullshit.
If you gain some responsibility though it gives what you do some purpose.
Though be careful as taking on responsibility you aren't ready for and you'll still feel empty as an unused vase.

>> No.9360902

At least complainanon didn't get a box of fucking Pocky.

>> No.9360905

I don't know the character/source but I bet they're supposed to look phosphorescent and the strongest phosphorescent colour is that kind of green.

>> No.9361031

Thank you!

>> No.9361061

>Was supposed to go to an art show today
>So stressed between upcoming midterms and recent health issues that I forgot most of my stuff
>Have to now eat the cost

I'm thanking the heavens that my school refund arrived today and that I was able to contact a friend that's interested in tabling together in the future. I just feel so awful

>> No.9361135

A bird shit on my brand while it was hang drying.
On my indoor porch.
I have no idea how.

>> No.9361140
File: 37 KB, 500x474, 16652403_1425070650839295_74960443_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you go in the bathroom at Katsucon, and some girl has her big bush out changing clothes.


>> No.9361230

My first Moitié piece came in, and I'm ecstatic. Ever since I first got into the fashion ten years ago, I've dreamt of owning a wardrobe full of Moitié, but it felt like an impossibility. Everyone used to talk about how expensive it is compared to the other brands, and how hard it is to find secondhand, but here I am, living the dream twelve year old me always wanted. Extravagant goth wardrobe, here I come.

>It's just a secondhand skirt anon, calm down

>> No.9361289

I was going to go to a meet today that I'd been looking forward to for at least a couple weeks, but my boyfriend decided that right before I was about to leave was a good time to have a talk and let me know how stale he thinks our relationship has become and how he's not sure if he's happy anymore. So instead of being at a meet, looking cute and making friends, I'm crying on and off while he takes a nap. Good stuff.

>> No.9361292

Boyfriend sounds like an asshole if he waited until you were about to go and have fun to drop that bomb on you

>> No.9361301

I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he had worked up the courage to have a hard discussion and didn't want to lose it because he's usually not the kind of person who would intentionally pull such a dick move. But fuck if I'm not annoyed that I'm missing a meet to boohoo about something that's probably pretty normal for couples who have been together for half a decade like we have because he couldn't wait until tomorrow or something. I'd just gotten a new piece in that I was excited to wear for the first time, too.

>> No.9361346

>I have that exact coat.
>I have those exact boots
>I can pull off the skinny jeans under too.
Well at least i'm sorted for a costume if ever the time cums to dive up and swallow everything i got.

>> No.9361350

>I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt
Letting him leave alive is a mistake.

>> No.9361352

wow he sounds like a woman.

>> No.9361360

>time cums
>swallow everything

>> No.9361362

>sounds like a philosophical porn title.

>> No.9361375

Okay so he was too scared to bring up a problem he thinks you guys are having and so he tells you right before you leave (to have fun and be with good company) so he doesn't lose his 'courage'? I would have gone to the meet and dealt with that bs when I got back, there no reason for him to have waited until you were getting ready to leave, that just sounds like spite to me
>misery loves company

>> No.9361379

I slept with a sweet lolita a few months ago and now she wants a relationship. I said I'm not interested in one and now I am getting passive aggressive replies and talks of forcing myself on her.

I see this not going anywhere good

>> No.9361381

>wants to do a good job on a cosplay
>googles the character + cosplay to get some inspiration for the cosplay construction
>all of them suck or are just mediocre
>Wonder if it's because they actually suck or if it's just my snooty seagull standards

>> No.9361382

Don't stick your dick in crazy.
Good luck.

>> No.9361384

My condolences, anon.
Do you have any proof of her consent before she goes mattress girl on you? If not, I pray for your life.

>> No.9361401

I absolutely see your point, but knowing him and our dynamic and how the conversation went, I disagree, and I'll leave it at that. I really only came here to lament the situation.

>> No.9361413

She didn't seem crazy, I knew her for a while.

Yes, I do. Especially since she brought it up I made sure to keep building my case by getting her to admit it was a mutual thing. It's just that I have a lot of female cosplayer/lolita acquaintances and her friends are the type to latch on and try to ruin someones life the second the rape word comes out of a girls mouth.

>> No.9361424

How did you anger God, anon?

>> No.9361432

this is what you get for taking advantage of a girls feelings. You deserve everything coming to you. Fuck you

>> No.9361433

... You are aware of the ramifications of a false rape allegation, don't you?
Like, on the accused?
And oh BOO HOO SHE GOT HER FEE-FEE'S HURT. He fucked her. Big fucking deal.
Why would she force a relationship onto him if it's obviously not going to work?
I'm sick to death of bitches like her. They're why MGTOWs fucking exist.

>> No.9361439

>Bringing up feelings when you fuck a guy you just met
This is bait but I know people like this...

>> No.9361445

It's poes law in full effect anymore.
5 minutes on tumblr and the line becomes completely blurred.

>> No.9361501

Listen Flavor is safe to wash in the machine, just let it dry naturally. Good luck!

>> No.9361503

Thanks so much guys!!! Really appreciate you all. We find out tomorrow if she will recover fully or not. I visited her today. She seemed more alert, shinier eyes, and shes been eating and drinking. I've become hopeful. I hope I get to take my baby home with me tomorrow.

>> No.9361517

Outlets, what pretty much amounts to Walmart-tier stuff and really shitty Ebay stuff (but bought via an app that adds on a few dollars to the price because "Ebay is complicated"). Have you seen a years old bra from an outlet store? They are the saddest things on this planet...

>> No.9361520


>> No.9361523

That's great news! I'm happy for you!

>> No.9361544

>You are aware of the ramifications of a false rape allegation, don't you?
Why the fuck would you change the subject to rape

>> No.9361550

The original post that started this whole thing was about rape.

>> No.9361569

wew :^)

>> No.9361579


I bet you clog up the DD thread with shit you'll only take for under $200, cheap ita chan :^)

>> No.9361584
File: 542 KB, 352x208, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw broke from buying 4 DD
>one of which was an overpriced release from JetJ

Ow my wallet.

>> No.9361586

No it wasn't

>> No.9361589

>I am getting passive aggressive replies and talks of forcing myself on her.
He even says it in the second post too
>I made sure to keep building my case by getting her to admit it was a mutual thing
> her friends are the type to latch on and try to ruin someones life the second the rape word comes out of a girls mouth.

Are you some kind of idiot or something.

>> No.9361591


>being a retard and paying a shit load for old and sued brand
>means you're ita

yeah nice job wasting your money dumb bitch

>> No.9361595


Must be nice having crisp, new bodyline itachan.

>> No.9361645
File: 24 KB, 457x395, 5e9d461f7dbd006f58e5385e69976121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My good childhood friend and fellow lolita is slowly turning into SJW-feminazi. I'm getting really tired of hearing her stories but since we have been friend since elementary school I just don't want to cut my ties with her

>> No.9361651
File: 2.81 MB, 1014x560, cosplay hugs.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are cosplay girls so eager to hug all the time

>> No.9361652

Oh look, another dumbass who doesn't understand she has other buying options other than LM and FB sales.

>> No.9361654

Well, I guess you should apologize for misleading her yet state it was not your intention to do so. I hope you at least got her some chocolate or a small gift for Valentine's Day. You did sleep with her after all. It's the least you could do.

>> No.9361659

>I hope you at least got her some chocolate or a small gift for Valentine's Day.
And further mislead her?

>> No.9361661


I know I can buy it else where it just baffles me how people truly think their garbage is worth that much

>> No.9361673

>all the time
>posts webm where girl refuses to hug

>> No.9361675

>Lost sibling last year
>Dealt with shitty friend who clearly only wanted to be around me for the pity points
>Dropped her and others who are the drama starters of the comm
>Got my old man into cosplay he loves the attention willing to do more
>Haven't seen him this dedicated/excited for something since before the passing
Feels good

>> No.9361689

I expected the story to get worse and worse, and I'm glad it didn't. Sorry for your loss, and I'm happy that you were able to help your dad find something to be excited about.

>> No.9361695

Naw my baggage is mine. cgl is a place I come to roll my eyes/get a good chuckle here and there, maybe have a discussion or two. I mean should another embarrassing friend story thread pop up I can have fun. But I wanted to spread some good feels. And thanks mate.

>> No.9361751
File: 1.96 MB, 300x300, giffhappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's nice to hear about a girl rocking "big bush" at least.

All the lolis in my comm shave.

>> No.9361896

Why do you know that

>> No.9361898


>> No.9361901

Just remind them that Japanese girls don't shave

>> No.9361903
File: 154 KB, 635x820, image_57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The exact same thing has happened with my best friend. I still love her and care about her, but I hope someday she'll come to her senses. I used to be a rabid Tumblr sjw, but grew out of it so there's always hope.

>> No.9361927
File: 351 KB, 520x678, 1487388674913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I am trapped in a cycle of consumption leading to attempts at creation which leave me feeling defeated and unfulfilled. The only thing I really have going for me as a person is my tendency toward "quirky" hobbies among the sea of weird hybrid redneck hipster people where I live.

My eccentric personality isn't winning me any friendship contests, and even at my best I still present as disheveled. My eyebags are like ten pound weights.

If I truly applied myself to one or two things then maybe I could excel at something, or create something of my own, but I can't ever seem to stick to anything. I'm always admiring the creations of others, be it shows or games or prints.

People like me and I don't want them to. My life is defined by my avoidant addiction to the internet, my expenditures on weaboo items and my love of playing dress up. I want to stay alive so I can continue being entertained, but I provide nothing. Is that really okay? I just don't want to be in the way. I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense.

>> No.9361949

What the fuck? I don't remember posting this.


>> No.9362010

I think in some cases it's more a matter of being cheap than being a poorfag. Some people just don't care enough about clothes to spend a certain amount when they can find it cheaper.
Something like this happens in my comm, there are girls who earn much more than me but they don't buy brand simply because they don't think it's worth it.

>> No.9362013
File: 50 KB, 355x374, IMG_1761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9362029

She's coming home today!!!!!!!

>> No.9362037

You don't do vag inspection before every tea?

>> No.9362072

Congrats anonon

>> No.9362080

so happy for you. i remember being where you are now. you have good times ahead of you.

>> No.9362249
File: 97 KB, 640x641, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I failed my last vag inspection

The comm mother was PISSED.

>> No.9362269

One of my friends at uni has always wanted to wear Lolita/Fairy kei but she's never really had the confidence so i'm going to give her a makeover! I'm so excited, I've wanted to give someone a cute makeover for so long! I'm tiny and she's average sized, so shoes and stuff are going to difficult, and it may not look amazing but I'm just excited to see her happy and able to do something she's wanted to do for ages! I feel like her kawaii fairy godmother or something!

>> No.9362350
File: 30 KB, 500x271, CsHSLuYWEAAu3oH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You didn't. I get the joke, but maybe put down the drugs anyway just to be safe

>> No.9362352
File: 214 KB, 502x476, TOO MUCH HORSEPUSSY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>befriend random local off con page
>get talking about monster musume
>he goes off on a tangent about Papi and how he's 'finding himself attracted to loli types'

jesus fucking christ I just wanted to shit on his shit taste in waifus

>> No.9362364

Yeah, shit taste confirmed. Manako is easily the best waifu.

>> No.9362386
File: 26 KB, 239x268, confusedgrills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>helping clean up after tea
>find a pair of panties on floor

How the fuck do you lose your underwear at a tea party?

>> No.9362396

> learn Baby Paris is closing down
Wait what? When was this announced?

>> No.9362401
File: 281 KB, 1280x1401, me@myself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>quit my job at a fast food place because coworkers were talking shit about me(it was my very first job of course I'm not going to be good at it) and my Manager was the devil
>felt good after quitting but now no money to spend freely
>it's been 5 months and have been jobless since
I really want to apply for another job so I can stop being a NEET and have money again for lolita and cosplay but job interviews are so nerve wracking

>> No.9362430
File: 94 KB, 750x1334, 16833171_10211762168118546_485317513_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you!!!

>> No.9362437

I did that shit before- apply to as many places as you can if you haven't. That way, you might be able to have a choice to pick between employers. Also, try to start at part-time if you want less of a commitment. Try retail, I hated working fast food.

I worked at Taco Bell for two weeks and it was the worst. People were so rude to me because I took a little bit longer than the other girls who had worked there for a few years. It was my second day and an old hag sarcastically asked it if I had just started to work there or something. (Because I wasn't very good yet.) And when I timidly told her that it was my second day, she did a 180 and was super nice to me.

People are the WORST.

>> No.9362456
File: 156 KB, 429x343, IMG_2841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People who incorporate their perverted age play/diaper shitting fetish into fandoms and fashion styles leave me with a perminant disgusted rage look on my face.

>> No.9362463

>several chronic shit-stirrers who nitpick everything on other people, from clothes to physical features to behaviour and seem to have some sort of fetish for making fun of people's noses and weight.
Well, there you go. Our comm has a no drama policy, so if you act like a cunt to other members, you're outta there.

We had our own Negative Nancy who was making other people feel uncomfortable because they were being generally rude and abrasive. First, it was nothing rule-breaking/banworthy, but then she got put on probation for trying to make a meet on the same day as someone else and being super rude to boot, and after that she broke her probation by making a shit-stirring post that made many members upset.

It's not that I didn't sympathize with said Nancy's insecurities, but your feefees aren't a license to act like a cunt to other people. We're a fashion comm, and not a support group. We're there to dress in fancy dresses and drink tea, not nurture someone's self-esteem, and given that, her behaviour just became inappropriate. It got to the point that people not only avoided her at meets, but would avoid meets altogether if she showed up.

So if someone is rude/shit stirring/a drama llama in general, bring it up with your mods? Hopefully if enough people complain they can deal with the issue. Sometimes as little as a warning can get people to clean up their act (or if they're feeling too spiteful they'll just flounce which is what you wanted anyway).

>> No.9362475

I'm envious of a teenager who has more brand, more followers, and more success as a lolita than I do at 24. On one hand I hate her for being better than me and on the other I'm her biggest fan. I save all of her pictures and actively try to find dirt on her so my hate can be justified. I feel so creepy.

>> No.9362480
File: 108 KB, 1024x768, 1486172612197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9362483 [DELETED] 

Why are e-famous lolitas such a chore to buy from/sell to? That is, if they even pay. And then when you see their pictures you can't help but feel salty even if you like the coord.

>> No.9362484

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

>> No.9362488
File: 9 KB, 130x167, astounding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uuuggghhh. When I worked at the airport, I was selling some obese dude a Dr. Pepper and he started begging me to be his "daddy." Offered to buy me plane tickets to his home in Canada and everything.

>> No.9362489

That is obsessive behavior, maybe you need to see someone for it.

>> No.9362497

I forgot to mention, I'm a 19 year old girl.

>> No.9362513

>yfw a fellow lolita in your comm was probably getting fingerblasted by another fellow lolita in your comm

>> No.9362583
File: 112 KB, 540x540, sadtoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girl in my neighboring comm has leukemia, and wants her parents to bury her in her fursuit.

Her parents say they won't allow it, and it's become a big shitfest.

>> No.9362585

I'm going to hell for laughing

>> No.9362586

Why don't they just lie to the dumb furry. SHE won't know how she'll be buried.

>> No.9362622

is she ok??

>> No.9362635

So am I, anon. We can ride that bus together.

>> No.9362636

>goes to Jojo meetup
>am a VERY shy person
>also a short girl with a baby face
>hanging out with people I met
>exchange instagrams, talking, having a good time
>"Anon, you're 22?"
>ask how old everyone is
> 15, 16, 18 year olds
>has been drinking discreetly to get over anxiety
>fakes meeting up with friends to bail because shit got awkward real quick

East coast 21+ Jojo's, where you at and WHY does this keep happening at cons???

>> No.9362649

>Things I want but can't afford are garbage

Nice sour grapes logic. Prices on LM are cheaper than ever, I can't believe how low people are selling their IW LP dresses with how expensive the packs were

>> No.9362663

Anime is for kids, granny.

>> No.9362664

you are the reason Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

>> No.9362668

Are you talking about the katsucon meet ups? I saw plenty of 21+ people (myself included)

>> No.9362670

She's dying, anon.

>> No.9362683
File: 1.29 MB, 720x404, stockingscream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've developed a phobia of dying suddenly, so I keep a note in my wallet that says "bury me in my Kaito costume."

>> No.9362702


I'm not talking about anything like LP dresses or things like that. I'm talking about the people that think something that sold last year for $300 that was very popular then is still worth $300 a year later when it's no longer popular.

>> No.9362719

>when people don't want to "lose money" when selling something they've worn and is a few years old

What the hell do people expect?

>> No.9362722


>> No.9362786

Are you in ATL? I lost my spare undies at a meetup recently.

>> No.9362912

>home from work with food poisoning, feeling guilty because I just had a week's holiday so it looks bad
>decide to get work done in the morning and then stay in bed and feel like crap
>one hour into the bedcrapathon, taobao order arrived
>all the costumes fit perfectly
>the wigs are gorgeous
>the figure I got for my brother is really nice quality
>I have a kawaii as fuck lunchbox now
>spend the next hour trying things out and not feeling sad or guilty at all

made my whole day

>> No.9362917

Do you mind describing how you grew out of it? Was it like the stories you hear about people escaping religious cults?

>> No.9362920

Most likely someone had spare undies with them and they fell out of her bag at some point. I always bring spare undies + pads + tampons because suddenly having a surprise period when I'm out and about is my biggest fear.

>> No.9362933
File: 140 KB, 1000x625, failed inspection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9362935

Most SJW are teenagers and gain critical thinking skills once they are adults

>> No.9362965

I think people who don't appropriately price items are just kind of stupid or are banking on newbies who haven't figured out how to use shopping services. Sometimes I think people who are selling a dress that's been up for 6 months at the same, stupidly high price and refuse to budge on it aren't really interested in selling it, but are just waiting to see if someone is willing to give them a ridiculous amount of money for the dress, if that makes sense.

In the same vein if I ever see -RARE- in the title of a sales post I immediately assume the seller is a dumbass.

>> No.9363017

Partially what this guy said>>9362935
I was young and all my friends at the time were SJWs too, so you know how that goes, anything against them is 'literally the worst thing ever' and conversations were always a circle jerk about fighting the system and what not which felt really good at the time. I had also been struggling with several legitimate mental health conditions as well and felt like the people who were 'fighting for it' were on my side. I gradually started noticing more and more how many people were self diagnosing with conditions I had and pretending to have them, including symptoms that weren't even real. I spoke out it about it and was "shut down", called an elitist, an ableist, and a classist. I apologised like a pussy and kept my head down for a while.
I ended up going on medical leave from school after a suicide attempt. I wasn't online much and was in therapy every couple of days. As I was recovering I realised how toxic a lot of my friends both on a offline were. All the things that truly helped people heal were seen as ableist to suggest. Any progress was stunted and discouraged, because it might discourage others somehow. I also realised I was gay and joined a local 'queer' youth group. That started out well, I felt like I was making friends and it was good to talk about things I didn't want to bring up to my parents with people who I thought were going through the same thing. Gradually this changed too, things were becoming much more political and 'transtrenders' with six genders and bad undercuts were being welcomed in. The final time I went was when I got in a argument with one because they thought that not having sex with someone with genitals you aren't attracted to is bigoted! And everyone agreed!

Cont. Polite sage for OT

>> No.9363024
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Once I returned to school I found out that my friends, who had been patting themselves on the back for being so 'progressive and tolerant' had no only never reached out to me at all but had also been mocking me behind my back. I was done apologising, I ditched all of them and graduated.
The last bit of SJWhood faded when I started working. All the lies I had been fed about the sexist racist, evil world were proven wrong. I started reading again, a lot of history which pulled my political alignment back from the farthest point left.
Now people like trigglypuff are funny to me but they also make me sad, I know what it's like to be there. It is like a cult, they draw in people who genuinely have problems and cripple them by forcing them into perpetual self-flagellation, or help malicious people rise in the ranks while feeding their egos.

Sorry for the long story, now let's get back the /cgl/ feels

TLDR: tried to off myself, found out how toxic my SJW friends and the whole ideology were, got a job and actually read books

>> No.9363028



>> No.9363108

Lmao, what

>> No.9363178

Everyone at the meeting would have loved to have received the gift you had gotten. You should have traded with someone. ;)

>> No.9363190

What gift is this about?

>> No.9363203
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>comm mother

>> No.9363215
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I know, right? My comm calls her Mama sama

>> No.9363517

Me too anon. Iwas suddenly thrust into a really bad financial situation these last two years, wich has carried over to this year. I struggled really hard with feeding myself, getting to uni and taking care of my responsibilities financially. So of course i have basically bought no lolita in two years. I was so depressed because of uaving to struggle so hard. Fast forward to this year and i am doing slightly better though my budget is still pathetic. I get anxious and depressed at the thought of spending any money because of how shit things have been. I have considered leaving lolita because even though i can now manage to save for something new and have the money siting there waiting to be used, i cant get over a mental block. Browsing makes me anxious, my wishlist feels unobtainable, and actually parting with money triggers a fight or flight response wich leaves me ultimately depressed and freaked out. It has disenchanted me and i dont know if i will be able to get back into lolita.

>> No.9363531

Pretty simple honestly, say you have $50, and your bills are $50, you want a burrito? Too bad, you arent allowed anything not bills, cause you wont be able to pay them. Walk past the burrito shop you pathetic piece of human garbage. × a couple of years or a life time and presto! You have a walking husk who doesnt know how to have fun because their life has been focused on survival. Extra points if they only have $40 for those bills, so have to sell their cherished possesions to feed themselves, leaving them hollow inside. 10× points if they accumulated debt that will continue to haunt them for the comeing years. So when they finally achive financial security they cant turn it off.

>> No.9363964

>Not glittering your pubes

>> No.9364417

I can't hold fat very well, beside on my boobs and ass. I can't even fit most clothes at h&m because I'm far out of convection sizes. I get very easily too cold (till the point where I get health problems), because I have so little fat. And I'm very tall, even western shirts often have to short sleeves. Why do fat people think they're the only one who have trouble finding fitting clothes? Tons of people have such problems, they're the only ones of which the majority could change it, yet they are the worst in complaining. I have nothing against overweight people, but I do have something about ignorant people who think the world should all change for them. (Overweight lolita's who know how to dress, how rare they may be, and are nice are fine).

>> No.9364561


Yea, try finding jeans if you are a man who has done squats a couple times. I am trying to find comfortable jeans, not denim yoga pants.

Curse you thin privilege.

>> No.9364604
File: 50 KB, 540x351, bumblybee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm generally small, but I have very wide shoulders, absolutely flat chested, and have a wide pelvis. Buy things that fit my waist and bust but they're too tight in the hips and shoulders, buy things that fit in the shoulders and hips and they bunch up and hang on the bust. But I can't mention this whenever girls are discussing clothing fit because apparently I can get any clothes in the world and am a skinny shitlord. I can only wear puffed sleeves in lolita and have to put some work into adjusting other clothes. I don't think I've worn a straight off the rack, unaltered pair of pants since I was twelve.
>Tfw bought a normie blouse that was slightly too small in the shoulders
>Thought I could suffer through it because it was super cute
>Tfw bent forward and split it down the middle like the hulk

>> No.9364669


> I can't wear dresses beside potato sags, because their to big at my waist, or to small at my breast and butt (they won't even go over my butt).
>potato sag dresses make me look fat because I have big breast
> I can't wear jeans without a belt, it either doesn't fit over my hips, or my waist fits literally twice in the waist part.
> Anything not highwaisted is deemed to show buttcrack, because convection sizes don't know that a big ass doesn't only get's bigger in width.
>95% of all long sleeved clothes are to short. I always miss around 10cm until my wrist.
>Basically all I can wear for tops are shirts that have far to much stretch and break within a few weeks because of it, or custom made clothes, unless I wear wide clothes that make me look fat again.
>Nothing high waisted is actually high waisted, it's just slightly higher then normal, but not on my waist where it should be. Ad least it doesn't show my butt.
>Bikini's are a nono. I always need a bathing suit. Know how hard it is to find one that doesn't make you look like a granny?
>and that bathingsuit still needs to have small waist and room for big breast and butt. Oh and support because my breast hurt if I don't have support.
>I had to pay 120 euro for a bathingsuit that fits, because I needed a special one for curved woman
>I can only buy bras in lingerie stores, because normal ones rarely have my size. It would be nice to have some cheap trow away bras!

People really don't notice how horrible any not basic size is, It's not only plus size. I feel you >>9364604, specially in the you can't complain part.

And another one:
>tfw every time you say you're curvy people think you're fat on the internet, but you can se your ribs. Thanks internet, some people are curvy. Looks nice, sucks realistically.

There is one pro. You find your right bra size, and a right fitting bra's is the most comfortable thing ever. A bra is like a t-shirt in comfort + it stops pain.

>> No.9364872

>not denim yoga pants
>not wanting to show off your gains
Personally I've come to like tight pants since starting to work out.

>> No.9365001

Lolita is a hobby where adults dress like sexy japanese babies. Whaddaya think?

>> No.9365557
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>too small at my breast and butt (they won't even go over my butt)
>small waist and room for big breast and butt
>you can see your ribs

I need to stop coming to cgl.

>> No.9366182

Thank you, I guess?

>> No.9366244

Sorry about that.
One of these days I'm going to remember not to post whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. Anyways, yeah, what you discussed seems to be a common sentiment; difficulty finding clothing that fits people that happen to be slim but also... large in the breasts and butt ("curvy" has been so bastardizes that I hate to use that word any more). Compounded by companies having their own sizing and seemingly no standard. And also lack of education for women on bras and general utility clothing.

This all makes me feel like there's some practical solution to all of this that would be profitable to all involved, but I can't figure it out. Besides, Vic's Hush Hush and other brand stores dominate the market with their standard sizing, which keeps other, smaller stores, that might have solved the issue, from having much presence.

I dunno, I'm just spitballing here.

Anyways, back on topic,

>tfw "friend" moved away and took half my cosplay with him and refuses to answer my attempts at communication
>tfw >$300 down the drain
>motivation to do it now dead as a doorknob

Feels shitty trying to make a project that used to be a group project, alone.
No one to even bounce ideas off of.