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Would cgl attend a female only con?

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Absolutely not.

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Too much drama for that to ever happen

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Hell yes.

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10000% yes

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Mmmmm yessss
Less competition from desperate dudes.

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Fuck yes but only if dudes are not allowed in anywhere, it would be so relaxing to not deal with the autists thinking you owe them a date/kiss/hug/your phone number just because they said you look nice.

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Funny. Who would be there to feed your desire for affirmation while in your skimpy cosplay?

Cosplay is softcore porn at this point.

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Other girls

Perfect example

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>Implying >>9346715 isn't a girl (male)

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would love to see the salt develop 5 min into the con.

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Yes. I barely interact with guys at cons anyway.

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>Other girls
>implying women are capable of positively supporting each other instead through their hobby
>implying an all female con would end in any way other than a literal stabbing incident

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Pfffft as if. If girls were outright bitchy in-person we wouldn't have RCU, BTB, etc

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Meh. A lot of us go to con's because it's the only real way to hook up with dudes who are passably cute and share our hobbies. For me the rave, drugs and stuff and the good sex with some hot random that follows is the whole point of the damn thing. And I know a lot of seagulls agree with me on this.

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If the girls can do it, then why can't the men!!

Men only con, no women allowed.

>Capeshit everywhere
>Sci-fi TV shows everywhere
>Con harks back to the glory days of 2008 with zombie shit everywhere
>Chinese zentai spidermen up the wazoo
>Fighting character cosplayers literally fight in front of howling crowds of bloodthirsty men
>Artist alley just full of ~offensive~ webcomics
>Panels nothing but MANLY MAN STUFF FOR MEN
>Beards and bacon adorn every booth
>Arbitrary pecking order falls into place over the course of the convention, bullying becomes the norm
>Everyone gets drunk and aggressive because there are no girls to show off to

holy fuck please no take me with you

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It would be sad if my boyfriend couldn't go, but damn if I was single I would be soaking up all that pussy.

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You mean the original cons, before it became infested with women who want to be e-famous/use cosplay as a stepping stone?

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At least it doesn't seem infected by machismo bro-culture

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Paying booth babes was proving to be costly so cosplay was invented to lure the female genre into nerd culture.

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Got mad they didn't give you the answer you wanted? Girls get along with girls. We aren't all your, "OMG! I only hang out with guy friends, lol. Girls sux! Gamer 4 life!" crowd.

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The biggest cat fight the world has ever seen

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Of course not it's not, that there is pure nerdom. the Bro's are at cons now because there's pussy there now too.

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And it's STILL going to be better than Dash-con.

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Right? I think it would be really fun. The gross attention whores and their orbiters wouldn't be there, we could just enjoy our hobbies in a social, nonsexual environment. I love going to women's only events.

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Oops, meant >>9346779

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I think gender separated socials/meets would be a great idea for cons. There's usually a rave, but female-only and male-only meets would be a great idea. Find a room to crash, make friends, and socialize without the pressures related to mixed gender events. I think it'd be great.

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>I love going to women's only events.

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Please no, I hate the company of other men.

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I can't say I agree with you at all. I go for the anime and manga related festivities, costumes/outfits, and to shop, not to meet men. If that's your thing cool, but it's not mine.

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PT is our queen, don't you know?

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Absolutely yes. That's kind of what lolita is.

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Yeah it's called your hotel room. People are paying the same price, so being barred from specific events based on their gender is completely asinine.

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There isn't a single lolita comm where the girls like each other.

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It wouldn't be the whole con. Besides, if an event exists for both genders, it's equal. Men have their social, women have their own social. What they pay wouldn't be an issue.

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How are we supposed to meet cute guys?

>> No.9346813

Did you have a bad experience at a meet or something?

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I'm sorry you're so unlikable, anon ):

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Uh...yeah, not a hard concept. Girls can be catty at times but I have mostly girl friends and I get along much better with girls since every guy I've ever befriended has tried to hit on me at some point

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During the con or go to the rave if that's what you like? How you always met them? I'm talking about a social, not an all day event.

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Trick question: there are no cute guys at cons

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*no cute single guys

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>Men have their social, women have their own social.

Have you ever tried talking to a man? It's like conversating with a fucking adidas sandal

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The only time I've experienced catty girls is in environments saturated by nightlife culture. Those are the enviroments boys are neck to neck with each other as well, so I can't say that reflects on the entirety of people nor is it unique to any gender. The majority of girls are perfectly wonderful human beings.

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Whore from Britain. Possibly Eva.

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That's not my problem. All the ones I've spoken to were perfectly capable of decent conversation plus males hang out with male friends all the time.

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>make female only event
>tranny cross dresser shows up and wants to be a part of it
>starts screaming about being a real female
>accuses event organizer of being a transphobic shitlord
Good game.

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If they look like a lady, I'm not going to check their privates to be sure. I'm not the private police.

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>/cgl/ isn't sexist against men though

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Did you know there's not a single cosplay community where everyone likes each other? This is how stupid you sound.

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if only there were any male dominated boards on 4chan

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Female only cons can never happen now thanks to trans acceptance.

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Some women are sexist toward men, some men are sexist toward women. Some people aren't sexist at all.

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Interestingly enough, that's the same argument whites used to separate blacks.

2017 men = 1900 black people

Polite sage for polititalk.

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Is that Brendan Fraser?

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Well, in the 1900's there were no events for blacks and whites to socialize together. I'm referring to a social as a unique event that doesn't affect the entirety of the con operations.

Genders would still be mixed in the artist alleys, vendor halls, panels, rave, and the entirety of the convention itself. There would just be two events maybe an hour or so each held in their own locations that would be unique to gender.

In the 1900's, blacks and whites couldn't intermingle. Comparing this to what blacks experienced in the 1900 really subtracts from what those people had to go through.

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Don't bother entertaining men and their fragile egos.

>> No.9346885

I like to cosplay for myself anon, hard to believe though right?

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I don't think it's a bad idea in concept if the participants are responsible for paying for it. I just want to point out that separate but equal is never equal in practice.


Who hurt you femanon?

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hell yes. not only because i wouldn't have to deal with creepy men, but because when men are around there are always THOSE women who take it as their cue to make everything into an attention competition.

no men would reduce the number of attentionwhores by a significant amount, i think.

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Then why do you need a con at all.

>> No.9346889

t. robot false flag

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Why does anyone like to go out and enjoy things with others of similar interests in a fun atmosphere. I get that you're buttmad but you're coming off as incredibly pathetic.

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This is why people assume so many are racist by default.

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>all these salty male anons mad the women would actually enjoy an event without them

>> No.9346895

N-n-no they wouldn't!! Girls are catty and only want to put each other down! Just like in muh animays

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It's ok anon, this won't ever happen anyway.

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Sounds retarded, can I come along if I'm with my GF?

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Because then the only place and time appropriate to walk around in costumes would be October 31st or a costume party. You can't expect them to dress in elaborate costume to get their groceries. Society is just not at that point yet. Larger cities actually do have cosplay meets outside of conventions. Large part of the fun is actually creating and piecing together a costume.
I'm now confused because in all the anime I've watched, girls form extremely close bonds and friendships. Then again, I don't play dating simulators or the sort.

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maybe it can be open to any feminine-appearing people and other women in general. I don't want to exclude any sexy butch ladies either

>> No.9346914

I'll just leave this here


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No but send us your girlfriend.

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Yes and there are hundreds of times men have gotten in fights over similarly stupid shit, you're not helping your cause.

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it's a fucking private social event, not a restaurant or bank.

many groups have events for a particular demographic. it doesn't mean that that group is better or worse than any other. it is just there to serve that group.

there is even a convention for u.s. ivy league lgbt students. these things have existed and it isn't a big deal. don't think you are missing out because there probably won't be anything there that you can benefit from.

maybe it doesn't have to be stricly female-only, but marketed and advertised as obviously female-focused. it can be LadyCon or something, i dunno

>> No.9346932

Sound like she was just a terrible executive who failed to enforce 0 harassment policies, and made bad employment decisions based upon people's ability to decipher the world of designer fashion.

>> No.9346934


No fuck you dyke

>> No.9346938

And if they don't look like a lady and still insist on screaming about transphobia? How are you going to explain yourself to the convention promoters when these trannies insist to have you banned forever for descrininating against them?

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Triggered so easily huh? Your girlfriend deserves better.

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Yeah all men have ever accomplished by working together is all of human history.

>> No.9346945

You sound like those ultra fake southern christian soccer moms who scream and cry about trans people being able to use the bathroom and making up a bunch of bullshit ways it could go bad. Quit trying so hard.

>> No.9346946

traps still have dude voices though
one of my trap friends straight up never talked as to not break the illusion

>> No.9346948

They've also by their own hands brought entire civilizations to ruin.

>> No.9346951

Where do men come from anon, you're shaming your own mother.

>> No.9346952

He shames his mother by existing, anon :^)

>> No.9346956

English isnt my first language but thats what I was trying to get across sorry.

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You do know that most trannies are still 100% straight, right? They're basically the same as the socially awkward guys who follow you around and try to hit on you, the same guys you're trying to keep out of this hypothetical con, except in a dress. Do you really think putting on a dress and taking some hormones is going to fundamentally change a person's personality?

>> No.9346976

Cause they keep making the mistake of giving women too much power and they ruin everything.

>> No.9346978

I've known 2 trans people so far and neither were like what you're describing and were interested in dating men.

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it's nbd. they are clearly deeply invested in girly things so the con is def for them.
Effemiphobia is strong in this world. I respect anyone, no matter their biology, who is dedicated to expressing their femininity, even just one weekend a year + halloween lol

let me remind you of the king of lolita, pic related

>> No.9346983

mobile ugh

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yes, and some people say that women can't be sexist and that none of the women on /cgl/ are sexist.

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If anyone is wondering what has happened, I think the delicate balance of /r9k/, if there's ever been one, has been upset. It's been brought to light there has been females on /r9k/ and /pol/. There's an influx of men catfishing as women responding to women catfishing as men, combined with every other anon in between. There's a lot of confusion, and it's spilling over into /cgl/ because of /cgl/'s relatively confirmed demographic. Not to mention people who likely randomly click the board and are like, "What the fuck is going on in here?"

I assume balance will be restored at some point.

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Ok, this is an utterly asinine thread.

What do you even need a female only con for? I hate this demonizing of men, and trying to take over geek culture, when women weren't in it from the beginning.

You know what, I actually would like an all female con, so that all the tumblrtards, lesbos, leg beards and transtrenders can be in one place, and leave all the normal people to enjoy themselves at other cons.

Ready for the shit storm coming for this thread; I have my raincoat on to protect against the torrent of tears.

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>Disparaged education and wittiness level of the average male
>Uses the non-word "conversating"

Women. They think they'really smart, but are not.

>> No.9347062

i agree with you about the idea being utterly stupid (at best a repeat dashcon) but you're just as retarded if you think women haven't been in fandom from the beginning

>> No.9347064

>wittiness level
There's a word for that. It's 'wit'.

>> No.9347068

i'm glad this thread is letting men get in touch with their sensitive side

>> No.9347070

>women weren't in it from the beginning

>woman writes first novel in japan
>woman writes scarlet pimpernel, first "masked hero" and forefather of capes
>Woman writes Frankenstein, invents horror and science fiction
>woman produces star trek, women organize first modern fandom and launch massive efforts to keep it on air, ensuring forefather of all modern science fiction

Bruh what the fuck

>> No.9347079

>itt crazy cat ladies who will die alone and childless

>> No.9347080

I didn't realize Lucille Ball was involved with the production of Star Trek.

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>Would cgl attend a female only con?
>I see a light at the end of the tunnel anon!

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Considering half the creeps and jerks I've encountered at cons were females, it doesn't really matter to me.

>> No.9347094

Please, do go on.

>> No.9347100

so no different from you then other than we're happy

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>organizing anything important

>> No.9347110

Got grabbed by a landwhale once and detained for quite some time. Couldn't get away because she was so large and tall she blocked off the corner she'd shoved me into. She then decided to brush my wig whilst cooing at me at trying to get me to say cutesy lines for her. The wig I was wearing was kinda small so I had bobbypinned the shit out of it to my scalp, so when she brushed it, it hurt like fuck. Only managed to get away when she asked me to braid her ratty nasty hair and turned around. Slipped through and made a run for it.

>> No.9347131

>asking about an all female con
>males answering

Nah, I wouldn't. Would be a lot less fun.

>> No.9347137

No. God no. Fuck no. What fucking panels would there be? "how 2 not get raped." "how to deal with booboo hurt feelings on the internet." "How to insert a diva cup."

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>I cosplay for myself!
>Then why need a con at all
>Because I need other people to see my cosplay!
>somehow I am the butthurt irrational one here

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No. I wouldn't be allowed.

>> No.9347142

I'd love this so much, maybe it could help me make more girl friends?
I'm too shy to make friends with girls normally. I really don't know why.

>> No.9347146

If you can't normally socialize with other girls, what makes you think being in a con hall with NOTHING BUT GIRLS would help?

>> No.9347149

Fun for jfashion, not so fun for cosplay. Most of my fandoms have more guys in so a female only con would mean less people I want to talk to/have common interests with, but jfashion events without thirsty badly dressed men are ideal.

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Funny I feel like I could say the same of trying to converse with women.

So just what exactly were you trying to discuss with, well, every man you've met in your life.

>> No.9347170

Thanks for the info. I was starting to wonder if we'd been linked somewhere.

>> No.9347171

Well no, cause I'm a man.

>> No.9347172

I wouldn't be surprised if we got linked as well with all the penises showing up.

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figured thread was being feed by some ..hunger

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Hell yes motherfucker. It would be wonderful. The most amazing and hilarious people I've met were girls. I don't agree with this concept that women can't get along or don't like each other.

Traps and trannies are okay too as long as they want to be considered feminine.

>> No.9347207

Four examples. I'm legit not trying to minimize their importance, but women, as a group by and large, we're invisible to geek culture until Spiderman the movie in 2001. Once Hollywood got into the superhero craze, money started pouring in, and geek culture became "cool", THEN the women started arriving. Y'all wasn't with us shooting in the gym; I never saw women or girls in the arcades, in the comic store, or anywhere geeks congregated, and I live in the most cosmopolitan city in the world.

Also, to deny men entry to the world that they supported and nurtured since day one is the height of disrespect and arrogance.

>> No.9347213

yeah but have you considered that men are actual garbage

>> No.9347218

You should get off the website we made then. Also the entire internet in general. Also stop using electricity in general. Or living inside any building built by men.

>> No.9347219

>we're invisible to geek culture until Spiderman the movie in 2001.

nigga, what?

The star trek fandom single handedly invented slash. Think about it: western women were so into star trek that they invented a whole genre about guys fucking each other so they could have their fill of Spock and Kirk more easily.

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If someone were to host a private event, it is up to the discretion of the organizer who attends. If someone wants a female-only gathering for nerd shit, there is literally nothing you can do about it, nor should you care.

The same applies in the hypothetical reverse case, obviously. I'm not one of those who thinks otherwise.

>> No.9347231

men and their fragile egos can't bear the thought of something not being specifically for them

Just see all the whinging and salt upthread

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I'm not saying you can't do it in the sense that it's morally wrong and you shouldn't.

But that you literally can't do it because women are too incompetent to manage important things on their own.

>> No.9347238

Are you nuts, a woman invented cosplay (Myrtle Douglas).

>I never saw women or girls in the arcades, in the comic store, or anywhere geeks congregated, and I live in the most cosmopolitan city in the world.

>I spent 24/7 in each of these places and kept surveillance at all of them so I would know instantly if a woman ever stepped foot inside them. Also I interviewed every single patron to make sure they weren't sharing comics or games with their sisters/daughters etc. I am all knowing and all seeing! Bow before Mankok!

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File: 1.64 MB, 480x480, 1484575064014.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9347245

nah anon, his anecdote must be true of the entire world. he's a man so his experience is universal

>> No.9347246

>we're invisible
>y'all wasn't
>I live in the most cosmopolitan city in the world.
You should take advantage of it's libraries, anon, because you type like a juggalo.

Also women weren't with you in the gym(??) or arcade because you all probably smelled bad and were insufferable to be around.

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>countless female-only spaces exist on collage campuses or trains or what have you
>most men don't care, the few who do simply point out how such things are sexist if no male equivalents exist but get shut out by the screeches of raging feminist harpies
>if anyone tries to make any kind of male-only space those same screeching feminists will start protests, incite full blown riots and even burn buildings because it's apparently sexist

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File: 169 KB, 1010x1036, wtf is going on.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9347252

The thing the article fails to mention is that a women won that season lol. The danger in those circumstances wasn't failing to "survive", but being voted out. I guess the men were worse at navigating the social environment.

>> No.9347257

That's cool. I don't see how it's making your utopian all-female con any closer to reality though.

>> No.9347259

>I guess the men were worse at navigating the social environment.
Well thats apparent from this very thread though.

>> No.9347260

this was just a "what if" not a "how can we" you dumb robot

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>this was just a "what if" not a "how can we"
Just like all of women's history.

>> No.9347265

I think it's cool if men have men only spaces. But you were only strawmanning anyway.

>> No.9347266

Well, it doesn't make it any further away from reality. There's nothing to show that women are too incompetent to manage important things on their own in an environment that isn't axed on adhering strictly to norms to avoid social expulsion.

Plus, honestly, most people are too incompetent to manage important things. Just look at all the shitty conventions there are due to poor management. The general populace is incompetent as hell.

>> No.9347267

>going back to that same argument

Try again, I believe you can do better.

>> No.9347268

>I don't want to be your friend because you do not know anything about Boba Fett and you are incapable of having a stimulating conversation about Speed Force.
I can't talk to girls because they don't have the same interests as a literal child! Space ships go fast!!!

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File: 140 KB, 379x440, 1484816671263.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's almost as if people are individuals with differing opinions and some women couldn't give less of a shit if men want to have their own events or places.

You get the worst stereotypes of the lot crammed in there with you, you can have those smelly fucks. In fact, close them up in an all-male space with you forever. Take one for the team.

>> No.9347273

>Girls can be just as real nerds as you! In fact we actually invented nerdiness!
>Ewww gross losers want to talk about lame comics and space ships where's a Chad wearing fake glasses when you need him.

>> No.9347275

Anon, don't try to reason with it. It's so retarded it can only see people as floating generic pink "WOMAN" and blue "MAN" symbols. It's a lost cause.

>> No.9347277

> that pic
> implying the speed force isn't a retarded concept and the flash equivalent to batman's preptime

anyone who argues if favor of the speed force can suck a dick. It makes impossible to give flash villains that aren't speedsters because it's basically magic.

>> No.9347278

Oh god, you think you're talking to one person, don't you? Go back to your safe space, this place is too dangerous for you.

>> No.9347282

>Ewww gross losers want to talk about lame comics and space ships

> losers mad about having shit taste in comics

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You're right. Women can do literally anything.

>> No.9347286

>tfw deeply into lolita fashion
>stupid ass lolita women never leave me the fuck alone

Yall a buncha thirsty hoes

>> No.9347287

Oh? You have a preferred brand? Favourite print? What colourway? What do you think of RHS? What about two-tone wigs? Do you have to get shirred? How do you feel about replicas?

>> No.9347289

>Where do men come from anon

Oh man this is always my favorite "argument" women have. They think they're being clever and making some point but actually exposing themselves as completely retarded.

First and most obviously, reproduction is a 2 person process. Just because the fetus grows inside the mother doesn't mean the mother alone was responsible for it's creation. A father needs to fertilize her first.

Second, and more importantly, why do you think growing something inside of you is such an impressive achievement? You know what else grows stuff inside of it? Dirt. Are you so proud of having all the same capabilities as dirt? Sorry but if something can be done by a person in a coma then it's not an accomplishment. You need to actually do something with your brain that you weren't just born with as a natural biological function.

>> No.9347290

2/10 you had to bring up politics which will get your post deleted for being off topic and /pol/, you failed anon.

And actually why haven't the mods nuked this thread yet, it's not even remotely cgl at this point.

>> No.9347291

>you think you're talking to one person
No but I may as well be with how predictable women's responses always are.

>> No.9347293

You dense sad little motherfucker that response was to someone saying men did everything ever then you got triggered when it was pointed out it was at the very least 50/50 (which you yourself go on to say), try to keep your sperging to a minimum okay, save some for the other dudebros.

>> No.9347294

The fact that actual fashion and cosplay discussion threads lack these mongs tells you how new they must be to be unable to follow discussion on the actual board topic.

Go home faggots. Stop attention whoring, no one cares about your dick.

>> No.9347295
File: 451 KB, 253x287, damn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>First and most obviously, reproduction is a 2 person process. Just because the fetus grows inside the mother doesn't mean the mother alone was responsible for it's creation. A father needs to fertilize her first.
Holy shit are you for real??? This is blowing my mind. This post really opened my eyes, thanks man.

>> No.9347297


Seems like these questions should be directed towards a female?

>> No.9347299

>I'm deeply into lolita fashion
>b-but d-don't ask me anything about it!

>> No.9347301

But if you're super into lolita fashion, why would your gender matter when talking about it? Where does the interest lie if not in aspects of the fashion? What are you, some kind of fake?

>> No.9347302

Sometimes when a toddler doesn't understand something simple, you have to find a way to explain it to them so that their tiny little brains can process the information. And women are basically just really old toddlers.

>> No.9347305


Honestly I could answer all of them but you assumed my gender and think I give a fuck about rocking horse shoes or two tone wigs

>> No.9347307
File: 87 KB, 720x720, 1404022328743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's an insult to toddlers.

>> No.9347308

No you made it pretty clear you are a Man Posting Here, Look Out Girls I'm A Man, I'm Here to Complain About Women in a Manly Way. Also I am not the original anon who asked you that. If you could answer them all, why didn't you? Plenty of men wear lolita. If you are so into it, you'd know that much at least.

>> No.9347316
File: 1.03 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nqxbw3q4xm1s4qvrdo1_500[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are so right, we girls are really lucky to have such a smart person like you come to our board and share your manly wisdom with us! You must really enjoy talking to girls seeing as you've spent so much time here...we all have so much to learn from you, anon.

>> No.9347320
File: 475 KB, 359x270, c851280dfc35207936e407655e2226bb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

y-you too

>> No.9347322

10/10 bait.

>> No.9347326


But brolitas aren't men?

>> No.9347329

This. They're dainty twinks that I want to see squirm as I bully and step on them.

>> No.9347334
File: 87 KB, 394x500, tumblr_odxwu47xKM1uxd3t8o1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when will mods ban obvious /r9k/ asscouches? they contribute literally nothing to the board and obviously have no idea what's going on here to begin

fuck off back to your cesspool and stop filling up our board with your shit

>> No.9347338


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah CGL is the only board on 4chan waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

>Tfw cgl has the lowest IQ out of all the boards

>> No.9347340

No, no one would talk to me then.

>> No.9347343

literally what does this mean

>> No.9347344

hes having a seizure

>> No.9347348

What the fuck is this tumblr snowflake genderspecial shit you're promoting here, I thought you were the type who believed there were only men and women.

>> No.9347355

I don't know

If I'm hanging out with a larger group of girls I usually feel ok
but if it's just 1 or 2 is when I get really shy and my friend circle is a lot of guys and only few girls? And those girls are all really close with each other so I feel even more left out

I probably should have said that to begin with haha

>> No.9347361

Don't tell them that women started Comiket too.

>> No.9347364
File: 229 KB, 1200x900, 1485224854824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoa holy shit calm down.

It's not like girls had sleep overs, Bachelorette parties, have busses and bathrooms consisting of only them, host satanic rituals casting curses, or host a wedding for a fictional couple, have Lolita meets, confide in each other backstage at a strip club or anything else that consists of only or a majority of them together in one place. Never.

>> No.9347367


fujos need to kill themselves

>> No.9347372

This is so over the top. I love it.

>> No.9347391

To be blunt yes and it would be rolling with lesbians and girls who would dress sexy who weren't lesbians just to be verified by lesbians while the lesbians try to hit on them.

Jesus fucking christ. I would go just for the thirst of the lesbians.

>> No.9347393

>women are bad because [strawman] and [anecdote]
>men are bad because [strawman] and [anecdote]

edgiest thread of the year
get some respectable attributes, anons, and maybe you'll be able to attract somebody "good enough" for you
reminder that if the only people you interact with from the other sex are shit people then you're gross enough to repel every good member of the opposite sex

>> No.9347397

Lolita meets and con's have nothing in common other than they're both attended by conlita's

They are

>> No.9347398

Being reasonable is no fun.

>> No.9347401

yeah but these attitudes are part of the reason why the family as a unit is being destroyed in the west, and i like the west
just doing my little part, anon

>> No.9347402

go back to /r9k/

>> No.9347403

/r9k/ produces awful, broken men incapable of developing any form of virtue

>> No.9347405

I think you mean 4chan in general.

>> No.9347406

perhaps you're right, but /r9k/ is ground zero

>> No.9347410

Isnt Yaoicon mostly female?

>> No.9347411

Before /r9k/ there were ronrey threads on late night /a/ and we all came together, anon and femanon, in shared pathetic lonliness.

Then Athens showed up and ruined everything.

>> No.9347412

>trying to act old when you don't even know the full history of /r9k/ and just think it's always been le scary misogynist neckbeard boogeyman

>> No.9347415
File: 472 KB, 639x400, 059e15f10e35502914e75f385c7b1b8d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT: Boys mad they can't come to our Tupelware party

>> No.9347418

what is tupel ware anon

>> No.9347419

But I'm not claiming to know /r9k/. I'm only talking about /a/ rornery theads before robots came about, which turned into misogyny over time.
As for /r9k/, all I remember was it was supposed to be "new /b/" originally, but /v/ was new /b/.

>> No.9347423

Of course. I go to cons to hang out with friends, enter the cosplay competition and see panels. There are 15 people in my con friend group and only one of them is a guy, his gf would probably not go either if he couldn't, so I still get to see 13 friends, enter a competition and see panels without having to turn down advances from guys trying to hit on me.

>> No.9347425
File: 879 KB, 370x256, 3DPD get out.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good thing /a/ wised up, learned your true evil and stopped welcoming 3DPD.

>> No.9347430
File: 386 KB, 1041x1265, 1354663580772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes because there's a better chance I could bring a girl home and have weird cosplay sex with her.

>> No.9347431

i've never seen a more tumblr art style

>> No.9347432

Are you kidding? The noses aren't even glowing red like rudolph.

>> No.9347435

yeah but the bottom female looks like her body is made out of some infinitely malleable rubber-like material and an image that is meant to represent lesbian sex instead looks like the triumph of a girl with multicoloured hair over some weird rubber human-shaped monster

>> No.9347436

pretty sure these are meant to be mlp characters
also this is clearly some top-tier deviantart level awfulness, not even remotely tumblr

>> No.9347447

when will we learn that the separation, mistrust, and seeds of insecurity are all part of an evil, capitalist agenda?

I am a female and I've been a nerd and a weirdo my whole life. I was kept from doing a lot of the things I wanted by my parents, who constantly tried to keep me tied under rigid norms for my gender. that's why you didn't see me in the comic shop, or the arcade every weekend.

I was never broken though. I am a strong critical thinker and very willfull. now that I'm an adult I get to fully and publicly express my love for the things I've always loved.

a lot of girls have to secretly practice their geeky ways, else they fear never marrying, and being a knocked up wife is all we have in life, right??? many of them break under the discouraging nuture torture of "be like X, even though you are inclined to Z!"

we're all people dudes. stop believing that bullshit about all girls are the same and can't be authentic nerds, geeks, off-beat weirdos.

anyway, a female-friendly con would probably be fun and relaxing. I wouldn't feel frustrated because people are going to quiz me about my hobbies or have no interest in my person beneath my skin.
if only y'all could walk a mile in my tea parties you'd understand, chill out, and make more friends.

>> No.9347452

never have i ever seen a more blue pilled post

>> No.9347453

This made me laugh. I love my salty gulls. Robots are frothing in this thread.

>> No.9347457

I went to a "man only" con once. Guess what it was? It was a furry con my friends and I crashed for laughs. Ended up being extremely uncomfortable. It was actually about 1 woman to every 9 men. You can keep your furry safe space.

>> No.9347458

God, yes. I'd hook up with so many cute cosplay grils.

>> No.9347459

>I went to a man only con once
>except there was no kind of rule about there only being men allowed and there were women there as well

Even within the context of your own troll story that doesn't make sense.

>> No.9347462

>"hooking up" with more than one person

>> No.9347472

Too many cuties to have only one

>> No.9347475

those who follow short-sighted hedonism will be the first to go on the day of the rope

>> No.9347480

That's the joke, robot.

>> No.9347484

Of course.
>btw I've been trans mtf for exactly 15 minutes
>don't assume my gender
>fucking shitlord

>> No.9347498

>Robots are frothing in this thread

Exactly why I wouldn't want to be forced into a male only con.

>> No.9347517

No offense but aren't girls who are into lolita constantly bitching about each other? All comms seem to be huge drama fests.

>> No.9347523

I'd love one. That's why I went to lolita, 0 creepy dudes around the place.

>> No.9347531

I really don't understand how some of you guys don't have self awareness. You know how you guys have /cow/ off 4chan, will get salty at "Chad", will shit on gaming celebs or whatever e-celebs you have from your boards? Lolita and it's self-contained, frivolous drama is so much more minor than any of that. Just because it's girls and foreign to you, I guess it comes off as scary. You really need to look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and think about the "huge drama fests" within your own hobbies, which are probably massive and could actually impact people in real life, unlike some niche fashion.

>> No.9347532

Fuck yes but only if it was a blanket ban on men - no attendees, staff, vendors, or guests. Talk about relaxing!

>> No.9347539



but a racist con would be nice, gotta exclude somebody.

>> No.9347549

Well, how would you enforce that?
If you're just going off what's on licenses, ftms can still get in.

>> No.9347553

show vagina

>> No.9347554

Funniest thread in awhile desu

>> No.9347556

ftms can still have a vagina, but a couple of years on testosterone still makes them people I wouldn't want at a girls-only con.

>> No.9347564

then they need both a vagina and the ability to pass a testosterone:estrogen ratio check. as a third absolute measure, their reactions to the phrase "transexualism is a mental illness" must be measured. those with averse reactions ought not be allowed entry

>> No.9347566

What happens when a lady with PCOS or other hormonal issues fails the hormone check?

>> No.9347567

Get the fuck out.

>> No.9347568

they can bring in a doctor signed note

>> No.9347569

/r9k/ please leave.

>> No.9347571

What if she doesn't know about the problem until you do the test?

>> No.9347573

then the con has the extra social benefit of diagnosing pcos sufferers

>> No.9347575

Heh. It's funny how so many gulls associate left wing beliefs exclusively with women. As if a girl who feels uncomfortable at the idea of guys in drag in our spaces don't exist.

Stop monopolising the discourse. You don't speak for me. MTF men are not one of us.

>> No.9347576

transexuality is literally a mental illness, anon. sorry that you spend your entire life virtue signalling by praising illness, ill health and degeneracy in society

>> No.9347577

oh look a terf

>> No.9347579

you realise that making up stupid meme words actually inhibits your ability to hold conversation, right?

>> No.9347580

I don't identify as a feminist full stop. Third wave is retarded. Radfems are equally mentally ill but at least have some concern for women and aren't solely concerned with turning their personal insecurities into "activism" (slutwalks etc)

>> No.9347581

You also realize that calling terms 'meme words' is just as ridiculous right? I didn't pull that out of my ass

I'm honestly laughing imaging that most of the people in this thread are lolitas because it actually makes a lot of sense

>> No.9347585

it's a word that's exclusively used in circlejerk feminist conversation and that nobody outside of the in-group would be able to understand, so using it in conversation outside of the in-group is more meaningless than simply typing out the full meaning of the acronym, which would actually be understood.

>> No.9347602

You obviously knew what it meant so ???

>> No.9347615

after researching the acronym, you idiot