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I know request threads are frowned upon, but if you wouldn't mind, could you share some of your favorite coords or just coords you think look great in general? Doesn't have to be just lolita either.

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I'll drop a few from my inspo folder

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Doing a dump as well.

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Not for everyone, but I appreciate the use of color in this one.

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This is one of my favourites and one that I show people when they ask me about lolita

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I hate almost all the coords you've posted so far but I like this one and I hadn't seen it before so thank you

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Last one

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hm, I thought I had more. Oh well, requesting anyone to post who has similar taste to me

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I find this so beautiful

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I really like this silhouette where the dress/skirt ends well below the knee or a longer underskirt is used to achieve a similar effect. Anyone have more of it?

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I'll post a few

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This is mostly hair goals desu

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she looks like a victorian hooker (in a good way)

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These would have been so perfect if it wasn't for the wigs. Why do lolita's insist on using such obvious fake ones? If you can afford a nice lolita wardrobe why be stingy when it comes to wigs?

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This picture made me want to be a lolita and it's still one of my faves

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For me it was this that really made me want to go into otome.

Years later and I still haven't achieved that effortless mis-matchyness that she does so easily.

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I don't see what's mismatched about this

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Last one I'll dump

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Beautiful. I'm kind of new, can someone explain was style of lolita this is?

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I love this for it's good use of props & backdrop.

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Looks like a mash up of lolita & mori-girl.

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that's what I thought, ty.

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No problem, anon.

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does anyone remember this girl's tumblr? Google not giving me anything and I'd like to follow her.

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What dress is this??
>pls don't be handmade pls don't be handmade pls don't be handmade

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This is just too much

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Her name is Fanny Rosie. She's stopped wearing lolita though.

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Her name is Fanny Rosie, you should be able to find her tumblr easily.

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Dream dress

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This is technically a shop photo but I just love it so much

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Sauce on her hair accessory?

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Did she really?? That makes me so sad...

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she wears a lot more otome-like outfits, which are just as beautiful

pic related is a recent coord of hers that still looks a bit lolita, just toned down.

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No she didn't. All she did is stopped calling her stuff Lolita. She recently went to a brand tea party.

It is guys like you who made her stop th label btw. Calling her stuff not Lolita got to her.

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>that still looks a bit lolita
This is exactly why she "doesn't wear lolita anymore"

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I'm definitely not an authority on what is and isn't lolita desu. I don't even wear it. I was just being conservative with my wording so as to not trigger anyone, but I guess that backfired.

>> No.9345084

Then you have something in common with fanny rosie. Some people are so afraid of backlash they don't want to call coords that are slightly different from what we're used to lolita. That's also why there are so many otome coords that aren't really otome but it's a saver label to use.

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honestly, I don't blame her. Calling something lolita that doesn't strictly fit the guidelines is probably the worst sin in this community, based on my limited experience.

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No she has not. She wears it less often due to the weather. She still tags coords like >>9345002 as lolita fashion and she regularly is on top of the insta classic lolita tag.

Also >>9345002 is clearly fucking lolita fashion, not otome you walnut.

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Posting some of my favorite coordinates and why

This is the perfect casual coordinate to me, and there are so many little details in it. I love the sunglasses necklace and how it doesn't match with the rest of the outfit.

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I really love romantic frill, it's a simple relatively old school OP, but it's the prime example of "lolita" in my mind. Shame AP never puts out pieces like it anymore.

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I love seeing people toy with color, and the pink x black x white combination is interesting. Also, I love aprons.

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SmileySquid had really great coordinates, and this is no exception. I love the creepy cute combination with sweet colors.

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I love seeing white shoes in gothic

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Kammie was *the* ultimate deco-lolita.

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Takulu is another person with always phenomenal coordinates. Her wig is cute too.

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This might be my favorite OTT coordinate. The little cotton candy prop gets me every time.

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Just noticed but is she standing on a piece of cardboard?

>> No.9345288

She is, probably because shoes inside a house in Japan is a huge no-no.

>> No.9345310

Please. The worst sin is being ita with a replica.

>> No.9345439

I never said it was otome. I was referring to her other recent coords.

>> No.9345446

Okay so I don't know much about Misako, but does she actually dress herself or do brands just give her coords to wear? I know she's a model so that would make the most sense to me (in the same way that celebrities have personal stylists and such).

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my all time favorite coord

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incredible ouji

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As a model, they give her everything that she wears, and she'll wear stuff she wouldn't normally (Like wearing a JSK without a blouse). Her personal style doesn't take a lot of risks and is very 'daily wear' she refers to it as 'soft lolita' if you need a reference point.

>> No.9345767

She buys her own clothes and loves lolita but I think the picture you're replying to is from a photoshoot. She doesn't get to keep things from photoshoots. >>9343448 is definitely all her own.

>> No.9345829

eh, she was a lolita for years and years, but once she hit her groove it was slightly out of the norm and some people would have a bitchfest about it. Frankly, I don't blame her for distancing herself. It seemed like too many people wanted her to get in line, and that would have squashed the creativity that makes her looks so stunning.
>still fave lolita desu

>> No.9345850

Yeah I know she wears a lot of non-lolita but she also has a lot of coords that could be lolita but she calls vintage inspired, otome or something else, she's said because other people say it's not lolita.

>> No.9345889

I already saw several pics of them. What's the source?

>> No.9345890

I love this. So classy.

>> No.9346005

Yes, but my point was that every time she wore lolita that wasn't straight from-the-catalogue-IW someone would have a fit and it just wasn't worth it in the end. She's a long time lolita who stopped tagging because she wore unique coords that got people's panties in a twist.
>sage for off topic

>> No.9346131

Does anyone know where to find a similar blouse? It looks beautiful

>> No.9347349

Lol, >>9344187 is not wearing a wig. Her hair looks gorgeous too. And the Holy Lantern coord is terrible.

>> No.9347474

totally using this as inspo for my old school tartan jsk

>> No.9348513

Is it bad that I really like Choke's coordinates? She is one of my main inspirations for some outfits

>> No.9348806

Yeah if someone sold a bad wig you are not allowed to like how they dress anymore

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I heard that lolita brand models have to buy all the dresses they model in. Is that true?

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