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Is it a legitimate substyle?
What do you have to do to make it work?
Post the good and the bad.

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Might be cosplay? But was tagged as ero loli.

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No, it's just an excuse for the attention whores the try to be a slutty lolita. Ero hasn't been done right in 10 years

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Is ero ouji a thing?

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Looks like a Sakizo cosplay.

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Yeah, totally agree. Ero lolita is WRONG, is everything you dont have to do in Lolita (I think)

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So fucking true. The only people who do ~ero~ are itas and attention seekers.

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How so? It's only lolita with fetish elements after all, just because an outfit contains leather or corsets it suddenly isn't lolita anymore.

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Ero lolita got triggered huh?
It can't be Lolita, get over it. Maybe some outfits could work with those accs, but i dunno.

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yikes, looks so vulgar.

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You sound new.

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I actually love this.

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Don't get me wrong, I think ero is -possible-, but I haven't seen modern era lolitas do it well. It's always really trashy looking, doesn't look like lolita, or it's just a hot mess. I don't think anyone who does ero nowadays thinks 'this is a challenging "substyle" to pull off, I should put some thought into it', it's more like 'an excuse to show my TITS?? hot diggedy dog, sign me up!'

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So tell me gulls, what makes a good ero coord?

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kid with a "muh pure lolitas" fetish #triggered?

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I'd say quality materials and construction, tasteful bending of lolita rules (but not smashing them with a sledgehammer), extra focus on the general lolita aesthetic and detailing, etc

ie: don't let it be costume-y and recognize the fact that if you are taking away some aspects of the lolita aesthetic, you better have the rest locked down.

oh, and no ddlg shit

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can you supply examples of it being done right?

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i try not to judge, but jesus. this is apocalyptic.

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Something so experimental isn't allowed on cgl

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At the very least, an ero coord should have a lolita silhouette. Consider a unified theme and don't wear such cheap looking things (wigs, corsets and stockings seem to be the worst offenders).

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Only one I like.

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People take the ero part too literally. It's still not supposed to be super sexy just slightly more so than standard lolita which isn't sexy at all.

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Pretty sure I've seen this get up on Leg Avenue's site.

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You're an idiot.

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The resemblance is uncanny.

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Is that editing, or does her face just really look like that?

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moon kana is love, moon kana is life

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Tamie (in OP's pic) is one of the best ero lolitas around. I think your standards might be near unreachable because she does a damn great job in Antique Beast.

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This is a concert costume but I find it really lovely for ero inspiration.

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Good ero should have an air of sensuality and tease about it.Think more high-class boudoir and less street corner prostitute. Proper lolita silhouette is still a must and there shouldn't be too much thigh or cleavage on show. Elements like leather, strappy boots, long gloves and corsets work well because they have a level of fetish which isn't completely outrageous. An ero coord needs the same amount of detail, quality and balance as any other coord, if not more. I think where most ero fails is the lack of quality and cohesiveness. People will try to throw together something with their "beginner's bondage kit" and it looks ill thought-out and sloppy. I love good ero because it's so beautifully sensual but I could probably count the coords I've seen which I actually like on my hands.

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who is this?

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Moon Kana

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>reposting in a short thread


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I like this as a goth outfit but I don't think there enough lolita elements. This girl actually has some good examples of ero coords, she wears a lot of antique beast. (i think she might have something to do with them?) Generally ero only makes sense within/basically is just straight up gothic or old school anyway, and I think it can be done well. see;


All good examples imo, pretty much all just short gothic jsks with platform shoes and no blouse

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Not really. It's less of a thing than ero lolita at lest. Since ouji is inspired by menswear, there's not really much a basis for it, since men don't traditionally don't dress "sexy."

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>pretty much all just short gothic jsks with platform shoes and no blouse
I think you are spot on. That's the formula of the nice coords people generally approve as ero. They can actually get pretty repetitive even just looking at this thread.

Corset alone + asymmetrical skirt + platform is reserved for magazine shoots and celebrities, and almost only made by Triple Fortune. Sadly most people jumped onto this formula with mediocre quality items and end up failing miserably.

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I love this, faux-dreads and all

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This one looks like one of those "sexy" Marie Antoinette costumes. Tacky and cheap.

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How is this ero at all tho, boots and hair with mask are very cyber but thats pretty much it, unless you say thats ero? bag is too cutesy

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Fucking newfag

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I love Ero but this is trashy as fuck why would you even include this?

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>showing vag

Just wear your whore clothes freely but stop calling it lolita.

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Why are you looking at that area so closely, anon?

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I'm not that anon, but I agree that if your panties are showing in a what's supposed to be a lolita coord (even an ero one), you've mad a mistake somewhere.

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i was including what i could find on recent instagram posts, even if i did not like them (/cgl/ is bad at not just rehashing old shit). that coord was too WTF not to share.

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the trouble with ero ouji is

1. the most commonly shared pics are nouji "ero kodona" shit made by shotacons;
2. a lot of ero lolita attempts use(d) bloomers without skirts, and some people think bloomers make good ero ouji shorts (they don't);
3. lolitas cannot picture sexy ouji without feminizing it. it's like nobody has ever looked at the cover of a romance or vampire novel before.

Thomas Lin wore some gross booty shorts and an open shirt in an attempt at sexy ouji. before that, Bakasoseji did pic related at a convention. the open shirt does not make the coord trashy in my opinion, but ymmv. it does push it towards ero though.

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>me in charge of articulating my thoughts without sounding retarded

gdi i hope that made sense. my point is that ero ouji tends to fail because people draw a blank on what erotic gentlemen might look like. avoid being a shotafag or lolita-in-bloomers and look to pics of sexy vampires, pirates, Utena antagonists, etc., fot inspo.

>pic semi-related, for the "when you see it" factor

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also, here is some ero aristocrat. a lot of Moitie's EGA items are ero to begin with (corsets, harnesses). Mana is not afraid to bare his chest or don some PVC, and we can learn from his example.

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I'm pretty sure that's caused by the angle from her leaning back a bit.

>> No.9342910

Christ I used to know that guy.

Thanks for pointing that out anon. Now I can never unsee it.

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FYI, this is a rare/very sought after and expensive Meta piece. Your newfag is showing.

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Still looks like a cheap Halloween costume, sorry.

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Yea uh, go look at stock pics. It's not cheap costume shit.

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Seen them, not impressive.

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Doesn't make it anywhere near on par with Leg Avenue... >.>

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Does she still wear the fashion or post anywhere? I've always thought she had great taste