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Share what makes you happy lately anons. Keep it /cgl/ related!

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>poor student
>do a lot of thrifting for blouses and other accessories
>go to thrift store, past few times have turned up zilch
>find a whole group of beautiful vintage blouses, grab them all and go try them on
>tears of joy all the way home, spent $7 on 5 blouses

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>Share what makes you happy lately anons. Keep it /cgl/ related!
>It's going to sound utterly stupid but here it goes.
In all honesty after browsing this board for a while. If I had friends or even a girlfriend that loved cons and cosplay. I would support her with it. But mainly just thinking if I ever went to a con. I would be the guy that lets the group set up/crash at mine. Set up lunches and supplies for the days. Bring a couple of cameras. You know enjoy it for what it is. Buy food for people at said con and just enjoy the atmosphere really. But it makes me happy knowing I can be that guy. Just need to carry on and hope for when the day comes. But this board is enjoyable.

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>me and partner do an online test together to find out what our fetishes are for eachother (it's like 'yes/no/only if my partner wants to' thing but doesn't show the other person your 'no' responses)
>lots of kinky stuff in there
>incuding costume sex
>already ordering a load of toys and cheap costumes off aliexpress
>world of fun awaits at every future convention

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>have a weird fetish for cumming on women's clothing
>get a bunch of lolita stuff because lolitas are cute
>use a handful of blouses as cum rags
>get really turned on by the idea of someone wearing them
>give then to a thrift store
>come back a week later and they're ALL sold

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>things that never happened.txt

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>meet girl who shares the same extremely niche political beliefs as me AND is a lolita
>she wants to be penpals
>excited to break out the cute stationary and shit
I won't be specific about the political beliefs to avoid starting shit, but they're rare and I've never met anyone else who shares them and an interest in j-fashion.
She doesn't live near me, but it's nice to meet others who share the same interests.

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It isn't unusual to find a lolita who thinks pedophilia should be legalized, Anon.

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While I don't think people should be using normie blouses in lolita, I'm more worried about >>9329762 and the unsafe sex toys she's buying

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Oh this thread is already a trainwreck

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Don't worry, only his toys will be the cheap ones.

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order toys from

Unless you want to enjoy your whip factory getting cancer.

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wow. You really care about your partner don't you?

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It was a joke, anon

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>implying you're funny

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>Tfw keep buying QT things for SO

How do I stop

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Canned /cgl/ response:
Dump him.

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What happens if I'm not a female though

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I think the girl I asked out will say yes

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Dump him anyway.

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>Got some nasty replies to a post
>Formulated elaborate replies in my head
>Didn't post anything in the end
>I'm not swallowing your shitty bait
>Only sucking on it in private...

In the end I can pleasantly know that I spared a thread some needless drama. I'm content with being a coward.know

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Doing God's work anon.

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she won't. I've been there too many times. If you "think" she'll say yes, it's only because you have too much genuine confidence in yourself. A good helping of constant rejection can cure this! Then when your confidence is shattered you can be given advice like "you need more confidence, just fake it till ya make it!!! :)" just to add salt to your wound.

Cynical Anon.

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Don't mind the salty girls down thread for hating on normie blouses in lolita, they don't seem to understand sometimes old ladies will clean out their closets and donate their vintage frills. Good for you anon, good thrift finds are the best!

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Ahhh lucky! I literally worked in a thrift store for three years and the only loliable large item (not shoes/accessories/jackets) we got donated was a vintage communion dress, so I'm always super envious of people who get good finds.

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>Actually have time off to go to a meet for a local cosplay community
>everyone's really nice and funny
>don't feel out of place even though I've missed plenty of other meetups
>more meetups planned that I'm excited about attending
>Finally feel like I won't have to be cooped up in the house

I made a promise to myself this year to get out more outside of cons (thanks to whoever told me to just get off my ass and go for it a few Feels Threads back) and it's starting to pay off.

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>tfw got this whole set in perfect condition for 200$ fees included.
I'm so happy I squealed like a weeb. Sugar Pansy has been a dream dress of mine since 6 years now and I finally got it.

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She already said yes

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my loved ones like lolita and buy me brand, i have fun and productive hobbies, i have a group of lolita friends who like and respect me, i'm pretty cute, and i'm set up for a successful future

it sounds braggy but not enough people recognize their own strengths and how good their lives are. try it some time

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Thanks, anon!
I know I'm happy with my finds and I love how they look, salty seagulls or not.

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I just got the dress I've been waiting for, and the rest of the coord is completely done and I'm wearing it for the first time tomorrow!

living the dream! I'm so happy for you! I hope to be there one day!

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I'm horribly depressed and everyday I spend an hour just crying in the shower.

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was about to call you a cuck, but this is actually really sweet

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Damn nigga how much you paying a month for water??

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Link to this online test?

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It makes me jelly anon, have fun!

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I've been losing weight pretty good lately but that won't change how ugly I look so eh, yay?

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I found this one on my travels which was linked from reddit so its maybe this one?


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It's easy to be that guy if you have some fun money to spend. Get hotel room, fill bathtub with ice and beer, invite /cgl/. Presto changeo life of the party.

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chill senpai

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Why do you think he is so depressed.

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>literally just post pictures of me with asian phone filters on tumblr
>3,000 followers, my photos get 100 notes maximum
>had two different people offering to sponsor me in a week
is this some scam to try to get my adress?
someones offering me free keratin products.. and the second is offering me.. beef jerky?

I am confused but have high hopes

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>really nervous in new job on college campus
>horrible with names of professors
>wearing favorite Batman shirt
>professor notices "Nice Batman shirt.. or rather, Batgirl?"
>explain to professor that actually, Batgirl is the name of my dog
>name is unrelated, she just has a head shape like a fruit bat
>"Oh so you must be a fan then! I got a question for you, it might be difficult to answer."
>is this the moment I hear about in all those fake geek girl tales?
>"So which is the better Joker, Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson?"
>automatically explain there's no way you can pick a best one out of the two because they're two completely different takes on the Joker and it depends on preference for a more humorous or generally dark and unsettling Joker
>tell him easily the worst is Jared Leto though
>professor lights up, spends the next ten minutes discussing Batman with me while I file papers
>can't wait to see him today and show him my friend's Batman cosplay

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When I wore Princess Cat OP for the first time the other day the guy I like greeted me with 'hi princess!'.
Sorry for boring feel but I can't stop smiling whenever I remember that moment. Which I guess is a little pathetic...

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Nvm the keratin guy was a swinger who wanted to get me to join..

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That's cute, anon! Does he know you like him?

>> No.9332614

That's freaking adorable.

>> No.9332617

I would think so but he made it clear he's not available for relationships because he's focusing on ~~following his dream~~ (sorry, not trying to make fun of people with ambitions but every time I hear people saying they can't have significant others because they focus all their energy on some kind of work-related/professional goal I eyeroll so hard I can practically see the back of my skull. As an adult I think one should be able to do both? I don't know, it's not like you have to spend every waking moment together.)
But still can't help it, I like him just so much.

And thank you, anon!

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The correct answer was "Mark Hamill."

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>passing through the thrift shop
>siffing through the hump billionth box
>all dead people clothes, great
>behind the box I see something bordeaux
>pull it out
>lo and behold, it's a roll of thick wool
>ask if I can do the burn test
>no plastic, shit checks out
>buy it for a tenner and the clerk asked me twice if I knew that it cost that much, as if he was ripping me off
>also found some sick shoes for LARP

And a short one
>walking back from a test today
>girl from my class feels my lats
>"wow anon, are you on steroids? You've gotten twice as big!"
>laugh autisticly and mutter something about bulking and that I'm really quite small compared to my gymbuddies
>autisticly shuffle out
Still fucking proud on all the compliments I've been getting though.

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As an adult you have the right to think that and as an adult they have the right to do things you don't agree with. So sorry it doesn't fit in your grand scheme of things but just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean you should be eyerolling.

>> No.9332685

Wow anon, no need to get so defensive.

>> No.9332687

Sorry. Just tired of people jumping down others throats simply because career > relationship. Not everyone wants a rom-com life.

>> No.9332688

Only person jumping down somebody's throat here is you buddy....

>> No.9332698

Actually have never jumped down anyone's throat because of it and keep the eye rolling (which is more out of sadness than anything really, not because I don't agree with their life choices or anything) strictly internal. On the outside I just go kind of "Oh. That's too bad, but such is life I guess" and try to get on with my day.
That person's life is his own and he has every right to do as he pleases but that doesn't t mean I can't be sad about it.

Also I'm sorry for derailing the good feels thread.

>> No.9332730

It's okay, anon. I hope you meet someone else who will treat you right!

>> No.9332772

Awesome finds, anon! You sound cute, you probably weren't as autistic as you think

>> No.9332790

Thanks, somehow managed to make the thought of it a bit less cringy looking back.

Also, this whole thread has a nice fuzzy feeling to it. Good job guys, making me, and I hope a whole lot of other people smile!

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>TFW you will never have loved ones into Lolita
>TFW people will never support your hobbies
>TFW you're not cute
>TFW none of your hobbies are productive
>TFW you don't have a bright future
>TFW you ronly strength is the ability to endure terrible stenches due to growing up in a household with 3 men who showered maybe one every 2 months and threw garbage everywhere

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>TFW this means it can only go up on the love spectrum! Ain't no growth like when you start at the bottom!
>TFW you got a whole board supporting your hobby
>TFW with the right attitude, or to the right person anybody can be cute
>TFW Lolita or cosplay gets you into arts and craft, or just liking anime or cons can land you tons of lasting friends!
>TFW the future is all yours! Carpe diem!
>TFW garbageman is actually a really wel paying job for the fews hours you make!

>> No.9332809

>finally commission first cosplay
>ask con socialite I knew in Highschool for a reference
>end up speaking to a professional seamstress who specializes in exactly what I wanted made
Holy fuck I have never been this excited to spend a fuck load of money

>> No.9332826

nayrt but bless you, this is a great attitude to have.

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thanks Anon, I feel better

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>drunk consex
>bitch is crazy and constantly asking to meet again over FB
>tell her I was drunk out of my mind and apologize
>she was sober, so if the tables were turned I'd be getting rape charges but whatever
>3 mo this later she starts telling me she's pregnant
>fuck that noise I don't even fucking know you
>after a few months of ignoring her ass she shows up at my doorstep crying
>tell her to pay for a paternity test
>she says it's too expensive
>don't even reply to that shit
>1 month later she says her dad will pay for it
>results in today
>I'm not the daddy

never get drunk at con after parties. just don't. i wish her luck in tracking down the real daddy, cause god knows she's probably fucked horses with how slutty she is.

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Dodged a bullet there anon, what's up with so many sluts being completely bonkers?


>> No.9332878

most of her FB friends are all lowlifes with mcjobs and who just drink all day everyday and party just like her. chances are she was only so strongly after me cause I actually have a respectable personal life. I didn't even give her my FB either, she tracked me down from con photos and I pretty much removed her after a month of her shenanigans. that's when she got full crazo

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What are they trump supporters?

>> No.9333071

Got two lolita dresses in the mail. One is a saxxwhite btssb jsk and the other is angelic pretty's glass bottle of tears in black colorway!! I love angelic pretty, their stuff is SO DETAILED.

>> No.9333097

original poster here, yeah it's that one

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Acquired two dream dresses in my ideal cuts and colorways for 300 dollars total. Happy, happy day!

>> No.9333330

>look through a bunch of years-old old conversations feeling sad and nostalgic
>find all of the cringey pictures of my first lolita coords and old selfies that I only showed to family and my non-lolita best friends
>thought I was hot shit at the time because I owned nice pieces and could coord decently, but still ended up looking bad because I couldn't do hair or make-up and wore shitty wigs
>was recovering from an ED and appeared in a lot of pics because I thought I was skinny, pretty and well-dressed
>actually just a spooky scary skeleton-chan whose face didn't fit the aesthetic
>posted online more then than now, so scared that old comm and old friends only remember arrogant ita me
>wish I could just erase all memories of that period, no wonder some of my friends thought lolita looked embarrassing

>I can really clearly see progress now
>threw out the medicore wigs and bought better ones
>got into a nice routine with hairstyling and can look cute with my natural hair
>gained weight and now slim with a cute face instead of scary bony
>don't take DSLR-quality photos but I do better than the blurry shit I used to
>learnt to edit colour/light levels to improve stuff
>learnt to pose to take flattering selfies
>learnt how to do make-up and can now do a lot of different styles to suit my face and different looks
>coords were always fine but are a lot less basic now
>have to admit I probably didn't help my case by dressing badly, but friends that hated lolita then still dislike it now even though I dress a lot better these days, so I guess it's their problem not mine
>guess if I want friends and family to know I dress better now I should send them some more recent coord shots, but I'm still kind of shy

>> No.9333353

I think you should definitely reconnect with your old friends/comm. people change, and you can tell people that you realize you were whatever back then and you want to be in the swing of things again. I believe in you, anon!

>> No.9333355

My shopping service got the clothes I've been dreaming about ^_^

>> No.9333380

I'm not a loner or anything, I'm active in a comm now, I just moved to a different area around the same time I started to git gud so I barely ever see anyone from back then except through Facebook. I still miss some of them because they were really nice people, but I don't have any opportunity to meet them IRL. I do think I should send my family some more coord pics though, my grandma always loved them.

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I get to do a haul in about 15 days. I'm excitedly picking out items ahead of time.

>> No.9333700

Mark Hamill is in a league all his own, buddy.

Besides I'm biased towards the era of beautiful shit that was the 90s movies with Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, and glorious nipple armor.

Batman & Robin is my favorite all time movie, no matter how bad it is.

>> No.9333701

This makes me surprisingly giddy. Please post haul collages!

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Autism action anon here, and after hearing from people on the CGL discord I was apparently missing a lot of obvious signs I asked her out.

Got a date with her this week, we're all going to get there anons!

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>tfw I pre-ordered my very first JSK today
>lolita has been my first introduction to j-fashion and although I have been following it for four years now, I was never able to build a wardrobe back then due to being a noob and a hs student
>discovered different j-fashions thanks to cgl, currently have a nice larme wardrobe with multiple coord possibilities
>had a falling out with lolita as a fashion, but still enjoyed looking at coords and keeping up with dramu
>series with a gorgeous print got announced
>I fell in love instantly, knew immediately it was a dream dress
>now that I've pre-ordered it I feel excited about making lolita coords using paint/photoshop again just like 3-4 years ago

I'm so happy that after all these years, I have finally made my very first step towards a lolita wardrobe.

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>tfw nearly 20 brand main pieces within my first 4 months of lolita
>tfw half of them are new releases i really coveted


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I'm trying to save money for this summer to go to a pretty big con and so far it's working. I'm going to shitty fast food restaurants way less often than usual and only when I can't cook, and I stopped buying video games and books I know I won't play or read yet because I already bought all the rare ones I wanted. It feels great not having bad spending habits anymore, at least so far! I also love not having unexpected purchases to make, I had to replace my phone right before a con and it really sucked. I'm just hoping I'll go to the con with friends this time, they usually can't.
My new year resolution was to spend less time online, save money and manage my free time well and it's working so far.

>> No.9334687

Look at you go anon, keep up the good work!

>> No.9334690

Thanks! I feel like it's only the beginning of the year so I still have to make efforts to not have these bad habits again, I need to stay motivated.

>> No.9334694
File: 193 KB, 842x1536, WillemDenStercke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bad habits are just what you say they are, habits. Just as easy to get a good habit as a bad habit anon, 40 day rule is golden here!
If you do something for 40 days on end you pretty much have it in your system, good or bad!
All in all, you're almost 3/4th of the way there, let's stay motivated anon, we're all going to make it.

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File: 77 KB, 640x640, 3706621b-0de5-4ef8-b86e-99f4bb78789f..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TFW still a virgin when I woke up this morning

Only 3 more years until I get to chant my first spell. Wish me luck, though I won't need it.

>> No.9335202

I really needed this right now, not for spending but for weight loss.

One day im not going to just "fit" my dresses, im going to look good in them too!

>> No.9335214

That's the spirit anon, I'm sure you can make it! I mean, not eating is literally doing less work than eating more!

Quick tips on how to stick to your diet (remember, crash diets don't work, bettering your food choices does!)
Drink, drink, drink, drink! Drinking water and coffee gives you the same fulfilled feeling as eating does, so if you got one more hour to go 'till dinner don't grab a snack, just slam down water.
Apple vinegar, it's a little nasty, and bad for your teeth if you don't clean with water right after, but apple vinegar helps with hunger in a tremendous amount!
And most important of all; stay busy. You won't even know you're hungry when you're running around all the time, boredom leads to shit eating!

Let's go and make it anon!

>> No.9335221

So a long time ago I posted in the feels thread about how my mom and family hasn't complimented me on anything since I left and did lolita fashion. Which sounds shallow but it's been 3 years since I left and they very pointedly disproved of anything that I did.This month we had a huge talk and afterwards they were asking more about lolita fashion. We were laughing and my sister tried on my wigs. For the first time in 3 years my family approved of me and said I was beautiful. I couldn't be happier right now.

>> No.9335227

>have pretty rotten luck when it comes to commissions, with drawings getting lost in the mail, artists taking a year to do it or straight up forgetting about me
>part of the admin team for a FB fan group for a manga
>fellow admin is always posting super cute chibi comics of the characters
>yesterday, ask her if she'd be interested in getting commissionned for a chibi of my husbando for my itabag
>she says yes
>today : "Hey anon I'm done, what do you think of it?"
>it's the cutest shit ever

I can wait to make it into buttons and charms and plaster my bag with it

>> No.9335233

I always get told the drink water one and it makes me giggle.

All I drink is water, its all I have ever drank in life, no idea why but I just hate most flavored things and cant stand carbonation, it burns! But now I get salty when I see girls going "I lost so much weight cutting out soda!" because I cant even cut soda.

Didnt know about apple vinegar, anything like cider?

Staying busy is the biggest thing for me. Lucky for me I guess that I have a really huge work load this semester and new video games to play and im trying to finally read all the harry potter books. I know the minute I get bored all I can think about is eating.

Im also lucky to have a fiance that made me a meal plan and will cook healthy things for me and a brother that pays for a gym with guests privileges. Im going to get there one day!

Sorry for the blog post but it felt good to remind myself that I am trying and that i have support.

>> No.9335238

It's not so much about drinking water in itself, as it is about the amounts.
You ain't in the clearing untill your piss is more see through than a Haji telling you he's wearing a winter coat in the middle of a fucking dessert.

Also not really cider, it's supposed to be sour and taste shit. It breaks down fats IIRC, and kills hungers.

>> No.9335239

Ugh I know, I also am predisposed apparently to quickly becoming dehydrated or something so doctors constantly remind me to drink a lot. I drink so much water that when I go out to out I usually get commented on by the waiters or they give up and just leave me full pitchers of water to pour myself, thats honestly happened.

If it breaks down fat and kills hunger ill definitely at least give it a try! Thanks anon

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>package with my first itabag from japan has arrived in the states

I'm so happy because I thought it was gonna take longer, plus now I know it won't be slowed down by lunar new year rush.
Now hopefully it won't sit in new york for a week.

>catcpha: vendo weebo

>> No.9335250

To lazy to link to all the posts I want to reply to, but also try peppermints if you're trying to cut back snacking. Start with something like Altoids, because they have about five calories, and if it isn't working for you, try something that has REAL sugar in it. They have more calories, but then on top of the peppermint, which can stop cravings, the pleasure centers in your brain register sugar, and are happy. Just make sure you have something with real sugar, cause your body can tell, and make sure you aren't eating a ton because they'll add up fast and you don't want to eat an extra meals worth of calories while trying to lose weight

>> No.9335257

Tried herbal tea? I don't mean like dodgy dieting teas, I mean in the principle of a cup of mint tea or something being warming and therefore feeling even more filling compared to cold water, yet having really few calories.

>> No.9335258

Ive tried some but im not a very good lolita, I cant stand most teas unless you pour shit tons of honey into them.

I know a lot of teas are pretty good for a variety of things so sometimes I force myself to drink some properly brewed tea.

I fucking loved those citrus altoids but they stopped selling them :(

>> No.9335345

A lot of teas are drinkable or even tasty taken without sugar if you get decent plain loose leaf and don't leave it steeping too long. Green teas also lose a ton of the bitterness and astringency if you use water at around 170 Farenheit/80 Celcius instead of boiling. I've even had some success with regular supermarket black tea by brewing just one cup's worth for only 30-45 seconds and removing the bag before it gets dark enough to obscure the bottom of the cup.

>> No.9335642
File: 88 KB, 400x403, 1305768414376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>parents both have PhDs
>In K-12, I hate school, it's really difficult for me, I feel like I have to try twice as hard to do half as well as everyone else. Parents constantly pushing me to achieve, wonder why I don't love school like they did
>have friends who have ADHD and my parents talk shit about them, saying they're weak and stupid.
>start suspecting I have ADHD, too afraid to say anything
>Almost done with college, barely made it, I'm so unhappy and getting awful grades. The hardest part is reading (yeah stupid I know) I can never concentrate on the reading even if I'm interested or sometimes I fall asleep while reading and I'm never prepared for class.
>Audio books help a lot, only 30% of required readings are available in narrated or robo-voice over format
>Finally see a professional, get diagnosed with ADHD
>work up the courage to talk to my mom about it and she was surprisingly cool about it, wants me to get help, meds etc. She tells me not to tell my dad though
>I'm too late to apply for disability accommodations for my classes, but advisor shows me that my university has offered a doc conversion tool this whole time that would transfer pdfs into formats where I could use assistive voice over

I'm so happy I'm about to cry. I spent so long feeling hopeless and stupid. I was so afraid to get help since my parents always made me feel like my friends/ people with ADHD are defective. I just wish I didn't just learn about this a quarter and a half before graduation. I know I could have done so much better

rooting for you!
yes! I'm glad it went well
and congrats!
Seconding teas! Also try out Adagio teas. They have a huge variety and the samples are super cheap!

>> No.9335891
File: 58 KB, 480x480, baker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hit my first NYR weight goal and as my reward bought pic related. Super happy since it'll be my first brand main piece and I already have some ideas on how to wear it with what I already have. Won't be able to call it Lolita quite yet, but I'm getting there

>> No.9335932

Congrats anon! Hope you keep hitting your goals, whatever they are.

>> No.9336005

>brewing just one cup's worth for only 30-45 seconds
Here in the UK most people only keep the teabag in for about 15-20 seconds, stir with a spoon and remove. You just need to wait until the water gets a decent colour, otherwise it's really bitter.

>> No.9336016

Thanks, going in ten pound increments to keep me motivated and keep me from binge buying

>> No.9336106

>It isn't unusual to find a lolita who thinks pedophilia should be legalized, Anon.
ok, somehow, I want to hear more about that, to be honest...

>> No.9336134

Damn, 10 lbs in less than a month? Rock on.

>> No.9336154

That's great!

>> No.9336185

It's a silly feel, but I've been working on my first itabag and it's a really fun hobby to blow off steam on in between school and work. Getting little things in the mail every now and then is such a treat especially when I'm not trying to buy everything all at once. Friends have even asked me which charms/buttons/etc I've had my eye on and set them aside for later gifts which is more than I could ask of anyone, haha. My tablemate and I also just got confirmed we'll be selling in the Otakon AA so I'm really pumped to keep working on my repertoire for sales! My big goal is getting some sketchbook/artbook zines together rather than just my usual prints and maybe even trying som enamel pin designs.

Great to hear this too. I'm with >>9335202 -- just got back into my work out routine after a month or so out and even just a month is killer. Can't wait to keep going. Those gym endorphins are so real.

This is so pure. Glad your family is coming around!

Right there with you. Waiting on my deliveries is killing me. I hope yours gets there soon!

Congrats!! Keep going! That feeling of finally being able to wear/buy something is just the best. I can't wait to start working on some cosplay goals I've saved only for when I felt healthier/happier.

>> No.9336884

Yesterday, I finally visited that one fabric shop everyone in my cosplay comm had been raving about. I was greeted by friendly seller, offered coffee, tea and cookies, found quality fabric for cheap and the sellers overcut EVERYTHING. I asked for one meter of linen and got 1,90m, same thing with minky (asked for 60cm, got 95). Even when they were more or less accurate I still got at least 15cm for free. I'll definitely be back ! Only downside is that you need a car to go there but it was still worth it.

>> No.9336895

Anyone else get good feels from buying something for someone and they love it? Is it wrong I like buying for others over myself?

>> No.9336936

>Only downside is that you need a car to go there but it was still worth it.
sounds like, they partnered up with a local gasstation, I guess...

>> No.9337069

Well, I guess you could go there on foot but it's in the middle of a kinda creepy industrial zone. Also walking back with bags full of fabric isn't very pleasant

>> No.9337277

Damn that was the best day ever

>Got 3 tickets for Hamilton London in February 2018
>Rare doujin I had written off as lost was in my mailbox when I came home

>> No.9337566
File: 172 KB, 430x351, 1474786449689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks to the gull who made pic related. I laughed so hard the first time i saw it and everytime im looking through my photos I see it and still giggle, no matter how shitty im feeling that day.

>> No.9337924

Anyone else still get super excited for certain cons even though you've been cosplaying/going to conventions for years? I've been really restless and agitated waiting for Katsucon. I've just been so excited I don't even know what to do with myself while I pass the time. Other conventions I go to are more or less an afterthought, but Katsucon just never lets me down.

>> No.9337936
File: 398 KB, 699x332, moneys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get W-2 in mail today
>decide to get taxes done
>total refund of ~400 headed my way
I quit the job a few months ago so this is like an oasis in my desert of financial hell.

>> No.9338158

Not even close
Let's just say it's a very specific set of political beliefs that liberals, conservatives, and moderates all hate

>> No.9338252
File: 87 KB, 640x934, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you feel about roads?

>> No.9339741
File: 227 KB, 1500x1500, 1482522401112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make my first cosplay by myself
>feel insecure but i love the character
>my cosplay kind of gets noticed
>tons of people reblog/share/etc
>even get my first professional shoot
>slowly but surely get a few fans
>get sweet messages from people i don't even know
>i'm terribly insecure so it feels a bit weird and kind of awkward
>but it's so sweet and it makes me really happy
>feel motivated to do even better!

>> No.9340103

>tfw sold a dress to anon in the DD thread
>happy that dress will be going to a more loving home

Feels good man.

>> No.9340112

massive highways are literally evil government schemes to break up communities and to allow the government a means to enforce tax expropriation as easily as possible and allow for all forms of degenerate rioting and protesting under the label of "free speech" and "public property"
fuck roads

>> No.9340120


>> No.9340187

after i finish putting on my coordinate, i feel like a magical girl who has undergone her transformation

>> No.9340552

Congrats! What dress is it?

>> No.9340554

It's better to learn now than never, so that's wonderful. I had a friend who went through K-12 never having his dyslexia diagnosed until after he was out of school. It's normal to wonder how much better you could've done if you had known earlier, but now everything will be easier since you can get accommodations/meds! They really need to train teachers how to spot disabilities better, so many kids slip through the cracks.

>> No.9340590


>> No.9340599

Solar roadways are the future tech we need, government intrusion will only get in the way of progress.

>> No.9340615

This right here is why I use a fake name when I'm at cons. Once I get to know somebody better then maybe I'll let them have my actual social media profiles.

My turn:
>stuck in a rut, no way out of dead end jobs
>on a whim reapply to a local college
>some bullshit scholarhsip where they'll cover 2/3 my tuition
>total school costs will be only 2500 a year
>working 2 jobs @ 60 hours a week combined in preparation for my return to school
>have loads of money saved already, going to use a small portion of it to hit up a few conventions I've been unable to visit all these years like Dragoncon, Colossalcon, etc.
>go back to school in Sept

>> No.9340658

So they're either a Nazi or a commie?

>> No.9340812

good luck anon!

>> No.9340901

I'm happy for you, Anon!

>> No.9341878

Thank you!!

>> No.9342085

who did you cosplay?

>> No.9342129
File: 15 KB, 245x205, 1457402924325-pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was about to call you a cuck, but this is actually really sweet

I've been doing the same smallish local con with my gf for a couple years now and it's just a really pleasant experience. There's things to do but it's not the massive sprawl that NYCC has become and it feels like there is somehow more to do.

A lot of people just having fun, even the costumes aren't that bad. This is one of the cons where I still feel the magic and I'm glad I get to spend it with her.

>> No.9342294

Anon I think we all have a cringy phase when we were younger, don't be so hard on yourself! What matters is that you're moving forward/improving yourself constantly! If someone's going to only look at your past then I wouldn't call them good friends. And as for your friends not liking lolita, eh, they just have different tastes. I really don't think that should rest solely on your shoulders whether they liked it or not.

>> No.9342333

Best /clg/ story ever

>> No.9342349

I'm the same anon!
>Always by presents for friends months in advance
>Love that I know my friends well enough to give presents that suit their tastes perfectly
>I enjoy their birthdays more then my own
Not that I don't get good gifts from them, but I just enjoy giving so much more.

>> No.9342363

Buy not by. Stupid phone.
More good feels
>Always browse secondhand sites because it's fun
>Help a friend find the headbow from her dream dress
>Few hours later find a dream old-school piece that I never thought I'd actually find
>Get it for 3000 yen
Can't wait for it to arrive!

>> No.9342906
File: 56 KB, 170x219, 1485103002111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

on related note, are there any lolita or j-fash girls who aren't liberal and want to be friends

desperately need another girl to talk about politics with since all other females i know personally are stuck in a hivemind

>> No.9343187
File: 265 KB, 1280x720, 1486165120331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw see someone cosplaying from a super-obscure series you fucking love at a con
>try not to go super-full obsessive with admiration for them

>> No.9343194
File: 40 KB, 441x640, 1001179_634613223218654_1023694403_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lolita starts losing its magic for me
>get sad
>start revisiting wishlists from when i started out
>all stuff i never bought because I got swept into the tide of sweet after I started
>started oldschool wardrobe theme last year
>start doing oldschool coords
>learn to do ringlets
>get into sewing again

All this time I just had to get back to where I started. A lot of my coords now are probably even a little iffy by standards, but I'm really enjoying the fashion again so idc.

>> No.9343201

why do politics even need to be a part of it? are you incapable of making friends with people who don't always share your point of view?

>> No.9343202
File: 614 KB, 440x237, do it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm proud of you for going with what you like, anon. Always do what makes you happy, even if it isn't popular.

>> No.9343205

not her, but sometimes it's nice to have a friend who you can talk to about a wider range of topics and generally agree on. discussion is, of course, good, but it's disheartening and draining to never be able to voice your opinions on any topic without people thinking that you're ridiculous and starting conflict

>> No.9343221

I'm afraid I'd out myself if I told you that. But it was someone from Pokémon!

>> No.9343228

Been going on a bunch of interviews for a much higher paying job (than what I have now) for a job in my field. I'd also be off most weekends and nights, which I'm not now. I have one last interview with the district manager, and if I pass, the job is mine.

I'm terrified. My luck has been so bad the past two years with jobs, I finally just need something positive to happen.

I'd also have way more money to buy lolita/cosplay/ita bag merch, attend conventions, and the weekends off would be great for cons and meet-ups.

>> No.9343251
File: 827 KB, 500x220, waaahappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>live in 3rd world shithole
>love lolita for a long time
>finally get into it
>sad bc lonelita
>goes and checks weeb event page on fb
>there's a meet in april
I'm so excited aaaaah
(excuse the filename, I created my gif folder at age 10)

>> No.9343299
File: 50 KB, 354x282, bc5c3856-0f0b-4108-a807-e9861e27ab2e..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I spend hundreds of dollars on friends but am really frugal to the point of hesitating to buy dinner over $14 of myself.

I dunno if it's happy feel because I feel happiness vicariously through others since I've given up on my own.

>> No.9343939

that's the problem though. i have different friends who i talk about different things with -- lolita, normie fashion, tv, etc. i have these friends but they are extremely liberal and would "disown" me for my point of view. i want a female friend to just rant with without being ridiculed.

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