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It's that time of the year when LJ is still relevant. Let's discuss wardrobe posts.

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I love gothic wardrobe posts so I'm looking forward to those.
Hoping for a few old school ones as well.
And that girl with the all black wardrobe, gosh I loved that one.

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this is the dream tbqh

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I know, right?
Just had to save that picture when I saw her post last(?) year.
Don't remember her username, sadly.

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Would it be a bad idea to do an Imgur album and link that to Instagram, Amino etc. with few previev pics? That way people could view it if they wanted and I could easily include my whole wardrobe without minding the Amino picture limit.

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It's obsixwi. Very inspirational for kuro closets.

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I did that on Insta and FB, anon. I think it is helpful so friends and followers can view if they want.

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Thanks for letting me know anon.
She is very inspirational indeed.

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I'll probably post a link to LJ or imgur since scrolling through Amino posts with dozens of pictures sucks, and you can only post one image at a time to IG.

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anyone posting to their tumblr? all things considered it seems like a decent medium for wardrobe posts

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My wardrobe is small so I will

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I've only got twelve main pieces and I'm trying to make it a goal to actually do a post this weekend. I've only been at it for a year, but I feel like I've acquired so much... and I just keep on getting them.

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Thanks, you guys! I probably won't be doing a full wardrobe post this year, since the size is getting a little out of hand, so I'm planning on just taking photos of just this year's acquisitions. I haven't started yet, though lol

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>mfw I have the expenses to start making a wardrobe
>tfw I'm too scared to purchase ANYTHING as I don't want to be called an Ita

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>caring this much about people's opinion of you
Maybe alternative fashion isn't for you?
Honestly anon who cares? Do your research, buy good quality things that suit your taste, figure and budget, and just wear them. If you mess up and people tell you so, you can choose to use that to improve and do better in the future.
It's really not a big deal.

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I'm thinking about it but I feel like I have too many photos.

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Sadly it is true, Thank you anon chan

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Hey hey, don't care so much. As anon said buy good quality things that'll suit you and most importantly; that you really like.
Now go, and be a beautiful lolita.

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Read more? Collage? Multiple posts? Imgur thing? Maybe it's because I make a lot of tumblr edits/graphics but there are a lot of cute ways to get a whole wardrobe in one post. I guess I just don't see the value in trying to do a wardrobe post on insta

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I did, as some of friends.

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Whats with the girl who just posted a collection of stock photos? I hope it doesn't motivate others to post stock photos of their wardrobe that may or may not exist

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Was that post taken down? I couldn't find it anywhere.

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I feel bad because I want to do a post but I have such a small wardrobe and no good place to take pictures of my dresses. Everyone seems to have such cute wardrobes and nice rooms to photograph and mine is so tiny there is literally no room for pictures and I really dont want to drag my whole wardrobe down the stairs into the living room to try anything with my family and dogs hanging around

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Why not put it on a clean sheet on the bed or floor?

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I saw that too, it was very bizarre. They called it a lazy wardrobe post.

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I want you to adopt me and train me to be a witch.

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When is too late to post your wardrobe? Is it better to picture coordinates or just single items with accessories in groups?

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imo, anything before Feb 3rd is okay, anything after that is too late for me. people seem to get tired of them by mid to late January, but eh it happens.

as for what the pictures contain, it's a matter of personal taste. I like either way, but prefer items on their own since they'll be easier to see in detail.

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It's still up but it's a locked post (i.e. you need to log in to see it).

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there already feels like too many

what ones are worth looking at?

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super excited to see it!

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I feel you anon. I have always wanted to do a wadrobe post but i have nowhere to take pics. Every year for the last three years i have told myself "next year i will be out of this house" but alas, i haven't been able to change my cicumstances. In the positive side, by the time i will be able to post, maybe in 2 years, my wardrobe will hopefully be more amazing.

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It's up to you what sort of pictures you want to take, and it's actually interesting to see the different ways people choose to display their wardrobe, but t b h, my favorite posts to look at are the ones where people put together coordinates for each main piece.

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Who's the author, it doesn't show up for me logged in or not.

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Looks like it's been deleted. Didn't take a note of the username.

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>>caring this much about people's opinion of you
>Maybe alternative fashion isn't for you?
I'm tired of this being the go to answer. I care about what people have to say about me but it doesn't stop me from wearing what I want.
And yeah, I spend a lot of time being pissy at cgl because I'm so sick of "this person dresses in a way that I dislike, so they are ita"

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What tags are you using on tumblr?

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you sound like a potential ita

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sweetexpedition, ssstrawberryjam, darkromantica and klhinkle were my favorites so far
But I like seeing big wardrobes over smaller ones

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I was talking to >>9309713 who clearly does care so much about what people may or may not think about her to the point where she doesn't have the courage to even buy the clothes she wants, not to mention wear them.
If people's opinions of you don't stop you from wearing what you want then my statement is irrelevant to you.

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It's better to take pictures of single items, we can see coords all year

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I kind of prefer the maniquin coords. I just kind of skim over house and accessory photos so it's nice to see a hanging coord for each main piece and get an idea of what their blouse/accessory collection is like without feeling like you are scrolling forever

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I don't mind that so much but it means you can't see the blouse well, and in some cases you can't see the bodice because of a cardigan

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Can't wait!

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That's what stock pictures are for. But really, blouses are usually hidden unless worn with a skirt. You usually don't see the part that you're missing anyway. I do understand with cardigans though, that actually does cover a decent amount that has potential to be seen without. But I can tell a lot more about someone's style through coordinates over just the items they have. I could look through their stock photo wardrobe if I wanted to know that.

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My friends and I used "lolitawardrobe" and "lolita wardrobe"

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I'm a gothic lolita so wardrobe posts are for me a way to finally see details and close-ups that you can't see from the shitty stock photos of brands

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I once attempted coords instead of just the dress. My cardigans make most of my coords special, but cover the bodice. Without them my coords are not complete. Bags are hard to display or squash the dress. In the end I prefered the normal photos.

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im enjoying looking at them so far. No one really stands out yet, I'm waiting on a couple personal favorites (boystylers and the gothic Lolitas). Not making one myself because I've only got 16 odd main pieces that aren't particularly interesting, and my wardrobe isn't at all cohesive. Love seeing people post though!

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Mine is uninteresting and non-cohesive, but I like to share those so I can keep track of its yearly evolution!

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I prefer whatever shows details most clearly, and sensible grouping if you have a large wardrobe. I also love seeing other people's nice wardrobe set ups. I hate mixed jewellery photos because most of the time you can't see the details, but equally I don't want to see every cheap ebay necklace you own in loving detail. Personally I think my post this year is going to be a shot of my set up, mannequin coords for my main pieces, detail shots for about 20 of my favourite accessories and jewellery pieces and that will be me done

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where are the bulk of the wardrobe posts this year? I really don't want to run around to 15 different social media platforms to find them...

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livejournal like always

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That implies people can take nice pictures.

Do you wear cardigans with all of your coords? Did you do floordinates or dress form? I can't see how you'd squash the dress, just set it next to the coord.
I just can't find simple (here's the dress) images visually appealing. I like seeing details, but with most posts, people have crappy quality photos so it doesn't matter, I can't see detail anyway.

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But could it be much worse than pic related?

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True, Japanese people do love their flip phone quality.

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I can't do floordinates, I don't have a nice place to put them on. I can only use my dressform. So if the bag is a shoulderbag it will squash one side of the dress or cover a big part of the dress. Bags with handles are eben more complicated if you don't have a nice place to put them (my dressform is too high to put them on the floor).
Also, I wear cardigans with all of my coords unless it's freaking hot. Even if the cardi is shot-sleeved or a thin shawl-like cardigan. If I left them out I wouldn't show you my style so what's the point of creating a coord I wouldn't wear.

>> No.9311029

Sounds best to put bags on a table/desk etc. near your dress form. But like I said, I don't mind seeing cardigans since I'm not interested in the details unless you have nice quality photos. If you do, then great, I can still see the detail. Generally people with nice cameras do include detail shots anyway. I'm not trying to argue, you can do it however you want. I just don't find just dress type of wardrobe posts interesting or useful. It seems like an easy way for a scammer to steal proof pictures.

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Do you own a tripod anon? There is this one trick you can do. Take one picture of the coord with the shoulderbag bag hanging to the side but also standing on a chair. And then you take another picture without the bag & w/o chair. Then you open both pictures in photoshop (pic with chair on top of the other) and remove the chair from the top pic.

The trick allows you to have a pretty precise control of the positioning of the bag without the weight of the bag squashing or altering the shape of the dress. The results will look more like the bag is floating onto the dress.

You can utilise the same trick with cardigans. Take a picture with and without cardigan. Layer them onto each other in photoshop. Then remove half of the cardigan (in diagonal direction of course) in photoshop. So you can see the details of the bodice on one half and what it looks like with cardigan on the other half.

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more and more people are posting to tumblr from what I've seen though.

>> No.9311073

Yeah but most of them are on livejournal and some of the people who post on tumblr also post on livejournal

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I worked on this video for a couple days. Editing with YT editor was a fuss but I'm glad it's pretty much done. I decided to use my first language because I was stuttering in English a lot due to shyness; however, I paid dearly by having to translate the whole thing; which I'm almost finished doing.

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Loved your taste anon and the vid was pretty watchable. I'm also trying to finish of my stained glass collection so your good taste will get you some competition.

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Thanks Anon! I realized I blabbered too much while doing the translation tho. Stained glass prints are the best! I wish you luck and will love to see yours if you share here.

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FML that reaction pic was accidental. I need to go to sleep.

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Watching this I couldn't help but think 'there's big and then there's hoarding', and wondered if she was much smaller than she looked until she started holding up stuff and saying 'I don't even know if this fits me/ i'm not losing any weight'.

But can't hate when she admits she's a bit addicted.

>> No.9311615

Given the amount of stuff that she has, I don't think that video was the best format for a wardrobe post. It feels really rushed and we don't really get to see anything in great detail. Also the way she pronounces otome is annoying.

>> No.9311632

Set up was good anon and talking about the dress and showing the details makes good use of the video format.

She said in her moitie haul too she won't fit pieces, she has them for the sake of collecting. That seems a bit ridiculous after a while if you already have so much

>> No.9311667

Poor thing, but she is absolutely insufferable. I ended up just skipping around the whole video. I agree that she would benefit from pictures instead of video.

>> No.9311755

Damn she looks like an obese obsixwi

>> No.9311757

Love that red OP on you!

>> No.9311773

I honestly like this girl but it makes me so mad to see that she has so many of my wishlist peices that are just going to be wasting away inside a closet when they could belong to someone who will cherise and wear them (aka me)
Besides, she can afforded to not only buy super rare peices constantly, but also has the time to hunt them down, what kind of job does she have? iirc its something in an office

>> No.9311781

It's really weird to me to see how many different styles some poeple have in their wardrobe. What is their personal taste?

>> No.9311786

Same here, i feel so confused by people who have so many different styles, imo it seems like they buy peices for the sake of it, not because they are passionate about the fashion

>> No.9311787

Loved your video! Your Spanish is pretty good to understand (it's not my first language). Also, pretty envious of your wardrobe, you have a nice taste.

>> No.9311789

This video made me so uncomfortable, because I know she probably has dug herself into a lot of debt to get that many dresses. Maybe she lives at home with absolutely zero living expenses, but even then, that rubs me the wrong way. It was hard to watch.

>> No.9311791

>I know she probably has dug herself into a lot of debt
Why do you know that?

>> No.9311795

Here are some hat I came across:


>> No.9311797

If you watch her old haul videos, she would bring in probably fifteen to twenty dresses at a time. Even with a decent job, that's a pretty steep expense for just clothes. If she had saved up for it, then cool. But people with shopping addictions tend to not save a whole lot of money.

>> No.9311800

I must confess that I watched skipping a lot, but, what I ended up seeing, I didn't like a bit

>> No.9311818

She buys/collects a lot of luxury makeup products as well, but maybe she can afford it who knows

>> No.9311821

Or they're passionate about the fashion as a whole, not just one substyle. While I agree that wardrobes that are really all over the place look a bit strange, most people in lolita dabble in at least two styles because they enjoy the different feelings/aesthetics of each.

>> No.9311826

Good luck to us both! Sadly I didn't do a wardrobe post, but I'm actively appreciating them this year.

>> No.9311827

Seconded. I've got a clusterfuck of a wardrobe because I buy what I love and what inspires me. I've got a little bit of everything, I just try and contain my main pieces to either blue or black (and I've succeeded in all but two). doesn't mean I just buy for the sake of it, I just happen to have wide taste.

>> No.9311829

How many main pieces does she own in total though? I'm too lazy to go through her video and all the annoying talking in between.

And where do you draw the line between being addicted and just being a highly passionate collector? There are girls with just insanely huge wardrobes that beat jahr's by miles.
Let's just take darkromantica as an example. I've counted roughly 160 main pieces in her wardrobe post, most of it being rare and expensive items. Spending so much on clothes doesn't seem reasonable to me even if you are quite well off. But if you got your expenses covered who the fuck cares about what you are doing with your excess money?

>> No.9311833

>always want to wear lolita while taking photos for my wardrobe post because it seems appropriate and makes the hours less boring
>can't because the huge silhouette makes it harder not to cast a shadow on what I'm photographing
>wear pyjamas instead but it just doesn't feel kawaii

>> No.9311834

I listened to the whole video and it's from how she talks about it, she didn't even try some of the pieces on. She talks about selling some stuff but is keeping a lot of things she doesn't fit. Obviously she is a collector but collecting dresses that the designer meant to be worn is a bit weird. If that's what you love then wouldn't it make more sense to get into dollfie or something? You get the same aesthetic without hoarding something you can't use. You can display all your rare, pretty doll clothes instead of keeping them in a closet.

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You need to get some kawaii pjs

>> No.9311837

You can do whatever you want with your money. But it's obvious this girl has a problem. Buying clothing and not wearing half of it sounds like a shopping addiction , not a passion. And if she doesn't find a different way to fill whatever hole she has in her life, she probably will go bankrupt eventually. Shopping addictions can ruin people's lives.

>> No.9311839

Not that anon, but I love the way this gets suggested to people with self-describedly "tiny" rooms every time, as if tiny rooms have the floorspace to lay out a sheet and photograph dresses. If the room is big enough for that surely they wouldn't be complaining?

>> No.9311842

If you have a bed that fits an adult person, you have enough space to put a dress on it

>> No.9311843

A lot of those ppl wear their stuff so while it is a lot it is wearable. They seem to be daily Lolita's and pretty much only wear Lolita. This bitch >>9311586 seems to not be able to fit into most of her stuff. Half the things she says is that she is keeping x even though it doesn't fit/she doesn't wear it/some collecting reason. Her stuff isn't one style either, it is all over the place, seemingly stuff she owns are there because it is pricey as there is no cohesion. Misty sky for example has tags still, she calls old moitie she owns "vintage" and she probably can't fit into any of it.

>> No.9311845

>moitie haul
That hurt my soul, but it's her money to spend how she wants on stretching seams to infinity and beyond or not. But admitting you have so much stuff you haven't even checked to see if they fit and not wanting to sell makes it sound like hoarding.

Obsixwi is far more of a cutie

>> No.9311856

I know you used Darkromantica as an example cause she has a huge collection but honestly, she is a lifestyle lolita that started lolita a long time ago and she wears it on most days.
The two of them can't really be compared cause Darkromantica at least fits and wears all her pieces.
But yes, she does have a huge wardrobe with loads of rare and expensive pieces.
Personally, I don't care, cause if someone has the money for that, good on them!
Personally, I don't care what people do with their excess money as it's none of my business.
But the girl in the video (Jahr), she can't even wear a large part of her collection and that just makes me sad.
The rumors about her getting into debt for it doesn't sound good either (hope it's not true).
This girl, whether she's in debt or not, sounds like she has a shopping addiction or something.
Why buy pieces just for the sake of collecting them ffs.
But then again, she can do whatever she wants of course, but honestly I find it odd and a waste of money.

Also, why make a video?
Why not a picture post?
I guess taking pictures takes a lot of time, especially when you have a huge wardrobe but still...I tend to skip the video's cause I find it annoying if they are longer than 5 minutes.
Hers is almost 30 minutes long, ugghhh.

>> No.9311878

>I tend to skip the video's cause I find it annoying if they are longer than 5 minutes.
>Hers is almost 30 minutes long, ugghhh.

This so much. I could sit through the one earlier in the thread because she did keep it relatively interesting, but even then I was tempted to skip forward at 14 minutes long.

I don't want to commit 30 minutes of my life to watching you ramble, I just want to see the dresses.

>> No.9311895

Plenty of adults have singles anon, the whole time I was at university I had a narrower-than-standard single and it was nearly impossible to lay out a dress properly on it. You could just about do it, but you had so little room to flare the skirt that the details weren't properly visible, and you couldn't photograph and crop dresses in a way that didn't show the edge of the wall or the bed a bit, which looks messy.

>> No.9311899

You can put your dress on a single bed and make a seperate picture of the print close-up. I know some of you like to make it into a photography competitionbut the first reason to make a wardrobe post should be for yourself. It's really nice to see your progress after a few years.

>> No.9311908

I did post my wardrobe using this method back then, but looking back on them the photos are pretty shitty and disappointing compared to what I get now with a double, never mind what people do with a mannequin. People are getting more and more hyper-critical of photos these days and if you're squeezing stuff onto a single now I expect you'll catch criticism nline.

>> No.9311925

I don't think you will get criticism unless you post mostly stock photos or something like the "round" picture that was on btb

>> No.9311931 [DELETED] 

You're super cute and I love your wardrobe! A lot of the pieces you own are dream pieces of mine too.

>> No.9311942

Fuck, put a trigger warning on this. All those rare dream dresses she won't even wear, I'm so mad.

>> No.9311956

You guys! Thank you so much for watching, I'm really glad you liked it.

>> No.9311978

I think she's in grad school right now, so no idea how she's managing to keep up with her collection habits

>> No.9311994

>The brand is not even 20 years old

>> No.9311998
File: 77 KB, 654x512, shitblankmeme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to improve the quality of my wardrobe post compared to last year
>spend the early afternoon ironing and photographing dresses before it gets too dark
>don't want to waste too much time so don't take detail pics, since I can go back and add those later if I have time
>wonder how many pictures I managed to take, maybe a dozen?
>mfw in three hours I've only photographed 7 items and have 75 left to go

>> No.9312029

I liked the video! On the translation, shouldn't it be "flocked details" not "velvet details" when you're talking about the pattern on Holy Lantern, and it's a mistake to say Misty Sky was "popular in the early 00s".

I would have liked to see blouses and outerwear as well, since I don't think you panned over them at the start like you did with shoes and bags.

>> No.9312031

Please dont give up anon!! I love seeing bigger wardrobe posts

>> No.9312079

>I tend to skip the video's cause I find it annoying if they are longer than 5 minutes.
>I don't want to commit 30 minutes of my life to watching you ramble, I just want to see the dresses.

How do people feel about videos that show lots of details? I'm currently working on a video of my rather small wardrobe, but I want to show lots of up close details which would make the video slightly on the long side. I'm also flip flopping between doing a voiceover saying a few things about each dress or just having simple background music.

>> No.9312089

Personally I really prefer wardrobe videos more then posts, especially with voice overs and up close shots of details! thats just me though, maybe you could just show details/talk about your favourite peices only? I enjoy longer videos around the 10-15 minute mark but not everyone does

>> No.9312093

Maybe you can do a post with pictures and add an optional video.
That should please pretty much everyone?

>> No.9312119

Same. I skip video posts altogether because I don't want to sit through a video, no matter the length. I'd much rather scroll through photos.

>> No.9312124

Just because you don't save money doesn't mean you are in debt.

>> No.9312136

I love your voice! You're so cute and it's a great video.
Where are your from? I 100% can't place your accent.

>> No.9312161

Both are equally stupid though

>> No.9312480

This, it's the most effort but I like it when people do this, you can usually see details better in pictures than in a video IMO but the videos and tours of people's setup are still cute. I can also skim through a picture post to see if someone has any pieces I'm interested in, but with video I have to commit to watching it before I know much about what they have.

>> No.9312607

>email me if you want to buy anything
>I'm keeping this
>I'm keeping this
>I'm keeping this
>I'm keeping this

>> No.9312623

That's only because she's ripping off obsixwi's signature eyeliner style.

>> No.9312631

She asks ridiculous prices too

>> No.9312661

>signature eyeliner style
I'm salty about her too but this is ridiculous. Just because they're both asians who use eyeliner doesn't mean it's a rip-off.

I watched the whole video to see what she's actually selling but it was just 30 minutes of "I kind of want to sell this but I'm just SO ATTACHED to this dress I barely/never wore and don't plan to wear, it's SO PRETTY that I'll let it rot in my closet forever".

>> No.9312683

I wouldn't exactly call it a rip-off of a signature style either, but the way that Obsixwi does her eye makeup (very thick wing and very little else) is pretty distinct among asian lolitas

>> No.9312800


I always figure >>9288182 happened to them more than once. It's not really that uncommon, is it?

>> No.9312814

Yup that's why I said they looked somewhat similar. But of course obsixwi looks way better and has better style. I found Jahr's video pretty obnoxious.

>> No.9312950

My wardrobe is all over the place but I wear all my pieces. I wear more than two styles, that doesn't make people like me less into it?

>> No.9313124

Watching this video makes me feel like a mom being explained to by her 10 year old why she needs to keep all her toys.

>> No.9313165

If anything im super passionate into it because I love all the styles so much! So much so im ok with buying a bunch of different items to coord around all the different styles I want.

Why should I have to adhere to only one or two styles if I love dresses from all across the board? To me that seems really weird. Im not the type to fawn over a dress but go "Oh but I usually wear blue dresses so I guess ill just not get this black dress" like whats the point?

If I like it and I coord it and wear it then whos to say im not passionate?

>> No.9313194

The salty responses to this video show reveal the newfags. Jahr is an OG lolita. She has been collecting for over a decade probably.

>> No.9313205

What does she mean by "I'm not a girl." when talking about her old username?

>> No.9313230

>hurr durr newfags
I remember her posting here and still think it's stupid and greedy to keep that many dresses if she's too fat for them and doesn't plan to lose weight.

Because she's a grown woman.

>> No.9313244

Then how do you explain Jahr is the only one who gets this response?

>> No.9313305

She has been around forever, but it doesn't make her video any less obnoxious.

>> No.9313308

Is that really all I already thought she was a demi-boy or trans or something.

>> No.9313355

I managed to watch the whole video and think that making this was a total waste of effort. She shought have sorted her stuff before filming because watching her jump between styles, colors and brands is dull and exhausting, and wrinkled dresses and falling piles are just gross. I would prefer to see her wardrobe in pictures and skip all the rambling and whining.

>> No.9313357

*She should

>> No.9313363

She talks about how it didn't properly reflect on her age so I think that's just it.

I agree, the video was really messy and not that pleasing to watch. I went through the whole thing and feel like it really missed the mark and didn't show the pieces too well.

>> No.9313404

I don't think anyone is challenging her time in the fashion, most of the salt is about having pieces she hasn't even tried on or knows she doesn't fit, while she complains about how she has too much.

This is how hoarders sound, borderline upset about how much they've amassed while refusing to let go of a significant amount. No one has a problem with large wardrobes like Josine's as she's actually getting use from hers

>> No.9313428

Who cares if she doesn't fit it? Her clothes are her property. You have no right to any of it. She could set it all ablaze if she wanted to.

>> No.9313431

Honestly if she wanted to burn it that would bother me less. At least she's using the dresses for something and getting some enjoyment out of it. Obviously it's her money and her property but you can't help but be irked at someone who bought something you wanted just to put it in a corner and forget about it.

>> No.9313434

No one is disputing that either, anon. It is hers to do with as she wishes, others have even highlighted that point, but she is herself complaining that she has too much stuff while refusing to let things go.

>> No.9313436

If you'd like to show more details through video then I think it would be better if you dedicated 1 piece per video as opposed to a wardrobe video. A few youtubers have already done this (Lolita Details for example, which is now sadly inactive) and I honestly wish there were more videos like these. I find them oddly relaxing and I like finding details that you wouldn't normally find in a stock photo or wardrobe post.

>> No.9313437

I've been meaning to ask, how do you gulls store your head bows, head dresses etc?

>> No.9313459

It bothers me that she has it stacked in crumpled piles, I wouldn't be anywhere near as salty if she kept it in a wardrobe, even if she didn't wear it.

>> No.9313532

Thank you so much! I'm from Mexico. I;'m so glad you liked the video.
I'm glad you liked the details, I'm sure you're right about Holy Lantern. That's just vocabulary I lack to describe clothing and my memory failed regarding Misty Sky.
I decided to focus on main pieces to avoid making the video to long, but I do regret not showing my parasols.
Another mistake is I forgot to add the portion where I share Milky Cross.

>> No.9314067

clearly she had them out for the video they were on hangers

>> No.9314150

Hat boxes.

>> No.9314200

Really cute video!

>> No.9314206

Shoeboxes and drawers. When a dress has a specific matching headbow that won't go with anything else, I hook it over the dress on the hanger.

>> No.9314619

I photographed my entire wardrobe today (it's medium sized) and now have no energy left for photo editing until tomorrow, lol.

I have sets of what I believe are shoe drawers. Headbows in one drawer, clips in another, and two for flowers.

>> No.9314660

What's the name of this and what's the year? I-I might want it.

>> No.9315274


Yeah.. this video rubbed me the wrong way too. Her voice was really annoying and I hated how she kept saying "omg first world problems keke" I also can't believe how she's keeping pieces that don't fit just for the sake of a collection. That's so fucking annoying. But fuck, her wardrobe is cute lol.

>> No.9315280


Oh yeah AND her dresses thrown around and toppling to the floor!?!!? Ugh how filthy and disgustingly lazy.

>> No.9315340

>no energy left for photo editing
i feel you anon, mine's taking me so long this year because I decided to include detail shots for pretty much everything
got a dream item in the mail right now too and debating whether or not I should wait to include it or not

>> No.9315504


This bugs the hell out of me. Lolita fashion is a street fashion. These dresses are meant to be worn. She can do whatever she wants with them, but I do think it undermines the whole purpose of having a large wardrobe in the first place.

Hell, I have a job which makes it hard for me to wear lolita. Despite that, I still find time, even if it's just laying in the house and using it as a motivation to finish up work. Having pieces that you physically cannot wear seems just counter to lolita fashion in general.

>> No.9315659

Holy shit I didn't knew JM sizing was that big, those dresses look huge.

>> No.9315843

Unpopular opinion, but I like her style a lot an don't mind that she collects items without wearing them. I consider lolita a collector's hobby as well as a fashion, like collecting art. She clearly loves those pieces, so I can't begrudge her owning them.

>> No.9315867

You can tell that is not a really rich person's house

>> No.9316856

I don't mind her collection but I wished that she did a traditional wardrobe post. I enjoyed her older EGL wardrobe posts and think it's a shame she moved on to a different format and did not organize her video in a more coherent way. This anon >>9311421 showed that a wardrobe video can be done in a shorter period of time and create an enjoyable video.
This bashing on jahr reminds me of back when cgl would complain about her and other Lolitas. I found it pointless then and I find it pointless now because does it really matter what others do with their money or their clothes? I may be partial to her because I liked her outfits and her collection. She's always seemed sweet but awkward.

Oldfag out.

>> No.9316874

It's not all that difficult to accumulate so many dresses, most of which she has purchased second hand, over however many years she's been into lolita on a middle class income without going into debt.

These debt rumours are really reaching.

>> No.9316875

I've never had an issue with her wardrobe size and I enjoy her JM collection especially, but I think people can complain about information that someone's made public, pointless or not.

But oldfag or not, anyone complaining about a situation they placed themself in (such as with her complaining about her closet size but not wanting to part with stuff) is a bit offputting.

>> No.9316903

I don't get the salt regarding her. I love these unusual collector types because they're a lolita museum. Lots of old brand barely touched. These girls keep ancient or unusual pieces in their closet for ages and release them onto the market when they get tired. For those they keep, they show off in posts or videos like this so we can see non-stock photos.

>> No.9316948

People are judging her because she sounds like she has an addiction, not because they are against collecting

>> No.9317342

Oh noes, not a lolita addiction!!

You guys are unreal sometimes.

>> No.9317363

Who's wardrobe is this? I need to stalk them so I can get a similar looking collection.

>> No.9317368

Were you able to watch the whole video without skipping?

>> No.9317378

Yeah but I watched it with the sound off. I have a fairly small wardrobe with only 10 pieces, and I'm totally okay with just collecting dresses. I was more amazed that she doesn't have anything that I even want because she has so many but her taste is just the polar opposite of mine.

>> No.9317437

Nobody really cares about how many dresses she has. Her complaining makes it sound like she needs an intervention.

>> No.9317441

If you don't fit in your dresses, have never worn them and are already thinking of selling them but then "ah no, I'm gonna keep this anyway" it sounds really unhealthy.
The size isn't so much a matter. It would be totally normal for a daily lolita or a collector. But you either really want that piece (as a collector) or wear it. Just keeping it bc 'why not' seems weird.

>> No.9318058

What do you guys think is the latest acceptable date to do wardrobe posts? I only just got back from visiting family overseas for the holidays and I haven't started photographing and I don't know if I should still do one this year...

>> No.9318063

Usually till end of January is ok.

>> No.9318064

The egl comm has a theme and wardrobe posts is part of the theme of the whole of January

>> No.9318310

I'm starting work on my wardrobe post and I'd like an opinion on something. Do you prefer just one photo per dress, or a photo of the dress accompanied by some detail shots. I really like taking detail shots, but I don't know if others like scrolling past the extra photos. Also, do people like to read commentary other than "this is such and such print by this brand"? (For example, a sentence of two of the owner's opinion on the dress.) Or is that considered obnoxious?

>> No.9318372

I like reading it if it isn't too long. But only about brand. I don't care about offbrand unless it's something like 4 o'clock quality.

>> No.9318464

I live for detail shots and commentary

>> No.9318693

Detail shots, please. Sometimes, they're the only non-stock photos we'll ever see of a dress if it's rare.

>> No.9318712

I'd get married in a custom made 4 O'Clock dress, that shit is amazing

>> No.9318990

I prefer if there are details shots that they be put together with the main shot as a collage, not as separate photos. But overall, details and commentary are both great!

>> No.9319005

Christ the wardrobes are kinda bad this year, and the posts are coming slow. Is this just the mid-month lag?

Also gothic people please post. Please. I need inspiration.

>> No.9319026


Not until the Moitie lucky packs get shipped out, mate.

>> No.9319046

I got mine a couple days ago so they should be at shopping services by now. The wait for the gothic crowd to come out is murder.

>> No.9319050

i feel like the last time i heard about jahr 2-3 years ago it was about this very same thing aka shopping addiction/hoarding.

she's addicted to the rush of a. getting stuff in the mail b. having a large wardrobe (that doesn't get used) c. spending money (if she still has the same cushy job she had back then, it gave her a lot of spending $$$, perfect for an expensive collector's fashion)

girl, just...stop

>> No.9319269

I posted mine the other day to Amino. Would it be worth putting on egl too?

>> No.9319360

Yes, more of us could probably see it on egl

>> No.9319476

Op of the post you responded to. Yeah actually, it would if it's not too much trouble. I'm trying to figure amino out but honestly it's the most cluttered clusterfuck I've seen in ages (and the incredible amounts of mediocre content makes it hard to justify figuring it out). LJ is a lot easier to sort through. But I know that LJ posts are a bit of a time investment with formatting and all.

>> No.9319754

What was in yours?

>> No.9320211

Christ. Okay, I'm like her in terms of keeping dressing that don't fit me, in hopes that i'll fit into them. This just motivated me to sell them.

>> No.9320733

>tfw I'm too scared to purchase ANYTHING as I don't want to be called an Ita

I know this was posted awhile ago, but for anyone in this position, you should consider getting a mentor if you're too scared. Give them collages and plan outfits together. My comm did this awhile ago with all the old and new lolitas and it seemed really helpful. Maybe even take part in the /cgl/ friend finder and ask an anon to help you.

>> No.9320741

I feel like the minority when I say I like her videos. She's never been that good at close-ups or stills during her haul videos, but the quantity is cool.

Don't get how she fits into some of those, though. I had the Celestial op and even with my small-as-fuck bust it still rode up on me.

>> No.9321026

I am thinking this may be a possibility. Have you seen her new hair? She has stated in her previous videos that she doesn't feel happy wearing Lolita anymore and this makes me think that she was hinting that she does not identify with being a woman.

>> No.9321053

That's reaching anon. Not wanting to wear lolita makes someone a transman? What?

>> No.9321122

I didn't say trans. What I meant was that she might not identify as a girl or woman but something else. Male isn't the only other option.

>> No.9321163

>Don't get how she fits into some of those, though
she doesn't

>> No.9321166
File: 83 KB, 442x650, 1476726338803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

other than egl and tumblr are there any other places people may think about doing their wardrobe posts now? The egl formatting is annoying but I liked having them clustered there to easily browse and come across new pieces.

>pic stolen from mail thread

>> No.9321173

Is this the part I confess there's 2 dreamy dresses in my closet that I haven't worn just because I haven't made the opportunity? (They're holy to me and I fit them.)

>> No.9321187

There's nothing wrong with having "special occasion" dresses, I think gulls get salty because she has dresses that she has no intention of wearing rather than dresses she hasn't found the chance to wear. Ive got some pieces I haven't worn yet because of seasonality and some because of weather/activity concerns (I own a decent amount of old school velveteen. I'm not wearing that if it's damp out)

Seagulls are going to be salty. You do you sis.

>> No.9321224

My dream dress was in my wardrobe for 18 months before I had a chance to wear it. Nothing less than the perfect occasion and outfit felt like doing it justice.

>> No.9321234

Does anyone else find doing a wardrobe post helps them sort their shit out? Mine is one of the very mediocre ones with crap photos and like 1 comment, but has helped me so much with sorting my shit out and figuring out what to sell, what other items I need etc.

>> No.9321611

This is exactly why I do wardrobe posts every year.

>> No.9321714

Amino and personal blogs

>> No.9321790

I'm posting mine on g+ again because I personally hate LQ pictures.

>> No.9321954

>not feeling comfortable in one of the girliest fashions ever suddenly means you're not cis

tumblrfags pls go

>> No.9322208

Not about the wardrobe posts per se, but is anyone else really afraid to introduce new colors into their wardrobe? I get a lot of compliments on my closet, mainly on how cohesive for it is for its largish size. It's like that because I stick to four main colors (two base neutrals and two main colors). At this point I wouldn't even know where to start adding an entirely new color.

This could go for style as well. It's a little intimidating when you've invested so much into one look and lolita is just so matchy.

>> No.9322218

Failure is inevitable but you never get anywhere without failing and failing miserably. That's how you learn. Nobody is perfect and few people have started out with perfection.

You can have an excellent wardrobe. You can put together great coordinates and be posted in an ita thread over something trivial that you can't really change or was just a matter of circumstance (didn't get the right shoes in time, "friend" took your picture from facebook that you didn't share anywhere else)

Shit happens.

>> No.9322230

Start with blouses. I've added a few colors I would never wear as a main piece, but change my whole outfit when it's just the blouse and accessories.

>> No.9322245

I'll try my hand at LJ formatting then (its been years since I posted). Mine is mediocre and small but perhaps posting it on egl will inspire me to make it more cohesive.

>> No.9322315

It is, but you could start with an accent color (like a red for a white/pink sweet wardrobe). That way you can get some small accessories to test it out with your wardrobe and also look for pieces that have your main color and the accent color.

>> No.9322358

Where are you posting?

>> No.9322374

That's not my wardrobe but i'm not posting this year anyway

>> No.9323823

All this bitching about Jahr is making me feel even worse about my lolita collection. I own somewhere between 200-300 brand pieces, with about a third of it being dresses and I haven't worn lolita for over a year. I fit into most of it comfortably but I just feel too tired to wear lolita and struggle with leaving the house in general. It hasn't stopped me from buying stuff though. It's so hard trying to part with things.

>> No.9323894

You have to think about this for yourself. Do you really feel bad because of the backlash she got? I wouldn't worry about that, people are talking shit about her because they didn't like her attitude in the video, not because of how many dresses she has. Or do you feel bad because you have so many dresses you don't wear, keep buying more and have difficulty parting with things? If that's the case, it's a problem you need to solve for your own sake. If you have a shopping addiction I think you should get help.

>> No.9323898

are you the Swede? you should feel bad because you're ugly as sin and those dresses are wasted on you

>> No.9323900

I've been into the fashion for almost 11 years and I have sold approximately as many dresses as I now own, but I feel pretty silly having so much stuff when I don't wear it lately. The hard part about selling is that most of it is hard to find items that I hunted down over the years. I'm currently on welfare though as I'm not able to work at the moment due to health conditions so I have been trying to sell some stuff, but probably not as much as I should. I definitely have a shopping addiction though, as well as manic depression and an anxiety disorder. But I think the fact that I feel too ashamed to make a wardrobe post says a lot.

Who? I don't have an online presence aside from selling/buying accounts so I highly doubt you'd recognize me.

>> No.9323933

I hope you've told someone about your shopping addiction? You're probably already seeing a professional for your depression and anxiety. If you ever can't afford to shop anymore you could get addicted to something worse.

>> No.9323939

also... why do people care so much if someone is in debt? Almost everyone is in debt. I don't know why it's okay to be thousands of dollars in the hole for say, a new car, which honestly depreciates in value soooo much more than your typical brand dress, but it's not okay to be in a bit of debt from buying dresses?

People have weird priorities imo. At least once you have your lolita dresses nobody is gonna come take them the fuck away from you even if you can't pay your credit card bill. If you can't make your car payments they will fucking take your car away. If you can't pay your mortgage you lose your fucking house.

>> No.9324029

Because you should be able to pay for the things you buy? You should be able to afford what you want to buy before buying it. Just because other people can't afford the things they buy doesn't make it okay for you to as well.

>> No.9324034 [DELETED] 

Okay but now you're arguing against debt entirely. I'm saying I don't understand why it's okay to be in debt for a car or a house but not some dresses, especially if you can afford you monthly payments.

Also by your logic people should never get car loans or get mortgages. Maybe you're not from the US, but that doesn't work over here unless you're wealthy (well I mean you can usually get a used car for like under 2-3k but it likely is kinda crappy and you'd be better off going to carmax and financing a better car and just using the 2-3k you'd have spent on the shitty car as your down payment). Where are you from? Or are your parents super rich? Cause like even if you're super rich, in the US you really do want to take out loans and pay them off because that raises your credit score. If you have a bad credit score you can't even get certain jobs over here.

>> No.9324038

Okay but now you're arguing against debt entirely. I'm saying I don't understand why it's okay to be in debt for a car or a house but not some dresses, especially if you can afford your monthly payments.

Also by your logic people should never get car loans or get mortgages. Maybe you're not from the US, but that doesn't work over here unless you're wealthy (well I mean you can usually get a used car for like under 2-3k but it likely is kinda crappy and you'd be better off going to carmax and financing a better car and just using the 2-3k you'd have spent on the shitty car as your down payment). Where are you from? Or are your parents super rich? Cause like even if you're super rich, in the US you really do want to take out loans and pay them off because that raises your credit score. If you have a bad credit score you can't even get certain jobs over here.

>> No.9324058

Don't feel bad about it. If your dresses make you happy, that's fine. I don't own as much as you but I do own over 100 dresses and haven't worn some of them. My dresses make me happy and like you I hunted some of my items down over several years which makes it harder for me to part with. To address what >>9323894 said, I don't see what the issue with Jahr's attitude is but what I am seeing are seagulls being salty because she doesn't fit into cgl's definition of a perfect Lolita. From what I am seeing, you and Jahr are both passionate about the fashion. Don't let the seagulls keep you away from what makes you happy. I hope you get better soon!

>> No.9324073

>in the US you really do want to take out loans and pay them off because that raises your credit score. If you have a bad credit score you can't even get certain jobs over here.
that's sick, so happy i don't live in the us

>> No.9324078

Addictions are bad for you. I don't care if you burn all your dresses but a shopping addiction is a problem. Don't downplay that.

>> No.9324082

Maybe because although owning a car is a luxury, it's a luxury that can have big benefits e.g. open up employment in locations not served by public transport, owning a house isn't possible for everyone but if you can afford it it saves you money in the long run and gives you a more secure retirement. A lolita dress is just clothes at the end of the day.

>> No.9324087

Yeah, what the actual fuck? If you just want to save up for things and never get loans you can't get a job? How?

>> No.9324100

I never said that. I said you shouldn't buy things you can't afford. If you can afford to pay a car loan every month, that's fine. If you can afford a loan for dresses, that's fine however dresses are not expensive enough to warrant a loan. That's why I assume people cannot afford it. It'd be cheaper to save for a dress over getting a loan for a dress.

>> No.9324101

If you try to get a job that checks your credit, and you have no credit, you will pretty much definitely NOT get the job. Many types of job do credit checks.

Also, if you have no credit, it will be very very hard to rent a house or apartment because pretty much all landlords run credit checks. You might find a slumlord who will rent to you but that's about it lol

> A lolita dress is just clothes at the end of the day.
I see your point but also a car is something that 1-depreciates in value and 2-can be taken away from you if you default on payments. Dresses can't be taken away from you and don't depreciate as much as a car. So technically they're kind of like cash stuffed in a mattress

>> No.9324168

If you plan on defaulting on your dress loan, they'll take other items of value like your car. If you literally have nothing of value except your dresses, what are you doing with your life. They'll find any relatives that'll give them the money in your stead. But really this falls under you can't afford it, don't buy it.

>> No.9324251

Are we seriously having a discussion of how people afford their shit? Who the fuck cares?

Yeah i mad.

More wardrobe posts plz.

>> No.9324261

Want to see more monochromatic closets like these. Mine is all over the colour wheel but I love these.

>> No.9325670

Let get back on topic, whats been your favourite wardrobe post this year so far? I really liked juicekaboose's, I love me some oldschool meta

>> No.9325740

Wait... so, she said she's not even comfortable in lolita, yet is keeping her entire wardrobe that she can't even fit into??? I was all for withholding judgement, but that's too much.
It's also the saying she's not a girl

>> No.9325886

Yeah, because we're not girls anymore anon. Do you still call yourself a girl vs a woman?

>> No.9325899

I call myself a girl because women are gross and do boring woman things and girls just wanna have fun

>> No.9325903

Wardrobe posts are really helpful for that. I didn't realize how big my wardrobe was until I had to take out and take pictures of all my items for my post. My wardrobe isn't huge but I had a lot more variety than I thought.

I also realized I had a lot of white blouses and not enough blouses in different colours.

>> No.9325969
File: 993 KB, 873x1821, cord.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This would be babies first cord. I didn't know what head piece or shoes to pick but I am hoping what I picked out would look okay.

>> No.9326299

On the other side are coloured items, it's just majority dark (un)fortunately.

It helps me organise the items I have stored and to set a wardrobe goal for the year be it more outwear, selling mains, introducing new colours etc.

>> No.9326300

"baby" also doesn't fucking know how to use cgl
this is the equivalent of a basic bitch coord in gothic lolita, but it's fine if that's what you want to go for

>> No.9326702

I love detail shots but after a certain point, taking so many pics and editing them together in a collage is draining...

>> No.9326705

I'd say part with the stuff that you don't feel the must-have love anymore if you don't wear it out as much as you used to and if you have limited wardrobe space. Otherwise, if you can afford to keep buying and storing it, it's totally fine but maybe start implementing a "if I buy a dress, I gotta sell an old one" to keep things from getting out of hand...

>> No.9326775

wrong thread, hun.

>> No.9326790

Please, please don't let nobodies on /cgl/ deter you from posting your amazingly large wardrobe or collections. This goes for anyone out there with a sizable wardrobe who is afraid of what will be said about them. Anyone who really collects brand would love to see what you have.

>> No.9326815

Jahr bitching isn't because she has a lot of dresses, it's because she complains about having so much that doesn't fit her and how she needs to sell and/or stop buying so much, but then continues to not clean out her closet and then continues giant lolita hauls. Don't complain about owning so much brand and then do nothing about it, just comes off as humblebragging, and it's annoying.

>> No.9327036

I read a while ago some gulls complaining about lolitas posting the wardrobe and pieces they have on their Facebook. Is there a reason for this? I think it's nice to be able to check in an album what someone owns so you can possibly twin with them or just see what they have. Outside of wardrobe posts, does anyone else have their wardrobe in a Facebook album?

>> No.9327079

>Juliette E.T. Justine

>> No.9327095

I like seeing them, too, but a lot of people seem to think it's bragging. I don't see how it's different than a wardrobe post.

>> No.9327294

Were they lolita's? I can't imagine lolita's complaining about that unless they are the poorfag lolita at heart type.

>> No.9327295

She honestly came across as if she has an addiction and if she does, I hope she gets help and support.

>> No.9327492

Most gulls love a large collection if well utilised, don't let the minority that complain for the sake of it put you off sharing.

I personally like a bot of commentary. But I also like to look at posts and imagine I'd be bros with lolitas with similar taste so take from that what you will. >>9321166 hi friend

>> No.9327567
File: 453 KB, 600x913, tumblr_n0ik27zo8Z1rmdiumo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cgl complains jahr is obese and hates that she wears lolita
>jahr stops wearing lolita
>cgl still mad


>> No.9327589

You are also cgl

>> No.9327624

She looks cute here. I watched a few of her videos after the wardrobe post and she was more likeable in those.

>> No.9327647


I really liked it when she wore lolita and could at least still somewhat fit in her clothes. She always had interesting coords for classic. I actually white knighted her a bit. But I'm rather bemused she stopped wearing lolita but continues to have a massive hoard of clothing she can't essentially wear.

>> No.9327663

This video is a hot mess. Holding up pieces on hangers autofocus adjusting wildly.

>Let me know if you see Antoinette fleur in peacock!

Bitch who are you kidding?!?!?

>> No.9328770

Buttcape and agentlemandoesnotconga have finally posted. Praise be, i was waiting for those.

>> No.9328782

She looks fine in lolita. Why did people complain? Just because she owns a lot?

It honestly troubles me much more that she just collects lolita she does nothing with. I'd like to see her do some coords with the things she hasn't worn yet. She has such a massive closet to work with.

>> No.9328811

She looks cute in the coords she makes in my opinion (which we seem to share), and she's hardly the obese whale some make her out to be.
But most of those pieces she doesn't fit are like extremely small sized, so why buy them in the first place when you know they will never fit you? And if you don't have the intention to lose weight in order to fit them?
She's either hoarding at this point, has a buying addiction or is a hardcore collector, but I don't see why you'd collect things you can't do anything with besides putting it away in your closet?
Other people with like 100+ main pieces did not get shit on btw, just Jahr and her strange video.

>> No.9328862

She used to wear Lolita often and was a frequent poster at Daily Lolita but people on cgl would criticize her for being ugly and fat.

>> No.9329449

I'm trying to understand why people have an issue with this, but I just don't. I watched the entire video, and I know girls with much larger wardrobes whom I would consider to have an addiction way more than this girl. There were some items I felt like she was just collecting, but for the most part it seemed like a lot of what she has actually does fit her aesthetic, even if she doesn't currently fit them. She also mentioned wanting to get several things altered, so I just don't get the problem here. I don't know her financial situation, so I can't speak on that. Also she said she was selling a few pieces so to me it's obvious that she can let go of things (she is even getting rid of the more 'sentimental' pieces as she stated).

Can someone explain why people are so butthurt over this? Do you really care about her 'shopping addiction' or is this just jealousy. I'm honestly confused.

>> No.9334011

This is amazing

>> No.9334171

I thought I didn't care about personally making a wardrobe post but now I kind of regret not doing it in the past. I believe this is my third year in Lolita and I would have loved if I had done it my first and second year even with so few items, to see how my wardrobe has evolved and grown.

>> No.9334180

Honestly I kinda want to make one myself since this last couple years my wardrobe has grown a ton. I'm finally getting gaps filled in (shoes, accessories, etc). Might post to Amino rather than EGL though, just since if I made one this year it probably wouldn't be finished on time for egl.

>> No.9334202

I love looking back at each of mine, to see whats stayed and gone, and how the overall feels changed. Its also nice to be able to see all my items in a easy format.
I recomend doing them for your own entertainment.

>> No.9334229

these days its the typical cgl'ers and then those of us who are pretty much serving as peanut gallery for the rest of the board.

>> No.9334697


Between this video and her latest comments on instagram along the lines of 'I don't wear lolita nymore,' she does seem like she's been burned by /cgl/ so much that she doesn't want to do lolita anymore.

I wonder if she's doing this partially out of spite for the cgl community. Like 'CGL destroyed my love of wearing lolita, so I'm just going to keep everything because I know out there some gull is going to be mad that I'm letting her dream dress rot in the closet.'

For the record, I'm just speculating. It's probably way off but from what I've gathered in the thread and what she keeps saying on instagram and in videos, I think it's plausible.

>> No.9334794

You may be partially right but I am speculating that it has mostly to do with her being tired of it. The reason why I don't think it is cgl is because despite being posted here fairly often she continued wearing it. I've noticed that a lot of the older Lolitas have stopped wearing Lolita or only wear it during an event. The way I see it she loves the fashion but doesn't like wearing it anymore.

>> No.9335988

She mentioned in her most recent video that she is a collector. I don't understand the problem people have with that or with her wardrobe.

>Can someone explain why people are so butthurt over this? Do you really care about her 'shopping addiction' or is this just jealousy. I'm honestly confused.
It is jealousy. I can't imagine it being anything else at this point.

>> No.9338051

I guess lj has finally completely died, judging by how few people have posted and the number of comments on recent posts. Sad.

>> No.9338119

There seems to be quite a few posted to Amino, with their blog feature, it's easy to understand why the community is migrating there.

>> No.9338127


I don't want any of her pieces though

Stop attributing everything to jealousy. I just think it's weird you don't want to ever wear an entire wardrobe of clothing that's meant to be worn.

>> No.9338129

basically this >>9338119

amino is kind of juvenile but it's what you make of it. i really like it as a blogging platform.

>> No.9338134

What's hard to understand about people not liking her attitude? This isn't a 'oh salty jealous gulls hate everyone', it is 'people don't like to hear others actively complaining about something they continue to do (collect lolita) but make no use of (I don't know if I even like this).'

>> No.9338274
File: 33 KB, 333x600, gothic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who said that clothing always has to be worn? There are people who collect clothes as a hobby and she has stated she is a collector. That is why I am attributing it to jealousy because what else was I supposed to blame on people's behavior? Why do you think it is "weird" for her to have a Lolita wardrobe when it is a common behavior amongst collectors of fashion?

When did she say that she doesn't like Lolita? Obviously she likes it enough to not sell everything. And if you've been in the fashion long enough, you would know that it is common for Lolitas with large wardrobes to talk about closet cleaning and complain about how difficult it is. I am failing to understand why anyone here is salty over behavior that we have seen before.

I'm done whiteknighting as all I can see is irrational behavior whenever it comes to this girl. I give her kudos for doing whatever she wants despite the hate.

On a more positive note, the queen has posted! http://egl.livejournal.com/20123837.html

>> No.9338280

Honestly I was a bit peeved about how disorganized the video was. I realize that a quick and dirty vid is easier, but the piles of dresses falling over and getting all jumbled up was annoying. The auto focus on the camera was distracting. Other than that, I have no hard feelings.

>> No.9338301

Why do you care so much though?

>> No.9338307

>When did she say that she doesn't like Lolita?
Not speaking about it in general, but she mentions that she isn't sure how comfy she feels in it anymore, and several times during her wardrobe video she says she's unsure about items or knows they don't fit. If you watch her motd videos, she admits she hoardes makeup too so anons aren't reaching with their speculation that she's hoarding lolita ( hoarders often stop getting enjoyment from collections but can't let pieces go).

I've been wearing lolita for 9 years and I can complain about storage and what to keep or let go, but not that I don't fit things and need to sell because of the excess but ask people to inform me of new sales in the next breath.

No one is being over salty, her contradictory attitude is what irks people not her wardrobe size. I actually enjoy her chatty vids and don't think anyone 'hates' her.

>> No.9338362

I do think some people hate her. People have called her fat many times, including this thread, when clearly she isn't the fattest Lolita we have ever seen.

I still don't see what your issue is? Why does the comfort of wearing the fashion or fit important when she is a collector? I think we're viewing her in two different ways and we'll have to agree to disagree on this matter. From what I saw in her video she wants to let go of pieces that she no longer likes and wants to add pieces that fit her collection goals which I don't see as contradictory at all.

>> No.9338409

Not the anon you are replying to but I agree that the minority hate her for bullshit like her size but most are just confused by her 'collecting' since most people collect something to enjoy it, and not enjoying several aspects of her collection (such as wearing it comfortably) are strange. She wants to let go of several things but refuses to sell most of those things, do you understand how that contradicts things?

>> No.9338411

I think we'll agree to disagree- I think I just see 'collecting' differently though she is a collector in the purest sense. Do think hate on her weight is ridiculous though.

>> No.9338459

Times like this when there is civilized conversation on cgl does make me happy!

Like >>9338411 said, we have a different way of looking at collecting. I know several people who buy shoes, jewelry and vintage pieces who never wear the pieces they buy. Enjoying by wearing isn't the only way to enjoy clothes. And no I do not think it is contradictory to want to get rid of things but not sell others. Why sell items in your collection you are happy with? Why keep items in your collection that no longer suit your purpose?

>> No.9338484

>Enjoying by wearing isn't the only way to enjoy clothes
I think looking at what the other anon said about different views on 'collecting' and thinking about it in this sense makes me less critical. I think her attitude is weird but it's just an opinion and she is free to enjoy this fashion as she sees fit.

For a 'high sodium' topic, I think it has been an interesting look at how people feel a wardrobe should be 'utilised'

>> No.9338695

>I think it has been an interesting look at how people feel a wardrobe should be 'utilised'

100% agree with you. I never thought that clothes should always be worn so it was interesting for me to see that so many people thought that.

>> No.9340353

The "oh shoot I'm late" run begins now. Anyone else still looking? Ghost in the forest posted hers at long last and I'm thrilled.

>> No.9342121

I have an album with stock pictures of my dresses, because it helps me find things that fit my wardrobe easily. I can't always hold my tablet in front of every one of my dresses.

>> No.9343565

Yeah, but why Facebook. Your friends get notified every time you add anything which makes it seem pretty self centered.

>> No.9343615

>I do not think it is contradictory to want to get rid of things but not sell others
Did you watch the video with the sound off? She is literally talking about things she does want to sell, then changes her mind, then changes her mind again. People in this thread aren't shitting on collectors, they are shitting on addiction.

>> No.9343625

I also have an album with stock pictures of all my wardrobe items, as do many of my friends. I like it because it helps me keep track of the names and years of my items, I can view my collection from any computer and don't have to sift through my actual wardrobe and boxes of headwear. Also, it helps to know what's in my friend's wardrobe if they want help coording something, or I want to borrow something of theirs or vise versa. I actually like seeing what my friends own in clear stock pictures, we're not all salty poorfags who get jealous every time someone buys something new, anon.
>inb4 nice blogpost
I know, I'm sorry

>> No.9343665

When you make an album, you can choose to share updates or not in the settings. Either way, facebook is inherently self centred since you're supposed to post about your life. If that bothers you, maybe consider deleting your account or calming down.

>> No.9343667


who cares though.

I just edit my privacy settings so only I and other people who are interested can view it.

Also I can keep tabs on what dresses my friends have snatched.

>> No.9343688

I do this too. But honestly I don't mind showing off. On that same note, I like seeing what my friends have in case we could twin and I just think it's cool to see peoples collections. Tbh I love looking at those albums.

>> No.9344178

Like I said, why Facebook. There's plenty of other websites that'll do the same.
>Typical cgl response, must be jealousy
I also enjoy seeing my friends wardrobes, but not in my feed every time they add something. I don't even like your style, but I can still be your friend. Too bad you can't actually filter.

I don't have a Facebook, chill.

The thing is most people don't do this. Some people spend too much time on Facebook and it's usually those people in the feed. Who cares what socks you have.

>> No.9344192


Who care how many miles you ran

who cares what shitty small platter food you're eating

who cares what fucking scenery you took a shitty insta photo of

who cares what clickbait article you liked. yes that includes you George Takei

The point is, nobody cares about a bunch of shit people do on facebok, and it's all self serving. Adding socks into this mix of shit I don't care about isn't going to change how shitty one's feed is these days.

>> No.9344380

>tfw ridiculously late with wardrobe
>tfw mildly ashamed I have 75 main pieces

Should I do it gulls?

>> No.9344389

If you have a tumblr just post it there

>> No.9344400

plz post it on egl

>> No.9344446

Yes please, I enjoy seeing them on EGL regardless of lateness.

>> No.9344457

Yes please post it on egl

>> No.9344458

>nobody cares about a bunch of shit people do on facebok
Cambridge Analytica cares

>> No.9344461

Because facebook is the easiest. Most people aren't going to sign up to another website just so some bitter people don't have to see what they're adding to their wardrobe album. It's not hard to scroll past someone's new wardrobe addition, just like you probably scroll past half of the shit on your facebook feed that doesn't interest you. Not to mention, facebook albums have the easiest layout for viewing items imo.

>> No.9344468

Nah, Flickr is way better

>> No.9344510

Post on EGL because wardrobe posts are one of the best things about the LJ community. Tumblr urls just get continually broken.

>> No.9344514

>that LJ post
Is it strange I got teary looking at this? It's just such a beautiful, solid black and gothic wardrobe and not full of a bunch of flavor-of-the-moment prints. I have goals now.

>> No.9344685

>acting as if you don't already have an account on websites that do this
>trying to imply Facebook is best at it anyway with it's low quality resolution and cropping of previews
Sure anon. Having to scroll through half your feed to get to something you actually want to see isn't such a great use of time. But let's just add to the shit in your feed because you already have shit in it anyway, yeah?

>> No.9349111

Here's a late wardrobe post. http://katiebabydoll.blogspot.com/2017/02/my-2017-lolita-wardrobe.html

>> No.9349121

I love how she photographed the accessories!

>> No.9352837

So which were your favorite wardrobes?

>> No.9352840

It makes me laugh that you all assume it's a goth wardrobe because it's all black.

>> No.9352911

>you all
:^) honestly anon?

>> No.9353071

>what is reading comprehension