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The old threads are kill.


Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. Just KEEP IT CGL RELATED.

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>trying to stay fit for the con
>eat nearly an entire box of Oreos

I'm a gross monster.

>go to WalMart late at night for last-minute cosplay supplies
>homeless man begs to suck my dick for $100

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>boyfriend's birthday is coming up, already bought him something fancy, have some extra spending money left over
>See my dream dress listed on lacemarket
>its in a FULL SET, and only $250 for the whole thing, when other listers are selling the dress alone (in undesired colorways) for $300+
>Boyfriend tells me for his birthday he really wants to treat his poorfag brother and his family to a nice expensive meal, and have his friends come along too
>Bf's had a tough time, friend killed himself on his birthday last year, a few of his family members died too so I know how much this will mean to him
>Don't buy the dress, tell boyfriend he can invite his family and the money can go to that instead
>His friends don't hang out with him on his birthday, cancel birthday plans with him to go have a "celebration of life" vacation together to mourn their friend who has passed
>His Brother tells him "don't really feel like going, I worked today and i'm tired" last minute
>its just me and him at this restaurant and I try to make it the best birthday I can.
>afterwards he looked at me sadly and tells me "I'm sorry you couldn't get that dress. Seems like we didn't need the extra money after all"

what the fuck on his friends for valuing the dead more than the living
what the fuck on his brother for being "too tired" to be treated to a fancy ass meal
the fuck kind of friend offs themselves on their friend's birthday, my bf can barely enjoy his birthday anymore

I don't even want the dress anymore, I just want my boyfriend to be happy

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Oh man, blowing off your bf for a vacation is pretty cold.

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>Tfw finally got first piece of burando ordered
>Tfw it came in today already without me knowing
>Tfw I have to wait until Monday to get it


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repostin here cause I don't know why I put in the comm thread

>boyfriend is in cosplay group
>meet girl in his group that wants to get into lolita
>she knows about brands and stuff
>tells me she would be a handmade cause shes good at sewing
>her cosplays are top notch for sure
>don't really doubt her sewing capabilities
>suddenly is asking my boyfriend to ask me to join their cosplay group
>my boyfriend had to explain that I don't really cosplay

Welp. Guess she wasn't really interested after all. My comm already has a fuck ton of handmades anyway. So I wasn't really psyched about her "I don't want to spend that much" comments mostly because I know she'd rather spend it on cosplay material.
I feel like she wants to be friends but why is she being so weird about it?
Like you either want to be a lolita or you don't. Quit playing games with my heart, bitch.

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Our annual holiday meet is coming up soon. Usually we do Secret Santa but this year the comm feels really divided so we're just going to decorate cookies and make ornaments instead.
I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone since I haven't been to many meets because of a falling out I had with someone. I'm pretty sure she's already told everyone our buisness, and that I'm a huge bitch, bully, etc.
But I wish she knew that she's actually the one who's being a bitch. She continuously posts passive aggressive things about me on her Facebook, and some of our mutual friends ask me what the deal is because it's obviously about me. I just tell them I don't know because we're not friends anymore, and leave it at that. I don't feel the need to have other people know what really went down between us because that's private. I just wish she felt the same way...because she has fucked lolita up for me, comm wise.

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Well are you a huge bitch?

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Nah, I'm just a stoner

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oh man, did she want you to stop smoking?

>inb4 anti smoking brigade comes in here like they do every time someone mentions the pot smoke

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Are you the anon from the other thread? Regardless I hate druggies, please drop out of life as you did with college.

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Nope, this is a fresh feel. And I've already graduated from college, thanks. Hence why I can smoke leisurely.

She seems really straight edge. I never told her about the bud cause she went ballistic on me for double backing beers at a party. They were light beers so it wasn't even that big of a deal. My other friends and I waited until she left to have a conference, and later I had to deal with her blowing up my phone about how I should let her be more involved in my life and that my other friends were bad for me
>anon, those are not your real friends. I AM
Bitch...I've known you for like 6 months and the only reason you got invited to the party was because my bf was friends with hers.

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>tfw sadistic homosexual manlet

just because i crossplay and wear weeb shit doesn't mean i'm a passive faggot. people make the stupidest assumptions based on your size and clothing tastes.

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I'm the anon from the other thread, and I just got that job that pays a fuck ton, and I never went to college! Sober right now, btw!!
Also my boyfriend smokes erry day and his boss doesn't care and he gets to work from home.
Gee, it's almost like smoking weed doesn't really effect anything outside of the law!

She sounds annoying as hell on top of being controlling.
that sucks that she is ruining your comm for you.

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People here must not realize that there is such a thing as a high functioning stoner. And yeah, she was very controlling. From what I'd wear to what time I should arrive at meets. If I was late, she'd scold me in front of everyone saying that I was rude for leaving her "alone"...the worst was when I had a last minute wardrobe change because of the weather and she said "this was NOT the coord we agreed on, you look like shit"

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>been watching the feedback on a non responsive seller who i was pretty sure was a scam
>negative reviews finally pop up to confirm

dammit. now I have to deal with paypal...

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Damn. Did you tell the mods of your comm or are you just done all together? I would not blame you. If I had to put up with someone like that, I'd fucking walk out.

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My mods don't like me for some non-lolita shit in the past, so I know they won't feel inclined to assist. It's okay though, I'm not really fond of comm culture. After having dealt with a borderline stalker friend, I'm scared to join another comm.

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God damn man. I'm right there with you, though. I do not care for comm culture. It's such a fucking fake thing from all I have experienced. You pay to hang out with people who are dressed like you and then you clog up public venues and freak out some normies. It's only exciting the first few times.

Where are you? I assume not in the states. (Don't say where exactly obviously)

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I dunno it's fun when you get to hold bags & coats I'll tell you what

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Agreed. The good feelings from being in a large group of like-dressed individuals is aesthetically pleasing and all, but I hate small talk and having to mediate. Especially since a lot of lolitas (in my area anyway) are socially awkward whereas I'm high functioning and can engage in conversation with almost anyone. I don't mind going to lunch with friends but going to a meet up becomes less appealing the more I engage in lolita outside of the comm. I'm in the US though! I'll be moving sometime next year due to my work and am dreading it. At least I'm getting used to life as a lone-lolita haha..

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Zenmarket dropped the ball and the lucky bag I wanted sold out before they bought it. Oh well....i guess I can put that money in savings or something. I really wish they specified clearly and obviously that they dont purchase items on Sunday and that there had been a way for me to cancel the transaction or something...

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I was a lonelita for a long time. I'm gonna go back after my next meet, I think. I was mostly hoping to find other girls who were cool with smoking but they are few and far between in my comm. Plus I have weird out there hobbies and it seems to put most girls off. I'm gonna go back to just dressing up for myself and taking pictures. That's all I need anyway.

>tfw go to a con by myself
>some girls from my comm are there for a panel
>they leave
>I leave too
>some guy asks why I'm not with my friends
>can't help but think about how I don't belong even though I look like I do

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

Why even live?

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>tfw finally tired enough of someone to mute them
>wish IG had that function

Seriously, some people are fine as casual contacts but goddamn I don't want to see your sjw sperg on a daily basis. To keep it on topic:

>watching a dream dress forever
>vanishes from yahoo jp
>shit shit shit what do
>panic-buy rakuten listing
>no regrets

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>wear very simple dress with ruffles, not even loli, petti with barely any poof and a cape to do my shopping
>girl at pet store where I buy bird food who seems very nervous and definitely underage asks me if I'm dressed up for a school event
>literally just a dress
>tell her I'm 22 and not in school, these are my regular clothes

The look of abject horror on her face would really activate my almonds if I weren't already dead inside

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Anyone here have that feel of being the only person in your small town into it?
>Tfw wanna do it for the hell of it
>Unsure if I'll be shunned

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>into it
>do it
Define "it". Jfash? Cosplay? Either way, who cares?

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I was the only person in my small town into lolita, so I got my ass to the station and went to meets in the nearest city. Wouldn't wear it in my town because it's too rough and redneck.

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Please /cgl/ I need help. So I'm transgender, and into lolita fashion, and by god is it hard to prove to people that this isn't a fetish.

I've come out to my mum and she is extremely accepting, however she is also very protective, especially in what I wear. eg nothing poofy, nothing that is really overtly feminine despite what I want.

how do I tell her that I like to wear cute dresses? and how do I convince her that this isn't a fetish?
Also did anyone else experience conflict with their family due to the fashion?

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Stop shitting up our board with your man-tears and go back to lgbt where other men will confirm your delusions

>> No.9285108

No need to repost this so many times, just wait until you get a response.

>> No.9285109

sorry, I just keep getting told to post somewhere else, I'm sorry if I seem annoying

>> No.9285117

wear classic and style your coords maturely

>> No.9285123

I'll try my best! thank you!

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7am. The old me would be hard at work right now, on cosplay or animation.

Depression sucks. Fuck 2016. I hate getting older, and I hate my lack of talent.

>> No.9285174

Nvm. Drank some espresso and feel better.

>> No.9285176

Show her people like xylia-x or fanny rosie. they are very clearly not fetishists, and once you show her some examples she may start to understand. I'd also try calling it "otome kei" instead of lolita. lolita is such a #trigger word for everyone, it's not worth the effort.

>> No.9285177

that was a wild ride...

>> No.9285180

>sister and I have pretty shit relationship b/c family history
>family life became super strained a few years ago and depression ensued
>my escape was anime and other weeby stuff
>sister's interests were always p different to mine, so I felt like anime was my special little thing
>recently she's been becoming a massive weeb and even though I'm not nearly as invested in it as I was a few years ago, it still really sucks to see that b/c it meant so much to me
>resentment grows 1000%

I know it's really petty and stupid of me but I can't help but be annoyed fsr. Ntm she's also a pretty annoying weeb anyways.

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This Tuesday I had no money discipline at all.

>Poor student with a miniscule pay each month
>Still live with parents
>Usually really good at saving money
>Get by and spend rationally
>Come Tuesday
>Feel down about 0% cosplay progress last half year
>Browsing Arda, find wig
>"Huh, this price is pretty worth it"
>Proceed to checkout
>Shipping kicks my eurofag crotch
>Already decided I want it
>Is bought, total month money cut to 50%
>Tell semi close cosplay buds on Friday
>Realise this is the first time I've talked about purchases with them
>Literally called it spontaneous
>Made myself look like an irresponsible shit
>What is Christmas gifts for loved ones?

The disheartening thing is that I don't truly regret it? I'm working around it with my normal rational money mindset now, and with a minor withdrawal from my savings I'm safe. But I don't know how harshly I'm judged by the others now...
B-but Arda will be worth, right?

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Nothing like caffeine to chase the blues away for a few hours.

>> No.9285265

>see a beret i like on LM, not super rare or expensive or a dream item or anything, but the perfect item for the coord i'm planning in a few weeks
>bid on it, wait
>get snipe bidded and lose
>whatever, buy different, more expensive beret from wunderwelt that won't look as good but it'll still work, forget about the whole thing
>fast forward a few days ago
>get a message on LM "re: (the beret)"
>"hey anon my original buyer flaked out and you were the runner up are you still interested? i'll even give it to you for your bid + shipping"
Fuck. I would have bought it but I need it by the 17th and the seller is located on another continent and I don't want to pay out the ass for shipping for just a beret

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There's only one thing you can do now.
Dress up as a lolita and make out with a mirror.

Be the gf you want to have.

>> No.9285303

>His friends don't hang out with him on his birthday, cancel birthday plans with him to go have a "celebration of life" vacation together to mourn their friend who has passed

What the fuck, not only is that being the worst set of friends ever, if I killed myself and people went on a fucking vacation to ~mourn~ me I'd be so pissed.

>> No.9285305

"it" being violent murderrape.
I feel as if the people wouldn't understand.

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>trap thinking
Not even once.

I will continue posting sad pictures, though.

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I'm almost in the same situation as yours anon.
Difference is that my sister will openly talk about how much she hates anime because she knows how much it means to me.
In one of her final years of high school, she chose to do multiple projects that had a focus on Japan - Religion, pop culture, history, etc.
Various of my anime DVDs have gone missing over the year, as has a few mangas.
She also claims to hate Japanese video games despite having multiple jrpg related tattoos on her body.

I don't even know which one of us have it worse, but I feel for you anon. It's horrible to not get along with siblings. I wish we could make peace cause it'd make our parents so happy, but she's such a petty and immature person that I can't even gather an ounce of energy to say a word to her anymore.

My own feels:
>Grampa is receiving assisted suicide aid tomorrow (it's legal here under special circumstances)
>Kind of breaking apart
>Friends don't talk to me at all lately, even after hinting multiple times this weekend that I'm in dire need of some company right now
>Sisters' bf who is as much of an asshole as she is, is coming over on christmas eve which means I won't be celebrating christmas with my family this year because of how unbearable they are when they're together.
>After working out heavily every day for a month, I've just noticed very prominent stretch marks that weren't there before. Apparently it's a good sign in my case, but I'm feeling ugly af right now as a result of it.
>Only friend who lives anywhere near me just declared that she's pregnant, so that's the last bit of my social life going out the window once she's given birth.
>Was supposed to work on cosplay this weekend but I just cannot find any motivation whatsoever.

Good news is that I've recovered from a lifelong depression recently, so everything is looking up. Just not right now.

>> No.9285567

I want to stay young forever to keep wearing sweet lolita forever.
But eventually we all age,become ugly and old so that's not going to be possible and surgery can only do so much before you look like a surgery freak.
I wish I was a doll, I wish I would never ever age.
I don't ever dare to get into a relationship because i'll get ugly and they'll grow uninterested in me and eventually just go and see other,prettier,younger girls. Aging is so depressing and I'm only 20.

>> No.9285571

>turn 26 today
>want to work on cosplay for upcoming con but feeling no motivation
>my friends are all slowing down or quitting cosplay
>the last 3 group cosplays that we were supposed to do fell apart
>i just want to cosplay with friends
>don't know how to make friends who want to cosplay with me and won't bail out
>thinking about just quitting the hobby entirely

>> No.9285573

>not taking a ton of photos of yourself and saving them for when you become old
>not living long enough to see cyborgs become a thing
>not uploading your subconscious and personality into the cloud to become one with technology in 2077
>not signing up to be a perfect lolita robot as soon as the opportunity arises

Speak for yourself. I want to live long enough to see automation become a thing everywhere. Of course we're already getting held back as a society when grocery stores take away self check outs because of stupid ass "muh human interactions". But someday, I'm sure we'll get there.

>> No.9285579

Why do girls base their own self worth on their beauty?

>> No.9285628

Because the media tells them to.

>> No.9285643

Sounds like you could use a bf

>> No.9285645

this 2bh

>> No.9285656

damn the patriarchy

>> No.9285685

Because looks matter. It's also implanted into our DNA to use looks as a way to find a mate. Females are also continuously competing with each other whether we realize it or not and looks is just another part of that competition.

>> No.9285689

>It's also implanted into our DNA to use looks as a way to find a mate.
memes are more powerful than DNA, get this pseudoscience fatalism out of here

evolutionary psychology is sketch as fuck

>> No.9285697

I'd reccomend wearing casual lolita to start, maybe even otome kei like that other anon said. I personally never refer to lolita as lolita to my parents. I tend to call it "Victorian-inspired" or "EGL" to them. I'd say shy away from OTT sweet coords since those tend to give off the strongest ddlg vibe to normal people. (side note: puffy sleeves and bright colors tend not to be flattering on masculine bodies as opposed to more elegant, structured ones do).

If your mother is accepting, there are a lot of great documentaries about lolita. PErsonally, I would binge a couple with my sister in a kind of casual way, then a couple weeks later went "hey, you know that victorian-dress documentary thing we were watching? I think I wanna try it out."

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate lolita into your wardrobe--Fanny Rosie is a great example of this. Her clothes are often lolita-inspired or straight up lolita, but the way she styles them wouldn't make the average person wary.

P.S. I hope your transition goes well! And honestly, /cgl/ is a hostile place for transwomen or literally any person really.

There are a couple of good apples here, but all in all, I'd recommend a different community, perhaps a facebook group, aliceholic...I heard tumblr has a pretty booming egl scene. I don't personally use it, but I hear it's pretty accepting of LGBT folk.

>> No.9285698

Is it possible to desperately wish I were a cute, feminine girl but not be trans?

>> No.9285701


lots of female gulls wish they were cute, feminine girls too

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>memes are more powerful

>> No.9285707

>tfw no one will ever tfw no ouji bf to you
>tfw all the girls in the comm just try to make me into a trap

Is it too much to ask for a straightfag lolita that won't push me into sick fantasies?

>> No.9285712

Still pissed about nobody coming to yesterday's meet. I wasn't able to get home until I been there for over an hour. The host made a post in the comm page because she's awesome and had my back. (She ended up too sick to come that day, but let people know ahead of time like an adult)

Why are people so flaky and garbage? One of the people who did this was a mod, so I can't even talk to them about it. I have a pretty bad chronic illness and even getting ready for a meet and getting there takes a lot out of me for the next few days so it really sucks to have my time, money, and health wasted like that.

>> No.9285714

>Get huge raise
>Finally build wardrobe of dreams
>Been having monthly hauls the last few months.
>Buying direct from brand.
>All dream dresses obtained.
>So much brand.

>Has gained so much fucking weight that none of this shit fits. At all. I look so fucking gross. I'm disgusted with myself.

>Need to buy gym membership and stop eating out so damn much.
>It's christmas and I'm stressed as fuck which means going back to comfort binge eating, not helping.

>I just want to get back to my old skinnier self.

>> No.9285719

make a callout post

>> No.9285722

nvm, missed that your mod did that

hope she was fucking frank and firm

>> No.9285723


Lmao fatty get off your ass

>> No.9285727

It wasn't the mod, it was the meet's host. One of the Mods RSVPed and didn't come with no explanation at all other than "conflicting plans" 20 or so minutes after I asked if I should just go home because nobody was there.

>> No.9285729

i have one, but he isn't into cosplay.

>> No.9285745

For what it's worth, I'm usually on my feet all day at work and I lift and move around a lot and don't get the opportunity to sit much unless it's a day where I'm literally forcing myself to catch up on paper work and calculate numbers/sales/hours. I retained a lot of my muscle mass, and I can still run, lift, do whatever without getting winded. But I added flab around it and enough of it that I can't wear my brand. Not that I have time to wear it anyway. I'm not worried about losing it, it'll come off with a bit of time and effort. It's just frustrating to have the things I've wanted for a long time and look like dogshit in them.

>> No.9285750

Well y-
If you had a...

OH I have an idea! How about joining the cosplay groups on your con's facebook page?

I know there are plenty of groups asking for more members on Colossalcon's fb page.

>> No.9285770

>mfw i modelled for AP, went to my first tea party, sat next to Risa, and had my hair brushed and styled by Asuka

I lived my dream today and I'm elated! I doubted myself but I put myself out there and I did it!

>> No.9285787 [DELETED] 


>> No.9285793

I think you're in my comm.

>> No.9285809

Congrats, Anon! That sounds like a dream.

>> No.9285821
File: 999 KB, 500x323, tumblr_ogsqu35lLv1vemg2qo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>convention coming up, was supposed to do babu's first skimpy cosplay for a group I didn't want to be a part of
>Basically got guilted into it because I'm the thinnest girl
>Honestly, I'm mostly just the one with the least self confidence.
>However, it's getting closer and closer and they seem to have forgotten about it.
>fuck yes, I don't need to do it!
>They call me the other day
>Anon, we're getting fabric today! Yay!

also if people are following the weirdo from the other thread
>mfw talk to him today
>we both word vomit a lot
>I ran away
>mfw when plot twist: he emails me
>mfw he was really nice
>mfw everything went better than expected

>> No.9285847

not in a comm! i'm a lonelita. but i'm sure the gal in your comm had a similar experience!

thank you!! this is the happiest i've ever been, I think

>> No.9285863
File: 119 KB, 540x683, tumblr_ohjn0wL0Rp1vz9luio1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>staying with aunt for anime convention
>aunt is kind of hovering and walks downstairs while i'm putting on my outfit
>didn't want to be rude and she loved my jsk so I asked if she could tighten the corset in the back and tie the bow straps
>she does but then acts really w e i r d afterwards.
>realize that self harm scars were visible on my arms (i didn't put on my cardigan yet)

now I know i've either disgusted her or disappointed her and it feels horrible.

>> No.9285871

sorry for getting off topic, but you should go to your psychiatrist and tell them that you are depressed and have a binge eating problem plus fatigue. if they offer you wellbutrin jump on that shit. most people i know lose their appetite right away. i've lost up to 10-30 pounds in the first 3 months.

>> No.9285876

Seconding this. Bupropion does wonders for the appetite. However, also, make sure you're eating. I lost my sense of hunger completely on this last round and I would just forget to eat. Wasn't the best idea for finals week.

>> No.9285885

>Need money
>pick up overnight shifts
>pay is half again what I usually make
>tired all the time
>missing out on time with friends
>too tired to go to practice regularly
>can't make time to work on cosplay
>can't cook without waking up my roommates
>eat fast food instead

I can feel myself slipping out out of shape, but got dang my bank account looks nice right now.

Thanks for reminding me about the All Out!! group I agreed to that I've been desperately trying to forget.

>> No.9285886

I, uh... think you may be manic-depressive.

>> No.9285889

I just chewed them out in a message because they've been open for hours now and my order is still in limbo "awaiting buying", and no attempt was made to contact me to ask how I wanted to proceed. I feel guilty for being kinda haughty but fuck...if I pay for something I want it and if I'm not gonna get it i need to know you're gonna send my money back gdmnt.

>> No.9286061

I wish! I'm just depressive-depressive.

>> No.9286070

>Tfw big benis so can't fit into lolita

>> No.9286073


You would need at least 2 weeks of mania to qualify for that.

>> No.9286107

Society/media is pressuring them about their appearance all the time.
>inb4 hurdur u tumblrina teh patriarchy xD
It's the same for dudes,but less than females

>> No.9286126

>if I killed myself and people went on a fucking vacation to ~mourn~ me I'd be so pissed.

What is the proper way to mourn then in your opinion?

I hope my funeral has beer and loud music. Funerals should be a celebration, sad funerals with crying and quiet church stuff are the worst.

>> No.9286160

I'm not asking them to be sad all the time, I just feel like a vacation to mourn someone sounds like an awful excuse to just go on vacation.

That's like going to a concert just to go 'oh I'm just mourning"

>> No.9286161

I think it depends on the person who died? I know plenty of people who do nothing but festivals each summer, so let's say a friend died close to the date one of them, you could make it a tradition to go to that specific festival to party in that friend's place, or something.

I agree that it's kind of shit that they blew anon's bf off over it; why not see if he wanted to come along, for instance; but I do understand the sentiment of going somewhere in remembrance of someone. We don't know what the "vacation" entails, maybe the person and their friends went there a lot so it's their special place.
People grieve in different ways, some do it alone and others like to get together and do stuff the person who died liked or cared about.

>> No.9286163

I feel this, but if my friends dropped someone's fucking birthday just to go out for the sake of my dead ass I'd haunt each and every last one of them.

>> No.9286296

Why didn't they invite your boyfriend along on that vacation?

>> No.9286332

>His friends don't hang out with him on his birthday, cancel birthday plans with him to go have a "celebration of life" vacation together to mourn their friend who has passed

Something sounds fishy about this. Why would his group of friends cancel then invite everyone BUT your BF on a trip....? Unless he was invited abut declined for money reasons, frankly that sounds like they were trying to avoid hanging out with him.

>> No.9286387

This probably isn't the best advice, but if that was my situation with my boyfriend I'd let his friends fucking have it and call them out for being shitters.

>> No.9286390

maybe she's not just worried or doesn't know how to react to it?

>> No.9286393


>> No.9286401
File: 1.79 MB, 240x196, no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to fucking kill myself
>say goodbye to burando for christmas because have to get a new phone since it was stolen
>go buy new phone today
>once back home friend tells me they found my phone somewhere
>go back to the store and they won"t fucking take it back because "durr we can only give u a card with your phone's worth to spend in the store"
>about 150$ in my ass
>on the way home notice one of my new normie winter boots has a hole in it
>i'm supposed to get through the whole winter with it
>decide to listen to music to soothe myself at home
>computer's headphones only work from one side now

>> No.9286531
File: 10 KB, 180x157, 1469816928906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>work at a restaurant that connects a mall to the dock side outside
>always wanted to get in to Lolita, but the comm is split to two different groups and they constantly fight
>every two months, two girls who always switches up dresses and a guy who wears ouji
>they always get together and talk about everything, they play games, plan out how to make cosplays, eating macaroons and chocolates that the guy makes

>every time I see them I want to go out and introduce myself but, I end up loosing my spaghetti, they notice because they smile and wave

I work as prep crew in that restaurant so I always get nervous when I go out covered in liquids. Not going to lie, I am jealous, I wish I would man up and actually talk to them.

>> No.9286663

>with best friend working on cosplay stuff and watching anime
>start drinking
>she gets mad about shit talking
>walks off mad
>texts me at 3 am
>telling why I'm an awful person
>ends the conversation with "we are not friends. do not talk to me"
>go to work and pretend nothing is wrong

Well I'm out of friends. Also cosplay buddies. and will to live.
Literally alone because I'm such a piece of shit.
Most of it is auto pilot, I genuinely don't try to be mean and am just joking around.
Why bother with people?

>> No.9286708
File: 117 KB, 550x437, 550px-Ask-a-Girl-Out-Step-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>best friend
>"she" = "girl". "girl" + "friend" = "girlfriend"
>but "girlfriend" -> "drama" -> "alone"
>"alone" = "unhappy"

Let's try swapping "girl" with another value. Say..... I don't know... "Boy".

>"boy" + "friend" = "boyfriend"
>"boyfriend" =/= "drama"
>"boyfriend" =/= "alone"
>"boyfriend" = "happy"
I've found your solution, anon!

Speaking of...

>> No.9286711

I hope op laughs at this as much as I just did.

>> No.9286714

Sorry to hear that. I am an avid abuser of jokingly talking shit to friends, and the few moments they take things seriously always suck.

>> No.9286717

>wearing a jsk without a blouse

>> No.9286718


>> No.9286732

Are you okay with kids? You can still spend some time with her even after she gives birth - the isolation drives a lot of mothers crazy after a while so she'll probably be grateful for the company if you don't act arsey about her having a kid.

>> No.9286742

Aww man, anon. Can you trade in one of the phones and get the boots repaired?

>> No.9286813

youre fantastic
yeah. A lot of people take it to heart. I'm not blaming them, but still
it's an issue because growing up that was my family. We all shit talked to show love. I feel ridiculously out of place in the real world

>> No.9286819

>implying short sleeved blouses don't exist
please be more imaginative desu

>> No.9286823

I'm very bad/awkward/uncomfortable with kids unfortunately (likely due to some very bad childhood trauma that caused me to grow up faster than I should have).
Just recently, before her announcement, she watched me deal with a toddler and I was basically close to tears from having no idea what the fuck to do or say whenever said toddler tried to interact with me. At that time, I also told them that I've come to terms with the fact that I actually think kids are pretty cute, I just don't want one myself.
So at least I trust that her and her boyfriend are aware of how happy I am for them for taking this step. I just don't have the ability to communicate on that type of level that kids require.

I know that she and her boyfriend are still my friends, they always will be, and I really am excited on their behalf. Just kind of sad at the same time cause I know that we'll be seeing each other a lot less from now on.

>> No.9286839

You should just say as sentence like, "Oh is that AP?" To give them a clue that you're in on it

Alternatively you could just lean out the door and scream something like ANNNNNGELIC PRETTYYYYYYY like as loud and long as possible, they'd probably get the hint

>> No.9286841

Don't do the second thing

>> No.9286917

I sincerely hope he's nearly as socially awkward as you

>> No.9286991

He was invited a couple weeks ago, though chose not to go and share memories of his dead friend and mourn on his birthday. His friends who were staying behind told him they would hang out, but cancelled last minute to attend the celebration of life instead.

I didn't know the person who passed, so I don't think I have a right to say anything in this situation as much as I want to go off at all of them.

Every time he mentioned his birthday one friend in particular would always change the subject to the friend that died. pissed me off. I understand he's sad about that day but for fucks sake, you're going out of your way to not make his birthday happy for him, even if you don't realize it.

>> No.9287016

Because that's how girls do, even in societies where they are forbidden from showing their faces to anyone who's not a husband of family so all that society/media blaming is BS. What guys get wrong is thinking they judge their beauty in terms of attracting men, when women really judge beauty as a method of competing with other women in a feminine hierarchy.

>> No.9287020

Ehh, at least it won't be a toddler for another 1-2 years, just a baby that can't talk or require much interaction. I'm sort of...accidentally good with children. I never used to really like kids, but for some reason they like me and I learnt to just roll with it and spend my time teaching them random shit. I spent most of today teaching young cousins at a family gathering how to play dominoes (I was in lolita as well, which is always cute when the kids are too young to even register it as outside the norm and just don't react at all).

>> No.9287043

You sound a lot like this girl

>> No.9287050

Not all girls judge their self worth on their beauty. A girl can judge their self worth based upon virtue, talent, or success for a few example. A girl cannot escape being judged for her beauty no matter where her sense of worth lay.
Indeed. Evolutionary psychology is sketchy. It can definitely influence humans, but we've evolved to go against instinct. Celibate monks wouldn't otherwise exist.

>> No.9287060

Can you sell the new phone on craigslist etc? You might get 100-125 if the price was 150.

>> No.9287092

>media shows important people as beautiful
>culture looks down on ugly people and pushes towards marrying a beautiful girl
>usually has a theme of "look pretty for X or you're not doing a good job"

>> No.9287099

don't forget that the trope of some unattractive guy still getting a pretty girl is way way more common then seeing it the other way around.

>> No.9287126
File: 30 KB, 500x270, 457768694046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Family is weird about me likeing cartoons and video games because "muh girls don't play video games!"
>Asking for video games let alone getting one for xmas was like pulling teeth. Usually just bought it myself with allowance money
>Now and adult with a job, just buy my own consoles and vidya
>Christmas shopping time 2016
>Nephew is 6 and wants a Wii U
>Brother and his ex are poorfags
>Tell family they may want to wait until his bday because prices will drop due to Switch coming out
>"Shut up, anon! You try telling a 6 year old Santa won't bring him what he really wants"
>Stares into the camera like in the Office
>Tell family they don't know what they're getting into
>Nephew asks for like 12 games
>Advise them to only get him like 3
>Family is baffled at how almost everything is $60 a game. Buys him all the games anyway
>Get call during work
>"Anon, what is Skylanders!?"

I know I'm obviously bitter, but still, it really sucks that this kid asks for a console and a ton of games and gets it. But I ask for a single game for our old and busted PS2 as a kid and won't get it because "girls don't play video games, grow up". It's still funny though, I had to sit them all down and explain power portals and video game toys when my mom came home with just the video game. My brother was just baffled, and it's like dude, I told you it's different than the N64 days.

>> No.9287144
File: 446 KB, 400x225, tumblr_mo9hsv5aIk1rdutw3o1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's pretty accurate, actually. Also, I love little basic animation things like these, so thanks!

I think he is. Whenever I emailed him, it was always a couple sentences, I never really enjoyed emailing him. Once it was to make sure he was alright with me hanging out at the same place as him though, as an example for how it could be short and to the point. I got four paragraphs in his email-- it was daunting, to say the least.

We're supposed to meet up after break and I hope that things will be better. I'm not normally this awkward, but he doesn't really know that.

Adding on from the first feels from the saga with this guy
>Find out he's not going to the event, whatever, that's cool.
>Actually, I feel even more motivated to fix up my costume for it now!
>Look at bank account.
>Fuck you too, Christmas.

>> No.9287145

It pisses me off when girls who clearly put a lot of effort into their appearance (alternative fashion that takes considerable money and effort to get your hands on, full faces of makeup, etc etc) go on and on about how they're "not nearly as cute as any of you~" in fb groups. Like, there's a difference between trolling for attention and actual self esteem and girl, you are so clearly missing the mark.

>> No.9287157

you ever want to punch someone in the face just based on the sound of their voice, and then everything they actually say is equally terrible?

>> No.9287179

I don't think there's a human being that either hasn't or won't.

>> No.9287278
File: 17 KB, 620x333, salo-120-days-of-sodom-pasolini-cult-movie-extreme-cinema-discussion-3-620x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw comm elites compliment my outfits regularly
>They're all brand whores
>Me too
>they venture to make small talk with me often and I oblige
>never gets anywhere because they all like anime
>I watch none.
>conversations usually end because I never know what they're talking about and come off as being old and out of the loop

Feels fucking bad man. I can't force myself to be interested in it? They're cool but that really is like their favorite thing. Not only that but they play stuff that weebs like play jrpgs that I don't know the name of and they tell me I should play them too... but that's never gonna happen.

>> No.9287390

My family was always like that too. I remember being 11 and playing FFX at a friend's house shortly after it came out and i asked my parents for a copy for my birthday (brother already had a ps2) and they refused. I also asked to go as a White Wizard from FF1 for Halloween one year and they also got annoyed. They eventually relented but told everyone i was a nun that year

>> No.9287466

You sound like me. Before my siblings started having kids I had no fucking clue how to deal either. Toddlers are easy. Just give em a bit of no-brain interaction like wiggling their favourite toy in front of them, gentle tickles, babytalk, etc. If they fuss to much you can always hand it back to mom.
Then when they get to talking age, just let them talk to you. Direct the conversation so you can ask things like "hey what are you doing/playing with/is that so? cool, so this character is...". Those are easy questions that don't need a lot of input from you. Most kids just love blabbering about whatever. Plus, you can make up how they think that way so that when they get a bit older and require a bit more interaction, you can talk about ponies or dragons or whatever shit they're into.
Don't be discouraged if the baby cries at you; that's what babies do, they cry at everyone they see at least once. I wouldn't drop your friend over a baby, but just be mindful that your friend's priorities will shift.
Sorry for blog, it's just something extremely recognisable.

>> No.9287467

>A girl cannot escape being judged for her beauty no matter where her sense of worth lay.

>> No.9287493

>Have never been to a con
>Have never cosplayed
>Love cosplay and lolita
>Used to avoid it because my family was too poor to go
>Also got dipped on by multiple friends who said they'd take me or help me pay for a con ticket and a ride, then never spoke to me about it again so they could invite someone else
>Now my feelings about cons, cosplay and lolita are all kind of tainted with bitterness
>Try to talk to college friends about it
>Try to hint I want friends to cosplay with so I can try it
>they plan cosplays together instead
>Left out again
>Wtf is wrong with me
>Used to think it was just because i'm fat but one of the girls is huge compared to me and still gets invited

Feels bad man. I'd love to do cosplay but i don't know where to start, my husband hates crowds so he would never do it with me, and the only remaining friends who might don't watch anime or cartoons.

I feel so rejected.

>> No.9287496

What the actual fuck? Why wouldn't they invite him too? That's so shitty.
Your poor boyfriend. I say use the extra money you have to do something special for the two of you, no friends tainting it. Something you both like to do together. Maybe recreate a first date. Get the nasty memory of how shitty his friends are out of both of your minds, and make it worth it that you didn't get that dress.

And tell all of those 'friends' to go fuck themselves next time you see them. Just because they're your boyfriends friends doesn't mean you have to like them too.

>> No.9287498

Not to mention that it's legal in many states now, and the US government quietly admitted it can cure cancer recently. But that's okay ladies, keep believing what DARE taught you because it's not like anyone ever lied in a public school setting before.

>> No.9287509
File: 982 KB, 245x215, daygfy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Saturday morning of con
>get food poisoning from hotel eegs
>lie in bed all day puking, crapping, and watching Hoarders

>feel well enough to hit con
>pick up a con-slut
>about to fuck her
>can't maintain an erection because I keep thinking about hoarders

>> No.9287535

I completely get where you are coming from, I am actively scared of children, probably stemming from similar reasons.
3 things I've discovered since everyone started having kids:
1. babies aren't scary because they are very straightforward, and if they cry the parents take them back off you and it's fine.
2. individual children, that you know well, are in general, less scary. They get to now you, you get to know them and unless they are having a tantrum (which isn't your thing to deal with anyway) they can be fun.
3. Once they start school they are great because you can communicate with them properly and a lot of the fear goes away.

I still find kids really really difficult, but I can enjoy being an auntie more than I thought I would. Also buying toys and tiny cute clothes is amazing.

>> No.9287542

Oh god honey. Rule of thumb when you're traveling: Don't eat eggs.

Everytime i have eggs somewhere I regret it. Restaurant kitchens and hotel kitchens are way too busy to cook eggs thoroughly and i almost always get sick, plus if it was buffet style they could've been sitting out there for longer than you think.

also lol sucks to be you babydick mcgee.

>> No.9287544

I hate kids lmfao. My sister and my husbands sister just had babies and i'm like..happy for them and excited to buy baby things but i'm petrified for the day i visit and i have to hold them.

I babysat once in my life and it scarred me for life. My husband and I just adopted a puppy because we both got terrified of the baby fever hitting us seeing all our facebook friends with their cute kids.

We don't want em!!

>> No.9287546

Hold them, say they're cute, give them back.

>> No.9287552

Maybe stop hinting at things and outright ask for what you want. Sometimes hints seem obvious to you when they actually aren't to other people who inherently know what you're thinking.

Also, personally, I'm just turned off when someone wants me to essentially hold their hand through a new hobby. And would never agree to a group cosplay with someone who has never been and done it before. Mentoring and spoonfeeding is not fun for me, and I'm not going to make my hobby not fun to appease someone else.

Work out "where to start" on your own, most of us did and it's not that hard. Then just go and enjoy the con with your friends.

>> No.9287560

Except they did this for another friend so it's kind of a moot point when they're excluding me but not another newbie.

And I don't want to go to a con by myself. Even if i went to the same con at the same time, if they don't want me to pal around with them there's not much I can do now is there ya cunt?

and there's a difference between a group cosplay and everyone doing a cosplay and going to a con together (What I want).

>> No.9287561

Fogot to add one thing: The person who first started this ill feeling towards learning to cosplay was my best friend. Someone who said I was her best friend. So i think in this case it's more understandable to be upset about being lied to and ditched by friends.

But you keep being a bitch when I'm just venting my feels when I have nowhere else to do so.

>> No.9287562

Anon, purchase a costume and wear it. Any costume. Nowadays you can get cosplays for dirt cheap from Bodyline and eBay and they aren't the worst things ever. Get a cosplay of a character you like, go to a con, have fun with your friends. Tell them you want to make your next one and ask for help.

Making a cosplay and organizing a group cosplay is a lot of work. It's not surprising to me that your friends aren't enthusiastic to jeopardize their plans to take a risk on a cosplay newbie. I don't think it's personal, it's just hard to take that plunge.

>> No.9287566

Wow I can see why your friends don't want to cosplay with you if this is how you react to some gently honest advice. You'd be a nightmare to work with.

>> No.9287571

See above problem. If they don't want to go to the con wth me (cosplay irrelevant) then it doesn't matter if i get a costume or not and I won't go alone.

I think the problem is i just have shitty taste in friends because I had trouble making them for a long time growing up.

and now i don't even know how to make friends online anymore because I don't get online as often now that i'm married.

i don't WANT a group cosplay I want to go to a con AS a group (as in, with a group of friends). I'm not retarded enoughto expect people to carry me through a group cosplay or anything. I just want people to say "You should go with us" whn I mention i want to go to a con but don't have anyone to go with. Why is that such a god damn crime to be sad about? Jesus christ.

I just came here to vent guys stop making me feel like I've done something wrong when my friends legitimatel make it clear they don't want to go with me. That hurts. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's them. It doesn't make it not hurt.

I never once said "I want us all to dress as this together" or "Show me how to cosplay" to these girls.

I said "I would go to cons but i don't have anyone to go with and don't want to go alone" since inviting myself to their group would be rude, and "I've never cosplayed before because i've never been to a con." I don't mention i don't know where to start because if i had proper motivation (Like a group of friends that don't pretend to like me when they clearly don't) I'd look more into how to make my own cosplay.

Christ. Thanks for making me feel worse guys.

>> No.9287572

Jesus. Chill the fuck out, no one was mean to you, people gave you legit advice. Why don't YOU invite someone else to the con? That is a thing you can do.

If you don't want replies and advice, write this shit in your diary or vent to your husband. A public board is not for sounding off onto and then getting mad when people actually reply.

>> No.9287594

1. No. People were cunty about it and misread my post entirely and assumed I was asking to be babied when i literally just wanted to be included
2. I've addressed why i don't just invite someone myself: My friends are already going together, they've made it clear they don't want me to go with them, and the only other friends i hve don't cosplay/like anime or like crowds. Nice reading comprehension

3. I can get mad if people were assholes or flat out retarded in their responses

4. ???

5. Profit.

>> No.9287595

No one was cunty. You are the only one being cunty and defensive. If two people "misread" your post, maybe the problem is on your poor communication skills.

Seriously, this is probably why your friends don't want to hang with you.

>> No.9287604

Nah. I'm a bitch online but i'm pretty shy in person so if anyone hates me, it's not for what you're seeing here I assure you. There's possibly some other quality they don't like but iit's not this.

That being said, no, one of the people was a cunt about it. The other not so much, but i was kind of upset people were thinking i expected the world on a platter.

Point: It is shitty for your best friend to invite you to a con, thn invite someone else and never tell you until after the con is over.
Point: It made me sad that my new friends at school don't want to go to the con with me
Point: I'm sad because no one else I know would want to go to a con so I either go alone or i don't go.

And considering the above best friend is well known in the CGL community as, we'll say, "not a good person" I feel kind of confident that I'm not the problem in that case.

In the latter it's probably that they don't know me all that well but it doesn't make me any less sad.

No one addressed the fact i got completely invited and then silently uninvited before and instead focused on something else that wasn't even part of my post.

I'm not wrong for being upset that i came here to vent and instead got told i was wrong for being sad that i got uninvited.

>> No.9287629

Anon there is so much to unpack with you and your situation.

If you're a bitch online, I'm sure that attitude shines through your personality IRL.

No one assumed you expected the world on a platter. The advice given - to be blunt about your desires and/or just take your own dang self - was not rude advice and was not the type of advice given to someone who seems like they want the world on the platter.

> above best friend is well known in the CGL community as, we'll say, "not a good person" I feel kind of confident that I'm not the problem in that

If she's so bad, go make new friends. Seriously, if you're complaining about her on /cgl/ instead of just distancing yourself from her and making new buddies, you're no catch yourself.

>But I'm shy!
But you're an adult and these things obviously bother you.

>No one addressed the fact i got completely invited and then silently uninvited
That shit happens to everyone. It sucks, but you can't always rely on people to follow through on a generous financial offer.

>got told i was wrong for being sad that i got uninvited
No one said that. You literally just said no one addressed it.

tl;dr either you are a shit and you're not aware of your own shit behavior, or your friends are shit and you need better friends. Maybe both! Go join the forums for the next con you're interested in attending and find people to attend it with there, or something.

>> No.9287630

>US government quietly admitted it can cure cancer recently
Sounds like clickbait homeopath blog shit, [citation needed]

>> No.9287646


Here ya go retard. It kills cancer cells in a lab setting. Many cancer patients already undergo treatment in legal states like Colorado. Look up how many children it's helped. It's fine if you don't like recreational but don't be a retard and deny medical benefits when it's been scientifically proven.

I mean it's better than pumping our kids full of meth (adderall) and heroine (Many opiate based painkillers) right? :) or yknow, fucking chemotherapy/

It's not like you smoke a doobie and you're cured. It's usually in concentrate form taken orally for a period of a month or months. You basically sleep through all of it.

My husband works in the industry in Colorado so maybe don't doubt what I know about it.

>> No.9287649

If you google "governement cancer cannabis" you'll find more articles on it as well. It's legit, it's not some hippie bullshit. The american government admitted (quietly because they still want to reap the fnancial benefits of keeping it illegal and keeping big pharma, who runs this country, in control of medicine) that it does kill cancer cells and it has been accepted as a treatment for cancer even longer than that.

You have to be living under a rock to believe it doesn't have medical benefits in 2016 lmfao.

>> No.9287674

you're a shit person and you deserve to feel bad

Going off on people who give advice which happens to be not what you WANT to hear doesn't make them cunts, it makes you one.
>uwu i'm only bitchy online i swer also i'm entitled to act like a giant ragin baby when i don't like what you say
sure, that's why you're having relationship difficulties in the first place

Get the fuck off of cgl, take a hard long look in the mirror, stop being a bitch to people who don't deserve it and step up to the plate of going to the convention. Go alone, I literally don't even know what the problem is aside from "i dun wanna go alone weh".

>> No.9287692

In vivo success=/=in vitro data
If your husband works in the industry he should know that it's far from being proven in a real-life situation.
Concentrated household bleach will kill cancer cells in a lab setting but that doesn't translate into drinking bleach irl to cure your cancer.

>> No.9287695

>inb4 your reference to bleach makes stoner-chan call you hwc

>> No.9287731

>Weed cures cancer meme
Oh boy this again

>> No.9287775

Tell that to the actual human beings using it for treatment. Tell that to the actual human beings that have been cured already. It happens WHERE. I. LIVE. Are you braindead?

There are TONS of videos, TONS of resources on this subject. There is more evidence FOR it than against it, and if you choose to ignore that then you probably have asperger's.

>> No.9287799

>stress acne (finals)
>Botox injections (migraine)
>eczema (???)
>comm meet soon
>skin is blotchy, sore, and perforated

i was cute a week ago

>if you choose to ignore that then you probably have asperger's.
not every instance of myopia or closed-mindedness is related to asperger's. never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned tribalism.

>> No.9287801

I've lost like 10 pounds in the past month or two, and even though it sounds good in theory, it brings me down to 97 lbs at 5'4". I've been eating exactly the same as always, more even since I've been loading up on pastries, but I'm not gaining weight at all and it's making me pretty worried. My body is already pretty weak, and I don't want to be even more frail.

>> No.9287811

Switch to eating protien heavy foods.
And count your calories. make sure you eat enough. If you're still struggling, coconut oil in a shake helps get those calories

to make it cosplay related, how big do I hAve to be to properly cosplay Zarya (overwatch)?
I've been bulking but don't know if I'll have enough muscle by April. Can't bulk enough without roids but don't want to start that :'(

>> No.9287817

Explain Pluto being a planet and then not being a planet and then going back to being a planet.

For fucks sake, pizza was a vegetable for a moment.

But no, the government can't possibly be wrong about something.

>> No.9287820

>classifications systems
>comparable to lab results

wew lad

you probably think Bodyline is just as good as brand because it's just clothes and also this one time you heard someone's brand JSK had a missing button

evaluate yourself bro

>> No.9287826

She doesn't really "shitup" threads anymore. She just makes lame ama threads to attention whore when she knows it won't get deleted cause jani/mods are asleep.

>> No.9287830

Pizza being a vegetable was a classification issue and not just massive stupidity?

Not everyone on this board is a lolita btw.

>> No.9287833

what's with people, especially Americans, that seemingly think weed cures everything?

Cancer? Weed. Depression? Weed. Anxiety? Weed.
For fucks sake I've seen people claiming being high makes them a better parent. Because we all wished we grew up with a parent who was high all the time.

>> No.9287851

Stoner chan here. I don't agree that it's curing things, but it is good for treatment.

Also weed is known to give people anxiety.

>weed make you a good parent
Uhh, those people are maximum retards.

Look. I live in a place where drinking and driving is considered socially acceptable by some people. That's fucking asinine but it's somehow worse to smoke weed?

>> No.9287868

I hate that argument because I hate drinking as well. As if I can't hate both stoners and people that get drunk all the time.

>> No.9287886

>i feel so rejected!
>I don't understand why no one likes me!
>proceeds to act like a total bitch

Wew, lad!
10/10 nice fucking game, lolitababbies

>> No.9287888
File: 1.56 MB, 497x280, raw.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me living in Vancouver
>Lots of cosplayers
>Don't know any of them
>Only cosplay community online is dead
>Friends dislike cosplays and conventions
>Can't find anyone to talk costumes and normal stuff with

I am thinking of going to cons and asking people to befriend them at this point, but I am way too damn shy for that.


>> No.9287892

>started to wear lolita regularly a few months ago
>my coworkers (who I see daily) and my boyfriend (who I live with) have all reacted positively
>wore a very toned down classic coord for the first time with my family (who I visit monthly)
>my mom asks why I'm wearing a costume

Guess I'll have to keep wearing more normie stuff around my family. Oh well.

>> No.9287894

Friend finder thread?

>> No.9287902

Going to cons and talking to people dressed as stuff you recognize and whose work you enjoy. Talk about the series. Ask them how long they have been cosplaying. Ask them if they have a gf. Tfw no cosplay/lolita gf. Ask them about the process and if they would be interested in inviting you into their cosplay group if they have one. Talk to them about your interest in cosplay.

Then just let conversation flow from there.

>> No.9287921

Good idea, I'll try my luck there in a minute.

Thanks Anon, that I can actually do! Unfortunately as a dude I have to practice the part about being a gf (lul). Going to get my tickets early.

>> No.9287931

>really want to get more involved in local comm
>go to local comm page
>realize I want local comm friends, just not from this comm


>> No.9287938

are you the same fatty being a salty cunt in the skincare thread or are all fatties like this

>> No.9287949

>mfw same
>mfw live in Northern Washington.
I posted in the friend finder, so maybe you'll see me. I'll keep an eye out for you to see if our interests match up!

>> No.9287962

Hey! I think you posted in the other thread a few weeks ago saying you saw your dream dress but canceled getting it for your bf's birthday thing that he wanted to treat others with.

I'm really sorry that you got put into this situation.

>> No.9287977

>Pizza being a vegetable was a classification issue and not just massive stupidity?
yes, it was an issue of bureaucracy attempting to classify kids' meals. there was 0 science involved in that case. in fact, scientists would know that a tomato, the most vegetable-like part of a plain pizza, is a fruit anyway.

scientific studies have checks and balances to guard against stupidity and are rigorously examined by fellow experts who love to point out flaws, which helps promote a high and objective standard of research. it is not a perfect system but comparing a scientific study to bureaucrats trying to fudge the nutrition quality of a school lunch is troll-tier retardation.

how do you feel about caffeine? kills a lot of people each year (weed kills 0). if you are against all forms of mood-altering drugs i can respect your integrity but if you make exceptions for things like caffeine, or prescription drugs that alter moods, you just look dumb.

>> No.9287980

>enter a gift exchange
>complete and send gift
>mfw the majority of the people participating miss the deadline and make up flaky excuses
>everyone had over a month to prepare
>still no sign of my gift
>pretty sure I've been grinched

>> No.9287981

Ayy congrats momo!!!!! (liesel lmao)

>> No.9287993

anything prescribed doesn't count to me, besides I said stoners and people that often get drunk for a reason, if you use it in moderation I don't care. your body your life. But don't use it in excess and pretend it's all perfectly fine and healthy. That's what bothers me.

And yes people who can't function without their cup of coffee count as well.

>> No.9288006

Secret Santas sometimes have stuff come up like accidents or other things that need large amounts of money or time all at once. Your present may come a little late, but please don't give up hope in the Secret Santa exchange. A lot of people were brought joy through it!

Not that I participated in it. I think it'd be a lot of money to send my gift, as the box for shipping a lolita gf would probably have to be giant in order to include all of her dresses, shoes, and accessories she'd take with her.

>> No.9288010

>learning to sew using scraps of fabric I own from back when I had expendable income
>want to make kigu
>want to get good enough to make and sell custom ones
>too poor to afford the fabric
>don't have enough money to spend to make money

>> No.9288049

Check your email big guy :d

>> No.9288059

>if you use it in moderation I don't care. your body your life.
okay cool, thanks for clearing up my projections/misconceptions about your general stance

>tfw calm discussion on controversial topics happens

>> No.9288061

start small and work your way up. maybe cat/dog toys or drawer satchels using the scraps you have, and set aside a Kigu Business Fund to work toward your dream

i believe in you, gull

>> No.9288095

>family was planning a trip to nyc this weekend
>was going to go to the baby store, very excited because i've never been
>mom tells me today we aren't going because there's a polar vortex coming in this weekend
>can't go for the rest of the holiday season because i'm working
>which means im probably not going until next year
This fucking sucks

>> No.9288125

>splurge a lot on Black Friday
>buy Overwatch for both me and the gf to play
>we both haven't really touched it
>could've used that money for AA stuff
>feel guilty that money could have gone to better use

>> No.9288247

How much is the fabric cost to make one?

>> No.9288261

The new holiday stuff on Overwatch starts today! You should see what fun new stuff is available. The Halloween skins and mode were my favorite!

>> No.9288267

It's just another quick fix fad with a whisper of medical evidence pushed out by the mass media. Like "detox", "juice cleanse", "x geographical region diet (but lol we'll ignore how much walking and other activities people from the region do)"

>> No.9288274

Lots of newfangled drugs have killed cancer cells in lab settings, only to fail in real world tests. Is it promising? Yes! Is it "cures cancer"? Still got a long way to go to prove it conclusively.

What is not in doubt is that it does help alleviate symptoms of chemo side effects and other unrelated diseases, which is a great reason to keep it around regardless.

So yes, at this point the "cure" claim is still very much up in the realm of homepathic tinctures and Reiki masters.

>believe it doesn't have medical benefits in 2016 lmfao
I don't see where I said that. I expressed skepticism to the blanket "weed cures cancer" claim. All of them? If not which one? With what success rate? If you're making a claim that some herb works the onus is on you to provide evidence, not on me to disprove it.

>> No.9288275

>Falling for the OverMeme

>> No.9288348

true, true.
but, unless you view the assumptions as insults (which would be strange), it shouldn't really bother you?
if it is fucking with possible hook-ups and relationships, it's really easy to clear that up with potential partners.
if it's a bunch of hetero assholes giving you shit then I'm sorry. the world is slowly changing and hopefully harassment like that dies away sooner than later.

>> No.9288354
File: 118 KB, 900x923, emo xmas animu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been doing nothing but homework and cranking out xmas sales for my Etsy store for weeks
>just wanted to ice skate once before going home for the holidays on Thursday
>Only friend who seemed 100% genuinely interested flaked
>Now trying to finish big final project of the semester while biting back tears
>S.O. tries to comfort me by saying he got special tickets to Rogue One Thursday night
>I'll have already flown out by then
>tears intensify.jpeg

>> No.9288465
File: 28 KB, 500x416, how-to-ask-out-a-girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but anon...

>> No.9288565

>scientific studies have checks and balances to guard against stupidity and are rigorously examined by fellow experts who love to point out flaws, which helps promote a high and objective standard of research. it is not a perfect system but comparing a scientific study to bureaucrats trying to fudge the nutrition quality of a school lunch is troll-tier retardation.

Yeah but where all the scientific studies for them just locking it down as schedule 1 and stating it has no medical benefits when clearly there are?
Sounds like science doesn't matter.

>> No.9288570

Those houses are disgusting. I don't blame you for going limp at the thought.

>> No.9288822

I feel like nobody in my area likes me and it's really upsetting. I moved here about three years ago but this year was the first year that I actually started going to more cons. I've met plenty of people and a few have added me from cosplay Facebook groups but a lot of them either avoid people at cons are just seem really standoffish. I'm the kind of person that doesn't push people so if they seem disinterested, I try not to bother them.

In kind of a last ditch effort, I joined a local cosplay group that holds meet-ups. Everyone seems to already know each other and I feel like I'll be really out of place next year. The person that made the group is the one that recommended it to me and while they seem like a nice person, they're also hard to get a read on.

I just feel like I must be a shitty person or something because I see them all hanging out with each other or meeting up for the first time and nobody ever contacts me. I don't want to become overly annoying and I hate feeling like I'm begging people to talk to me so I normally just give up. I'm having a hard time dealing with it mostly because I have such good luck meeting people at cons outside of the area. I've become good friends with people that I've met at out-of-state cons and I'm starting to feel like the community here might just be a lost cause.

>> No.9288830
File: 50 KB, 671x797, Ci2IafEUkAA3OXu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want a gf that'll teach me how to ouji
but that'll never happen

>> No.9288968

everyone else had to teach themselves

be the gf and direct yourself

>> No.9288973

This anon >>9288968 has the right idea. Showing that you're independent, smart, and dedicated to an aesthetic to pursue it yourself is attractive; a manbaby who needs to be taught how to dress himself is not.

>> No.9288976

get it to 25, sell it to people who want smurfs

>> No.9289063

>know how to aristo
>No money to do it


>> No.9289072

>being the one person in a group that doesn't watch YOI

It's getting pretty tiring to see them revolve their lives around it and making congratulatory posts as if the characters are actual people.
I've seen people buy cakes after what happened last week.

>> No.9289078

I haven't had time to watch it, but ngl the obsession surrounding it turns me off. I still want to give it a shot, but I doubt I'll search out any fandom related content.

>> No.9289080

>I feel like nobody in my area likes me and it's really upsetting.
That takes effort to get people to know you and like you

> but a lot of them either avoid people at cons are just seem really standoffish

>In kind of a last ditch effort
Well you never took any effort before that, so....

>I see them all hanging out with each other or meeting up for the first time and nobody ever contacts me.
That's the whole "effort" part. You need to put yourself out there. People like hanging out with their friends? Wtf, call the police!

>I hate feeling like I'm begging people to talk to me so I normally just give up.

>I'm starting to feel like the community here might just be a lost cause.
You give up too easily.

Have you ever considered that you give up too easily and want everything handed to you on a silver platter? People are like you, and won't try to become friends with you if they feel that you are disinterested. And not getting out there and actively talking to people is a sign that you are disinterested.

Get your balls back and go talk to people and make friends, anon!

>> No.9289092

it looks like a decent show but I"m so sick of the endless discussions on if something is queerbaiting or if the representation is done well or not.

Not to mention all these people acting high and mighty as if they don't like the show because it's two hot guys probably boning eachother

>> No.9289108

Same. I have to avoid my feed like it's the election all over again.

>> No.9289124

at least now people aren't acting like I'm literally hitler for saying that calming down might make them feel a bit better.

>> No.9289213
File: 77 KB, 1024x640, snigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for not letting me down anon. You are the only one today

Stay true to yourself, and get what you desire. And don't worry; you'll look adorable!

>> No.9289262

You're definitely right about not trying as hard as I could. In my head, I'm always afraid of being seen as one of those annoying assholes that can't take a hint so to avoid it I just stop trying.

I don't really want friends "handed" to me. If anything, it's the opposite. I've gotten used to doing things by myself and it's hard to break out of my habits of flying solo. I do have to blame myself for a lot of it because I'm not a very open person and I don't really talk about myself to other people. Goes back to not wanting to be annoying and my own assumption that nobody really cares. I've been burned a lot of times and it's made me incredibly guarded which is bad in these kinds of situations.

It's definitely something that I personally need to work on. I'm even really closed-off with my own family and, you're right, I can't expect things to change if I don't talk more.

I know I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just try. Even if it doesn't work, I can at least say I put myself out there. Thanks.

>> No.9289367

On lacemarket?

>> No.9289383

I'll try not to let you down, anon! And I'll try to stop being weird!
>mfw that's not going to happen.
We're supposed to talk again after break!

Also, thanks! I'm going to start hitting the gym a lot again, so hopefully I can be a little less marshmallow-y!

>> No.9289392

i'd definitely be willing to try it, i'd just worry that strangers would be even more likely to bail on group cosplays than my actual friends

>> No.9289396

>tfw planning plans
>Flip coin on fly to decide on if i should manage.
>We doing this shit.
>Remember last time i tried to mention it here bad things happened.
Ok if anyone is interested i use same name for discord. Ill make one later on for 4chan cup if interest picks up as a shitpost/hangout.
>Cgl related stuff
>Fires slowed mail.
>Had con plans
Rip also
>Finally get a meet up plans for animazement in advance going

>> No.9289404 [DELETED] 

yupppp... if you bought from sakuracherry, it's looking like she was that finnish scammer on the blacklist.

>> No.9289406

hi kongou

>> No.9289413

I am Dutch, my parents work in the weed industry, they were constantly high when I was a child. I don't think there's anythig that could've given me a greater aversion to it. (Though I guess it worked in the opposite direction for my druggie underage brother)

>> No.9289432

If it makes you feel uncomfortable then I don't wanna push the idea on you, but I think it would be good for both you and your friend to keep hanging out even with the baby around. I mean this does depend on how close and comfortable you are around each other, but it's likely that she will really appreciate the company.

In the first few weeks after I had my daughter I felt like shit. I couldn't go anywhere or do anything and I felt this weird disconnect from everyone. I felt isolated and lonely, I was basically just a sleep-deprived milk bag. I really wanted to invite people over but the house was messy (well no shit) and I felt like I would be bothering them to come hang out at my shitty place. Months later when I talked to my friends some said they wanted to hang out but they didn't want to take away my family time, so it was a real herp derp moment for me in hindsight.

If you hang with your friend after birth, she will appreciate it. Even if you just hold the baby so she can go the bathroom and do her fucking dishes and eat one meal without a baby glued to her tit (can't tell you how many crumbs I got into my kid's hair from all the meals I ate while she slept on me), it will count for a lot.

Babies are easy. They like cuddles and being rocked and talked to gently. Toddlers are easy too; mine just goes up to people with her toys and guides the interaction. And by the time the baby gets that old who knows, maybe you'll know them so well you'll feel better about them or even kids in general.

Anyway, best of luck, I also wanted to say good job on your fitness and mental health stuff.

>> No.9289525
File: 40 KB, 640x493, 1481159749442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"it's hard to believe Christmas is only a week away"
>"wait, don't we around one and a half left"
>"nope, it's right around the corner"

Jesus christ I haven't even had time to sit down and work on my Christmas cards yet.

>> No.9289526

And I can't even greentext right, just kill me

>> No.9289709
File: 85 KB, 500x691, drnogf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to get an apartment w/ another cosplayer
>"I can't pay more than $400 a month."
>find nice $900 apartment, $450 ea.
>ask if that'll be okay
>"I meant $400 total, not each."

Wtf, why do you want me to live in Rapeville?! I'm never trusting cosplayers again.

>> No.9289733

Umm what the fuck. Where was said cosplayer living now? Why only $200? How long did you know them? How do they even survive? And most importantly...

What the fuck?

>> No.9289755

He's been my friend's friend for five years. My friend lives in a dirt-cheap apartment in Anusville, and apparently this guy thinks we should do the same.

He lives with his parents.

>> No.9289768


>> No.9289818

Don't worry about what we preceptive of you as weird. Who knows, maybe his weirdness and yours will mash? Just keep it together.

>I'm going to start hitting the gym a lot again, so hopefully I can be a little less marshmallow-y!
Wait I thought you've said you are the thinnest girl?
Regardless, January is a bad time to start hitting the gyms. Everyone who ever was dissatisfied with his/her body and been living an unfit lifestyle (and that is a lot of people), try again after New Years. The gyms will be packed with people who usually flake out by February, and all the equipment is occupied 90% of the time. I myself will have to switch over to my bodyweight training program for that moth.

>> No.9289878
File: 104 KB, 680x602, poorfag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I meant $400 total, not each."

>> No.9290036

> have 90-95 bust depending on how much I breathe in
> deal with the fact that I'll never wear moitie
> I guess shirred baby and IW size M are fine
> still look like sausage
> mega boobloaf

At leat the rest of my body is thin. How do fatties even do it?

>> No.9290043

This is me and a few of my friends; every Wednesday like clockwork my FB feed is full of people "literally sobbing" over whatever the fuck happened this week, or going into town in cosplay to reenact the engagement or whatever. I tried watching the show to give it a chance but it reads like my worst high school fanfiction (okay NOW after they get gay-married they'll get real drunk and POLE DANCE lol SO SESSYYYY)

The best christmas present I'm getting is the fact that YOI will end next week.

>> No.9290047

You should be able to fit most back shirred things anon. If you're boobloafing it's probably because you're wearing the wrong bra. Also I've seen plenty of fatties who have worn moitie.

>> No.9290069

We'll see! I hope that we can at least get past this very awkward stage, but I think I tend to make it worse.

Yeah, I am! Granted, being the smallest out of the group isn't saying too much-- the second smallest is probably 40ish pounds larger. They've all got the confidence of fitness models or some shit and show their bellies and legs all the time. I can barely do booty shorts, don't even mention showing my stomach or too much chest.
Being the smallest doesn't mean I couldn't stand to lose a little bit, too. I'm definitely soft and that costume has absolutely no room to hide anything. Alas, they want to be instafamous and they know that they'll need a mostly naked girl to get there, so the pressure continues.
>mfw still terrified of that.

>> No.9290078

IW and shirred baby are not exactly the best for boobs. IW bodices are known to be cut so flat that they boobloaf on anyone with more than a 2-3" difference between bust and underbust.
Also the "moitie is tiny" thing is a myth, they just list all of their dresses as 82cm bust and 66cm waist which is clearly not the case with the majority of the shirred items.
If you like Moitie, I'd recommend looking at other gothic brands like Chantilly and Atelier Pierrot.

>> No.9290089
File: 77 KB, 552x414, Bx0k80ICEAEvJqu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw looking at bento boxes and sandwich cutters

I have to start bringing my lunch to work because I'm getting too fat with the greasy shit that's convenient and close by. I decided that if I'm gonna be a loser who doesn't eat out, I'll go full weeb and store my sandwiches and fruits in a bento box.

Currently eyeing a bento box and water bottle from Kotoritachi.

>> No.9290092

Do it anon! Eating bento lunches saves me from so many unnecessary calories and my weight has been dropping ever since.

>> No.9290102

Nice. Yeah, I probably won't go full rice and sushi, since I'm in a very rural Midwestern small town, but I figure just making the portions fit into the bento box will be useful in and of itself.

Plus I could cut my sandwiches to have no crust and be in heart shapes. That's cute as shit.

>> No.9290117

How are you supposed to find an apartment for $400? I live in an area where rent is dirt cheap and that's not enough for even the scummiest apartments in bumfuck nowhere. Forget Rapeville, they want the full Deliverance package.

>> No.9290123


I love to bento and usually do but I feel like all plastic containers leave my food tasting weird and unappetizing. Everything from like normal glad sandwich tupperware to hard plastic bentos. Anyone else have this problem?

>> No.9290135

>so much delicious drama going down with old trips from cgl
>stealing money via gofundme
>spreading lies and turning communities against one another
>shameless dicksucking of semi well known youtubers
>can't anon post about it because those days of delicious internet chaos are over
Makes me cry famalam

>> No.9290136

>I figure just making the portions fit into the bento box will be useful in and of itself
You might need a larger-sized bento to make sure you're eating a reasonable portion if that's the case. They're usually designed to give about 600 calories when used for rice - sandwiches and salad take up a lot more room than rice does.

>> No.9290216

I haven't ever had that issue, but you could line your container, or wrap your sandwich with parchment paper, cling wrap, or wax paper and see if it helps. You could also invest and get a nice pyrex container.

It's ok. It's nice for a sports anime to show their actual routines/what they are doing without the bullshit pseudo-magical special moves that other sports shows sometimes do. They are just regular skaters. It was kind of fun though and probably worth a watch.

My last final is tomorrow. I get a few weeks off to lounge and catch up on shows. I'll try and not be a lazy shit and actually get started on my cosplay for an upcoming con since I'll have no time again when school starts.

>> No.9290223

nigga that's the reason lolcow exists

>> No.9290295

Lolcow is dead and there hey threads for a small nitpicky drama - I don't V care about Sheena Oum

>> No.9290310

>okay NOW after they get gay-married they'll get real drunk and POLE DANCE lol
The pole dancing was from a previous party that the MC was too shitfaced at to remember.

>> No.9290312

Semi-related but, how do Ifind out the real measurements of Moitie dresses. I don't think it's unrealistic to think I'd fit into some of them with an 89cm bust but I'd like to know which ones that are.

>> No.9290424

Best sports anime was free! no contest
Yoi sure looks decent but I can't go a week without being verbally assaulted about
'muh gay babies'

>> No.9290462

I'm browsing Lacemarket and feeling the temptation to just buy my first lolita OP or JSK but I'm holding myself back because I keep thinking I'll have nowhere to wear that to, that people will call me childish or immature for liking this fashion and all that... I might just cave in and do it, fuck what other people think.

>> No.9290474

Do it.

>> No.9290479

I felt the same a few months ago and just did it. It was great, now I have a small wardrobe.
Never worn it in public. Still feels great tho

PS don't do it if you don't have spare money obvs

>> No.9290484 [DELETED] 

You answered your own delima.
Stop caring what random uggo boring normies think.
Caring a little what fellow well dressed informed lolitas think is reasonable as it is how one improves. But only a moderate amount of caring not too much.

>> No.9290500

You guess and look to see if there's shirring

>> No.9290509
File: 670 KB, 669x887, diaperfur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last time I went to a tea party, five girls were playing patty-cake in a circle and singing "Dicks! Out! For Harambe! Dicks! Out! ..."

I haven't been to a tea since.

>> No.9290513

>Tfw wanna get into it
>Tfw dude
>Tfw probably too tall/wide shoulders for it
>Tfw no other dudes to help


>> No.9290530

Somehow I ended up caring more about cosplay than anime or video games or making friends. So, when I go to cons I don't have fun unless I know someone. And I'm kind of a shitty friend? Like, I'm selfish and I'm a bad listener and unreliable.

I used to just keep going cause I was addicted to sewing and the 'idea' of a con, but now I've been worn down to the point where I'm lucky if I finish even one cosplay.

I should quit, but my life is pretty hollow as it is.

>> No.9290536
File: 606 KB, 440x237, tumblr_m457etZ2J91qad55j.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the encouragement! I'll really do it, as soon as I find a nice old school or goth piece on my price range.

I'm 24 years old so I'm a bit scared of starting in the fashion just now, sometimes it feels like I might be too old for it. I've noticed though that the majority of lolitas online are around that age range, so it comforts me to know that.

>> No.9290543

Your comm sounds fucking incredible. Go back.

>> No.9290545

Focus on being not a shitty friend instead of cosplay.

>> No.9290554

>>Tfw no other dudes to help
hi i'm a dude and i learned everything my fucking self.

no excuses. DIY like literally everyone else. even most of the women here are fucking self-taught. you are never going to survive any alternative lifestyle without faith in yourself.

>> No.9290556

My dream dress came up for sale again. I die a little inside every time I see it for sale, because I know it's too big for me. Resisting buying for now, but if it's still for sale after the holidays maybe I can buy it and see about getting it altered...

>> No.9290559

If it helps, I find I get the best reception from strangers when I'm in gothic and simple oldschool. Lots of people stopping to tell me they like my dress, or ask how I keep my skirt puffy, that sort of thing. I just wear it when I'm going out with friends or have to run errands in the city, there doesn't need to be a special occasion!

Also you can try checking closetchild and wunderwelt, especially if you're on a budget, I've gotten some great deals on old pieces from both.

>> No.9290564

Thanks for the advice! I was checking the items wunderwelt had up on Lacemarket, are their prices higher there? Should I just go to their direct website?

>> No.9290568

What wunderwelt puts on lacemarket is usually the really damaged items, so they are cheaper. The stuff on their website is going to be the "normal" stock that's in generally good condition.

>> No.9290572

That will only happen if your entire draw as a human being is your looks, with no other redeeming qualities.

Meaning that, yeah, most of you will have this fate. Sorry.

>> No.9290574

Because they're instinct tells them to.

Ancient women didn't get good mates by being fast runners, strong warriors, clever hunters, or good friends. They got good mates by being sexy. That's it.

Instinct reflects that.

>> No.9290575

We've evolved to BE ABLE TO go against it. We aren't at all free of those shackles yet.

>> No.9290579

You did the right thing, just try to stick with him and make your own fun. When other people dip out on you, close ranks and hold on to the people you have. It's a really effective way to cheer up someone who feels lonely or isolated.

>> No.9290585

How the hell do people tolerate socially awkward weirdos who congregate over a mutual interest? I mean, I like some niche things but if other people who liked the same things were weird, I wouldn't bother with whatever their group was

>> No.9290593
File: 53 KB, 372x363, 2826394_1340657703802.11res_372_363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Play Love Live in the morning
>I'm almost late from class
>Pack my bag in a rush and made it in time
>Later that day we have groupwork
>I have few pictures on my phone we need
>Swipe my phone open
>Then I remember I didn't close the app
>Love Live music starts playing and Maki talking
>Everyone look at me with questioning faces
>Now I'm known as a weeb

>> No.9290798
File: 33 KB, 640x360, t1larg.heels.thinkstock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm such a fucking pig
>buy bodyline boots size 23
>they fit my feet just right
>won't close because of my pig calves
i'm 120lbs for 5"3 i knew it was a chubby weight but i never thought i was that fat

pic related what my calves are like, it might seem average but to me average is "too fat". Especially since i can"t stuff my sausage calves into boots

>> No.9290811

No it's not a chubby weight. I'm 5"5 and 145lbs (trying to loose some though) and I can still fit into brand boots. I just have zero fat in my calves for some reason. Do you use heels often/do things that might effect on them? I'm pretty sure it's not because you are chubby, I wouldn't say I'm fat yet and we have quite difference. I would say I'm chubby and you are fine, anon.

>> No.9290816

>it might seem average but to me average is too fat
take a second, step back, evaluate how often this happens to you. if you feel a gut wrenching fear about being an average size you should look into help for EDs

>> No.9290822
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>> No.9290827

to be fair, I'm a big lesbian who can't find boy-centric plots interesting for shit and even im enjoying it. it's just a really enjoyable show (although yes, the fans can get pretty cringey... but that's true of any hot show when it comes out)

>> No.9290845


>DIY and waste time and money being lost

Sounds great

>> No.9290849

Thanks there, i might have overreacted.
I used to be ana before, but i still have that feel that i'm not skinny enough sometimes/that i'm not pretty enough/...

>> No.9290854

no, I totally get that fear. I ordered a Liz Lisa blouse this weekend that should have fit my measurements, but when it arrived it looked like trash and couldn't fit around my forearms properly. I know logically it's because I'm tall and the sleeves were hitting way too high to fit right, but I'm still stressed about it 3 days later. Eating disorders follow you, man.

>> No.9290863

>i'm 120lbs for 5"3 i knew it was a chubby weight but i never thought i was that fat

Anon, I'm sorry for your chubby calves. I have this problem too. All my weight is in my hips and thighs. At 90 lbs and 5' I had no boobs, a lot of rib, and thick as fuck calves. We're all built in different ways...

>> No.9290869

I'm the chubby anon. I know the feeling, suck to hate myself. I hope you feel better and manage to stay in healty ways, I feel like I'm slipping into full blown eating disorder when my bf will be away. I don't want anybody to feel like this.

>> No.9290870

your alternative is to remain in a state of wishing. have some pride and tackle the issue head-on.

>> No.9290871

>muh evolutionary psychology


>> No.9290891

>muh "history has no effect in the present"
>muh armchair philosopher
>muh philosophy major


>> No.9290895
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>> No.9290902

Lolcow is so boring tho, they suck at enjoying drama

>> No.9291050

The majority of active lolitas IRL are around that age range too, high schoolers and students don't usually have the disposable income.

>> No.9291053

You can check past LM listings to see what people have listed as the flat measurements.

>> No.9291059


To be fair if you are talking about "average American" from studies that are linked often. Average is pretty fat.

>> No.9291090

we're anachans. we aren't saying average as in stastical average, we are saying it as code for "normal and not a concern"

jfc keep up

>> No.9291131

i am sad, because from 17 (im 22 now) i always wanted to cosplay as lelouch vi britannia
aand none of my friends liked anime or manga
now they have matured mentally and got proper careers, i still work a dead end job that a like, never wanting a family, and enjoying my anime.
but i feel sad
though my only two real friends i still have (best friends from like age 6) still watch anime. i feel very alone because they have moved on in a way.
such is the life of a 22y/o depressed weeb

i cosplayed a few times alone at some events
but i was very scared,
and social anxiety got the better of me
"you arent skelly enough to be lelouch" was running through my mind. though i was very underweight at the time
just kill me now

>> No.9291145
File: 483 KB, 141x141, 1407205236176.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been looking into getting into EGA for a little bit now
>Order a very nice looking double-breasted overcoat for my birthday back in Fall
>Can't wear it yet since the weather has been pretty wishy-washy and was too warm
>Fast forward today and it's cold as can be
>It's my time to shine
>Throw on some good dress shoes, dress pants, and sweater along with overcoat before going to the mall to do some christmas shopping
>Not only was it cozy as can be, but I got a handful of compliments from other people when shopping around
>Felt good, looked good, and now the urge to put together a full, actual Aristocrat outfit is strong

And so it begins, 2017 will be the year my wallet dies.

>> No.9291147
File: 444 KB, 1840x1232, F1000030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you post your con photos and people thank you for them.

>> No.9291149
File: 248 KB, 500x343, 1401576867065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your worst con photos get uploaded to official pages

>> No.9291235
File: 68 KB, 735x1049, https%3A%2F%2F36.media.tumblr.com%2F984d57bcbe04c2a55b4545b7381f09b0%2Ftumblr_o268rmviWK1ufislwo3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

congrats anon! do Mana proud.

>> No.9291348

>trying to make a point
>links a youtube video from something from adult swim

>> No.9291350

>dicks out for a gorilla that killed a toddler
gorillas are not even cute. sounds like 2edgy shit.

>> No.9291392

>Feeling really great in general
>Psych meds worked out so my depression and anxiety aren't ruining my life
>Straight A semester at new uni
>Got acne treatment so my face is no longer covered in nasty zits
>Looking particularly slender and nice
>Finally feel good enough to flesh out my wardrobe with burando and wear it often

then this happened today...
>8 year old cat who has never been ill is lethargic and didn't eat for a day
>Take him to vet
>$600 vet bill
>His gums are pale and he's dehydrated
>He had xrays, bloodwork, a fecal test
>Xrays look good, just constipated and fecal test came back negative
>He has bad arthritis so he gets glucosamine
>Bloodwork comes back mostly normal but he's quite anemic (low RBC)

They gave him sub-q fluids and two antibiotics, they're not 100% sure what's wrong with him. He's not feeling better and the vet said to take him to the specialist for a blood transfusion if he's not feeling better by tomorrow morning (well.. this morning, in 7 hours).

I call the specialist and ask for a quote. A blood transfusion is a minimum of $2.5k

>> No.9291396

I literally don't have $2.5k and neither does anyone I know. So I'm just sitting here worrying about whether or not I'm going to have to wake up and get my baby euthanized or not, or let him suffer? I can't just sit and watch him die. Idk what to do.

When I called the specialist for a quote and they told me it'd be at least $2.5k... I choked on tears when the receptionist followed up with "So would you like me to make him an appointment to see us in the morning just in case he's not feeling better?"

...no ma'am, th-thank you... hap... happy holidays

at least she sounded sympathetic

>> No.9291403

My dream lolita gf, is that you? Too bad you aren't in heurope :v

> tfw you just got painfully reminded that you will be forever alone.

>> No.9291424

>a gorilla that killed a toddler
what alternate universe are you from and how have you accessed our internet?

>> No.9291466

>tfw you're really into politics but also fills you with rage so you immerse yourself into Lolita things so you can calm down and become happy again.

>> No.9291532
File: 33 KB, 720x529, 1459496657973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw will never have a lolita hold my hand

>> No.9291571

Did the cat got any better since then?
Is the blood transfusion even guaranteed to make him better, or it's just a crapshoot?

>> No.9291597

Not with that attitude, you won't.

>> No.9291620
File: 585 KB, 500x287, lolitacentipede.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend started watching Keijo and now she wants to have ass-fights with me.

Should I give in and do a cosplay duo with her?

>> No.9291630


>> No.9291651

As an ass-man, how have I never heard of this anime before??

>> No.9291668

Is cat ok? Plz respond soon anon. Wishing you all the best and i hope things are ok.

>> No.9291673

Start up a gofundme, anon. My friend couldn't afford the surgery for his dog's ruptured knee because his family is shit and refused to help with it, so i suggested a gofundme to him and it helped cover the costs.

People are super willing to give to help out sick/injured animals- Just start it out and share as much as you can.

>> No.9291693
File: 41 KB, 480x340, 1469125345.7E8FEADF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you tell another girl you're not a lesbian without setting off her bipolar craziness?

>> No.9291696


>> No.9291702

Blush. Tell her that you're addicted to cock, and make an ahegao face while being banged on the metro by some random molester, making sure she watches.
Start banging every guy in sight.
Later, she gets surgery to get a penis and then you two bang.

That's how it works in my hentais, at least.

Alternatively, just tell her that you don't want there to be a misunderstanding in your relationship and that you're not into women, but enjoy her company. Tell her that you care for her, but not in THAT way, and make sure to give her a hug. Explain to her, if she's having a poor reaction, that you'll give her some space if she feels she needs it, but you definitely want to remain friends, because friendship is far more important than some silly romantic feelings. Ask about the next time you two can hang out.

Uh.... Lolita and stuff.

>> No.9291711
File: 109 KB, 500x500, 1459774593727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you blush on command?

>> No.9291715


>> No.9291717

Ask strangers on the internet for money with proof pics.

>> No.9291720

If you're uncomfortable saying it straight out to her face, try to bring it up through a conversation topic not related to her. Say offhandedly that you want to go to Pride someday, even though you're straight. Or joke about being [other gay friend]'s straight best friend. It might come across kind of weird or awkward depending on delivery, but probably better than the alternative.

>> No.9291723

Gb2 /adv/ where you're surrounded by other idiots.
How dare you try to spread bad advice here.

>> No.9291725 [DELETED] 

If it can wait a day or two (even if your baby is really sick, if he's still holding on), try to go sign up for pet insurance that kicks in immediately, I think petsmart/banfield does this if you're in the US? It will still be expensive, but pet insurance should eat up a good portion of the cost. I don't know if it still works this way, but my dog shattered his leg years ago and we were able to pull this trick to get the cost down on the surgery he needed to reconstruct his leg.

>> No.9291885
File: 286 KB, 599x427, kantaicrack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, so that's one "yes," one "no," and one "booty!!"

Also, I got some new loli-able shoes in the mail today! My dog pooped on the box, but the shoes were fine.

>> No.9291917

do it faggot!

>> No.9291968
File: 65 KB, 1400x256, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 7.15.46 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9292059

Kitty man is feeling much better today and I'm beside myself with happiness. Thank you all for your concern, gulls. He's eating and drinking on his own, and was walking around with his tail up so that shows me he's not feeling depressed. Still not 100% better but his antibiotics are definitely working their magic.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm really glad he's feeling better, but it's a bit of hope just in case some horrible thing happens to him again or one of my other cats.

>> No.9292328
File: 3.26 MB, 640x266, 488.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to Christmas-themed horror cosplay event
>loads of girls trying to be Xmas Sadako
>they all want to jumpscare me
>mfw I have a ghost fetish

>> No.9292402

Buy cheap bodyline and never try to sell the cumstained dresses on after you outgrow your AGP phase.

>> No.9292406

>have long term severe problems with depression and anxiety
>weebing out is my escape, I love anime, video games and jfashion because indulging in all that really helps me forget about my own shitty life
>harder and harder to find fellow genuine weebs at cons
>everyone is an 'ironic' weeb who doesn't really watch anime anymore and only goes to cons to party/get laid/harvest photos for money
>less and less genuine weeb friends
>one and only con crush turns out to be a complete disaster for my mental health
>get more depressed, talk to people less and less
>end up mostly just talking to the super spergy neckbeards at cons because they're the only ones who genuinely want to just sit and shoot the shit about anime/whatever I'm cosplaying
>people start assuming I'm farming these guys as orbiters or something because I'm an attractive girl but I just want my weeb comfort bubble back
>even boyfriend is an 'ironic weeb' who doesn't like to let on to people that he still really loves shonen manga
>depression intensifies dot jay peg

>> No.9292438

Why are there no sexy haunted houses? Seems like they're missing a serious opportunity.

>> No.9292477

I might be lynched for this, but you should consider another hobby besides this one.

Or a more quality group of friends.

>> No.9292912

You're leading those guys on and giving them false hope by talking to them while you have a boyfriend.

>> No.9293373
File: 1.34 MB, 1280x1326, 1394070568540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just spent >300 shekels on Amazon for christmas gifts
>already spent at least a couple hundred on other christmas gifts
>December weeaboo merchandise order is >600 without calculating shipping yet
>haven't bought any clothes in months
>haven't planned a costume outside Halloween in three years
>indulging in foods I have denied myself for a long time, occasionally drinking alcohol for the first time
>waiting for packages makes me feel like I have something to see tomorrow for
>watching Chinese cartoons and browsing this Nipponese 1000 times steel folded image board has me constantly mentally stimulated

My brain is in constant gleeful overload but I feel actual physical twinges of pain thinking about completely innocuous things like finishing a series as if I were feeling grief. Somehow thinking about it makes me even more gleeful.

I think I broke

>> No.9296158
File: 1.06 MB, 1440x1442, 20160916_232203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mildly /cgl/ related feel:
>friend is coming in January from TX to local convention in CA
>over the moon that I live near the convention center this shit is happening at so I don't have to worry about anything but the ticket I can just walk there in 20 minutes

Non-/cgl/ feel:
>drifting away from college friends, efforts to strike up conversation brings in only one person that is also trying as hard as I am
>trying to have a meetup after christmas day to go to an art museum
>no one sounds off interest but me and her
>literally no one replies but her
>3 days later one other person mentions his Co-op's New Years party but most of us had plans to stay with family anyway
>same person also dumped me this year because he felt that he wanted to be alone get his shit together so it would be awkward to go to the party anyway

I want 2017 to get here already

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