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most of feels thread are sad
I wanna hear your happy feels

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Thanksgiving was awesome because I got to cook delicious food and play games and no one argued about politics only David Blaine's "magic".
I'm halfway done with my Christmas shopping and I'm excited to start sending out gifts.
Both those holidays mean a lot to me because I like to do nice things for people I care about. Cooking and gift giving are my jams.

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Last winter was horrendous through and through. My husband and I had just gotten married, which should have been happy, but immediately there was some landlord fuckery that completely ruined our finances for several months. Our junker car also completely broke down and we had to get it scrapped. This winter, we don't have a lot of spare cash, but I'm not in "crying in the shower" panic mode and I am looking forward to being able to buy a few small gifts for the important people in my life. I really think things are going to keep improving and I'm really happy to have someone supportive and wonderful by my side.

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I got a job as a host last week
all I do is make flower arrangements, dress up, and greet people, sometimes they offer me food
other employees are nice as fuck too
I really like it and I finally have money to buy myself nice stuff

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congrats on getting married! I hope everything improves for you!

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This time last year I was jobless, living on someones couch, and suicidal. This year I finally make enough to buy my family and friends Christmas presents. I can afford to participate in the SS. I could afford to spoil myself at all the black friday sales. I still have lapses where I think about wrecking my car off the road or taking a bunch of pills but it's manageable now. I want to live. I'm excited for Christmas this year.

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Oh my god anon, that nearly brought a tear to my eye because it's so relatable. I was so miserable until I found a job and reconnected with my friends. I’m glad you're in such a better place.

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Me too anon! I'm doing the SS for /cgl/ and to be honest I'm not really into jfashion or lolita but I just wanted to make my matches happy so I spent $120+ on each of them and can't wait to ship them out!

That sounds awesome anon, hope it keeps going well for you!

I hope you guys have a better holiday season and great year ahead, y'all deserve it <3

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A for effort but could use a better font

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Finally going to take my husband (and myself) to glorious nippon. Didn't think I'd be able to save up for a trip after going to Seoul less than a year ago, but hey, I did it!

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>have a best friend who supports my lolita endeavors and has bought me a few of my dream dresses
> same best friend has unintentionally(?) taught me how to be a better and less cold person
>now have the courage to seek out friendships with fellow lolitas
>everybody has been extremely nice

>husbando is learning more about lolita
>more willingly supports my hobby/lifestyle now that he knows what it's all about
>now we read dramu and watch LWLN together

>lolita wardrobe has grown by 1000% in the past couple months
>big ol taobao order on its way

i have a lot of kindnesses to be thankful for after many years of scariness and doubt. i feel like i'm finally getting to be the person i wanted to be when i was a kid. hope you gulls have lots of good feels of your own!

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Sounds really nice though, Anon. How the jell does a friend afford to buy you dream dresses?

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I wish I could travel around the world.

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last week lolita news! that cute little youtube series where a girl covers what's been going on in lolita lately. would recommend

and i guess having a good job and a good station in life! i'm thankful that someone has shown me that kindness in good faith that i'm not the kind to abuse it. friendship!

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Super materialistic feels, but I managed to acquire 4 of my dream dresses over the past 3 weeks, all by luck!

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>life hasnt been going well; disabled from an injury
>can't work due to pain and general inability to move, so no income for meets/cons
>best friend is unbelievably supportive
>she pays for me to come to meetups, buys me con tickets, overall supports me in the best way she can during a really painful time in my life
>she just bought me the new pokemon game bc she knows i wanted it
>i'm so bored and lonely at home doing nothing all day so getting this game really means a lot to me more than it usually would
>i am so grateful

i feel a little guilty for accepting all of this from her so this is a bittersweet feels story, but overall i'm just so thankful to have someone like her in my life

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>always terrified of trying new materials because terrified of failure
>planned costume for next year has a few metallic buckle details
>guess this is a good time to try worbla, if it fails I've got time for alternatives
>even though I'm burning the shit out of my fingers a few times, the buckles at least looking like the source material so far
>ask /cgl/ for fabric recommendations
>order what turns out to be perfect fabric swatch
>mfw everything is going a billion times better than expected

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That was sweet of her. Which version did you get?

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>all these stories of supportive friends

reading these is a good feel for me

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I've been a terrible student my whole life due to underlying untreated mental illness. As an adult I've finally gotten the combination of medication and an amazing support system (my boyfriend and friends) to help me succeed, and I enrolled in a specialized school for my career. I'm thriving. This is the first time I've gotten all A's and felt like I was absorbing all the knowledge being given to me. I'm in my mid-20's but my family is so proud of me for finding my passion and proving I can do it. I'm not used to the feeling, but I definitely like it.

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>turn 18 in october, transfer to online school bc health
>no longer a full time student and can work during the week
>making more money to save for school (and jfash)
>getting portfolio finished for college apps, ACT score is perfect to get into art schools
>mfw I haven't been suicidal in months
>mfw headaches, dizziness, and constant fatigue have all gone away
>mfw have hope again

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>friend buys expensive dresses for you

You sure she isn't gay for you? I had a friend do that for me and the next thing I knew her head was between my thighs.

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dropped pic because dumb ass

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seeing gulls being happy for once is soooooo good

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Finally met someone who makes me feel good, respected and safe. He doesn't know much about lolita but he's supportive and listen to me when I just ramble about it. He even brought me to a tea house because he thought I'd enjoy it. We play videogames together, talk about stupid things and share the same awkward sarcasm.
The most important thing is that he's really helping me with my anxiety. He makes me think about how and why I react in certain way and he's always there when I need help.
I feel happy for the first time after months.

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I'm doing a partner cosplay with a friend that I'm meeting for the first time next summer and we keep sending each other pictures whenever we get some piece of our cosplay finished. I'm super excited to meet them and it's good to know that they're as happy as I am.

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>Been out of school and unemployed for over a year while friends have moved out and got their careers started
>All applications have been rejected or ignored, and doing artist alley isn't enough money
>Spent most of my time inside and wouldn't talk to anybody for days
>Decided to apply at the local aquarium hobby store since I went there for supplies
>Now have been working almost 2 months, the pay isn't too much but I'm having a lot of fun
>Coworkers are nice, been learning a lot from them and we've been trading plants
>Was able to buy my brother an Christmas present (got him the new Pokemon game, and a 3ds to be able to play it on) and my mom a birthday cake this month

Wasn't what I had envisioned doing at this age, but it's better than sitting at home.

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That sounds like an amazing job, how'd you come about it if you don't mind me asking?

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>friends can't support friends without wanting something in return

i don't think that would be the behavior of a real friend, anon. true kindness and generosity doesn't come with strings attached. unfortunately, there aren't many people good enough to do things entirely for the sake of another person. i'm very lucky to have met somebody with a good heart.

but i'm sorry that happened to you

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I just convinced my fiance to do a paircosplay with me for the first time ever! *THE EXCITEMENT*

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Sounds like dream boyfriend, Anon. I'm really jelly.
>TFW you will never find sweet, caring, funny, charming guy who will try his hardest for your happiness and he'll you improve yourself

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I saw the offer and turns out my teacher knows the owner

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Congrats, I'd kill for a job like that.

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My boyfriend's mom has been doing research on lolita and it makes me really happy. She even asked me if I wear classic. (I do)

I was really happy but confused until my boyfriend told me later that she wanted a daughter too but couldn't have more kids after him. She already knows more about than my dad even though I've been in the fashion for a decade.

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I made the friend finder thread and I'm actually surprised it's lived so long when they usually get janitor'ed instantly. I'm seeing a bunch of other Anons replying to each other and adding each other to social media and it makes me feel happy to see that. I hope everything works out for everyone who started talking to new people.

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I'm not doing well this semester because my classes are super hard, but I am managing to work at a bakery for about seven to ten hours a week. (I also started to go to a tutor and have been getting much better.) Having money and not relying on my parents as much is nice. After having a serious string of "mini strokes", my mom finally stopped smoking, is eating well, exercising, and hasn't had a health problem since September.
My boyfriend and I are a year and almost four months in and we're doing very well.
I'm very thankful for my mental health this year. My doc added a new med to my cocktail and I finally feel like Im not struggling with anxiety, depression, and manic episodes on a day to day basis. Last year around this time, I was admitted to a psych ward twice. I'm feeling much better than back then.

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I'm so close to finishing University, but the workload is crippling. On the bright side, I finish with enough time to go fabric shopping, bake Christmas cookies and plan my 25th birthday.

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She sounds like a total sweetheart!

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After three years, my wardrobe is finally becoming more cohesive. I just spent $500 and after I've made a few sales I should be able to spend $200 more to consolidate things. I'm finally at a point where I have enough basics to be able to focus on hunting down wishlist pieces (the sad feel is that I can't wear lolita on a regular basis and already own way more than I have a chance to wear).

I also have a lot more disposable income and less stress at the moment, so I was able to buy myself a few new non-lolita things in the Black Friday sales. Most importantly, I got a new coat and two pairs of shoes. It's made my everyday life much easier and I'm so glad I'm no longer in a place where I have to choose between spending on lolita or spending on necessary everyday items.

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What school are you attending if you don't mind?

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I didn't mean offense by it at all. I'm dating my friend who gifted me stuff before, and I love her! I wasn't trying to say your friend is a sly scum.

I just meant that maybe she has a thing for you. It doesn't make her a bad person even if she did have a gay crush on you and gifted you as part of her crush. Doesn't have to mean she's gifting just to undress you, but that because she likes you she wants to make you happy and gifting makes you happy.

Just saying! If you wanna experiment, it's probably likely she wants you. The guy I was dating at the time was a little sad but understood and I've never been happier.

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oh, okay! sorry i took it totally the wrong way, it was just a little blunt so i interpreted it negatively

but we've already had the awkward crush conversation and everything is resolved! i could never accept stuff if the issue was unsettled because i'd feel like i'm takin advantage

glad you and your friend are happy!

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>live in small town in nebraska
>hardly any other lolitas here, only met one in middle school and never met them again
>don't participate in online comm
>dress how i want and never get insults
>old ladies compliment me
>girls stare at me when i go out
>can experiment with lolita with clothes from goodwill and don't have to worry about predatory or competitive environment


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Some good things:
>Finally have a boyfriend who accepts me for who I am and who wants to cosplay my OTP with me.
>Finding more ways to incorporate Lolita into my daily wardrobe despite the cold.
>Still in school, but not at a place where I'm actively hating my life anymore.

I still have a bit to go but I'm getting there, anons.

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I want to live somewhere small.

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where do you live now? what is it like?

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I sounded like my friend tricked me and forcefully came onto me but I tried to be funny in explaining the quick 180 between us >~<

Cute that you took offense in the thought of someone calling your friend a slime. You proved that you are just as good a friend to her as she is to you! Give her a kiss on the cheek and say no homo.

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I live outside Seattle, I've lived here my whole life. The place has really exploded with Amazon, and other tech companies being here. All the fun places like record stores, diy venues, and independent theaters are disappearing in favor of high rises. I'm almost 25, and I'm already like
>back in my day
I don't know, I guess I really am getting old.

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>Going through Lacemart's listings
>Someone got one of my dream dresses
>Check name
>It was my boyfriend
>Really excited but feel like I ruined my Christmas surprise
>Rollin in bed flailing my feet around and hugging my alpacasso in excitement
>Guiltily tell my boyfriend I noticed he bought the dress because I'd feel guilty pretending I didn't know
>"Oh, good thing that's only 1/10th of what I had planned for your present."
>Jaw drops because I wasn't expecting anything more but he's going all out for me
>Feel so loved

Looking up weird shaving stuff because he likes luxury face grooming stuff.

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I got $13,000 unexpectedly from an old insurance claim and I'm using it to do the same .

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I live outside of Seattle too. Same for lifelong resident. Are you part of the facebook? I haven't gone to any meets. Do you think you'll move away?
Yeah, going into city can be overwhelming. There are some nice smaller places on the outskirts that are like what Nebraska anon talks about, though

I've been seeing more and more lolitas in Seattle. It's weirding me out.

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>Are you part of the facebook?
Nah, I'm a guy, sorry. I just like to read random scans of GLB, Kera, other random tumblr/instagram, and /cgl/ for lolita/jfash stuff.

>Do you think you'll move away?
I'd love to, I have one more year of uni, but my major is literally perfect for the local economy right now. I want to get out of WA, though.
Are you going to try to get out, too?

>Yeah, going into city can be overwhelming.
It's horrible!

>There are some nice smaller places on the outskirts that are like what Nebraska anon talks about, though
Sometimes I think it'd be nice to live east of the cascades, like Yakima or something, but living away from an urban area kind of worries me.

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one of our old record stores just closed because they were bought out by a student housing corp. they've been building these douchey, unnattractive flats. i wish gentrification didn't come with ugly blocky buildings.

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>Miss my period
>Feel nauseous
>Take pregnancy test
>I'm pregnant
>Actually scared but happy
>Suddenly realize boyfriend may not be happy
>Cry in bathroom
>He knocks on the door asking if I'm okay
>Lie and say the most stupid cover up
>"just really painful period!"
>Feel like it's now impossible to tell him because of my stupid lie
>Stress out a whole week
>When we're in bed he's spooning me and out of the blue says
>"You know, you're 28 now...you ever thought of...having a kid? I mean...I was just wondering...I'm getting old myself and..."
>Tell him the truth
>He's really happy
>I'm really happy
>He asks if they make maternal lolita dresses
>I freeze realizing this means no lolita for a while once my bump starts comin

IT'S BITTERSWEET FEEL, GULLS. DON'T GET OLD. Went through my whole life not wanting to ever have kids and yet I'm SK excited now that the time is here.

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>be poor fuck
>can't get a job because live in the middle of nowhere and miles out for any public transportation
>in school but need money
>make some online taobao reselling store, don't expect much
>made $400 this past month from doing nothing except buying shit off taobao

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uhhh.. except there's plenty of free waist lolita dresses? there's been several prego chans on cof
congratulations though, glad it worked out well

>> No.9270972

You say that until you move. Nothing to do, shitty locals, nowhere to get decent supplies, internet sucks, and the postal service is super shitty.

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>Been living off of eating out and husband's company's free meals for years
>Husband gets new job with no free catered meals and move to a new place with a much better kitchen
>Rarely cook more than once a month previously
>Have been cooking at least two meals a day for the last week that have actually been passable or pretty good
>Just made pretty damn good chicken katsu curry and we're both jazzed we can make good weeaboo food on our own

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>Be lonelita
>New girl at college
>Go say hi to her and help her around
>She's just a really nice person so I adopt her into my group of friends
>We talk some more and I mention I occasionally wear "these frilly clothes that I find cute"
>"Like lolita?"
>She knows. She knows about us
> She tells me she's always wanted to wear it but she doesn't know where to get the dresses and that her parents would crucify her for wearing anything like that
>I'm planning out relatively cheap coordinates I can order for her
>We're planning trips where she get's changed at mine and we go to the city

I'm just so excited and happy. We have almost exactly the same interests and I'm so glad to have a really nice friend that wants to parade around with me in frills

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But will her head be between your thighs soon???

>> No.9271281

I honestly love Washington. I'll probably end up somewhere on the peninsula or more south towards Portland. I can't see myself in the east at all, to be honest.
What major are you going for? Which university?

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Oh damn, that's a lot of money to get unexpectedly. Congrats!?

I'm sorry, anon. I know a lot of people have circumstances that prevent them from travelling/leaving their area. I hope you get to do what you want some day soon.

That's so sweet, anon.


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>I honestly love Washington. I'll probably end up somewhere on the peninsula or more south towards Portland. I can't see myself in the east at all, to be honest.
I feel that, places like Sequim are pretty and there's a lot to do outside over that way. Portland's nice too because it has small-town-but-stil-a-city vibe imo.
>What major are you going for? Which university?
computer engineering, UW at the bothell campus.

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Empire waist with full shirring is your friend. Also, I squeezed my eight month bump into a shirred Meta dress; looked terrible and like I was smuggling a watermelon but hey, it wasn't actually uncomfortable! I'm happy for you and your bf. Your life is gonna change so much and it's a crazy wild ride but there's also so much love and happiness.

>> No.9271439

I got to go to Japan for the first time recently and it was fucking fun. We were pressed for time most days and my ankles and calves were fucked from all the walking, but 10/10 would go again. Any other trip is going to have 2-3 days dedicated to Otome Road, I only got to stay for like 2 hours and then hit Swallowtail Cafe. Also did the weeb thing and ate at a maid cafe in Akihabara, I have a great picture of myself looking like fucking shoggoth next to this perfect tiny cute maid.

>> No.9271445

Well thats depressing...grew up in Oly but moved to Seattle a few years ago...

I essentially live in the hood, but our neighborhood streets were recently repaved and painted to have bike lanes... on the plus side maybe I'll be able to job on my own soon for weightloss!
Sage for OT blog

>> No.9271449

*jog gdi

>> No.9271580

Went to a vintage fair in Cardiff (UK) a few days ago, saw a group of lolitas just roaming around and it honestly made my day.
If one of you is reading this, you looked very cute and you gave me lots of confidence to start actually working on a first coord. Cheers guys.

>> No.9271731

On Halloween, I was wearing my Merry Making coord, and I was walking to class when I saw someone else wearing a lavender Holy Lantern coord. We kinda just stared at each other for a bit and then we both pointed at each other and went "ayyyyy". I wanted to talk to her but I was going to be late to my meeting ))): Idk it was cool, being a lonelita and all haha

>> No.9271809

>never worn lolita outside the house because shy and low self esteem
>always wanted to join local lolita comm
>afraid they won't want me because they'll think I'm weird or gross (I'm a 6ft tall mtf) or maybe my coords are shitty and I never realized
>decide to just go and see what happens, I can always just not go back if they don't like me
>everyone loves me and wants to see me again
>people called me pretty and said my coord was gorgeous

Probably the happiest feel of my life

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Congratulations anon! I actually recently found out that I'm pregnant too! I'm only 19 though so it's kind of messing up my plans some but I'm still excited about it and my fiance seems to be too. I may have bought a few larger bodyline dresses in hopes that I can wear them as "maternity lolita" haha

>> No.9271877


>> No.9271911

I was just thinking how I'm in my mid-20s, and can't even imagine having a kid right now. I'm kind of jealous of soon-to-be-mommy-Anon.

>> No.9271925

>start working at a homeless shelter
>love all my coworkers
>become bros with the people staying there
>going to try to bring everyone something small for christmas

>> No.9271957

Congrats anon!! So happy for you ad your bf. You could probably modify some cheaper pieces for your bump. Maybe get some waistless OPs..?

>> No.9272044

>After weeks and weeks of zero pay at new job, finally get paid yesterday!
>Go out and get all of my Christmas gifts, including my /cgl/ secret santas.
>Thinking "oh my god, I've spent so much money today. Jesus Christ I've spent like $1000 and I still have $500 to put straight into my Japan trip savings this week!"
>Come home, wrapping gifts up.
>Phone buzzes.
>Bank transfer alert.
>Another $600 with the note "So sorry! Forgot to put through the last week." attached.

I can't comprehend these feels, guys. I've spent the last ~6 years just below the poverty line and suddenly I can actually buy myself nice things. I still have deep regrets regarding the $6 smoothie I got today, because I didn't really like it and didn't finish the whole thing.

>> No.9272055

>I've spent the last ~6 years just below the poverty line and suddenly I can actually buy myself nice things.
congrats!! i am working toward that goal at a shamefully slow pace. your giftees will appreciate your efforts, i hope

>> No.9272174

That's great! I volunteer at a non-profit that works with the homeless population and I'm so happy that I was able to raise enough funds to buy socks and other stuff for the clients.

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>Abusive relationship that ended 3 years ago fucked me up good
>That and a few select negative friends with the "I don't like drama, but I cause too much of it" attitude that I've talked to at random times over the last 3 years have been a very bad influence on myself and my mental health
>Dealt with lots of harassment, unnecessary stress and lost motivation to attend cons anymore because of the fear of drama happening
>All of those people are finally out of my life and mutual weeby friends have reached out and let me know that they're proud of me and assured me that I did the right thing
>It's just my small tight friend circle now, and they've all forgiven me for my bad behavior over the years
>Cosplay and convention motivation and energy is renewed and I've never felt more happy and relieved

>Used to be in bad financial situation after a trip to Japan that put me in debt due to last minute bills that I couldn't pay at the time
>Little to no income for the last 6 months
>Sewing machine is broken
>Can't afford cons
>Can't even afford to pay the rent
>Feeling lonely and isolated because all friends are far away
>Finally sorted it all out recently and have a stable income again
>Debt will be paid off next month
>Visiting friends for my birthday in January, first private visit in ages since I've had to pick between the yearly convention and visiting friends for the last 5 years except for 2 incidents where I felt I could afford to hang out outside of cons
>Yearly convention in 2017 is almost sorted out too

And finally
>Received lots of clothes from Japan yesterday
>Including some high waisted pants in a size small
>Have fuck-huge hips, legs are pretty big as well due to never skipping leg day
>Been dieting a lot for the last few months
>Result is that the pants fit perfectly. As well as all other clothes in the package.

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>need item for a con in 5 weeks
>order it early from AliE because lolshippingtimes
>do expedited shipping
>wait two weeks
>according to AliE, vendor still processing order
>start looking for substitute item on Amazon, find one
>another week passes
>order expedited from Amazon because I need this item in just 10 days now
>Wake up yesterday, Amazon order is cancelled, low key panic mode, still no update on item from AliE
>Wake up today, item just passed through customs and will be here this afternoon
>Have to suffer through root canal because bone infection, my lip is thicker than my thumb right now, but everything will be daijoubu in a few hours because when I finish with that I get to enjoy the fruits of my shekels

>> No.9272278

>catching up with high school friends I bumped into at convention
>when we were in high school one of them actually proposed doing artist alley with me that fell through
>while we were walking around the convention they proposed that we try again
>am super hyped but I haven't been practicing art at all since high school
>plans are super long term, we won't even try for our first one until the end of next year due to other obligations
>suddenly develop painful medical problems that cause me to mostly stay home
>surgery to fix said problems won't happen until the new year
>have a tonne of time to work on my artist skills now
>set up an art workstation desk with all of the art related sales in my area that started popping up all at once

>realize I won't be able to work as often so I might not have enough funds to make artist alley a reality
>help out a friend as his photobooth business because one of his part-timers went awol
>the clients liked me so much that my friend decided to keep me on as an official employee
>I can now set up my own hours and the job is super fun
>My calculations predict that I'll be able to do artist alley and even get my dream cosplay ready for next year
>boyfriend surprises me with a new printer for making prints

I'm so grateful gulls.

>> No.9272307
File: 45 KB, 569x485, 1462847723054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally get some spending money
>Bid on a ton of Liz Lisa auctions
>Win all of them

I'm so happy, I haven't had clothes come in the mail for over a year


>Start dating a guy I met through school
>He's really cute and he loves when I wear lolita
>Previous boyfriend was always embarrassed by it
>We're going ice skating this weekend and he wants me to dress up

>> No.9272312


>> No.9272334

It's not much, but I have not been carded for alcohol twice now. Growing my beard and dressing nicer certainly helped, but it's just a good feeling since I look 15 without facial hair. Gonna suck having to shave it off for a cosplay in the future.

>> No.9272735

Please please please read up on postpartum care. I'm a maternity nurse and I see a lot of young women who are not prepared for the pain, clots, hormonal storm and exhaustion after having the baby. Prepping now and knowing what to expect can reduce hte stress of being surprised while your hormones are going crazy and you have a crying infant that wants to gnaw on your boob.


>> No.9273052

To add on to this happy feel, I just landed an interview for a job which will raise my income by $900 a month after taxes. Right now I've been living off of VA compensation (enough to live on, barely) and the medical issues that kept me from getting a job have resolved so I went out on a limb and got a call back for an interview on Monday. If I get full time I'll be making $1600 more.

I'm finally going to be able to expand my lolita wardrobe again and I'll still be able to save up for a wedding and honeymoon.

>> No.9273055

I'm happy for you, Anon. It's really tough to get out of abusive relationships, and a lot of times people don't realize just how much they're being abused and manipulated until after they get out.

Stay strong, Anon. Find someone good for you, who cherishes you and cares about you and your well being. You deserve to be properly loved, not owned.

>> No.9273056

Thank you so much anon! I've been trying my best to read up on everything to make sure I'm taking care of myself and the baby properly but I didn't even think about reading about the aftermath of it all. That link was really helpful thank you

>> No.9273758
File: 306 KB, 600x385, IMG_9090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>met someone who ships our characters together
>we coord our cosplay the same day and I got to cuddle with her, hold her hand, kiss her cheek
It was such a magical feeling. I want to have that again

>> No.9274084

Sorry for the late reply, anon. I have actually lost any kind of hope after my last boyfriend. He used me only for sex and I was stupid enough to let him do that because he was my childhood crush. This new guy is a surprise. What I'm trying to say is: never say never but don't wait for it either. Just live your life and somebody will show up when you don't expect it.

>> No.9274085

Most people don't get bumps until like 6 months, plus high waisted lolita dresses are a thing. I'm planning to wear full shirring/full back shirring plain cotton dresses if I ever get pregnant and have a baby. They seem convenient for bump + can be pulled down to breastfeed + machine washable for when baby invariably gets body fluids on them.

>> No.9274211

my happy feel is arika takaranos "oh maiden, advance with a sword and rose"

>There are often maidens who say, “But I’m not cute, so…” you know, though, that there’s no such thing as a maiden who is not cute.

it always makes me smile so much

>> No.9277156

My only happy feel is that every day is one closer to the end

>> No.9277207

How obnoxious do you have to be to go into a specifically happy thread with this bullshit though

>> No.9279712

2 edgy 5 me

My happy feel. I had my first ILD and I really enjoyed myself. Usually I'm working so I can't go.

>> No.9280163

>lose interest in lolita for about a year
>the passion slowly comes back
>searchin through yahoo auctions
>lotta is up (dream dress)
>i literally just won the auction then

the timing could not have been better holy shit

>> No.9284314
File: 145 KB, 491x362, IMG_2178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have a lolita sempai crush
>Get complimented on outfit by Lolita sempai
>Managed to win one of her dresses in a contest and was told by lolita sempai that it would look so good on me

Not only did I win brand, but it's sempai's brand

>> No.9284339 [DELETED] 

>Started working for first job the beginning of September
>nobody there speaks English besides my best friend who helped get me the job
>that's fine, I understand most of it
>starts getting paycheck after a month of the company trying to fuck me over, finally start getting new coords and got a dream Dress
>It's almost Christmas and for some reason a manager there starts turning on me
>Sent me home early turning my 22 hours a week into a measily 10 hours
>Cunt calls me a gringa on my way out
>fuck this I'm not standing for this anymore
>Just a few blocks away Daiso is opening up
>best friend plans to leave her job to come work with me at Daiso
>boyfriend decides to get a new job too and wants to apply there too
>Skipping work today and planning to quit tomorrow
>Jan is tax season so I'll be getting a good income tax for me to use for the next month until Daiso finally opens

I'm only 17, and I work for me and my parents since my dad lost his job about a month before I started mine. He's finally recovering from depression and a mental break and is looking for a better job, Christmas is coming up so we won't get the biggest things but my only wish is to try to make it until January.

>smiling knowing that tomorrow I'm gonna quit and tell that manager to kiss my ass
>happy crying because I just got a message from a friend saying Daiso is opening within 2-3 weeks

I can make it. I know i can do it. >:)

>> No.9284571

wow, it would be only better, if your senpai want to have sex with you

>> No.9284581

>be new to wearing the fashion
>compliment someone's coord vaguely
>she specifically compliments the complementing textures and patterns on my coord

hope to god she wasn't being sarcastic

>> No.9284637
File: 66 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be severely depressed after graduating college
>Was dealing with being harassed by a teacher and stupid drama with some friends
>Completely lost motivation and confidence to pursue my career after the bs with the teacher
>Stop going to cons and lost contact with school friends
>Get severe cystic acne and don't leave house for a whole year
>Parents threaten to kick me out
>family routinely talks shit about me being a disappointment and immature
>get forced into therapy after having to sign a contract to remain living at home
>everyone, even my therapist keep preassuring me to apply to literally everything despite me begging for them to let me do it at my own pace
>wind up going back to my old place of employment part time just to get everyone to leave me alone
>bff from college is surprisingly cool and encouraging about my not regularly making art and pursuing a career
>wind up becoming really good friends with a girl I was aquainted with in some of my classes
>face clears up thanks to accutane and asian beauty routine
>befriend some of my coworkers and we play pokemon together
>don't feel any shame for my hobbies anymore

My family are super normie and would regularly give me shit about watching anime and cosplaying. It's kind of why I stopped cosplaying. But I'm a lot happier and my skin is clear! The people who I thought would be my life long friends from college weren't, and I'm pretty surpsied by who I keep in contact with the most now. I love how diverse my friend group is, and even though I hate where I work most of my coworerks are great! I love painting and drawing but since moving home I don't have my own space to work anymore and it's been over a year since I've made anything. I still have this weird thing about being unable to draw and paint since losing confidence, but I accidentally saw a warrenty email in my parent's inbox, and I get the feeling they got me a nice tablet to draw on for xmas. I feel so touched because it's so supportive of them.

>> No.9284643

Did Daiso actually give you the job though? Don't be too hasty to quit if you haven't been guaranteed a new one.

>> No.9284653

>I'm only 17
Bye anon

>> No.9284676

I finally bit the bullet and got an asymmetric pixie cut. It's super cute and makes me look less like a hound dog cause I have a rectangular face with a strong jaw

>> No.9284680

I have 4.0 and a bunch of games.

That's about it. I just want someone to hold these cold winter days senpai.

>> No.9284711

>I'm only 17

>> No.9284738

Same anon, yeah I'm pretty sure I got the job because the new Daiso is gonna be owned by a old family friend of my dads, so I'm sure I'll get the job.

>> No.9284749

1) you're underage so you gotta go
2) if you don have the job you don't have the job. don't be a dumbass and quit early.

>> No.9284969

>Tfw you get to hold hands with a different lolita at each meet ^^

True happy time

>> No.9285144
File: 66 KB, 960x720, snapshot20090812012831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make a youtube channel just to upload my shitty unedited con videos
>6 months pass, nothing happens outside of a few dozen views
<my face
>want to check who it is but they have subscriptions set to private

It's kind of exciting but now there's also a tiny bit of pressure to upload better stuff. Assuming it's not a bot.

>> No.9285150

I assume, it's your father/mothetr or other relative

>> No.9285163

I doubt it. My name isn't anywhere on there, none of my relatives/friends are weebs, and I haven't told anyone I know about it.

>> No.9285261

>taisho baseball girls reaction image
This pleases me

>> No.9285338

My life is improving in a very similar way and I'm thankful you made it out of that bad year

>> No.9285528

please post pic if you can, this sounds great

>> No.9285530

Good luck with your surgery!

>> No.9288345
File: 65 KB, 960x720, snapshot20090812012625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up to 3 subscribers now in the space of a week.

>> No.9288931

please post your yt channel

>> No.9288941

>stressed out because I had to go to a semiformal family occasion and had nothing to wear
>ma says "But you have loads of black dresses, anon! Don't you have any simple ones?"
>of course I fucking don't, lolita never really looks normal
>send her pics of nonprint solid OPs anyway
>she thinks one of them is really cute and suggests I wear that instead of buying a new outfit
>hesitant but okay, this dress with minimal poof, plain tights and normie shoes it is
>everyone reads it as a normie dress
>compliment me on my "vintage dress", ask where I got it because they want one, older relatives mention my "nice party dress"
>nobody thinks I'm overdressed and most people don't act like anything's weird
>everything went better than expected

>> No.9288962

Just curious, which dress? Trying to get more wearable pieces into my wardrobe atm.

>> No.9288986

Still pretty stressed out but it's so much better now that finals are wrapped up. I got a raise at daytime job, and even though sales aren't looking too hot, I finally managed to put my charm set up for sale and I'm just really proud of getting that far.

>> No.9289073
File: 6 KB, 199x266, 114_img10621932531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Won't post exact dress because I don't think many people own it, but it's similar to this Moitie one only with less tiers of ruffles and no neck ties.

>> No.9289762
File: 73 KB, 960x720, snapshot20090820011632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry senpai, I can't do that. Anyway it's just pretty shitty weeb stuff like I said.

>> No.9289868
File: 932 KB, 2560x1600, Tamura.Manami.full.409558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

b-but I like shitty weeb stuff

>> No.9290060
File: 130 KB, 540x558, 1463758505065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am now employed at my dream entry-level job and am waiting on some HoneyColor lenses to arrive today.
My future looks bright and glamorous.

>> No.9290153

I'm no longer going to be a flabby-chan, cgl! I'm turning in my last paper today and after that I'm going to be at the gym every day and eating healthier instead of making excuses. I'm going to get the confidence to make the cosplays I've wanted to wear and I'll be able to look cute in Lolita instead of like a tub of lard. Please believe in me!

>> No.9290183

Same here. Congrats, and I hope you keep on doing well!
Mterialistic or not, getting a dream dress is an incredible feeling. I hope you get the matching accessories too!
Sounds awesome! What are you studying, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.9290193

I believe in you, anon! You can do it!

>> No.9290212

my dream dress finally arrived, but i got charged $100 customs because im dumb and assumed that most lolitas know to mark packages down. Now i have no money for christmas gifts, yay.

>> No.9290231

It's Christmas and because I've been super budgeting my student loans I have enough money to buy my family cute stuff and myself some cute stuff! I'm thinking of a bento box for lunch so I can eat healthier at uni, and some nanchette bits and pieces so I can always be dressed cute! I'm so excited!

>> No.9290235

>Been struggling to make new friends with weeb interests in new country
>Someone posts on comm page about having a small meet and I respond that I'd love to
>Immediately hit it off with two lolitas who love the same trash anime

>> No.9290237

Yes! what kind of nanchatte pieces?

>> No.9290250

My New Zealand visa got approved. Leaving very early next year, and couldn't be happier.

>> No.9290265

Thinking of getting a pink Bodyline plaid skirt and one of the plain grey ones, maybe a blazer, and a bow tie then some hoodies and trainers and lots of bag charms to make my bag look cute!

>> No.9290486

I'm getting lolita for christmas for the first time after being in the fashion for a decade and I'm super excited because my boyfriend is super supportive and asked what kinds of things I like. Getting a meta skirt and some other kind of surprise.

>> No.9292140

>miss auction for dream tights that match one of my favorite dresses
>try to fill the void with other legwear
>can't decide between three options
>should only get one for myself because i'm broke as a joke
>SO buys me two of them and bff buys me the remaining one
>both have already spoiled the heck out of me with other christmas gifts
>it's a holiday miracle

i am in sock heaven

>> No.9292729

Why New Zealand? Just seems like a really random place to move to. Congratulations though anon!

>> No.9292737

>haven't been into anime for years
>see YOI
>tell friend about it
>'omg let's watch it together'
>literally the first time we've spent more than moments on skype talking about something other than her depressing relationship with her ex
>stupid animoos brought us closer together and has her stop thinking about her ex for at least a little bit

Yay. Merry christmas gulls.

>> No.9292738


To clarify, it's probably been several months since I fully talked to her on skype. Usually we just message each other.

>> No.9292930


I live in an extremely cold place (like, -40 cold) and am so tired of it. There's also other complicated and unfortunate things that have drawn me to NZ and away from where I live now.

Plus I haven't been to the beach in over 11 years. Closest one to my house is over two hours away. D:

Hope everything is going well for you. :D

>> No.9292942

I believe in you, anon! I've been needing the motivation myself but my dad kicked me off his gym plan when he switched to a new one. we can do this together!!

the new AP release combined with wanting to cosplay YOI has made me really feel motivated

>> No.9292943

ok, I always hear about this and it's never happened to me, does the USA do this?

>> No.9292960

Mine is going to sound really dumb probably but here is my 2016:

>not taking adderall anymore so I became really depressed
>quit my shitty abusive job in Feb
>floundered for the rest of semester
>had to drop classes a few weeks before they were due because I wouldn't pass them
>hey at least I have my associate's tho
>still no job in May
>spend all summer depressed in my house, not working, I've never had depression like this before
>doesn't help I only have 1 friend
>first meet despite lurking on comm fb for years
>finally get job at company I really like in August
>slowly start getting along with coworkers
>start going to more Lolita meets
>lots of the girls in comm are close friends
>feels really lonely
>yoi makes me happy every week, I make online friends from it, too
>realize I haven't felt depressed since August
>mutually bond with comm girls over YOI
>get invited to hang out with them

I sill am not on adderall (who knows why I won't go get more??? cause I don't) but I'm starting to make friends for the first time since I graduated high school (and I didn't have many then since I moved at 16.) maybe 2016 isn't as shitty as it felt a few months ago.

sorry for long story

>> No.9293388

Recovering from depression and shit circumstances is so great! I know your feeling completely. Have faith that everything will work out because it will, you never know what's coming your way.

>This time 2 years ago feeling suicidal as well (also wanting car wrecks!) due to work related stress
>Waiting to go to therapy as soon as insurance kicks in at start of new year
>Go, feeling better after begin taking meds
>Lose job in June of '15, probably as a result of my depression
>FUCK, feeling shitty again
>YOLO, let's go to Japan with friends I met through lolita that fall!
>return home before end of year, find a job at start of 2016
>Really enjoyable, low stress job. shit pay. >BUT I'M OFF MEDS and feeling great
>friends links me job listing in Japan
>let's fucking apply!
>2 months later here I am in Tokyo once again

I never thought this would happen to me. I wanted to teach English in Japan after graduating from college but life got in the way. Dreams literally can come true, my new job is great, I have more responsibility, I'm actually advancing in my career instead of stagnating. Pay is not super fantastic, but more than I made in my home country, and I think I can likely get a pay increase eventually.

Also I'm losing weight and should reach my goal weight in a few months with little effort on my part aside from the complete change in my lifestyle.

>walking minimum 30 minutes/day vs driving everywhere
>cooking and eating mostly rice veggies and meat vs eating out all the time because I was a lazy piece of shit

Good feels. I know a lot of people talk about 2016 being a shit year, but it's been one of the greatest for me.

>> No.9293412

It depends on if you get caught out or not i think.

>> No.9293455

I once got a customs charge but when I went to get the package from the post office the guy didn't know what to do about it, so he just gave me my package without getting me to pay. In the the US it's the postal workers job to collect, bad seeing as I don't even live at that address anymore... there's nothing that could be done I assume.

>> No.9293482
File: 59 KB, 300x192, len.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This might be a sadfeel but I'm trying to see the better side of it. Here's my 2016.
>finish school with shitty grades, due to no actual passion for the class I took
>spend summer depressed and thinking my life is going to go nowhere, consider just offing self
>randomly get into uni for a subject I love but never studied (yay!)
>move away from home to uni
>go long distance with bf
>all good but I miss him
>mental health goes to shit
>develop crush on some other guy, try not to pursue it
>friends tell him I fancy him, thanksss guys
>he seems super interested!!! (yay!)
>figure I'll dump my boyfriend when I get back home because the distance isn't working out really
>today, crush tells me he doesn't like me like that
>still gotta break up with boyfriend because it's not fair on him to keep dating me
>gonna b alone
>super sad
>trying to look on the bright side

I posted it here and not in the sad feels thread because honestly I'm trying to look at this in a positive light, but it's hard. At least I get a fresh start for the new year and it seems to be going well for me at uni. At least! And at least I finally have a purpose in life.
Reading all your happy feels makes me happy!

>> No.9293484

to keep this /cgl/ related, I also am too shy to join the local comm, but it's my new year's resolution!!!! Yay happy feels!!!!!!!

>> No.9293486

thats pretty lucky, anon. Im filling out a form when it arrives to try and see if I can get some of my money back. $100 charge for a second hand item is ridiculous to me

>> No.9293487

My bf is visiting me for New Years and we're going to a Victorian styled settlement together. I can't wait to see him and wear lolita there, it's going to be a great time.

>> No.9293492

>used to be super into lolita
>be engaged
>life is good
>last year fiancee dies in car crash because some asshole ran a redlight and t-boned him.
>still can't cope with it
>life's a mess
Any success stories of how lolita helped you over a shitty life?

>> No.9293515

that's not happy

>> No.9293521

I know. I'm sorry for laying this onto people but it just feels incredibly shitty.
I've been seeing a psychologist ever since and she is confident i'll get over it in due time...

>> No.9293532
File: 48 KB, 352x338, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got a 76 on my research paper my professor had me in dark for a while and its just above 70 since i need at least a 70 on that shit to pass the english class

>> No.9293541
File: 85 KB, 499x281, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_e2xlo4dl488o8oo8gcow84kko_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cool girl friend adds me as her "sister" on facebook last week
>tgfw veteran rori neesan
>tfw she messages me to tell me she bought me a little christmas present from AP
>tfw crush messages me saying she'll buy a whole lolita outfit so we can match next time she comes to my country in summer
>tfw she says i'm "so good" at coordinating ,says thanks and called me "princess" with a heart emoji
;_; I don't deserve such kindness i'm a bag of salt hold me gulls

>> No.9293542

When's the wedding anon?

>> No.9293549

>Adorable cu-poche came in.
>Finally took a plunge and opened a redbubble account(most designs are just sticker stuff atm)
>First AA is less then a month away, excited and nervous to sell stuff.
>ALA is the weekend after, get to see a bunch of my friends.
>Christmas with inlaws is coming. My family sucks, but the party on Saturday with in-law's family is usually pretty fun.

Now I need to decide if I want to push to make costumes for the cons, or just work on my AA stuff.

>> No.9293579
File: 976 KB, 400x267, 1480125517676.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>socially inept person
>living in a city for a few years and haven't made any friends
>lolita but to shy to wear it
>event comes up, decide to get my shit together and dress up
>plan out coord
>need a necklace that matches the theme or coord won't work
>mfw I find a perfect necklace 2 weeks before the event and arrives in time
>mfw I actually like my coord, not perfect but I'm really happy with it.
>event comes up, bf intvited a colleague to come with us
>he's an incredibly nice person, we get along well
>have an awesome day

I may have made a friend. If photos are turning out well now, this would make it perfect.

>> No.9293602

>Buy a rococo inspired hime sleeve dress by Baby with a print
>Plan cool coords with it and be a bit excited
>Dress arrives
>It's so pretty, the print is absolutely lovely and the cut is so flattering on me
>Feel like a real princess in lolita for the first time
Detachable sleeves are a bit tight on my pig arms but I will keep it as my motivation to loose some weight. How the dress looked on me just made me feel a bit better about myself.

>> No.9293688

>find a very competent and sympathetic psychologist who helps me through the worst of my OCD
>land an incredibly good job for the first time since I left the military six years ago
>finally have a stable income with enough left over to start wearing lolita
>find the dream dress I've been waiting for for over a decade in under a week of searching
>get it for half it's usual price with no damages or signs of wear
>almost done assembling my first coord, just in time for Christmas

On top of that I get to buy Christmas presents for my friends for the first time ever. The last year has really been great, despite everything

>> No.9293706

What did you do in the military? Get pregnant and go on leave?

>> No.9293758

I was involuntarily discharged for mental illness. I've never been pregnant.

>> No.9293785

Don't feed the troll, he's probably one of those idiots who joined the military to get girls and got bitter when he realized that a uniform can't make up for his shitty personality.

>> No.9293795

Congrats on your first coord anon! What dress did you get I'm curious

>> No.9293799
File: 49 KB, 700x355, 2014-04-11-Strip_316_Dress_Blue_RIP_web.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is not a girl in the world that can resist a marine in dress blues

>> No.9293802

That's because of the GHB.

>> No.9293805
File: 199 KB, 1280x960, a7d8ecf7f010fe2cca6d8b92e30dc45921c345453b0478442b24927fe0dd3c47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no fit marine bf

>> No.9293811

It's okay, just gain 60lbs and buy a discount coach bag. You'll get there.

>> No.9293818

Eh I figured better to bump the thread with an honest reply than let it die with that shit.

Thank you so much! I'm afraid to say after this conversation since you don't see it too often but it's absolutely lovely.

Tfw a Marine
It's true what they say about the uniform

>> No.9294299

I-i'll be your bf seagull-san

>> No.9294304

you don't want one, they're fucking crazy

Being a marine basically just means you've been successfully brainwashed into being an overly obedient douchebro for life. Also, marines think they did a "service" for the country or some bullshit, rather than realizing they were just the recipients of republican welfare and did nothing of value at all. Well, except help line the pockets of billionaires.

>> No.9296222
File: 230 KB, 746x718, IMG_0408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My "professional" (term used loosely) orientation is in /tv/ + /lit/ kind of stuff, but I'm like socially phobic to the 10th degree and I've always been self-conscious about writing and expressing myself even though it's what I really want to do and the only thing I really know how to do. Then a couple months ago I submitted a piece to some /tv/-related blogs and ended up getting published in a medium-sized site. My first couple pieces got a lot of positive responses including shares and retweets from some major industry figures (e.g. directors of movies you have almost certainly seen), my family was super proud of me, and now I'm going to be a regular contributor for the site and get free early-release Criterion Collection movies in the mail and actually get paid to write about them. I'm writing stuff for them on a regular basis now and people are reading it.

So I should be feeling pretty happy, except I'm still a socially incompetent anxious wreck who can't talk to women worth a damn and has no close friends who share my interests (they're mostly STEM dudes). So outside of my family I feel like I have no one to share this personal victory with. I'm also too much of a coward to keep writing the screenplay and novel projects I started and then ran away from because expressing myself artistically is scary. It's kind of an empty and bittersweet feeling.


>> No.9296244

Would you settle for a fit /k/ommando that couldn't serve because of bullshit medical disqualifications?

>> No.9296348
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homie, let me tell you a little secret
no matter how well someone is doing, I haven't seen anyone who knows what they're doing
Also everyone's life is secretly shit and full of problems
they're just good at hiding it

>> No.9296360

ganbatte, anon-kun. remember that just because your friends are STEM-y doesn't mean they can't at least try to appreciate what you've been doing. i think you should tell them what you've been up to if you haven't already.

i mean, you already know what you want to do, and you're doing it well. that's leagues beyond where most people are, including me. so pursue your personal writing at your own pace--but pursue it nonetheless.

>tfw i'm the same way and feel empty about all of my accomplishments
do as i say, not as i do

>> No.9301729
File: 47 KB, 306x469, 1455474139536.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw gained to much weight because of college
>tfw thinking about quiting cosplay because I am ugly and fat anyways can't make friends for shit at con
>tfw when single and listen to this every x-mas
https: //youtu.be/jwP7-VpYtp0

>> No.9301738


Lmao what's so hard about losing weight retard

>> No.9301741

>tfw just enough boob for boob to exist and be cute but not enough boob to create boobloaf


>> No.9301744

I just bought my first car!

It has good /cgl/-related feels because I'm no longer isolated an hour away from my comm, and can take more hours at work for more burando!

It also has bad feels because my boyfriend is being a patronising little shit about it and thinks that I'm far too stupid to get a decent car (m8 my brother-in-law is a qualified mechanic, yes, we 'made sure all the lights are working.'

>I'm going to go full basic bitch and cover the back in Gudetama merchandise.

>> No.9301848

I was skeptical about all the hype but I just watched it recently too and it really cheered me up. The only anime I've watched since high school is Kill la Kill, and nothing was really reigniting the passion again. It was pretty enjoyable.

>> No.9301885

I know you're trying to encourage anon, but normalising the idea that life should be a horrible struggle and the idea you're doing okay just a facade is not a good idea. It leads to people not getting help with their serious problems because they assume everyone else is in the same boat and hiding it, when actually most people, while they all have their own individual struggles, aren't doing all that badly mentally.

Not that relevant to anon, just saying this in general because I struggled in silence for too long due to ideas like this.

>> No.9302876

You better post that itasha ass in /o/ when it's done!

>> No.9302881

>tfw money finally cleared through my bank
>pay bills and buy 4 new dresses
>buy dog house and other dog things to spoil puppy
>buy a new mirror that is also a jewelry cabinet

Feels good man, and soon ill have another big sum of money coming in and I can finish off my wardrobe purchases.

I love being paid to go to school, of course I also have to save some of this money for emergencies and to be smart. Im not blowing it all on material goods mind you.

>> No.9302887

Why are you getting paid for going to school? I want that

>> No.9302895

I apply for a lot of scholarships and sometimes I get pretty lucky

That ontop of the fafsa and I can normally afford my tuition and have a little extra left over. Especially when I save some of my money to pay for the next semester.

>> No.9302998

I try to wear lolita every Saturday, even if it's just to the farmer's market or craft store or whatever small task, but it gives me something to look forwards to during the week and really improves my moods a lot.

>> No.9303066

Even though I had to work Christmas, my family had "Christmas" the weekend before so I could go visit. Cgl related because my mum and I both wore twinkle ornament but just as normie dresses.
I also get paid extra (time and a half on top of my usual salary) for working 13 hours on Christmas Day, and it's enough to fund 3 second hand Atelier Pierrot corset skirts.
2016 might have been an average af year but at least I'm ending it with good feels

>> No.9303110
File: 810 KB, 320x320, 1429105028103.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in a bidding war with German girl
>am amerifaggot
>plot to snipe in the last hours when it'll be late in Germany, hoping to catch her while she's asleep
>she is not asleep
>world war 3 ensues with me bidding at work on my phone mid-panic
>she bids
>I lie in wait
>excuse myself to the bathroom in the last 60 seconds
>with 10 seconds to go, bid

It was probably less epic in real life. I'm sorry German lolita, you were a worthy opponent.

>> No.9303145
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>1000 rakuten coupon
>can't decide what to buy
>yen is pretty weak to USD
It's kind of a good feel.

>> No.9303152

Yeah. It's pretty weak right now. I had an order for 8453 yen process at 71.11 usd. I was pretty stoked.

>> No.9303158

The custom inspections in the U.S. are completely random. If your package is inspected, it will pass duty free under 100$ if it is a gift. If it is personal use, it will pass duty free under 200$. If multiple packages get caught in customs at the same time, they will add the cost of the packages together. Any package above 200$ gets a customs charge if caught. In March 2016, they supposedly raised the limit on personal use packages to 800$. I don't know if that is enforced.

>> No.9303169

I'll also add to not use a courier service such as DHL or FedEx International in the U.S. They charge extra for 'expedited service' which uses their own brokers to move items through customs. They will always charge more then if the item got caught in customs though postal mail. They will charge when the item didn't really need expedited service.

>> No.9303478
File: 107 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1482996780999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When Fedex is the only one to not charge 40€ for giving you the information for custom clearance
Otherwise they are greedy fuckers who are asking you to call their customer service all the time which is parobably not free. Apparently DHL also didn't mention their customer service has fees in some point but atleast you aren't obligated to call them unless you have a problem.

>Mfw when my Bodyline shoe boxes are slowly being replaced by the super pretty Meta ones

>> No.9308678
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>finally get an A in one of my classes this semester
>gonna be applying to a big boy Art School
>probably will get in since their acceptance rate is pretty high
>this means I'll probably get to move in with some friends of mine; can get away from dysfunctional family

>seeing my grandma and some other relatives next week
>which means I get to go to this museum I love going to every time I travel in that area

>Glossier package coming soon

Life ain't so shitty I guess.
Anyone here like Glossier's stuff?

>> No.9308742

>got email out of stock skirt is back in stock
>gonna pay off dream dress in a week
>date with guy who actually likes jfash on Friday

Wish me luck, gulls.

>> No.9308811
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>Only now come to realize that my group of friends, who I've devoted a lot of time and energy to, are a bunch of vampires, and they aren't fun to be around beyond matching hobbies
>Cut all of them clean out of my life and refuse to talk to them anymore
>Reach out to my old flames
>They are all there for me, and encourage me to start over again, and I feel confident that I can easily make a whole new crew again
>ALA starts in three weeks
>School semester starts in four

I'm feeling extremely motivated and eager. Especially since this will start my year off.

>> No.9311273
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>found a treasure trove of rare manas on an old photobucket
>smirking to myself at all the new material

>> No.9311280

Please share, anon.

>> No.9311284
File: 82 KB, 687x1000, Mana946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not too many but here you go:

>> No.9311285
File: 89 KB, 721x1000, raremanaMana940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saging after this since it's not really on-topic.

>> No.9311286
File: 34 KB, 641x1000, Mana944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This isn't rare but some of the ones I've seen floating around have deteriorated quality.

>> No.9311287
File: 53 KB, 712x1000, Mana943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311289
File: 35 KB, 657x1000, Mana942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311291
File: 75 KB, 697x1000, Mana941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's it, actually not too many but I really liked the tarot one.

>> No.9311295
File: 136 KB, 627x936, manaastan34moidixmois1rd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait no there's more.

>> No.9311296
File: 53 KB, 1092x1500, manaM10M_orkus3_ineigenenworten1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like this trad. goth mana.

>> No.9311297
File: 58 KB, 1092x1500, manaM10M_Orkus2_page6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311298
File: 71 KB, 1092x1500, manaM10M_Orkus2_page4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311299
File: 185 KB, 744x1024, mana04-06-2007190034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311300
File: 45 KB, 448x444, manaM10M_Orkus2_page3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311302
File: 62 KB, 1092x558, manaM10M_Orkus2_page5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9311303
File: 128 KB, 693x925, manaM10M_orkus3_werbung.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's more, but I don't want to shit up the thread any more than I already have (at least this thread isn't one where the image limit is relevant):


>> No.9311305

Is there any translation of this? Even just a couple paras id love to read it

>> No.9311306

Bless you

>> No.9311315
File: 150 KB, 380x626, M10M_Orkus2_page2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's not translation of that specifically IIRC but there's translation of another interview Mana did to promote Moi dix Mois tours in Germany (finding this translation through Google search was actually how I ended up on that photobucket):

I cropped the relevant section, pic related.

Then there's a bit in the next paragraph where the interviewer says "You probably couldn't choose between fashion and music," and Mana says yes, the fashion and the music are intertwined for him.

My German is very, very rusty and I only did a few years of it but I can tell he's explaining the meaning of Moi dix Mois in the last paragraph of the second page linked as well.

>> No.9311461
File: 86 KB, 719x506, Ma_05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand, is this some weird "Day in the life of Mana" thing? Wish I could read it.

>> No.9314472

I found myself a red floppy disk. My mission this year's con season will be to get pictures of as many Sailor Moon cosplayers as possible doing "that" pose.

>> No.9314480

Is that Mana hoovering? Amazing

>> No.9314541

I look forward to it.

>> No.9314567

>found retro star trek pins at a thrift shop
>have even more trek pins in the mail
>have two ita bags (a tote and a backpack) in the mail
>I'll have three ita bags total when everything arrives
I'm living the dream you guys

>> No.9314571

I've done thay before lol. Bidding at work is always nerve wracking. What was the item you were bidding on if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.9314596

I've only ever heard of people doing itabags for anime series, and I've never found an anime I was passionate enough about to do it for. Doing a Star Trek itabag sounds awesome for cons.

>> No.9314613

>got dream dress I have been hunting 4+ years for
>got it for retail when it is super rare due to finding a quiet yjp auction where no one bid
>came with all matching items too plus extras
>also just got a job I actually like and supports my future career that pays more than the shitty job I got laid off from
>trying some new things at school and socializing more which makes me feel like I have friends and security again

2016 was the worst year of my life, I am hoping so hard this is my time to shine.

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