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2 months left, let's get this party started

What are you working right now?

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Going as Nico in school uniform from love live

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a meme cosplay for day 1 and a mob psycho one for day 2.

Im pretty pumped about ALA

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Haven't been to ALA since the last year at LAX, how was the OCC?

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Saving up money for the con itself, December might take up the con expenses ($355 for food, gas and hotel) and January is for me to save up $400 for con swag which doesn't help since I got a PS4Pro for FFXV, going to another con two weeks before ALA and I have Christmas shopping to do. I have mostly old cosplay, but one new one for ALA, then a new one that I can hopefully pull off and need to fix one of them.

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Amazing, I have a feeling they will start capping the con this year. So buy your badges ASAP.

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>Not in LA


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I don't think they'll put a cap on badges quiet yet. They need to gauge their growth and how many people they can comfortably fit in the con center. We probably won't see a cap this year since it's only the second year at the con center.

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Great, just the right space for the number of attendees plus the hotel across the street. fantastic layout, honestly.

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Anyone volunteering this year?
How is it?

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I bought a badge but ended up having more fun at the main hotel

There was a spontaneous lobby party and the staff there didn't give a shit

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I've heard some stuff about shitty things at the hotel were

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One of the floors got flooded. Other than that everything was pretty gucci

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That was at a different hotel. Not the "headquarters" hotel

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What happened at headquarters hotel?

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Nothing bad from what I remember. The biggest thing that happened at the headquarters hotel was the hotel lobby party.

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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL, get those badges for only 55.00

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>tfw the person you were going to room with flakes and gives their room away to someone else

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This is my first year going, I lurked around the thread last year and it looked like a lot of fun so now I'm going!

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My JoJo panel got approved! I hope some of you can make it. We'll have prizes.
I can't decide what to cosplay for it though. Help me decide. Should I do Norisuke from Jojolion, Joshu, or Part 8 Johnny Joestar with a paper mache rock crushing my head

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Updating my costume for the CWF panel.


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What are you going as??

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Congrats! I'll be going as part 8 Kira, can't wait!
Please be Norisuke, we need rad dad

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One month left

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Going to go as Chocola/Vanilla from Nekopara!

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Two months, anon. It's at the end of January again.

Remaking Captain Ukitake from Bleach because my friends and I are doing 13th Squad (Ukitake/Kiyone/Sentaro) one day because we've never had the whole group together at one con before. Gonna try to finish one of the Sheryl Nome outfits I have partially completed, maybe throw together a quick Mikumo Guynemer, but if those fall through I'll just bring Sheryl's Star Date outfit.

I honestly have no idea what I've promised people for con anymore. At this rate I'll probably just take handfuls of costume and stuff them in my suitcase and pray they all come from the same outfit.

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Submitted app for the fashion show so that hopefully I don't have to pay for a badge. Anyone else apply?

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Man, it's almost been a whole year

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Thank god, this year was garbage anyways

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From what I've heard, this year's potential lobby party is being addressed ahead of time. It might happen, but no (visible) alcohol or solo cups.

I'm honestly not comfortable with public parties at cons anymore. There's been a sharp increase in random weebs who can't handle their shit since last ALA.

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Here's a video i found from this year's party at ALA. It was fun, i met up with my friends who i didn't know were there.

Any one have the picture of the seagull party sign in sheet?


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wheres beanie? i know most of those people are skwad but theres no beanie :o

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>What are you working right now?
Waiting for AX. Have fun at ALA, but 3 trips down is my limit for a year.

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Oh gosh, so many people who aren't around anymore

I was in my room with a cute Korean guy and his friend for most of that night. I'll try to be more social this year :(

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hopefully i'll make friends this year.

Too many party weebs! Can't I just meet nice people, hang out, go to panels and the like?

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Fuck pink shirt guy!

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>cute Korean guy
Was he pretty and shirtless and ghosting the con/room hopping with drugs?

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No, it was a friend. It was his first con, though he didn't actually go to the con.

I'm not sure how we'd feel about a pretty shirtless Asian guy room hopping with drugs. We like our Asian boys innocent, so there's more to ravage. The drugs part is a tough sell.

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Looks like a blast! I probably wouldnt fit in, though :(

Waiting on the final pieces of my cosplay to come in the mail so I can tailor em to get the fit just right. Other than that, got my badge, savings, and luggage bag ready to go

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And those ppl that got roofied last year.

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its weird seeing a lot of people in that video who look like complete normies.

why cant i have friends like that?
im always stuck with the nerdy, sometimes obnoxious, kinda animefag?

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Remove normies

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Party weebs are the worst kind!
Normies need not apply at are anime cons. They need to get out!

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You know that some people just go to cons for the parties right? They couldn't give a shit about anime.

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You're partying in the wrong place then

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That was a lie some insecure girl made.

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I forgot about this, but I remember hearing things from friends of the person that sounded pretty made up, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Yeah, I don't even buy badges anymore. Most of the people I party with still watch a lot of anime, but our tolerance for autistic weebs isn't as high as it used to be.

Most of those people are normies who just happen to like anime. We go to non-anime-related parties most weekends.

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I was wondering when this thread would pop up! I'mma keep my eyes open for Qs and what not. If you have any feel free to shout out and ask em~

No attendance caps are planned anytime soon. We have not reached the capacity the con center holds but the doubling in size in 2016 definitely was unexpected. This year's event will determine many things in that regard!

That flood did happen but it happened prior to the event due to a ignorant guest ignoring blatant warning signs about misbehavior

If you don't buy a badge, stay out of sight within any of the function space ;)

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Anyone wanna do a meetup at that arcade in the mills?

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Did anyone stay at Comfort Suites or Holiday Inn last year? How are they compared to Radisson?

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Depends. Are you a normie?

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I already don't want to hang out with you

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It's cool I wouldn't want to hang out with a disgusting part weeb anyhow.

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Even if it's a small drive, not too sure. Maybe on Day 0 or at the end of the con? but probs not during the weekend, too much goin' on lol

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What's going to be the most popular cosplay this ALA?

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I can't understand anything you say

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It's pretty close. 10 mins max! That's with traffic and hitting red lights.

I meant to say party weeb. I think they posted the video earlier.

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Well 12 mins!

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Still requires a drive. *shrugs* if there's nothin' goin' on maybe but I'd prefer any meetups to be on sight or within walking distance. There's a lot of stuff around the con center.

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The Holiday Inn was fine. It was relatively quiet since I know that the other hotels were pretty loud with parties. Accommodations were good, and not too far of a walk to get to the con. The convention center was like a street away.

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Yo does anyone know where to park for free. Saving 30 bucks is saving 30 bucks.

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Well i didn't propose it. But they do have a bar for those who insist on it.

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were you at this party?

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lol he's in that video. pink hair girl is pretty qt too does she cosplay?

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Six weeks to go

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>>Buy 30 Ribbons
>Total is $60.45
>Buy 50 of the exact same Ribbon
>Total is $54.00
>Buy 100 of that SAME FUCKING RIBBON
>Total is $46.23

I don't think this website was thought out very well.

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Generic Team Skull Grunt, I guarantee it. We're gonna see an outbreak of thots showing off their nonexistent asses.

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it's gonna be a bunch of Overwatch Dva's with the same mountain dew and Doritos meme that was at anime expo.

>> No.9295492

Nope. They're just doing bulk pricing. They're trying to get you to buy as many as possible.

>> No.9295520

At least with D.VA there's bound to be a couple decent ones, especially with how big the asian cosplay community is in socal.

>> No.9295526

Is it...ribbing you
*ba dum dum psh*

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That was something

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> hanz shot first

okay, I laughed.

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So where can I make friendo's to hang out with?

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Either a panel of whatever series you presently like, a gathering of whatever series you presently like, an artist's booth at the alley, a ribbon-distributor who is particularly cool, just meeting up with a Seagull, or entering a room party and chatting niggas up.

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I can hardly wait, guys. I want to feel alive again.

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I haven't been since it became Anime Ontario. How is the new hotel?

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We're situated in 4-5 hotels with a convention center now. It's AX-Lite with a significantly lower industry presence and an equally larger party presence.

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"Main" hotel is across the street from the convention center whereas a couple of the other hotels are right next to it.

Hotel was alright. 7 dollar breakfast buffet. Pretty lenient on noise. Free parking.

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when can I start making friendo's here? So we can get to know one another before we meet?

>> No.9296872

why, what's wrong?

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I just tossed away a small group of asshole friends, what's your name/badge name, buddy?

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Well i assure you i'm not any of them. I didn't keep in contact from anyone I met last year.

>> No.9296943

I meant more personal friends who became assholes, not ALA friends who happened to be assholes.

I reiterate, what's your name, buddy?

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You can call me Rick, bud.

>> No.9296962

I go by Dom. I'm sure we'll be best of buds, provided you like video games.

>> No.9296965

I'm a casusal player that only plays meme rpg's on my 3ds.

Dom... sounds pretty scary

>> No.9296967

Define "Meme", because my 3DS collection is pretty vast at this point.

And I'm not really scary when you get to know me. Just...a bit loud.

>> No.9296974

No the name "Dom" is what's scary.

I have all the 3ds Etrian odyssey, persona q, all the 3ds pokemon games. All the 3ds smt games. All the 3ds fire emblem games. Etc.

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Sounds legit. I'm gonna bring the war chest, because I've got all of those and more.

I'm also cosplaying a Team Flare admin, so at least one match in XY/SM is mandatory.

>> No.9296989

Gotcha, get prepared to lose.

Sounds like a cool cosplay!
I'll be going as a obscure characther you probaly never heard of " if I can put the darn thing on".

>> No.9297010

Cool, I'll drop contact info during day 0, just keep an eye out for me.

>> No.9297038

Gotcha will do, thanks bud

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A war between pokemon and overwatch

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I just need to get out more

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I gotcha. All I do is go home work and go to school. I've felt so depressed lately. Today I stayed in bed all day.

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>mfw none of my friends are going this year so I'm going to be stuck airbnbing despite all the hotels now

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I got my ALA postcard today

It's getting realer every day. 5 more weeks.

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Still on the fence about going, last time was a blast with that cgl party

>> No.9301253

I went for my first meetup at AX last year, and I expected the worst. Honestly though, everyone is pretty nice, you really can't go wrong with at least going.

>> No.9301690

Was it the general meetup?

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People still go to this stupid shit?

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I'm excited for the con but I'm afraid they'll ramp up security this time around to prevent what happened last year. Even if they need the revenue I doubt the hotel wants a repeat of last year with the lobby party.

>> No.9302870

Did the lobby party cause any serious damage?

>> No.9303254

Did you get cucked by pink shirt guy at the party?

>> No.9303369

Not really but the people vomiting in the lobby and drunks of questionable age probably isn't good PR

>> No.9303373

Wrong con, you stupid memer

>> No.9303432

To chime in on this, The Radisson is still being treated as the Active hotel and the hotel has made some decisions to help take care of itself while also facilitating the attendees. I wouldn't worry too much. But responsibility also rests on the shoulders of attendees to respect the hotel.

Party responsibly.

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My boyfriends insists he wants to cosplay with me for ala, so as a quick last minute idea, I was thinking the dads from ranma. You think anyone would recognize us? Or just a waste of time.

>> No.9303460

Boyfriend singular.

>> No.9303469

Just do it, at the very least if I see it I'll give him a pitty, oh your that dad from ramana

>> No.9304022

That's what I expected. Thanks for the heads up. Last year was a little much but i hope people can control themselves a bit and still have a good time

>> No.9304322

Agreed. The best thing I think is that the Radisson has been very eager to be involved in making things more functional and safer so that's a great thing.

I hope that more attendees just take responsibility for their behavior. The hotel can only do so much and when the entire building is actively doing the same things (partying, gettin' wrecked, etc.) it's gonna be reasonably difficult to be on top of every incident in a timely manner. I personally want folks to give more courtesy and leeway to the hotel staff since they are putting in a lot of work too to accommodate us all~

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Pretty sure these are the cosplays I'm going to wear for ALA. Only know that I'm going to wear Nico to the gathering, but I might bring something else to change into after. Pretty excited! Had fun last year and hope to have fun this year.

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I want to see an Otako

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Just fucking nuke ALA and you'll get rid of 99% of the normie scum that like anime '''ironically''' from future anime cons

>> No.9306114

Thankfully I was able to start working again and get money in my pockets, sadly not within enough time to put any time into a cosplay for ALA.

Never gone before, seems like there's more of a social scene than I thought though, how is the actual Exhibit Hall and panels?

>> No.9306131

Theres a social scene but theres plenty of groups whod you manage to fit in with. Dont be a sperg!

As for the actual panels, there are a lot of good fan ones with decent turnouts headed by passionate and dedicated hosts. I went to about 5 fan panels and 2 industry ones last year and enjoyed the former much more since it wasnt just repetitive Q&A dick sucking.

Exhibit hall is somewhat smaller than I expected but a lot of good stuff none the less

>> No.9306818

Please do!

>> No.9306820

Where are the non party weebs?
And how can I squeeze myself into that group?

>> No.9306875

When's the Love Live gathering?

>> No.9306920

Just got to have connections, but I met a few non party weebs at the table top gaming room playing settlers of catan

>> No.9307020

Sunshine is on the first day at 1-1:30 (?) I think, and pretty sure general all around LL is 10am - 10:30 (excluding the dance party they put up)

If anyone wants to see the gathering schedule, it's up here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XvNV9vTDoAbMXkF5XdkieeU6a6U_EsfGVxmbEWvRqTY/edit#gid=0

I somewhat feel like this year they're a bit lacking or is it just me?

>> No.9307030

Wow that does look quite lacking yikes

Still haven't decided on something new to wear/make and I'm starting to stress since its less than a month now!

Woud you rather see Princess Peach or Princess Daisy?
Or is there another nintendo character you'd rather see cosplayed?

>> No.9307077

I'd say go for Daisy since usually there are more Peach's at cons. But that's just me.

>> No.9307892

Honestly the only place I've met them too. Thanks, I was just wondering. RIP connections

>> No.9308188

didn't even know about this con, it's literally down the street from home

don't know if I'll go, don't see anything that really appeals to me in the line up and I'm not cosplaying.

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Planning on making and selling some JoJo hand puppets like this one at my JoJo panel. Is $20--25 each reasonable?

>> No.9308226

I don't know what you're talking about but I stopped going to this shit in 2011. Same shit every year and most of the people from my time have moved on with their lives. Seeing as how bad the social media world is today i'm sure this convention is worse than ever. I bet they still hold this at LAX I presume?

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>had hotel lined
>was finally going to go to school
>perfectly timed out so I could drive up for the con on the weekend and drive back down to SD
>would have traveled on the Navy's dime
>fucked out of the school
>no away I can do ALA now
Fuckin mad.

This was hand's down one of my favorite cons and I haven't been able to go back due to work several times.

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>trying to drink this bottle of scotch so I can have something to drink at ALA

>> No.9308469

So are there any notable SOCAL cons between ALA and AX worth going to?

>> No.9308471

no that looks like shit. $8 tops

>> No.9308472

*trying not

Obviously I couldn't resist

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who /Radisson/ here?

>> No.9308490
File: 84 KB, 400x400, UD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Lets meet some cool new friends, Senpai!

>> No.9309172


>> No.9309451

Fuck off with your 5 year old reaction image, rookie.

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>White girls cosplaying Love Live characters

SoCal only has 3 cons. PMX, ALA and AX with AX being the closest to relevancy. There was also a small ass con at CSUN back in the days which was cancelled. There's also Akiba fest which debuted late last year but it's nothing close to an actual Akihabara,

>> No.9309629

>worth going

Ehhhhhhh not really

and also a bunch of smaller cons like Anime Impulse, Ninja Con, Anime California and there was another small student run con at Cal State Fullerton but none of these are worth traveling from out of the region for. Not too bad, though.

>> No.9309656

working on a dj set for the dance saturday.

"come thru"

>> No.9309663

I think it's a stretch to call PMX "relevant" at this point. The move to Pasadena killed it, it was basically a party con and now the scene is dead.

I'm kinda bummed knowing that this is the first ALA I'll have missed since the con started. I just haven't really had fun there the last few years and now that it's way out in Ontario it's not even worth the day drive, much less the cost and struggle of getting a room, but it still stings knowing that one of the year's big local cons is coming up and I'm gonna be sitting at home.

>> No.9309685

We having a /cgl/ meet/party again this year or am I going to have to take my chances with the open fountain of liquor at the lobby party?

>> No.9309883

There's almost always some kind of /cgl/ meet. Mostly because if the usual gang doesn't post one for long enough, smaller heads eventually get antsy and post one themselves.

>> No.9309908

>be muscular and low bodyfat from gym autism to make up for lack of personality

would a ryu costume be too much of a basic bitch costume? it's really easy to get an accurate, form fitting gi and just rip the sleeves but it seems way too easy.

feels like the schoolgirl/supergirl uniform all the hot sluts who are lazy get to do.

>> No.9309942

At least do Ken. Cosplaying Ryu is like cosplaying Link. "I don't actually enjoy video games/anime/anything, I am exclusively here to talk to girls". Ken at least implies you like Street Fighter a little bit.

>> No.9310166


my natural hair color is black though, and my hair is short-medium.

wearing a wig already steps deep in the autistic/gay threshold as a male cosplayer.

>> No.9310177

>Worried about talking to girls during the con, when there's going to be hundreds of dudes who are exercising day and night to acquire anime/video game physique, and your only claim is maybe more muscle, but zero charisma
>Choosing to shirk authenticity AND uniqueness because "That's gay lol"
>Choosing Ryu of all casual choices you could dream up because it'll show off your body slightly more, when there are functionally hundreds, if not thousands, of cosplay you could pick for easy topless/bodypaint action, even in the popular sphere of characters

My distaste for your shitty attitude aside, let me see a picture of your face and physique. If you really, REALLY could nail the Ryu look, I'll concede that I'm a failure of a human being and post my tits, timestamped and all.

>> No.9310185

>makes fun of someone with a "shitty attitude" and then posts this mess of an autistic post

>> No.9310186

Just go back to /fit/ or /v/ or whatever shithole you came from. Nobody wants you here.

>> No.9310190

If he wants to cosplay Ryu, as basic as it is, let him go for it. You have to understand that you're the weird one here.

>> No.9310208

All my years on /cgl/, this is the kind of stuff that gets an average girl lynched.
>Basic bitch character
>Only here to show off his body
>No wig, just regular hair
Or is it just because he lacks a pair of ovaries that he gets off scott-free?

>> No.9310368

>wearing a wig already steps deep in the autistic/gay threshold as a male cosplayer.

Stay the fuck away, you normie fuck

>> No.9310371

Will wearing a cosplay improve my chances for socializing as a dude?

The characther is obscure though. And even then it'll be hard to recognize

>> No.9310407


>make up
>400$ costume

Might as well tattoo "beta male" on your forehead tho everyones just gonna ignore your fat ass anyway

Kind of like fat ugly girls who spent months on her shit and gets completely ignored while j-nig spends an afternoon shopping and everyone flocks to her.

>> No.9310434

PMX moved back to Pasadena? At the Hilton near Los Robles and Colorado? I remember the first time they did PMX at Pasadena around 2010 or 2011, me and my ex had a hotel all the way near Pasadena City College because the Hilton was all booked at there was literally no other hotels closer to Los Robles and Colorado.

ALA moved to Ontario Canada or the Inland Empire? I never thought they'd leave the LAX area.

I just grew out of it and quite frankly I rather make more money these days than spend. I hear things such as the ol' gang have all moved on with their lives anyway. I wasn't even into cosplaying, I used to get peered pressured into cosplaying. I stop cons all together 5 years ago when I decided that I wasn't gonna let these people ruin my love for anime.

>> No.9310468

Wearing a cosplay at a con will always have that minimum 1% chance of getting a fan to approach you for a picture, which inherently gives you the chance to say "So you're a fan of..." and spark a conversation. No matter how obscure it is. As long as your cosplay is recognizable to fans, at least. You'd be surprised how many people are wandering around spotting The Last Remnant and Teekyuu cosplayers and taking pictures. Hell, there's a rolling Nyan Neko Sugar Girls cosplay group that gets props for their cosplay.

Which character, might I ask?

>> No.9310476

Meanwhile you're going to amble about in a convention you clearly aren't properly dressed for, looking awkward with your half-assed basic bitch cosplay, so that everybody around you can ignore you for being boring instead? And you honestly think you're any better?
I'm sure you're a walking orgy, needing advice on 4chan for costumes.

>> No.9310556


>implying over half of the people wont be wearing normal clothes
>implying the 3% with good costumes arent all females who make money off cosplaying plus the odd super neckbeard virgin in a 700$ mecha suit or fantasy platemail

Yeah def gona be out of place

>> No.9310667

>ALA moved to Ontario Canada
Ontario, California

And its a fucking hour and a half drive from central LA, fuck me man.

>> No.9310767

Yup to both. PMX is at the Pasadena Con Center now and it blows, at least if you're into nightlife. Hotel has a zero tolerance policy etc.

I'm on that same page about money, I was thinking recently about how I could go to Japan for what I spend on cons in a year. I just have no clue what to do with myself without a few cons a year, they were always my highlight and my whole social life was built around them.

I saw a bunch of the old gang at a NYE party and it was actually fun. Somehow even parties with the same people are much better when they're not at cons. Part of it is that I've changed but I also think the attitude is totally different when it's somewhere else and having a whole house to hang out in instead of a shitty hotel room doesn't hurt.

>> No.9311399

Unless Ontario is growing these days, Ontario is in the middle of nowhere. Literally between Montclair Upland Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga it's nothing but a desert.

Just continue saving money. In a few years you'll see how much it was worth it.

>> No.9311420

Only real growth going on is the flood of housing they're adding in the area. It's all that two story cookie cutter HSA communities popping up everywhere.

I live in Ontario. The one nice thing about it is being close to the mountains. It's pretty much a straight shot up mountain or Euclid to go to Mt. Baldy. That and not being far from Victoria Gardens. Otherwise you have to drive for a while to really hit anything decent.

>> No.9311532


>> No.9311535

Yeah I used to live in Rialto in 1990-91 and in Fontana in 2005. In 05 when I was an adult I would travel all over the Inland Empire so I know exactly what you're talking about. When I frequented James Games in Upland in 2011-12 I do remember all those housing units being built. All along Foothill is nice up until you get to Fontana where it's just get's ghetto. I hope none of the bad people are moving into Ontario though that would be such a shame. In 90-91 it was safe to walk in Rialto at night. Those days are long gone.

>> No.9311606

I live in Fontana and it really sucks.

>> No.9312380

Is the rate of car theft still high? Lol
My friends Civic hatch was stolen in broad daylight near the corners of Juniper and Randall back in 05.

>> No.9312657

I'm not sure. I moved here on my sophomore year in high school back in 2010. But 3 people I know have had their cars attempted to be stollen. So I guess it's still high.

>> No.9312735

>it's been a year
I really should fix up Udyr's geta... Heh.
Of course I need to get some money together too, I still haven't gotten my tickets asdfg

>> No.9312742
File: 167 KB, 1080x899, 1455053198139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Met some of my now best friends at last ALA. I'm super hyped for this years con.

>Still need to order ribbons....

>> No.9312743

I accidentally spread a rumor that it was haunted because the elevator was REALLY creaky
To an extent, it worked

>> No.9312751

Anime California is dead, ran out of money.
TitanCon was amusing, but idk if they're gonna have it be free again...

>> No.9312779

>Anime California is dead

Shit, your post is the first time hearing about this.

Legit saddened. The first AC in 2014 was a great time and I met a lot of awesome gulls at that con.

>> No.9312783

>Anime California is dead
Oh fuck just checked, wow and here I thought It had ALA potential. Great little con gone too soon.

>> No.9312787

You're tellin me. It was my first con ever.
>tfw i will never have this much /comf/ at a con again

>> No.9312833
File: 99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going as the champ that runs the camp to advertise his Rumble win and beat up all Yuri on Ice cosplayers

>> No.9313673

Wow that's pretty creepy, anon :(

Most of the people who show up at cgl gatherings aren't party weebs, either (or maybe my definition of party weeb is just really restrictive)

AC 2014 was a really good time, but this year's AC was pretty lackluster. :(

>> No.9313711

>tfw i'm very familiar with the facility they used in 2016
>tfw didn't go because had something else that weekend
>tfw i knew it was too big too soon but the decision had already been made

>> No.9314434


Schedule is up. Is it worth the $70 for the 3 day pass?

>> No.9314489

Is there a Facebook group for ribbon trading?

>> No.9314675
File: 126 KB, 600x553, 45322178_p42_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how easy is it to ghost this con?
I'm going with a group to meet up but none of us are really planning on getting badges. Is it easy to get in or is it impossible like AX?

>> No.9314703

Badge Check at the doors to the convention Center. Staying at the Radisson without a badge is blatantly obvious since the whole hotel is for ALA guests only.

I'd advise against it.

>> No.9314739

>the whole hotel is for ALA guests only

Do you mean that literally?

>> No.9314744

Let me clarify so there's no misunderstanding. People who are rooming at the Radisson are ALA Attendees as ALA rented out 100% of the hotel as a venue. So people with ALA room keys but no badge are assumed ghosting. Entering the hotel does not require a badge, but there are badge related amenities in the hotel where it will be required.

>> No.9314747

Unless you have two friends going with passes, I'd also advise against it.
Last year I had to leave the last day early, so I offered my badge to a friend. She came earlier than we expected and we didn't want to leave her outside, so we figured out a plan. A and B goes in, B comes out with both A and B's badges, B gives C A's badge and enters through a different door. When I left, I gave her my badge to use for the rest of the day. While it works, it's tedious and if I was planning to stick around most of the day, I would've just told her to buy a day badge.

>> No.9314750

So you're saying that every single room at the Radisson is taken by ALA people?

If so, neat.

>> No.9314754

That is correct. 100% of the hotel

>> No.9314824

Last year was fun.
Kinda wanted to cosplay but no ideas, you know

>> No.9314830
File: 236 KB, 486x480, 1483913540026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw new cosplay won't get here in time

I still want to go but I dunno.

>> No.9314841

I really am at a loss.
It kinda sucks.
I went without cosplay last time, and really wished I had gone with. Same with going to MAGfest.

>> No.9314843
File: 71 KB, 271x260, xy_artists.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could go with a fairly easy costume. Like a random npc pokemon trainer. Some of them are simple enough you could thrift the whole costume(like the artist in X/Y for example) and some can be done with a bit of basic sewing(like the breeders)

My S/O decided he wants to do Battle Legend Red. Thankfully it's mostly stenciling designs and maybe having to make a simple style duffel bag.

>> No.9314846

Kinda hard. If you just wanna get fucked up then stay at the radisson lobby all day.

>> No.9314847

Only cosplay I got is something that I retired. Going this year, IDK. Still fits i guess

>> No.9314848

shit mean >>9314841

>> No.9314855

I could most likely do that, but unfortunately sewing is not my strong suit. I'm thinking of going with an Alice: Madness Returns cosplay, but it is quite... expensive
if it still fits then i dont see why not

>> No.9314874
File: 180 KB, 1346x454, sanfamily.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well whatever you figure out, I wish you the best of luck.

I have to make three other costumes. I want to make a family cosplay for me, him, and our two year old son. It'll be black hair goku but I'm not sure if we're going to do it in the color pallet of the left or right version for the clothing.

>> No.9315240

Yo Maguma, post ribbons.

>> No.9315315
File: 35 KB, 500x373, advanced stupid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Explaining plans on how to ghost while ALA staff is literally posting in this thread.

>> No.9315349

Thats average every day con ghosting strats though. Anyone with a brain and a friend could figure that one out

>> No.9315768

Decided on a cheap Haruhi cosplay.
Hopefully goes well.

>> No.9315888

Well well well. As of right now I got one ribbon ordered and I'm part of the Pokemon Ribbon Challenge again so stay tuned~

Also ALA will have a ribbon station in the dealers hall so check that shit out!

>> No.9315901

>Pokemon Ribbon Challenge
What is that if i may ask?

>> No.9315917
File: 1.26 MB, 3264x2448, 1460390086125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9315957
File: 455 KB, 1334x750, IMG_0773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gtfo with the >blogging, Maguma. Such a cringe weeb

>> No.9316005
File: 9 KB, 252x200, steelix feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my favorite anime since i first saw it in 2010
>tfw missed the hype train
>tfw didn't go to a con myself until already 20 years old a couple years back
>tfw always incredibly appreciative of Haruhi cosplayers as a result

>> No.9316237
File: 40 KB, 480x359, You Died.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still confused about the ribbon station. Is it just gonna be a ribbon trading post, or will it be some list of names with associated ribbons? That sounds kinda tricky.

>> No.9316273

What >>9315349 said. Plus I'm not going this year anyway.

>> No.9316318

Well you can ask to take a pic with me if you want.
Its a lazy one, but just ask "Isla" if you see her.

>> No.9316523

Its my first time at this con, I hope everyone will be nice.

>> No.9316525

At my first time it was really welcoming other than the dude who kept groping me.
You should be fine there, as long as you at least treat others decently.

>> No.9316725

Id say left since both chichi and gohan are dresed in brigh

>> No.9316823
File: 38 KB, 305x149, Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.23.11 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

made some rpdr inspired /cgl/ ribbons to give out; thinking I might have a codeword or phrase. ... Or I might just ask you to read a fellow cosplayer/attendee, in true gull fashion.

>> No.9316861
File: 130 KB, 960x720, 15135998_1854193471479971_2615690158834367783_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's supposed to be an all purpose ribbon related area. Need to reattach ribbons? come on by. Wanna get new ribbons? Stop on by. Want a place to hopefully trade ribbons with others? Thats the place to do it. Curious about what Ribbons even are? They'll teach ya.

There's also going to be blind box trading, a gachapon machine, and a couple other things there as well.

Maaaan I need to update that fucking profile bio. That is too old for when I even wrote it. Thanks for showing me that!

Short answer: Find a pokemon professor wearing one of the buttons in the image I attached, and they'll give oyu a starter. "Fight" trainers also wearing pins by being super effective. Collect more pokemon. become champion!

>> No.9316870
File: 86 KB, 480x360, 1482299350143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9316890

It's a fun con. Not too big, just right imo.
Oh, they're doing this again? Neat.
thanks anon
even if i don't bump into you made my night already

>> No.9316893
File: 1.96 MB, 300x300, 1452921939056.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just got my flights booked, my hotel was reserved months ago- I am so ready for this con. Just need to order ribbons tomorrow and finish up my cosplays

>> No.9316897

are the guys that hosted the room party last year going to be there this year?

>> No.9316898

>flights booked
where are you coming from? I didnt know ontario had a airport

>> No.9316899

from Oregon, I'm flying into long beach since a friend is picking me up .

But Ontario does have an airport, its tiny, but its there.

>> No.9316901

Uhh Dandy got shitfaced at AX and kinda caused some drama so he most likely will not be.

>> No.9316904

>I didnt know ontario had a airport

the Radisson is right across the street from it

>> No.9316905

Hmm, I wasn't at AX last year and don't know what happened.

That sucks

>> No.9316912

>the Radisson is right across the street from it
Well Ill be damned. It is my mind is blown

>> No.9317161

ALA has ALWAYS been near an airport since the day it was born, funny enough lol. It's been a staple for the sake of traveling fans.

Furthest I've seen has been UK

>> No.9317292

Venue worked out pretty well last year, everything flowed pretty well for the most part. Pretty chill, depending on department.

The Raddison was pretty shitty. My boss's window in his room literally just fell off when he opened it. The flood story I don't remember if it was Raddison or another hotel, but a guest hung some clothes on a fire sprinkler and that set it off. Also don't remember if that was ALA or something immediately before.

>> No.9317302

Its literally right next to OCC, you can see the control tower from the center.

Wouldn't really call it tiny, its international capable.

>> No.9317304
File: 90 KB, 500x375, 1438394358564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there going to be an itabag meetup?

>> No.9317341

I hope so, I've been working on two bags that could go well with what I'm wearing to the con!

>> No.9317350

The flood happened at a different hotel

>> No.9317365

Which professor? Are they hot?

>> No.9317416

Wait, you're only booking your flight now?? Isn't waiting this late to buy a flight ticket just asking for a more expensive one? You crazy.

>> No.9317446

The elevator that was out of order for part of the con hit the roof while my friend and I were in it, next day helped some elderly guests take their luggage down 3 flights because it was down again.
bummed I didn't get the main hotel this year but the Azure looks nice.

>> No.9317530
File: 61 KB, 680x917, 1477431166019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fifteen days left to go and I'm still furiously sewing stock for my AA table. I also need to finish a whole cosplay and make stuff for my display. Thankfully, if I stay focused I should just be able to finish in time.

>> No.9317535

I had friends staying at the Azure. From what I saw, their room looked decent.

>> No.9317586

>the elevator was actually that bad it wasn't just me memeing about the creaking
Jeez. Where's the inspector?
Then there was the room where they were supposed to have some prize check or something and the entire doorknob was just gone completely
I really hope they've fixed things up

>> No.9317607

I will totally attend if it's Saturday or Sunday

>> No.9317640

My flight cost me 40 dollars anon. Dont worry, I'm fine.

>> No.9317714

Do you think anyone would notice if I showed up at the Radisson on Day 0 and parked in the back and slept in my car for just that one night? It's free parking after all and I have a room for days 1 and 2

>> No.9317866


>anime with an accent on the e

What? anime doesn't have an accent

>inb4 buh spanish

No lleva un acento lo escribimos igual que los japoneses che

>> No.9317893

I still have that masterpiece in my room.

>> No.9317896

Dandy was kicked. Ge was just a rando who joined us and ended up screwing peoole over.

>> No.9317909

someone should plan one, i'm bringing three of my own

>> No.9317970

Let it be a lesson to not do it in the future please. Don't steal our signs :/

There will be more than one. I'm a professor, and I wanna say there are like 4 or 5 others???

>> No.9318068

First cgl meet and I got to see that shit firsthand, great stuff. Very disappointed I didn't plan well and won't attend ALA, you all have fun!

>> No.9318173

Story time?

>> No.9318804

I'll try not to.

>> No.9318960

oh shit you're gonna be there!? Its the Mettaton who met with you and Will at fanime I'm stoke to see you again!!!

>> No.9319094

Is that your finished product? Ill pay you 5 dollars.

>> No.9319413


I am also totally not ready for AA and working on last minute print designs. Good luck, fellow AAAnon!

>> No.9319438

I live by the convention center. Let's throw a party.

>> No.9319556

So I'm new to ALA. What are these ribbons and where can I get them or from whom?

>> No.9319559

Its an ALA tradition. he goal is to collect em all and make huge ribbon chains outta of them.

>> No.9319561

>party in the ghetto

Im down

>> No.9319725
File: 7 KB, 300x168, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to leave my group and party with new people at the con (want to make new con friends)

How do I tell them I want to party with strangers without them?

Theyre slightly overprotective because we are all aware of con horror stories and some stuff has happened in the past to me in cosplay, I'd invite them as a chaparon to ease their minds but I'm well aware they don't like to party at cons with anybody other than who we're rooming with, so what do?

I just want to party with some gulls in cosplay, but also don't want my group to be mad over worrying about me

Also do we have a set time for a meetup yet?

>> No.9319731

are there going to be jojo cosplayers
I would like to suggest that you tell them you have other friends, but thast all I got

>> No.9319747

Fake a kidnapping where you get some gulls to pretend abduct you

>> No.9319771
File: 369 KB, 300x302, get.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've considered letting it slip I'm gonna party with a friend they don't like so they'd be against tagging along, but everybody knows who's going/not going..

I like this idea a lot, even though they'd never again let me out of their site at future cons, who's down for a fake kidnapping?

>> No.9319772

fake kidnipping sounds fun
but just saytheres someone else you wannas ee maybe?

>> No.9319775


>> No.9319779

We'll need some details so we know who to snatch

>> No.9319794

I'll think of something hopefully

I would like to party with you beanie kun!

I'm not giving any specific cosplay deets until we have a set date for parties/meets otherwise I think fake kinapping would be pointless that day

>inb4 fake kinapping turns into real kinapping and don't realize until 20 miles away con

>> No.9319876

I can get in on this if you want me to.
that is if an 18 year old feminine is someone ur looking for

>> No.9319906

this will be my first ALA and I'm trying to figure out which days to wear what. I have saturday locked, but is Friday or Sunday better for wearing flashier cosplays?

>> No.9319917

Im thinking of wearing mine on the 27th and 28th, leaving it out for the 29th.
What you plan on cosplaying?

>> No.9319942
File: 114 KB, 611x367, ALA copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my tentative lineup rn, but i've been changing whether or not I'm doing yusuke every day

>> No.9319950

Saturday is the best for flashier cosplays, but between Sunday and Friday go with Friday. Sunday is people being hungover and getting ready to check out of their hotel and leave by noon

>> No.9319966

Did you ever cosplay a female Wakka?

>> No.9319997

nope :/

good to know!

>> No.9320615

Just another week and a half to go!


>> No.9320693

i would take one of the last two on saturday, the rest whenever mostl ikely

>> No.9320836

>How do I tell them I want to party with strangers without them?
"Don't worry, these are my friends from (educational level)"
>I just want to party with some gulls in cosplay, but also don't want my group to be mad over worrying about me
"We're having a great time" even if the party is lame.

>> No.9321205
File: 94 KB, 543x669, Thisiswhypunkisdead2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


pls no

they didn't even TRY

>> No.9321373
File: 368 KB, 945x574, 4U.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fuck

well 2 friends are in the hospital now for 2 different reasons

Does anyone need a room or know of someone who needs a room that I can transfer mine to? It's a single bed at the Azure with checkin on 26th and checkout on 29th.

If I have to I'll just cancel it and lose out on the cancellation fee, but I figured I would check if anyone needed the room here first.

>> No.9321503
File: 282 KB, 529x298, skelly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck, I'd be up to host one but I wouldn't know where to start

>> No.9321938

When. Can I start contact fagging? I need some buds.

(No drugs or full on party weebs)

>> No.9321951
File: 740 KB, 1024x1280, 1467110990381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will have a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey in my room to share with anyone who comes by

Don't worry, it's not like I'll have them drugged or anything...

>> No.9322088

Post that FB senpai.

>> No.9322149

I'll bring some Jack Daniels honey and saki

>> No.9322282


only the back elevator was haunted, the rest of the place always seemed fine to me.

granted, that back elevator was SO FUCKING HAUNTED. The last year ALA was there it stopped showing floor numbers entirely and the doors would open like a foot away from the actual floor itself while the car was still descending. I was being a little shit one night and started saying an exorcism because the numbers were flashing and as soon as I was done with the first line the alarm started screeching. I took the stairs after that.

>> No.9322440

Post your's first :^)

>> No.9322515

You think I'm afraid?

I may just make a group chat solely for gulls. Makes it easier to coordinate.

>> No.9322892

I just thought you were joking, i didn't think anyone still used Fb.

>> No.9322947
File: 14 KB, 250x219, 1483924537686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i didn't think anyone still used Fb

>> No.9323509
File: 2 KB, 400x480, 1475859284204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone in particular that you're looking forward to seeing at ALA?

>> No.9323514
File: 16 KB, 255x255, 1384759509992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Radisson front desk staff.

>> No.9323515

The food trucks.

>> No.9323523

Would it be possible to change the res. for 27-29? Might be interested- email in the name field.

>> No.9323529
File: 54 KB, 315x483, IMG_9tupd9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any Yuri on Ice cosplayers to put a hurting on

>> No.9323530

why not just use discord to coordinate everything? ive used it plenty of times for my con-meet ups and it worked fine.

unless you guys want to be a bit more personal because its facebook and all.

>> No.9323532

I legit cannot understand why you're going to try to retain anon status despite us literally going to meet face-to-face at a con. But I'm fine either way. If a Disc gets posted, I'll jump in.

>> No.9323541

im part of a lot of online communities and a lot of them, though good friends with each other, wont add people to their facebook for their own personal reasons. i guess kinda like how some people dont add their own family to their facebook.
so its not really about retaining anon status. its just a personal preference for some.
yeah, i know it sounds dumb but some people are like that.

im not like that if youre gonna ask

>> No.9323577

i could make an ala server but it would die instantly after ala so i dont see much of a point

>> No.9323584

do et

>> No.9323585

Fuck it, make the server. At best we can discuss parties and share pics.

>> No.9323592

fine, fine.

>> No.9323725 [DELETED] 

Here is a more permanent link to the discord rather than that 30 min one.

>> No.9323726

let me try that again
here is a more permanent link to the discord rather than that 30 min one https://discord.gg/gq7MWsy

>> No.9324181

You better say, "The Gay Community?!"

>> No.9324236

that's why in dressing up as AJ, that and to ask people that don't know shit about wrestling who will win the Rumble.

>> No.9324267

Obviously it's BRAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN, Goldberg, or Bork.

Or Sexy Star.

>> No.9324295

I'll just ask a bunch of girls who they want to see win between AJ and John Cena

>> No.9325038
File: 12 KB, 320x180, i was made for video games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I overhear you, I'll be sure to tell you I'm hoping that Barron Blade wins the Royal Rumble

>> No.9325186

Never been to this arcade before. Ideally I would like to meet up within the vicinity of the con. Is this before or during the con?

>> No.9325219

Con is right around the corner, sad I waited until last minute to order my ribbons and not they wont be here on time.

>> No.9325480
File: 166 KB, 500x281, 1483613908261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw there's going to be one on Friday
>I'm only going for Saturday

>> No.9325554

>inb4 Kenny Omega shows up

>> No.9325702
File: 2.00 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did someone say "gay community"???

>> No.9325831



>> No.9325882
File: 2.66 MB, 500x250, nico nico knee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yfw Kenny Omega vs Marcellus Black has a legitimate chance of occurring in our lifetime

>> No.9325901

Would throw money for this.

>> No.9325995
File: 34 KB, 583x470, 1480969798245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone go to Denny's with me

>> No.9326007

I need this one, tell me how to get it.

>> No.9326153

the password is "can you show me pixyteri's nudes?" -- tell me the password, then read a cosplayer of my choosing, and the ribbon is yours.

>> No.9326217

Anyone know how autographs work at ALA? Does each guest set their own price?

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