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Confess your sins gulls, and exonerate your soul

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i spend too much money on my hobby and have nowhere to store my supplies and take frequent breaks from cleaning to refresh /cgl/

i am a hoarder, a procrastinator, and i am terrible with money.

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Sometimes when I post group photos on my instagram, I shoop the ugly ones to make them look nicer. I also make the fat ones look skinnier. Not by a lot since that would make it too obvious, but just enough to make them look better. I think it's only fair since they make me look better by comparison

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I'm honestly terrified by my two friends dating. It's made them into annoying altered versions of themselves. Complete with going back on shit they were adamant about for years because they're 'truly together'. But mainly because the upcoming con room is in my name. I am really terrified the honeymoon period is going to end right before or during the con. I'd really rather not have what has been a decently drama free environment explode into bullshit. Resulting in me likely footing the bill. But I know if I even bring my concerns up, I'm the totally jealous single friend.

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I don't cosplay, dress up, nor have I ever been to any kind of con or meet up.

I just like to vicariously read lolita and other j-fashion threads.

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this is horrible and genius

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I do the opposite. If they're already kind of ugly I might make them a little bit wider or their noses a tiny bit bigger and I leave myself alone.


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This is why people can barely stay friends with each other.

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I want to cosplay a pokemon gijinka.

I have a cosplay amino account and post there regularly.

I wear lolita pretty casually and don't really care if I'm following the rules to a T.

These now seem kind of minor compared to the other posts.

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>implying i care about their friendship

If we were really friends, would I be doing that shit anyway?

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I'm a housewife and I trade really raunchy sex with my husband for lolita dresses. I have a nice closet.

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Why would you pose as the one and only HWC.

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>I do it for Lolita dresses

anon I do it because he is hot af to me and I love him n can't keep my hands off of him

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I work from home. My husband buys me brand without me needing to give him sexual favors because he loves me and my hobbies.

I have a nice closet.

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I started my own taobao kawaii reselling shop and pretend I'm sponsored by it on my Instagram to advertise

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>He's hot af

Since when is an old man hot af?

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you're trying way too hard, faux-hwc

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aside from smile lines he looks really good for his age

he works out n stuff

plus you know he's super tall and I have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss him and since when is that not attractive

also his dimples are a gift from god himself to human kind you can't even argue with me here it's just a fact

it's me tho

I'll respond to your post with my trip

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Is his penis big?

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you perverts always ask this

swear I've typed this out at least 15 different times

I dunno I've never taken a tape measure to it and I've only ever seen his penis in person

it looks proportionate to him and he's like 185cm so do the math

he probably is but I don't have a good base line to tell you thirsty fucks

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I put a camera in the San Fran Baby changing room that captured half a day worth if girls before it died.

I still fap to those recordings they're the hottest even though there's barely anything recorded and at most it's some butt cheeks here and there.

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I recently fell out of love with my fiancé. It just happened like two weeks ago, thinking about being with him or even him general doesn't give me the butterflies anymore. It's crazy, all feelings for him just stopped.
However, I won't break it off with him because I already met his family and he's met mine, they love me, and it feels like everyone in the world knows we have a perfect cute relationship. I'm marrying him in February, And I feel like I'm just too far into this relationship to quit now.
So I'm just going to fake my happiness the rest of my life.

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I kinda feel the same. I still feel comfortable being with my fiance, maybe too comfortable to leave, but I know I won't be happy with him.

I know that he will always belittle me, he will always be possessive of me, he will always be so uncaring about me, and he will always manipulate me, but I've been with him too long now. Nobody knows me better than him, even if he uses that against me a lot.

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I'm in love with my best friend I met at my comm but she isn't lesbian. I buy her lolita all the time and she feels bad because she knows my feelings for her and feels like it's not right for her to accept the clothes even if she loves them.

I helped her get her current boyfriend and he's a total jerk and constantly forces sex out of her even though she she has vaginismus so it's painful and she doesn't like it. And yet all I can do is cry knowing she's with someone who treats her like sex toy and has no interests in her otherwise but she won't leave him.

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Sounds pretty fucked up to be honest.

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i'm sad

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The guy I've had a crush on recently got a girlfriend. The only thing that's kept me from being too depressed is the fact that she's honestly really ugly and I feel so much better in comparison. Even on my worst days I look hot next to her. So I like posting selfies right when she does because I get more attention. It's petty but eh. Too bad we have no cosplays in common otherwise I'd really rub it in her face that I'm more attractive.

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I hardly believe this kind of stories when someone loves someone and the other person is dating the douchest douchebag ever.
And of course, the person in love happens to be a caritative soul, and treats their beloved one like a goddess.

Let me guess, you think you're better for her. You're the nice guy.

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Not that anon but this happens all the time with gay shit. There's a lot of girls who will date the most disgusting and selfish of men and then ignore girls who genuinely care for them. Obviously in anon's case her friend is straight so it's never happening, but for a while I was fucking a bisexual girl who I really liked but she wouldn't leave her cheating, lying, alcoholic fiance (he knew we were fucking, had no problem with it becausehe found the idea hot). Then she had the nerve to feign heartbreak when I got sick of her shit and left to find a girl who would actually value me. Since he dumped her (quelle surprise) every time she's back in town she tries to hook up with me again, I don't know how low she must think my self-esteem is for me to even entertain the thought of being douchey fiance's sloppy seconds.

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(cont) basically there are a lot of women who call themselves gay but will actually only entertain the idea of lesbian relationships as a backup plan or consolation prize.

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i find my boyfriend depressing to be around and i no longer love him romantically but I can't break up with him because he's incredibly dependent on me. I feel terrible about it but i'm constantly frustrated with him but putting on a happy face because he's really anxious and depressed.

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Not that anon but male actors by far age better than female actresses.

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Find him a good psychotherapist, counsellor etc. then leave. You CAN break up with him but you just won't because of the guilts, and he's never going to learn to be independent otherwise.

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because of social standards of female beauty and lack of standards for male beauty more than anything else

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I literally buy a girl cosplay and lewd clothes, take pictures of her, and ask for odd pictures now and again, because it's still cheaper than paying for porn. She gets the stuff she wants I get my personal fetish ware, and irl her friends and family all like me. I think I have become everything past me would hate, a master of manipulation.

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>a master of manipulation

you sound edgy as hell. shekeling a chick into sending you cosplay lewds doesn't make you a mastermind.

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>tfw being next to uggos only makes you look uglier

I really don't know why petty bitches fail to realize this. It's literally one of the biggest reasons I don't go to meets. I don't need to be surrounded by a bunch of uggos, they just tarnish my kawaii elfu goddess image, desu

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Jesus christ this was depressing to read.

You can most certainly get out of that relationship.

You're just out of the honeymoon period. Were you friends before dating? If not, you might just seriously want to call things off. It'll only get worse. If you two were friends beforehand, ride it out. Relationships aren't always lovey dovey doki doki sweet moments that give you butterflies and make you feel like a schoolgirl. that shit ebbs and flows.

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>calling somebody else a petty bitch when you are, in fact, a petty bitch

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You're asking me if I'm better that someone who literally rapes his own girlfriend and then just leaves her crying on the bed from both physical and emotional pain so he can play video games?

Yes, without a doubt I'm better. No questions.

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I feel mixed on this one. Sometimes being around uggos or fatties makes me feel that much more dainty and pretty but sometimes I think hanging out with them lets some of their lowered standards rub off on me like I don't need to try so hard.

I'd rather hang out with pretty people who inspire me to be my best, overall.

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>lack of standards for male beauty

Oh wait, you're serious

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Wow, so brilliantly intelligent and full of twists. It's a few lewd shots in exchange for a free costume, you're not extorting nudes from her in exchange for keeping quiet about her shamefur hobby. She's just as happy with the situation as you are.
>anon talks about lack of male beauty standards
>posts lack of basic hygiene pic
I feel bad for you, I really do. Wash more often, wear clean clothes, and you'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes.

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Basically, >>9253645 this. You want romance and uguu doki moments, you gotta work on that shit. I mean, in your particular situation maybe you're just getting nervous before the wedding and it's affecting how you feel toward him. But for those roller coaster passionate feelings to eventually fade is normal. Being happy is also feeling satisfied and content and not always jumping for joy.

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Even if he shaved his face and got a haircut, he's ugly. Proper hygiene won't turn him from that into this.

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Am i the only person on /cgl/ being a single virgin?

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I wish I was a single virgin

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I'm very happy to be planning a partner cosplay with a cosplay friend who I have a lot in common with but, lately, it's been mostly because we're both attractive and I've been so down lately that I'm craving the extra attention. People are already telling me how excited they are to see it which is giving me even more motivation.

I'm still putting just as much work into it (it's the most extensive cosplay I've ever worked on) but I feel kinda bad.

>> No.9253746

You shouldn't feel bad. If you work hard for something, something good will come to you. In your case, you'd like attention. People seeks different goals even though they might be doing the same thing. Good luck with the cosplay, gull

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you still suck

>> No.9253770

I'm a single virgin and I love it. Brand > boys

>> No.9253773

You know you probably would be you petty, insecure fuckwit.

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I have no social life. The only people I talk to are people at university, and while I can hold convos with them with ease, that's it.

I just have no idea how to even start anything up. I have no friends. I am too sensitive to sound to handle going out. Ever since I was a kid I had no friends and now at 23 it feels like I"ll always have to stay like this now.
Everyone already has their own circles and it feels like it's impossible to get between any of them. I've never been in a relationship either and I highly doubt that's ever happening when I barely leave the house.

So that's why I'm planning on ending it when I turn 25. It's not a super set date or anything, but I feel like if nothing has changed by then, it never will. What's the point of forcing myself to live and work only to go home to nothing. I'm ugly too so I don't have anything going for me at this point.

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I photoshop myself a bit better and leave everyone else alone. I'm kind of over the whole group photo thing t b h, it gets old. I prefer my own single coord shots.

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>cheaper than paying for porn
Why would you ever pay for porn rofl
Trying to justify being a total cuck, bet you comment on porn videos and subscribe to gamer girls on twitch too.
Meanwhile she sends chad free pics in those same clothes

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The other anon is just starting to get comfortable and domestic feeling, which I think is unavoidable. You on the other hand shouldn't have to tolerate those things for the rest of your life. Seriously consider leaving!!!

>> No.9253816

Your happiness is just as important as his! He can't live like that and neither can you, and he might be manipulating you to some degree. People need to be able to be happy if another person decides the relationship isn't best for them.

>> No.9253822

abloobloobloo, muh morality

>> No.9253823

If you're really that desperate anon, you could try /soc/. It's worth a shot. The people there are just as lonely as you.

>> No.9253829

I like to think that even if I was transported into a world where nobody else existed, experiencing life alone would still be worth it. There might not be an immediate way to fix the social problems, but maybe it would help for you to start cultivating interests or hobbies and get to a place where life is worth it to you despite nobody else being there. You can't always impact whether life gives you the opportunity to meet people, but you can give yourself things to be happy about alone. And then you'll be a more interesting person when you do get the chance to meet people!

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>I want to cosplay a pokemon gijinka
>seem kind of minor compared to the other posts
Kys pls

>> No.9253840

This is actually kinda nice of you lmao

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Lint rolling or ironing my dresses gives me some strange sense of satisfaction and it kind of feels like "bonding" with my dresses. After that, I feel deeply calm and happy.

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I feel this.

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Not gonna lie anon there was a point in my life recently where I felt like I didn't belong anywhere. That things weren't going good and I decided to just try and end it. The act of doing it pushed me to realize that things to get better even if you don't see it right now. Making friends is important but what's more important is discovering your own self worth. Without doing that even with friends you'll just feel empty inside and it might even just make you worse off. Please don't ever give up because I do believe that things can get better.

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have you considered maybe she isn't a petty piece of shit and that's why they are dating instead?

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I jerk off to loli, rape, and roblox porno.

>> No.9253904

Have you ever heard of the cheerleader effect? It's a real thing - if you make them look uglier you're going to be perceived as more ugly as well. Bumping up their attractiveness will only add to your looks as well.

>> No.9253905

>I don't know how low she must think my self-esteem is for me to even entertain the thought of being douchey fiance's sloppy seconds.
Man, I'm crushing hard on one of my best male friends. We've known each other since we were both in our mid teens, and he's been there for me through thick and thin for almost 10 years now and have watched me hook up with one manipulative douchebag after another. I wonder if he'd secretly look down on me if he knew that I like him and would like to spend the rest of my life with him.
It's not that I consider him a rebound, it just took me way too long to realise how perfect he is, and I'm just too ashamed to make a move on him now.

>Social life is nonexistent outside of the 2 cons a year
>Post on /soc/ for a while in hopes of finding new friends
>It always ends up with being asked for nudes, getting sent dick pics or the like

no hope

>> No.9253912

It's a science, really. You want to bump the uggos just enough so they're decent without having to balance with shoop on yourself.
I don't edit myself because I already cherry picked the best photo, I just give the other girls a boost.

>> No.9253913

Maybe she has a better personality than you, not everyone dates for looks.

>> No.9253918

>I want to cosplay a pokemon gijinka.
Wait is there something wrong with this?

>> No.9253923

You're just getting comfortable with him. That happens to everyone in a long term relationship. If you miss the butterflies then start doing exciting shit with him. Save up some money and go on a wild vacation or something. Do stuff you won't normally do. Experiencing new things with your partner really strengthens the bond.

>> No.9253952 [DELETED] 

I'm the leader of a popular online Lolita community. We have over 4,000 members now, and I post the little Itas and dumbass sissys on 4chan all the time, the shit I see on a daily basis needs to be shared imo. Everyone thinks I'm the nicest person running it and I'm too easy on the Itas to ban, When I'm the one posting all of them on Ita threads. I love to piss them off by taking off their shitty coord posts and when they start throwing hissy fits at those who give concrit or when they just start deleting comments. I love pissing them off and seeing them leave one by one.

And what's better is that the other mods are the only people who know about my salt. And they encourage it.

>> No.9254138

>impulse buyer
>fashion hopper because I can't find my style yet
>bought costume cosplay
>befriended a huge cosplay lolcow and regularly interact with them

>> No.9254147


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I've drawn 11 people in the draw thread and I'm the only person that hasn't received a single drawing. I'm mad that there aren't very many contributors to the draw thread on our board.

>> No.9254158

You realize you're a criminal, right?

>> No.9254174

I have so many questions in my head that I will let go un-answered...

>> No.9254189

at the very least make sure he knows how much you appreciate him being there for you! It could lead into a discussion of more, or it could not, but i'm sure he'd be so flattered to know how much it has meant.

>> No.9254467

Do not kill yourself. I was where you were and my Friend found me, gun in hand, and saved my life. Life may suc, but dying is not the way to fix that problem. Email me there.

>> No.9254473

Bless you for doing mana's work

>> No.9254480

>So I'm just going to fake my happiness the rest of my life.

Anon don't I'm going to project here for a second

>be me
>marry husband after 2 years
>been together for 7 years now
>I have not been romantically in love with him for 2 years now
>He is an angel
>I could never hurt him
>he doesn't deserve to be hurt
>in love with someone else
>it's been tearing me apart for more than 2 years
>I am a ball of stress
>I thought we would be together till we died
>I thought we were perfect
>I really thought we would make it
>people look at us like we're the "it" couple
>we spent $12K on our wedding
>I want to die I'm so selfish

divorce is expensive, splitting your shit is awkward at best, hellish at worst, it can fuck you financially, just grab your balls and break it off if you really think it's not going to work. It's much worse after you throw a wedding.

>> No.9254490

I fantasize about having a one night stand with a fellow cosplayer at a con, but that's just me and every other male at a con so that's not really a sin.

In all seriousness though, I like my weeb gf who couples cosplays my ships with me and is p receptive to mostly anything I ask related to cosplay, but I'm mentally checked out of the relationship and can't find a good timing to break it off (my birthday and hers are coming up and they're close together, and holiday season in general). I just want to become a failed manwhore for a while and attempt to live the hookup culture.

>> No.9254518

i drunkenly hooked up with a dude at comic con. felt gross about it. still feel gross about it. Not worth it, anon.

>> No.9254530

not to be rude, did you at least use protection? what made you feel gross? just curious, never done it before

>> No.9254541

Wearing lolita makes me feel like I'm somehow better than the people in my tiny town

>> No.9254546

I'm going to hell, thanks for that.

>> No.9254560

me too anon
let's be sad together. you're not alone. i'm right there with you

>> No.9254583

>Love lolita fashion.
>Own a lot, wear a lot (not much brand)
>Bought a lot of really cheap craft supplies from thrift and antique stores; real pearls from broken pearl necklaces, real french lace, high-quality cottons.
>Then discover slowly over time that she's too chronically ill to actually DIY her own main pieces and accessories.
>Buys homemade pieces off lacemarket because cheap and...
>... Even though I didn't make it, somehow it still feels very satisfying to know the dress I'm wearing was made by a fellow Lolita.

>> No.9254662

I thought this was about you at first but then it's about someone else... are you new to greentext? (Not making fun of you, just confused)

>> No.9254666

It's suppose to be me. I'm a newfag.
It's a weird thing to confess and I wasn't sure how else to frame it; I'm too cripple to really make my own stuff, too poor / not into brand enough to save up for more then the occasional white elephant that grabs my fancy.

But then I bought one handmade dress second hand (for cheap) and somehow fell in love with wearing dresses other people made. I like getting a dress off lacemarket then turning it inside out to see how it was assembled. I really admire the effort people make and people often are surprised that what I'm wearing wasn't made by a semi-professional. It's weird to describe, so I feel guilty trying to explain it because I know how twisted people's imaginations can get; I just really like wearing things made by individuals. It makes Lolita feel more special to me.

>> No.9254667

as long as you don't look like a gross handmade ita, you do you

>> No.9254671

What'd anon say, anon?

>> No.9254678

This is the best thing I have read all day.
If this is salt then let it flow.

>> No.9254811

dude calm down, you clearly can't tell the difference between loving someone and being in love. you need to take a chill pill, if necessary limit contact with the person you have a crush on, and move on.
you will never have a relationship where you are permanently, forever in love. that is a trick created by body chemistry which WILL wear off after around 2 years maximum. 'love' is a long term commitment, trust and feeling of safety in someone, and occasionally you might 'fall in love again' but that's really not a for-granted deal. many people fall into the trap of chasing the high of falling in love over and over again, but that is a reckless and unhealthy way to live - you'll fuck up yourself and everyone else who gets burned by your jumping onwards.

I'm spiralling into depression again and have spent the last week playing runescape 5-6 hours a day
back when I used to read every single thread on cgl that didn't even take this much time

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>not necessarily sins...
>incoming blog tho

I have pretty much always been plus-sized.
I gained a lot of weight during college and have recently started working out a bit to lose that weight. I like being a "big" girl though and I want to plateau around the upper bound of the healthy range for my height and build.
I have always been tall--am almost 6ft--and much broader in build than most people. (my shoulder width is ridiculous, almost 46cm).

I love lolita, and am pretty addicted to hunting for gets. I'm very interested in being healthier, but I just personally never want to be smol.

every once in a while it sucks when the concept of my largeness bucks up against the sometimes fragile masculinity of potential male suitors but I really wouldn't have it any other way.
because I lack a confrontational personality I appreciate that my frills and my height/width combo acts as a force field to repel time-wasters.

I feel safe and pretty being a thwomp-lita.
I work hard on building my wardrobe and aspire for all my coords to one day be tops. I think smaller lolitas are gorgeous! not more gorgeous, not less gorgeous, just also gorgeous.

and I know I'm not at all the average, but I'd like to see some dedicated brawny lolitas more often.

this is my personal view of the form I look most beautiful in and I like to discuss it sometimes. but some femmes are understandably on the defensive, and assume that praise of qualities they do not possess is a value judgment against the ones they do.

I just want to say the positive things I feel about myself and my goals; not in some secret judgment or competition or internal illness.

tl;dr I'm a tall chubby woman who loves lolita, food, switching, and being built like a wall. I don't like being invisible in-board but I don't like fights to start either. I lurk every single day because I'm not a fan of fb and no irl comm. lolita has easily beat all else out to be my greatest passion.

>> No.9254917

If he's single, go for it. Chances are he's probably salty as fuck about seeing you with douchebags and is constantly thinking about how he'd treat you so much better than them. You know, like all the stories from beta orbiters about how they they wish they could make a move on their female bff who's also their manic pixie dream girl but she always dates assholes instead.

That being said, can you honestly say you wouldn't get bored of him eventually considering your admitted horrible taste in men?
>hook up with one manipulative douchebag after another

Maybe you would have to convince him to treat you just a liiittle bit worse for you to stay with him and not go wandering off.

>> No.9254921


>> No.9254923

Well I want to experience it for myself. I also have a bit of a complex about how I can only get laid via relationships and not purely from looks/flirting so I want to assuage that as well. I hate not being attractive.

>> No.9254943

Wowie you bitches are so incredibly petty and cray, it wasn't just a meme.
You would do anything just for more dresses in your closet. That's sad.

>> No.9254944

no one wants to see you in a purple bra and some ears saying "i'm espeon!!! :3"

>> No.9255045

I have to many moles that need to be removed before I can look even half decent in cosplay or lolita or normal clothes, but I can't afford it until I'm well out of college and by then I'll be too old to be pretty anyway.

>> No.9255168

I'm the best dressed in my comm, but I'd never say that to any of my comm members. I like them, but they don't dress as well as I do or bother to do hair and makeup very well.

>> No.9255171

Even though I'm asian of small frame and I do get compliments on my looks quite often, I'm still considered quite chubby compared to other asian girls. I just started lolita this year and bought a cute but not popular print from AP.
I'm quite reluctant to actually wear the dress outside my apartment because I'm afraid I'm not pretty or attractive enough for my burando. I'm just having so much doubts in myself seeing the negative posts.

>> No.9255174

Do you like the dress? Do you think you look good in it? Does wearing it make you happy? If you answered "yes" to any or all of those, go ahead and wear it. Wear the clothes for yourself, to make yourself happy, that's all that matters.

>> No.9255192

Jesus, you're pathetic. Why don't you try therapy instead of expecting pussy to fix your non-existent self-esteem?

>> No.9255197

People are going to find reasons to hate on you no matter what you do. Might as well live your life how you like since the saltiness is inevitable.

>> No.9255203

Thank you I needed that. But my problem now seems so small compared to other confessions ^ - ^;;; lol. I'm sorry for taking so much space to whine..

>> No.9255208

Yes I used to not care about any of them opinions but now I feel like I have to impress the lolita community (by being 'pretty') to be a part of it. Lol. I guess I'll try my best to be a responsible lolita not a pretty one and I'll start from there.

>> No.9255331

Wow, all these people doing this to make themselves look better, and I just clean up blemishes for everyone because I know I'd want it myself and thought it'd be nice for them. :(

>> No.9255336

You should be collecting their money in advance anyway. If this isn't part of the room requirements already, I'd make it that way before the con hits. You don't have to make it about them, just talk about money being tight here and there so it doesn't seem out of the blue. If they make drama about a reasonable request of everyone paying up front upon check-in, they aren't really going to be any better at their word 3 days later and I wouldn't room with them.

>> No.9255366
File: 1.56 MB, 500x280, 90.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recently gave friend advice on a prop
>it turned out awful due to her rushing it and not taking advice
>she blames me
>currently planning on making the same prop out of spite and even limiting myself to using only the materials they used to prove i knew what i was talking about

ik its childish but its literally gotten my jimmies rustled so bad and its beyond irritating to have someone who can't even make clean lines in their foam tell you that you're the reason their prop ended up bad

>> No.9255435

I think that's really cool, and as an aspiring seamstress, it makes me happy to hear.

>> No.9255488 [DELETED] 

DESU I'm doing this with a commission someone ruined for me. I'm going to feel so vindicated when I make it better. I chose them cause their pictures showed quality and I trusted in that, but they gave me a rushed POS and they know it.

>> No.9255489

I'm doing this with a commission someone ruined for me. I'm going to feel so vindicated when I make it better. I chose them cause their pictures showed quality and I trusted in that, but they gave me a rushed POS and they know it.

>> No.9255504

I slept through yet another day of classes today and want to self harm. I like school a lot but I feel so sad all the time and I feel like I don't really have anyone to talk to. Lolita is like my one solace.

>> No.9255795

Im sending you good vibes anon
lolita makes me happy too

>> No.9255866

Name and shame them, anon.

>> No.9255872

I often post pictures of myself in ita threads just so other gulls say "hey, that's not that bad"

>> No.9255875 [DELETED] 

I'm going to put effort into shitting on everything that gets posted in these threads just for you.

>> No.9255901

Well someone sounds triggered. I have girl friends who tell me about how they had one night stands just to see what it's like. Attraction issues aside, thats basically what I want to do too, or is it wrong because I'm a guy?

>> No.9255923

I haven't been able to take Misako seriously ever since a gull described her smile as "smuggling a banana"

>> No.9255949
File: 236 KB, 500x500, fat-man-eating-hamburger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been staying at my bfs place until I can find an apartment in the area.
There's no privacy in the house, no scale, and we eat like shit. I think I'm gaining weight and I'm scared I won't fit into my cosplays anymore.

>> No.9255963

Chubby Asians can still look cute unlike chubby white girls.

>> No.9255967

I have a babyprincess themed blog and I do coord strip shows for people who buy my snap

>> No.9256105

I've been following lolita and jfash on 4chan for 10 years now but I've never worn it myself.
The most I've worn is toned down mori and a failed decora attempt at a con once (when it was still a thing)
I live in a rural place where you don't see many alt fash so I was always too afraid (and I was pretty chubby too)....
So the result is I know a lot about the lolita and jfash history but I don't even wear it.
Now that I've finally lost weight and gained more confidence to at least wear it to events, I'm probably too old.

>> No.9256222
File: 22 KB, 250x133, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been having second thoughts about my friend who I've been with for nearly a decade..

We got into anime/cosplay and things of the sort together at the same time/age and helped each other grow from it, we've had many a good times (and bad times but that comes with the good)

But lately I realize I only have fun with them at a con setting and when we specifically talk about weeb related things
It feels like our "friendship fire" has died out on my end, but not theirs.

I feel like such an asshole for suddenly wanting to break off our friendship (and I also don't think I'm ever going to find this good of a friend ever again considering it's hard for me to make friends, they kind of pushed their way into me without me really noticing) but for a couple of months to a year it's been nothing but negativity. I try to be there for them when they need me, but it's just been emotionally exhausting since this has been happening for a long time, and I can't vent back to them because they always shoot back with
>"you have no reason to complain anon when I have it so much worse"
>"you think thats bad? I have to deal with... etc"

They're not a jerk to me but I just can't seem to deal with SO much negativity from their end constantly being thrown at me, and I'm definitely starting to think our weeb relationship isn't worth staying for

The problem is I'm not sure how to break out of this friendship without them going ballistic, they have anger management issues (towards themselves), and I feel like they'll just try to throw themselves back into my life without me wanting to, and everybpdy will say it was my fault to begin with (I'm bad at talking about my feelings so nobody will understand my grief)

Also very afraid of seeing them at a con since we both frequent the same ones every year and them causing a scene

>I wanna break up a friendship but this certain friend is kinda sorta unstable and I'm not sure how to back out without any lasting damage on their end

>> No.9256503

I don't have the time to wear lolita with my profession. I have a thing for brolitas. I would be the chivalrous one, send him roses, and shower him with brand.

>> No.9256514

You're not to old, just pick wisely. Don't go with stuff with childish prints on it. Check out the Winter Lolita thread, there are a ton of pics that I aspire to even though at 27 I'm just now comfortable enough to start trying. You can do it, anon!

>> No.9256518

I have a bf who I really like. I haven't been him for a long time yet so I can't say that much how the relationship is gonna eventually turn out. Sometimes I think I will be with him forever sometimes I wanna break up with him immediately. Lately I have been feeling a lot attraction towards other lolitas. Especially girls. I just adore the feminine body and would definitely love the shit out of lolita girlfriend but I can't see myself having a sexual relationship with another female. It's weird since I'm super cuddly person. I don't know, maybe it's just fustration about the fact I'm emotionally hard to understand and I somehow think another girl would understand me better. My bf is so kind but lacks understanding and appreciation. I want to make someone happy by loving them, cooking to them, buying them small surprises and doing a lot fun stuff together. If a kind lolita suggested that we move together in the city I'm going to study I would probably accept.

>> No.9256526

Your feelings are valid, anon, that's no way to treat a friend. Write down how you feel, try to organize it, and bring it to them when they are calm. If they still blow up at you, they have a lot of growing up to do, and no amount of sticking around and sucking it up for the sake of friendship is going to fix that. No amount of backlash you get for confronting them is going to make it worth avoiding trying. They probably need a wakeup call and you only need to say it once. If they treat you badly, tell them how much that hurt you (calmly) and then the ball is in their court.

They may end up coming back to you later or might not, but stay strong and stand up for yourself. Learning this kind of backbone is good for your self esteem even if it hurts like fuck in the meantime. Speaking from experience, it'll get better even if that takes time and new friends.

>> No.9256542

I'm like a double virgin

>> No.9256547

It depends. Low effort underwear cosplay always looks bad, but more elaborate designs might be okay.

>> No.9257076

don't do it anon. school isn't worth hurting yourself over. I'm only saying this because I suffer from depression and anxiety because of my childhood but slowly but surely made it through going to an extremely stressful school that used to be famous for its suicide rate until recent years.

e-mail your professors (you'd be surprised how understanding some of them can be), take advantage of mental health resources on campus, take things day by day. forced optimism can't hurt either. I used to flood my thought space with positive options and outcomes just to fight the giant Eeyore in there.

Even if this semester doesn't end as good as you like it to, you can always take a semester off to work on yourself and then return. There's isn't just one singular way to achieve your degree. you can do this--build yourself up and encourage yourself for the rest of the week!

>> No.9257079

hahaha! me too anon
I also liked how someone likened it to "newborn with gas." those low cheeks...so adorb, so derp.

that expression is like a trademark, as forced as it appears. I do prefer her open mouthed smiles.

>> No.9257134

I'm just a lazy socially inept piece of shit. Since I graduated from high school like 5 years ago I haven't done ANYTHING with my life besides studying English to waste it by browsing the chans. I've been wasting my time trying to get a therapist but our shit public health system keeps going on strikes all year long, I'm currently on meds unchecked and perpetually scared of the future.
I'm fat, I'm dumb as a brick, I have fucking strabismus, I don't have money and can't get myself to trust people enough to actually get out and try to get a job because the sole act of talking makes me want to cry like a bitch.
My parents keep telling me that I'm sick and that I need to get better before moving on but I can't take this shit anymore, all day long I sit on my room alone staring at the ceiling without energy for anything except wishing for death.
I don't deserve the things I have, I don't deserve the love and support my parents give me, I just want to die, holy shit I want to die.
I'm not even a lolita or a cosplayer, but browsing the board is maybe the only thing that brings some emotion into my numb life.
So yeah, I guess thanks for existing seagulls, as sad as it sounds, I don't feel so bad after wasting my time with all of you.
I hope it all ends soon tho.
Sorry about all this.

>> No.9257237

I'm only here to look at pretty girls and wish they were my gf.

>> No.9257240

Anon why don't you do online school? I was in your situation at my last university and I was just feeling terrible about everything. I did some digging and figured out there was a state uni with an online degree program in my major that was cheaper than the uni I was already attending

>> No.9257336

3/4 of this shit isn't even /cgl/ related.

>> No.9257440

I'm tired of this girl. She's "a friend", but oh god.
Everytime I say something, she tries to overpower me. Let's say I like drawing, simple as that. She tells me how she has been drawing since x date and that she watches youtube tutorials and how teachers tell her this or that about her art and shit (We are in college, btw). I mention my girlfriend and she starts bragging about how perfect her relationship is with her fiance and how they dance and kiss in the middle of the street and whatever more. I ask her for a single thing (like, if she likes eggs or whatever) and she immediately starts just talking about how her mother is bad to her and that she has no money and starts mentioning every single bad thing that could had happened to her.

But shit really hit the fan when another friend and I mentioned something about lolita.
I mention doing this thing called "saving money" to her, but before I'm even finished she continues
>NO ANON!!!!!!! ITS SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!
Your attitude is ita.
I swear to god. If you want to be a lolita so badly, save some fucking money you motherfucker. Do you think this is a fucking game. Do you think I have it easy. Fucking shit I don't have money myself. I'm tired of this fucking shit
>she considered buying a replica

>> No.9257448

Have a serious think about whether the emotional labour you're doing for them is actually being reciprocated. If it isn't, cut them off. I have two categories of crazy friends: the ones who are a pain in the ass but would walk over burning coals to pass me the blunt on a bad day, and the ones who are just a pain in the ass and actually couldn't give a shit about my life at all. And the ones who don't care about you are usually the ones drowning you in negativity. Yes, they will probably flip out if you cut them off, but it's worth the relief of not dealing with their shit anymore. I mean what's the worst that's gonna happen, a month of whining on fb? You'll live.

t. anon who's currently weathering bullshit tantrums for cutting off a toxic friend

>> No.9257450

It's not 'wrong', it's just absolutely pathetic to use sex as a means to prop up your failing self-esteem. Get a hobby and some reason to live that isn't pussy.

>> No.9257466
File: 2.09 MB, 320x180, 1477679777600.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just get some reason to live, anon!
>it's just that easy, lmao!
>so many reasons to live, lolololol!

>> No.9257467

Me and my friend have drifted apart quite a bit, partly because she still talks to my ex who did a lot of fucked up shit to me. We talk once in a while but that's pretty much it. I wish we could be close like we used to be, but it really hurts me that she talks to him, and it doesn't help that her fiance is related to my ex. If we had ended on good terms, I probably wouldn't care, but... I don't know, I'm horrible but I can't help it.

>> No.9257470

Well someone's swimming in the penis, or pussy, idefk. I certainly have enough reasons to live, but I want to prove that I am some type of attractive human being. Being ugly is a very big reason for people not wan ting to live, so I am saying that I am finding yet another reason to live.

>> No.9257477

I don't know, I see a lot of ugly people that think they're the shit. I think most of the time there are other bigger reasons, but being ugly is the cherry on top.

>> No.9257595

awww anon you're so sweet! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's "older" (by /cgl/ standards) and into jfash.
Well to be honest I really want to try a fairy kei outfit (no child prints though like you said) but for a convention or 8bit party because I don't think I'll ever be confident enough to wear it casually. Mori is still okay since people will just think I'm a hippie or boho-chic.
Anyways I'm glad you're comfortable enough now and I'm sure you make a great lolita!

>> No.9257613

so? feels threads have already been ruined with threads completely deleted for non cgl content, let us have this

this is our local con ita basically, except she tries to dabble in handmade dresses and looks like a joke

>> No.9257616

This feel so hard.

>> No.9257622

Go for it anyway. I have a friend who is older then me and just now has the money and time to do some of the cosplays she's always wanted to do and is putting together a sweet Sailor Moon cosplay

>> No.9257712

>got new glasses
>suddenly become aware of what shit my replica looked like
>burned it
>slowly becoming a brandwhore

>> No.9257925

d-do you have a url for that? for uh... reasons.

>> No.9257970

There's a 50+ lady in my comm who looks awesome. Go for it.

>> No.9257973

Work on one problem at a time anon. Lose the weight. Get an eyepatch, make it part of your new look. Stop judging your intelligence by other people's standards, focus on what you can do well and figure out what your niche is. If you hate yourself so much because you feel like you don't deserve anything, then become the kind of person who does. It really is that simple.

>> No.9258028

I don't care for EGL or cosplay all that much. I only browse /cgl/ because the idea of a majority female 4chan board is amusing to me. Also, I'm suicidally depressed.

>> No.9258140

I'm happy for your newfound improved vision. I have seen so many people who should have them but just barely get by without. It's especially irritating when they're a co-worker and you have to constantly zoom in on things so they can read it from the other side of a desk.

>> No.9258146

Do you have any hobbies?

Quite frankly, unless people are happy and content with being alone, then most have a very unpleasant awakening in the future.

Few live their whole lives as bustling socialites.

>> No.9258218
File: 40 KB, 310x320, fffffffffffffff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what a glooorious lolita-cave

>> No.9258229


>I swear to god. If you want to be a lolita so badly, save some fucking money you motherfucker. Do you think this is a fucking game. Do you think I have it easy. Fucking shit I don't have money myself. I'm tired of this fucking shit

I'm saving that ending because it's just such a good copypasta for whiny cheapass itas.

shit, it'd be great in a reaction image too.

>> No.9258246

Most of the cosplayers in my area are laughably terrible (even the 'popular' ones) and I don't feel bad about posting them (or when other people do) because part of me hopes that they'll actually improve.

I'm embarrassed to be a part of the community here, especially after having moved from a place with some pretty great cosplayers. I was always inspired to get better and now I go to cons and can count the people that actually put some effort into their cosplays on one hand.

>> No.9258290

do it. you are never too old to be alternative.

>> No.9258291

underrated comment

>> No.9258296
File: 939 KB, 255x164, 1439722572338.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

had the same thought senpai. if i had the skills i would overlay it on an intense shaking gif like gif related

>> No.9258332

If you do...

You aren't a failure. You have the next day to try again. To not make a mistake.

Hang in there, every day you get to class is closer to success. Talk to your teachers in private or shoot them an email so they understand what is going on.

And if lolita makes you happy, hold on to it. And try to find other things to hold on to as well.

>> No.9258360

>many people fall into the trap of chasing the high of falling in love over and over again, but that is a reckless and unhealthy way to live

this hit me hard. i left a 4 yr relationship because i was bored and met someone new and exciting. and i fucking regret it. i broke his heart and mine. be careful about this shit

>> No.9258392
File: 682 KB, 940x548, cgl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.9258397

Who the fuck gives a shit. Unless you have like a dozen moles per square inch of body literally no-one will care.
What matters more is your demeanor and literally every other aspect of your appearance.

>> No.9258402

this........ hurt my eyes

>> No.9258409

Stop being a fat shit. If you are seriously worried make a serious change.

>> No.9258411
File: 682 KB, 940x548, VERY FAST CGL.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


┐(‘~` )┌

>> No.9258414

This is probably the truest reply to this thread yet.

>> No.9258429

/r/ing this but with pink text instead

i know it's supposed to be greentext but

>> No.9258433

i like you. you can stay.

>> No.9258449
File: 684 KB, 940x548, see gee el.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if you wanted obnoxious speeds or not.


>> No.9258508

I'm fairly happy, I have a kind and beautiful boyfriend and we're mutually devoted. I started a good job that is the base of my career. My finances and health will get better. My lolita wardrobe is nice and I'm looking forward to working on cosplays without concern.

I still have flashes of suicidal thinking and crippling anxiety but knowing I survived far enough to achieve huge goals means everything to me.

>> No.9258564

I want to be more active online, posting cute selfies on IG and maybe even have a lifestyle lolita blog. My fiancé and current friend group are supportive of me and I think it would improve my self esteem a lot. I also dream about being somewhat e-famous because it might be fun, although it's not my end goal or anything.
However every time I take a selfie in lolita and am about to upload it, the thought crosses my mind that 'normie' people from my past like ex-friends, high school or uni classmates might somehow find it and see I think of me as that quiet mousy girl who went full on weird weeaboo loser and wears stupid baby dresses. Strangers making fun of me don't bother me as much, but for some reason the idea of old classmates sharing my pictures and making fun of me is mortifying. Especially if they themselves are very successful now.
Does anyone else feel like this?

>> No.9258593

This is perfect. Saved.

>> No.9258606

This made me realise /cgl/'s
schould be pink

new moot sama pls <3

>> No.9258788

I want to split my local comm.

It's not that I don't like the leaders or anything, but everything they do is unoriginal and boring. Be daring, try some new shit guys

>> No.9258791


I feel you anon. I feel I already get this because I was that loser weeb in high school. Despite being successful my high school classmates went and became in some measures more successful.

But do your own thing. High school doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't matter what they think honestly. For me they are so far away in different parts of the country that it doesn't matter anymore. And remember that if they think like that of you, they aren't worth thinking about.

I don't care anymore. I know I'll never be a Merill Lynch board member or an MD-PhD making breakthroughs but I did well and I am doing well enough to support the hobbies I love in a field that I also love. And if you feel fulfilled in your life, don't let that get to you.

>> No.9258818

>bought blouse 2nd hand
>got it in the mail today
>smells amazing
>like not even from perfume or anything this person just smells amazing
>makes me want qt lolita gf even more
>almost want to avoid washing blouse

holy shit when did I become such a creep

>> No.9258834

>this person just smells amazing
Did the seller not wash the blouse before shipping it? Gross.

>> No.9258888
File: 45 KB, 410x391, 1474998952966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I smoke in my brand

>> No.9258936

the blouse is clean? your clean clothes will still smell like you from being in your house. im not talking about sweat my man. ew.

>> No.9258954

I had that with a jumper I bought from ebay, they'd washed it with an apple scented detergent and it smelt heavenly

>> No.9259078

stop giving your brand cancer

>> No.9259079

Hey better a blouse than panties

>> No.9259088

thanks anon! i love it, saved and ready to trow at ita cheapskates

agree, pink greentext pls nishimura-sama

>> No.9259091 [DELETED] 

Why the fuck would you buy second hand panties if you weren't gonna sniff em?

>> No.9259175
File: 242 KB, 559x460, misakospeaks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm an ageplayer and a lolita, but i keep that shit to myself when i'm not anon because nobody needs to know what the hell goes on in my personal life

even i get skeeved out when those tumblr ddlg types refuse to shut the hell up about their kink in lolita. they also make a really bad name for people who age regress for therapeutic/coping reasons, like moi

stop bringing your discount daddy to comm meets pls

>> No.9259398

I have had friends like this too, and I noticed that if I stay friends with them and just start calling them out on their negativity bullshit, one of two things happens:
1-they actually listen, apologise, and try to do better
2-they get soured on the friendship now that it is not an emotional landfill for them anymore, and they drift away/leave on their own terms

usually it's 2 though. most of them already know they're dumping their shit on you and just do it because they can. some never learn, others get a clue once they've lost a few friends. I figure this way, it's a win-win for me, plus I might have caused someone to eventually be less of a shitheel.

so if you can't bring yourself to actually dump this friend, at least stick up for yourself. you can't lose.

>> No.9259634
File: 807 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess what makes it worse for me is that we're in a tiny country so there's a much higher chance of running into each other (IRL or online) and that I was in a program for gifted kids so many of my classmates ARE on the track to be (so to speak) Merrill Lynch board members or MD-PhDs making breakthroughs. And here I am, wearing oversized doll clothes and taking selfies where I try to look kawaii uguu~
I mean, of course I enjoy it because I wouldn't be doing it otherwise, but the older I get the more often I have these moments of intense self-consciousness where I realize what I loser I must look like to the outside world.

>> No.9259645

Just become successful doing some cool obscure thing you're interested in, anon. Then you'll be the badass eccentric alumni who wears lolita. And 100 years from now, your paragraph in the history book will be more fun to read than theirs.

>> No.9259672

I lurk on the tall threads because I want to try and find a tall lolita waifu of my own. I'm 6'4" and have only ever dated people 5'5" or shorter and i wanna know what it is like to hug someone that feels more like a human than a teddy bear.

>> No.9261029

>listen to edgy emo/rock/metal music when wearing (sweet) lolita outside to feel powerful
>tend floof my petticoat as if to show dominance
And probably the worst pettiest thing:
> once "accidentally" made a bitchy girl trip over my parasol carefully placed to do so when she was getting out at her stop
She was that typical high school bitch loudly talking on her phone about how ridiculous/ugly/...I looked and loudly laughing when I was right besides. Ignored her the whole time but got pretty pissed at how she was loudly talking shit in front of everyone. I was in a bad mood that day and my earphones died so heh. She fell pretty hard on the dirty ground it was satisfying to see.

>> No.9261038


>> No.9261065

thank you for making my vision a reality...except better. I fucking love this

>> No.9261152

This, so fucking much >>9253559
As someone who was the depressed significant other and made my boyfriend's life miserable the only way our relationship was saved was when I accepted help and realized how toxic I was

>> No.9261195
File: 251 KB, 377x660, tfwnogothlolifan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know a thing about cosplay or /cgl/ fashion I don't even post anything, I'm just here because I like looking at girls in cute clothing and to add that iota of female interaction in my life.

But damn, this place has some drama and full-auto shit flinging.

>> No.9261210

I don't even wear lolita. Women's fashion is just so much more interesting than men's, especially when you get to eccentric stuff like lolita. Summer men's fashion is especially fucking awful. More or less your only options are:
>you wanna wear sneakers or loafers, a v-neck or a henley?

If I had cash, I'd get carried away and treat my girl like a doll, dressing up vicariously through her.

>> No.9261214

>If I had cash, I'd get carried away and treat my girl like a doll

that's the sweetest thing desu. not trying to be weird because i have a boyfriend, but i love it when he/my friends/my family dress me up and buy me clothes. they enjoy it and i enjoy it and it's fun for everyone. may you find the funds to dress a qt up, anon!

>> No.9261610

I was at a con yesterday and for the very first time people actually wanted to take pictures of or with me.
The first one was this girl who had her stand in the artist alley who was so excited for some reason that she fell over half her words.
In the end I was so stumped that somebody wanted to take a picture of me that I just stood there like the greatest spaz.

Half of me is in a constant state of cringing at myself over the pose I did and the other half is feeling shitty over being like that even though she was so excited and was probably hoping to get a cool picture.

>> No.9261625

I can't talk right now.

>> No.9261693

I find otk extremely slutish.

>> No.9261696

My man not only buys me dresses and helps me coord, he also loves hearing about all the lolita online comm drama

>> No.9261697 [DELETED] 

I'm really curious as to why, because if you are wearing them properly you won't see skin.

>> No.9261729
File: 9 KB, 239x211, 45234525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice desu ne

so does mine. i got him hooked on Last Week Lolita News

in all cases, or only on tall-chans? elaborate

>> No.9261836

I hate underskirts. I think they look dumb on most people, especially plumper gals, and have no purpose unless very tall loli + short dress combo

>> No.9261838
File: 258 KB, 540x720, 8da9e11f-faa8-44f6-bcc7-fc7d8bf6f51f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please take care of yourself.

Also going to anyone suicidally depressed here. I was in that case two years ago ever since i was a teenager, tried to off myself twice and failed miserable. Now i am 21, way more confident and happy, still have bad moments but i'm getting there. Completely stopped self harming and the only time i remember crying last time was because of a sad anime a month ago.
Things do get better. Please hang in there. Someone cares about you and you're never truly alone.
>inb4 blogging
Just hoping my blog post can help some depressed folks feel a bit better.

>> No.9261841


Sometimes I wear them under my scrubs to feel sexier.

Your comment gives me drive to do that even more.

>> No.9261888

Whenever I see someone wearing OTK and I can see that small gap of skin between the skirt and the sock and I find it terribly inappropriate.

Either use small socks or Thighs plz.

>> No.9261892 [DELETED] 

I don't know how many fatties you have around you but my OTK's go up until a few inches under my dress

unless you are fucking hiking up my skirt you don't see them

I know you are b8 but this isn't even realistic b8

>> No.9261966

Was also that SO. The relationship ended. He's doing really well now, and I am happy that that was the outcome. I'm doing terribly and my life is now a mess, but that was going to happen anyway so at least this way I don't have the added guilt of dragging someone else down with me.

I just come here to look at pretty outfits and be amused by drama as a distraction from real life.

>> No.9261980

It'S not bait. Just open CoF and you'll see how much skin is being shown between socks and skirts.

>> No.9261982

I'm so lost, are we talking about zettai ryōiki?

>> No.9261990
File: 249 KB, 430x351, wp_ss_20161120_0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep. Found 5 by Just scrolling a bit. On summer it's Always worse

>> No.9261991
File: 298 KB, 344x579, wp_ss_20161120_0007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9261997
File: 576 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20161120_0006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9262000
File: 163 KB, 799x1018, IMG_0634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel out of love with my boyfriend and now I'm terribly in love with an ex friends with benefits of mine.
Like looking at him just hurts, he's sexy as hell but standoffish and probably wouldn't give a a second thought if I died tomorrow. He also is generally shitty towards chicks because he sleeps around but I just want to be in his spotlight only.
Half of the attraction is that a lot of girls lust after him but I'm the one that's closest to him, and I get super jealous when he's even around other chicks.. dudes not even my fucking boyfriend but I can't stop obsessing with him.
Meanwhile my boyfriend loves me to pieces and trusts me but he's always cracking jokes that I thought was just a phase and it would eventually go away and he'd mature but I was wrong. It's annoying, and almost is becoming a deal breaker for me.
He has a great body (body builder type) but his actions come off as more cute than manly and sexy and it's his personality that's pretty much turning me off.
He's shy and has no backbone despite the fact he looks like he could snap someone in half.

And I know my future is secured with my boyfriend and I know i would never be able to have a solid relationship with ex benefits guy because he just has a shit personality.
But I still lust after the other guy and not my boyfriend and it kinda makes me want to kill myself
Sorry for blog

>> No.9262006

this one is a little chubs and her petti makes her skirt too short,
this one is doing a pose that would cause that to happen and probably just needs to invest in sock tape/glue,
this one is wearing under the knees socks.

the only one that really bothers me is the first one though, and that's because her poof is really fucking awful and it exposes literally her whole entire thigh. i see what you mean with the first one, but the other two (and most instances) are pretty excusable

>> No.9262008

You Just weighted The pros and cons here and yet...
Also, remember you always gave the option of having neither of those.
Don't feed a dead relationship, but also don't waste your time with a shitty person like your ex.

>> No.9262011

Yeah, I totally understand how forgivable it is, but it still bugs me when I spot it with someone wearing lolita. I always feel that it's inappropriate, just like showing the bra strap, or cleavage.

>> No.9262015

that's pretty shallow desu fampai

maybe you and the guy with the shitty personality deserve each other

>> No.9262018
File: 36 KB, 355x369, IMG_0200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't help myself. I can't help myself for falling in love with something I find attractive.
It's eating me from the inside out everyday anon, I'm sorry.
I literally just lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling because I feel like dying would be the easiest option.

>> No.9262019

gotcha anon. it's one of my smaller pet peeves as well, since it's such an easy fix. reminds me that i need to invest in garters or something so i don't have to keep pulling up my droop-socks.

>> No.9262023

sounds more like infatuation or obsession than love to me

consider the prospects of a relationship with a playboy and the onset of an uncertain future with somebody who has proven to not give girls the time of day

"he's sexy as hell but standoffish"
"half of the attraction is that a lot of girls lust after him"

that's not love.

>> No.9262033

It's lust.
There is nothing wrong with lust, but you can not allow your lust to let you make poor decisions that will negatively affect your life.

>> No.9262046

Do you enjoy being with your boyfriend at all? Have you told him that his jokes annoy you?

>> No.9262047

Lust sounds like what it is.
But how do I stop it? How do I stop this obsession? I'm almost addicted to him, no, I totally am.

>> No.9262058

Stop thinking about him. Stop being around him. Stop performing actions that lead to your being reminded of him.

Remember that you've already had him, and he wasn't really all that special.

>> No.9262060
File: 49 KB, 442x390, IMG_0460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do tell him, all the time, but literally he's been this way since I've met him and it's really starting to bother me.
I don't want to call him retarded but damn they're not even funny jokes.
I've started to just ignore them now or not even address them.

"Blah blah, and man do I know that first hand."
"Awe which hand?"
"I can't wait to go to that party tomorrow night."
"Aww you gonna wear PJs there?"
"Things have finally calmed down at work."
"So no more storm?"
"You said it's calm."
"Dude I'm just in deep water at work"
"You're a good swimmer so you have an advantage."

These are just small examples and they don't seem like much but he does this shit over and over and over
Like on the phone with him he'll make a joke of what (or should I call them puns? I don't fucking know) ever it is I'm talking about even if I'm already angry or even fucking almost crying because I'm depressed or upset.
It never ends.

>> No.9262062

he sounds like a fucking delight desu, but i also don't have to live with him

do whatever you want anon, just DON'T cheat.

>> No.9262063

Does he make those jokes ironically?

>> No.9262067

I don't fucking know, I don't know if he actually has to think about these things or literally just says them thinking it's normal to do so.
He always is super genuine when he does or says anything and when I yell at him about it or scold him for it I feel like I'm hitting a puppy because he legit seems bummed and upset and doesn't even yell or fights back. Pretty sure Unironically

>> No.9262068

I still have strong feelings for my ex but I keep telling myself that it would never work out. I know he still likes me (we talk every day) and I was the one that called everything off before things really got started. Part of me doesn't want to be in a relationship right now because I feel like I never get to just date but it sucks because I do really care about him. I was supposed to go to DragonCon to see him but I decided at the last minute to go to another con instead.

Part of me feels really bad but another part of me doesn't want that commitment. I hate feeling like I'm stringing him along because I genuinely consider him a close friend and love talking to him but I know that he has feelings for me. I liked things better when I didn't have to worry about relationship issues.

>> No.9262069

Actually get rid of him on all social media accounts and #.

>> No.9262072

you kind of sound like a mean killjoy

>> No.9262074

To go a bit off-tangent, how does FWB become a thing?

I want to get one since I'm going to be too busy to hAve a girlfriend but ofc I still want to fuq

>> No.9262075
File: 26 KB, 978x202, IMG_0725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just made a Snapchat so I could stalk him even more. Literally an hour ago.
And the weird part that I guess fuels me is that he knows I'm obsessed with him. His friends know I'm obsessed with him.
I don't hide it around him at all and I sound like a creep sometimes and he just isn't in the least bothered by it. It's almost like he's just accepted that part of me or just ignores it so impressively that it doesn't interfere with his everyday life.

And that standoffishness just draws me to him even more, while my boyfriend is sending me text messages like this. -_-
Hes the biggest turbo-nerd and just imagine everything he says just being the nerdiest stupidest cheesiest shit you can imagine.

I don't know anymore he's a great guy and super genuine but I just don't think I have the patience for someone like him.

>> No.9262077

You sound like a teenager.

>> No.9262078

desu just break up with him. you obviously don't like him anymore and the reason you're looking to someone else is because you're bored. You're only holding on to it because you've had good times together but by what you've been saying, it's time to let it go

>> No.9262080

20. So basically a teenager, but yes I'm extremely immature.

>> No.9262082

>upset about boyfriend being immature
>admits to not being mature

this isn't really /cgl/ related anymore, and you should probably go bother /adv/. either stop complaining or leave your boyfriend.

it seems you'll only learn by experience.

>> No.9262083

You 're Just feeding his ego.

If he is a douche with girls, he will also be with you, don't be that delusional.

After all this obsession is broken you will lose interest in each other.

>> No.9262084

Didn't even remember we had /adv/.
Sorry for off topic, I'll stop plagueing cgl with every problem I have now.

>> No.9262133

Just leave your boyfriend, for his sake. He'll be free to find someone who appreciates him and you'll be free to chase dick.

>> No.9262281
File: 606 KB, 440x237, dn't lt yr drms b drms.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

come to the frilly side!! why not?

>> No.9262287

thighs are fine. I don't care.
should people have to wear tights under them?
get over it.

>> No.9262299


jesus fuck break up with your poor boyfriend

>> No.9262314

>I know exactly what will help you.

your current bf sounds amazing. he's fit, silly, and emotionally accessible. Like, if I had someone that honest and uncomplicated next to me I would jump him on the daily.
srsly...especially if that means he'll make silly jokes while we fuccc
he maybe even hurts inside himself, and his little jokes are part of the optimism that keeps him alive for you. that's real empathy if, when I'm sad or unhappy, all he wants to do is cheer me up and listen to me.

I'd give it to him big time. you may wanna watch it. some girl somewhere is eyeing your sweet, buff doe of a man. he seems trustworthy and loyal, but the one thing that'll make him turn away to another person (no matter how much it hurts him) is if you betray him.

>are you jealous/re-evaluating his jewel-like worth/feeling guilty enough to pull closer to him yet?

also, how do you see your own worth? if you valued yourself more you wouldn't want anything to do with your shitty ex. you should work on loving yourself more, as well as being more accepting of your partner's personality.
the relationship isn't all about you.

>> No.9262317

Are you me when I was 18? I made an ass of myself going after a fwb who sounds almost JUST like the guy you're talking, about only not body-builder type and more of a skinny hipster.

You're going to hate yourself in a few years and look back and cringe and want to apologize to everyone affected by your dumbassery. Just saying. Your bf sounds like a sweetie. Dump him for his sake.

>> No.9262334

I jerk off in my lolita after meets. I'm a girl and it's super messy but Idc. Once I even sold someone an OP that had a cumstain on the lining. Don't care

>> No.9262337 [DELETED] 

>I'm a girl
>jerk off

no you aren't

>> No.9262338

Would wearing lolita itself interest you, anon? Or even ouji or aristo if you don't want to full on crossdress. It's a great way of self-expression, especially if you're dissatisfied with regular mens fashion. You could pull together a cheap taobao coord to try it out, and if it doesn't work out you can always sell it later!

>> No.9262342

Not anon you're replying to, but I'm a girl and I leave cumstains (no I don't squirt). TMI but I actually went to the gyn the other day and she was like "when was the last time you had intercourse? it looks like you have a lot of sperm inside you" and I hadn't had sex for like 2 days and had used a condom. It was just my normal discharge, not even my cum, which is much thicker. Apparently that's normal, I know because I asked her like 3 times after she said it looked like sperm.

>> No.9262346 [DELETED] 

if she thought it was actual sperm it's not fucking normal anon. do you have a yeast infection?

>> No.9262356

That was my thoughts exactly and I actually asked her if she thought I had a yeast infection and she said no. I asked why she said it looked like sperm and she just said because it was white but that it's also normal for discharge to be like that? I'm STD-free so it's not that, either.

>> No.9262408
File: 62 KB, 381x398, IMG_0545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ anon you have a way with words.
I guess I really didn't see him from that point of view, and he's really worth a lot to me, and I need to start treating him that way. I know it's gonna be hard to stop obsessing over that other guy but if my boyfriend really is the one meant for me I need to focus only on him.. I realize I've been acting like a greedy dumbass, I really haven't ever had someone as "perfect" as him before, so I should be thankful.
Thanks anon..
I really shouldn't treat him the way I do now, and thinking about another girl thinking of my boyfriend.. upsets my stomach to say in the least. Thank you.

>> No.9262461

Jill off. Touch myself. Flick da bean. ya feel me

>> No.9262544

Wait, do you get off to being in Lolita or something?

>> No.9262566

I'm disappointed by my local comm. They don't ever plan events... I want to go to an event so I can establish myself and get the credibility needed to host events that people will feel comfortable attending, but they've literally had 2 events in the half a year I've been in this city. My last comm had so many... I'm just bummed out because I fucking love lolita and now I never have a reason to dress up.

>> No.9262568

look into attachment styles. it's basic psychology stuff, but you sound insecure/ambivalent and he sounds more secure.

just google "insecure/ambivalent attachment" and see where it takes you

>> No.9262569

Make your own? I don't understand this "establish credibility" nonsense, if you are organized and it's a nice meet people will see it and recognize it.

>> No.9262572

I wish this one lolita in my comm never became part of us. A friend brought her in, and she would awkwardly dress in half-lolita, or offbrand/Walmart attempts at lolita but since everyone in the comm is pretty relaxed no one bothered her about it. It's fine, people can improve their lolita style.

But people don't change their personalities, and attitudes, and she is the most loudmouthed SJW/vegan/animal rights/PoC activist on this goddamn planet. It wouldn't be such a problem if she wasn't the kind of person to also stomp all over your opinion or pov if she disagreed with you. She's also desperately trying to gather a large part of the comm as her friends, so she's been toning it down and acting sweet and nice and planning meets, but she's ruined friendships between some of the girls now (by being a damn snake, telling half-truths and lies to this side and that) and it makes me so upset. Luckily my closest lolita friends are still good friends with me, even though she's tried to drive a wedge between my bestie and I by calling herself the same. I feel like she ruined our lolita senpai when all the girls got along and I really just want her GONE.

Unfortunately I think our comm is too relaxed, and people just... are way too forgiving.

>> No.9262577

>people don't change their personalities, and attitudes,
untrue ime

probably true for the person you're... confessing about...? (did you mean to post in the local comm thread?)

but don't resort to hyperbole to make your point. it's just sloppy.

>> No.9262580

That skirt is way too short.

>> No.9262583

Different anon but in my comm, if you're not already well known then nobody will come to your meetup. I've seen it happen over and over again. I've heard people outright say that they'd never attend a meetup organized by someone they haven't met several times, because they just assume it's going to be shit. I usually want to give these newbie meets a chance but since there's only one or two people RSVPing, they just get cancelled. It's pretty depressing. The winter ILD event sold out before I could get a ticket so that pretty much means no more meetups for me until the next event in spring.

>> No.9262586

How tiny is your comm that they only have one big meet a season? Sorry anon, hope you find some homefrills.

>> No.9262589

Was not aware I came here for an English lesson, but yes in this case and in the case of a lot of people I've met, they're fucking stubborn and inflexible about considering others' pov.

I didn't put this in the local comm thread because I figured it's just crap no one cares to hear about so I'd get it off my chest in this thread.

>> No.9262598

I'm so sorry for you anon. I have a couple a radfems in my comm but luckily they don't talk about that stuff during meets.

>> No.9262599

This was really refreshing and darling to read. I wish I had your confidence and was comfortable in my own body! I know I'm not big by any means, but I'm not smol either and that fucks me up because I used to be teased for being a "giant" growing up, when really I was just the first out of all my peers to start puberty.

>> No.9262608

400+ FB members, ~40 active members. Many of the active members are friends and get together without mentioning it on FB beforehand, so while there are plenty of 'meetups' in a sense, we only have a handful of actual community meetups. It makes it pretty hard for newer members to get to know anyone unless they spam the FB group, which is frowned upon.

>> No.9262611

>tfw your goal is nor to get smol, but swole.

I'd kill to be full Zarya tier, but I'll settle for "Claudia Black circa 2006 Farscape." tier.

You sound like a cool broad, anon.

>> No.9262621

These fucking feels. I don't have any real friends to talk to so I'll seek advice here. I'll keep it short;

>Homeschooled entire life. No friends, no nothing.
>Meet guy in online game. He lives an hour away.
>Asks me out after like a week of contact.
>Meet up, actually hit it off.
>We date for a couple of weeks, then he goes on a month-long holiday. Fucks his old friend and about 10 other chicks while he's away. Possibly irrelevant.
>Comes back, okay we're a couple now.
>2.5 years of him fucking around behind my back (doesn't actually/physically cheat)
>Shit happens, eventually we stay together.
>Next February will be 4 years together.
>Next July I will be the same age that he was when we met.
>Have only ever been with him.
>He's finally serious about the relationship.

I've come to realize that, while I do care about him, we're basically best friends who bang. The only reason I've stayed with him for so long is because he's all I ever knew. There are just too many issues that I have with him, as a person, to have a lifelong relationship with him.

I'll be 23 next year and just want to go out and.. Be single. Not be a girlfriend for once. I want to do what normal young people do before I grow to resent both him and our relationship.

But he's an emotional wreck who was heavily (emotionally and physically) abuses by his two other serious relationships.

I have no idea how to approach the situation.

>> No.9262625

Hueh. I will add that when I say "no real friends" I mean no irl friends who I can actually talk to about this, because they're all mutual friends of the two of us..

>> No.9262639

i love dad jokes kek

if you wanna be a hoe and sleep with the guy that doesn't give a shit about you then break up with him first, he doesn't deserve to be cheated on

>> No.9262650 [DELETED] 
File: 208 KB, 780x500, 1467990559907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hey /cgl/ /pol/ here. We are having a thread talking about the distribution of women on 4chan and somefag claimed /cgl/ had the highest proportion of grills at 75%.

Is this true?

>> No.9262662

Lurk moar, newfag

>> No.9262686

Break up. be single. Go out and make friends. You know it won't be forever so at this point you are wasting your time. Don't let your 20s pass by while he fucks around and cheats.

>> No.9262688

If you don't think that you want to have a lifelong relationship with him it's best to cut off your ties now, but be prepared to lose your mutual friends though.

>> No.9262732

lol I like you anon

I'm glad to have given you a few different perspectives to consider. my main goal was to hit you in the possessive-feels because you stated it was important for you to be the only girl.

I loved my ex very much, and was willing to marry him, even though he was extremely complicated, wanted to do all the talking when we met people, and was selfish in bed and everywhere else. He hurt my feelings like everyday. I'm really glad we aren't together anymore, and you should be glad you don't have to chase your bf for his affections.

good luck anon! don't worry, you two will grow together if you're both determined and have an open mind

>> No.9262735


That sounds like my bf and me, but reversed.

Granted I'm not very witty so the bad puns are few and far in between.

>> No.9262736

What do you mean by considering others' pov? Because I mean if you're sitting their telling someone you disagree with gay rights and don't like poor people or abortions then yeah you're going to have people disagreeing with you and not considering your pov because you're a bigot

>> No.9262741

I'm not sure how to deal with your sweet compliment AND the Aeryn reference.
T-thank you~~ I would totally watch Farscape with you if we were friends!!
It's so underrated but has literally the most imaginative sets and characters, especially for its time. I should definitely finish it though, because I think the last ep I watched was the one where Crichton was being forced to marry that incestprincess on the planet where everyone wears white and is desperate to find their chemical-match true love.

You sound cool too, breh. waaay cool

>> No.9262753


But that's not what anon was saying though. Maybe read again.

>> No.9262763

Yeah. AP is my only love

>> No.9262772

I want a qt aristocrat grill to match my sexy aristocrat ouji outfit, though.

>> No.9262803

I hope this is a troll post and that you're really not this much of a cunt.

>> No.9262939

This sounds like you're dating Bolin but want to be with Mako.

>> No.9263094

omfg my thoughts exactly

>> No.9267222

If my jsk is thick enough, I don't wear a bra

>> No.9267225
File: 78 KB, 280x373, apdreambaby1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm have 0 interest in age play but I really really love ap toy prints, and they're so affordable now, but I don't think I could ever buy them out of fear of looking like an age player.

>> No.9267226


>> No.9267275

I just bought $36 worth of Korean cosmetics at Urban Outfitters after telling myself I would never buy from them

>> No.9267280

I get insanely jealous of my friends who are more attractive than me, look better in their cosplays and get more attention. I'm spending a lot of money and time to make something very impressive to get attention.

>> No.9267281

Don't buy Korean cosmetics from Urban Outfitters. Not only are you giving them your money, it's also a HUGE mark-up. A lot of sites like Jolse offer products for discounts with free worldwide shipping.

>> No.9267309

Same, anon. Same.

Except I own some and do wear them. I just reserve them for conventions. I don't really wear them out and about or to more casual meets.

>Collects 80's toys from childhood and cute plush.
>Hides collections away from wardrobe pictures so nobody makes stupid assumptions.
>Why you people gotta fetishize everything jfc.

>> No.9267316

I really like sweet lolita, especially old school sweet, but am scared to actually wear it (i've accumulated quite a few pieces) because despite actually being female I'm built like a man (man-jaw, wide shoulders, narrow hips) and I'm worried people will think I'm a sissy/crossdresser
Even if I wasn't, I would still worry people thought I was into ddlg or some shit like that
So because of that, I lie and tell people that I prefer classic and gothic

>> No.9267326

I'm built simularly. Wide shoulders are one thing, depending on how wide. There are certian items you can look for that will minimize them. Hips are a non-issue and are actually a blessing for brand tights.

You can probably work with certain wigs and makeup tricks to help with the jaw issues. I like using long wigs and boleros to help minimize my broad-shoulderness and then go with less puffy sleeves. Chiffon is really great.

If it bothers you, wear it to places where people are less likely to assume you're into that stuff. Conventions if you go to them are nice as well as large meets. Otherwise, build up a collection of food prints, sweet/classic type of prints or non-print to wear otherwise.

>> No.9267448

Keep up the good work, anon. c':

>> No.9267995

Get out of that. I stuck around in an unhealthy relationship for four extra years because I thought I'd be socially iced.

>all mutual friends are mine now post-breakup

It all depends on how proactive you are about staying in touch and being a good friend.

>> No.9268007

I'm sitting here with a peel off nose mask on my face even though I know you're not supposed to use them, but my blackheads are so stubborn and manual extraction seems to be the only way to get them out

>> No.9268121
File: 1.81 MB, 2832x4256, fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a guy who wears lolita and I've been active in my local community for two years now. Everyone loves me, they always say I'm an example of a 'non-creepy brolita' or 'brolita done right' and I'm basically the only guy they've accepted into the group (some obvious creepers try to join us every now and then but they always get shunned away). I think it has a lot to do with how mellow and relaxed I am externally, but internally I'm starting to feel messed up. I can't help but compare my features to all the girls there, my hands, shoulders, height etc. and I just feel so inferior. The trainwreck started when I started losing weight to fit into better dresses, and the constant praise and compliments made me go full eating disorder, I'm like a fucking skeleton now. I completely avoid the sun to keep my skin as pale as possible, I spend a stupid amount of time on hair and skincare, but it doesn't feel like enough, I got my facial hair lasered and I desperately want to order female hormones too but I feel like I'm losing myself to this obsession to be prettier. Plus I basically blow all my money on clothes. This fashion is practically my reason for living and I hate myself for it.

>thanksgiving dinner
>everyone is shocked and concerned by how skinny I am

>> No.9268133

I think you have bigger issues than lolita, you need to see a professional about your eating disorder anon. You obviously have some self image issues to work though.
Good luck.

>> No.9268135

Ask yourself:
"Do I want to be a faggot?"

If the answer is "no", then perhaps you should stop turning yourself into a woman. There is a difference between appreciating the aesthetics of a female/female dress and being a full blown mentally ill fag.

Kill the illness at the root, anon.
Before you hurt yourself.

>> No.9268151

Maybe it's gender disphoria? Like another anon said, talk to a doctor.

>> No.9268154
File: 786 KB, 595x595, pizzas on sunbeds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I understand where your problems are coming from. You are wearing a fashion primarily meant for females to wear. You are surrounding yourself with girls wearing this fashion as well. The fashion is for a fairly large part about looking hyper-feminine.
You're comparing yourself to girls, and if girls comparing themselves to runway models is unrealistic, you comparing yourself to girls and wanting to look as feminine as them is literally an unattainable standard. You will probably never feel fully satisfied if your goal is to look more womanly than actual women, because no matter how much weight you lose you're always going to have broader shoulders or bigger hands or I don't fucking know.
And that's fine. You sound like you aren't trans or anything, you just want to be able to compete with the girls in your comm. And maybe you can do so in coording, but trying to compete by wanting to look exactly like a dainty little girl is just not going to make you happy.
Try to compare yourself to other brolitas instead.
(Besides the body image issues lolita obviously shouldn't be the only thing that's getting you out of bed in the morning either - try talking to a therapist, depending on how well healthcare is provided for in your country. Also maybe set yourself a limit on how much you want to spend on clothes a month.)

>> No.9268165


all the good advice you may get here like >>9268154 is nice, but please go see a professional. Your story does sound that your problems go way beyond Lolita.
Please stay safe anon and seek professional help.

>> No.9268519

Heard from Krissy Victory that Dave Yang sleeping with the cosplay community in Boston

>> No.9268559
File: 34 KB, 459x488, 3382dd80a11016db3cec366a2d9547d1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me recently. It's tearing me apart because I'm still in love with him. He says that he fell out of love with me, but I just think that he just finally got out of the honeymoon phase and mistook it for falling out of love. I know its weird to think it lasted that long, but he always revered me really highly and put me on a pedestal. I enjoyed it and never saw it as an issue, but I can't convince him that he's making a mistake because he's really adamant about all of this and I know that I felt like I all of a sudden didn't want to be in a relationship once I got out of the honeymoon phase. I want him back more than anything and we were like two halves of one whole. There's just no more fun in my life with him gone. I need to find a way to get him to get back with me or else I'll crumble. He went to every convention with me, he was the dad to some of my dolls, he bought me lolita - he was amazing. I thought we were going to get married and I know being apart from each other at different schools won't help with falling back in love. Life really sucks and I wonder if I should even bother living it anymore honestly. All the things that we did together that I loved only cause me pain now and I never thought they would. There is no more happiness left in my world.

>> No.9268577

This girl joined our com and she is so up herself, makes herself look like everyone likes her and every time she's at a meet with me I want to punch her face and I know so much dirt on her that I just want to post on BtB

>> No.9268594
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IKTF anon ;_;

>> No.9268607

ik you're going through a breakup rn anon but this is kind of dramatic desu and also not a very nice situation (i DEPEND ON YOU) to be putting the person you love in

>> No.9268619

I broke up with my bf of over two years. We were exactly like you descriped and I thought we would be together our whole lives. This is not a perfect example as he turned into a kinda abusive shit head and I had a weird feeling about him the whole time we were together but I brushed it off as anxiety. The biggest problem with him was that we didn't have our own lives, he just came into mine and basically made himself involved in every last of my interests. I thought that was cute but it wasn't in the end. I had nothing own and that was a huge factor making me anxious and hard for me to break up. Of course, eventually I had to break up with him because the situation was toxic and the person he turned after that completely revealed his true colors. What I'm trying to say, maybe your boyfriend needs a more personal space and that's the reason he feels as he feels? You can always try to talk about the reasons he wanted to break up but also remember to respect his choice. It's the best for you both. My ex didn't, hates me for breaking up with him but agrees it was for the best and on the top of that decided to shit talk and bully me. Don't be that guy anon no matter how bitter you come. I really hope you get better and I promise you will.

>> No.9268756

your fedora is showing

>> No.9268773

I've been with my boyfriend for six months, and it's basically both of our first serious relationship. I love him, but he's clingy to the point of being overbearing. If I'm going somewhere with my friends, he gets upset if i don't tell him the minute i make plans. I lived on the east coast for a while, and I got into the habit of going to conventions over there even after moving back to the west coast. He can't go to Katsu with me because of work, and even though he doesn't tell me directly not to go, I can tell he doesn't want me to. We're both pretty solitary/friendless people, but whenever I do talk to some of my friends online, he seems to feel neglected. He's also very passive aggressive, and always dropping 'hints' (like shoujo manga girl style) that he hopes that I'll pick up on. When I don't, he gets upset. I've told him again and again that I'm extremely oblivious and just am not able to notice when he does that, but he does it anyways and still gets upset every time. He's so emotionally dependent on me, and gets depressed if I can't see him often. Before we got together he was already depressed, though when we started dating he was a little less so. We briefly lived together and he was very happy and we barely had any problems, but complications arose and I had to move back with my parents. After I moved back, he started getting depressed again, and I don't know what to do. Whenever we argue, he ends up making me feel guilty, even if I'm upset, and I end up having to just swallow being upset because I don't want to make him sad. I've considered breaking up a few times because it takes such an emotional strain on me every time it happens, but I never end up doing it.

>> No.9268777

>in progressive lolita comm
>comm is in progressive part of country
>i am still closeted

no one needs to know what makes my dingle tingle

>> No.9268783

Being in the closet and not oversharing your sexuality to anyone within earshot are two different things.

>> No.9268785

still going to stay in the closet

with all my burando

>> No.9268786
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>the dad to some of my dolls

>> No.9268788

Well that's entirely up to you, anon, as long as you're happy.

>> No.9268807

My ex came to a meet and every time we went up steps I let her go first so I could stare at her ass.

It's still a good ass.

>> No.9268813

Some people just aren't the type for long term relationships and that's fine. You don't have to get married and have kids to live a fulfilling life. Fall in love with someone else every 2 or 3 years and don't worry about dying alone, there's plenty of rich old dudes with dead wifes too.

>> No.9268822

Your expectations of love and life are too high

I really like this about lolita too. So much handmade, truely made with love.

>> No.9268918

My black cosplay friend is an outright racist POS herself

>> No.9268938

This was something we had discussed before though and he even liked it. He never pressured me into getting a drivers license because he enjoyed driving me places and he liked being someone I really depended on. Obviously he didn't think about the repercussions of it, but there's only one thing I can do now.
He bought them and clothed them for me desu

>> No.9268957

Do it!

>> No.9268958

They're toys, not children.

>> No.9268973

He's being emotionally abusive anon.

>> No.9269078

This isn't cute, this is emotionally abusive like the other anon said. Shoujo manga shit doesn't work in real life and he's putting too much weight on you to make an effort when a relationship relies on both parties to work well.

>> No.9269098
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Sounds similar to my case. I've been with my SO for almost two years now, and she actively stalks every place I'm in and pins every post that might trigger her jealousy on me, even if I'm doing something completely different at the time. She'll go to places like /v/ or /vg/ and see a post where someone is talking about being annoyed by their gf or posting a picture of some girl while saying said girl is attractive, and she'll yell at me and claim it's me and call me a liar refuse to listen otherwise. When I'm busy with something she'll instantly decide she's being ignored and then blow up on me later when I note that she's being passive aggressive. If I mention aesthetics of any other person, it triggers her jealousy.

She accuses me of cheating when I'm in the middle of spending time with her. She'll claim it's my fault that she's prone to jealousy, and when she's overwhelmed she'll claim she's unattractive and I'm only with her out of "pity" and all of my compliments are lies and etc etc.

I don't know if I can take this anymore.

>> No.9269120
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pic related your relationship

time to end it

>> No.9269474

over clingy and mentally unstable significant others, I'd recommend getting the fuck out of those relationships, you are not obligated to deal with their problems as well, it's their own shit to deal with.

>> No.9269556

I was in Lolita for a little over a year, made a really good friend. Recently I decided to leave, but for a completely different reason then I told her. I feel bad but whenever people ask me about it I make up different reasons, but it just doesn't make me happy anymore...nothing does. My doctors told me either I have serve bipolar with psychotic symptoms or schizophrenia. The only way to determine if I have schizophrenia is to wait a year and see if my brain starts to deterirate. If I do have bipolar though meds won't work well with me after we did a test to sequence my liver enzymes and see what medication Id be responsive too, it came back I'd have very negative reactions to almost all the drugs. I haven't even been able to tell my close friends either, it makes me sad selling off the things that once gave me such joy, but sadder I'm not more broken up about it.

>> No.9269654
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Usually I don't give a shit about the opinions of others on who I cosplay. I'm a fattychan, but nowhere near hambeast. I make sure my cosplay fit me well and are well made. I don't let myself look stuffed in my cosplays. I take extra care when there is a lot of skin showing, making sure it works with my body. But my latest cosplay dream is Moana. I love the movie so much but I'm worried that people will hate on me but only for being bigger but for being white. I've never been so nervous about a cosplay before. I'm hoping to lose more weight by the con, but even then I'm still worried about being called out for cosplaying a Polynesian while being white.

>> No.9270767


>> No.9270937

I get more turned on by thoughts of fucking other men than actually doing stuff with my boyfriend. Like fantasies.

Is that bad?

>> No.9270940

I had agreed with this dude that a girl he saw at his work(Share Tea) was me... Thing is he lives in California and I live in Texas. Also I thought he was joking so I went along, hours later he talks about giving "me" free drinks. Now I'm concerned about my doppelganger will freak out when he addresses her by my name (probably lmao) but still it's not making me feel guilty cause this just happened and I'm in too deep, should I find her and tell her? Or let things play out?

>> No.9270945

I have the same problem, like every detail omg.

>> No.9271273

I went with my MtF ex to a Halloween party together, and we wore lolita together. They're pretty small, so they can fit in all of my dresses. At the end of the night, I think it was pretty hot. I guess I'm a chaser or predator or something, oh well.

I really wish there was a good opportunity to get them to wear lolita again.

Also I think I like hanging out with my ex way too much. It's probably really unhealthy to enjoy cuddling so much with someone you dated five years ago, but I'd rather take this then try to find other guys to date over Tinder or something. Idk.

>> No.9271416

I spend far too much money on otome games and buying merch. Probably going to be forever alone, since normies wouldn't understand so cuts them out. And I'm 24 so most people my age that are not creepy have significant others already.

>> No.9273034

I'm bitter because my best friend and cosplayer-in-crime did a sexy cosplay recently from a game that just released that she doesn't even PLAY and she's gotten way more praise than I ever have for costumes I busted my ass on and I'm way more jealous than I have any right to be.

She's also talking about selling prints of herself and I can't stop rolling my eyes. I'm sad because it feels like she's selling out but maybe I'm just a shitty best friend.

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