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Exactly what it says on the can. Post "wtf burando" moments.

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Hard mode: no meta

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Hello Anna

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i love this oops

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How'd you get this pic? I saw it from the fashion show but I haven't seen anything on the website yet.

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BABY posted it (and others) on their FB page.

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Thanks, seems like they put a lot more on FB than Twitter.

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Well I mean, now at least they have something to match their retarded pom clown shoes they released forever ago.

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i wonder how heavy this is

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>tfw want this to be a thing so bad
It was my halloween costume. I love jesters and harlequins.

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I actually love this and really want this now.

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Who tf is Anna?

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sorry about your nose

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Me too. Me too...

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File: 92 KB, 480x640, ugly as a halloween costume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Never change Meta

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don't be sorry. you looked super rad if you are the person I'm thinking!

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the cut on the far right looks like a literal lampshade

i love you meta, never change

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Does it look any better in person? That shine though.

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What the actual fuck? It doesn't even look good, why is there only one panel of print? Even if it were an all-over print, this is some next level religious iconography (since people love to bitch about APs crosses). It isn't even a flattering picture of Jesus

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Hi, Jesus.
Try not to get butt hurt because someone posted a pic of you without all that shoop.

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I cannot cope.

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God, I hate that I love chiffon, because more often than not it just turns out like this mess

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This isn't in chiffon. It's organza.

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>not even remotely matte looking

just because baby calls it organza, doesn't mean it actually is

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Actually chiffon is the matte one and organza is the shiny one...

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> Unlike chiffon, organza is matte in appearance
also, my wedding dress is organza and I own like 500 chiffon (and organza) shirts

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god, stop assuming every complaint is a vendetta. this is why cgl is such a hugbox these days.

>tfw you're probably satan anyway

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Holy shit I'm autistic, I didn't realize you guys were joking at first

That's how bad the newfaggery has been around here lately

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Like >>9244836 says, it's chiffon that's matte and organza is the shiny one. The way you can also tell that this is organza rather than chiffon is the stiffness. It doesn't drape the same way that chiffon does, be it silk or synthetic chiffon.

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You cited your source with the equivalent of a yahoo answers post. Most embarrassing. You're still wrong though, look for any photo comparison between chiffon and organza
(pic for related purposes)

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Lol AP must have hired Doll Delight to make dresses. This is bad.

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I chuckled
That perplexed side look totally seals the deal for me

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What happened here, was this actually released as a set? Those ears are awful

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How would you even get this? The box or bag would have to be huge. No way you'd put it on to take it home from the store. And what about doors or people sitting next to you?

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You take that back, it's perfect oldschool meets kawaii AP.

Man I wish I kept my magazines of that era.

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Hello new dream dress.

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So true. I am so in love with it.

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picture for ants but the colorway is so bad that it's worth posting

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File: 75 KB, 250x333, TripleFlaredJSK-beige.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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sometimes meta makes me physically ill

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Always all of my whats.

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I actually like that he looks kinda s startled/is giving the side eye

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ITT People who hate yellow

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As a set, it's pretty odd... but I actually like the OP. I'm guessing by the name that it's inspired by the Tales character?

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File: 22 KB, 250x333, AngelicPrincessJSK-wine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>newbie confounded by old school
More news at 8

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This made me laugh but >>9246769 WAS sweetly ugly even back in the day.

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Except >>9246768 isn't old school at all.

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That's true but it came out nearly 10 years ago which does make it quite old, especially in comparison to recent trends.

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id wear this

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Is that...
. The Tumbler 't' on the upper right strap?

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It's definitely one of the Tales sets. I was underwhelmed by most them, but my friends love them. This one at least reminds me of the character at a glance, though.

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Got a giggle out of me, anon. It's a fleur de lis.

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>>9245757 is orange though, not yellow.

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I must be old school trash since i love all of these.

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The construction is fucking bad... asymetric...

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I love this

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hardmode failed so short into the thread. you personally failed me anon.

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