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Old one is kill! >>9236891

Post about your feels.

Keep it /cgl/ related. Pointless arguments get these thread deleted.

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My state's cosplay community gets me so fucking salty and I don't know why. It's no different from anywhere else, attention whores are everywhere, but the number of people around here that are so quick to brag is disgusting. Posting about having their costumes recognized by major creators when they didn't even make them, or announcing on facebook that they've been "cast" in a major film when they're working as fucking extras (this has been going around a lot recently thanks to a certain weeby film shooting in my state that every cosplayer who also happens to be an "actor" is clamoring to be part of). I wish I were bold enough to call them out publicly, but I'm not, so I'll just seethe anonymously.

And I normally don't really care about people plugging themselves constantly, so I'm not sure why I'm so irritated by this. Maybe because these people are straight up lying about their accomplishments rather than just being run of the mill self-absorbed. I'll chill out eventually, but damn, guys, come on.

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Hey, it's bath-bomb-kun. I smell really good now, and there was a Gengar toy inside.

Anyone else have good experience buying/selling bath bombs at cons? I've seen character bombs, and people snap them up because they want to smell like Sasuke or whatever.

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I used to be friends with a cosplayer and wannabe lolita (we'll call her Alice) who caused me a lot of trouble. No matter how much Alice upset me, I let it slide because I had invested so much time (and money) into our friendship before she started being a huge bitch. She was constantly talking shit about everyone she could, was hungry for fame and attention, but was very lazy.
Finally stopped being friends with her a year ago and I've never felt better. It's like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, the fog in my mind cleared, and the knife was pulled out of my back.
But, now I'm hearing that all the drama and trouble Alice caused me is happening to a mutual friend. This mutual friend is such a nice girl. She's a good cosplayer, wears cute clothes, and is someone to envy, but Alice is being a huge bitch to her. I don't know how to help my friend. She wants to break contact with Alice, but she doesn't have the courage to do it I guess.

Feels good to be free of Alice, but feels bad to hear that Alice is terrorizing a friend of mine...

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I recently got out of an abusive relationship, and I noticed once I was back home and settled, I gained a lot of the weight I lost when I was with him. Thinking back, I realized I lost so much weight from being stressed out and just not eating well for fear of his ridicule and hits. Now that I'm home again, I'm better taking care of myself, and slowly starting to fit into my frilly wardrobe again! I want to lose the weight to be healthy and just feel better in lolita, not because someone is making fun of me that I'm not skinny like his ex.
If anyone has any tips on good cardio workouts, I'd love to hear them!

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>tfw you hit it off with a grill dressed as your waifu, then find her on Fb

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>cardio workouts

weeb dances are great for cardio.


Weeb dances are so great for cardio PT is skinny now. Its amazing.

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You made me think of that chick who made coffee bath bombs that looked like poop in the tub.

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Oh my god. I'm sure it smelled nice, but wtf.

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i went out and ran errands in lolita today! college has had me swamped and i don't like to dress up too much when i have to really focus on other things. i planned a nice break for myself and went to a few stores and got a lot of compliments. it was a really nice pick-me-up and i found a normie purse that'll match a new OP coming in the mail soon! thank you betsey johnson

for once, it's been a really nice day

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Kind of sick of fakebois. I get real mad everytime a cosplayer in my community assumes that they must be nonbinary or whatever just because they occasionally dress androgynously or they crossplay. When otherwise they keep their hair long and wear makeup everyday. And then everyone gives them asspats and takes them seriously? It just makes me think of all the real trans people I know and the shit they went through but these girls can do whatever the fuck they want with zero negative consequences.

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I'll give it a try!

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I love to sit on red bath bombs and pretend I'm getting my period. It's hilarious.

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Congratulations, anon. It takes a lot to get out of an abusive relationship - I'm glad you made it.

Cardio is good, but remember to not have it take over your life. Good luck with everything.

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This is in no way /cgl/ related but a guy I know just named his shotgun-marriage baby 'Kal-El' I mean jesus christ.

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So did he have a shotgun marriage just to say he had one?

Did it have actual shotguns?

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I met a lady yesterday that had a baby girl named Eevee. She had her dressed in an Eevee costume and the mother had pokemon tattoos. I didn't ask her how the name was spelled but was pronouned E.V.

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I guess naming him Clark was too sensible.


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Honestly ev isnt that bad of a name and kal el isnt either if you just have el be a middle name, knew a guy named cal

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>wearing lolita at con
>see dude in sailor fuku
>uncontrollable arousal
>start jumping so the blood will move to my legs instead
>fall down

I'm an idiot.

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/tv/ here
cosplay girls are cute. how to acquire a /cgl/ gf?

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You don't trust me I tried.

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have expendable cash

but you said cosplay girls so maybe they'll settle for poorfags. lolitas have higher standards

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Eevee isn't that bad, at least it's kinda normie acceptable in a way. My mother was always called Eevee, though as a nickname since her name is Yvette. I can see it working really; a little cringe but not the most far out name. Kal-el is a retarded name.

How long until the kids from this generation grow up and name their kids Pewdiepie?

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Question for all seagulls

A: Your average /fit/izen of the opposite gender
B: Your average /fa/ggot of the opposite gendere
C: Your average /pol/ack of the opposite gender

Date/Fuck/Cosplay with

Who would you rather do what with?

Easy mode: You can use the same answer for more than one category.

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I fucking swear most girls get turned on by guys wearing female clothing.

What is it about them that is so hot?

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That is kinda weird

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>be gay

why must you push this nightmare scenario in a feels thread

i came here to feel, not cringe

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Fine, pick someone of the same gender then.

/fit/ is pretty fucking gay desu.

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it's the clothes. normal menswear is asexual and shapeless. womenswear is usually sexier, and the feminine social connotation implies passivity. so the brain with an attraction to men sees a man in clothes that say "i am a passive sexual target" and alerts the genitals.

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What kind of guy is sexiest in girls clothes? Muscular? Super thin? Hairy? Short? Tall? Fat?

What kind of clothes are sexiest on a guy?

What's your dream guy in dream female clothing anon?

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clumsy erogirl moe in action <3

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I miss cgl friend finder threads. I made a good online buddy in one before but we got busy and drifted apart. I wish we could bring them back without being overrun by trolls then being deleted.

> Have lots of friends in college to go to cons with, some even cosplay on occasion.
> Since graduating they all start to normalize and slowly stop going.
> Now only a couple of friends go to local cons if any, usually only go for one afternoon.
> Left being a socially awkward lonely cosplayer.

I try to talk to people in lines and who take my photo but I'm trash at making friends outside of school and work. I can usually strike up convo for a bit, but don't know how to turn that into making friends. When we talk a decent amount, like 15min+ I always ask if they want to hang out later but they always have a reason not to.

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>What's your dream guy in dream female clothing anon?

you jump to the dreariest conclusions

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>I can usually strike up convo for a bit, but don't know how to turn that into making friends.
i never made friends at cons until i became a staffer/volunteer. but from what i hear, it is better to exchange social media info (FB, insta) during those little exchanges and take it slow.

making friends after graduating is a pain in the ass.

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I miss those, too, but it seems that the mere mention of them causes sodium overdose here. Yeah, yeah, /soc/ exists but I've made some awesome friends on cgl through friend finder threads.

>> No.9240321

You could try a local/country thread, that way there's also the opportunity of meeting in person .

/Soc/ might as well be renamed to /hookup/ now

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They are, but mostly what they look for in a guy is someone willing to bankroll their BS. Fabric and foam ain't cheap.

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>tfw it doesn't even feel like Halloween and my costumes go unworn
Just sitting at home doing nothing, I don't even have candy. I've got a ton of classwork due this week so I guess my trick to myself is doing all this and maybe catching a movie on TV later. I just don't feel in the Halloween mood at all even though I used to love it.

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for my countries thread everyone idolises someone who i went to high school with and who intentionally called me some years after high school with the sole intention of making me feel bad. Keep in mind i hadn't spoken to or seen this person for 2 years they just called me out of the blue was said "i'm having so much fun and you aren't hahahahaha"

Yeah well that person basically runs/is idolised by everyone involved in cosplay in my country. Fucking kill me.

that being said she is a really good cosplayer but i feel like any attempt at me trying to break into that community would just be met with my past catching up with me. Which in this case is clearly not a good thing.

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Not the anon you were asking, but Joe Walker as Umbridge is perfection

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If you wanna try running you could try the couch to 5k workout! It's an app that slowly builds you up to being able to run a 5k!

>> No.9240393

Same reason guys like tomboys so much, I guess?

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date /fit/izen
fuck /fa/ggot
cosplay with /pol/ack

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The guy I roomed with at a con hasn't accepted my friend request, and I'm worried he knows that I quietly jerked off in bed with him.

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Cosplay with /fit/, date /fa/, /pol/ can get raped to death by repressed ISIS beargays.

>> No.9240479

they always know.

use the shower like a decent human being.

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>only kinda



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I hate my full-time desk job.
>gaining weight
>no motivation to wear make-up or take care of myself
>depressed during the winter
I have 7 months to lose weight for a convention or my cosplay will look horrible. Let's do this and then eventually I can get out of this place.

>> No.9240490

You can do it, anon! 7 months is a ton of time. Just make sure you're controlling your portions, keep snacking down to a minimum, and try not to drink your calories. I know, all basic crap, but it's sooo easy to overeat at a desk job.

>> No.9240505

Thanks! I already try to eat only 1,200 calories a day, but I was super lazy for the last two months and gained almost 10lbs. It was my wake-up call. Thank goodness my boyfriend is super, super motivated to start going to a gym. We start next week.
It was so easy to lose weight in college. I miss being able to walk everywhere.

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Starting tomorrow I'm going on a 30 day jfash no-buy. My savings-expenses ratio in the past 2 months has been awful. I've already blocked LM (sigh), Mercari, auction sites, etc. You'll be my only lifeline, seagulls.

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Same here, anon. I prepared a costume and a coord but I'm snowed under with work and don't even have the time to change into them at home.

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Seconding this.

>> No.9240540

I'm doing the same thing. I need to save for Christmas otherwise I will be giving pocket lint to my friends.

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Girls clothes just look better than guys clothes imo. Nothing sexy about loose jeans and a baggy button up. Clothes that show off curves, muscle, legs etc. are much sexier and generally that's what girls wear.

>> No.9240549

I'm wearing a kigu. It's my go to when I don't have a costume ready or just want to be super comfy.

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I'm so glad that girls do the boner-deflating trick, too.

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>kind of want to delete all my social media accounts and go silent
>tfw can't because then I'd have nobody to talk to anymore

I'm so lonely /cgl/

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Went through a huge amount of stress about a year ago and gained 15 pounds.

I'm working it off now, thank god I'm almost back to my old weight. I just hate myself for developing seriously red stretch marks. Hopefully they fade.

>> No.9240563

Try bio oil anon.

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>have friend
>talk all the time
>plan couple and group cosplays together
>develop crush on him
>planned on confessing today since we were gonna do a couple cosplay for halloween
>everything going well
>get a text from him, assume it's about our plans for tonight
>"i confessed to the girl i like and she said yes!! do you mind if she hangs out with us tonight?"
>heart shattered
>how do i get out of something we've planned all month because i'm too fucking miserable now

i suppose this is my fault for waiting too long but i had no idea he liked anyone. i hadn't expected him to return my feelings or anything but this really sucks and i don't know what to do now

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>at meet
>heels I'm wearing are uncomfortable
>waist ties, 2 pettis, bloomers, and tights are killing my abdomen
>veil keeps falling off
>wig itches and braids slowly deteriorate, stray hairs everywhere
>OP i'm wearing has white cuffs, cant stop thinking about how much i want to go home and wash them
>glasses are getting dirty
>bra is itching
>just want to go home
fugg, I love lolita but it's such a massive pain in the ass to wear

>> No.9240609

how fat are you that your abdomen hurts from wearing clothing? I've literally never had an issue with Lolita "killing my abdomen"

>> No.9240611

It's worth a shot! I'll check it out!

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>it's Halloween
>don't know what to wear despite being a cosplayer
>don't even know what to do because it's a fucking Monday

I feel like because I'm a cosplayer I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING on Halloween but... fuck, I'm so out of it today. Didn't help that I woke up with some pain in my stomach (which has thankfully subsided, but I wonder if it was something I ate or something). I feel like there's probably something for me to do but it's already nearly 6 PM and I'm so not up to doing anything.

Oh well. Candy sales later on in the week, I guess.

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There's a saying. "You can't outrun a bad diet". In essence, you aren't going to lose weight with exercise. You just aren't. Remember that.

You diet to lose weight. You exercise to get fit.

If you want to lose weight you need to understand calories and calorie density.

The short version is - for most women - eating 2000 calories a day means no weight change. Eating 500 more or less a day means you will gain or lose one pound that week.

Prioritise foods that will fill you up and sate you with the minimum calories and you will do well. When i was losing weight i practically lived off of soups and yoghurts, which are both high in water content and thus make you feel filled up for less.

That said, also remember that it really doesnt much matter what you eat. You just need to keep to your calorie count.

I personally dont much recommend trying to get fit while dieting at the same time. Exercise will make you hungrier, and make it more difficult to calculate calorie expenditure. It can absolutely be done, and might even be the optimum route, but i find that losing weight is already so difficult to many people that the simpler you make it (generally) the easier it is to keep to a plan. Restricting yourself to 1500 calories a day is waaaay easier than dealing with hunger pangs and the temptation of those super high sugar gym smoothies.

Last of all, the most important part of dieting is to learn to adjust your habits. If you've gained weight, especially if youve done so quickly, it means that you've been overeating pretty consistently (going back to the whole +500 calories a day for a week thing). Once you learn to recognise calories and portions properly, you will probably figure out how or on what you've been overeating. Adjust your behaviour properly and youll find it easy to maintain your ideal weight.

> TLDR - most diets fail because people dont understand how calories work, and dont understand calorie counting is essential to losing weight.

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>> No.9240624

same. it's just super special snowflake syndrome.

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Oh i'm sorry. I should have kept my health advice cosplay appropriate.

I'll try again:

Wear a corset and squeeze it tighter every day. Eventually the fat will squirt out of your butthole and you'll be thin.

>> No.9240631

>Eventually the fat will squirt out of your butthole and you'll be thin.
why is this arousing

>> No.9240639

That's really sad, but usually it's at least somewhat obvious if someone likes you right? Inviting the girl you confessed to, to something that has been planned between two people sounds pretty shitty.
Even if you didn't like him that's just asking "Hey do you mind being the third wheel"

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>> No.9240644

I feel the same way! I guess making a couple costumes a year makes Halloween feel a little less special.

>> No.9240647

I'm in the same situation anon
We can be sad together

>> No.9240649

Damn, that's... pretty awful, I'm sorry to hear anon.

Love fucking sucks sometimes.

>> No.9240684

"nah it's ok I don't wanna be the third wheel. Don't worry though, you can go trick or treating with her, and there's always next years."

Alternatively make a few calls or messages to organize a larger group of 5-6 people to go trick or treating with, including you and this guy and his new gf if you feel like it.

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I wore a kigu to work for our costume contest... the AC broke, it was eighty-two degrees, so glad I wore my work out gear under it so I could take it off

>> No.9240755

Is it ever ok to go to a con sans cosplay?

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Last time I went to a con without cosplay I lost a sushi coupon and got hit in the nuts.

>> No.9240770

Yeah. But at least wear something from a favorite fandom. Makes it easier to start a conversation with artists and other fans (i.e. make new friends).

>> No.9240773

Sans cosplay?

Yeah, sure, Undertale has a pretty popular fanbase so you'll be okay

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Yeah, I just got a Miku hoodie from WLF.

I don't like sushi or have nuts. Am I going to lose a Wendy's coupon and get kicked in the cooch?

>> No.9240785

I see all these girls on here finding sugar daddies and such ALL I WANT IS A CUTE 4CHAN BF TO BUY ME THINGS IM CUTE I DESERVE THINGS TOO

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>Am I going to lose a Wendy's coupon and get kicked in the cooch?

It's unavoidable.

>> No.9240787

I never thought I would spend Halloween this year alone in my room and crying uncontrollably.

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anon i hope you feel better soon

>> No.9240805

you do not want this
stay away from 4chan boys

>> No.9240812

I'm going to put this out there that some people have a hard time dieting because they restrict foods. Some people have an easier time eating less of what they love then cutting out what they love to eat more.

Basically, some might find it easier to eat a bowl of loaded pasta with an iced coffee during the day and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast (Let's say this is under... 1200 calories) than trying to fill up on 1500 of salad, fruits, lean meat, and granola.

>> No.9240820


>tfw have no social media so am always lonely.

i dunno anon at least you have something

>> No.9240824

t. roastie

>> No.9240828

how the fuck would you ever know. Most people keep that shit on the down low for years. I've had friends who actively fucking browse and i haven't known for years and then when it comes up suddenly there is this air of "oh you do as well awesome lets be better friends because of it!"

Maybe other people have different experiences. Especially if you live in a third world shithole like the USA.

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>Try to commission an artist before Halloween
>Want a chibi witch lolita with the words "happy halloween" on it
>Artists ask me what it's for
>Excitedly tell artists that i plan to wear it on a tshirt to a halloween event, and to work
>Was going to use one of those T-shirt transfer sheets and put it on a tshirt myself
>Every artist either upped their price to $150-$700 or stopped responding

In the end, I just ended up getting a black tshirt and having at it with puffy paints.
I lost hope in trying to commission artists, I feel like my honesty screwed me over.
If I DO commission artists in the future, maybe it would be best to lie to them... since trying to be honest has only led to ignored emails and an unreasonable hike in prices.

>> No.9240838

i'm not fat, its just the totaled pressure of 5 different elastic bands around my fucking ribcage that hurts

>> No.9240840

honestly, anon, when it comes to this much pain on your abdomen ditch the bloomers for some regular shorts (they tend to sit lower) and get a cage skirt to replace the petticoats.

>> No.9240845
File: 1.43 MB, 400x254, you tried.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9240887

Hardly. I'm legitimately thinking of just lying to artists, and I hope someone can give me input on how to avoid this shit in the future.

>> No.9240898

I paid $65 for a reasonably drawn body pillow-sized drawing before. I think you're the problem here.
Sometimes artists pretend to be more expensive than they really are when they don't want to deal with you.

>> No.9240906

Your problem was telling them you wanted to wear it to work. Artists will avoid you are up their charges if they think you're going to be profiting off of them.
Anon doesn't seem like a jerk, I think her problem was just stating she wanted to go to work in it.

>> No.9240914

I stopped wearing bloomers since I mostly wear 93-95 length dresses anyway (and always full coverage normal underwear, not weird lacy shit) and just accepted that only one mlt petti was good enough poof, I'd rather be comfy than at my poofiest when I have to drive hours to a meetup

>> No.9240918

Anon who made the confession, but I know part of my problem was finding comfort food when came back home, a lot of it being pasta and chicken. I've been getting better with it by having less pasta, and adding steamed veggies. I've also tried eating more spicy foods since it helps with metabolism, at least according to my doctor.

>> No.9240920

This guy I know and see at cons a lot is fucking off his rocker and I just don't know how to deal with that shit. There's all these cries for help and fuck if I know what to do. I know he visits /cgl/ from time to time too.

>> No.9240935

is he a danger to himself or others?

do you care or are you just annoyed?

>> No.9240947

>reverse ntr

how does that work? does girl A sit outside and cry shlicks while the dude pounds girl B? who ends up doing the ahegao and sending images? i haven't read any manga with this i am so confused

>> No.9240970

I think he's right on the edge of getting committed. I kind of feel bad but fuck if I know how to help from afar. I don't think he's a danger.

>> No.9241012

this post is too similar to my situation not to mention the name as well. are you in florida?

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>Want to get fit to cosplay as spiderman someday
>Lost a lot of weight
>Now i realize that my body type is actually more similar to wolverine
>well shit bub, now i think i would look funny on spiderman costume
>i can't think of any other character i like with a similar body type to wolverine
>and i mean have you googled wolverine cosplay, no one ever uses the costume version because irl it looks either creppy or scarry

Damn im sorry to hear that , i recently started going out with a friend i met years ago,she is into almost all of my /co/ stuff and goes to conventions

So far we had 2 dates , the first one was just for cofee and the second one was coffe and a movie(Dr. strange)

>Everything seemed to be going ok until she mentioned that the day before our second date, she went out with a guy from a gastronomy class at her school
>They went to some gastronomy event, but they stumbled upon a comic convention
>and they stayed there for like an hour
>i knew about that convention, but i decided to skip it because i was saving money for the date
>now my mind has a schrodinger cat sort of deal going on
>was it a good idea to skip that con
>what if i had seen her being more happy with guy that is more handsome than me ?
>who knows? maybe the guy was gay or a beta max and i actually got more stuff done on my date at the movies, after all she let me warp my arm around her during until the movie, but on the other side she didn't let me continue that while we were walking, so maybe i went a bit to fast, just because of the tought of this unamed competence

i invited her to a party in a few days , what happens at that party will be very important it's all or nothing, i really hope im not too late

>> No.9241052


>> No.9241062
File: 47 KB, 640x566, hotdogcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Halloween's over and you're suddenly full of costume ideas

>> No.9241103
File: 50 KB, 720x656, 13139097_950838271697681_1682043454922151577_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Asian girl has a crush on me
>she lives six hours away and barely speaks English

OH MY GOD, we could have been such a perfect gender-bent Beatrix Kiddo / Gogo Yubari duo. My heart is shattered, you guys.

>> No.9241142

how do you know she has a crush on you if she can barely speak english?

>> No.9241145
File: 116 KB, 342x324, makomess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She posted my pic to Ig, saying "Please tell me if you know this guy." When I came forward, she followed me, liked a bunch of my pics, and told me I was "very cute."

I sure wish she didn't live a state away.

>> No.9241146

>Halloween is my favorite time of the year
>spend days disabled by migraine
>throw on a couple cosplay pieces and hide in the dark

I am sad to miss Halloween, but not angry or angsty. I am okay with being too sick for my fave holiday. I am accepting my limitations (for now).

>> No.9241148

Count your blessings most of the people who have "liked" me have lived half a world away. Feels bad living in the south pacific.
6 hours by car isn't much compared to literally half the diameter of the planet..

>> No.9241154
File: 25 KB, 468x314, 14192050_1179631685393241_4693577892691855433_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am really curious as to what happened to you. Sounds like a hell of a story.

>> No.9241162

He went to a con without cosplay, lost a sushi coupon, and got hit in the nuts.

>> No.9241168

you've posted this before, either have the balls to start a LDR with her or stop whining.

Either go for the girl that fits your yellow fever fresh off the boat fetish, or continue whining on 4chan like a beta fuck. up to you.

>> No.9241171

Cosplay with /fit/, date /fa/, fuck /pol/

>> No.9241183

date /pol/, fuck /fa/, cosplay with /fit/

>> No.9241184
File: 95 KB, 290x262, jhgfdsds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Few months ago, I got caught up in a lot of drama with my cosplay friends. Turns out one girl was madly in love with my boyfriend, and said terrible things about me and my cosplays to everyone else in the group. I looked up to her as a local cosplay expert and a huge inspiration of mine.
I'll be seeing her at a local convention with everyone, and she keeps asking my boyfriend to meet up with them (He keeps refusing lmao).
I'm still incredibly insulted and bitter. Should I just try to forget everything and make amends, or cut a bitch?

>> No.9241188

Neck the fucker

>> No.9241190
File: 67 KB, 400x283, 1423587262145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought a lot of candy, almost bought all full candy bars this year but decided to only go half-and-half with small + full size candy
>jumped into my basic pikachu kigu and sat by the door browsing on my phone, ready to answer the door at any moment
>not even one trick-or-treater came

I can't tell if parents just don't let their kids go trick-or-treating anymore or if this neighborhood has really gone to shit in the past year. Probably both.

Last year I was at my brother's house and he got several trick-or-treaters, a few of them had really adorable handmade costumes. A few houses in our neighborhood used to hold their own haunted houses, but I think they've stopped doing it now.

One of my coworkers is one of those trashy "halloween is satanic" types, so I wonder if parents are even letting their kids trick-or-treat at all, of not only participate in church events. I really hate living in the bible belt.

>> No.9241194

see this is where things get weird because i really hate halloween and have never seen the point of it. Which is great because noone in my country gives half a fuck about it and noone ever comes by which is fantastic. Interesting to see the different perspective that a different cultural lense puts on things.

>> No.9241243

I'm guessing you don't know what it's like to have severe IBS.

>> No.9241245
File: 9 KB, 225x224, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No offense to you cuz I'm 99% sure you're not the same person since ex-friend doesn't have a brother or a job, but you reminded me.

>lurk ex-friend's social media for halloween updates
>see her post a pic in her pikachu kigu w unwashed hair in her parents house the pic most likely taken by her parents
>feel better about my slightly lame halloween, at least i went out and got to see people that aren't my parents and i also showered

>> No.9241251
File: 679 KB, 500x258, Ifeelgreat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Accidentally posted this in dead thread yesterday
>Halloween is fave time of year
>don't get such odd looks for wearing fancier lolita
>bf says he'll pick me up so we can spend day out together
>have been feeling kind of ugly so make an effort with makeup and hair and feel a lot better about myself
> bf is running late, hasn't msged
>not too worried
>bf is 3 hours late, he's not coming

I felt like a fucking idiot especially as I had passed up going to halloween themed events with friends.

>sulk for a bit
>decide to go out by myself into nearest town after making outfit more costumey
>run into older couple who volunteer at local library
>go have cake with them at patisserie and talk about visual-kei after they ask about by 'bunny costume'
>bf texts 5hrs later
>'whoops, overslept'

I've gotten used to wearing toned down lolita since leaving my university city which was much more accepting of alt fashion, but I felt strangely empowered being on my own after the initial gut churning anxiety. I still have nothing to say to my bf, is that wrong?

>> No.9241259

oversleeping is excusable maybe...does he know how excited you were, how much you like halloween, etc? If so, I'd at least demand a sincere apology and some kind of special outing to make up for it. Even if it's not on purpose it still shows he didn't prioritize you enough to set alarms or wake up to his alarms. If he didn't understand how much you love Halloween then you still deserve a more sincere apology, but you should also thoroughly explain to him why you're upset etc in the hopes that it won't happen again if he understands your feelings better.

Glad you had a fun time regardless of his participation though! Being out in lolita alone is pretty fun. I thought about doing something similar since my boyfriend isn't as crazy about Halloween as I am but I finally convinced him to go out to dinner with me and I wore my coordinate/costume to the restaurant, which was enough for me. I do wish I had gotten to hang out downtown or go to a party though!

>> No.9241263
File: 885 KB, 312x176, PR04.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The bait that keeps on giving

>> No.9241278

Tawawa Feels

>> No.9241284

I'd be pretty buttmad too if my boyfriend overslept by 5 hours when we had plans and didn't immediately apologize and try to make alternate plans or something. Especially if you've turned down other events so you can spend time together

>> No.9241285

You could have him go there and have him spent the entire time talking about you, and how you look up to her and she is such a great senpai, friendzone her to the max. Or just publicly turn her down or call her out on being so thirsty.

>> No.9241288

none of those posts are related what are you trying to get at?

>> No.9241291

this isn't exactly the place for relationship advice. But just explain yourself. Can't blame someone for knowing how hurt you are if you don't tell them how hurt you are y'know.
If he is not understanding even after you tell him then yeah that would be grounds for being pissed. As it stands what he did was silly but not completely inexcusable.

>> No.9241292
File: 71 KB, 500x264, 729515eaa00cd3059a3776787e789f60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finishing uni in six months
>finally working regular hours with a solid income
>gotta be responsible, saving to move out of parents house
>would much rather save up to go to grorious nippon and buy burando

>> No.9241303

depending on the time of year you buy tix/plan to go, and also where you are leaving from, japan doesn't have to be ridiculously expesnive! research good prices for airfare and use airbnb for your lodging. you can totally have a side budget for nippon and save up enough for tix before the end of 2017 if you want. personally i paid about $700 round trip for air fare from the southern US and about $300 total for airbnb lodging for a week. so if you put like $50 a week into your account for the rest of the time you're finishing school you'll have a really good base to start your japan fund with. but yeah either way it doesn't hurt to put money aside for a general "fun savings"!

also i'm watching the office now so ur pic attracted me for a response.

>> No.9241305
File: 150 KB, 500x313, tumblr_mg1e6roeF21qg4ycso1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm from Australia and tickets are round about the $500 mark each way, so it's not crazy expensive, but unfortunately the housing market here is so crap that between bills and rent I won't end up having much cash left over for travelling. I'm definitely saving as much as I can for extra things while I'm still at home though so we're on the same wave length!

>> No.9241309

Woah, what a lovely reply anon.
I'm glad your bf kind of met you half way by going to the restaurant with you even though he wasn't as enthusiastic about Halloween as you.

Unfortunately, my excitement has been quite palpable and as it's also our anniversary, I thought he would be quite excited as well. I wholeheartedly agree that explanations are a necessity and it's silly to expect someone to pick up on what's upset you by telepathy, but this isn't the first or second time he's effectively stood me up (but I usually try to validate it 'everyone oversleeps sometimes!', 'I forget things too!') . I passed on 3 other invites for the day (one of which I told him about directly), and I've said that when I pass on spending time with my friends and this happens, and saying 'welp, overslept' without even a 'sorry this happened' makes it seem like he doesn't think my time or relationships with others are important. But when I try to discuss it, he gets really upset and I end up feeling guilty even though I haven't done anything.

>lone lolita
>lone human

>> No.9241311

All the quoted anons need a hug? All those post are sad/lonely

>> No.9241314

Sorry anons, your posts didn't show up cause my phone is pathetic but >>9241309
Totally agree about the explanations + off topic. The reason I even thought to post in the feels thread is because I was wearing lolita which can be quite difficult to wear where I live, especially if you're on your own, but it was much easier on Halloween. The advice is much appreciated, I'm just not sure when to stop trying to explain cause I do but the same thing repeats.

>> No.9241319

>I've gotten used to wearing toned down lolita since leaving my university city which was much more accepting of alt fashion

I know this too well. ngl but this is one of the things I like most about Halloween since I live in bumfuck nowhere ; I can wear lolita and people assume it's a costume not crazy pastel puff lady but I'd still feel apprehensive going out on my own especially if I was expecting the company of someone else

>also our anniversary
Communication is key but if someone can't get up for their anniversary, why bother?

>> No.9241323

>being honest screwed me out of reasonable prices
Ok, dont mention work to them, ever.
Are all artists like this? I feel like theyre trying to scam me.

>> No.9241324

Ohio, but that's really crazy!

>> No.9241326

>can't get up for his own anniversary even though you have explicitly communicated that you have turned down an invite for that day
>guilts you when you try to communicate like an adult
Sounds like a real winner there anon. If he really doesn't understand that he's basically doing all the 'take' and no 'give' with your needs in the relationship and you're making excuses for him every time, then it's going to keep happening until you put your foot down and actually make some consequences for him (because he sure as fuck doesn't seem to understand if it's happened a few times and he hasn't apologized) and he's just going to keep on taking. If he gets upset then so be it, he's basically manipulating you and making YOU feel guilty and comfort him so that he doesn't have to confront being a shitty human being to you and it becomes, unsurprisingly, all about him again.
It's not about telepathy, to be quite honest. It's about being emotionally mature enough to pick up on cues and be sensitive to other people's needs, and it sounds like you've done everything short of spell it out to him with a fucking manual.

I'm just really pissed off on your behalf as I have recently been in a relationship that sounds suspiciously like yours in terms of very unevenly balanced give/take and holy fuck did I deserve better than that, he wasn't as great as what I thought he was and I'm free to spend time with my friends without 'waaah why aren't you prioritizing me' (because he was always miraculously not doing anything when I would say yes to their invites...and then complain he didn't want to come hang out with us).

>> No.9241330

I'm not an artist so I'm prepared to be schooled but how does wearing to work = profiting from your design? Is it just because they will br getting paid for their time while they happen to be wearing the artists work?

Even when you aren't super excited about your plans oversleeping is annoying as heck. If he is making that a habit then you guys need to have a more broad talk about your expectations for plans cuz rn he didn't seem to be taking your plans seriously!!!

I totally understand....just put what you can aside even if it's only a bit. And see if you can find the bank w the best interest rate too! Good luck with your Japan trip, i hope you get there sooner rather than later!

>> No.9241332

I love girls who have just gotten out of Shit relationships and are advocating for all us unfortunate girls. So so proud of you for knowing you deserve better and acting on it, I'm still trying to reach that stage.

>> No.9241389

Dump him, if he's doing shit like that and then making you feel guilty, he's nothing but a manipulative douche and is just going to get worse

>> No.9241395

>tfw when /x/-file isn't an optiom

Really happy tho since my /x/-file has agreed to watch kamikaze girls with me soon! He has been so understanding about my frills, despite him lacking any interest in fashion at all.

>> No.9241400

oh thank god. I got so scared.

>> No.9241417
File: 16 KB, 640x360, 14642297_1751984085052742_5728355989064560844_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wake up, ready for a good day
>check Fb
>Timehop shows me pics of my dead friend, cosplaying with me in 2013

I feel such a strong mix of sadness that she's gone, and happiness that I knew this amazing girl. Cosplay has given me so many amazing memories. But right now, my heart is aching pretty badly.

I also feel old, as the past three years flew by in the blink of an eye. Where am I even going in life?

>> No.9241486

why call them bait, though?

>> No.9241498

they called the bottom one bait I think

>> No.9241517

>tfw think someone blocked you on plush making FB group
>see '1 comment' on a post
>don't see comment

the curiosity is killing me.

>> No.9241524
File: 280 KB, 500x334, 52387530376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw australian
>love halloween, its my favorite holiday
>entire family HATES halloween
>bit of a shut-in, none of my friends ever invite me out to halloween parties
>"anon go tape a sign to say no trick or treating on the letterbox"
>group of kids with their big sisters walk past while I'm doing it
>"god, some people really dont know how to have fun in their lives!"
>listen if I could give your little siblings some candy while dressed in one of my cute coords I would

Instead I spent the night moping around on cgl in my pyjamas and wishing I was born into a better family. My comm didn't even have a halloween meet this year... Well, there was one, but it was a night time graveyard tour like 2 hours from where I live so I couldn't go to that.

>> No.9241540

I moved to a country that doesn't officially celebrated Halloween and was really bummed until the last week of October rolled around and shops started decorating/Halloween themed events started popping up. I respect that you dislike it, but it's always been my favorite holiday and it's really interesting to be in a place where it's kind of started catching on.

>> No.9241561
File: 66 KB, 168x168, kqqzz12549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Long time lurk
>First time post on CoF
>Expect to be one of those posts with only 15 pity likes
>Wake up to a few hundred

>> No.9241566
File: 173 KB, 640x1080, 24543534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw post to CoF for the first time and it has a very good reception

i'm not really about the numbers game, but i'm happy that people seem to like what i'm doing. maybe i won't be so hesitant to post next time. i'm a lonelita so my coords are never really seen and it's a good feeling to be noticed a little bit.

you and me both, friendo

>> No.9241574

theyre easier to manipulate tho

>> No.9241576

Are you that awesome plague doctor? Because I'm in love for serious.

>> No.9241579

oh, no! i posted sometime yesterday night. the plague doctor is seriously great though. everything is so clean-cut!

>> No.9241581

Oh god this has happened to me before except Facebook says obnoxious shit like "make their day great wish them a happy birthday".

>> No.9241642

Do you know how to read....

>> No.9241652

The first time I looked through old posts with Timehop, I came across something from a good friend who committed suicide a couple years ago. It caught me so off guard, and I bawled for half an hour. I can't look at Timehop without steeling myself to be ready to see posts from him or ones from my ex telling me how much he loved me.

>> No.9241813
File: 314 KB, 722x446, sdfu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That awesome post Halloween feeling when you go and raid the stores for discounted costumes and the like. I got three new wigs to experiment with, foam heads to put them on, masquerade masks and a bunch of other odds and ends all for less then twenty dollars!

>> No.9241816

I've been seeing cosplayers that aren't paraplegic using wheelchairs for characters that don't use one in canon and it's just....so weird. Like why would you bind your legs to where you can't walk/use the bathroom on your own for a fucking cosplay and then force someone to push you around all day at a crowded con for the sake of "accuracy"?? Just sit down for photos in non crowded areas or for mermaid tails make a skirt and hide the seam/quickly pin it at the bottom. FFS.

>> No.9241817

not many non fat people suffer from IBS so

>> No.9241829

>knowing nothing about IBS

>> No.9241830
File: 31 KB, 500x500, 1311609266762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not many non fat people suffer from IBS
are you retarded?

>> No.9241936

>few years back, a friend posts about how she's low on cash
>i don't have a lot either, but i know she's pretty good with wigs
>ask her if she would want to style a wig for me for 50 dollars (wig and all supplies provided to her, fairly easy style. could have done it myself but was busy with work stuff)
> she says okay
> i tell her i need it for a con three months away
>she doesn't get it done
> tell her i need it in two months after that
>doesn't get it done
>finally tell her that i REALLY need it for a con seven months after the time I gave it to her
>tell her i need by x date like a month and half in advance
>at this point, i've moved so she has to ship it to me
>tells me she shipped it
>when i ask her for the tracking number, she says she lost the receipt
>claims she went back to the post office and paid for overnight shipping after she had sent the package just to make sure it got there
>obviously a lie but whatever
>the wig gets to me, it's a fucking disaster
> at best, it's unfinished. at worst, it's not salvageable
>leaving for con tomorrow
>pretty pissed at her for lying about having shipped it and clearly doing a shitty job
>decide not to say anything to her until after the con is over because i'm pissed
>she bombards me with messages, admits that she knew she fucked the wig up and lied about shipping it but just didn't want to tell me
>tells me that she really "doesn't want everyone else to hate her over this" as her "apology"
> tells me that she wants to end our friendship because i'm too "venomous" for being mad at her for lying to me
> good riddance
> now tells people that i didn't pay her at all, which is a lie
> coming to my favorite con and rooming with a friend of mine this year, so i will probably see her
> really do not want to see her
> really do not want her to start any drama
> really just want to enjoy my con and not worry about walking on eggshells so this psycho doesn't make a scene
>i worry too much about not upsetting people

>> No.9242012

>Instead I spent the night moping around on cgl in my pyjamas

Switch pyjamas to a cat onesie and "night" to "every day i'm not working" and this sums up my life quite adequately.

>> No.9242043
File: 121 KB, 500x625, tumblr_od1o5vRd6G1qf906ho1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a I small indie brand, focusing on Classic and Gothic lolita. I do some made to measure, but since I make extremely small runs I prefer to stick with standard sizing.

I've gotten messages from a girl in my comm who's much larger than the sizes I make. I have no problems with her personally, but I don't want to sell to her because I know it won't look good on her body type.

What do, gulls? I don't want to be a bitch to this girl, she's okay. Just large.

Pic related, not mine tho

>> No.9242051
File: 560 KB, 500x439, 1477534023343.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw want to cosplay but never have before
>afraid I'll end up on one of those "bad cosplay" things

>> No.9242055

money is money, anon.
you really shouldn't limit your brand like that specially if it's starting out and still small, you gotta put your foot in the door.

>> No.9242061

OP here, I did say that my work was going to put a picture of me on the company facebook in it, so that's probably where they are freaking out.

Like I said, I made a shirt myself and I can assure you the company that I am working for isn't making extra profit from some dork on their page in a shitty puffy paint tshirt. and I sure as hell didn't get a pay raise for that either.

>> No.9242062

lol that's gay

>> No.9242066

Money is money. Charge a little extra for materials and let someone enjoy your designs. Out of curiousity what's your max bust/shoulder/waist limitations?

>> No.9242067

You arent going to last if you arent honest with yourself. If you cant admit that you dont have the skill to accommodate to her measurements, you arent good enough to have a brand to sell to people. It only will not look good on her body type if you lack the skill to modify it to a larger figure, which is not just sizing up but taking into account their body. Larger girls are used to spending more money to get stuff for them that looks good, especially if they cannot fit into any brand, so if you need to offer to make a better pattern to fit her size/body type for a fee and go for it.

Listen to Tim Gunn; make it work.

>> No.9242075


I'm still fairly new to design. Tbh I just made matching dresses for myself and a couple of friends, but people have shown interest so...

About her body type, it's not just large exactly, kind of... lumpy. I haven't ever made anything for that body type yet. My impression of her is that her bust exceeds 100 cm. If anyone has experience with that sort of thing, I'd like to hear about it

>> No.9242078

post progress pics for feedback as you go.

>> No.9242090
File: 123 KB, 350x250, cheh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>selling dress+socks+barrette
>not much luck selling it on LM/sales
>friend sees it and says she wants to buy it
>offer to sell it at a discounted price than listed for the set
>"can't pay now, have to wait a few months"
>ok, no rush
>a few weeks later, asks again
>"can you take $50 off the price, anon?"

Seriously, this is why I don't like selling to friends. Makes me mad sometimes at how entitled some of them are, just because they know the seller at a "personal level", they can get things for free/super cheap.

inb4 get better, non cheapskate friends

>> No.9242103
File: 20 KB, 300x188, 1400118984726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Met a girl who found out I could afford brand, she's been only contacting me for money since
We aren't even friends, I bought a commission off of her (which hasn't been delivered mind you) and she's been pestering me for money since.
>"help me i'm off my meds, i cant afford them, last time i couldn't afford them i wanted to kill myself~"
(I told her good luck with that)
>"I really want this DVD set but I had to pay for food and feminine supplies, man this was the only thing that made me happy, I want to cut now! its going to be very hard not to cut!"
(told her good luck with that once again)
>"Its so hard having borderline personality disorder anon, so many people with this kill themselves that have this. I just want to cut myself and die, you wouldn't possibly understand, I NEED medicine to live!"
(told her I have borderline myself and I have been off medication for 3 years and have just learned to not be a twat)

I'm kind of tempted to just file a paypal claim. She is nothing but a nuisance and I just wanted someone to do art for me. I'm regretting this shit hardcore. But at the same time I know her family is in a shitty situation (always broke due to animal hoarding) and that taking my money back would put her in a shittier situation.

>> No.9242195

Sage for unrelated, but my hands are killing me. I just spent 3 hour unmatting someone's hair. No idea why they didn't brush it for 3 months, but oh well. It was a single dread by the time they asked for help.

>> No.9242214
File: 242 KB, 700x525, goblineye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>new girl shows up to our tea
>decide to chat her up
>she's clearly from the rural parts of the state
>"What a lovely comm. I'm so glad you don't have any dindoos."
>all of my wat
>ask her wtf "dindoos" are
>"You know... (whispers) blacks."

What the fuuuuuuucck? This bitch was ita as shit, btw. Should I try to teach her tolerance and fashion, or something?

>> No.9242220

Run away before she makes her mess your mess. Before you know it she'll take you refusing to give her money "for meds" and twist it into some crazy story about how you told her to kill herself because you hate her.
You can file a paypal claim and give her the money back once she gives you what you bought.

>> No.9242222
File: 38 KB, 400x397, tumblr_ofa0ecshPE1tnpywyo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>didn't brush it for 3 months
OMG. What? Why?

>> No.9242227

It's dindu, as in "my son was a good boy he dindu nuffin". It's /pol/ of course.

>> No.9242230

They had it up in a man bun for 3 months.

>> No.9242236
File: 197 KB, 500x321, surprise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never imagined that a cute girl would be a poltard.

Shit, I wonder if she browses this board as well.

>> No.9242261

I want one for my trip to the pool.

>> No.9242267
File: 1.85 MB, 640x480, facepalm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bought OP
>Tits within measurements
>Shoulders apparently not
>can only fit half of tits in bust
I have only myself to blame.

>> No.9242270

i knew a guy who got so bad his matted hair was molding

he was a good guy, just went through a really fucking rough patch

>> No.9242271

>excited for post-Halloween craft store sales
>car breaks down

fucking hell m8

>> No.9242280

just neck the bitch. Slice that jugular and don't look back.

>> No.9242281

i hope you realize that /cgl/ is probably the most caustic cosplay board of all and really hates it when people aren't perfect. In my experience cosplayers in general are very accepting of people who don't have flawless outfits. Don't be afraid of doing something just because /cgl/ wouldn't like it because chances are that the con you go to people wont' give half a shit.

>> No.9242283

as someone who had to deal with this same thing last week
use a ton of conditioner and do it while its wet look up tutorials on how to undo dreads for help

>> No.9242284
File: 64 KB, 392x495, IMG_0452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im going to sound like a cancerous newfag but I'm here on this board for the cosplay side not so much Lolita, but this dress is gorgeous. Anyone got a name?

>> No.9242288

I really hope that you're not this dumb and you're simply baiting

>> No.9242302

Haenuli's Angel of music

>> No.9242314

Oh. Ha, ha, thank you. It's out though! It took 1 1/2 bottles of conditioner and 3 hours of my evening though.

Oh man, it's a mess. I had to do it though. The salons wouldn't have touched it.

>> No.9242316
File: 84 KB, 500x398, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can women explain why you go out of your way to show cleavage in so many of your outfits but get all uppity if people look at it?

>> No.9242317

That's what happened to my friend... it had begun to collect the mold, grey slimy shit. Gross. I think it had been a rough 3 months.

They promised never to let it happen again.

>> No.9242319

Please be understanding some women don't 'try' if you are talking about a tank top.

If one has any chest to speak of, the girls simply run free when tank tops are involved.

>> No.9242325

I'll add 'v' and scoop necks to that matter as well. Assuming a woman wears a good fitting bra and has a larger cup size, cleavage just happens. So... you have some girls who work to achieve it to feel sexy. But you also have some girls who simply can't wear lower cut clothing without it naturally showing.

And it kind of sucks to be forced to wear nothing but crew necks to avoid it.,, She's pissed and gets uppity that she can't wear what her flat chested friend wore without looking like a tart.

>> No.9242326

way too many people relate.. i'm the infamous "I have a bf who didn't shower" anon.
Rough patches really fuck people up and I'm glad I don't have to deal with that shit any more

>> No.9242356


I guess there is a difference between looking and ogling and some folks don't know the difference.

Then you have some folks who once they see cleavage treat the person as a secondary character to the boobs attached to them.

>> No.9242375
File: 645 KB, 500x580, 63456345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How bad would it be if my mom tagged along to a meet with me? She's nice, social, supportive of lolita, and wouldn't try to edge her way into comm-y stuff like photos and whatnot. Can't drive myself around for medical reasons (won't bother with the full B'AWW story) and think it'd be really good to get out of the house. The meet is almost an hour away so she couldn't just go back home, and I don't have the heart to ask her to hang out somewhere else since she's already doing me a favor.

I'm definitely going to message one of the comm leaders first and ask if it's alright. I'd hate to make a bad impression just because I'm sick all the time. Feelsbad

>> No.9242382

Bust > 100cm isn't that much of a problem, it's underbust and body shape. If you don't even know how to adjust your patterns for that you shouldn't be selling to people, even if they are interested.

>> No.9242384

I would honestly dislike having a mother hang around. Most of the comm trying to act like normal and pretend she isn't there, but always having it in the back of her mind. The other half trying to awkwardly include her in conversations...it's never pleasant to have a stranger tag along. Relative or not.

You can get an uber, look up other local activities/restaurants for her, or cross your fingers and hope your comm will happily accept you to another meet after putting them through that the first time.

>> No.9242386

Take your money back and cut ties. Her borderline is not your issue, nor are her family's issues your issues. You paid for a commission and she didn't deliver, you don't owe her jack shit.

>> No.9242387

>gel pads
>get a decent petti, also you don't need bloomers unless the crotch of your tights is see through
>alligator clips and pins
>wig cap, plus use hairspray to hold bits in place
>get over yourself
>glasses cleaning cloth
>jesus get a decent bra

like if you'd planned a bit you could have avoided this shit.

>> No.9242389

It took me half the length of the relationship again and acquiring a couple of foster cats to do it. Like I knew things had been bad for 6 months at our 1 year anniversary but still took me another 6 months to break up with him.

>> No.9242390
File: 31 KB, 350x346, 1476843615862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks gull! I don't want to make anybody uncomfortable. Just needed the confirmation that it was a bad idea. I don't think I'll ever muster up the courage to join a comm and the future isn't looking too bright. It's fun to think about sometimes, but I'll stay online/lonelita. It's not all that bad. Never get sick, gulls.

>> No.9242432

I stopped regularly visiting /pol/ once they went full alt-right, so it might have leaked out into other parts of the internet by now.

>> No.9242438

Go home, r9k

>> No.9242439
File: 94 KB, 412x412, tmp_19712-1474946844688-205364408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9242445

when I was 16 years old and attended my first lolita meetup with a non-lolita parent approve chaperone (only way i could go) it didn't go down well. I was pulled aside several times by different members and told this wasn't ok. The situation was extremely awkward for the both of us.

If you put your mom in a dress they wouldn't mind though and find it the most endearing thing if she showed interest too. otherwise, just save yourself the hassle, you WILL make a bad impression.

>> No.9242446

Dump that asshole.

>> No.9242447

This happened to me in October. It was awful. All my love, anon.

>> No.9242454

>tfw no lolita/cosplay gf

Why even live, bros?

>> No.9242457

if you're willing to shell out >$300 on a dress every week you shouldn't have any trouble

>> No.9242459

sounds pretty based desu

>> No.9242468

>you shouldn't have any trouble

And yet...

>> No.9242475

Well maybe you'll make progress if you start treating people like human beings rather than focusing on their labels and hobbies. I wouldn't want to date someone who was only interested in me because of my frilly dresses.

>> No.9242545

I finally told mine to leave...

They were wasting my time.

>> No.9242553
File: 16 KB, 300x202, 1475328587383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying I would ever associate with the catty, meme-spouting bitches who inhabit this board

>> No.9242575

>get gf
>she's not into lolita or cosplay
>I want to go to cons
>she doesn't

Ah yes. Progress :^ )

>> No.9242580
File: 43 KB, 376x410, 1477894485619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the hell? Did anyloli else hear her, or was this a private convo?

Tea parties are no place for open racism!

>> No.9242592

what about that says /r9k/?

>> No.9242635

>cons being the end all be all of your relationship

This might be part of your problem.

>> No.9242637


I once had a boyfriend with this problem. It was an LDR and I thought he only had sexy long gorgeous hair.... He came to visit me and on the third day I asked if I could brush his hair because damn on the surface it looked hella nice. He said sure.

>Undid his ponytail
>hahaha why isn't it coming apart
>like a normal ponytail
>touch it
>a large, hard, tangled knot.
>Oh hell no.

I took scissors to it and it made me gag as soon as I cut into it because of the smell. Stuff flew up! Like, it looked like spores, smelled like mold. Maybe it was just dead skincells but no matter what my speculations are it was still disgusting. I broke up with him because he was as lazy with his hygiene as he was with the relationship. Dirt crusts guys. On the skin of his back.

>> No.9242638

not op but being able to share and enjoy hobbies together is an pretty great part about being in a relationship.
if they wont bother to try the thing you like, how do you know they even bother to like you?

>> No.9242639

They aren't, I just wish I didn't have to go alone every time.

Besides, if there already exist people who are into the convention scene, why shouldn't I seek them out?

Why would it be a bad thing to seek romantic interests in places where people with the same hobby as you, gather?

>> No.9242640

Congratulations! Here's to both of us and better relationships.

>> No.9242657

And here I thought my hair was nasty because I only wash it every other day.

>> No.9242658
File: 47 KB, 377x640, 1463033130826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your terrible time reminds me of a friend i had a couple years ago. She always had migranes and loved halloween/cosplaying and stuff and even though she had issues and her life was kinda a perpetual wreck i miss her. We used to go to our mall and make fun of fat girls and make whale noises together. I miss her so much.

>> No.9242660
File: 21 KB, 240x240, 1416016354614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cosplay girlfriend maybe but you don't want a lolita girlfriend.

They're fucking crazy. Selfish, materialistic, unfairly demanding. Basically every negative stereotype about women rolled up into 1 package.

>> No.9242664

Why don't you just go with friends? That's how the majority of people attend cons.

>> No.9242667

I met a kid who liked pokemon on the playgrround but he didn't seem to realize that this was fuckin Digimon town

We kicked his ass and stole his cards and drew digimon all over his stupid pokemon cards.

I feel no remorse to this day fucker should have kept that faggotry to himself

>> No.9242670


you sound like my ex, anon

>> No.9242676

I'm not saying to not have anything in common with your partner I'm just saying you don't have to have all the exact same hobbies as your SO.

Just because they might not like conventions doesn't mean you won't get along wonderfully and have many other similar interests.

I didn't say any of this anon Just said not going to conventions shouldn't be a deal breaker for a relationship if you two already get along well enough to date.

>> No.9242678

This. Big boobs fucking suck.

>> No.9242708
File: 76 KB, 480x300, 1377050229651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw love big boobs
>tfw gf has big boobs
>tfw she wants smaller boobs

>> No.9242829

My friend lives in Indo, 11,000 miles away from me. Kinda sucks.

>> No.9242831

that is reasonable for most people, especially in winter or during drought conditions

>> No.9242847

>>tfw love big boobs
>>tfw gf has big boobs
>>tfw she wants smaller boobs
But big boobs is literally painful.
Imagine having a backpack on your front but 24 hours a day every single day of your life.
Shits awkward yo

>> No.9242876

I know, and because of that, I don't blame her for wanting the surgery nor try to change her mind. I just let her know that I love her body.

I'll support her if she gets the surgery, but that'll be a huge bummer.
And I can't promise it won't at least slightly lower my attraction to her.

>> No.9242895

>friend wants to do love live group
>have wanted to cosplay with this friend forever
>late 20s, busty, defined muscles in arms/legs from working out
>never going to look like cute idol teen

>> No.9242899

If it's something like a museum where she can come with you, then go off and do her own thing and meet up with you again at the end, it's okay. If it's a tea party or she hangs round with the comm the entire time it'll likely be super awkward.

>> No.9242901

Turtlenecks can also enhance the bust, even high necks are perceived as trying to show off the boobs pin-up style.

>> No.9242906

I had a friend in beauty surgery who got the reduction surgery. The doctors removed 10 pounds from one breast, 12 pounds from the other. She had it paid for by insurance because she was in danger of developing back problems from 40 pounds of weight on her chest. (Breasts weight more than we commonly think!)

She still had huge boobs afterward. They don't just reduce the breasts during the surgery. The doctors generally also even up both sides as well as lift the tissue. The doctors will make them look very nice. (I'm just saying, they may look better afterward.)

It is surgery though. If they aren't causing her skeletal problems and severe pain, she shouldn't get it done.

If the only pain she's facing is near her time of month, she may want to look into options to alleviate period symptoms such as different birth control options and prescription medicine before going with surgery.

>> No.9242908

beauty school* I was thinking of surgery, and wrote surgery instead of school.

Ribbed turtlenecks are the worst.

>> No.9242913

I'd explain to your comm leaders about your health problems in private.

I'd ask your mother if it's okay to drop you off with an emergency contact number if one of the other members agrees to stay present until she arrives to pick you up.

She likely won't mind going to do her own thing. It's your health that's concerning her. She doesn't want to go shopping or to a movie, the meet end, she gets behind... and then everyone leaves and something happens to you while you are waiting alone on her.

Given the situation, one of the members in charge likely wouldn't mind sticking around after the meet ends in the event your mother runs behind. They also likely wouldn't mind keeping your emergency contact on hand. Especially if those two things means you can get an hour or two of time without a chaperone.

>> No.9242916

And if it's diabetes or an issue you'll need help injecting medicine, it is still worthwhile to ask your comm. You'd be surprised how common such things are. Usually in any given large group, somebody knows how to administer medicine in an emergency. Hell, I know one person on /cgl/ mentioned they are a nurse.

>> No.9242920

>planned for Halloween for an entire year
>RSVPd to three different Halloween events
>super excited, going to get to wear a spoopy coord, a high-effort costume and a lowkey costume
>get sick, sudden deadlines, have to work extra hours, all my friends cancel
>miss all of them, sleep through Halloween itself because I'm exhausted

The last party I'd planned to go to was a really big event I'd been looking forward to since last year. I feel like such a flaky piece of shit for not going because I wasn't even sick any more by that one, I was just tired couldn't be bothered going out alone in the cold.

>sat here looking regretfully at the costumes and coords that I can't wear til next year

>> No.9242923

eh idol teens look like they would be broken by a stiff breez don't feel bad anon just do what you want and people aren't gonna care all that much.
I'd prefer a genuinely attractive person to some twig looking weeb any day.

>> No.9242934

>I'd rather look """""""""""""cute"""""""""""" than hot


>> No.9242957

>people having different preferences and ideals to yours

>> No.9242972

This is exactly the reason I haven't been to any of my local meets.
I am disabled and have an illness where i could just drop at any point and need to get the fuck home so I can't not have a carer with me when I go out.

I know it feels like a dick move but your mom sounds really nice and supportive, so I feel like she'd be happy to give you some space for the length of the meet. Try talking to her about it!
I think if my mom saw me wanting to try being independent and social she would cry from happiness lmao.

>> No.9243030
File: 12 KB, 193x152, heystop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9243037

Oh I'm happy with my body, these are just not flattering costumes for me at all, so
Gonna suck it up and do it though

>> No.9243100
File: 45 KB, 358x429, 13133186_1016726398375627_3802055901562185208_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, is that NOT what lolita is all about?

What the hell? My comm sings the cummies song before every meetup. It's our most sacred tradition.

>> No.9243134

>have almost 100 positive feedback as a seller, no negative feedback
>smoke weed in same room as lolita closet
>have pets
>do not mention pets or smoke in sales posts

>> No.9243174
File: 62 KB, 980x490, landscape-1449762472-poot-demi[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tall as hell
>7.5/10 looks on a good day
>every convention photo i recieve back looks like shit
>people shorter than me taking photos just makes me look shitty as hell, bad lighting, bad angles, you can see up my nostrils, pictures end up looking like pic related
>used to trip on /co/
>a few of my cosplays circulated /co/ for a bit and everyone thought I was a crossdressing twink
>gained a small following of gay guys who thought I was a crossplaying twink

I've started to only take selfie shots of my cosplays since asking someone shorter than me to photograph me is hell, even so, pictures of me still end up online and people still think I'm a crossdresser in photos.. I still enjoy cosplaying but running into pictures of myself with "OH MY GOD ITS GOT A DICKKKK" caption is annoying.

friends with a few of those gay guys from /co/ though, so it isn't all bad.

>> No.9243200
File: 635 KB, 1127x1050, 1288064617421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Boyfriend wants me to have sex in lolita
>Tell him I don't want to get it dirty
>"How are you going to get it dirty? lol"
>He's right, it's not like we're into scat or anything
>Getting into it
>Doing missionary
>We never have clothed sex so the new feeling is very erotic fro me
>Oh fuck, really really into it and getting light headed
>"Uh oh..."
>"W-wha?" I can hardly even spit out my mouth since I'm drooling
>"Babe, you're bleeding.."
>takes a second to click in my head
>Immediately get up
>Stumble t the bathroom with weak legs
>Take of and assess the damage
>Petti has pretty big blood pool
>Some spotting on my sax Florentia Princess
>Cry my eyes out trying to clean as boyfriend tries to console

Fuck my irregular period, I didn't even feel it coming at all. Fuck me. I need tips. The petti is probably bleach-able but how do I get blood of sax!?

>> No.9243202

For the dress - spot wash and run heaps of water through the spots, and use a laundry soap. Don't use hot water, bleach, or anything else to start with, and rub really gently at the spots (don't scrub).
With your petti, soak it in tons of cold water and run water through it, then before you get to the bleach etc. put it through a machine wash by itself in a laundry bag.
Hot water will often 'set' a blood stain so wash your petti cold.

>> No.9243204 [DELETED] 

I'd be her friend. Dindus really shouldn't be in lolita so there's nothing wrong with what she said. There's a difference between a dindu and a regular nigger.

>> No.9243206

If you have some, try using an enzyme stain remover on your dress. Do a spot test beforehand, to see if it is ok on your print.

>> No.9243210

You're not supposed to wash your hair (or skin, for that matter) every day. Your body has natural oils in place and washing them off too frequently damages it. Your hair and skin will age faster if you soap up every day. Unless it's sweaty hot summer, best to rinse one day and soap the next. So alternate between a just water shower and a soapy shower.

The idea of using soap every single day came from marketers taking advantage of self conscious consumers; same with mouth wash (which really isn't needed for proper dental hygiene at all -- just brush and floss regularly and properly).

>> No.9243214

Thanks a lot, gulls!
This literally just happened like 10 minutes before I posted and I was super freaked but I think it'll be okay. I need to get an enzyme stain remover tomorrow when the stores open ASAP but right now I have my dress in a bucket of cold water and my petti washing

Hopefully it all goes well, will update tomorrow ^_^

>> No.9243220
File: 86 KB, 472x718, 1461299589851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, concert whistle, uilleann pipes, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukulele, drums, djembe, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, xylophone, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, ocarina, hammered dulcimer, wine glasses, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing in falsetto, vibrato, or tremolo
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can read musical notation or can conduct an orchestra
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can sing in constructed languages like Hymmnos
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can write the scripts or songs for musical theatre or may be participants themselves in it's showing
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can dance
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can throat sing
>mfw woodsmen who play the concertina

You're absolutely the best and I just have to let you know!

>> No.9243221

>I can't promise it won't at least slightly lower my attraction to her.
You care more about your girlfriends keeping her big tits than solving whatever discomfort they're giving her, I hope she dumps you. Douchebag.

>> No.9243222


I have endometriosis and because of almost constant pain I wear everything super high on my waist- like just under my ribs high. Try staggering your waistbands if you can, it'll relieve a little bit of that pressure!

>> No.9243224

oh god you again

>> No.9243231

Jesus christ /cgl/, the way you talk about your relationships with other people cannot be healthy (sexual or otherwise). You're willing to stop talking to people over the pettiest bullshit.

>> No.9243237

Maybe that is why i look shit in every photo, since i am 6'4" and pretty much everyone is shorter than i am (and i live in a country where the average height is like 5"11" mind)

>> No.9243239

I said before.

Lolitas are psychos.

>> No.9243240

Alternative fashion generally attracts the crazies, but I don't think cosplayers are any better. It honestly depends how much they're into it. If they just wear the clothes because they like them, in my experience they're a lot better than people who make lolita their whole identity, who have it as their main hobby or who have almost no non-lolita friends.

>> No.9243242

Every little frill on a lolitas clothes may as well be a tiny red flag warning of danger.

And boy are there a lot of frills on them.

>> No.9243245

i know this is going to sound dumb and it might be too late to try. but spit is a surprisingly good spot cleaner for immediately after a bloody mess.

Spit on that shit as much as possible then proceed with other anons advice. My first piece of advice for anyone getting blood stains is that because of the enzymes in saliva it works at least reasonably well immediately after you have stained anything with blood. If the stain sets you'll be fucked, or rather it will require a lot more work.

>> No.9243247

Eh, if that's how you want to generalise people then that's up to you.

>> No.9243248

I mean just look at these threads.

>> No.9243258

more like look at /cgl/ it's a very special place where only the perfect fit in. Which is crazy cause cosplay communities are generally very inclusive.

The only reason i'm still here is because i like the anonymous discourse and would rather not have people know about my awkward past, which for some reason always gets me in trouble even though i have changed.

>> No.9243291

ill be ur lolita gf hehe

>> No.9243295
File: 68 KB, 500x700, IMG_9477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol. way to bring up that awkward past

>> No.9243296

"Evie" is actually a girls name but from the description you gave I'd assume the mom named her "Eevee" which is horrible.

>> No.9243301

>that happens
>almost immediately post on 4chan

>> No.9243309
File: 4 KB, 213x165, really guys, really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have sex with bf
>soil nice clothes
>post on 4chan

i don't know where this train of thought was heading and i can't begin to fathom why you would come to the /cgl/ feels thread about it. But a tip of the fedora and a hearty chuckle nonetheless.
I'm curious to see how this goes

>> No.9243314

I always wondered this about skincare routines, I mean it looks nice and all, but I can't imagine it being good to put a dozen of products on your face on a daily basis.

At the same time all those koreans seem to have flawless faces that never age so what do I know?

>> No.9243326

the only scientifically significant improvement in skin condition is to wear sun screen and maybe use moisturiser. But sunscreen has great proof in being effective, moisturisers are a little bit less so but they don't hurt you.

My advice. What the anon posted above (there is nothing that supports daily showering is "good" for you) plus daily application of sunscreen if you are going to be outside (or even if you aren't) and you will get the best most provable results.

Your skin is perfectly adequate of healing itself just give it an environment free of additional damage and it will do the rest.

>> No.9243330

Maybe you should stop eating so much smashed avo and ask your parents to help buy you a house and then you can go on holiday?

( i feel you anon I've been working ft for a year and squandering all my cash rather than saving up to move out or buy a place but the market is too shit for me to consider buying. Go on a holiday. You deserve it. Houses can wait. )

>> No.9243374

Reach out to all your friends ahead of time to explain the situation. Boil the drama down to 1-2 sentences ("I paid for a wig commission, she lied about it for a year and then asked to end our friendship because I was upset about it"), and then explain that you want to put this drama behind you and don't want it to affect anyone's con. You'd like to avoid being around her but still want to see them, and are they okay with that? If this girl is already lying about you, it's important to get everyone on the same page before she can start whispering in their ears and/or having them avoid you at con. Coming across as someone who just wants to have fun and avoid drama, rather than someone who's shit talking the other party should also help your case.

>> No.9243402

I've been feeling really ugly lately no matter how nice I dress or how many people compliment me. My next cosplay is going to be way more extensive than anything I've done yet and the outfit is a bodysuit. I'm already stressing about looking my best and I'm super worried about looking like shit next to my friend (they're cosplaying from the same series). I just wish I felt good about myself for longer than five seconds. I love cosplay because it gives me confidence...or it used to when I first started. Now I just compare myself to everyone else

>> No.9243411

Are you from America?

>I just compare myself to everyone else

But why? The only "person" you should be comparing yourself to in cosplay is the character that you are cosplaying. The people at the convention aren't characters, they're other cosplayers, and sometimes ass at it.

Cosplay is about attention to detail and effort. At the same time, assuming that you aren't advertising yourself, you aren't expected to be doing some crazy amazing super high detailed job.

Just do your best, and most importantly, let yourself enjoy yourself

>> No.9243442

I don't mean to, it just happens. I start to worry that I look bad or my cosplays aren't as good as I think they are even if I worked hard on them.

I know part of it is because I'm more active on social media now. Before, I was fairly new to it so I didn't keep up with the cosplay community. Now I know more people/follow more cosplayers and I feel like I have to maintain a certain image. It's stupid, I know, but hard to break out of.

Idk, I'm a perfectionist by nature and making cosplays challenges me so I don't want to give it up but I wish I could recapture the feeling I had in the beginning. My cosplays were bad but I had more fun.

>> No.9243461


>> No.9243468

4chan boys can be just as fucked as 4chan girls.

The main difference that I've seen between the two genders on 4chan is that females tend to have violent mood swings into anxiety and depression while males tend to be more stable in their moods (which can mean depression for months to years with no joy).

The main thing to concern yourself with is if you can handle their crazy and they can handle yours.

>> No.9243475

You know how many people play up the stereotype and blatantly lie on these threads?

Also normies are not any better from my experience.

>> No.9243504

Make sure your bath bombs don't contain sugar. Vaginas don't go well with sugar (If you have one).

>> No.9243519

Spit. Your spit has an enzyme that will break down the proteins in the blood and stop it from staining. It's exactly the same shit as the enzyme cleaner, except it's free and you only need the quantity to get rid of the spots anyway.

>> No.9243527

>of the opposite gender

nah, none.

>> No.9243545
File: 40 KB, 480x360, 4768989b-4929-43d8-a3d9-8742e13515e5..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It worked! I used woolite and water since the store wasn't open and it worked fine after rigorous and continuous cleaning.

I didn't get to try the spit though, though my boyfriend does spit on me so he'd have plenty to help with xD

Going to celebrate with a blunt.

>> No.9243547

Damn, this may be the most obnoxious post on this board.
>bragging about being "kinky"
>lol so cool, i smoke weed

>> No.9243554

Jesus fucking Christ I wanna put more bloodstains on your frills.

>> No.9243566

feel ya anon. i spent halloween night watching trick or treaters from inside my store, where we were setting up christmas trees. we didn't even hand out candy. missed the halloween meetup bc i got sick too.

>> No.9243589 [DELETED] 

It needs to be your spit specifically anon.

Something to do with since it's your blood...

>> No.9243596

The holy grail of cringe posts

>> No.9243616
File: 87 KB, 1280x720, but I....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>having really anxious/bad dreams lately
>mostly regarding friend suddenly disliking me and not talking to me anymore
>think it's bc I haven't hung out with her in awhile but I've seen her making plans with another friend for lolita-related things
>even tagged her in a fb memory and she didn't respond
>thought maybe it's bc she felt snubbed for not getting an invite to a party that I went to but idk
>the logical reason is that she's just been too busy and I'm being sensitive
>last night's dream was about spotting her at a mall full of brand in lolita
>I was wearing lolita too
>she didn't say a thing to me or even acknowledge my existence
>when she did it was about how much she was disgusted w/ me and blatantly avoids me
>carries on into the mall w/ other friend
>I pathetically linger in the mall trying to act like I belong there, holding back tears
>woke up thinking for a brief moment what had happened was true and we weren't friends anymore
>tfw I check fb and she finally messaged me back
These dreams literally rip my soul to pieces. They're just like live interactions with people and seem so real.

>> No.9243619

I wish it didn't work just because you made this post.

>> No.9243623

I had a feeling your post wouldn't do so well...

>> No.9243630

>Weed smoker probably sells lolita on LM
I want off this wild ride.

>> No.9243672

>t. roastie
i had to look this up and i still dont understand it

same with 4chan girls

I never claimed 4chan girls were better than boys.
i agree we're all fucking insane here though

>> No.9243691

>Can't get over ex
>See her in cosplay in person a couple days back and fall in love even more, but it'll never work after what I've done
>Grades are slipping, might not even pass any classes this semester
>Job that accepted me isn't sending time for employee orientation
>Lost 20+ lbs of gains in a single month
>Can't focus on anything
>Realize how mentally ill and feeble I really am

>> No.9243734

Oh, unless there were more aus comms doing graveyard tours it sounds like you're in the melb comm? It hasn't had many events since August

>> No.9243735

>no matter how many people compliment me

Wait, people compliment other rangom people? I wish i had people compliment me. Jesus it's hard to take yourself seriously when the only people who call you attractive are family and maybe a bf/gf/significant other.
Strange thing is I've been called attractive before but i never see anyone compliment me since "you look so confident you're quite intimidating".
Kill me

>> No.9243737


I think i predicted correctly with my former post

>> No.9243738

Seek what assistance you can with your current resources. Don't let yourself fall into a rut. You are suffering from grief and need to get over it.


Watch this. it should help you

>> No.9243741

they only really do it if you look unique from the crowd, e.g. not wearing totally normie clothes or just being really cute.

for instance, i get compliments in my regular clothing (mori and casually cute jfash) but i get a lot more when i'm in lolita. so i think being more noticeable has something to do with it.

the other day a guy was carrying my bags at a hotel. he said "i love your eyes. you look like a fairy." i was wearing mori and it gave me max blushu. i believe in you anon.

>> No.9243746

>be male
>dress in something more noticeable

i'm sorry anon and i believe you but what "noticeable" thing would in any way give people a positive impression of a male?
If i wore anything slightly deviating from regular clothes (regular for me being reasonably nice looking and well fitted clothes) people would think i'm a madman and only be less likely to approach or compliment.

>> No.9243751

i think you should ask yourself what kinds of alternative fashion you like, as opposed to what kinds will get you the most attention. what makes a positive impression for some will leave a negative impression to others. some people think lolita is weird ageplay shit, others think it's regal as fuck. depends.

just take what you're interested in and roll with it, and if you do it well then compliments and attention are likely to come.

but if you want to pander to an audience, ouji is a hell of a way to do it. a lot of lolitas' petticoats drop for a good ouji. i prefer men in nicely done mori myself, and you could probably get away with it in a more normie environment, but ouji is more popular.

>> No.9243768

I love School of Life.

>> No.9243773

the trouble is i'm not really interested in any "alt" fashion as such and i don't believe i have the build (i'm "skinny" but also somewhat defined and fit) for ouji or mori (and i think it looks meh at best at least on me). My fashion choices revolve around well fitting relatively plain clothes.

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