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Post about your feels, and tell feelsy stories.

Keep it cgl-related. Try not to pick any fights and get the thread deleted, okay, gulls?

Last thread >>9225188

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Good feel: getting your top tier dream dress in the cut/color you wanted after looking constantly for 2 years

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>tfw you meet cool people at a con, then can't find them on social media later

Damn it, her Anarchy Panty was 10/10 and I just wanna befriend her.

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>need to be saving for the two months I won't be working
>buy three dresses anyway, two on preorder and one secondhand dream dress
>"ok I'm done no more even looking at lolita sales"
>find other dream dress secondhand for decent price
>...it doesn't count as spending if I use the unexpected bonus I got, r-right

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Don't do it if you don't have the money for it. Dresses are never worth financial stress.

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>having more than 1 dream dress

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I'm sick of feeling lonely but whenever I go out with people I just can't wait to be back at home and alone. I never really have fun at meetups but I want a lolita friend. I don't know why I always have to make things difficult for myself!

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If it's any consolation, you're not alone. I know this feeling too well.

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>saving money for 11.11
>trying not to go over my budget
>cut back a lot of stuff I don't really need from wishlist
>cave and buy a wig and a new phone case
>going through college grades today
>Hurricane Matthew fucked up late start class
>scramble to get it all turned in
>grades suffer for it
>teacher makes remarks on everything pointing out what I missed/did wrong
>essay outline due
>decide to put extra work into it to make up
>"Anon, did you upload the wrong assignment? This is more a rough draft than an outline."
>fucking cry like a baby, nothing I do for this teacher is right
>buy myself something cheap off wishlist to make myself feel better

This is the first class I've taken where I really feel stupid. I had to email him and explain that I didn't upload the wrong assignment. Even though he said he wasn't trying to be critical, it's just that no one put that much effort into an outline, I still felt so stupid. Nothing I do is right in this class.

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on-topic feel:
>tfw miss two dresses i really wanted due to hesitation

lolita is one of the only things that makes me really happy anymore, why do i do this to myself. it doesn't help that they're hard to find. kicking myself for even letting this feel happen. it's been a bad week gulls. i actually cried because i'm an unstable fuck

i feel this feel

i live my life from assignment to assignment and work 6 or 7 hours outside of actual class daily. only issue with one professor who shits on my work. i wouldn't have a problem if i received ample feedback but it's getting kind of ridiculous.

on top of everything else, i lose more hope every day. all work and no play makes this gull want to off herself

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That feeling, anon. I hope you and me both make it through this semester.

>get to school at 9am roughly
>class from 10-11
>work from 11-1 on assignments
>class from 1-2
>go home and just sit and try to forget my lonely life until bed at 9
>wake up at 5am and start all over

It sucks having no social life and no friends here.

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I know it's hard but if money's tight don't even let yourself look at sales, it will only lead to regret and more stress.

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> just moved to a new city
> haven't made any friends in a few months. Have been lonely af and haven't explored the city because no friends to do it with
> change has been tough for me because I'm actually really social
> bit the bullet and signed up for a sugar daddy website because I'm hot and don't have time for a relationship so why not
> met two SDs
> first SD is young and attractive and doesn't give an allowance but we have awesome sex so it's more just like regular dating with a rich dude
> second SD is annoying but takes me shopping and gives me 1k a meet and I don't even have to do anything sexual except look pretty and act cute
> Basically get paid to see the city now
> a lot less lonely now and a lot richer
> just bought $1000 worth of j-fash clothes yesterday

Life is looking up. :)

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>want to begin drawing
>want to continue lolita
>want to play games
But i have absolutely no motivation whatsoever and just lies around feeling like talentless useless trash while watching netflix/youtube videos/...And I feel so bored all the time too, bored and melancholic. Even if i had a good day I feel "weird".
I've been diagnosed with depression before but i'm way better.

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>look up the username of the girl who snatched my dream dress on LM
>unfortunate greasy teen weeaboo

...it's okay girl, you can have it. you need it more than me.

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>got a phone interview for a job that pays like a babbillion bux an hr after months and months of no leads
>fanime in six months

so many cosplays riding on this interview

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might wanna cut down on the sodium

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download a blacklist program for your computer and lock down every lolita sale site for a set period (a month, whatever). then set parental control lock on your phone to block lolita sales sites. bonus if you have someone else make the code (as long as they'll remember it!!!).

magically lock yourself out of spending money voila

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This is how yandere shit happens

>hand over the lolita codes now, dess

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hahahaha. it's actually not too bad once you get through the first few days. the real trick is breaking the habit of checking the sites. after that, self control is a hell of a lot easier.

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>go into cocoon mode because working a lot
>stop cutting hair
>bangs grow out
>decide to cut bangs after a few months
>suddenly look like shit with bangs
>tfw you aged 5 years in 3 months

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I'm going to the League of Legends championships next saturday and I busted my ass to make a cool costume. It looks good but isn't perfect, but it's my first costume and I'm proud of it. I have a lot of anxiety about other cosplayers being there (Nigri, Spiral Cats etc). What if they do the same costume as me but better? I'll feel like a loser. My boyfriend is visiting from out of the state to come with me, and I don't want him to compare me to them like I always do. How do I confidence, /cgl/?

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>need a brown headbow in a specific shape so it will fit my face and flat hair
>IW has the perfect one in stock
>would be 50 euro including shipping and maybe some customs
>for a fucking simple headbow
>currently broke af, bc no job yet

If only someone would hire me finally I could buy that bow.

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>dream dress is up for sale at a really good price in preferred cut and color
>but can't buy it because any extra money is already reserved for other things
>dress usually goes for double what it's currently listed at
>tfw you just get to sit and wait and see how fast it gets snatched up

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.......serious question, why not make one? bows are very easy to make, anon

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what >>9229300 said, use it as a placeholder until you can find something better. just avoid satin or grosgrain ribbons because they look cheap, like the stuff moms tie into their cheerleader daughters' hair

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>Be on most local Maid café planning teams
>Not going to attend next year because money
>One café is expanding this year
>They need me to help plan entertainment concept
>Friend that I stopped talking to told me she'd apply
>Want her to work there because she's good, but at the same time I wanna stay as FAR AWAY FROM HER AS I CAN GET
>Really torn between going and not going

I really want to stay at home because then I won't be spending money and I'd avoid her. But I really want to make my local convention maid cafes successful, I believe I'd be able to control the quality of the service better in person

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There will always be someone better than you. Always. The important thing is that you've done the best job that you can with your skill set, resources, and money. If you've done the best you can, be proud of what you've done. Get pictures of it, and keep pushing yourself to do better.

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A good boyfriend wouldn't do that. But if you do notice him ogling the others, you have the upper hand and can call him out on his shit. Hell, even if he wasn't ogling them, you can still call him out. Free pass to guilt trip him and get stuff. One time my husband called another girl cute. I cut my inner thighs in front of him and threatened to keep going. I got a new dress!

Good luck anon!

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Sending you good vibes! Hopefully you'll and your job and get all the money for the cosplays!

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>One time my husband called another girl cute. I cut my inner thighs in front of him and threatened to keep going. I got a new dress!

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I hope you're trolling. Cause that is crazy insecure and manipulative.

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>One time my husband called another girl cute. I cut my inner thighs in front of him and threatened to keep going. I got a new dress!
You don't need a new dress you need counseling

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You probably are trolling but if not I hope the poor guy run away asap. Shit like this is why other boards think we are all hysterical crazies like you

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I don't want this to get too OT, so
>tfw I got blood on my petticoat and the stain won't come out

Nobody else will know, but I do and it bothers me.

Wah wah wah, femanon's a hysterical crazy. It's not like I don't know what I'm doing, and it's not like he can't leave. You can all have fun with your healthy relationships, but I'll be over here having a laugh and getting what I want. I deserve every happiness I can get, even at the expense of others. The world has done nothing for me, so I'm taking everything back. They all hurt me and now I'll hurt them. They did this to me. He knows what he got into. Why didn't anybody pay attention when I really needed help? Nobody helps a dying girl. But now that I'm pretty, they care.

(I went to counseling because they made me. I lied through my teeth and got out because they would take me away if I told them the truth)

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>posting worst girl

Yeah you're crazy alright

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lurk more.

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Well that's the problem. I have zero skills and would probably have a hard time finding the perfect shape I need (I even fail to make a proper bow with waist ribbons). I actually considered it though and looked around for ribbons. My local shops ar either surprisingly expensive or cheap shiny satin ribbons. I even looked for offbrand, but US bows are expensive with shipping and the chinese shops look very cheap (and the stock pictures always look different for some reason).
I'll probably think about it some more and either make one or save up some money for that IW headbow..

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have a catboy

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Good Fanime vibes goin your way. Love that con.

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Just sell something you don't like. I've been selling a lot lately after a horrible buying binge this summer, it's alright to buy a bunch if you sell the ones you're not as fond of

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I needed to hear this. Thank you anon. I'm going to do great!

>> No.9229466

You are gonna be great. Have fun this weekend.

>> No.9229469

You can use grosgrain if it's nice quality and mixed with other ribbons (sheers, especially). I never realized it looked alright until I bought a baby headbow that was made with grosgrain and lace

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My cosplays are so bad, I think I may genuinely be retarded.

I mean it. All I want in life is to make good stuff (cosplay and art), but my brain just doesn't work. I'm baka.

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TFW a facebook friend you really like posts a horribly ita photo

I knew they were into jfash and usually they have good taste, didn't know they liked lolita, but it's literally that black and white milanoo monstrosity. I don't know how to break it to them.

How do I stop this?

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Do you have any pictures of your cosplay?
Also, do you ever think there might be a cosplay that you have the perfect face/body/hair for, but have no idea what it is? Pic semi-related, this guys hair is insanely spot on. Knowing there might be someone I'm built to look like would make me pretty happy.

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My mom has been very sick for months and I'm afraid she might have cancer or some other debilitating illness. She's been to so many doctors and she actually had to be taken to the hospital on Thursday and nobody has been able to tell her anything. Seeing her in such bad shape is hard because she's the only parent I have and she's never been this way before.

I'm so scared and I don't know what to do. I want to almost quit school just so I can get a second job and pay all the bills. I know that's a dumb idea but it's all I can think of. I'm angry because I feel like my older sister could do much more and she's just constantly screwing up (she recently moved back in with us which has been added stress on my mom).

I don't want to give up cons and cosplaying because it's one of the only things that makes me happy and cons are the only times that I can see my close friends. But this is so hard and I feel so alone.

>> No.9229599

Post a pic. You can improve it
Or just accept it was your first try. Look at it. Reflect on what you can improve on next time.
Do better on your second. Repeat this until you make god tier costumes

>> No.9229615


I cosplayed at a convention as Irresponsible Captain Tyler. No one recognized me or took my picture.

I also did not have a girlfriend and still do not. Feels Batman.

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My first ever cosplay was a character that hadn't quite hit its boom as a flavor of the month character yet so I was the only one cosplaying her and got a ton of attention. It even got me some close friends I still have.
No cosplay I've ever done since has ever been as overwhelmingly fun and positive as that one though. I've just kind of fallen back on cosplaying unknown faves because I don't even give a shit if anyone knows who I am anymore, I can never hit that level again.
Pic related is me looking at people's con albums.

>> No.9229630

I'm mostly bummed out because I've wanted to be an artist my whole life, and everything I make is bad.

I'm 27. Maybe it's just time to give up.

>> No.9229632

I'd like to see your cosplay, if you took any pictures yourself.

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>friend always gets really active at cons, bruising her legs badly doing dives and shit

>she mentions on Fb that she's not coming to a con next weekend
>comment "Oh well, it'll save you some bruised knees."

>her mother shows up and flips a shit, thinking that I'm calling her daughter a whore

>> No.9229655

Fuck that.
Its the perfect time to start going hard. You have time and money to make great things. Chase your dreams, believe in yourself.
You will pull through.

>> No.9229672

I appreciate it, but I'm pretty damn poor (Work at a food truck) and I'm at the age where the rest of my life is all downhill. I wasted my youth chasing a stupid dream, and now maybe it's time to accept that it just wasn't meant to be.

>> No.9229674

Dude no. I'm a lolita and just lost my grandma who raised me. More than anything else, she wanted me to be successful. You need to be strong and stay in school, the bills and everything else will be fine. It's your future that's important. My grandma didn't even want to live at the end. She died right after a big accomplishment in my life that I had been waiting years for. I am going to go to a meetup this weekend and not cry at all. She just wanted me to be happy, and lolita and my job are what make me happy. Keep going to cons and cosplaying, but stay in school and try to watch your hobby budget so you can save up to pay off loans

>> No.9229681

Sounds like you're pretty far into the introvert scale. You might have better luck finding a local lolita online, establishing a friendship, and then hanging out at each other's houses and only going to meets with each other.

Does cgl still have friend finder threads or are the janitors assholes about them?

I'd love to sugar (in more of the paid companion sense than sex worker sense). I talked to my boyfriend about it, and while he supports the idea, he doesn't want me to meet up with anyone in person, which kinda... cuts down my potential client base by a ton. I'd love to have someone like your second SD though.

Wishing you good luck on landing that job.

Working a lot will do that to you, lol.

>I don't want him to compare me to them like I always do
They're market bimbos who don't even make their own costumes. Most people's first cosplays are terrible but it sounds like you put a lot of love and effort into yours. If you're proud of it, that's what matters, and I def agree with >>9229313 this Anon.
>Get pictures of it, and keep pushing yourself to do better.
And focus on having fun and spending time with your boyfriend.

I know the feeling of not wanting to be around someone at a con. You're there to work, though, would you be able to just pretend you're busy to try and dodge her as much as possible?

Keep trying. Some people have natural talent, some people need to work for it, and the people who worked their asses off are pretty amazing. I'm 27 too, my friends who cosplay are my age or in their 30s. Follow your dreeeeeeams, Anon. You're gonna look back one day and see how much you've improved and its gonna feel great.

>> No.9229683

I lost both parents due to illness, and when my mom died I was still in HS so I had nothing when I graduated. I was criticized for my hobbies, but they were the only thing that kept me happy and I've met so many wonderful people over the years because of them and probably would have been long gone if it weren't for them.

Stay in school, it'll do you better in the long run.

Is your sister doing nothing but being a financial leach?

>> No.9229709

Shallow feel but

>tfw dream shoes show up
>in 11.5

Is anyone with bigger feet interested in the caravaggio baroque heels at all? It's currently on fluemarket so I thought I'd let you gulls know.

>> No.9229799 [DELETED] 

How often do you cry, gulls, and why?

I cry every few weeks because I'm trapped in a shitty arrangement with my ex boyfriend/roommate. He's a loser, to put it crassly. I can't kick him out because he is in between jobs, and making him homeless would go against my morals so badly that I would have a break down. But he can really push my buttons. He makes me feel guilty when I go out with my friends without him (I don't make enough to pay for him all the time)--today he threw a fit until I agreed to bring him to chill with my friends when he wasn't even invited in the first place. He drags his feet to get anything done, like finding a job or making appointments... I literally have to dial the number and put the phone in his hand for him to make a simple call. He feels entitled to me giving him housing and he expects to be paid when he does simple chores, as if free rent is something he's entitled to and not something he can earn by helping out. I just can't wait for him to find a job and finally get out of here. I love him as a dear friend, but he is the main cause of my stress. He has an interview this Monday and I'm desperately hoping he gets it so he can eventually leave.

To keep it cgl-related, I am anticipating the day I get him out so I can start my search for a boyfriend or girlfriend who loves j-fashion and cosplaying. I refuse to even look now while I'm in this arrangement (it would just be unnecessary drama), but I definitely need a fashion conscious weeb partner.

>> No.9229800

Why is his home more important than your health? There are places for the homeless to go and I'm sure he must have friends other than you (if he doesn't then maybe he's not a very good friend....did you ever think of that??). It sounds like he's taking advantage of your good nature and let's be honest, he isn't going to leave if you don't force him to - why would he when he can clearly manipulate you into giving him free rent, organising his whole social life and supporting him? He's got a good thing going on and you're facilitating it. Kick him out, if any of your other friends was in this situation I bet you would tell them the exact same thing so why can't you do it yourself?

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Im feeling sad after a fight with my SO, I'm really tempted to buy random lolita shit to cheer myself up but I shouldnt be spending money on it right now.

>> No.9229807

Don't do it.

>> No.9229815

Can i have the link anon?
Altho i know your pain, it's often the other way around for me.

>tfw will never be able to fit brand shoes
>tfw will never be able to fit brand ops because of my shoulders
>tfw unlike fat people, there is nothing i can do about that

>> No.9229827

You could just embrace it and become the Korra of /cgl/

>> No.9229837

Speaking as a teacher, no good teacher wants to make you feel shitty about your work, so he probably doesn't realise how badly his comments are getting to you. Why don't you try asking him to focus on just four or five points for improvement in your next assignment? It's less marking for him to do, so surely he'd only say no if he was an asshole.

>> No.9229842

>Implying you will off yourself
Fuck that prof

>> No.9229843

Every time halloween comes around I want to cross play as a qt 2hu but am reminded I have no friends or social contacts to do halloween shit with. Why did I even come to this board.

>> No.9229852

Its ok to cry.

Just bee urself :)

>> No.9229862

To lurk and watch other people have fun, anon. Like the countless other of us social retards are doing. `~`

>> No.9229863

I'm sorry for your loss, anon. My father passed away when I was four so my mom is the only parent I've ever really known. I've been trying to focus on my classes and my artwork but I worry all the time. I'm planning my first con/vacation trip for next year and I'd be gone for a week. I'm so scared that something will happen or that I shouldn't even spend the money. I'm already beating myself up for planning a new cosplay.

My sister didn't finish college, didn't finish her esthetics license, and doesn't work because she screwed up and had two kids with guys that ended up leaving. I love her but she doesn't try to make money somehow and she has basically no plans for the future. She just sits around and complains but doesn't try to make changes.

I know that if anything happened to my mom, she'd be no help.

>> No.9229864

I really don't want to email him again unless I absolutely have to. I'm sure he's a great guy because a classmate of mine has him for in-person classes but online? Well, he had me up until 11:30PM doing homework the day after I got power back in my home thinking I had two assignments due at midnight. Soon as I turned them in he changed the due date to four days later.
Same thing happened again when four days later I was checking my assignments and found a "Due the 14th!" assignment tucked away in another folder and when I emailed him all I got was a "Yeah I just got back to campus so I'll check it in a bit." reply when I'm freaking over whether or not I'm getting a 0 because that assignment was in the second week folder but that didn't mean crap because his due dates were all over the place to begin with.

I'm sure he's a good teacher in person but online? I'm not so sure.

>> No.9229883

> lose weight
> "now I'll be able to fit in all those jsks, just in time for halloween prints!"
> nope, too busty.
> have big hips bones, so a reducer would make me look weird

it's the same shit with blouses, jfc. And if I go a size up, they hang loosely and look bad at the waist.

>> No.9229884


If its specifically for lolita I dont think a reducer will look weird. Your hips are covered by the large poof of lolita dresses anyways.

>> No.9229886

Not really /cgl/ related but I need to get this off my chest.

>have this coworker i'm close with
>nice, pretty much friends
>usually pretty upbeat
>lately has been a lot more cynical, kind of meaner
>started hanging out with this other coworker who pardon my french is a bitch
>starts thinking she's funny when she's being an absolute passive aggressive cunt to other people
>thinks she speaks the 110% truth about our workplace
>starts badmouthing every one of our bosses, coworkers, etc
>generally is becoming toxic slowly

It's disheartening. I thought we'd try to stay positive with each other because this program is hard. But now she's becoming like that other coworker and it's actually depressing me.

I need to hang out with other people, I know. But it sucks because she was my best confidante for a while and now I'm not sure I can trust her.

>> No.9229933

>Lost good friend very recently
>May be losing income very soon, am stuck in a complicated situation where it's near impossible to fix that problem for the next 8-9 months at least
>Caught a cold, will be thrown out of school if I'm sick for more than 2 days in a row
>Teacher hates me for some reason, always marks me as absent for 10% of the day when I'm 10 minutes late and lets everyone else pass as if they've been there the whole time when they're late
>Can feel stomach ulcer growing bigger by the minute from pure stress, alienation and discomfort
>Only thing cheering me up is looking at shit on Yahoo Auctions that I can't afford to buy
>Getting semi big chunk of money in January as christmas+birthday present combo
>May be the only spending money I'll have in 2017
>Need to book flights+accomodation for only con I'll attend next year as it's my only shot at seeing any of my friends, need new phone cause current one is broken, need to upgrade my bike so I can stop depending on my parents' car
>Just enough money for Persona 5 for my ancient and suicidal PS3 after that
>At least I just paid for all cosplays for next year before I got the news of the loss of income, so I don't feel -too- bad about wasting my money on that
>Just don't know why I torture myself by looking at clothes and figures that I'll never be able to buy and I hate that it's the only thing that's keeping me going right now

>> No.9229934

Where are you at anon? Some of us can help

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>most of time i got pretty much blocked by people that were into cosplay stuff and i want to be just their friends
>i had crush on 2 girls
>one of them was a cosplayer from canada
>and another one was a pretty much a thot
>i got pretty much blocked by them
>later i made friends with this one cosplayer
> i talked to her for like 3 months and now she just ignores shit out me
tfw when nobody wants me

>> No.9229941

You cosplay?

>> No.9229942

You're probably creepy af if this keeps happening

>> No.9229947

I'm in Scandinavia. I'm inbetween educations right now and finish my final classes next month - Was supposed to start a job then, but that's not happening anymore.
All places I've applied for so far have rejected me because I have 0 work experience and can't be there for more than 8 months at most, as I start uni next summer.

I'm bummed that I probably won't be able to seriously treat myself for the next many months to come, but I'm more upset that I can't help out my parents financially with any rent money. Last month we had to eat oatmeal and cornflakes for dinner for the last half of the last week of the month, so anything counts, and I can't do fuckall to help out from now on.

Sorry for the non-/cgl/ rants. I'm just at a loss of what to do anymore. This week has been absolute hell.

>> No.9229964

>zero social life outside work except like to go around taking hall photos of cosplay at cons. Feels like collecting for a scrapbook
>start to take up photography as a more serious hobby because it's fun and a reason to get out of the house on weekends
>get a little bit of good feedback from posting pictures here
>start to go to local concerts, parks and festival events but still stick to myself
>3 times in the last 3 months a random cute girl with a friend/boyfriend has asked me to take a photo of them with her camera
Maybe I don't give off an impression as creepy or loserish as I think I do? Or maybe they see a kindly old man? Either way it's a little boost to the self esteem.

>> No.9229969

>Anonymous 10/22/16(Sat)19:14:01 No.9229942▶
no but maybe someday but mostly i dont want to cosplay alone

>> No.9229972

not that much

>> No.9229973

lmao sure

you don't cosplay, you talk to people who quickly turn away, and you're cringy as fuck here

>> No.9229974

no but im going to someday to cosplay

>> No.9229990

>calls a girl a ho
>"w-why won't she love me?"

>> No.9229998 [DELETED] 

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9230030

Does he have absolutely anywhere else he can go? Friends or family? You need to get stern with him. Tell him he NEEDS to get a job and threaten to kick him out if he doesn't find either a job or a place to go. He also might need professional help because he sounds like he may have really bad depression.

>There are places for the homeless to go
Sadly, this isn't really true. Shelters are overpacked, often dangerous, and only opened at night, so he'd still be on the streets during the day and he'd have trouble finding a job.

I'm not a lolita, but I'm also 5'11" with 11.5-12 shoes (depending on heel height) and somewhat odd proportions. It'd be impossible for me to get into any Jfash and it's already a giant pain in the ass to find accurate shoes to use as a base for cosplays.

Never eeeeever therapy shop when you know you can't afford it. Maybe go for a walk or spend time with friends to clear your head?

I reiterate my previous statement, what ever happened to the cgl friend finder threads? We need those.

It's a year away, so I'd say make the cosplay and remain hopeful that things will get better, but be ready to drop plans if anything gets worse.

If your sister has kids, she might be able to look into government assistance and shelter so she's safe but no longer a burden on you and your mom. I know single parents have better priority for section 8 housing, but if she's completely jobless I'm not sure she'd qualify for that.

Be aware of what you're doing and saying that might chase people away, rather than just complaining. Are you too persistent? Clingy? Sexual? Entitled? Flirty when its not wanted? Get mad when things don't go your way?

>> No.9230035

actually, lolita is quite inclusive for non-petite-slim girls. indie brands can have generous sizes (ex: haenuli), custom sizing, and a lot of japanese brand dresses have a bountiful shirring. And if dresses are too short, you can always use underskirts. I don't think a lot of other j-fash have all those options. Problems show up for OP brand dresses and shoes, mostly.

>what ever happened to the cgl friend finder threads? We need those
did they ever exist?

>got my first AP headbow and heart bag
feels good

>> No.9230042

Look this is going to be harsh but I'm doing this to help, you are coming off completely creepy. Especially if they've cut you off entirely. Guilt and pity usually keeps a girl talking to socially inept people unless they feel you are real threat. Rethink how you carry yourself and the conversation topics you bring up. Are you talking about sex right away? Do you bring up how once you get naked nature just happens and a woman can't say no? (this is a conversation a male stranger brought up with me)

Just be self aware and don't force a friendship. If they don't want to be friends with you that alone is enough of a reason.

>> No.9230045

I have been struggling with my weight in the past, I tried to stay slim, was barely underweight but managed to only stay in that weight by starving myself and maintaining an active lifestyle. I vomited everything I ate but would still sometimes buy a ton of food and eat it. When I managed to stop I lost all my activities and was depressed badly and gained 20kg. I feel so ugly in lolita even tho I'm still totally normal weight. I feel fat, all that grease is on my tights which looks so bad. I'm bloated all the time and I feel so bad physically. The thing is I lost weight in the summer, few kilos as I wanted and decided to go for more. I don't want to go back to starving and vomiting so I tried to just adjusting my habits. Not to eat out and going for walks and I have had a quite physical work. But I gained all the weight back. I feel so bad. I'm not a fatty but I feel like one. I feel like a potato in lolita and that's the one thing that makes me happy. My step mom don't know about my struggles with my weight but with my general health and suggested I get tested for hypothyroidism. I kinda hope I get diagnosed with something that helps me with my general mood so I have more energy to not sleep. I just wanna lost few kilos and feel better in lolita, not to starve myself and still hate my body.

>> No.9230096

not that anon but they totally did exist! I moved to a foreign country and posted to see if anyone was nearby, and I met a lovely lolita expat who made me feel so much less lonely and even got me back into the fashion briefly even though I was pretty done with it, just because it was so much fun to get frilled up and go bum around together. If she is reading this, M, you are a lovely human being and I hope you can come visit me for the AP thing next year. C:

>> No.9230137

I'm done with meetups. Everytime I tell myself things will be different, but every time everyone talks about the most mundane shit and seem as if they don't want to be there in the first place. I don't blame them. I immediately regret coming too. Everyone is so checked out or involved with whatever plus one they brought that its near impossible to make friends. Save yourself the trouble next time and don't go.

>> No.9230140 [DELETED] 

>tfw you just found out your girlfriend wants to vote for Drumpf

Should I dump her now or try to convince her?

>> No.9230144 [DELETED] 

Due to the electoral college system it doesn't matter who you vote for in 80% of the states.

You should only care if you're in a swing state.

>> No.9230154 [DELETED] 


Ignore her until the end of this election season. That's what I'm doing with my bf who wants to sincerely vote Johnson.

>> No.9230165 [DELETED] 

Let it go. Srs, just relax. It'll all be over soon.

>> No.9230170


Last couple of meetups Ive gone to have been a complete flop. Poor planning on the hosts part, hardly anyone showed, people were in normie clothes, awkward topics have come up or the meet is just full of ego. Some of them had all of these wrong with them. My biggest regret is that I have to put so much effort into attending everything and its all been a waste.

>> No.9230171 [DELETED] 


And I mean just don't bring it up. Election season turns people into a bunch of opinionated asshokes because we all have different experiences that form our opinions. But it actually matters less than you think.

That being said I can't really fathom how my bf supports Johnson since Johnson is pro internal economy and my bf's specialty is international business.

>> No.9230203

anon are you me? I feel you...
I end up wasting days just watching netflix or youtube, or playing shitty mobile phones. I feel so unproductive.

>> No.9230226 [DELETED] 

please dump her so that I can have her instead ok thanks

>> No.9230256

>I reiterate my previous statement, what ever happened to the cgl friend finder threads? We need those.

>> No.9230279

I know right? Every feels thread got those /r9k/ p[osters.

>> No.9230306 [DELETED] 

dump dump dump

>> No.9230330

>Being this incompetent

>> No.9230343

you make a loopdy loop and pull

and your shoes are looking cool

seriously though anon, it's not fucking hard. if you're really that inept at tying bows, sew it from different pieces. the loop of the main bow, the part that cinches it together, and optionally the little ribbons that hang down. a kid could do it. learn a new skill. it's good for you. scrap fabric, needle and thread. go go go.

>> No.9230359

>Dad always pronounces things wrong all the time
>For example, he used to refer to emo kids as "emu kids" back when they were a big thing
>One of the things he pronounces wrong is lolita
>Pronounces it "lolly-ta" and sometimes just calls it "lolly"
>"Oh wow anon your lollyta outfit looks nice!"
>"Oh no anon please don't wear lolly to this event I don't want people staring" (too bad)

>> No.9230452
File: 86 KB, 179x331, hellokitty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, does anyone here frequent risque cosplay shows?

What do you look for in a male striptease? Asking for... a friend. He's very nervous about an upcoming con where he plans to strip hard.

>> No.9230476

I saw a dude twerk. You sohuld try that.

>> No.9230494

That's actually pretty cute anon.

>> No.9230509

To be fair, I would too without your context. You fucked up.

>> No.9230513

Chances are the strippers look like the unwashed weeb masses so itll be shit anyway

>> No.9230602

Yeah, it's some kind of "body-posi" thing, so mostly obese chicks. Still tho, could be a lot of fuf.

>> No.9230609

you should find a song that brings out your confident, sexy side. stand in front of a mirror, play that song, and dance.

there's no one type of sexy. people want to see you, how you move, and flirt with the crowd. you can be a bit silly with it but don't cheat yourself by going the "lol I'm awkward so I'm going to half-ass this on purpose so that y'all are laughing *with* me" route.

watch a lot of youtube videos for themes or ideas. feel yourself, as in be confident, and don't be stiff. let your inner tease come out and play!

>> No.9230615

But I don't think I have a sexy side? I don't like sex. I just want people to think I look gud.

>> No.9230616

One of my most treasured pieces is an ETC Fairytale Frames jsk that I was given in the secret santa last year..

This year I finally have a well-paying job and really want to get somebody their dream dress! I'm already looking into the necessities to organize/run the next SS if nobody else wants to do it, because I know the last two years' hosts got super stressed and didn't want to do it again.

>> No.9230667
File: 173 KB, 800x800, hibruce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, do grills like to see male cosplay butts in the same way that men like to see female butts at the con?

I'm worried my freind's outfit is too cheeky.

>> No.9230671 [DELETED] 

don't just dump, kill! we can't have people who want to vote for a racist & misogynist breathe in our country
hillary may be bad too, but she's only a war criminal who had half a million kids shot & another half million starve to death; that's nothing in comparison to saying mean things!!

>> No.9230673

Only if they're fit.
Also if hairy please wax pre-con.

>> No.9230680 [DELETED] 

Pretty much.

>> No.9230695

do janitors allow friendfinder threads? looking through the archive it seems they've been deleted prior to their expiration

is it really so OT for gulls of similar interest to want to contact each other? because reaching out on /soc/ and /r9k/ has proven to lead to too many dicks (literally) and people who view lolita as a fetish thing. i just want to talk frills one-on-one with somebody. would start a bread but afraid it'll be fruitless

>> No.9230698

I reckon you should try looking into the local thread first and foremost, of your state or country.

>> No.9230709

I want to begin drawing too, where do we even start though. tumblr tutorials like idek man

>> No.9230710

I mist be missing something here, how do you get "you called my daughter a whore" out of "at least you won't have bruised knees?" blow jobs? what?

>> No.9230716

Different anon. You have a point, though I did meet my best lolita friend through a friend finder thread and would have never met her through the local comm because at the time, she was solely into cosplay.

>> No.9230718
File: 1.10 MB, 1079x1088, 1446016387673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

on-topic feel: >tfw can't go to local comm meets

i seriously live amongst a huge comm but can't go to stuff because i can't drive (long fucking story) and am sick 90% of the time. nobody wants to lug around a frilly fainting mess

it's cool though, i'm channeling my inner momoko and trying to embrace the lonelita life

now for the draw rant but it's important i swear

avoid tumblr tutorials like the plague when you begin unless it's on stuff like coloring/rendering, which you'll get into much later

tumblr is ridden with overstylized stuff and right now you need to nail the basics. /ic/ might seem intimidating but there's a beginner's thread. obviously not the fun animu stuff most of us want to draw, but studies are important for beginners if you want to git gud. don't start bad habits.


>> No.9230762

different anon but I just wanted to say that you should never ever get into the /ic/ mindset though. If you look at the art of regulars it's the most uncreative shit ever because all they've ever done is studies.

Yes, studies are very important, it's also important to draw what you want to draw in the end. If that's anime, then by all means go draw it alongside studies.

A tumblr can be nice to use actually, follow artists who inspire you. That's a good thing. Follow art blogs that post old classics and all that good shit. Nothing wrong with being a bit influenced.

>> No.9230775

>Been wearing random casual clothes all of my life
>Recently took the big step and cleaned up my clothing hoard to make room for a tiny j-fashion corner
>It's time to look kawaii from now on, like I've always dreamed of
>Waiting on a large package of new clothes from Taobao and FromJapan that I spent weeks on carefully picking out for myself
>start thinking a little too hard about this...
>... I have no friends and never leave my house for anything but work where I have to wear a uniform all day
>not on good terms with the only j-fashion comm in my country
>these newly arrives pieces will literally never leave my closet again once I've put them in there

Feels dumb man

>> No.9230787

Create new opportunities for yourself, then. Give yourself excuses to dress up "for no reason"; you're dressing up for yourself, after all. Find ways and times to make yourself pretty and happy, see where it goes from there.

>> No.9230791

Honestly, I started with fan art when I decided to start drawing again after a few years. Then I moved on to doing pose/figure studies and painting again. Use tutorials in the beginning but I've really moved away from them as I've found an art style that works for me.

Don't be afraid to experiment and, really important, PRACTICE. You'll never get better without practice. Draw whenever you have time. It can be doodles, sketches. Draw during lunch breaks or outside. The main reason I believe my work has gone from crap to decent is from forcing myself to draw daily and from taking helpful critique.

You can study all the books and tutorials in the world but that's not going to turn you into Picasso. (Especially tumblr tutorials. I've seen the most overdone styles on there).

>> No.9230805

just be attractive and have a nice cosplay, thats it....

>> No.9230900

Don't I need to have a good dance tho?

>> No.9230901

>tfw bought a big package during bodylines sale in september
>it finally made it to my state yesterday
>they decided to send it back to seller and theres nothing I can do because its sunday

I am so upset its almost funny. My shipping address is correct on my order and they didnt even hold the package at the post office for a whole day?

All I needed was shoes to get my wardrobe functioning better and complete several coords and now I still have nothing. Going to have to try to get a refund through paypal if I cant intercept my package somehow before it leaves the fucking nation.

>> No.9230904

Not sure about the job market there, but can't you get like a crappy, minimum wage job? Like I was a dishwasher for years, the pay was crap and I had to deal with literal retards and their handlers, but it paid enough money that I was able to pay rent to my parents and still afford to go to a con and splurge two or three times a year and the hours were flexible

>> No.9230917

Dress up for errands. Dress up when you go out to eat. Dress up to visit family.

>> No.9230921

This happened to me once and I managed to call some call center for the post office and get my shit rerouted. It was absolute last minute and I didn't think they make it work but my box hadn't left the post office yet when I called.

>> No.9230945

Im hoping I can but I doubt it since the update says they decided to return it saturday at like 7 pm and now its sunday so thats 2 days I cant get ahold of them. I can only hope and pray that when I call tomorrow it wont have made it far or will still be there

>> No.9230969

>have crush on person in the comm whom it's completely inappropriate to have a crush on
>no way I can ever tell her
>just submit valentines for her all the time instead

at least I get to express some kind of feels even if it's anonymous ._.

>> No.9230984

Why inappropriate?
Is she straight or with someone already?

>> No.9230990

The latter, and I'm with somebody too, so nothing can ever come of it. I hope the valentines make her happy, at least.

>> No.9231039
File: 48 KB, 500x400, tumblr_inline_n04qffV1GX1rofqdk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>out shopping with family
>having a good time, bought some shoes for Halloween costume
>come back home
>phones are blowing up
>family friend dies
>another family friend is at the sheriff's department
>building family rents out for parties and church gatherings got busted last night
>six shots fired
>weed, cocaine, and booze inside and outside
>lady who rented it is supposed to come to the house to get her deposit back and return the key
>aw hell no

>> No.9231043

I know this feeling anon but trust me, it'll be worth it to take the leap and live your kawaii dreams. Dress up when you go out for errands, treat yourself to some cafes every other weekend to dress fancy, get out of the house more and just walk around in a shopping district or sight see to wear your outfits.

>> No.9231045

Different anon but just do something funny then. Striptease to the Austin Powers theme song and get a few laughs.

>> No.9231057

ugh why can't men ever be satisfied with their partners? always fantasizing about other ppl

>> No.9231066

Like everyone else said. Dress up at home by yourself -- I do it all the time. I was a lone lolita for a year and a half before going to meets and I would dress up and take pictures of coords and sometimes I'd post them and other times I'd just do it for fun. Still don't go to meets that often cause I don't care about human interaction but I still dress up on my days off cause it's fun.

>> No.9231072

This. /ic/ is almost worse than cgl with their amount of bias and shit talking. If you're not amazing they rip you to shreds and if you're a decent artist with any bit of fame, like loish, for example, they'll make up reasons as to why you're shit.

>> No.9231075
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1476391029890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All these cute cheap Axes Femme blouses
>Want to dress cute
>No one lists measurements anywhere
>Just know if I buy one it's gonna be too small for my bust

Why not just list measurements so I have definite proof I'll be disappointed.

>> No.9231078

wow, i didn't know the janitor was a drumpfer!!

>> No.9231080

The thing is, people from those boards will post in the friend finder thread here too. I've noticed a lot of guys posting I those threads. Not only that but people will post discords and other stupid chat room stuff where there will be all sorts of random 4channers and not just lolita or cosplayers.
It's just irritating and not worth the effort.

>> No.9231088

sadly this same thing is true even for /cgl/ meetups at conventions

>> No.9231098



>> No.9231107

Yeah but at least then you can see them in person. It's probably a lot easier to avoid in that situation. Unlike here where someone can trick you into talking to them for 5 minutes.

>> No.9231128
File: 29 KB, 464x360, IMG_2150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally acknowledging, trying to understand and treat my depression
>Massively jarring and complicated as nearing 30 I never really expected this to be my life and had pretty much decided that it was just a part of life to be unhappy and never be able to do the things that you want or be yourself in any way
>Working on changing from a person who purposely avoided anything they liked, who dressed specifically as to not draw any positive or negative attention, who avoided any conversation of interests or opinions. As well as being an artist and sculptor who hasn't shown a single person on or offline their work in years.
>Have wanted to wear classic, gothic and mori for years and sweet when I was younger
>Been repressing myself for so long I remember being 16 and sitting in my room browsing AP all day.
>Head is constant spiral of adjusting to medications for the first time, being excited to change and more interested in exploring who I am and just constant fear of everything in my life crashing down around me if I open up to anyone
>Couldn't start dressing differently even if I wanted too as I just quit my solid and well paying job of five years with an emotional breakdown which is the reason I have now been thrust into all of this

>> No.9231130

Please, /ic/ is just full of bitter art students who can't stand that some people online who do it as a hobby make money.

Sure some artists are scum but for the most part it's a giant circlejerk on how they're the only good ones. The joke is when you see their actual art and it's shit.

>> No.9231150

can anyone help me with how to

>> No.9231182

>art students
They're not even that. 60% of non-fundamental discussion is how art school is a scam and NEETing for 5 years to git gud or ateliers are the only valid ways to starting a career in art, regardless of your intentions or goals.

>> No.9231195

Good point, I almost forgot about that. Honestly, the only thing /ic/ is good for is reading their vent threads to kill time and sometimes for resources.
But their normal threads are such garbage.

>> No.9231197

So, most of the art scene?

>> No.9231215

I like the stylized threads and the tumblr one they have. /ic/ would think my taste in art is shit but those stylized art threads are really popular and I can tell people are there are starting to catch on that stuff like that is okay and not needing to write it off as shit because it looks like something you'd find on tumblr.

>> No.9231224
File: 42 KB, 392x495, 1476165660827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i-i didn't mean for the /ic/ thing to blow up. if anon is still reading, i meant to mostly use it for resources (fundamental books, study images) and occasional concrit. style comes with time, which is why i don't rec stylized tutorials from tumblr so early. just a tip! ic is filled with starving artists so they're mostly hostile but i can't hold it against them

now for board relevant feel:
tfw you notice something fundamentally wrong with somebody's outfit (for example peeking/dark colored bra, falling petti hem) but you know that even if you approach it tentatively they'll bitch you out

not even a style thing, and they can all be fixed easily. i just wanna help, man

>> No.9231240

have you thought maybe stop being a creep that approaches girls when they dont want you?

just cause shes at a convention doesn't mean she wants to be hit on

>> No.9231242


>> No.9231244

Me to a T. I've tried to sit down and do things but it's so hard

>> No.9231250
File: 625 KB, 1024x679, sad eeagle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cute asian girl
>tfw lost job recently and can't find a new one
>tfw no one commission you
>tfw no online sugar daddy to buy you shit
I'm painfully single and ready to mingle

>> No.9231254

>want to draw/lolita/games
>no motivation
>laze around watching videos
>bored all the time
>been diagnosed with depression but am better
woah, this is exactly me. good luck anon.

>> No.9231257

Axes Femme always have the measurements on a tag in the garment. So you could probably just ask them to look up the size.

>> No.9231258

>cute asian girl
>can't seem to manipulate men into buying shit for them
Are you trying to stay local? Branch out more maybe? Or is there something you aren't telling us?

>> No.9231259

>tfw cute asian girl
>tfw finished higher education at 20
>tfw land a comfy, high paying job
>tfw handsome, tall, white-collar fiance who buys me burando

"sugaring" is debasing yourself. put effort into your life situation, more than you already are, and you'll find success in the real way. maybe it's for some people, but that time spent talking to old strangers could be put towards something actually productive.

>> No.9231265

You act like this is the norm these days. It definitely isn't

>> No.9231269

it's not, because i've seriously been busting my ass up until this point. of course any joe schmoe who's been riding their way through life wouldn't be in a similar situation, and that's okay. the point is to start now and do something good, because we're not getting any younger.

>> No.9231280

Ifs your fiance black?

>> No.9231285

no, he's a white guy.


>> No.9231289

Well then at least I have something you don't haha

>> No.9231290

I'm not faulting you for that. I just think it's a bit silly to assume that works for everyone

>> No.9231291

c-congratulations, i guess?

okay! sorry if i read it in a tone of hostility. i do that for everything on 4chan.

i understand that luck is involved too. i just want people to work hard and do their best for the life they want.

>> No.9231329

>love figure skating, super hype for Yuri on Ice
>it finally airs
>I love it, even more hype, want to cosplay it
>turn to social media
>it's super popular and tons of people on my feed want to cosplay it as well
On one hand, I'm happy it got such a good reception. On the other hand, now I'm scared of cosplaying it now because so many others are doing it. I'm not confident that I can do it better than others could, but I really really love the show. I feel so conflicted;;

>> No.9231339

it breaks my heart when i see posts like this. forget other people. just do what you're excited about. you love it and you want to cosplay it? cosplay it and put in your best effort. turn that fear into a drive to improve.

>> No.9231367

Shut up hwc

>> No.9231368

You can do it, anon! Be a delicious katsudon!

>> No.9231370

Lol stfu. My sugar daddy is 30 and I'm still studying for my future high paying dream job so I'm in no rush to either dedicate myself to someone or work right now. Go be a judgey cunt and live our your pretend fantasies somewhere else. This thread is for people who want to vent.

>> No.9231386

Please don't start this bullshit

>> No.9231388

>gulls getting salty about someone else's success

Obviously hit a nerve there. We all know HWC doesn't work. And not anon, but no self-respecting girl has a "sugar daddy." Just the term is trashy.

>> No.9231390

>I'm not confident that I can do it better than others could, but I really really love the show.
Then what the hell is the problem?

>> No.9231392

Can you please define "self respect"? I just want to know what people mean when they say this.

>> No.9231394
File: 99 KB, 625x626, 1auZ01G.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't you get tired of this shit?

>> No.9231401

Thanks for the boost anons! You're right, I should put in my best and not give up before trying.

I'm afraid of failure, or even feeling like a failure. But yeah, I shouldn't let that fear cripple me from doing the things I love. Though it's still scary, I guess? Emotions are not very rational welp.[/nospoilersoncgl]

>> No.9231404

Let me put it this way. When you "sugar," you sell yourself. You set a pricepoint, whatever it is, and that is your value. You recognize that your worth can be defined by dollar signs.

Being a sugar baby, namely one who gets physical, is literally being a prostitute or an escort. Self-respect is treasuring yourself and wanting to improve. Self-respect means that you value yourself too highly to debase yourself to the point where you'll sell sex (or even "personal attention") for a quick buck.

Willingly selling your body/"time" when you have other options does not equal confidence or self-sufficiency. It means that you want an easy route to money that won't support you in the long-term as you age and become old news.

The 2nd person isn't directed at you obviously, just hypothetical.

I anticipate the stampede of angry sugar babies.

>w-well at least i have money!!
>my sugar daddy tells me im pretty!!!!!

>> No.9231411


So how am I salty over someone else's success when I'm extremely successful in my studies and on the way to getting a high paying job? I'm extremely self-respecting. My sugar daddy and I don't even have sex, and I like hanging out with him so it's not like I'm forced to do something I don't want to. It's just dating with someone who spoils you extra. Get that salt out of your vag.

Setting a pricepoint isn't "setting your value". It's determining how much you'd like to be paid for your time. Same way people ask for raises in their careers (and trust me, I make way more in one hour than most people do in their careers).

Selling your time is literally how every job on the planet works. My "job" just so happens to involve spending time with people I enjoy and going shopping.

Sorry I don't fit into your sugar baby image of an uneducated slut.

>> No.9231415

>abloobloobloo, im a sugar baby and im all of these things you said im not!!

lmao, dont you have a sugar daddy to go whine to?

>> No.9231417

Oh no, the uglies are mad that pretty girls in grad school get money for going on dates 3x a month. :(

Seriously, how do you not have an infection from all that salt up there? This is a feels thread, not a "shit all over random people because you're jealous" thread.

>> No.9231419

Your post regarding the other anon was pure salt and a reach for validation, lol. Other people can have nice lives without having to sell themselves, you know.

>> No.9231421
File: 26 KB, 239x268, 1476639204415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shit all over random people because you're jealous
>that's exactly what you did

>> No.9231422

All this sugar daddy bait is so boring. We all know they aren't true but I guess some gulls like to believe so badly anyway.

Can't we go back to "leave your boyfriend" bait instead.

>> No.9231424

As somebody with the utmost disdain for those in the sex industry, I don't see how non-sexual 'sugaring', or 'selling personal attention' as you put it is any different to the personal attention I'm already selling when I approach a customer in-store and help them choose a product.

>> No.9231425

Dump his ass.

>> No.9231426

Other people literally make money by selling themselves, same as I do. It's called a job. Lol some people get paid minimum wage for their time. It's terrible. Difference is that my "job" is only 3 days a month and I get paid the same, and all I have to do is hang out with someone I enjoy hanging out with. I don't even need to sugar to support myself, I just do it to have extra cash for myself. I'm not even planning on doing it long, because I know eventually my career will take priority. Half you fucks are poorchans who work retail and majored in some shitty thing in college so I guess I wouldn't expect you to understand.

>> No.9231429

i just like making sugarwhores angry 2bh

they know that what they're doing is gross but they defend it tooth and nail no matter how obvious the bait is

keep giving me those tasty (You)s, crybabies

also, dump him

>> No.9231431

I didn't shit all over you out of jealousy. I shat all over you for being an ignorant slut. Half the people here probably find nothing wrong with geishas from glorious Nippon, yet somehow non-sexual sugaring is the worst thing ever.

>> No.9231432

Ah, well I can't agree and I support sex workers but thanks for the explanation!

>> No.9231433

>g-go live your fantasy life somewhere else!!
>half you fucks are p-poorchans!!
>nobody could possibly be more successful!

>> No.9231434

>school and work have been so stressful
>found a small one day local con and decide to go for fun
>enjoying working on a new cosplay I can use at another con later in the month
>go and see an old coscomm friends I haven't talked to in a while due to busy life
>first words out of his mouth "Wow, Anon, did you gain some weight?"

I have been, just being my work and school keep me really sedentary and that freshman fifteen became more like sophomore twenty, but it really threw me off, because I suppose weight hasn't ever been a big deal to me or how I cosplay. Especially since I enjoy the process of making my costumes, I've always been able to just make it look better on my body type as opposed to a taobao order that would not be flattering on my body. Still, I haven't been really able to stop thinking about it. I'm only 120 lbs, which I guess at 5'1" is kinda big, but every time I see that new cosplay I really really hate it.

I wish he hadn't made any comment about my weight. It's been snowballing that I don't want to go to con until I work off these 20 pounds.

>> No.9231435

>calls somebody a slut
>is a sugarbaby


>> No.9231440

Is this HWC? I forgot, is she pro-SB or anti-?

>> No.9231441

It's a well known quote from The Office, you ignorant slut.

>> No.9231442

People have some really dumbass ideas about sex as work being worse than other kinds of work. Those doing hard labor fuck up their joints lifting stuff, a massage therapist rubs all over people's bodies, and have you ever worked in customer service and felt how degrading it is to fawn over someone screaming at you?

But for some reason sex is ~*different*~ and ~*should only be with your one true love*~. Who gives a fuck who, how, or when you fuck? SBs don't lack self-respect, you all just lack respect people who get paid to do what you do for free. That's your issue to fix, not theirs. Just think about it for one damn second and you'll realize what you think about sex is only because you were dumb enough to listen to your Bible-thumping abstinence only health teacher.

I'm not even sb anon but damn.

>> No.9231446

not HWC, but we're similar in a lot of ways

i'd conjecture that she'd write it off as gross and debasing as well since she's a believer in "sex with the only your one true love"

which i also support.

you're right, i don't respect girls who sell their bodies

it's gross and what man will want to settle down with a used up woman like that? disgusting

no skillset besides being a literal whore

>> No.9231448

Thank you. And for some reason when you tell them you're a sugar baby that *doesn't even do sex work* it's somehow just as bad. As if being a waitress is any better. As a waitress, you get paid worse and you can't even decide your customers. At least with being a SB I can choose to spend my time with a person I like spending time with.

They desperately want to believe that we have no other avenue in life except sugaring lol.

>> No.9231450


I have no problem with regulated sex workers, but unregulated prostitution is unsafe for everyone involved and shady as fuck.

Specially when SBs begin to talk about how the do all kind of shit so their activities aren't traceable by other people. You either do your shady shit and don't care or you don't do it at all.

>> No.9231451

I think what the other anon was trying to tell you is that they aren't really sugarwhores but just anyone basically replying. You're probably not upsetting anyone aside from posting in this thread and contributing to bait. That's definitely pissing people off.

Don't ever think you're actually rilling people up on 4chan. We're all just typing in boxes.

>> No.9231452

>thinking that's originally from the remake of the office
Holy shit stop just stop

>> No.9231453

HWC is literally a housewife with no friends or career lol. I don't think her autistic opinion matters to anyone.

> what is nonsexual sugaring?
> you mean...pretty girls in grad school get money for dating guys?

>> No.9231456

Yeah we know, it's from SNL. But no one quotes it because of SNL.

>> No.9231457

>it's gross and what man will want to settle down with a used up woman like that? disgusting
Ah, you sound like you don't live in America. No one where I live gives a rats ass about this.

>> No.9231459

here's a wild idea: find someone you love who ALSO buys you things

is that really so hard?

anon asked, i answered. don't get your SD-funded panties in a twist

>> No.9231460

Classic original cast SNL.
You have shit taste.

>> No.9231461

I don't think SBs are even trying to settle down with any guys that would consider women capable of being "used up" like toothpaste anyway.

>> No.9231463
File: 394 KB, 598x564, 1474171075402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying they wouldn't for the right price

>> No.9231468

Not everyone wants to get into a relationship all the time like you anon. And we don't want to limit the person we love just to someone who can afford lavish things for us.

>> No.9231473

This. There are lots of sb's that have a bf they love and they just go on dates to get extra cash.

>> No.9231476

i dont think guys who thought that of them would pay them over 1k for a date

>> No.9231478

>get into a relationship all the time

i stay in one

with my husband

tell me, are you going to detail all of your sugaring escapades to your future SO?

assuming you get one

most people would be embarrassed of being a whore

>> No.9231481

>betraying your bf

um no. dates are cheating and anybody who does this should be ashamed

>> No.9231482

What if he knows and says it's okay?
Are you from some backasswards country that thinks polyamorous relationships are impossible?

>> No.9231483

Fucking called that shit.

>> No.9231484 [DELETED] 

men who pay for dates are desperate pigs

their standards are obviously unreliable and i'm sure many would pay 1k for anything with tits and a cunt

polyamory is a meme

and are you implying that paid dates are a semblance of "love?"

a relationship is meant for two, and no real man would allow that

>> No.9231487


> What is nonsexual sugaring? THAT CANT BE REAL!!111

And idk about you, but if I get in a relationship I like to give them time and affection beyond once a week. Right now, I don't have the time or care to do that because I'm not some lonely fuck who constantly pines for a BF, and I'd rather spend all my time on my studies. Also, as I mentioned and as you seem to have ignored, I don't want to have to limit my husband to a rich man.

>> No.9231488

Yeah I'm a SB and I'd never do that unless it was totally non-sexual and my BF was 100% okay with it.....and even then I probably wouldn't do it.

>> No.9231491

You're being trolled, if you must respond, please have the courtesy to sage.

>> No.9231492

have fun pretending to be friends with people

>i'd like to give them time and affection beyond once a week

are you implying that you would only be able to dote upon your bf once a week

what the hell are you even saying

>> No.9231493

>polyamory is a meme
Haha I want you to explain this.

>> No.9231497

polyamory is a meme because it only became relevant after shitty tumblr kids went and ran with it

somebody always fucks something up

i don't know about you, but sister-wives shit does not look like love to me

when somebody says they're polyamorous, i immediately write them off as unable to commit. and it tells me they go on tumblr, where all of those ridiculous terms have spawned

i don't mean to trigger any polyamorous demisexual genderfluid lizardkin in the house, but get good at loving one person before you love two

>> No.9231499

I don't know why you're being so selective with your reading comprehension.

I don't *have* to date them. I just choose to date the one I'm dating because he *is* fun to hang out with, and also around my age. Believe me, when guys are falling over themselves to date you, you can be selective and pick one you can see yourself being friends with.

> are you implying that you would only be able to dote upon your bf once a week

yeah, I'm saying that my life is fucking busy right now and wouldn't want to ignore some poor guy for long periods of time while I'm in the library. There's literally no point for me to get a BF rn and I'm not so lonely that I desperately need one. I have a FWB for sex, I have a nonsexual sugar daddy for dates and money, and I have friends for support. I'd rather not have to give a guy continuous love when in less than a year I'll be moving somewhere across the country for an indefinite amount of time. Maybe when I'm there I'll consider it, but now would just be stupid.

Anyway, break's over, time to go study again. Bye, uggo-chan.

>> No.9231503

Everything is a meme, technically. That includes being an overly straight laced housewife.

This thread is gonna get deleted get ready everyone

>> No.9231529

Let's have some on topic good feels:

>Be me several months ago
>Get milky cross jsk for hella cheap thinking it'd fit
>Bust is only a few inches too big
>Can fit into it but only with binder
>Too much work to wear it all the time
>Sell it desperately on a payment plan
>Find the skirt on wunderwelt recently
>Want it but it's out of price range
>Suddenly find one on auction much cheaper
>Get into a bidding war cause it still had one day

It only got up to 8500 yen! And it's mine and in the mail!! Other one is still sitting on wunderwelt at 14990. And I think that one has minor defects..

>> No.9231559

good on topic feels:
i just ordered MCD and heavenly cross and cosmetic bunny sets, yay mail

>getting this triggered

i'm cute as hell, it's part of how i landed a rich husband and don't have to sell my body to near strangers

have fun debasing yourself

>> No.9231562

Ew, you tried to pretend to be on topic.

>yay mail
You don't even try.

Btw, sold any art lately?

>> No.9231566

i'm not hwc, therefore i'm not an artist

i'm a computer engineer

why try when i already managed to fuck this thread hours ago

>> No.9231571

Sure do type like her. Sure do troll like her. Sure are bragging about fucking up threads.

>> No.9231574

i'm actually a newfag to /cgl/

i've been here for like a month and have been confused for her in a shitton of threads

the witchhunt derails threads in itself

but we seem like we'd get along, so whatever

>> No.9231594

It's because you type like her and use shit English.
Also if you want to provide some kind of proof you're not her, that'd be great. Otherwise people are still gonna mistake you for her if you keep typing that way and purposely derailing threads.

Either knock it the fuck off, provide proof, or enjoy being hwc2. It doesn't matter and is all up to you buddy.

>> No.9231598

It's easy enough to avoid that. If they don't give you some sort of verification that they are who they say they are within a certain time limit, don't continue talking to them. The super paranoid can request a timestamp right off the bat, and it doesn't even have to be a pic of their face. Just write the date and /cgl/ on a piece of paper and hold it next to something cosplay or Jfash related.

>> No.9231600

>caring this much

japanese is my native language, i've been told that's another indicator i'm her

how the fuck do i prove i'm not hwc if nobody really knows anything substantial about hwc

i'll settle for being labelled "hwc2", it seems to rustle the sensitive autists and gives me something to do when i get home from work

to me, it just seems like /cgl/ doesn't want to believe there's another japanese girl living a happy, successful lolita life

>> No.9231604

Honestly you're just really creepy

>> No.9231608


i'm not here to make anybody comfortable

>> No.9231611

Oh are you conveniently also a Japanese girl?
We have some info about little miss mixed race chan btw. Her bs story is all in the archives. Except for some of her recent attempts at trolling. I think whoever runs the archive caught on and started not including her garbage.

Anyway, you're fine with being some new incarnation of hwc but get ready to mostly talk to me. I hope you can do better than 9gag tier memes dude.

>> No.9231614

'm just hanging out, so if you happen to take my bait all the time then that's fine by me

i'm half japanese and half white

i don't live in japan anymore, not since i was little

from what i can gather over the past month she's either filipino or japanese and lives in japan

that's about it and i don't really care about it. i just know that gulls lose their shit when they think she's posting

pretty stupid and ends up derailing even further, t b h

>> No.9231617

>i'm half japanese and half white
I'm not new. Jesus christ this is some pitiful shit.

>> No.9231618 [DELETED] 

what, is being hafu the new meme or something

educate me, /cgl/

>> No.9231647

Whatever hwc

>> No.9231652

you girls are insufferable and i love it

i look forward to many unpleasant threads with all of you

>> No.9231658

Okay but the only thing that's changed about her old story is "you" not being in japan.

>> No.9231659

i'm not going to justify being myself to an anon on cgl

there is more than one cunty half japanese girl in the world

>> No.9231676

And they both just happen to post here! What a coinky dink!!

It's funny tho, cause for awhile this other anon would pop up in threads claiming to know hwc personally and conveniently couldn't provide proof cause of her hubby's nasty lawyer team. She also would often show up when hwc attempted using a trip. It's been pretty obvious that hwc was just pretending to rp as some girl that has info on her cause this is all just some oc character.
So it's not exactly unlikely she'd just attempt to be someone else a third time. And she's not really known for her creativity.

Like the other anon said, you could easily post a time stamp with your hand on a dress.

Or does your husband also just happen to have a lawyer team too?

If you don't want to worry about getting bugged for this every time (or just straight up ignored in the CoF thread lol) you post then just post some evidence. More like you're trying to shed a character and be seen as likeable again after those lame ass ama posts.

And if you're really not her, you could just change your posting style. Not use the same wordings etc.

Pretty suspicious that you're okay with being seen as her too. If someone confused me for hwc, I'd just bail and wait to post again later cause it's a slow board.

>> No.9231679

Ok so I just went to a medium tier con, had a fun time, took a bunch of photos, made friends, boosted friendships.. and i hate to say it but i now see why some people get mocked, AND holy shit the scene is full of no shit no lie children. Not the underage (they are there) but when I say children I mean "you are all fucking childish and have vendettas over bullshit you are grown women grow up"

OR the creeper guys who make women feel bad. (also I am 90% I know someone who has 'autism' but in a womanly way.

I had bad feels because someone I follow on facebook said they saw some people they were avoiding and now i am like oh god did i fuck things up i wanted to be friends but now i feel like a cockup

Good feel: People liked me and recognized me and asked me to work with them!

>> No.9231680

>post timestamp with hand on dress

but how does that prove that i'm not hwc

i'm not against that, but literally how the fuck does that prove i'm not hwc

>if someone confused me for hwc, i'd just bail and wait to post again later

that's the difference between us: i don't give a flying fuck

i'm not going to start changing my post style for the sake of a literally who shitposter and her literally who following on a mongolian shadowpuppet community

>> No.9231682
File: 57 KB, 500x400, pepetko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at con
>cute fatty-chan runs up, begging for a hug
>mfw she crush me like a paper cup

>> No.9231687

>be me
>be out of a job for months and wanting to go to cons and buy nice clothes
>wondering how rich is this cosplayer girl travelling from her country to mine all the fucking time just to attend cons
>is actually a salty, petty bitch because this girl gets to travel and attend cons all the time with the person I'm trying to hang out with and she's also beautiful

>> No.9231693

My comm had a meet today at a pumpkin patch. I didn't go because I feel so ugly and insecure about how I look, and it's so much worse when I wear Lolita. I went in normal clothes later on instead.

I wish I could love Lolita again.

>> No.9231698

Because she wouldn't post anything to give her location away and you sure are dodging hard.
Drop a throwaway. Otherwise you're hwc and I'll bring it up every time you post. :^)

>> No.9231700

HWC here

she's not me

p hilarious how you're flipping your shit tho

>> No.9231701

>I don't give a flying fuck
Uhm. Then you wouldn't care so fucking much.

>> No.9231702

i want you to show up every time i post though

it just gives me more fodder to shitpost with

but have a throwaway because i want to see what the hell you want from me

you're all a hobby

thank fuck someone sane has arrived

>> No.9231703

If it makes you feel better that isn't the kind of thing I'd do in lolita anyway. Unless I had some bodyline I wanted to ruin. I don't get outdoorsy lolita activities though.

>> No.9231704


like forever ago someone asked me to use my trip but trip was kill to respond to their post but I forgot to screencap

so girl who wanted me to post a reply with a trip for proof

it was me

you're gonna get accused of being me because every time someone doesn't like a post that's the hip thing to do

dontcha kno

>> No.9231705

Mfw she's pretending to be the anon that wanted to hang with her in the ama thread and they're "shitposting together"

>> No.9231706

is that so

these anons are all so fucking paranoid, what have you done to them

>> No.9231707
File: 30 KB, 392x349, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw you are super paranoid
>mfw you're too dumb to post a pic when posing about yfw

>> No.9231708 [DELETED] 

something wonderful anon

something wonderful

>> No.9231710

I got accused of being hwc once but it was easy to get other anons to believe I'm not you because I don't just use the same repetitive shit to troll with and I can speak English and actually explain thoughts.

>> No.9231712

if you actually speaketh the engrish well why do you use that many ands in a sentence?

even I know you shouldn't do that

>> No.9231713

>no mail yet

anon is a pussy, confirmed

sure seems like it

using the same repetitive shit to troll with sure seems to work though

the secret is gold shoes, sugar babies, and fatties

gulls need to stop taking the bait

>> No.9231714

I have never said anything about gold shoes because it can be done well if the golds already there

I don't meme about sugar babies

tho I do scream about fatties and hating meta

all you have to do is whenever someone says they have a 70cm waist

come in yelling they are fat

/cgl/ shits themselves over that EVERY time

>> No.9231717

sorry, i wasn't clear. i constantly shitpost about those three things because it's an immediate trigger

>"b-b-b-but 70 cm isn't even fat!!! fucking ANA-CHAN!!! g-go eat a b-burger!!"

fatties and their sympathizers are easy to piss off

like raging elephants

>> No.9231718

Dude, you shitpost as much if not more than HWC.

>> No.9231720

Dat edge

>> No.9231721

okay, fatty

>> No.9231722

ah sorry fampai

I'm mildly distracted

wasn't planning on shitposting

I've been gone for a few days you know

gotta get back in the swing of it

I'm sorry people who are literally retarded accused you of being me

I can hear your double chin flapping in the wind all the way from japan

>> No.9231724

And who am I according to you? Do I also get a nickname?

>> No.9231727


>> No.9231728

Hey when you type your jokes, would you say you're doing it with a pan face?

>> No.9231729

No more nicknames.

>> No.9231730

No one asked you. Don't you have cum to garggle?

>> No.9231731

Well, feels thread. It was nice knowing you. Inb4 janitor nukes the thread from all the derailing.

In other news:
>tfw huge megacrush on cosplaying friend
>tfw when he's almost perfect for me (and I'm ridiculously picky)
>tfw it will likely never be

>> No.9231732

What are your measurements, HWC?

>> No.9231733

is this supposed to be rassis

maybe #triggered-chan?

>> No.9231734

don't worry about it, they're too easy and it was fun

gulls have no clue what to do with themselves when somebody disagrees with them, so they cry wolf

literally who

>> No.9231736

Good. Let's get rid of this thread. And yes I shitpost but most do on this site as a whole. Cgl can't be the exception. Not my fault she's retarded.

>> No.9231737

You're so fucking dumb I was afraid you wouldn't get it. But you're full of surprises the same way you're full of shit! XD

>> No.9231738



but I imagine to people who aren't actually me it would be annoying to have their words completely disregarded because people use me as a meme

>> No.9231739

I like triggered chan. Thanks mom

>> No.9231740

I'm not dumb

I just am not the best at english

meme harder

become the memes

>> No.9231741

You're not even 5'6 and you're over 105 lbs? You've no right to call anyone fat, you're a fatty yourself

>> No.9231742

welcome xoxo


>> No.9231743
File: 154 KB, 400x323, 0f8326b3-ad83-4aec-822e-9db26fdd9bf0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tip top kek!

>> No.9231745

Yes, you apparently never ever sleep and browse cgl 24/7.

>> No.9231749

a little bit maybe, because sometimes i'm actually posting to contribute

but it's not too bad, i think this thread has been the worst case so far because seagulls felt the need to justify themselves

and now we're all here

>> No.9231754

She always has plenty of time what with not being able to be a professional artist and all cause then her hubby would be sad.
God I'd love to see her art. She posts on /x/. I bet she posts on /ic/ too.

>> No.9231755

that's because I'm actually an alien

we have a similar style of typing and we both aren't actually retarded unlike everyone else on /cgl/

that's probably why you get accused of being me

>> No.9231756

Why do you think it won't be likely?

This is CURRENT YEAR just ask him out~

>> No.9231757 [DELETED] 

I don't post on /ic/

years ago I shitposted in a thread I also contributed a lot to on another board

but you guys won't guess it



am blush

>> No.9231759

Uhh, I'm here quite a bit and I've never seen someone with your posting style contribute before. Not counting you in other threads today attempting to pretend to contribute not mention mocking my fucking post.

>> No.9231760

>not mention mocking my fucking post.

#t r i g g e r e d

>> No.9231761

line breaks just make shit more readable

you seem a little angry

are you okay, anon

>> No.9231765

where I'm from its only natural to type this way

>> No.9231771

>where i'm from

another thing that triggered the witchhunt anons is that we're both grorious esl nipponese

linebreaks are the superior way of typing, even in english

they will never understand

also which post of yours was i mocking? i want to laugh at you again

>> No.9231773

is there a friend version of soul mates??

is this fate??

surely it is

>> No.9231774

He knows I have feelings for him, but I confessed last year when we both were going through some pretty awful shit, and the response was "I think we both need to love ourselves more."

My biggest issue is with his history and social life. He's the type that's extremely social at cons to the point where he has over 1k friends on FB. It's impossible to ever know where I stand with him, especially since he's also a former con ho and probably has a ton of women after him...

>> No.9231782

Remember anon, con whore do not simply have lots of women after them, they GO after lots of women.

Be careful. There's no such thing as a 'former ho'.

>> No.9231784

finding a fellow lolita shitposter who isn't a total tard

friendship really does exist

you're cool in my book

>> No.9231788

con whores*

>> No.9231791

HWC is literally an autist. And conveniently neither her, nor her extremely similar mixed breed mutt twins, are ever willing to offer a time stamped hand or photo for proof. Oh how convenient that they all suck her dick despite the fact that they're not friends IRL. She has no friends and stays inside all day, so I'm pretty sure we can guarantee that she is a delusional roleplaying freak. She won't even show her art. And it's funny how they all share the same opinions on common topics and have ~rich husbandos~ and shitpost the same way. This is so obvious that it hurts. Pics or it didn't happen, Mental Illness Chan.

>> No.9231793

if I wasn't a meme I'd friend you so hard anon

mods deleted my thread

what am I supposed to do now

>> No.9231794

>I'm here quite a bit and I've never seen someone with your posting style contribute before.
i am neither of those two and i type in a similar way

i also post regularly

soooo pls don't assume things about all casual typists

>> No.9231795
File: 71 KB, 420x413, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this 4 u

>> No.9231799

Pics or it didn't happen, MIC

>> No.9231800

serious question

why would I post pics for people who hate me

>> No.9231801

From my understanding, she posted her photo(s).

>> No.9231802

that counts for something

i support you in your shitpost endeavors

and you know where to find me

i'm surprised the mods havent nuked this all yet

>> No.9231803


>> No.9231806

Show em

>> No.9231808

Because then we wouldn't hate you so much MIC. Although the amount of half jap mutts that suck your dick seems awfully convenient

>> No.9231810

you're really paranoid and I bet they're laughing along with me

I don't believe you when you say you'd hate me less


you'd use it for fuel for the fire

>> No.9231811

We've spoken on a more personal level, and he shows some serious regret for his past, especially since it ruined his relationship with this girl he was in love with.

I'm also pretty apathetic towards my partners sleeping with other people so long as they're safe about it and I'm aware of it. The part that bothers me is just that presently I don't know if I'd have to "compete" for his emotional attention since he's surrounded by so many women.

>> No.9231814

what's up with you and hands, literally who-anon?

you seem more invested in this than any of us are 2bh

are you okay?

>> No.9231815

>be me
>be faggot with PTSD
>literally #triggered by stupid shit
>can't be in relationship because of it
>meet elegant, handsome, soft-spoken lad at convention
>crush hard
>he cosplays character I like
>crush harder
>he hand-sewed all 3 of his cosplays and they fit like a glove
>I am completed crushed
>see him every day at events and panels
>we chat now and then
>one of the last panels on 3rd day, I finally compliment his taste and skill as shown in his cosplays and panel interests all weekend
>he agrees we like a lot of the same things and offers to hang out
>I decline his phone number, IG handle, etc.
>insist I am too busy to even think about texting someone for any reason
>sperg away and leave the con because he will probably show up to the next thing I was interested in
>reject his Facebook friendship request in the parking garage
>don't even look at his profile to see if he's interested in men
>just torment myself with refusing to imagine what might have been

I am determined to never know intimate human contact. The more I want to be near someone, the farther away I will push them. I can't stop myself from doing this, I'm just trying to accept that I will sabotage myself every time.

>> No.9231816

MIC everyone except you and your "friends" who conveniently type exactly like you and are conveniently also mixed breed mutts knows you're just roleplaying your life on here because you have no real friends and want to be liked. Just stop, it's sad.

>> No.9231817
File: 36 KB, 419x604, 1430252098485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not extremely lolita related but a happy feel, and you gulls love pets so...
I'm moving very soon and our next house is allowing pets. I'm so excited to finally get a cat. Its been so long since I've had a kitty, maybe about 8 years or so.
>any anons who care, please dont worry I will be adopting a cat. I really care about animals so I'm so happy to be helping an adoptee out

cgl and cat related questions...
How do you and your burando fair together with a cat? Any specific tips for housing them both under the same roof? I wasnt in lolita the last time I had pets so I'm not experienced with this that well. I also collect a lot of stuff (figures/toys/etc), like I have a lot of stuff on shelves. Should I try to put that out of reach of the cat? I'm looking to get a adult or senior cat who is chill and relaxed, so I'm hoping they'll be calm and not ransack the place

>> No.9231818

I'm a different person than the one who suggested it. Stop trying to make us seem crazy when we all know you're just using cgl as your personal shitposter roleplaying board.

>> No.9231819


laughing at you

it's sad how paranoid you are

>> No.9231820

>How do you and your burando fair together with a cat? Any specific tips for housing them both under the same roof?
garment bags inside a zippered wardrobe inside an airtight closet inside a room the cat isn't allowed in

this will eliminate 20% of cat hair on your burando

>> No.9231821


No way srsly?

Cause we've all been laughing at your autism for months. Oh sorry I mean ~aNxIeTy~ :((((;

>> No.9231822

I'm not a gay dude but I also have pretty severe PTSD which affects social relationships. Sometimes you've just gotta find your strength and push yourself through it. You get this feeling before you do it like its going to be the worst thing in the world and you're gonna break down, but then you do it, everything goes fine, and you slowly get used to talking to the person.

>> No.9231824

I said at the start of all this I come here to laugh at you all

if you laugh at me in return I guess it's a fair trade

>> No.9231825

i'm tempted to take a picture of a sax dress with a timestamp

but then you autists would feel like you've won, and i can't have that

you're all crazy if this stuff bothers you so much

did HWC snag a dress you wanted on an auction site or something?

>> No.9231826

this is like 90% of the reason I haven't posted pics

they want me to

if they didn't want me to you can bet your tits I'd be spamming my at face all over this board

>> No.9231828

> haha jokes on you guys I was only pretending to be retarded

Lol HWC you have no friends and even everyone on here hates you to the point that you have to pretend people do.

>> No.9231830



>> No.9231832

I put a stack of books in front of my closet where I keep my clothes when i'm out of the house so my cat can't worm his way in there
make sure not to have anything small and plasticey not he ground, or it may try to eat it
keep your shoes AWAY from cats, as they will scratch anything leather
keep jewelry off of counters, since they'll play with em
chocolate, dairy, and garlic are no-nos. your cat eating cheese may look cute, but it sure ain't gonna feel good for your cat
make sure your cat eats actual meat often, or it will literally go blind. pellets aren't very good for cats in general.
make sure your cat is able to ge a good amount of exercise
pay close attention to your cats behavior, especially an older cat. try to pay attention to pooping, eating, and activity (how active it is) habits.
have some sort of scratching post so your cat wills scratch that instead of your burando
keep the shelves high!! cats can jump pretty high and will jump high if given the chance
>tfw found cat on top of the fridge once

>> No.9231833

Both of you do it. Lol but we all know why that won't happen, MIC

>> No.9231834

I'm still laughing at your paranoia

>6 seconds between a post
>people still think it's just me samefagging

the delusion is unreal

>> No.9231837

>men [...] are desperate pigs

Why did they delete such an empowering post??

>> No.9231838


because you want me to I won't

I don't have to and there is literally 0 incentive for me to do so

>> No.9231840

Considering you literally spend all your time on here roleplaying we absolutely believe that you spend your money on 4chan so you can post sooner. Or just use your phone. Especially if you're trying so hard to prove otherwise.

>> No.9231841

and then they'd sperg despite it being what they wanted

so tsuntsun, /cgl/

keep them guessing, it's driving the paranoid ones mad

>> No.9231844

>all that for only 20%
Owned cats all my life, I know the truth behind this statement.

Cat hair is an entity in itself and has the power of teleportation.

Not all cats jump up on stuff. Like my current cat hardly even jumps up on the couch. Big protip for controlling where cats go: cardboard boxes.

When you get the cat, just watch their mannerisms and adapt. If they are the adventurous kind, don't put breakable stuff where it can be knocked down. Block stuff with stacks of book or other large heavy objects if need be. Get a lint roller for cat hair on clothing. If they're a puker like my cat, don't leave stuff they can destroy anywhere they can get to it. If they're not well litterbox trained, keep things off the floor (and invest in a bottle of nature's miracle).

>> No.9231845

I wasn't trying to prove otherwise

I was trying to get you all to stop memeing

since when have I ever denied it when it's me?

I own up to my shitposting as soon as someone calls me out

>> No.9231847
File: 2 KB, 236x236, b54ded11639091d2c4d663e443eeeb79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon. Right now I have pic related type of rack for my dresses. I'm definitely going to upgrade when I move though to the actual wardrobe style to protect it from my kitty.

Another thing I'm thinking I will enjoy about the wardrobe is. Right now I try to strategically place the rack so it isnt in the sun, I dont want damage. Or I cover it with a sheet/blanket. With the wardrobe I wont have to worry about that and can place it wherever since the doors will block out those nasty UV rays.

>> No.9231848

Because you're mentally ill and roleplay people who really want to be your friend for shitposting.

>> No.9231850
File: 135 KB, 300x353, Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.07.30 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mods please put this thread out of its misery....

>> No.9231851

Its already at post cap and in auto sage, so it'll be over soon.

>> No.9231852

because the mods know i'm right but they don't want to trigger any more sugarwhores

>> No.9231853

p hilarious you call me mentally ill when you are paranoid af


it's just

I feel BAD for you

but then I remember you're a miserable cunt

>> No.9231854

Literally everyone here knows it, MIC. Please stop embarrassing yourself. Whenever you come up in a thread that you're not around to white knight yourself in, people just shit talk how pathetic it is.

Also you constantly admit that you're mentally ill so don't know why you're denying it now but ok.

>> No.9231855

>admit I am mentally ill

I've admitted to anxiety issues

do you know how many other people have anxiety issues?

it's really common

>> No.9231858


maybe cause you have no fucking friends. Or maybe that's why they found you too unbearable to be around. That, or the pathological lying

>> No.9231859

>forcing a new acronym

you're trying so hard and it hurts to watch

>> No.9231860

I do have friends and just because my shitposting offends you doesn't say anything about my relationship with them


you don't actually know me

you know that right?

you have a small glimps into my life and I come here when I feel like irritating people

that doesn't mean I go around provoking people 24/7


>> No.9231862

watch Jackson Galaxy's YouTube videos. gimmicky due to his brand sometimes, but i learned a lot.

>> No.9231865

Because ALL mentally ill people shitpost on 4chan and vote for Donald Trump...

>> No.9231866

I finally found my key to this problem.

I got a HEPA air filter I run constantly in my room now, it's made a world of distance for all those airborn hairs that go everywhere

>> No.9231867

But where is the lie? See normal women have husbands AND friends. But you have to make them up for yourself. :( no one in your old comm even wanted you because you were so autistic, so you spend every single day on here.

>> No.9231871

I know you can't see how insane you look because you're convinced I'm samefagging in this thread

but holy hell

ironic you call me mentally ill

ironic you complain about me shitposting when that's all you're doing

ironic you claim to not like me but all you wanna do is talk about me



>> No.9231872
File: 77 KB, 515x557, 184546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you! This is great advice. I never really thought about accessories/jewelry. Especially shoes, I'll make sure to put my shoes away somewhere out of reach.

I've been researching into cat diets and I want to feed it a homemade food instead of dry kibbles. I've heard that proteins are super important and dry food just doesnt have enough. As well as a cat gets most of its water from its food, and wont drink enough water on its own. So dry food will likely dehydrate a cat. I'm trying my best to be a good kitty momma! So I'm researching lots. Thank you for looking out though anon, I know their are a lot of misinformed pet owners out there.

My last cat spoiled me a little I think because he was very fat and very lazy, so he didnt really mess around much with my stuff. He couldnt jump up into high places so he easily stayed out of trouble. But even though he was quite over weight he surprisingly lived a very long life, up to 18-19 years old and died of natural causes (oldness). We even took him to the vet one time when he got in a fight with what we assume was a raccoon, and the vet at first was all huffy saying he would be so unhealthy. But after running a lot of tests he was surprised to find out he was quite a healthy cat. When we originally got him (an adoption, was already older and overweight) he was 25 lbs. But by feeding him well we got him done to 18 lbs, and honestly it looked normal on him. At this weight he got a flabby little tummy from excess skin that wouldnt go away. I guess he was naturally just a large cat.
>pic related, my tubby lil bb
>he was a really special cat to me and even though it was over 8 years ago we had him I will never 4get

>> No.9231874
File: 21 KB, 698x441, 1474076195531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>replying to me, the humble shitposting apprentice

i have a husband, but admittedly no comm

being a lonelita is fucking great

is it so hard to believe that a girl can have a functioning lifestyle and fuck with /cgl/ on a weekly basis?

you're grasping at straws and i love it

>> No.9231876



she's insane

the people who hate me are all this fucking cray

>> No.9231877


Sorry, I've known people to fuck up their pets doing that.

Dry food isn't good for a cat, a wet food diet is better. Cats do love water. My cat drinks a lot of water, I also encourage her to do so with fresh water once or twice a day.

I had a cat die of kidney failure related to their current diet. Sadly, my cat will not eat wet food so I get her the highest quality dry I can.

Just make sure they get proper nutrients, cooking kills a lot of that stuff and unless you live on a farm, you can't do raw.

>> No.9231878 [DELETED] 

Hahahahaha right, so that's why you really really want to befriend internet autists like HWC? Over shitposting? When literally no one else on here does that?

Shhhhhhhhh HWC just stop.

>> No.9231880
File: 31 KB, 600x600, 1473128539804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i can confidently say that it's because gulls are jealous

we have pretty cushy lives from what i can tell

and any girl with a better life than theirs is an immediate threat

we win by living better

>> No.9231881

The cat that died I adopted after the owner about took him to the shelter. He had kidney failure by the time I got him. :(

>> No.9231882

Yeah, the entirety of cgl is crazy, and YOURE the sane one.

A jap Lolita who posts on English boards and makes friends because you both shitpost. Totally believable. Please kys.

>> No.9231883
File: 1.13 MB, 1013x874, 1451865874028[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was looking for artists in the last thread
>learned that a lot of artists are entitled as shit when they have no right to be (pic related)
>turned me off from looking to commission

>met my boyfriend's friend and his girlfriend
>he's an artists, she sews
>I hired them both to sketch tshirt designs and make clothes together

the dream is real. and its so cute i have a couple working on stuff for me. They said they were for it, and I'm fine with whatever price they ask of me, as long as its reflective of their actual quality of work

>> No.9231884

if you're not seeing a mental health professional you probably should

because you sound obsessive and literally batshit crazy

>> No.9231886

You don't have to be a stalker to know all the inane bullshit of how you have no friends. You post about it every fucking day, presumably because you have no actual friends to talk to.

>> No.9231887 [DELETED] 

anon... I'm HWC...

look at the trip

ffs you're dumb

at this point I'm convinced this poster is mad I didn't wanna be her friend

but I'd be your friend anon

just be warned

I have shit taste in Lolita

>> No.9231888

The resident crazy politely asks we not be associated with that sort of nonsense.

>> No.9231889

Mess up their cats doing what? Making food at home?
I will try to be careful. I also found some wet food brand that are supposedly good, mostly the more expensive ones though. But people say its cheaper to make at home food for the cost. But I'll probably do a mix of both though for when I'm lazy and dont want to make something. Of course I'll make water available for them. I'm also going to talk to a vet about cat diets and see what they suggest.

>> No.9231890

mfw this is exactly what's happening

anon is just upset that she's not a qt hafu with a loving husband and the power to trigger hundreds

more of us exist

get used to it

>> No.9231891

I don't even post every day

let alone about my personal life

pull your head out of your anus


she's literally insane

>> No.9231892

> we have better lives
> hi I'm HWC and I have no job and no friends

lol I was born into a rich family and I'm doing research in a field I love. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

>> No.9231893

inb4 someone accuses us of samefagging again even tho our posts are fucking 4 seconds apart

I have no job but I do have friends

>> No.9231894


>> No.9231896

Stop taking the bait

>> No.9231897

14* wew gj me

thanks me

welcome me

>> No.9231899

Yeah, you can end up making animals blind and such given them homemade diets. If you have a local holistic pet store, go speak to them. Freeze-dried diets and frozen premade pet foods are a good introduction to better foods. My cat will eat the freeze-dried food, seems to confuse it for dry food.

It's a good start. I have a local vet who will actually teach people how to make homemade food so see if anyone is in your area. Otherwise, a bunch of supplements you can add into your homemade diets to guarantee they get what they need. (Weird things, like ash.)

I'm not saying this to scare you anon! I think it's a great idea! I'm just saying be careful.

>> No.9231900

also you know

I realized

I have the mods blessings

they deleted my thread but didn't ban my trip

thanks mods

ily mods

d-do we fuck now?

>> No.9231902

> b-b-but if people make fun of me then they don't have husbands or money!
> everyone wants to be a mutt with no friends, right?

>> No.9231903
File: 81 KB, 182x249, 1474241521448.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw bigbux computer engineer with an even biggerbux husband

have fun with that trust fund

i probably have shit taste too

sweet is best

anon is just jelly she can't join the friend circle

>> No.9231904

Hahahaha okay HWC *now* you do? Internet ones don't count sweetie.

>> No.9231905

>I don't want to accept the possibility that the delusional masturbation aid of HWC being a friendless loser who nobody likes could be wrong so I'm going to shitpost just as much as her even tho the only reason I should have to dislike her is because she shitposts


>> No.9231908
File: 22 KB, 512x369, 20161009-002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


what is this meme

it's not even insulting, just confusing and out of place

sounding racist doesn't add to your (fragile) credibility, paranoia-chan

>> No.9231909

The whole reason you came to /cgl/ is because you're a friendless sugar baby loser who mooches off your husband. Don't change the story now

>> No.9231910
File: 77 KB, 249x699, 1439416577748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>checks IG because phone blowin up
>sees unfamiliar s/n liking every recent upload
>a local comm newbie
>scroll through her recent uploads
>mfw her first lolita piece is a replica

Well, at least she knows it's a replica? I hope she had unknowingly ordered it (long) before she was added into the comm rather than willingly ordered it because she's young/it's too expensive to get the real deal and/or doesn't fit in the real version (though, fit shouldn't actually be a problem in her case).

I kind of envy her enthusiasm desu, but I'm also annoyed and feel sad for her if she had willingly and knowingly bought a replica, considering that I'm her mentor. I guess she'll just have to learn the hard way.

>> No.9231911

Damn you for not being born a purebred.

>> No.9231912

sweet is certainly best

my wardrobe is jam packed with dreamy planetarium and misty sky garbage

but also sweets themed sweets because it makes me giggle

I don't even like to eat sweet food

but they're coot

>thinking a paranoid, racist stalker would ever make sense

I am confuse

>> No.9231914
File: 10 KB, 167x155, 21314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oh course no worries! This is great advice. I'm still new into researching into cat diets so I will still have to do more studying.
For awhile while I was at my current place I thought about getting guinea pigs and did tons of research into proper care for them, they take supplements as well. So the idea of making sure pets get all the vitamins and etc they need isnt a new concept for me. I hope I can find some good local resources in my new town to help me out.

>> No.9231915

the whole reason I came to /cgl/? no

the whole reason I shitpost here is because it's fun and easy

sure I want a Lolita friend

never said I didn't want one

but that doesn't mean I have NO friends

you must be pretty dumb not to realize that

>> No.9231916

> Implying trust funds are somehow worse than HWC mooching off her husband

Keep your opinions straight HWC. Make your friends want to like you.

>> No.9231917

I am worried for your mental health

>> No.9231918

> Posts shit about her personal life everywhere despite no one wanting to hear about it
> Says she has stalkers


>> No.9231921

Holy shit you fucking list you were literally just bitching about having no friends last week because you are such an autist. Now you're changing your story to seem cooler. This is sad.

>> No.9231922
File: 254 KB, 500x285, YAAASSSS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aw fuck this word filter

Saaaaame. Though, my waiting time was a bit longer unfortunately. I just wish the matching headbow came with it.

>tfw normally shop second hand
>tfw main pieces never come with matching accessories and have to hunt for that shit before being able to coordinate for anything

>> No.9231923

> Shitposts as multiple characters to seem like people like her
> Tells other people to seek therapy

>> No.9231924

misty sky a cute

sweets and animal prints are always fun. desserts always look so cute

i'm trying to collect a lot of rabbit prints

i have a bad habit of picking the pink colorway for like every main piece

what is variety

>> No.9231925

I've consistently said I had issues making friends outside of my husbands work

doesn't mean I don't have friends through his work

doesn't mean I can't want friends to discuss Lolita with

seriously this is some beautiful mind level of insanity you have

do you have screenshots of my posts printed out and hung up on a wall with strings linking them to eachother and some illuminati articles?

>> No.9231926

I'm pretty good about variety

my colors go between

pink, mint, navy, ivory/brown

sax triggers me

so so cat prints

I love cats

I have a cat

but cat prints TRIGGER me

dunno why

>> No.9231929

Holy shit your story is that your husband makes your friends for you. That's even sadder than I thought. They pity you that much.

We all know you're too ugly to post your face on here because you massively talk yourself up. Just stop, MIC. Maybe actually go to jap Lolita boards if you really live in Glorious Nippon.

>> No.9231931

Cat prints got me into lolita.

>> No.9231933

he doesn't make them for me..?

I just am kind of limited so I make friends within the group he's associated with

they don't do such a beautiful animal justice

however if I hired AP designers to make me a print with Vantablack(my cat) as the theme

I would wear it

>> No.9231936

that's a good range. i'd like to incorporate more brown and ivory to mix it up and do sweet-classic stuff

sax is ok in my book, but i don't wear it so often. i might be partial because my first burando was sax

cats prints feel underwhelming to me too, maybe because they've become kind of a gimmick and "it's cute because it has cats"

i need more weird animal prints to choose from

where the hell are the penguins, AP

>> No.9231937

>however if I hired AP designers to make me a print with Vantablack(my cat) as the theme
>I would wear it
Why do you make such obvious statements? Like I think if anyone had a dress made for them with a print of their beloved cat on it, they'd fucking wear it...

>> No.9231938

>nitpicking this hard

you're really not okay, are you?

>> No.9231940
File: 38 KB, 634x423, hmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cats prints feel underwhelming to me too, maybe because they've become kind of a gimmick and "it's cute because it has cats"
only people here have this thought process.

>> No.9231941
File: 293 KB, 525x700, look at my balls bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for the (you)!

>> No.9231943

sax itself isn't bad it just looks like shit on my skin tone and it makes me mad I can't wear it without looking like I have jaundice

>tfw no golden lion tamarin AP print

s u f f e r i n g

can you please clam your hate boner?

stop getting triggered over jokes

>> No.9231944

Kind of limited mentally, we know.

>> No.9231946

That's a different Anon. We're just all annoyed by your shit. :) if you're actually Japanese, you wouldn't be shitposting here.

>> No.9231947
File: 2.59 MB, 688x356, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


this doesn't even make sense to what you were replying to

you took the word limited and threw in a random hurr ur dum joke? why?

>> No.9231948

how is that a joke? like what was supposed to be funny? That'd you'd wear a dress? That you have a cat?

>> No.9231950

>if you're actually Japanese, you wouldn't be shitposting here.

please go to /int/ and see why you are wrong

I feel bad that you're really this incapable

>> No.9231951

>bump limit reached
>398 replies
>reported several times from different IPs
>thread still here
>nothing has been deleted
>HWC confirmed for jani or mod

>> No.9231953
File: 1.93 MB, 500x281, 1477283477179.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no big dingdong bf

>> No.9231955

yellow undertones are suffering

lavender is the color that does me in and i hate that i can't wear it

i... live in America? i have for years. are you alright?

not all Japanese stay in the grorious homeland

>> No.9231956

>I feel bad that you're really this incapable
I love when you do this, but it's pretty obvious there was no punchline in your original comment. Your obscure Jap humor sure is shining through. Explains why you find trash like 9gag and frogposting hilarious.

>> No.9231958

That's always been obvious as fuck. That's why even inane chatter in other threads that so much as mentions her as being insane suddenly goes deleted.

>> No.9231959

Thank christ this thread can finally go.

but see everyone

anyone could type lik this so

it can not possible be!!

>> No.9231962

lavender isn't as bad because sometimes AP does that more pink lavender and it's not as terrible

but sax

sax is suffering

>Your obscure Jap humor sure is shining through
sorry i guess?


it gets deleted because it derails stuff and vendetta is against board rules

>> No.9231963

are you saying we should email you know who about this? also.. how often are threads about this made in /qa/?

if people wanted this to stop there'd be more of an effort..

>> No.9231964

this is terrifying

>> No.9231966

You have a fucking vendetta yourself. Its why you shitpost. Or did you forget your own fucking backstory?

>> No.9231967

Lol so it gets deleted when other inane chatter about other annoying fags stays? This obvious bullshit is why we hate HWC so much

>> No.9231969

That just looks frightening.

I wouldn't touch it.

>> No.9231970

where's all your hardcore images HWC? you're an oldfag after all you should have all kinds of amazing stuff saved.

>> No.9231972

She can't keep her story straight. She said she's just on here to make Lolita friends now. Now she has friends and isn't autistic anymore. I guess she realized that wasn't cool.

>> No.9231973

yeah that's why my posts get deleted too

Jfc clam your paranoia

because I will come back EVERY time you guys post about me and derail it

and mods don't like me

>> No.9231974

pink always helps

yellow is another color that can never be

granted the yellow colorways of things usually aren't my utmost favorite so

w-works out i guess

i appreciate the fact that you're giving it a try

don't those linebreaks feel nice

>> No.9231976

my story on friends hasn't ever changed

I said from the start I'd never actually make a friend off of /cgl/ but at the same time you all are my "friends" because I come here to shitpost and I want a Lolita friend but can't have one

the times I complained about no friends it was me whining because I don't have anyone close to discuss Lolita with

>> No.9231981

Again, that's a different Anon. It's just that everyone here knows you're a fucking liar. :)

>> No.9231982

What made you decide to learn English of all languages?

>> No.9231984

I grew up moving back and forth between Japan and America

didn't really have a choice


>> No.9231985

No, see now she doesn't live in Japan. Now the story is that she lives in the US.

>> No.9231986

I live in Japan? I've lived in the US before tho

>> No.9231987


What are you talking about?

>> No.9231988

>two girls can't exist simultaneously who enjoy criticizing your posts from opposite ends of the globe

what is the internet

>> No.9231989

Interesting, who's paranoia Chan now, MIC? Butt hurt that everyone in /cgl/ hates you? ;(

>> No.9231990

The irony of you saying that is too much

>> No.9231991

you're still paranoia-chan

I can at least recognize the fact there are multiple people who don't like me and are talking to me in this thread

>> No.9231994

I like how you just parrot what I say

>> No.9231995

Literally no one believes your shit and your lack of proof HWC. Please take your white knight roleplaying and leave.

>> No.9231997

I can confirm she's not a fat landwhale out in Kansas...

>> No.9231998

> implying you haven't used the tired "plz get help bc u don't like me" response 20 fucking times to different people

>> No.9231999

I didn't say because they don't like me

I said its because the posts were screaming of an insane tinfoiler

>> No.9232000
File: 72 KB, 594x595, 1476114566075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

paranoia-chan is convinced that HWC and i are the same person

i live in the US

she lives in Japan

we both shitpost

>t-two people can't be making fun of me at once!

>> No.9232001



if that's you I know we aren't talking but pls no

>> No.9232002

This is /cgl/ late night.

Depending on your time zone.

>> No.9232003

why? too large?

>> No.9232004

Did you drop your pic dummy?

>> No.9232005


>> No.9232006

Keep it going

>> No.9232008

I just imagine it hitting me in the face and it looks like it would be pretty heavy

>> No.9232009

I've never spoke to you in my life.

It's fucking 3:35 a.m.

>> No.9232011

Because you do this shit all the time HWC. I'm not even the one that originally brought it up. Multiple people know you do it

>> No.9232012

It's a troll like every thing else.

>> No.9232013


well then

carry on

>> No.9232022

No, I didn't drop the picture.

You can find it yourself.

>> No.9232024


>> No.9232034

the next poster itt will be my gf

>> No.9232039

I'm a guy.

>> No.9232043

isnt that hot in a way? feeling small is nice

>> No.9232045

I'd name it Trogdor the Burninator.

>> No.9232053


gross uncut goyim

>> No.9232056

its not phimosis, it slides down during sex you retard

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