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Old thread is kill. >>9214699

Post feels and feely stories related to /cgl/. Let's try to stay on topic this time.

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>recently moved to different city
>tfw cosfam lives four hours away

How do I find weebs and lolis in my area??

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Yeah, but my dick can't reach across that many states.

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Guess I'll post it here again considering I'm looking for advice

>part of online community for ten years (I'm 19), been heavily involved for a little less than four years
>For years I was absolutely enamored with everyone, was sure I had found my "true companions" that I dreamed of finding as a child
>For a while now shit's been declining in activity
>Recently everyone lost faith of the people in charge as they became increasingly elitist, community is beginning to fall apart
>Realized that out of around 20 people left, I deeply care for less than five of them
>We're spread out all over the world, we're all poor by some shitty miracle, and I find it difficult to picture a future with them because they're not too well off
>Never had too many friends in person, not socially terrible but just never could find common ground with anyone, even in college now I just can't connect
>realize I might have nobody in the future to talk to, worse still that I'm going to lose the people that meant the entire world to me only a year ago
>been melancholic as fuck lately
>terrified I'm going to have a future with no friends or SO

I remember the days in Middle School where I just had nobody to talk to for what seemed like ages on end, the people I did befriend were such superficial relationships it probably adversely affects befriending people now. Shit just sucks and I don't see a way out by this point.

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>Go to convention
>Guy in our friend circle (R) talks to me at a party
>Late night we're the only two up, so we hang out
>Talk every day for months afterwards
>Arrange to hotel together at a future con
>He finds out this friend of his from another circle, F, is coming and will be in his hotel, and tells me I can't stay with him
>??? okay I'm kinda pissed but I make do.
>F doesn't end up coming, so I can stay with R.
>We hook up that weekend, as was predicted
>Have a talk later and he tells me he has feelings for me but doesn't want to pursue them cause of distance. I definitely have feelings for him too

Flash forward to last weekend
>Ask him if I can room with him again. He says he can't because he's rooming with F and a girl from the other side of the country, S
>Get to the con and he's ignoring me the whole time
>End up chatting up S and becoming friends with her
>We all end up hanging out throughout the weekend together
>Find out that F isn't staying in their room, it's just S and R together. Kinda weird?
>Last night there's a big afterparty, all 3 of us go.
>I get drunk and courageous and ask R if he and S are together. He says they're not.
>R starts flirting with me and being all touchey, and I'm doing the same back
>He invites me back to their hotel room, I'm confused but also drunk as fuck so I go hearing promises of "just cuddling"
>Get back to the hotel and he starts making out with me in the bathroom
>Suddenly S bursts open the door and starts slapping him
>She tells me to gtfo so I go and stand outside the door, confused as fuck and not sure how to get home
>I hear her yelling at him, and deduce that she's his girlfriend and that they've been dating for years and that he's put me in the "other woman" position
>I knock on the door, crying because I am so entirely against cheating and try to talk to S and apologize but R wont let me
>Eventually I go back to my room and then go home the next day

I'm so sad and confused right now gulls

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>have a current perfect boyfriend that I plan on marrying
>wouldn't give him up for anything
>he doesn't understand anime or cosplay but cosplays with me anyway
>he's on the other side of the coast right now, moving here with me around February and we're gonna get an apartment
>I have absolutely no friends by the way
>except for one, and he was once my friends with benefits
>a long time ago, in fact we stopped sleeping with each other before I met current bf
>he was drunk one time and asked if i wanted to go to his room, insinuating sex obviously
>I was with current bf at the time, told him no I'm with someone else.
>he dropped it, never asked to sleep with me again, and this made me happy because now we were just friends
>we get along pretty will, he gets mad a lot and moody but that's about
>he doesn't have other friends either, has anxiety that he doesn't tell anyone about except for me, and I get intervals of anxiety too so I understand
>best discription is we both have no friends but we both have no friends together
>planning a pretty skimpy outfit for a con coming up this October
>boyfirend isn't with me here so I was going to ask him to go with me because I'm uncomfortable going alone, and it's a few hours away
>this is a good plan to me, he works out and you can visibly tell
>good protector guy
>I hangout in his room a lot, I literally see him as an older brother
(Insert joke about Araragi and Karen)
>he's laying down facing the wall
>I'm taking a break from my cosplay and I lay next to him
>no big deal, we're back to back again he's like my brother
>hear him shift around
>oh no, I know that "shift not make it obvious" trope
>he rolls over and wraps his arms around me and continues his sleep
>he just my brother
>just my brother
>feel weird, feel like I'm betraying my boyfriend, so finally muster the courage to say "ugh, I gotta finish the rest of my cosplay!"

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>realize he's been making "let's have sex" references a lot here lately for the past few weeks
>I just want him as a friend
>unfortunately I've slept with him before in the far past, so I feel like that's what motivates him
>if I make things weird he'll get irritated and get mad at me (cue moodiness) and I still enjoy his company regardless of his zesty attitude (70% salt most of the time I'm with him)
>and if I stop being friends with him I'll literally have no friends.
>absolutely no one, at least with him I can text him and talk about friend stuff
I don't even know if someone could even give me advice, this is just a shitty situation.. I just really wish I had friends cgl

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>how to find lolis in my area


enjoy being v& by the FBI

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I know that fear. You need to join local groups. A cosplay comm, lolita comm, LARP comm, etc. If they're big enough you'll find someone to connect to. Even if you don't get mega close to someone immediately, you'll have some social interaction and that'll give you the skills to meet more people and develop friends faster. I used to be you in middle school, too, but I stepped waaay out of my comfort zone in college to make friends with everyone I could, and I'm much better at making acquaintances/friends.

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You sound like a girl I know
>be me best friend with grill
>she has bf but I knew her several years before she hook up with her bf
>have been sexual in the past
>Since she has a bf she rejects me but accepts me as BFF
>she and me go to con
>her bf wasn't there he was miles away
>me and her hang out at con when suddenly qt walks by
>me and qt hit it off
>tfw my friend holds my hand and pulls me away from qt aka cock blocked me
Please don't cock block him at con let him live his life. You got a bf why do you need him as an orbiter. Pic related

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That picture is so misleading, you basically have to halve all the stats.

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>cleaning room
>I mean REALLY cleanning room
>get rid of plushies/mangos etc etc
>look towards cosplays
>think about getting rid of all or most of cosplays
>think its high time to grow out of making cosplays and just go to cons to buy merch/take pics in comfy clothes
>will know I'll regret it later but nagging feeling of "maybe its time to 'grow up' "

Do any of you gulls ever get this feeling?? I feel like its a random surge of cosplay depression, but I'm an artist who wants to exlusively work on my art (improving, and maybe one day get a table at cons) but I feel like cosplaying is holding me back from that

Making and spening money for cosplay has just become really tiresome I'm not sure what to do, lt has been my life for nearly a decade, I dont think I can put it down but I also think its the step I need to go forward with my art......

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there's no reason to rid yourself of it all at once. perhaps wean yourself off of it if you're very serious about committing to your art.

i've never had these feelings because i'm one of those people who believes that "growing up" shouldn't mean leaving the things you love, like plushies and mangos and stuff. however it sounds like your passion is waning. take it a step at a time, but no matter what definitely work on your art because art is a great skill to build.

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I'm an artist who cosplays, and yeah, sometimes you have to sacrifice one hobbies' time/money in order to put it towards another. However, I don't think throwing everything away is a good idea- especially if you're doing it under the false assumption that being too mature for cosplay is directly linked to having an artistic growth spurt. If you want to focus on art, then focus on it. You don't have to throw everything cosplay-related away, just spend less resources on it.

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2000 is a very small sample size.

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Same boat, but mime are eight hours away. Try joining local comms and attending weeby events in your new city.

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>just graduated after being in college for like 6 years
>getting married next month
>lost a shitton of weight and now can fit into burando
>slowly but surely building a nice brand wardrobe
>always dreamed of being a lifestyle lolita and if i pass my medical coding exam at the end of the month i can work from home and finally be able to wear lolita every day
>no lolita friends tho

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have sex with him and text pictures of it to your boyfriend while making double peace signs; it's how it works in manga comics

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> go to con recently
> managed to get lots of photos from meet-ups and hallway shots
> my jaw looks utterly fucked up in every photo

I've been having ongoing issues with TMJ and jaw pain, but seeing how terrible my cross/overbite looks from multiple angles really put the severity in perspective. I don't have dental insurance, and the prospect of getting braces (again) in the middle of my twenties seems awkward, but I can't believe I've been walking around like this for a while. I also feel awkward that it's my vanity that's pushing me over the edge, and not the pain and constant "jawlocks".

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>Just placed semi big Taobao order
>First order in years
>Lots of new clothes and wigs for future cosplays
>Got money on my Paypal to pay for the actual order, and money on the bank to pay for international shipping.
>Unsure if I have a job/income from december and onwards
>Feeling so guilty and irresponsible over this order, but most of these items are low stock and I've been drooling all over them for months
>Just want to treat myself without hating myself just once please

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Same boat here.
>be 25
>sometimes painful, always kinda awkward and uncomfortable
>only look good at certain angles and ofc meetup pictures are never taken at these angles so I end up looking like a meme troll in frills
I'm not looking forward to having braces again and especially dreading surgery, but I've decided I'm going for it anyway. Sacrificing a few years of discomfort and burando releases is worth it if it means I will feel more comfortable in my body for the rest of my life. I'm regretting not doing it a few years sooner, actually.

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I was an urban hermit for about two years, I only left the house to get food with weebux. I'd withdrawn enough that I had Castaway moments when I had to speak to people where I would have to remember how to make words with my mouth again

I reintroduced myself to society, got over my terrifying fears of getting sick/my heart stopping, got in shape again, every time I left my apartment was a fucking trial, couldn't even visit my mom's or my brother's without thinking I was going to die

Now I'm going to college again, straight A's, it's flu season though and I'm terrified, also I can't connect with anyone. Everyone I talk to it's like, they're on a separate island and I don't understand what happens there. People talk about themselves constantly and it all feels like bullshit, when I try to talk about myself it feels like I'm lying even when I'm just trying to talk about what I like

I thought getting over my anxiety attacks was the big part but it was just the first part, now I'm in this weird alien world where everyone is malicious and I'm a completely empty personality aside from viciously hating things and being avoidant which I'm entirely aware of but can't do anything to change since it's too far outside of my comfort zone

I'm ranting but what you posted about realizing you have nobody in the future to talk to really struck a chord with me. There's actual zero reasons for anyone to involve themselves with me and realizing that being social means making yourself useful to others is soul crushingly disappointing

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I know that in reality braces are uncomfortable and disgusting but even knowing that I think they're kind of cute

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>meet new friend who is shy/withdrawn, very closeted anime fan
>invite her to her first convention, get a room share together, get her a ride, she's so excited
>She contacts some anime friends from an online comm she's in and plans a meetup, asks to have a friend room with us, which I agree to
>friend is fat asian fujioshi who gets them on staff and monopolizes friend's time
>con comes and I barely see her unless I join them on the panels they want to do which I do without hesitating
>next year they stay with me again but I'm not invited to panels, they become more and more involved in con staff
>we graduate college, it's impossible to track down friend, she stands me up over and over again during the con for two years in a row
>once left me waiting 2 hours at a restaurant before she said she wasn't coming
>I track her down later during her down time, she's drinking with comm friends
>immediately after I arrive to say hello they have to go
>this year they were fired from staff and I say we can hang out this year then right??
>wrong, she says 'i would never go to that shitty convention if I had to pay to attend'
>I call her out for blowing me off for the last six fucking years
>she acts mystified and says it's my fault, but apologizes, sort of, asks to hang out this weekend
>she's been such a cunt I'm not even sure I want to be her friend any longer

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Fucking sucks. Idk why she ditched you so much, especially when you brought her out

>> No.9217589

The fact that you two snuggled together and you let him hug you, not to mention wearing a skimpy outfit around him.

Anon, I don't know what your boundaries are between your bf and you. But that's just some shady shit man. It's disrespectful to your SO and your ex fwb obviously doesn't give a shit you're in a relationship, and you're encouraging it by not setting boundaries. Basically, you ain't a two timing hoe yet, but you're sure as hell close to.


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I've been the guy in this sort of situation before and it has always made me feel uncomfortable. We aren't dumb, it's apparent what's happening. I can think of at least two occasions, and in both of them I was interested but I'm not a homewrecker. At best I have to believe that they're unconsciously flirty or maybe too comfortable with me. At worst I have to believe that they're looking for a way to have a stable relationship while also having fun outside of it, while leaving themselves blameless (i.e., trying to get me to move first so it's my fault if it comes to a head). I'm not really interested in either and it leaves a bad impression over time.

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She sounds like a cunt, time to get new friends. If I had a friend like that I do ditch them after the second time they ditch me. First time shame on me second time I'm out.

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If I was your bf I do broken up with you. I'm not into girls with side guys.

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relevant feels: packing when you plan to wear lolita at your destination is stressful as fuck, especially when you're only bringing a carry-on

why didn't i look into those space-saver bags sooner

oh hey anon, if you're around how did you get into medical coding/what were the courses and workloads like? are there a lot of job opportunities? i'm interested because it seems to coincide with my skillset and working from home is ideal because i'm a lonelita autist. especially since i'm getting married in the near future it'll be nice to have expendable income for burando on top of the income we'll live on

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I went to a convention this weekend, which was great. However, since then I've felt a loneliness that feels deeper than usual.
All the people I knew had someone they went with, while I just jumped from group to group with people I knew. I wasn't really included. Except some people for a while, but it's only a matter of time before they lock me out too, like always happens after I've known someone for a while.
It's also that I know there were so many people there I had seen before, but we didn't even notice each other.
Also, when I think back to a few years ago, I didn't know anyone. But yet, I somehow ended up getting included in groups with people I didn't know. And I'd get to experience their interaction, and I got to see some new people living lives completely different from my own. But now, if someone didn't talk to someone I didn't know, I wouldn't interact with them at all. I wonder what happened. I used to be able to meet locals from this part of the country, and have fun. Now I only talked to other people who weren't from there. What happened? It seems things are just getting worse. I'm losing everything that used to be so great at the cons.
What's happening to me, socialization used to be better than this

Also, general worry about dying fandoms. There hasn't been much interest in Homestuck meetups lately, and the bronirs are just turning into a closed friend circle that excludes me. Also less interest, but technically enough for meetups still

>> No.9217813

When you suddenly remember that you JUST got rid of an old pair of glasses that would've been perfect for a new cosplay. I downsized a lot due to moving and now I'm wondering what else I tossed that I probably needed.

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>tfw a girl in your comm says "top kek" during a tea

>> No.9218065

>Several Halloween events planned for our comm
>Hosting one that's a bit pricey but a rare theatrical event
>4 attendees besides me, we managed to buy seats adjacent to each other
>one of them is basically a comm mod that has been wanting to do more fun and paid meets
>waits til the last minute for me to ask which seat she got
>she hasn't bought it yet but probably going to opt for the nosebleeds because it's a fraction of the price
I dunno how to feel about this. I kind of feel a little shafted, but at the same time it's some I really wanted to see, and would have bought the same ticket if alone.
>another grill I like in my comm changed status to not going a few days ago.
RIP. She's always talking about wanting to do upper scale events, too. I really wanted to see her in a vampire inspired coord.

Worrisome feels for the other comm event, though. Apparently only 3 people have bought tickets to what's supposed to be a big catered halloween party. And two of them are myself and the host. I've been exhausting my own money and crafting resources putting together nice accessories to giveaway at this thing, and it doesn't seem like it's even going to be a thing. The deadline for tickets is in like, 3 days. I'll probably just end up putting them up in my etsy or whatever, but still. I had expectations.

>> No.9218086

What up Florida? You go to halloween horror nights in 1998 or did you use a random image?

>> No.9218090

>had braces in my youth
>after I got them off I was a lazy shit that never used the retainers properly
>teeth got a little messed up later

Also I still have one hell of a crossbite and overbite.

>> No.9218096

>tfw you'll never find con love
>it gets more and more bleak with each passing year

>> No.9218100

Lol, I'm from GA but I'm a HHN fan.

Too bad about the hurricane this year.

>> No.9218110

I got into medical coding a few years ago while I was at community college, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I was working in retail (still am) and realized I hate people and am not made for customer service (still do). My mom works in healthcare and suggested it to me. I went to a 2 year program at my community college and got my associates in outpatient coding and medical office administration, the courses were not difficult but be prepared to buy a fuck ton of coding books haha. I'm also taking the CCS exam for extra credentials and to become an actual certified coder, most employers will want you to have that. Right now is an excellent time to get into coding anon, since ICD 10 just came out. all over the US are tons of job opportunities so I doubt you'll have trouble!

>> No.9218152

This every time. Even if it's a dollar.

>con love
Why though? They're covered in paint, sweat and desperation.

>> No.9218182

It sounds like you have more expectations and ambitions than most of your comm. that's disappointing. At least you will attend a nice theatre event though. I've stopped attending my comm's cheap meets and just go when it is something nice. When I frill up, I want to go somewhere nice, even if it is usually with fewer people. Otherwise what is the point of dressing beautifully? I'm honestly tired of cheapskate lolitas.

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>lose power Saturday night due to hurricane
>no power Sunday and half of Monday
>wake up Tuesday, power has gone out again
>don't get power until afternoon
>assignments from college due Tuesday 12:00PM
>scramble to download Office 365
>get last of assignment in
>missed multiple answers, still get a 92.5%
>11:05 PM!!!
>celebrate by buying Jfashion off my wish list on eBay

I know it's likely my professor will send out an email tomorrow saying we got extra days but I haven't heard anything and school is cancelled tomorrow so I wanted to get it in just in case since I had Thurs-Sat to work on it.. which I didn't.

Never procrastinate school work or a hurricane will kick your ass for it.

>> No.9218225

Yeah, we share that sentiment. I don't feel as elegant as I look when I walk along a strip mall downtown in my frills. The event will be a refreshing change.
It's a ballet performance of Dracula. I'm so excited for it, and my red underdress just came in the other day just in time to change up my favourite coord.

>> No.9218227

Err, not sure where those numbers went, but meant for >>9218182

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I found con love once. It didn't last. The breakup was one of the saddest times in my life tbqh.

I still love meeting new people at cons, though.

>> No.9218270

This. Does anyone have an idea how much Invisalign costs? I don't have dental unfortunately, but I really need braces eventually.

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>Con last weekend
>Wear lolita
>Be happy
>Go through some photographer's pictures
>Find a candid pic of myself
>Me playing on my DS, Pokemon picross
>My face is like >:/ since I needed to concentrate
>Otherwise it's pretty good picture
>Well, it could be worser

>> No.9218331

If it is the Michael Pink choreography, you'll love it.
More lolita meets at the ballet? Yes please! Symphony, dramatic productions and opera too.

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>always wanted to be a professional artist
>struggle a lot; meager rewards
>turn 27
>realize I'm nowhere near where I should be
>finally give up my stupid dream
>chalk up my wasted youth as a loss and try to salvage the rest of my life
>haven't drawn anything since March
>cosplay is the only artistic outlet that makes me feel okay anymore

I don't know what I'm going to do with my life, but it isn't this. I'm really scared and the next con can't come soon enough.

>> No.9218336

The price varies with the type of corrections you need and how long you have to wear them. Invisalign can't correct all problems either, I had to have actual braces. My teeth have shifted a little and I can get invisalign to correct that instead of snother retainer but my actual bite problems required braces to correct them. You can usually finance it though.

>> No.9218350

Invisalign can cost just as much as braces, however it doesn't correct bite problems or gaps as well as braces because it can't move your teeth quite as much.

>> No.9218556

Get a bf or gf to support your dreams.
I feel the same way about programming I studied 2 years in college realizing I hate it, time and money well wasted. Now I have a high paying job which I hate...

>> No.9218561

Fuck anon, I just quit my second uni course and have no clue what to do. I just started doing art again but I know I'll never be good enough to make it, I'm already so far behind. How do we figure out what to do with our lives?

I agree with >>9218556 though, my boyfriend is the only thing that gets me through life. Admittedly, I suffer from depression so things might not be as bad for you, but it really helps to have someone who supports you and is there for you.

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Just become a programmer like everyone now days make mad cash while being misable. Join me in my misery.

>someone who supports you
That hits me right in my kokoro.
>tfw no gf ever

>> No.9218580

Well, my crisis started after a breakup.

I'm hoping to find a new one at the next con.

>> No.9218598

Feel a bit of an alien, rc has a post on ideal wardrobe size, everyone agreeing around 30. I have 150+ main pieces and still want to buy all the things.

>> No.9218608

My ideal is ~30 main pieces that I really like a lot + a few fancier main pieces so I could wear lolita daily for a month with no repeat. But having a really big collection and still adding is great too. I love to see really big wardrobe posts. It's really all about whatever suits your budget and makes you happy. Just stop comparing and keep collecting!

>> No.9218624

Sir Ben Stevenson, actually. I'm excited! If it's a hit with the girls that are coming, I'd start hosting more meets at events like that.

>> No.9218635

I'm >>9217485 and I had braces for most of my teens and used my retainers properly but my jaw and wisdom teeth decided to fuck me over anyway. I might as well have skipped the braces in my teens and waited until I was fully grown.

I wish my comm would do more of this. Even the gothic and classic lolitas in my comm are more on the weeby side and would rather meet up at anime cons and other Japanese pop culture events than a classical concert or ballet or even a museum.

>> No.9218642

I think the trick to having some upscale meets is to plan them at less busy times and don't try to compete with the more weeby meets or hate on those even if they aren't your cup of tea. Take and post lovely photos at more lovely venues and that often attracts a few more people to join in next time. But some people will just never want to come to those more elegant meets so you usually get a much smaller turnout. I actually prefer that.

>> No.9218645

He's never going to stop wanting sex, so stop leading him on.
You seem to be afraid he'll stop hanging out with you if you tell him straight out you're not going to have sex with him. If he does that, then he's not a friend, just an orbiter "nice guy"(tm) waiting for a chance to pounce. Maybe you want an orbiter, I don't know. He is a bad person for trying to make you cheat and you are a bad person for not nipping it in the bud. Have you ever actually told him he's like a brother and you don't see him in a sexual way anymore?

In short, don't lie down on his fucking bed again and do what this anon says! >>9217048

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I bet this is you

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Let him brush your teeth

>> No.9218835

What the fuck kind of muumuu is this

>> No.9218868

>have money to spend on new wardrobe
>spend weeks browsing for stuff
>make a cart
>second guess everything
>Maybe I don't need this many blouses?
>Surely I can find this cheaper, that's a lot of my budget!
>haven't spent a cent of money yet

>> No.9218891

>One of my dream dresses shows up on LM
>The exact cut and colorway, NWOT, I couldnt ask for more
>But personally I think it's overpriced.
>I look up completed auctions of the same dress
>Most sold for almost $100 less than what i'd be paying
>I try to haggle with the seller, no luck
>With shipping, might come close to $500

In the end I said fuck it, but I'm a little upset. I guess it will only make me value the dress more and never want to sell it.

>> No.9218908

Wait them out and never tell someone its your dream dress. If the item really is overpriced the listing will expire.
Once that happens pm them asking if its still available and offer a really low price, later offer the price you are willing to pay. A scalpers confidence is always lowered when an item expires and if you are lucky they will be desperate and accept a really low price. However do not be obnoxious and pester them if they say no. Be respectful and don't be overly desperate.

Good luck

>> No.9218916

Thanks anon! Yeah, I didn't say it was my dream dress or anything. I just said I was interested and asked if they could go lower, but they said no.

In all honesty, this colorway may be one of the more sought after ones because I didnt even see any of it in the completed auctions on LM. I know LM isn't the end all be all of dress prices but that's just what I was going off of. There was one other auction that sold the same dress (different color) for the same price this seller was asking, so I'm not absolutely appalled by the price, just a bit perturbed.

>> No.9218942
File: 13 KB, 633x758, 1327044038125.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no /cgl/ gf

>> No.9218946

She made it herself. I think it looks cute but she should try making differently shaped dresses next

>> No.9218957

Oh!! Yeah it always sucks when you like the popular colorway. Dress I like usually goes for a really low price except for the navy colorway. Its almost twice the price! Guess which one I like?

>> No.9218961

classic feel anon, I like it

very nice

>> No.9218974

Oh gosh I have no idea. Im still sort of new to lolita so I don't know all the very popular dresses/colorways.

>> No.9219015
File: 97 KB, 640x641, 1475722928107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>discovered lolita at 14
>would get excited about so many dresses and want so many of them
>wanted to be a true lifestyler
>no money and parents so it sucked
>finally got money,part time job,...
>browse second hand sites
>have 500$ to spend on lolita from selling old punk clothes
>see all the beautiful and cheap burando dresses
>barely get excited over anything
I just want to be as excited about lolita as i was before. I want to feel that pure bliss when seeing a lolita in real life again, have a file that i use as a "pretend" wardrobe,dream about wearing lolita everyday,...
>tfw not even excited about halloween or holidays in general anymore
not even depressed but fuck, why does it have to be like this?

>> No.9219020
File: 947 KB, 1377x774, 1467797064222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to 6 cons so far this year
>have basicly the same cosplay line up all year
>super excited to be working to cosplays again for the last con of the year.
>fucks up hand making said cosplay.

I haven't gone to the doctor because it's likely only a sprain and i don't feel like paying $500 to be told to wrap it sn take advil which im currently doing. If it gets wrose then i'll get it looked at, but I'd be lying if i said the paun wasnt concerning. i'll probably still force myself to sew. Even hurt i dont want to let my friends down. Prop making is probably out of the question for the time being.

>> No.9219022

Girl, you should just try to get him out of your life.
I think that he's kind of stuck in the past and will continue to orbit around you constantly. I know that feel too well. I tried to keep him as a friend, but i noped out the day he fapped on voicechat saying how he missed me.
I told about it to my boyfriend (it's a good thing to do, so there's no secrets between you) and he said that it was ok. That he doesn't have the right to judge what i did in the past and that he trusted me.
After a month,the dude finally stopped. I'm still sad because I liked him as a friend but i guess he couldn't see me in such a way.
I hope he's doing ok and will eventually find someone and some help. But I eventually see him around on a special 4chan thread and he seems to be ok, i'm glad about it.

>> No.9219032

programming is love
I make games with small studios though so it's chill enviroment and cool job.
I do miss working from home as a contract worker though. going days without pants is magical

>> No.9219039

Same here Anon. I used to spend my teenage days looking through the then-popular lolita LiveJournal groups and living vicariously through others, hoping that one day I'd have the ability to join them.

Now I'm working in an amazing job, and I have no interest in the fashion at all. Hell, I have no interest in j-fashion in general or 90% of the weebish things I used to love. (I'm on here for the cosplay.) I felt really awkward and almost guilty for a while, like I was failing my former self, but I've recently accepted that I've changed, and if something isn't giving you joy, it's not really worth the effort.

>> No.9219040

>programming is love
Depending on what you're doing, what business environment, your lifestyle, etc

Not that anon but I manage a web development shop and life is actual suffering. I'm going back to school for chemistry, glad I figured this out early enough in my life not to be completely fucked later on.

If I ever have to work in an agency again I'll blow my brains out at the first All Hands meeting I swear to whatever fucked Christ put me on this earth

>> No.9219045

I know that feeling.
I've stopped enjoying most of the stuff I used to be really into. It was a sad chapter realising I don't really enjoy playing video games anymore. But now that I have money hobbies like cosplay aren't pipe dreams. I can buy material that isn't broadcloth. life is great

>> No.9219078

But the thing is, I still love lolita inside (just like holidays).
Recently bought a bunch of accessories and i'm super happy. I just find it harder to find joy in it sometimes.
Thank you for sharing your wiseness anons.

>> No.9219100
File: 375 KB, 466x281, giphy (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got into an argument with bf
>cry (although we made up!)
>go to sleep
>miss out bidding on my wishlist dress

I'm so angry.

>> No.9219105
File: 24 KB, 400x212, muh rolls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>one year ago thin and beautiful
>5'7 110 lbs, size 4
>have to go on multiple medications for kidney and heart
>side effect: horrible weight gain
>now 175 lbs
>feel disgusting
>never eat, work out constantly
>still fat
>every day i look at myself and hate my body

I wanna die every day. Nothing fits anymore. No idea how to dress myself. Photos of myself make me sick. It's not even my fault, not like I'm some cheeto eating lard ass.
Don't know what to do. I cannot wear burando at size 12.
What do I even do?

But I have tits now, and I miraculously didn't get stretchmarks.

>> No.9219112

When do you come off your medication? You can't help that that happened - the proverbial "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"

If there's an end in sight for the medication, all you can do is persevere. Keep working out and eating healthy. It'll fall right off again after you're off your meds.

If you have to take those meds forever, talk to your doc about something to counteract the weight gain.

I know you're not a fatty at heart!

>> No.9219129

Been off them for two months and still nothing has happened. Well, minimal weight loss. Maybe liek 7lbs.
Doctor gave me some bullshit "be confident now while you wait to slim down" like bitch that's easier said than done
Idk how fattys can be confident, I just want to wear cute fashions again

>> No.9219140

you can wear brand at a U.S. size 12, and a British size 12 as well.
back shirring, my friend. I'm sincerely sorry that you are having a hard time loving your body. you are at the lower end of western plus size so perhaps taking a look in >>9212982 might give you hope! it's definitely temporary, I just hope you can dress happily for yourself soon and break the shame and sadness that comes with weight gain.

love, a plus-sized anon

>> No.9219150

Then it's almost over! Keep it up, don't lose hope. Now is the time more than ever to give it effort

Just remember, shitty life circumstance brought you to this place, it's not like you started binge eating and loafing around. You did everything right. All you can do is keep doing everything right!

>> No.9219159

>Idk how fattys can be confident

We aren't. Half the time I wonder if losing weight is even worth it if I"m going to be disgusting with these stretchmarks and lose skin anyway.

>> No.9219163

You deserve it tho, you did it to yourself. You literally have nobody else to blame.

>> No.9219164

As a cis het male, yes. Very yes. A couple stretchmarks are like, so ridiculously low on the make-or-break list. Also unless you're >30 your loose skin will tighten up.

>> No.9219175

I'm super thin and I have stretch marks from growing fast. Like I get being worried about loose skin but no actual person cares if you have stretch marks unless they're super deep and look like gashes.

>> No.9219178


I guess, my self esteem is just non existent at this point. I barely buy clothes anymore since I don't think it matters what I wear if I'm fat anyway.

>> No.9219182

idk what to say then senpai

if you're just fat that's unfortunate but not a game ender, you can fix that and it literally goes away completely. If you don't want to do that then I guess you've chosen what you want

>> No.9219184

You'll probably look fine, and even if your skin doesn't recover you'll still look better in clothes than you do now that you're overweight. And even more important, you'll feel a lot better. Being fat is supposedly a miserable feeling but people don't realize this until they lose the weight.

>always been skelly but went from plank to extreme pear shape in like a year during puberty
>tfw this caused deep stretch marks on my hips and butt that look like gashes or wrinkles
i-it's not like I wanted to do ever show off my legs in cosplay or wear swimsuits or anything...

>> No.9219187

Nah I'm working on it, just having a bad day. I'd rather die then be like this for even a day longer, but it's difficult because it takes time to see any results. And even then it never feels enough.

Yeah that's one of the reasons I really am working on it. I mean I can't possibly be more miserable when I lost all this weight then how I am now. It can only get better

>> No.9219188

I'm in the same boat. I quit school to take care of an ailing aunt. She's doing a lot better now that we fixed her cataracts and got her on the right meds... Now I'm at the precipice of wtf to do with my life. I really want a mundane office job with set hours and time to do whatever the fuck I want on weekends...

>> No.9219190

you probably shouldn't let that stop you

>> No.9219202
File: 17 KB, 640x773, 1400791432245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every thread until gf

>> No.9219204

Do what I did, as an ex-fatty. Record your weight every two days at the beginning of the day, before you eat. Even better, take progress pictures every week/twice a week along with the weighing. Post it in a place that's easily visible to yourself on the day-to-day basis. What I did was, I taped it to my computer desk and just noted Date : Weight down the paper. I never have anyone in my apartment so it's not embarrassing.

I lost a LOT of weight just being able to be like "yay I'm losing weight" when I was and "I need to not let myself slip" when the number was plateauing.

>> No.9219211

Thanks for the tip anon! I think that might really help motivate me!

>> No.9219217

>always been skinny
>a bit above average tits
>but they grew in so fast they have stretch marks
>same thing with on my inner thighs, grew fast and skin couldn't catch up

Fuck you too, skin.

>> No.9219253
File: 46 KB, 353x200, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Move to dream city--it's so insanely beautiful
>So many great photo spots, adorable cafés, and constant opera/ballet/classical music performances to dress up for.
>Local comm basically nonexistent
>Closest active comm is 4 hours away
>MFW I just want a friend to dress up with in this beautiful city so I feel less alone.

>> No.9219260

>okay there mad friendo

that's kind of a disproportionate response...

>> No.9219398

I know this feel. My closest comm that's active is 5 hours away.

>> No.9219435

making friends with gulls has made me paranoid to post anything about myself publicly, i know they talk a lot of shit about others including people in our cgl group and im so scared theyll all make fun of me behind my back. they rpobably already are and i should just get used to it i guess

>> No.9219470

I'll be ur cgl gf anon (just buy me figures)

>> No.9219516
File: 20 KB, 279x304, fgO9e2m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw getting chubby
>tfw only eating fruit, leafy vegetables, nuts, and tofu and not losing weight
>tfw depression preventing me from putting effort int anything including exercising
>tfw used to be 120 now am 140lbs and on the climb
>tfw dont know what to do

>> No.9219524

Was in the same boat not long ago anon, same size and everything, but I've lost like 15 pounds of my depression weight. If I can do it, you can do it. Hang in there!!

>> No.9219530
File: 76 KB, 600x674, trashwaifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's this one chick in our comm who brings her really un-loli bf to tea praties. He keeps laughing like a jackass and he smells like a bowl of spaghetti that's been farted on too much.

What do?

>> No.9219531

thanks anon, this makes me feel a little better

>> No.9219533

in the chicago comm, several of them bring their nasty weeb boyfriends who are like who you described. it's gross and they're annoying/spergy as fuck. wish they didn't

>> No.9219541

>Was thinking about 2010-2012 era cgl
>Realize am now the same general age group as the tripfags that era
Barring the few nice, friendly, and helpful trips; holy cow were a lot of them pathetic and immature for using this place and the cosplay scene as their personal ego-feeding playground.

>> No.9219543

Require non-lolita attendees to dress in other jfashion or at least a button down shirt and tie, no casual wear. That kills off most weeb boyfriend tag-alongs. Or they shape up, dress up and are ok. Don't your comms have dress codes or guidelines? Enforce them. If not, maybe they should?

>> No.9219545

>a bowl of spaghetti that's been farted on too much
I can't stop laughing at this and I don't know why.

>> No.9219546

We will await your offers of burando dresses to determine who wants to become your cgl gf. You may begin your offers now.

>> No.9219563

chicago comm only has rules for guys joining the comm, not boyfriends unfortunately.... god i really can't wrap my mind around how some of these really pretty girls choose the nastiest neckbeardiest boyfriends

>> No.9219598
File: 207 KB, 400x267, cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>very depressed
>recently got fired
>psychiatrist whom i only meet for 5 minutes (I shit you not) every 4-6 months says i don't need my meds
>agree since it takes some stress off of my parents who are paying for it
>fill void with video games and manga
>regressing into a sad NEET

>> No.9219625
File: 116 KB, 342x324, makomess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, it's glutton-kun from the last thread.

Why did I buy ice cream? It's like a suicidal guy keeping a loaded gun in the house.

I'm not gonna be hot at the con in a few weeks.

>> No.9219629

Got a new cute purse for my holloween meet coord.
It can't fit all my prescription bottles, a wallet, a mini brush and cell phone.
Damn cute but basicly too small to be useful purses.

>> No.9219795
File: 130 KB, 1280x720, 068d3116-9653-46bc-8ee0-7cd4ed9cbda0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Halloween party for all my coworkers, everyone is going
>want to cosplay Hanji from SNK
>realize I will be at this party with all my normal coworkers and probably a lot of their normal kids
>so normal that they don't even recognize most anime that aired on toonami/adult swim
>excited, fixing my harness today
>feel sudden rush of shame and realization that I'll probably look like a faget


>> No.9219799

Can you carry a smaller wallet with just the cards/cash you really need that day, and put your meds into a pill case that's less bulky?
Alternatively bring a tote bag as well as your cute purse.

>> No.9219843

I'll ask the taobao and ali threads. If there is a cute pill organizer in the universe, china probably makes it.

>> No.9219849
File: 9 KB, 236x236, cutepillholder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should get a cute pill case like other anon said! (You may need to label them though.)

>> No.9219851

>psychiatrist whom i only meet for 5 minutes (I shit you not) every 4-6 months says i don't need my meds
>agree since it takes some stress off of my parents who are paying for it

Nnnnope. It isn't worth it, anon. Go to a new psych.

>> No.9219866
File: 498 KB, 500x236, Bill-Hader-Popcorn-reaction-Gif-On-The-Daily-Show[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend is going through some bullshit drama
>me, an active user of /cgl/

Holy hell, I wish I had someone to share this tea with.

I don't really have any friends who care about this bullshit, but it kills me that I'm holding all this good gossip

>> No.9219875

Anon... please go see a new psych.

Unless they are causing you to lactate, drool uncontrollably, or go off and make mad money while picking up smoking, having a threesome, and trying cocaine...

There's no need to go without meds. Please, find a new psych. Your parents will be far more stressed if they see you regress.

>> No.9219876

Also how is it related to the subject? Ehh

>> No.9219896
File: 24 KB, 209x230, 1362215164110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would love to know about it anon, i'm so bored and kinda sad today, it would lighten up the mood a little!

>> No.9219897

It's ok anon, chubby dudes are cuties in my opinion.
At least I think so.

>> No.9219898
File: 962 KB, 245x213, 1476181700316.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been having a good think lately about the future of my already 4-year-long relationship with my boyfriend for a number of reasons - His fear of commitment, inability to plan for the future, certain personality traits and the fact that he's the only experience I have and I don't/can't know if I really love him. The usual.
I guess he just made my mind up for me by leaving a running commentary on my Skype of the livestream he just watched of various small animals tearing eachother apart in a box as though it were the most exciting and hilarious thing he'd ever seen.

>Here comes the /cgl/ bit.

We've already paid for and planned a three week trip to Japan next year with a group of friends, and I'm sure as SHIT not giving up my chance to visit the motherland and buy as much jfash as I can carry, so I won't be able to leave him until we get back.

That'll be fun.

One of the biggest things I was already considering was, like, "He regularly goes to rekt threads and efukt for entertainment. He probably should never, ever have children."

>> No.9219904
File: 178 KB, 351x347, 1475723929026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leaving a running commentary on my Skype of the livestream he just watched of various small animals tearing eachother apart in a box as though it were the most exciting and hilarious thing he'd ever seen.
Holy fuck. Go to grorious nihon but after that, run anon, run.

>rekt threads and efuk
Red flags all over the place it's worse than my ex bf

>> No.9219910

yo drop a throwaway then, I'm always down to hear people's stories as well so if you wanna vent or blab i'm chill with it.

I just don't want to make the feels thread too offtopic since the jntr gets anal about it

>> No.9219911

You could always dump it here

>> No.9219912
File: 1.50 MB, 250x233, 1444127174778.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also real quick kicker:

>He breaks up with me for all of 12 hours a couple of years ago because of reasons.
>Guy we're going to Japan with makes his interest clear (I already knew, because when we first met he didn't realize I was in a relationship.)
>Two years later we're all really good friends now.
>Weird moment a while ago during d&d where I realized I'd be all over that if I had the chance.
>mfw if I hadn't taken boyfriend back two years ago I'd probably be with friend now and still going to Japan.

It feels awful to think about, because I really do consider my boyfriend my best friend and don't want him to be hurt, but good lord he isn't lifetime material.

>> No.9219913

Might be close to getting basically my ideal girl who's cute and into jfash and cosplay. I'm worried some stupid god of karma is going to curse the relationship, especially since I'm not particularly attractive (average at best, and only with yellow fever girls to begin with).

>> No.9219917

I have been there, and it ends the way you don't want to believe but know it will.

Run anon. Run away and never return.

(I did - I've never been better).

>> No.9219922

I posted a while back that my cat was dying and I had no motivation for cosplay.
My cat pulled through and I still haven't touched my cosplay.

>> No.9219983

Hurray for your cat!
Motivation is a bitch and unfortunately you can't force it. I always feel unmotivated during stressful periods and then fatigued afterwards, and it takes me forever to get back into the flow. You'll get there eventually, anon. Go hug your kitty for me!

>> No.9220003
File: 26 KB, 402x339, 8JdFk2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think I've met a girl without some sort of self confidence issue/daddy issue/anxiety. Why the shit is this always a thing. Is it really that goddamn hard to find a woman who has overwhelming confidence?

I have no image for this. I'm not even thirsty I'm just fucking disappointed.

>> No.9220046

Anxiety and insecurity are beaten into us from birth so yes, women who are truly 100% confident in themselves are pretty rare.

>> No.9220056 [DELETED] 

There you go!

>> No.9220060

There you go!

>> No.9220062
File: 11 KB, 410x397, 1437122809342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I just found out that my mum is dying and has already had several heartattacks without realizing.

Haha, looks like I win the suicide lottery today!

>> No.9220096

jesus anon hang in there.

>> No.9220099

Aw that's super sweet, but don't worry!
Message me at milkwaveoutlook.fr i'll be waiting for you!

>> No.9220113

There you go, i fucked it up on my post

>> No.9220124

I can't buy main pieces if they aren't brand.
>used to like some Bodyline,taobao,anna house,..just fine
>got my first brand piece
>addiction began
>sold all my offbrand dresses
and now i only have brand. I don't know why. And I can't settle for a main piece that isn't brand what is happening to me?
I comfort myself saying i just really like the brand designs but if it wasn't brand i wouldn't buy some of it. What the hell is wrong with me?

Oh wow, i'm really sorry for you anon. I hope things will go better. Gloomy days don't last forever.

>> No.9220135

I am headed in the same direction. Even for dresses without prints. Slowly replacing everything with Japanese brand dresses. My eventual goal is 50 main pieces of Japanese brand in my preferred style/colors.

>> No.9220160

>about to receive an extremely large chunk of inheritance money
>large enough to pay off student debt, buy a house in the city and still have a few millions left
>wanna go on a shopping and amusement trip to Japan, but don't want to go alone as I've always only traveled solo and want to see what it would feel like to travel with someone else
>all friends are poorfags, and the ones that -can- afford to go to Japan are all into partying hard all night and sleeping most of the day when they're there

Would it be desperate for a female to pay for the travel expenses of a friend? I'm relieved that I can pay off my debt, hyped that I get to buy all the frilly dresses and weeb things, but not in the best place and really in need of someone to hang out with. I love Tokyo and just want to go be an ironic weeb with a good friend over there while I take a break from life.
I just don't want to look like a complete loser and I'm super worried that whoever I end up inviting to come with me will just take advantage of me financially. None of my friends ever really do anything to show that they care, but never hesitate to say yes when I offer to treat them for food and such.

>> No.9220162

Clothing has nothing to do with this why do you even talk about this.

Though I agree the situation is very bizarre and it's best to back out of this.
Especially when the friend is shitty enough to want to fuck someone in a relationship. That's the most questionable part imho.

>> No.9220208

Because what you are asking for is vanity.

There's plenty of women who think they are hot shit, anon. Find one of them.

>> No.9220228


>> No.9220231

>went to school, got BSc
>got mediocre job out of college making 33.5k
>been two years and one promotion later and making 37.5k
>burned out
>BF is an intern making 25k in comp sci and attending school full time
>he will likely make way more than me when he graduates in 2 years
>I haven't done anything in my 2 years post college that makes me more employable
>don't want to continue in this career path but too afraid to start over for meager sum
>just want to be able to travel to japan but too broke

everything feels so bleak

>> No.9220232

When do you want to go over, anon?

I'm headed to Tokyo in May. I'm going with four male friends and couldn't ditch them entirely, but we could definitely hang out and do weeby, girly stuff together if you want!
Right now my plans involve doing all of my girly nonsense by myself and it's a little daunting.

>ngl I'm desperate enough for female friendship that I'd pay for it if I could.

>> No.9220235

If it's any consolation, comp sci it's exceedingly difficult to make good money with. They would be working 7 hour weeks after 5 years for incredibly difficult tech companies to make even like 70-80k

>> No.9220237

70 hour weeks*

>> No.9220250

He's got a pretty cushy internship (actually called 'professional apprenticeship') at a large company making 25k for 20 hours of work a week. If he was full time he'd be at 50k while in school. There's about an 80% retention rate of apprentices for a job position that hires in at about 70k. Meanwhile I worked my ass off for a promotion and die in this deadend job at 37k. If I was making 70k I wouldn't be struggling to make ends meet.

>> No.9220252

Aw anon, if I went in May I would have SO taken you up on that offer!!
Sadly I want to go during autumn, thinking October next year. Will give whoever I invite(If I go for that) time to save up as I'm only willing to pay for the flights and accomodation, and it also gives me time to take care of some life things (= finishing up a year long contract I'm working under atm, find a place to store my shit and so forth so I can be away from home as long as I want).

>> No.9220269

Where is this? I live in Pittsburgh and the tech jobs are nowhere near this. The market is shitty and saturated and the only way to stand out is to put in the maximum amount of work.

I'm going to school while working fulltime as a web dev and it's such a meme, can't wait to be out of this shitty industry and doing chem like I should have been from the start.

>> No.9220271

We are actually in Cleveland. He had his AA in Comp Sci and after he graduated he started looking for internships/etc and he was actually offered five different internships and applied for 6 jobs total.

Funny enough I'm in bio/chem and can't find a fucking job. I do data entry for a huge consumer goods company and I want to kill myself.

>> No.9220276

It might have something to do with my niche in the market, I've been web dev/data services since the beginning. Maybe that's the trash part.

Hard to hear of a bio/chemfriend feeling the struggle, I'd rather be an unsuccessful chemist than a semi-successful developer. Someone with a solid understanding of organic chemistry is an actual real-world wizard and it feels bad to hear you've been relegated to data entry.

What do you like about chem? Maybe you just haven't found that niche you can drive for.

>> No.9220280

He's in business systems and java applications or some BS. Monotony is awful. I dual majored in bio and chem both. the worst part was that I put off all my real core classes until the end of school so I could spend a lot of time studying in glorious nippon-desu. I did a study abroad but got rejected from Japan and got stuck in knock-off Japan. (S Korea) When I returned I had 1 year of school left and realized I hate chem and bio both. I had no choice but to finish up or I wouldn't be able to afford to graduate (financial aid was running out) so I rushed through the end of my BSc to graduate on time.
After graduating I was unemployed for 6 months. I applied at over 500 places and kept a meticulous spreadsheet. I was denied a lot of places. I was offered about 4 positions, 1 in wastewater management at 30k/year overnights and weekends. 1 at a bio lab at $12/hr and the drive was 1 hour each way (south of Akron). 1 was chemist at a painting/coating company which was $13/hr overnight in downtown. This R+D position was the best pay offer but i'm afraid I'm stuck in data entry forever. What I realized in job searching and in my current jobs is a lot of lab techs get stuck. There's not a lot of upward mobility without a phd. I am the youngest person in my company at 24 and I have coworkers in the same role that have been here for 20-25+ years and barely make 60k. My first year end raise was $500.

>> No.9220287

I see kids with SNK backpacks in my store anon, you never know

>> No.9220291

Well it's not like you aren't intelligent enough. People don't just "oops" get a BS in dual majored chem/bio, nor do they accidentally get to study abroad. When you're at the peak of your performance and surrounding yourself with smart people who are finding their success, it can be difficult to keep your spirits up.

From what I've said so far I think it's pretty obvious that I'm going to recommend some soul-searching and a change of policy in your life. It's really important that you don't fall for the sunk-cost fallacy that future effort is somehow less valuable because you're not finding as much value in previous effort.

You absolutely need to leave the work that you're doing currently. It would be a shameful waste for you to rot away there. That said, you don't need to rush it either. Plan and act decisively. If you have to eat the frog now to enjoy your pudding later, do so.

Do you want to post-grad work or research? Can you stomach going back to school? If you had infinite resources, how would you shift your career? Think in best case scenarios and then adjust to reality. I think your situation is far from hopeless and just needs those next decisive actions taken.

>> No.9220304

This really depends on where you work. I'm an in house developer for a small company working with an antiquated system - I spend every day trying to make code that is compliant to modern standards, but also compliant to standards from the 90's or it won't accept my code at all. It is like bashing my head against a brick wall for eight hours a day for a paycheck.

I feel a moral obligation to not quit, though, since no one else could reasonably pick up this tangled mess and implement my templates without starting over from scratch again.

>> No.9220325

>recently log on facebook to see how old hs friends are doing
>no longer friends with them after they insulted and made fun of me for doing art while they all went into STEM degrees
>they're now all doing clickbait online journalism or secretary jobs completely unrelated to their degrees
>am working as artist at a pretty good game studio
>work environment is really nice and everyone is open to weeb topics and cosplay
>tfw feel good for a moment but then feel like a mega bitch for feeling good

>> No.9220332

You didn't like South Korea? I really want to go there...

>> No.9220335

You're allowed to feel good about your success!

Congrats anon, keep it up

>> No.9220339

I don't think it's bitchy.
I have the same feel
>assholes mock me constantly in comp Sci class (I'm the type who asks lots of questions and takes a bit longer to learn things)
>running out of money, so I drop of program
>they mock me more for "failing out"
>my grades weren't great but I hadn't failed anything before I left
>fast forward 3 years
>get into game dev after self study and shitty jobs
> look them up on Facebook 1 of them is coding at a qa job
>rest live with parents and work minimum wage jobs
it feels fucking great.
to make it relevant, coworkers cool as shit. went to a con with a bunch of them, 2 of them coming to the larp I go to after I talked about it.
pure hype.

>> No.9220404
File: 67 KB, 500x374, 67845768567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>actually tranny
>start HRT a few months ago
>feel way better in self and not wanting to an hero 24/7
>put old ouji stuff on
>dont look as cute as i used to because testosterone hits like a fucking truck

god damn it fuck this double edged sword.

>> No.9220524

When I have the money for my dream dress but I'm still too damn fat to fit it. I'm tempted to just get it and stick it on my doll as motivation. I'm going to have to work to achieve the measure but it's not an unrealistic number for my height/weight/frame or anything, still in normal range.
I've just been too lazy to get fit enough for it before it suddenly popped up. It's hard to find. But it will mock me until I fit it.

Should I just get it?

>> No.9220543

Absolutely! It'll be a great motivator. Think of how great it'll look on you once you achieve your goal. Go for it, anon!

>> No.9220589
File: 35 KB, 480x473, IMG_0468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss /cgl/ selfpost threads. I really enjoyed seeing what other gulls were making and being inspired by their work. Plus, it was pretty much the only place I could go to get honest concrit, though I only ended up posting a couple pictures there. Tumblr and FB are useless for getting good feedback, and the RPF is out of my league. I wish it was still acceptable to post your own stuff and not immediately be accused of being an attention whore.

>> No.9220595

There are still some selfpost topics going on. We don't have a selfpost general but that could be easily fixed.

>> No.9220597

What is RPF?

I wish more people would just post honest concrit here in the closet of frills thread. Lots of photos get no comments on FB and then none here either. Depressing.

>> No.9220618

does your name start with a W?

>> No.9220639

My wrist hurts.

>> No.9220675

It's the Replica Prop Forum. Tons of professional costumers and propmakers post their stuff on there, but as you can imagine, it's sort of an intimidating place for an amateur. Still lots of fun to browse, though.

>> No.9220777

I'll email you ladies when I'm off work.

>> No.9220839
File: 349 KB, 812x806, emojianime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dating a guy older than me (19 and 27)
>take him to an anime con
>mfw he buys me a hat that says "LOLI"

>> No.9220867
File: 112 KB, 269x317, Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 6.11.13 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find out weeb i have a class with has a crush on me
>he messages me on fb
>dont want to be rude, i respond
>this guy is extremely spaghetti, like Confirmed Spaghetti™
>keep painfully talking
>he says goodnight suddenly, along with a ":3"
>mfw i have to be in the same room with this guy for 2 hours every day

>> No.9220868

forgot to mention, this guy wears a Fairy Tail sweatshirt every day and has several anime buttons on his bag

>> No.9220987

Is your friend still available? Couldn't you work it out so that you go with him? I guess they may make the trip awkward if your current boyfriend (who would be your ex) was coming along.

>> No.9220997

Don't do it.
They'll take advantage of your riches.
Also, don't blow all your riches, for that matter. Just because you have money doesn't mean you should thrown it all away.

Most lottery winners go bankrupt shortly after, not because of some curse, but because they don't have the discipline to handle their newly acquired wealth and think "Oh, it's just a trip here, I can afford that now. Oh, it's just three new cars, I can afford that now. Oh, I've always wanted to own a summer home, I can afford that now. Oh, my best friend is having debt issues, I can bail her out just once" etc.

In other words, don't do things you wouldn't normally do while poor. Paying off your loans, getting a house, and paying for YOUR OWN trip to Japan are all pretty cool things to do for yourself with your money. Paying for someone else is getting into the loose-with-new-riches territory.

>> No.9221014

>poor /cgl/ gulls being leeches
More news at 10

>> No.9221025
File: 100 KB, 797x720, 1476066835684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I-is this serious? I have a disposable income and live about 30 minutes from a BTSSB.

>> No.9221029
File: 338 KB, 320x240, 0b85199208b004c06c5f55ec85587e9b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If anyone is really interested -- email me at [email protected]

Yes this is a real email address.

>> No.9221062

you're better off looking for cosplay conventions that do speed dating.

>> No.9221067

you could have just let me know i make you uncomfortable...

>> No.9221070

The ppl who show up there are too doughy.

>> No.9221072

Beggars can't be choosers, bro.

>> No.9221073

What is joke of one stereotype poking fun at another?
Guy: cgl gf pls
Lolita: offer burando
/fit/: muh oats!
/fa/: plebs, all of you

>> No.9221077


And people will befriend the rich so long as the rich has money.

If something were to happen and that money were to disappear, many times those friends will quickly disappear. It's best to make friends with those who do not ask for things and even find it rude to take things.

I certainly can think of one friend that if I had the money... I'd take them with me in a heartbeat. But they are my friend when I have nothing.

Seek those kinds of friends. I don't think it's weird to say... pay for a friend's travel expense (airplane) or even the hotel. However, that friend should have their own money to spend on food and activities. You shouldn't ever foot an entire bill.

>> No.9221078

It could be, there are girls here who will trade burando gifts for spending time with you. Not going to guarantee their quality though, you had better screen them VERY carefully.

>> No.9221079

Anon... are you sure you aren't depressed?

Depression isn't always sadness, it's often the loss of enjoyment and inability to partake in the things that provide pleasure.

Do you get excited about anything?

>> No.9221082

You'll likely be okay. Stretch marks, the horrid awful stretch marks, are associated with pregnancy for good reason. The worst stretch marks are associated with rapid weight loss or gain. They are scarring from the skin being unable to 'heal' from dermal tearing.

But stretch marks happen because the skin isn't just some material like a sock that once it is stretched, it is stretched. Skin is living, it heals, it destroys and recreates itself all the time.

You may never get rid of stretch marks... but you ain't going to have skin all loose and flabby hanging everywhere. It doesn't work that way assuming you aren't some 60 year old woman.

>> No.9221084

Some women try harder then others. There are women who spend quality time with their sugar daddies. In fact, some men prefer a mistress over a wife or girlfriend, especially if the woman can entertain well.

Some actually do exchange a notable service for money and while they may look good, looking good alone isn't what keeps the sugar daddy.

Then you have girls who don't try and are very aloof. These are the girls that leave one 'feeling used'.

>> No.9221107

>make a decent amount of money
>no where near inheritance amount
>stingy af
>have an issue where half the friends I make keep asking me for money

I want a friend who also has money not because I'm always out spending it, but because I'm tired of people fucking asking for money. also, i love having lady friends

I want to go next year (been saving for it for ages lol) because I'm waiting to lose weight first. I have no idea when. If you want to talk I can drop my email.

>> No.9221113

This is very true which is why I advised him to be careful but replied that yes, it's possible to find someone to spend some time with and not feel (or actually get) used. Most greedy girls I see on here talking about wanting to be a sugar baby do not have a clue what it actually requires to be a success at it. It IS a relationship and good negotiation, a time investment and an actual desire for an emotional exchange on some level is required.

>> No.9221116

Don't you have a comm anywhere nearby? Once you can set your own schedule, you might want to check nearby areas for one if there isn't one immediately near you. You could take a day off and travel to a meet and make some lolita friends.

>> No.9221120
File: 12 KB, 193x152, heystop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw want to be kawaii lolita but have hemorrhoids

>> No.9221136

Anon lolitas, how does your local comm feel about lurking and posting here and reading secrets? In most comms of course if you get caught posting members here or on btb, they will warn/ban etc. But what about the general stuff. Are your fellow locals on the chan? On but pretending they aren't?
I learn a lot of stuff here and I would not post my comm or any of its members no matter what, I've never posted anyone here or on secrets at all. But I still feel like some of my comm friends would be disappointed to find that some of us lurk and post here at all.

>> No.9221137 [DELETED] 

dude what are you talking about? if you somehow think this is about you, you're definitely wrong

>> No.9221142
File: 454 KB, 611x464, deadinside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get invited to meets
>been to one before, it was not very pleasant
>room is hot as balls, no one talks to me
>too shy to start convo
>now too nervous to go to any other meet
i'm doomed aren't I

>> No.9221143
File: 102 KB, 835x650, 1459878642389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anonymous messaging board with thousands of people
>oh this one post MUST be about me!!!

>> No.9221145

my comm "kicks people out" (lol) if they do it, but ive never heard of a member being booted by doing it. its a huge comm and members post all the time.

>> No.9221171

I don't really see a problem with either of you. People have preferences plain and simple. Who cares WHY you like brand only, you like brand only and that's that. Its no different than if someone just liked one brand or just liked taobao or just liked taobao and brand. It's fashion and it's different for everyone.

>> No.9221232
File: 97 KB, 700x443, main-qimg-5fef8bacb878d043428e7e47b5f3fb7a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My depression is killing me. I feel like all I do each day is wait for time to pass. I have no reason to go outside and it makes me feel even worse, because dressing up in lolita and feeling pretty is one of the few things that holds any appeal to me still. But it's a huge waste if I just stay holed up in my room all day.

I had an appointment with a psychiatrist but I missed it because of one of my dad's fits of rage. He woke me up really early with it, then I couldn't sleep and when I finally did I slept through my alarm. I'm too scared and ashamed to call back for another appointment. I'll never get better.

>> No.9221240

There's no rule against it in my comm, people are free to do as they like as long as they're not whiny pissbabies and start shit anonymously.
My personal opinion on it is pretty much along the same lines: I'm totally cool with my comm members posting and browsing here (I recognize them sometimes), as long as they're civilized about it, and they usually are.

>> No.9221246

Please call and get yourself a new appointment, anon. I'm struggling with depression as well and I know it's hard but you gotta take care of yourself. Meaning and happiness isn't going to rain down on you, you have to go out there and find it. You can do it, anon, I believe in you.

>> No.9221254

This exactly. I'm not being some kind of xenophobic brand snob, I'm just finding that my own wardrobe is going in a certain recognizable direction. I'm keeping 2 taobao main pieces, a special indie one-off and various accessories of all kinds but the rest of my wardrobe main pieces will end up burando. And I'm interested to see other people's various collections and like to hear why they like what they do, so I'm not that annoying person who only talks about brandbrandbrand either.

>mfw a noob asked me 'what about Bodyline since it's in Japan' though. Rawr.

>> No.9221264

My comm is very "don't ask don't tell" about it, as in it's not against the rules but everyone says they'd never go here and anyone who does get outed as posting here gets a ton of shit. Even if the post you were outed for was totally innocuous, just the fact that you're a seagull opens you up to suspicion. The mods sometimes post here when things get out of hand but of course they were always linked here by someone else who is never named or blamed for anything.

I sometimes try to fish for other comm members on here just so I can have an IRL seagull friend, but everyone's super quiet about it and I don't blame them.

>> No.9221307

I used to struggle with anger issues, I never hurt anyone physically but I've yelled, banged on walls, thrown shit, broken things. My brother told me that it affected him deeply and it's one of the most shameful aspects of my life. Your father's actions are inexcusable and it would be best if you moved out as soon as possible. You can't start enjoying life until you can like yourself, and as long as there are these extremely negative aspects to your life you aren't going to get there.

You 100% need to get to the psychiatrist, they're going to let you get your thoughts out of you mouth so you can consider them objectively instead of being trapped in your head. Please give it your all, you're capable of more than your past experiences! You made it this far and stopping now would put that all to waste.

>> No.9221314

Doubt anyone remembers but I'm the anon who's going to college for the first time and whose family is constantly bragging on my mom for going back and how great her grades are and how many scholarships she's getting.

>open a bit to my grandmother and mom about my classes
>figure maybe they'll be more interested in me and my grades and how I'm doing
>turns out my main teacher (I have three classes with him) went to school with my mother
>Gran says I should tell him who I am/who my mother is!
>I like just being another student, I don't want to ruin that
>Gran gets all excited just now
>told him who I was, who my mother was, god knows what else
>I freak out on her asking why she would do that
>she calls me a weirdo and acts like I'm in the wrong
>dreading going back to classes now
>already losing any happiness I felt towards dressing up in Jfashion at campus because now my teacher knows my family and who knows if my Gran will keep messaging him for updates on my behavior
>not just another random student now

Why would she do that? Am I just freaking out over nothing?

>> No.9221319

I had a cat who died a few years ago, she had to be put down because she had kidney failure. Last night I had a nightmare where I was playing with her again but then her eyes turned grey and she started meowing weakly for help and her face slowly turned dark purple around the eyes and mouth as she died in my arms, as if she was bleeding under her skin. It was alarmingly detailed and the rest of the dream ranged from confusing memories from my childhood to scenarios where I'm stuck in a room with some antagonistic force. I woke up and I couldn't breathe at first, then I realized I could breathe perfectly fine.

Lately it's been nothing but school and work, problems paying for school, tfwnomoney, no food in the apartment, no room for my hobbies and those hobbies are purely what defines me as a person. It's been really difficult lately and it's getting to me. Thankfully I have some time off coming up but that just means working more up front to earn myself that time.

Situations like this are exactly why I stick to myself, I turn to shambles when I'm stressed and I wouldn't ask anyone to deal with that. Hopefully I can do relax and look at dresses some this weekend (after school work, of course).

>> No.9221324

That's really shitty but I'm sure they're just trying to help. If you told them not to directly and unequivocally, that's definitely grounds to be upset. Being upset doesn't really help anything though, really, either way. If I were you I'd be angry but there isn't much you can do about it so it's all the same at this point.

I think it makes less of a difference than you're making it out to, but I can definitely understand how "one more thing to worry about" can feel like a real loss. Keep at it anon.

>> No.9221325

haha I totally remember you

From your grandma's perspective, it's normal. it's a fun story and she's probably just lonely or whatever.
It does suck from your side. anonymity is great but honestly depending on how big your class is, it might not even come up. or it'll be just a "hi"
if you don't pursuit conversation or introduce yourself again, he might not even care

>> No.9221329


I told them before I didn't want to tell him. My Gran wanted me to go tell him personally and I said no so then she went behind my back to do it herself. I don't get why it mattered so damn much to her, especially when she made it a point to talk about how he'd be such a terrible little boy.

Yeah, I'm pretty angry still but this is just how things are with them. I can't tell them anything because it gets spread around, mostly on my Gran's facebook. The only damn thing she's kept to herself is me being gay because god forbid anyone find that out but everything else? Straight to facebook for everyone to see.

I'm just so tired of it and then they ask me why I never tell them anything or why I don't talk about school.

If I attended a big college I would care less but I'm in a class of five people.

>> No.9221338

lol wat
I'm not even two years out of college yet and I make 80k as a software engineer

>> No.9221398
File: 74 KB, 461x523, tumblr_llthrccy3x1qzjgm4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Trying to save money, looking for first apartment
>Decide to cut back on cons, decide PAX East will be one of the few I attend since it will be a new experience for me
>PAX decides to kill the 3 day pass, and sell single day passes for $53 each

>> No.9221410

>back into the mental health diagnosis stage after 4 years

I'm honestly not ready for this again at all.

>> No.9221412

Girls get to be both all the time though.
"Waaah, why can't I get a boyfriend"
>She has 6 thirsty guys on her Skype

Not the tfwnogf anon btw

>> No.9221414

Sorry some girls don't want to date creeps who have probably raped someone before?

>> No.9221416


>> No.9221423

Awww, Anon that's really sad. I'm sorry you had to go through such a terrible nightmare. If it becomes reoccurring, please seek a therapist to discuss about it.

I've also lost a cat years ago in a similar way so I really feel for you. I was the first in the family to find her, she weakly walked io to me and tried meowing but was having trouble breathing.

>> No.9221427

Stop being so bitter girls don't want to fuck you.

>> No.9221429

Girls rape all the time though? They just get a free pass since they're girls. Waking up your boyfriend with a blowjob is rapw you know.

>> No.9221432

Sorry only thirsty guys wanna fuck you.

>> No.9221477

Thank you. If it becomes a problem I definitely will, in the past this has happened occasionally when life is getting ahead of me.

I'm sorry about your cat. It's hard having pets when you get emotionally attached to them. I don't think I will again, ever, it's too sad when they die.

>> No.9221590

The general consensus is that it's a 'troll' land that only mean people visit, but I can tell a lot of us do anyhow. I know at least 3 others have openly admitted to it. I would also never post anyone from my comm, and I'm glad they haven't posted me yet.

>> No.9221620
File: 86 KB, 175x178, f8a2b446c4ae057be51967d796fa75e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been preparing for a con next month all year; Getting cosplays ready, booking room for me and a bunch of friends, planning meet-ups with con friends and within the past week almost all of them have cancelled.
I'm going to end up having to go by myself and I feel like the weekend is completely ruined now. I hate going to conventions alone, I'm going to feel like an ass running around in costume all by myself.

>> No.9221646

>PAX decides to kill the 3 day pass
what kind of bullshit
cons without 3day passes are cons not worth going to, anon

>> No.9221649

It could be worse. Could be West at $65 per day for four days.

>> No.9221836
File: 40 KB, 600x759, c65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn it, I knew I'd been relapsing into my old food addiction, but I just weighed myself and I'm TWENTY POUNDS over.

Granted, this is considered skinny in the first world, and it's a far cry from my past obesity, but it still sucks.

I gotta be a hot bitch for cons.

>> No.9221856

How the fuck do you not have the ability to stop yourself before gaining 20lbs? JFC

>> No.9221881
File: 59 KB, 1280x720, 1475014248610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have lots of con friends and groups to hang out with
>but none of them are close to me location-wise so I can only ever see them during cons (4-5 times a year)
>lonely 95% of the time
Why do people I enjoy spending company with have to live so far away?

>> No.9221884

I feel your pain, anon. Ever since I moved away from my hometown, all my close friends are far away. All the new friends I've met at cons/through mutual friends don't live close either. I've had no luck meeting people here (con scene seems to be a lot more cliquey). Only time I go out is on the off chance that a coworker wants to hang out. Really sucks.

>> No.9221886

Because I'm a reformed obese, and old habits die hard.

Also I'm 6'5" so I can gain a little more without it being super noticeable.

>> No.9221995
File: 78 KB, 720x960, 1474387467985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 19
>dating older dude
>he offers me booze
>"but I'm jussa widdle girlie, tee hee!"
>he laughs
>"that's what they all say."

>> No.9222012
File: 639 KB, 500x269, 587ea080-5270-4408-89e3-a29e6f15b87c..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be 18
>Dating 36 year old
>Out of the blue one day get a text
>"daddy loves you"
>feel giddy and respond "awww love you too, daddy"
>as soon as I'm about to hit send get a follow up reply
>"oh shit I was sending a message to Cathy lol"
>Cathy is his 12 year old daughter

>> No.9222014

>tfw no korean bf


>> No.9222021

Korean men are ugly as fuck anyway if they don't have plastic sugrgery

>> No.9222288

>tfw want asian bf
>i'm black

>somehow get a fairly well off and attractive submissive asian boy interested in me
>he's overseas and a fucking aussie
>nope out

I was given a chance and I blew it

>> No.9222641
File: 143 KB, 600x390, killmenow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Azn girl asks for my pic at con
>find it later on Instagram
>"if anyone know this guy, please message!"
>comment, follow her; get followed back
>she tells me "You are very cute" with kawaii smileys
>keeps liking my pictures

>mfw she lives five hours away and barely speaks english

You're very cute, too.

>> No.9222647

>be 20
>hubs be 48
>his oldest kid is like 18
>can never call him daddy during sex

He said it's ok but I just can't bring myself to do it for real even though it really turns me on.

>> No.9222648

well that's some legally blonde shit right there.

>> No.9222653

I had to look that up. Completely forgot about that part of the movie.

>> No.9222742

time 2 set fire.

>> No.9222914
File: 15 KB, 179x178, gifmad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to see Shin Godzilla today
>group of Azn grills sitting behind me
>get to the part where Godzilla shoops da whoop
>one of them tells her friends "shoop da whoop" to much giggling
>immediately decide to marry her
>try to talk to her after the movie
>retreat back into mall
>Disney Store doesn't have the Tsum Tsum I wanted

>> No.9222939

Live in Melbourne. Know a submissive Asian boy (think he recently turned 19) who was into a hot black chick on OKC. For real tho.

Could it be? :o

>> No.9223020

Wall of text of con crew/staff drama incoming.

I always had minor issues with the friend who started bringing me to cons. We just had some pretty big conflicts as far as morals go, and she kept a lot of really shitty people around just because they had some personal benefit to her or financial benefit to (including a guy who sexually harassed me and has been kicked out of cons for doing it to other women). Regardless, I tolerated her because I was afraid of losing not just cons, but my entire crew.

One of her biggest problems is boys. She's the type that has a one track mind when it comes to boys, even though I have seen her OBSESS over a guy only to get bored and cheat after a couple months. She also seems to be completely delusional about boys liking her. Like, she had a huge falling out with a close friend and according to him, part of his irritation was that she was going around telling people he was into her when he obviously wasn't. She's done this with the chair of the con we work with, too. Basically if she wants a guy to like her, she looks for things she can twist into signs of feelings. I think it's a self esteem thing.

Anyway, she's spent years acting like a big shot at the con we work for. She's been going since the beginning and staffing early on, but she never seemed to be as important as she portrayed. But, whatever. None of my business.

A few years ago she met a guy at that con, and it was a "love at first sight" thing. He denied her, she got mad and hated him for a year or so and got involved someone else. Typical, she still eyed other guys. While we were still living in the same state, she was eyeing a former co-worker. Initially she tried to push him on me and I declined. because I'm picky af and wasn't ready for a relationship. She took this as an opportunity to break my ears about how so totally awful her boyfriend was for having trust issues with her even though she was "honest about her past".


>> No.9223031

>also I apologize and don't expect anyone to read this but I need to vent where she can't see it

She wouldn't listen to any of my input, it was just waves of excuses, so in a last ditch effort, after I met the guy he wasn't that bad and I gave him a chance. She backed off.

Months go by, we start having issues, and I'm moving away, so we break up but remain friends. She's also moving away to live with her long-term boyfriend and from our talks it seems like she lost interest in him anyway. He also joined us for the con that year.

Months later, she and her long-term boyfriend finally decide to break up. Several times I visited her and was present for the arguments. She was rude to him, he defended himself, she got upset about it, etc. Neither party was in the right, but she was very clearly the instigator. However, she began making long posts about how awful he was, even throwing an "abusive" here and there. I just began to see this side of her that was just... spoiled brat incarnate, accompanied by the usual post breakup "My life is soooo hard".

Her mega con crush comes back. They're talking again, she's obsessing again. One of our work-con's offshoot cons is coming up and I agreed to help her staff, she agreed to give me a ride. She has car trouble and can no longer provide transportation. Telling me a week before the con, I tell her I can't go anymore, she tells me to find transportation. When I tell her there's no way I can find something for a ~1-2k person con 12 hours away in a week's notice, she gives me sass, acts like its my fault, says I let her down, etc.

I'm already going through personal shit and I don't need that, so I stop talking to her as much. She's still trying to talk to me about her new boy, and I largely dodge the subject. I just... Do not fucking care about whose dick she's trying to tug.

So anyway, more time passes and our major con rolls around.


>> No.9223042

I and several other friends are staffing for her, but we're given very vague details on what exactly we're doing. She's not part of her usual department (which she was convinced she was going to become the head of).

My ex is with us again. The big kicker? Her crush is rooming with us, too. Guess what she was focused on nearly the whole time?

We're on Information. I know the con fairly well, but half her staff just... doesn't, like several are complete fucking newbies to the con and working a position where they're answering people's questions. Or there's changes and new event info that no one was informed of. She scheduled me and her together, and almost everything out of her mouth is about the crush, or trash talking the demoted former head of the department. She keeps leaving to go on breaks, too.

She said to me, smiling, that she slept with my ex, and that he has feelings for her. I don't care, but her story was far from the truth.

She did not "sleep with" my ex.

First night of the con and we're already fed up. We're scheduled an hour over (but that's due to last minute drop outs). Other friends/staff of hers are being blown off and treated like shit. she's known for her room parties, but the first one of the con was literally empty because almost no one wanted to deal with her anymore. She was off with crush boy anyway.

I'm rooming with most of the people having problems with her and we all sit around and vent Fri night. We all share the same sentiments that she seems too focused on her boy than on the con and her friends. What's more is we begin talking about other things and find out not one of the 5 of us has ever been given the same story by her. With my ex present, I say that she told me he slept with her. Immediately he shouts "What!? No, she got me blackout drunk and I woke up with her on top of me."

Dead silence, then a long-time friend blurting out "Holy shit my best friend's a rapist."

>> No.9223059

You have to get her kicked off staff, anon. She sounds like nothing but a liability and from the sound of it, everyone will agree with you rather than keep her.
I'm having similar issues with a now ex-friend of mine who's on con staff and has been for longer than I have and I'm dreading working with her since we both are the same department and same shifts. I'm almost tempted to just quit ahead of time.

>> No.9223061

He didn't even realize it because of how the male victim thing is usually swept under the rug. He was noticeably uneasy, but he told us the rest of the story. She went back home to visit, she hung out with him, they started drinking, she force-fed him more and more drinks, she got to talking to him about feelings, he said he had feelings for her at one point long ago but they died off. At some point he just wakes up on the couch with her riding him, then blacked out again. She told him the next morning that he was struggling a bit and he says he responded with "Yeah probably because I didn't want it."

So we're all just kinda... dumbfounded. The next morning I wake up physically ill (which was partially due to other factors) and pretty much spend the rest of the con in my room, which I feel like shit about because I feel like I'm doing a disservice to the other people in the department, but she's at least informed that I'm sick and it doesn't seem to be an issue.

She has another party that night, but we throw our own, and its 1000x better and we also don't have someone shitting themselves and someone else throwing up an entire bucket's worth of booze vomit like her party did so I'd say we lucked out.

After things mellow out we find out other people also were having issues with her, and some are putting in official complaints with the con.

Just this past week I learn that she lost her paid position at the con. She blames her long time friends, who she has now decided she wants nothing to do with. Some friends have tried confronting her about issues, but she doesn't seem to care. She knows about the rape accusation from my ex, but he was a bit of a sissy about confronting her so she thinks she did nothing wrong.

At this point, I and others are done with her, and done with staffing for her at that con.

>> No.9223067

I forgot the "continued" for that post, oops.

She lost her paid position as a department head because she got enough reports. I don't know the details of who reported what and the reasons given for her termination though. I think she's just back to being a low-tier staffer now (like above volunteer but under department head).

>> No.9223075

If she got terminated as a paid employee then that's not enough because she's still a member of staff and she can be a liability to the convention if she does anything else. It's better to just remove her from staff completely. They've got more than enough grounds to, especially if the sexual assault is used against her.

>> No.9223100

Your teacher (or is this a professor? Do all colleges call their teachers professors?) most likely won't remember you and if they do all they'll do is smile and say hello, maybe make small talk and that will be it.

>> No.9223111

He's a teacher as far as I know. I'm in a class of five people and he knows me by name (I sit next to him in one class) so maybe I'm making something out of nothing but my Gran was talking to my mother earlier on the phone while I was out of the room and loudly complaining about how I'd gotten upset. Turns out she told him more than I thought, basically my whole life story and how I was living with her now and taking care of her.

>> No.9223124

I feel bad for your ex...

My neighbor just moved out after the end of a long term relationship. I always heard them in bad arguments. I didn't realize she was beating him on a weekly basis. I only knew he was getting locked out of the apartment.

Poor guy was talking about how he feels like a pussy with tears in his eyes and I didn't know what to say. All the groups in my area only work with female victims.

>> No.9223170

Happy feels!
I negotiated sexual favors with my husband for a new dress. New dress and dirty sex, yay me!

>> No.9223180

I wanted to file a report myself after that mess of a con, to be honest. I was hoping my ex and the friends she gave the most crap to who were filing reports would get it sorted out because I had other shit to deal with, but apparently things didn't go as expected.

It's just a sticky situation altogether. That con is her life and has been for the past 15 years. She seems to have gone on a huge downward spiral since her breakup and local friends say she's been drinking a ton. I'm really worried what could happen if she lost that con, not for her sake, but for my ex's. I'm going to talk to him and see if I can get him to not wuss out and maybe have a serious talk with her enforcing that what she did was -not- okay and have him file the report with the con if she's still of the "I can do no wrong" mindset.

I've known so many male domestic violence and abuse victims, and its a shame many of them don't really think much of it, or think less of themselves when it happens.

>> No.9223261
File: 119 KB, 215x231, porked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 27
>everybody wants me to have kids
>just wanna cosplay

>> No.9223306
File: 62 KB, 540x674, 1471080505900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Starting awesome new job on Wednesday.
>Going to look at a super cheap, perfect apartment two minutes from work tomorrow.
>Literally just impulse bought a skirt.
>Should be saving for Japan but pffffft it's cheap and I have a loliboner for pinkxmint.

It's going to be SO HARD not to buy everything I want now and wait for Japan..

>> No.9223318
File: 83 KB, 1280x720, mob-psycho-100-01-22-mob-and-reigen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recently had this great idea of cosplaying as Reigen and Mob from Mob Psycho 100 with my nephew
>He happens to be in middle school and could reasonably cosplay as Mob

only thing is he's not into anime that isn't Pokemon, but he's a cool kid. pretty open-minded. maybe i'm get him started on One Punch Man and move on from there

>> No.9223320
File: 55 KB, 600x400, fuckyeahmotherfucker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get him into Zoids. He'll like Zoids.

>> No.9223327

Hell yeah nigger Zoids Chaotic Century was my shit as a kid. I want it to be something the three if us (my brother, my nephew and I) can all watch together though so I was thinking One Punch, since it's fairly entry-level

That reminds me, I was showing them Cowboy Bebop about two years ago and my nephew seemed to like it

>> No.9223345

> 25 and female
> moved to a different state to take care of disabled mother
> hardly know anyone in state but a few cosplay friends
> shitty job allowed me to transfer states so least I'm employed
> roommates fucked me over big time, so I pay mostly everything
> make me feel guilty for their poor life choices
> past relationships ended by me because I got tired of being the one to finance everything
> last one burned me out pretty good
> pretty open to the idea of a sugar daddy
> but I got the looks and outside attitude of a strong independent women
> also horrible addicted to Otome games and likes to collect merch from otome games
> I am probably the last option for a sugar baby

I don't think I'm entirely bad for wanting a sugar daddy? I don't really want a boyfriend to scam me again but I really would like some companionship and I'm asexual that doesn't mind sex ether. My life plan doesn't involve being married so like... I don't know

Though I'm really ashamed of my otome game addiction? Like that would totally be where my money would go. I'm weird.

>> No.9223350

I remember you, I still really hope things will get better for you anon. I wish I could say something more uplifting, I just hope you will get the enjoyment back with jfash.

>> No.9223353

>I don't think I'm entirely bad for wanting a sugar daddy?

I don't think any woman who goes down this route is really worthy of much respect.

>> No.9223355

If its any consolation PAX West blew chunks this year and I can't imagine East is gonna have a much better selection of games.

At least go for a day or two though if its your first time.

>> No.9223364

I wasn't trying to earn anyone's respect?

I just figured it might be better then just being alone when you don't want the marriage endgame? Money is a nice bonus too though after being ripped off by exes in the past.

>> No.9223370

Not that anon but I don't really get your motive? Like do what you want but do you want to have a sugar daddy for the money or for the actual relationship? What does marriage as end game even have to do with any of this? I've never seen marriage discussed when cgl talked about sugar daddies before.

>> No.9223397

When you get into a typical relationship, normally if you date for x amount of time and typical progression then isnto get married. A problem with me and a typical dating websites is that I really don't want to get married and have children etc for personal reasons, which is kind of the typical goal for men on dating sites who don't just want a hook up or a one night stand. I don't want a relationship but I have done one night stands in the past but it's messy. It seems to be a good between fixer with the added benefit of money.

>> No.9223400

Yeah but I thought you were already only talking about sugar daddies, who as far as I'm aware don't have a goal of marriage.

Since you don't really want any long term relationship, just get a sugar daddy. Seems like you'd be the perfect candidate for something like that.

>> No.9223410

Sorry, I wasn't very clear in what I was saying.

>> No.9223467
File: 24 KB, 320x320, 1474840207828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

end this stupid meme of throwing away plushies and mangos to grow up. growing up doesnt mean you have become a joyless asshole. the shitty thing about having multiple hobbies is having to master time management and budgeting which are to very important skills in becoming a "grown up".
Man if you cant even handle doing those basic things you arent even an adult. you can throw away all your cool stuff and start doing typical grown up things but you'll still be a lame unhappy kid masquerading as an adult.
life is about improving and finding happiness dont make yourself miserable for the sake of thinking youre moving forward.
tl;dr youre actually hindering your own growth by throwing your shit out because you dont know how manage time for each of your hobbies, cant budget, and your notion of growing up is a tired cliche normalfags perpetuate.
Also you sound like you have depression.

>> No.9223476

What key words do I search to find those videos of people covertly cumming on girls' backs at cosplay conventions?

>> No.9223577

Thanks anon. I'm going to not let my doubts get to me and make the order in a few more weeks. My life is far from being as complicated as others here but it's just nice to vent somewhere anonymous.

>> No.9223595

Update on the party, looks like there are 12 people now. I'm not feeling so glum now. But I am a little more anxious about whether or not to hand out my better looking accessories or destashing my B-grade stuff for the goodie bags. I would hate to have nicely crafted stuff I could have sold be taken with indifference. I wouldn't feel so bad if the two other crafters in the comm that wanted to pitch in would have actually done so like originally planned. Just shouldering it all myself kind of sucks.

>> No.9223713
File: 25 KB, 400x298, 1465617193259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I broke up with my gf last week, she didn't love me, and she never cared about cosplay. Now, I'm on my way up (money, exercice, nice car, etc). But all I want is a nice cute girl who loves me and she's not faking it, and spend a lot of money on her dresses and costumes. My dream is cuddling with Raven from Teen Titans. Just holding hands, laying in bed.
>Pic unrelated

>> No.9223791

Pic could be related. You could always get yourself a cat or dog and fondle/cuddle with them as they're dressed in a miniature Raven cosplay.

>> No.9223806

Don't think your worries aren't valid, it's a really shitty situation on it's own, and nothing good comes from wanting to bury your anger because "it could be worse'.
And go make that order, I"m sure it'll make you happier if you do!

>> No.9223929
File: 223 KB, 500x281, giphy[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to a Japanese makeup store to buy makeup for my cosplay
>ask if they have eye primer
>they don't have it

what the fuck, 'm tired of my eye makeup smearing what do you mean this asian store doesn't have stuff for my folded eyes

>> No.9223932

I was just able to remove a convention wristband I had been wearing for the past 2.5 years. Makes me wonder how much earlier I could have done it, for how long has it been loose enough? Looks really bad now, maybe it could have been prettier if I had been able to remove it before. Also feels weird that it isn't there anymore. I wonder how the habits I've developed to keep it out of food etc. will be affected.

On another note, had one of my best days of the year yesterday. Went to amusement park and got to be with some cosplayers, and it was so much fun. One of them mentioned inviting me to join a Facebook group for random city cosplay. Haven't heard anything else about it, but still hopefull.

>> No.9223936

>about a year ago, start working out hardcore
> gain 25 pounds??
>super insecure and hate my body, cut down on cosplaying because of it
>doctor can't seem to find any reason for weight gain, says it's not my diet, so far everything seems normal
>might be PCOS, will find out in a few weeks
>stop working out in the meantime until they figure out what's going on
> lost 5 pounds
> TFW i just want to be skinny again. i feel like a cow and i feel like there isn't anything i can do about it because i eat well and working out only made it worse

>> No.9223938

muscle weighs more than fat?? would suggest you stop weighing yourself if it's bringing you down

>> No.9223956

You could always, you know, cut it off in an inconspicuous place

>> No.9223957

I guess the question is whether she started looking fatter or if she was only looking at the scale. Rapid weight loss afterward is weird though

>> No.9223962

i started looking a little fatter, and i have stretch marks on only one leg (although they are starting to go away now). at first, i thought the weight gain was muscle but then it just kept going up and up

>> No.9224038

I found out I have PCOS, just recently, and while it explains a few other issues I've had, It depresses me that no matter what I did I wouldn't lose weight, or at least not very much if it did even happen.

I just want to be cute and wear frilly dresses, desu.

>> No.9224073

Try a low carb diet if you haven't already, avoid dairy products and sugar. Diet plays a huge part in pcos and most have to go low carb. Some do keto which is way more carb restrictive, hight fat and moderate protein.

>> No.9224107

I might. I just need to enforce it hard on myself. Or have someone else who can help with it.

>> No.9224113

>find a neat cosplay of my favorite character from an old show
>look at her gallery of other cosplays
>she's a perfect mixture of cute, pretty, and sexy
>decide to talk to her and see what happens
>we hit it off immediately as we have similar interests
>continue to talk to her for awhile
>we keep introducing each other to new games and shows, all that fun stuff
>add her on facebook, profile says she's single
>continue to chat with her for some time
>decide to check out her instagram as i am curious about her personal life
>pictures of friends and family and scenery and stuff
>and her engagement ring
>and her wedding invitations
>congratulate her and talk to her about it
>she sends me pictures of them together
>this guy is so fat he makes peter griffin look skinny
>she also casually mentions her age, turns out to be 8 years older than me and just looks really young
fuck, i'm so jealous
i feel like a shitty person

>> No.9224155

It's much more befitting to practice art in an enviroment surrounded by the things you love.

Now, I do get rid of things such as manga once I've read them so much that I can't possibly read them anymore. I get rid of clothes every couple years just to avoid owning 1,000 things I don't wear. I also get rid of trinkets... but I usually sell them secondhand or give them to people who I know will enjoy them.

Maybe you just need to fix up your place and yeah... take a break a convention or two from cosplaying.

>> No.9224224
File: 22 KB, 555x462, half-boiled detective eating glass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working on convention staff shit
>get message from dude in charge of live events
>"hey one of my groups wants to have a show in main events can u help them out"
>get forwarded all relevant communication and get in contact with performance group
>realize as i'm reading through this shit that this dude dun goofed when he was relaying the amenities available to presenting performance groups
>set everything straight with one group
>in the process find out that the other two groups that were supposed to be performing haven't even been contacted yet, one group is under the impression that they have to apply to perform even though we're supposed to be offering them a space
>this isn't my job
>no part of this even remotely falls under my purview
>i'm about to burn this motherfucker down

feels like murder, man.

>> No.9224280
File: 1.64 MB, 400x400, scootypuff.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be a cosplay gigolo so bad, but can't.

>> No.9224287
File: 102 KB, 1439x973, 1458665380083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ordered my first lolita item ever. Heavenly Cross skirt in lavender.

>> No.9224289
File: 300 KB, 283x206, good shit m8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

saw you in the help thread! congrats dude!!

>> No.9224290
File: 858 KB, 399x239, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you have a super duper cute halloween princess coord but only husband will see it

I have matching space print undies and everything

he's gonna compliment me for sure but I want a girl who can appreciate lolita to envy it

>> No.9224305 [DELETED] 

Poor HWC, it's you, right?

>> No.9224309

ye but you gonna get b& if you don't delete your post because mods are no fun allowed fags

>> No.9224391
File: 254 KB, 400x600, 1450694318709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>eat moderately unhealthy at home, two sports in high school helped keep off weight
>go off to college, keep poor diet
>start to put on weight
>second year of college, parents split
>put on more weight, get super depressed
>one day I couldn't button a pair of jeans any more so I just said fuck it and stopped eating
>skeleton mode and dropped 25 lbs in 2 weeks
>friends intervened and bought me candy and had a heart to heart about it
>start eating again, just not as much as before everything went south
>at "healthy" weight but still feel like crap because stress

Just 3 more semesters gulls, have an internship lined up for the summer so I'll have disposable income again, that's a good thing, r-right?

>> No.9224396

boyfriend went away for the weekend and i had so much time and freedom to shop, dress up, and work out. love him, but being alone is not too shabby....

>> No.9224420

It's really good (and healthy) for you to have time to yourself and just do what you want. You can love someone more than anything and still need a little break from time to time.

>> No.9224507

What con anon?
I'm going to a con in a month too in cos for the first time and im not sure if anyone is going with me
I already dont go to cons normally cause I'm shy so this makes me even more nervous but I dont want to miss out on this chance

>> No.9224544
File: 221 KB, 433x415, j50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i managed to stick to a good regime to clear up my skin for a big con, and it worked for all of 2 weeks before i broke and ate a lot of junk food... now the con is even closer and i'm breaking out

why is it so hard being a picky eater... everything good for me tastes so bad and everything bad tastes so good

>> No.9224569
File: 16 KB, 600x600, 096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have very few followers
>never use tags because not trying to get a ton of followers
>suddenly got followed by 50+ ddlg accounts overnight
>block them all

>> No.9224576

Fattychan Anon from last thread
Update: I checked the scale this morning, and I've dropped almost 10lbs!!!!!

I don't know what was happening that was causing it not to come off, but whatever it was seems to have gone.

>> No.9224578

Good job! I hope you continue to lose weight, Fattychan! (or weightloss-chan? eh, w/e)

>> No.9224598

>friend will not stop raging on fb about some ridiculous made up drama that literally none of us care about
>is now whining because people like her selfies and cosplay progress but don't respond to her drama posts

bitch maybe you should take a hint and stop trying to stir up a lynch mob about a girl most of us don't even know or care about

>> No.9224601

On Tumblr I assume?

I've straight up stopped using the site altogether. My phone kept going off with notifications about follows/likes and every time I checked it was a porn spam blog. My side blogs gets them and its literally just positive quotes and pictures of gardens and animals.

I hear lolis complain about the DD/LG blogs and a couple MtF friends have complained about "tranny fetish" blogs going after them.

I emailed support about it and they're just like "durr durr report and block".

>> No.9224616

I remember you.
And honestly I think that was such a toxic behavior, especially if you didn't want it.
I'm so sorry Anon, I know how it hurts to be underappreciated/nit treated like a worthy person by parents.
Only thing I can say is one day you will find people that truly appreciate and support you. Friends or partners. I really hope so

>> No.9224618

Almost everyone in my comm browses/posts here and nobody cares. All three mods are confirmed to post here, but we still never have any drama and we're all really close.

>> No.9224621

Any tips on how to beat unhealthy relationship with food? I mean overeating/stress eating.
It gives me some motivation knowing there is someone struggling with this like me, but who managed to overcome it! Maybe I will too ;_;

>> No.9224640

dd/lg is so gross i just can't understand why girls call their boyfriend daddy.
daddy doms are pedos

>> No.9224643


>inb4 no it's not creepy!!! it's normal and healthy to be aroused by young children and incest!!!!!!! muh consenting adults REEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.9224652

Fortunately your opinion doesn't matter

>> No.9224656

>being this upset that the only way you can make it in the world is by indulging older men with more money than sense in their cuck-tier paypig fantasies

>> No.9224666

Well, I am reformed fatty, so I'll give you the advice that I used.

Don't stop over-eating. Just overeat shit like grapes. After a while you just start to crave fruit flavors. I dropped about 50 lbs in about 7 months doing that.

>> No.9224672
File: 56 KB, 702x540, 1476663850904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no qt bf to spoon and homo with

>> No.9224685

>People won't be your friend even for brand gifts

>> No.9224694

what was your regime like?

>> No.9224971

Why work hard in life when you can just piggyback off of somebody else like a pathetic excuse for a human being?

>> No.9224978

On instagram. My IG is mostly my training log so it's a lot of gym videos. I have a few WIPs for cosplay on it as well. I thought I understood why they followed me on my old IG because I posted lots of drawings of my friends (they're all into jfash and lolita). Sometimes I posted plushies, too, but my friend said that ddlg accounts kept commenting on her plushie pics, so I decided to stop taking pics of them too. I see why ddlg accounts are interested in lolita and stuffed animals. However, now I have ZERO of that after starting a new IG.

I actually have a tumblr too that I haven't updated in SERIOUSLY 2~3 years, and I mostly reblogged japanese artists with cutesy styles and pics of dogs, and I STILL get about one porn blog following me a week. What is wrong with people?

>> No.9224992

fun game: talk to any daddy dom anywhere anonymously, pretend you're 16 or younger, try finding one that says they're not ok with it.

>> No.9225073

>Just broke up with Gf
>Trying to keep a posetive outlook
>Tfw i want to meet people to talk about anime cosplay and vidya with
>Stuck in jersey
>Dont know how to start

Help anons, i just wanna die

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I know that feel.

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