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Hey cgl, I'm hosting my very first lolita tea party with friends and I need help getting inspired for decor, and even coming up with things to do/things to talk about. What happens at lolita tea parties?

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Have you ever been to a lolita tea party? I feel like you should at least have some frame of reference if you have

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I have not. I just started to get into lolita in the last year and finally joined my comm last week. This isn't like a huge tea party, it's a small one between like 5 friends.

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They're usually modeled after afternoon tea, if that helps. Bigger ones might have games/introduction activities and prizes.

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For tea parties I think decor and presentation is a huge part. Think decorative/cute foods and dishware. Matching table cloths and a little area set up for photos.

So figure out your theme and build the rest from there. Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you so much! I didn't even think of a small area for photos at a get together, but it would make sense since people would probably want photos of their coords.

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The fact that someone is hosting a tea when they've never even attended one is baffling to me.

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Same. You dun goofed OP.

>incoming blog post

After whatever everyone else suggested, especially on studying up what an afternoon tea service looks like (restaurant menus, blogs, videos), I'd look into your budget and see what you can spend and where you want to allocate your budget most. I suggest this goes more into food and decor, especially if you're not a great baker/don't have time to prepare (which you should though) nor already have some china ware (go thrifting/antiquing - mismatch is fine).
If you're in the U.S., party city sells cardboard cake stands, otherwise you can try to find or make one yourself (though it'd be time consuming) or have a nice set up of a few plates dedicated for savories and sweets.

Ask your guests if there are any allergy/dietary restrictions too. I'd try to do a 2:3 ratio of savories over sweets tbqh - so that people are relatively full and not to induce a sugar migraine - and have either an array tea bags for people to choose from or prepare one pot of caffeinated and non-caffeinated tea.

For food, you can either prepare the dietary restricted food items along with the "regular" items or everyone can get the same thing that follows the restriction (i.e.: if one or a few people are vegetarians, all guests or just those people have vegetarian options). Again, think about your budget and how much time you have to prepare. You may want to consider having people chip in a small donation to cover their portion.

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This isn't a comm meet. This is just me inviting some friends over for tea. I just wanted to make it more tea party like.

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Conversation shouldn't be too hard unless everyone is shy and new to each other, which in this case, ice breaker introductions is useful.

Shit like
>Name, age
>how they got into lolita
>favorite style
>dream dress/lolita goals

I can't really suggest what to talk about at a tea party besides lolita, but it's a starting point, and something like this tends to garner an organic, flowing conversation.

Every comm is different, and a mixed group of newbies and veterans are usually going to bring out a different vibe than those with all familiar faces or all newbies. Some comms like to gossip about other lolitas and the online communities, and others are made up of side-cosplayers and so the topic might be more nerd-orientated. Just do your best so that everyone feels involved in the conversation, even if some are quieter than others.

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Are people not reading?


I keep saying it's not a comm meet. This is just me and a couple of my friends meeting in lolita at my apartment for tea

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btw, I knew you only have a small group of people you're familiar with, but this is something to keep in mind in the future.


I've seen/been to tea parties where people had card games (like Cards Against Lolitas - which works best if most guests have been involved in lolita for some time; retro card games are also good), lolita themed games (like Bingo or Pin the Bow on Mana), and even coloring/crafting (I believe there are AP/Imai Kira blank illustrations available). You could also do a showing of Kamikaze Girls, especially if none of your guests have seen it yet. Just keep it simple and do something that isn't going to ruin brand.

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If you want and have the funds, you could always put together a Thank You goodie bag with candy and a note.

>pic sort of unrelated.

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I didn't realize I had dropped my pic.

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and the cupcake stand I mentioned earlier.

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Sorry, but you're not the only person reading this thread, mate.

They're giving great advice across the board, which is also helpful to people planning on hosting a comm tea party or something similar.

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I was saying that towards them saying I "dun goofed" not about them giving advice

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