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Old Thread: >>9195692

Also, happy birthday 4chan.

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Has anyone bought a copy of Girlism? What are the pics and articles like?

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>>she overcharges on dresses that no one knows how much they cost
How does your friend know the dress was not the price she says anyway? if the dress price is not listed anywhere?
I used her SS just today and she quoted a very elusive JETJ dress for less that 15,000yen. I don't believe you anon, sorry. She's a great SS.
Also she has been doing SS for like 5 years now. That's a very long time for her "scamming ways" to come to light.

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Elusive =/= expensive

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Just ask for a photo of the receipt. Simple and foolproof

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How do you find lolita communities on facebook?

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The latest one, or any issue?

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>tfw groups always leave your request pending

About halloween, do you know if there are any danse macabre prints?

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Kind of random question,

Does anyone remember the name of that one seller on storenvy that does laser cut jewelry a la magical girl stuff? iirc their location was in Canada
>no not starlightdecodream

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I searched for lolita plus the name of my state but couldn't find the right group, so I thought maybe there's a list with links of all comm's or something

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Kuma Crafts?

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Can someone please remind me what Japan time does CC usually update on Sundays?

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here you go anon
don't mind the salt and have fun!

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5PM I believe.

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>Kuma Crafts
Yesss thank you so much anon. With so many "kawaii" type vendors now a days its so hard to remember them all. Thanks again!

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Any issue. A few have come out already and I still haven't heard much about the content.

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Thanks a lot!

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I own the first one and I would say that the content is quite similar to the bible, except that the pictures are bigger and less "decorated". They had also japanese brands next to the chinese brands, and several japanese models. And the magazines always come with extras like a folder, postcards and totebag.

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Anyone know when we're supposed to get these shipped out? I would love to get mine before halloween.]

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someone on facebook is defending this saying "how many ways can you possibly draw a cat"

Its way too similar imo. Especially the eyes and mouth. I wonder how this will affect their business because personally I'm unfollowing them now.

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Anyone had experience shipping parasols from Japan? I want a burando one for a later coord but I am worried about the shipping.

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As an artist it is triggering my autism how people think these are so similar that one person MUST have copied the other.

>placement of facial features entirely different
>entirely different shading and coloring wise

10/10 b8 I'm mad af

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I once shipped three parasols from Japan using FJ. I live in Southeast Asia and the shipping was about US$80 in a fucking huge box.

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How can you even say the coloring is different? She didnt do the two toned eyes but the orange eye on the original is like exactly the same color she chose.
There are way too many convenient similarities for me to think that she wasnt heavily inspired by it. She obviously didnt trace but she basically used it as a reference.

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>How can you even say the coloring is different?

Thanks for proving you have no fucking practice in art and don't deserve to have people take your opinions on this particular piece seriously. I was talking about the TECHNIQUE. The TECHNIQUE is not similar AT ALL. The one on the right is far more flat and gives off a far more "animated" feel.

>There are way too many convenient similarities for me to think that she wasnt heavily inspired by it.

Besides being a fairly cartoonish white cat drawn in semi profile how are they similar? Proportions, shading, style, these things are all significantly different. You're ignorant in this topic and it shows.

Just because I draw a certain kind of flower at a certain angle doesn't mean anyone else who wants to draw a similar flower at a similar angle is fucking copying me. Educate yourself on shit like this before farting out an opinion.

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i wouldn't say it's a direct copy, but it definitely reeks of someone latching onto jetoy's popularity by mimicking the style. they just made sure not to trace or copy/paste in order to fool layman-types like >>9206223

if it was just someone's tumblr post and they mentioned jetoy as an inspiration it'd be fine, but trying to pass it off as original and presumably selling it is pretty lame

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>laymans type

Anon, I cited multiple reasons for differences that someone who wasn't well acquainted with art wouldn't know.

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There was another secret that pointed out that their previous stuff looked like PepFox ripoffs so at this point it's looking less like a coincidence, they just pick popular stuff and try to mimic it.

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if i had seen the cat in the pendant by itself first, i would've just assumed someone cut out a jetoy printout and made it into a charm.
you can see the slight differences when they're right up against each other because the knockoff isn't directly traced.
not being traced or copied stroke-for-stroke doesn't mean it's original imo

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I'm sorry you don't have formal training and/or a good eye for it.

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i'm sorry you're mad about it ig

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I already admitted I was #triggered by people's blatant lack of knowledge of art, even used the word autism. Not sure how memeing at me what I already said with a reaction image is supposed to impact me.

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I just wish you idiots wouldn't go everywhere screeching of muh copying boogieman when you don't have the slightest idea of what actually goes into art. It's like a doctor watching someone on the street talk about how they have cancer because the read their symptoms on webmd

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the shitposting is all married-and-stays-at-home-sensei isn't it

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I reported you for bringing her up.

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You don't need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of art to recognize when one artist is blatantly copying another. That's what's so sad about this situation. HBJ is using other artists to make a profit.

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it's been a pleasure being fooled by you, as usual

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You have to be the artist getting called out to get this triggered holy shit.

Also news flash, your not the only anon thats studied art. But I dont go around starting my sentences with "as an artist..."

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>someone once drew a white cartoon cat so now nobody else can draw a white cartoon cat

: ^ ) people always complain about me not having new material

thought I'd change it up some

did you approve?

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No, it's just HWC.

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ehhh i was suspicious from the start. i think you have it in you to be more rage inducing without being as obvious
7.5/10 would probably rage at again

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I was thinking about getting it shipped through FJ but thank you for the warning! Fuck that.

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to be fair hubby is home so I'm sort of distracted

next time I'll tone down the fake anger and slowly ramp it up so it sounds like an actual argument kk?

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Quick question HWC, your husband wouldn't happen to be a leo in astrology, would he? Also, why have you been so quiet lately?

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I swear you creeps try so hard to keep track of him

yes he's a Leo

so what?

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We found you shitposting on /x/

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that's like saying

"saw you out in the ocean! you were swimming"

I've been shitposting on /x/ for longer than I've been shitposting on /cgl/

and even tho I shouldn't admit it cause I breaks my whole le ebin shitpost board destroyer image n all

I actually contribute a lot to both boards

I'm an actual daily lolita so it's not like I don't have any interest in good discussion here

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lmao, what did she shitpost? Please cap.

>> No.9206274

She was shitposting about how her husband doesn't have her do anything work-wise and she doesn't want to tell him she's bored from staying at home all the time and wants to have a job because it'll hurt his ego.

Girl please fucking tell him so you can stop shitposting here and do something productive with your time.

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>thinking you know my marriage this well

delete this

>> No.9206279

>her creepy husband is controlling

Not surprised. No normal man marries a girl 14 years his junior.

>> No.9206281

>judging this hard

man you guys know a few facts and you think you've figured out the entire dynamic of someone's relationship

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Wouldn't be a complete week on cgl without a visit from HWC. Hope you're doing well friendo, pleasure seeing you and your carnage as always. Any releases you're looking forward to?

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Actually the white one's eyes were green originally and changed at the last second to better parallel the black.

The funny thing is that I actually vectored a photo of a real cat and painted features over that. If somebody had found the original photo (which they won't because I took it hueh.) I'd be like "Ha! You got me!" But instead it's just kind of funny.

>desu I don't care about anything anymore, so if this is entertaining to you, by all means enjoy yourself.

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most releases from AP aren't doing anything for me recently so I'm going back and buying other color ways in shit I already like

APs latest print is a fucking dumpster fire clusterfuck

almost on par with meta

the jacquard chocolate print this year was shit and I'm still salty

picked up antique chocolate tho

it's not entirely terrible in ivory

AP needs to step it up

>> No.9206290

You are an anorexic girl wearing chocolate prints, I hope you get the irony in this HWC.

>> No.9206291

Yeah I wasn't really feeling the chocolate one and combined with last year being shit too I'm starting to wonder if we've seen the last of a decent chocolate release

On the bright side like you said it's easier to focus on older things that might not be available later.

>Or at least that's what I tell my salty ass since AP is letting me down man

>> No.9206293

is hwc angli_deas?

>> No.9206294

>when your husbands dick is thicker than your wrist so any jokes about your weight don't matter

there are worse fates

>tfw AP has been dropping the ball so hard lately I've gotten almost every piece from a release

I don't even like sax and I have a print in two sax colorways

this is all APs fault

no idea who this is

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newfag here, who is HWC

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>two sax color ways

I am retarded

two sax cuts

pls no bully husband is here

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An anorexic shitposting housewife with a creepy much older husband. HWC = housewife-chan.

>> No.9206300

he isn't creepy you fkn feg

>> No.9206302

It's cool. I knew what you meant.
Anyways, I know you like to shit post but thanks for answering me seriously. I actually do genuinely like to hear your opinions on things since they tend to be interesting so I'd been wondering for awhile what you thought. I hope a release comes soon that you actually do like!

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welcome fampai

lolita is a love of mine n I do actually discuss it here despite what anyone else would have you think

you may not see it as me but it is

I hope the same for you! it's a shame when AP combines too many ideas and they seem to be doing a lot of this lately

>my opinions are interesting


>> No.9206308

lol anyone who marries someone that much younger is either mentally stunted themselves or knows they can control the younger person sorry

>> No.9206312

it's against the rules to announce reports, sempai~~ you should know this by now

>> No.9206313

we're both incredibly childish in some ways

why is that such a terrible thing? we get along and understand eachother

that was the joke

>> No.9206315

Or you know, he grabbed a hottie while he still had that $$$.

>> No.9206316

It really wouldn't be a Lolita General without the shitposting, now would it?

HWC, why do I always see you when I'm up late doing housework? Do you have sleeping trouble or do you not live in the Americas? I can't remember, sorry.

>> No.9206318

I don't live in the west

>> No.9206321

so why not upload the original photo then? prove it

>> No.9206322

A Gemini and a Leo? Childish? Shocking!

>> No.9206325

XD muh astrology memes wow such quirky generalization

>> No.9206326

Do you live in the magical land of Nippon or something? Or China?

Do you define Europe as the west, too?

I just want to know where you could live (outside of the US) where your situation would appear normal. A young woman married to a man almost 15 years her senior who sits at home all day shitposting on 4chan? You sound so interesting and yet so sad.

>> No.9206328

I didn't know you had scars on your legs, HWC. Are you a former self-harmer? Also, I thought you hated fat people.

>> No.9206332

I live in nippleland

it's not considered normal here

the age gap is more forgiven, but with his work and me being a lolita it's kind of like anyone who isn't open to alternative stuff stays away from it

>it's sad


I'm just bored and lately I've been shitposting less

I'm working on this other thing that's been taking up some time

what are you even talking about?

I don't have scars on my legs and I do think fatties are gross

>> No.9206336

should also point out

everyone memes that our relationship isn't based on love because he's so much older

that isn't true

I know it's just me saying this but I wanted to officially give a word on it

love the shit outta him

my heart goes dokidoki every time I see him and every time his dimples come out I giggle like an idiot

>> No.9206337

I mean, it's sad to me maybe because I've been shitposting on /x/ and /cgl/ for a long time as well (nothing to your extent, probably) and when I look back on my choices, it makes me kind of depressed. I could have been doing better things with my life. (I guess I could be doing better things now, too.)
I also struggle with an ED so maybe I'm projecting some of my sadness onto your situation. Sometimes, I feel like we could be friends.

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You mean this isn't you?

It's still a weird situation, HWC. Most people are going to think that, even if you feel like you're in love.

Also I know I'm totally gonna get banhammered for talking to you, but I find you interesting.

>> No.9206343 [DELETED] 

fyi it's possible to love controlling husbands. but whatever no one cares that much, have fun getting dumped when you get wrinkles, or growing old enough to get sick of your mentally stunted husband.

>> No.9206344

ever since we got married I've just had a lot of free time

it's sort of expected here for it to be that way if your man can afford it

me saying otherwise would be like me saying "you can't provide for me so now I have to go and work!"

I think it would hurt him


i consider those on /cgl/ who talk to me like you are my friends

that isn't me

ironically I didn't actually have hate towards fat people until a fat girl was a total bitch to me

I just used it as a shitposting scheme

being fat is pretty gross tho

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just because you don't like me doesn't mean my marriage isn't valid or that it will fall apart

>> No.9206351

You mention his dimples a lot.

>> No.9206353
File: 172 KB, 500x372, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's cause they're the most prominent when he's smiling and my heart melts erry timm

also a lot of the time when they come out there's this really goofy laugh he does where he claps his hands like a massive homo

it's 2cute and he only does it when he's really comfortable with people

>> No.9206359

Good talk, HWC. I wish you well.

>> No.9206362

b-be safe

thank 4 serious talk

>> No.9206368

jesus fucking christ no one cares, talk about things relevant to /cgl/ or gtfo.

>> No.9206370

someone cared enough to notice I talk about his dimples a lot fampai

>> No.9206380

does anyone know the artist for this cover?

>> No.9206387

Hey anon! The artists website is meatspin.com. They do a lot of guro Lolita inspired stuff.

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>> No.9206408

damn, that's a charming throwback.

>> No.9206432

If you like an aesthetic that the artist clearly also likes, why unfollow? Would seem to me that it's more of a reason to dig their stuff.

>> No.9206441

I just thought this was a very common way to draw cats in China

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File: 883 KB, 1079x782, 1456478288429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sit the fuck back and look at this picture, anon.
Left is by Peppermint Fox. Right is by HBJ. No, they're not identical, but you have to admit they're very very similar. People called the creator of HBJ out on the similarity and she said it was just a coincidence. Oh well, right?
But then she comes out with >>9206193. It's possible for artists to change styles, sure. But to suddenly, drastically change her style to closely resemble that of another commercially successful artist? You can't honestly believe this is just another coincidence.

I don't even care if I'm responding to HWC at this point because there are too many other people still defending HBJ on her blatant ripoffs.

>> No.9206452

I was wondering too, but according to chibitenshi email we're not getting it till after.
I'm holding out hope the shipping date is wrong. But I bet she gets it in time for halloween and then I get it right after.

>> No.9206454

Jetoy is Korean I think.

>> No.9206455

But the bones jones chick isn't Chinese and she used to draw cats like this >>9206444, so that's a shit excuse.

>> No.9206458
File: 24 KB, 450x600, mrtoad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolutely outrageous. All of these rip-off artists. Animals in clothes? So fucking original. Pefox and HBJ should answer to Disney.

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File: 914 KB, 500x322, 1394897334332.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I didn't actually have hate towards fat people until a fat girl was a total bitch to me

>> No.9206462

Ugh anon HBJ doesn't draw like that anymore, she draws like >>9206193 now, stop picking on her!

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File: 157 KB, 558x489, hueh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just for you, HWC. <3 I realized this isn't the one I took, this is some rando cat from Google. The black one was a photo of my cat, but oddly nobody seems to care about the black one?

Did you just ASSUME my ETHNICITY? #triggidieddiggidied

>> No.9206500

What type of cat is on the left? It looks like my street cat

>> No.9206503

I'd guess it's just a mix, but the colour is seal pointed.

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File: 51 KB, 587x417, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looks like man in drag
>films YouTube video

What made her think this was cute.

>> No.9206517

Cool, so you traced a photo for the body. The face still looks like a Jetoy ripoff though. Do you even have your own individual style? You seem to change it around a lot whenever someone points out the similarities to more successful artists.

>> No.9206518

>ugly people should only wear potato sacks and hide in dark basements instead of having hobbies and making themselves known to the rest of the world
Kindly fuck off, you're embarrassing

>> No.9206519

Probably a Siamese.

>> No.9206521

More like ugly people should make an effort with their face and not just their clothing.

>> No.9206522


Dat nose.

>> No.9206550

Lor looks like a man in drag too but she's a pretty popular lolita youtuber. I dong like to watch her either but apparently other people do.

>> No.9206552
File: 483 KB, 1920x1200, white-cat-wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a fucking cat

>> No.9206556 [DELETED] 

Omg euthanize that copy-cat!!

>> No.9206557

But anon; It's white, it has a pink nose, it has a shadow under it's mouth and it has a reflection in it's eyes.

Better get it put down to be desu.

>> No.9206565

Lor knows how to dress / accessorise to suit her face and she doesn't have a double chin.

>> No.9206567

Photoshop someone else's face onto this and it would be so adorable.

>> No.9206573

I just watched this, why the fuck would you film a video looking like you just rolled out of bed?

>> No.9206576

HBJ owner trying desperately to defend herself by making everyone else seem unreasonable when it's been shown she blatantly mimics other artists who are more popular than her. Maybe instead of shitposting on /cgl/ you should go develop your own style so you don't have to leech off others.

>> No.9206620

Who is this HWC and why is she allowed threads like these when I'm not? butthurt

Who are you these posts are so crazy I thought I'd posted them drunk.

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File: 199 KB, 350x490, 1356623424961.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because indie brands and artists that copy-cat off of other indie brands and artist are the lowest types of backstabbers.

I unfollowed her when she pulled the peppermintfox copy-cat shit. I don't care if her stuff is cute, she has no ethics and no honor.

It's especially low because she owns a store where she was selling peppermintfox items, and then she started selling copy-cat items side by side with them; essentially poaching customers from the artists she was supposed to be representing.

Most people aren't publicly giving her shit about it because of her position in the community, but it's a really shitty thing she's doing and she's done it enough that there is no way that it is a coincidence.

>> No.9206630

Sorry anon, but this post makes no sense. I believe you may be thinking of somebody else.

I have never owned nor sold any Peppermint Fox products, nor do I have any standing 'position' in the community.

>I can't tell if you're thinking of somebody else or just making shit up.

>> No.9206631


>> No.9206632

Are you confusing HBJ with Mulberry Chronicles? MC seemed to be piggybacking off Pepfox as well but their copying wasn't as blatant as with HBJ. And IIRC the owners of Pepfox and MC are friends.

>> No.9206679


>> No.9206699

is it me or is ap losing quite a bit of popularity recently with all their underwhelming releases? their stuff goes for pretty cheap 2nd hand now vs before.

>> No.9206707
File: 109 KB, 1181x955, hot topic holy lantern wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did hot topic release holy lantern tights? what planet is this.
I like them.

>> No.9206709

nah, many sweet lolitas (including me) still have a boner for AP and i'm sure many newbies will like their stuff too. their last few releases have been kinda iffy but i expect their usual style to come back.

>> No.9206716

It's because they're putting out more stock, so it's easier for those who want it to get their hands on it for release. Do you really not know how supply and demand works?

>> No.9206722

old news

>> No.9206724

I'm an ap fangirl, but this year just wasn't for me. Oh well, time to hunt down some older ap.

>> No.9206732

Vendetta. This video hardly has any views, stop posting this girl. Nobody cares.

>> No.9206735

You sound like you're taking this way too seriously. Everyone emulates art styles they like. Everyone changes it up. If those styles are also what your demographic likes, there's nothing wrong with going with it. She's not straight up copying anything, and no one is forcing you to buy her stuff. If you really wanna stick it to her, go buy official choo choo cat pendants instead. Doesn't exist? Well, shit. Hardly a brand violation at that point. It can't be stealing business.

>> No.9206739

Bitch who the fuck asked you?

>> No.9206741

Lol isn't this the beret coord thief girl from btb?

>> No.9206744

shit. yes, yes I was.

>> No.9206758
File: 51 KB, 400x400, fancy spooky skelies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lady sloth's Ball at Miranda Castle had victorian skeletons entering a dance party, but not yet dancing.

>> No.9206759

So you're saying you can't upload the photo you said YOU took, and had to grab this one from Google...? Sorry girl, but you are really not convincing anybody at this point. Your items are cute but please get some originality; think about how much better it feels to make something of your own creation rather than pulling "inspiration" from others.

>> No.9206761

Gull, I wish

>> No.9206763

>makes obviously rip-offed shit
>has inadequate behaviour
>still has more followers and sales than I do with my original content

>> No.9206766


idunno, almost all their prints this year have gone on sale instead of selling out, a fair few went on to be priced at 50% off, AP Tokyo just put a bunch of dresses on sale for 10,800, and a couple of prints went down to a previously unheard-of price of ~5k yen.

Like, there's gotta be some point in which AP looks at their sales and go, "yikes, we've never had to sell exclusive print dresses at the ~5k yen mark before, maybe we should cut back on stock". At this point I don't really believe it's all due to increased stock, seems a bit counterproductiive to me to have so much stock and then have it all go on sale later, and it remains unbought long enough to be reduced even more. Really seems more to me like no one particularly likes this year's releases from AP.

>> No.9206768

If it's so easy to suddenly come up with your own style, why don't you post yours?

>> No.9206772

For you to rip-off it later? Haha no.

>> No.9206773

>Tfw trying to emulate an indie brand with a new item because I love their style and their stuff hasn't been available for years
I'm almost afraid to update my shop now, not that I haven't been accused of copying mossbadger for a while now.

>> No.9206775

Read: I don't have one either so there's no room to judge

>> No.9206780

>coming up with an individual style is too harrddd so I'm going to keep copying better artists instead lol #winning

>> No.9206783

You don't need to be Picasso to know ripping off other indie artists for profit is a trashy thing to do.

>> No.9206792

You do need to be a salty dog to percieve it as a money grubbing jew man wringing his hands rather than an homage to an art style they like, though.

>> No.9206797

Pro tip: anti-semitic analogies don't really sell other people on your point.

>> No.9206798
File: 28 KB, 500x384, 10357193_265735366946744_2495329241844617875_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you witch hunting so hard tho?
I'm pretty sure I've seen you in other threads too.

If you think you're hotter shit, show us how beautiful you are. Because I'm sure you must look so much better. :^)

>> No.9206800

>copying while actively denying the connection
I don't think you know what "homage" means. It requires you to credit the original, for one. What's next, calling it a parody? Nobody's suing HBJ for copyright infringement, just pointing out that what she's doing isn't cute.

>> No.9206801


>> No.9206803

I don't know what's worse, HBJ girl shooting herself in the foot or an overzealous white knight doing it for her.

>> No.9206804
File: 235 KB, 900x1200, 1475180830616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know when this excentrique dress will be available in the webshop?

>> No.9206809

The funny thing is I'm not even that anon you both were replying to.
And I don't even craft. But if others can find their style, why should you be an exception? Why being an artist in the first place if you can't contribute with your own ideas? Nobody cares about your problems, or skills, or life. Get your shit together or stop bragging and whining that you are surrounded by idiots who just can't appreciate your hard-working stealing. Because they'll never stop, and by making fools of everyone you only make it worse. Such a pointless waste of money to make a website and advertise here to ruin everything by your own behaviour.

Speaking of mossbadger, I personally don't think that she's being original enough to call similar items rip-offs. I only value artists and crafters who make their original designs, including art and shapes. It may be a great idea to combine things together in a new way, kind of invention really, but it doesn't have a personal touch to it. I mean, come on, everyone can purchase silicone molds off Ali and print Michelangelo. So no worries.

>> No.9206812

I don't think it's hard to be hotter shit than this tho lets be honest.

>> No.9206818
File: 251 KB, 500x375, martin-shkreli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Prove it

>> No.9206819 [DELETED] 

>someone is claiming to be more attractive than someone of less than average attractiveness
>woah that's so far fetched prove it

not even the person you were talking to but you're an idiot. it's not hard to imagine someone could be average.

>> No.9206820 [DELETED] 

meant to reply to this


>> No.9206821

>implying it isn't hbj samefagging

>> No.9206822

>not even the person you were talking to
You're ugly til proven otherwise, samefag

>> No.9206828 [DELETED] 
File: 548 KB, 600x628, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone disagrees with me ands agrees with someone I don't like
>f-fuckin must be samefagging!!

>> No.9206834
File: 69 KB, 340x372, 1473080528415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WELP. Before I go to bed, I want to make it clear that my only contributions to this thread were >>9206499 and >>9206285; Posts in which I clearly presented myself.

Any post claiming to me after this point is not.

>> No.9206835

I know she and another friend of mine had a pretty big fallout with each other over something personal recently. I don't know if this friend of mine is vendetta gull but someone's definitely got their bloomers in a twist.

>> No.9206849

Say hi to your new boyfriend for me, sweetheart.

>> No.9206851
File: 960 KB, 245x250, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9206861

Don't be bitter just because you've never met your boyfriend lmao.

>> No.9206866
File: 482 KB, 256x192, popcorn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This, holy shit. Gonna sit down, eat lunch, and read the thread watching it burn faster than sodium in water.

>> No.9206872

I said the same thing in another thread and everyone got asshurt about it lol.

But seriously, on a concrit note, how exactly do ugly or masculine women avoid that? More natural looking wigs? Or is the only option plastic surgery? Is it easier to pull off classic without looking like a man in drag than sweet?

>> No.9206874

Weightloss, hairstyles that flatter their face shape, strong contour and makeup, a good skincare routine.

But for some people plastic surgery will be the only thing that makes a real difference.

>> No.9206877

Both of you need to calm down.Yes, that was a pretty dramatic breakup and yes, HJ was awkward for everyone but do you think you could act your age and not like petty 12 y/os

>> No.9206885

Different person, but I reckon you still know me.
At least she won't cheat on her boyfriend and lie about being abused.

>> No.9206896

I've waited months for HBJ to come back and cgl wrecks it. I just want my fucking fairy wren pin dammit
>t-thanks I guess?

>> No.9206902

What is happening

>> No.9206915

Vendetta gull spectacularly broke up with her boyfriend and they were being really nasty to each other. At HJ everyone is together (vendetta, her ex, jade and jade's ex among others) and jade and vendetta are getting really friend-sy with each other's exes. This sparks drama in the group and jade and vendetta fall out. Both now have new boyfriends and jade's never met her's because he lives in Canada. Vendetta thinks jade is really childish and immature. I think both are being immature by bringing their personal drama onto a public forum like this.

>> No.9206927

lol this is fucking pathetic. Are these grown women? jesus christ, i can only imagine what kind of lowbrow jobs they have.

>> No.9206928


Jade continually slated / slates her ex over social media, so I get where the 'immature' is coming from.

>> No.9206933

Jade is just 18, Vendetta is 20

>> No.9206936

So they are. Do they live in a trailerpark together? And how tf does everyone know the details of their lives anyway? Same comm?

>> No.9206937

friends with them both

>> No.9206943

//lights up candy ciggie
as someone who doesnt give a shit about this anymore and watched from the sidelines that was the awkwardness of HJ

it was bound to happen sooner or later

>> No.9206945
File: 1.71 MB, 305x212, gif-king-7697612449654699d434889edf8f707f.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9206947

We're one big happy family.
Hopefully Vendetta girl will calm that diabetic ass of hers and trying to start shit with people who no longer want anything to do with her.

>> No.9206950

>weight loss
>strong contour and make-up
Both of these things will accentuate a long/masculine face, anon. The girl in the vid is fat, which this helps with, but with a long/bony manly face these will make it look far worse.

>> No.9206956

Anons wish they were this adorable.

>> No.9206957

These two just need to fuck already and get it out of their systems. All this sexual tension is making me hard.

>> No.9206962

you can also just, y'know, stop responding. you're both acting like ghetto chicks who "hate drama".

>> No.9206963
File: 318 KB, 400x225, received_201905600231494.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're absolutely right, anon. This is far more appropriate

>> No.9206976

Because I'm not trying to sell my art to this community? I'm not even an artist, I just HAVE EYES. How is anyone so obtuse to believe that they don't have to put original thought and craft into producing something with the intent to sell. It's not the same as "fan art", what HBJ is doing is literally taking popular indie brands' styles, copying and trying to make a profit off of it.

>> No.9206980

As far as I know AP is still making big bank. Last year as every year they won the Laforet price for best sales so I doubt they are suffering. Even their smaller stores make more money than any other lolita brand.

>> No.9207014

Man that sucks! You think RPA would've timed it to get to people before Halloween.

>> No.9207088

I think that increasing stock is efficient in the long run, even when they had more stuff for sale this year than the last years, because otherwise costumers will get upset and maybe even turn away from the brand because it became almost impossible to buy any dress.

>> No.9207089

Are you new to 4chan?

>> No.9207099

Its a Siamese.

>> No.9207108

I'm not the artist lmao, but keep thinking nobody else could possibly be disagreeing with you.

>> No.9207131

Where the brand wallets at?
I've checked AP, BTSSB, IW, Meta, CC and WW. All I could find were like one or two secondhand, but I'd like a bunch to choose from...

>> No.9207139

You really don't know how a business like AP works at all, do you?

>> No.9207141

Good question - I haven't seen any new ones since I bought one maybe a year and half ago. If you are just want cute wallets, you can look into other brands like axes femme and swimmer.

>> No.9207148

Meta hasn't released their winter line of bags yet so keep an eye out over the next month

>> No.9207192

Meta is a last resort because even though they are my favourite brand, I don't do leather.
Even on lacemarket there are two wallets. Wonder where they all went.
That's a good idea, I'll check the otome brands!

>> No.9207197
File: 58 KB, 540x629, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Featuring a white printed clock face with laser cut detail, sparkling rhinestones, gold text "Baby The Stars Shine Bright


sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't been on cgl in a while but this was just too good.

>> No.9207218
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, ppppbbfffffffttt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that fucking attempt at the logo

>> No.9207221

Why is it so fucking lumpy?

>> No.9207539

Every so often there's a dress that's a huge hit with China. As in one girl buying over $10,000. After the first couple hour of new Chocolate Rosette reserve the had to start a second batch with a 2 month later delivery date. They seem to be hit or miss with what China will like, this year a lot of misses

>> No.9207559

i think the right contour would work e.g. nose contour, light cheekbone shading, jawline and better eyeshadow

also the camera angle isn't doing her any favours

>> No.9207612


Yes, this makes sense, I feel like they're rolling in the dough when they do an MTO of some iconic, sought-after print, to the point where they have to close an MTO early and schedule a second one. But the monthly/weekly releases that they roll out generally seem to suck, and stick around in the online shop. Even the ones that get hyped up seem to sell out in only one or two colours, and then the rest hang around for a couple of months before going on sale.

I suppose making bank on the super popular MTOs of dresses every girl wants tends to make up for losing money on the weekly releases, and would explain how they're still top seller for La Foret like >>9206980 says (well, that, and the La Foret shop always has exclusive special sets to draw buyers in).


The flipside of this is that now, when a print goes up, you'll get a few girls predicting whether or not it's a clusterfuck enough to go on sale later on, and the girls that are sitting on the fence might chose not to drop money on it now if there's a high enough chance the dress will only be worth half of what it is once AP puts it on sale. Yes, the girls who still love the dresses will still buy them, but it's still sales lost from those who like it, but gamble on the dress going on sale later, as almost all AP prints have gone on sale this year.

AP has always walked a fine line between just enough stock and barely enough stock as part of their marketing to get girls to buy first, think later. I just don't see a lot of benefit to the "so much stock, come back and buy it at 50% off later" strategy, is all.

>> No.9207641

I don't think meta uses real leather anon

>> No.9207657

Baby wallets don't hold up well. at least the one I had (one with a clip type for the change compartment). used it pretty much daily though, so not sure if you intend to use it daily or not. but if you want a wallet for daily use, better go for a non-clip version or an other brand

>> No.9207693
File: 42 KB, 399x600, Il_Pensatore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello people of /cgl/

I am not a browser of this board but I've come here to ask for a little advice.
I'd like to make a gift to a dear friend of mine and, considering she into lolita stuff, I thought of buying her some kind of lolita accessory.
The point is that I have zero knowledge in lolita (and dresses or fashion in general) so I ask if you could give me some advice on where should I look for stuff, what should I avoid, which are the brands can be trusted more, excetera...
I've come here because I know she browses this board, to keep it a surprise I'll probably delete my posts when I'll be done.
Thanks for your time

Pic not related

>> No.9207701

Hi J

>> No.9207704

cute! do you know what style(s) you're friend likes? if so we can point you to brands to look for. as far as shopping goes, go to thelolitaguidebook.tumblr.com/buying and check out the links and instructions. look for things that ship to the us. generally used stores and western based stores ship faster (it might take you a while to receive new goods from brands or taobao)

>> No.9207705

*i meant ship internationally, sorry didn't mean to assume you were american

>> No.9207708

Thanks, the link you gave me is a good starting point
Unfortunately I know nothing about lolita styles

>> No.9207713

Do you know what colors she likes to wear? Does her style look a bit cartoonish and cute or like something that came out of a Jane Austen novel, or an Anne Rice novel?

>> No.9207736
File: 56 KB, 500x600, b7ab84279cfbe04b6fe81bc99ed9e45a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually have seen her wearing lolita only once, after a little search on google I found out the dress she was wearing (or a very similar one).
Usually she wears it with a bonnet, I was thinking to take a pairing headbow maybe, so that she could switch the headgear sometimes

>> No.9207748

there's a few royal/navy blue x gold star headbows up on lacemarket.us from what I can remember. don't remember what they were going for but you can check them out if you'd like. just show us before you buy one so we can tell you if the color will match or not

>> No.9207753

Thanks, I'll take a look and I will post what I'll find

>> No.9207767
File: 274 KB, 500x600, checkmate_valletta_ko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've checked something and I really really found it all very confusing and most of the websites being in japanese doesn't help :'^)
Just to have an idea, something like this would match the coulors?

>> No.9207790
File: 769 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how many ways can you possibly draw a cat

>> No.9207792

Asking because of a post in another thread, but when do you have an "impressive" collection of lolita clothes? Like, 10? 20? 50? 100? Main pieces, blouses, accessories? What would be considered beyond the norm?

>> No.9207793

I think most people have 20-50 main pieces. Impressive imo would be 75+ pieces.

>> No.9207802

Most people? I feel like it would take me a decade to get that many, jesus. Is it really frowned upon to be an outfit repeater every once in a while?

>> No.9207808

No it's not. But you also need to consider that main piece =/= brand. Main pieces are just any jsk, op, or skirt, including Taobao and Bodyline pieces.

How poorfag are you that it takes you a decade to collect 20 main pieces anyways? I had that many when I was in high school.

>> No.9207815

i have other expensive hobbies as well, and started after college. Meh, plus desu I like to get the most bang for my buck so when I see something I gotta have, then I'm quick to waste my money on it. No complaints from me though, I'm happy with my collection.

>> No.9207835

I think it depends on what you mean by "impressive." I know a lot of people think sheer volume is impressive, but I have a lot more respect for people that have 20-40 main piece sized wardrobes that have a sense of style and quality than most 80+ mp wardrobes that look like a clusterfuck of anything the owner has ever liked. more "wow you have nice taste" than "wow you bought a lot of shit." anyone else the same?

>> No.9207838

That navy might match color wise, but doesn't match thematically as it has brown ribbon and a chocolate charm (meant to coord with a chocolate print).

>> No.9207840


>> No.9207848
File: 50 KB, 480x640, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>9207838 is right, the chocolate theme would look off.

I was talking more about something like this


>> No.9207855
File: 109 KB, 800x720, main_kissmecat160218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know the bust measurement for Kiss Me Cat?

Lolilibrary doesn't list it, and since the OP doesn't have shirring I'm a little worried I might not be able to stuff myself in it.

>> No.9207867

Lolibrary lists a 48cm waist and an 87cm length. The bust and the waist are probably the same, so as long as your bust is comfortably below 96cm you should be fine.

>> No.9207868

If you're not flat, it won't look good. The waist is to high and will not accommodate boobs pulling it even farther up.

>> No.9207886

what >>9207868 said basically, if you have any chest it'll make you look heavy. i've only seen KMC look good on skinny petite girls because the cut is unflattering.

>> No.9208008

Don't give her any ideas anon, or she'll start ripping off Pusheen next.

>> No.9208044


I feel the same, but hypocritically, it's not a closet I'd aspire to -- I like some of my dresses too much to get rid of them for the sake of a more cohesive closet, so while I can be impressed that others can maintain such a singular vision, for myself I'd rather have a large closet consisting of all the different favorites I like.

>> No.9208054

Where can I download Gothic & Lolita bible?

>> No.9208086

chochololita on LJ has 1-47

>> No.9208166

14 kek

>> No.9208213

Could some kind anon who owns fantastic dolly do me a favor? I need to see pictures of the tags and headbow so I can double check my purchase. Thank you in advance...

>> No.9208312

Does anyone have recommendations for a shopping service in Hong Kong for non-taobao internet shopping?

>> No.9208331


>> No.9208457

Look at their site or the archive you retard. Why does this always get asked?

>> No.9208498


It may be old news, but I stumbled upon this website and it's giving me major nostalgia

>> No.9208545

I was one of the anons that called out her Peppermint Fox copying before and was told by other anons "Ugh it's not copying". Now she's doing this?
Meh, she clearly can draw well. Why does she continue to rip off other artists? I understand inspiration but she just gets too close.

>> No.9208547

>this much vendetta


>> No.9208558

I'm not even bothered by what everyone is saying, but it reflects poorly on you as a business owner by posting here. I personally don't like seeing business owners getting into public squabbles, right or not. You need to be professional and ignore it.

If you truly acted the way you said you did, then ignoring it should be no problem. It's like those people who defend themselves on btb. Even if you're right, it appears kinda pathetic. It's like "this whole thing totes doesn't bother me, so let me post about how much it doesn't bother me!"

>> No.9208581


She has every right to defend herself when people are talking shit.

>> No.9208586

Dude, it's a smalltime etsy shop. Not a fortune 500 company. People are entitled to talking about their feelings on the matter.

>> No.9208596

Yeah, because defending yourself on an anonymous board is going to really change some minds. She didn't even post the image she said she vectored from. I was giving her advice to protect her image in the future. If you don't like it, then don't open a shop because you don't know the first thing about professionalism. The more she replies, the more people talk about it, and the longer it takes to fade from people's minds.

>people are entitled to talking about their feelings on the matter
Which is exactly what I was doing, or did you mean only people agreeing with her are entitled to their feelings on the matter?

>> No.9208603

I was saying she, herself was entitled to talk on it.

>> No.9208608

So you're saying people are free to talk all the shit they want but someone can't defend themselves against said shit talking on an anonymous image board? Fuck off you salty twat.

>> No.9208617

Your reading comprehension isn't good unless you're ESL, in which case I can understand.

I never said anyone was free to talk shit. That anon seemed to be critiquing my post while also saying it was okay to speak about the matter, which is contradiction. Both sides should be free to talk about the matter ACCORDING TO HER LOGIC. You seem to be implying those were my words. I think everyone should shut the hell up, including you. You're not doing her any favors by whiteknighting.

>> No.9208619


She can say whatever she wants.

>> No.9208620

I may be ESL, but my comprehension is clear. You asserted that she needed to be concerned with professionalism and I am saying she should not.

>> No.9208623

Goddamn you sound like such a condescending cunt.

>> No.9208627

Yes she is, as she is free to run her reputation into the ground. People literally said they didn't want to buy from her on btb because of her posting here. But okay, samefag. You are the one that is triggered that I'm not kissing your friend's ass lmao

>> No.9208630

both of you are embarrassing please stop

>> No.9208631

>has to accuse someone of samefagging

Look, you're coming off as just a massive bitch and backtracking. You said she should worry about professionalism and implied she shouldn't post here to defend herself and then went to say "hurr she can totes say whatever she wants!!"

>> No.9208632

>can't think of an argument
>f-fucking samefag!

>> No.9208647

Anyone should be concerned with professionalism, small business or not.

Because I offered her advice that was not sugar coated? I even prefaced it to say I didn't strictly believe or disbelieve her story or the other anons. I only got caustic when someone wouldn't let it go.

That wasn't me that said that, that was >>9208619. There was a very subtle tone to my response that I can see ESL having trouble picking up on.

Two posts >>9208581 and >>9208619 used the exact same structure in their post and you're saying that's not a samefag. And a lot of these posts are within the same couple of minutes. At least I have a semblance of an argument instead of just shouting bitch, cunt, and triggered.

I'm done arguing that if I'm not tripping over myself to defend her, I'm being a salty cunt.

>> No.9208657

Do you not know what samefagging in? Those both were me but not every reply to you has been me. That's like saying you aren't allowed to reply to an anon once you've already replied.

Goddamn you're an idiot.

>> No.9208658

Can you just stop with the backtracking? It's getting old.

>> No.9208665

>I'm being a salty cunt.
At least you admit it.

>> No.9208675

The one thing that all parties can agree on here is that all of this back-and-forth shitting is just making things worse, right?

How about we all just drop it and move on?

>> No.9208677

Don't say that anon, you're being a salty cunt!!1

>> No.9208684

>being this salty you can't move on when people tell you to

Anon, it's time to stop.

>> No.9208692

Nik, you're too nice
pls just send a letter, don't waste your money on me :'^(

>> No.9208780

Jade your boyfriend is a disgusting neckbeard lmao

>> No.9208789

Obviously an anon here knows she frequents cgl and wanted to post the comparison here to humiliate her. This kind of witch hunt is exactly what they were looking for, and they are probably the ones quoting the posts everytime the discussion about it dies down. It's unlikely they will let this go for a while.

>> No.9208819

I'm not the anon in the last exchange but I've posted a few of the comparisons, and since I'm in a different time zone I ended up posting after the discussion had mostly died down. I'm not here to witch hunt but I do wish HBJ would own up to being a copycat and establish her own style if she wants to continue selling to our community.

>> No.9208833

What is the likelihood of finding any Magic Amulet pieces in Japan in 5 months?

I'll be scouring CC locations nonetheless, but right now I'm on an online shopping strike to save money for the trip.

>> No.9208840


Almost all of it is still available. Considering it seemed to have been a Halloween prrint I do think this is going to stick around and go on sale later. If you're not particularly picky on which cut/colourway you end up with, I'd say your chances are good. If you have your eye on one of the cutsew OPs it might actually sell out before the end of October though.

>> No.9208845

My local store still had everything in stock late last week, but I'm guessing they'll go on sale at New Years, so 5 months might be pushing it if you're hoping to buy directly from AP.
Who knows though, they just slashed some summer sale prices even further because those prints haven't sold out yet.

>> No.9208857
File: 16 KB, 370x394, 11088538_816327438453993_5388838590844156566_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keked

HBJ should just draw in this style desu

>> No.9208872

There are literally hundreds of etsy shops aimed at lolitas emulating other styles all the time. Especially emulating popular burando jewelry. I'm pretty sure some salty seagull singled her out just to watch things explode here, knowing she would see it here.

>> No.9208874
File: 30 KB, 480x640, 1445917857274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Going through somebody's Facebook photos.

>> No.9208899

She's advertising on /cgl/ of course /cgl/ is going to react. Poor baby, being called out on her actions.

>> No.9208909

>witch hunt

Kek. All she literally had to do was post the source photo she said she took. That would've quelled most of the chatter but seeing as she ignored it, all it did was prove she never took the photo? It's not a witch hunt, it's calling someone out for lying.


>> No.9208911

Facebook is literally a public space dimwit

>> No.9208915

This is the photo that was asked for? It's clearly the one she used.
She said she didn't take the photo but traced it. Does it matter whether she shows the photo she took or one from google if she's already admitted that she traced it and shown proof?

>> No.9208922

Did you even read upthread?
>If somebody had found the original photo (which they won't because I took it hueh.)

The photo she posted is not the photo she said she took. Why would she even mention that she took the original if she won't upload it? She lied and then backpedaled. It doesn't make her appear to be honest, which further perpetuates the idea that she has no problem ripping off others and lying about it. She should at least own up to her actions.

>> No.9208949

She took the photo for the black cat, which no one cares about, can't you read? She realized everyone was upset only by the white after she posted, big deal. I don't see that as lying.

>> No.9208951

So the white one still reeks of art theft, gotcha.

>no one cares about the black one because she actually made her own source material to copy from

>> No.9208959

You need to make up your mind, anon.

>> No.9208984

...That was her proof anon. The white was traced from the googled cat.

>> No.9208997

Stay salty

>> No.9208999

Aaaaand this is why I even said not to post on cgl and got dogpiled for being such a ~meanie~. If people didn't know she frequented cgl, this would be over by now.

>> No.9209004

Do you have to message a mod first? I run a comm and people never fucking message. Out banner even says to please read the side description if you want to join.

>> No.9209008

So I don't know this person, I am an artist, and generally I am very staunch about people not tracing and will gleefully rip into folks who trace or eyeball. Those are huge pet peeves of mine and I find them distasteful and dishonest. That's just a bit of background on me so you know where I generally sit.

That said, I actually side more with >>9206458 than anyone feeling outrage over this. There's some obvious inspiration, yes, but they also didn't JUST do a bunch of foxes in >>9206444 they did a whole lineup of animals. There's little doubt, IMO, that they find inspiration in the white cat artist referenced here, but finding inspiration from something isn't the same as directly tracing it or attempting to create a knockoff. I don't think it's productive to say they should list their inspirations also; if every artist did that, we would have to scroll past a ten page list before looking at ANYONE'S art. This person isn't the new kr0npr1nz or whatever.

>> No.9209136

>I think everyone should shut the hell up, including you
Including yourself? You're not addressing how it's messed up that you expect someone to never defend themselves for the sake of "professionalism" while giving free reign to anons who can literally make whatever claims and reaches of logic they want. Telling us "hurr they should all be quiet" isn't a satisfactory response to that.

Nobody ever told Chokelate to shut the fuck up from posting here when anons were getting scammed out of their wig and tights deliveries. Or when she had quality control issues. Nobody accused her of lifting ideas from taobao when she started selling BJD tights. I remember being called jelly and vendetta for actually having valid critiques, not accusations of artstyle theft.
>People literally said they didn't want to buy from her on btb because of her posting her
But I bet they still glomp onto people like Chokelate and other e-famous lolitas who've admitted to posting here. Those people are imbeciles.

>inb4 I'm ESL or HBJ

I own three Peppermint Fox brooches and they look nothing like HBJ, nor are HBJ's brooches something I'd personally buy. The styles and colors are vastly different even assuming she did swipe the general idea. I would have never thought to link the two cat renditions together, either.

>> No.9209458

Can any of you guys help out a confused fatty chan? None of my jsks fit right even though I made sure the measurements were way above my own on lolibrary before I committed to buying. They all give me boobloaf and sit way above my natural waist (or else they sit at my waist and squish my boobs even worse) making me look even fatter than I am, despite that I have a 97 cm bust and these dresses are listed as being 105-120cm maximum. These dresses all have normal cuts too btw, nothing sacklike or empire waisted. What do I do? I know I will have to sell these dresses, but do I have to just get off brand custom made pieces forever if I ever want anything to fit nicely? (Also sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, I figured this would be the best thread for this question since the help thread seems to be all cosplay)

>> No.9209460 [DELETED] 

Lose some weight you fat piece of shit.

>> No.9209461

What did kr0npr1nz do?

>> No.9209471 [DELETED] 

the best way to always look good in lolita is to lose some fucking weight :^)

>> No.9209472

go back to /fa/ no one cares

sometimes brands list their sizes wrong, don't trust lolibrary. buy second hand and ask the owner to measure for you

>> No.9209475 [DELETED] 

Oink oink you fat fuck

>> No.9209477

It can't be helped. Your boobs are pulling up the waist of your dresses so they'll all fit strangely. This is even more true I'd you have a belly since the seam will naturally shift towards the narrowest spot which may be right under your breasts. I'm not being sarcastic when I say the only solution is to lose weight.

>> No.9209480

*if, not I'd

>> No.9209483

You might need to lengthen the straps. If the straps are attached with buttons in the back it's an easy fix, otherwise you'll have to add fabric to make them longer. I only ever buy JSKs with adjustable straps for this exact reason.

>> No.9209488

Sounds like your breasts are taking up space in the bodice making in shorter- thus raising the waistline. Shirring adds space to the back rather than the front of the bodice unfortunately.
Have you tried a minimising bra or sports bra?

>> No.9209489

remember that time when we had useful threads that weren't shit up by trolls from /fa/? good times

anyway, does anyone know where I could buy a short handle to use on one of my IW converayble bags (black, antique gold hardware). I lost mine, and while I could just wear it in over-the-shoulder mode for the rest of eternity, I'd rather not

>> No.9209490

Are you also above average (Asian) height? That can affect the fit a lot too as a larger bust already pulls the dress Up even if it is below max measurements. If any have adjustable straps, see if the dress fit improves when you move the dress past the point the straps reach, you may just need them lengthened.

>> No.9209492

Lose weight and then you won't have have to worry about this stuff.

>> No.9209493

Lose weight.

>> No.9209569

Thank you all for the advice! I had never thought about adjusting the straps. One of my jsks definitely fits better now! Unfortunately the others do not have adjustable straps and using the sports bra looks really weird so I think I will still sell those. I'm probably going to have to buy only custom a-line dresses from now on since those are more flattering on me. Oh well, such is life! Thank you guys for your help!

>> No.9209577

Craft stores often sell purse handles, or you might find purses with detachable handles in thrift stores

>> No.9209585

I wish you luck! I wish it were safe to drop emails otherwise I'd drop mine and offer to compare sizing notes for releases and things with you since I have a similar bust size. Such is life though as you said!

>> No.9209587

Peppermint fox didn't JUST do a bunch of foxes either

>> No.9209618

Google will fill you in, but basically they're a shyster who rips off pixiv artists and paints from anime screencaps/manga pages/etc. I looked at their new identity the other day and it was pretty clear they still don't know how to draw without eyeballing. Which is very sad, their skill level is such that they could probably learn to do it legit within a few months.

I actually don't follow their work at all so this is news to me! Did anon artist's work look like their non-foxes too?

>> No.9209659

None of them are exact copies (and I think the fox is nearest being one) but as a group they are a bit too close for comfort. The Peppermint Fox series was called Tiny Companions.

>> No.9209756

I agree with you that not every artist should have to list their inspirations, but this is the second time HBJ has come under fire for making things that appear to be awfully close to the inspiration source with the intent to profit from it. If it were non-sale fanart it would be a different story, but as an indie brand, shouldn't they be prepared to show their receipts when asked? Transparency is important to potential buyers. I would like to know my money isn't going to a copycat should I decide to purchase from them in the future, as I did enjoy some of their original designs when they first started posting to cgl.

Idk man, I think she should just start a new shop with new designs honestly.

>> No.9209856

>someone mentions kr0npr1nz

Now excuse me for using the most famous word ITT, but

I'm so damn tired of seeing this dude everywhere with his all-the-same mediocre portraits. Also super jelly of his fame and the enourmous amounts he makes out of Patreon and commissions. Though I guess it has nothing to do with him not drawing people below the head in his "manga" series.

>> No.9210141

gulls do you think its better to try find a headbow in the same print but a different colourway to your piece, and match it with something (shoes,bag)? e.g pink piece, sax headbow

or should you just look for any headbow that will match, colour/print/style wise?

>> No.9210147

Matching colours is better imo

>> No.9210150
File: 41 KB, 480x480, tumblr_nz2eayJhVV1qahsqho1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mismatched color looks shit anon. Better look for a headbow in one of the colors of the print.

>> No.9210152

okay thanks anons, i'm sure someone could make it look good but i'm new so that someone wont be me

>> No.9210292

I wanted to know: do you handwash all your pieces to safeguard the lace? Or you put your solid pieces into the washing machine?

>> No.9210296

Most of my solids I machine wash cold on the delicates setting in a garment bag. If there's a lot of embroidered lace though I prefer to handwash just to be safe.

>> No.9210372

Washing machine on delicate with a garment bag.

>> No.9210379

delicate setting, inside out, in a garment bag, on cold, usually with some sort of specialty detergent like a Woolite specifically made for delicates.

>> No.9210406

Thought his popularity tanked after the obvious plagerism was outed by other well known artists and his 'live cafe sketches' were a lie too.

>> No.9210561
File: 118 KB, 564x798, 51ddc32154d79837e7d331075274a1f2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I got the Antoinette Princess Dress Set from AP and the dress is super heavy. I need a new petti for it, none of mine can hold it up. I'm almost up on MeLikesTea and am trying to decide which petti would be best. I'm debating between PT0510O - Hybrid Poof Monster, PT11O - Rose Petticoat, and PT08O - Marie's Elegance. Has anyone bought these and have any info that could help me make a decision?

TL;DR I have a super heavy dress and none of my pettis can hold it up. Petti Suggestions?

>> No.9210612

please keep /ic/ memes out of /cgl/

>> No.9210615

Wear a hoop skirt under your petticoat. Boom. Problem solved.

>> No.9210618

Maybe a combination of a cage skirt and a petticoat? (to smooth out the shape so the cage's bones don't show through the fabric)

>> No.9210622

Definitely just make a cage petti. Otherwise you're going to need more than three good petti's and it'll still fall flat.

>> No.9210684
File: 493 KB, 500x281, Amanda-Seyfried-Laugh-Reaction-Gif-In-Mean-Girls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh antisemitism
Do you know where you are?
Also the owner of HBJ and people thinking it's ok need to leave.
You are copying. The end. Stop trying to find excuses and find your own style if you ever find any. Your current "style" is like a poor chinese knock off: obviously ripped off,kinda funny to look at but kinda sad.

>> No.9210767

IW halloween packs. Worth it?

>> No.9210803
File: 16 KB, 200x200, slappingdeadhorse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Is this worth reporting to AP? Do they care about shitty replicas like this?

>> No.9210804

I accidentally ordered something twice off Innocent World's website. How much will they hate me if I don't pay the 2nd invoice and have my order cancelled?

>> No.9210813
File: 73 KB, 491x678, Melikestea v. Bunny House.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The hybrid poof monster is the one I have and it holds up well under layers of velvet as shown on the left here. I bought it over a year ago, in the hard tulle, and at the time I took these photos I think it was a month or two old. On the right is my sadly deflated bunny house one which was just over 6 months old at the time of review. I have to say that the melikestea one has held up very well - it gets stuffed in a shelf in my wardrobe and it still gives the same amount of poof as in those photos.
However since melikestea has such a huge waiting list it may be easier to get a hoop skirt and wear your current pettis over it.

>> No.9210818
File: 113 KB, 600x450, alot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9210825

/cgl/, I have a question.

I recently purchased an older brand dress for cheap on Lacemarket. The price was pretty good, so I thought there might be damages. But the description said that it was in good condition with no flaws.

When I received it today, I realized most of it is what I would describe as dis colored. The parts that are supposed to be white are a greenish sort of gray. It looks like someone washed it on hot and the other color bled and stained it.

I'm not sure what to do. The dress was cheap, but the seller mentioned no damages. The dress appeared to be white in the proof picture, and all other colors of the dress online shows it as being white and not gray. I'm not sure if I should wash it in cold water and see if that improves it, or if I should mention this to the seller, and if it should be noted in the feedback. I wanted to ask your opinions before I messaged the seller. I don't want to make a big deal out of nothing.

>> No.9210828

what did you double buy? can you sell it?

>> No.9210832

PM the seller about the discolorations, and ask for a partial or full refund. It's on them to report damages like that.

>> No.9210835

Some socks. Long story short I thought IW fucked up my first order because they never got back to me and hadn't invoiced me for it. One of the colorways I ordered was actually marked as Sold Out, so I thought I was out of luck for the first order. I put in the 2nd one because I really wanted those socks, even if they were in a different color, and then they finally invoiced me for the first order.

I'm sure I can sell them as they'll be new and unopened, I was just trying to avoid paying for shipping and such. It was 2 pair of socks so with shipping it came out to almost $75

>> No.9210836

Depends on whether or not you plan to keep the dress. If you want to return it, request a refund and give a review honestly and accordingly. If you plan to keep it, contact the seller and then write your honest review, or just skip contacting the seller and leave your review. No matter what though, make sure to mention it.

>> No.9210864

Whats the general consensus on replica tights or socks?

>> No.9210962


I dont personally care because tights rip so fucking easy.

>> No.9210976

What dress is it? Or at least what brand? Sometimes stock photos aren't completely accurate. If it was stained from bleeding the color would most likely be patchy.

>> No.9210984
File: 81 KB, 316x448, ss+(2016-10-05+at+08.51.04).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

re-release of melty cream donut

>> No.9210991


>> No.9211007

I'd like to keep the dress, since it's a rare piece that I haven't seen come up very often and I really like it.
I'll PM the seller about the discoloration, but I don't think I'll ask for a refund. Just maybe let them know that the description of the item didn't seem to be completely accurate?

I'd rather not say which dress it is. I can't even find the stock photo for the dress, but comparing it to owner's photos online, it's considerably darker than everything else I've seen.

I don't know what it could be that made the color change, but I'm pretty sure that it's not just a matter of the photos being inaccurate.

>> No.9211023

Whatever you do, mention in the feedback that the seller did not mention discoloration.

>> No.9211035

Seconding this

Just from the contents, sounds like it. 2 dresses and a bag is pretty solid.

>> No.9211153


Generally you can keep an eye on the sales section of IW, whatever doesn't sell out there is what makes it into the LPs. If you love most of it, go for it. (Accordingly, if you bought a shitton of stuff off the sales, you run a risk of getting duplicates.)

>> No.9211359
File: 402 KB, 1200x800, 575-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you could always get malco modes Michelle (575) super fluffy petti and use another petti as a topper to cupcake the dress.

If Michelle is a little too fluffy then Madeline would be the next step down.

I have the Jennifer (582) and amazing, It even holds up wool and to make it maximum poof I just use a shitty shorter petti as a topper and that cupcakes it out

>pic is 575

>> No.9211372 [DELETED] 

pls be my gf
pls respond

>> No.9211454

Not that anon but this review is really helpful, pictures are the best way to compare.

>> No.9211525

My dream dress popped up on lace market this morning and I bought it. A few hours later, the seller messaged me and said the dress was on hold for someone else and they "forgot to update the description." I have screenshots proving that the listing didn't say anything about the dress being on hold.

I'm really, really pissed right now. Aren't sales on LM as binding for the seller as they are for the buyer? Would I be a dick for reporting this person and leaving bad feedback if they don't sell me the dress?

>> No.9211530
File: 251 KB, 540x342, tumblr_mihc4hovLP1qaccd8o2_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People are getting pissy because Lolita day at Disneyland is only giving buttons to people who actually wear lolita at the event. They're not even banning people from participating if they're not in lolita. They're just not giving buttons and taking snaps of EVERY person claiming to be part of the event.

Fucking babies, the whole lot of them.

>> No.9211531

... I mean you can certainly write a bad review but nothing on LM is actually binding. it's not paypal.

>> No.9211541

I didn't mean legally binding. I meant "binding" as in it's against LM's rules to back out.

>> No.9211542

Kek. They would have become itas anyway so it's good to filter them out early. I'm glad the organizers are enforcing a dress code even though it puts them in a tough spot.

>> No.9211545

Life story hour in that thread

>But muh dad died and I need money to move to glorious nippon and become japanesu master race and all I can afford is hot topic ita mess you bullies

>> No.9211547

Do it, maybe they'll learn their lesson to not be an idiot when listing an item

>> No.9211563
File: 93 KB, 1228x361, 20161006_113316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're all being disrespectful cause how dare you agree with the rules and I don't get a pin and HURHURHUR.....

>> No.9211571

Yeah, it is. Leave negative feedback, that's all you can do. Or offer to buy if the buyer backs out if you really want the dress and it doesn't come up often.

>> No.9211585

Why are people who don't wear lolita going to a lolita event in the first place?

>> No.9211600

IW is extremely reasonable in my experience, so maybe just email them and ask if you can cancel the extra or get something else. Say you're prepared to pay though if you can't cancel, because you'll otherwise be blacklisted.

>> No.9211608

The only rules they even put out is "you get a button if you wear a lolita outfit" and "you get in the snap album if you wear a lolita outfit" that's it. But people are getting their panties in a twist over it and this Amanda chick is acting like a spoiled child.

>> No.9211617

>I'm done. Some are making the lolita comm just as toxic as the cosplay comms

I'm fucking dying. Despite her super petty, entitled attitude everyone was being so nice. She couldn't handle be a lolita if she thought that was the mean side of this community.

>> No.9211619

Thank you anon! I will try.

>> No.9211623

There were people giving her guides and hand holding her and she was still shrieking about bullies. She's an entitled little shit.

>> No.9211628
File: 194 KB, 750x1097, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty great flounce if you ask me, haven't seen something like that since the days of lj.

>> No.9211634

is that a trash bag?

>> No.9211635

Ironically she has a fucking season pass to the park. Bitch you either bought or somebody gave you a season pass and you're throwing a fit over a plastic button. She should be glad she can even enjoy the park.

>> No.9211642

Pretty sure they are both inspired by Beatrice potter. This is such a non issue. This comm is so anal about this shit. Pepfox doesn't own the concept of animals in clothes with small eyes.

>> No.9211684

Even if they were both inspired by Beatrix Potter, they look less like her animals than they do like each other.

>> No.9211736

Why is she assuming the girls giving out the pins made them without cost and she should get one just for showing up?

>> No.9211748
File: 133 KB, 1045x805, 20161006_141525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Becausr she's TRYING and that should be good enough. Oh and she has a chronic fear she'll forget the event if she doesn't get a button, and she's to broke to buy an actual coord for the event but has an annual passport!

Why can't you understand anon, you're just trying to segregate and bully her!

>> No.9211781

She got a pin for that? That looks like some it's literal trash.

>> No.9211829

i hope someone caps it before she bawletes the whole thing

>> No.9211851

So, she attended the event a literal year ago and has money to go to Disneyland twice, but not enough for even a cheap taobao/aliexpress jsk?

>> No.9211858

Apparently it's "too expensive" to buy even a super basic taobao coord.

>> No.9211891

Same. I've owned plenty of brand tights and normie tights and it's all the same to me. No matter what I'm gonna rip em somehow.

>> No.9212099
File: 47 KB, 358x579, a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This might be a little silly, but I'm planning on visiting the San Francisco shop for AP relatively soon. I'm planning on wearing lolita- but is that normal to wear into their stores? I know it'll be less efficient in the changing rooms, but I just don't want to stick out. Is it better to come in wearing normal street clothes?

>> No.9212143

They won't care. They wear it in there anyway. People outside the store would be more likely to judge than people who are literally selling the fashion.

>> No.9212146

I thought she was annoying. But holy shit. Is grandma Loana even worse. Go take your fiber pill and go to bed already lady.

>> No.9212235

It's better to come in street clothes if only for the surrounding area. It's in the middle of the Financial District and normie shopping central (Union Square) so there's gonna be a shitton of tourists and regular people wondering why the fuck you're all dressed up. Tourists in particular might be obnoxious and try to sneak pictures (or maybe they just do that when we're out in groups, I dunno).

It's also uphill, depending on where you park or if you have to take public transportation.

>> No.9212332


Yeah, I'm cool with people gawking since I wear lolita often. I just wanna make sure the workers will think it's appropriate :^(

>> No.9212334
File: 87 KB, 600x600, Dandelion 3rdann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got a list or know of a site that has a list of all the Peppermint Fox companion releases? Trying to make a wishlist and see if there's any I've missed.

Also has anyone ever seen any of them go up on second hand market?

>> No.9212527
File: 5 KB, 157x109, whatdo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

noob question. What's the best type of blouse to wear with a jsk that has the crisscross straps?

>> No.9212528


>> No.9212592

>No new general.

I'm going to Japan in a few months. How much time do you think it'll realistically take for me to go through Shibuya109, Laforet, the Tokyo ClosetChilds (ikebukuro, harajuku and shinjuku) and maybe ETC shinjuku?
Cutting off Shibuya entirely is an option - I just want to do all of my clothes shopping at once.

Also my boyfriend wants to come and idk how they'll deal with a big burly gaijin man?

>> No.9212598


You can get that shit done in a couple of hours.

>> No.9212604

Okay, sweet. The plan is that, first morning back in Tokyo, my friends will go pick up late-arriving friend from Narita and I'll buy shit while they're gone.

I'm going over with only a couple of outfits for the first week in Kyoto and then have a $1600 budget for clothes, hueh.

>> No.9212650

Thank you for the recommendation anon! I emailed IW and they were very understanding and cancelled my order. I'll be more careful from now on.

>> No.9212664


High collar or low collar (collar high enough above the criss cross or low enough to sit nearer the shoulder straps.

Or boleros.

Or blouseless if you're confident enough.

>> No.9212789

Sure, if you want to skip all of the good shops. Urahara is usually skipped by tourists despite being the best part of Harajuku.

>> No.9212832

Anyone knows if there is replica for Dreamy Planetarium? I saw one action maybe too cheap? I fear they might be replicas. There were plenty of those dresses on CL for cheap, so I see the possibility of getting a low price, but I can't tell.

>> No.9212896

LaForet brand shops are TINY, I never understand why people want to go there.

>> No.9212955

New thread

>> No.9213562

I'm so glad it worked out for you, anon! IW is definitely a brand you can e-mail if you have questions.

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