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A regular part of cgl culture. If one is deleted, two more will take its place.

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>3 years
That's not jumping into marriage but I wouldn't call it a long amount of time. Three years is around the time when the hormones that are making things intense and passionate start to fade. And from your description, it sounds like you weren't having major issues in your daily life until that point. You can't know how sturdy your relationship actually is until it faces real obstacles.

I don't know anything about your relationship and I'm making no assumptions, but nothing in the post you made struck me as abusive. He sounds like a selfish manchild who is unwilling to communicate yes, but being an asshole and being legitimately abusive are entirely different things. Either way it definitely sounds like your marriage isn't going to work out.

A lot of people make the mistake that after being together for a few years and having a great time together, that means you'll be this happy forever and it's time to get married. A relationship like that is likely to fall apart at the first sign of actual trouble, because they expect things to always be as happy and trouble free as they were in the start and will resent each other for what goes wrong.

A long term relationship requires a deep bond and commitment to the other partner. It means you need to know who the other person is deeply, at their best and at their worst. You need to know what their flaws are and that you can accept them in spite of their flaws. You need to be able to effectively communicate and be able to meet each other halfway and hear each other out. You need to be able to work as a team to deal with the hardships and problems life will inevitably throw at you. If you aren't 100% sure about this, never ever get married.

Marriage isn't even necessary for a relationship. It's romantic and fun and feels like a social necessity, but it's entirely possible to have a committed relationship without involving the government.

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Why did the old one get deleted?

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Because it was wildly off topic within 30 posts. Keep them feels cgl related gulls or we'll get this thread deleted too.

I got a notification that a package arrived at my house today and I'm sure its a dress I won on Lacemarket! I'm excited, I've had my eye on this dress for a while now.

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/cgl/ feels threads are almost always offtopic, since its a good anonymous place to vent. I find it odd that feels threads that go offtopic with feels get deleted, while threads that get shitposted to hell and back by r9k or fit tend to stay a while. I think of these threads kind of like a containment thread, so feels dont shit up other threads.

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>tfw last thread got deleted

relevant enough?

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>tfw a few of my shirts for cosplay, jfashion and lolita have stained pits
>no idea what to do

>I feel like even posting this might get the thread deleted since a lot of feel threads are being purged lately

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The yellowing is from the alum in your antiperspirant reacting with your sweat.

I've got a meet coming up that I am absolutely unprepared for. All of my ideas are awesome, but execution requires an investment in time I haven't been able to put in.

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Because people don't understand feels threads are for /cgl/ stuff only, and not shit like "wah my cowokers are mean/my bf is a dick/i hate my mom"

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Deleted already? Shit

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> it was because I brought up the fucking cat that got ran over TWICE in front of my House

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i-is that you? thanks for sending me good vibes, i'm sorry you had to see your cat friend go like that

anyway, so this isn't baleeted:

>tfw it's difficult to balance lolita and cosplay
i feel like you really have to pick one since both can be such expensive/involved hobbies. i was convinced i'd be a cosplayer and did a few characters but as i got more and more into lolita it felt like one or the other. i chose lolita since it's something i can wear, not just to a con. but i miss cosplay sometimes.

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nah, I was the op of the last one and I posted some husband shit. got temp banned for being off topic after I posted >>9196914 so it was definitely me.

I'm sorry you had to go through that anon. the loss of animals always makes me want to adopt one, so maybe i can give that one a better life.

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same... the worst part is while i gravitated towards lolita, the rest of my friends went towards cosplay so we're always sort of waving at each other from different sides of the prohibitively involved hobby fence wishing we could join each other

I may let a few of them borrow some coords if they let me borrow a cosplay every once in a while... we are about the same size...

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>customs fees so rare in my country postman is confused

God Bless America

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>mfw my boyfriend said he'd go to a con with me
>mfw he said he'd do a couple cosplay with me
It probably won't be for a while, but I don't mind.

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I always see people complaining about customs fees but I've ever been hit with them and I make irresponsibly large hauls. I guess it's not common here in America

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It's so rare, the postman didn't even know what to do and just gave me my package without getting me to pay.

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>order a bunch of itabag shit at the same time
>dozens of items trickle in
>bag hasn't left origin country yet

oh, and
>super inspired to build props
>buying spree for basic tools (dremel, heat gun, worbla, etc)
>even sign 1 year lease for workshop
>build 3 different weapons to 75% completion in less than 1 week
>haven't touched them in over 1 month

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>Posted awhile ago that I got a promotion.
>Finally got trained and formally accepted the position and everything
>Thought I was making 10k more.
>Actually 18k more.
>Can pay last of my student loan off in a few months and be debt free!

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what the hell do you do and how can i get in on it anon? daaaaayum

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Retail. I was a full time assistant manager and got promoted to store manager. It's not a big company and I manage at most, like 15 people.

I never finished my college degree because 2008 happened and I said fuck this shit and just worked shitty min wage cashier jobs and worked my way up.

Maybe I'll go back or just save a ton and go into entrepreneurship after a few years. I don't like retail at all, but I'm pretty happy with this accomplishment all things considered.

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That's pretty insane. I make almost double minimum wage, and your RAISE is still more than 50% my salary.

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>quietly lurking since i was 13-14
>knew of jfash brands in general, loose idea or what lolita and fairy kei was, adored the dresses and different substyles
>often browsed mbok and y!jp just to look at simple cutsews and skirts in awe, loved banana fish

I'm 18 now, almost 19, and I just recently have accepted the reality -- there's no way around it. I'm going to become a Lolita. (Not baiting, being cheesy and dramatic deliberately.)
This actually is such a revelation for me. I always suspected I'd be content with cooing and awing from afar, checking daily coords and dressing in pretty colours. But I've developed my own taste and my selected my own dream dresses... there's no going back now.
I guess this is so monumental to me because I'm a poorfag who spends her spare time rolling in the dirt (obvious dramatization-- but I did grow up on a ranch..) and actually purchasing any of my fave brand pieces is going to take a while.

I know this probably sounds like whining, but I'm just actually so excited. I'm elated that I've FINALLY come to the conclusion that I'm gonna participate.. it feels so nice.

Sorry for the giant ass blog post. Forgive me this one time, please.

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I wish.
I've paid about $400 in customs fees and I'm in the US. None of the packages were declared as values more than $300 and half of them were listed as gift.

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No need to be so self conscious anon, most of us were like you at one point. Good luck becoming a lolita!

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If you want to git gud like that anon and afford yo coord, tech industry is where it's at.
My position was cut as a tech monkey (could see it coming a mile away after working a couple days) and less than 20hrs later I had a new position, better work, better ot, and about a $5 raise.
I'm middle class bourgeois scum and I love it.

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I had to let my little poodle go few days ago. I always dreamt how I would take photos of us, me in a poodle dress and how it would be a beautiful memory. I never got to do it. Because she was most certainly not an accessory but a part of the family I feel a bit bad about wishing I had that pic. Carrying her liveless body was the most horrific thing ever happened to me and watching my other dog searching for her breaks my heart. One day I will have all the poodle lolita things even though I already carry her in my heart.

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This warms my heart anon, I wish you luck in your endeavors!

>> No.9197272

right in the kokoro.

had a similar moment as you, anon. a year later, no regrets.

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>tfw it's finally autumn

No more sweaty brand! No more skipping meetups because of the humidity! No more dressing like a slob because it's too hot and damp to make an effort!

And best of all, no more watching everyone get huge, boring-ass "kawaii" taobao/aliexpress hauls while feeling deprived. Gothic lifestyle home decor is back on the shelves and I just got some washi tape with fucking bats on it. Plus tombstone mini cake molds.

I almost need to organize a meetup just to have an excuse to bake and make a bunch of gross cakes and candy.

My time of the year is finally here.

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I wear sweet but halloween is my #1 favorite holiday. Time to get our spoop on anon

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>tfw nobody to help you do up your waist ties

>> No.9197285

Please dont feel bad about that anon! To me wanting to do that kind of thing isnt using her as an accessory. Its a photo you could cherish of you and your dog, and yourself celebrating your love for poodles/her.

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>Renewing my every day wear wardrobe so I can start looking like a proper young professional lady
>Everything currently in my basket is either kawaii guro pastel nightmares that'd make me look like a 12 year old, animal print clothes that are best fit for the club and one sailor dress

I-I can't betray who I want to be

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>be me, lolita but keep it secret
>get flatmate
>she's super nice, a bit weeby but not in a bad way
>tell her I'm interested in jfashion
>'omg anon me tooo!'
>sends me photo of generic aliexpress looking ~aesthetic~ stuff
>sends me another photo of a lizlisa replica
>'look how cute everything is!'
>I mean yeah it is cute but it's not really actual jfashion, she just thinks this is how everyone in japan dresses casually.
>'anon have you bought anything online before?'
>hell yeah I have, I tell her I've bought a lot of stuff
>'I've been looking to buy stuff for a while now, you could help me! Do you know what spreepicky is? They make such cute clothes even if it is a bit expensive.'
>I'm like, well it's a reseller, they don't actually make their own clothes, you can get their stuff from other sites for literally a fraction of the price. If you want to order something from taobao I will do an order with you so it's not expensive.
>'but anoooooon, they must make SOME of their clothes, I've looked at yt reviews saying it's such good quality, I don't want to buy chinese clothes, I want JAPANESE clothes'
>mfw, she thinks she's getting 'legit kawaii clothes from glorious nippon' and chinese shit isn't the same...even though it literally is
>can't drum it in her head that it is mostly cheap stuff from china, and that I actually know about this subject, so, y'know, maybe trust me?
>whatever, this exchange takes so fucking long and I give up
>show her bobon21's taobao in hopes she'll like it
>'omg anon it's lolita style!'
>mfw I have no face

She's actually lovely, just a bit stubborn. Okay, like really stubborn.

>> No.9197306

>tfw get to pay custom fees over even the cheapest shit

If there's one reason I'd like to move out of Europe, it's this.

>> No.9197312

>mfw I'm feeling these feels

May I add velveteen dresses and jewel tones and fashion that isn't gross beige and washed out pastel?

Fuck man I love autumn and winter.

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I'm so tired of people who started browsing a few months ago shitting up every thread by calling everyone asking a question or having an 'uncool for 4chan' opinion a newfag.
it doesn't matter if you started lurking 3 months ago or two days you're all embarrassing summerfags anyway

stop being so insecure about your e-wiener that you have to call out everyone as newer than you.

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I dont know how I could not be sassy af if I ever met someone like this in real life

>> No.9197359


Dayum feels good. Canadian fag here and Ive had girls in my comm complain about getting hit with customs. I dont know what it is, some fucking black magic I cast or something, but I've never been hit with customs
>knock on wood

For places that dont mark down the package I try to spend a maximum like $200. I feel like that's what has saved me thus far.

>> No.9197360

Hahaha wow. I guess if she wants Japanese clothes she should just either: 1) buy brand clothes, 2) buy off rakuten, or 3) go to Japan.

>> No.9197369

Sadly the company doesn't really pay anyone much except store managers and then high level management. Everyone else gets paid garbage and it's hard to get any decent raises at all or keep good workers. I was getting annoyed and just started applying everywhere else, but opportunities opened up and I took it, not expecting much since I'm in a small volume store. So I was really pleased when I found out how much I'd be making. It was more than the minimum glassdoor lists.

>> No.9197370

I know right? We've not spoken about it since because I think she can tell I got frustrated with her. I don't understand how someone can believe they know everything about jfashion because they follow a couple of aesthetic blogs on tumblr.

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> Going to study in Italy over summer semester.
> fuckyes.gif
> Want to bring a lolita coord or two, but am staying in a regional university town.
> Used to standing out in lolita at home (so ronery) and not giving a fuck what people think, but am feeling uneasy about wearing lolita in a more conservative area of a foreign country - especially when I'll already stand out as a visitor.

Do you think I might offend someone or draw really negative attention to myself?

>> No.9197404

I think baking soda helps with that? Maybe try gooling it just in case I'm wrong

>> No.9197409


You are correct anon. You mix a 1:1 ratio of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. You scrub it into the affected area and let it sit for a bit. Then wash off either in the machine or hand wash. I've gotten pit stains out of my lolita with this

>> No.9197517

>going to Disney in Orlando soon
>planned to go in lolita
>read stories about girls getting kicked out

n-nope. i'll just wear a more casual coord with a low poof petti or something. florida's weather may be awfully humid anyway. rip in peace Kiss Me Cat, this is not our time to shine.

>> No.9197520

>tfw 26
>feeling too old for cosplay because all the kiddos at the cons are like 15 still
>lolitas are at least my age group
>enjoy lolita as well but i work too much and my job is too dirty for me to wear loli to work
>VERY small con, live in bumfuck nowhere so dont get to go out on outings a lot :(
It's a dilemma.

>> No.9197522

Are you me, anon? I wasn't able to do anything I had in mind for a meeting and I'm feeling so ugly ;3; I'm thinking about just staying at home.

>> No.9197523

I just went to Disney world in lolita, noone batted an eye or said a word to me, boy cast members or tourists.

It's still smart to go with low poof and simpler coord but that's not for your sake, I've seen Ott girls go to Disney before. Disney world is a lot more lax than Disneyland. If you're really worried just bring a change of clothes with you to be safe

>> No.9198100

>be me
>into lolita for 6 months maybe, haven't started buying/wearing
>staff at work decides to wear a small halloween costume on shift for fun (e.g witches hat, devil horn headband etc.) out of what we sell
>pick ita as fuck maid lolita headbow (black x white, cheap and disgusting)
>looks cute to normies
>know its gross and that i'd never wear it
>b-but giant bow on my head
>getting a tiny taste of wearing lolita

>> No.9198139

Not OP, but I feel like people have an easier time getting through when they look like this >>9196667 because they're obviously not going to be confused for a cast member or a princess. A slim sweet lolita would turn some heads and confuse some children.

>> No.9198146

this made me kind of sad to read

>> No.9198164

had a major brain fart and thought you were linking to within the feel thread and thought "why is this bitch posting a photo here"

>> No.9198184

Why does it bother you, though? Who cares if she's wrong.

>> No.9198186

I posted in the last thread about my health issues and how my doctor found that I have low cortisol. It turns out that my cortisol is fine, but new symptoms have popped up and I'm getting an MRI done on Friday because they think it might be a nerve/spinal problem. Getting a little nervous now.

>> No.9198188

sorry, cgl related because it started with my gaining weight and getting stretch marks on my thighs and feeling too self conscious to cosplay

>> No.9198204

>be me 24
>dabbled in just about every jfash substyle and decide sweet lolita is who i am
>working my ass off at a job i hate to afford brand pieces
>slowly but surely building a nice burando wardrobe
>also feel too old to just be getting into lolita
>no lolita friends
>local comm is weird and feel weird going 2 meets because some of the members know me from a maid cafe i used to be in that broke up

i'm cool with being a lone lolita, but I get serious lolita friend envy from social media.

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>go to a con in lolita
>boyfriend wearing ouji
>overhear some jackass say "Get that daddy dom shit out of here."

>> No.9198325

>finally see lolitas at work
>working as scare actor and they run away from me and can't chat...

You can wear Lolita in the Orlando theme parks. I rarely see it, but you can do it. They'll only kick you out if you look too close to a face character or try to impersonate them. You'll have zero problems with Kiss Me Cat.

Wear an undershirt you can sweat in and low poof because Fl's humidity is no joke (unless it rains in mid-Oct then it gets cold). Btw, which parks are you going to?

Which parks are you going to?

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File: 449 KB, 500x281, lotteflutter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From an oldfag, welcome! Research plenty, give no fucks about slags, and have fun. Plenty of lolis are on careful budgets.

>> No.9198359

i'm glad you had a good experience! i'm feeling better about it already

thanks for the informative post anon! i'm between Kiss Me Cat or a plainer pink jsk with a white blouse underneath to beat the heat. i'd pair it with the KMC accessories though. an undershirt is a really good idea that I didn't think about.

i'm going to the magic kingdom! i only have one day there so i want to make it special. got fast passes for a bunch of princesses, and i'm really pumped!

>> No.9198376

Cosplay feels like it's more of a chore than something enjoyable at this point. I've been trying to put my first cosplay together for a while now (first not counting the over-ambitious shit I tried before admitting it was beyond my skills) but it seems like there's always something holding me back. Nothing I do seems to turn out right, be it either my props or sewing, and it's really frustrating and is just murdering my motivation. Honestly at this point half of what keeps me going is not wanting to feel the shame that I failed to finish my cosplay YET AGAIN next time I see my friends at a con. Part of the problem is that I'm an OCD-level perfectionist and I won't be happy unless my stuff comes out just right.

I know it'll feel really good to get it done, but it's just got me feeling so 'bleh' right now.

>> No.9198377

Have a good time. Wear comfy shoes or bring a pair of back up flats.

MK is the most popular and since so many people are there, it is important to think about how mad you would be if you accidently got your dress dirty or someone else accidently dirtied your dress. The pink jsk may work in your favor and the KMC accessories sound really good. If you are young/slim/pretty you will need obvious accessories so people don't think you work there.

>> No.9198409

Want to start cosplay again. Can't sew. Doesn't have cosplay friends and needs to lose weight. It's a long road.

>> No.9198414

>my first cosplay
So you've never even worn one to a con? Try finding your favorite amongst the ones you've started so far and working on it, or find a new, simpler one to try your hand at. Once you actually wear it to a convention, you'll find that people don't give half the fucks you think they do about how finished it is, or which piece is made from what. They're just excited to see cosplays of their favorite characters. Go on anon, just give it a try!

>> No.9198417

>have crazy heart rate that hangs out at 120 bpm and fainting issues along with a host of other bullshit health problems since February
>doctors thought it was POTS
>my face starts swelling on one side and it looks like I have a black eye
>suddenly they're not so sure it's POTS anymore and it might be brain cancer instead.
>trying to plan a big october meet for my comm and talking to venues and stuff kill me because anxiety
>boyfriend's grandfather suddenly dies

Now in between planning the meet, getting a brain MRI to make sure I don't have cancer (which keeps getting rescheduled. Like 5 times, I'm not even exaggerating) and planning the meet, I now have a funeral I'm going to and need to help console my poor boyfriend. The random black eye and face swelling is just the icing on the cake because I have a meet coming up soon and I'm going to end up looking deformed at it if it doesn't go away soon.

>> No.9198447

Yes but -I- care about how finished it is, anon. I'm not concerned about other people. Like...I am mentally incapable of being happy with what I make unless it's exactly right. I won't actually get any enjoyment out of wearing it if it's not up to my own standards, I'll just be distracted by the things I know are wrong.

I know I can do it, I'm just so godawful tired of being blindsided by school or money problems or things not working out right for some idiotic reason. The people around me giving me nothing but shit for trying to actually have a hobby instead of just dutifully slaving away 24/7 for their benefit with no reward doesn't help.

>> No.9198474

how come?

>> No.9198482

>post some floordinates on tumblr to a tepid response
>Only a few notes, overall ignored
>A few weeks later a dollykin (?) account reblogs it
>Now I have a ton of reblogs of people tagging it with which one of their OCs/fursonas will wear my coordinate and in which circumstances

>> No.9198493

what the fuck is that anon, explain

>> No.9198499

Why does it bother me? Aside from the obvious reason that it's annoying as fuck, I thought I had someone to talk about a passion of mine with, but turns out she just thinks she knows best when she doesn't know much about it at all. I'm hoping that'll change over time and I'll be able to teach her not to throw away her money or buy replicas, but if not that's on her.
I don't like dealing with stubborn people who won't admit that they have things to learn.
You must be really patient because honestly I don't know how this wouldn't potentially bother you.

>> No.9198503

>Desperately need new clothes
>Have $250 on my PP account, will lose some money if I withdraw it to my bank due to conversion issues so only gonna use those money for FJ and TB orders
>Have not gotten paid in 4 months and stand to only receive 2 paychecks for the rest of the year
>No idea what I'm doing next year, so no idea when my economy will be stable again
>Can't justify buying new clothes with my PP money
>Refuse to convert PP money and lose out on $$$

fuck everything desu

>> No.9198506
File: 17 KB, 780x255, Screenshot_2016-09-25-05-26-02-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is all I have to go on--the blog name and description that started the avalanche. I refuse to dig any deeper

>> No.9198512

It was reblogged by tearzah (.tumblr .com) wasn't it? I used to like their art but they've become super pretentious.

>> No.9198514
File: 1.72 MB, 1739x953, lee_moon_young_vs_choi_dal_dal_by_muslu-d6f7b8p[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lately realize I've gotten so chubby I can't fit into any of my old burando or jfashion unless they have shirring
>been reading comics about girls who work out lately, its given me the motivation to lose weight
>aimlessly doing 30 day challenges not knowing what the fuck im doing
>hate the fact that /fit/ comes in to /cgl/ to shitposts
>hate /fit/ so damn much I plotted a way to get crossed out of /cgl/'s the eligible bachelors list for 4chan's prom and it worked
>sort of want a /fit/ bf now that will teach me the way and cook me healthy food
>hate myself for it

>> No.9198518

You don't want a /fit/ bf, trust me anon. Someone who is interested in fitness, yes, but not necessarily someone from /fit/

>> No.9198522

Haha yeah dang I didnt expect someone to recognize the blog. I briefly lurked and she seems insane to be honest. But glad someone likes my coord at least....

You dont need a fit bf or anything to learn that stuff. Follow fitness blogs and maybe take some classes at your local gym to make frkends into fitness who ca help you out? Besides /fit/ guys being douches its totally unnecessary to rely on a dude to teach you how to get swole . Im sure you realize that though.

>> No.9198530

>see dream dress on mercari for 5,000 yen
>sold out
>oh well, it doesn't have all the pieces so i guess it's fine
>see dream dress again on Y!J for 6,000 yen
>less than a day left, already has a few bids on it
>missing pieces again
>quietly rage inside because both were at such a good price

why can't i find this dress with nothing missing??

>> No.9198531

Petrified with fear to reach out to others in con community because although people are used to seeing me around at cons and occasionally taking pictures I never talk to anyone for very long and always feel like if I talk and get to know anyone they wont like me as much because they'll know how sad and depressed I am and I won't be able to bring them the same joy that I do now

>> No.9198532

Found your post. It has barely any notes and your blog is super bland. Relax.

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>tfw mr yan will never ask you to marry him

>> No.9198541
File: 93 KB, 400x267, 1653649_stock-photo-sad-japanese-girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see a dress I want, full set, extremely overpriced
>ask boyfriend to help me out in getting it since the listing is going to end soon and I have to go away for the weekend
>boyfriend is pretty amazing at talking to people, whatever
>he sent her the most cunty sounding message on my account lacemarket ever, about how he researched the dress and it isn't worth the price, she doesn't budge and clearly dislikes me for it
>she lengthens the listing since no one is buying, removes two sets of socks from the full set, has the price drop from $475 for the full set to $325
>I messange her again, asking her to include the socks in the set.
>she tells me she'd have to up the set to $475 if I really want the socks

I gave up, lost out on one of my dream dresses because I just didn't want to buy from her. and lesson was learned to not let my boyfriend handle my cgl emails

I-If anyone has fantastic dolly in ivory with a headbow and socks let me know

>> No.9198544

Jfc you relax no one asked you to find the post or critique my blog. Its just embarrassing to see people tag an outfit i made with like "#Bellstasia would wear this and force faenderella to go shopping with her". Just a simple cgl related feel.

>> No.9198549

This is the truest feel of all

>> No.9198576

I know this feel. I've worn exactly 2 cosplays in my life - one bought generic seifuku one with minor modifications and one shitty last minute one that I rushed through my sewing machine in a week -but have an unfinished one from 2 years ago, material for cosplays I wanted to do 5 years ago and even wigs and lenses for some characters. Something always gets in the way for me too.

>> No.9198603

I think my coords are fairly well put together and I have a pretty cute face. Cof and tumblr don't seem to agree. I want that internet validation even if I know it doesn't mean much. FML.

>> No.9198771


>> No.9198790

>i'd love to wear this walking around japan


>> No.9198806


>most people i've met/talked to in the community bother me for my blog
>they flip shit when i tell them i don't have one or any social media for that matter
>"but anon! you're so cute!" "everybody likes you!" "you have so many clothes!"

i know i could probably "make it" and that my look is cohesive with jfash trends, but being an ~internet aidoru~ is dumb and vapid.

>> No.9198826

What city? Stick with the main compound lifts (read up and watch videos on form and ask people to check your form at the gym) and even more important is to have a good diet.

>> No.9198841

Came here from /fit/ pretty much, yeah you dont want a /fit/ bf they are all crazy normies with edgy feels because they got the oneitis for some girl who is in all reality a terrible person so now they all just work out and drool over sl00ts who are just easy attention whores to fill the void of their oneitis. Its sad after reading lots of feels threads.
Some are even ok with cheating flat out. Fucking degenerates. The rare nice ones are alright tho but its like 1/100.
To keep things cgl related~
Bought brando. Fit into burando. Cant afford more burando because bullshit at work cut my hours so im gonna have to work super mega hard to afford more brand. This sucks but at least i dont like any releases coming out so im saving for a random release i may fall in love with.

>> No.9198854

>There 's this small lolita comm in my city. No drama, perfect sized, only nice girls.
>Wild new member appears.
>She's the drama queen of the cosplay community. Left it for lolita claiming Cosplay was too dramu for her.
>Wants to join our comm and be part of everything.
> Super annoying. Wants all the attention for her.
>Starts interacting on internal online comm with her indie brand.
>Lot's of random drama follow her everywhere.
>Plz someone stop her.

>> No.9198868

At least you know who the source is.

>> No.9199430
File: 58 KB, 500x600, bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw some anon posted about a matching jacket on one of these threads and now I can't find it

But if you're here anon, some shoes: http://zozo.jp/shop/zozoused/goods/13003793/

>> No.9199446

I will never be attractive enough for cute lolita gf orz I kinda want to live vicariously through them since I'm a guy and I don't have the confidence/know where to start. Current gf is a best and she goes along with me with mostly everything except our taste in Overwatch characters, but I wish she was confident enough to wear feminine clothes. She doesn't even own a skirt asides from cosplay, so getting her to do lolita would be hardx not to mention other issues about body type and ish

>> No.9199454
File: 16 KB, 600x600, 096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So many women, especially from /cgl/ are going to /fit/ for "advice." These lazy bitches make it harder for women who actually read the sticky. I hope that these threads are actually just started by men who are trying to make other losers on there hate women, because I don't want to believe my fellow seagulls are this stupid.

>> No.9199461

This. My ex was hung up on this one girl he dated back in high school. Better to find a lanky /fa/ggot who can at least nerd over clothes with you.

On topic:
>tfw you don't wanna join your local comm because you saw some of them at a festival and are reminded how cringe most of them are irl
I've distanced myself from weeb stuff a lot but now since I've been getting back into it, I realized none of my normie friends know about my guilty pleasures since I look and act like a normie. Why is it so hard to find well adjusted people who also like weeb shit?

>> No.9199469

>if it's a halloween meet, get a hunchback and be a kawaii french bellringer

jk I hope things improve soon. Just listen to your bf if he needs to talk, warn your comm of your afflictions and breathe.

My younger sister had brain cancer thrice, she hasn't had it after the third time and lives a healthy lifestyle (you wouldn't know unless she told you) e

Everything is going to be alright

>> No.9199470

It's most likely guys trolling, anon.

>> No.9199475

I caught my mom looking at kendo swords online today. Apparently we drove by an "asian fencing" school the other day, and she looked into it, and is now determined to get me to do it?

>> No.9199477
File: 106 KB, 660x784, 1457039685174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>found some reasonably priced stuff on y!auctions
>every item well under $80 including estimated fees and shipping
>get usual SS to bid for me, everything goes great
>get the invoice and find out that I waaaay underestimated
>feel like SS's fees are much higher than they used to be
>for example, one item was 1500 yen originally and ended up costing me $35+ shipping
>mfw a simple order that should have been well under $200 ends up closer to $300

I mean I know the exchange rates not the best right now, but seriously?! Kinda wish I hadn't bought any of it and instead put that money towards the taobao order that I've been putting together for the past few months.

>> No.9199496
File: 39 KB, 181x234, 1474855860382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw petticoat shopping with limited time is super stressful
especially since it's for a dress i don't have yet. i'm afraid the material might be heavy so that it'll bring down the poof on an already low-poof petti. send help

late response, but definitely! the KMC bag is surprisingly huge and a pair of flats will fit nicely. decided on the pink JSK since it's secondhand burando and copped pretty cheap so i'll be able to have fun and not worry too much. i'm definitely young/slim so wearing OTT sweet is probably not a good idea. thanks for working through this with me anon!

when i was younger and unaware of his motives i entered the bodyline modelling (waifu) contest. oh, how times have changed

are they the kinds of girls who are so nice that they don't want to cause trouble by resolving the conflict/kicking her out? sucks, either way i'd wait till it gets especially bad and then bring it up

>> No.9199543

Thanks anon, the Quasimodo coord idea really cheered me up. The MRI is in 12 hours, hopefully it doesn't get cancelled again.

>> No.9199561

Don't forget Bodyline is made in ~glorious nippon~!

>> No.9199571
File: 16 KB, 399x243, misakocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am an all sweet lolita, and I have nothing to wear to my comm's Halloween meet in 3 weeks. It's actually starting to depress me. My bills got messed up and I accidentally paid my big one twice so I have 300 bucks less than I should have right now. I have a small saving account but I can't justify dipping into it for fashion. Fuck my stubborn brain, why can't I be a reckless dipshit and just be happy?

>> No.9199579

dude it bothers ME and I don't even know the bitch. Honestly its a huge red flag if anything. she doesn't even care if somethings cute, just cares if its Japanese.

>> No.9199585

You don't need to be gawf for Halloween anon, I'm doing an OTT sweet sailor moon coord for Halloween. Work with what you have.

>> No.9199588

Slap a witch hat or zombie make-up on it and call it a day.

>> No.9199642

Pick up a Zumba class! Seriously, you're surrounded by old moms who are going to be really supportive and also you get to hear all the gossip-y shit without having to actually be a part of the HOA. Plus it's really a fun and great work out.

>> No.9199643

I feel like your brain cancer issues definitely comes first. I don't think anyone will hate you for dropping things because you might have cancer. That's seriously your health, anon. Please take care I hope everything turns out for the best.

>> No.9199647

>go to an Overwatch meet up at con
>cosplaying casual D.Va since I'm mostly there to take pics of my friend's Junkrat and Pharah
>start chatting with a cute Mcree
>exchange numbers
>really enjoying his company and thinking about asking him out to dinner
>find out he's only 17 and I'm 22

Senpai, I almost went to jail.

>> No.9199648

>Finally have some leftover cash to spend (present from grandma) after not buying anything for myself for one year
>Gonna order some cute dresses
>Uh-oh, problems with my traffic card that I need to get to school with
>It takes the train company 14 days to produce the card after payment
>On the 14 day mark, their database fucked up and they deleted my card order
>3 days later, they seemed to have lost my payment information
>4 days later they've finally accepted my payment information, for the first week of October as well as the rest of the year
>Won't receive card until the 2nd week in October because we passed the 14 day mark 7 days ago
>All the leftover money I had to make that stupid dress order with will now be used on train tickets for one week cause the train company refuses to admit that they made a mistake

I know I should just suck it up, but I'm just really upset about this. I was looking forward to finally treating myself to something.

>> No.9199653
File: 490 KB, 449x401, 1409989953711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ton of reblogs

>> No.9199656

i'm just getting back into lolita after about a year hiatus/selling a decent chunk, and my wardrobe feels off. i keep looking at the collage i've made on fb of my items and rearranging them by color to make sense of it and getting anxiety that it doesn't fit anymore.

idk if i should buy and sell pieces for a cohesive wardrobe again?? or start over from scratch????

>> No.9199666

Honestly though, stuff cohesive wardrobes. My own is a whole mish mash of styles and colors.

I don't get why that matters to so many people either. Sure it can help you build a wardrobe to start with but once you've got a few pieces it doesn't really matter imo. I don't try to get my normal clothes to go to a certain theme either. I just buy what I like and figure out ways to wear it, which if you like it enough you'll manage.

>> No.9199695

Hey fuck you, I'm a /fit/ bf dating a /cgl/ qt, we're both our first and we're both really happy with each other.

>> No.9199696

i get a rush out of having a color-cohesive wardrobe in lolita and with my normie clothes. i also have some sort of weird anxiety when it comes to organization and things matching/being "perfect" so it bleeds into my hobbies.

i'm curious to see other people's wardrobes. what sort of styles do you have in yours, and how large is it?

>> No.9199711

Do it. It's the most terrifying thing ever to watch, but it does look like fun and good stress relief.

Source: There's a kendo club at my school and I watch students practice after work.

>> No.9199717

bet you're both ugly :^)

>> No.9199744

Local anon here, it really depends on the area you're gonna stay in. North is generally more open-minded. I go classic (not toned down) and have no problems. Whereas in the South people have much less personal space and are more vocal about things. You shouldn't have problems in a university.Wish you a good stay!

>> No.9199768

I'll be in the Tuscany region, so... North? Middle? I'm not entirely sure where the line is drawn. I do mostly classic too, and I will be at campus most days, so around a lot of relatively young people who could come from anywhere.

Thank you for the insight. I appreciate it. I want to be as respectful as possible and enjoy time there. It is a really rare and amazing opportunity.

>> No.9199792

I know the girl who writes these is from Italy and a lot of the anecdotes come from there:

>> No.9199796

3o days challenge do not do shit. It just exhaust your body. 1000 squats a day challenges, for example, are unnatural and will not help your body at all. To lose weight you need a good diet and to stick to it, and exercise that is integral, meaning balance, strength and cardio, for all the body. Look at LeanSecrets in youtube, she is great.
You don't need a bf to take care f you, nobody will do it for you, and even if somebody did, it is within yourself to do it. Self-discipline is the key.

>> No.9199932

I have a serious problem.
My husband found me crying in front of my laptop this saturday because I found tiny arpakasso plushies with tiny night hats.
And the week before because of a video of a really happy puppy. I teared up when I learned swans and other animals can be gay yesterday at work too. I cry so easily it's annoying and I'm probably so annoying to so many people. My husband once brought me little heart chocolates for no reason and i cried because I was so happy. I cried when he left me a cute message on the fridge one morning too.
What is wrong with me?

>> No.9199976

Welcome sis, am just a year older than you and began lurking around the same age. Only began to wear it this year, everything is going well. Go go lolita chan!

>> No.9199986

I don't think there's anything "wrong" with you, everyone processes things differently. If you can to change your reaction, you probably could try therapy.

>> No.9200019

Get your husband to ring a bell and give you skittles when you cry, and eventually you'll only cry when a bell rings or there's skittles.

>> No.9200033

>friends running around con doing their own thing
>don't know anybody and kind of bored

what do you normally do in this situation? it's kind of lonely to not have anybody to do stuff with

happened to me last time i went to AWA; just kind of wandered around

>> No.9200121

socialize with people you dont know

that was one of the original purposes of cons

>> No.9200123

Not knowing the "wife cried because swans can be gay" shit meme

>> No.9200124

>I teared up when I learned swans and other animals can be gay yesterday at work too.

Hold on a minute I know this copypaste

>> No.9200140
File: 14 KB, 500x281, ness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 5'8" asian grill with broad shoulders
>can pull off bishounen characters pretty well
>always get relegated to being the bishounen or masculine girl characters in groups
>get girls coming onto me thinking I'm a guy
but at the same time
>will never look like a cute petite girl in lolita
>will never look like a cute petite girl in jfash or even a sundress

>> No.9200153

I've been hit with a $275 customs fee before, I had like a day left before they returned it to sender because I was trying to get the money together.

>> No.9200158

What the fuck did you buy for this to happen in the US?

>> No.9200159

If they're detachable, take them off, tie the bow neatly then button them back on

>> No.9200165

hold me anon

>be 5 ft half asian grill with tiny frame
>can pull off sweet lolita and cutesy styles with ease
>all i want is to look womanly and tower over people in gothic or classic lolita

you can be feminine and tall at the same time! live the dream that i can't!

>> No.9200172

Play a fuckton of DDR. There are a lot of weeby songs and j pop to keep you occupied whilst you sweat. Wear weighted shoes and put your whole body into the movement. I'm still overweight but have small measurements because I'm more muscle than fat

>> No.9200175

Yup, I am forever sad that the cool relatively efamous I'm friends and mutual friends with don't have a follow button because when they add me they'll read all my pathetic depressed statuses and realise I am terrible at being sociable.

>> No.9200179

>6ft white girl
>round as fuck face
>can't pull off being a hot dude
>can't pull of being a cute girl

I hate how I look so much, I can't stand being in pictures. Jfashion is something I'd love to try but I'm sure I'll just look like I"m wearing clothes not meant for me so I gave up.

>> No.9200186

Buy one of the Halloween rockabilly pettis and layer with it. They are tacky and unsightly but damn are they indestructible.

>> No.9200188

The feels of not being the right height.

>be asian grill with broad shoulders
>really into fitness and lifting
>female friends jokingly hit on me even before lifting (did calisthenics and running though) because "kpop boy" face
>qt cosplay grills on tumblr always mistook me for male because of crossplay
>online friends always expect me to be 5' 10"+
>actually 5' 2"
>can't pull off bishonen crossplay in real life
>can't pull off qt lolita or larme ever

>> No.9200193

i don't know how to initiate anything without being a creeper

>> No.9200213

There are some awesome tall lolitas, anon! Loads of the northern European girls in particular are tall as fuck, of course Chokelate is famous but there are also girls like Rosa Nitida who are quite tall. Tbh I can see how if you're really tall it might be super difficult to pull off (I know a girl who's 6' tall and I'm struggling to imagine her pulling lolita off), but there are definitely options you can try and more general jfash that's open to you.

>> No.9200259

Yeah, it was from the perspective of the husband.

>> No.9200329

I've had a sort of opposite issue
>work hard on a coord
>no one likes it
>throw something together with no hair or makeup etc

i am pretty embarrassed when people bring it up because it wasn't something i was proud of, and i would have changed a lot

>> No.9200343

With the right wig, a little makeup, patterned tights, and the right top, you could absolutely pass for a kawaii lolita qt. You just need to play up the right pieces. A wavy wig, a bolero, a little eyeliner, and opaque patterned tights can go a very long way.

>> No.9200347

I once got a box delivered that had a customs bill on it. USPS just left it without collecting payment. Went to 3 different post offices trying to pay it but no one could help me. One employee even said if it was them they wouldn't pay it!

>> No.9200361

I wasn't blessed with a small model like frame unfortunately, so there's almost no way it'll look good on me.

In the end I just wear the same plain clothes as always, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

>> No.9200404

a more 'handsome' face can really send home the oujou look, you could definitely pull off a royal hime sort of look if not pastel vomit sweet. a lot of ouji are really short too, aeryn is 4'11, i think bakasoseji is 5'2, there are a handful that height that look great.

i know those feels at least in regards to cosplay - every cool anime guy seems to have the tall lanky look going on. I'm only 5'7 so it's not that bad, but for all the masculine tough characters I want to do that are supposed to be a muscular 6' it just doesn't feel right, and my proportions are too stubby. I might do edward elric and play up the height thing, but for now I'm sticking to ouji, you should give it a shot.

>> No.9200419

Yeah, the companies I've worked at have all been the same - managers get paid all right and area managers make bank, but regular workers aren't entitled to any company benefits, sick pay or employment rights. Most places in the UK deliberately keep full-time retail workers on contracts of exactly 39 hours a week, so they don't go over the 40-hour threshold that means they're entitled to sick pay.

CoF is a fickle mistress. I'm kind of embarrassed because my least favourite coord of all time (that was posted online) is my third most popular post on CoF. I keep toying with the idea of deleting it because I dislike it that much, but it feels sort of dishonest to do that. My most popular (~500 likes) is a nice coord but doesn't really stand out from the rest so I've no idea why it did so much better than all the others.

Girl, just because you're not small and cute doesn't mean you don't deserve nice clothes. Even if it's not jfashion, you can still make yourself look great, rather than trying to hide.

>> No.9200443
File: 959 KB, 480x270, tumblr_n0u7vdYPm31szj8x1o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be emotionally down college anon from before wanting to go on holiday but family member is having surgery

>Gran's surgery got postponed another month
>still have the a-okay to go on holiday
>cue family guilt!
>Gran randomly brings up how it's a bad idea to travel alone
>mother in college as well lands $1000 scholarship
>everything is suddenly about mother again
>cue cycle of bragging over her
>Hey.. all my grades are 90+ out of a 100..
>"Oh that's good, anon. But your mother got/earned...."
>Gran on phone with a friend
>"Yes, Mother just got another honor and $1000 scholarship! Anon? She's doing good.. they've both got good grades but you know it's so much harder for Mother given her age. I'm so proud of her. Anon? She's in Business Administration."
>Gran I live with didn't even get my major right
>mood drops, go back to online shopping for lolita/otome wardrobe

But now I don't even know if I want the wardrobe even though I got so excited about it before.

>have dresses and girly clothes
>always wear pants and jeans and tees
>have a typically masculine haircut that everyone loves
>family members tell me compared to now, I basically looked awful with long hair
>feel out of place in dresses/skirts now because of masculine looks
>decide to wear a dress and makeup for special event
>get a lot of compliments
>feel good about myself
>cue family~!
>"Oh anon we never see you in dresses! We have to get pictures because we'll never see it again. You know it's a rare event when anon wears dresses."
>Mother keeps pestering me for photos, really don't want to
>won't take multiple no's for an answer
>get pissed off because I'm tired and don't want photos
>"I don't know why you're upset anon~"
>just want to shove all my dresses and heels to the back of the closet

Seems like everything I do to make myself feel good they have to ruin it with their comments. I can't even date because my Gran is against homosexuality and said she'd refuse to attend any wedding I had.

>> No.9200453

Date in secret? Iktf about being masculine in your everyday life but super girly in lolita, but since I don't wear lolita around my family or normalfag friends it doesn't affect me too much.

>> No.9200456

I feel you on the last bit, Anon. My family was the exact same way. When I tried to finally start wearing more dresses/skirts they'd freak out so much about it that I didn't ever want them to see me in anything feminine ever again. I started slowly incorporating slightly more feminine things into my wardrobe to get them to lay off: girlier cut shirts, light makeup, shorts with cute leggings, jeans but with heels or cute boots, and eventually the skirt/dress thing became a non-issue... maybe something like that would work for you, too? Hope you can catch a break soon, either way!

>> No.9200462

Anon, it might be best if you just got premade costumes. I started out like you and got so frustrated that I couldn't do it myself but then I got premade costumes and can actually spend time having fun.

>> No.9200464 [DELETED] 

>Is a fat whale
>Wants to be thin so I can fit in jfash
>Tries to starve self today
>Is doing well for most of the day
>Loses control and eats

I want to fucking scream right now. I can't afford to get any fatter, or lose weight any more slowly. Why did I have to fucking eat? Doesn't help that I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I refuse to use that as an excuse to be fat and disgusting, and I'm trying to lose weight, but it makes it harder for sure. I eat less and exercise more than the average person, yet I'm still fat. The only thing I can do to be thin is starve myself, but I keep fucking eating. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. The least I can do right now is not eat anything else today.

>> No.9200466 [DELETED] 

Starving yourself can actually make it harder for you to lose weight, Anon, your body will basically start holding onto more fat when you finally do eat something in preparation for when you're starving again.

>> No.9200468 [DELETED] 

Don't starve yourself anon you will only gain more weight by doing so, i speak from experience. Please take care of yourself.
See a doctor since you have thyroiditis it's a medical condition it isn't your fault. Things will be ok. You will make it eventually but don't push yourself too hard.

>> No.9200470 [DELETED] 

Anon, you sound like you have an ED. Of course you can afford to lose weight more slowly, and you're less likely to rebound or get nasty/weird side-effects like skin sagging, muscle wastage or malnutrition that way.

(No, I am not kidding about the malnutrition, your body gets calories from your fat stores but not everything else you need. I starved myself in high school and ended up with lugo hair and a bunch of deficiencies.)

>> No.9200473

>unfinished one from 2 years ago
>material for cosplays I wanted to do 5 years ago
Holy shit, are you me? I got super hype when I first got into cosplay and bought a bunch of shit without realizing I was aiming way over my head. Years later and I still haven't finished that cosplay, though partly because some people in the fandom turned horrible and cooled me on it for a while. Thankfully they conveniently removed themselves from the local scene so I can enjoy it again.

>> No.9200486

formerly anorexic/bulimic gull here. my heart is now fucked and i can't walk upstairs without heaving. i kept going until i was 75 lbs. don't be stupid and just fucking exercise and control your portions please. i hate to be blunt but it's not worth it. if you don't listen to me, you'll soon learn how awful it is.

relevant underweight feels:
>tfw brand is too big and wears you
>tfw jsk straps keep falling down
>tfw girls in your comm talk shit because they think you're still starving yourself
>tfw your socks fall down all the damn time

not worth, trying to gain

>> No.9200487

well fuck, i guess she baleeted it or the mods did. either way, heed my warning please.

>> No.9200488

>what are alterations
>what are garter belts
>what is ignoring jelly bitches

>> No.9200491

Yup. For me it's prop and solid item building ability. My sewing is good, but I'm stuck on even simple shit like building horns with wire and polystyrene modifying shin pads to suit my character because I'm a perfectionist

>> No.9200504

the point was to prevent another gull from starving herself to the point where she has to do those things, anon.

don't worry, i know what garter belts are.

>> No.9200506

There's no comm for hours and even then I rarely hear of them and I have no transportation due to my anxiety so all I could do is basically wear lolita to college.
The only way I could see myself being super girly in lolita is if I waited for the spring semester and hid behind a long wig and my glasses to basically reinvent myself. Of course that doesn't help much with sharing a home with my Gran who would just ruin it. Same with dating. I've only dated twice and I'm mid-20's now though I look a little younger. Meeting another woman to date in person would probably go nowhere. There's a grand total of 12 members of the LGBT club on campus and 75% of them were early college teens.

This actually makes me feel a lot better because that sounds exactly what I'm going through. They make such a fuss that I just retreat back to my identical looking jeans + mens graphic tees until it feels like that's all I can do. I do have some shorts I could wear with leggings or cute fake thigh-high tights. I'll definitely try this and I'm going to grow my hair out a bit as well.

>> No.9200509

>grand total of 12 members of the LGBT club on campus and 75% of them were early college teens
Woah, that's low. I'm at a large university and the LGBT society is the third-largest society on campus or something ridiculous. Basically everyone LGBT on campus is in it so it has like 1.5k members, even though maybe 50 turn up to average events.

>> No.9200513

I'm at a small-ish community college at the moment because I can't go out of town to a university. My largest class has 8 people in it and my smallest has 4 at the moment. That's why I want to start wearing lolita because I spend most of my time on campus by myself in front of a computer doing work so no one cares how I dress.

>> No.9200551

Ah, that'd be nice if you can do that, as long as you can find a way to get around your gran causing trouble.

Related feel
>be me a couple of years ago
>go to university, looking forward to being able to wear lolita on a more regular basis
>try to build a cohesive daily lolita wardrobe, buy a bunch of toned-down black dresses

>arrive on campus
>it's a huge uni and it's insanely busy
>see hundreds people just in the five minutes between classes
>everyone else dresses normalfag except for a few rich overseas students wearing designer clothes
>like, really normalfag, literally everyone in jeans and hoodies, way lower hipster percentage than other universities
>labs several times a week
>whenever I wear lolita or vintage clothes to other classes people look at me like I have a third head
>realise I need to schmooze professors to get ahead in academia and don't want to make a bad impression
>give up on my lifestyle dreams

>well I can't wear lolita to uni but I can wear it around town, r-right?
>only way I could get cheap rent was living in a shitty area
>not safe to walk round in lolita alone (or in general)
>still have all the toned-down dresses sitting in my closet
>reminded of my failure every time I look

>> No.9200558

So sorry anon, that's got to be awful.

>> No.9200562

related feel to your feel
>art student
>at university for art, everyone in my class is super open to dressing crazy and I could have worn lolita, but I wasn't fully committed to it
>switch to a STEM subject at a different uni far away
>hell yeah I can wear lolita, I have way more clothes now
>oh never mind I have to make a good impression and everyone here is super normie, so normie it kills me
>rip in peace

>> No.9200564

Candy can easily be a Halloween theme, anon! Just grab a pumpkin pail or something to Halloween it up a bit

>> No.9200567

It's not tooo bad because I still have the rest of my regular wardrobe, and the toned-down dresses get worn to more casual meets, but it's still a bit of a disappointment because the city also has a fairly inactive comm. Rent here is cheap so I could afford a pretty large wardrobe, yet I only get the opportunity to dress up once a month. At one point I genuinely considered transferring to another university that had more alternative students and a much more active comm, but I decided that it was a stupid thing to disrupt my studies for.

Like legit, it's not because I can't dress myself or my wardrobe isn't wearable, it's just a really conservative town for whatever reason. When I've spent holidays at my parents or visiting other places I've worn lolita regularly without issue, but it's so much hassle here.

iktf. I feel like you have to either be doing an artsy subject (like englit or art) or doing something that's so high-earning and full of weirdos that you need no fucks (like computer science) to get away with it. For subjects like chemistry, business, etc that are full of normies, or subjects where you're relying heavily on professor opinion to progress, the atmosphere is so different. I feel like it's amplified here because the city's art school isn't anywhere near the university, so what freaky people there are gravitate there and you never see them around campus.

>> No.9200575
File: 18 KB, 280x373, ed948d2b60faf98785667b3b23e7393f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a great idea.

>> No.9200576


>tfw in job so normie some of my coworkers make fun of me for playing pokemon go in my free time for being a 'nerd'

On the bright side though I showed my close coworkers some photos of me in lolita and they were surprisingly really accepting of it. They just laughed at how informal my boyfriend looked in comparison and called me stylish so that's a plus.

>> No.9200579

> New to lolita
> Have a cute Halloween-y skirt to coord
> But whoops, going to JP during Halloween and don't really have space to pack all the stuff I'd need for lolita
> Would also probably be too nervous to dress up in Japan since I've only done it about twice before
how weird is it to wear something Halloweeny when it's not October??

>> No.9200587
File: 89 KB, 620x930, ad_178983193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, thank you for the suggestions! Especially the patterned tights. I didn't think that would have an effect. I usually just go for a dark, opaque color. I tried to get into otome and classic in the past. Basically, I bought a couple of dresses and blouses from cheaper taobao indie brands to test the waters, and they probably just didn't suit me. I tried them on and wanted to cry when I looked in the mirror. I know it's a common problem for gulls that the shoulders and/or bust are too tight while the waist is too big, but I looked ridiculous.

Ah, yeah. You definitely get what I'm saying about cosplaying those 6' bishounen. Thank you for the advice and encouragement! I've never been interested in sweet anyway. I guess my real hang up has been finding sleeves that fit and don't make me look strange. I'm sure that 5' 7" would be fine for the bishonen.

>> No.9200605

>planning a meet-up for a group essentially composed by flaky, lazy and ungrateful cunts because they asked for it
>mfw i'm doing it because i'm lonely. ;_;

my only good feel is that i finally got the courage to wear lolita outside halloween/conventions

>> No.9200614

unless you usually wear lolita out and about, don't do it just because you're in japan. it's only normalized in fashion districts and if you're a white piggu they'll probably have a giglgle

>> No.9200621


who the fuck cares. They giggle at gaijin anyways. You might as well go all out.

>> No.9200666

Not white, but definitely won't be wearing it there either way. Too much to pack and I'm not confident enough in my coord skills yet.

I'll just save it for when I'm back home and deal if I have to be slightly out of season.

>> No.9200738

Normies are always gonna judge you for wearing anything remotely different. Just start wearing it out regularly and you learn to not give a fuck.

>> No.9200742

I don't give a fuck about strangers on the street but I'm concerned about higher-ups in my department. Also, even normies who aren't hostile to lolita in itself, like if they just saw you around and about, tend to assume that you're a deranged attention-seeker if you turn up to a club (as in society, not as in bar) for the first time in lolita, because it's like you're making it all about you. I found out a few months after meeting her that my current flatmate nearly didn't move in with me because the fact I was a lolita made such a strange first impression, even though she likes the way the fashion looks and is beginning to get into lolita herself now she knows more about it.

>> No.9200747

Just start wearing lolita literally everywhere and you will get used to the stares and you'll stop giving a fuck. You'll be nervous at first but you'll get over it...The absolute worst thing that will happen to you is someone coming up to you and asking you about what you're wearing. Which sucks if you're an introvert, but what do you expect, it's an attention grabbing fashion. Also, I've realized wearing lolita out and about that the world doesn't revolve around me and that's comforting haha

>> No.9200757

People really don't care as much as you think. If you have a great work ethic and are a well adjusted person, then there's really no reason for them to hold it against you. If they do, you know that they're shitty people.

>> No.9200759

Moving back home with my parents next month to save $$. Hurts my ego, but I get to steal my sister's sewing machine and don't have to listen to my roomates' bullshit anymore.

And yes, I work AND am a full time student, not that big of a neet.

>go to a different college's cosplay club
>managed to make friends and plan cosplayour groups from favorite series
I'm not used to friendships this is weird!!!!

>> No.9200760

I know the feeling all too well.

>have masculine round face and hour glass body
>looks like fakeboi when I crossplay
>have to get perfect angles for idol cosplay otherwise I scream butterface

>> No.9200762

I mean he's almost legal, you could have pursued it.

>> No.9200763

...? Sorry, maybe I should have explained myself better. I'm not some hikki who never goes out in jfash. I've been in the fashion three years and I wear lolita as normal wear a lot during my holidays, so I've been out in public in lolita on at least 50 occasions. I'm not scared of people asking me what I'm wearing at university, I'm scared of it having a genuine impact on my ability to meet people and succeed academically.

Maybe I'll try again this year, but I'll have to improve my time management first. Can't wear lolita to run to uni while late in the morning. If I avoid crowds and turn up early to things to get a seat it's probably minimal hassle, instead of doing a catwalk of shame after turning up 15 minutes late.

I'm also quite curious about whether it'd be better to wear black with a wig (because my natural hair colour looks bad with black), or go with natural hair but a coordinate with colours. I've noticed when wearing lolita that gothic is more normie-accepted than other styles, but not wearing a wig makes people believe you more easily when you say lolita is a fashion not a costume.

>> No.9200784

The world isn't split into "kawaii jfash for 5'1" girls" and "plain clothes", anon. You have so many options, just embrace it.

>> No.9200810

Congrats, anon! I love seeing the excitement of people new to the fashion and not yet salty and dead inside.

>washi tape with fucking bats on it
Where? Sounds great. I am also with >>9197312 in stocking up on normalfag velveteen. I'm going to milk this 90s trend for all the tack goth shit for as long as it lasts.

Is there nothing you can compromise on? Like, preppy-styled shirts layered under sweaters or something? A normal collar or small subtle peter pan collar (a trendy peter pan collar, not a lolita one) and then a cashmere or cableknit sweater in pastel colours, with smart pants and heels?

How much do you work? Long hours, or 6 day weeks?

>Part of the problem is that I'm an OCD-level perfectionist and I won't be happy unless my stuff comes out just right.
This is basically why I don't cosplay. You've got to either learn to enjoy the process of learning and the fun of dressing up even when things aren't perfect, or commission your stuff off someone talented.

Maybe in a few days it'll pop up with all the pieces, and you would have regretted it if you had got the cheap deal.

>> No.9200826

It might be your photography, desu photo quality probably has a bigger effect on CoF popularity than outfit quality for anything in between the extremes of impressively OTT and depressingly ita.

It's pretty weird that you're trying to live your own desire to be feminine through your gf, anon. It's strange to try to force her into it - if she enjoys being a little masculine, have you ever suggested her helping you be more feminine?

Underrated post.

That sucks anon, especially since it was their fuck-up and not yours.

>tfw my family encouraged me but my friends are the ones freaking out
>they are in their twenties and should have matured enough by now to not be confused by the sight of me in a skirt

>I found out a few months after meeting her that my current flatmate nearly didn't move in with me because the fact I was a lolita made such a strange first impression, even though she likes the way the fashion looks and is beginning to get into lolita herself now she knows more about it.
If she likes lolita why was she so freaked out when she saw you in it?

>> No.9200858

The older I get, the more I realize I probably have asperger's. That or I just have horrible social anxiety. I've always had problems making friends and eye contact. My brother has asperger's so it's not that far fetched. I read somewhere that it's rare for women/girls to have it but when we do, it's harder to detect because we're better at reading social cues? I don't know, I feel like 24 is super old to be realizing this, I'm probably just grasping at straws trying to find an answer as to why I'm such a social disaster and have no friends.

>> No.9200882

I got diagnosed with aspergers at 18 and was told when I was diagnosed that the idea that aspergers is super rare in women is a myth, it's just massively underdiagnosed, and if it is more prevalent in guys it's something like 60-40 not 90-10.

>> No.9200969

The love of my life just bought me Magic Amulet to cheer me up. I'm so lucky.

>> No.9200991

My cat is dying.
Also to keep OT there's a con in one month and I've hardly touched my cosplay.

>> No.9200999

Halloween is my most favorite holiday in Japan! In October I see so many girls and women dress up in costumes for purikura, then Halloween weekend there are always parties. It's like magic, for one night Japanese people turn into social American people. They come up and start speaking English and taking pictures with you. It's so much fun!

I don't dress up in my town, but I do make plans to go into the nearest big city and party.

>> No.9201010

That's the worst. I'm so sorry. When it's time for your cat to go, let yourself grieve, then see if you feel up to focusing on cosplay. It will give you something to do and you don't have to talk to people, just work.

>> No.9201060

I'm starting to think that I have it or something else as well on top of my social anxiety.

>don't like to make eye contact
>get stressed out easily over little social things
>feel exhausted after being social
>both loathe/crave social interaction
>have trouble sometimes with keeping things to myself/wanting to show and tell everything
>have trouble talking to people unless it's about classes/my pet
>can't form deep friendships and haven't for years (thank god I made some BFFs when I was a teen weeb)
>prone to fits of anger when pushed/frustrated
>either very quiet or you can't shut me up, no in between

>> No.9201069

Haha. Looks like lolitas in Italy experience the same kind of reactions we've all experienced at one point or another. :)

Well, that's a little reassuring, at least. I was far less concerned about being given shit from young people (because that happens here) and more concerned about somehow being disrespectful of tradition, local culture and such and possibly upsetting someone. Any conservative area gives me the same fears.

>> No.9201072

I'm sorry, anon. Give yourself as much time as you need. Spend lots of time with your kitty. When she passes, remember to be good to yourself too x

>> No.9201120

Get yourself tested if possible. Like a full test. I got diagnosed at 20 and that shit literally saved my life. I had been ready to die by 15, actively self harming at 18, attempting suicide multiple times at 19, and was in the hospital for four consecutive months because I was a massive suicide liability. Doctors were getting nowhere with me on medication and therapy until one of them finally realised I had aspergers, tested me, and started treating me for that instead.

Nearly three years later and I'm out of the hospital, living in my own apartment, and been with my significant other for a year and a half. I still get depressed easily and have occasional suicidal or self harm thoughts, but I've learned to handle them and emotional meltdowns now that I've learned why and gotten coping mechanisms that actually work for autistic people.

>> No.9201152
File: 103 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think that this counts as a feel, because it's causing me major anxiety and I don't even know why.

>Going to Japan next April-May.
>With a group of four males friends, three of whom are big burly gaijin.
>Kyoto first, then Tokyo for two weeks.
>Only taking a couple of carry-on outfits and then want to do a shit-tonne of shopping as soon as we get back to Tokyo.
>Don't know whether to...
>Separate for several hours for one day and go to the major malls I want to for clothes - 109, LaForet and then Closetchilds in Harajuku/Shinjuku - then meet up when I'm done.
>Separate for a little while as we go to each area together.

I don't really want to carry bags around too much if we're exploring, and I feel like there's a higher chance of getting lost if I have to separate/meet up with them over and over. This is JUST for clothes shopping, mind. We'll obviously be doing lots of other shopping together later on..

>> No.9201155

Tuscany is all right, people there have lots of events which even include dress-up (like medieval festivals, revivals etc.) so I think they're somehow used to see people dressed up. Tuscany is also host of the biggest national comic con which is held in November. As for your concern about respect, you'll be ok as long as you are nice and just act like your natural self, no problems really

>> No.9201158

This is dumb but sometimes I just feel so hopelessly gross. People tell me I'm pretty, but I always end up comparing myself to my idols and nitpicking small dumb things. My skin is pretty good, but it bothers me how it doesn't look as perfect in the mirror as many people's skin appears in photos. Tips for self confidence? I just want to feel content and not be so bloody harsh to myself. I've struggled with my self image for years.

>> No.9201162

Why not dedicate one day where everyone does whatever they want, and meet back at the hotel for dinner? That way you have an entire day to go to all the areas and complete all your shopping needs. I'm sure they want to do things you're not as interested in as well.

>on a cgl related note
make that day a Saturday, if you're interested in AP releases

>> No.9201193
File: 26 KB, 291x275, squish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn it
>scared of wearing lolita alone, but have accrued coords and a fair amount of brand
>planning on wearing it to a halloween meet, I won'tbe scared to wear it if I'm in a group
>boyfriend's birthday is on the day of the halloween meet
Might as well sell all my brand at this rate

>> No.9201199
File: 606 KB, 440x237, 1442264309040.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where I live there is no Lolita comm. I have tried sneaking Lolita into every-single-normie event I can, even daily, but given that the events are normie, I try to tone down the outfits.
When I'm home, I dress with my sweetest more OTT ideas, but I never really wear that in actual events. I'm not a con fan, and there are no tea parties close by.
Anybody has suggestions on what to do as lone-lolita?

>> No.9201231

That's really reassuring (and interesting! I had no idea about the national comic con and now I wish I was there for it). Thank you, anon :)

>> No.9201235
File: 108 KB, 639x640, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm feeling salty over everything at the moment.
So fucking tired of all the SJWs, the provegans, the constant bad news on tv,the whole "Trump/Hillary/Bernie/..is better" debate when they're all terrible, men being shit in general,...
I usually find peace from this world in cute stuff but lately even cute things can't soothe my soul. I'm feeling so awful and sad (I'm so fucking sensitive in general but it got to the point where I got sad because i saw someone cry in a goddamn serie and got insulted on the chans last night. Seriously ).

>> No.9201238

I feel you
My current armor Is about 90% done but I cant be bothered to continue working on it

>> No.9201285

Anon are you me?

I was in special education as a child because I had SUCH a hard time interacting with kids and would hide behind tables and cry when I got too anxious, and I found out a year or so ago I was supposed to be tested for AS but my mother refused because "Mother knows best, she's just difficult" and I seriously think I should get tested. I also "stim" frequently when I get super excited, usually it's me fidgeting or shaking my leg, but I tend to jump in place a lot when I'm alone, and I used to have severe problems with trich to the point of developing bald spots.

Also, same about the not talking unless it's something I'm interested in, I absolutely hate pointless chitchat and when I get into a new series or interest I will only talk about that. It's so annoying but I can't help it.

>> No.9201295

Oh god are you me? I just made a deep friendship this year, god bless my precious friend being the same as me on many points. For me it's falling in love/having a relationship that i can't do.
I used to be suicidal but i'm over all that now,my depression is over but tiny bits remain.

>> No.9201311
File: 166 KB, 250x246, wakemeup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I will never find the Ichigo to my Momoko

>> No.9201330
File: 276 KB, 586x634, KE7agPi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw same

>> No.9201361

Same situation as >>9200882 and I mostly got diagnosed late because turns out I didn't go full autism unless I was under stress.

As for getting a diagnosis, only try going for it if you think it'll improve the quality of your life. For me it's done nothing but make me self loathe my existence.

>tfw probably getting diagnosed with ADD too soon
I hate myself.

>either very quiet or you can't shut me up, no in between
Fuck this is me way too much. Either I will talk without stopping or I'm mute and have to force myself to talk.

>> No.9201382
File: 606 KB, 680x383, never.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never have a qt biker shyly tell you she likes your new dress
>she will never grab your hand protectively as you walk through the bad part of town
>you will never mend her clothes and nurse her back to health after she fights for your honor
>she will never trust you enough to break down and cry in front of you

; ; this is true pain

>> No.9201539

Seconding this. I'm going to start buying Taobao toned down lolita during 11.11 and basically have no comm, no other lone-lolitas, nothing. All I can do really is wear it to church with family and classes.

>> No.9201561
File: 45 KB, 410x391, 1474998952966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your fav brand has a dress up for reservation that you absolutely adore and is basically a dream dress
>tfw you have now money right now and won't get any before the reservation period ends in 5 days

It's fine. I'm fine. Totally fine. I'll just be crying in a corner if you need me.

>> No.9201569

Make sure you have roaming data/GPS on your phone if you can get it for a reasonable price, it can be an absolute lifesaver.

Accept that, beyond filters, photos of other people are showing their best angles and good days. Don't compare yourself on a bad day to other people at their best.

Don't they have other meets?

>> No.9201571

anon what dress

>> No.9201576

Hate to be spoonfed but how do you even go about getting tested without them just rolling their eyes at you?
I do really understand where you're coming from though. I tried to overdose on pills twice before I was 18 and after that I just dove into conventions and online stuff to keep me alive and somewhat happy. Now my coping method is to just live each day instead of making longtern plans. I've got no job, no place of my own, no relationship, just a few online friends and endless "Well I could go to this convention/order this soon.." plans to keep me going.

I was tested for something in elementary school but I never was moved out of class. In fact I excelled in reading and got in trouble for reading so much but I never had many friends and the few I did have I never kept for long. I was taken to the hospital for anxiety induced stomach aches as a kid but never diagnosed officially with anxiety issues, God knows why.
I definitely do get the throwing yourself into a new thing though. I'll find something I really like and throw myself into it until I burn out or something new comes along.

This so much. My two closest friends are a BPD girl and one amazing girl who is as salty as me that I've known since we were Kingdom Hearts weebs. I've been in two relationships but I had young stupidity on my side then and one was strictly online/phone calls. Now though? No way. I'm too big of a loser to date even though I'd love to be an badass lady's housewife someday.
I used to be suicidal as well and heavily depressed but now my depression is.. okay, I guess? I was better when I stayed at home and was online a lot but now that I'm in college and reminded daily of how I'm a friendless loser it's creeping back.

It's awkward when people comment on how much you talk too because then you get super self-conscious and don't want to talk and then they ask why you're so quiet.

>> No.9201582

There's also the other option where people will get annoyed with you talking too much even though I told them they can just tell me to shut up if I go on too much. I'll still get stupidly self-conscious about it but at least it won't make them hate me (hopefully)

I wish there was a community to discuss being a girl on the spectrum that WANTS to change and get better. So many autism communities are just self-righteous circle jerks of guys who don't want to change or think everyone should adapt to them.

>> No.9201584

Yeah, I definitely do see that mindset sometimes with guys. For me, I can't really say anything because I'm diagnosed, but I would like to feel better about myself and maybe work towards getting a job and driving without feeling like I'll break down in tears and give up the first week.

>> No.9201589

I don't know about in the US but in the UK you can self refer:

For me, I was referred to mental health services for depression/anxiety by a GP and a counsellor there suggested that I might actually have an autistic spectrum disorder. Weirdly, they didn't transfer me to the diagnostic service directly, but told me to go back to my GP to self-refer since it was part of a different department or something (?). Had a lot of hassle with that service ignoring my GP's letters and waited nearly a year, but eventually managed to get it fast-tracked because I said I needed a diagnosis before university.

>In fact I excelled in reading and got in trouble for reading so much but I never had many friends and the few I did have I never kept for long. I was taken to the hospital for anxiety induced stomach aches as a kid but never diagnosed officially with anxiety issues, God knows why.
I had a similar experience but kept one or two close friends, and nowadays I meet people through interest-based groups (like lolita, haha). Can't you join interest groups at college? A lot of autistic girls are written off, especially if you're intelligent enough to mask the obvious symptoms a bit - the whole time I was in primary school my parents got told that I was just too mature for the other kids and that's why I wasn't making friends, and they clung to that.

>There's also the other option where people will get annoyed with you talking too much even though I told them they can just tell me to shut up if I go on too much. I'll still get stupidly self-conscious about it but at least it won't make them hate me (hopefully)
Also me.

>> No.9201602


another lone Lolita here. I often don't have the balls to wear my dresses outside. Either I wear my dresses inside or try to tone them down as much as possible and go shopping for weeb stuff.
Dressing OTT without any occassion is really hard, I haven't found a soluation yet. I kinda accpeted Lolita being more of a collectors hobby for me. Wearing make me more happy than staring at them though.

>> No.9201603

The new Antique Bouquet jsk from innocent world. And with my luck it'll be near impossible to find secondhand.

>> No.9201616
File: 761 KB, 1280x4320, being homu is suffering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just realised all my friends are strictly online/con friends and don't actually have anyone close to me

>> No.9201622

All of my friends, including my bf were all folks I met online. No shame.

>> No.9201623

I know this feel all too well anon. It sucks.

>> No.9201626

A-at least you have friends. When I go to cons I just take compliments and let people take pictures of me.

>> No.9201708
File: 13 KB, 633x758, 1327044038125.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no /cgl/ gf

>> No.9201709

At least you get compliments.

>> No.9201712

>men being shit in general

Maybe you should choose different men.

>> No.9201719

>hate /fit/ so damn much
>sort of want a /fit/ bf

Women in a nutshell.

>> No.9201734
File: 88 KB, 310x464, 1474868292252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what can i say, i'm pretty and i'm sad

pick up some loliable hobbies to keep you occupied, maybe. knitting, sewing, journalling, whatever. it fills up the time and ends up with a cute result. when i first started lolita i was sad about not having a comm or lolita friends, but now i just embrace it and live my lolita lifestyle every day in the middle of nowhere. maybe you'll feel the same one day.

>> No.9201741


If it's your premenstrual stress, you'll get over it eventually. I once cried because the bedframe I got didn't fit my bed and at the time it was the most horrible thing. But I'm ok now.

If it isn't, see someone about it. It's good to at least talk about it, and someone who isn't judgmental is the best to seek counseling with. They may also try therapy with you or refer you to a prescriber to get medication.

And take a break from the internet because you need one. You honestly do not need to know that much about the US general election until towards the end, and tumblr or any other opinionated site for that matter (like here) is a pretty bad place to be if you're feeling emotional so stop frequenting those sites.

>> No.9201742

How do you do it, gull? Don't you feel lonely? ;_;

>> No.9201746

I feel you anon. Lolita is something I'm really passionate about and pulls me out of my constant depression and anxiety, but where I live we have a comm, but they literally never meet. It's frustrating, because I would really love to branch out and meet Lolita friends, till then lone lolita :( so on my days off I like to dress myself up and take myself on dates to bakeries/cafes/shopping haha

>> No.9201747


Dump his ass.

>> No.9201748

>If she likes lolita why was she so freaked out when she saw you in it?
I wasn't wearing lolita when I met her but she saw photos on my Facebook and asked me about them. I gave her a short explanation but it turns out her eyes glazed over after she heard "lolita" and she went away thinking I was a fetishist. She even went away and told her boyfriend and dad that the girl she wanted to move in with was into BDSM (???). Apparently she Googled it later that night and was relieved when she found it it really was a fashion.

>> No.9201752

i guess i just don't need that kind of interaction like a lot of people do. i post around here a lot and occupy my time so that i don't have much of an opportunity to feel lonely. sometimes i wish i had lolita friends or friends at all but the urge passes and i just keep keeping on. it's not as sad as it sounds i swear

>> No.9201757

Innocent World's stuff only sells out before it gets released if it's really popular. I'm almost positive it'll still be up on the site in three months.

>> No.9201760
File: 156 KB, 800x1403, 1467401099843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to make costumes in person with people and go shopping / hang out / watch anime together but can't
A-at least I'm happy on my own with my cats, r-right?

>> No.9201822

This is gonna be a little tl;dr but I need to get it out. It is cgl related.

I'm working at a shitty job that's sucking my soul out and living with a long term boyfriend that I'm starting to accept is not The One. Im trying to find a new job but everything is falling through. Im trying to be happy with him but there is just so much shit in our relationship that I'm tired and want to be alone.
So right now I'm starting to seriously consider applying to JET. I didnt apply a few years back because boyfriend didn't want me to leave him, and when I studied abroad in Japan for a month boyfriend was so possessive and paranoid and insisting on being in touch 24/7 that all I did was sit in my room and drink alone. I love Japan and really want a chance to live there and experience the lifestyle long term before I get started on my career. I keep thinking of going to concerts wearing lolita and being able to go shopping in stores I love and it makes me so happy. Im terrified of change though and this would be a lot of change. Plus ever since bf convinced me not to apply for JET ive made myself think that JET is for people who can't grow up and get real jobs, so I'm still not sold completely on it, as ultimately i don't want to teach or do anything with Japanese for a living so it kind of seems frivolous to go...but fuck. My heart wants it pretty badly.
(This is all assuming I'd get accepted to JET at all lol)

>> No.9201859

Former anorexic here too. It's a horrible trap. Nearly died and destroyed my family/friendships, then recovery was long and awful because I was suddenly so aware and so deeply ashamed of myself. Before I started regaining weight I was so proud of my ribs and knees and temples, the way they stuck out. While I was recovering? I was aware of how much I looked like Gollum and how disturbed people were by me.

My whole school of 300 kids (small town) did an hour long "special assembly" on anorexia in an attempt to promote awareness and take a sympathetic standpoint (never mind I was being stared at in the audience the entire time). After that? The bullying I received was even more vicious and did not stop until I graduated.

Oh, and my bones/kidneys are fucked, 10 years on.

>> No.9201860

Do it anon. Do it and be happy.

>> No.9201862

>Tired of SJWs
>Men being shit in general

you aren't helping your own case

>> No.9201863

>First LARP event since March. Work has been so crazy and shitty, couldn't get a weekend off
>Going to pour rain all weekend, my fucking luck

On an unrelated note.
>Hooking up with roommate on the dl
>Hooking up less and less
>Feel myself just not being attracted to her as much
>she'd be the perfect fit muscle girl
>works a physical job, enjoy lifting
>just eats too much garbage and is fat
The most frustrating part is she wants to be fit(at least she says she does), I try to help but I don't want to micro manage someone else's life.
Shes still a good friend, if a bit unstable, and makes cool cosplay/ props.
Am I a bad person?

>> No.9201866

Dump the fuck out of him.

On another note, Its okay to not have stuff completely figured out yet. Taking time off to go teach somewhere is an excellent solution that allows you to travel and make some cash. Chase your dreams

>> No.9201881

I wouldn't blame you but I really don't like people being fat. some people just can't get it into their heads that you can't outexercise a bad diet, or they just don't care that they're fat

>> No.9201923

>you can't outexercise a bad diet
I mean, in terms of body fat, of course you can. First law of thermodynamics.

>> No.9202096

If you aren't seeing a psychiatrist already, go to one and voice your concerns. Let them know why and the reasons you think it's asd instead of something else. I kind of got dianosed by chance, but when I transferred to a different pysch doctor, she didn't really believe me at first because the situation was weird. (I got diagnosed in the military and my large base had only seen three similar cases in ten years.) It ended up being a couple different rounds of testing, but I had to keep pushing because of how much of an impact the diagnosis made on me. A good doctor won't flat out dismiss it and referring you to testing isn't that much of an inconvenience for giving you peace of mind. Make sure to tell them about non-emotional reasons you believe you have asd too. Stimming behaviors, speech issues, sensory issues, stuff like that. Be as logical as possible when you make your case. Let them know how things affect your life.

As far as making it through life, when I got my apartment, I found a place within walking distance of a grocery store and places to work. (In my case, trade school. Had to drop it because of physical health issues though) My boyfriend and I went on a blind date set up by one of my friends and we clicked really well. Date an introvert, it's well worth it when you don't have to constantly entertain them. We're both perfectly okay to spend the day on separate couches on our laptops, not even talking. He actually ended up moving in because he might as well, he was staying over 5 days a week anyways. I don't want to sound lazy, but I don't have the energy for relationships that argue or require tons of maintainance.

Don't worry if you're not as far as other people your age, just focus on one thing at a time. Try to find an entry level job that you can do. (Data entry, records, stuff like that. The less customer service, the better.) Once you have a paycheck coming in, life gets a bit better.

>> No.9202103
File: 55 KB, 640x559, IMG_5639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your bf sounds like a lier you should break up with him...

>> No.9202162

>tfw you dont go to church anymore but every time you are ~forced~ to go, its actually really exciting bc you can dress up
i'll eventually wear lolita when i'm forced to go to church, but my regular stlye (cute/otome) is still nice

>> No.9202214

Get out of that relationship as soon as you can and start applying, and keep applying. Not just to JET either, you can possibly ask either /trv/ in their JPN General (sometimes they have Expat general threads too) or /jp/ for other companies that'll send english teachers to Japan. And remember, don't give up if you don't hear back from any companies the first time you apply. There's always next time.

The JET experience is definitely not forever, but it's a great opportunity to grow, learn and take a break from your normal life while you work on yourself and your goals. Not everyone needs to take the same route in the life (ie. graduate from school and start a career right away), it's okay to start "getting serious" later than some, especially if your reason is that you taught english in Japan, or Asia in general for a few years.
Where I'm from, people would find that stuff super cool rather than look down on you for not having a stable career yet.

>> No.9202220

not really. its insanely hard to work off 1000 extra eaten calories a day. you just have to not eat it in the first place. Unless you're into bodybuilding or olympic level sport then go for it

>> No.9202225

Thanks so much anon! I can't really afford healthcare right now ('Murica) but we do have several counselors I can talk to on campus about mental health issues. For right now I'm doing pretty good because I thrive in routine so I go to class, have small conversations with the few older women that sit near me, then I go off and do my work alone.
My only issue was my anxiety (once again not officially diagnosed but I've had the same problem since I was a child, parents just never got me proper help for it) preventing me from driving and getting a job. I cried in a job interview because the manager wanted to take me out of the back stocking room I applied for and put me on a register up front. Needless to say, I didn't get a call back.
Right now I'm taking office classes at the community college so I'm learning to do data entry and managing records so I'm sure that'll definitely help me get a good job I can do without forcing me to work myself until I'm sick because when I get anxiety issues I get upset stomach, cramps, nausea, etc. I basically really freak out and shut down but as soon as I get the thing over with I feel fine. It's so frustrating

Sadly I'm forced to go out of obligation. I just use the time to read fanfiction on my phone, reply to RP emails, and play mobile games if it's a good day and the signal out in the middle of nowhere isn't completely gone.
I think the wardrobe I have building up to buy is more otome than lolita but I wasn't really familiar with otome until recently so I couldn't accurately judge. I'll have to post a collage in the Taobao general sometime and get opinions.

>> No.9202226

>I'm 9198530

You're right anon, I try to have that kind of mindset but damn those prices were so good, I was almost tempted to hop onto the bidding war even though the detachable collar on the dress was missing.

Oh well, I'll keep waiting until the complete set pops up on sales.

>> No.9202293

i kind of just trailed off church, i used to feel extremely obliged to go.
also same here, i didn't know i was wearing otome-esque clothes until i found out about it (most of my clothes are from princess highway/dangerfield, which are apparently kinda otome brands).
please do anon~!

>> No.9202298
File: 48 KB, 500x400, tumblr_inline_n04qffV1GX1rofqdk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw connect to unsecured college network to keep phone data low to check /cgl/ and it's banned for being "tasteless & offensive"
No one's keeping me from being a salty bitch. Phone data it is.

>> No.9202299

Will do! I can get it posted sometime tonight after I study for a math exam.

>> No.9202306

>tfw male and living in a rural area
>tfw i just want to be cute but i'll get dragged behind a truck

>> No.9202307
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1474837322842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>School assigments deadline is at the end of the next month
>Got it done today
>Can focus on sewing for some time
>Finally getting something done
>Feels good man

>> No.9202341
File: 372 KB, 270x135, 1408750020043.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me, move a long time ago since I graduated from a CC in the winter and was going to try and gain residency in another state for transferring schools
>Don't bring sewing machine yet
>Stay there for seven months, kinda start going stir crazy because for 5/7 months I didn't really have friends.
>All I want to do is fucking sew.
>End up deciding to go to another school, move again.
>Bring sewing machine, super excited to sew again!
>Moved to tiny college town
>I'll be super hire-able because I have tons of experience with basic jobs! (My job didn't transfer since they don't have a location anywhere nearby)
>Moved there late in the summer so everywhere seems to be done hiring in the few jobs that are around
>Three weeks in, still can't find a job.
>At this point, can't even find places that are hiring at all.
>Staring at sewing machine in the corner, just wanting to cry a little bit.
>mfw at this point I'll take janitorial work so I can have some spending money

Life just doesn't want me to cosplay anymore.

>> No.9202343

I know these feels very well. You'd think biochem would be full of nerds who don't care how you dress as long as you do good work, but it turns out everyone here is so normie it hurts. Before I joined the department the most alternative person there was a woman who wears graphic tees with jeans and watches anime sometimes. She said she liked the way I dress but is herself too shy to wear "costumes" like mine outside of Halloween or comic conventions. I've only ever worn non-print ETC and IW to work...

I also recently found out that at during my student internship I was actively being ostracized by the other students because they decided I was too weird for them. I'm an introvert anyway and was too busy with my work to notice but it turns out that they were constantly organizing all sorts of social and uni-related events that were being kept quiet from me. As a result several of the higher-ups thought of me as an antisocial loner unfit for group work because I never participated in any of the student-organized events. Of course nobody thought to correct them when asked why I wasn't there. I was being left out of all their Whatsapp groups, FB groups, mailing lists and who knows what else.
I managed to make it though high school as a cringey weeb without anyone picking on me, yet as a relatively well-adjusted young adult I suddenly get bullied in the workplace just because I wear girly dresses and didn't want to go out drinking on weekdays. Well, at least that's over.

>> No.9202345

im so sorry anon :'( i have an irish terrier and shes getting very old and senial lately. shes on her wait out and makes me so upset. ive always dreamed of wearing a tarten coord and ginger wig to match her for a street snap but i know that soon that will be impossible. I cant imagine what youre going through just thinking about losing my baby makes me cry

>> No.9202348

i feel ya anon! I look foward to autumn all year knowing that highstreet shops finally have shit that matches my tastes makes life so much easier

>> No.9202384

This sort of thing baffles me.
>want to dress nice
>toned down outfits
>everyone judges you for it
>affects your potential with classes

Like how bizarre does this sound? You'd think professors/instructors would like you more for dressing nice since they have to as well. It shows you have good work ethics and professionalism.

>tfw this will probably be me next semester
>tfw everyone around me is in denims and hoods or even sweatpants and old tees
At least my grades are done electronically so I don't have to worry about instructors taking my dresses against me.

>> No.9202426

It really sucks that that happened to you anon, but in some ways it makes me feel vindicated. I'm so fucking sick of people, both on /cgl/ and off, telling me that not wearing lolita to class makes me a pussy who thinks everyone's obsessed with the way I'm dressed, or that I'm being paranoid to think it affects my prospects. Shit like this proves I'm not just imagining things - even when you're toned-down, people think you don't understand social norms because you wear "costumes" to work, or you must be too prissy and girly for practical stuff. Its obviously very dependent on the culture of your workplace and your individual professors and classmates, but some people just have no idea what its like.

>> No.9202429

As a fellow biochem major, I'd be your friend if I could! Granted, I sold all my lolita a while back. I still try to dress nice for normie standards, however.

>> No.9202472
File: 100 KB, 500x337, lonk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>actively being ostracized by the other students because they decided I was too weird for them
>introvert and too busy with work
>discover that you were uninvited the whole
Fuck, this struck a nerve for me. Not just work, but recently thinking about my childhood to college and I realized I'm in the same boat as you. Even the times I tried to blend in with normies, something about me set off their radar and I was just the weird kid. I went to an art school and I still felt like I was a separate weird there too (at least they were weird and social introverts). The worst parts are when you think back and realize the weird and condescending looks people had on their faces when they talked to you. I know you probably don't need a pep talk, but honestly, screw them. People subconsciously react to things that are strange/foreign/unfamiliar to them and if you've been nothing but hardworking and polite, you don't deserve that. What's wrong with enjoying things and having "abnormal" hobbies as long as it doesn't hurt anyone? It still sucks that it happens though since we're always tied to society in some way.

>> No.9202476


This all just keeps my hurt going. I've only discovered lolita in college and it feels too late already even though I love it in concept. There are no comms here and being a con-lita is so frowned upon. Why couldn't I have wanted to do this when I was a weird high schooler?

>> No.9202491

Hey anon, the holiday season is coming up and lots of places will be looking for seasonal work. Retail isn't fun, but assuming you have availability it won't be that hard to snag one of those jobs.

In the mean time I hope you find some projects to reacquaint yourself with your sewing machine. I know that I find when I start sewing I can't stop!

1) Most people on this board are college age or older (there was a survey this year that showed people 25+ are the vast majority). There's definitely not an age limit.

2) Don't worry about what people say about being on con-lita. Most people aren't daily lolitas anyway and dress up for only special occasions anyway.

3) If you really can't find a reason to dress up, you can always collect dresses. Think of it like any other collection hobby, you can still find joy in that of it.

>> No.9202497


Thanks for the pep, anon.

>> No.9202507

I'm another newbie to it despite lurking here a lot and also the "can only wear it to church/college" person. If you don't feel comfortable wearing it to college then there's no shame in being a conlita. My first coord was for a con and it was really well received here and by a japanese guest I got a photo with. It's just letting dresses go to waste (in my opinion) if you don't wear them.

>> No.9202574

I'm a recovering fatty-chan. I finally got under my first goal weight of 135 this year. But, over the summer I spent so much time entertaining guests and being on vacation that I shot up to 143lbs. It has me depressed and feeling shitty. Last week I gave up on small things and gathered up all my junk food and all my treats, which I thought I had only been nursing in mild moderation, but obviously not, and just tossed it all out. It filled an entire garbage bag. Now I've been strictly watching my weight for a week and a half now, and I'm finally seeing some change. I will feel so much better once I'm back at 135lbs, and I hope it happens before the start of November because I have a convention to go to. I'm wearing a bracelet that says, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," hopes that it will remind me of my goals when I impulsively reach for snacks or anything other than allotted food. Here's hoping I'll retake control of my body.

>> No.9202588

Anon, that's pretty negative. You can work to lose weight if you want but don't be too hard on yourself and don't use some anorexia catchphrase to enable it.

>> No.9202589
File: 36 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_ncfyn3CGbt1t1d8nx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay was a mistake.

>> No.9202672


I think it's fine as long as one keeps awareness of themselves. Keeping track of what you eat and making sure you're eating healthy levels is great as long as you don't just stop eating.

Make sure if you take back your body, you're doing it for you, anon. :)

>> No.9202749


My friend complained so much about JET but in the end she admitted she actually loved it. Do it. No one I know regrets it, not even aforementioned curmudgeon friend. Fuck, I regret not just fucking off and doing something like that before doing my grad school and now being stuck in a job which I'm afraid I will never have the time off to really just fuck off to bumfuck wherever to explore.

>> No.9202750


Oh shit I forgot my conclusion.

TL;DR dump him and do it.

>> No.9202770
File: 49 KB, 540x351, bumblybee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>be wearing lolita
>go out and about running errands
>check out at the counter
>be eyed by the clerk
>"oh, is this a cosplay? i sew my cosplay all the time. i love to cosplay as a lolita. my friend cosplays lolita too. what character are you?"
>smile and say "it's just clothing" in a pleasant tone
>clerk gets a bit huffy and finishes in a haste

i-i didn't mean to come off bitchy... i guess she just got embarrassed or something. why is it so hard, gulls

>> No.9202780

I mean, honestly, it's true. Feeling thin and delicate and eating in moderation is way better than eating shit food all the time and feeling tired, sweaty, and suffocated by your own fat. It's only negative if you think of it as negative.

>> No.9202781

maybe she thought you meant it like "jesus christ it's just clothing stop getting excited", even though you didn't.

>> No.9202784
File: 984 KB, 500x281, help.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>living at home in my in-laws basement
>they want to sell their house and move closer to work
>4 out of 5 people (me being the odd one out) all work at the same place so it makes sense
>trying to sell house
>taking its sweet time because the housing market is having a dip
>bombarded with house showings and open houses, have to keep the house completely clean
>all my fun shit is put away in boxes, collections all packed up
>barely find time to make items for AA, since I have to keep the house spotless
>yesterday was going to start a batch of resin
>night before "oh we might have a showing tomorrow"
>RIP crafting
>waiting all day to hear what time these people are coming over
>2 PM roles around, pretty sure they're not coming
>never told us a time, never showed up
>RIP in pieces

I just want to move already god damn. We're still going to live in the in-laws suite in our next house. We are getting a bit of a space upgrade and I'm going to have my own room that I'm going to deck out and make super cutesy. These house showings are just so annoying though

>> No.9202786

oh man, i didn't even think of that, anon. if it happens again i'll make sure to be more specific so i don't sound dismissive.

sorry about your interrupted crafting anon. moving is really exciting though, esp when you can decorate your room to your content. moving pretty soon and i am getting a canopy and a four-post bed if it kills me. let's do our best

>> No.9202829
File: 25 KB, 367x357, 1439802973855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It must be nice to be a short girl.

if you're short, you'd just have to hem things, or take things in, tall girls cant add extra fabric.

if you're short, people think you're younger than you are no matter your age, rather than having people assuming you're older than you are, and having to awkwardly deal with people twice your age hitting on you when you are a child.

If you're short and flat chested, people think you're a child. If you're tall and flat chested, people think you're a crossdressing man.

If you're short, guys of all heights want you, nobody tells you "you're cute for a short girl" while I hear generalizing statements like "you're cute for a tall girl" every so often.

If your short, some stores have a "petite" section, while if you're tall, there's no section for you in stores. just a very few amount of online only shops that sell boring, darker clothes.

I want to know what it feels like to have sleeves too long for me, I want to feel cute. I want to wear lolita, or fairy kei. but unless I am underweight they just dont fit my frame, and even when they do, its far too short, or the waistline hits me directly under my bust.

I want to buy brand, sickenly cute brand like angelic pretty. That will never fit me. ever. My dream dresses will never, ever fit. and its a shit feel.

I want to buy secondhand cosplay, I can't sew and its not something I like. I cant just buy my cosplays, even of popular characters, I have to pay so much extra for a seamstress to make everything to fit me perfect. and even then, the occassional seamstress will fuck up because she doesn't know how to work with tall women, and that fuck up is out of my pocket.
I hate being tall, I just want to feel cute.

>> No.9202839
File: 841 KB, 500x281, Gou.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The grass is always greener, anon.

However, Topshop's online store (and their denim in store) carry a tall section which usually isn't too boring! Also, underskirts can be really cute if you aren't shit at coording.

You got this, anon!

>> No.9202841

Nah, I've had a similar situation, too. At least in my experiences, they would get defensive about it. It's always a little frustrating when you're told you're wrong and you spent however long ~knowing~ you were right.

>> No.9202850

all my friends are 4'5"-5"6" and I can tell you for a fact their grass is greener and has a goddamn free buffet

sure, I can reach things on the top shelf, and men step out of the way when I'm walking, but at what cost?

I appreciate your tip of "underskirts" but for brands like angelic pretty which come with built in petticoats, the underskirts look very off, and especially if the dress has a print

>> No.9202865

how tall are u tho

>> No.9202869

not gonna lie, being a shortie is pretty damn great. especially as a person who wears alt jfashion. the clothes are built for the average japanese girl and im the average japanese girl. i'm not gonna bs and say it's terribad. but i will genuinely say i'm sorry you don't feel cute and i hope that you find your happiness. it's things like this that make me feel bad about burando being one size 99% of the time. does offbrand and indie brand not cater to your height either? ;; how tall is choke and the other glamazon lolitas? you don't have to like them but take note of what they're wearing since it may fit you well enough.

>> No.9202870

>Petite friend: "I wish I had your body type and height to crossplay this one character!"
>Friend goes back to cosplaying cute girls

>"Well, why don't you try this other style instead? Tall women can pull it off better!"
Whether I can pull off another style is irrelevant, it's the fact that this specific cute style that I admire won't look good on me and never will that saddens me.

>> No.9202893


Seconding this, in my experience a lot of /fit/ guys are emotionally insecure and often lash out because they're over compensating. Not that having baggage makes you a bad person but it can make you do bad things.

>> No.9202928


too tall to even wear most MENS jfashion. (average height for a Japanese man is 182 cm/5'6" )

I'm just struggling to find something cute that works.

tall womens clothing is catered to a general audience since tall women make up such a small percentage. so if you are interested in alt fashion at all, let alone any jfashion, you're fucked.

>> No.9202930

Does anyone else feel like they're getting 'too old' for any of this? Doesn't even just have to be cosplay or lolita, I'm also talking cons and anything related to this whole scene entirely.

I'm only 20 so likewise I'm not old and all of this is probably just me struggling with adjusting into adulthood but finding a solution to this dilemma always seems just beyond my reach. When I see kids and teens populate the crowds of things I enjoy I just feel so....displaced.

It feels like the things I love have an expiry date and I end up wondering when it's going to start being seen as weird or creepy for me to like the things that I like. When I get into a new hobby or thing I can't help but wonder how long it's going to last and it really dismays the experience

I know "just do whatever you want, who cares what they think." and "there are always going to be similar aged people who like the same things you like." are easy pills to swallow but when I look around and see people in their late 20s trying to squeeze into anime-like youthful, bubbly cute personas to give a sense of ease to their presence at a con or online when they dress up I wonder how long any of them can keep it up for before people start seeing it as a bit 'off' to be like this.

How do you deal with aging, gulls?

All of my irl friends have kind of gravitated away from me in recent years so that probably has something to do with my perception on normalcy too btw

>> No.9202932


Woops, forgot you couldn't spoiler on this board haha ;_;

>> No.9202934


Aren't you the anon in the finances thread who is basically a NEET in your in-laws' house?

>> No.9202936

i think it depends what you're doing with the rest of your life. If this is the end-all-be-all, then yeah you might be getting too old. But I'm working toward going into a professional field and I also do a lot of other shit on the side (scuba diving, volunteer work) so I don't feel like this is my full identity. I kind of see cosplay and lolita as my "break" from all that professionalism, and I use it as my chance to escape and feel like a pretty princess.

>> No.9202938

yeah honestly they sound like a little kid. im really wondering what their career goals are and how they're making money if they feel free bitching like this

>> No.9202969

if only your friend was built like an uncute man, then she could cosplay what she wanted.

>> No.9203002

Are you still enjoying yourself, or not? I'm 25. I've been to three cons so far this year. I found myself able to have fun at each of these. Sure, loud groups of noisy teenagers are annoying - perhaps moreso to me because I didn't move out of my hick-ass country town until I was already in my 20s, so I never got to experience being at a con as a teen, so I don't share the nostalgia that those who are more forgiving towards them do. But overall, they don't have any impact on my ability to enjoy the overall event. I am not entertained by the improv competitions and other fan acts, and I do not stay up on the con floor until all hours of the night. I attend panels, do crafts, shop and socialize. I don't feel like I don't fit in and I don't feel weird or creepy, nor has anyone given me the impression they find me that way. Granted, my style has matured these past 3 years in particular. I wouldn't be seen dead as Sailor Moon, Rikku or Yui, but I'd still cosplay as shitloads of other characters. Likewish with my Jfash I don't do overly sweet styles any more. What I have left of sweet, I tone down. Other people my age feel and do differently, though, and rock it. It depends on the individual, I guess.

If you are spending money, time and effort on these conventions and find you don't enjoy them at all - that's when it's time to stop. And even then, have a go again another year and see if that's changed. If you don't enjoy it after that, you haven't necessarily "grown" out of it, it just isn't your thing anymore.

Good luck anon. I hope you do find your joy in these things.

>> No.9203006
File: 22 KB, 300x188, s-l300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Relevant in the sense that we have room threads here.

> Be me at first Anime Expo
> Buys Shiny Chariot print from Good Smile booth and am over the moon about it because it's gorgeous
> Time to fly home and I don't have enough room in my suitcase to transport it without it getting bent
> my mates assure me that they'll mail it to me
> not soon after the con, the couple breaks up
> she claims he has the print at his house, he swears he gave it to her to mail
> tfw it's been over a year and I've given up on ever getting it
> tfw there are none on ebay or anywhere else to be found

I couldn't make it to AX this year, but I had a friend look for the print again and I guess they weren't selling them. Lesson freaking learned though. Never going to a con again without a poster tube just in case I want to buy a print. I'm so sad about it all though.

(... if anyone has a lead on one please hmu)

>> No.9203012
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Thanks guys

>> No.9203022

I'm so tired of the New England cosplay scene. I have been to several cons outside of New England, and I swear there is so much more drama in the area. The main reason is that everybody has fucked eachother, wants to fuck eachother, or hates someone cause they won't fuck them. It's a cesspool of teenage drama and people claiming abuse in their friends group because they are previous victimized children. Which I understand, when you've been abused it makes you hypervigilant...

But holy shit are these kids so sensitive in the New England community. The meetups are just drama, I remember recently at a Boston meetup a guy got escorted out by the police because of rumors. I personally didn't like the guy that got escorted out, and from what I know a lot of people who went lied about him throwing a fit when he and his partner went up to the mods calmly (then again they were told not to go, but that's none of my business). That's not even an inch in the barrel of the community BS.

After this Another Anime Convention (which has been following the AB price and kid-friendly trend) I think I'm just gonna skip out on New England events. I'm just going to travel to further away cons and actually have fun rather than be a shoulder to cry on for all this high-school level drama.

Anyone else a New England fag ? Or is it not just the New England community that's completely full of dull pity party babies.

>> No.9203046

I just got diagnosed with POTS, so I feel heart rate stuff. I hope that whatever your health stuff that's going in now goes well and things sort out a bit more !

>> No.9203198
File: 40 KB, 245x300, 60b48618-bebe-49a0-ab18-1d1e7c985c65.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks guys. I am definitely at least going to apply, and I'll have to see what happens from there. The application just opened too so I had this flash of inspiration just in time.
It's lame but I kind of feel like its my ~destiny~ to go...long story but I found out that thanks to a big mistake I made in my documentation, the main organization I want to work for won't accept any applications from me for a year...I was super close to getting a job with them and then this happened. So I like to think that some higher power intervened so I'd have a chance to fulfill my weaboo dreams. One door closes and another opens or something...

>> No.9203206

I'm 28 and been going to cons for a decade now and this last year has actually been the most hype and fun in awhile even though my age gap keeps increasing.
Just have fun at the con doing what you enjoy and you'll meet like minded people and age doesnt even matter

>> No.9203235


>sounds like a little kid

im pretty sure theyre married though...? unless you are implying child bride

>> No.9203239
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>taking that phrase literally

>> No.9203240

exaggeration, anon. exaggeration.

>> No.9203320

I'm nearly 30 and I still regularly go to convention and cosplay. However, my tastes have changed. Unlike when I was a hyper weeb teenager, I don't go to run around with other weebs and do stupid stuff and stay up all night and basically go the whole convention running off teen energy.

Now I go mainly to hang out with friends, see music acts/guests I like, and to get my pictures taken in my costumes. Oh, and spend a ton of money in Artist Alley on stuff I don't really need but that I want, unlike as a teen when I couldn't afford it.

I also channeled my love of cons into working for them and that's been awesome. I get to see everything and meet guests basically for free while being productive instead of just wandering the convention venue aimlessly for hours because everything I wanted to do I got done on Day 1.

From what it sounds like, you're not aging out of things, your interests are just changing. If you have a favorite local convention, try volunteering for staff. If you feel like you're too old for your standard Japanese convention, try the more 'adult' cons like DragonCon or Magfest (if you like gaming) and see if that change of demographic sparks your interest again.

I know for me it is a bit weird to go to my local con and see that it's 75% teens that I don't connect with or want to hang out with but when I made it onto staff I met a lot of awesome adults, most of which are way older than me and have no issues just geeking out for a weekend and wearing cat ears or full costumes before they go back to their professional lives.

>> No.9203369
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I have been really stressed about cosplay lately and after the last con I decided enough was enough, I don't get any enjoyment out of crafting/sewing and almost only enjoy running around in costume.
So I commissioned a costume from a seamstress in Thailand who had a very promising portfolio. When it arrived to me several parts were not so good unfortunately and I have to do extra work. The con is in a week.

I'll be able to fix it, but holy fuck am I stressed and tired. All my other plans failed spectacularly when I realised my roomies hadn't booked the hotel room and I can now only be there for 1 day.

Cosplay is starting to become...very unfun, I rarely take pictures of myself in cosplay and rarely do people ask for my pictures. My craftsmanship isn't up to par and gives me serious anxiety and depression when I try to make shit and it fails.

Maybe I should just stick to lolita.

>> No.9203420

Take control of your own life anon.

Practice your skills and get better with simpler cosplays of characters you enjoy and stop caring about pictures, photos have dropped off for everyone at cons these days since regular attendees don't try to compete with actual photographers and have resigned themselves to looking at large galleries online.

Only wear a cosplay when it's done and ready and don't push for arbitrary deadlines just cause you want it ready by a particular con, there will always be other cons.

>> No.9203469

I'm also nearly 30, still wear nice costumes on conventions but I make no more new and big cosplay projects. I am no longer a "real" cosplayer. My main interest is drawing and I regret it, why I not draw in my youth! Cosplay was a mistake! Seriously! Cosplay was fun, of course but the "mistake" was, I put too many energy in cosplaystuff. I want to be good at drawing! I hope this is not too late for me. It kills always my motivation when I see awesome drawings by young people.

>> No.9203470

i was the same way when i was just starting out, try to turn that motivation-killing response around so that seeing young people succeed makes you want to work and try even harder. i really regret dropping drawing as a hobby just as i was starting to get really good

>> No.9203481

I really hope this is not too late for me... it makes me so sad when I think something like "if you draw many times in your youth, you would be already (now, this time and age) very very good at drawing...". Many artists in my age are already so damn good and young artists (teens and early 20s) with talent can draw so fucking good. I want to be good too!

>i really regret dropping drawing as a hobby just as i was starting to get really good
Really? I dropping drawing after my childhood or the beginning my youth time. As kid I draw many comics and many people call I have talent. But in my youth I become a anime-fan, try to draw manga-style and it was too hard for me (western comic style is more easy) and after this I dropping drawing complete. Then I start with cosplay... damn, I wish I try it again with drawing in my youth... why I give too fast up with drawing? I regret it! Cosplay was only a distraction from my pain about this drawing failure I believe. Was cosplay a mistake?

>> No.9203528

I wish I kissed that Shiro cosplayer.

Shiro/Wretched Egg is bae.

>> No.9203542

Maybe time for a oldfag thread for all cosplayers in their end 20s or 30+.

>> No.9203589

I had the exact same experience with a friend of my SO. He just laughed at it and was chill. I relaized he did not really know and is ok to say: "This outfit is not cosplay, is more of a fashion", implying other things can be cosplay.

It is always hard still...

>> No.9203825

>was planning a trip to DC with college refund money
>get check today!
>nearly $650!
>calculate what I owe money for
>add in paying for rest of semester's transport fees + two additional months til Spring refund check
>$525 total

Well, there goes my trip but I feel oddly good? Is this what being a responsible adult feels like?

At least I have $125 or so leftover to buy lolita on Taobao!

>> No.9204078

The awareness is all the bracelet is for. I don't want to be anorexic, desu I have too much of an addiction to food to become anorexic. But, what I really suffer from is a mindless addiction. I eat too much; I eat without thinking; I eat because I'm bored; I eat because I "think" I feel hungry. The bracelet is just there to remind me not to over eat, to eat mindfully and not mindlessly.

But, I realize it is pretty negative. That's the part that has me sad is just how sad I feel with the extra weight. I don't like how my dresses look on me with that extra ten pounds, so I don't wear them. Instead I stare at my closet when I walk by and see that beautiful array of AP pastels, and I miss wearing them while feeling cute.

I lost control of myself and my body paid the price. It is just so disgusting how easily the weight came back and I feel disgusting for it.

Sorry for the blog post, I just need a safe and anonymous place to vent. I wish I had someone I could talk to about it.

>> No.9204501

You could always space out your food? If you snack a lot, go for healthy veggies to nibble on between meals and make your meal portions a bit smaller? That way even if you're eating healthy, you're not over eating.

>tfw I give good advice but can't follow it
The vending machines in the tech building are far too tempting and if I don't get candy bars now, the instructors will take them all.

>> No.9204843

Well, that's been my plan in retaking control. Portion controls, planned snacks, but luckily without any temptations. It has worked in the past and has worked so far. My problem is when I let go of the plan. That's what makes me sad about being a recovering fatty-chan, because no matter what your body always wants to recover that weight. Being fat really is like any other addiction: you cannot have more than one cheeseburger a month, if at all.

>> No.9204927

Thread is about to die but w/e

>New violin set goes up for reservation on Innocent World
>Perfect, I love music themed pieces\
>Reserve 2 different colors of socks, pic related
>Get the auto confirmation email, wait for them to invoice me
>Invoice never comes
>Check the site today
>Socks are on sale normally and one of the colors I ordered is sold out
>What the fuck IW

I'm pretty pissed. I just emailed them, so hopefully they get back to me soon. Makes me not want to order from their site anymore.

>> No.9204929
File: 13 KB, 345x437, 163905-m-01-dl[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dang, so mad I forgot my image

>> No.9204974
File: 30 KB, 288x257, ss+(2016-05-21+at+08.28.14).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw someone obviously has a vendetta against someone I really dislike
>tfw they probably think it's me constantly shitposting
It's cool that someone(s?) else sees how awful this person is, but I would not be surprised if she thinks it's me, which is embarrassing

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