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New feels thread.

>tfw you have a major fight with your SO and spend over $1000 immediately after

I'm the best at finding adult ways to cope with things. A-at least I'll have 4 new main pieces, right gulls?

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I buy lolita & otome clothes I'll never get to wear. I've become a collector because I'm not ready to leave.

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>dropping $1000 on nonsense
whatever makes you feel better, I guess

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Why are you even on this board?

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What was the fight about? $1000 is pretty drastic, if you told me that as a friend I'd be concerned unless you make high income anyway.

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Bitter poorfag detected.

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Fight was me trying to dump him for never talking to me. And before someone says something about not giving him space, he flew off to an entirely different part of the country unannounced and didn't contact me for days. I had been putting money aside for a few months to splurge on xmas stuff but I decided to spend it now to soothe my frustration.

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dump him desu

>tfw you want to get rid of the two bodyline dresses you own but don't want anyone to judge you

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I'm trying, but he's one of those ones that even though I have flat out said "I am not happy, I want to separate." he won't accept I'm breaking up with him.

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Send him one "I'm sorry, but it's over" text, and then cease contact. If you really are unhappy, you are the one who gets to say you've had enough.

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Guys are cowards. They don't want to do the dirty work of breaking up.

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>spent €150 on a blouse and two head accessories
>customs probably going to charge me another €50
>for stuff I keep telling myself I should be able to make myself for less that half that
a-at least they're versatile and I'll gets lot of wear out of them right

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I'm working up the courage to stop entirely, for now I don't have it in me but I have absolutely no intention of staying with him. I told him if he didn't talk about the communication issue with me I would dump him and he called me a twat and refused to discuss the actual problem, instead talking about how he's unhappy with his job.

I really don't think he wants to lose me, and I think he thinks I'll deal with his shit and I won't.

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OMG just say "It's not working out, it's over" and if he bothers you again afterwards say "We've broken up already, don't bother me anymore"

Some guys just don't understand until you say it to them straight, and then still don't understand afterwards, so you have to say it straight to them again and again until they go away.

Don't say "I want to separate", say "We are separating". Be final. If he can't accept it, walk away and do no-contact.

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That was only one of the phrasings, I also said "you don't get to keep me any more" and "I'm dumping you." He just won't get/accept it.

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Sounds like that's his problem. Stop talking to him and enjoy your new stuff when it arrives.

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sell em on ebay and overcharge stupid normies.

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I've read some horror stories about getting food poisoning during a con, and now I'm terrified that I'll get it.

I've gotta be super careful of what I eat at AWA.

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>tfw lonelita
>tfw bf doesnt understand brand prices
>tfw you will never have the courage to join comms because hikikomori garbage

on the flip side:
>tfw best friend genuinely likes the fashion and buys dream set for you
>tfw you get to be a dress-up doll with no strings attached
feels good gulls

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It's a general rule don't eat anything that you didn't open yourself and assume everyone but you already has Ebola and avoid them.

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block him, gull. if he persists, you can get a restraining order.

not a bad idea

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>check bank account
>more money in it than expected
>get that Joanne's coupon text

>working out and watching what I eat for a few months
>haven't lost any weight
>weight loss planners say I should hit my goal weight by Katsu
>mfw most of my cosplays that con have exposed midriff and I still have pudge

I've literally been going to the gym twice a day and eat less than 1200 cal why can't I lose weight????

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Well I got more than what I paid for my bodyline dresses on ebay. Real lolitas wouldn't have paid half of it. Just look what places like Hot Topic, Milanoo or other alt fashion shops charge for lace-monsters.

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My friend got a hotel omelette at Akaicon and spent the whole Saturday sick as a dog.

Shit, maybe I'll just eat crackers.

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Are you recording your measurements and not just your weight? if you are and you still aren't changing you might have inaccurate calorie information or a medical issue.

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Why don't you dress up with your nest friend? It's not quite joining a comm but it'll probably be more fun than going it alone.

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>eating hotel food

She knew the risks.

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Don't put up with his shit. Move on and take control of the situation. When they see you thrive without them, they'll come running back. It's the classic 'hunt down what they can't have'.

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why won't you ever get to wear them though?

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Cherish that friend and never let them go, anon. Sometimes one close friend can be better than a whole comm. With that said, you could probably ask your bff to go to meet with you if you're nervous.

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wait, are you non-PIV sex chan?

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I moved with my family to the middle of nowhere for work (think landscape Arizona & very hot), now everyone has left but I'm still here, just buying dresses to kill the boredom.

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>otome game got popular
>it's pretty fun and the characters are good, at least compared to some games
>people whining it doesn't have a bi/gay route, as in the player being male instead of female

Please leave this one otome game alone. There's more then enough bl for you to enjoy elsewhere.

>tfw there will never be an actual guy cosplaying these characters

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I'm out of the loop. What game is this?

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i'm thinking this is about mystic messenger

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>I have flat out said "I am not happy, I want to separate." he won't accept I'm breaking up with him.

What? I don't understand. Breaking up isn't a thing you both have to agree on. Just leave.

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he's not really into ouji or anything, but having his support is enough! it's nice having somebody to show my outfits to at least. he's the tomoyo to my sakura.

yeah! i think he taught me what friendship is all about. you don't find people like this very often. the idea of joining a comm is fun, and i'd really love to, but i should probably work on my social skills some more before meeting too many people.

>inb4 friend finds this post and realizes i'm a sap

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It's Mystic messenger. The developer seems open to suggestions so that's cool, but wanting to be able to play as a dude just kind of undermines the entire point of the genre it's in.

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I feel you anon.

>somehow got fucking LICE at last con I went to
>next con this weekend
>paranoid about catching it again from hotel pillows, head rests, stupid fucking people at con who won't stay home even though they have FUCKING LICE
>parasites are a real fear of mine
>thought lice was something only kids caught
>will probably never get over it

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>sell dress on lacemarket
>supposed to arrive today
>buyer messages me
>"Hey anon, you said this comes with a waist tie right? It wasn't in the package."

I'm mortified. I'm planning to drop it in the mail tomorrow but I'm so embarrassed.

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>be raging lesbian
>try to romance the fuck outta jaehee
>tfw friendzone route

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It's alright, anon, mistakes happen. It's good your buyer let you know what was wrong before they slapped you with a negative feedback, and the fact you're already on your way to fix it shows you're a responsible seller. Don't beat yourself up too much over it.

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I'm not sure if this is all that relevant, but I feel like I have to get it out

I really can't stop thinking about suicide. I'm sitting here and I was staring at the floor for a while and imagining it

I'm always thinking about dying, when I'm alone.
Nothing makes me feel better anymore. I have friends who tolerate me and go to cons with me, but I can't seem to enjoy it like I used to
I know that my misery is depressing my boyfriend. He looks so sad whenever he's around me.
My parents (I'm living with them during university ) keep telling me to stop feeling sorry for myself. They say that the stress they feel working and looking after my siblings is way more than the things I have to deal with, so what I feel is really not that valid.
So I really don't know what to do anymore.

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Get some help because that's not normal. Depression doesn't need a cause, at this stage the chemicals in your brain are probably in an imbalance given that you can't enjoy anything any more. Don't you have a counsellor that you can access through uni? Might be a helpful first step

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I'm not good at any of the fashions I enjoy or really much of anything for that matter.i always get compliments from Normie's about my sense of style but I'm starting to realize it's easy to look good to people who don't even try. I've always loved clothes and making outfits but I realize now that I've ever been good at it

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>having an SO

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You're not counting something right.
Double check your calorie math and portion sizes.
Eat more protein. It is possible you are losing fat and gaining muscle at a similar rate, but that means you are counting calories right.

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After not cosplaying (or making costumes at all) for about 8 years I'm trying to make stuff again. Its going so damn poorly. I know it'll take time but 17 year old me could do better and thats frustrating as hell. Debating just buying shit and giving up

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realistically you can only gain about 1lb of muscle a month. 2 if you're a dude.

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When you're at your worst, try your best to force yourself to be around people. Hang out with your siblings, friends, boyfriend, even your parents. I wouldn't talk to your parents about it every time you have suicidal thoughts, necessarily (doesn't seem like they are the most comforting pair), but I would just stay in the room. If there isn't anyone around, talk with someone on the phone or go to a chatroom.

I agree with >>9187059, they usually offer cheap or free counselling services provided by students at universities. I would call the health center there ASAP and ask them how to access that.

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Waiting for my buys to come in the mail is my reason for living yet also what's killing me.
>love having things on the way but the wait makes me so anxious
>love getting things in but then there's nothing to look forward to anymore

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>he's the tomoyo to my sakura.
So he's in love with you?

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love doesn't have to be romantic anon, despite the popular idea that a guy and a girl can't care about each other without fuckin'

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I'm a raging fujoshi but all I want is to make JaeHee's heart go dokidoki for me. I'd sooner have the lesbian route than anything else.

Oh shit anon same here! I got so excited when I started getting hearts for Jaehee! Zen's my back up though just in case.

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then anon shouldn't have used to tomoyo-sakura analogy because tomoyo is pretty fucking gay for sakura.

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i think anon just meant how they're best friends and tomoyo is all about dressing sakura up, but i'm not about to argue with you about chinese cartoon lesbian similes

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>buy dream dress two months ago
>commit to losing weight
>no boobloaf

it's still a little tight around the arm area, but it is nowhere near as deforming as it was before. feels good.

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>being this bitter

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Me and a few other guys are going to cosplay it,we have gfs so we have to swat away the thristy fujos

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>still gay
>still closeted
>rooming with straight dudes for upcoming con

Nervous as a hen in a foxhole.

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This. Doesn't matter whether he "accepts" it or not. Breakups aren't a mutual decision. He doesn't care that you're unhappy, so dump his ass and cease contact immediately afterwards.

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You're doing great! Keep it up.

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I'm having a very bad day /cgl/

>Mom is chronically ill, having a particularly bad time lately
>I woke up early this morning to her crying and being in a great amount of pain and unable to move at all
>Helped her out for a few hours but overall feeling pretty shaky right now
>Helped mom back in bed, decided to fuck around on Instagram to take my mind off of things for a while
>On the top of my feed in the 'suggested people to follow' box is a guy that I thought I blocked last year
>He and his girlfriend makes me wanna vomit, his girlfriend pushed me to nearly kill myself and he sent me on a massive guilt trip because I cut her out of my life afterwards
>I'd successfully gone on for 3 weeks without remembering that they exist
>Back to feeling like an anxious mess, thanks Instagram

Cosplay related:
>Been working on a costume that's been in progress for the last 3 or so years
>Really happy with how it's turning out, think it's one of my prettiest cosplays so far to date (And I've been doing this for 11 years now)
>Have asked the internet and friends for opinions on whether to do a or b on this costume a few times
>Always get ignored
>Paranoid as fuck that this costume is looking like shit and I'm being extremely delusional about it
>Motivation is slightly lower now than it was when I started working on it again two weeks ago

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>getting product made for AA
>go direct with manufacturer in china
>they keep making mistakes and fucking it up in general
>unhappy with final product but they manufactured it
>might be out $200 for this shit

I dont know if I should suck it up and get it shipped, abandon them and get at least $70 back for the shipping cost, or just keep bitching at these chinese people. My whole experience was really frustrating to be honest, never again with this company.

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Always cover your ass when dealing with china. like paypal chargeback, aliexpress dispute, threaten to leave 1 star review.

Pic related.

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It was a manufacturer a lot of people had good experience with, i didnt think it would turn out this way. I'm thinking of getting really snarky with them but after that I'm not sure. I'm just upset i'm going to end up with a bunch of product that I hate

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>Shopping for new ivory tights
>First time visiting this shop
>After some time I find the sock-section
>Find tights
>There's no ivory ones on the shelf
>Go through little more
>Find these gorgerous cotton ones with lace on the front and are ivory
>They're not in the package
>Try to find one's that are not open
>Can't find one
>After some searching I give up on my perfect tights
>I will cry myself to sleep tonight

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...is there a reason you couldn't have asked one of the salespeople about them? that's kind of part of their job

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I broke the cardinal sin gulls, I loaned lolita clothes to a friend, and it escalated.
She is really in a bad way financially so I thought I would lend her something for a meet cause she had to sell stuff and I didn't want her to miss out on fun.

nek minit.
>start organising a meet
>"Oh anon that sounds like so much fun! I would need something to wear of course"
>have an organising mini meet for those coming
>Her "has anyone started to plan coords"
>me "nah not yet"
>her "just lay out 3 coords for me and I will pick"

Fast forward to tonight (meet is tomorrow)
>"Oh I have an extra coming but she also has nothing to wear,
>non lolita friend who I have never met.
>"Also I can't get to your house."

I feel like she has become entitled to me wardrobe. Should I feel this way? Opinions?

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>tfw Taobao order has been "pending customs inspection" for three days

I got my order shipped for free so I can't complain but this is the first time I've had a package go through an unspecified customs area (usually it says New York or something) and be pending inspection for this long. 99% of the time it's in and out of New York's customs in a few hours.
Should've known it was too good to be true when it got to America from Hong Kong in two days.

>> No.9187424

>implying your gfs won't want in on their own personal fujoshit fantasies
It's like the story another anon posted of him and a bro playing Twister with two girls and complaining how fast the girls lost leaving them to keep playing and end up reverse cowgirling each other. All women have a bit of fujo in them.

>> No.9187428

your feelings are valid. you were generous enough to help her, and she's abusing it. honestly, let her know that her behavior is not cool. our clothes matter a lot to us, and it takes a lot of trust to let a friend wear them, let alone a friend of a friend.

>> No.9187430

You'll be alright, anon. Odds are you won't be able to stand them by the second night. Always happens with con roomies.

>be lesbian
>coed rooms
>rules about "everyone is an adult, if you can't stand the idea of someone undressing in front of you, don't room here"
>have shared moments with attractive girls stripping down right in front of me for costume changes
>didn't feel a damn thing
>all I could think about was how obnoxious one was for strewing her shit across the hotel room
>another one liked to come in mildly drunk and very loud at 2am
>third one hogged bed with her boyfriend and obnoxiously giggled every night like they were doing something scandalous just sharing the bed

Believe me, nothing kills attraction faster than sharing a room with someone. You'll be fine unless you wake up with one of them spooning you.

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Sorry to hear about your mom anon but if you're looking for a confidence booster, get the Saiko+ app. It's full of weebs and even my store bought costumes got me 200+ followers my first week using it and I always get a ton of comments on each photo and not a single one is skimpy either like you'd have to resort to on other social platforms.
It is full of the worst weebs and some pervs though so be warned but it's one hell of a confidence booster to suddenly be "popular" when you don't get many replies on other places like Insta or Tumblr.

>> No.9187435

The only ones I saw was on the cashiers with lines

>> No.9187438

I would've taken it to a salesperson and explained the issue. I found something I liked in a store before that was out of the packaging and there wasn't another one there so I brought along a similar item (same thing but a different color) to the register and explained the issue and the woman was nice enough to just charge me the price of the similar item.

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>tfw I put off sewing my cosplay too long because of chronic pain & I was supposed to marathon the whole thing tonight now that Im not in severe pain but I'm sick with codeine withdrawals
I'm dying inside
Spoiler tags don't work

>> No.9187455

so gather up your item(s), get in the line, and ask when it's your turn?
>how does shopping work

>> No.9187462

There's a local store that sells nice lace tights and other accessories sometimes but it's an understaffed shitshow, so if you can't find the product your want in your preferred color and size yourself you are shit outta luck. Usually the only salesperson around is the cashier, and they don't have time to do anything but ring you up. So when I find some really nice tights that are perfect except for being three sizes too large for me? Haha, tough shit. Maybe come back later.

>> No.9187471

Thank you so much for the tip anon!! Just signed up for it, hopefully I can get the feedback I want on there.

>> No.9187495


Nah, it was an enamel pin manufacturer.

It was semi my fault but I'm still very frustrated. They kept making weird adjustments to the proofs they'd send me, and I kept having to correct them. We emailed back and forth a dozen times about these proofs and random edits they did to it. I got one sample pin done and they sent a photo, I adjust two colors on it (blue and orange.) i send them a proof back of what I want them to do, they send me their proof back and I think all is fine and dandy.

Well they go to production and I notice something is off... They changed the orange and blue OK, but they had randomly switched one of the pinks that was fine in the last sample pin I did. I go and check and low and behold they randomly fucking changed it in the last proof they sent me. And because I approved it, probably wont be able to get anything out of it.
It went unnoticed to me since I was so focused on the colors we were adjusting, not some random thing they decided to do... Lesson learned I guess
> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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>have trip to Glorious Nippon planned with boyfriend, boyfriend's sister (Alice) and her boyfriend (Bob)
>Alice speaks fluent Japanese and has been there many times so she would be the one doing much of the planning, which she says she enjoys, and guiding us around
>been saving up for over a year for that glorious burando shopping
>bf proposes to me (yay)
>Bob proposes to Alice literally a week later (yay?)
>fiancé and I are planning on keeping our wedding small and low-key, but Alice&Bob are going for a really OTT event
>they schedule it the weekend before our planned Japan trip
>okay cool but won’t that be stressful so close together?
>“uh well the Japan trip is going to be our honeymoon now and we want it to be just the both of us so you can’t come lol sry”

>> No.9187504

Yah she's taking it way too far. At this point its safer to back out. Just say you have a lot of fragile peices and dont really feel comfortable lending them out after all. This just seems like a horror story waiting to happen.

>> No.9187506

Wait, without telling you two first? That's kinda rude. What are you going to do about it?

>> No.9187510

Hope so as well! Post again after a day or two and tell us how it went!

>> No.9187511

this feel I know. I am sorry you're going through this, and a little relieved I'm not the only one.

>> No.9187513

I've been having the same dilemma as the other anon but never thought to go the ebay route, you have just saved my butt from potentially having to repost the same old bodyline stuff for months on end. (may you find all your dream dresses at good prices)

>> No.9187516

..does she seriously think her saying it's THEIR trip now is going to ban you from going? You and your fiance go and have a great time because from what I heard on /trv/ you actually don't need to speak much Japanese in the more traveled areas like Tokyo. Just basic phrases like "How much?" and "I'd like one/two/etc please" and just point. They also have google translate to speak for you now if you absolutely need it.
Honestly, don't let them ruin your trip. They're more than a bit dickish if they think they can just exclude you from a trip you've been planning for a year.

>> No.9187517

>tfw get new thing in the mail
>unpack carefully and take in every detail
>maybe try it on and check self out
>carefully take off, hang up, and store away

and then back to busting my ass to get through school

christ, what a dick move. go anyway, on your own getaway. you don't need alice.

>> No.9187528

Listen to >>9187516. I was just in Japan recently and even though I know a bit of Japanese, everyone I met (in shops and restaurants as well as privately) preferred to practice their english with me so the only thing I ever said was "kore", "hai/iie" and things like "totemo kawaii/kireii desu" (ngl it was fun being a nonironic weaboo for a while).

Your friend sounds like a cunt, but don't let it ruin your trip. If you're at a loss of what to do now that you don't have a guide anymore, check out Japan-guide for inspiration on where to go and what to do, or ask /trv/, they were very helpful when I was planning my solo trip.

>> No.9187557

>changing the plans without even telling you

Looks like you have a Bridezilla in the making.

>> No.9187584

Reckon this might work for some plus size ita F +F dresses?

>> No.9187593

>*TL Note: Ewww

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This was me during the height of my depression. I hope things get better for you anon. If you havent already I definitely recommend seeking professional help. I talked to my doctor and got medications, was on them for 2 years, and I am currently trying to come off of them since I feel my mental health has gotten better and stabilized.
If at first your meds dont work out, consider trying various types with your doctor. Its like birthcontrol where not one size fits all.
Ganbatte kudasai

>> No.9187623

>enrolled in college, live on campus
>all mail goes through package center and you need to wait until the college sends you an email to pick it up
>been waiting on a taobao package for a while because it's heavy and I chose SAL to save money
>get USPS tracking text updates
>get text that says delivered
>no email yet and its been a day

>> No.9187624

...kinda feels like they're trying to 1-up you ie. MY WEDDING IS BETTER THAN YOURS kinda thing

>> No.9187626

>it's been a day

I hope you realize how many packages they must have to go through. A day shouldn't concern you.

>> No.9187677

>weather is finally getting cooler and can wear cute clothes
>arthritis starts acting up because of colder temps
>in too much pain to wear lolita 90% of the time.

I just want to be comfortable/not sweaty and kawaii at the same time. why must one season be too hot and the other cause joint pain? Not fair.

>> No.9187687

Are you on anything for your arthritis? It sounds like you need to speak to a doctor about pain management.

>> No.9187782

sorry if unrelated but Idk where else to go with this

>dating bf for 1.5 year
>photographer, likes doing lolita shoots with me
>Increases his portfolio, I have cute pics, win/win
>my bf has chick friend, known her since they were 12
>has had a problem with me & been competitive since day one
>I just wanted to be friends with his friends
>in the beginning of relationship, bf comments "my new girlfriend is in this lolita fashion"
>chick friend: "Oh I know what that is! I totally had that phase like a year ago, so yesterday lol"
>both bf and I very interested and surprised to hear this
>"Oh wow, were you part of the ____ comm? What brands and style do you like?"
>She has vague answers, mentions retro 50's style
>This bitch has no idea what lolita fashion is
>Why are you lying right now
>I could have had someone to talk about lolita with
>Later continues to try and one up me
>I just got of yoga class, well she just got done running a 5k, I just styled a wig on instagram, well I do hair for a living, etc
>He stops hanging out with her bc she won't stop trashing me when I'm not around
>Fewmonths ago, she pops out of nowhere, starts asking for him to do photos for her
>"Whatever it's business I don't really want to" >ok bf
>out of nowhere he's walking home yesterday, she see's him, gives him ride home,
>"oh are you still dating anon? well then we can't hang out but let me know when that's over and we can be friends again"
>feel 2% bad for "ruining their friendship" but what kind of friend does that
>feeling threatened bc this bitch was bff with my bf's ex
>as soon as they broke up, chick friend moved into the space of the ex but they were "just friends"
>sleeping at his house and leaving clothes on the floor but "they never did anything"
>3 years later I step into the picture and "she can't hang out with him anymore"
>thinking of going out of state for college and worried she's going to move into that empty space I leave if I go as the "sympathetic friend"

>> No.9187793

She sounds the crazy type to dye her hair and cut it to match yours and start dressing like you just to be superior to you and then steal your man.
Like not even kidding, she sounds 100% batshit crazy, anon.

>> No.9187821

I didn't think about it like that. Maybe I'll make /cgl./ hall of fame horror stories eventually.

I feel stupid being insecure about her, but it's like watching a vulture circle above your life, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Bf is supportive and cut her out quick, which I appreciate.

>> No.9187833

Not currently. I lost my insurance after getting laid off and haven't been able to get another job since then. I'm working on getting state insurance but it's a slow, shitty process.

>> No.9187846

I'm assuming you're in the US, the state/federal aid is garbage from what I've experienced and seen my friends go through.

>> No.9187870

I've heard the same but it's better than nothing/not being able to get in to see a doctor at all.

>> No.9187881

hahaha no u won't

>> No.9187912

Where is your arthritis anon? I have it in my knees and to an extent my ankles and fingers and find those compression/support things help quite a lot. You can get them fairly cheap and they are a one off payment unlike medication. Maybe you could try those if you haven't already?

>> No.9187926

Knees, ankles, wrists/hands/fingers, hips and shoulders -- sometimes it goes into my elbows as well. DESU I don't have joints that DON'T hurt most of the time. Plus some joint instability issues.

I've found that braces for extra support and just keeping the joints themselves warm helps but there's not much I can do for the hips. I'll look into compression stuff for my hands and knees though, thank you.

>> No.9187934
File: 88 KB, 310x464, brb killing myslef.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to avoid spoilers for a bunch of video games that were just released
>using an app on firefox to block websites where there is definitely going to be spoilers about Persona 5 and Ace Attorney 6, among other things
>stays on twitter because I follow people who don't post spoilers
>I make the mistake of following someone who literally talks in great details about the latest episode of Dangan Ronpa 3, even though she barely talked about it before
>and on top of youtube tries to recommend me the last video of a full let's play of the latest Ace Attorney that I barely started some days ago.
>mfw when
It's almost a good thing I dislike the second game so much I never finished it but damn, I'm so salty about it. I really miss playing things and discovering everything little by little instead of reading all the details about a game to make sure it's worth the price or because I don't have the right consoles.

Good feels now:
>because of college I can't see many of my friends on a regular basis this year, but we're planning to go to a con together, once everyone moves back to the city
>I'm getting more and more interested in makeup and since my mother was always so desperate to see that I was a slob because acne fucked me up as a teen, she bought me some stuff to start with

>> No.9187935

Oh that sucks, i'm not looking forward to mine spreading. I started getting it at 18 despite being healthy, so i don't doubt that it'll spread as i get older. Sorry you have to deal with that.

I'm not sure what stuff exists for anything other than knee/ankle, but if the compression helps at all i wonder if they do it for elsewhere. If that doesn't exist maybe tight compression-wear like you get for sports or shapewear would help, just because it adds more pressure than normal clothing does.

>> No.9187942

Unfortunately, that's pretty likely. I know that they make compression gloves for people with arthritis, my grandmother bought me a pair awhile ago but they were really uncomfortable (i think she bought me too small of a side). Hopefully yours doesn't get too bad if you catch it early and get good treatment, you'll probably be better off than me.

>> No.9187962
File: 181 KB, 700x720, 1464611885661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw find out college has a cosplay club

I want to go, but I'm nervous and feel worried about the people there. The one friend I wanted to go with can't go on the day they meet. M-Maybe next time?

>> No.9187990
File: 41 KB, 640x308, hell_yeah_motherfucker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>months back ordered wigs on Arda for a con
>one of them moved to backorder after placing my order, got 15% off for the trouble
>ended up returning the one wig and matching bun because the con had passed and I had gotten another wig
> $50 store credit
>buy huge haul for 4 cosplays at about $200
> $50 credit + 15% off + free shipping over $99 = only $100 for all of it

>> No.9187994

Don't worry, everyone else there is probably just as shy and spergy as you.

Unless that's exactly what you're worried about.

>> No.9187997

fuck yeah anon get those thick ass wigs

I feel like it will be really good or really bad. I hope you get a chance to check it out!

skincare and makeup thread would probably be more than happy to help, archives help too! Ask me if you have any questions (this is a makeup safe space lol) and good luck!

>> No.9188040

Holy fucking shit,I know how you feel. I fucking hacked my 3ds so I could be able to play games before I get spoiled on them bu other people on the internet. I'm glad I did becuase right after I beat kirby planet Robobot back in may, soneone had a video of the "SUPER SECRET LAST BOSS" and would have spoiled me if not for playing it.

>> No.9188172


I very tactfully declined lending her friend things, but said her friend could come anyways. Got a message this morning in the group chat basically saying that she isn't coming anymore because her friend has nothing to wear. We've been organising this for a month, organsised the date around her, organised a car for the numbers cause there is a road trip involved. And she is blubbering about how "I don't want my friend to feel left out".

Yeah I think I will tell her to piss off next time there is something on. I really don't mind lending things out, but people are normally more respectful FFS.

Thanks for the advice anons, glad I am not reading too far into this. Will post if there is any good drama that comes of this situation.

>> No.9188178
File: 393 KB, 442x596, aborted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Batman Day at local comic shop tomorrow
>want to stop by in Nightwing cosplay
>too depressed to leave the house

My brain has fucked me again.

>> No.9188180

>tfw depression kicked in hard and I bought so many new lolita items
>both disgusted with myself and happy thinking of my new dresses
>found my ultimate dream dress and bought it
>its only been a day but im paranoid because they havent invoiced my yet

Im just lucky my bf is supportive and both chided me for my buying (dont worry its all my own money) and let me know itll be ok.

Then we made one more bad decision for the night and bought him a figure. We call it the day of regret.

>> No.9188229

Your friend sucks

It would've been cool if you had someone fluent along, but you can get by and have a great time without her, I really want you to do regardless just to stick it to her

>> No.9188241

aw. hope things look up for you soon.

>> No.9188256

Go anyway. I speak no Japanese aside from telling people I can't speak Japanese and saying excuse me, thank you, but stuck to big cities and was totally fine.

>> No.9188261


Or pick out the most ita crap for her to wear kek

>> No.9188274

Tru but wtf is up with op's man for not putting his foot down?

>> No.9188278

Why do men keep these psycho bitches around? I've heard too many stories like this, about a weirdly clingy childhood friends that hate any girl the guy is with and does shit like this but don't even actually want to date him.

>> No.9188279
File: 1.90 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw the one store I can use an employee discount at has finally put out their halloween stuff.

Also not really related to me but I found out my MIL is working 12 hour days every day doing manual labor. I think it's fucked up that her boss expects a 60+ year old woman to work 12 hours shifts every day for 5+ days a week.

>> No.9188284

Psycho alert

>> No.9188285

I wish I had the answers, my ex had the same problem, girl was so obviously trying to one up me but he kept her around and even made me the bad guy if I ever mentioned not liking her being around all the time. She would make remarks about how not normal I was for wearing lolita and then my bf was suddenly to embarrassed to be with me if i was wearing lolita. She even managed to be there only girl invited to a friend bachelor party, I told my ex that was a horrible idea, got told I was being a bitch, low and behold it was a horrible time and she cheated on her guy with married friend and tried for my ex who apparently had to take care of her drunk

>> No.9188296

I just got a new doctor and went for a non-depression related thing but she was so nice about asking how I was doing and said to come back any time if I wanted her to hook me up with a therapist or try medication again. I have to go back in a month anyway and figure I should give it a shot.

>> No.9188298

I'd guess that if these men have known said girl a long time, she's like a sister to him. And people tend to take the side of their family.

>> No.9188304

Yeah, wasn't her mom pretty gay for her too?

>> No.9188306

Tomoyo's mom was gay for Sakura's mom.

>> No.9188310

Yeah yeah, I just realized how badly I worded that. Thanks!

>rereading CCS
>elementary student-teacher relationship
>Thought it was romantic as a child but now it's kinda creepy

It's amazing what gets pass the radar when you're a child

>> No.9188312

Rika and her sensei's love was pure!

>> No.9188315
File: 63 KB, 494x510, 1390273915695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a real shoplifting problem. Like if given the opportunity and something catches my eye, I dive straight in. I've been doing it so much lately, and it's difficult to control.
Just today my haul totaled over $600, and while I'm happy, I also feel weird. I don't feel guilt or anything, but I can't explain it.
I work retail and I love my store, never taken anything from it. And our store has really low security imho. If I was a buyer I'd get away with so much. And just seeing some customers genuinely love the products and then buying it sincerely, even if they look like they're working a low-wage job, astounds me.

I don't know what to feel or if I'm asking for help, I guess I'm just feeling a feel.

>> No.9188320

You know people get fired when you do that shit right?

>> No.9188322

>doesn't remember this
>CCS Wikia's it
>"Rika aged 10 receives a ring from her teacher who says he hopes one day it'll become a wedding ring"

...I'm not sure how I feel about this anymore but I can't fault CCS for being one of the first series I remember that had malexmale, femalexfemale, as well as malexfemale relationships either canon or heavily implied as being a possibility.

>> No.9188324

They also had adult x adult in a kid's body too.

>> No.9188329

Yeah on a similar note I remember everyone being into Loveless when I was in middle school and now it seems pretty damn awkward with the age gap between the two protagonists.

>> No.9188331
File: 154 KB, 1920x1080, 6Njzlgx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've come such a long way since the magical girl series of that time to the magical series now like Mawaru Penguindrum where the student in this is in love with her teacher and every night crawled under his house to sleep in the dirt next to his futon.

>> No.9188333

Oh man, Loveless. When I started watching that the anime hadn't even ended so I never figured out what happened and eventually stopped caring. The whole plot of it was really odd aside from the big age gap and the whole "hehe if you're a cat then you're a virgin"

>> No.9188335

Why does he have an erection?

>> No.9188344

Where were you? When I was in Japan not a damn person tried to "practice English" with me the two months I was there except maybe like twice when I was trying to decipher a train map. I was in Tokyo the entire time.

>> No.9188345
File: 879 KB, 245x230, 1473021080252.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>navel area

>> No.9188348

Are you me, anon? I wanted to put off playing AA6 until my thesis was done but I almost got spoilered for shit twice so I guess I'm taking the weekend off writing now and playing it early. Have no idea how I'm going to avoid P5 spoilers until February though, thanks Atlus.

>> No.9188355
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1-168833-0-0-1_original_400sq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like Kawaii Goods, but everyone here thinks her clothes are ugly. I just want to wear Kawaii Goods clothes. Should I just not care what people think and wear what I want?

>> No.9188357

>bought a bunch of clothes from thredup (american secondhand clothes webshop)
>smells like they've been sitting in a mildewy basement for half a year

Now I don't feel as bad about spending extra money on new clothing or buying secondhand from rakuten.

>> No.9188358

Yes, wear it, now fuck the fuck off and stop talking about it
new rules, hide KG posters, do not reply to KG posters

>> No.9188363

What the fuck. I really hate when I help a friend out with something and they then volunteer my shit to someone I don't even know.

You are totally right to feel that way. One way I get out of these situations is to explain that I don't know the third person, if something goes wrong and my stuff gets damaged or doesn't get returned would my friend pay for it? You can phrase it however you want, bottom line you want them to know that you don't feel comfortable being an open closet for every occasion and person.

>> No.9188373

>tfw you can dress up for halloween at work
>co-worker is tiny makeup loving gay dude that would be the perfect size for ouji
>know I need to control myself and not tell him that I have a fancy outfit he could wear because it'd probably end horribly

>> No.9188376

One of my good friends who is practically a little sister at this point has the perfect face for cosplay, she nails what ever character she picks.



she does this stupid ass face in almost all of her photos that aren't happy smiles. It's this slighly apart lip thing. It's so unflattering.

I would tell her, but she's only recently built up enough self confidence to do different poses. When ever I take her picture I try to direct her away from doing it, but she does a lot of photoshoots where I'm not there. It bother's me so much.

Hopefully soon she'll reach a point where I can point this out to her without her getting too hurt. But until then I'll just grin and bear it.

>> No.9188392

I want to strangle one of the girls in my comm. The usual night before the meet post of everyone who has asking to bring them ended today with a woman trying to guilt her way past the no kids policy by telling everyone her kid is paraplegic and she can't leave the house without him and can't go to any meets that aren't child friendly. If we let one kid come, everyone else is going to bring their babies and there will eventually be more children than lolitas because no one knows how to use a fucking condom in this comm.

>> No.9188394

*has a kid asking to bring them along.

Sorry, I'm pretty mad at someone attempting to manipulate me.

>> No.9188399

Tell her to host her own meets that are child friendly, you don't have to cater to her.

>> No.9188409

I did and she won't host her own meet because she said she's too new. I set up a child friendly meet last month and I'm not sure anyone attended. (I ended up too sick to go)

>> No.9188410

That's bullshit. Can she not get a carer for a few hours to look after the kid? I mean I know a disability can be scary for an inexperienced babysitter, but there are trained carers out there. Disability is not a reason to bring your crotchfruit everywhere with you and there's no such thing as too new to organise a meet, the first one I went to I organised aged 19.

>> No.9188412

The dick is pointing up.

>> No.9188413

Why are girls so fucking sensitive?

>> No.9188417

I mean, I know of one or two guys who I could put in a similar situation. Some people just don't being criticized or don't know how to take it. I'm pretty sure it's not a gender neutral thing.

>> No.9188448
File: 209 KB, 1440x632, 2016-09-16 22.38.36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bitch. This is in a completely different comments thread about carpooling. I'm wondering if she even realizes how annoying that is or if she's doing it on purpose.

>> No.9188449

Which calorie counter are you using? I found out the one on myfitnesspal to be shit. The one on IIFYM was way more accurate for me. I used the one on MFP and recorded my food religiously. It had suggested I eat around 1100 calories and get only ~40g protein. I ended up GAINING weight, and it was mostly, if not all, fat. I stopped counting calories and macros for a few months, and the weight just came off instantly. I exercised the same amount as I did when I was counting calories.

I started counting again out of curiosity, and I was eating closer to 2000 calories. Sometimes 2500 calories or more. I just looked at the IIFYM site, and it said I should be having about 2070 calories and 73g of protein per day.

So... try increasing your calories and protein intake. ALSO, drink enough water and rest! Look it up on IIFYM if you're curious about your caloric intake. I don't know if you should be eating as much as me, but if you're exercising twice a day, you probably should be. I maintain about 100~104lbs body weight with this amount of calories. I can't remember how much I was when I was counting before, but I think it was at least 108lbs, possibly 112 or even 115lbs.

>> No.9188455
File: 52 KB, 640x800, no-matter-how-fast-i-run-i-cannot-run-away-from-the-pain-sonic-costume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been attempting to film myself in full makeup and cosplay
I feel like I look good in the mirror and even photos but..
I look so terrible while recording.
I feel so much uglier.

Any tips on what to do it there some kind of pro shadow or light deflector I have a soft box.

>> No.9188470

Make sure you're recording from a flattering angle and have a good amount of depth. You might look potato because you're going too flat on or too close. Look up selfie perspective to get an idea.

>> No.9188472

Fucking CC EMS prices.
No, I don't want to spend $60 to post an $85 item.
>tfw I checked and even posting an item under 100 grams costs 2000 yen.

>> No.9188475

Thank you anon

>> No.9188493

Go and have a good time. It might even be a good idea to go around the same time they'll be there so if you find yourself in trouble you can ask them for help, but you probably won't need any help. If you stay in the touristy areas of Tokyo together you'll be fine. There's a lot of English on the signs and some people do speak English. Ask /trv/ for help since a lot of people use that and will help you.

I live in Japan and occasionally take weekend trips to Tokyo to shop and see concerts. It's easy. Oh, and talk to your phone provider for temporary international data. Having GPS on your phone will be a life-saver.

>> No.9188497

>just got ass-ravaged by 3k yen shipping on an IW OP
Did you buy a coat, anon? Mine is pretty awful already but 6k for a single item!? Jesus Christ.

>> No.9188516

I was going to buy a coat, but my wallet said fuck that when it saw the shipping. it's only 5200 yen but in my country that is $62. Plus there is a high likelihood the coat will be a few cm too small.
think I'll go back tomorrow and get the coat and a few cheap skirts and some other nick nack shit to justify the shipping.

>> No.9188528

> finally getting life on track
> going back to school
> have a good job
> boyfriend of almost five years is best ever
> starting up cosplay for local con and friends confirm they can come and help pay for hotel and con for room share

> period is so bad i go to the hospital
> get ultrasounds, pelvic exams the works
"We don't know what's happening."
> go through several different birth controls
> still bleeding, still bad pain and clots
> go to four obgyns who kept telling me to take more pills

> go to obgyn and tell story
> gets another pelvic exam/ultrasound
"Something is seriously wrong, lets do this:"

> getting dnc in october
> hysterectomy planned for december/january

So many good and bad things at once, I just want to have good ends.

>> No.9188530

I was all over the place between Tokyo and Fukuoka for 5 weeks, so that's strange to hear.
I recall 2 times throughout the whole trip where I ran into some big problems, asked whoever was there to help "eigo o dekimasuka?", got a no response and had to use sign language instead as it went deeper than my language skills. Besides that, most small talk was in english throughout my whole stay there.

Did you travel alone? I did, and I figured they happily approached me and spoke english to me cause I looked lonely, but who knows.

>> No.9188533

you are costing people their jobs. get help or get caught.

>> No.9188748

Thanks! I already started lurking these threads and posted something in the skincare thread some days ago. I feel dumb because I never thought about using them for years for some reason.

I don't dare doing anything to my 3DS so I'm stuck playing PAL games and waiting for a confirmation of Dai Gyakuten Saiban and such obscure shit being released in the West. I wanted to wait until I got more money to buy AA6 but I nearly got spoiled about something big on twitter so I started earlier than planned. At least I got the free DLC, and I'm at the beginning of case 2. Atlus is so bad with the Western gamers that I decided to read spoilers about SMT4 Apocalypse since SMT games have a hard time being released in Europe, too, now that it has been confirmed for Europe, I really regret it.

>> No.9188750

Be lucky anon,at least you get a physical copy of rhythm heaven Megamix.
I'm still angry NOA fucked the US over like that.

>> No.9188797
File: 77 KB, 360x420, meta-daydreaming-gold-fish-jsk-2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>missed out in buying the full set for pic related
>not even sure if it'll fit since I'm fucking tall

I have a mighty need to buy the full set.

>> No.9188825

i really to have a cosplay SO, someone I could do cute couple cosplays with. I'm very picky about who I date so ive been asked out a bunch of times, but rejected all of them.

I just feel like most cosplayers that ask me out only care for the fact I'm attractive instead of my actual hobbies, which aren't as attractive since I only really like kid anime.

>> No.9188841

Honestly I'm in the same exact boat. I don't really know what to do about it though

>> No.9188851

Oh you're going and your going to tell us all about it. Imagine the story fodder anon, imagine

>> No.9188931

>go cycling this morning
>middle of nowhere between towns
>see something in bike path
>shape wiggling
>dodge small raccoon dragging itself with one front leg toward grass

I was so shocked and sad. It didn't make any noise or look upset as I rode around it, and I didn't know what to do.

>> No.9188980

Poor thing but there was really nothing you could do.

>> No.9188997

Yeah, I didn't know about it until recently. But there's no physical copies of SMT IV in Europe and it's one of my favorite games, and other 3DS games of the franchise are overpriced as fuck in Europe so I guess we're both unlucky. We should cry on each other's shoulders.

>> No.9189003

I'll go buy a physical copy of SMT4 for a physical copy of RH desu.

>> No.9189049
File: 111 KB, 540x292, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw bad dreams about forgetting money/cosplay/tickets for a con next week
>so stressed that i've had everything packed for a month
>still paranoid i'll forget something important

>> No.9189377

I'm totally gaybones for a local cosplayer and lolita who I barely know and who is very much not single and most likely straight. Release me from this weird hell.

>> No.9189383

>Local con just announced final year
>Only chance I get to meet some old friends anymore.
>Aware of more and more of my old friends going away.
>Disconnected from life by work.
>Is this what the death of youth and the slow lingering smoulder of adulthood feels like?

>> No.9189400

>tfw dream dress seller still hasnt sent me any message or invoice.
>sent her a message yesterday
>its still unread

This isnt good for my anxiety, but its only been a couple days.

>> No.9189402

>be brolita
>seeing a dude, seems really sweet, considering getting serious with him
>brings up lolita as a hobby on our most recent date
>pretty good litmus test
>he seems ok with it, sweet!
>"cool, can you show me some pictures of you"
>shows him coord shot
>"man that is so hot, you have no idea how turned on I am right now"
>asks what I think about getting fucked in lolita

Usually people get weirded out or are indifferent when I tell them I wear lolita, I am not equipped to deal with this.

>> No.9189403

>Decide today is a nice enough day to spend some quality time with my mom since during the week we're normally busy with school or work respectively
>We go out for a lovely breakfast and decide to hit up the art museum afterwards
>Aw heck yes, I've always wanted to go to a museum in lolita (casual as fuck since it's hot as sin out, but still pumped)
>I'm looking at some really fucking amazing work by Franz Xaver Winterhalter when she suddenly grabs me by the arm and hurries into the next exhibit
>I'm freaked out and ask her what's wrong
>She "whispers" (more like hushed yelling) to me "Those Chinese people were making me nervous, I had to get us out of there. I just can't trust those people."
I swear to god, she's never done or said anything like this. It caught me so fucking off guard. I thank christ that those poor people didn't hear.

>> No.9189420

Tell him you're not comfortable with it, then. Tell him what the fashion means to you, that it's not a sexual thing etc., see how he reacts to that and decide what to do after that. Just be honest with him, anon.

>> No.9189447
File: 10 KB, 119x72, ispentallofmymoneyonclothes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9189450

Why can't you be an adult and manage money?

>> No.9189478

>at family dinner
>mother is going back to college
>mother is going on about how she's got so many scholarships for college
>she's been accepted into honor society
>in line to be accepted to two more
>I'm in my first semester of college
>got that pity grant money
>making all A''s
>"that's nice anon but did you know your mother got another award? It's so inspiring considering how long she's been out of school!"
>I've been out of school nearly 10 years
>only get asked if I've made friends yet
>disappointed looks
>"Well why not? Why aren't you making friends?"
>no one cares that I'm making good grades or struggling to keep up or desperately lonely
>well you're young and an average student and friendless, anon. Your mother got another achievement/scholarship! We're so proud!!
>drown my lonely feels with new popular dating game
>only talk on the phone to Korean characters
>only get texts from characters or mother telling me about her latest accomplishmen's
>sit by myself on campus playing dating game
>spend spare money on jfashion hoping it'll get me more online people to talk to
>going to spend grant money on wardrobe
>know it won't make me happy
>will be even unhappier if I cancel the wardrobe order entirely
>not sure how to be happy
>quietly retreat back into dating he'll abyss

>> No.9189525

Hey now, I'm not that anon, but I've been there. Sometimes your budget is so fucking tight, you waiting for your paycheck to come through with not even enough money for a cup of coffee.

>> No.9189528

want to talk about it?
literal throwaway email included. It'll be invalid after today.

>> No.9189532

I had something similar to this happen once.
>going to thrift shops with a friend to hunt down some mori stuff
>walking between stores, we pass a homelets black dude just sitting on the sidewalk
>the second she sees him, she clutches my arm in a death grip until we've passed
>whispers "sorry, anon, this sounds awful, but I was just scared. It's just...them"
>I tell her most homeless people aren't malicious but I understand if she's not used to seeing that kind of thing
>"no, anon...not the homeless part"
>cue internal screaming

I couldnt help but notice her shy away from black people from then on out, even at meets jfashion, which was awkward for me.

>> No.9189562

so why did she blow that money on clothes?

>> No.9189568

This. If you want to spend your money irresponsibly and just barely get by then own it, if it makes you happy. Don't complain about it, if you feel bad about it afterwards you probably shouldn't have done it.

>> No.9189571

Don't be friends with racists; it reflects poorly on you

>> No.9189574

Did a black person do something horrible to her once? Did she live most of her life in complete isolation from black people and was told ridiculously horrible things about them?

It's not okay for her to act like that, but that level of fear is really abnormal.

>> No.9189585

Welp, thank god for instant ramen! Right anon?

>> No.9189588

>that level of fear is really abnormal

Sadly, it's really not. Especially in the more white areas

>> No.9189593

Because my dream dress came up on auction.
I actually have enough food stockpiled to last me about a month. I will survive.
Plus I can always dip in to my savings in an emergency.

>> No.9189595

Why do you not have more saved for emergencies?

>> No.9189599

I don't mean it as in uncommon, more like "concerning".

I was just asking if her background was as I thought it was. It doesn't sound like she hates black people, she's not spitting on them or going around saying their trash or anything, as far as I can tell. It just sound like she's inordinately scared for her safely, likely because like I said she was probably fairly isolated from blacks and had some kind of shitty upbringing where she was taught to fear them.

Have you tried talking to her about this? She might just need a push to realize the way she's thinking and feeling about it is wrong and take steps to fix it. If she refuses or reacts angrily then she's probably actually a shitty person and you should cut her off. Silently judging her for it will help no one.

>> No.9189609

My savings is for actual emergencies, I put most of my money in there but I don't count it as "real" money because if I did I'd be afraid I will spend it all. Just gotta wait for that pay check now.
Plus living with very little available money teaches me that there are consequences to blowing all of it on clothes.

>> No.9189613

So stop whining

>> No.9189618

Ah, I do the same thing as you, anon. I put most of my money into savings or an account specifically for taxes. I basically pretend those accounts don't exist.

>> No.9189620

If you hadn't noticed, this thread is for whining.

>> No.9189629

Bf is currently away. Playing otome games. They are making my heart doki doki more than my bf has. What is my life.

>> No.9189630

I feel the same way anon :(

Have you tried Mystic Messenger? Thats the game im really in love with right now.

>> No.9189631

This feel though

>> No.9189637

>not dumping your boyfriend to start a serious relationship with your 2d husbando
What a pleb

>> No.9189656

Aw thanks for the offer anon but I'm just venting a little and I'd hate to burden you with whining. I'm not completely friendless (got 2-3 online friends and 1 RP buddy) but I'm just not doing so well making myself happy in the non-virtual world.

>buy cosplay that makes me happy, only wear twice a year and now school has cut that down to once a year
>buy Jfashion that I like, too selfconcious to wear it
>buy anime merch that I like, feel nothing after it arrives and sits with the others
>get excited about first solo travel vacation, family member is having surgery so I have to cancel my plans
>guess I'll just go to school and come back home and go online to be happy
God help me if they ever start making virtual reality games like .hack//SIGN because I doubt I'd ever come back out.

>> No.9189659

Meta charged 3500 for each of the orders I got lately, and one was just a skirt and blouse. The other was just a jsk. wtf

>> No.9189661

Buy romantic kimono, it's a better looking print anyway

>> No.9189677

If you look at their shipping chart it tells you that they'll charge you x amount for orders under x. It hurts when you're only buying something small or cheap.

>> No.9189693

>tfw smoke an 1/8th oz of pot daily, smoke 2 packs of cigs a day, dabble in opiates and amphetamines every few days
>tfw starting to experiment with heroin
>told my girl about it while drunk, just found out she told my parents I'm a junkie
>being kicked out of the house, gf is leaving me, friends think im a fucking loser, rightfully so
>about to hit rock bottom, seriously contemplating suicide
>sitting under a bridge in the city with gun in my pocket, high as a kite posting on my phone

No idea why I'm on this board still, its been years since I've cosplayed at cons but i still like to reminisce about when life was simple, and i could weeb out with friends. Honestly I probably wont kill myself as I'm too much of a pussy, but its nice knowing I have a plan b. Gonna camp outside until my drug money funs dry then check into rehab. I can't keep going down this fucked up road. Only hurts the people who love me. I'll delete this post when i sober up, this is extremely off topic and doesnt belong here.

>> No.9189695

stay safe and recover soon, anon

>> No.9189697

>be playing Mystic Messenger
>be yuri and getting hearts for only female character who is a hardcore fan of idol-type character
>secondary flirting with idol-type a backup
>read post above saying female character ends in friendzone
>give up my yuri love and switch to flirting with idol
>can't resist being sweet to female character
>get the results today of who I'll be hardcore romancing for the rest of the game
>assume it'll be the idol type
>get the female character after she warned me off from the idol
I'm preparing to have my heart broken but I'd at least settle for a threesome...

>> No.9189719

That's what I'm playing now anon!

>> No.9189727 [DELETED] 
File: 105 KB, 345x385, 1471822651359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing 3DS
>eyes start feeling weird, think it's the screen hurting my eyes
>put on glasses
>realize I'm having trouble seeing out of my right eye, it feels foggy
>start feeling a bit faint
>decide to take a shower to feel better
>feel physically stable but weak and still having trouble seeing out of my right eye
>finish shower, still feeling bad
>lay down
>realize I'm forgetting certain words while thinking
>see my cat laying on the windowsill; can't remember the word "windowsill"
>feels like my physical body and my consciousness are separating
>tell my bf I feel weird, saying normal sentences but not sure how I'm talking
>right arm and some of my mouth/tongue start going numb
>wake up numb parts of body somehow
>go to sleep in the hopes that I'll feel better
>wake up 2 hours later with a splitting headache
>next day do some research
>mfw I had a fucking stroke

I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow. It sounds like a minor stroke, one that lasts less than 24 hours and has no brain damage. I'm probably going to need to get an MRI and blood work done. I'll also probably have to go on medication for it. I feel like this could ruin my life, especially if I actually have a real stroke, which mini strokes are a sign of. My family has no history of strokes. I don't understand why this is happening to me.

>> No.9189749

Sounds like you have shitty bfs desu senpai. No fictional character has ever made me dokidoki more than my bf.

>> No.9189750

Don't think this'll help because I don't understand what it means to be addicted but have you ever tried kratom? You can buy it in capsule form and I used to like percosots and shit and this to me gave me the same effect- however, I took five capsules without knowing how much mg were in each and this was also my first time taking it, and my body totally treated it like a toxin.
First I started getting that high, then a massive burning heat came over my body, I started sweating terribly, and then I was bed ridden for 20+ hours.
couldn't eat, couldn't stand up and couldn't open my eyes for very long because I was so dizzy and then at the very end an excruciating headache that hurt my head even more if it was touching anything, and I was still bed ridden so it basically sucked to the max.
What I'm getting at is maybe you need to suffer real bad (pretty sure even with as much as I took krantom in generally pretty safe) to maybe help stop so you're worried it might happen again.
I never want to do anything like that ever again in my life I was so sick.

>> No.9189751

How long you been with your bf? Anon said "has" could have meant "has recently". I've been with my s.o. for 10 years and shit can go stale if you're not careful, doesn't mean the bf or relationship is shit.

>> No.9189752

I just fuck my sugardaddy when I get into a fight with my bf. Free burando and I feel better :)

>> No.9189753

How old are you? I feel so bad.. did you ever want children?

>> No.9189762

Feeling this so hard right now. I'm sorry you're going through something similar but can't help feeling relieved that I'm not alone.

>> No.9189770

Nah hes not shit, hes super, just not as cheesily romantic as otome games get.

My bf doesnt get as many chances as a fake man to do lavish things for me either.

>> No.9189775
File: 2.56 MB, 420x357, bullshit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9189785


Yeah. This. Thanks for having my back anons. Things are just normal because we've been together for a while. I don't know any relationships where it's still heart tingles all the time after a few years. Doesn't mean you don't love them and aren't good together.

Otome game scenarios are so unrealistic but so exciting. I don't think that shit can be replicated in any sort of ordinary real life.

>> No.9189797

Yeah she's taking advantage of you. Message her that your not comfortable with lending items to people you don't know and leave it at that.

>> No.9189867

tfw thats my main account but i still have a decent amount stashed away
i just really want to save up my spending money but some stupid shit also pops up (birthdays etc.)
also transport is so goddamn expensive where i live

>> No.9189870

Are they going to put you on hrt afterwards?
If they don't, say hello to menopause.

>> No.9189893

To the anon that recommended I install the Saiko+ app - Thank you again! I've only uploaded one thing on there so far, but it got some nice responses so I'm feeling a bit more motivated to craft things again. It also gave me some good laughs, there are some truly strange people on there.

And a feel,
>Family is poor so our clothes all come from local thrift stores
>Always been mildly interested in various styles of j-fashion, just couldn't ever justify it
>Also have skin disorder so I'm adviced to not wear make-up very often, which further keeps me from wearing nice clothes as I don't want to half-ass it
>Doing a school programme from january where it's required that I look nice
>Decided to renew my wardrobe because of it and get into j-fashion (also because I've come to the point where I hate wearing pants)
>10 minutes into search, find a Liz Lisa dress and fall in love with it (Taobao replica, no judging pls)
>"one size, fits all" - Except my shoulders are 10 cm too wide for it
>The interwebs give me 0 results on the dress
>Don't really feel like looking at clothes anymore now

Weight-wise, I'm average, so I was expecting to run into the problem where a japanese dress might be slightly too small, but I never expected it to be because of my man shoulders that I'm already really self conscious about. Upsetting to say the least.

>> No.9189894
File: 77 KB, 249x699, 1463115802398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do I do gulls, my bf has started to obsess over Rem.
i agreed to cosplay her and egged on the idea, because according to him we are similar,expect I have long hair. I dont get what he means but he was beginning to drool over the tiny asian Rem cosplayers on how "perfect" they are,even posting "must resist urge" in full caps. He brought it up recently that his birthday is coming up and he might want me to wear the cosplay.
I feel uncomfortable now doing this for him....should I brave though it or not?

>> No.9189898

>plan an event for myself and some cosplay friends
>should be pretty laid back so I invite some friends who aren't into cosplay as well
>end up having to be particular with scheduling as a couple from the cosplay group have some other plans in the same month.
>ends up on a day that's not great for myself but it's all good
>the day before the event and suddenly the cosplayers cancel on me
>probably not going to dress up either since I would be the only one in the group at that point.

I'm a little sad since I spent some extra time working on what I was going to wear and now I'm not sure I want to.

>> No.9189901

>drown my lonely feels with new popular dating game

I've been replacing all the social contact I didn't have for a year being a NEET with that game and I think I have a problem. I'm too emotionally attached to this game now.

>> No.9189905
File: 217 KB, 500x368, tumblr_m7tmkd6b8y1rb5rsao1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I stop being such a bitch? Seriously. I'm never going to be able to function or enjoy myself in the comm if can't drop this judgmental mindset.

I try to be friendly. I would never say anything rude. I even try to bury any judgy thoughts when they pop up, but they rise up again when I'm feeling alone at a meet.
I just feel so bitter. I use the excuse that my comm is ita/closeknit/a different age group to justify my bitterness, but in the end it's my own social awkwardness keeping me from becoming friends with any of them.
I wish I could rebrainwash myself to be as accepting as I was in my tumblr days. I didn't get spectical when I heard someone was a genderqueer demiwhateverthefuck. I didn't care if they looked ita. I didn't care if I looked ita. I just wanted to be a part of something.

I wish. But once you /cgl/ you never go back.

>> No.9189909

Fuck me forever.

>> No.9189911

Fuck anon, are you me? Not so much with meet ups or but in general. Every time I see someone post their they pronouns I instantly want to avoid them, and I feel like a giant cunt even though I never actually say anything.

I really miss when someone could tell me they're genderfluid and I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

>> No.9189917

To be honest, most people who claim to be any other gender than male or female are hot trash.

>> No.9189918

It sucks especially since I'm at a very liberal artsy college. I can't help but see every kid I meet with colored hair and some in-between gender identity as a misguided high schooler.
And to think I would've been right on board with all that shit a few years ago.

>> No.9189926

Same, if I was a few years younger I'd be all over that shit, yet it still amazes me how not thinking about your own gender a lot must mean you're queer these days.

It wasn't until someone close to me changed that I realized how stupid the whole trend was, and that it wasn't very harmless

>> No.9189940
File: 194 KB, 1000x1412, tam5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This girl?
She is over cosplayed already, do yourself a favor and do the pink one.If he doesnt like it, then hes just using you.

>> No.9189954

your boyfriend sounds like everything wrong with anime fans. I honestly wouldn't hang out with you if I knew you were dating someone that autistic. that must mean there is something wrong with you as well.

>> No.9189960

Glad to know it's working out, anon! Yeah... Saiko+ is one hell of a weird place but it's super easy to attract followers/comments/likes so it's good for a motivation or mood boost.

>> No.9189967

It's just too easy to fall into it, isn't it? My heart skips a beat when a phone call pops up even if it's for a character I least like.
I'm both loving and dreading the boom of social media style games that'll come after this.

Aaaah it doesn't help that they break the fourth wall so much.

>You could delete this app right now and never speak to us again. Please don't forget us.
My feels.

>> No.9189986

>be me
>into lolita but dont have anything
>see lolita grill in the city the other night
>cutest grill, beauitful coord
>want to hug and become friends even tho i'm just normie atm

every damn time i see a lolita ;-; i just wanna be friends with them
i always want to get a better look too, generally any lolita i've seen around has been really nicely dressed, but i feel bad because they probably think i'm judging so i just quickly glance and then freak out internally

>> No.9189988

>question time
how do you react when you see and/or make eye contact with a random lolita?

>> No.9190000

Your boyfriend is a sad piece of shit. Don't indulge him. It would honestly really creep my out if my boyfriend had a waifu that he was /a/-tier dedicated to because that'd just mean I'd never be enough for him. Don't let him turn you into his retarded anime fantasy.

>> No.9190012
File: 256 KB, 720x480, 1437307034825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Boyfriend just messaged me "Hey! Friends are all going to Japan in February. Let's go for a week too!"
>Super grateful that he's willing to pay for the return tickets and stuff, just told me to save up some spending money.
>Can absolutely guarantee that he's not going to listen to me about anything whatsoever and act like I know nothing while we follow his friends around.
>I make a living out of making and selling J-fashion-related items. About as close to a weeaboo as anybody can get while disliking pop-culture.

I know that it's just gonna be a fun, short shopping holiday, but I just know it's going to be frustrating 'tagging along' behind him the whole time when he doesn't give a shit about Japan and I've been planning a proper holdiay for years.

>> No.9190020

Adding on:

"Friend is doing a full four days at Tokyo Disney, haha!"
"Reserve a full day for Shinjuku/LaForet shopping and another for Puroland!"
"I said that I know literlaly nothing about Japan so we'll probalby just follow friends, haha."

N-no motherfucker, we're going to LaForet and Puroland and I challenge you to stop me.

>> No.9190042
File: 12 KB, 253x200, most_moe_kaiji_by_mkimpaint-d9rqnkq.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Parents gave my shitty big sister the funds for a drivers license when she turned 25
>She's selfish and lazy so it took her 2 years and ended up costing my parents around $2300 because she needed to take extra lessons
>I turn 25 in a few months
>Can't get a drivers license cause I'm legally blind on one eye and have bad eyesight on the other
>Parents informed me that I'll be receiving $1500 in cash instead of a DL to make it fair for me (already gave me $800 this year for a vacation to Japan that I went on this summer)

For once it actually pays off to have a sibling with a disgusting personality

>> No.9190050

Man I can't believe my heart is actually fluttering for these 2d characters but I can't help it. They're just so good.

And oh the game is really good at giving you feels, like too good.

>> No.9190053

I've never had any interest in these sort of games before and I'm not even sure why I downloaded this one, but I've had it for a few hours and am already sitting here going "Oh god Zen pls notice me senpai~"

>> No.9190071

Zen is a fun route, I hope you'll enjoy it!
And I never really played these games either, not that otome games are easily available to begin with anyway.

I just can't believe I'm reacting to a character as if I'm in love with someone, it makes me feel pathetic and realize how friendless I am irl.

>> No.9190122

As long as you're not scared I'd say go to Tokyo Disney for two days, then go do whatever you want for those extra two days in Tokyo alone. Then meet up with all your friends for dinner.

>> No.9190128

Third day of no contact from dream dress seller, my message I sent her is still unread, starting to lose hope

>> No.9190188

Don't use rubbish apps like my-fitness pal. Get a mechanical scale and weigh literally everything. Use a calculator and find out your calories.

>> No.9190249

I'm much the same, and I actually wear lolita sometimes.
Once I gave one food by mistake because I thought she was a member of our comm and part of our meet.

>> No.9190324

Yeah, I quietly drifted away from her after that until she moves away a few months later.

I vaguely remember her mentioning not being around black people often growing up and her parents being racist or something. She definitely knew it was a shitty reaction on her part and agreed when I was like "dude, no", but as far as I know she never did anything to change it and could have just been agreeing with me and acting apologetic while secretly being super racist, idk.

>> No.9190325
File: 52 KB, 600x400, 60511834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$800 this year for a vacation to Japan
I-Is it really that cheap to go to Japan these days?

>> No.9190336
File: 91 KB, 383x601, Screenshot (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


OP here and yeah, even my little lesbian heart is going dokidoki over these characters (Zen mostly) though it's a struggle to stay on JaHee's route now that I know I won't live out my dreams of a lesbian relationship where our dates is going to see Zen perform in his new play.
I've never even played an otome game seriously before this. I'd only played Hatoful Boyfriend and that's literally a pigeon dating game that wasn't to be taken seriously.

But yeah, it does have the unfortunate side effect of making you realize how lonely you are when you start desperately craving that next chat/text alert because you have no IRL friends/dates. I'm lucky enough to have a few IRL friends but they're all either hours away or states away so I only see them at conventions 1-2 times a year.

And to be relevant and give a mild positive update:

>talking with family today
>mention about family member having surgery
>how I had to cancel the post-college semester trip I had been excited for to take care of them
>"Anon, you can go on the trip. One of us can stay with family member for a few days."
>so relieved I could cry because it was the one thing I had been looking forward to
>feel guilty though, only going to spend three days traveling
>still relieved that I can give myself a break from caretaking during my brief holiday from school since I can't go to conventions

I'm already looking at travel and a local hostel so I can spend as little money as possible. I don't want to blow my entire college semester refund on this. I also want to try and get one or two lolita/otome dresses to wear for Spring semester since I have an entire folder of Taobao links that I had gathered in the past few weeks out of feeling sorry for myself.

>> No.9190339

>be late-20s NEET
>clinical depression and high social anxiety/avoidant personality
>finally coming out of a severe depression for the first time in my adult life
>finally caring about things other than just lolita, trying to start getting my life in order
>have been dating dude studying in a STEM field for a few years
>go to a student party with him last night because he really wanted me to
>surrounded by academically ambitious people
>all ask what I do and sort of smirk when I say I'm between jobs and am trying to figure out what I'm doing
>proceed to completely ignore me after that, won't even make eye contact
>do my best to stay friendly and smile and engage when I can
>three hours later leave with boyfriend and start crying almost the second I get in the car

I wish I hadn't spent so much time too depressed to even leave my house and that I were as successful and driven as my peers. I know that sort of reaction on their part was kind of shitty and I should just do me, but it really hurt. I know I'm nothing, and Ive told myself for years I'll never achieve my dreams and should just kill myself, but now that I'm actually statting to care and try, to have people my age or a few years younger looking down on me for being nothing.... I've spent all day crying, my boyfriend is upset with me for being anxious and for letting people get to me to the point that he isn't talking to me, and all I can do to feel better is put on my favorite JSK.

I want to be someone and have passion, but I'm afraid it's too late, I'm too old to achieve anything, and that I should just enjoy my frills for a little longer and then throw myself off a bridge so I can stop wasting space and making my boyfriend miserable with all my crazy.

>> No.9190344

Don't give up, anon. That's some elitist bullshit on their part. Plenty of people go back to school later in life or start new careers. You're still in your 20s. You have plenty of time, you just have to start and keep going. Don't waste another day. It's going to be okay. You've apparently lived with some severe mental health issues for years and have survived; you're stronger than you give yourself credit for. Ignore shitty people who look down on you when they don't know your circumstances or who treat life like a competition or whatever. Hold on to feeling better, hold on to wanting to do more, and do it.

>> No.9190361
File: 126 KB, 1000x667, Stock-Photo-The-disgusted-man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is actually around the amount that I paid for my tickets to Japan, anon! I'm in Europe though, and have heard that it's pricier in the US.
However, the $800 my parents gave me was just for extra spending money. I paid for everything myself, but didn't have quite enough money to have a solid daily budget, so they gave me a small chunk of my early birthday gift for that.
>still managed to have little to no money left during my last week there

Current feel:
>Have hotel coupons I need to use
>Con season is over this year
>Next year, the only con I go to is moving to a new venue. They used to be at a hotel, now they're at a massive university instead
>Decide to look into booking a super nice suite for a big nerd expo and blow the coupons on that
>Invite small group of closest friends to chip in (aka I made a whole events page for it and everything to make sure that all friends got the invite)
>1 hour after I've invited everyone I remember that my dad turns 50 right around that expo, and the whole family is doing a big thing on that weekend
>Feel like the biggest and most unreliable douchebag
>I wanna go hide in a hole and never get up I feel like such an idiot
>No wonder my friends never listen to a thing I say when I pull these stunts

Pic absolutely related, the face I'm making at myself internally right now for being so bad at planning shit

>> No.9190364

If they knew and understood what you overcame to even be at the party they wouldn't think the same. People who haven't struggled can't imagine that anyone else ever has.

You are stronger now than they will ever be, and when you are ready you'll be able to use that energy to start moving forward.

You are young and the world is ahead of you. Well done on your recovery so far, make sure you keep reaching out for her help you need to rebuild your life.

>> No.9190374

Anon, fuck them, seriously.

I'm 26 and I've done absolutely nothing between graduating high school until this year. I went from caretaking my stepfather to caretaking my grandmother, I've never had a job and funded traveling/conventions through selling wigs and weeb merch online. Compared to everyone else I've been a total loser for 10 years and I've got bad anxiety that prevents me from driving but thanks to the government and me being broke I got a grant to go to community college.
It's hard at times and I haven't got any friends on campus but it makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life and means I got another two years to feel productive and good about myself.

Maybe you ought to look into going to community college? The classes are very small (my largest one has 10 people in it) and it's not like highschool cliques so everyone pretty much minds their own business and you can take online stuff and just go on campus and hide in the library at a computer all day if you want.

Seriously, I really think it'll help you.

>> No.9190501

You deserve it anon! I'm so happy to hear that you'll be able to go! Don't feel guilty, okay?

And MM really hit me hard. I have no irl friends and online is just different. I'm self-inserting like crazy and I feel horrible for doing so. I feel like I should have grown out of this stuff at the age of 14 but here I am as an 22 year old..

>> No.9190553

Aw thank you! I'll try not to but so far every time I look at times/prices I close the tab thinking "Well I'm still not sure I'll be able to go..." even though I need to book in advance. Maybe when my refund gets here I'll be more determined.

Yeah I think as much as we tell ourselves we're not little weebs anymore, we kinda still are and it's worse if you're lonely because with MM it's like they're really talking to you and then they'll throw in curveball shit like "I had a dream you were a programmed robot using automated replies and you weren't actually real" like holy shit, don't do this to meeeee.

>> No.9190566

Aww I'm sure you can make it work anon!! It would be great for you to go, please report back because I really want to know how it goes!

And yeah, MM is really good in that regard. Too good. Pretty much every girl I know online is hooked, even those you'd never expected that they would enjoy it.

>tfw I saw someone whining that everyone is into MM right now
Oh no how horrible, people enjoying themselves.

>> No.9190590

Know what's worse? That one person who's so smug about it because they got into it before anyone else.

>friend told me about MM before it was released
>pretty much tuned her out, she's otome crazy and all there was is the promo trailer
>didn't realize the game functions would be so nice
>actually get the game due to /cgl/
>another friend who's /cgl/ too asks me to tell them how it goes
>tweet cgl friend about it
>orignal MM friend starts liking everything and chiming in with borderline spoilers
>thinks 707 is the best damn thing on the planet
>I hate 707 only because he talks EXACTLY like MM friend
>emoticons, typos, unfunny jokes, etc
>friend is just so smug that she's played the game longer and has already made it through some routes
>it's pretty much ruined 707's route for me

I've gotten so many broken hearts because of him. I can't help but be an asshole to him because all I see is my friend.

>> No.9190603

>it's pretty much ruined 707's route for me

that's a shame, it's a good route (I'll admit that he's my favorite) but I can absolutely imagine hating it in that situation. Nothing worse then something being ruined due to that, I've had it happen with a few things too.

>> No.9190614

I'll admit though that seeing 707 in that Korean trendy cat ear beanie did soften my hate a little. It's just his typing style I can't stand because of friend but phone calls are perfect. I'll likely play his route but Zen comes first after Jaehee since I can't have both, sadly.

>> No.9190618

his phone calls are worth it, I have zero regrets getting his calling card so I can get as many as possible.

>> No.9190622

I gave all my old bodyline dresses away to a poorfag newbie who was very grateful

>> No.9190637

Does the paid calling card apply to all the characters or just one?
I shouldn't be thinking about this but I missed the VIP package...

>> No.9190662

you can buy one for a specific character, or the package.

The VIP package looks really good, Cheritz really went all out even including english translations for the drama tracks

>> No.9190663
File: 404 KB, 500x410, 97c158e2-a274-4e58-bd1e-0b7dd9cc8765.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>september is there ahoy!
>like every year i have those awful depressing nightmares
>got violently bullied in high school and september "triggers" those memories
>made it out of depression and all the awful things now but i feel so sad and empty at that time of the year
>feeling super tired, feels lazy and feels awful for being lazy
>anxious over absolutely silly things like a taobao order
>not telling anyone or talking about it because i don't want to be a bother
>feels like a bother in general
>only time i talked about it all i have is a "hang in there" which is nice but doesnt help much
I am probably sounding like a total (ungrateful and whiny) bitch rn.
I just want some positive attention.
Like getting cuddled,getting my head pet,being told i am lovable,...

>> No.9190676
File: 63 KB, 800x708, 0bcb9764-07d2-46a3-b7dd-2eaa61d1a1d3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gets good friend with a guy from /k/
>He's a weeb and really fun to discuss with besides being kind of a /pol/tard
>playing vidya,voice chatting,teasing each other,jokes,...
>h-hopefully he won't want to get in my pants like the other guys i wanted to befriend right?
>he wants to get into my pants
>proceeds to slowly cut ties
Is having friends on 4chan even possible without them being super weird or wanting to fuck you?

>recently learned a girl talked behind my back,cheated,stole a friend's boyfriend again,pretended to be her bff while doing so,...
>i supported her and was friend with since three years
>she always said she admired me and liked me
>almost considered her as a a little sister
>cry out of rage and just unfriend her without a word
Apparently she said i thought i was such hot shit ever since i became wearing brand,talked openly about the nudes i posted anonymously on the chans (felt insecure back then) and showed her because i trusted her, and how i pretended to be so cool and pure and blablabla when i wasnt.

>> No.9190678

*i began wearing brand

>> No.9190682

>don't want to die alone
>relationships drain me emorionally
>a lot
M-maybe there is another assburger girl like me that also like frilly dresses and kawaii crap out there right??

>> No.9190685

I'm the same anon, but I found a guy who understands I have the 'tism and he'll give me long breaks when i start freaking out over too much interaction

They're out there.

>> No.9190694
File: 721 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20160611_141801_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is having friends on 4chan even possible without them being super weird or wanting to fuck you?
idk where you're from but this is what being friends with most guys is like
also don't tell them you're a lesbian, they get off on that

>> No.9190695

I used to be all into BL as a teen, but now as a twenty-something I really just prefer heterosexual stuff like stuff. That said, I still haven't played that game, I guess I should. Hope is has some nice s-personality guys in it.

>> No.9190700

The amount of sperg lolitas is really high, don't give up hope!

>> No.9190703

I never got into BL a lot and most pairings I like are hetero, but I don't even dare to say that these days when everyone only seems to support what's most oppressive

And you should give it a try, it's free and there's no annoying ads

>> No.9190711

It shouldn't be offensive to express that, if you feel the need to say it, just do. Obviously there is a market for these type of pairings, us included lol.

And good to know, I will! I've also been trying a series of other otome games I got fb adds from called 'Shall We Date?', but those are really slow if you play it for free, and not buy coins for ingame stuff. I'm sure this game runs more smoothly.

>> No.9190713
File: 9 KB, 442x260, received_1256058061080521.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you gulls it made my heart a bit lighter knowing that. Hope you have a life long happy warm and fuzzy relationship
>at least that's what i inspire to
>i just want to lolita with a SO until we become grandmas
>then dye our white/grey hair pastel and still rock kawaii stuff togerher til we die

>> No.9190726

Did he "want to get into your pants" or did he want a relationship with you?

>> No.9190733

I know but when you're surrounded by BL thirsty 20 year olds it's easier to keep low.

And it runs really nicely! The chats will unlock throughout the day as if it's an actual chatroom, and unlike those games you won't get annoying adds all the time.

If you do feel the need to buy the in game currency, it's pretty affordable. If there's a character you fancy you can also buy a card (or for all characters) that will make calling them free.

>> No.9190855

Probably because they lowkey wanna have someone to fuck when they're single, honestly.

My ex had a girl best friend who was just way too close to him too fast. She refused to hang out with him when I was in town and would tell him "I love you" (keep in mind they had only known each other for a few months) and I found this really creepy message she sent him where she wrote she'd never met a guy like him and how wonderful he was and how she hoped they'd know each other for the rest of their lives.

I dumped him, she got dumped- lo and behold he tries to make me jealous by texting me when they had their first kiss one night.

The most hilarious part is that he texted me months later really upset because she completely ignored him after she found a new boyfriend. It was fucking awesome.

>> No.9190867

either way she's a lesbian sooo?

>> No.9190874

I just mean if you say "he wanted to get into my face" it sounds like you're saying he didn't care about you at all and just wanted to fuck you. Sometimes girls say that when the guy was actually interested in more than that, so I was interested in which it was.

>> No.9190881

>pants not face

Holy shit I need to sleep.

>> No.9190884

I met two good friends via 4chan. One from /cgl/ and one from /toy/. Both are women though so maybe that helps

>> No.9190915

I'm an assburger lolita too, and I would love a kawaii gf who understands that I get drained and need alone time to recuperate. I highly doubt you and I are the only ones. Good luck anon, I believe in you.

>> No.9190923

I made friends with other people via /cgl/ I don't get to see them as much as I'd like due to distance, schedule, and money though.

>> No.9190955

Aaaand here comes another one! Not op, just letting y'all know that I, too, am burger lesbian wearing lolita. Definetly not alone, or at least, I hope so

>> No.9190958 [DELETED] 

Yet another sperg lesbian lolita here! Not op, just wanted to let u know. I really hope there's more of us than I've suspected

>> No.9190961
File: 7 KB, 194x259, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lost power in recent store
>Stress buy $250 worth of lolita crap
>decided to leave town to get away from the darkness and stifling heat
>want to get to AC ASAP
>Speed on the highway
>Get a $250 ticket

>> No.9190989

I learned you can be friends with some guys but act like a complete bro towards them or they see if they have a shot with you. I had to act all crazy and drunk and make a guy uninterested in me to have him stop trying to be friends and creep on me. Thank god he avoids me now, i dont have to deal with his shit. I just wanted to be friends but nope. Cant happen with some people.

>> No.9191037

I just go boymode. not like any of the people on the /toy/ discords I frequent know, and that's just how I want it.

>> No.9191050

I've tried to befriend gulls but it never gets anywhere. Which sucks cause most Sundays I'd love to have someone to talk to. I never seem to get passed initial conversation.

Speaking of friends
>have a general nerd group of friends who mostly all play MTG
>be friends for about 4 years
>this one guy in our group is a total asspie when it comes to women and consistently cries about not being able to have a gf
>he goes to teach one of my friends the game at her house
>she had been drinking and smoking weed with her roommate before hand
>they told him thus
>she gets bored and falls asleep
>he attempts to molest her but she wakes up because he puts his fingers in her mouth
>she freaks
>find out a little later on
>for some fucking reason her bf says we need to forgive the guy because if we all stop being friends with him he'll get all suicidal or some shit
>she goes along with her bfs line of reasoning and decides to forgive her attacker
>this guy also has another incident where a girl was asleep and he tried to fuck her
>it's pretty much his m.o.

So I still talk to the bf/gf in this situation and I've explained to them I don't want to speak or hang out with this guy because I don't feel safe around him anymore and I don't want to engage him at parties either. The gf keeps trying to put me in those situations and I think they are of the mindset that because it's been a year since this happened, I need to let it go.

Aside from this, they're fine people. I get they think I'm holding a grudge BUT the reality is I don't feel okay being around this guy and they know exactly why. This is way more than holding a grudge and I'm sick of her awkwardly bringing up this shit and trying to force me back into a friendship.
I think it's pretty clear this guy is untrustworthy and I don't want to just stop talking to them to bt if she does this again, do I even have another option?

>> No.9191058

acting like a bro wont always work for you. instead of acting crazy to get them to stop you really need to tell them off. if they dont get it then, dont bother talking to them at all. trying to be nice will be more stressful for you and they will never get the idea.

are you really friends with someone if you have to hide your gender? these sound a lot more like acquaintances.

>> No.9191099

w-well I don't hide it I just don't mention it no need for pronouns in chat rooms right??

>> No.9191111

It's cost around $1,000-$1,300 with tax for me to fly from the east cost of the U.S.A. solo in economy to Japan. That's not as terrible as I thought it would be. I've always wanted to go to Europe, but I think the plane tickets actually cost more even though I live closer to that area.

>> No.9191127


My BF was awesome and kept price checking all the travel spots we wanted to go to and found a deal to Japan for $500 each. It apparently pops up during the slow period so my advice is take vacation during slow times and to just keep checking prices every day.

>> No.9191137
File: 88 KB, 500x350, 1fb7fabc-ab30-440d-8e6d-8a4ffe66a833.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw boyfriend just paid $405AUD each RETURN.
>That's only like $350USD.

This is actually a good idea! I'm pretty confident that I could get around by myself.

>> No.9191148


It's always going to be cheaper from Australia though.

>> No.9191149

This is only because of a 'free return ticket' deal.

Australia is actually super expensive to leave, even to Asia.

>> No.9191158

I have the same problem befriending gulls. I feel like they only want to talk about themselves and rarely show an interest in getting to know who you are. I've been lucky enough to meet two or three really cool people from here, but the others are either shit at conversation or show their two-faced/dramatic sides quickly. I just want some lolita and cosplay friends who get board humor, damn it.

>> No.9191210

>Gf is always playing these games and watching kpop shows of male groups
>Nervous that her love of me will diminish because of these virtual men
5 years and I still get jealous of men who don't even live on our continent

>> No.9191222

I'd offer to talk to you but I'm really upset about my irl friend situation unfortunately. I think part of the reason I have trouble finding friends with gulls is because of my weird schedule. Like Sundays are very slow at my job so I'd totally be able to chat but if I started talking to you now and then you messaged me tomorrow -- I'd be totally swamped. At least until 5pm. It's likely that I'd still be busy after that and I have no way to predict.

There were a few people who I did try to speak with after the initial conversation and because of scheduling and other stuff, plus me going to spend time with my bf, I guess I just don't have time? But I always find myself in situations like today where nothing is going on and it'd be great to have someone to talk to, but then when people want to talk, I'm busy.

it just never works out and I hate it. And my irl friends are shitty on top of that and I'm a huge newb in my comm so no one wants to talk outside of meets. yay.
I guess at least I have my bf...

>> No.9191280
File: 655 KB, 450x339, tumblr_myhi50p1Ec1qj76u3o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished watching Creamy Mami and bawled my eyes out. Good mahou shoujo hits me right in the kokoro.

Anyways since I had been watching it I think it would be really cute to do a friend cosplay where one dresses as Creamy Mami and the other Yuu. It would be really cute!

>> No.9191370

>need to forgive the guy because if we all stop being friends with him he'll get all suicidal or some shit
Suicidal threats are literally emotional manipulatin 101. Her bf sounds pretty shitty if he's tolerating some guy who molested his girlfriend being around.

>> No.9191507
File: 48 KB, 624x950, 1461458447276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me male in circle of friends at con
>one dude makes jokes about me being being his gf for suggesting him where to go
>everyone calls me his bitch
>everyone laughs
>no one defends me...
>tfw why am I even trying to make a human connection or friends...

>> No.9191519

Should have made a witty comeback always be ready to roast some1

>> No.9191524

Thirsty ppl are thirsty...but in all honesty besides wanting to hit most ppl ideal girl is someone with there interest if I could change the sex of my best friend n 4get that was a guy I'd marry that,as far as weird goes ppl are weird just avoid the crazies

>> No.9191530

Bullies in highschool always weird hearing about it outside of gangstuff. (・ิω・ิ) I was bullied in middle school defended my self in highschool still cringe at the memories ughh anyway if u wanna talk I have a discord blue1ao#3770 pretty sure u can reach me with that...well if u can't just find some1 to release it on or just hit the gym when it bothers you to much these two usually help me best of luck with ur feels

>> No.9191532

If you feel really uncomfortable then don't do it just snap on him 1 time throw not a dress up doll and Frankenstein monster of females and you like him for him in the mix gotta put the guilt in there then just cry or walk away just dnt be long with it snapping should be quick n clean no insults

>> No.9191534

Also apologize if you walk away or cry makes them feel worse be like I'm sry just feeling whatever forget I said it

>> No.9191596

Next time he makes a crack about it, tell him he's a shitty boyfriend for never giving you the D. He'll either be shocked into silence or take the challenge and you'll end up getting laid.

>> No.9191722

His logic is that one time he was in a bad situation where everyone stopped talking to him, and I guess it made him suicidal, or something extremely dramatic along those lines. I don't think anyone was actually suicidal in either situation, but they were playing it up to be manipulative. So he thinks if we all stop talking to molester guy, he'll be sad without any friends and pretty much he just feels really bad for a guy that attempted to fuck his gf because I'm sure if she hadn't woken up, that's what would've happened.

This is so fucking lame and I don't want to be part of their drama but I also can't just cut them off cause I feel like I've done that to a lot of people already, including creepy molester guy.

But this girl wants me to come over this weekend and I was able to get out of their game nights cause I have to work but then she asked me to just hang out and I kind of want to go yell at her for trying to put me in an awkward situation at her birthday where she asked me to come talk to her while she stood next to the molester guy and tried to get me to acknowledge him in conversation.

I think the problem is they just see me as holding a grudge, and yeah I am but I think I have a good reason and I guess because she's a psychologist she thinks she knows better than me.

>> No.9191741

Anon you have to decide whether being fine with your friends is more important or your own personal safety. Even if this guy doesn't do anything to you, he's done it to other women and he is a legit rapist in the making and your friends want to forgive that just to spare his feelings??? What kind of logic is that for them? It doesn't matter if it was yesterday, a month ago, a year ago, or five years ago. He's molested one person and attempted a sexual assault on another. He's not going to change and if he ends up alone with another woman in that situation he'd do it again. They shouldn't be defending him and I have a feeling that they still would when he does it again because "Well we have to forgive him otherwise he'll kill himself even if he did assault/rape someone."

They sound like shit friends and you need to cut them out if they're going to ignore how you feel unsafe and continue to force you to be around a sexual predator.

>> No.9192018

Self harmed and ripped out a nice dress I had.
At least I've got something new coming in the mail.

I still feel like crying though.

>> No.9192046
File: 62 KB, 540x674, 1471080505900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW Zen starts to show more genuine affection and suddenly his public voicemail isn't overtly creepy and flirty any more.

What a goddamn gentleman.

>> No.9192073

No one defends you because everyone just saw it as a dumb joke. It's not anyone else's job to come to your rescue when someone says something that makes you uncomfortable. Probably no one even realized it bothered you because you didn't say anything. If people are say stuff like that to you and you don't like it, make a comeback or defend yourself, don't take it like a doormat and wait for someone to come to your rescue.

>> No.9192075

This. Even if he theoretically could change, he never will if he has a bunch of friends who always forgive him for his unacceptable behavior.

>> No.9192268

Don't tell me this, anon. I'm in some weird triangle between him and Jaehee where I'll wrack up hearts for both of them in the same response and it's basically come down to "Well either you or Jaehee should be with him..."
But if I pick Zen I break Jaehee's heart and I break my little lesbian heart if I make Jaehee happy by nudging her towards Zen..

>> No.9192534

Well sorry if we're sick of doing dirty work after also having to do all of it in order to start the relationship too.

And if a guy is a coward for not doing all the work at one thing, what does that make women who do none of the work for any of the things?

>> No.9192557

It's not a gender thing you retards, no one likes breaking up and lots of people will desperately cling to a relationship as long as possible.

>> No.9192622

That sneaky bitch saved the selfie he took for me and used it as her profile picture.

I wish this were the yandere kind of a game where you could kill your rivals.

>> No.9192677

I just don't get how women can refuse to ever make the first move any time in their life, demanding that men always approach them first, take them on a date, pay for everything, do basically everything at every stage of the relationship, taking all the risk and responsibility and SOMEHOW women think they can call all men "cowards".

Bitch what fucking brave thing have YOU ever done to think you're in a position to say that. What risk do you ever take.

>> No.9192840


>> No.9193144

Found out today I have an interview for a dream job, like my first proper 'all the shit you've done in the last 3 years will be worth it' job. My salary would literally double, I would have weekends free to be with my comment again, I'd be able to wear toned down jfash to work...

Just got to get through the interview which sounds super tough, and beat off a tonne of competition in a field where everyone is overqualified...

Wish me luck gulls?

>> No.9193394

Sounds like you're projecting your frustration with women in general onto a random person's situation that you don't actually know anything about.

For all you know maybe the guy is a coward, and the girl posting actually made all the first moves in the relationship and takes a lot more risks in life compared to the particular guy. Maybe not, but the point is I don't fucking know and neither do you.

If you just want to complain about women do it on a board where it's on topic. I'm guessing you just came to cgl because it's mostly women and went searching for a post you could get angry at.

>> No.9193395
File: 60 KB, 605x695, 1472724517290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gained a slight bit of weight. And the con is only a few weeks away, now I'm looking into bodybuilding dehydration techniques to at least look slightly aesthetic in cosplay

>> No.9193945

The original post was from some other random girl in response to the boyfriend story just saying "Men are cowards". That's a vastly more sweeping generalization than anything I've said.

And I'm just genuinely baffled how, knowing that men generally (not all the time but lets face it, almost all the time) expected to approach the woman and do basically all the work and take all the risk in starting and maintaining a relationship, that girl can say "Men are cowards". I'd be willing to bet large sums of money she's never (or barely ever) asked a person out before, or done really anything very risky to herself in anything relationship related. So where the fuck does she get off calling all men cowards the instant she believes they don't do one thing perfectly despite already doing 99.99% of all the work and risk in relationships.

>> No.9194559

The only bad things about menopause are the hot flashes and the bone deterioration. HRT puts you at risk for a ton of nasty conditions like heart disease and severe blood clots.

>> No.9194587

>Woman makes stupid generalization about man
>Man retaliates by making stupid generalization about women.
Pot kettle black.

>> No.9194589

>bone deterioration
Oh, that's not so bad then.

>> No.9194599

Why didnt you just take them um

>> No.9194981

It is not a generalization to say men do the majority of asking out, paying for dates and other such things in relationships and that the majority of women expect men to do those things and usually refuse to do them themselves. If you're going to honestly claim it's 50/50 you're a bold faced liar who will say anything for the sake of their own biased arguments.

>> No.9195000

Women don't have to make the first move, and they don't have to provide any income. Women and men are different, there's no use complaining about differences like "why don't women have to do THIS?"

They don't have to do _that_ because a girl's sexuality is valuable in itself, she can trade it for a man who will provide for her and children.

Women have these privileges, but goddamn I wish they would just realize it and strive to be a good wife, not a completely non-feminine bitch "feminist" who don't need no man.

>> No.9195484

I met great people from some 4chan guild, most of them guys obviously and they've all been great people to talk with, both in groups and some personal chitchat too. My only rule is not to get too close to anyone really.

>> No.9195676

See, that's different than saying women as a group do things to men and men as a group do things to women.

>I just don't get how women can refuse to ever make the first move any time in their life, demanding that men always approach them first, take them on a date, pay for everything, do basically everything at every stage of the relationship, taking all the risk and responsibility and SOMEHOW women think they can call all men "cowards".

Which is what you did in your first post.

>> No.9195977
File: 768 KB, 500x340, 1466728705352.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just spent hours at my friend's house helping her work on a wig. But we have to redo it all over again because it's too heavy and uncomfortable.

>> No.9196293
File: 468 KB, 408x588, yanfeels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Mr Yan will never ask you to marry him.

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