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Desn't seem to be one on the calog right now, so might as well start a new one.

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Holy shit, it's been years since I've seen this picture. Tfw my first real introduction to cosplay was through a cosplay/convention cringe blog that featured gems like this.

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care to share?

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>be middle-school weeb me
>interested in cosplay but don't know where to start
>stumble upon a blog
>called Weeaboo Stories
>'hm, what's this?'
>TONS of cosplay horror stories about hambeasts, glomping, Homestuck, etc
>Photos like OP pic, Tunamelt-chan, PT
>'oh god why'
>Petrified of cons
I eventually grew up and decided to cosplay anyway but I honestly thank that blog for showing me how not to act at an early age.

Another actual con story:
>at con
>first con and first time cosplaying
>nervous asf but doing a partner cosplay with my best friend so not alone
>get a surprising amount of compliments and photos
>group of nice cosplayers from same series talk to us for awhile
>feels good
>guy in bad Umbreon cosplay, greasy hair, bad acne wants our photo
>says we're his fave, takes photo and walks away
>notice he's still near, still taking photos of us. Trying to be discreet but failing
>freaked out so we go to Dealer's Room
>walking around, having fun, forget and let my guard down again
>he finds us
>"Found you guys! HUG!"
>pulls us into too tight group hug
>super sweaty, smells awful
>god kill me
>goes on for way too long
>finally lets go and leaves
>petrified of running into him again the whole weekend

Because of him, I only wore the cosplay that day and wore my second one twice instead so he wouldn't recognize me. Saw him wearing the same cosplay the next day.

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Is it frowned upon to wear the same cosplay more than one day in a row?

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Sorta, especially if it looks like they haven't showered or it's a sweaty looking cosplay

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Nobody really gives a shit unless you're grody, i.e., if you shower and take care of your hygiene. But if you sweat badly or something of that nature, best not to wear it again until it's been washed.

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Homestuck wasn't a thing until 2009, anon.

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What exactly is Homestuck? Are those the grey skin people with those candy corn ears?

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no one who isn't secretly a homestuck calls the pattern "candy corn", anon

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Im a different anon from the other one and even I call it a candy corn looking thing. Thats honestly what it looks like. Is Homestuck even still around anymore? I haven't heard shit since 2010. Maybe 11?

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I need the story behind this pic

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Double negatives confuse the shit out of me

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unless you're from a country that doesn't have candy corn, it's fucking candy corn looking from anyone

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Wait. Are they actually candy corns?

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>Middle school

God I'm fucking old.

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wasn't weeaboo stories a 2011 thing or am i thinking of the tumblr blog

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If anyone has good saved green text classics please post! I lost my collection

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You're right. God, I have a shitty memory. That or middle-school was such a blur that I really just combined it with my early high school years. That explains the Homestuck thing.

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Please explain the story behind this!

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How else would you describe them?

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I remember when anyone born after 1990 would be chased off this site.
Then I realize that was 10 years ago.
Why am are any of us still here?

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final boss of the internet

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You think you're old? I'm 37.

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Why are you on 4chan instead of having a mid-life crisis?

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>Last day of Anime convention
>Go as Ruby from Love Live with a skirt
>Get a few request to take pictures with people
>See a group of males mid 20S
>Look kind of sketchy
>Very loud and obnoxious, seems like they're drunk
>All wearing baggy hoodies, golden neck chains and loose jeans with their pants down showing their underwear.
>No anime pass or anything, they obviously didn't pay to get in
>They see me walking by and ask for a photo
>I don't really want to but
it would be rude to say no
>Two of them stand next to me with arms wrapped around my shoulder
>One guy goes in the back, I guess he's just photobombing
>Camera guy pulls out cellphone to take pictures with
>Busy posing for photo with them
>I hear a camera shutter noise
>Camera guy hasn't taken the picture yet though
>Hear it again a couple of times while camera guy adjusting his cell phone
>Strange but don't think much of it
>Suddenly I feel something graze my leg
>I look down and I see the guy behind me holding a cellphone aimed up my skirt
>He quickly pulls it away and says he dropped it
>I'm in shock and scared so I just nervously laugh like am idiot
>I keep staring down between my legs paranoid
>Get picture taken and quickly walk away from them

Everytime I wear a cosplay with a skirt now I don't go alone...

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Should have kicked him in the face

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lol, baby. Add a decade onto that for me.

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Just wear shorts underneath. I always wear a pair of fitted bike shorts under my skirts at cons.

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Should have accidentally tripped and accidentally stepped on his phone to accidentally break it. If he's dropping his phone at cons it's going to get broken anyway, right?

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Basically what the other two replies have said. Just don't look gross and sweaty. I know plenty of people who make one or two elaborate cosplays and only stay in them for a couple of hours each day but wear them every day of the con.

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What was the cosplay that had you stalked?
Just curious but do you two still cosplay?

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People are so disgusting. Sorry that happened, Anon. I would say you should have cussed him out but I know when you're actually in that situation, you don't quite know how to react in that moment.

Saw something similar at AX, up on the balcony. Girl was wearing a skirt and taking photos while the guys below were loudly laughing and taking photos.

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Maka Albarn from Soul Eater. Albeit a bad one at that.

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>at AX this summer
>walking to a Jojo meet with my brother
>a guy stops me "can I get a picture with you?"
>Say sure then he asks "what are you cosplaying?"
>It's a kind of revealing cosplay that shows my stomach so I'm like. Red flag number one, but I tell him anyway
>guy gives my brother his phone and he gets set up for the photo
>asks me if I "have any rules"
>I'm confused so I say "nah dude just pose with me"
>"then can I pick you up"
>My face is pic related, tell him no
>he scorns me by saying "see, you do have rules"
>wtf I'm taking a pic with you are you seriously lecturing me
>just brush it off and pose, brother is about to take the shot
>guy sticks his prop gun in my belly button at the last second
>What the fuck
>Make the most confused face possible for the photo
>He keeps the gun in there for a good 10 seconds even after the photo was taken
>takes back his camera after
>Doesn't even say thank you

My brother and I were so fucking confused afterwards but at least the Jojo meet was fun

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I'd like to stick my gun in your stomach


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Ancient seagull here. Lolita for life, sorry mate.

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What's with all the thread pics being deleted lately?

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>me and a friend went to momocon this year,she was in cosplay,i was in lolita.
>she had 2 creepy clingy stalkers the whole con.
>shes too nice to say no and she thought she was just making cool friends so shes gives them both of them her number.
>friday night rave i dont wanna go really but her and stalkers go in.
>so i wait for them and charge my phone by escalators.
>random black guy going up escalator keeps saying hi to me and trying to talk to me an telling me im pretty but cant really hear him over rave music.
>ok,thanks? very confused.go home.
>next day of con friends creepier stalker convinces other stalker that hes 'with' my friend to get rid of him,becomes extra creepy rest of con.friend is oblivious.
>i try to tell her hes creepy shes like "what?? but hes so nice"
>later that day we went to some carni show.i was super excited about it.
>5 mins into it that black comes in sits down right next to me,i scoot over a lil since hes super close,he scoots closer and sits on my dress,i try to scoot more and he scoots EVEN MORE
>im like WTF and hes starts talking to me being pretty loud asking me what this panel is i tell him then hes "thats cool" and goes on to tell me im beautiful and whatnot
>im creeped out,i also get super uncomfortable when people are in my personal space omg
>he introduces himself then asks my name,i blurt out alex (not even my real name) and he just keeps talking,he and his breath smells bad.
>i think quick and grab my con schedule and i say to my friend "omg we have to go i forgot about that lolita panel we have to go to"
>he scrambles through his bag to get his schedule and we are out of there very quickly
>panel doesnt even start for a few hours,tell my friend and her stalker what happened so we hide out for rest of con and whenever she leaves me i freak out and get paranoid,never saw that guy for rest of con thank god.
>friends stalker creeps on her after con,threatens to kill himself when she tries to break things of,she feels super bad

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People are so weird.

I've had those moments where I'm sure someone is taking a zillion photos of me because I've been posed for awhile and they're still holding out their phone. It always makes me uncomfortable but I don't wanna be rude.

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That blog! I can't remember why it was taken down but I miss it.

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Something about violating Tumblr rules. Bunch of pissy people kept reporting it and finally the girl that ran it just let it die for good

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It was an obese naked neckbeard with a tiny censor bar, anon. -Technically- okay, but come on, no one wants to see that on a blue board.

>inb4 "are your feefees hurt"

>> No.9172928

Me too I was sitting there for a god minute figuring out what anon was trying to say

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If that happens again report the fuckers to con security

>> No.9175253

That must be a really terrible experience.
Next time, you should alert con security, if they are incompetent, alert it to the venue security. I read 3 kickable offenses.

I don't cosplay and I gradually stopped taking pictures at con. Personally, being told no isnt rude. Granted it all depends on how you refuse.

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Oh okay. I never saw it but it sounds disturbing enough

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Can we please report this channel? Because I'm 99% sure it's some pedophile with a piss/scat fetish posting all of these videos.

Warning: Maximum cringe. This entire channel is.

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This is a cosplay/lolita cringe/horror story thread. Go take your crusade to tumblr where you'd likely get more people to back you.

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I ts a chick not a navy seal. Stop overestimating your ability those niggers would have killed her if she tried to hit them.

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shit bait

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>con a few months ago
>going as shion sonozaki from higurashi
>tight pencil skirt
>by myself, got through a few hours, looking at booths and taking pictures with people
>sat down at a table at this cafe area
>paying attention to game on my phone, headphones in, no idea whats going on
>lanky, greasy guy taps my shoulder
>"hey, could i get a picture?"
>sure no problem
>take picture
>"can i do a funny face"
>yea i dont mind dude go ahead
>literally turns towards me, sticks his tongue out
>can almost feel his tongue on my face
>he takes the picture, i back away
>thank him, he says thanks and walks off
>sit back down, get my headphones back in and play the game on my phone again
>zone out, unsure of whats going on around me, assumed nothing was happening, the guy was gone
>or so i thought
>feel something bump the table, since i was leaning on it
>pull out my headphones and shove my phone into my purse, look under the table
>guy i had taken a picture with under the table with a camera in between my legs
>my legs were slightly open so you could see pantsu
>kick him in the face, accidentally knock the table, run away

never keeping my guard down at a con ever again man

>> No.9177982

I still find it hard to believe that anybody is this blatantly obvious.

>> No.9177992

I can believe it if they were an autistic waifufag

>> No.9177993

Have you never been to a con before or are you just too ugly to have stuff like this happen to you?

>> No.9177996

Well, it's alive and well. Mobs of Homostuck were at the Sacanime con.

>> No.9177997

You're what I want to be when I grow up.

>> No.9178003

Sorry that I find it hard to believe this kind of stuff.

I've had guys at cons try to touch me without asking, hug me without warning, stare/make weird comments.Hell, I think I've had worse happen to me outside of cons. But I have never once had someone shove a phone up my skirt. Guys taking panty shots usually aren't stupid enough to do it and get caught. And how oblivious to your surroundings do you have to be not to notice someone crawl underneath your table?

I understood the other post because the guy was trying to be sneaky by asking for a photo and doing it while she was distracted.

>> No.9178009

OP was playing with her phone, seemed pretty distracted to me

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Jesus fuck. There are literally thousands of panty pictures online. Why would they attempt to do that irl?

>> No.9178018

From what I've heard, they get off on the fact that ~she won't know~
Like, it's not the same as a girl willingly lifting her skirt for you.

>> No.9178023

>I've had guys at cons try to touch me without asking, hug me without warning, stare/make weird comments
Sure Jan

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>at a con in May
>been walking around con center, no panels that I want to see, already met up with people, kinda bored
>friend suggests we should check out the game room to kill some time
>sure, why not
> as soon as we walk in one guy says I'm 'cutest x cosplay he's ever seen'
>caught me off-guard but nice so I say thanks
>there's a good selection of games
>walk around for a little, eventually stop to watch some people play
>another random guy approaches me
>seems kind off but that's not that weird at a con, he seems like he's just trying to be friendly
>keeps getting closer and closer as he talks
>way too close
>don't even know what he's saying anymore, just smile and nod
>friend senses something weird but he hangs back
>guy eventually starts asking for my real name
>gets weirdly persistent about it
>not about to give me name out to some rando (I don't have a very common name, before anyone asks)
>keep saying that I'm who I'm cosplaying/being in character so he'll eventually get the hint and go
>actually grabs my badge and ends up touching my boob
>friend jumps in at this point and says we're leaving
>guy keeps shouting after me even as I'm heading out the door

Why I don't usually spend much time in the game room.

>> No.9178051 [DELETED] 

so, judging by your description of them they sound black. Were they black?

>> No.9178071

And then the phone clapped.

>> No.9178578 [DELETED] 

Because it didnt happen, thus is the kind of girl who tells someone she was "raped" within 15 minutes of meeting them

>> No.9178591

One con I cosplayed Princess Chibiusa and had about 20-25 males take photos with me, and not a single female. I thought that was super weird but I ended up changing after...

>Middle aged man in shitty suit and generic mask come up
>I'm tuxedo mask, can we take a photo together?
>Wants a selfie, gets phone ready, comes in and puts arm around me
>Alright get ready! He leans in
>As he snaps photo he whispers you can call me daddy

>> No.9178681

Reminds me of how I met my first lesbian crush.

>crossplaying first ever mainstream yaoi to hit the con scene (fuck I feel old now)
>character isn't actually gay but manages the main character
>spot main character's love interest
>lord help me it's a hot butch lesbian
>friend forces me to go pose for photo with them
>spilling my spaghetti, make joke about "Haha glad this isn't a yaoi photo" considering my character isn't shipped with them
>love interest cosplayer leans in
>whispers in my ear "I can make it yaoi"
>friend snaps photo
>run away without saying thanks or anything
>end up later befriending their gay bff without realizing it
>still crushing on them even now at the con though they've forgotten who I am

>> No.9183768

Perez Play and White Duck Events are currently trying to run a scam Go Fund Me asking people to donate money to their GFM so they can promote them on their Facebook pages while claiming to offer to a cash prize too. One of the idiot promoters had let it slip out they were also going to use some of the money to go on vacation, so avoid that BS fundraiser scam!

They are also mods in a few Facebook groups where they've been promoting it, but deleting negative posts or people calling them out on the scam and trying to spread rumors about others being sexual predators, while they defend one all this time (Eugene Manning/EMCP)

>> No.9183781
File: 167 KB, 468x413, WhiteDuckEvents.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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what the fuck is happening

>> No.9184284


I don't think I've seen such little energy put into a performance before, not to mention they have a Korori cosplay doing a third years dance.

Top it off with the fact that they apparently won some sort of prize for this performance? Either everyone else that was in the masquerade sucked, Or Saboten Con needs to find better judges in the future.

>> No.9184314

A cosplayer and photographer are asking people to donate money and at the end of each month they'll give some of the money to the winner and promote them on Facebook for the month, but one of the people involved, the photographer said she was going to use some of the money to give her family a vacation also. , after the scam was called out oby a few photographers and cosplayers. The other person, the cosplayer Just Jen Cosplay/Perez Play is claiming people are sexually harassed or assaulted her and asking people for help in promoting her NerdDreamz campaign. They work with Eugene Manning/EMCP often, so not sure if he's involved, but they are using some of his photos to promote, but he's got a history of sexually harassing people at cons and online

>> No.9184692

How is this wrong? Its like a paetron with imaginary dividends if you are dumb enough to give money to some fag who dresses up and a camera man then fuck you ayy

>> No.9184706

Becuase gofundme isn't patreon. In patreon you offer something to the people suporting you, maybe photo shoots or special videos weekly only they see and pay for. More or less it is like a job, they are at least paying for a service of some sort. The money they receive can go wherever, but at least some of it is used to supply more content and keep the gravy train rolling. Gofundme is typically filled with people asking for handouts, trying to reach a specific goal. If that goal interests people then they will support it. So when a bunch of people donate money thinking it's going to a cause they support and it ends up going into some asshole's pocket or for a vacation which they didnt notify people about, that's a scam. Im pretty sure it also goes against gofundme's policies as well.

>> No.9184714

Yeah there gofundme mentions nothing about any vacation, so that's using money for some skeeving underhanded shit

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this is so rude omg lol

>> No.9186973 [DELETED] 

Am I the only one here who kind of likes Kawaii Goods?.

>> No.9186974

>Hey I know you're hosting your own birthday meet but you mind hosting a meet for eveeeeeryone? kthanx

What a dick.

>> No.9186977

I hope they said no or at least someone stood up for them.

>> No.9186982
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I deleted and reposted because I literally forgot to blur out the address of the event.
I too am high key embarrassing.

>> No.9187027

Any update on a response from the OP?

>> No.9187065

Holy shit! I'm late but I had no idea about this I always see their events all over my feed.

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File: 1.45 MB, 1352x692, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry if I sound salty but.. Who would need a tutorial like this? She's literally just painting an ugly old vase and gluing shit on it.

>> No.9187502
File: 131 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It looked so much better before she decided to fuck it up and make it 'kawaii'

>> No.9187512

>At large con that lately has recently had its fair share of drunk guys buying a badge to scope out the nerds
>Walking through the very crowded artist's alley, wearing an elaborate cosplay with a large headdress
>Join a group of people are crowded around one person's booth
>Guy in Darth Vader outfit and helmet decides to wiggle his way straight through this crowd
>Shimmies right in front of me and suddenly begins banging his helmet into the forehead portion of my headdress as he slowly walks sideways
>The crowd is too dense to move away and I'm too confused anyway.
>Close enough that I can smell just how much he reaks of alcohol
>Does this 5-6 times and then leaves the crowd without a word

Nothing was broken because the very center piece he kept slamming into was made of friendly plastic but what the fuck?

Another story about normies ruining cons:

>Taking a photoshoot outside. Someone asks for a a photo and we oblige
>Local man wanders over and stands next to us
>The girl taking the photo stops, asks him to move, and then finishes taking her shot
>Man then turns to us and says that he lives in the apartments behind us, so he deserves a photo too
>We tell him sure but he needs a phone with a camera
>He says that no, he wants a NICE photo and points at the previous lady's DSLR
>"That's her camera, how are you going to get a photo off of it?"
>Continues to insist that he deserves a nice photo in exchange for us being there
>Group leader finally cuts him off and tells him sorry, we're done taking photos today, and turns away from him.

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File: 2.37 MB, 1440x1904, Capture+_2016-09-16-10-50-00-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can you pour your heart and soul into buying a cosplay lmao. She can't fool anyone into thinking she actually made that.

>> No.9187769

She always lies about her cosplays. Literally every single one is bought but she claims she makes them. By hand, usually, without a sewing machine.

>> No.9187772

Why did she use that cheap ass ribbon? It looks like a fifth grade art project

>> No.9187785

Prostituting ain't easy when you look like that!

>> No.9187791

Yeah horrible people. Been to some previous WDE's events where we chipped in for food and to help with permits, but the last event I went to a few months back, we found out Jacqui didn't even get a permit for us to shoot in the park. We were just loitering when we got told to leave by a park ranger, and the food she picked up was discount chips and hot dogs with the stickers still on it. She literally pocketed the rest of the money.

>> No.9187845

the fuck is wrong with her face

>> No.9187863

>bad makeup
>uneven melanin distribution?

>> No.9187928

I never played homestuck, and I literally thought they were supposed to be candy corn until reading your post just now

>> No.9188406
File: 523 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160916-181643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was posted on jharts page. He was asking what sort of patterns people would like to see more of essentially. I just don't understand this girl's response. I get that drafting takes a while especially going from scratch but based on what I'm reading here she doesn't even want to seam rip a shitty corset that fits and do slight adjustments. The whole read screams like she doesn't want to do any of the work but just wants a pattern to magically work.

>> No.9188416

This girl has a serious misunderstanding of how much work goes into corsetry. Even with highly versatile patterns with six different size measurements for the bust, waist, and hips you STILL need to mockup two or three times to get something that fits you properly. Unless you really know what you're doing, pretty much any well fitted "new" cosplay pattern should be mocked up first.

Talk about lazy.

>> No.9192501

How can you even tell? The angle sucks and the quality of video is poor

>> No.9192568

>I don't really want to but it would be rude to say no
>walk away without saying anything
>being a doormat
>in 2016

>> No.9192573

>having guys do stuff like that as a con is usually an uncomfortable experience that no one actually wants or enjoys
>some girls feel unattractive if it doesn't happen to them or are accused of bragging about their attractiveness if they say it happened to them

I see this cognitive dissonance all the time and I still don't get it.

>> No.9192971


>three and a half minutes of twirling around in a handmade dress

>> No.9193249 [DELETED] 
File: 314 KB, 2048x1771, 14372042_1126899290713636_1277794768683403710_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gerardo Flores drama rears its ugly head again

>> No.9193263 [DELETED] 

>omg hot gagnster guys you can take pics of me all you want
>wow that creep asked for a photo no way grrlfrand

>> No.9193278

I don't either. It happens a lot and it really doesn't seem to have anything to do with being attractive or not; it's more about guys thinking they have free reign at cons and that they can get away with it. There's no reason to make this shit up. I don't think anyone is flattered by it.

>> No.9193281 [DELETED] 

are you five?

>> No.9193286 [DELETED] 

>omg that guy was giving me the creep stare i hope my frand is looking out for me lets go

>> No.9193295

>There's no reason to make this shit up.

unless you can gain fame from it like Luna Lanie and Melly Massacre

>> No.9193302 [DELETED] 

please, this is embarrassing

>> No.9193327 [DELETED] 

>omg i can't turn those guys down they're hawt

>> No.9193348

These kind of things are rare but they do happen. Guys who do this don't look for "attractive" people they typically target women and girls who are either distracted or look like they are too shy to say anything. I have resting sad/innocent face so this happens to me quite a bit. Nothing brings me more joy then the shock on their face when they realize I am not the suffer in silence type.

>> No.9193364

Wow, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who got up-skirted at a con.
I mean, not "better" per say, but...

>acen 2012
>be Madotsuki
>dicking around friends
>day two, getting a little bit tired from the con atmosphere
>we move up to where the hotel rooms are
>everyone sits around on a quilt one of my friends brought playing 3ds together
>three of us playing New Leaf
>maximum comfy
>lay belly down on the quilt
>have friend pat my skirt down so it rests in between my legs, so no one can see up it
>what a nice day it is
>friend says "The fuck are those guys doing?"
>two guys staggering down the hall toward us
>really staggering, they're both obviously drunk and leaning hard on each other
>oh and one of them is a tall black fellow and the other is a little person
>they come slowly lurching down the hall
>we all watch intently but don't say anything
>they're about fifteen feet away from us
>the black pukes on the short guy
>pukes directly on the top of his head
>it splashes over the sides of his head without touching his face
>the black guy falls down
>the short guy tries to help him up, but is too drunk and falls down on top of him
>me and one of my friends run over to help them
>the short gentlemen gets back up on his own
>he and I try to help the black man sit up
>he asks us if we can help him get his friend to their room
>it was three doors away, so we do
>he thanks us and asks us not to tell security
>we agree and ask if we ought to call 911
>he says no, his friend gets that drunk a lot
>then he says, "I think some dude took a picture"
>I don't understand
>he says, "Your skirt's been up"
>realize in the flurry of helping these guys, my skirt had gotten hiked up over my ass in the back
>my bitch friend never said anything
>no one watching us said anything
>somewhere on the internet, there is a picture of me half naked helping a midget carry an unconscious man into a hotel room

>> No.9193369

>>somewhere on the internet, there is a picture of me half naked helping a midget carry an unconscious man into a hotel room
I'm not gonna lie, that's kinda funny. Fucked up but hilarious

>> No.9193376

I would have to be pretty salty to deny that it's inherently funny

>> No.9193384

I've had my skirt fly up because of the wind before. That's before I started wearing bike shorts underneath my skirts at cons

>> No.9194767

>girl behind me in art history is an obvious weeb, bad pastel lipstick and poorly done attempts at "kawaii" makeup, shitty attempts at "kawaii" outfits, just looks like a weird weeby planet
>latches onto me because i dress in sort of casual cute jfashion most days and she gushes over my ~real japanese brand~ clothing
>can't figure out how to get rid of her, she's annoying and embarrassing and asks me of she can borrow my clothes and stuff, when she would just stretch them out
>she finds out i'm a lesbian
>she thinks i have a crush on her (lolno)
>she fucks off
>mfw it was that easy

>> No.9194886
File: 63 KB, 487x493, 34758937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish this mentality would just disappear. Seriously, this person is so fucking obnoxious with their preachy sjw attitude.

>> No.9194916

>last weekend
>doing a really casual cosplay with my sister
>some dude decked out entirely in merch for the series we're cosplaying asks for a pic "in character"
>he's not cosplaying. hes just doing a bad voice from the show
>we're cute, it's popular, pictures are fine
>part ways
>30 mins later he shows up again
>follows us walking around the con, tries talking to me
>same fucking bad imitation voice
>"Haha so you look awesome... Do you uh, have an instagram?"
>"uhh no i don't"
>"Oh yeah. That's cool. Instagram sucks anyway, yeah, I had to leave it because I had some bad relationships going on on it...yeah... You're like. Super cute. So I'm like, 21, how old are you?"
>"um. 18" deargodwhyme.jpg
>"Cool... Cool! Yeah!"
>sister drags me into a bathroom to free me
>an hour later he shows up again
>evasive maneuvers
>he shows up like 3 more times over the next few hours
>at the end of the day he appears near the gaming room
>"Heyyy so... [my character name], you wanna uh, go to the gaming room?"
>"i think [sister's character name] and i were just about to leave actually"
>"Oh yeah, yeah. That's cool. The gaming room is lame anyways, I didn't even want to go, just thought you might ahahhaha..."

in hindsight he was more awkward than anything but the following us around the con thing majorly creeped me out, if we tried to move into the crowd he'd jump to follow us over three fucking floors of the con. it was so uncomfortable

>> No.9194921
File: 312 KB, 468x468, tumblr_nog652URuU1r1483xo2_500[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I always wear gym shorts under my clothes but this still happens

>had a guy apparently take a video of my ass as I was walking around
>phone down low pointed up, super obvious
>boyfriend caught him and called him on it
>he booked it

to be quite honest, my storebought cosplay was a little short, but that's the case with anything I by since I'm fucking tall

>another dude in the hotel across the way chatting up hotel roomates
>everyone starts making super saiyan poses and screaming like autists
>they egg me on to do it, I do the pose minus the autistic screaming
>the moment I do the dude across the way lies down on the floor and slides inbetween my legs to look up my skirt
>just kick him

Holy fuck, I was wearing Decora that day, It wasn't sexy in the slightest

I just want to get pic related for next year

>> No.9194935

Honestly I just feel bad for guys like that. They seem so utterly lost on how to flirt with women.

>> No.9194942

> Small con in city, cosplaying as Nico from Love Live
> Wound up in game room because there was simply nothing to do.
> Guy comes up and asks for a picture, cue awkward small talk, but manages to slip away
> Linger around but leave after following friends.
>Few hours later, come back to find friends, run into him again
> He starts conversing out of nowhere, stopping me in tracks.
> Can't even remember what he was talking about but I wanted out. NOW.
> Don't see friends but make excuse that they're in another part connected to game room.
> Finally do an awkward goodbye and thought it was over.
> Until he says "Bye Nico" and proceeds to blow the most awkward kiss towards me.

Never left a room so fast to avoid someone aside from one guy that was obsessed with me. Didn't see him after that day though. Then again, I stayed at the con the next day for like, an hour before going to get food. And was dressed as a guy.

>> No.9194945

4chan IS the midlife crisis.

>> No.9195190


Just wanted to say something about that Weeaboo stories blog, it started of funny but at some point the stories not only became extremely fake, the owner of the blog because annoyingly proud of herself.

Like people used to jokingly call her the goddess but she took that and ran. It made the blog a chore to read near the end so i'm glad it was gone.

>> No.9195326
File: 91 KB, 390x330, 1440153547759.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That reminds me of an experience at the last Otakon
>At gaming room
>Want to play an idol rhythmn game
>One other guy is there, no cosplay
>Wait turn and begin playing
>I'm not good, but good fun is had
>We play through/watch each other fail through a few songs
>He says he has to go
>Suddenly he takes out his phone
>"Type in your number"
>Not a question, just a demands it
>He looks like he's 15 tops
>"Uh I don't use my phone much except for music"
>"Oh.. bye"
I was dressed as pic related too

>> No.9195329

OP's reply is literally cut and pasted from the Tumblr archives. It doesn't even make that much sense in reply to that other person.

>> No.9195345
File: 251 KB, 750x532, chukar__bacha_valley_03-05-11_copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its not huge cringe but I've been wanting to share my autism story for awhile.

>be lolita at a summer picnic meet 1 or 2 summers ago
>girl I had never met is there, is chatting with her
>get on subject of Hatoful Boyfriend, I really love the series
>"I want to cosplay the doctor so bad!!" she says
>"oh iwamine shuu? He's my favorite"
>she clearly doesnt know his name at all and kind of brushes it off
>i'm getting triggered and feel like she hasnt even played the game, or played 5 seconds of it
>"yeah he's the cutest pigeon there is!"
>I bluntly/rudely say "ACTUALLY, he's a partridge"
>end of conversation, I walk away

I immediately wondered why I would ever get so annoyed at this. Actual autism on my part

>> No.9195351

>gushes over you
>thinks you have a crush on her
>fucks off out of your life

You got lucky anon. She sounds ridiculous and I bet she bragged online about it trying to make herself super desirable.

>> No.9195358

Nah it's alright anon. I went to the zoo with some friends last weekend and two of us we're being giant autists when we went to the Asia section and there was a chukar partridge sharing an enclosure with some bats.
He was apparently moved there because he was bullying and attacking the other birds when he was originally a little aviary with them.

>You'll never get to cosplay Isa Souma
>You'll never do a group of the RPG outfits

>> No.9195379

It won't disappear as long as society allows it as a socially acceptable excuse for bullying and censorship.

>> No.9195382

Yeah, I remember that pretty well. Like with anything popular, people started just making shit up because they knew the most ridiculous stories would gain traction. Rune's actually pretty cool. She's even said that she hates the way she acted back then and apologized for a lot of her 'holier-than-thou' behavior.

>> No.9195416

I'll always be infinitely more okay with this stuff than the edgelords that used to run around the "community"

>> No.9195462

>conversation about racism
>started by white girl
because that isn't tryhard

>> No.9195493

>that black
Das rayciss

>> No.9195522

This was a few years ago now but still creeped me out.

>Go to con dressed as Marceline from adventure Time
>not a skimpy costume by any means
>con went off without a hitch
>lots of kids came to take pictures with me
>super fun
>get to work later and everyone is talking about the con
>told them about my cosplay and showed pics
>some people are interested and he starts googling pictures of the other cosplays from the con with coworkers
>him and coworkers are looking through search results when they stumble across a blog that has pics of me
>mfw there is a whole page of fucking creepy pics of my ass and zoomed in pics of my boobs and even creepshots of me with the kids
>I'm fucking mortified
>all my coworkers are super uncomfortable
>to make matters worse there was a comment section that had very obscene comments

Why are people like this and why did it have to happen at work?

>> No.9195536

Holy shit anon

I guess someone had Marceline as their waifu

>> No.9195546

They're a 'trans female' who calls themselves a shota prince.

>> No.9195721 [DELETED] 
File: 231 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_odx53sOhk01uru66mo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never really understood the 'we get it, you vape' meme until now.

She literally does this in every outfit shot. We get it, you vape.

>> No.9195735

I hope you learned your lesson.
Quit now while you can.

>> No.9195746
File: 650 KB, 320x480, mio-scared-02.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>At decently sized local con
>Go to game room b/c some shit had gone down earlier
>Taking out frustration on mario game
>Rando in a Organization 13 cloak sits next to me
>w/e dude seems harmless
>He starts asking me why i look upset
>still probably kinda red and puffy from crying
>explain briefly, as he stranger and doesnt need to know all the details
>spergs out into a spiel about how *he* would never hurt me
>finish level, dude tries to kiss me
>pull back like what the shit
>dude acts like he has no goddamn clue what is going on
>dude FOLLOWS us talking about how he'll beat up the person who made me cry
>we get out of the game room
>holy shit the game room masked this dudes odor
>panic time
>Make excuse to go to the bathroom
>ask him to wait there
>mfw every time i spot him afterwards

>> No.9195751

>this vendetta

>> No.9195754

I'm more concerned about that eyeshadow

>> No.9195757

around blacks...

>> No.9195760

I posted this story after it happened, but that was a few years ago.

>be at otakon
>eating at the Noodles and Company
>crowded but get seat with bf
>spergy black kid in pokemon cosplay asks to join table
>can tell he's hungover and a harmless aspie
>start eating delicious mac and cheese
>kid starts puking everywhere
>floor, table, himself
>shit smells horrible
>kid profusely apologizing
>nearby people leave, gagging
>bf leaves, almost puking, to find napkins
>keep eating, hoping kid will be less embarrassed

>> No.9195762

I would report his ass to con security

>> No.9195777

Fuck that, I would've been out

>> No.9195835

haha oh god, poor kid.

>> No.9195846

>making cosplay for a friend to join our group
>pretty simple, it's a long circle skirt with halter neck top
>it's lapis lazuli
>bought nice and expensive fabric because paranoid about looking terrible
>girl has some experience with sewing (or what I thought)
>told her to start on the skirt whilst I just finish up my wig with clear instructions on how to start
>hour later
>my wig is done, head to sewing room
>she cut a square with a circle in the middle
>didn't even pay me back for fabric

>> No.9195858

I would have but like i said, local con, and I had issues finding actual staff since (after leaving) I learned they were mostly in the dealers room and artists alley to prevent theft and such.

>> No.9195869
File: 30 KB, 500x640, tumblr_inline_mn865l6T0Z1qz4rgp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be 14
>Otakon 2011
>Mom's with me
>Walking around
>Suddenly this man approaches my mom
>"I really like your costume."
>My mom looks at him in utter confusion
>He wants a picture with her
>States she isn't wearing a costume
>He leaves
>The rest is a blur from there. Probably for the better.

I don't think my mom likes Otakon anymore.

>> No.9195871

Maybe he thought she was dressing like a mom from his favorite anime.

>> No.9195877

>about to call underage
>realize that was five years ago
Fuck I'm old.

>> No.9195886

Anon, this is 4chan, unless you're a tripfag, it'd probably be hard to get fame from being harrassed.

>> No.9195924

> cosplay gathering at AX this year
> nice people, nice conversation, feeling confident in cosplay. All around good time.
> painted bra and golden panties slave leia shows up. Oh no.
> me, my ignorant ass, brushes her off as just someone's friend tagging along
> wrong. It's a slave leia version of character X
> looks nothing like X. No wig, didn't customize the cosplay, only has a badly made prop to lend any vague hint of who she is. I only realize when she stands in the character X photos
> okay. Whatever. Ignore her. We're all having fun.
> random photographer starts talking to our group and asks if we'd be interested in a cosplay video
> yep. ask what it's about, what we should do. He just wants us to have fun and do some dancing. Alright.
> slave leia X comes in. Suggests she belly dance for her part
> girl that is not a belly dance
> girl that is not sexy
> stop, please, for the love of my second hand embarrassment
> later I overhear her talking to the photographer again
> "Since my character is basically a slave to Y can we do a shot like that?" And gestures to me, the only Y around.
> bothered on multiple levels. didn't ask me, didn't check if I was okay with the shot (I'm not. Slave concept in general irks me), her whole awkward being there puts me off, and my character keeping hers as a slave goes against their entire personality and moral code. So no, thanks.

Never got that proposed shot and never had to exchange more than two or three words with her before heading out to the rest of the con, thankfully.

>> No.9196074

Yeah. Dunno why I said I was 14 back there. Thought it'd be important for the story.

>> No.9196126

Are you kidding? You know how many hits these twits got for claiming to be harassed and the number of followers they got for pretending to fight their injutstice and stand up for some BS spiel?

>> No.9196140

well that was wild from start to finish

>> No.9196454

Nope, no clue, because near everyone on here seems to be anonymous!

>> No.9198515

sauce on this stuff ?

>> No.9198523

You can buy them on eBay/aliexpress, but they're from taobao.

>> No.9198689
File: 2.33 MB, 300x223, 1474206644325.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go home old men,this board is for the young,hip kids who say radical and other things like that.

>> No.9198874

Horror Story: here in Italy we don't have security at cons

>> No.9198879

Go on

>> No.9198891

"i never played homestuck"

Anyone that says shit like this is secretly a huge fucking Homestuck fan.

>> No.9198897

Or people who don't know what homestuck is.

>> No.9198898
File: 25 KB, 680x383, disgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9198900

See, I don't get shit like this. Why didn't you report him? Why didn't you tell him off? Why did your friend have to "save" you? I don't think this is what happened at all. I think you're grossly exaggerating what happened.

>> No.9198909

Basicly anyone can do whatever they want since there is no security to intervene, a guy once touched my butt and all I could do was to scream at him.
It's pretty shitty and scary.

>> No.9198917

If my uber conservative father, who only uses the internet for Facebook, knows what Homestuck is to the most vague of extremes, then I refuse to believe that people who are such hardcore nerds that they enjoy dressing up as characters from their favorite shows do not know about something that was once as penetrating as Attack on Titan.

>> No.9198923

You'd be surprised how many girls are complete doormats about this kind of thing.

>> No.9198965

Well, that's what I fundamentally do not understand. I know that the police don't always do their jobs, but when I went to file a police report against someone for sexual assault I had a file within 24 hours. Nobody teaches you to just "let it slide" anymore, and they haven't for ages. Media penetration on this subject definitely reaches anyone who wasn't taught what to do in this situation earlier in their lives. If you were legitimately sexually harassed, either you go to report it or you're fine with it and willing to let it slide, but if you choose the latter then don't bitch about it after the fact. You had a chance to tell them off or turn them in but opted not to. Either you're totally fine with it or you're grossly exaggerating for effect.

>> No.9198977

Some people just don't know what to do in those sort of situations. Some were bothered by it but feel like it's not worth filing a report over.
People handle things differently.

I agree that filing a report would be best, but sometimes it's not always the first thing someone thinks about in that kind of situation.

>> No.9199012

Because you've never been in that situation. You've never been terrified that a guy is going to go from harrassing you to being violent and aggressive. I've not reported people because most of the time you're disgusted and scared and just thinking about how to get out of the situation unharmed. Once you're away, you pretty much don't want to even think about it anymore. The only time I ever reported someone was after a friend told me that I should and I felt confident enough with her reassurance/knowing she had my back.

It's nowhere near as easy as people think.

>> No.9199016

I think it's weird too, but from all the stories like this I've read it seems like a lot of women get really intimidated in these situations and seem to not realize they have the agency to do something about both during and after.

Seriously, if a stranger guy is being creepy to you, and you're in a public place and aren't even there alone, it's absolutely fucking fine to be rude to someone who is being creepy or harassing you. They're a stranger, it doesn't matter, and in a crowd when you're together with friends they pose little threat. And you should always report afterward, if only to keep the guy from bothering other girls.

>> No.9199025

See >>9199016

What you said makes sense if you are alone in a dark place. If you scream that you're being sexually harassed in a con, the crowd is much more likely to take your side than the harasser's. You have a lot more power in that particular situation than you might realize.

>> No.9199030

Homosuck was a mistake. Seriously, the community hates you and you ruin good things.

>> No.9199040

This is where the whole "doormat" thing comes in.

>> No.9199056

It's happened to me before when I was younger and it never even crossed my mind to report him even when I saw a volunteer for staff in the same room.
It's just that instinct you get where you don't want to cause a fuss in case you look like the crazy/over sensitive one or this guy decides to fucking shank you over it like countless stories. The one that sticks in my mind is the highschool girl who turned a guy down to prom/a dance and he killed her right then and there for it in the middle of the school.

>> No.9199190

>The one that sticks in my mind is the highschool girl who turned a guy down to prom/a dance and he killed her right then and there for it in the middle of the school.
Not speaking up when being harassed in public for fear of that situation happening is like never leaving your house before the. Sure, it could happen, but the chances are so incredibly low that it's irrational and will only hurt you in the long run to worry about it.

If you speak up, people WILL be on your side. You don't have to worry about being seen as oversensitive. If you really feel threatened, it's fine to speak up. In lesser situations just tell the guy to fuck off, leave the area he's in, and report him if necessary.

>> No.9199192

never leaving your house because you heard one time someone else got murdered right outside their door*

>> No.9199217

>never been in that situation

I actually have been. Don't believe the lies that people who cried wolf tell you. Don't believe these false feminist icons that have never spent a day hungry or actually oppressed by males in any way. You don't "cower", your first instinct is to enter "fight or flight" if it seriously bothers you.

There is nothing wrong with you if it doesn't bother you, either, but I've noticed that a lot of these people tend to never actually bring it up because it, you know, didn't bother them.

In my support group, I see that the group is divided between two groups of people - actual victims, and people who got felt up at a party by someone who was drunk and then they say they've been "raped" or "assaulted". Then they act like the whole thing was so traumatizing, and it's because there are people out there that want to show their support to actual victims that they let these attention whores get away with their bullshit.

And I'm not saying that the latter is anyone here in this thread.

I am saying that there is a mentality that exists within us women that we tend to embellish our stories to make us seem more like victims than we actually are, and a lot of it is done after the fact because we're more upset with the idea of what happened than we are of the actual act while it was occurring.

>> No.9199223

>You don't "cower", your first instinct is to enter "fight or flight" if it seriously bothers you.
I'd disagree, I think cowering is a third reaction. Some people do go deer in the headlights when faced with a frightening situation.

Of course, that's exactly how you get hit by the car, but don't try to tell them that.

I think it's less that many women want to be victims after the fact, and more that they assign themselves a victim role right from the start. That's why in scary situations like this, they'll act like a doormat and wait for someone else to rescue them, because they are the victim and victims don't have agency. There is absolutely nothing they can do to stop or escape the situation on their own. I find that kind of mentality concerning but I see it quite a lot.

>> No.9199233

It's something that's been fostered by media since the dawn of time. Women are portrayed as weak, feeble, etc. and sadly a lot of people subconsciously hold onto that. I used to be that way up until recently.

>> No.9199247

It still doesn't matter; if you just search the name of the event, you can still find it and the address it's being hosted at. Don't want your event found? Don't make it public. You'd have to blur out the event name and the description where it says what the theme is. Not to mention both images you posted are already archived on Warosu. Once you post it, it's permanently on the internet.

>> No.9199250

>being this autistic

>> No.9199262

I think you mean realistic.

>> No.9199265

>Some people do go deer in the headlights when faced with a frightening situation.
I'm one of these people because of anxiety. You just totally blank and there's nothing you can do so you either hope it goes away or someone bails you out. It's not a conscious decision, if it was I'd have been a hell of a lot more graceful when strangers talked to me when I was younger.

>and more that they assign themselves a victim role right from the start. That's why in scary situations like this, they'll act like a doormat and wait for someone else to rescue them, because they are the victim and victims don't have agency

Eeeh, as I said, it's not really a conscious decision that "I'm going to be a victim so I must act like one", more "I have no idea what to do" which causes them to go along with whatever's happening, even if it's not the best situations.

>It's something that's been fostered by media since the dawn of time. Women are portrayed as weak, feeble, etc. and sadly a lot of people subconsciously hold onto that. I used to be that way up until recently.

Part of it could be self confidence. If you're confident in yourself, you're going to be okay with kicking up a fuss and telling someone to fuck off. If you're not confident in yourself, you might not feel comfortable drawing attention and being loud and conspicuous, especially if you're young with very little life experience.

>> No.9199448

I've never seen Attack on Titan either, all I know about that off the top of my head is that it's about teenagers in the army, there's naked giants attacking the teenagers, and I believe that the Japanese title begins with an 's'.
Just because people are interested in dorky things, it doesn't mean they're necessarily interested in the dorky things that you are interested in.
That would be like me going around assuming that everyone knows about obscure Harriet the Spy sequels.

>> No.9199544

>at NYCC in 2012
>cosplaying Harley Quinn with Batman the Animated Series cosplay group.
>am like 16
>first time ever wearing Harley at a large convention.
>some guy dressed as the Joker sees me and he's really excited.
>like REALLY excited. Too excited for a cosplay this common.
>haha no, I didn't.
>Walk towards each other for a pic.
>At this point I had never had a bad cosplay experience, and I'm down to humor anyone who wants to say hi.
>I greet him with a "Hey, Mista' J!" because I'm super excited to be here, and know nothing about the hordes of annoying ass dudes in joker cosplays of varying levels of meh to poor quality.
>He (large, tall, sort of fat guy) picks me (small, thin, underage girl) up and spins me around for a bit.
>Ppl start taking pics.
>He sets me down on the floor and wraps me in a giant bear hug, pinning my arms to my sides.
>Starts screaming laughing and trying to dry-hump me standing up for a "funny pic."
>kinda evident that he isn't wearing underwear.
>I can't really move, and I kind of just freeze there petrified for a moment.
>Onlookers are kind of grossed out.
>I finally push away from him as hard as I can and run away.
>later that day, every time he sees us around the con center, he does that same screaming laugh @ my group.
>this happens multiple times.
>at one point tries to touch our Poison Ivy
>so embarrassed and off-put that I retire that cosplay for a while
>I wish I had told him to fuck off in some way at all, instead of just running away every time and letting him have his fun scaring underage girls.

>> No.9199669

>From what I've heard
yee man sure

>> No.9199869

>not saying you were 17 and noping out of there

>> No.9199905

>Part of it could be self confidence. If you're confident in yourself, you're going to be okay with kicking up a fuss and telling someone to fuck off. If you're not confident in yourself, you might not feel comfortable drawing attention and being loud and conspicuous, especially if you're young with very little life experience.

Not the same anon but I want to jump in and say I agree.

It seems like women have a massive problem with ever complaining. Story time: I'm on my uni's japanese society committee, bunch of girls stopped turning up to events because of two creepy guys. They said nothing, despite having the option to discreetly talk to one of the committee members who would have sorted it pronto. No fuss, no scene. They didn't even have to speak to us in person, we have all kinds of online contact. What's more is we didn't know it was a serial problem until we're all sitting around gossiping and realise we've all seen or heard about this creepy behaviour from these people.

Seriously speak the fuck up if something like this happens to you. You may not have the self esteem to do it for yourself, but when you've witnessed something like this you have a chance to protect other people.

>> No.9200752

If you're ever harassed (in any situation, not just one like this) get loud. Scream and shout what this guy is doing. Let everyone hear. People will turn their heads. With an audience, guys like that loose their audacity and can't stumble out an explanation fast enough. All in all though, sorry that happened to you.

It's not rude to say no. Your comfort is more important than their picture. And if it's happening to you, it's happening to someone else. It's a viscous cycle.

>> No.9200764

>the chances are so incredibly low
They're not that low, anon.

>If you speak up, people WILL be on your side
They almost never are. People automatically assume the victim is over reacting, trying to get attention, misunderstood the situation, is lying, etc.

>> No.9200766
File: 94 KB, 412x412, cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9200767

The chances of someone murdering you in public for rejecting them are very, very low. What drugs are you on?

>> No.9200772

>They almost never are. People automatically assume the victim is over reacting, trying to get attention, misunderstood the situation, is lying, etc.
This is literally not true. People might assume that after the fact, or for something you see on the internet. But if you say someone is harassing you in a place like a con, people will almost certainly be on your side over the guy's.

>> No.9200808

I heard aliexpress was a scam? Any truth to that?

>> No.9200811
File: 65 KB, 640x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9200823

Yes, that's why we have an entire thread dedicated to it. So many gullible gulls here.

>> No.9201620


I never wanted to be more dead.
Shitty made up dance for the worst girl featuring special snowflake weebs calling it "sexy"

>> No.9201630

I wonder how our friend Coloring-Chan is doing.

>cosplaying as a popular homestuck character
>with whole god tier beta kids group, people taking photos of us
>goes to bathroom
>hears down the hall a screech that could pierce the sound barrier
>starts running down the hall to glimp me
>quickly turns to go to the bathroom
>waits for me to leave the stall and then takes photos of me washing my hands
>what the fuck

>> No.9201831

I feel like I've been summoned but really, I just spend way too much time on /cgl/.

Coloring-Chan isn't speaking to me currently but she has been extremely active on Facebook complaining about a lot of things.

>family's new dog (to replace the one that died) won't let her sleep because she has to watch it?
>she's being 'forced' to move into her step-grandmother's house to help care for her because she's got dementia/Alzheimer's or something akin to that
>says in another post she got bribed to do it with internet and a new lock for her room
>admits she's in another "manic low" that has her yelling and fighting with parents

I can definitely see the new locking doorknob for her room causing some future shit to go down because she's the type to lock her door while she's in there just to prevent her parents from getting in and then yelling at them through the door until there's a screaming match going on between them like that.

Coloring-Chan is going to be shit taking care of an elderly woman who's losing her short term memory as well. She's supposed to be helping her mother care for her but her mother (who is sick as well) is going to be taking care of the both of them at this rate because CC won't do a damn thing but sit there and continue to complain how she can't watch her K-dramas because of the internet being spotty. She's already complaining as is on FB about it.

And just because I'm totally over this friendship and more than ready to just cut ties entirely if it weren't for people wanting updates, I'll out some shit I've kept back:

CC is a multi-year staffer at a convention. Yes, this sort of person is in charge of a con.
CC has paranoid crazy beef with another staffer that has gotten us into a fight before because this staffer (referred to as a group admin before?) so much as types CC's name in a sentence and suddenly she's DISRESPECTING MUH AUTHORITY, ANON! and CC starts threatening to talk to the department head about this disrespect!!!!!

>> No.9201834

She may have already brought it up with the department head for all I know since I distanced myself from her in that respect almost immediately after the second time she flipped out over this one staffer "refusing to acknowledge" her. It's just so ridiculous and every year CC power trips like crazy while doing absolutely no work and she even brought her headphones and her COLORING BOOK to her assignment at the convention. Needless to say it's bullshit and I have no idea how she's still on staff.

But yeah, just putting all this out here since I don't think I'll be updating on her for a long while unless shit hits the fan between her and me or her and her family or the con.

Thanks for following along on the wild ride everyone!

>> No.9201953


Pixiteri 2.0?

>> No.9202098

Thank you, cc-op. I often wonder about how you're doing in life: I can't believe CC is a con admin. It baffles me to no end.
I forget, have you finished school yet? I hope life is going well for you.

>> No.9202238

She sort of snuck her way onto con staff? She literally watched one set of doors years ago as a volunteer and just kept doing it for a couple years then was just giving a staffer position because she was there every year and the department head got used to seeing her.
Now her job is basically to yell at people (which she admits she enjoys doing) and to basically shove all her tasks onto me. We recently got a new department for handicapped attendees and she tried to worm her way onto that by sucking up to the head of it with "muh BPD muh injuries muh obesity" and they told her they were only taking people with qualified backgrounds in that kind of service and she sulked the rest of the meeting. That didn't stop her from getting a pass into a special room they had set up though for people with special issues who needed somewhere quiet to just destress for a minute and telling everyone all about it like she'd gotten into the VIP club.
I got onto con staff through her, sort of like a package deal? I'd likely be kicked off if anyone knew I was posting about her but it'll be awkward as hell to work around her and honestly, I'm the only one who got to see what a Grade-A bitch she was being towards other staffers and her powertripping so if I get the boot then that's fine, she's the one unmedicated BPD who gets to be allowed to vent by screaming at people and takes too much joy out of it.

Me? I've finished high school ages ago and I'm half-way through my first semester at college since I got government funding to do so. I'm doing well though, I've got all 92+ grades in my classes which is in large part to CC and another person pushing me to do my best because I didn't want to end up with them giving me those "Well you tried but you know, I got ___ in my classes" remarks even though CC hasn't been to college in years and quit before she got her degree.. in Psychology.
But yeah, I'm doing good.

Better now that I unfriended her everywhere and turns out -c

>> No.9202242

she unfollowed me and a 'mutual' friend (friend didn't like her very much, turns out she only humored her for my sake) on a social media site because I had been sending messages to said friend about a new game and CC was watching I guess because she kept sending us messages about the game with borderline spoilers and we basically ignored her because turns out she unfollowed me and mutual both and neither one of us noticed it until last night when I was unfriended CC on everything.
That shows how bad off our friendship was that I didn't notice her unfollowing me probably two weeks ago? I was just glad to stop getting message notifications even if I couldn't ignore her steady stream of FB updates whining about everything in her life she had to do in order to help out her family who expects very little of her already.

>> No.9202411

Don't insult our glorious queen like that. If anything unnecessarily ducking up a good thing is more akin to Asherbee.

>> No.9202561

>Being this salty

>> No.9202791

>small local con
>hosted by historically black university
>$5 entrance fee, 1 day only
>see maid cafe
>qt black maid at podium with two butler behind her
>sign says everyone must purchase food/drink when entering
>ask if there are dairy free options bec severe lactose intolerance
>maid starts to read entire menu
>"oh, we have vanilla par-fet, strawberry par-fet, chocolate par-fet, banana par-fet..." etc
>holy shit is she saying parfait?
>look at butlers while she continues to list par-fet flavors
>butlers seem to not notice/care
>literally only has parfaits
>mfw parfaits have dairy

she seemed sweet, but she said parfait as "par-fet" with a hard "t" like a dozen times. and of course she could've just said no when i asked if there were dairy free options.

>> No.9202814
File: 543 KB, 728x498, once-a-fvccboi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, any of you guys see this dish about Fvccboi Fantasy Cosplay? Knew he was a fuckboy but damn.

>> No.9202844

Are you implying she couldn't pronounce parfait because she was black?

>> No.9202849

Are you implying that black people aren't allowed to mispronounce words?

>> No.9202853

I understand that French is stupid but I still find it funny when people mispronounce words, especially words that we use frequently.

>> No.9202855

No, but why did they have to keep bring up that she was black? No one else here mentions race in their stories at all because its literally irrelevant

>> No.9202882


It's a detail. Strictly speaking, the cost of entry to the con, duration of the con, and presence of butlers are also irrelevant details.

Don't get so hung up on finding something to be offended by.

>> No.9202926

It's okay. I had this happen with a convention vendor. She was selling drawings of the characters. The thing is, I stopped talking after I realized she didn't actually know what I was talking about, but she still pushed the subject... wasn't sure if she thought I meant something completely different or if she was pretending she knew more than she did. It was awkward.

> tfw you are an autist
> and a pigeon fancier

>> No.9203704

I'd like to see that pic haha.

>> No.9203712

seems like your friend liked that "stalker" regardless of your point of view. You seem like a very judgemental person

>> No.9204431
File: 22 KB, 506x412, what the fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some guy losing his shit after getting called out for trying to host a hetalia meetup at a war memorial

>> No.9204518

Didn't he learn from the past shit shows that were Hetalia meet-ups at war memorials and a photoshoot in front of a Jewish temple?

>> No.9204588

Not buying it.

>> No.9204786

Ya anon, wear shorts or spankies or something. You probably know better now.
I joke with my friends that anyone wanting to take an up skirt pic can go ahead because I'm literally always wearing spankies and dance tights, so they won't see anything. I'd probably kick them in the face if I caught them though, because other people aren't so covered up.

>> No.9205015

Aahaha, I went to high school with this guy (he was a couple of years older than me but was friends with my older sibling). He was such a creep and would always try to flirt with the girls in our strategy club. He thought he was so slick, it was so cringey.

>> No.9206687

All''s quiet on the cringe front.

>> No.9207256

Holy shit, I thought it was just me who had this problem with Hatoful Boyfriend
>People get in on it because lolpigeonsXD
>Get excited because it's hard to find other fans
>They react to you like you're an autist/furry
>tfw just want to have fun talking about birds and moa's cute drawings without feeling like an autist for genuinely taking an interest in something rather than for the meme/cool internet points

>> No.9207661


>> No.9207714
File: 45 KB, 583x755, nfkrz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She cut a square with a circle in the middle

>> No.9208765

Omg that made me giggle.

>> No.9208809

>At a small con last year
>Cosplaying female Robin from FE
>Walking around with friends when creepy guy approaches me at high speed
>Screams ROBIN like an aspie and hugs me
>I don't know what just happened so I just walk away
>Friend asks if I knew that creeptard

I will never understand why people think doing that is ok

>> No.9209565

That's not that bad, although uncomfortable

>> No.9209934


>> No.9209999
File: 43 KB, 564x422, 1588833d0820ab8ce1ac1d565f85515d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As you are now, so once was I.
As I am, so you shall be.

>> No.9210060
File: 201 KB, 429x350, tumblr_inline_nt41dpEWex1qe75xt_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saw that there was a new thread, so I had to share a story from the first and only time I cosplayed from Hetalia. (also to anyone from Freems' CAH group, yeah it's me, DefinitelyNotACop)

>be at AX 2010 as Austria (not a very good one at that)
>find a Prussia and England cosplay duo to hang out with since my Hungary didn't go that day due to food poisoning
>talk about people that have come up to us during the day to take our pics, etc
>be warned about an obvious yaoi fangirl that was stalking them before they met up with me
>think nothing much of it because I'm a dumb af pushover of a 16 year old and felt like I couldn't judge people before meeting them
>boy was I wrong
>not even 10 minutes later a "Kyouya" cosplayer (quotation marks for barely recognizable) with a signed yaoi flag comes around the corner where I am
>awkwardly says hi and kind of introduces herself/asks how I like her Kyouya cosplay (I say it's nice out of politeness)/etc
>Literally next topic (not even a minute into a conversation), she says that she loves reading doujins/etc fan works of Austria getting shish kebabed by Prussia and Germany
>proceed to slowly back away from the conversation and not engage with her/try to focus on the Prussia and England until she eventually leaves us to pursuit other cosplayers

yeah sorry if it wasn't that exciting but MAN I didn't even know what shish kebabing was until that point

>> No.9210195

>getting shish kebabed
Is that.. like spitroasting? Also hallo Cop! Whatever happened to the CAH group?

>> No.9210302 [DELETED] 
File: 97 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oektno4IFu1r5e5vio1_540[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9210392

>Sunday of an anime con
>sees Nui from Kill La Kill with other KLK cosplayers
>asks for photo
>takes photo
>Me to Nui: So uh need help with anything?
>anyone looks at me weirdly
>Nui: No why?
>hands on my hips
>Me: I don't know, you look like you could use a.. HAND.
>walk away as her fellow KLK cosplayers laughed

I did the same joke to another Nui cosplayer except she stabbed me with the prop


>> No.9210395

You're a real comedian

>> No.9210445
File: 93 KB, 560x1630, Mithos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>First convention and cosplay experience, Acen like 2007 or something, be real young and inexperienced to the ways of the con
>cosplaying pic related, literal 14-year-old boy from popular Tales series
>had a lot of fun with friends cosplaying from same series, at photoshoots etc
>go to Dealers hall, wandering around
>get stopped for pics from a few ppl who recognize our group cosplay, and I'm often mistaken for the female lead which makes sense, doesn't bother me
>suddenly neckbeard hambeast old man, wheezing and sweaty and greasy and unshaved with a stained shirt, the works, manning unpopular run-of-the-mill manga goods booth stops us
>singles me out, says I'm "his favorite character from the game"
>asks for a hug
>majorly creeped out as I know this character I'm cosplaying is a young boy, never expected this
>give him half hug while he tries to squeeze the life out of me
>can feel his sweat getting on my clothing
>pull away and book it as quickly as possible
>to this day I will not get near older, fat, bearded men
>Probably never going to crossplay again

Euuughhhh. Shiver.

>> No.9210479
File: 79 KB, 1084x720, FB_IMG_1475692268988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9210492
File: 76 KB, 1083x720, FB_IMG_1475692296428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9210494

This is for stories. Not bad cosplay pics.

>> No.9210501

Tbh, you shouldn't be put off by crossplaying because he probably thought you were a loli or something/just wanted an excuse to hug a young girl.

>> No.9210522

What was in the op?

>> No.9210800


Yeah it's basically in the butt and mouth at the same time, it's all the same kind of descriptive words that shouldn't be told to a cosplayer lmaooo

Yo wassup my dude? Not sure which anon this is but that's okay ;-; dude I have no idea, I should ask Freems some time for a new round or game to play together

>> No.9210822
File: 642 KB, 500x281, tumblr_naptp41X2G1rveihgo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's Deco-anon, I only played a few times though and I've got less time now that classes are in session. If Freeman hosts another game, play a few rounds for me!

>> No.9210986

I had a man do this to me once at university. I was carrying a bunch of books for a class project so my arms were overly full and had a migraine so I wasn't too focused on what was going on until I realised I walked to the wrong class and when I turned around I almost bumped into a bent over man with a phone under my dress. I was too stunned and sick from the head ache to react fast enough. Never caught the fucker.

>> No.9211130


>> No.9211303

>wearing lolita on campus because ~lifestyle lolita~
>some weaboo approaches
>oh fuck
>in a barely understandable voice "are you dressed up as an idol?"
>can't understand, he has to repeat that 3 times.
>explain that nope, this is just how I dress
>"you should join the Japanese club because it's like cosplay huh"
>where is he even getting this from in our conversation
>just kinda walk away "to class"

>> No.9211325

The guy sounds really awkward and shy, he was probably so excited to see you that he couldn't even listen to a word you said. It happens sometimes. Young weebs have approached me about what I was wearing while mumbling and firmly avoiding eye contact and making the situation a lot more awkward than it should be.
Some people are just like this, I guess.

>> No.9211373

Fuck I can't read this thread. This shit is too awful.

>> No.9211480
File: 239 KB, 650x279, frustrated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've played homestuck. I found it to be mentally exhausting and boring. I didn't even get to the part where the grey guys show up.

>> No.9211629


Oh my god Deco! ;-; Man I really miss playing CAH, hopefully we can do a gaming night where everyone can come hang out again, I'll talk to him about it ; v ;

>> No.9214548
File: 1.12 MB, 1058x846, kawaii.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

http://www.dailydot.com/parsec/trans-lolita-andrea-baker/?fb=dd one of the jfashion fb groups im in just posted this

>> No.9214878
File: 14 KB, 675x171, 163ccd237a2f2fbf1aa921930499d2ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I received this from an agent when i was asking about guest stuff. It's just upsetting to know that some of these cosplayers charge that much when i can get a voice actor (or several) for that same price.

>> No.9215010

Finally i see her wearing a blouse!!

>> No.9215783
File: 58 KB, 640x798, Highbrow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9215891


>> No.9215898
File: 161 KB, 1212x512, zxdfads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay delusional retard. Also, see you there.

Wonder how many /b/tards I can get on board for this one..

>> No.9215911

Congrats, you know how to go to an archive. Now go get laughed out of /b/ with this dumb bullshit.

>> No.9215978


>> No.9215993

helper anon here, i would love to play sometime. so busy with school but i think about the game/make mental plans like a madman now and then.

>> No.9215997

/b/ doesn't even do raids anymore

>> No.9216016
File: 111 KB, 800x430, IMG_0272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is cringe.

>> No.9216049

>"as a fat person, we barely have blah blah blah "
>fat acceptance
>mfw /fit/
That creature barely qualifies as human. Disregard and disrespect.

>> No.9216057

>getting shish kebabed
Nearly choked on a cookie
Worth it

>> No.9216093

Ask them I they're into classical literature. Then mention A Farewell to Arms.

>> No.9218841

Never relax

>> No.9218943

Left and middle are bad. Right is passable, I like how they did the skirt.

>> No.9219051

a-are you me anon?

>> No.9220599

Ok, so a couple weeks ago, I went out to get groceries and run errands with my bf. While I was minding my own shit, some cow comes waddling up to me clad in yoga pants and other spandex garbage. Now, I'm a pretty standard fatty myself so I'm not usually the first to cast judgement on weight, but this bitch was a ham avalanche. I mean you could see the lard rippling through her pants and she was about one butter sandwich away from being rascal bound.
So, I'm minding my own shit and she comes up to me and fucking screeches while pointing at my outfit. My bf already has an "oh shit, we need to leave" look on his face, but I stupidly engage her. We talk about the style a little while she's jumping, flapping around, and trying to touch my clothes.. eventually I see an opening and go to pay for our stuff and get out of there. Whatever, bitch is just enthusiastic about seeing something new, so I shrug it off. After we leave, we walk around down town for a little while and I notice the girl is just kind of following us, but I ignore it. Finally, after checking out a few shops we head to the bus stop and sit down when she runs back up to us with a very disinterested guy on her arm. She screams again, points at me while jumping up and down, and turns to the dude she's dragging around.

"Daddy, daddy, you HAVE to get me that dress! It's soooo cute, PLEASE, DADDY?"

Somehow I manage to keep a straight face, but my bf looks like he's gonna shit his pants right there. The dude she's with is obviously embarrassed and people are turning around to look at where all the fucking yelling is coming from. He just gave her a PAINED expression and was like "Uh...sure...?" before looking back at me with a very sad apologetic look. We all kinda stay silent for a few seconds before he gently ushers her away from us. Luckily, the bus got there immediately after that and we got the fuck home.

>> No.9221683

What kind of bullshit is this? Cosplay isn't a zero sum game. Cosplaying a fat character doesn't mean other people suddenly can't cosplay them.

>> No.9221839

There's only so much victimhood, anon. Why can't you be more considerate and let them have it? You're being problematic, desu.

>> No.9221896
File: 1020 KB, 500x281, njkdcsahug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My very first con experience
>awkward pimply group of freshmen decide to go to AN together
>all wearing very shitty vocaloid cosplay
>the MINUTE we walk into the dealers room a SeeU approaches us
>i'm so excited to make con friends
>she compliments us on our cosplays and we have awkward small talk before she breaks into song
>mfw SeeU is singing I=Fantasy in really broken Korean in the middle of the dealers room
>intense secondhand embarrassment as people begin to turn to look
>still clap when she's done

>> No.9222585

You have to be 18+ to post here, kid.

>> No.9222589

Could be college freshmen, anon.

>> No.9222608

I thought that but pimply college freshman and the whole think sounds like a 13 year old's experience, not a 18-19 year old.

>> No.9224399

What were you wearing do you think the guy her daddy or her "daddy"

>> No.9224494 [DELETED] 

Lower IQ and higher aggression,mentally she was as old as a 12 year old max.

>> No.9224498

>bunch of fat sluts put out to a basketball american
>get called fat and slutty
Whats the problem here, do you think women have ABSOLUTELY NO agency?
Fuck boys dont exist just a term uses to describe a guy who doesnt magically start dating her and buying gifts for her after she throws him the pussy.
Grow up

>> No.9224556

Did he delete his cosplay page?

>> No.9224649 [DELETED] 

says the man

>> No.9224662 [DELETED] 

So you're just racist.

>> No.9224664

>cosplaying rin from ao no exorcist
>small talking with guy who came up to my group to be nice
>randomly says "I can do the higurashi laugh"
> uh... cool?
> "do you want me to do it"
>"no, if you do, I'll cringe and run away"
>guy laughs like I'm joking
>guy prepares to do this laugh and I straight up run away into the sign up lobby because if I'd stayed I would've cringed up my lunch
>leaving con, good day, great time
>hear really bad evil laughter emanating past me as this guy comes running across the lobby area of the con at me
>go to hotel room and set myself on fire

>> No.9224674 [DELETED] 

Not that guy moron. I am simply stating a well established fact 50% of western blacks are retarded (iq under 80)
96 % of subsaharan blacks are severely retarded.
Learn facts retard

>> No.9224682

47 and still here? Honestly, what holds your interest? I'm a little surprised.

>> No.9224744
File: 144 KB, 768x960, 14642381_1406067082739965_4362575335566185890_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9224746

Bad eyebrows

>> No.9224974

Oh god I saw that on Cosplay circle I think. 500 likes,mostly of horny virgins, and the "so brave" types.

>> No.9225122

LOOOLLL, that must've been so awkward but it's so funny

>> No.9225186

this kind of shit happens all the time. some guy asked for a pic once and he did take one normal one, then fucking bent down and started taking pictures of my legs, not even trying to hide it (i wasn't wearing any cosplay shit on my legs just a normal skirt)
my boyfriend pulled me away immediately and we went to report the guy but its kind of hard to describe a fat guy with a camera at an anime convention.........

>> No.9225362
File: 124 KB, 720x960, facist bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be at con after flying down from a long helicopter shift
>Go to con dressed as 4th reich scout from metro last light
>things are going good, people taking pictures (fuck I love when that happens)
>then I see it.
>A helmet with a red star on it
>someone doing a red-line heavy cosplay,
>They turn, I look at them, they look at me
>stare at each other for a solid minute
>people start to turn at take pictures of the staredown, laughing
>"can you guys get closer and do some fighting poses? this is awesome"
>both say "sure!"

>and thus was the first time I ever saw someone cosplaying the same series as me

>> No.9225366

Should probably mention it was the kind of semi-awkward "what do we do now" staring, because my mask covers my face, and her helmet had a face shield that covered most of theirs. Made for a few awkward half steps towards each other and stuttering.

I need to stop coming down after only working with 1 other person for 4 months and jumping into a con with a ton of people in it. My social skills are always rusty.

>> No.9226834
File: 1.87 MB, 1876x946, Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

meant 2013! sorry!
the SeeU is in pic related

>> No.9227275

Guys, I've been trying to compile classic cgl horror stories. can people submit them to cglhorrorstories.tumblr.com?

>> No.9228274

Hey. Thats in my area. Maybe ill show up. Hope gothic lolita is okay.

>> No.9228372

Why couldn't you just tell him to gtfo politely.

>> No.9228396
File: 172 KB, 430x351, 1474786449689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sort of a cringe story on my own part
>be in 6th grade
>delightfully/horrifyingly weeby, along with my friends
>wear cat ears to school eery day
>train myself to respond with "nani?" whenever any one called my name
>the works
>older brother hates this shit, tells me i'm just a weeaboo
>think weeaboo is some term for a "cooler otaku!!!"
>specifically remember thinking that weeaboo was an "anime fan who didn't live in their parents basement"
>start calling myself a weeaboo without knowing what it meant
>told my friends to call themselves weeaboos

>> No.9229785


>> No.9230582
File: 224 KB, 1080x860, IMG_20161023_014000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is this real?????

>> No.9230758

you guys do realize if you ever get harassed by an autist all you need to do is point and laugh at him/ make fun of them and you will basically shatter there life for the next few months

obviously if your sexually assaulted / near sexually assaulted like these gulls
you should call con security but for your every day con level autism its much funnier to absolutely roast them

>> No.9230770

I don't even care about her weight but can't she at least try to make the costume accurate.

The wig is too short and the wrong colour, makeup is wrong, tattoos should be COVERED and the damn bikini shouldn't be twisted like that and should be taped the fuck down.

>> No.9233905

Let my tell you the terrifying tale of Vodka-chan

>First convention ever, Metrocon 2013
>Sister and I scrape together enough money to go, but we have no one to room with, so we make the newbie mistake of asking random people in the Facebook group for rides and a room
>Finally, someone offers. They're driving up from a place south of us, so stopping and picking us up on the way isn't a problem for them
>We pay them gas money, and they pick us up, taking us to our very first con
>Sister and I are beyond excited. We act like total weeaboos around them because we never get to act like that with anyone else
>Finally get to the hotel. Walk in and set our stuff up.
>One of the girls who rode with us immediately takes her pants off, no hesitation
>Only wearing a lace thong underneath
>Avoid looking at her, assuming this is just normal for this kind of thing
>She opens her bag, and takes out two full bottles of vodka, setting them on the desk
>Okay, this must be normal too. People like to party at cons, right?
>"Hey guys, help yourselves to the vodka! I want us to all have a good time!"
>She seems cool about it at least

>Saturday night
>At a panel
>Get a text from my sister
>"Get back to the hotel room now and start packing, we have to go."
>Hurry back to the room
>Vodka-chan is standing near the bathroom in just her underwear, sobbing and screaming.
>Broken vodka bottle on the floor
>She's clearly drunk as shit
>She's upset because someone invited people over and shared the vodka bottle, and it was empty
>She reveals it was her parents' vodka, and she's going to get in trouble because they didn't know she had brought it
>Tells us that if we don't replace the vodka, she's kicking us out of the room
>Another guy we're rooming with tries to get her to calm down, and she slaps him
>She's barefoot too, and we're trying to stop her from stepping in the pile of broken glass
>Sister's clearly upset too, she just wants to go home

>> No.9233912


>Vodka-chan finally calms down and passes out in her room
>I'm not in the mood to go back out to the con, so I just lay in bed while we all sit in awkward silence
>Next morning, I go to one panel before I get another text
>We really do have to leave this time
>Go back to the hotel and start packing
>Vodka-chan is quiet as we head out, tries to be friendly again, but she knows she fucked up
>Hands my sister a twenty because she "didn't give her the con experience she deserved"
>At least tried to make up for it, though my sister later revealed that she had paid for Vodka-chan's gas money for both trips

I think we all learn valuable lessons at our first con. I certainly learned mine.

>> No.9234946

You are horrible at story telling. What a boring human you are

>> No.9234958
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A roll of toilet paper isn't a blunt.

>> No.9235863

I lost my shit, look at that thing.

>> No.9236894
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This is kind of long, so just bear with me. I just need to get it out.

>attend a rather dull con over the weekend
>sharing a room with 5 people
>myself, J, T, and K & B
>all of us are seasoned con people
>K is the only one who has never been to a con before
>she's best friends with B
>when she heard I got a room, she immediately texted me
>"I want in on the con room"
>since she's also a friend of mine, I let her in, regardless of how rude she was about it
>looking back on it, it should have been a warning sign
>K hates drinking. Absolutely hates it.
>tell her in advance that we will be drinking in the room on Saturday
>she says it won't bother her, and to not worry about it

>K&B drive seperately and arrive about an hour before the rest of us
>we get to the hotel, set up our stuff, and head to the con
>it's only a 15 minute walk from the hotel, which was nice
>text K&B when we get there, get no reply
>J, T and I don't buy badges since we were unexpectedly running low on funds
>float around the con hanging out with people from our fandoms
>having a great time
>run into K&B sitting down drinking tea, chat with them a bit before heading off to go mingle some more
>decide to go get dinner at an off-site restuarant
>text K&B asking them if they want to join
>get declined as they say they have plans
>no biggie, the rest of us go out to eat, get a few drinks, have a great time
>we go back to the hotel around 10ish and go to bed
>K&B come back around 2-3AM

>> No.9236896

>K&B wake up around 7 and go to the con without a word to the rest of us
>we all wake up around 10, get our cosplays on, and do a bit of pre-drinking
>get to the con around 1, feeling good, hanging out with people
>spot the K&B, ask them to borrow their badges so we can play a few rounds of DDR
>they let us
>return the badges after maybe about 20 minutes?
>ask them if they want to hang out later
>"we'll let you know"
>We all chill on the floor hanging out with a few con friends
>decide to go to the bar, drink some more, and eventually decide to go back to the hotel
>T stays at the con, she didn't drink and still wants to take pictures of cosplays
>J and I go back to the hotel to sleep
>T texts and asks if we are coming back to the con
>I say no, and ask if they need K&B's numbers in case they can't find the hotel by themselves coming back
>T says no, they already found them
>about an hour later 1-2ish AM, everybody is back in the room
>J and I are cuddling pretty closely (nothing lewd tho)
>K&B are noticeably pissy, but I'm too tired to care, and go back to bed

Now, at this point, I had thought things were chill. I was having a good time, and as far as I knew, so was everybody else. K & B were acting a bit distant, but I really thought nothing of it, since we are in different fandoms and have different interests, so I just figured they were fine doing their own thing. Apparently, I was wrong. Because Sunday morning, shit started to go down.

>> No.9236900

>I wake up, K&B are already getting ready to go to the con
>I'm a bit hungover
>ask B if I can have some crackers
>they previously said they were for everybody in the room, but I'm not one to dig in somebody's bag without asking
>they ignore me
>B goes to get dressed in the bathroom
>ask K how their con has been, they act distant and off-put, and just give me short answers
>J and I cuddle and kind of just chill
>suddenly B comes out of the bathroom and say they need help with their corset
>K tries to help, can't get it
>J tries
>I get up and go to them, offering to help
>they quickly say they don't need /my/ help
>practically run to the bathroom and slam the door in my face
>now I'm getting the feeling something is wrong
>ask K what's wrong
>they say nothing
>ask K if they want to get lunch or something since we haven't hung out all weekend
>they decline, saying they have panels and "a full day" planned out
>shortly after K&B leave
>T has con flu, so J and I stay in the hotel as long as possible so T can sleep
>we check out, decide to go to the con
>T isn't feeling well, so she just wants to sit by the wall
>ask her if she wants to go home, her answer is no
>J and I just mosey around, it's Sunday, so the place is dead
>spot some mutual friends, chat with them for a bit
>ask them if they've seen K&B
>"Oh, they went home around noon, they said they had nothing to do"
>we go home a few hours later, I shoot K&B some texts asking what's up and if I did anything wrong, I get no replies

>> No.9236902

>I've been nervous all night
>finally get a text back from K, asking me to bring snacks to D&D
>Ignore it, and finally I get my answer
>an 11 page text
>oh boy here we go
>"you spent most of the con ditching us"
>"drinking isn't healthy"
>"you /abandoned/ T" (which, I didn't. T even was bewildered at this claim)
>"you didn't inform me that you didn't buy a pass"
>"if B didn't come, I would have been all alone and I would have been miserable"
>"I worry I wasn't cool enough to hang out with your because I don't drink"

>mfw I invited them out every day of the con
>they invited me zero times, and even invited themselves to my room
>they didn't even thank me for booking the room
>even meeting them after the con, when I asked why they just didn't ask me to hang out, I was told by both K&B that "well, you just looked like you were having so much fun with your OTHER friends"

>> No.9236906

Normally this wouldn't have me so salty, but when I legitimately did nothing wrong and people are getting mad at me for it, it really gets under my skin. Especially since it's been 3 months since the con, and they are still excluding me from stuff, saying I'm on "probation" and that our friendship is on rocky grounds. This whole thing really blindsided me, especially since we used to be really close and never had any fights in the past. Hell, I would often call K and stay up until 12 or later whenever she was in a bad depressive spell, and B and I were so close that we hung out almost every other weekend despite living an hour away from each other. We always went out to eat together and I thought we just clicked, but their behavior did a complete 180 over the span of one weekend. Now we don't even talk, and if we do, I have to watch my words because they get pissy if I mention the fact that I dared to have other friends outside of K&B's circle.

Luckily I'm working on getting away from them and cutting off our friendship. Now I just need to cut them out of my room for Colossal (which they again, invited themselves to, despite the room being full and claiming that they "need" a bed) because like hell if I'm dealing with this bullshit drama again. Even in middle school I've never dealt with this much bullshit. It's ridiculous, and I regret even going to a con with them.

This was a lot longer than I meant it to be, my thanks if you've endured it all.

>> No.9236913

This actually made me feel really happy. The fact that she actually has a non ita coord now is great.

>> No.9236930

I'm sorry that happened to you, anon. It sounds like K is just kind of a shitter. It's always hard to break off a friendship, but it sounds like it's probably for the best in this case...

Definitely don't let them in your room for Colossal.

>> No.9236958

I mean it sounds like you have enough friends to where you could not talk to them anymore and be fine. I'm petty and would send screenshots of everytime i invited them out and they declined. And the fact that you told them you would be drinking and she still brought it up is crazy. Just text them asap, like tomorrow and tell them the room is completely full and you forgot someone else was going that reserved a spot a long time ago so you wont have room. If they bitch just don't reply, you seem like a chill person and it's obvious they are starting to get salty that you're branching out and having fun.

>> No.9237004

>recent convention
>cosplayed Nurse Joy
>A few people asked me to heal their Pokemon and took pictures with me, nbd
>Some cringey girl comes up, and asks the same thing
>awkwardly take photo and start walking away
>thought I made it clear the interaction was over
>she then proceeds to start following my friend and I
>keeps following us and talking at us for the next 10 minutes or so
>annoyed and creeped out, we duckinto the most crowded panel we can find to lose her
>she follows us and sits behind us, still trying to talk
>got up and left the panel, luckily more of our friends came along so we got away from her finally

>> No.9237031

I feel for you anon but I have definitely been that person who has just coincidentally been going to the same place as someone else and then trails awkwardly behind hoping no one notices.

>> No.9237138

>viscous cycle

>> No.9238790

Wasn't sure whether to post this in the ita or cringe threads until 2:42.

>> No.9238802
File: 148 KB, 750x995, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Legit getting second hand embarrassment from his white night escapades holy hell.

>> No.9238803
File: 143 KB, 750x992, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're getting over $20,000 a month for these photos I think she's alright there superman

>> No.9238817

I always get more creeps while crossplay than in female or more revealing cosplays. I think it's because they assume you're less confident/more approachable, nothing to do with gender preference.

>> No.9240013
File: 1.34 MB, 1424x2242, 20161030_223214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seeing someone you follow because you met them at con start liking this shit on instagram.
Way to tell the world how thirsty you are.

>> No.9241883
File: 35 KB, 495x281, localcongoesinsane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9241885

He's a "in a wreck need a check?" lawyer for context

>> No.9242059

How is this.. what? Did he bribe them or something?

>> No.9242083
File: 121 KB, 539x960, IMG_3492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9242207

Is he going to tell people about billboard addiction? not understanding irony?

>> No.9242228
File: 17 KB, 401x401, c39dd169-3b7a-4105-bdaa-63a89f0bc422..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Casually being a lolelita in NYC
>Visiting Nintendo World just because it was around the Pokémon Go release and I wanted to see if there was anything cool going on
>Find group of people playing Go and yelling "Chansey over here!!!"
>Really love Chansey and trot over
>One of them literally says "WHO'S THAT POKEMON? IT'S GORGEOUS SHORTY!!!"
>He's looking at me
>Everyone looking at me now
>Social anxiety triggers and I run away in a panic
>Didn't even get Chansey

>> No.9242260

I don't want to sound sjw-y but BPD as an abbreviation refers to borderline personality disorder not bipolar disorder

>> No.9242274

Sorry. Not everyone can be a girl and just have potential mates do all the courtship work for you.

>> No.9242641

This is a very old gif, but she still does retarded shit like this.

>> No.9242690

That's not how it works at all. Go back to your foreveralone corner and whine about how women hate you there.

>> No.9242839


>> No.9243024

link to blog?

>> No.9243131

Not sure if it's a horror story but

>kumoricon coming up
>buy some acid from this guy I barely know, it was sketchy as fuck
>plan to go as hunter s thompson and trip balls through the convention center, staying completely in character
>get to the con, dress in my shitty costume with my fly swatter and a pencil in my mouth instead of a smoke
>wander through the con trying my best HST impersonation but not really feeling it, feel all self concious
>friend who works there finds out I brought acid and buys a tab from me
>convince him to trip with me day one about 630PM
>we each drop a tab right on the sidewalk (I pretend I'm opening a bag of melon bread to hide the baggie of acid)
>go to my hotel room and change into our cosplays, waiting for the acid to kick in
>I put on my full getup and he puts on a t-shirt and a schoolgirl skirt
>friends I'm bunking with are worried about us getting lost but I promise to be a good leader (kek)
>we must put our faith in visual landmarks, look to the sky for the glass towers of the convention center that loom in the distance
>oh fuck it kicked in
>we get out of our hotel and to the street, immediately we argue about where to go
>I asserted that I was right because I couldn't risk getting into an endless psycho argument, not to mention lost
>we follow the tram tracks to the center, making sure not to get sidetracked and pulled from our desitination
>this city was chaotic, too variable, there were too many moving pieces and too many directions to go
>we see the convention center, isolated by a circle of city traffic, the island of sanity
>there we'd be safe, there we could wander in any direction and never truly get lost

>> No.9243146

Forgot the "cont'd"

>we reach the island and dance on its shores
>on any other day we'd stand out as a couple of crazy tweakers dressed like clowns, but there and then we were like anyone else, our badges excusing our eclectic behavior
>we get into the building and begin to wade through a sea of weaboos and monsters, men dressed as women, black ladies twerking in lolita outfits; depraved, aimless expression in all directions
>a few passersby yell "we can't stop here!" at me so I can dance for them like a monkey, but I wouldn't be humoring them
>a man in an undersized misty outfit, glowstick lodged in his yellow tanktop, cried out to me, I waved my fly swatter at him and yelled I didn't want to speak with him any further as I went down the escalator
>by now I was fully in character, 100% of the time, I had become some weird weabo mutation of Hunter S Thompson, lost in an anime convention, terrified and fascinated
>stumble our way back to friend's hotel room after a couple hours
>get in the elevator up, this black guy joins us, and I play with the buttons not sure of which floor we're on or where we're going
>friend tells me to stop playing around because he's sure this kind gentleman wants to go out to smoke or something
>awkward silence passes as we get to our floor
>he obviously knows we're rolling
>the door opens up and the guy smiles and says "actually I'm going up to snort some cocaine" and we run out of the elevator giggling
>travel through a multicolored nightmare hallway to his room
>burst into the room sweaty and panting, friends in the room freak the fuck out at us


>> No.9243265

Please don't stop I want to finish Fear and Loathing in Las Nippon

>> No.9243285

>go to cosplay meet for series
>See cosplay who is paired with my character
>Talk a bit as only ones of those characters
>Get to photoshoot part of meet
>Someone suggests pairing shoots
>Both of us sorta awkwardly stand there until she comes up with a pose which isn't awkward

>Look at some photos after con
>I look creepy as fuck
>I am absolutely sure she thought I was a creepy person

I am sorry cosplay person, I promise I wasn't a creep, I am just shit at cosplay and a bit awkward as a person

>> No.9244279


>start taking off our clothes and collect ourselves while recounting our adventures to the group
>I shift in an out of character unconciously, I desperately need to take a break so that I don't completely lose myself
>start getting into an argument with my friends after coming up with the idea of a cold blanket
>all I want is a blanket I can wrap myself in, but I want it to be cold because I'm melting with sweat
>a few of us end up sprinting down the hallway to grab bags of ice that we can wrap in towels, they work perfectly as cold packs
>after cooling off and getting into more pointless arguments with our friends, me, my trip buddy, and my friend's sister go back out to search for someone in the group
>start settling back into character as we reach the shores of the island
>the convention had calmed down, weaboos had coagulated into cross-legged tribal circles
>my buddy started bringing out glowsticks from his satchel and the three of us appended them to random props and articles of clothing; I put a few on my hat and some rings dangling off my fly swatter
>we found our way into a thumping rave room full of smoke and lights, we barely searched the place before we realized we'd never find our friend in there
>we began to choke on the fog if the room and made our escape into a big empty room full of costumed weebs with giant foam weapons sparring each other
>we sit in the middle of the room and look around us, observing the weaboo rituals, feeling the vibrations of the rave room just next door
>the energy here was too calm, but the energy next door was too intense, there must have been a middle ground
>I suggested we move on, and after some more pointless arguing we made our way to the game room
>we ran into the hairy man misty again, this time resting against a wall, exhausted
>we finally filled him in on our magical trip, since he had become an important companion on our journey


>> No.9244285

>we shoot the shit with man misty and he gives us the most wonderful gifts: a pair of glowsticks from under his tank top
>we thank him for this disgusting blessing, my buddy hangs a glowstick around his neck and I tie mine to the end of my fly swatter, and we go our seperate ways
>we've already given up on finding our friend after all this time, and by now it was just past midnight
>I had been awake for about 40 hours, so I knew it was time to turn in and get some much-needed rest
>the two friends guided me back to my hotel, I traded my hat and glasses for my friend's sister's cat ears, and I walked through the hotel to my room alone looking like a fat gay furry raver
>I get to my room, realize I don't have a hotel key and knock on the door several times
>I listen in closely, the fuckers in my room are snoring like ogres
>I call them and wake them up, they let me in and go back to sleep
>we're sharing a tiny one bed room (the guy who booked it fucked up), and both the main bed and the little rollaway bed are both used up
>try sleeping on the main bed next to one of the guys, but literally can't sleep because the fucker is tucked into the blanked and both of them are snoring like schizofrenic apes
>end up stealing a blanket and sleeping in the bathroom after five hours of trying to sleep
>the next day I found out the same thing happened with my buddy when he got back to his room

Basically got to live out my fantasy, I'm quite satisfied with my first anime convention.

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