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Old thread saging
I just got the 6 pack of Berrisome's lip tint, which I'm super excited to try out (but probably won't for a while). I also grabbed the piggy carbonated clay mask but that's more of a skincare thread type thing

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where did you buy the 6 pack from?

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Memebox, I also got these two lip products but they're for my sister's birthday so idk what they're like

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theyre way cheaper on amazon

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I bought this a while back too, they last pretty long! The peach one won't show up at all, there's literally no colour when you peel it off. Some are hard to move around on the lip.

Bubble pink has the easiest control in my opinion, it's the smoothest to move around. For berry red and sexy red, keep them on longer than the 10-15 minutes if you can, mine would always smudge after peeling off like it didn't dry all the way.

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yeah, memebox upsells stuff so bad. the six pack on Amazon is under $20. These things are pretty cool, but definitely apply it with a brush, not the applicator tip (might be stating the obvious here but i didn't know when i got them).

has anyone tried the eyebrow equivalent? i'm curious (and thrilled it comes in a light brown color), but not totally sold because if it's anything like the lip tint things, it'll be really hard to make a proper eyebrow shape.

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Amazon is ground zero for counterfeit goods.

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>Tfw I yanked mine the first time without thinking.
>Blood for days.
I didn't even have any dry bits of my lips, it was just a piece that was slightly broken from being chewed (but still soft because it was towards the center.)

Be careful and dont apply them too far inside your lips.

I didn't have any trouble with the lipbalm-style applicator anyway, but these have a much smaller and more precise little brush. Super easy.

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Anyone have any recommendations on a good eyeliner pen that won't smudge? I've been using Elf's just for everyday use but even that's not good enough.

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I know its super expensive but my birthday sephora sample of the Marc Jacob gel crayon eyeliner works really well. It lasts the whole day and doesn't smudge at all.

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I like essence waterproof liquid eyeliner (not the pen)

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Oh but you wanted a pen, My friend recommended to me years ago and I still use this marker one for when I cosplay. It's also pricey when I buy it from the Marukai.

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but it like lasts me 6 months of daily use. Elf pen is too thin and does wear off easily.

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My friend converted me to Stila's eyeliner pen. I have never gone back and have since converted others to Stila's products. Now there's a miniature Stila cult here in NorCal. Ignore the stupid graphic; the color is actually very dense and consistent.

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I second this. Works great on oily lids and does not smudge at all.
I like Stila's waterproof crayon eyeliners better. They really know how to do their eyeliners while their other products can be hit-or-miss.

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I will second this, I love this pen. I heard someone complain about it drying out fast, but I've had mine for a while now and it's perfectly fine so I'm not sure how true it is.

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Any opinions of fresh brand from Sephora. Mostly on their skincare line?

Also any suggestions for a non greasy facial SPF. Preferably higher as I live somewhere where it's always sunny. I have Josie marans bht it's just way to greasy. I have a sample of fresh but I'm worried to try it because it's tinted and my skin color is probably too light. I tested cover FX "invisible" sunscreen and it felt perfect but it's only SPF 20? And I'd prefer a higher one.

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What is the skin care thread..

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I have the etude house tint my brows and it's definitely a HG product for me! Stays on for two-three days and looks really natural. The only thing is you can't fuck them up cause you'd be stuck with them for two days.

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I am 100% serious and need all the advice, gulls.

I landed a seasonal position at sephora in colour consultation (i'll be suggesting/applying makeup directly on customers). Everything I know about makeup i've learned from this thread and I've been wearing it regularly for less than a year.

My makeup routine is basically BB cream, light/nude eye shadows and a highlighter/blush palette. Sometimes eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. All from the drug store. I wasn't expecting to get the job and I don't know how my drug store quality face fooled them but now i'm stuck working there at least 4 months.

Any gulls ever work at sephora or cosmetics retail in general?

>makeup bibles, spreadsheets and overviews
>must know brands/products/info (besides kat von d, too face etc)
>any youtubers/gurus who would be good for learning various brands and makeup application
>TIPS FOR LEARNING HOW TO USE BRUSHES, professional application etc

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Seconded on the tips, especially the makeup brush applications.

I've been trying to search how to use brushes correctly but I've been non stop pissed off at the youtube videos of advertisements and irrelevant shilling.

Closest I got was

They mainly specialize in Indian makeup and tips.

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I use this brand too and it's the best I've ever used. They run about $13 on Amazon.

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make sure to always go on about undertones for a bit, you'd be surprised how many people don't know about it and it'll make you sound like you know stuff

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Hey gulls. I'm looking for any recommendations for an eye shadow palette with some nice browns/golds/other warm and shiny colours for fall. So far I have my eye on theBalm's NUDE 'tude palette. Pic realted, the swatches on their website look really nice.

Does anyone have experience with their products? I've never used theBalm before.

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I really like theBalm and I have the palette you mentioned. The black and dark brown shades are really good for liner, and there are some good mattes in there too. However, if you want more shimmer, I would go with UD's Naked. theBalm's palette doesn't have a gold (there is a yellowish shimmer though).

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anon, i was really looking into working for sephora (as operational/back "stage") and watched a ton of youtubers, a lot fo them said you usually go through a ton of training although if your seasonal they may just throw you on the floor. Id take advantage of all the workshops offered to you there as a worker and ask coworkers for any help.
sage because no help

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for the anon who mentioned mysubscritonaddiction to trade ipsy/birchbox do you have an account? Its invite only. Or would anyone else be able to invite me?

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I've been using these for around two years, they're pretty good but I still get some slight smudging onto my lower lid at the end of the day. I have oily skin + monolids, is there anyway to prevent this?

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I actually have the Naked 3 and I love it! Pink and shimmery as hell. Ideally I'd get the original Naked palette, but I'm looking for something a bit cheaper because I'm in the market for a new highlighter too. So many products and not enough $$$$

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Looking for some BB cream reccomendations for maximum coverage. I had some Peripera brand but the seller I got it from doesn't it stock it anymore so I'm looking to get an alternative because I'm almost out.
Looking for a lighter shade that's good for covering blemishes. The one I got now is a darker beige and I have to coat on a lot of pale powder to balance it out so I don't look like I've smeared mud on my face but all the super pale BB Creams I've tried don't cover blemishes well.

Thanks for any suggestions, anons!

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I really love Skinfood's Peach Sake BB.
It has foundation-level coverage but is so light you genuinely can't feel it (I'm incredibly neurotic about feeling stuff on my face. Haven't used anything in three weeks because I'm waiting for my restock of this to arrive.) Goes on liquid and dries to a satiny, not-too-dewy-not-too-matte finish.

The lighter shade, at least, is yellow/neutral toned.

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I forgot my own post! Also adding on:
I tried breaking out my old Western BB creams the other day because I was going out and figured something was better than nothing. I have NO idea how I ever used to wear this stuff.
The Maybelinne went on like butter, with zero coverage and a gross paint smell, and the Rimmel one dried like orange chalk immediately. Awful.

Also, can anybody reccommend a good white or blue/cool highlighter? I'm going to finda tester of Canmake's Fleur Glow one soon, but I'd like to know if there's any others to keep an eye out for.

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Now anon, when have you ever known Maybelline or Rimmel to do something good? Maybelline is strictly for everyday mascara and Rimmel is strictly for lipstick. Next you'll be telling me you were trying Covergirl bb cream.

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I have a few of Canmake's fleur blushers and highlighters. They're a bit chalky so beware, and the highlighters can be a bit 'white' instead of glowy. However the packaging is super cute, they're really cheap, and last a long time. 4/5 recommend, especially for the price range. You sometimes have to build up the colors a little, especially with the fleur blushers.

I also love their contouring powders, have used up 4-5 pans in the last 3 years no lie.

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I have posted in these threads before but I have never gotten a good reply, but I'm desperate.
I have developed an allergy to eyelash glue, and it's not the latex because I react the same way to latex-free options. Do you have any good advice on any allergy friendly options?

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I love becca in pearl for a white highlighter, and the abh moonchild has some amazing blue and silver shades. Would recommend; they don't go on chalky for me at all and have a very nice glow.

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Just wanted to add that Canmake cream cheek is A+

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I know it's kind of a silly question, but I search a really full coverage foundation, and on every website I search, peoples are never okay on witch one as more coverage than an other.

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People have different opinions, anon. Not all people will agree on a foundation due to the fact that makeup that is perfect for one person won't work for someone else. You sound like you want everyone to agree on what would be the perfect foundation for you, and you haven't even supplied us with any sort of relevant information.

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I'm sorry anon, like a dumbass I forgot to write my last sentence. I want to know what is the best foundation for people on this thread ( and if someone know one who work for oily skin )

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Thanks for the suggestion! I'd heard good things about that brand and I'd rather balance out a bit of yellow than dark beige.
I got desperate enough to try domestic BB cream and it was all watery and smelled awful and did absolutely nothing. I have no idea how anyone can like it. I even used brand name stuff and it didn't make a difference. The matte finish one I tried was the last straw. No more American BB Cream for me even if it's easier to find my skin tone in them.

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First of all you should take care of your skin - cleanse it and moisturize it properly, it will help control the oil production. As for what works, it really is individual - I suggest looking for partial coverage [something you can layer if you want more] and in general getting good quality foundation instead of drugstore brands. That's the one thing you shouldn't cheap out on, maybe mascara too.

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Are there any shades lighter than Etude House's light beige? I don't know if it just oxidizes horridly on me, or if it honestly is just a shade too dark.
I've wasted so much money on foundations and BB creams that I'm afraid to buy another in case it's just like the last one.

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Can't you try out foundation on your neck before buying it? That usually shows the shade pretty well.

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I have tried before but they always end up turning orange after 30 minutes no matter the brand or shade. I switched to EH because it oxidized less than US brands but it still ends up being too dark.

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thank you, I'm never cheap with make up, for the oily problem I can deal with it ( but in sumemer I can't ) I know a few brand name for full coverage stuff ( I search the type of make up more for photo-shoot, not for every day wear ). But I noticed one of the biggest problem with full coverage/ layered stuff it's it can look greasy. I want to know if someone know brand who will not look greasy when it's hot.

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File: 23 KB, 500x500, canmake-glow-fleur-highlighter-02-6-3g-magical-luster-illuminate-light-japan-f-s-9103d6b271e8249922bc772657ae7f32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm using this color version, and I think if you want something in a cool shade, you should do go for the same (rather than the version you posted).

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File: 23 KB, 500x500, canmake-glow-fleur-highlighter-02-6-3g-magical-luster-illuminate-light-japan-f-s-9103d6b271e8249922bc772657ae7f32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm using this color version, and I think that if you want something in a cool shade, you should go for the same (rather than the version you posted).

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I know people who use double eyelid glue. Not sure if it helps for your allergy, though.

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theBalm palette has a stark white with a bit of shimmer that's great for highlighting! Either way, it's a good stable palette.
Maybe look into Holika Holika?Not their jelly line, but the tube ones. One of their BB creams is by far the lightest I've come across.

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So quick question. What's the best way to temporarily tint my eyebrows a light blond color? Eyebrow gel? It's just for one day though.

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I did actually find some Holika Holika I liked, pic related. I might try that as well since it's only $6 I think?

I might see about their Petit BB line too but when I found reviews with swatches they all kinda looked watery.

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Thanks for the tip!
I tried some of my friend's eyelid glue a while ago, still got a reaction.
I really wonder what's making me react so much, it's kinda random too. There are times when I don't react at all and others where I end up scratching my eyes for days afterwards.

>inb4 "why do you keep using those if you're allergic"

Because I REALLY like how fake eyelashes makes my eyes look, and some days I think it's worth taking the risk

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It might pay off in the long run to go see a doctor and find out what's making you react.

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I've never tried that one, but I think I got a couple of the Petit BB line when they had the old packaging. Not sure if they changed the formula though.

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I don't know if you were trying to sound funny or what, and I'm not the one you replied to but you sound like such a massive, stuck up cunt from this post that I had to let you know.

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It's a bit more than the Petit BB but from what I can tell it's thicker and that's what I need so I don't have to cake on powder overtop. I got the lighter of the two colors so here's to hoping!

I'll do a review when it arrives.

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Currently weighing between The Balm's Meet Matt(e) pallets (probably the Trimony one) and Kat Von D's Shade and Light eye pallet. Both seems good as far as quality of the shades go, and what has me weighing towards KVD is the variety of shades as well as the clean division of warm/cool/neutral (as someone who's still really dumb about colour warmth), however it's marginally more expensive than The Balm, with less product for the money. Also, I'm not one to wear makeup on the daily so I'm not sure I'll actually be able to make good use out of the extra shadows... On the other hand, Shade and Light seems like it'd be really good to get me to actually practice on working with make up, and it definitely seems more beginner friendly in having a very user friendly layout.

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Not that anon, but these are both the same version. One photo is just more saturated.

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Pretty sure that anon WAS going for a joke, hun. Don't be so autistic.

>> No.9172165

This post is really ironic. Despite her trying to make a joke she came off as a cunt, that's basically the entire gist of my post anon. Do you just not know English? Can you not grasp context?

>> No.9172325

Different anon. When you're sarcastic you're not exactly supposed to sound nice. Seems like you're the one who doesn't grasp context.

>> No.9172328

Yes I got that but she just sounded like a condescending cunt. I'm really fond of dry humor but there's a certain grace behind it anon lacks because she's a stupid bitch.

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Do you have any other eyeliner recommendations for oily lids? I don't want to swatch eyeliners on my face at makeup stores for obvious reasons, but my skin is dry everywhere except for my T-zone and eyelids so swatching on my hands skews the results.

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yes, you can put some concelear first and then the gel

>> No.9172394

I have oily lids and Stila and K-palette have worked out so far. To be honest most Western brands weren't bad - I've tried Kat Von D and Tarte and both have held up. If you are into gel you can even get away with Maybelline's gel liner. I just prefer K-palette and Japanese brands' brush pens over the typical Western felt tip.

>> No.9172878

Seconding Kat Von D, got the Tattoo liner as a gift and it's the only thing my oily lids have resisted.

Can I get some primer recommendations? I have combination skin (dry except oily T-zone), am very pale and foundation/BBcream usually looks very shiny on me after 4+ hours of wear no matter how much powder I put on in the morning. Help please?

>> No.9172947

Are spider lashes in at the moment? I've been having a terrible time with every one (x rated, better Han sex, they're real) I buy being extremely clumpy or at least making multiple lashed stick together. I finally broke down and bought a comb because I don't want to keep wasting money buy trying new ones.

Could this be solved with a primer before hand? I heard about using another brush but how does that work? Should I break off the old stick, just keep the cap to close the product and use my old wand, washing it after every use?

Also my mom gifted me a Jane brand mascara which Has got me picky. Is this something not sold in stores but some kind of Avon type product? I'm think it's the non plastic wand and spuley like that I like.

>> No.9172975

I really like Smashbox's liquid eyeliner pen

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Can anyone recommend any eBay brush sets? I've had a look through eBay, but I'm slightly overwhelmed by the variety available. Are those oval brush sets, that are all the rage at the moment, actually any good?

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Try Etude House's Big Cover Concealer BB cream. I got it, and it's really nice, albeit too pink for my skin tone. Their Double lasting foundation is also really nice.

>> No.9174993

You must really like sub-par drugstore brands to be this butt blasted by that sentence.

>> No.9175108

The fresh sugar lip tints are trash, my skin isn't even sensitive but my lips got swollen, red, and cracked from the harsh texture

>> No.9175111

Any suggestions for a full coverage BB or CC for light-medium olive skin? I'm too dark for a lot of Korean formulas and way too yellow for all western brands (even my local sephora had trouble matching my skin, it's dark for an Asian, but in between the light and and medium, and too yellow for many brands). I'm thinking of trying missha in the 27 shade but it looks a bit dark and orangey

>> No.9175126

have you tried the it cosmetics cc cream?

>> No.9175177

No, I'll have to try it out. Never heard anything good or bad about that brand. Thank you!

>> No.9175775

Wow wth, how?? The colors look completely different. Is this some black/blue white/gold type of trickery?!

>> No.9175786

Naw, I think they just really cranked up the saturation to make the fancy packaging stand out.
You can see the rainbow irridescent pattern on the box in >>9171356 too, it's just a lot lighter and not as reflect-y.

>> No.9175872

Try the darker shades of etude house precious minerals, or Canmake's "natural" shade

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I finally figured out how to turn my black eyebrows blond -
1) White lipstick, combed into the roots as far as I could get them with a mascara wand
2) Blond eyebrow tint (Makeup Revolution I Tint My Brows)
3) A little matte yellow eyebrow powder just to set and correct the colour slightly

>> No.9176507

How are you applying the mascara? Are you running it over your lashes? Try doing a zig-zag sideways motion at the base of your lashes before pulling the brush away (downwards), which should fill out the volume without caking the tips.

I find the oval brushes a bit overly absorbent, but they are good.

>> No.9176530

I do long strokes. I've tried the zig zag and it made minimal difference. My clumping is near my eyes on the putter corner.

>> No.9176533

Actually that makes no sense. I mean that the clumping majority happens on the outter corner of my eye. Not close to it

>> No.9176691

Any recommendations on yellow color correcting concealer? I've heard good and really bad things about the Nxy concealers so I'm torn about getting that brand.

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File: 1.59 MB, 1184x1256, Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.13.51 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone have any youtube tutorials or pictures of makeup similar to Linkle's? IMO if I copied the look exactly I think it would look kinda uncanny valley (it's the lips), just looking for tuts or even just visuals for a very cutesy but elf-y look. I only ever wear brow pencil + mascara so I'm a makeup noob if that wasn't obvious

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File: 1.70 MB, 3264x2448, 20160907_223001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I'm not sure what kind of foundation I should use for my skin tone. I currently use sephora hd foundation and it seems to work ok, but I'd like something less heavy.

>> No.9176993

just focus on the smaller things, like use all brown eyeliner and mascara, do you eyebrows in the same curved shape, choose a terracotta nude like she has for lips and eyeshadow. If you're alright with contouring maybe try to angle your jaw line a bit too.

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File: 98 KB, 1013x522, zl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have their HD concealers (not the color correcting one) and they're fucking amazing. I use 02 for highlighting and 07 for contouring, just swipe and blend it out. No foundation, no BB cream. It's beautiful, even coverage, dries quickly, not cakey, doesn't flake. I bought the Clinique CC on recommendation by Goss and the texture is great, but I live in a tropical climate and at the end of the day it just melts off my face all patchy. I even use UD setting spray with both, and the NYX HD concealers stay on all damn day and the Clinique still melts.

The only downside is it dries relatively quickly. So apply and blend in small circular motions with a dense face brush or BB. Like the artiste ones or an HD foundation brush (mine's from Bobbi Brown). If you think one application doesn't have enough coverage, just wait for it to dry and apply a second coat. It's really buildable.

I don't have the color correcting ones. I tried them in the store and they're really pigmented, like a little goes a long way. Actually applied too much of the tester and got some green under eyes whoops. Super recommend it for the formula though, and it's really inexpensive. I own a lot of high end foundations and concealers (Bobbi Brown, MAC, Anna Sui) and this blows them all out of the water in terms of wearability. I'd like to try the make-up forever HD collection too, but this is damn perfect.

FYI I have dry/sensitive Asian skin.

>> No.9177799

I went to Sephora and got Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation and a real Beauty Blender today. I've had my eyes on both for a while and would be happy to give reviews if anyone is interested.
19 y/o white/hispanic female, oily, acne prone skin

>> No.9177802

Do you have a similar knock of beauty blender to compare it to? Like one from essance or some drug store brand?

>> No.9177803

on an ita thread someone pointed out that their deodorant left stains on their dresses because of the aluminum in it, and i'm wondering what non-aluminum deodorant you'd recommend? Every time I search online it seems to exclude the word "non"

>> No.9177807

A while ago I bought a cheapo knockoff onefrom Aliexpress, if I can find it I can do a side by side comparison. If not I'll do it from memory or maybe buy another one (they're like 15¢) to compare it
The Beauty Blender definitely is bigger and has more give

>> No.9177819

Help me /cgl/
I always thought liquid foundation was applied with the fingers or sponges, but I keep seeing people using brushes to do it?
So I tried that with a bare minerals brush I had, and it just looked bad.
The foundation I use is Dr. Jart silver label bb cream

>> No.9177824

It's just a preference, don't worry about it. Some people prefer to use different applicators with different foundations. If you found something you like, just stick with it.

>> No.9177879

Yes and my god it is a really 'fake' looking brown if that makes sense, very matte yet shiny. It's hard to expail but I did not like it. I tried the dark brown.

>> No.9177906

pony effect

>> No.9177965

I think you're replying to the wrong post, anon

>> No.9178042

Not that butt-blasted anon but I love Maybelline's Fit stick foundation. I've tried Mac, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, Channel and a heap of Etude stuff and no foundation looks as natural on me as that one. Just sucks being in Australia where drug store makeup is still expensive and heaps of girls only buy drugstore as brand foundation averages $60-$80.

>> No.9178086

I'm thinking about making the jump from liquid foundation to BB cream. My main concern is that I won't find any that will match my skin tone. I'm an NC25~NC30 depending on how much sun I get and I've noticed all the BB creams I've tried so far are too pink for me. Would going to an Asian BB cream help? Any brand suggestions?

>> No.9178098

holy shit anon do you mean that stick one with the little shine free dot thing in the middle? I only tried it because a relative gave it to me and ended up loving it. The finish is so natural and it makes my skin look more healthy. I also live down under and am so sick of paying normal drugstore prices for the budget brands like nyx and milani, and megabucks for chanel/estee lauder/etc.

What kind of undertones do you have anon? A lot of asian BB creams have cool or pink undertones to give a brightening effect, while others are a more natural golden or beige tone. Looking up reviews for anything first would be a good idea. I've personally had good luck with holika holika, missha and hanskin BB creams.

>> No.9178212

I have the Kiss Me heroine make eyeliner pen and I love it bits.

>> No.9178329

Has anybody tried Etude House's gel nail polish? Do you know if it cures under UV or LED, it just says to cure under a lamp on their website and i have an LED lamp and dont really want to buy a UV one as well

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Anon here that was looking for recommendations for full coverage BB creams a while back.

I was going through my makeup and tossing out my shit BB cream imitation products (looking at you, Walmart brands) that I tried out of desperation and I found my stash of Naturactor I used solely for cosplay!

I don't think I've seen this brand mentioned but it's fantastic for covering just about everything and making your skin look flawless. It's a bit pricey though. I think the three-set I got cost upwards of $40?

I have the foundation itself (which is tiny) and then the pressed powder and a big thing of loose powder. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the loose powder is very messy to use so it generally sits there and I used the compact powder instead.

The foundation itself comes in a tiiiiiny little container and you use a damp sponge to apply it but with one layer I can see a major difference in my skin and with a second layer pretty much everything is concealed.

I found a before & after pic of someone who used it and I can say it's totally accurate.

It comes in a ton of colors (which is fantastic compared to two color only BB creams) and it's worth the price but I do have to use the foundation sparingly since it's so small I'm in constant worry it'll be used up in a months time.

But yeah, 10/10 recommend Naturactor but I'd skip the loose powder in the set and get the compact/pressed powder instead.

>> No.9178368

Sugarpill's loose eyeshadow looks beautiful but how the hell am I supposed to use it without it getting everywhere?

>> No.9178492

gently tap brush in powder, tap brush on edge of pot, then there is enough residual shadow on the bush to apply without fallout.

>> No.9178561

Does anyone else here have thin lips? Not like "Not KimK lips" or like "Needs a little lip liner lips" I mean like truly thin lips? I feel ridiculous in bold lip colors because I barely have an upper lip. I mean should I just draw something on? I tend to cosplay younger characters if that matters at all.

>> No.9178568

Not much point showing us your hand, anon. Try to get us a picture of your jawline/ cheek in natural light.

To be honest, though, your best bet is going to a make up counter and trying some on part of your face. My suggestion with that is to try it on your (clear of make up) jaw line, and then go and look at it in natural light. There's no point doing it on your hand, as your hand will be a different colour to your face, and the harsh lighting in the make up store won't give you a clear idea of how well it matches.

>> No.9178807

Anyone have a really powerful mascara waterproof they could recommend?
I tried both kinds of Heroine Make mascara, and they worked well, but little bits if it kept drying up and getting into my eyes.
I have short eyelashes and small eyes.
I have a fucked up tear duct that makes my left eye water constantly, so I have to use waterproof makeup.

>> No.9179327

I've got a yellow undertone but I'm fairly tan too

>> No.9179470

Just go for neutral lips or lip tint. Drawn on lips when you have none looks weird because you don't have the actual tissue there, most people's lips protrude at least a little so drawing them on looks weirdly flat. Most young characters don't really have prominent lips anyway so I can't see that it's a problem...

>> No.9179485

I definitely think you'll have better luck with Asian bb creams.
I'm >>9175872 and am usually around NC30, I find Japanese BB creams more yellow and korean ones more pink. I'm currently using Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream Light in shade 02/natural but it does lean orange.
There are quite a few reviews online so I would search for "BB cream NC 25/30" and you will find some other recommendations.

>> No.9179488

The stila eyeliner pen is really good. I tried a sample of the Kat Von D tattoo liner and I wasn't fond of it so much. Usually I love Urban Decay's liquid liner but I decided to try something new when I was in store looking at testers and I was super impressed by the stila one. I still need to try UD's new formula and packaging for their update of their liquid liner but they make a good product IMO and that would be another one to try out.

>> No.9179757

You can use the old makeup artist trick of putting a bunch of loose powder under your eyes when you're using loose pigments or eyeshadows with a lot of fall out. Powder up, do your eye makeup, and then whisk the powder (and fallen eye product) away with a fluffy brush. Makes it easy to clean the fallout away, but if you're not careful with this method I've found it can make the makeup under your eyes cake up a little.

>> No.9179765

Thin-ish lips here. Avoid thick matte lipstick and super dark colors. Frosts and glosses are your friend.

>> No.9179833

I want to get into lipsticks, but I'm not sure where to start. Any general advice for beginners? Stuff like liquid lipsticks vs regular and matte lipsticks, do you use the method of putting lip liner all over your lips as a base or just around the edges? Which brands/colours are your favourite?

>> No.9180178

Ulta is having a double points event right now until the 17th, what should I get?!

>> No.9180211

Any general tips when it comes to minimizing shine? It might just be my skin, but my makeup gets very oily after 3 to 4 hours of wear. Should I keep applying powder throughout the day or is there something else I can do?

>> No.9180234

I'm combination with lots of oil on face after a few hours. I tried innisfree sebum powder after applying bb cream but face instantly got flaky. Does it mean my skin was too dry or? Would love to hear what works for others

>> No.9180262

Summer is coming in my country and for the first time in my life, I have decided to use foundation everyday to work (office).

I have really sensitive skin and I was thinking of buying La Roche Posay Toleriane Tint since my dermatologist suggested me to buy from that line. My questions are

25 uv fps is enough?
Hoy bad is for my skin to use foundation everyday even if I take it off everynight?

>> No.9180594

I think the easiest way to start with lipsticks is trying out some regular ones in a tube, looking for a shade that is close to your natural lip colour. Knowing your undertones will also be helpful in finding flattering lip colours.
I like tones close to my natural lip shade and darker shades because I have quite full lips and going lighter or too bright can make me look like I should be in a porno.
I generally use mattes and unusual colours when I'm going out, which does require a good base, so do the sugar scrub/moisturise thing first then do all-over liner + apply my lipstick over the top.
I also like long-wearing lipstick and have a couple of colourpop's Lippie Stix for every day wear, and Revlon Colorstay Overtime. They can be quite drying but luckily I am not prone to dry lips provided I stay well hydrated. In terms of crazy colours I recently got some samples from MBA because I didn't want to splash out on OCC Lip Tar for a colour I'd only wear occasionally.

>> No.9180633

Anon I get the feeling English is your second language but I can't tell what you're asking

>> No.9180644

Even thought i heard its the aluminium that causes, Tom of Maine claimed to be alum free and it stained ALL my white shirts when normally i didnt get stains unless i didnt wasch my lolita blouses within a few days of wearing it and normie clothes wouldnt get them unless i did it really often or if it was shitty polyester from aliexpress.
So i only have a tipp of what you can avoid.

>> No.9180650

This is stupid but i tried googling it but havent found any instructions. I bought two differnt lip plumpers that are clear glosses. Theyre the kind that tingle a bit which im sure its because its irritating to cause blood flow and plumping.
I bought it to plump my top lip because i have a big bottom lip and top middle but like non existant top lip otherwise. Its too glossy to just use on my top lip and i feel like it actually works on my bottom lip so its not effective on my top lip where i need it.
>How often do i use them and do i only use it buy its self?

>> No.9180653

I've gone on a major journey to find a non-Aluminum deodorant that actually works, and nothing has fit the bill yet. The closest I got was with the La Vanila line. I've tried the original vanilla, grapefruit, and passionfruit. Grapefruit was the best of the 3. I used them for over a month straight when I tested them. I would apply out of the shower and within 4-5 hours I would need to reapply. My armpits smelled very stale. I don't mind reapplying periodically, but it's like the product gunked up and started smelling weird.

There are recipes online to make your own deodorant with baking soda and coconut oil. I have yet to try it, but I've heard good things as long as your skin isn't sensitive to baking soda.

Aluminum blocks the sweat glands from sweating, hence the word "anti-perspirant". You will still sweat with natural deodorant, because deodorant is only meant to eliminate the smell. So if your sweat doesn't smell, go for it. I don't get stains on my clothes one way or the other.

>> No.9180668

This is one of my favorite cosplay makeup tutorial for generic animu stuff. It would work well for Linkle imo

>> No.9180670

RealTechniques is the one I use. I own a Beauty Blender too, but I prefer the RT one bc of the flat edge and the fact that it gets bigger and softer. Plus, it's only 6 bucks

>> No.9180816

What primer do you use? I like MAC's prep and prime blemish control as it seems to really help with oil control. As a reference, my skin is combination and acne prone, it usually takes me about 6-8hrs in aircon environment (so very dry air which seems to make me less oily) to get oil through my BB cream without primer. I've used the primer on a summer holiday and found I had to touch up my makeup after lunch but I was outside for the full morning in 90-95° heat; one morning I forgot it and within 1-2 hours I was constantly needing to blot.

>> No.9181079

Thanks anon for the recommendation, i will check it out! I'm >>9180234 btw.
I don't have any primers because I really don't like putting on several products on my face for everyday use. I am ok with foundation /bb cream and some powder but anymore than these seem excessive to me. I'm probably wrong...?

>> No.9181126

If your BB cream isn't oil controlling then you may well need primer as well as BB cream. I tend not to use primer unless I'm going to be outside because the majority of my work day is indoors and air-conditioned. In terms of everyday use I'm used to doing sunscreen + BB cream (since if I put enough BB cream on for the SPF to be effective it looks caked on, and I don't think the windows at work have specific UVA blocking coating) + powder so I guess primer doesn't seem like much more to me.

>> No.9181160

Any recommendations for an eyebrow pencil for someone with platinum blonde hair? I keep getting ones that are waaaaaay too red and it's super annoying

>> No.9181259

Thanks so much! I think I'll go with this look plus some eyeshadow a friend recommended me. I've been looking for a new makeup products too and everything she used looked really nice.

>> No.9181279

No problem! I can vouch for many of the products she uses. The Etude House Sweet Cherry Lip Tint is one of my go-to lip products for cosplay, it just adds this really cute peachy-pink tint. Good luck with your cosplay!

>> No.9181302

I use Tom's because antiperspirants irritate my skin and have never had problems with yellow staining, but I also tend to wear darker colors. You can get the stains out with a soak in Oxyclean or white vinegar.

Have you tried men's deodorant? Most men's deodorants don't contain antiperspirants, so they typically wouldn't have aluminum in them. If you don't mind having a manly scent it might be worth a try. I'd recommend one but my shitty skin is also sensitive to fragrance and it's hard to find deodorant that's both fragrance and antiperspirant free unless it's Tom's or from some hippy natural foods store.

>> No.9181442

I use Clinique's city block you can get it in 25 and 40spf. It's a lightly tinted moisturiser. It's veeery slightly oily/greasy but also really light. I use it as my daily 'make up' and finish it with Rimmel transparent pressed powder if I'm particularly shiny.

>> No.9183437

Anyone here use the Bliss and Grace make up brushes? I saw them on Groupon and it came with 32 brushes for 20 bucks, I'm just not sure if I should risk it or if I should just keeping buying individual brushes

>> No.9184250

Not sure if I should make a separate thread for fx makeup but oh my god I just recieved my first hot foam latex prosthetic and it's absolutely wonderful. It's so light and flexible and the edges are wonderfully thin, I can't believe I was using slip/slush cast for so long

>> No.9184547

The aluminum is the antiperspirant that actually makes deodorant work. It's actually pretty gross how it works.

To find what you are looking for, seek out a deodorant without antiperspirant properties.

The only one I know of cheap and easy to attain is Speed Stick original. I use it, but it isn't good to prevent actual sweating. (It's ingredient list is: Propylene glycol, water, sodium stearate, fragrance, sodium chloride, stearyl alcohol, FD&C blue no. 1, FD&C yellow no. 5)

>> No.9184758

How important is quality when looking at eye makeup brushes? Obviously you want good makeup that won't cake or smudge, but can I get away with those eye makeup brush sets from China or are there any specific eye makeup sets with good variety that you recommend?

>> No.9184774


>> No.9184776

get rid of your tumblr typing and come back when you're less retarded

>> No.9184778

most of those eye makeup brush sets should be fine; they might fall apart when you wash them though, so be careful not to get the handle wet.

>> No.9184780


>> No.9184783

I survived on that e.l.f starter pack for ages. You can use cheap brushes, but just know they tend to shed more and the fluffy brushes won't be as soft as higher quality brands. I'm in the process of upgrading some blending and face powder brushes, but it's not necessary that I do it.

>> No.9184791

i got some elf brushes since walmart started carrying them (in canada) and i honestly hated them. the fibers feel really harsh against my skin and some of them were visibly damaged (like wavy), not to mention the shedding. honestly i used a kabuki brush and a blush brush from claires for like two years and they felt WAY better than the elf brushes.

i'm a poorfag too when it comes to brushes (I can't justify dropping a hundred bucks on half a brush set, I bought a $40 sephora brush a while back and it sucked ass...) but cheap brushes are just hit and miss.
I bought a $13 brush set from f21 a couple weeks ago for the sole reason that they were cute and i just wanted them to sit around and look nice, but the foundation brush was SO nice. the fibers were really soft and felt good against my skin, and was really dense and worked with my foundation too. (and they were probably a repackage of chinese makeup brushes off ebay or something)

i guess what i'm trying to get at is if you're going for cheap brushes it's definitely hit/miss.

>> No.9184941

What are the best tutorials you've seen for colored eyebrows?

>> No.9184961

Which elf brush did you get? The normal ones or the black ones? Only the black line is worth getting.

>> No.9184963

Somehow cut off the rest of my reply, but I've used elf's powder brush, blush brush, and kabuki brush (all from the black line) for years, and they've served me well, though less soft than my it cosmetics brushes

>> No.9184970

I just bought Kat Von D Lolita. I know, Im super late to the party, but Ive always said mattes looked dumb. Even though Ive never tried them. Then I got a Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipstick and... kind got 'hooked'. I have a lot of neutral tan/red colors and then today I went to Sephora and grabbed Lolita which fit right into all my other types of shades Ive been wearing lately. The brown/red color is soooo pretty and not so dark that it looks bad on my warm pale skin which was perfect.

Anon.. I think this is the beginnings of a problem..? I also bought two colorpop shades earlier this week as well, but they shouldnt be here until next week I think. Earliest maybe Saturday.

>> No.9185003


>> No.9185010

everyone has cheekbones

>> No.9185028

i was born without a fucking face you insensitive douche.

>> No.9185048

Maybe anon meant they don't have prominent cheekbones?

>> No.9185081
File: 55 KB, 480x309, tumblr_mjx8yqOQhb1rxwpllo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

try following a map like pic related. even if your cheekbones aren't prominent, you can feel your cheekbones with your fingertips. feel for where your eye sockets end and apply highlight there on the sides of them. it's where the luminizer is on the map (sorry if that explanation makes no sense, tired as hell)

>> No.9185083
File: 119 KB, 1068x1500, 61+JD3jF+fL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get all my brushes from BS Mall on amazon. They're dirt cheap so I was worried about it, but goddamn they're so soft and dense, and come in a ton of varieties. They've shed a tiny bit, but even my high end natural bristles do that too when you use and wash them a lot. I highly recommend them!

>> No.9185098

I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but my foundation/concealer never dry down.
My routine is just skincare > primer > concealer > powder. But even with powder my face is pretty sticky, and if I rest my head in my hand it sticks to my palm and pulls off my face.
Even if I wait 10 or so minutes it still remains super sticky, and adding more powder just cakes it up. I'm using the Salmon concealer and Peach Sake powder both from Skinfood.

>> No.9185147

Are you putting the concealer over your entire face?

It's SUPER oily specifically because it's made for under your eyes and the oil stops it creasing.. The Peach Sake BB cream is fantastic, though. It's high-coverage and has a satin-matte dry finish.

>> No.9185151

Oh god no, sorry I meant only under my eyes because of shitty genetics. The rest of my face I'm okay with not wearing makeup on, I only ever put concealer under my eyes and if I ever dress up I'll put on some foundation and powder over it.

>> No.9185165

I got the black ones (I believe). I got a powder, blush, blending, and kabuki.
I was really disappointed with the kabuki. I previously used a claires kabuki brush for my foundation, bu the elf one was so un-dense (?? brainfart sorry). I only use the small blending brush now, everything else retired into my vault of things i'll never use.

>> No.9185216

Thank you so much! I'll definitely try this out.

>> No.9185217

This is what I am thinking too. People need to calm down. This is a help and question thread about makeup. Not a throw a fit because an anon is asking a question you find stupid.

>> No.9185282

Are expensive brushes really worth it? I was in Sephora a few days ago and nearly keeled over at the prices of some of them (i usually spend a lot of money on foundation and go pretty cheap on all other makeup and tools)

>> No.9185287

it's pretty obvious what the anon was asking; people didn't want to help because the anon was asking so obnoxiously. No one is throwing a fit; you're really overreacting.

>> No.9185292

Like i said earlier in the thread, I bought a $40 sephora brush a while ago and it sucked balls.
If you really want to invest into an expensive brush, make sure you look into the reviews online.
The ones I got had lots of reviews about the fibers coming out, so just stay informed about your purchases.

>> No.9185375

I'm totally new when it comes to makeup. I don't have that much going on with my skin, I mostly just want to even out the color and texture a bit.

Is it ok to start with just a basic powder (for shine control since my skin tends to be oily) or is it necessary to start with a foundation/bb cream under the powder?

>> No.9185424

I'd say for a day-to-day basis powder is fine if you have really nice skin. If you're at a con and cosplaying, or at a meet (or any other event where you want your skin to look nicer), I'd recommend a foundation.

>> No.9185609

Alright, thanks anon. I was looking at Maybelline's Dream Pure BB Cream as a place to start. My skin is pretty clear currently, diminishing the what's left of my PIH a bit would be enough for me right now.

>> No.9185828

Is anyone else actually excited about the new Elf brushes coming out? The reviews for them, the people who got early access, say they are very soft and the look of them is just so pretty.

>> No.9185832

Do try them. I like L'oreal and Maybelline. Haven't tried their BB Cream. All I can say is stay clear of Almay's garbage BB creams. So fucking horrible. I bought mine, gave it the old 2-3 tries, and threw it right into the garbage. So bad.

>> No.9185929

I use Old Spice's Wolfthorn deodorant-they also have an "anti-persperint & deodorant" but that will have aluminum in it so make sure you get the right one. It smells super fruity-not "manly" at all, I haven't had a problem with staining my blouses at all.

>> No.9186176

Whats a good alternative to mac fix plus to use to wet shimmer shadows not as an actual setting spray. I have urban decays allnighter but I feel like I'm wasting it using it to wet my brushes.
Also whats a good mixing medium to use shadows as liners? Just applying them over a creme shadow makes them transfer to my upper lid and I’ve never really used a product like that so I don't know what to look for.

>> No.9186263
File: 170 KB, 630x623, OCbsTyM5SrtUYgv2Kv9I0JxCr4bcw0g_ahjeiEQXuig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, who is going to get Tarte's upcoming unicorn brushes?

>> No.9186671
File: 119 KB, 750x710, Too-Faced-Pro-Essential-Teddy-Bear-Hair-Brush-Set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck, I'm really tempted. I'm always a sucker for colorful stuff- I have the Too Faced teddy bear brushes mainly because I loved the pastel pink that the handles were, even though I know its shallow. I had my makeup done once by a tarte makeup artist and the brushes were super nice, but just kind of generic looking, so I didn't opt to buy them. Did they announce a price yet?

>> No.9186694

I use that as my daily foundation and I really like it! It has pretty light coverage which sounds like it'd be good for you. Plus its like $8 per bottle so if it doesn't work out it wasn't too much off.

>> No.9186711
File: 27 KB, 480x480, image3_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't know if I like them as much as Unicorn Lashes' brushes.
Tbh I'm positive Tarte stole this idea.

>> No.9186852
File: 41 KB, 640x640, copenhagen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Picked up Nyx's Copenhagen as a dupe of sorts for Jeffree Star's Unicorn Blood. It was my first time purchasing a Nyx product and I'm fairly satisfied with my purchase, it managed to stay on for ages and even sustained while eating and drinking. If I had a single caveat it would be that it's somewhat patchy, but that may be due to my application. It's also not quite the same shade as Unicorn Blood so I guess the hunt continues. Still a pretty colour, though.

What other Nyx products would you seagulls recommend?

>> No.9186862


I haven't tried these myself, but my friend swears by their lip balms. I usually prefer my usual 3 pack chapstick so I never got around to it but I might try it the next time I stop by ulta.

>> No.9186879

I love all of the Nyx lip creams (my favorite shade is Cannes). I dilute the product just a little with water so the application goes smoother. I don't know if that'll help with the patchiness.

For the redness on my cheeks, I use Nyx's green liquid primer. It's lightweight and it gives a subtle pearly glow to my face.
Granted, I haven't used any other color correcting primers, but Nyx hasn't given me any problems so I'm not complaining.

>> No.9186882

I like Unicorn Lashes' handle more, but the brushes look far, far cheaper quality.

The idea isn't entirely original, so I don't really care that much. Tarte's will 100% be better quality, though, that's for sure.

>> No.9186885

Those look prettier but their quality is ebay status.

>> No.9186894

Their ultra pearl mania pigments are really nice. They are especially stunning when applied wet. The $5 powder blushes have excellent payoff for the price.

I also like the round lipstick in "Strawberry Milk". It's a close dupe of a YSL lipstick shade I love. It lasts much longer for a cheaper price.

I've heard nothing but rave reviews about their matte and dewy setting sprays, but I have no experience with those.

I don't care for their new formula eyeshadow singles. They just don't have the color payoff the old ones did. I also didn't like the Doll Eye mascara, but my eyelashes are stubborn and don't cooperate so ymmv

>> No.9186905

>cheap quality
Can you explain in what way? Do their brush fibers differ in material?
Because the handle bases probably just come from the same factory.

>> No.9186911

Nevermind, just read something on reddit about the bristles looking fuller and for Tarte's brushes to be better for cream foundation in addition to powder.
But I don't use brushes to apply liquid foundation, so I think I should be good. UL's are just more aesthetically pleasing to me.

>> No.9187212
File: 293 KB, 610x610, NYX-Macaron-Lippies-Swatches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a huuuge collection of NYX products, they're one of my most reliable brands. Some of my favorites from NYX that I use for cosplay are the colored mascaras, prismatic eyeshadows (mermaid is amazing), macaron lipsticks (pic related), soft matte lip creams, liquid suedes, and the butter glosses. I use a ton more from NYX, but usually just on a day to day basis.

>> No.9187222

Also forgot to include that I like the Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in pink.

Holy FUCK I just looked at swatches of Mermaid and it is on my to-buy list. Thanks anon, I completely overlooked these.

>> No.9187273

No problem! Mermaid is really great, I wear it daily but it's also great for cosplay stuff. I feel like with the range of stuff NYX has, older stuff gets overlooked pretty easily, but there's a lot of hidden gems out there

>> No.9187289

I tend to use a night-time anti-perspirant, and then top up during the day with a deoderant (not anti-perspirant). My armpits are dry and look a lot healthier now than they did when I was using anti-perspirant every day.

Brands I use are Perspirex and Bionsen which has 0% aluminium

>> No.9187290

I use a pinch of baking soda mixed with water or coconut oil.
Mix until it's not so gritty and dab/pat it on, no issue with putting clothes on when it's still wet.
Just do yourself a favour if you go this route, don't apply directly after shaving, and if you irritate your skin by rubbing it in or something, moisturizers will help.

I've stopped using stick deodorant permanently. I have never had a problem with stains and it, of course, contains no heavy metals. My family had a history off brwast cancer, and there are some things like improperly fit bras and long term use of aluminum deodirants that may increase risk. I started it for that reasoon, but it's been a godsend.

>> No.9187291

Time to sleep apparently. Good luck anon.

>> No.9187336

the bristles are not as soft and look crimped

>> No.9187339
File: 185 KB, 1444x930, Jared-Leto-Joker-Suicide-Squad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if this counts as makeup but i'll give it a try:
What Directions dye would be the best for Joker green hair or should i mix some? Gonna bleach to near white blond so its gonna to have a really bright foundation.

Irl Leto has very neon green hair. In the movie its probably darker due to colorcorretion.

Directions Spring Green seems to be quite Neon/Lime and Apple Green seems to be to much blue.
Should i just use blue, yellow and black(?) to mix my own green? Or apple and spring?

>> No.9187371

where do you get canmake cheap? i live in aus and pretty much every asian beauty store sells the glow fleur blush for about 22 aud, which i feel is kinda pricey... i know canmake is super cheap in japan though
>tfw friend was in japan a month ago and i didn't ask her to get me anything ;-;

>> No.9187376

A-anon come to Brisbane and we can go on an adorable cosmetics shopping spree together.

>> No.9187386

buy a wig

>> No.9187411
File: 18 KB, 296x296, 1431416952107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

r u grill tho

>> No.9187413
File: 62 KB, 540x674, 1471080505900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

100% certified Texas propane. I just don't have any friends.

I-I'll buy you bubble tea.

>> No.9187743

i'm not only going to dye it for cosplay reasons.

And btw, you would at least need a front-lace wig for that style to not have it look like shit and that wuld be expensive af.

any more qualified answers?

>> No.9187755

go to the hair thread

>> No.9187966

welp, i'v missed that one. my bad

>> No.9188387
File: 33 KB, 450x450, s1845668-main-Lhero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have Hourglass Ambient Lighting? Is it worth the money/hype? I really love their gold toned formulas but the price is a bit much for the amount you get in the pan. I have extremely fair skin.

>> No.9188408
File: 85 KB, 680x509, Oz_notices_Gilbert's_scar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a good scar tutorial? All I can seem to find is open wounds, which are fine, but not what I want.

>> No.9188423


>tfw wanna go shopping with someone in Queen Street Mall and drink bubble tea

God I'm so lonely

>> No.9188429

I used to like Fiji by Old Spice but I think I made a mistake of wearing it with a black brand blouse. The sleeves weren't completely ruined (the bleaching effect can happen when people sweat while wearing antiperspirant) but now it's noticeably glittery in the pits.

>> No.9188434

Jesus Christ every seagull-related throwaway email name is taken so here's my real one.

pls respond (´・ω・`)

>> No.9188501

it's a very subtle highlight imo if you're into more minimalist contouring/highlighting it's worth the price but if not you should pass on it

>> No.9188504

btw i also have extremely fair skin. imo the dior nude glowing gardens highlighter is amazing and probably my fav on the market but it was limited edition and is super marked up secondhand now. desu i actually like the highlighters that come in my abh contour kit, i hear the kat von d shade and light is good too. if you don't like glittery highlighters i'd probably pass on the abh contour kit as well, there's two matte shades and one glittery but imo the yellow matte shade looks weird on super fair skin while the light nude matte highlighter and glitter highlighter in the kit are more wearable. plus you get 3 contouring shades and the darkest one isn't super obvious on me if i blend it well

>> No.9188585

the glitter is from aluminum though isn't it?

>> No.9188684

Yeah, it is. I'm just glad it only did that instead of making the fabric look lighter.

>> No.9189833

sorry to the girl I said I'd take pictures of examples of undereye blush for. My skin has been breaking out like crazy the last few weeks, its the worst my skin has been in at least a year so I've been trying to to really mess with it too much.

>> No.9190186

Has anyone tried Missha's BB cream? How does it compare to other brands?

>> No.9191072
File: 673 KB, 900x858, Sonia.Nevermind.full.1601913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I find a good platinum blonde eyebrow pencil for pic related? I've tried using blonde but it's never light enough.

>> No.9191302

I own the matte setting spray and I love it. The spray from the pump nozzle is quite fine and mists evenly. It dries quickly and makes my makeup last forever too!

>> No.9191691
File: 72 KB, 400x533, jazz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a pretty stupid question, but how much setting spray are you supposed to use, and aim it where, and from how far? My biggest problem is smeary eye make-up.

>> No.9191825

almost all setting sprays i own suggest to spray in an X and T motion across your face. i go pretty generous with my spray because it'll make my powders look less cakey and itll make the makeup last longer. i usually either wait until my mascara dries to spray, or just spray before mascara, since i have a problem with my lower lash mascara transferring to my face

>> No.9192049

Anyone have any beauty bloggers / YouTubers that do interesting makeup like dracmakens or teratology (Tumblr) ? It doesn't have to be gothy makeup, I just wanna follow people who do creative looks instead of generic
cut crease nude lip people..

>> No.9192111

I have a setting spray by Skindinavia (which is supposedly made by the same parent company or uses the same formula as Urban Decay). Any favorite settings sprays to keep my face from being oily or my eye makeup moving?

>> No.9192856
File: 39 KB, 625x545, Skin79-Hot-Pink-Super-Plus-Beblesh-Balm1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone tried Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream?

I'm pale as fuck so I don't think its one shade will be an issue, but I'm looking for something with medium coverage. For reference, I'm switching from Missha's Perfect Cover because it's cakey as fuck.

>> No.9192859

Beware of the fakes, there's a lot out there. For this reason, I do not recommend buying it off of Amazon

>> No.9192963

This was my first bb cream and it's still a favorite of mine. It is a bit grayer and a bit more dewy.

>> No.9193123

I have both the wet n wild and the urban decay setting spray, they both work well in keeping my makeup from fading or anything like that. I don't really have a problem with eye makeup moving since i use an eyeshadow primer, but you can always spray setting spray over your eyes too (while they're closed, obviously lol). ive got a pretty oily t-zone that no spray or powder has ever completely gotten rid of, so i just carry some blotting paper and powder with me to do touch ups at cons.

>> No.9193977


Don't use platinum blonde for eyebrows! that usually looks really bad in photographs. Opt for a soft brown or taupe color.

>> No.9194195

Use light grey or really really muted taupe

>> No.9194203

Kind of a weird request, but does anyone know of any single products, brands or product lines that don't come in plastic packaging or are made out of 100% recycled material? I know some hippie brands like Zao and Boho pack all their makeup in wood and cardboard, and many eyeshadow palettes are cardboard, but it's hard to find any other ones.

>> No.9194269

seconding the other anons and suggesting a taupe color. platinum blonde eyebrows won't look great and they'll barely show up in photographs. if taupe seems to dark, you can lighten them a bit with some eyebrow gel (nyx and essence makes great tinted eyebrow gel)

>> No.9194713

I snagged the new sugarpill lipcolor cause last time they released one it sold out. I was kind of unsure about the color though. Did anyone else get it?

>> No.9194726

i would use a peachy nude lip and brown liner, if you're new to makeup as a whole maybe just play around with some more fresh/natural looks find a foundation you like also linkle definately needs some blue contacts

>> No.9194731

>old makeup artist tricks
honey you mean drag queens
it works like a charm though

>> No.9194734

nyx is really one of the best drug store brands nice to see a brand that cares about the quality of their products and making them accessible, i love the lingerie line liquid lipsticks the applicator is irritating and hard to use tho so i recommend using a liner

hope they make more liquid lipsticks with the same formula as the lingerie line, as much as i love nudes itd be nice to have other colors and i find their mainline liquid lipsticks are usable but often patchy

>> No.9194738

protip: dont cosplay suicide squad

>> No.9194795

Eurofag here, where do you guys buy Korean brands? I found a site called w2Beauty, any experiences? They have free shipping which is a huge plus obviously.

>> No.9194801

eBay because a lot of sellers have free international shipping. One anon further above did a big haul from ebay. The only thing is that not all sellers have detailed enough descriptions of the products, so sometimes I'll go to jolse or beautynetkorea to find swatches or details on products.

>> No.9195143

Does anyone know when the ABH modern renaissance palette will restock or if there is anywhere in store that carries it?
>no where in the UK physically stocks it
>just want those red shades for Halloween

>> No.9195177

I hear really good things and i have no experience with matts but I felt like that line made my lips feel really tacky.

>> No.9195205

I have one new for sale anon, since i accidentally ordered two, if you're interested :0

>> No.9195226

How long do samples of Korean products last for? Been tempted to try several I never got around to using but I've had most of them for over a year.

>> No.9195243
File: 885 KB, 312x176, PR04.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you serious anon? Are you in the US? Can you drop your email?

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