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Oh goodness, I feel the exact same way. It doesn't help that I'm polyamorous but I also don't want to be that bisexual stereotype.

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I used to have a really cute lolita gf. She was younger than me but a lot taller and it was really cute. Sadly we had a falling out and it took me a long time to get over it. I hope the best for her and do wish we could be friends again but I don't think it will happen.

Maybe someday I'll get another lolita gf.

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this is adorable, i love the contrast in color

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I'm really sorry to hear that, anon. I hope you're doing well. I know there is another cute lolita gf out there for you somewhere.

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These are both dudes tho

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I know. The idea of cute girlfriends is there though, so idgaf.

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>taking a walk in the forest with your lolita gf

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>watching the fireplace spark with your lolita gf

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>dressing in a cute matching theme together with your lolita gf

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>exchanging gifts with your lolita gf

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This is starting to feel uncomfortably similar to the ddlg/sissy blogs that reblog photos of lolitas and add creepy captions to them.

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lol Sorry, I just like daydreaming. I meant no offense or creepy intentions.

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for a second I thought misako was snorting something

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I really like these outfits woah. They are twinning so similarly in theme and accessories but with different dresses, I find it very clever. I also love their wings, I think they look a lot less costume-y then feathery wings (like with the feathers all over)

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wow, that lady on the left looks like kim k

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Oh, I liked it! I think it's imaginative. Also this thread is super duper cute, oh man.

I have a big crush on a girl who's younger than me but taller and very sweet (totally my type), apparently she's very into me and loves me a lot (told me she loves me lots and think i am the cutest person she knows). Doesn't wear lolita but loves it and is into sewing. Aaand lives in the country next to mine all the way across.
Please make my dreams come true one day, Lesbian Lolita gods, i don't wanna die alone with my brand.

(is it me or is there like, a lot of lesbians/bi girls in lolita? It's like the gayest jfash i've seen)

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Lawl same but just because I kind of want a best friend. I've never been super close with one friend since grade school.

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Same here. I'm not poly, but if my long term boyfriend weren't opposed, I would love to have a lolita girlfriend (or just a girlfriend in general I could dress up in the side). I sort of hate that I'm such a stereotype, but dating a straight normie dude can feel so lonely at times.

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Meeeee~ *blush*

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Yeah. I know the feeling. I want a pretty lolita gf so bad, and I know my SO would just be thrilled for me to have someone else to chatter at about fashion

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>(is it me or is there like, a lot of lesbians/bi girls in lolita? It's like the gayest jfash i've seen)

I dunno, I think women are just more apt to being bisexual/lesbian/experimenting/open about this kind of thing.

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Meeeee! I'm open to the idea, girls! My email is up in the name field...

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My ex and I used to wear my lolita together. We broke up earlier this month and I haven't worn the fashion since. It reminds me of how beautiful she is and tying her waist bows and messing up our makeup/wigs because we can't stop sneaking kisses...
I miss her so much gulls.

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Please be my fashion buddy/bestie/pretty companion

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Okay anon!

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I know exactly how you guys feel. I just want a super close best friend to do everything in lolita together. I used to have that with my best friend but she dropped lolita last year and...I dunno since then it's been hard to find someone new, I don't want it to seem like I'm replacing her but I've been feeling lonely since then. I do have my comm but it's not the same thing.

I'm in the exact same boat as the latter anon too. I'm not poly and I absolutely love my boyfriend, but... It does feel lonely sometimes. He enjoys the fashion and supports me, but he constantly reminds me that "it's not his main hobby" whenever I get too excited or want to go to events that require more effort to go to. I dunno, I guess I just want someone who shares my passion for the fashion and understands me.

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This so much.


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emailed back!

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So lets say that im a boy that loves lolita fashion (not into wearthem AKA brolita, but love the cute girls and desses). How do i get a lolita gf? can anyone give me advice on that?

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Wrong thread, pal, but you should try seeking out nerdy/weeb gatherings to improve your chances of finding a wild lolita, or join a comm and dress in ouji or aristo.

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>straight boy asking for advice on a lesbian lolita thread
>hahahaha please no

Don't join a comm just to find a girl to date. Lolitas don't like it when people imply it to be a fetish. Go to con speed dating. Make an online dating profile on OKCupid and tag lolita fashion in it or some shit.

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My bad i was following this posts >>9108442 and tought it could be a good idea to ask. Its hard to find lolitas where i live, ithink i could try to dress on and give it a try tho, thank you.

As stated before some girls in this therad have boyfriends, thats why im asking also who can give you better advice on lolitas than lolitas itself.

Im not interested just on a gf and get laid, as i said im really into the fhasion and really like dresses bonnets etc (i have put together a couple of shitty dresses for my sister with the help of my grandma, shes teaching to to sew) and i would really like some one to share this kind of stuff, normal girls doesnt stay long after they find that you sew dresses for your sister.

Anyway, sry for the derail, keep the lovely lolita love coming it melts my heart

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I'd really like to find a Lolita girlfriend, too. So I hope it is okay to kind of post an ad? I live on the Eastern side of the US, but not on the chore. I'm into hime-styled sweet Lolita. I have a platonic SO that I'm legally married to. I would like a feminine lady to be girly and gay with. Sex isn't my priority. It is the companionship, someone to spoil and someone to spoiled by, someone to send sweet texts to, plan coords, and someone to visit to be visited by.

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Omg you sound adorable, be mine

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Looking for someone to cheat on her husband with is not very cute to me. Am I missing something?

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>sex isn't my priority
maybe I read it wrong

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Don't project your issues.

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I assume (and hope) the husband is okay with it.

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y'all are me.
So lonely and depressed right now and lolita is really my only outlet rn that gives me some joy.
No one to share it with out here.

I sound terribly pathetic.

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Nope, anon, I'm in the same boat.

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Let's be penpals!

>> No.9119832

I would love to! Gotta all this stationary piled up.
I will send an email

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>tfw have a romantic friend
>lend/borrow clothes and we dress up cute every time we hang out, lolita and otherwise
>tfw she lives far away and we see each other like once or twice a year

kill me gulls, I miss her so much

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lesbians are icky.

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Do skype dates and have private virtual teaparties! It helps! I'm so jelly honestly.

So I have a typical boyfriend that's not really into the fashion on his own (like he will only dress up sometimes if I help him). However he has a threesome as an item on his bucket list, and I was wondering if I should manipulate that into having a lolita girlfriend myself for a day where the night will end up like that. It'll probably never happen but if the opportunity arises, it'll be killing two birds with one stone.

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This is adorable. Love the blue pink contrast. Sauce?

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Drop your email? Drop one to me.

My "husband' is my best friend. As in we're not romantic. He knows everything and is encouraging of it, and not because he wants to watch. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

Sent! Sorry for the wait.

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God I feel you. I'm in a similar situation

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>tfw you will never have a qt vertically-challenged mean black gf to twin with

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I was in the same boat. I posted in a con thread and basically said "hey I'm going to this con, I really like lolita and am wondering how to approach them without coming off as a creeper" and a girl left her email, met me at the con and took me to a meet. A couple years down the line things didn't work out very well between us but now the majority of my friends are lolitas and I wear ouji.

Give it a shot, maybe someone will drop their email for you, or if you have a comm in your area (this is sort of essential) you can shoot one a message and hope for the best, but generally they dislike adding 'admirers' who aren't into the fashion to groups. In any case, dress nicely and do a bit of research. Everyone is at a lolita meet because they are invested in the fashion, they know brands and print names and whatever bizarre drama is going on between AP and AatP, this is their common bond. If you show up with very limited knowledge and have only admired from a distance it might be hard to keep up with conversation.

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Sorry I took forever, but I emailed you!

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not the one who posted but I originally found this image on a Japanese blog. It was one of those things you go to and pay a fee, they dress you up in lolita and do a photoshoot.

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There were more in the set, but I dont know if I downloaded them all

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Just an fyi for the future, but you can cheat on someone without sex being involved...

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I had the biggest crush on a lolita girl in High School. It wasn't for her cute petticoats or her obvious attractiveness. She was one of the only friends I had she was probably the nicest,kindest and cutest person I've met and will ever meet. She had a boyfriend who was me in a lot of ways, we never met but all of his lame puns she told me were like mine his lame jokes were like mine and his demeanour was like mine. She moved, I missed her warm hugs and beautiful eyes. And everytime I see a lolita it reminds me of her, the way she was confident on the outside but cute loving and shy on the inside it gives me a sense of longing and sadness. I dated a few girls who dressed in lolita because it reminded me of her. Those relationships crashed and burned. I'll never see her again and I'll never have one of her hugs either

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Mfw I'm still in the closet.

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You're really kind of dense, aren't you? Cheating is only if the action is against the terms of the relationship. Sounds like >>9115144 has an understanding with her husband. Stop projecting your standards and problems onto someone else and step off that high horse.

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Any anons looking for an ouji girlfriend? Not sure if ouji gfs count here

>> No.9124408

That would be pretty awesome, actually. Too bad I'm a boy.

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>too poor for lolita
>has too many coord ideas piled up but is living on minimum wage
>also kinda chubby so whenever I actually have the money I wimp out in fear of being ita/fattychan/etc
>hella gay
>has lowkey wanted a qt lolita gf to #1 help me get out of my shell #2 match coords with because even though I've been on cgl for like two years I still have no idea what the fuck to do when I get around to it
Can I live

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it's okay, nonnie. I am 24 and I haven't come out yet.

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I am 120, 100, 122 chubbychanlita.
you can do it, but start slow. Step one is know your measurements. Get one skirt and one blouse and a secondhand petticoat plus a cheap leg avenue one to layer. Don't post any pics online, just get a feel for the style on your body, get the silhouette right, feel cute. It is possible to get good wardrobe staples from BL.

The longer you wait to buy things and develop your style, the longer it'll be until you are a lolita. You know you want the frills, build up your confidence and try it anon! Much luck

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Honestly as long as you're not sticking yourself in dresses that are too small for you, you're totally fine. Lolita is actually a good fashion for chubby girls since it flatters our frame and hides our weight well, you just have to properly dress for yourself to achieve that. Dresses nowadays are very plus size friendly with all the shirring. You can still take your time but don't be scared to take the jump anon! I'm a fellow chubby chan living on minimum wage myself and I've been in the fashion for 3 years. Your wardrobe may be small for a while but you can truly enjoy yourself if you decide to invest in it and get pieces you love. And lastly, I've never really felt beautiful until I started wearing lolita. I know you don't have an SO to support you, but you definitely have the potential to feel the same way by yourself! And if you want, feel free to email me if you want a lolita friend to help you out. You sound really sweet anon so I hope the best for you!

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>mfw i had the most prefect lolita/ouiji girlfriend ever and fucked it up
Man the relationshipwas amazing, i would drive out to her and her to me all the time. She helped me get into lolita more and made me feel great about myself. We went to cons, events etc with each other. I love her so much and i fucked it up.
If you get a lolita gf keep her close and love her.

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I wasn't even referring to that anon and actually see what she's doing as fine since everyone consented. I was just letting the other anon know that sex is not the only way someone can cheat so that they know when they're being mistreated in a relationship. How is that being on a high horse if I'm helping them understand healthy relationships?

I'm not going to spoonfeed you so look up scholarly psychology articles that prove what I just said.

Honestly, you might be the one projecting since you reacted so vehemently to a harmless post.

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That would be really qt, desu.

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So a while back I was dating my longtime best friend and we both started to get into Lolita together. I came out as trans to her and she didn't really accept it. we had a misunderstanding which she she thought we had broken up and I didn't. Later I started getting more into the fashion and developing different tastes so we start to drift apart. I found out from her mom that she had been cheating on me and I drop her from my life.
She started dating this other guy and they became gross weeb furries together.

Currently we're still friends on Facebook, but it's mostly so I can laugh at her. She is planning on wearing the worst decora coord in existence and buying her first Lolita piece from Amazon. I was all fine and dandy until i started gaining some e-fame and she started joining a bunch of comms that I'm a part of, even ones that are far away and I'm getting uncomfortable because I feel like she's stalking me.

All I want is a cute Lolita gf/so. What did I do to deserve this?

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Well if any lolita anons are looking for a ouji gf shoot me a message. I've been wanting a lolita gf for ages, but my comm is small and I don't get out much

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I feel that on such a level. My lolita exgf bought me my dream dress and then dressed in ouji for my birthday party, we went to see the ballet with my comm. She was so handsome. I remember crying at the event because it was too perfect.
I still dont know why it all went so wrong...

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Seeing all this makes me wanna cry a lil bit. Me and my first ever lolita gf just broke up a little over a week ago...

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This whole thread gives me encouragement!

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>tfw 23 and still in the closet
plus where i live there arent many lolitas, and im not attracted to any of the few that do live here

one day maybe

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