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Share your feels. Be sure to keep them cgl related.

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I went to my first con without my cosfam and ended up going home after just five hours. I spent seven and a half hours driving!

Two homeless guys hugged me outside the parking garage while the attendant just stared.


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Just sold my doll and I am deciding if should sell my other one. I also want to go through my Lolita closet and sell any duplicate prints I have. I don't know why im still so attached to these stuff and just have second thoughts once I decide to sell them. As a collector, I would love to give them to people who will enjoy them more than I do but I also want my stuff with her

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I've been waking up with feelings of dread every day for weeks, and working on cosplay is the only thing that calms me down. That and watching Simpsons clips on YouTube.

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...what are you selling?

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I was waiting in line to pick up my badge when the Miku in front of me accidentally sneeze-farted. I thought to myself "Damn, this is the perfect time to try and get with her." (She was qt af.) But it didn't work! Fml.

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>mfw the craft stores are putting up the halloween decor and fabric already.

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Former fatty who lost 100+ pounds. I have finally been working on new costumes but finding the prospect of wearing them in public frightening. Im worried that I will still look fat so I keep skipping events.

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Look at pictures of even fatter people in cosplay having fun.

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Yes good
I'm so tired of summer

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Do it! Cosplay does wonders for your elf-esteem.

When I was obese, I used to cosplay Rilakkuma lol

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>out of tampons
>use dish towel rag
>get back home after a long day, just mindlessly pull it out and throw it in the washer
>couple days later start the machine

all my white clothes are now a tingy red color.........


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I already picked up a yard of some halloween fabric, I plan to pick up more. I've got projects to make and the sooner I gather stuff, the sooner I can start and have them ready to sell by the event at the beginning of October.

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try runnin another few washes with clothes lightener and bleach?

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Thinking of selling my MNF Chloe doll and maybe two or three Lolita dresses. I kinda want to go through my duplicates prints and sell one of them.

And then I get selfish and want to keep them. It's really dumb.

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Even if you might still need to lose a bit or exercise, etc., you can be sure you look better now than you did then so go for it. If you get any bad comments, ignore. Your life, your story. Just have fun. You made the effort to lose weight so now do what you've been wanting to do.

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My goal right now.

Wear it and the keep thinking about how you are able to wear this now and look good than you were 100lbs ago

Go you!

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You can always get another MNF Chloe, they are common (and popular) but choose which dresses to sell carefully, some are harder to find if you have regret after you sold them.

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What a shame. That would've been the best how-I-met-your-mother story ever.

How do you accidentally throw a blood-soaked rag in the laundry?

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Getting a little tired of the 'we-weh, I don't have a FB but expect everyone here to post screen caps for me, tell me dress names, report on events, post photos from X."

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I don't have any time for cosplay since I had a kid. I just wanna finish this shield, but my daughter's crying and my wife has the molten diarrhea. Where did my youth go?

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Welcome to parenthood. I didn't start working on cosplay again until my kid was sleeping longer stretches at night. I work on stuff either at night or when the kid is off playing with family.

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>got dream job to teach in japan ("isnt that every weeabos dream but they end up hattttting it?" taught in South East Asia before, already love teaching English I'm good on that front)
>super excited to go but also super nervous because wow that is a big chapter in my life
>spent the last year back in home town doing a few different jobs and going to a LOT of cons since I've been between school seasons
>happiest I've ever been but still feeling like I've wasted a year of my life since I wasnt doing much
>wondering if I'm wasting time going to japan because I know I dont want to teach forever
>still having issues having relationships because I keep moving
>meanwhile mom and dad are breaking up and fighting horribly about it and I'm wondering just what kind of home I'll be coming back to when I'm done teaching.

Way to much, way to many emotions and I think I'm having a quarter life crisis.

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Want to wear lolita on a more daily basis but I already feel like a social outcast and don't want my weird clothes to deter people.
At the same time I don't want to be friends with people who would dislike me for my clothes.

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Breathe. Calm down. Relax.

You'll make it. You haven't wasted a year of your life, the school gap ended up there and you filled that timegap by doing what you love.

Moving does put strain on relationships, yeah. I just lost my fiancee of four years because I moved back to California three years ago and the LDR strain broke it. Your parents are having a lot of strain, do you know a cause? If there's a cause, you could maybe try to help or at least put a mattress down for one of them to fall on when the proverbial kick in the head happens.

If you need to talk semi-privately, admittedly to a stranger on 4chan, post up your skype name and I'll add you.

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>"we're a group of geek feminists who decided to open a con because feminists geeks need their own con! Run by females for females!"
If only I wasn't in a non-English speaking country I'd open a whole thread to cringe about this.

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Ffs. And I bet they are super casual """geeks""" too...

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>Was ideal weight just needed to tone up a bit but otherwise body was hot af for first time ever
>Exam season meant stress eating and not walking to school everyday (50 minute weighted walk up a hill)
>Fat again
>Feel so uncute
>Can't complain to anyone because I still have a 24inch waist
>Too self-conscious for gym
>Fat fat fat

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First of all, congratulations on losing that much weight! That's a lot of work and you should be proud of yourself Don't let insecurities stop you from having fun anon
Buy a mooncup. Seriously

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>place large order from listen flavor's rakuten a few day ago because i was really excited about the menhera-chan collab
>they havent invoiced me yet
It's dumb but this is stressing me out a lot

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>want to get my picture taken at conventions and be fawned over by neckbeards
>don't really watch any shows with boob/fanservice characters

I refuse to lower myself to cosplaying shows I haven't watched but this is suffering. Where are all the cute skimpy outfits that are from actually interesting source material?

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Video games, western comics, western animation, hell even some classical art fills all your needs, anon.

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I feel like I've been wasting the past four years of my life, mostly bedridden due to a case of bad-body. Cosplay has been the only comfort.

Google says this thing was held once in 2012 and never again.

Seems to have gone the way of Dashcon.

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Define interesting. What kind of shows do you like? Do they need to have some great and deep plot, or do you like more slice of life centered shows?

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"Great and deep plot" usually doesn't equal good. It varies a lot. I don't mind slice of life but I mind generic plots/setups/characters.

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That's true. I guess I really love her faceup since its by someone I really admire. I do have a Unoa Lusis that that faceup artist can do when she chooses to do commissions again.

And yea, most of my items have been special sets too so I'm really gonna have to think about what I want to sell.

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Most shows have at least 1-2 fan service/summer vacation/Foreign trip/exercise clothes/PE type episodes, are you sure NONE of the ones you are interested in do? Or are you just trying to feel superior that they do not? I'm sure if you googled 'character you like' + fanservice, some episodes would be listed. Many guys also really like modest, tsundere-acting girls or shy, geeky characters too but not to the point of those characters attracting attention hordes.

But if you want your chance at the mainstream fawning neckbeard drool then you have to give them what THEY like, not what YOU like. That's the trade off.

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>Go to Joanne's
>Getting fabric cut
>"What project are you working on?"
>don't say cosplay
>"Just an outfit"
>"Any occasion?"
>Don't say Otakon
>"Just because"
>spaghetti falls out of pocket all over my seifuku fabric

It's been years and I still can't say that I'm working on cosplay. Staff can literally say that they themselves are fellow cosplayers and I can't bring myself to be like "Yeah, me too!" Sucks because I'm missing out on making friends and getting specific cosplay advice ;_;

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Have a nice photo session with her, then pack her away for at least a month and see if you miss her. You could do the same with the dresses too though multiple colorways of a special set or even a common dress will always have that one color that really looks the best on you so that's always my choice since I just don't do multiples of a print. I usually care what looks better on me than which colorways I like most. Honestly when I see girls collect multiples of a print I think 'well, they must have been having a good sale to grab them up in several colors'. I know that is NOT always the case but it still gives me that feeling.

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Joann's employees don't give a shit about the customer's projects. They only ask because it's company policy.

>> No.9095171

You do you. You can't control what your parents do and there is nothing wrong with teaching english as you figure out your next move. I wish that I had done that when I had the change.

Go and have fun.

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>but I mind generic plots/setups/characters.

See, that's already more helpful. So you want something that isn't your average anime.

Tatami Galaxy?

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Thank you so much, anon. I think that you pretty much sealed the deal for me on this. I will wait for a few days and decide what I should be selling

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You shouldn't worry too much. Listen Flavor takes a little while. I ordered when the 10th anniversary shirts went up and I just got it today. Just be patient with them.

Also, I got like two bags from them and a post card. They give out cute freebies.

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Not the same anon, but I have gone through something similar with someone that lasted about 4 years too. Do you use Skype exclusively? I tend to prefer Discord, but either way I would love to have someone to exchange the experiences of crap LDR.

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>move to new place
>work at home
>not in school

finding friends is a fucking bitch

>notice a car in the parking lot with a handmade cosplay hanging inside
>contemplating leaving a note on the car complimenting them and offering my email since I've never seen the owner of the car ever
>don't want to be too weird
>recall a couple wearing that cosplay at AX but wasn't sure if it was them or not and i didn't want to be like "hi I know where you live lets be friends" not to mention I haven't even seen much of what they were cosplaying

I'm so friend thirsty, and if there is someone in my apt complex who is cool i'd love it. How should I talk to this person? should I leave a note? let it be?

help a sperglord socialize

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I got kicked out of Walmart in lolita today!

I was playing Pokemon Go and some obese woman accused me of sneaking pictures of her. If my bf hadn't been there, I think she would have attacked me!

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What hobbies do you have outside of cosplay? I made a decent amount of friends through Warhammer when I first moved.

As for my own feels, if my love life could stop being a shitty comedy movie, that'd be great. It shouldn't be this fucking hard. Since when is everyone polyamourous god damnit.

As for cosplay related feels, I'm glad that my cosplay is actually progressing along quite nicely, and I might make it in time for the big con later this month. Feels gud mayne.

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>my wife has the molten diarrhea
I lost my job last week and I have ice-cold diarrhea. Beat that.

>> No.9095708

>wearing lolita to walmart

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>Be bullied throughout high school for liking cosplay/anime/vidiya
>Whatever I went to a tiny school and no one cared about anything different.
>Move to a big city, make friends who like the same shit, happy as a clam.
>Make really good friends within the cosplay community and end up moving closer to them for ~6 months.
>Get a job, everything's groovy.
>Haven't been bullied now for my nerd shit in like 6 years.
>Start getting bullied at work
>mfw it's not for cosplay.

Girl, you follow my instagram and know I cosplay. You could come up with a million other things to act like a high schooler about.

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I was on my way to a Saturday meat.

My bf took me to Burger King on the way and tricked me into eating a mac and Cheetos. Gross.

>> No.9095768


How did he do that exactly? Tell you the mac was a gigantic macaron?

>> No.9095770

where the hell do you work?

>> No.9095775

Some stupid retail store. It's a shitty job but it pays above minimum and most of the people there are really cool. Others apparently never got out of the high school mentality.

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>tfw when gathering references for an up coming cosplay
>"Oh look that picture very well explains something I'll need..."
>its from fucking pintrist

link hell and a banner that refuses to let you do anything unless you sign up for their site. I hate you pintrist. I'm sure you're useful, but I cringe when ever I photo I want to save is from pintrest.

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>super horny for days, just got off rag
>all but begging for sex
>"later anon, I don't want to fall asleep yet"
Is this what men feel like

>> No.9095818

He told me it wouldn't be shit. And then he laughed when I ate it.

Then he got me some M&M's. Yay~

>> No.9095849

you are a fucking disgusting person, you know that?

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1) Sign up for Pinterest to get rid of banner
2) save the photo,
3) reverse image search,
4) profit
At least much of the time. I had to do the same on tumblr and I will never ever post in that pit, but just search what I need, then save and trace the image origins.

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>went to my local Joann's for cosplay shopping
>get cotton material for Russell's sash
>asks a clerk for help
>notices a shirt for a con I went to
>talks about multiple cons she went to
>she tells me about duck cloth since I asked if that was the right material
>got duck cloth instead and leaves happy
I hope whoever she is becomes the go to worker for cosplayers at.

>mfw going to a con while dealing with a loss of one of my friends who was planning to go

>> No.9095994

Why is everyone here so gullible?

>> No.9096002

did you take a picture of her, photoshop her, then post her on peopleofwalmart.com for being a cunt?

>> No.9096027

Try soaking the clothes in a vinegar solution.

I stupidly placed half a bag of mothballs in a airtight container full of my summer room wear and the smell won't wash off and takes more than a full friggin day to air out on a clothes line outside. Vinegar has definitely helped deodorize them. thank god for vinegar.

>> No.9096035

I know the feel anon. I have a relatively high libido but my boyfriend doesn't. I practically beg him for sex.

>> No.9096088

It doesn't cost anything to get Pinterest anyway. Just sign up for it and treat it like a second search engine

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> Bunny House is still closed

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>grow up dumpy
>stop eating Burger King at 25
>suddenly become way more attractive
>start getting much better at cosplay
>now 27

I feel like I'm not utilizing my new looks to their full potential. I also wish I'd discovered this one weird beauty tip younger.

>> No.9096635

>sewing skirt
>too large the whole time
>finally fits OK if loose
>sew on waistband
>skirt suddenly doesn't fit
>gathers weirdly in the back

please kill me

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I feel so sick.
Yesterday my boyfriend (which I financially and emotionally depend on) and I decided to go out and see a movie. I dressed up, casual lolita/otome-ish like always. After we got of the car and I took a second to reapply some lipstick we got into a fight and he told me I was not casual enough, it's annoying we can't go out casually anymore (I was actually happy to get a chance to wear something other than work clothes). He told me I should stop getting "wannabe-pretty", noone wants to see me like this and he neither.
Ever since I'm devastated. He acts like nothing happened and constantly asks me whats wrong with me today. I'm so depressed I can't even look at anything lolita realted; my whole confidence is gone. I literally packed all of my dresses away in a box, deleted every lolita bookmark and unliked all the lolita fb pages, so I wouldn't see anything about it. I even went straight to the feels thread on cgl, without checking the usual threads. I don't know what to do.
If I talk about it we might break up and I might end up on a coach of my mom with 2 cats and no job in sight.
If I bottle it up I'm afraid I'll do something really stupid at some point.
I don't even know why I'm posting this on a naon board, but I don't really have friends.

>> No.9096805

Jesus, you have way more problems than your bf making one snide remark.

>> No.9096808


Anon, talk to him. Tell him what he said, and that he fucked up. If he appologizes sincerely and freaks out at himself for hurting you, then see where the relationship goes. If not, bail and bail hard. He might have just had a brain fart and meant "I wish we both wore normal clothes together" but "wannabe-pretty" is pretty damn harsh and fucked up to say so I don't know.

Being on your mom's couch isn't the worst thing in the world. Yes, it'll suck for a bit, but you can save up and move out soon enough. Don't stay in a relationship that breaks you out of fear of money. Money can always be made, but self-confidence is harder to acquire once someone belittles you like that.

>> No.9096832

>tfw you accidentally booked tickets for 3 cons in the space of 6 weeks and you can feel yourself waving goodbye to any time and money you had for the rest of summer

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I was playing Pokemon Go today and some weird dude started chasing me. I thought rapey-wapey was imminent, but he just wanted to tell me that he was playing the game, too.

>> No.9097007

What a piece of fucking shit. Have some guts, anon, and leave him. Find some new friends, get re-involved in your hobbies. Relationships like that typically don't get better because he knows you depend on him, so he feels like he can say and do whatever. It's shitty he doesn't even care you feel upset.

>> No.9097028

>tfw you just left a con
>no more for a year


>> No.9097040

>get Pokemon Go to motivate me to get in shape for cosplay
>middle of fucking nowhere
>no Pokestops or Gyms for a solid mile
>get a shitload of eggs on rare trip to town
>spend all my time walking to hatch them
>catching Pokemon once or twice every walk
>more motivated to exercise than I've ever been despite not getting much from it

I'm definitely going to get to my 10lb weight loss goal for my cosplays in November!

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>doing laundry
>don't check all pockets
>accidentally wash bf's phone
>immediately set it in rice and direct sunshine
>check on it next day
>doesn't power up
>take it apart and soak in rice longer
>important job he applied to closes this Tuesday
>no way to answer their phone call for an interview

I'm so mad at myself. I'm usually an extremely cautious person but for some reason I just tossed all the clothes in the washer without thinking. The strange thing is he's been so calm about the whole thing; he never raised his voice nor got visibly upset. He was able to log in to his Pokemon Go account on my phone and that's all he was using his phone for really. He thinks he can just replace the battery if this second rice soak doesn't work. I'm sure he can just email that job and tell them to call my phone instead.

on a /cgl/ related note:
>received birthday coupon from Jo-Ann
>20% off regular and sale items
>been meaning to replace a lot of tools and start up a few projects
>little more than two weeks to do all my projects before school starts up

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>give 6 year old nephew a GBA and some games for his bday
>he freaks out is so excited
>have him watch me as I put the games in the back of the bag where the netting is
>tell him he needs to take care of this

>get a call from my brother a few hours later
>"anon, have you seen his games? he wants to play another but they are missing"
>Mom told me he put in zelda in the car and was excited
>tell him he probably didn't zip up his bag after opening it
>most likely dropped all the games in the parking lot when they went to meet their mom

I told my brother to let this be an example to him about responsibility. He got mad at me and was saying "he's SIX" and it's like, six is old enough to zip your backpack back up after taking something out, and before you get out of the car. Especially if you don't want to lose something. Yes he's six, but he is old enough to know better. Let him learn from this. Sometimes kids gotta learn shit the hard way.

>> No.9097147

Don't feel too bad, anon. No one thinks someone is going to leave something important like their phone in their dirty jeans pocket.

>> No.9097216


I think you were right here. 6 is like school age right? Plenty old to be responsible for your own stuff.

>> No.9097226


>get Pokemon go
>omg this is totes going to motivate me for getting fit!
>day 1, run around neighborhood, catch more pokemon from walking inside my house than doing a mile around
>day 2 severe thunderstorm alert, have to stay inside
>tfw most pokemon I caught was from shopping at Walmart and wandering around parking lots

I'm fortunate enough to have a gym inside my apartment complex and I'm so proud of myself for being motivated enough to go today, but c'mon pokemon go I got you for a reason.

>> No.9097229

that's something a 4 year old would do. he's 6. at age 6 I was walking myself and all my belongings to and from school. The only thing I ever lost that I liked when I was 6 were clip on earrings- and even then I had the damn responsibility to go searching in the grass for them.

he's six, not an infant.

also wouldn't you HEAR games dropping from your bag? what kind of blubbering retard

2/10 six year old me would probably beat him up honestly

>> No.9097237

>get Pokemon Go
>no smart phone, just an old ipad and a hotspot
>hotspot isn't working
>can only Go in my home

Well, fuck.
More /cgl/:
>broke up with boyfriend
>not sure if I should go to "our" con or not

It's the only con I go to, but we always do it together. I know he'll be there either way. Also not sure if I want to keep my cosplay plans.

>> No.9097276


Go, just because you broke up doesn't mean you should be afraid to ever see him again.

Live your life, do you

>> No.9097306

>live in suburbs
>get Pokemon Go
>nothing but Pidgies/Spearow/Weedle/Rats
>want to find more different pokemon
>walking by river gives me one water type

Where the hell do I find Ghost/Dark type? I keep hearing "at night!" but I've gone out at like 10pm and yielded the same birds and rats. No Clefairies, or ghosts or whatever. Am I seriously going to have to go to a cemetary?

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>tfw wanna do a cosplay of Charlie Nash
>tfw chubby af

>> No.9097315

If he is asking you wants wrong and this is clearly troubling you then you should tell him that you felt hurt by what he said. Why would this cause a break up? If you can't talk to him then you might as well just not have any hobbies and serve him hand and foot

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You just have to level up a bit before you can catch good stuff. Just keep getting garbage mons for now.

I got a Ghastly outside the library at 2:00pm yesterday.

I walked for two miles today and didn't see a single Pokemon. Then I went into McDonald's and found one in the bathroom.

There seem to be more Pokemon in places where there are more people, like stores and shit.

>> No.9097335

>mental health falling apart
>feel like there's no point in living since i'm always unhappy
>cosplay doesn't even make me happy anymore and i don't have any friends to do it with
>just generally miserable
>i want to get better but i don't know how and i'm losing hope

>> No.9097351

Sometimes I do think that it's okay to know that youre sad and accept that you're feeling this way.

After a while, if there isn't someone you can talk to, even for free counseling, you have to find something told look forward to. Get down to why you're feeling this way or focus on what you can change. Is your career where you want it to be? Is your body where you want to be?

Force yourself to push towards a small goal just to give yourself something to look forward to

>> No.9097370


Whiny anon from >>9097226 here. I went to Walmart and walked around getting stuff I needed. Ended up with some pokemon I never thought I would get - omanyte, cubone, and pikachu are the main ones. I find like >>9097330 said that more populated centers seem to be better.

>> No.9097375

Your brother sounds like a shitty parent. If he thinks the kid isn't responsible, why not keep a close eye on him? Why don't parents teach their kids to be responsible and help train them to do things? I fucking hate most kids, their parents ignore them and so they turn into obnoxious brats desperate for attention, with no manners or sense

>> No.9097380


What company, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.9097385
File: 29 KB, 722x349, nightmare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vagina shaving accident.

>> No.9097431
File: 110 KB, 381x448, 1465321488401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My parents think my sister and I fuck since I buy her Lolita stuff and take her on trips to japanland granted she finds me cheap as fuck fashionable clothing. That being said they have cut off contact to the both of us and they kicked her out and now she lives in my house. Not that I give a fuck.

Also every girl who is attracted to me is a fujoshi. But that's more than likely for another thread somewhere else.

>> No.9097437

>My parents think my sister and I fuck
Have you let them know it isn't any of their business what you two do and that they're being quite bigoted by kicking her out just because of your sexuality?

>> No.9097439

Thanks anons, I think I just needed to vent it out. I appreciate the kind words!

Interac! A bit of a pay cut from JET but I have a few friends working for them already that like how they run things.

>> No.9097449

>tfw saw dream dress on CC store for super cheap
>just paid SS
>breathlessly waiting for them to come back with news

I wake up in 4 hours but I don't care. I dread that it will be 'sorry, no dice,' but one can hope.

>> No.9097459

Its their business when she lives under their roof. You submit to people's rules when you are reliant on them and they had every right to kick my sister out.
Now, I have asserted multiple times that our relationship is non sexual in nature but it's what they think.
Also just claiming their a bigot would have me berated and humiliated for using a word that means nothing. I come from a family that doesn't give a fuck feel or perceptive words (racist, bigot, etc...). More than likely they think I'm somehow enabling her and have a closer relationship than they have seen me with any of my ex-girlfriends.

>> No.9097482

>Your parents think their two daughters actively have sex with each other

Thats not a conclusion you come to on a whim, theres something youre not twlling us.

>> No.9097485
File: 332 KB, 1024x768, sadmime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to go to cons in 2012 and see dozens of people I knew. Now I'm lucky to see three.

I feel like everybody I love has left me.

>> No.9097516

I just bought my first AP jsk. My first Lolita dress...

>> No.9097526

Congratulations, anon! Which JSK is it?

>> No.9097529
File: 1.76 MB, 1474x992, 1459722857497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yesterday was my first time wearing lolita out in public. A lot of people stared and I was insecure about my poof being too much, but then a girl came up to me and complimented my outfit.
I dropped all of my spaghetti but it made me really happy. She even asked me if my outfit was Japanese street fashion!

>> No.9097535

Wait really? Where does it say?

>> No.9097550
File: 26 KB, 266x200, 200_s.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's from 2007, sugary ribbon in the black colourway. I'm not earning a lot, but I liked it and someone was selling it very cheap second hand, so I thought it would be a good starting piece. She's shown me the tag, so I know it's not replica. And to top it off, I told my boyfriend and he's happy for me and excited for my floof, as he put it.

>> No.9097561

>mom likes lolita, so I wear old school sweet to visit her for her birthday
>need to take the bus, then a 15-minute walk through a nice suburb
>group of guys on the bus start harassing me, telling me I look like a dumb bitch and a retard
>they follow me off the bus
>area is deserted because everyone is away on vacation
>the guys follow me almost all the way to my parents house, yelling that they're going to beat me up rape me
>make bee line for first police car I see
>guys chicken out and run away (turns out there was no one in the car but hey)
>arrive at parents house upset
>mother comforts me until I let slip that the guys who threatened me were of a certain minority ethnic group
>mom is kind of a SJW who believes that everyone of that unfairly maligned ethnic group is a harmless baby bird who could not possibly have done anything wrong
>tells me I must have misunderstood them and I shouldn't make mountains out of molehills
>gets angry when I don't stop being upset that instant
>implies I'm racist and says I shouldn't dress "that way" if I don't want people from different cultures to "get the wrong idea"
>angrily goes back upstairs so I'm left to hang out with my dad only
>happy birthday, mom

>> No.9097572

I'm unprilvledged level 46 grandmaster

People suck of every culture. and why the hell would she imply that its a cultural thing to be a dick to anyone who's different?

Honestly, I learned that despite ethnicity groups
>Poor people tend to suck
>teenagers suck
>groups of guys suck

this is universal.

>> No.9097605

>literally victim blames her own daughter because you challenged her perfect world view

Jesus Christ, SJWs' mental gymnastics always amaze me. Is your mom really sheltered or stupid? What did your dad have to say?

>> No.9097613


Nice, I've heard good things about them! Congrats, anon.

>> No.9097627

That's a pretty fucked up conclusion to come up to. Unless there is something you're not telling us...

Either way, at least she is out of that situation so good for her

>> No.9097629

hugged or mugged? also nice scootypuff

>> No.9097632

I keep wanting to apply just as one last hurrah before going back to school but im not interested in teaching English and it's not fair to those who take it seriously

>> No.9097693

Original Pokemon Go anon here. I caught a Ghastly downtown at a waterfront with my family after my brother used a Lure on the stop there. I also caught a Pinsir while I was in Petsmart. I haven't tried Walmart yet though since last time I went was Day 2 and it was nothing but server errors.

I also got my good mood dampened so much. I walked 1.4 miles yesterday after the game went into night mode and got a lone Pidgey.. after I'd gone all that way and came back to my house. During day mode I had a Nidoran and even a Meowth but the moment the game switched over, I got nothing. I wonder if it's the opposite for city players? Where there's little during the day and everything comes out at night.

>> No.9097697

Hugged. They kept calling me "Princess Emily" which isn't even my name.

Thanks senpai. That gif makes me laugh.

>> No.9097701

>two daughters
Anon, I think that's a guy buying stuff for his sister. That may be why.

>> No.9097742


>Have a half-brother I didn't know about until I was 16
>Didn't meet him until I was 19
>Now 22, he's 32 married and has a kid
>Have a fair amount of money saved, decide to be nice instead of buying clothes/cosplay stuff
>Buy 7 year old nephew a Xbox 360, with Forza Horizon 3, a year of XBL, and Minecraft
>He loves it, boyfriend helps him set it up and everything
>Get a call two weeks later saying he wants an Xbox One because all his friends play Black Ops III now and doesn't touch it anymore
>Sister in law actually gives it back
>Decide to give it to a little boy across the hall for helping us move furniture

Sometimes I wish i went with the dress, but this is fine too

>> No.9097745

>Pokemon Go comes out
>Roommate who almost never exercises is now getting up at 7AM to go out and catch Pokemon
>Won't come back until 1PM
>Eats lunch, then takes a nap until 7PM
>Goes back out and doesn't come back until 1AM-3AM, then goes to bed
>This has happened every day since it came out
>Doesn't want to do anything with me
>When I ask she says i'm jealous she's meeting people and getting exercise and that I should stick to me "silly costume making"

Fuck Pokemon Go. Not only is it not fleshed out and seemingly a complete chore, but it's made my roommate a total bitch.

>> No.9097756
File: 670 KB, 669x887, diaperfur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like my gf all that much, but I'm dating her to avoid being alone.

She doesn't even wanna cospray with me.

>> No.9097763

I go in late to work today, so I spent my morning driving around trying to find spots that are good. Turns out the town over is really good because it's a mix of a water front and a bunch of houses, and a main street. Sucks because that town is mostly blue gyms and I'm red. But I really just want to catch stuff more than I want to gym battle.

>> No.9097769

They should use that as a lesson on responsibility. Really, they shouldn't replace any of the games he lost and make him work for them. You want another game? Ok well do x amount of age apropriate chores or whatever, rather than just going out and replacing everything real quick.

>> No.9097839

>finally have the money to buy brand
>my fucking wide shoulders and height make everything fit me wrong
kill me now

>> No.9097857
File: 13 KB, 480x360, hankgame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My sister started dating a non-cosplayer.

I feel like he and I are in a pissing contest over which of us loves her more. I mean, it's obviously me, right? I'm her little brother!

>> No.9097861


...I hope you two love her in different ways...

>> No.9097877

I'm so sorry anon. I hope it heals fast.

>> No.9097888

I always get fawned over by neckbeards when I cosplay from Touhou and most of those outfits aren't revealing at all

>> No.9097931

>best friend/boyfriend broke up with me a few months ago
>agree to be friends still
>we talk everyday over Skype and hang out pretty often
>find out he left me because he liked a girl that he's know for years
>upset at that being the reason but happy for him when they got together
>she breaks up with him after 5 days
>he hasn't been happy since

I know it's difficult to get over someone, but I hate seeing him upset. It sucks seeing him sad and me not being able to help at all. Although, funnily enough, he's started saying how nice I look whenever we do go anywhere and how he hates breaking up with me because "it was all in vain because it didn't work out anyway".

On a cgl related note, though, he agreed to crossplay Tracer to a convention with me, which made me incredibly happy.

>> No.9097936



Never be someone's second choice. You want to be friends, fine, but he's looking at you as a romantic back burner. He is not being your friend. He's being friendly, but he's never going to just be a friend. Just watch, he's already made moves on you and it's only going to get more blatant.

You deserve to be someone's first choice.

>> No.9097954
File: 56 KB, 500x500, 836eec52e6e9cd316a59ec0ffafba97b00209e9f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm hoping he doesn't make any more moves on me, because as much as I honestly see him as a friend, I still have some feelings for him that I just prefer to ignore when possible. It's a shame because I had never had a friend so close to me as him (he's also the only person I know who understands lolita and doesn't think it's a costume)

If I must be honest, he lied a lot and was really cold to me towards the end of the relationship, and he does feel guilty for that, which is why he agreed to the Tracer thing.

But I am moving on. If me and him were to get together again, it wouldn't work because of the mistrust from the previous relationship. Maybe I'll find someone at a convention or something, and, if all else fails, I still have cats to cuddle

>> No.9098045
File: 267 KB, 1196x960, 939a7aaegw1f4fzofzmksj20x80qogsr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I will never be a rich chinese Lolita who can afford to buy several 30000 yen blouses on reserve on top of several 30000-50000 yen main pieces on reserve per month.

And then there is me who can afford a main piece every two months. It's actually not that bad but it still makes me salty seeing the influence the Chinese lolitas have on the brands. If they bombard JetJ with emails they get their re-releases, if the western comm does it we will most likely get nothing.

>> No.9098050
File: 44 KB, 545x599, mine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the opposite for me. I'm Blue and all four gyms at the waterfront here are Red. But when I went down to the waterfront to eat lunch there were Lures everywhere and I met a bunch of people walking around so that helped my anxiety a lot and I walked my 1 mile daily goal.

>tfw I got pic related at a Lure spot
It was worth it losing all those Pokeballs.

>> No.9098094

>all this Pokemon Go talk

The fresh air and exercise I've gotten with this app has really helped my depression.

>> No.9098179
File: 33 KB, 365x677, 1453107579631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when there are just too many cons

eughhh. I'm kinda in a situation where Ive been hitting up loads of cons and have the means to but I got a deadline before a big life change.

But Ive been given the option between Anime California, Sacanime and Saboten and I cant decide which con to go to and they are all on the same damn weekend
which ever one I choose I know I'm going to make two friends sad.

>> No.9098187

Going out in general helps a lot with depression, just hard to find the motivation to do it.

Anyways, my friend and I were cosplaying as team rocket and catching pokemans. Got myself a Scyther and a Gingar yesterday.

>> No.9098232

I started working out last year and have gained 20 pounds, even though my diet is getting better and the doctors/gym bros have no idea why. And I just started a better paying job that's less stressful a few weeks ago. But I still feel this way.

>> No.9098266

tfw you just don't get attention like your friends do. it feels stupid and pathetic as fuck but they get so many likes, so much attention on social media and i just don't. i consider myself pretty cute and get a lot of photos/attention at cons and get surrounded by photographers but i get little to no likes on my page/instagram/even on my personal facebook....idk

>> No.9098270

what's your page? i'll follow and participate!

>> No.9098272

i'm not really comfortable posting myself on cgl but thank you anyways anon

>> No.9098281
File: 418 KB, 160x260, 1372734689527.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have such oppisite feels but they're still bad.
>Cheap fabric store near me
>Spill spaghetti one day and tell girl working there that it's for cosplay
>She cosplays too
>She' super good, shows my photos of her cosplays, she's been sewing for years
>We always talk about cons, she helps me find perfect fabric, talk about con stuff and have good laughs
>Don't get to do to store very often as it;s out of the way
>Hear from friends that it's closing
>I'll never get to see her again

>> No.9098282

>posted on last feels thread about friend committing suicide, me leaving the father of my child, and being sick and depressed as hell
>friendly gulls suggested meeting, or skype

I was too sick to sit up and skype, but whoever suggested it, thank you. Just knowing that strangers were willing to help cheer me up made me feel a little better. I really appreciate the gesture.

>> No.9098304

Understandable. Maybe i'll come across it at some point! If you want, you could send your page link to this throwaway email i made and i can follow!

[email protected]

If not; that's cool. Completely understand. Hope you start getting more activity!

>> No.9098310

Same anon, that is so sad that the store's closing! You should try to go before it closes and see if you can add her on Facebook or Skype or something!

>blowout clearance
>new cosplay bro

>> No.9098333
File: 19 KB, 500x375, a56297e2d8aa41bcb3b44962b670dc55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>move in with roommates (a couple) I find off Craigslist
>pretty nerdy, which is cool because so am I
>don't really talk to them coz I work/am awkward
>small talk whenever I do see them
>find out via fridge magnets that they're kinky ferries
>erotic art's festival magnet holding up sexy fox girl art
>not my house, can't kink shame
>one day come home and they're in the kitchen
>girl is fully clothed, guy is nude
>absolutely no shame, see peen
>not my house, I was home early anyways, we've all chilled naked
>small talk with them one night
>"how's everything going?"
>"oh you know just polyamory stuff"
>apparently she got a second boyfriend
>guy seems cool with it
>hear that they all 3 hang out a lot
>sometimes she doesn't come home until late (our rooms share a closet, she has her own room and he's downstairs)
>be right now
>other boyfriend and roommates hanging out
>go to get food
>hear three of them having most uncomfortably awkward conversation about 3ways and watching each other sleep with her
>nopes the fuck back to my room with tequila

Like, I don't care if people are kinky, poly, or furries, but when it comes to where I live my vanilla side just takes over. I can't even cam with my boyfriend because I'm worried they'll find out, but they're just so....open? Bluh.

But that rent though....

>> No.9098334

Want to clarify, by "we've all chilled naked" I mean the royal we, I have never been nude around those people.

>> No.9098358

My phone tends to freeze sometimes when I catch a pokemon, if I'm somewhere with spotty internet connection. Like where I work. I went into work and figured out how to keep my screen on for a long time. Turns out if I just leave my phone alone my trainer just runs around the screen for some reason? I wound up hatching some 2km eggs today by leaving my phone alone, and even had some Eevee spawns throughout the day! It made me feel less garbage about working long hours each day while everyone is out and about playing all the time.

I'm glad this game's helping you with your anxiety! I've seen a lot floating around about how much this is motivating people to get out and do things when they've been so depressed.

>> No.9098372

I feel like I'm about to lose my husband. I just can't seem to pull myself out of this depression. Lolita just feels like a bandaid now. I'm happy when I wear it, or when I get a new dress, then the real world hits me like a ton of bricks. He is a very positive person, but I know my pessimism and depression is really getting to him. He wants me to go to therapy, but I'm honestly scared to open up to people. Just typing this on anon is hard. I feel like if it wasn't for him, and Lolita I would just slip further into self hatred and depression. I'm trying to get better, but it feel like like I just keep messing up.

>> No.9098378
File: 398 KB, 400x182, patpat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anon, if you pay rent, it's your home. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can politely request they keep any naked activities out of the common areas.

>> No.9098379

In my experience, it's usually lower-middle class "poor" (broke at the end of the paycheck but can still afford all their bills and groceries) that tend to be the absolute fucking worst wrt being entitled, rude or just plain fucking mean.

maybe I'm just lucky and I keep meeting really, really nice fucking poor people though.

>> No.9098388

Anon, sometimes stress can actually cause you to lose weight/be less heavy. Once I got out of a shitty/abusive situation and stopped living in stressland 24/7 I started to gain weight really quickly (went from 110 to 160lbs in something like 2-3 months?), despite diet staying the same still being as active as I had been before. Stress does some weird shit to your body.

Also, are you sure you're eating ENOUGH? Undereating can actually cause weight gain because it tricks your body into entering starvation mode -- those turning ALL calories into fat reserves so it doesn't die.

Chronic depression can also just make your body be really fucked up and cause your weight to do all sorts of stupid bullshit (especially if you're on medication for it).

Good luck with your routines though. I hope you figure things out.

>> No.9098397


Jesus fuck, how many times does "starvation mode" need to be debunked. It's not a thing that happens unless your body is on the verge of literally dying, and even then it doesn't work like you described.

You eat less when you're depressed. When you're stressed some people eat less, some people stress eat. When you're stressed your heart rate picks up and burns a little more calories as you fidget about. It's not fucking rocket science.

>> No.9098401

Going to therapy is fucking terrifying the first time so I know where you're coming from...But as someone who's been in therapy for the last 4 years now (chronic depression + bipolar and personality disorder means therapy is a lifelong deal for me) -- it's worth getting over that fear. It really, really is.I can't even begin to tell you what a big improvement starting therapy was for me. I had to go to a few different therapists before I found one that I *clicked* with but in my experience: The scariest part is just making the appointment and going in for the first time, once you do that it loses a LOT of it's power to be terrifying. A lot of the time you won't feel like going but the help they can give you is worth it. Feeling better is worth it. You deserve better than to live with self-hatred and depression, anon.

>> No.9098407

I'm sure that the nutritionists and doctors who've said that undereating can cause weight gain/stall weight loss know less than you do, anon.

>> No.9098412
File: 41 KB, 381x254, surejan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Post links to reputable sources or gtfo

>> No.9098420


Yeah, I've talked to friends who say the same thing. I just need to get over that initial hump of fear. Thank you though. It feels better just getting how I feel out there.

>> No.9098427

No problem, anon. Getting it out there is really good for you. Good luck!

>> No.9098446

You do realize you could just google "Does eating less make you lose weight" and five million things reputing it pops up

>> No.9098450

>"Does eating less make you lose weight"

Yes, eating less does make you lose weight. Source: I have lost weight many times by taking in less calories than I expend.

The fastest I ever lost weight is when I was on a steady diet of amphetamines eating about 300cal a day. Lost weight way faster than when I was dieting healthy.

>> No.9098457

I just bought my first lolita dress!

The feels are excitement and nervousness in equal measure. I won't be able to wear it for a good while since I don't have anything else I need yet, but it feels like just being able to hold it in my hands will be a motivator to save money and maybe exercise some more.

>> No.9098465


Holy shit, the human body does not break the laws of thermodynamics. Please stop

>> No.9098469
File: 87 KB, 615x457, ohfuckles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>going to fight at a local Pokemon gym
>Mormons are waiting to tell me about Jesus


>> No.9098474

This is going to sound harsh, but if your depression is affecting him and you refuse to get help you deserve to lose him. It's not fair on him, and it's not fair on yourself. Irrational fear isn't an excuse, because it's irrational and you know it.

When I first started going to therapy I brought my mum along, because I was scared too. She even did a lot of the talking early on. Maybe try bringing your husband to get you past this first step. It might even help him a bit if your depression is wearing on him too.

Good luck anon.

>> No.9098490


No, I need the harsh reality. I understand that I'm effecting him negatively. I'll ask him if he would like to go with me for the first session. It's a good idea. Thank you. I plan to call and make an appointment in the morning.

>> No.9098502


Then post them. Because you know what I see? A bunch of blog bullshit. Post reputable medical sources or shut up.

I swear to Christ more schools need to teach how to properly identify if a source is valid or not.

>> No.9098503
File: 81 KB, 300x300, 54977201[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the royal we

>> No.9098516


please ignore everything about this post, unless you are one of those people that takes exercise tips from Cosmo

>> No.9098537

try soaking it in distilled water. the issue is not that the phone made contact with water, it's the minerals that are within the water that damage the electronic parts. flush it, dry it as much as you can, and it should be alright. i've had to do this a few times.

>> No.9098538
File: 972 KB, 817x539, tumblr_mmod1nBntT1qmt85zo2_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9098548
File: 44 KB, 500x434, waltvomit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finished my orientation at work on Friday. Now I'm just waiting for them to call and tell me I'm hired.

I hope they do.... I hope my background check doesn't tell them that I was fired from my last job for stealing a soda.

I'm so nervous. I can't go to AWA if I don't get this job.

>> No.9098572
File: 27 KB, 250x350, tumblr_n90z3fs9hV1rv8sauo1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>aspie, stutter a lot, forget words when talking to people, never really know how to proceed in conversations in person
>don't go to school, don't really talk to anyone at work, don't have a lot of outside activities other than cons
>no one at cons really talks to me
>have no irl friends because of being bad at talking and never leaving the house

>doomed to be practically a neet forever

>> No.9098579
File: 21 KB, 381x354, wewladdy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude I feel ya. I've applied at so many places and waiting for an interview for at least one of them. I really want to go to the Midwest mega meet this year and the date is less than 5 weeks away.

Assuming that you're in the U.S., background checks are usually for more serious misdemeanors. I don't know if they'll bother calling your last employer though. Hopefully your new employer will be kinder. I understand being terrified though. I'm not looking forward to telling my interviewer why I longer work at my last job.

>> No.9098615

Have you tried couples therapy? Going with your husband and talking about what is bothering the both of you and finding ways to get back in sync might help you branch out into private therapy.

>> No.9098619

Diff anon, but similar topic: how do people usually go about saying that you plan on leaving your current job in an interview? I work full time as an assistant manager at a sub shop with shitty management structure among other problems and have a phone interview with a Forbes 100 company for a minimum wage part time job. How do I tell them "This place sucks, I start school in the fall, I wanna work for you and only you" but in a professional way?

Captcha: select all store fronts. Go figure

>> No.9098628

So, you know you don't have to be that close, right? We have a church gym too, it's a pain. I want to take it and keep holding it with the more "evil looking" or psychic/poison Pokemon.

>> No.9098631


You should be open with the issue naturally but you should frame it with regard to your professional development.

You shouldn't say the job pays like shit, your boss sucks, and the hours are crap.

You should refer to your skills and how your previous job is simply unsatisfying. It's not that you want upward mobility (be careful because a lot of interviewers would be cautious of someone using jobs as a springboard because it means no company loyalty) but rather that you want to develop your skills and the company you're currently applying for is really the best for the job.

Bonus points if you can subtley refer to the management structure and things you hear people do work on in the company. That would show you have interest in what it is you're actually going to be doing and 'aren't' bullshitting about professional development.

Of course, this is all crap. Many interviews are crap. Do people REALLY give a shit about their professional development as much as they do money to pay the bills with a bit of upward mobility? No. Yet you need to make it a convincing white lie to get in and after a while you may begin to believe in that lie after a while. That's good enough.

Other tips involve asking a few light questions about the internal structure of the company and tasks such as 'What would an average day be like for me?' and etc.

TLDR; Put in some fluff but don't hamfist it.

>> No.9098650

First round of university applications are revealed today and I'm super nervous because I may or may not get accepted and I don't even know in which city I'll be studying if I am accepted to anything...

Cgl related: might switch comm because of above, mixed feelings about that.

>> No.9098670

We have a girl like this in our lolita comm, fingers of fury online but really quiet at meets. I like her fine and sit by her often. It's relaxing to just have a bit of companionable silence sometimes.

>> No.9098743

>soaking it in distilled water
I've honestly never heard of that. I feel adding more water would affect the circuitry even more but I'm a complete dunce when it comes to technology so maybe it does work. He took his phone apart and lined it with epoxy (or silicone? idk) to dry it out but it didn't work. We took it to a repair kiosk in the mall and apparently the screen just needed to be replaced because water got between it. So he's good to go!

I'll keep the distilled water in mind in case this ever happens again.

>> No.9098746
File: 252 KB, 500x501, tumblr_o4b9y3gcw01uxigdwo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why wont people move to 8cuck /cgl/? I hate it here so much...

>> No.9098751

Because many people here don't even know what that is and only cruise cgl generally to catch the rest of the story on big drama issues that blow up and aren't really board dwellers, maybe?

>> No.9098754

Try the proana forum. It's surprisingly motivating

>> No.9098759

no one wants to move because no one uses that site

>> No.9098772

If you're already a social outcast, nothing should hold you back. The people who mindlessly judge you for unimportant things like your appearances are just a loss of time.

>> No.9098777

Starvation mode isn't real retard

>> No.9098779

It would have traffic if you posted on it. /cgl/ doesn't even want to try.

>> No.9098784

I'm having such terrible luck lately, and plus old issues that I thought I as over are starting to reemerge. I just want girl friends to talk about shit with but i always ruin my friendships.

>> No.9098786

But if you hate it here and encourage the same people from here to go post the same things over there, won't it just be kind of the same as here? I don't get it.
I may not be full awake yet but damn.

>> No.9098810

Janitard here is ban crazy. I'm gonna get banned for writing that but whatever.

>> No.9098850

>Get sudden inspiration of sewing
>Can't find the right fabric on local shop
>I know I will lose interest before I get the right one
>Fuck my life

>> No.9098851

How I feel? helpless.
I need some advice anons.

So I am kind of in a bad financial situation. I have debt. Most of it is due to me being out of work, and the other potion from a form for uni getting lost in a process of some sort so I have to pay back my student allowance (welfare for students in my country).

So I went through my wardrobe to pull out things to sell. I sold a fair bit which sustained me while I looked for a job (barely). I just found a new job but I am barely making enough to live and just got a big "pay up or else notice". I managed to pay off that particular debt with my earnings and now I am pretty much flat broke. With 5k still to go.

That is the situation and here is what I need advice on.
A friend asked for me to hold a few of the items I decided to sell for her because she is out of work as well (I agreed to a long term hold then). I have been holding them for like 2 months now (maybe more...) with no payment date organised in the future, because she still hasn't got a job. I'm feeling really helpless with my financials and just want to explode. I'm looking at having to sell all the things I was hoping to keep while her items are still sitting there.

>Is she being inconsiderate, knowing my financial situation to expect me to keep holding?
>should I keep to the agreement we made considering my situation?
>is it impolite to ask her about potential payment?

I just don't know how to approach this. I just want to get this debt gone.

>> No.9098860
File: 173 KB, 607x572, 1408734451815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>work really hard on a cosplay prop, my first time making one
>feel its too big
>ask boyfriend if its too big
>ask friend if its too big
>ask stranger on the internet if its too big
>everyone says no and that it looks great
>find myself posted on 4chan
>"lol her prop is too big"

>> No.9098864

You should tell her the truth. That you've sold all the other things and really need the money for the ones you are holding. Apologies that you cannot hold them longer, because that is sincere but ask her understanding of the situation and your needs as well.
If she's a real friend, she will understand.

>> No.9098875

cowchan is where we're at.
it's full of batshit crazies and the admin is a cuntrag but at least it's not as bad as here.

>> No.9098902
File: 46 KB, 736x554, All The Way Up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more active than before, going on long walks and playing dancing games
>eating sensibly; when I do count calories, I'm typically under
>gaining weight
>totally not muscle; it's stomach fat
>mfw my next cosplay is a skintight suit

What kind of god would allow this?

>> No.9098903

>birthday is on thursday
>planning on wearing lolita then
>local forecast says 96° and humid

>> No.9098950
File: 1.89 MB, 500x244, tumblr_o0fk0bXVnF1rm2bcqo2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to give you all the hugs, anon.

>> No.9098952

I'm definitely going to try leaving my phone alone during the day and see if that helps. I have a 10km egg I've been trying to hatch for about three days now.

Thanks so much! I was skeptical at first but it really has helped with talking to new people and since it's hit the news and everything, people come up to me at places and ask if I'm playing so it's easy to talk to them as well. I'm really glad it's helping with others depression as well.

For once I'm excited for this little reality that Pokemon has brought on.

>> No.9098977

>feeling really awful about myself
>have been dieting/eating healthy/wok ring out
>only down a few pounds
>literally want to mill myself
>hate eating now, used to love cooking

Fuck it. I'm just not going to eat any more. Fuck this. Fuck everything.

I just want to feel okay with myself.

>> No.9098981

Agreeing with >>9098864. If she's a true friend she'll understand. If she's truly interested she'll set up a payment plan of some sort. I'm guilty of holding out on and on to things for my family when they have no real interest.

Case in point:
>moving to new city
>cleared out all kinds of stuff for a yard sale
>uncle wants to have joined sale since he has a lot of stuff to get rid of too
>on a Friday tell him I want the sale the next day (Saturday) because we'll be moving the following weekend
>flips out and says that's not enough time, we need a permit (or something), etc
>do yard sale myself the next Friday and sell a lot
>aunt finds out through my mom and proceeds to throw a fit
>don't really care because I wasn't coming back to my old city just so we could have a joined yard sale

I was also holding onto a few furniture pieces for my mom but when I told her I didn't have the space anymore she gladly took them back.

So, you do what's best for you and your friend can be understanding like my mom or flip out like my aunt and uncle. Based on her reaction you'll find out if she's a true friend and/or truly interested in your things.

>> No.9098985

Perhaps it's what you're eating that's causing the stomach fat? I'm similarly active/sensibly eating as you and when I lived with my in-laws for a month I ate Mexican food everyday. Although everything was as healthy as Mexican food can get and I ate within my caloric range, I still got a tummy pooch (probably from all those damn delicious tortillas).

Try doing some ab exercises and be sure to work your entire core; the sides, upper, and lower abs all play a part in creating a flat stomach. Also, seamless shapewear couldn't hurt.

>> No.9098999

Have you been doing measurements? I could be the same weight but actually fit into a smaller pant size

I do think that the less stressful job would help in time.

I sincerely believe that eventually, you'd get tired of feeling this way and pull yourself out of it. Other times, I still believe in therapy over medication with meds being a last resort. I hope that you find your happiness, anon

>> No.9099003

I think that you should. You are literally paying someone to talk to and the best part is that this person is so removed from your social circle that you cant be afraid of it getting back to you.

I absolutely hate opening up to people but being able to talk to my therapist helped me embrace life better. My only regret was not having it on days that's really matter

>> No.9099017

>go to convention
>interact with people all day every day
>come home
>shut off all contact with outer world

Conventions make me feel violently exposed, like I have been skinned. I don't even cosplay. My post-con anxiety and sensitivity just goes through the roof. I feel like a peeled grape.

>> No.9099044

I don't cosplay or do any Asian fashion stuff but I really like coming to /cgl/ and reading threads about con drama and costume progress and stuff like that. I want to get in on it but I can't get my friends to come to cons with me and I would feel too awkward just rolling up to a con by myself

>> No.9099088

>salty vendettachan posts a huge raging wall of text about me and several other girls on our comm page
>nobody responds to it
>mods delete it
>nobody gave a shit at all
I feel like she expected it to be a major step in some kind of righteous SJW campaign against me and everyone just went 'oh, that idiot's acting up again' and ignored her. It's really satisfying.

>> No.9099132

Had an interview for a job I really wanted go bad today, my current job is full of incompetent people who put all the work on me because I have common sense, none of my friends have time for me and when I do hang with them we have nothing to talk about, I have no motivation to do my cosplays, and I just wanna leave my town. Also, bf wants me to move in with him 5 hours away but I suspect he's possibly cheating on me. I don't know what to do anymore, and I thought everything was starting to look up when I got called for that interview.

>> No.9099138

>ace job interview
>quit old job
>meet new friends
>participate in cosplay groups to be motivated
>either refuse to move in with bf or outright break up with him
>live for you, damn it

>> No.9099248

Can totally relate. I'm really bad at keeping up with my friends or initiating plans. Why would you say you ruin friendships?

I hope that your luck turns around!

>> No.9099296

cowchan is shit, every thread is the most boring vendetta I've ever seen, even the real lolcows are 90% filled with stupid replies.
The non-lowcow boards are just showing why it's so shit, with everyone talking about how they're a bipolar schizophrenic that got assaulted by every person they ever met.

>> No.9099471
File: 53 KB, 680x681, excellent quality bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9099491

i'm glad everything worked out in the end :)

also, for future reference:

>> No.9099508

No we don't. Because we are not unhappy here really. a whole community isn't going to up root because you and a few others don't like something.

>but everyone is always moaning! this is proof 8Chuck is what they want!
>obviously not because then we wouldn't be having this conversation.


>> No.9099514

Thanks for the advice anons, I will see how it goes. It could go either way I think since looking back on things I have paid for a lot of her stuff in the past. like paying for her movie ticket at meets and buying her snacks for movie nights, lunches dinners etc. Hopefully it will go ok, and she will get her lazy ass a job.

>> No.9099542

Thank you. I'm in therapy currently, and my therapist doesn't think that I need medication. Although, he was sick last week so he hasn't heard yet how bad it's gotten. I'm not opposed to it, in any case. I do think that stress might be the source of the weight gain? I have lost one inch in my waist over the last 7 months. Thinking about cutting down on gym time and instead doing things like biking to work, dancing, and going on more walks outside. The commute to and from the gym eats up most of my evenings and I think I might be happier/less stressed if I use that time to socialize and relax than work out. But at the same time, I don't want to lose the progress I've already made.

>> No.9099575

Get on the forum of your local con and make some con-going friends. That's much easier than trying to convert current friends. Then you can actually meet them at pre-con activities maybe and absolutely have some connections by the time the con comes so you can meet up with people there.

>> No.9099689

That's crazy! I'm saving that for future reference. Thanks, anon.

>> No.9099719

H.naoto is closing and I don't know how to handle that

>> No.9099732

Wat? They just announced a Disney collab!

>> No.9099736
File: 21 KB, 400x205, ryukocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A local cosplayer died, and her friends/family donated $775 to her funeral fund in one day.

I mean, good for her, but it makes me sad that nobody would do this for me if I died. My Kickstarter would probably collect $37 and a Wendy's coupon.

>> No.9099743

You are jealous of of A DEAD CHICK, you crazy loli.

>> No.9099752

Wow yeah, good for her!
You know, being dead and all.
Am I really reading this?

>> No.9099756

For a parent to come to that conclution, they must either have a fucked up mindset, be incestous themselves or anon isn't telling us some important part of the story.
Either that or Anon is white and ugly since they're the only people who think incest is hot.

>> No.9099761

I agree with this 100%

>> No.9099767

Lolita jealousy knows no bounds. Not even the grave can stop it.

>> No.9099782
File: 104 KB, 750x555, every time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have any pics of my cosplay that aren't complete trash. Had two friends get pics of me. Every single one is blurry, mind you this was in daylight too. Later they sent me gathering pics but only the very edge of my arm is in them because they didn't look hard enough to get me in any shots.
I took a lot of nice shots of them and made sure to get good poses. They're genuinely nice friends so I don't think it's intentional but every fucking con they let me down and I'm afraid asking for third takes is insulting.
I tried to make a cosplay timeline but I only have shitty mirror shots.

>> No.9099790
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, Pink-hair-angry-anime-pink-eyes-anime-girls-mirai-nikki-gasai-yuno-HD-Wallpapers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i see one more shitty fucking Harley Quinn cosplay my head's gonna explode

>> No.9099793
File: 38 KB, 551x734, at-first-i-was-like-and-then.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your family is always shitting on your hobby

Eugh. I already filter the fuck out of my facebook so my family wont see any pictures I post, I beg my friends not to tag me in stuff. But now I learned if I comment on a friends post, friends my family certainly arent friends with, then that shows up on their feed.

One inconsequential comment on a friends post asking about my nurse joy cosplay and now my mother is nagging me about my priorities and my hobbies and being a grown up and I am so sick of this.

I think my favorite part is she was all "I didnt even know you have a nurse joy costume"

of course you dont. I dont tell you about my costumes and what I'm working on because each time I do you get snippy with me and judgmental.

>> No.9099806

Calm down, the movie isn't even out and rumor has it they will make a Harley-based spin-off so you just gotta prepare yourself.

>> No.9099809

Because on FB, sharing is caring, Anon. They change up the sharing algorithm so your friends and senpai are notified of what you like and comment on and as far as I can see we can't turn it off. I don't even want to see 1/4 of the things some of my friends like and comment on, yet FB is so very happy to show it to me.

>> No.9099813
File: 1.96 MB, 286x400, froggirl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was out playing Pokemon Go in the park today and there were like 200 other people playing. It was great. I'm going back tomorrow night.

Then I saw a pack of furries cuddling under a tree.

>> No.9099833

I can't stop thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend so I could feel free to go to conventions and meet ups without being talked down to or called an attention whore. And so I could go to Japan without him needing to hear from me every 5 minutes. And so I could just take csre of myself and stop having to take care of him.
I really need to talk to someone but the only person I trust to talk about this stuff with isn't awake.

>> No.9099880
File: 619 KB, 750x1334, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decided to buy straight from the brand for the first time
>this dress is a bitchy $270
>but new with tags baby, new with TAGS straight from AP SF to MY HOUSE
>dress comes in mail
>I cry at the price but it's so pretty and I've wanted it since I first laid eyes on it
>AP announces summer sale
>figured the matching bow might not be 40 fucking dollars
>sale goes live
>the dresses from that sale are not 10% off as expected, but THIRTY
>extreme money regretti comes back fucking full force
>not that I knew it'd be on the sale or when it was going to happen
>but it's literally $90 off
>fuck this im only buying secondhand ever again

>> No.9099881

I know it feels like the only advice cgl is capable of giving on boyfriends is "break up with him", but honestly you should.

You're already thinking about it, and nonstop by the sounds of it. And no one should be with someone who belittles or demeans them for having a harmless hobby.

Take care of yourself anon, you deserve it.

>> No.9099882

part II

>the bow is still $40
>goodbye world

>> No.9100184

Invest in one of those phone tripods or at the very least a remote to control the camera shutter and just ask your friend to hold the phone while you snap your own pictures.

>> No.9100187

This is why I flat out refuse to add family on FB and they all know it. They got iffy about it but I told that if I added one, I'd have to add everyone and I wasn't going to do that.

>> No.9100204
File: 15 KB, 250x220, red-flag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>co-worker follows your instagram

>> No.9100206

Get a bike and an attachment for the handlebars. Go riding and hatching those eggs.

>> No.9100229

Are you me?

>> No.9100239
File: 121 KB, 335x335, 1466783237903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to joanns
>buy fabric for sailor mars fuku
> girl at the cutting counter "which sailor scot are you making"
>she guessed just on the fabric selection

Just the other night.
>going to check out at joanns
>kid in line gets super fimilar out of nowhere asking me about cosplay and junk.
>stuck because joanns cant have more than one register open at a time.
>super confused why they assumed i was making a cosplay
>remembered i was wearing my babymetal shirt.

You got lucky this one time kid!

>> No.9100257
File: 88 KB, 310x464, 1467789111857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw you dont have enough time to make a new cosplay before a con and you are sick of wearing all of cosplays you own.

I just want some variety

>> No.9100368


but seriously a friend of mine has that issue too, and from what I'm hearing around it seems like the meme of us guys always being sex 24/7 is somewhat of a half truth based off how we were in our teenage years.

To play mister freud a little, it could be your mans have a lot of shit weighing on them at work or whatever that is dampening their ardor. You could try to spice things up, see what they might like cosplay or just role-play sex wise (you'll want to get yours too, but you can incentivize him when he wants it and you are eh to roleplay or cosplay something you're after). I know my own mood, albeit as a single, can be a bit aloof for a few days or a week(s).

>> No.9100381
File: 490 KB, 500x270, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least you still have a possibility of being able to make it. I usually go to AWA too but it's the only con I ever make it to every year but I can't go this year because my national guard drill for that month is on that weekend. This sucks ass. Maybe I'll look into going to momocon or something.

>> No.9100404

my whole summer so far has been this and im in CANADA
>kms didnt wear much lolita all winter cause i thought id have more chances in the summer
>dying in my sweaty underwear at home

>> No.9100455

I've never bought from AP and I'm seriously overwhelmed because I cannot get an answer of what credit cards they accept. I seriously just want to give up, wait, and pray for someone else to sell the pieces I was after second hand....no motivation to even confirm my tenso account because of this...

>> No.9100530

It's so hard. I need to see a therapist and possibly have an emergency escape plan if I'm going to do this because he's been abusive in the past. And he also knows exactly what to say to get me to stay with him every time I tell him I'm not happy with our relationship. So o need to be strong enough to still leave him eeven when he acts like everything is okay. I can see all the classic signs of manipulation and verbal abuse but it's easier to brush it aside than have to deal with the theatrics and depression a break up would bring. I feel so alone in this.

>> No.9100544

how do you see whats on sale?

>> No.9100545

What card do you use? I use a mastercard to buy from AP and tenso so I know they work at least.

>> No.9100569

>hyper japan is soon!
>put together a cute coord
>Planning to go with super cute friends
>friends bale last minute
>only other person who will go is cringy af
>hes planning a shit cosplay not even anime related
>oh god why

>> No.9100570

i use a visa debit for tenso so that works too anon

>> No.9100578

The longer you put it off the harder it's going to be anon, and the worse you're going to feel in the meantime.

I don't know whether you are alone or not, I doubt it. Most people aren't even when they feel like they are. But if you are alone in this, you have to look out for yourself because no one else is. You have to take care of yourself and make yourself happy, because you're the only one looking out for you.

Once you get out, you can find a partner who will also look out for you. Please anon, take those steps. See whoever you need to see and do whatever you need to do to get out and be happy.

>> No.9100607

Discover, I know tenso doesn't accept them, but I can't get an answer for AP...would using my card through paypal work maybe?

>> No.9100629

I am not 100 percent but im fairly sure if you use paypal it shouldnt matter what card you use.

>> No.9100631

Actually I guess the easiest way for you to be absolutely sure of it would be to just put money into your paypal account from your bank and then pay tenso with your paypal balance.

>> No.9100651

Sorry 'bout that.

Also, update: I got the job! Time to celebrate with a sandwich and Netflix with rednecks.

>> No.9100653

So go to Dragoncon, familio.

>> No.9100657


Glad to hear you got the jerb. Send me some of that good luck mojo of yours.

>> No.9100698

Food allergies come with all kinds of side effects. You could have a mild case that makes you bloat and store fat. Weed out dairy to see if you have a mild intolerance, it's usually the culprit. If not then go through your diet and try each ingredient to find the one. Though I also suggest a nutritionist for help.

>> No.9100721

>tfw have to remove the other administrator of a group
>don't tell her
>praying she doesnt notice and doesnt get pissed at me if/when she does.

>> No.9100724

>left the father of my child (long story, covered in previous threads)
>realized this means I likely won't go to my yearly con
>aside from awkwardness of seeing my ex, I won't have the money to do it alone
>my father offers to go to the convention with me, just so I can afford it

He's such a good man. It might cramp my style a little to have my dad there, especially since that probably means I'll be bringing my son as he'll have no sitter, but I'm so grateful that he's willing to do this for me. I might take him up on it, if it won't mess up his schedule too much.

Luckily, my dad plays video games, D&D, and watches some anime. So he wouldn't be too out of place, though he might be annoyed by the louder congoers.

Never thought of that. I did used to be allergic to milk as a child, but I barely have dairy as an adult. I'll try cutting it out entirely and see if it makes a difference.

>> No.9100733

Hey congratulations! I'm glad you're at least able to go
I was gonna but then my family decided to plan a family reunion for that weekend. Plus I'm more into anime than I am Western comics. They're just not really my thing.

>> No.9100770

>planning to wear for the first time holy lantern to a con in few days
>period comes out of fucking nowhere
>allready brought ticket
>kill me

>> No.9100797
File: 14 KB, 310x464, 1425077924477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Work long, difficult hours with the public
>Constantly have to deal with idiotic people everyday, leaving me socially exhausted, no energy left for any friends or social outings
>Cons are my one break from all of this
>Go to my most recent con after realizing how badly work is affecting my emotional well being
>Except it gets worse
>Trying to interact with other kind, friendly, and well meaning con goers, realize I don't know how to have a genuine interaction anymore
>All I have left is exhaustion and confusion
>Manage to sperg out/trip over every word in conversations, everyone I met at the con probably is wondering what's wrong with me
I think it's time for me to get a new job which doesn't require interacting with the general public.

>> No.9100799

Are you a cosplayer? Maybe you could wear a cute family cosplay!! I hope you have fun anon.

>> No.9100804

>my grandmother is an old fashioned bigot and racist
>she recently got a facebook
>my facebook is all jfash/Pokemon go/general weirdness
>she tried to friend me
>nooonononono fuck that
>call mom to tell her that if gram asks I never use my facebook and must have not saw the request
>mom laughs for a good few min, solid, belly laughs
>finally goes: I'm sorry that is what I told her for me too, will do
My grandmother who thinks it's cute to make racist ww2 jokes around my half Japanese husband knowing all about my nerd shit is the last thing I need in my life right now.
The best thing is when she said a shit tun of n-word jokes about my sisters boyfriend until she met him and he is /fit/ as fuck and she does not say shit now. Unfortunately my husband is too nice to do anything but smile and nod at the crazy lady.
I want to just cut her from my life but she is old and I feel bad, but being with her in person at family events is insufferable enough having her around online is more then I can take. Most of us are convinced she will live forever because she is a fountain of hate.

>> No.9100821

Report any racist comments on her FB and do the world a favor when she gets banned.

>> No.9100835

Good luck anon! I'm starting my senior year of uni in September, I remember how scary it was waiting for acceptances and rejections... I'm sure you'll get in somewhere great.
To add onto your /cgl content, I was so sad to leave my comm but I've actually made even better friends in my new comm and by wearing lolita around campus. It's a great ice breaker at least.

>> No.9100860

Actually JCB honors discover and I'm just blind...still dont know on AP. I had read somewhere paypal isn't accepted by AP or something...

>> No.9100882

i don't care i'll rage over shitty white face paint and bad blonde wigs til i die.

>> No.9100885

I mean you could always try and see what happens, at the very worst it just doesnt go through.

AP doesnt have a paypal option though yeah

>> No.9101007

If you're who I think you are from the previous threads, then good going! It sounded like a really sticky situation but like I said before, some men just aren't meant to be fathers. I hope everything works out for you and a family cosplay like the other anon mentioned would be super cute!

>> No.9101027 [DELETED] 

>mom's boyfriend sucks
>contributes $50-100 a month to live in our house and dictate
>we (siblings and I) have very limited privileges such as him taking our phones, turning off Internet, not letting us see friends or go out, because "we can't learn to behave" or just because he feel likes it
>"behaving" is basically acting completely obedient and like a slave to him
>we do what he says most of the time but when we don't, we get our belongings taken for weeks or months at a time
>no electronics, Internet, games, going out, etc. At one point it got so bad he was forcing me to call in sick to work, and turning off water so I couldn't shower or wash my clothes, also he would take my nice clothes and leave me with 2 outfits so "I would learn to respect him when people started making fun of me for being gross" He also did this to my younger sister.
>starting college in fall, so stuck here for another 2+ years, great
>we had a fit last night and whatever, I went to work afterwards so I didn't really have to deal with him
>Come back to my room after work, get message from commissioner asking for measurements of my Malco Modes petticoat so she can hem my Alice costume to its length.
>open closet to get petticoat and realize it's missing
>actually, half my costumes are missing, along with my new sewing machine
>after some investigating, find out this is his new "punishment"
I really don't know what to do.. Cons are the only thing that make me happy as retarded as that sounds. I don't have friends I can stay with, nor do I make enough money even without spending on cons and costumes to move out and be independent. Mom has her doubts but always takes her boyfriend's side in everything and I'm too old to go to child social services. I almost have enough for a car but every time I try to leave step fuhrer threatens to call the police and have me locked up. I really don't think I will make it 2+ years without committing suicide or snapping some other way.

>> No.9101029

High waisted skirts and custom make for everything with shoulders.

If you were allergic once it's most likely the culprit because allergies don't normally quit. Hopefully within a few days you'll see improvement.

Have you tried the normal advice of getting a cup? Cramps I understand.
>I have a nightmare cycle thanks to trying birth control to fix what I thought was a nightmare cycle. I now spot between periods and have to be ultra careful in my white Angel of Music OP.

MY POINT: Letting your period stop you from living the life you chose is never going to improve your life. You should go anyway and get compliments on your coord and how cute you look, it's a better feeling than period fat self loathing.

>> No.9101036

hello underageban

>> No.9101037

You have a few options:
- Prepare, and leave with no notice
- call police on him for stealing your belongings (might not work but maybe)
- have a heart to heart with your mom and explain what he is doing
He sounds like an abusive asshole. Wonder what she sees in him.

>> No.9101039

If you want to fuck up your gut then sure go ahead, I love having to medicate before eating out with other people to make sure I don't shit myself/throw up the second food hits my stomach.
>Don't lie to yourself about how healthy the food you're eating is
>Don't lie to yourself about how much exercise you are doing
>Try a different diet or method e.g. large breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner.
>Limit carbs at dinner
>Hairy Bikers Diet series is pretty inspiring as it's fat people who actually love food actually losing weight

>> No.9101041
File: 56 KB, 840x630, weebjail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to an anime speed-dating event tonight, and discovered that participants over 300 pounds are banned.

Which is fine for me, but now I can never invite my sister.

>> No.9101051

I seem to have bad luck with con friends. One never talks to me, the second prefers my best friend, and the third seems to just be... losing interest. I've had a lot of friends that just... stop talking to me even when I did nothing wrong. I just want friends that don't leave me.

>> No.9101052

I'm sorry Anon. Honestly that's one of my biggest fears cosplay wise. However, in the end before the picture, were you happy with it?

>> No.9101055

I feel that. Cons seem to overload all the senses in a short period of time only for it all to stop towards the end.

>> No.9101114
File: 53 KB, 538x374, debbiedowner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lose my virginity to a cosplayer
>a month later she die

>> No.9101175
File: 1.13 MB, 1587x1600, 1467645334123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ anon,that's kinda sad.

>> No.9101194
File: 38 KB, 800x450, tumblr_nreq8iuY0j1uzh6soo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this sounds shitty

tough situation. but you don't need to take it.

>be angry if you need, but you don't need him to make you angry. your feelings are justified purely by you feeling them. you can't necessarily 'unfeel' them so why both trying
>you can let yourself feel that anger (or sadness, or loneliness, or abandonment ) anytime you want.
>when around HIS anger, let him feel it out. he's a big boy. he can feel his feelings, you don't have to feel them for him.
>be calm, know that he has ZERO control over your life if you don't want him to have any. turn the water back on, get your phone and costumes back, go to the job you worked hard to get and that gives you a sense of pride
>be good to yourself, even if your mom won't stand up for you. YOU DESERVE TO BE GOOD TO YOURSELF
>be your own mom and dad. there's a little kid inside you who needs someone to tell them they matter, because they do, despite whomever is saying you don't for whatever reason they give

>fyi, he's just a little kid too, someone told him he didn't matter and now he needs this control over a family (that isn't his) to try to drown out the little kid in him that keeps yelling back that he doesn't matter

realize if the worst case scenario is that he hits you for 'disobeying', you can call the cops. that might also cause your mom to 'not forgive you' because she's tied her value to this relationship. but don't worry, she loves you but she might not love herself enough to be able to get to that point right now. but you and her will make amends eventually, just how life works.

>also, fuck other people who make fun of you for dealing with domestic abuse on any level. odds are they have no idea what to do about their feelings and just need an object of shame to cope with that
>and by "fuck other people" i mean, have "compassion for them and don't let it get to you"

>> No.9101203

Thanks. I don't think my father would be interested in cosplay, but if my baby comes along, I might do a simple and comfy costume. Kangaskhan, with him being the baby, would be pretty cool.

>> No.9101217
File: 40 KB, 500x184, 1412619403627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could go as goku,your son as gohan,and your dad as bardock. That would be amazing.

>> No.9101223

This is abusive. What in heaven could he have you locked up for? I think you really need to take your mother aside and tell her shes destroying your happiness and hurting your future by keeping this guy around. And its also damaging her relationship with you and your siblings. If she doesn't understand and make him chill out or leave then your best option for your health and sanity might be to just leave and spend a bit less on cons until your done with school.

>> No.9101230


>-prepare and leave with no notice

I came from an abusive situation (dealt with my favorite things missing for months on end due to powerplay parental bullshit)
and I had to leave with no notice. I originally gave them notice and they took everything away until I lied and told them I didn't plan to leave. after a year they gave everything back and I booked it. best decicion of my life. Its really fucked up but any horrible things i had to deal with after moving out were much better than living with my family

Also if you are female you can secure an easy escape plan. just fall in love and move in with a guy. that's what i did. saved me from hell.

>> No.9101240

>First day: I cant seem to connect with any of my friends. They want to do something else or don't pick up. As per making a new friend, I have a few chats in lines but with no one i click with.

>Day two: None of my people want to go to the same panels or have lunch with me. I eat alone. I get in line for a very big panel in its own theater. I get to talking with the girl next to me. She is awesome and we have similar tastes. Before long, the organisers give an announcement that there will be a cosplay shoot before the panel, and that those cosplayers and their respective handlers will get priority seating. A couple cosplayers nearby loudly offer to take anyone as their handlers with them. My new friend immediately offers to go and nudges me. I hesitate, and some other girl (who didn't even come alone) takes the spot. I watch my almost friend walk away and don't ever see her again.

>Day three: I don't go. I'm mad at my friends and mad at myself. I cry an embarrassing amount. I just wanted to make ONE friend.

>Day four: I go for half the day. Still don't manage to see anyone I knew or make a new friend. I got to talking to a guy and exchanged numbers literally 5 seconds before I told him a had a boyfriend. By the look on his face I could tell he wouldn't have given me his number if he already knew. We never contact each other after.

>> No.9101244

Where are you from anon? I was in a similar situation for a long time, so I feel for you.

>> No.9101301

>tfw you misplace a bow

Goddamnit I just had the stupid thing. What the fuck.

>> No.9101333
File: 30 KB, 265x280, tumblr_inline_mwvfffWmkv1qjf7wb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got the call gulls...I finally have a job again!

It's been months of just searching and waiting, i'm so glad it's finally over. I can get back into cosplaying and buying lolita and weeb shit again, i'm so damn happy!

>pic related
>i'm as happy as dancing shinji

>> No.9101372

That really sucks anon. All I can suggest is cosplaying and using that to make friends? Or if you want to start online first, start chatting with people in the con FB and see if there are any meets or photoshoots you can meet them at to hang out.

>> No.9101440
File: 48 KB, 322x291, 1296493109303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Friend wants to cosplay for first time ever
>"Hey anon, can we do a joint cosplay?"
>Sure, sounds like fun
>She wants to do stupidly elaborate cosplays way beyond her skill level
>Talk her down to a relatively simple one
>Be about 25% done
>She keeps cancelling our making sessions
>Con is in 2 weeks

If this keeps up I've either a) wasted money on materials or b) going to work my ass off to get things done in time. I don't think she's realized you can't make a cosplay in an afternoon. fml.

>> No.9101669

>Car insurance renewal fun times
>On the 15th and been delaying
>Cry at prices
>Finally found an okayish one that won't completely break the bank/am allowed out after 10pm
>Pay deposit, cancel old policy
>Feel like a real adult
>Read over documents and realise that both the date of issue of my licence and when I bought the car is wrong
>I'm a fucking idiot

Probably going to get charged £25 at least to get them changed as if it wasn't enough money already ughhhh. I was really hoping to get some new wardrobe pieces

>> No.9101753

>Plus I'm more into anime than I am Western comics.
DragonCon is more about fantasy/sci-fi anyway, not comics


>> No.9101882

My mom came over today and we spent the whole day working on my costume for Otakon. She brought her sewing machine and we had a really nice day together. My relationship with my parents has been so good since my siblings both kind of had episodes of crazy.

>> No.9102258
File: 39 KB, 500x277, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm moving back to university in a month, and as much as I'm excited to see my friends again, I'm not so excited to limit the amount of meetups I go to. On one hand, the comm where my university is located does meetups frequently, but it's full of itas. On the other hand, the people in my home state comm are well-dressed but not very active when it comes to meetups. (In fact, the mod made a new rule saying all meetups have to be approved by her first before actually being made into an event) I feel like at this rate, I'll end up being a lone lolita.

I just wanna go to lolita meetups.

>> No.9102276

Congrats anon! You give me hope

>> No.9102317

>fiance got a well-paying government job
>trying not to be too excited about having spending money for lolita
>failing miserably
>can't stop thinking about all the shit I'll be able to buy

I'm just so fucking excited to actually have fucking money again and not be just scraping by with the bare minimum.

>> No.9102468

I cannot stand people who have no respect for others' levels of comfort. Yes they live there but you live there too, and it's pretty shitty to do that in your shared communal space.

>Be be in college. Live in a 16 person college-owned co-op with a crafts/art theme.
>Year 1 is great. Year 2 there are a bunch of underclassmen who suddenly decide toward the end of the year that Nude Is Beautiful and for the whole month everyone is just going to be naked
>Naked people in the living room. Naked people on the couch. Naked people in the kitching cooking our communal dinners. Naked men everywhere.
>Me and one other girl are VERY uncomfortable with this. We can't go anywhere except our bedrooms without running into naked guys lounging around.
>Speak to house heads about it.
>Tell us that we can't impose anything on them so we should just go elsewhere
>Somehow manage to convince them that flapping your penis around the shared food is unhygenic, so the kitchen is the one place off-limits

Fucked up times, man.

>> No.9102775

>having nice dream about a crazy lolita coord with plasma screens on the dress and light-up panties
>boyfriend shakes me awake
>farts on me
>runs away laughing

>> No.9102789

>in ldr with gf, trying to move out of parent's house to go live with her
>she works 2-11 PM almost every day
>whenever she's not at work she's playing vidya or hanging out with her friends, doesn't text me or tell me how her day is going anymore
>have barely talked to her in months
>have a sinking feeling she thinks my interest in lolita is expensive and stupid
>can't even get excited about new things coming in the mail, feels like i'm wasting money
>anxiety and depression is at a full time low and the suicidal thoughts have come back

fml, cgl. not sure if i should say something to her or not even bother.

>> No.9102804


Talk to her, and if nothing improves, time to move on. Sounds like it's time for a come-to-Jesus talk about the relationship, she could have gotten into a rut by accident and doesn't realize how much she's neglecting you, or she just doesn't care. Either way, a talk would be best. If it's the former, it'll fix things, if it's the latter, you'll know to bounce.

Take care of yourself anon. It's natural to have needs and to ask for them. "Talking frequently" is the bare minimum to ask for in a relationship t b h

>> No.9102807

Seriously, a long-distance relationship like that won't work, anon. I know it's hard, but you should break up with her. It most likely won't get any better if she won't put in effort.

>> No.9102959

I'm not getting a lot of wear out of lolita but not ready to leave it. At best I feel like my auto pilot mode tells me to just keep buying because it's who I am at the moment. It's like being stuck between wanting to wear it as much as possible and wanting to bury it away out of sight out of mind.

>> No.9102968

>Go to first Lolita event at convention.
>That first time when another Lolita complements the coord.
She was so nice, I should have asked if she was from L.A.

Wait... So you go to art college and get upset about free live nudes? This is an opportunity anon. Draw those live nudes and perfect your art.

>> No.9103004

>meet a lolita from LA
>want to wife her
>I live in Florida

As if being in this state didn't suck enough.

>> No.9103018
File: 481 KB, 250x250, tumblr_lzmj6bIimF1qd1ops.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Looking through con photos to find pics of bf and I in our cosplays
>Find pic of us with another cosplayer
>But I've been cropped out
>We were cosplaying from the same damn thing
My cosplay wasn't even bad? The only thing wrong was that my wig was a few shades darker than it probably should have been.

>> No.9103085

Bitch wants to steal your man, obvi.

>> No.9103193

>tfw petti deflated

>> No.9103260

My dad says lolita is dumb. I so mad.

>> No.9103295
File: 69 KB, 720x960, 1466121622529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is she why is she so depressed

>> No.9103304

Lol.... Cute.

>> No.9103329
File: 1.75 MB, 245x220, tumblr_mhd33ayJup1r9xkz5o2_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have a tumblr with 1k followers, go to AX, I'm not even that popular
>tumblr is mostly shitposting, some cosplay pics but just real shitty ones
>I don't do any sexy cosplay
>I'm not what most people would consider cute
>some dude recognizes me
>outs himself as the one anon who sends me compliments every day
>oh jeez
>he points to his friend and tells me he has a crush on me too
>he looks at his friend and says "you've probably jerked it to her too, lol"
>try to play off how horrified I am and tell them that's fucking weird
>They tell me how star struck they are and ask me to hang out with them and maybe to come back to their hotel with them

Luckily my friends were with me giving them the stink eye but I never imagined people would like me like that
I was raised by overprotective parents who told me "if you post ANY pictures online someone will masturbate to them" but I never thought someone would tell me to my face that they did

>> No.9103418

I went into the bathroom at Walmart and someone had written "anime sucks" on the wall.

>> No.9103437

That's horrible, anon!

I hate when people do shit like this. Especially when

>> No.9103638
File: 62 KB, 640x960, 12471478_1065000810209320_4060850576864174420_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am salty as all hell right now. I have tried to build up my portfolio in cosplay and photography for years. I finally caved in and signed up for Instagram and got a few followers to network with. Then I search around to see what's on there and find the biggest crap has thousands of followers. How do they get so popular? What is their secret to getting themselves marketed out? I don't necessarily want to become cosfamous or anything like that. It's just blowing my mind that these average cosplayers are so popular. Picture partly related.

>> No.9104735
File: 6 KB, 161x110, 1468734502910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Check the con tag
>There's another girl doing a costest with the exact same wig and costume bought from the same stores as me.
Honestly I was tempted to just drop the cosplay considering I didn't mention it to anyone, but It's my favorite character from a semi-obscure game series that recently got a lot of hype. Choosing to not care now and look forward to it, especially since the con seems like it's going to be disappointing on other fronts like guests.

>> No.9105144

Honestly, if you're nearing 30 and don't have a job, reliable transportation, or a savings you're fucked. Even with 2/3 you're never going to be a responsible adult at this point. You probably don't even realize the way you're operating is bad and you've only sabotaged your adult life up until this point.
I feel like I'm moving way ahead of some of my friends at this point and I didn't think it would be a huge issue but a couple of them just let me down really hard with how irresponsible they are recently.
I like these friends and we share a lot of the same interests and hobbies but I can't rely on them worth shit. Every time we're offline it's like:
>Let's get food! Ok now that we're here I can't order anything because I don't have money so I'm going to stand here and make you feel bad until you buy me something.
>Let's hang out! OK last minute I don't have my car available to me so instead can you come to me?
>Let's do this cosplay together! OK now that you've bought everything for your half of duo, I actually didn't buy anything for my half and the con is in 3 weeks so I don't think there's a point in me cosplaying at all anymore. You can't still wear your part if you want.
I always feel like I'm the mom in the group and like they hang out with me expecting me to take care of them. Like they plan a trip but I need to figure out directions, figure out how much money they need, eventually bail them out when they fuck something up (no transportation, no money, they forgot a phone charger so I have to let them waste my whole emergency battery, basically pack their bags for them because they can't get out of the fucking hotel-which is under my name-at checkout on their own). It's really stressful and I just can't deal with it anymore.

>> No.9107863

Dorothy from Big O.

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