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New Feels thread since last one is auto saging,
Remember to keep em cosplay related.

Old thread

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>tfw when you get to go to bed after hunching over a sewing machine all day
>even if it is already the wee hours of the morning

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>start making jewelry
>start off with pokemon, then move onto more kawaii shit
>interested in branching out into gurokawa/menhera
>friend's baby died a while back, offered to make her a birthstone necklace in memory
>friend runs a non-profit, does bereavement photography
>friend actually offers to buy matching mommy/baby jewelry in bulk so that she can hand them out in kits to mourning parents before the photographs

Didn't see my hobby/business venture taking this turn. I planned on making kawaii and nerdy shit, but I might end up doing more infant loss jewelry than anything else. My heart's breaking a little, but I'm eager to help. It's really heavy to think that my jewelry's going to go on the tiny little wrists of dead or dying infants. It's awful and beautiful at the same time.

I was just planning on making syringe necklaces and eyeball hairbows and shit.

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>Finally got my grandmother's sewing machine back from a friend
>tfw getting her OTHER sewing machine because she's moving and doesn't sew anymore

I'm so happy right now, all I've worked with before is a Singer Mini that I lost the manual to ages ago

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I feel like a superhero, but my lolita is my cape. I go out and save little kids from thinking cuteness has to die.

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Awww I know this feel. You're adorable, anon, keep it up!

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Good to see some ChooChooger love on /cgl/

I've been doing half-assed cosplays and I finally want to build the armor for a con next month but learning for a huge test in two weeks keeps me from doing anything.

Which also sucks is that building it would be super relaxing in my breaks but it's too time consuming to really get anything done.

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>cosplay event coming up
>ask friend about what days it is being held on again during the weekend
>friend gets pissed and yells at me that she has told me 'hundreds of times'
>explain that im sorry and i forgot
>she knows i dont have the best memory
>freaks out over it and tells me that she shouldn't be responsible for me not remembering stuff even though i am the one who is driving her ass to the convention
>simply asking, not trying to be rude and not meaning to make her upset
>finally tells me
>say im sorry
>tears in my eyes
>she hasn't talked to me in about two weeks now and then convention is next weekend

...I always worry about getting early set Alzheimers because my memory is really that shitty and my friends know I have a shitty memory, but at the same time they get mad at me all the time when I forget even simple things because they hate repeating themselves. I would get other friends, but its honestly harder to make friends as an adult Ive learned.. It makes me hate myself so much because there isn't really anything I can do about it. Its not like a carry a schedule around with me all the time and write down what people are doing every waking moment, so that I don't make them mad.

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>lost my job
>applied for a harder, but higher-paying job closer to home
>con on Saturday and prop not finished

I have so much stuff giving me anxiety.

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You should roll with it for at least a little while. It's rare that someone can find a way to take their passions and talents, and genuinely use them to help others.

Besides. You'll always be able to make your creepy/cute jewelry later.

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You couldn't just... look up the dates on the con website? It isn't that hard.

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>Schedule not up
Also.. Its not a big deal to ask her, but I wasn't expecting her to flip out the way she did.

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>getting ready for AX
>never carved a prop before, I'm glad everything turned out ok
>go to spraypaint prop, going for that smooth look
>this is a new spraypaint can, comes out lumpy and just covers the prop
>accept my fate, the paint isn't going to be smooth but have a bumpy texture, all that sanding i did was for nothing but ok
>cover it with wood finish spray for that shiny and finished look and leave it outside to dry
>check 16 hours later, prop was knocked over and everything is awful, not to mention huge bubbly looking drips hardened now

I-it was my first time working on something like this.
is there legitimitely any way to fix this? I don't want to work on a new one with 3 days before the con

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I hate being unfortunate looking, and when I put on make up I just look worse half the time.

It makes me depressed to think that nobody is ever going to look at me and think "She's pretty". We can't all be cute or even average, because in the end it means that someone's going to reside on the lower half and that's my place.
Even cosplaying is hard because while I want to, in the end I always feel too scared everyone's just going to think I'm ugly and ridicule me.

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I lost my dream job in February.

Now I'm making even more money at a new job and dating inappropriately young women.

Don't give up hope, anon.

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Are you bad a math and have poor directional sense perchance anon?

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Im actually very good at algebra and have a decent sense of direction if I have been there before and I have a good landmark to attribute the area with. Other than that I use GPS basically every time I leave my city, but I just can't remember stuff. its been so bad sometimes that even when I am paying attention to someone talk, 3 minutes later they can ask me something about what they said and I completely forget. I also tend to confuse something someone said with something someone else said all the time. Like.... More than it should happen which in turn upsets them as well.

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This might sound stupid but oh well.

I really want to have a cosplay career in the gaming industry.
This year a lot of events are being held in my city and the local famous cosplayers are being paid for working there and I'm so jealous.
I hardly have time for cosplay, because of my full time job and university.

I don't know anyone. I don't even use facebook. How can I introduce myself to the community?

I have no one to talk about this this is why I came here to vent.

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>going to first convention in years
>super excited, working on all my cosplays
>sees someone doing one of my cosplays (it's one of the SR outfits from Love Live! specific to that chara)
>they're thinner and a better seamstress
>tfw I am a newbie and out of practice
>tfw I'm chubs and will never be cute idoru

Also, happened to see a picture of me from my aunts wedding in a similar style dress, and while I've lost weight since then and am still working hard on it I can't help but feel like I made a mistake...ah, well.

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It's time to sand, sand like your life depends on it, strip off all that crud and SAAAAAND.

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>tfw your room is so hot you feel like your sewing in an actual sweat shop

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can you sand and repaint? that's what I would do if possible. like >>9072274 said, if you can strip it, do that. otherwise I would start with a coarse grit like an 80 and work up to a 220 or so. if I was using just sandpaper and hands, I might whittle off some of the bigger bumps so they're flush with the rest before starting to sand. if using a belt sander you can just knock them off.

then clean the dust off with a clean rag and compressed air. then repaint. just make sure that you sand in an area away from both your painting area and your drying area, and that you get all the dust from sanding off of the prop. otherwise you'll have contamination.

also for future reference, any time you start a new can of paint or use a can that's been sitting out a while, do a test spray on a piece of cardboard or something to test the colour and mix (especially if it's been sitting around; some paints can settle really bad and need a lot of shaking or mixing) and to work out that initial contamination.

I know that feel though. I haven't done props, but I have done a lot of craft painting and oil painting, and have wrecked or had to rework many things. have had to send a lot of painted stuff back when I was an inspector too. painting is one of those activities where shit can go wrong that you didn't even think was possible. it is very much a "live and learn" process. it does get better.

tldr sand/strip and repaint, be meticulous about your painting and drying areas, and you should be fine.

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>things have been super slow at work
>haven't even been making $20 in tips per shift
>literal bus loads of tourists all decide they want to eat at my workplace today
>make 80$
>manager tells me the drawer was over yesterday and hands me a ten as I'm clocking out
I can finally buy accesories to go with my birthday coord. Hallelujah.

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congrats and happy (early?) birthday

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If you really want to have that career and actually have the skill at it, then it's time to drop everything for it. Use IG and tags to start with.

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>been cosplaying for many years
>moved to a new city a few years ago
>have friends in city who cosplay but none who cosplay often or want to do so with me
>old friends don't go to cons in my new state
>just want friends to cosplay with
>so ronery

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A girl in my comm got diarrhea at our last tea party. I think she's lactose intolerant, but she doesn't care!

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If you can't remember things, maybe keeping a day planner isn't a bad idea rather than trying to rely on your friends as your personal schedule assistants.

Do you even make an attempt to remember things or are you so set on this 'I have a bad memory!!' that you don't bother trying? You sound a bit whiny, to be honest.

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>most of my weeby friends have turned into pathetic losers who dropped out of college and are working part time jobs, the other few bit are RIDICULOUSLY successful

the girl that introduced me to anime and manga in middle school added me on fb a couple months back. i finally added her and want to talk to her but feel weird as last time i saw her she left middle school because our friend group bullied her out after she bullied me, though it seems it was a misunderstanding. and now im still trying to finish college while shes super accomplished

what do???

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thanks for the advice. where I am living now is a nightmare for crafting

>apt with a/c unit in living room which sticks out onto the balcony
>balcony would be great for crafting but anything I do out there just comes back to the living room
>have a shared garage

what I've been doing is waiting for the person I share the garage with to leave and using that area to sand/spraypaint. I can't wait to have my own place.

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I do try. I really do, but its not really that easy to remember to carry a planner around or a notebook to write stuff in all the time. In middle conversation and writing stuff down just for basic things to remember isn't only embarrassing, but I wouldn't doubt it would offend the friends I have except for the one from high school who I go to conventions with. They aren't the greatest people, but they are pretty much the only people I get a chance to mingle with during work. Other than that I'm usually home or the occasional after work going out to eat scenario and the small bit of convention I do go to. I don't forget all the time, but I feel like small things are the biggest things I usually forget like the days or times of certain things like this issue I had with my friend who yelled at me over forgetting the days of the event she was attending since I was interested in going too.. She's since apologized as of earlier, even though I was the one to start up the conversation, and she said I didn't need to be sorry since she didn't mean to lash out the way she did. Apparently she is stressed about her cosplays because she doesn't have two of them finished. Writing down my friends schedules seems a little too far to me.

Sorry if I am coming off as whiny, but my main post is basically just me venting which in turn is whining, but if you have a friend who has a bad memory just be nice if they ask you to repeat something they have said. It isn't that big of a deal, in mu opinion. Annoying.... Yeah.... Sorry, but sometimes people just don't remember.

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I may very well be getting the catering job I've wanted forever. And it's all because I lost my "dream job" last week. A blessing in disguise, possibly.

Like Rocky Balboa, I feel like I've lost the match, but could still win in life! (Sorry if I just spoiled the ending of Rocky for you.)

I'm so hyped, I'm gonna go finish my sword for the con on Saturday. This is a great feel. I haven't worked on cosplay shit in months!

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I was applying jobs last week and called for interview for one of them
>anxiety intensifies

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>more excited about making my boyfriend's cosplay than my own

at least i'm making something

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That's not me, but I do that shit all the time... when will I fucking learn.

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Yeah, it's just painful to think that my accessories will probably be the only one they ever get to wear. So I'm freaking out a little trying to think of a good design that's sweet and classy and can fit tiny little wrists.

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>Had a dream I was wearing 'food group-lita' and the bottom of my skirt had a vegetable and fruit print
>As the skirt got more narrow it would work it's way up to the 'sometimes food' prints and 'only for special occasions' print
>My blouse had a giant horrifying Vanilluxe (a pokemon) on it
>Was dreaming I was walking around telling people to eat their veggies at a con and everyone was impressed by my outfit and learned a lot

If I could sew this is something I totally wanna try along with a meme print.

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All I want to do is find a way to work in Japan for two or three years. I don't want to work as an ALT but there doesn't seem to be a lot of options. Boyfriend been trying to satiate this lust by telling me to finish school and find a job that would allow us to travel there once a year.

I'm just getting impatient

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>get customs notice tp pick my package up and bring a print-out of my receipt
>get there a few hours ago
>unpack Sweetie Violet while customs people check my invoice
>same procedure since forever
>suddenly "Sorry, but there is no description on this invoice, we don't know you really paid for this dress. Please bring a proper invoice tomorrow"
>have to pack Sweetie Violet and hend it over until tomorrow
>mfw customs are located in buttfuck nowhere
>m-my Sweetie Violet!! ;_;

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>Visit another city with boyfriend
>Walk to park to meet with his friends
>Friends want to walk to different park 25 min away
>Walk to that park where a fair is going on
>Friends decide we will walk to restaurant
>I ask if I should get something to drink while we are at the fair. I'm parched and they all have camel paks
>They say no and we'll be at the restaurant soon. We never got anything at the fair and stayed there 5 minutes tops
>Walk to restaurant that turns out to be 45 minutes away.
>I'm super dehydrated, sunburned, and dizzy by the time we get there and spend 10 minutes in the bathroom trying to cool down
>Boyfriend thinks I made a bad impression
>I was supposed to take nice photos in my new dress from Innocent World today but I'm so sunburned I don't want to anymore

Tips for sunburns?

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Your boyfriend is pretty shitty anon. He should feel like the friends made a bad impression by making you walk a long distance and letting you in the sun for too long.

>> No.9073135

I am you. Although for me its not always the little things. My friends get on my case from time to time, they can't fully understand it.

Lets hang out and forget about it sometime.

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I would kick your boyfriend's butthole. How dense is he?

>> No.9073156

>wore a moi meme moitie skirt for a concert
>usually just wear pants and a plain dress shirt but dress code allows long skirts
>got a bunch of compliments about how it looked and people asking where I bought the skirt from

Playing in a band made me realize how much I really like long skirts. I rarely dress effeminately but I love moitie and wouldn't mind doing this sort of thing for special occasions.

>> No.9073181

Fine arts concert? I've contemplated wearing lolita clothing for fine arts concerts before, but I want to have as little to no poof as possible.

>> No.9073205

I committed a sin and wore it without a petticoat, but since it's one of their plainer skirts (it only has lace on the bottom) I think it looked alright. I also removed the bows attached to the back of it so they wouldn't get caught on anything while I was playing.

>> No.9073210

To be fair, he had no idea we would be walking that long and his friend (who he hasn't seen in years) kept saying we would be there soon. I should have spoken up sooner but lol I suck at confrontation and I never met these people before.

My boyfriend got burned worse than me, but he didn't react as badly to the sun. I got a rash and almost threw up, but my burn is not as bad as his, so I feel like he thinks I'm overreacting. This is kind of odd behavior for him, 99% of the time he is very considerate. Still not happy with him, though.

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>cleaning out storage because moving to new city and can't take everything with me
>inherited serger from my grandma when she passed away
>never really figured out how to thread it so it went unused for years
>take it to BF's dad who used to work with sergers in a factory
>threads it easily
>stitches come out lovely
>tempted to keep it
>realize my plastic sewing machine can do a similar stitch if I buy the right foot for it
>sell the serger and some thread to a woman who makes her children clothes for $80

I'm happy the serger went to someone who will use it and I needed the money but boy do I feel like a dingus for not ever using it because I didn't know how to thread it.

BTW, I'm the same anon from a few threads ago that was bummed about being unable to do crafts and having to get rid a lot of stuff before moving. I've tossed a trailer full of stuff and have a good amount of items to sell/donate. I met a sweet older woman who knits for a local children's shelter so I've been hooking her up with all my sewing/knitting material. I still haven't done any crafts but I'm using this time to learn some techniques and get some projects together so by the time I get set up in my new city I'll be ready to get some crafting in!

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My Etsy shop is doing way better than I ever expected it to! I just wish I could get some worn photos of my items. Especially for those using them in lolita coords.

>> No.9073258

Mind dropping me the link to your shop? Email in name, always on the look out for outlets.

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>mfw a girl in the comm is trying to indiscreetly stir the shit on Facebook and claim my entire existence triggers her
>haven't even had any kind of interaction with her in over 6 months

How do people even manage to hold on to this shit for so long? Why are so many jfash girls so incredibly childish?

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>never filed taxes before because unemployed always
>decide to go back to school to get good job
>do odd jobs for cosplay/convention money
>make mistake and list that money ($1000 or so in a year) on FAFSA as work income
>suddenly need to provide statement of non-filing form from IRS to get college money
>not even sure how much college money I could get
>freaking out and debating just skipping this semester and filing fresh in 2017 with my 0 work income
>tldr stupid me listed all the money I earned for cosplay on my FAFSA and now freaking out about IRS getting me for not filing taxes because I'm not employed and I made so little so I figured I didn't have to

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>makeup artist
>really want to do cosplay/fantasy makeup
>hardly know anyone in my area that even cosplays
>heard of two girls at my school that do it
>know who they are, very small class
>too shy to ask

Fucking shit

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>buy dress
>get invoiced and it's all good
>wait a few days for the seller to ship
>it's not shipped...okay
>contact them to see what's up
>"oh yeah anon, I'll get it shipped soon"
>what a relief I'll wait a couple of more days
>days keep passing
>still no indication of the seller shipping

I'm worried I'm being too lenient because it's nearing 2 weeks now and this person has still not even shipped out my shit. I get stuff happens and it can be hard to ship out right away but this is absolutely ridiculous. I keep running into sellers like this and I try to be patient and understanding but people pull this kind of thing every single time.

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Please be in Houston, please, please.

>> No.9073336

I used to be like this anon, and the first time I was brave enough to cosplay I felt pretty bad seeing photos of myself, but I used that as motivation to take better care of myself and get better at make up and now I actually feel I look good so don't give up!

>> No.9073338

iktf anon
>be super sensitive to sun and heat
>people are always making fun of me for applying sunscreen, wearing hats, covering up, seeking out shade etc.
>the one time I tried using a parasol, my then-friends actually started yelling and insulting me for it and told me to throw it away because "you make us all look retarded" (this is before I started wearing lolita, of course)
>nobody seems to understand that being out in the sun too long makes me physically ill (dizzy, nauseous, fatigued, disoriented to the point of panic, fainting)
>have to choose between taking proper measures and being told I'm overreacting beforehand or trying to tough it out and being told I'm overreacting later when I'm dry heaving and crying in a bathroom stall
>as soon as I can afford it I'm seeing a doctor, but for now summer is suffering

At least my lolita comm is a little more understanding, but they still seem to think it's more about not wanting to tan than anything else. I've actually been called racist before for avoiding 'tanning' (aka sunburn and misery) so I hope the local SJW brigade doesn't get bored with online scuffles and turns their gaze in my direction any time soon.

ANYWAY what always helps my skin chill out is applying copious amounts of aloe vera gel to the affected areas, as well as cucumber slices. It's especially nice to cool these in the fridge first as long as you don't let them get too cold. Be careful if you've never used aloe vera before though, because I think some people's skin can react badly to it.

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Yes please! Can't get mad about something you bother can't remember!

>> No.9073464

Time to chargeback

>> No.9073465

Drop me a line if you ever want to shoot the breeze and laugh at how we're a couple of goldfish.

>> No.9073473

Mom: Don't drink! Alcoholism runs in our family! Just look at your grampa and Aunt Susan
Me: Oh please mom, I'm more responsible than them.

Fuck was I wrong. I have a feeling I'm going to make a huge ass of myself this coming Otakon because I can't fucking drop the booze longer than 5 hours.

I gave my ID for my Dad to keep so I won't be able to buy alcohol myself, but if it's put in front of me, man, I lose myself.

>> No.9073476

I had the same problem. 1 year clean since my relapse that lasted a couple months.

If you really wanted to stop drinking you'd avoid places which tempt you to drink.

>> No.9073486

I'm just worried because this week I'm supposed to go to my parents' beach house for the 4th of July. The 1 time of year I get to see some of my best friends face-to-face, yet my parents are huge wine lovers and usually have like 10 open bottles of wine out on the counter every night.

Fuck...at least my aunt will be there and she's a therapist (also recovered alcoholic) who specializes in addiction. I feel like I'll be hugging her leg the whole time...

>> No.9073837

Ginger-Anon here so another sun avoider, just wanted to strengthen the point that you should ALWAYS test out aloe vera. I found out the hard way that even 99% pure aloe vera makes my skin break out and burn within minutes even though fresh aloe vera plant is fine. So if you can I'd suggest seeing if your skin can handle it and get a aloe vera plant because then you'll always have it fresh which is best.

>> No.9073838

I just moved out of my previous place, and my landlord has suddenly turned into a massive dick. My lease only ends on the 30th so I was still fixing stuff up, but she showed up without telling me (I'm already moved out) and sent me this big aggressive email of all the shit she wants to charge for. It's really pissing me off because 1. She's acting like a money grabbing bitch, when she was all smiles and zen shit and going onto buddhist retreats all the time before. 2. My lease isn't even over yet, half the stuff she listed I can fix with minimal effort and a wash 3. The tone of the email was super aggro.

She was always popping over to inspect the house when I wasn't there, and snooping with the neighbours. I should have known that she was plotting. Some of the damage is just cat hair/piss on the curtains which would be fixed with a wash. And furniture that's broken because she bought shitty cheap shit that broke in the first week I moved in, then I stored and never used again. I'm willing to pay for the damage but fuck me if she isn't acting like a huge sperg.

On the upside I'm getting paid my salary twice this month because of an accounting error at work. But it does little to alleviate my anger. Share your stories about shitty landlords or whatever.

>> No.9073843

I'm so happy that my plans for Wicked&Whimsy are moving along so well
>Got my hotel and flight worked out
>Got pictures of all my taobao items and they look great
>Managed to grab the dress I wanted on sale
>Got my crafting materials today so I can start working on accessories as soon as the dress arrives
>Even have a backup coord prepared just in case
For once my over-planning is being useful and not making me anxious.

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>got fired from work while wearing lolita
>because I told a guy that our prices are too high
>boss chewed me the fuck out
>but at least I looked kawaii

Unemployed and bedridden with PMS.

>> No.9074358 [DELETED] 

You think that's bad? I knew a guy who got fired from Burger King because his Miku necklace fell in the deep fryer.

>> No.9074368

You think that's bad? I knew a guy who got fired from Burger King because his Kingdom Hearts medallion fell in the deep fryer.

>> No.9074463

Ah man. I hope my landlord doesn't do this to me. My BF and I were essentially forced out of the house because our 2 roommates wanted to break the law and tarnish my name (house is under my name but we all pay rent). They're still at the house until the end of the month while my BF and I have been staying at his parents' house. The landlord and secretary are totally on my side though so I hope everything will end peacefully.

>> No.9074545

Take a bath with oatmeal, find a lotion heavy with aloe vera (a lot of the clear gels tend to make your skin tight afterwards) and take extra care to keep your burned bits out of the sun.
I get heat sick and sunburned constantly.

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>lurk lolita threads
>really want to buy a bunch of stuff and dress up
>6'1 amazon

>> No.9074561

I'm 5'11". Don't lose hope. You only need an underskirt to extend the length of dresses so that your silhoutte looks pretty much just as the smaller girls does.

>> No.9074562
File: 58 KB, 407x610, 34ip1o-l-610x610-dress-lolita-cherry-japanese-skirt-bow-white-red-thigh+highs-underwear[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>6' amazon
>enjoy sweet lolita
>see girls posted to ita threads for having their dress too short

as much as i dislike dakota, I have to admit she's cute and I love this style. heck, I could pull this look off without having to alter the dress.

of course I'd have to be underweight to fit any AP without shirring though.

>> No.9074700

>boyfriend rolls his eyes at me for crying about the same thing
>decide next time I'm sad i'm not going to cry
>turn into a huge bitch next time i'm sad instead
>boyfriend is considering breaking up with me now

welp, i'd rather be called a bitch then show my most vunerable side and get told "i'm so over this"

Anyways in other news

>moved in last week
>unpack lolita dresses, they're all wrinkly as hell
>wash the bodyline myself
>take all my burando to the cleaners
>cleaners just throws them all in a pile on the dirty floor

I'm so nervous, they better not fuck anything up

>> No.9074732

>tfw some normies giving a presentation on Japanese beauty standards and fashion used this photo

I wanted to die so bad. They said all sorts of ridiculous fake shit like Japanese girls like Harajuku and outrageous fashions. No research at all.

>> No.9074742

>Recently got first job
>People are nice but otherwise I hate it
>Got contacted for an interview from one of my favorite stores, ace it and get the offer
>Now stressing about how I'm going to quit current job; don't think I'm able give a two-weeks' notice due (kinda don't want to and haven't even been here for 2 weeks anyway) and don't want to be a jerk about it.

I'm sure it's a normal part of life but I have no idea what to expect and my anxiety's giving me some issues.

>> No.9074787

>Start shrinking a black fabric
>Water turns pitch black
>Change water
>Still black
>Change again
>Blackiness continues
>Wash it under running water
>Black, black everywhere
>Leave it on a saltwater for a night
>In the morning wash it
>Water is still darker than my future
>Machine wash it with extra flush
>Put it on water, still leaking colour

Now I'm waiting it to dry a little and then I'm going to iron it on high heat. If that doesn't help I just abadon it.

>> No.9074962

Well you don't owe them anything so just be matter of fact and respectful.

>> No.9075006

If they turn on you you just have to tell them that they are being ableist and that you have condishuns, ugh, so triggered rn.

For real though, a lot of them will back of if you claim to have some kind of disorder.

>> No.9075068

Just tell your supervisor/boss that you have another job lined up and that you'll be leaving your current job when you plan to do so. You can also type them up a notice stating you're leaving them by a certain date so they can keep it on file. Or, since it's been less than two weeks and you don't really care about them, call them on a day off and say you're not coming back.

Pro tip: you don't have to list every job you've ever had on your resume. I did some advertising for a pharmacist for a few weeks and one day he texted me asking me not to come back in because I was too busy with school. Although it'd be nice to list a pharmacy in my work experience, the amount of time worked and the relationship with the boss isn't that appealing so I don't list it.

>> No.9075156

That sucks.

I just lost my job of two years because I stole my manager's Diet Coke.

>> No.9075165

You monster.

>> No.9075173

I have the same issue with a red fabric I bought a while ago. No matter how many times I wash or treat it, the water ends up looking like I used it to clean a horrible crime scene.
>was planning to make it into an oldschool skirt with white cotton lace
>test swatch I put in the water on the 5th wash turned hot pink

>> No.9075176

>"Normal people don't get fired"
- /cgl/, in a feels thread from a long time ago

>> No.9075186

Try using vinegar to set the dye?

>> No.9075191

Lel i remember that
Still think it was you-know-who stirring shit

>> No.9075198

I don't really know what to do in my early 20s phase and I just resigned from my parttime workplace because the sexual harassment there are fucking nuts.
Now I'm kinda dying from anxiety because I'm trying to pay off rent while digging up extra funds for this final year project I'm not even passionate about.
Plus ex-boyfriend hooked up with another girl.
(He broke up with me in the first place saying he didn't wanna be tied down but I just found out he got tired of me after dicking me.)
Fucking hell man I want a smoke

>> No.9075208

Does anyone get salty when someone asks you how to get into cosplay/lolita/whatever?

Just recently had someome from my old high school class ask basically "how to cosplay" to me, and I just replied saltily. I've had so many relationships destroyed with this hobby, I get so salty about normies jumping on the bandwagon because it's the coolest shit, people cosplaying from western shits at anime conventions, etc. I just discouraged her so much not to do it. Told her it was expensive, not worth it, and you have to be REALLY passionate about it.

I think I just have a trust issue or something. I get mad now when my friends decided to do the same hobby as me. Some of my hobbies make me unique. Sure, you can be a cosplayer, and like photography, but when you take literally EVERY hobby I have, down to the obscure ones, you practically take away my identity at that point. You give me competition in my life now. You give me a reason to dislike you. This is all because I had a shitty friend who did this, got "interested" in all of my hobbies, put more money into them than I did to show off to me, and then treated ME like the asshole and then stopped talking to me all together. Cosplay destroys relationships. Sorry this post is all over the place, just kind of typing out my thoughts here.

>> No.9075210

What kind of part time job did you do?

>> No.9075222

I usually work at night hours after my classes so the working asshole staffs there likes to take advantage. Gut my supervisor's face with an uppercut for touching me so here I am now.

>> No.9075228

IW makes long length, just as long as you don't mind it looking high waisted on you

>> No.9075237
File: 14 KB, 324x451, 1466770820280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Spend hours carving out props from polystyrene board.

>Apply fucktons of Gesso to keep it from melting while spray painting it.

>It melts anyway.

I want to die.

>> No.9075252

Dude, tell me about it. I used to watch dishes at a tex-mex place, and the staff sexually harassed the fuck out of me. The manager used to twerk his ass on my leg, and the supervisor called me her "boyfriend." The other dudes (mostly teens) used to grab each other's dicks in front of customers and, of course, there was the constant threat of a spanking-train.

Anywhoozle, now I'm unemployed after the soda incident I described in >>9075156

>> No.9075314
File: 420 KB, 1280x918, googley eyes on everything2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Didn't plan on going to AX
>Suddenly all this amazing stuff including Kazue Kato being announced in the last few weeks
>Really really really want to go despite already tight summer budget
>Friends are all with industry so I don't have a room
>Torn more and more every minute on if I should just hop in my car Friday and drive for 6 hours and sleep in it over the weekend

>> No.9075343
File: 35 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw on east coast and hearing all the GOAT level guests and programming at AX
>Otakon has nothing

>> No.9075354

>European and will never have enough money to go to the US for AX

>> No.9075521

> I get mad now when my friends decided to do the same hobby as me.
You don't own cosplaying and it's really unreasonable to get mad at people for taking an interest in something you also happen to be interested in. The 'this is MY thing, not yours' mentality is really childish.

>but when you take literally EVERY hobby I have, down to the obscure ones, you practically take away my identity at that point.
1. Cosplaying isn't obscure and hasn't been for a while.
2. Other people taking an interest in your hobbies does not take away anything from you. It doesn't take away your ability to participate or enjoy. And they aren't trying to take away anything from you. In fact, you're the one trying to take away their ability to participate and enjoy a hobby.
3. Your identity is more than your hobbies anyway.

>You give me competition in my life now. You give me a reason to dislike you.
They aren't trying to, they're just trying to have fun. You're the one making things into a competition and having negative feelings.

I obviously wasn't there and don't know exactly what happened with your friend. But I doubt another person spent a tonne of money on a hobby they didn't really like just to spite you. It seems to me you took their enjoyment of a hobby as a personal attack, acted like an asshole and then got treated like one. Even if it did go down exactly as you said, with you having no fault and them just being a shitty friend, it's not an excuse to behave like you are now. Making competition, negative feelings and personal attacks where there are none because you're jealous and possessive of something you don't even own.

Cosplaying doesn't destroy relationships, you do. Seek some help, I was a lot like you when I was young and it was very lonely.

>> No.9075546

My husband made a mold of his ding-dong and uses it to make chocolates for me. I thought it was fun at the time, but now he wants pics of me eating them in lolita and that's just not what lolita is about.

>> No.9075642
File: 128 KB, 900x600, girlymatsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody is liking my cosplay pics on Fb and it's making me too depressed to even look up traps online.

>> No.9075652

This is hilarious and your husband sounds adorable

>> No.9075659
File: 438 KB, 375x249, Musuohlala.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lost a lot of strength after ongoing illness so decided to start exercising again to regain some strength. I've always been quite thin but was looking a bit gaunt.

>stomach more toned than ever before
>loads more energy
>upper arms suddenly too big to do up Victorian maiden OPs that are loose at the waist

Why must life be this way?

>> No.9075670
File: 33 KB, 550x568, wyldlipbite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it chocolate with nuts?

>> No.9075756

I lost my job once for giving my mom a free taco.

>> No.9075795


Yeah, I just want to break it off and move on at this point. I don't feel like I can quit in person because I'm an anxiety-ridden wimp but I'm going to at least send a very polite, brief email explaining myself.

At least then I won't be burning the bridge entirely, just maybe smouldering it a little. I have no intention of using them as a reference or ever seeing them again anyway.

>> No.9075822

I nearly got fired for giving out too many free newspapers because people pick up papers for their coworkers. The only reason they couldn't fire me was because I already gave my two weeks notice and it was my last day on the job.
/Sage for OT

>> No.9075833


Is this a dumb-reasons-for-getting-fired thread now?

When I worked at a dental office, some bitch gave me a box of toothbrushes. The next day, I was fired for "stealing" them.

>> No.9075859
File: 66 KB, 600x228, wanttodiebutcant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have a massive paper due early tomorrow morning
>Just started writing it now

Cgl, why am I such a unmotivated piece of shit? It's like I can't get excited about anything and everything

>> No.9075985

Got fired for accepting a $100 counterfeit bill. Never got training on counterfeits or had any tools like markers or scanners to check it anyway. Wasn't necessarily a retail job more like a receptionist job that had occasional transactions

>> No.9075996

what the hell?

worked as a babysitter in HS, never had problems with any kids except for this one family.
one day two of their kids started hitting me with kid sized golf clubs because they thought it was funny, and while i was distracted the third took out the parents anniversary cake and tossed it on the floor. I lost the job, but thank god honestly.

>> No.9076028

Gay pornstar to straight barely 18 pornstar?

>> No.9076047

>Haven't made a new costume in ages
>Really miss making cosplay, have been wearing the same old costumes to cons for over a year now
>Stuck working two part-time jobs since neither by themselves can provide enough hours
>Full-time student
>Feel incredibly guilty spending money or time that could be spent studying on new cosplays since they're not necessities

It's the same old shit a lot of people go through, but with Otakon coming up, I'm really missing spending summers sewing.

>> No.9076063

You can do it, anon! I have a final tomorrow, but as long as we both plow through, we'll be ok!

Sage for double post

>> No.9076066

Nah it was multiple girls talking about some anons story of their boyfriend getting fired from his job and advising them to dump him right away.

I said back then that you were being hypocrites and would never be this harsh and judging about other women and wouldn't you know it I was right.

>> No.9076110

Catering to motorcycle repair.

>> No.9076121

Wow. Bfs a dick.

I understand someone might get annoyed but can still be supportive especially if it's a SO but yeah. Just leave.

>> No.9076136

>Have enough money saved up for either a con ticket or a few more lolita things
>On one hand, would love to go to the con and attend the tea party
>On the other, my wardrobe is small

GAH I can't decide, and it's killing me.

>> No.9076139

Go to con, go to tea party in the coord you have and socialize with other lolis and get inspired.

>> No.9076188

>Cosplay destroys relationships

More like you do ya dolt

>> No.9076191
File: 638 KB, 200x150, My nigga.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4 pages done
>4 more to go
>I can do this anon

We both can

>> No.9076194
File: 102 KB, 222x199, Oh+so+it+seems+like+you+made+2+mistakes+_70d197f87b6941f7dd986389880c2188.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9076203
File: 585 KB, 500x287, lolitacentipede.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to con rave
>it's been shut down
>ask security guard why
>"someone farted"

Found out later they shut it down because a dude shittered his leg kicking the stage.

>> No.9076341
File: 17 KB, 302x307, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't finish my own cosplay for con in 2 days because of having to sew/make friends cosplay that they wanted to wear with my cosplay that won't get done on time becuase of theirs

>> No.9076358
File: 56 KB, 1280x720, Whathasyourlifebecome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9076437

>bullied her out after she bullied me, though it seems it was a misunderstanding

This sounds odd to me, how was her bullying you a misunderstanding? I would say be careful letting her back into your life unless there is a god excuse for that.

But i think the best way is to just be like "Hey, its been ages! How are you?"

>> No.9076439

>forget about it

Doesn't sound like that will be hard for you

>> No.9076440

Idk how it works in America so definitely don't take this as fact, but in my country we do only have to declare income for taxes when it gets over a certain amount. Do you have tax offices or anything where there are people you can ask to see what you should do/should have done?

>> No.9076445

You just sound like an attention seeking speshul snowflake. Seriously, read back over what you wrote there and if that doesn't seem off to you you probably have a personality disorder or something.

>> No.9076451

>"someone farted"
>dude shittered his leg

Im honestly not sure now whether you meant that the guy shitted down his leg while kicking the stage or he shattered his leg kicking the stage.

>> No.9076467

>went to friend's cosplay photoshoot as a helper
>fainted halfway due to low blood pressure
>woke up with photog friend putting a cold compress on my forehead
>friend attends to me while she is in her full armor getup and all
>I feel so touched
>continues to help them throughout the rest of the shoot, vowed to make it right for them

On the other hand...
>after photoshoot jerk photog approached us
>proceed to ask me who am I
>introduced myself
>jerk photog laughed and say that he never really see me around before
>photog friend proceeded to tell him that I have been cosplaying longer than jerk photog has been shooting
>it got really awkward & jerk photog backed off
>thank you friend

>> No.9076475

>working on costume
>parts of it don't come out too great
>internal battle about whether I should remake the parts or just leave them as is

I don't do cosplay competitions, I'm still just a beginner and I started to cosplay because I like making things and learning new techniques to pass the time while hubby is at work, so who cares, right? I'm not trying to impress anyone... but that said, it's very difficult to not get sucked into the mindset a lot of cosplayers seem to have that cosplay should be about 100% accuracy and flawless craftmanship. I get this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that if I'm not completely happy with something, it means that it's shit and others are going to judge/look down on me for it. I think I probably spend too much time on cgl.

>> No.9076487


There are always parts of the costume that didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted. Don't be afraid to settle for "good enough" if time and money are an issue. You're learning, you're going to make mistakes. You'll get better.

It's easy to be overly self conscious about a particular part of the costume, but the vast majority of the time no-one will notice or care.

>> No.9076547
File: 591 KB, 270x288, 1410022755967.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finished 30mins before it due, but I finished it!

Bless you senpai

>> No.9076588

>Go shopping for some lace
>"Be right back" on the shops door
>Ok, I just wait
>See sign there's clearance sale on the shoe shop upstairs
>Well, why not
>Go through the shoes and find really cute pair
>They're my size but still little tight
>Salesman comes
>"I can sell them half the (sale) price"
>Now I have cute but tight shoes
>Almost forgot to buy the lace

>> No.9076596

You don't need tools though to check it. If you handled enough money, it would feel different in your hands

>> No.9076714

Lmao. He broke his leg.

>> No.9076822
File: 774 KB, 276x220, animatedazn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I may skip the con on Saturday. I woke up with feelings of impending doom today, probably brought on by my recent unemployment.

I ate some tacos, but it didn't help at all. Now I have crushing sadness AND imminent diarrhea.

>> No.9076825

I just experienced this very same feeling earlier this month. Nothing like dealing with a breakup while liquid shit spews from your ass.

>> No.9076888

>tfw have to move away soon after finally joining my comm
>I like the girls I met and we were all well dressed
>only itas were new comers that just didnt have a full outfit yet
>tfw the comm I am entering into in my new state is full of itas
>tfw all the pictures they post are of them being "lel random" and looking obnoxious

Hopefully its not actually too bad and I honestly wont mind them being itas as long as theyre nice but the weird acting out at the mall thing rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.9076902

I went into the CoF thread, and maybe it's because I haven't been visiting any lolita threads in quite some time, but damn they're nitpicky.

Also despite loving lolita for so long, but never able to wear it, the closer I'm now coming to be able to actually get a dress, I feel nothing for it now. I still love how the dresses look, but I can't imagine myself in it. I know why, it's because I'm 6ft tall and I can't imagine any of the dresses I like fitting well onto my frame, doesn't help there are barely any skirt coords around.

>> No.9076916

Well now I know the difference and about lookinv for the portraits and ink texture but it never even came up during my training and I didn't have previous retail experience. I would have been completely in the right to sue for wrongful termination but it didn't pay that great and I still use the place to get work done.

>> No.9076918

Sucks. Are things any better for you now?

I'm debating driving three and a half hours for a single day at a con this weekend. I wanna meet this one VA whose character I'll be cosplaying. Not sure if it's worth a 7-hour round trip, but it may cheer me up a bit.

>> No.9076966

>finally buy first lolita item
>save up money and use item as inspiration for getting thinner/saving more money
>admire lolita item
>have fight with bf and will more than likely break up this week
>now all my extra money is gonna go to moving to a new place after break up and wont be able to buy cute things for a bit.

>> No.9077044

>always busy
>want bf but don't go out anywhere, don't want to waste time
>whatever I'll live and die alone I don't actually care that much but would be nice
>get into a mood and dl tinder for funsies
>incredibly cute, tons of overlapping interests from vidya/anime to art hobbies
>not thirsty and suffocating
>bisexual so we can appreciate all the tna together
>thinks lolita is cute, not in a weird way
>responded positively when I brought up him wearing kitty keyhole sweater

is this heaven, anons?

>> No.9077055
File: 70 KB, 640x480, med_1411058781_1398786301_00003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Proud of you!

>> No.9077084

This is going to sound baity but ever since I got into lolita and started taking care of myself I noticed I started getting hit on a lot more. Hell, my current boyfriend straight up admits he asked me out because I was the prettiest girl at an event. At least one stranger comes up to me randomly every one to two weeks to ask if I'm available. And I don't particularly mind it because it gives me a confidence boost.

This is a complete turnaround for me. I was called 'ET' in middle school and made fun of for being an ugly Asian kid. I was never, ever asked out in high school. I was quite frankly miserable and felt I was ugly all the time. So thanks lolita, I guess. Also for the emptier wallet and perpetual lack of clothing space.

>> No.9077147

The anon you're replying to is stupid. In America you have to file even if you're unemployed, and especially if you're taking any govt aid.

>> No.9077155


>> No.9077175

Say "hey [seller], it's been almost two weeks, I understand things come up, but I need the item soon, so if you're too busy to ship it in [reasonable time frame, no more than another week], I'll understand and I'll get it somewhere else."

Be polite but make it clear that you're not waiting around much longer. It'll either light a fire under her ass and get her moving, or she'll become an absolute cunt, in which case just take your business elsewhere and give her a bad review.

>> No.9077229

>tfw see many attractive cosplayers but feel like a creep just for looking at 'em

I also wonder how appropriate it is to ask a cosplayer to say, get a picture of 'em turning around with their back to the camera. You're basically asking for a picture of their ass. But damn I've seen some nice ones.

>> No.9077377

>A1C went up
>Weight went up
>Remembered anon talking about diabetic drug
>asked to be prescribed for me
>first day looking good

Side affects are there but not as bad. I'm not vomiting or do I have diarrhea. I really wish this would work to get past a seemingly impossible plateau.

I'm excited. I hope this works out for me.

>> No.9077436

>tfw our Queen, Anzu Jaamu died in the airport shooting in Turkey yesterday


>> No.9077454

she's in japan you numpty.

>> No.9077457

Allah akbar

>> No.9077583

I'm great now, thank you. I am just amused that this is how I'm going to remember that event.

Hope you have fun, driving alone sucks so get a weeb friend.

>> No.9077623

By farting too hard?

>> No.9077624

You're only a creep if you're not attractive yourself. Just be born good looking and you're good.

>> No.9077633

Naive. Good-looking creeps are scarier than ugly creeps because they're more like to have high charisma, and thus other people are less likely to believe you when you tell them of their creepy behavior

>> No.9077644
File: 47 KB, 377x640, makocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to con in Memphis TN this weekend
>mom is convinced that I'm going to get murdered
>just called me up sobbing
>offered me money not to go

Mom, stop.

>> No.9077645

No, it's all just how attractive you are. An ugly guy and a hot guy can do the exact same thing, and women will hate the ugly guy and call him a creep but like the hot guy and call it smooth flirting. Hell you're already helping prove me right by assuming attractive guys just automatically have higher charisma, and not the obvious truth that you just judge them differently because they're attractive.

>> No.9077648

I wish she did die t.b.h.

annoying bitch

>> No.9077649

Umm... can you fuck off back to /r9k/ you misogynistic cunt?

>> No.9077653

Can you even make posts that don't prove me more and more right at every turn?

>> No.9077671

why are there always these creepy guys in Feels threads on /cgl/?

>> No.9077676

I hope they never catch on. I've gotten a free pass on some serious bullshit just cuz other people find my attractive on some level. It's dumb, but I'm not going for the nicest person award, so that's definitely gonna get abused.

>> No.9077686


Look, let me break it down for you. The difference between "flirting" and "creeping" is "Does this person want to talk to me, and am I listening to their answer?"

Say Hot Guy and Ugly Guy have the same interaction.

>Hey, how're you doing?
>What's your name? My names ___
>You're very pretty, can I get your number?
>Here's my number
>Call me babe!

Same number of sentences, same words, etc. Here's the difference. When Hot Guy says
>Hey, how're you doing?
The girl replies and answers his question. She flirts back, she gives off good body language. When he continues, she wants to keep talking to him.

When Ugly guy says the same thing, she closes off her body language, gives a short answer, tells him she's out on a "just girls night", whatever.
>Then Ugly guy keeps talking

The fact he's kept talking turns him into a creeper, because she gave him nonverbal "no's". Ladies often can't give verbal no's without being screamed at and called a bitch/whore/cunt.

He didn't pick up on that. He keeps going. Now he's ignoring her wishes, so she's left having to determine whether he's just socially clueless or will legitimately snap if she says no. She's now scared. Maybe she says no, maybe she gives a nonverbal no. Either way, he ingores it and keeps talking. If he had stopped once he'd been rebuffed, he wouldn't be a creep. He'd have been a normal guy who tried, and everyone can go on their merry little way without being creeped out. Normal guys listen to the signals, and that's what separates them from the creeps no matter their level of attractiveness. You can be hideous and not be a creep.

That's what makes a creep anon. Deliberately or not, breaking another persons boundaries when they've tried to make it clear they're not interested is creepy.

>> No.9077693

Wow are you legitimately retarded? Every single thing you're saying is agreeing with me and proving me right. Like I'm seriously baffled how you could type that up and think "heh, this'll sure show him how wrong he is" and proceed to agree with absolutely every point I made.

>> No.9077702


....no anon...do you know how to read?

Anon, when they DON'T STOP when being told to stop, they're creeps. Hot guys don't get told to stop right at the beginning, so they're not creeps. Guys who get told to stop at the beginning and actually stop, they're not creeps. Guys who get told no at the beginning and keep going, those are the fucking creeps.

Clearly I used too many words the first post, because you got tired and stopped reading.

>> No.9077713

And the reason one gets told to stop and the other doesn't is because one is hot and the other isn't.

Just because you arbitrarily add 1 extra meaningless step to your description doesn't magically make it so you're not being shallow and superficial anymore.

>> No.9077718


Sigh...oh silly anon, hot guys can be creepers too. Lots of times they're rejected and keep going. But I was trying to keep it simple for you, because apparently "overthinking" and "applying principles to the next logical scenario" is breaking you. Any guy who doesn't take "no" for an answer is a creep. No's are not always verbal, learn to read body language even if you're autistic.

The end. Shall I bring you a warm glass of milk and some cookies?

>> No.9077730

And yet you'd never tell the attractive guy to stop. And even in the theoretical fantasy that you did, you wouldn't call him a creep.

Just making up rules means nothing if they never apply to reality.

>> No.9077741


Dude...you have no idea. Sometimes hot guys are the worst because they just keep going. You tell him no, because you're not feeling it, or you're in a relationship, or he's objectively cute but not your type, or the sky is purple that day, whatever, but he keeps going.

I was hoping playing along with your "hot guys win always" rule in the first place would get you to go along with the "if they don't stop after being told no that makes them a creeper" part and then we could work our way backwards up to the "hot guys always wing" fallacy, but that sailed over your head.

No plan is foolproof, because everyone underestimates fools.

>> No.9077756

And why do you think they don't stop? Because they've never been in that situation because women always go along with it because they're hot. Again with this "accidentally help prove me right while trying to argue against me" trend.

>> No.9077768

wat? This is some jelly mental gymnastics.

I bet you're ugly and get called a creep when all you do is say hello.

>> No.9077777

tfw quints

>> No.9077779

holy shit

>> No.9077781


....dude. Duuuuuuuuude. No. I want you to go outside. Put down the computer. Close 4chan. And just...go outside.

Sit in a bar. Watch. Observe. The world is so much more complex than you perceive it to be. Human sexuality is....you know what, just...just go outside. You've been trapped here long enough.

>> No.9077787
File: 201 KB, 331x378, 1445235702074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I bet you're ugly and get called a creep when all you do is say hello.
Well, even if that was true, you'd be yet again be proving me right that women just automatically call every guy they don't think is hot a creep.
Like are you doing this on purpose as a joke?

>> No.9077798
File: 53 KB, 1280x720, 1422337741020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just go outside
>sit in a bar

>> No.9077810

Apparently during a sleepover (this was middle school) one of the girls said that I said nasty rumors about another girl, I ofc wasnt there. This girl believed her and decided to protect the group and this girl from me. I don't even know. So it seems like she was trying to "protect" even though they didn't bother asking until later, even though i never did anything, it was just a rumor. Idk the whole thing was so odd. But I do have history of giving people second chances and getting screwed over, which is why I'm afraid of letting her back in

>> No.9077813

You're determined to make your logic work, so I'm just going to go along with it and call you a creep. I'm not the anon you were originally arguing with. I was just blown away by how socially retarded you are.

>> No.9077836

You (and just about all women) were already going along with it, that was my point. No need to announce it.

>> No.9077845

Bitch shut the fuck up.

You telling me that the only difference between being a creeper and not is not looks, but whether Ryan Jaunzemis is telling me what to say to you over the secret walkie talkie?


>> No.9077847

Creeper no creeping

>> No.9077850


Oh shit, he's so dumb he can't understand context clues! Holy hell he doesn't realize that "go outside" means "outside his house"!

Guys I think we're dealing with a troll or someone who's too stupid to operate his doorknob to get outside

>> No.9077853



What are you even trying to say...? The difference between being a creeper or not is being able to tell if someone's into you.

Do you not understand the whole point of an illustrative rhetorical device? Did...did you think some fictional character was telling those fictional dudes to say the same script?

>> No.9077854

I'm feeling really depressed. There's this reasonably cute cosplaying chick that I've been creeping on for like a year now (stalking her pics on Facebook and so on; fantasizing what it would be like to be her boyfriend), but the main reason why I am creeping over her and not some actual 8+/10 hottie is cause she was a virgin (a year ago).

But recently she did this thing:
add up the things you’ve done and the total with be your title.
1. had sex: $10.00
2. smoked: $3.00
3. got drunk: $7.00
4. went skinny dipping: $5.00
5. kissed someone of the opposite sex: $5.00
6. kissed someone of the same sex: $5.00
7. cheated on a test: $2.00
8. fell asleep in class $0.50
9. been expelled: $5.00
10. been in a fist fight: $10.00
11. given oral: $10.00
12. got oral: $10.00
13. prank called the cops: $3.00
14. stole something: $2.00
15. done drugs: $5.00
16. dyed your hair: $0.50
17. done something with someone older (like a few years): $3.00
18. went out with someone over 18 (if your under 18): $4.00
19. ate a whole thing of oreos: $0.50
20. cried yourself to sleep: $1.00
21. said you love someone but didnt mean it: $1.00
22. been in love: $4.00
23. got caught doing something that you shouldn’t have been doing: $1.00
24. went streaking: $4.00
25. got arrested: $5.00
26. made out with someone: $2.00
27. peed in the pool: $0.50
28. played spin the bottle: $1.00
29. done something you regret: $3.00

And her result was like $26.50 or so. So I've been trying my hardest to figure out how she got that number, and I simply don't see any realistic scenario how she could have got that total without 1.) at least.

So now I'm depressed cause I been creepin' on her for so long but now she's no longer a virgin, so she's just a barely 7/10 slut not worth following.

>> No.9077855

You call me dumb yet you're the one who picks up computers to use them.

>> No.9077856

But anon if he were hot he wouldn't need to leave his mom's basement to get chicks, they would come to him. The world is so unfair

>> No.9077857


Top kek, dumb fucking virtue signalling nu-male doesn't even know who Ryan fucking J is.

All laugh at this Beta orbiter faggot!

>> No.9077861

ITT /cgl/ and /r9k/ try to outdo each other's stupidity.

>> No.9077863


Oh and before someone can't fill in the blanks,
>not is being able to tell if someone's into you.
>and continuing like they're obviously into you
>because who could resist YOUR handpulled sausage amiright?

>> No.9077866


Anon, get help. Having a virgin fetish is like having a fetish for your own flaccid cock, it's not gonna work out in the long run.

>> No.9077867

Hmm, she might still be a virgin if she got in a fist fight /or/ if she kissed both genders & done some drugs.

Don't give up hope anon! Creep on! Ganbatte~~!

>> No.9077874

You can easily get 26.50 without doing anything sexual. You're creepy though, why do you care so much that she's a virgin? I think the people who fetishize virgins just want someone with no frame of reference.

>> No.9077877

>I simply don't see any realistic scenario how she could have got that total without 1.)
Well I think you're just an idiot because there's 3 other non-sex acts on there with the exact same value as 1.

>> No.9077880

>virgin fetish
dumb nu-male poster

ALL men across every culture and all ages prefer a virgin girl (90% of the time) over a non-virgin girl if they both look approximately same on the hotness scale

only [ c u c k s ] who end up "happily agreeing" to live in an (((open relationship))) aka the girl gets to have sex with hundreds of other guys and doesn't allow you to fuck more than 1 ugly chick she picks out for you in advance per year

>> No.9077881


Tally in the parenthesis is the running total.

2. Smoked ($3)
3. Got Drunk ($10)
4. Skinny dipped ($15)
7. Cheated on a test ($17)
8. Fell Asleep ($17.50)
9. Expelled ($21.50)
13. Pranked Cops ($24.50)
14. Stole Something ($26.50)

Anon can you even math? If this was bait to get me to math I'll eat it anyways because math is tasty.

>> No.9077884

Women don't approach men.

>> No.9077885


........you have to be a troll. But this bait anons, it is the sun!

>> No.9077888

>my total is $61.00
>you're upset about someone having $26.50

Why do I get the feeling you have no actual life experience?

>> No.9077890

Thanks for the re-assurance attempts guys, but I've creeped on her retro-actively too (started all the way back in the start of her FB timeline) so I know for a fact she doesn't smoke, she wasn't expelled from school, she isn't the type who would go skinny dipping and she definitely wouldn't get in a fist fight (I doubt girls would count catfighting their female friends as a "fist fight").

Oh well. At least I haven't donated to her Patreon, then I would feel really silly!

>> No.9077896


I got $58.50 and I'm not a virgin. Not being a virgin adds like $30 or something if you're not completely passive (had sex+ kissed somone+given oral + got oral+been in love/played spin the bottle/said you love someone when you didn't mean it) to put it in perspective.

Also you're fucking creepy. I'm starting to really hate the culture that fetishizes virgins like it actually means anything when nowadays you can tighten the hole with a few kegel exercises.

>> No.9077897

not him but did you seriously just imply that being a dumb roastie slut means you have "life experience"?

jesus fuckin' christ

bet ur "life experience" is what leads you to believe that Trump is literally hitler and that Hillary is the best we can get,now that you can't get free SJW courses in collage cause Bernie dropped out

>> No.9077900


>so close with $57.50

Yeah, methinks anon-kun is not so sempai

>> No.9077901


This. I easily got >50 without trying and I don't have much life experience at all. This is all dumb shit that upper middle class kids are expected to do anyways (e.g. cheat on a test).

>> No.9077903


Not everything is political calm down little cuck.

>> No.9077905

>assumes I'm a chick

I am a man and you can't stump the Trump.

>> No.9077907

3. got drunk: $7.00
5. kissed someone of the opposite sex: $5.00
18. went out with someone over 18 (if your under 18): $4.00
19. ate a whole thing of oreos: $0.50
20. cried yourself to sleep: $1.00
21. said you love someone but didnt mean it: $1.00
22. been in love: $4.00
23. got caught doing something that you shouldn’t have been doing: $1.00
26. made out with someone: $2.00
27. peed in the pool: $0.50
28. played spin the bottle: $1.00
29. done something you regret: $3.00

Here's some random, common things that equal more than 26.50. Jesus Christ, dude. I can't see how a person could have sex and not have had/given oral before, which is a fast 30.

>> No.9077908

>SJW cunt calling others "cuck"
top kek

>>assumes I'm a chick
if you weren't a chick then you'd be lying in your list, since a betamax like you will never get laid in his entire pathetic life

>> No.9077913


>never been held by another human being
>never wanted to give solely for them
>and have them feel the same way about you
>never held close to a lover and heard their beating heart as you rested together, sated and content because you trust and adore each other
>never kissed someone good morning after a passionate night and giggled together in the morning light

>anon has never been labeled fit enough to even pseudo-breed with

I weep for you anon. How lonely must your life be.

>> No.9077915

>27. peed in the pool: $0.50
>common things

Anon, I...

>> No.9077919

>what is being a gross child

>> No.9077921



>> No.9077925


Lettuce be cereal. I pointed out that anyone who's actually left their house will have a "score" higher than the cosplay sloot OP wants to phuck, and you came out of nowhere frothing at the mouth and spurting out buzzwords. Why are you so upset?

>> No.9077926
File: 253 KB, 723x957, Foto auf 30-6-16 um 07.46 Uhr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nu-male listing all the things he does to the socjus queen he worships
>(in his dreams)


meanwhile,this is what actual alphas look like (in cosplay, since it's cgl)


this is the SJW betamax male's equivalent of "REEEEEEEE...."?

>> No.9077928

>OP wants to phuck




>> No.9077930

>women make fun of men for being obsessed with sex
>use "virgin" as go to insult for men you dislike, implying you view it as the worst thing a man could be
>wonder why they're obsessed with trying to have sex

I only wonder if the hypocrisy is because you're stupid, or because you know life as a woman is so easy you don't need to make sense.

>> No.9077931

Hot and sexy/10. That feel when no Alpha bf like dis.

>> No.9077933


Allah akbar!

>> No.9077938


Out of all the anons, you assume I'm male. Why don't you assume this of other anons? Do you assume the best weapon in your verbal arsenal is attacking a man's lack of sex, or do you think there's something in my turn of phrase that's masculine, or that everyone you talk to for any length of time becomes male?

Let me in to that strange little mind of yours.

>> No.9077939

>suddenly all the betas stopped whining

gee, i guess i win?

>> No.9077942

>Out of all the anons, you assume I'm male.

I called you a roastie slut first, then you said that your a betamax actually (who was only pretending to have had sex)

stop flip flopping your gender to help your non-arguments, ya dumb genderfluid

>> No.9077945


Your lack of chest hair indicates you have no testosterone and no experience. Hard next/10

>> No.9077947
File: 444 KB, 500x252, lol.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What? Where the hell did I say that? Oh my god you really can't read english can you?

>> No.9077948


Wait, oh my god, do you not realize multiple people are responding to you???

>> No.9077949

>implying "phuck" is from the cancer that is Reddit
>declares himself an alpha
>posts on fucking /cgl/


>> No.9077950
File: 77 KB, 353x410, highT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have no testosterone
say that to my face and not online betamax, see what happens

>> No.9077953

my native language is German and Turkish but I can speak English just fine

I assumed you were a roastie slut first, then you said you were male, now you saying that you're not male

just kys and take your genderfluids with you

>> No.9077954
File: 398 KB, 400x182, patpat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Absolutely nothing?
>argues on the internet

>> No.9077956

>11" pythons

Jesus Christ anon, back off on dat dere Celltech.

>> No.9077958


>receding hairline
>lack of testosterone confirmed

>> No.9077960

Brah, you are replying to two anons. One is a femanon who likes the d (hmu bby), one is the dude you called a betamax.

>> No.9077961


>still not posting quotes where I said I was male
>but but anon ur tricking me with genderfuilds!
>only fluids understandable is semen coming from glorious penis!

>> No.9077963





literally what we were taught in high school biology here in Germany - RECEDING HAIRLINE IS THE SIGN OF VERY HIGH TESTOSTERONE

dumb amerifat school dropout

>> No.9077964
File: 489 KB, 500x282, lost.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Am femanon, but he called me betamax too

Which one am I?

>> No.9077965

>>still not posting quotes where I said I was male
>I am a man and #I'm with Her

>> No.9077966

As silly as this anon is being on the internet, he's right on that one. Test aromatizes to DHT and causes hair loss.

>> No.9077968

well in a way you are still a betamax,since all women are naturally betas and exclusively betas

only men (like me) can be alpha

whoever the whighteknighting nu-male ITT is is also a betamax

>> No.9077969


notice how after I dropped two of my high test pics, she's already calling my penis a "glorious penis" and clearly wants my semen

see, this why I'm an Alpha Alpha

>> No.9077972


>not understanding that testosterone is the cause of male pattern baldness including receding hairline
>but it's not an overabundance of testosterone
>it's a change in testosterone
>which is why it appears either in the 20s (as hormones settle down) or the 50s (as men stop producing as much testosterone)

>> No.9077976
File: 346 KB, 1366x768, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.12.19 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


LOL Not me brah!

Welcome to 4chan, where you could be arguing with anyone!

>> No.9077979


Huh, I was told it was due to fluctuation shrinking the follicle. I'm willing to admit I'm wrong on the medical science though, got any links so I can do more reading on the subject?

>> No.9077980

>AO3 tab open

On dat dere smut time femanon?

>> No.9077981


Hmm, I know a girl who said she's asexual who did this thing too and her results were $28.00.

Then again, the majority of Tumblr 'asexual' girls are girls who think it will help them avoid being stalked by creepers, and they typically end up having sex anyway, and then they just 'demote' themselves to 'aromatic demisexuals'.

>> No.9077986


Now I know no one could be that thick and miss that sarcasm. Ah, anon, you spoil us by chumming the waters with so much bait

>> No.9077987


>male + Mac user

literally meme magic at work, you couldn't confirm harder that you're a betamax numale

>> No.9077988


Hell yeah! AO3 only smut for me

>> No.9077989

>Melanie Martinez on Jimmy Kimmel tonight
>daughter says "oh look mommy! You're on the tv!"
>I don't even have split hair, wtf kid?
>not sure how to feel about this

>> No.9077990


Just because you're desperate enough to post your picture to 4chan doesn't mean we all are anon.

>call me betabux numale as much as you want
>no tit pics 4 u

>> No.9077992

Brah. You are replying to two different people. Femanon is reading porn on AO3 using her Mac. I am drinking Newcastle and mirin' your 11" pythons and poverty chest development.

>> No.9077993

burn the coal, pay the toll

your daughter is retarded cause her (I bet already absent) father was black

>> No.9077995


Haha, aw that's precious. I mean, a little confusing, but the best kid logic stories always are

>> No.9077997

yeah man, for sure there JUST SO HAPPENS to be a "femanon" saying brah in a thread on a dead board at the same time as some beta loser "male" is saying brah to make himself look like not a numale somehow

>> No.9078001

also, another telltale sign that this is a betamax
>"no tit pics 4 u"
>on /cgl/, the board filled with attention whoring sl00ts who got loads and loads of pics of themselves at the ready at any time

numale ""trolling"" to whiteknight fictional womyns is the worst of the worst

my instinct was right, this is a Redditor for sure

>> No.9078002
File: 176 KB, 1920x1080, lmaobrah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related.

>> No.9078004

Late post. Basically look up finasteride (blocks DHT but phucks with test levels) and DHT for further learnings. That's what I was doing when anon continued to confuse me for AO3 femanon.

>> No.9078005

>look ma, i can use mspaint to remove the (you)s i dont want them to see!

literally nobody but samefags post this as ""evidence""

>> No.9078006

ok, let's put this to democracy

>> No.9078008


Oh my god. Newcastle anon, is this bait tasty to you? Because it's absolutely preciously tiny

>> No.9078011
File: 170 KB, 990x417, lel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1 betamax voting no
>all the hot bitches voting ye

I rest my case

>> No.9078012
File: 36 KB, 625x626, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newcastle anon here. Pic related.

>> No.9078014

>talking to himself after he gets btfo
reddit trolling almost hurts to watch

>> No.9078016


I'm a redditor all right, but I got distracted and wandered away to look at /r/sneks because they reminded me of you

Thanks for the info anon! Sorry snek over there can't figure out there's more than one person on the internet

>> No.9078018

>>I'm a redditor all right, but

I rest my case once more

ultimate victory

you're done in this unit mcnutty

>> No.9078019
File: 336 KB, 1366x768, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.37.00 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Newcastle anon, the bait is too tasty!

Now I'm reading /r/sneks, AO3, and this fuckery all at once. This is a weird night.

>> No.9078022


>no grill redditors

I remain hidden behind my cloak of toxic masculinity again! Muahaha, now no one will suspect people use multiple websites to look at silly pictures

>> No.9078027

please can you just fuck off now? not even the /cgl/ sluts want a redditcuck around here

just go

*shoos him away*

>> No.9078029

>skeleton anon continues to confuse other anons
>femanon continues to read smut and listen to Kacey Musgraves
>I continue to get shitfaced to the dulcet tones of Waylon Jennings

>> No.9078035


I have moved on to Bastille now, and am drinking a tasty Not Your Father's Root Beer

Cheers to bait that goes well with booze!

>> No.9078037

/cgl/ is extremely tumblr, which is even worse than reddit

>> No.9078038

Shrinking adventure continues

>Iron the fabric
>Nope, didn't help, still leaking colour
>Do as >>9075186 suggested
>Mix water and vinegar and put the fabric there
>Take it out after few hours
>This time water is piss yellow (just how?)
>Next time water is still blackish, but this time I can see the bottom of the bucket
>Do water-vinegar-mix again and leave it overnight
>Fade piss colour again
>But still leaking colour

I give up. The fabric wins this match

>> No.9078039


Just because she has had sex doesn't mean she's not asexual anymore. Being asexual != celibacy.

It's normal for asexual girls to have sex. Also being asexual and aromantic is completely unrelated.

>> No.9078040

Last time I had NYFRB I mixed it with Bulleit Rye. 10/10 would consume mass quantities again.

Lettuce bond over our amusement with skelanon.

>> No.9078047


Niiiiice. Put that on my bucket list.

Now Newcastle anon, do we think that skelanon was
a) faking the whole time
b) believed a bit but hid behind a clownish persona to make any jibes be about his mask and not him
c) believed utterly and the humor was compounded by english being his 3rd language?

>> No.9078057

A, because nobody is that new to the internet.

Points for use of the word "jibes."

Where be your jibes now? Your songs? ... Quite chapfallen?

>> No.9078060

Out of town for a job interview rn. Torn because I really want this job and the brand money it would bring, but I just joined a great comm that is undoubtedly the chillest one in my state and they have so many great meetups in the works and I'll be so sad to say goodbye to these great girls if I get the job and have to move

>> No.9078062


Quite right, but sometimes people get so caught up in one little group they radicalize and come out as parodies.

>I...I just want to believe

>> No.9078063

Start keeping notes and use your phone calendar. Also think about taking a good complete multi-vitamin, some simple deficiencies can make your short term memory screwy.

>> No.9078065


Good luck wherever you go anon!

>> No.9078072

I think there're too few responses for skelanon to continue his wondrous crusade.

FYI my beer has decided you're a 7/10 posting from her bed while trawling AO3 for the porn authors that couldn't write on FFnet anymore.

>> No.9078076

you really need to get laid

or even seek therapy

>> No.9078077

Wear longer A-line with minimal petti in longer length. It's just right.

>> No.9078079


Pffft, 7/10. Beer, aim higher, you're no good at at negging. Bad beer.

And yes, this is porn that's probably banned in several countries. God bless the internet.

>> No.9078085

Not negging, that shit is for the weird guy wearing a feather boa at the bar. I consider 8-9-10/10 uncommonly attractive and have no idea what you look like because anon.

>> No.9078086



>oh look, it's suddenly cgl feels related again
>tfw your favs break your heart
>fandom life is suffering
>back to working on coords

>> No.9078092

Koreans do sad porn really well. Slice of life in between fucking like animals. Perfect

>> No.9078094

Could be worse. Could be left unfinished.

>> No.9078095


Fair enough Newcastle, fair enough. Then yeah, lets go with that since I'm in my jimmy-jammies with a messy bun.

>also kek at the peacocking reference

>> No.9078099


That is true perfection. Even better when it's realistic slice of life to the canon setting and the author's haven't just gotten lazy and gone "They're in highschool/college/regular workforce because that's my life and I know it really well!"

Oh god no...
>I need to go finish writing my fanfiction
>haven't updated in months
>still get messages about it
>I have become what I hate most

>> No.9078101


Sorry for the fuckup anon, meant to post this with an actual link:

Oh god no...
>I need to go finish writing my fanfiction
>haven't updated in months
>still get messages about it
>I have become what I hate most

>> No.9078104

>she answers "what r u wearin" without being asked

Related, compression shorts.

>> No.9078105


Aww yeah, no top mentioned, tight pants

>and here I am just snuggled up in a giant blanket like a burrito
>too sexy for my tortilla

>> No.9078113

Shirts are overrated bbygrl.

>mfw imma turn you from a burrito into a fajita cuz you got wrapped up tighter and stuffed with meat

>> No.9078117
File: 1.63 MB, 360x236, sad cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bf and I have vastly different skill levels when it comes to cosplay. He cranks out amazing shit regularly for cons and while I somehow muster up one or two decent costumes. He organizes big groups with his friends who are just as skilled (or better) than he is and they all pull off these awesome cosplays that look amazing.

And then there's me: quietly following behind their amazing group in my less-than-amazing cosplay, holding their stuff, and watching them get their photos taken. I monitor his costume for any fallen pieces and guard it from people who are straying too close and might bump it. Even when it's just him and I, he still overshadows me with his costumes, and no one really notices me. His costumes dictate our entire weekend: it's all about his photoshoots, his contests and skits, his chess game, and being with his groupies.

I'm really proud of him and I know it makes him super happy to be so popular at cons, but I feel so distant from him. I'm so incomparable to him and I feel left out of all the fun. I want to practice and bring up my skill level so that I get to be invited into his group. I don't mind being the "least" of the group as long as i get to be in it. I just want to be with him.

>> No.9078119


>aww yeah bby make it sizzle
>that pick up line was so cheesy it was bonafide queso
>but all I have to say to that nagging voice inside that scorns bad pick up lines is
>queso what?

>> No.9078120


Aw, oh no anon! Have you tried asking for tips, or is he bad at guidance or a jerk about it? Maybe you could make cosplays together and help each other out? You hold the big pieces on his cosplays together as he connects them, and he gives you pointers when you're stuck on yours sort of thing?

>> No.9078123

Have you ever asked him to help you with some of the more difficult aspects of construction? Does he help you with things in general?

Netflix enchilada? Or we can sit around and taco 'bout whatever comes to mind.

>> No.9078124


We can taquito it over, but first I'd like to pico de guyo who's talking to me

>don't actually post your pic on 4chan I'm just using all my mexican food puns

>> No.9078128

He's always happy to help, but I've seen it stress him out when he has a lot of work to do on his costumes still and then I come up with my problems. His costumes take all year to make. It's actually pretty amazing. Most of the time, I end up pushing mine aside to let him work on his costumes, since they're more "important". I also tend to ask a lot of stupid questions, haha.

I'm trying to work a lot behind the scenes: saving tutorials and practicing with cheaper materials. I'm waiting for a series that we share a love for that we can rock together.

Next year, it's all about his Legend of Dragoon cosplay and his group for that. He did say he wouldn't mind making Venom Snake for 2018, so I'm going to try to get Quiet done for that, rifle and all. I think two years will be plenty of time to get in shape and learn some things.

>> No.9078131

>be last year
>selling at artist alley for the first time, decide to split table with another artist friend
>do most of the set up, have to walk friend through everything, won't even google basic shit on their own
>finally get to con and it actually goes pretty well
>except friend is a fucking dick the whole time
>rude to me, rude to customers, generally shitty attitude which is nearly tangible
>eventually, while trying to organise shit for tidying up, friend snaps at me bc they wanna go get something signed by a guest
>haha no fUCK YOU I'M DONE
>pack up my own shit, leave, have a mild break down
>get over tho bc i did pretty well for my first con
>fast forward to this year
>do the table all on my own
>make 4x as much money, have way more fun, talk to loads more people
>feeling pretty fucking good

Also found out they were abusing another friend recently, as they're flatting together. Apparently they got mad bc flatmate had the gal to point out you're actually supposed to use soap when you wash dishes, not just water. So I'm glad I ditched that situation desu

>> No.9078135

Fuck dude iunno if I can top that one.

These carne puns might make you want tequila me.

>> No.9078136


Anon, maybe try prioritizing your costume just once and see how it turns out. Spending all that extra time helping him when he's the one in least need of help isn't working. Sure his costume ends up looking better, but since yours are affecting your relationship his costume looking better doesn't mean his is more important.

Try focusing on you, before the resentment builds up too much. If he can't help, that's fine, not everyone is good at teaching. But if he's got all year to make them, he's got time to do it without your assistance.

And don't be so hard on yourself about the questions! They're not stupid, they're basic. They just feel silly to ask because it looks like they're second nature to him, but he had those same questions once too.

Two years is a good chunk of time to learn anon. You can do it! Go make that amazing costume!

>> No.9078139


Oh I'd never do that! I've got a soft shell.

>used to make puns professionally for two years
>finally coming in handy

>> No.9078144

MFW I thought this was gonna be another pointless horchata, but now I'm sopa-ticular to bbygrl I'd dive facefirst into dat pan noche.

>> No.9078145
File: 23 KB, 267x315, aw well.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw, thanks anon~ I'll do my best!

>> No.9078147


Well, I'd love to stay but I have somewhere to be early in the morning, so I'd better salsa out of here. I'll stop flan-ting my pun skills now and talk to you when next we meet!

>> No.9078148


You can do it anon!

>now I'm really going to bed

>> No.9078149

8/8 m8 would make food-based puns and make fun of internet people with again.

Would ask for kik but 4chan.

>> No.9078164
File: 1.52 MB, 2560x1440, Nis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread would have been completely derailed if you got that on another board.

>> No.9078180

>(if your under 18)
>whole thing of oreos
Yeah pretty sure this was just written by some high schooler for the heck of it. Don't read so much into it, anon. Also, her being a virgin should only matter if you're a virgin too. If you've had sex with other ladies and you expect them all to be virgins then you're consuming more than the market allows.

Me too! I consider myself very boring compared to others my age (rarely go to parties and if I do I'm the DD so I only have one drink) and I've been in a relationship for many years so all my tallies are with the same person.

>> No.9078187

>Also, her being a virgin should only matter if you're a virgin too.

Tell that to the sex slave market in ISIS controlled territories where you can sell virgins for extra $$$ (Yazidi virgin children are the most expensive), or Muslim / South Asian / South East Asian countries in general, where they will bluntly state how much extra value a virgin female has. Or African countries where they mutilate girls so that they don't lose it until they're married.

In other words, stop trying to enforce your values on other cultures, you shitlord! They must be respected!

>> No.9078192

>not knowing Ryan

Do you even soap bro??

>> No.9078231

I got $89

wow what does this say about me

>> No.9078234


That you're an average /cgl/ girl.

>> No.9078240

happy to be a slut then

>> No.9078242

>calling average /cgl/ girls sluts
Back to /r9k/ you go.

>> No.9078248


That's rather defensive of you. You should accept yourself and others for who they are and stop slut-shaming.

>> No.9078269

I got $7.50 here.... what does this mean?

>> No.9078270


That you're an average /cgl/ boy.

>> No.9078556

I can't believe your BF didn't share his water with you and then yelled at you when you were dehydrated? Echoing everyone else, he sounds like a treat.

>> No.9078731

he didn't want to get cooties from her

>> No.9080293

What the hell, your boyfriend and his friends sound like assholes. Whenever I'm with friends, if someone wants to get a drink real quick, we all just wait for them or go with them. It's not that hard, and who cares if you're like 10 minutes away from going to a restaurant? If they're thirsty, they're thirsty. Especially when it's sunny and hot out.

>> No.9080351

You have good friends anon

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