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Does your bf like lolita fashion?

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inb4 DD/LG bait

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No. He doesn't understand it and he doesn't buy me things or know how to buy me things. But he does know what JSK is.

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Mine doesn't give a shit. He supports my interests and has bought me stuff from btssb when visiting his sis in Japan, but he couldn't care less about the fashion on its own or anything.

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My boyfriend likes it and says he'd rather have someone interesting than someone who blends in with everyone else even though he's a massive normie himself. He can even point out an ita I am so proud.

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He insists it is ageplay.

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Don't feel bad anon. My bf says that too but mostly in a joking around way bc he knows it irks me. I hope yours is just kidding too.

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I'm self posting because my boyfriend did let me dress him up for a tea party this year.

He doesn't usually dress up but he thinks it's super great when I do. He's always the one that will fuss over wrinkled bows or take photos/hold bags.

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My boyfriend loves it and thinks im very cute and that lolita is how I should always dress. He's not very good at understanding the point about high quality but he understood the day I put a replica my father got me once next to its real version.

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I think he does. He likes how I get excited for releases and he's gotten dressed up nice to go to a couple meets before.

But it's blatantly obvious he views it as a money sink, and since I'm the breadwinner, he disapproves of me spending my money ever. I wish he would care more about fashion so he'd want to spend some of his income on cute outfits to match mine. I want to have cute coord couple pictures. But he just thinks everything is too expensive to have...

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The only negative-ish comment my boyfriend has ever made about lolita was when I was first getting into it, he said, "I don't really care as long as you don't wear it every day."

Other than that, he's never said anything negative and has been really supportive of me getting involved with my comm. He always tells me I look cute when I where the fashion and has even encouraged me to go after an expensive JSK I wanted, even though he doesn't personally understand spending so much on clothing. And he likes laughing at the ridiculous drama within the larger community with me.

He does make "hurr guess you can call me Humbert Humbert" jokes sometimes, but he's only teasing/trying to annoy me.

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Oh my god you two.
You're adorable.

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I don't know that he likes it but he doesn't dislike it either. Initially he was a little taken back by it, but now he just treats me the same whether I'm wearing it or not. It's nice because I know he realizes its just clothes; but at the same time I kinda wish he would mention that I look nice here and there.

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*wear, not where. My autocorrect is so damn screwy why

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My bf is similar, he loves me dressing up and actually claims he wants to dress up to match me, but everything is too expensive no matter what I find.

That and as much as he claims to want to dress up with me, he turns down like every boy style. He doesnt like ouji, aristocrat is too "Edgy", etc

However my bf thinks of my dresses as an investment.

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>tfw your bf is over six feet tall and muscular
>tfw you'll never be able to wear jfash together

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>diasaproves of me spending my money

You should probably have a discussion about boundaries anon. Unless you two are trying to save money for your future together or you're in debt or something it's not ok for him to be telling you what's ok to do with your money.

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No, but he's very low key about it until he's mad. Sometimes he'll make comments like, "go have fun playing dress-up" and stuff like that. He'll often slap my petticoat as I'm wearing it and call it excessive, too.

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Serious question here, even for Ouji or Aristocrat, is it really hard for taller guys to find stuff that fits or were you just talking about jfash in general?

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We don't know either of them. For all we know the OP could buy too much stuff, or the bf could just be looking out for her or helping her moderate her spending. Your "unless" statement is proof you don't have enough information to make any assumption. It's obvious she still buys lolita despite his concerns. To keep the thread relevant we should drop this topic, it's going to turn into a shitstorm real fast if people start questioning others relationships.

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My boyfriend wears aristocrat and buys me new dresses regularly. He's more on top of AATP and Baby releases than me, and also hoards more jewelry than me.

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>You're the breadwinner
>He's upset about you spending your own money

Sounds like he needs to get a job.

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Nah, my husband doesn't care about it too much ("happy wife, happy life" as he likes to put it) and he's as normie as normie gets. I even showed him some ouji stuff to see if he'd dress up with me one of these days and he didn't like it at all- said it was for faggots, lol. Sometimes he'll tag along to meetups if he's hungry, though.

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My bf got me into lolita.
I had seen it back in my gaia days but didn't start being active in the style until he had shown me a bunch of dresses he said he'd really like to see me wear. He loves Classic and Gothic and hates most sweet.
He wants military lolita to be a much bigger thing than it is, probably more than me honestly.

Good thing he did, because I was a horrible dresser back in the day.

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I'm a sweet lolita who dabbled in gothic when I first started. BF dislikes sweet but wishes i would wear gothic. Tfw I have absolutely no interest in gothic anymore... Why do guys only like gothic ?

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My boyfriend is super supportive. He knew about lolita fashion before he met me and had an interest in gothic lolita. We have dressed up together quite a few times. I have a boz suit that's way too big for me, so I let him "borrow" it. He enjoys dressing up with me and going out.

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I don't think it's as hard to find jfashion for tall men as it is for tall women, particularly if you're slim, but my bf is too beefy. Even if he could fit into anything non-custom, he'd look kind of ridiculous rather than elegant.

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My boyfriend is 6'3 and can fit into Boz men's sizes.

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That's good to hear, thanks for the input.

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I just pictured a dainty little lolita standing next to Gaston.

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It's hard but there's always Fanplusfriend which you can get custom made

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if your boyfriend is that tall and can fit into boz he must be slenderman

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>you don't know them don't judge desu

You realize you're on 4chan not tumblr right? This is a salt mine not a hugbox.

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He likes it when I wear any kind of j-fashion because it's visually super interesting. Especially in winter, because everybody seems to go for bland and depressing color combos.

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My husband doesn't care. He supports my interests and does his best to learn about it, but he doesn't really "get" it.

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I'm so jealous of everyone who has supportive boyfriends. I wish mine was.

He doesn't like it at all. He's as basic as basic gets and hates getting dressed up fancy. He says it's "not his style", and by that I'm guessing he means he doesn't find it attractive on women at all. Im not mad at him for his preference though. I just decided i won't talk about it with him, or wear it around him.

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your husband is shit senpai

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No one wears frills like Gaston,
Takes pics of good coords like Gaston

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I wear a few different jfashions and my husband likes them all and supports me wearing them because he knows it makes me happy. He always helps me get ready when I wear lolita and makes sure I'm together throughout the day. He gives me input on what he thinks would look cute on me. He takes me to Japan to go crazy shopping and let's me splurge often. As long as he gets to splurge on his interests, he lets me do it too.

I wish he was shorter though, id dress the shit out of him in my clothes.

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That sounds kind of...dickish. Just going by the details supplied, though.

I've seen SO interactions/reactions of various degrees, from positive to downright nasty.

My husband is super supportive. He likes it when I wear it, gives me coording advice, makes sure my waist ties aren't crooked, laughs at drama with me, everything. He took me to NYC for the BTSSB store opening and bought me all sorts of stuff.

Then, I have a friend whose husband is mostly ambivalent but he thinks it's a costume and doesn't want anything to do with her when she's wearing it. We're going out of town to see a particular attraction and he was being salty because he wanted to go to, except when she invited him he was like, "no I don't want to be seen in public with you guys." He can be miserable at home, lol.

Then I have another friend who went through this nightmarish relationship. First of all, her bf and his family were super politically conservative (which is fine) and incredibly vocal about everything (which is less so when she politely asked them to keep that shit off her FB and they wouldn't). Then her bf started being controlling, telling her he didn't like lolita and when she should be allowed to wear it. She ended up finally breaking up with the guy after they had a fight because the guy's cunty sister (who, by the way, has a coke habit, gets wasted every weekend and has been arrested several times, and I wish I was making this up) ripped into her on FB. My friend is religious (very loosely practicing, but still) and the girl first made racist comments, then she called her names, immature, and told her to go back to playing princess dress up. I've never seen a grown woman behave this way on social media with someone that she has actually met. What a sight it was to behold.

Anyway, I consider my situation to be quite fortunate.

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At first I had some hope but then >>9070252 had to crush it. My hubs is 6'4" and broad shouldered, so I guess that's a no.

shame. Might have to resort to F+F or just make something myself.

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My boyfriend is alright with it. He'll tell me I look cute but he knows so little that he won't attempt to buy me anything but he won't buy me normal clothes or bags either. He knows it's a fashion since I always show him not a costume memes. He thinks it's expensive especially because he only dabbles in vidya spending maybe €200 a year on it. But this month he's taking me across the country because I want to go to a big Lolita event because my comm is really small. He also dislikes revisiting cities he's already been to so I know he's really putting maximum effort to make me happy because he knows how excited I was about it.

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I'm at the 6 foot range, broad shouldered, can confirm that F+F pulled through and in my opinion looked great. Was able to coord together with my gf at the time and had a lot of fun.

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>That sounds kind of...dickish.

Yeah, it is a bit rude, but he isn't usually vocal about it. When I get excited about stuff lolita related he usually cheers me on, but when it comes down to it, I don't think he'd be too keen on being with me in public if I wore lolita out. He actually (somewhat) likes my otome dresses exclaiming, "Wow! It actually looks kind of normal."

I moved in with him over the last year and I've only gone out in lolita a handful of times. All of the people I know here are his friends and my coworkers, unfortunately. All of them are super judgey. I don't know how other lone lolitas cope with it.

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man thats a fucked up picture to use op
this fucker dumped lor months ago
>inb4 4chan isnt a hugbox/she posted them online so its her fault
its just fucking sad to see someones ex couples pics being used like that

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What if OP just thought it was a cute fucking couple picture good lord shut up.

Who the fuck cares if they are exs now the picture is still cute and fits the topic whether or not they are no longer together.

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Hahahaha tell that lazy faggot to get a job and buy as much lolita as you want. Put what you were wasting on him into a savings/ retirement account

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My boyfriend is so masculine and everything, so I didn't really expect him to enjoy the fashion at all. But from the get-go of our relationship, he'd always comment on my dresses and tell me I look very beautiful. For some reason in my area, not many people like bonnets, but my boyfriend actually approves of them when I show him them worn in different coords. There are only two problems with him though. I guess he sees certain things as "old-timey" and "too victorian". He never likes high neck collars and longer dresses. He also highly prefers me when I wear makeup, which is a problem... as you could imagine. But he loves going out with me in my coords and he always tells me which colour dresses he'd love to see on me more. I guess I'm one of the luckier ones... we don't really get in to arguments much about the way I dress.

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Mine loves military, too. We laugh at OTT classic together, he loves seeing the retarded headdresses like boats and books

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Some prefer being lone lolitas but I think it'd be very tough and I sympathize. I really enjoy going out with my hubby in lolita, but I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my comm.

I hope you're able to make some more friends besides your bf's judgy coworkers anon <3

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I'm with you on this one anon, I'm pretty sure OP knew what they were posting

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My husband ties my waistbows for me & helps me chose colours when I can't decide.

When I had a horrible year due to family bereavement & my illness flaring he gently steered me towards spending more time on my hobby as it was the only thing holding my attention long enough to grab a few moments of happiness. I just asked him what he thought of it now and he prefers gothic, I wear mostly sweet classic so he's in the doghouse kinda :p

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I'd say he's more like a bean pole. His waist is around 30 inches.

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They chose to put it up online. Everyone knows anything you put on the internet is forever. I like Lor but its not up to everyone to keep up with who someone is dating or not dating when you save or post a photo you like.

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That's a bummer with the makeup situation. I feel like it's slightly becoming that for me as well. In the beginning my boyfriend he insisted he hated make up because it's too fake. Now when I put it on for Lolita like natural make or for classic he really likes it and is starting to prefer it as I get better.

Since i recently I met most of his friends and family I realize it's because all the girls he knows who wear makeup Make spider lashes and then poorly do their eye liner and line their bottom water line. Which is okay for 12 year olds a few years ago but not women who are late 20s who have been wearing it before they turned 20

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My boyfriend's sister was a goth all through her teens and a rockabilly all through her young adulthood, so he's been pretty desensitised to alternative fashion long before I came along.

He listens to me talk about cgl and btb drama, finds our memes amusing and is generally very supportive of my hobby. Though I'm not sure if he actually particularly likes the lolita aesthetic or is just sort of neutral towards it.

He dresses really plainly himself (t-shirt, jeans, doc martins, all in black) but has been talking about updating his wardrobe recently. I'm hoping I can convince him to try artisto.

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Boyfriend of a Lolita. AMA

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i have a girlfriend and she's very supportive, but not into jfashion at all. It's not her style, she prefers athletic streetwear. She's terrible at taking photos and doesn't know how to tie a bow etc but sometimes humours me by twinning since I like to buy multiples. I'm a lone lolita so it feels nice to go to tea together like that sometimes

best story: she bought me a pair of tights from AP SF to surprise me since she was traveling for work. i feel super lucky to have her.

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does your girlfriend dress in Lolita?

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My boyfriend doesn't like lolita, but he's fine with me wearing it, even goes out with me wearing it.
I'm happy he tolerates it that much, but at the same time it hurts knowing that he doesn't like anything remotly girly and would prefer me wearing men's clothing. Everytime I get something cute or Lolita related and I show him with all my enthusiasm he's like "uhuh" and doesn't care.

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This made me feel straight. Weird.

For a wardrobe pic nobody hoards like Gaston.

>> No.9070653

My ex-boyfriend didn't like lolita, so I just didn't tell him because I didn't want to have the "so are you trans or something?" conversation. The current guy I'm seeing knows but is largely indifferent about it.

>> No.9070658

He's happy i'm happy but he doesnt really like the style I wear. I'm into sweet lolita and other jfash like decora,fairykei, pastel shit in general. He likes gothic the most.

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Wahhh that sounds adorable anon ! You guys sound so cute together.

>> No.9070690

My boyfriend doesn't like it at all. He says lolita makes everyone look like creepy dolls but he knows it's my thing and I like it. I know there's things that he's into that I totally don't get so we're cool agreeing to disagree.

I sometimes share ridiculous lolita drama with him and we laugh about it but I wouldn't ever drag him to a meet because I know he'd be bored out of his mind.

>> No.9070745

He's a brandwhore and yes, he's intimidating

>> No.9070747

Is your favorite style gothic?

>> No.9070750

Mine is quite supportive. We're both a couple of weirdos and he's into anything different from the norm, and he really likes the aesthetic of lolita. He helps me choose between colorways when I can't decide. I guess it also helps that he's into Japanese culture, as well.

I also talk to him about drama sometimes and he usually finds it amusing.

I don't have many friends so it's nice that he's so supportive and interested in my hobby

>> No.9070773

My bf met me while I was wearing Lolita, and I wore it out on dates with him for a while before he confessed that it made him feel uncomfortable to be stared at so much (he has really bad social anxiety) but he didn't say anything at first because he wanted me to be happy.

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Mine loves lolita, follows brand releases, knows what my dream dresses are, and wears western gothic fashion.

Dreams do come true.

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>had super supportive bf who loved everything about lolita
>loved dressing up with me (not a brolita)
>got super excited to go to meets and match outfits together
>offered to buy me brand
>extensive knowledge on the fashion

>broke up for unrelated reasons 4 months ago
Kill me now, gulls. I'll never find someone like him again

>> No.9070989

it's like you might as well be dating a gay guy or metrosexual if that's what you're looking for in a relationship. because it seems that;s the trend of this thread so far. i'd rather have a boyfriend not into lolita, shows me they are sane people you know?

>> No.9071000

My boyfriend doesn't "get it," i.e. he doesn't understand the point of dressing up for anybody's sake but your own, but he likes it. He cutely says I look like a cupcake when I wear Lolita, even though I only have a-line pettis.

>> No.9071030

>he doesn't understand the point of dressing up for anybody's sake but your own
He just needs to learn that just because it's fancy doesn't mean it's for someone else. I doubt many girls who dress for the sake of others usually pick such an outlandish fashion.

It's good he likes your clothes despite not getting it though. It's always nice when the people around you can appreciate your tastes even if they don't share it.

>> No.9071039

who else reading this thread is single?

>> No.9071043

Same situation with me. Met outside of lolita and was brought into the fashion by her. Before we knew it we were laughing at drama, going to tea parties, even walked down Harajuku. Now I'm just here thinking if I will ever experience that again. Stay strong, anon.

>> No.9071044

That means he's too insecure cause he's a bitch to all his friends' opinions. Call him out lol.

t. another dude

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Nice bait. Why are you posting here if you aren't a lolita? If you are a lolita, why are you self loathing?

My boyfriend is really supportive and loves jfashion in general. He wears lots of japanese clothing and encourages me to wear lolita when we go on dates.

>> No.9071048

Plenty, I'm sure.

>> No.9071051

My bf thinks I look cute in lolita, but he also has pretty normal fag tastes so he thinks my otome dresses and more toned down pieces are the nicest ones. He wears nice normal clothes like button up shirts when we go on dates and I'm in lolita but I wouldn't ever take him to a meet because I know it would bore him to no end. He has learnt a lot about the brands and lolita generally just from being with me for a while, but I'm learning more about sports (although not nearly as much as he knows about lolita fashion) thanks to him.

He doesn't really get spending that much money on clothes but he bought me a BTSSB coat for Christmas one year. So I guess I'm pretty lucky.

>> No.9071053

How many gulls in here reading to gauge out how their partners compare?

>> No.9071057

I'm a guy who comes here to look at other girls in fluffy dresses. I can't get my depressed fujo girlfriend to wear any of this stuff. It's disheartening.

>> No.9071102

Lmfao I'm married to a beardy six foot scotsman, he just wants to see me happy. I don't think you understand that supporting your partner in their hobbies is something that normal couples do. I feel bad for you. This reads like something a bitter single man would write.

>> No.9071116

>This reads like something a bitter single man would write.
or a troll.

it is that time of night when the troll comes out of its cave.

>> No.9071118

This, just living vicariously through the stories of others.

>> No.9071123

My boyfriend seems to like it. He's been going to cons as long as I have, and was into visual kei as a teen, so I never had to explain what lolita was or why it appealed to me, which was nice. He knows more about Mana than I do even, haha.
He wears mainly black, big vintage combat boots, flannels, metal shirts and band caps. I wear mostly classic. I always enjoy the dichotomy between our styles when we're together. He always tells me how cute I am in lolita, and even out of cons he wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with me in it. It's a shame he's not into jfash himself, he's really tall and lanky and he'd be perfect for ouji or aristo. But he'll dress up nice for meets.
He doesn't know too much about brands or anything, but he'll listen to me talk about coords or drama, and holds my waist ties against his waist so I can tie then, haha. And he says he knows that it takes a lot of dedication, and he admires how passionate I am about it and how much work I put into my outfits. So I think I'm pretty lucky.

>> No.9071135

My bf says it's a waste of money. He's really frugal and never get his clothes brand new so I can understand. I agree that it is really expensive and unnecessary, and I kinda stopped buying lolita brands because I don't wear it that much anyway, but I still buy axes femme for dailywear.

>> No.9071140

Second that!

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My boyfriend is a great big, fluffy goof of a weeb. He didn't really know anything at all about lolita before we met, but when I told him about it as one of my hobbies he seemed pretty interested. He see me on CGL and listens to me talk about brands, other people coords. Honestly he seemed genuinely interested in it and likes learning more about because he knows how crazy into it I am.

It's kind of a trade-off. I try to explain different brands, why a coord is or isn't ita, etc, and he tries to explain the overall plot of the metalgear series to me, and has me interested in watching JoJo.

All in all, I think it's a sweet trade off!

>> No.9071209

Don't worry, I'm on my third one of those. There's plenty out there.

>> No.9071232

Yeah, but taking years of your life to build something and then restarting from the beginning isn't something I'm exactly crazy for. I'd take one and that's all for me please.

>> No.9071244

>your bf
haha, yeah, bf, ;_;

>> No.9071251

Married and then got into lolita.

He doesn't really care that much about it. He knows how much it means to me and he's bought me some stuff here and there. But the only stipulation is that he doesn't like attention drawn to him so he doesn't like going out with me in public in it. I respect that and wear it with friends, go to meetups, whatever. He doesn't have to be involved in every hobby or interest I'm into and I don't have to share everything he enjoys.

>> No.9071264

Thats a bit odd, surely you would be the one getting attention drawn, if at all. Certainly not him. Sounds like a shit desu. Its just clothes

>> No.9071319
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My BF is as normie as it gets- like pic related but more awkward. He wears the same corduroy pants and polo shirts every day but then again all the upper class males I have met wear exactly the same: corduroy, dress shoes and maybe a shirt under a sweater. I came over for Christmas and 6 guys were uniform down to the socks. He doesn't like to attract attention to himself.

He is majorly weirded out by most Lolita, especially OTT and newer stuff. Thankfully my preference is more wearable, 'traditional' coords as my mind is stuck in 2004 and I don't wear bright colours or pastels around him. He will give credit where it is due though, complimenting me on particular coords or giving an objective opinion on certain dresses, even if the style as a whole is not his cup of tea. I respect this.

He earns much more than me + an inheritance and is pleasantly surprised at how sensible I am with spending. In fact he expects me to spend a little more on clothes, but that might be because he is a guy who recognises quality and the difference between casual clothes and dress clothes. He looks at what other women spend on designer stuff and thinks I do well by comparison. We both buy staples from Primark/thrift shops but when it comes to something special that will last, he will throw a couple hundred to a couple grand at something and see it as justified. He has his vast collection of watches/knives/rifles worth tens of thousands and I have my little collection of fancy things. We're cool with not buying eachother hobby stuff because he knows I can't afford it and I know he wouldn't have a clue how to figure out Lolita auction sites and shopping services.

He has surprised me by turning up at a meet to walk me home before but not attended one fully. He's out with me in Lolita on occasion but generally feels uncomfortable with the attention. I get this. We're both shy but I use clothes as armour, whereas he uses them to blend in.

>> No.9071328

I just give my Wife my Discover Card and let her buy herself whatever she wants for her outfits. I may not understand it, but I love seeing her all dolled up and try to support anything she is interested in, even if I don't get it. That is what you should look for

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>having a boyfriend

>> No.9071419

Same, why must we suffer so

>> No.9071549

My bf really likes it! I had to check though, I had never outright asked him if he liked or disliked it until about a year ago but thankfully he thinks its great. He mentioned seeing some Lolita's in the wild and was impressed by how nice they looked in a normal city setting. He would prefer me to dress in other jfashions like fairy kei though because he thinks its cuter.

For ILD he got me a cake stand as a present and we had afternoon tea and watched anime and movies together.

I feel sad for the anons in this thread whose partners don't care/ actively show their dislike. Sharing is the heart of a relationship and being supportive of your partners hobbies makes them feel good.

>> No.9071655

I got into lolita after my boyfriend and I started dating but I was still a little worried I'd scare him off lol. He does think it's embarrassing but he's incredibly supportive.
He'd never wear ouji or EGA but he at least tries to wear a button-up that matches me in color or theme when I do dress up. He has a good eye and decent fashion sense (even though he usually doesn't employ it for himself) so I can actually ask for his input when I'm trying to put a coord together. He'll see me browsing cgl and point out which outfits he thinks are cute or pretty (mostly gothic) and which ones are ugly and he'll patiently listen to me talk about whatever drama's going on at the time. He also always pitches in at least half the money for my dresses without me asking him.
It'd be nice if he actually /liked/ lolita, but I consider myself really lucky either way.

>> No.9071658

Kind of. He likes the styles that I wear (gothic, classic and otome-kei) and can distinguish most of the main styles from each other. He even buys me dresses as a gift from time to time. He only likes the more elegant styles though and hates most of the OTT trends and sweet lolitas and calls it childish and tacky and stuff. I persuaded him to go to a bigger event with me once. His comments on some of the other lolias were hilarious. On this day I taught him what boobloaf means, why the fat girls are more drawn towards sweet (there are fewer classic brands offering bigger sizes), and that some of the girls looking like boys are not boys actually but just wearing ouji and what brolitas are.

>> No.9071660

Yeah no, I'm not leaving my boyfriend of 5 years because he doesn't hand me his credit card whenever I want it.

>> No.9071992

"Normie" seems to have an entirely different meaning on /cgl/. The evolution of language is interesting to see when it happens so rapidly.

>> No.9072466
File: 108 KB, 925x670, 988554_10204724871741636_6965022527091688416_n - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic not me, saved from COF

My boyfriend seems supportive. He doesn't know a lot about lolita, but he's a weeb/gamer so he totally gets weird hobbies. He said he'd match me the next time we go to a con! I want to do something like pic related

This is funny, it's the opposite with my boyfriend. He usually thinks my sweet or classic coords are cute, but the one time I tried gothic he hated it. I think that was mostly the dark wig and dramatic makeup he hated though.

>> No.9072474

I've turned him into an ouji....who loves brand pirate ouji coords.

>> No.9072512


>> No.9072515 [DELETED] 

Into the trash where you belong

>> No.9072517

The plot of metal gear is completely retarded.
If you watch Jojo after Pt, you need to be shot

>> No.9072519

Please be my lolita gf

>> No.9072568

He likes it if I wear it, but if he didn't have me he prob. wouldn't care. But, he generally actually thinks it's attractive and cute and makes him happy to see that I'm happy so is totally fine with it. At the start it was a bit of a hassle to explain stuff to the painful point where we had discussions about "when is this going to end" because after all it is quite expensive. So I told him I'm not the type to just keep buyng and buying, I have a limited amount of dreamdresses and that I will sell stuff again when I don't wear it anymore. Might also be hard for him because before lolita I was not a big spender at all.

>> No.9072582

My boyfriend's cool with it but he's not into it himself. He's a pretty big nerd though so he has his Warhammer and expensive gaming computers and I have lolita.

Sometimes he gets me dresses and accessories which is nice and he says I look cute in it, but he says that all the time. I think he also likes the social aspect in that I go out and do things with the local comm. Otherwise I'm shy and not very social so he used to worry about me. He's the type that always has friends over and needs social interaction, so.

>> No.9072674

I'm not adverse to polygamous relationships so ok.

>> No.9072685

My fiance likes it, thinks I look cute in it, and even helps me make coordinates. He has great artistic sensibilities, even without knowing the "rules of lolita" his coord advice is always spot on. He has been to a few normie-friendly meets with me, and has expressed some interest in wearing aristo or something, but doesn't want to sink the kind of money I do into a wardrobe (we each have our own 1 or 2 money suck hobbies already) I'd like to surprise him with a nice jacket or suit, but he's very tall and broad shouldered so brand is probably not an option, but I'm gonna keep researching my options. I would love to go to more meets together, since he seems to get on so well with my lolita friends.

>> No.9072703

You two were so cute!

>> No.9072705

My boyfriend gets it. He knows it is number one. I expect good gifts this year. Lol

>> No.9072714

Guy here. I dated a lolita once (worst relationship of my life) but my best friend who is female is super into to lolita and I've always appreciated the fashion. I feel like I pretty much have to date cosplayers or lolitas at this point because they don't mind my weird hobbies. Normie girls always approach me and just annoy the everloving fuck out of me, even before hobbies become a topic. They're just so vapid and uninteresting.

>> No.9072724

I just want one gf, not two.
Just one qt to dedicate my life and love to.

>> No.9072742 [DELETED] 
File: 112 KB, 600x617, CXZ72_PWEAEmFlY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do gulls date nu-males?

>> No.9072772

He likes the aesthetics but doesn't really know much about lolita, and is a bit shy about his interest in it. The last time I showed him a dress I wanted to buy, he spent an hour looking through the site at all the dresses and being embarassed yet intrigued.

>> No.9072777

I'd say mine likes it a bit too much.
I don't dress lolita so I don't know much about them...
We're both normie dudes outside of our apartment but once he purchased a full chord set when his sister coming over to visit (her influence probably) I will never hear the end of it...

>> No.9072781

>love lolita but being in a 3rd world muslim country a dream remains a dream
>single as fuck

>> No.9072791

I knew my boyfriend would like it, but the first time I wore it around him he said he couldn't stop staring at how cute I looked. I kept covering my face and blushing. I was so happy because so many people have made me feel weird and shitty about wearing lolita.

>> No.9072809

Are you a girl?
If you marry me, you can come live in America and I'll buy all the lolita you'd like

>> No.9072830

Are you in Indonesia? I was in Indonesia for ages and there was no comm at all. Just nasty cosplay itas.

>> No.9072838

My boyfriend actually introduced me to jfashion! He's super supportive and shops auctions to hunt down matching items to the prints I have. We're working on getting him into ouji, but he's pretty tall and broad-shouldered.
I just want to see him decked out in Aatp cmon give me my dumb fairy tale couple outfit

>> No.9072861

My boyfriend and I are both weebs so he knew about lolita before we met and he helped me to start wearing lolita. He buys me dresses. I wear kuro, oldschool and gothic; he likes it but he actually prefers casual jfash or tumblrfash (still understands lolita is fancier). He usually wears worn out black metal tees and black jeans but he also likes aristo and he'd love to go out as a lolita-aristo couple however he is quite fat and we are in debt at the moment.

>> No.9072879

My Boyfriend likes it because it makes me so happy. He gets it a little as he is starting to get into his own sort of alt style and is beginning to understand how outward expression of clothing can feel "right" or "I feel like me" sort of moments.

He listens to me talk about lolita stuff and responds. He sometimes remembers stuff. Like he knows the names of my dream dresses and favorite prints, and a lot of the comm-stuff and cultural things. He always comes and sits on the bed with me to un-box packages as he likes to see me all excited and look at the new things I purchased.

We often scroll through the ita threads together to. It is pretty hilarious seeing a non-lolita having a massive "WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!!! HOW COULD SHE POSSIBLY THINK THAT LOOKS GOOD!?!" spaz-out when viewing ita pics, which is fun.

He loves seeing my coords too and giving the final nod of approval before I head out, I think he would be very disappointed if I didn't show him a coord before I left the house. He wouldn't be able to put a whole coord together but is honest if he doesn't like an element of an outfit or he if he thinks something doesn't look right/ his opinion.

As an aside, my brother loves the fashion. He always checks out new things I get, feels the fabrics, looks at details and inspects prints. He has favorite pieces in my wardrobe and loves to give coord con-crit (even if they aren't great advice or opinions sometimes haha). I'm actually really excited to go shopping in japan with him when we go.

>> No.9072881
File: 897 KB, 838x910, 1463709492032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many of you had your boyfriends, current or past, pop the big question, ladies?

>Can we have sex while you wear lolita?

>> No.9072889

There are guys out there that don't do this?

What a bunch of faggots.

>> No.9072938

My bf has never been interested. He doesn't find it sexy at all, just cute and pretty (which I guess is awesome since that is the goal).

But once I get home and am getting undressed while talking to him about my day while he sits on the bed.... Well boobs are boobs. Disrobing from lolita plays into it at all.

>> No.9072941

*doesn't play into it at all

>> No.9072976

My boyfriend has, but I've only done it in nothing but a petti because I don't want to die of heat stroke in a full coord.

>> No.9072984

I feel this way about normie guys. I feel like it's so dumb and shallow to say that I couldn't date someone who's not into my frilly dresses and animus but honestly, our interests would just be too different. My husband is almost as much of a raging weeb as I am and I couldn't ask for anything better.

>> No.9072987


I think he did when I was trying on holy lantern. Usually wear sweet and he doesnt think its sexy. But no I would never have sex in lolita. Way too paranoid about stains, sweat, etc.

>> No.9072989

I've had it happen with a partner before, luckily he didn't mind it being bodyline and a shitty petticoat. It was alright but I had to take off the petticoat after a while because it kept getting in the way.
>More like ita sex then lolita sex

>> No.9073065 [DELETED] 

Lmao, I got a warning for this post.
Get fucked, you sjw cuck mods
Ban me, see if I give a fuck

>> No.9073086

He isn't a big fan of the fashion, but he can appreciate it.
Thinks I look cute in it, is willing to look at dresses with me and buy me some if I ask him--I would never, knows the terms and can spot a good outfit from a bad one; but he doesn't like how high maintenance it is when we go out and I'm dolled up. We described it as being "neutral positive" toward the fashion.

>> No.9073141 [DELETED] 

am i banned yet?

>> No.9073152 [DELETED] 

What did the original post say?

>> No.9073178

I have never had a bf anon ;_;

>> No.9073186

I would greatly appreciate it if one of you would be my goddess forever, aka my gf.
I would love you and only you until the end of time.

>> No.9073188 [DELETED] 

I said that lesbians belong in the trash

>> No.9073477

Skip this one. No promises from me, but I'll make your every coord feel like 500+ likes.

>> No.9073482
File: 21 KB, 399x441, 3st-medal-fail.jpg.cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9073519

Mines a big guy. First look at him and he looks like a biker Mafiosi or something. But he has a huge weakness for cute things, like he melts when cats meow. But he also loves to make fun of people so he doesn't mind my milling around cgl.
He has a lolita friend before I met him so he knew about it but I think I'm the one who ruined him by asking about which dresses I should invest in. He's very supportive but he worries about money so he says "when we get perfect jobs I can buy the entire brand for you. "

He's happy to let me know which colors and cuts flatter me. He even bought me a dream dress for our anniversary. Sometimes I want to dress him up and he's not apposed to it he's just a bit too tall and beefy for most aristo.
Maybe one day.

>> No.9073655


the two boyfriends I have had while I've been into lolita were mostly ok with it, one tried to turn it sexual which I turned down very hard but other than that it's all been ok

>> No.9073695

My boyfriend knows I would dump his ass if he ever asked. Not that I think he'd want to anyway, but he is already very aware how disgusted and uncomfortable the thought of sex in lolita makes me.

>> No.9073698

He's never asked. He knows I'd have a stroke if anything got on my dresses.

>> No.9073710
File: 1.16 MB, 727x1519, Perona_Anime_Post_Timeskip_Infobox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mine likes it. Helps that his waifu (pic related) is "gothic lolita" according to him. I've told him that's not really... accurate... at all and he understands, but likes making jokes about it. ("You're telling me they'd call the wonderful Perona a whore for showing her shoulders?")

He likes gothic because he's always been into goth girls. I usually just wear general alt fashion. He's also a nerd/weeb/vidya guy like many of the bfs mentioned in this thread. And he's into men's fashion (esp. raw denim jeans) so he understands paying a good amount of money for high-quality clothes.

>> No.9073713

Wow, your bf has unbelievably shit taste.

>> No.9073786


It's not that he finds the elements of it sexual per say, it's just when I wear it he thinks I'm beautiful and that ends up turning him on. But no more or differently than a really nice evening dress or a cute jfash outfit would.

It actually wasn't all that hard either, I just held everything out of the way (and it helps that I wasn't in brand, so I didn't have to be nervous).

>> No.9073799

I've only ever fucked in bodyline, not brand. That's what BL is for anyway.

>> No.9073813

>into anything different from the norm
>into Japanese culture

>> No.9073851

I'm also single almost all my life, sigh. I'm virgin but few know this because even if i'm a girl, i find it embarassing to tell since i'm past 20. I wish to have a bf who would dress in some alternative fashion with me while sharing some nerdy interests, it's very hard i'm getting attracted to someone.
Very sad to see people happy with their bfs that love lolita on them, i wish to feel like them one day.

>> No.9073926

Me, but I'm a guy.

I'm currently trying to lose weight so I can fit into ouji (or maybe do some brolita) and have it look good. Maybe someday I'll be one of the bfs mentioned in these threads, but I don't know if I'll ever be lucky enough to find myself a qt lolita.

>> No.9074034

I've never given him the chance. I've outright said to him "no sex in lolita". Going to the bathroom in lolita is a headache for me so I can't imagine sex.

>> No.9074057
File: 18 KB, 600x600, REEEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know how you feel bro. While I enjoy wearing dresses and being feminine, my love life is basically shot cause no normie women would date someone who might be mentally ill to them. I refuse to date anyone inside the Comm cause I don't have any strong connections with them outside of lolita and otaku culture.

>> No.9074110

my boyfriend is super supportive of me wearing lolita. we've been together since before i started wearing it so he's seen my interest in it grow, he understands that it's just clothing and nothing weird and he likes that it gives me a social outlet as well. he gives input on whether or not things i want to buy would look good on me and he helps me get ready for meets which is really sweet imo. he'd never dress up because he's tall, tattooed, and very beardy but i'm more than ok with that and i wouldn't ever ask him to, i kind of love the contrast between us haha.

>> No.9074114

>all the girls ITT complaining about never having a boyfriend
>ask them to be my gf
>they turn me down

>> No.9074124

Not sure if he is! He knows it bothers me but he'll still mention it. He'll ask like
"Why is it called Lolita if it isn't about looking like a little girl" and then ignore any response I try to give. Whatever, if he wants to think that then go ahead!

But he will take outfit shots for me, help me get into clothes, and tell me I look cute when I'm dressed up. He's trying at least!

>> No.9074225

My boyfriend really surprised me on this topic.
I had liked this guy forever and was really nervous about what he thought of Lolita when we first started dating. To my surprise he really likes the fashion, and is quite picky! He read up on all the lingo, do's and don'ts and is really supportive.
he even bought me one of my dream dresses recently. I'm very lucky to have him.

>> No.9074260

my girlfriend does ;-P

>> No.9074383
File: 534 KB, 1067x1600, tumblr_n8in5iIaZR1r9n816o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I find a girlfriend or even platonic female friend who will dress in matching lolita outfits with me without hating me or thinking I'm gay / freak /pervert / weirdo

>> No.9074389

I want this except I also want kisses and cuddles. No homo

>> No.9074390

By joining your local comm and not being gay, a freak, a pervert or a weirdo. Making friends to dress up with isn't hard.

>> No.9074396

>joining local lolita comm as a man with no one to vouch for you
I feel like I would be intruding and unwanted. Having a female friend who's with me would instantly make me more acceptable to others

>> No.9074406

The mods will probably send you a message with questions (i.e. how long have you been interested in lolita, what's your favorite brand, etc) to gauge how genuine you are, and then let you in once you've proven you know a thing or two.

But if you'd rather just whine and hope a lolita girl falls into your lap with no effort on your part, be my guest.

>> No.9074421
File: 110 KB, 552x364, 1441922832506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>But if you'd rather just whine and hope a lolita girl falls into your lap with no effort on your part, be my guest.

All I did was make a comment about not having a lolita girlfriend in a thread for lolita girls and their boyfriends. If I get hostility just for entering a discussion I can only imagine the shit I'd get if I actually tried in person, which is why I'm so discouraged from trying.

>> No.9074434

All you did was whine about how it's too hard when you were given advice to your question. If you aren't going to make the effort to find your dream lolita gf then don't ask how to.

>> No.9074437


It sounds like you might be socially inept. Did you even try anything, or were you just looking for pity here?

>> No.9074454

Daily reminder that ugly = creepy to girls
Don't bother if you're not chad

>> No.9074482
File: 82 KB, 645x773, 1314225093454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want lolita friend
>afraid of joining lolita community for fear of being judged and attacked
>judged and attacked for having fear of being judged and attacked

I wish I would have just posted "How did you all meet your boyfriend?" instead of revealing my feelings. I'm sorry /cgl/

>> No.9074487

Sadly, that is how women (and men to a smaller degree) work.

>> No.9074505


>female friend to vouch for you

lolno. People just judge you as a pair instead.

If your female friend is non lolita/annoying, people will stay away from you because they don't want to hang out with the annoying newbie (even if she's female).

If she's awesome and you're the weirdo, people will judge her for hanging out with you. So basically no sane girl wants to put her rep on the line to vouch for you, because they'll end up getting the flak for the dumb things you do.

If you're both nice people, everyone in the comm now assumes you're a couple, thereby you can never have a lolita gf, you'll just spend all your time explaining you're not a couple.

On top of everything else, observe the bitchbox that is cgl. Go in the online comm thread and see people discussing how to make private meetups in order to avoid the company of one girl they don't like. If they don't like you, they won't hang out with you, and they'll bitch about you anyway. Female friend isn't an "in" to a group, this isn't an anime, this isn't some gamers group where things can be overlooked for the sake of completing a quest. It's just a bunch of girls hanging out with nothing to take the focus off that, so basically everyone will just avoid BOTH of you if they don't like either one of you.

Pretty much no upside to have a female friend with you at all.

>> No.9074509

You weren't really attacked, go to tumblr if you want a safe space where your whining won't be pointed out. If you don't like tough love don't ask questions on 4chan.

>How did you all meet your boyfriend
I met mine through his sister who has been a good friend of mine for many years. She and I met through a shared interest in alt fashion.

>> No.9074511

Mine's just bothered I spend so much money on special occasion dresses. But he actually helped me get a few dresses on brand releases, because he's good with IT stuff. Ever since I'm doing deals with him for dresses, he doesn't mind them at all. If buying a dress for me means he won't have to clean the apartment for a few weeks that's a fair price to him.

>> No.9074513

>>ask them to be my gf
u dont ask them anon that was your mistake, if they were interested they'd hint it to u first

>> No.9074519

But I'm ugly and autistic
Girls hate me the moment they even look at me.
How is a girl ever going to hint to me, if I don't ask her?

>> No.9074520

That's the thing though, my goal isn't trying to find my way into the lolita community, my goal is just to have a lolita friend. The person who replied to me said that a way of meeting a lolita friend would be going to my local comm and meeting someone there, and my response was that I wouldn't feel that comfortable doing so unless I already had a lolita friend which defeats the purpose.

I'm not looking for a safe space, I just posted an anonymous question in the hopes of some advice. I received some advice, stated my feelings on what I was told, and was then basically called a whining loser for not just accepting it.

I never said I wanted a lolita girl to fall in my lap with no effort. I'd be willing to put effort in making friends with someone, I just wanted some basic direction and I thought who better to ask than the exact people I'm looking to meet. I'm not looking for some lolita dream girl to just magically appear and answer all my prayers, I just want a friend who is experienced with a niche, unusual hobby so I share and enjoy that hobby with them.

>> No.9074522

The only way to meet people in a niche hobby is to go where they are; lolita comms, anime cons, anime clubs (maybe), cgl friend threads, or just waiting to see a lolita in the wild and trying to talk to her are your only options.

>> No.9074524

itt: pathetic men whine about tfw no gf

>> No.9074525

I knew my boyfriend thought it was cute but I didn't realise he was paying that much attention when he rattled off all my favourite brands one day and actually has a discussion with me about what the dominant colours in my wardrobe are.

I didn't even talk to him about it, he's just observant I guess. Deserves a hi5.

>> No.9074537

Eh, you made several miscommunication errors, then.

>female friend who will dress in matching lolita outfits with me

The exact phrase "matching lolita outfits" implies that you'll both be dressing lolita. So you're getting directed to the lolita comm because half of us have the impression that you already dress lolita and just want to find other girls who dress lolita. For that, the best place is indeed to join your local lolita community, it's specifically for people who dress lolita. Guys who dress in lolita will be allowed into the comm if they aren't freaks or weirdos, so the answer you got was pretty accurate.

If you're a guy looking for a lolita gf, then you should have clarified that instead of saying "matching lolita outfits". You would have gotten directed to conventions instead.

>female friend who's with me would instantly make me more acceptable to others

>>9074505 is just pointing out to you that this is completely false. A female friend would NOT have made you more acceptable at all.

>> No.9074538

>>9074537 is for >>9074520

Of all the posts I forgot to quote what I replied to, my bad.

>> No.9074556
File: 375 KB, 680x1048, 1458100009946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah. I guess what I really meant to say was "how do I find a friend into lolita fashion who won't judge me for wanting to dress in lolita despite being a guy". I mentioned matching outfits because that's what kind of got me interested in it, just saving random pics of lolita couples having fun together. Basically my dream is being able to dress up without worry + having friends to do it with.

>>>9074505 is just pointing out to you that this is completely false.
Yeah, you're both probably right. I understand that going to the local meetup is the best way of making lolita friends. I too shy and stupid for this hobby.

>> No.9074609

>tfw no bf
>tfw no ouji accessory
>tfw all my exes looked like hobos and/or terrorists...

>> No.9074614

Tell him it's because Japanese people and their Engrish. Because that's what it is

>> No.9074634

Don't give up your dreams anon!

I had like... semi opposite issue. It took me years to convince my guy best friend to try brolita... I even had to buy the outfit for him and now we dress up together regularly

>> No.9074910

I'll be your bf and ouji accessory!

>> No.9074968

eww go away creep

>> No.9075009

I'm a newbie lolita and my boyfriend is surprisingly supportive. He's the type to want to blend into the crowd and avoid unwanted attention, which is amusing to me. He's the type where if he entered a room, there are people who will always want to talk to him. It's like with his presence alone, he has a sense of... charisma? Anyway, when I first got into the fashion, I was super nervous and he was hesitant. His biggest fear for me was getting bullied or abused by random strangers especially having had trouble with my parents. Eventually he saw how happy it made me and now he's practicing how to tie cute bows to help me with my waist ties lol. He always thought that lolita was cute from watching anime so the concept wasn't new to him. He has a self imposed policy or rule that he has to buy something cute for me every month, whether it's a cute dress or hat from f21 or a dress from my lolita wishlist so many of my lolita pieces have come from him.

When I go out in lolita, he always insists that we match in someway. He'll never wear ouji or aristo, but he sometimes wears nanchatte, military or /fa/ related things without realizing it just to match a colour or small detail on my coord. When I plan to wear something particularly cute, we're always a bit late for meets and events because he wants to cuddle with me himself first before anyone has a chance to see me.

I'm so lucky to have met him and even to be living with him now.

>> No.9075019

Post pics and I might consider

>> No.9075027

We do. All the time. He knows the value of my clothes though so during the do, I always end up taking everything off anyway. Like we'd be making out and his fingers would be undoing my back laces. While he's kissing my thigh, he'd be slowly pulling off my stockings. I think pulling off my stocking is kind of a turn on haha. The only real damage that had happen was when his knee caught the edge of a petticoat and ripped it through. We still kept going even after hearing the ripping and it was an easy fix on the sewing machine.

>> No.9075041

Will you bully me if you find me unattractive?

>> No.9075044

>be into lolita
>normie girl/woman as gf

Guess this doesn't work out at all unless she has a thing for feminine guys. Which option did you guys chose?

>> No.9075049


Hell yes, this is cgl.

But baby, some people pay extra for the kind of insults we provide.

>> No.9075054

you first

>> No.9075055
File: 29 KB, 525x525, 7032330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

20 shekels for mitigated bullying

>> No.9075060


>All in black
>so srs
>Who died, your sense of fashion?

>baby face
>How long will it be until your dad notices his suit is gone?

But seriously anon, you'd be pretty fly in aristo. Gold accents on dark color schemes are your friend.

>> No.9075069

>>Who died, your sense of fashion?
Just my will to live

>dad's suit
Worked for 2 summers to afford that suit.
Wore it on the plane to my grandma's funeral because I always liked those 60's movies with the well dressed men and women in flight.

Can you post some examples of aristo?

Is that a no to the gf proposition?

>> No.9075190


As someone who used to date a weeb who was into loli, just find someone better. It's not worth it.

>> No.9075226
File: 53 KB, 431x640, boystyle man in all black and gold buttons with gold belt buckle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I don't have a lot saved, not sure if I should dump here (feels like derailing) and the boystyle thread is focused on ouji right now so I don't want to derail that...shit.

>wat do

Here's one example anon, it's kinda hard to find, but when it pops up it makes my heart go doki-doki. It's more elegant than ouji, and is more mature from a cut and color perspective. It can be colorful, but it's more likely to be darker.

Can our love ever be anon?

>> No.9075232
File: 126 KB, 500x750, man burgundy coat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>...shit was supposed to be my reaction, not calling ouji shit

>posting another coord because I might as well make this post count

>> No.9075260

>unironically dating a pedophile

>> No.9075274

Wew, could I even compete with those Chad's?

I like the first one, second reminds me of code gayass, but still cool.
I don't really wear colors, just lots of black and gray.

Do black guys even cosplay? Besides the typical Afro samurai, I wasn't aware of any other characters or styles that would suite us.

I'd be willing to give it a shot!

Yes, our love can flourish

>> No.9075276

The last guy I dated complained about Lolita being dd/lg and full of fat-shaming. He constantly tried to make me feel bad for being so into it and shamed me for spending so much on it, so we didn't last long at all.

It's made me scared to show any other guy or girl I might date the fashion though. I don't wanna be shamed for how I spend my money or how I like to dress. Sigh.

>> No.9075281

Lmao what kind of numale gives a fuck about fat-shaming?? Was he fat?

>> No.9075284

>Do black guys even cosplay?
Sure, but that is completely irrelevant to this thread.

>> No.9075287

Yep, he was, bullied for it all through school and all that. I tried to be understanding of it and all but honestly, it was tiring hearing him constantly call out fat-shaming when I tried to talk about any sort of fashion.

>> No.9075292

>dating a fat guy
Unless he's builtfat, don't do it.
Date a skinnyfat guy at least.
Are you fat ?

>> No.9075297

But it's relevant to the future hobby I wish to share with you

>> No.9075303

Nope, skinny as a twig. It was a LDR and I fell for his personality before his looks. Didn't know he was such a douche until the end though.

>> No.9075307


Believe in yourself. Become the Chad.

I've seen lots of black girls cosplay and a handful of black guys, but this is just in person in an area with lots of both. Most of the cosplays I've seen are them just cosplaying any character they want regardless of skincolor, but if you want here's a list of some black anime characters:


Aristo is different than cosplay of course, but you know, wear what you want.

Is 4chan the manure in which the rose of our love will bloom?

>> No.9075313

>skinny as a twig
You in the market for a new bf?

>> No.9075320

Super late reply but naaah anon I'm from Malaysia.
Not a muslim though so I'm a minority here.
That depends, anon. Would you still wanna marry me when I drink bottle beers in my chord.

>> No.9075321

Not sure. I wasn't thinking of finding one through 4chan.

>> No.9075328

Lolita isn't cosplay.

>> No.9075329

>Become the Chad
I've been /fit/ since sophomore year of high school because I had nothing better to do, so I just lifted and ran a lot.

Still hasn't gotten me any friends or a gf. I'm a khhv.

Now that you mention it, I've seen a few colonial pieces with black men dressed in that style.

Do you make the clothes yourself, or you buy them and adjust the fitting at home?

I prefer to think it akin to the beautiful mutant arisen from a nuclear wasteland

>> No.9075333

Fleming didn't think he'd find penicillin growing on a fungi he'd left in his lab, but he proceeded to save the world

>> No.9075335
File: 63 KB, 564x847, b81e5a41d11f875a87219b0609721ecf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently found out that my fiancé really likes it but was too embarrassed to admit to that up until now. He used to made fun of me while I was getting ready, apparently because he needed a more manly excuse to hover around while I was getting dressed and doing my makeup. What a baby, right? Now he doesn’t mock me anymore, and actually helps me with my hair and waistbows.
I get the feeling he doesn’t really get it, though. He’s called it a costume a few times, even though I wear it regularly when we’re just going out and have never even attended an anime con or anything like that. I think it may be because he used to watch anime and his sister is a cosplayer, so anime-esque (in his mind) clothes from Japan = costume? Idk. At least he doesn’t see it like some fetish thing.

Yesterday he asked me to put together a “matching costume” for him so we can go out and look cute together. He also wants to attend a lolita meetup with me. I’m letting the “costume” bit slide and getting pretty excited about dressing him up to match one of my favourite coords, but I honestly don’t know what would look good on him. He would look downright awful in ouji or other more eccentric male Jfash and I think he might be a bit too goofy-looking for aristo. Plus, he doesn’t like the gothic look or any black clothes at all. At best I might be able to get him into something kinda preppy like pic related. Maybe I’ll knit him a fair isle sweater vest to match one of my prints… one day.

>> No.9075346
File: 11 KB, 301x170, us.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Learn 2 socialize anon. Chad's socialize.

Yeah, there's definitely a 1700's vibe, and the subdued tones mean it's far more late 17th century American than flamboyant early 17th century French Court.

There are a few brands who sell aristo, but I'd have to do research since I haven't really had the need to look. Pretty sure Alice and the Pirates sells coats like that, but they may just be intended for women and not men. You certainly could sew your own.

Pic related?

>> No.9075352
File: 185 KB, 640x960, colce and gabana 2014_2015 blue mens jacket flowers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Maybe a coat with matching material? Pic related

>> No.9075355

That made me laugh a little harder than I wanna admit. Smooth, anon.

>> No.9075382

Smooth enough to get your skype/email?
Nice digits btw

>> No.9075383
File: 138 KB, 800x715, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend doesn't mind me wearing lolita fashion, though he does make the occasional remark about how it's expensive. I've asked him before if he'd like to come with me to meetups dressed up, but apparently his definition of "dressed up" is wearing a buttoned down shirt and jeans.
> mfw

>> No.9075395
File: 129 KB, 1440x1080, the-wolverine-slashes-past-the-competition-heres-your-box-office-roundup__131023035823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Easier said than done. I prefer to try for the "strong, silent type".
Maybe a gf could help me learn to socialize :^)

How hard would it be to sew a complete outfit?
I've made some mittens/scarves just to have something to do with my hands while watching anime.

More like this

>> No.9075396

Hey, at least he tries. It's better to see a boy at a meet in a buttondown and nice jeans than it is to see them in some anime shirt and jorts.

>> No.9075400

True. It would be a dream come true imo for him to wear aristo one day. Or at least wearing a vest and nice dress pants with his button down shirt. :')

>> No.9075417
File: 24 KB, 306x423, jeanvaljean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>relying on your SO to be your entire emotional support system

Dangerous game anon, emotionally exhausting for your SO.

It depends on the outfit, but it'll take you lots of practice and is very different than knitting mittens & scarves.

But dressed like this?

>> No.9076022
File: 84 KB, 656x874, picture8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My former girlfriend convinced me into trying out the fashion. I've known about lolita for years even before we started dating, but honestly I never paid it much mind since at the time all I saw were old school coords and cared more about the drama on /cgl/ than the dress-up. Anyways, I wasn't blind to how much she cared about lolita so I supported her wholeheartedly eventually joining her for a couple of events. Its was great, really brought us that much closer in our relationship. I totally recommend that if any of you have partners that are interested to encourage them. I definitely had confidence issues coming into this, and especially when having to parade around in public with all those curious eyes on you, really made me respect lolitas a whole lot more.

Here's a picture of that first attempt, I've definitely shaved off some weight since then so posting this is most embarrassing.

>> No.9076033


Aww, you look nice anon! Congrats on your relationship, it's cute how you used it as a bonding experience, very healthy.

>> No.9076044


Thank you, it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Unfortunately, that watch has ended.

>> No.9076050

>i get cucked by my wife and her hobby
>you should be looking for a total pushover like me

>> No.9076070


>> No.9076076 [DELETED] 
File: 124 KB, 640x957, 1457173342293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seeing all these pics of good looking guys, makes me wanna give up on girls. How can my fat ass even compete.

>> No.9076094 [DELETED] 


By losing weight. Calories in should be less than calories out. Since you're fat, when you lose the weight your calves will be huge and swoll.

Get in the gym, stop eating so much, then dress nice and see people flock to you. After that it's up to your personality not to drive them away.

>> No.9076103

my bf loves lolita fashion and i want him to match with me but all his clothes are black and i mainly do sweet coords

>> No.9076129 [DELETED] 

If you don't have good genes, don't even bother.
This roastie >>9076094 is just spouting the same old "just lift brah" meme.
Unless you have Chad genes, you're never gonna get a gf or even female attention.
Give up now and don't waste your time or energy.
Of course lose weight, but focus on your tulpa, hobbies, career, etc.

>> No.9076142

You look like that one vampire from 'What We Do in the Shadows'.

>> No.9076271

almost had a heart attack because you look so much like my ex from the thumbnail, lol

>> No.9076273

I don't know if he "likes" it, but he's been friends with other lolitas for years so he knew what it was beforehand, and has twinned with me/been my ouji accessory a couple times. I need to get him in a proper coord, buy him large tea parties and a wig or something. I would post a pic, but he's kinda e-infamous and not lookin' for dramu/attention lol

>> No.9076441

>After that it's up to your personality not to drive them away.
Hah, you should have lead with that.
What's the point in getting /fit/ if I'm a pathetic, bitter, flake of a manchild? I suppose at least I'd be healthier than I am now, so there is that.

>> No.9076444

You should wear a sweet print with a black background, he should wear all black with one or two accessories in the secondary colours of your dress. Kind of like how >>9072466 is wearing that berry accessory.

>> No.9076912


>> No.9076920

>trying to find lolita gf
>talking about cosplay as future shared hobby
congratulations for killing all you chances just now

>> No.9076921

>love lolita
>have friend help me pick stuff out for holiday party
>not full dandy but low key goth aristocrat
>single tho

If your man don't like Lolita tell him to deal w/ it

>have D/s relationship with girl years ago
>break up after a year or so
>she gets SUPER into DD/lg comm
>not even the chill kind
>come across her on Facebook recently
>she's super lesbian
>and a tumblr feminist
>complains about lolita fashion promoting DD/lg
Like bitch are you for real, who the fuck is gonna dress up like that for sexcapades, no one wants to ruin a dress like that with bodily fluids, this ain't no Lewinsky shit.

>> No.9076924

I'll be your man!
Just don't be fat please

>> No.9076928

Im in tears

>> No.9077005 [DELETED] 

that's dumb, most of the women i know barely care about what their bf/husband looks like as long as he's nice and fun to spend time with.
and yeah, i have seen their bf.

>> No.9077190 [DELETED] 


If you lift, you won't be pathetic. Bitter and manchild, yeah, those won't go away with whey.

You'll at least live into your 60s without the beetus though. Your feet won't rot out from underneath you as your eyesight fails as your eyeballs become cloudy and start pressing back into your optic nerves from the cataracts.

Work on your body and work on your personality at the same time. Then you will come into Swolehalla, wheymen.

>> No.9077198 [DELETED] 


>Chad genes

>it's pointless anyways!
>muh metabolism
>muh cunditions

Get over yourself. With 60% of the US being overweight, being fit puts you in the top percent even if you have a butterface. And good news, butterfaces are less likely to torpedo your chances with grills.

The rest of your advice is good though, cultivate dat personality garden when cultivating mass.

>> No.9077227

Once, my boyfriend said non-asian girls in (specifically sweet) lolita look like drag queens. Didn't talk to him for 48 hours.

He hates wigs or anything too "costumey" but he's complimented some of my classic coords before, perhaps unknowingly. He also felt really bad after saying the drag queen nit and is really positive and supportive in general.

>> No.9077241 [DELETED] 

>With 60% of the US being overweight, being fit puts you in the top percent even if you have a butterface

Another very popular roastie meme. No amounting of lifting will fix your autism or ugliness.
Don't even bother.
20% of men get 80% of women, which leaves 80% of men to fight for the last 20%.
Or you can be a cuck and wait til she's done riding the cock carousel and she's 40 with 8 fatherless kids, then she's all yours.

>> No.9077255 [DELETED] 

Nice guys like you never get the girl, huh?

>> No.9077264 [DELETED] 

Sorry you have manface.

>> No.9077271 [DELETED] 

Well, are you done copypasta'ing your sad tripe yet?
Makes me glad I'm old enough to not actually come under the impression any of that is true, unlike some of the kids running around these days.

>> No.9077286

>see this
>want it, want it, want it bad
>gf is into lolita, but can't begin to men's fashion
>too inept and picky to do it myself
I feel awful that when I started dating her, the thought lurked "yes, she can help me!", then the massive disappointment that followed.

>> No.9077291


>> No.9077323 [DELETED] 

Well he was literally commenting on a CoF thread, but ty honey, sorry you have a sandy empty vag!

>> No.9077574

I am a man.

>> No.9077706

you're officially dating this guy >>9077574 and there's no backing out once you post something on 4chan.

>> No.9077721


Being picky doesn't make you inept, it means you have taste. Go forth and use it.

>> No.9077889

>realize that bf mainly wanted to date me because of the lolita book and be all dd/lg
>asks me to call him daddy and wear kitty ears with my coors
>got the fuck outta there before he could even blink

I'm so disgusted with myself that that happened. I never even imagined it was a possibility. Now I'm living the single life and hoping to grab an ouji that'll actually... You know, respect both me and the fashion I'm into. That are at least an /fa/ boy but what can ya do.

>> No.9077923
File: 27 KB, 356x356, 1462145374024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thinking a person's fetishes outside their control reflect in any way their personality or principles

>> No.9077929

If your fetish is little girls then your personality doesn't mean shit.

>> No.9077955

It reflects on their personality when it's the primary reason they want to date someone. Fetishization is not a good foundation on which to build a relationship.

You're probably a troll anyways so 4/10 for getting me to respond

>> No.9077967

>reading Nabokov's Lolita and thinking "aw yeah I need to get me some of that"
Anon's ex deserves to be castrated for several reasons.

>> No.9077983
File: 519 KB, 1538x880, handy dandy chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If your boyfriend is into little girls, how are you allowed on 4chan?

Or maybe your boyfriend made a connection between his sexuality and a niche fashion based on an extremely exaggerated ideal of femininity, elegance, and purity. Have a gander at this handy chart which illustrates the difference between lolita fasion and children. If your boyfriend wanted to be with children, he wouldn't have been with you obviously.

So you're saying that a human being should be mutilated and denied a key part of the human experience for having a fetish, even though all he did was simply ask his significant other if she would be willing to indulge it. For simply asking a question with no ill will or intent. You're insane.

Why is this hobby filled with such vile cunts

>> No.9078009

He's right though, they do. Plain looking western girl in a bad wig and a sweet dress looks drag more easily than probably any other kind of lolita. My boyfriend thinks that way too, but I agree.

I'm a Gothic Lolita and we met when I was dressed in lolita so that was part of his attraction to me, he said. That I was all dressed up in beautiful dark frills and out alone, aloof and confident all on my own.

>> No.9078015

>but what can ya do.
You can be my gf, that's what you can do

>> No.9078155

>note the difference
One non-Asian in a crowd of Asians, ty, I'll take my prize money now.

>> No.9078166 [DELETED] 

You know, coming into this thread and being a creep was a very crucial of around one of your issues. You now know you'll be rejected when you ask for attention like this. Dunno what to tell you about the ugly part, sorry man.

>> No.9078176

I don't know if I'm ready, anon. I've been hurt.

>> No.9078183

I think you should take a leap of faith.
I'm not a bad guy.

>> No.9078184

bf of lolita here
I don't really understand all the nuances of it yet. If I was a lolita myself I'd probably end up in one of those ita threads because I might as well be colorblind. I cant remember what a JSK is right now and I cant tell you the definition of an OP but I still listen to her and make up definitions as I go. A few big things happened in our lives and she moved in with me a few years before I'd imagine anything ever happening so now theres a section of my closet with dresses and skirts and blouses that I'm slightly scared to touch cause I'm afraid I'll get them dirty. I had only heard about the fashion in passing because I'm a con goer myself so anything I know of lolita, I know because of her and her friends.I like ouji and aristocrat styles(fashions?) but I have like 5 cosplays and cons to budget for so that'll have to wait. Despite how forgetful and terrible I am at planning, I'd think I would want her wedding dress to be lolita-y. Are those a thing? I think I'd like them.

>> No.9078185

My faith is saying that that line has been said over and over, anon. <:3c

>> No.9078188

Lol what line? Leap of faith?
I was playing AC earlier and it seemed like a clever phrase to use.
I've never had a gf and I'm a khhv.
Why would I reuse a line that has only ever failed me?

>> No.9078194
File: 75 KB, 480x640, tumblr_inline_mxxmiprYHa1qad55j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least you try, anon. That's very sweet. And yes, there are lolita wedding dresses!

>> No.9078195

I was referring to your second line. Buuut the fact that you used an AC line to flirt is kinda winning me over.

>> No.9078198

Oh wow, thats 100% what I imagined them to look like. Don't mean to go off topic for the thread but do you have any more examples/a catalog?

>> No.9078200

Oh, sorry, couldn't think of a better second line. In retrospect, it does seem cliche.
I'm glad my knowledge of vidya has impressed a girl.
Which was your favorite game in the series?

Should we exchange contact?

>> No.9078201

This isn't a fucking dating site

>> No.9078204
File: 207 KB, 500x600, tumblr_nb2kpsgG541sjpp8go1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No prob anon!
Honestly you can put together a tastefully elegant shiro coord (all white coord) and it'll work perfect as a wedding dress.

>> No.9078205

Oh contraire

>> No.9078209

That dress is giving me feelings in muh heart, lol. Time to google the two names next to the copyright and absorb whatever I see. Thanks so much!

>> No.9078210

how much does one of these go for?

>> No.9078211

Honestly? 2 holds a special place in my heart.

Mm, I'll bite. Email?

>> No.9078215
File: 481 KB, 650x926, tumblr_lx065xF3ib1qgjjjyo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Expensive. The Crystal Princess Dress set (pic related) is about $17502.50. It's the only one I can find a price for - the other two were just random searches so I don't know the names.

But hey, like I said, shiro coords can be perfect for a wedding, so you wouldn't be spending /quite/ that much.

>> No.9078216

Same anon, forgot to add; Personally I find the dresses that aren't exactly meant for weddings are way better than the dresses meant for weddings, you know?

>> No.9078219

[email protected]
take out the "-"
cya soon

>> No.9078226

bf anon here
seached up lolita wedding dresses and all I got were etsy links so i assumed I hit a dead end.
Anyways 17k? Lordy.

>> No.9078249

Yeah, it's pretty hard to find any good stuff via regular search. And there really isn't a specific name for the style, as far as I know.

I tried to get you a good search for wedding-ish dresses, not all will work but there's a good amount that would; http://lolibrary.org/apparelsearch/results/field_brand%3A%22Angelic%20Pretty%22%20field_colorways%3A%22White%22%20field_features%3A%22Corset%20lacing%22%20field_items%3A%22OP%22

>> No.9078257
File: 57 KB, 480x640, B39HC312-w-480x640[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just a quick note, you're actually looking at three really different dresses.

>>9078215 is actually a collab (with Aya from Mix Speaker's, Inc), not a wedding dress. No matter what, collabs will always be expensive (and slightly tacky). Hence the steep price tag. They also come out maybe once in a, well, once ever. Floor length dresses are quite rare for lolita. The retail for that is actually closer to $1.7k, although secondhand it might go for $17k just because it's so rare and hard to find.

>>9078194 is a special made-to-order series from Btssb. They usually run $1k -$3k. To get one of these, you need to stalk the btssb site (babyssb.co.jp), notice when they've got made-to-order dresses with veils up, be on the site when the dresses are open for orders, put in an order, and after a few months you'll get your dress.

>>9078204 is a regular release, it's just white. A fancier dress like this generally runs $400-$800, although some of AP's releases was priced at $1.6k this year. You basically just go through any lolita shop and look for white dresses. White veils are also kind of common for lolita now, so it's fairly easy to pick one up from AP for $100.

Speaking as a girl though. I'm going to suggest you actually talk things over with your gf before jumping the gun and looking at lolita dresses. For all you know she might want Princess Serenity's dress instead of a lolita wedding dress.

Fun fact, you can't find anything while searching "lolita wedding dress" because none of them are ever labeled as lolita wedding dresses. You just kind of guess when one of btssb's release is a wedding dress when it's Made-To-Order, has a veil and a high price tag. Pic related is called Marieé Eternelle onepiece set.

>> No.9078365

I own the one in the picture and we paid 1300 USD for it. (But we didn't order from the website; it was purchased at an event).

I was very hesitant but my SO insisted and in retrospect though it's expensive for a lolita dress, for a wedding dress it's actually quite a bargain so it all works out.

>> No.9078379

I agree 100%. I'm wearing lolita at my weddibg and have looked at every brand lolita dress intended for weddings, they're almost all very tacky, in my opinion. There are so many normal white lolita dresses that are far superior, as well as literally a fifth of the price.

>> No.9078402

Same here, spent 9 years trying to come to a compromise regarding hobbies before finally getting out of that sinkhole of a relationship

>> No.9078412

Perona is an adult female character? He's not into loli... He just mistakenly referred to her style as "gothic Lolita." I'm genuinely confused by these responses.

>> No.9078511

>I'm genuinely confused by these responses.
That's because you're a pedo

>> No.9078551
File: 24 KB, 600x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9078576
File: 43 KB, 500x500, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why you want to date normie girls?They would never accept you as you are, because for them a "real man is masculine", very sad. I'm a girl and i would love to have a bf that is androgynous or feminine, i'm not fat or ugly nor riddled with sever mental illnesses, i love lolita and gothic fashion and my dating life is severly limited due to this. I don't like normie guys also because i can't share any nerdy hobby with them.
Anon, most lolitas i know aren't into feminine guys except for some and they are single as fuck as me. We know that pain.

>> No.9078578

I'm lucky and my SO likes it when I wear Lolita. He wears some pretty eccentric fashion himself so I am confident it's out of appreciating for it as a fashion and not just something fetish related.

I've asked him about it before and he says he likes the fact I "shine" more in it and I thought that was pretty sweet desu.

>> No.9078581

>not riddled with severe mental illness
>wears Lolita

let's be honest here

>> No.9078601

1300 isn't that bad.
Some other roastie said like 17k and that's just a no

>> No.9078607

Where my lesbian lolitas at?

>> No.9078612 [DELETED] 

into the trash where you belong
I wish Omar had shot up a lesbian bar

>> No.9078616

This is so cute. I love that they're matching without him having to feel outside of his comfort zone in ouji or whatever

>> No.9078623 [DELETED] 


Ok so where are the girls that want a manly looking bf with a feminine persinality? Drop those emails

>> No.9078625
File: 117 KB, 527x565, 1433971539425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay jealous anon

>> No.9078626

i-i'm here
>tfw just want a cute lolita gf to do twin coords with

>> No.9078630

Ok so where are the girls that want a manly looking bf with a feminine personality? Drop those emails

>> No.9078631


>> No.9078656
File: 355 KB, 4606x3257, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can only pick two

>> No.9078664

This is so unfair, yet true. Granted I've seen plenty of gulls which only meet one.

>> No.9078702

I wear ouji and not lolita but hopefully this is still ok to post. My boyfriend is really supportive and always compliments me when I dress up. Sometimes I'll show him several different options for coords, and he'll help me decide which one looks best.

Recently, he told me out of the blue that when we get married some day, I should wear ouji, since he knows I don't really feel like myself when I wear dresses, and he thinks ouji suits me better anyway. I hadn't even considered that as a possibility, and it was so sweet and thoughtful of him. It made me tear up a bit. I'm so lucky to have a partner who accepts me for who I am. I love him so much.

>> No.9078705 [DELETED] 

why would I be jealous of a carpet munching period-drinking dyke?
you're literally subhuman

>> No.9078707 [DELETED] 

Gay guy?
Shouldn't you be dying of AIDS or something?

>> No.9078715

I'm a man and I think girls are cuter in Ouji.

My girlfriend wears Lolita and I wear EGA, I hope we do matching Ouji later on.

>> No.9078719

OP of the wedding-ish dresses. Thank you for going over mine and clearing up the price details!

Yeah! It feels like the wedding dresses that come out are aiming for a different aesthetic which... I guess is obvious, but for some reason that aesthetic doesn't mix well with lolita.

>> No.9078730 [DELETED] 

nope, not gay.
I'm not a degenerate homosexual like you

Keep banning me, cuck faggot mods
maybe on one of these hambeasts will touch your tiny dick

>> No.9078769

This should be an example for all prospective lolita boyfriends, either pay up or get fucked and stay lonely.

So why wouldn't you want him to let you do that? Just asking. You seem pretty stupid if you think this isn't a massive benefit for yourself.

>> No.9078796
File: 69 KB, 540x608, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because not everyone wants their boyfriend to sugar them?
I like it when my bf gets me gifts, but I feel awful asking for stuff/money if I'm not gonna pay him back. I feel far more comfortable using my own money to treat myself.

Not the OP you're replying to by the way though

>> No.9078814

I'm the anon above who mentioned that my boyfriend buys me brand. Even though I'm spoiled af even I can see through your awful logic. There's receiving a gift and being thankful and then there is expecting to receive gifts. If you're genuinely disappointed that your boyfriend doesn't hand you their credit card then you're trash, plain and simple.

>> No.9078893

If you watch Jojo at all, you should be shot.
Read the manga you fag

>> No.9079157

Matching Ouji would literally be so cute, please try and convince her to do that.

>> No.9079290

You have a point anon, i said that because i'm tired to see lolitas (well not only, i mean also tumblr stereotypes, fake bois and other people) that claim to have severe mental disorders, because unipolar depression ain't kawaii, they say that just for attention and drama.
Hopefully my fb lolita comm/group has minimal drama, no tumblr stereotypes and other weirdos.
There are many around, just be a decent human and not a creeper.
Aww, that is really cute anon!!
I would feel the same, it's very degrading asking a bf for money to buy lolita anytime. One thing is when he buys you a lolita gift sometimes, one thing is using a poor guy as cash cow.

>> No.9079320

If they have enough of the top of the triangle and an interest in bottom right, the other part is fairly easily fixable

>> No.9079354

>finally find boy who likes me a lot
>willing to make it official
>but only if I give up lolita

I'm a sellout doormat.
But dresses can't keep me warm at night...

>> No.9079362

Dump him. Sooner or later he'll ask you to drop your family and friends.

>> No.9079379


Hell no anon. That is one big neon red flag. Taking control of your partners hobbies and telling them what they can and can't do with their free time and money...unless you're blowing your budget on brand and vomiting to fit into it, he's way out of line. Healthy hobbies are not something any sane and loving partner ORDERS you to stop.

Controlling dicks will only escalate anon.

>> No.9079386

Yo that's not a good sign, girl. Drop that bitch.

>> No.9079432

Ok now I'm a 25 year old guy and I don't understand, like if I really like someone I'm going to try my very best in order to get that person to like me back. My girlfriend wanted me to work so guess what I did? I went and got a personal trainer.
>but only if I give up Lolita
after reading this, that guy doesn't really care about you or like you, because if he liked you enough he'd out there supporting you.
You really need to dump that judgmental asshole.

>> No.9079467

Yo, did you see what I wrote about my friend in >>9070328 ? It's not going to end well, anon. Whether explosively in a few months, or with bitter tears a few years down the line after he's taken away other hobbies or people you care about because slippery slope and all that. Don't do it anon. A jerk isn't much good for keeping you warm at night either.

>> No.9079497

Yeoooooo I remember y'all, I did a doodle of you two in a draw thread a couple of months ago. Y'all looking cute as always!

>> No.9079517

Guy here.
You're trying to date a fucking scrub.
Get off Tinder.

>> No.9079573

You're both gay as fuck
t. r9k

>> No.9079899

He's got a French Grenadier's uniform and musket since he does reenacting and since he's too tall and built to look good in just about every else, he just accompanies me to conventions in that get up. Keeps the creeps away well enough, that's for sure.

As for interest? I can't imagine why he wouldn't be..

>> No.9080193

because of this thread i was able to convince my bf to match my coord in an upcoming meet

immensely excited

>> No.9081751

You are me. I am also over twenty, normally social and not a weird looking person, but I just can't seem to find anyone I'd really like or make that connection.
Maybe I am asexual huh. I guess not though.
I just don't know what is wrong with me, w cant I just like someone and it feels bad.

>> No.9081822

Women can't be lonely
You can get a bf in literally half of a second but you're just waiting out for Chad

>> No.9081843

We're waiting for men who take care of their bodies and have enough mental health not to emotionally hoard us.
Take note.
You could have a girlfriend if you shower, cut your hair, listen to a self empowerment video, and stop believing in /r9k/.

>> No.9081865
File: 82 KB, 650x500, 1455744649953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I also jus beeeeee myself?

I'm fit, 6'4, and I only suffer from OCD.
Spout more memes tho

>> No.9082037

Good luck! Please do ouji twin, it will be so adorable!

Shit memes like this are why you're alone

>> No.9082057

No, I was talking asomething else, not the difficulty of getting a boyfriend. My problem is I don't often feel attracted or fall in love with anyone. I just feel friendship/awkward friendship. And I don't think it's a good thing to start dating someone you don't even like.
My life seems okay just the way it is? Yet I feel a bit sad when I realize I am probably missing a lot by still being single.

And no, you can't get man (for a relationship) that easy as a girl. That is a boy fantasy. I have a lot of average and above average looking friends who are single virgins above the age of 19. It's absolutely common my basement dwelling friend.

>> No.9082098

New thread >>9082096

>> No.9082754

Awwww, I squee. My preppy bf admits I look cute from time to time though he likes to act like he's just weirded out by it all.

>> No.9083427

>preppy bf
He's gay

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