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>Irish thread

Because why not.

Qcon coming up next week in Belfast. Eirtakon less than 150 days away. Irish rori and cosplay.


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>it's raining out

Ah lads.

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if someone doesn't pair up and do a Gerry Adams/Ian Paisley cosplay I swear to god..

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I'm sure this is going to end well

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already cringing like

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I sincerely hope somebody doesn't unironically submit themselves dancing for that competition. It'd wanna be some fuckin' amazing prize.

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Oh lord no. As if irish cons werent embarrassing enough already...........

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Will she be back for Eirta this year?

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Think she is still in Japan

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Why are the gods so cruel? ;_;

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l miss her :'(

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Yeah maybe next March I heard. Any gossip lads?

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Too last minute Qcon for me but definitely down for Eirtakon! Just move here from Boston, any suggestions for Eirtakon? Preffered panels? meet ups?

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Belfast comic Con is on 25 and 26 of June this year (yes I consider myself Irish even though I'm from Northern Ireland, born and raised)

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The Irish /cgl/ community is too small to ever consider a meetup, unfortunately.

Guests and panels won't be 100% concrete until the schedule goes up months from now but two different panels that are run each year are a Japanese whiskey tasting panel and a cocktail panel. They're a bit pricey (I think whiskey tasting last year was like €20?) but well worth it for the trivia, the craic you have with congoers/the host, and of course the alcohol.

There's also Cosplay Blind Date which has been consistently run over the last few years, which is as cringey as it sounds, but a fun way of pissing about an hour with your mates/having a sit down.

You can expect the regular garden variety con stuff inbetween; anime screenings, vidya tournaments, probably some semi-famous VA doing a Q&A/signing shit.

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Yanks out

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Sounds fun enough :D I got a few buddies going as well, but I'm definitely looking forward to meeting new ppls.

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Hope to see you there friend! ^_^

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Have fun, anon. What made you move over here anyway?

Also in regard to the venue, be prepared to do a LOT of walking around. Due to the nature of where it's being held now, many of the events and panels are spread across different floors, which means a lot of back and forth up the stairs (you can take the elevators but it's faster just to take the stairs) or having to travel down extremely long hallways just to get to something you want to. It always takes so fucking long to get to the trade hall from the main desk.

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My parents are from here, and in my line of work theres a lot of opportunity here, I'm actually doing much better for myself here than i was back home. I'm still young and been coming back every summer since I was a kid so I decided to stay this time.

But yea Otakon in Baltimore and PAX East in Boston are in humongous convention centers so theres a shit ton of walking and then raving all night lol. Feet often feel like jelly after. Assuming I'm a stereotypical fat American neckbeard? xD ;)

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>Assuming I'm a stereotypical fat American neckbeard?

Well are you?

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lol...no. cleanly shaven, and exercise regularly.

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Just keep an ear out for someone that sounds like they just came out of the Departed or Good Will Hunting with red eyes and fangs, and yous guys will see :)

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If you want to blend in with the locals a bit more during your time here, greet people with "Garda rats out" or "Up the 'RA" and they'll usually warm right up to you.

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Sweet semen puddle in the shape of Jesus, did anyone get a good look of this big breasted godess on the right?

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I'm all for big tits but she looks like a couple of primary school lads shoved two of the yard footballs up her jumper and left them there.

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You could LITERALLY use them as a bouncy castle

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Well then. Went up for the 3 days with a few friends. First convention I've been to. It was also my first time in Belfast (I'm from the republic) and I have to say I was not expecting much. Everybody I met was so friendly.

Only thing bad were some of the prices in the trading hall. I can't really complain though because the quality of most of the shit there was amazing and also the price of drink was dirt cheap. Missed the pub quiz on Sat night but the craic was still to be had after.

I checked out dota and hearthstone. Both were great. Staff were so nice and kept things running great and on time.

Absolute fucking blast of a time. Definitely going again. I'll probably check out other cons too. Eirtakon and maybe AkumaKon.

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No idea why that uploaded as landscape. Anyway, some of the cosplays were really good. Loved this one of Yuki Nagato. It makes me really want to do a cosplay as Kyon. It's something I think is less cringey if it's done right. Would be a bit of a challenge to get the school jacket looking good but I'd be willing to try. There were also some great Metal Gear ones as well as McCree from Overwatch and a Fallout 4 vault dweller.

inb4 "Is that a pepe tshirt? kys" top kek

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Why'd you blur out her face? We need to see the kawaii bruh

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I'd kinda feel like a dick for posting without permission.

I'm pretty sure this is her

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I wouldn't feel bad about it. People at cons know full well their pictures might end up on the internet. Many people actively encourage it and ask people to tag photos on the likes of Instagram or Tumblr so they can find photos of themselves later on and keep them/show their friends.

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>would feel like a dick for posting her face
>posts her Instagram
??? logic

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I suppose yeh. Just that I didn't ask. I'm sure she'd be cool with it though.

Ayyyy well if you actually search "Yuki qcon" it's like one of the first results. Also referring to her Instagram where she choses what pics she uploads seems nicer than uploading something she might not want up. It is highly unlikely she'd have a problem with it though, I was just being respectful

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Which metal gear ones did you happen to see?

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This guy was great.
www facebook com/DiamondDogV/
Saw a few others but I didn't get pictures or I haven't found pictures of them.

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Pay close attention to the 1 minute mark

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Thats nomcon 2013, go back to kiwifarms

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>Thats nomcon 2013

No shit, it's literally in the fucking title.

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Senpai, is me.

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Ahh shit! Props to you. You were one of the best there. I assume you're going to Eirtakon to show that off some more. Seems so far away but I might make a cosplay of some sort in the meantime.

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Aye definitely! Jack Krauser is one of the next cosplays I have planned, hardest part will be getting the bow and the beret but the rest is easily dooable.

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Look, it's one thing if she's actively going to cons and shitting them up but she literally hasn't been to a convention in years. Take it back to your containment website.

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I don't think we're referring to the same person.

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Nice. Good luck with it! Hyped as fuck

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Well lads, are ye ready to join the ranks and shitpost about other volunteers and committee members!?

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Anyone heading to MCM next week?

>gonna be shitty daredevil or matt murdock
>gf is karen

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Also does anyone here go to that GeekMart thing in town? I went last time and it was a load of shit as far as general content goes. Some cool sweets and whatnot but other than that it was almost just Tumblr dwellers and neckbeards lurking to play vidya.

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Looking forward to Eirtakon but worrying my cosplays won't look super amazing since I'll be buying them since I'm not a crafty person. Also hoping to convince the boyfriend to take a few shots of my cosplays.

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What are you cosplaying?

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Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill

I like posing and chatting with people when doing photos. I usually keep myself to myself but when I cosplay I just want to have a laugh and make people happy. If people aren't creepy with photo pose requests I usually agree but if they try to grab ass they get a swift kick.

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Oh yeah, you were in one of these threads before I think, talking about the underboob in relation to your outfit.

Don't fucking skimp or cover them any more than needed; they need to be there for the world to admire.

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If the costume fits properly there will be some underboob but I shall be wearing pasties to keep my nips in check. For the school uniform I actually have some panties that look like the typical anime panties. I'm a sucker for the little details.

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Got any work in progress pics?

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None I buy my cosplays because I can't sew for shit but I'm currently trying to convince my boyfriend to do a photoshoot with me at the con so I can have one or 2 good photos. Will probably do one or 2 cheeky and silly panty shots if I can. I hate bugging people to take my photos because I feel like I'm annoying them.

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Sure if your cosplay's good, you'll have plenty of people stopping you for photos anyhow. Have ye actually had any pervs at Eirtakon or any other Irish con before? It's a thing you read about fairly often on /cgl/ but I've never heard or seen anyone get too handsy at an Irish con.

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The only things that happened to me so far was just a guy taking pictures of my chest while my boyfriend was stood beside him. Funny thing was I didn't have a revealing cosplay on so we just laughed it off.

Had my arse grabbed a few times and a few comments from people but I have the banter if they're just a crowd of messers.

If I feel someone is being a serious creeper I just kind of stick near my boyfriend.
I tend to roam around on my own for a while at cons I just like to have a bit of wander and take photos. Since my cosplay is a little on the slutty side I won't be doing too much wandering later in the evenings.

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You seem pure sound and like you take it all in your stride. Fair play to ye, chungwan.

Are you from Dublin or do you and the bf travel up for the con?

>> No.9067637


Travel up it's a pain but we turn it into a getaway stay in a nice hotel...geek out then chill.

>> No.9067645

Sounds really nice. Pretty much none of my girlfriends have ever been weebly-inclined and I usually end up going with a friend or two anyway. I didn't cosplay last year but I did it in 2014 and felt like I was missing out big-time not doing it for 2015. Will have to sort something out for this year.

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Cosplaying just adds to the fun. I feel sorry for my boyfriend when he's with me because I get stopped for photos and he ends up holding my bags. I usually treat him to something really nice from the trade halls for putting up with it.

>> No.9067664

That's sweet. He doesn't cosplay then, I take it?

>> No.9067671


He wants to but never manages to get anything together in time. He can be picky but he always has a blast because we both have a lot of the same interests so it works out ok. I give him a lend of a camera and we just go nuts.

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There was one year half the staff didn't show up,

And twice the expected attendees appearred.

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I've been in that boat. Mingling with the fact that I'm just burned out from fucking work.

I normally just bring a camera and take photographs. Although some cosplayers can be a bit.... weird.

No, I can't show you the photographs I just took. They have to be developed first. It's a film camera.

Which reminds me. I've still to get the last lot developed.

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Still. The film is great for capturing the ambience of a con

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Unfortunately, I'm a shit phoographer. I'm just using an old piece of gear for shits and giggles.

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I will be, comin' in as Bane.
Time to break some bats.

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That looks savage

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>not doing Big Guy Bane instead

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tbf, I did walk around holding my lapels most of the day.

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We're not here to take part, we're here to take over!!

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Ahahaha just felt like reciting some Conor McGregor lines cause this is the Irish thread!! lol

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Pretty nice my dude. If I see you we should def get a photo.

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You've made me want to go as CIA now god fucking damn it.

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lmao that'd be great

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Out of curiosity has anyone here done the masquerade at Eirtakon?? Do you have to have a group and skit prepared because I'll probably cosplaying alone I was thinking of doing it because this might be my last year attending.

>> No.9079161

Any good Brony conventions in Ireland?

If not any like minded equinarians want to organize one with me?

Hay or neigh? ;)

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I did it last year for the first time ever as Venom Snake, it was all ab libbed and people went hype over it and I was solo.

>> No.9079984


I might chance it so if it's just a few poses or whatever I know some people use it as a chance to get a few photo ops in.

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Any photos from MCM today? Did anyone go?

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So is this any use? Anyone go to it last year? Cringefest or wha'?

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Was there really a rape at ArcadeCon or are people bullshitting, I feel like if it actually happened it would be all over the news and the only thing I can find on it are other CGL threads.
Some of the neckbeards with autism I've seen at Irish Cons have me wondering why it did not happen sooner though.

>> No.9084445

There was an attempted rape, the sick fuck actually pulled a knife on the poor girl but thankfully staff walked into the room and the guy got spooked

>> No.9084534

>Some of the neckbeards with autism I've seen at Irish Cons have me wondering why it did not happen sooner though.
top kek
also checked

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File: 720 KB, 1840x1232, F1000036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Welp. For some reason they won't go straight.

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Fuuuck. I'm a huge 40k fag, how the hell did I miss this. Was this last year?

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Is Brocon even good? Their website is dogshit desu

>> No.9087517

First time going so I'm not sure. Honestly I'm only going cuase it was a my GF's idea who is from Limerick

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My and my gf as Daredevil and Elektra

She was very happy with it considering it was her first con/cosplaying

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I actually have fuck all pictures, chance is slim but if you guys browsing got any with with me could you bls post them

also if you were at MCM, am I the only one who absolutely hates Deadpool costumes so much?

>> No.9087711

Same here. Deadpool has become the make Harley Quinn of cosplays. On top of that, I never liked the JEPIC SNARKY SO CLEAVER FORTH WALL BREAKING XD humour. I think 4th wall jokes are lazy

>> No.9087720

How many shitty Undertale cosplays are we likely to see at this year's Eirtakon then? I know the Danganronpa fandom was usually annoying but at least the characters were interesting/good opportunities for cosplay. But it's not Tumblr's darling anymore.

>> No.9087723

Hasn't the Undertale ship left like 6 months ago? Who even talks about it anymore?

>> No.9087725

What's hip and trendy these days, then? I see an awful lot of that Steven Universe shite.

>> No.9087731

Ya, there's a lot of SU. Dangonropa as some said before. I'm guessing Overwatch will be the next be thing as cos play masquerades

>> No.9087737


How could I fucking forget. I'm banking on seeing at least 5 lazy as fuck casual-wear Meis as soon as I step inside the door.

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>TFW know nothing about Overwatch other than the name, its meant to be a Team Fortress 2 RIP off and SJW's got triggered at some characters poses because they're arse's were outlined on their skin tight suit even though the male characters are meant to be all skin tight to
Also now that the OMP dub is coming out, there will be about 50 Genos

>> No.9087745

One particular one kept following us around and kept saying how epic his 4th wall breaking skill was with another autist creeping on my gf. Like fucking hell lads please stop, you aren't funny.

>> No.9087749

Just imagine all the shitty Over watch groups of fat lazy Mei and horribly out of shape Tracer/D.Va on a masquerade stage. Simply ebin.

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HA HA! He's pointing out something everyone already knows. Genius XD Since Deadpool had a movie, Normies are now in on it. OMG a superhero that says f*ck, p** and w*lly! This is so ground breaking. Deadpools are like those annoying street performers you'd wish just fuck off
I just Googled Mei, is she meant to be chubby under that parka? Regardless, like you said, there will be rotund ladies trying to hide their gut under it. And if the weather is good, they'll be cooking alive under it

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Mei is thicc.


>> No.9087779


I might be doing D.va on Friday at Eirtakon but I'm not a landwhale soo will I be avoiding the hate or will I have someone being an asshat because I'm doing something simple on the first day?

Not being snarky just wondering should I ditch my idea for Friday.

>> No.9087782

Is she the Korean one who pilots the mech and wears that tight-ass suit? If you've got dat ass, go for it gurl.

>> No.9087783

You're not a land whale so you're probably aight.

>> No.9087785


I'm slim and short so it should be ok.
Just need a bit of foundation to cover my freckles.

>> No.9087788

Freckles are cute desu

>> No.9087795


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File: 30 KB, 720x540, received_1356612991019636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thicc you say? Now I wanna see cos players
As long as you're not rotund, it should be fine
Dis 2

>> No.9088264

its shit, don't waste your money

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What cosplays have ye done/are ye planning to do later this year lads?

>> No.9090612

I might be doing zer0 from borderlands 2 for eirtakon. I'll see how it goes

>> No.9091881


There's only a few weebs that go to it so it's not really a weeb convention. The guests are generally pretty good though (John Romero and Paul St Peter) , and it lacks the extreme autism that permeates through Dublin events.

>> No.9092736
File: 120 KB, 720x960, 13529075_10153538722076640_4278772102833444956_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw shit nigga.
Also did a casual cosplay because I didn't wanna do the same costume twice at GCC, anyone guess who I am?

>> No.9093240

Wario, Zapp Branigan, Greg Universe or a 18 stone neck beard male version of Lain

>> No.9093242

Seems to be weeb heavy this year. Its organized by the UL anime society iirc

>> No.9093626

It annoys me that I don't know

>> No.9094024

I'm thinking of organizing a cosplay orgy at a yet to be determined location for Eirtakon, so I thought I'd gauge interest here first. What do you guys think?

>> No.9094072

Yes please

>> No.9094217

Well that's something at least!

>> No.9094894

Yes please

>> No.9094895 [DELETED] 

Was anyone in Brocon yesterday?

>> No.9094909

TFW literally the only person going to brocon

>> No.9094998

You sure you want that you could end up with some busted looking young wans and ham beasts

>> No.9095210

Yurt lads. Brocon is quiet. Not much going on there

>> No.9095430

Netflix series Punisher.

>> No.9096603

ahh I see. Nice job

>> No.9097589

There never has been much for Brocon. I think it might be due to the fact that they aren't a pure anime convention but a mish mash of anime, wargaming, board games etc. which may put people off and when you consider the fact that there are 2 better conventions in Limerick for wargaming and board games(Conclave and Knavecon respectively). Also I think the location doesn't help(Limerick is a perfectly fine place to visit, but I would imagine that people would be put off by negative stereotypes etc. and UL is a nightmare to get to depending on what area of the city you are coming from). It also doesn't help that there aren't as many events going on in comparison to Eirta, Akuma etc.

>> No.9098768

It would be justifable if it wasn't 15 Euros for a day

>> No.9099108

Did you post these on /x/ before by any chance? I really love how nostalgic your photos look.

>> No.9099114

For knavecon?

>> No.9099118

I have far too many. I will never get them all finished. Gonna do LOTR, Fruits Basket, Summer Wars and hopefully some kuroshitsuji! :D

>> No.9099166
File: 714 KB, 1840x1232, F1000010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, not me.

It's a 45 year old camera, it has that feel

>> No.9099295

No, Brocon. €15 is a lot for such a small con

>> No.9099467

Oh sorry! Yeah it is very dear for what you get. I've been twice and both times I felt like I wasted my money. I ended up spending more time in the bar than anything else. It's very frustrating as the organisers could be a lot more proactive but honestly it seems like they either don't care or don't know what they are doing.

>> No.9100004

They don't know what they're doing. The lad who owns the Stables said he would be more than happen to keep the bar open for them and have deals but they never contact him

>> No.9100083

That's idiotic, what the fuck are these clowns doing?

>> No.9100086

I wish they'd focus on making the con better instead of focusing on marching in the paddy's day parade

>> No.9100337


And very few people even bother to show up for that. I saw some photos for St Patricks Parade this year and the turn out was dismal I was gonna crack out my Zoe Hanji cosplay for it but wasn't feeling the best.

>> No.9101331

How to get an Irish cosplaying GF, lads?

>> No.9103525

Be a sexy lady cosplayer.

>> No.9103699

"Ching chong wing wong tong tong."

Piss off with yer Asian cartoons, ya bunch of Chinese baaaaaaaaaastards.

>> No.9103703

I hear you're a racist now, Father!

>> No.9103914

Confidence m8y, always be confident.

>> No.9104236


Down with this sort of thing

>> No.9105956

Hi Howth

>> No.9106486

It's too fucking warm out lads. It's nearly half past midnight and I'm still sweating the bollox off myself.

>> No.9106949

Talk a bot Steven Universe with girls on Tinder

>> No.9108228

>July nearly over
>done nothing worthwhile all summer

>> No.9108247

Thanks for reminding me

>> No.9108262

There's always Eirtasocial, I guess. I've never been to it before, though, and I don't know what to expect. Going with 2 friends.

>> No.9108456

Last year was only the first time they ran it. It was grand, just a night out with a few familiar faces from cons really. The bands were shite and they had a bad set up in the venue so I'm glad to see they're going for a different venue and entertainment means this time. If the comedians are even semi decent and don't go on for the whole night so there's plenty of time for drinking and chatting too I'll be happy.

>> No.9108477

Said to my friend that if the comedy acts they end up putting on are shite, at least we'll be able to enjoy the cringe over a few drinks and weeb discussion.

I don't think anything will top the time we went to an anime meetup in town months ago, though. Said friend brought me along because she needed backup and didn't want to be alone if it was too awkward. She introduced me to the group and got my name wrong (it was a slip of the tongue and she's been morto over it ever since) and we sat down with a few pints and watched some episodes of Attack on Titan and a few other anime I can't remember the names of. One was something to do with a gate, time travelling and some dominatrix girl.

Some lad who was sat next to her leaned over and started talking with her, then the topic of conversation shifted to his favourite Madoka Magica fanfics. I'll never forget the look on her face. I've never seen the light in somebody's eyes die so quickly.

>> No.9108530
File: 399 KB, 1641x1432, Dj22WFr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>his favourite Madoka Magica fanfics
ohh god

>> No.9108665

Just found this gem


>> No.9110061

This the last I heard of it.

Hopefully the organisers of that event also get sued for leaving a female staff member alone in a room they knew had problems with the door locking.

Anybody know anything about that Geek Mart thing happening? I have a horrible hunch it has something to do with Nathan Keely though.

>> No.9110850


>> No.9110853


>> No.9112169

Any yokes, lads?

>> No.9113583

I wish

>> No.9113592

wtf is that meant to mean.

>> No.9114666
File: 288 KB, 523x549, Singing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can our queen sing?

>> No.9115461

it's leaking lads

>> No.9115888


>> No.9116358


>> No.9120699


>> No.9120712

just let it die

>> No.9120715

Anyone going to Eirtasocial? I've never heard of any of the acts, is it just randoms doing cringe "comedy"?

>> No.9120729

Fuck you.
Yeah I'm going and I've never heard of any of the acts. Way I see it they'll either be funny or they'll be fucking shite and we can just enjoy the cringe while getting pissed

>> No.9122435

Who is going to dublin comic con? The guests are pretty shitty but it might be a good time.....

>> No.9123991 [DELETED] 


Fuck up, the lot of ye.

>> No.9123999

Stop being bold

>> No.9125698

Ah lads

>> No.9125810

What's your problem? The thread is slow but people were actually starting to talk about relevant stuff.

>> No.9126012

anyone going to DCC this year? Not sure if I'm up for paying for travel/accomadtion/tickets for a glorified trade hall again. Last year was shocking with the over-crowding, small rooms and bad staff and it looks like they've just made the problem worse getting a ton of celebrity guests and no extra space to accomodate.

>> No.9126031

>glorified trade hall
That's my problem with DCC and with MCM. If there were some events, talks, workshops, panels, screenings, anything like that, I'd go in a heartbeat. There are a few artists I know going but I can buy their art anytime. €20 to enter a trade hall is not my kind of good time.

>> No.9126051

I've only ever been to MCM Glasgow and I had a good time, but it was because we were doing a Persona 3 group cosplay. Plenty of photo opportunities and meeting other people from the same series or just other cosplayers in general, but the year before that we weren't cosplaying and it was extremely fucking boring.

It really is just an overblown trade hall; a heavily Westernized one at that, and that's something that sucks a lot of the fun out of it for me. I don't give a shit about Marvel or Doctor Who.

>> No.9126179 [DELETED] 
File: 441 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160802-203033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Willy's tingling lads

Should I?

>> No.9127088

If the weirdwoman who wont stop talking about Mass Effect and Snakes wont leave me alone at a con whats the nicest way to tell her fuck off.

>> No.9127128

Just excuse yourself and disappear into the crowd. Remember you manners? Those things.

>> No.9127873

Show her your trousersnake

>> No.9129153
File: 44 KB, 500x375, 1468760309813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9129202
File: 90 KB, 419x601, 1458233104886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9129330
File: 54 KB, 538x960, 13435566_873953826043477_6001787972653578569_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9130438

Im only going to cosplay, hoping that there might be some good photographers there.

>> No.9131594

To anyone who went to Eirtasocial last year:

How long did it go on for?

>tfw going with a friend but she's going to be late because of work so I'll have to be there a while on my own

>> No.9133030

So far I've heard a lot of good things about DCC. Any seagulls there care to clarify?

>> No.9133032

>Move from Boston to Ireland

Isn't that backwards?

>> No.9133069

I wasn't there but I'm sure there were at least 500 shitty Suicide Squad Harleys

>> No.9133073

I thought it was pretty good but way too many harley quinns
It was ridiculous, at one point we were playing spot the harley quinn

>> No.9133085

As if the basic bitch Harley fad wasn't already rife enough in the cosplay scene, now we've this shite movie to put up with. Speaking of which, what are our opinions on probably Ireland's first cosplay welfare queen?


She took down how much she was earning but it was already up to $250 a month

>paying the guts of 50 quid a month for 'exclusive selfies' and the opportunity to play shite like League with her


>> No.9133202

That is so embarrassing....worse for the people who actually support her though....if i thought i could get paid for selfies i would do it too

>> No.9133204

It was great craic this year, very warm.but the trading halls were nicely air conditioned. Okay guests and pretty decent cosplayers, nothing spectacular but irish cosplayers are not the most quality out there.

>> No.9133211

I know exactly the kind of lads who'd support her. I've seen her Tumblr posts. If she's not reposting pictures of her own modelling, it's dd/lg or kittenplay shit.

A lot of things a lad'll do for a bit of nipple these days it seems.

>> No.9134072
File: 108 KB, 286x273, polystyrene-foam-board-insulation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know where I can get foam insulation board? I assumed I could just order it from B&Q but they told me they didn't stock it because it doesnt meet ber regulations

>> No.9134128
File: 23 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1470160846265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9134260

You can get it from the art shop off capel street, Evans Art Supplies

>> No.9137340
File: 299 KB, 480x480, 1470495986325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9139440


>> No.9139677
File: 334 KB, 500x691, misatoref.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Misato > Asuka > Rei

t b h lads

>> No.9139682

Rei's always been worst girl for me, this is accurate.

>> No.9139820
File: 181 KB, 800x535, DSC_0214800x535.jpg~original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only on this glorious isle is NGE considered current. In 50 years, nip anthropologists will come to study the last living remnants of pre-2K otaku culture.

>> No.9139824

Are you kidding? NGE is still relevant pretty much everywhere, even if it is in the background compared to more modern series, but that's a discussion for another board.

>> No.9139826

>huge chunk of hair visible under wig

>> No.9139843

Oh it's relevent alright, but when I talk to people abroad I notice they kind of revere it as a timeless classic, while Irish otaku I know still talk about it like it just came out yesterday.

>> No.9139858

I think it's still relevant because every remotely weeby/nerd circle here I've dealt with has routinely recommended it to anime newcomers/casual watchers. When I got to college I hadn't seen it, but there was huge hype about it still so I eventually watched it.
I don't think I've ever seen an NGE cosplay at a con in real life though. I've seen photos from a few years back, but nothing recent.

>> No.9139861

p. sure that's just because the UK is 10 years behind as far as anime goes

>> No.9139876
File: 592 KB, 540x582, 1465749726847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9139880 [DELETED] 


You will LITERALLY not find anyone more perfect than her in the Irish con scene. I really just want her to change my nappy.

>> No.9140602


>> No.9141202

She's a raging autist that one, at least she doesn't sperg out online

>> No.9141235

Good craic at Eirtasocial so far. Mates and I are cringing into oblivion at the autist in the audience who won't shut up though

>> No.9141272

What are the acts like?

>> No.9141310


>> No.9141356

Acts were surprisingly good. I thought it was gonna be a complete cringe fest but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. The drink certainly helped. But yeah, there's was one autistic lad in the audience who just wouldn't shut up and one of the acts got a huge round of applause telling him to shut up. It was good natured but you could tell they still meant it

>> No.9143010

I've been to it once, it's just a micro trade day with some vidya. Cringey as fuck seeing people rock around in cat ears and shit. Who's Nathan Keely though, newfag to these threads.

>> No.9143013

Any plans for meetups lads?

>> No.9143023 [DELETED] 

>Who's Nathan Keely

He's a delusional autist who's ran a string of awful cons in this country over the last few years and insists they're class. He gained a certain amount of notoriety here after he had a complete meltdown in one of these threads last year when people leveled criticism at him.

>> No.9143024

Irish seagull meetup happening at the cocktails and whiskey tasting panels fo' sho'

>> No.9143038
File: 59 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nhac6gmva41qjhlhko1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Living for our main man Michael and the whiskey tasting

>> No.9143039

Same, famalam. I'll be gutted the year I show up to the con and find out it's cancelled.

>> No.9143049

I'm so worried after last year that it might be cancelled or shorter again. He seemed to have a hard time getting a hold of enough whiskey to do it so I really hope it'll be okay.

>> No.9143051

I wouldn't care even if it was repeats. I brought my friend along for the first time last year and she loved it so we're really looking forward to the bantz again.

>> No.9143056

Is the whiskey tasting an actual seagull meet or do people just go? I was there last year and nobody really seemed to know each other unless they came in with someone else.

>> No.9143062

Officially no but it could be fun to do it this year

>> No.9143339

The autist who would shut was Geek Eire's finest Sean Alpha.

>> No.9143346

Shit son, thats a name I haven't heard in awhile.

>> No.9143348

Making my monthly pilgrimage to the Great Capital tomorrow, do they sell japaroo sweets anywhere in Dublin?
Also, suggestions for some twee/vintage/otome-able stores would be more than welcome.

t. culchie and kawaii tractor owner

>> No.9143371
File: 90 KB, 600x625, 1384089090879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no culchie egl gf

>> No.9143388

I need to know where to look

>> No.9143420

For sweets go to the Asian market near George's Street arcade, they've a good selection.
In the same area, check out Om Diva for clothes. There are tons of vintage/charity shops on George's street but they're hit and miss.
Carousel in Stephen's Green carry nice otomeable cardigans, the dresses are more vintagey style mostly.

>> No.9143452

The lad who wouldnt shut up had too strong of a Dub accent to be Sean Alpha

>> No.9143492

It was him 100%, His mate Karl English who is almost as big of an autist as he is wouldn't shut up either, he has a Dublin accent.

>> No.9143509

What's the damage with those guys? Never heard of either of them until I experienced the autism firsthand at the gig. Real shame as well, since the comedians involved admitted themselves that they hadn't much experience with conventions/anime in general and those two retards are going to be what sticks out in their minds the most whenever they think of either. God they just wouldn't stop.

>> No.9143600

I thought the acts were congoers? One definitely does artist alley

>> No.9143620

First girl obviously was but the other 3 made a point of saying they weren't into the convention scene or anime at all.

>> No.9143623

Ireland is filled with cunts

>> No.9144397

Is Eirtakon worth it? I've put off going two years to avoid the autism but m'lady wants to go this year.

>> No.9148917

Its okay, Croke Park is a terrible venue but it is pretty fun to go and there are usually good cosplayers to gawk at.

>> No.9149148

Looks like we've hit the 69th day on this tread. Either we were on our best behaviour or there was feck all do to all summer.

>> No.9149157

>Either we were on our best behaviour or there was feck all do to all summer.
Bitta both to be honest

>> No.9149173

and yet you still can't get your mickey wet

>> No.9149301 [DELETED] 

>got banned for 3 days for shittalking NK


>> No.9149329

What's summer in Ireland like? It doesn't rain one day a week?

>> No.9149339

It rains every day of the week, only it's humid as balls, i.e. the most disgusting type of weather. It's all this summer has been so far

>> No.9149639

So, a typical US East Coast summer, only it rains a bit more and doesn't get as hot?

>> No.9150367


Gets clammy as fuck some days. Grey skies, not a single bit of air and dead heat, it's been like that most of the summer with the exception of the occasional isolated incident of a few days of genuinely nice weather but that's as rare as it comes during this time of the year.

>> No.9151748

can i take a hoverboard down to croak for eirtakon is there rules against that?

>> No.9151757

Don't think there's any rules against one but it'd probably get annoying pretty fast, for all parties involved. The halls be a tight squeeze sometimes.

>> No.9151913

>Irish thread


>> No.9152054

>being prod scum


>> No.9152099

fight me, negro

>> No.9152220
File: 231 KB, 1193x1512, whatisireland.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm assuming this is a Yank trying to be funny?

>> No.9154522

Anyone get Leaving Cert results or college offers?
>tfw 5 points off main interest

>> No.9154532

ouch. ya gonna hold off and see if you get first choice or just go with second choice?

>> No.9154540

PLCs aren't so bad :^)

>> No.9154582

What're your 1st and 2nd choices, anon?

>> No.9155237 [DELETED] 

Josie pls do more videos. ily

>> No.9155911

A dumb autist who ran a shit con

>> No.9157940

>LC posters
I'm too fucking old

>> No.9158403

If it's any consolation, equate the drop in marks and >>9151952 and have yourself a little chuckle.

>> No.9158480
File: 94 KB, 483x400, 1470421763345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seagull meetup Eirtakon during and after cocktail/whiskey tasting on Saturday night lads. We stall the pub for a few jars. Bar downstairs in Croker is shite and overpriced.

>> No.9160437
File: 94 KB, 601x508, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1472166830002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Missed out on my first, Law LLB in Trinity. Second is product design in NCAD. Probably gonna go for a PLC though.

I'm a newfag to Irish cons so his existence was "literally who" to me thanks tho

>> No.9160458

So I hear this is going to be the last Eirtakon looks like the only cons we'll be left with are Q Con and the MCM/DCC shite

>> No.9160465

Where'd you hear that?

>> No.9160486

Heard it from a friend who knows someone on the committee. Seems to be trouble with getting anyone to do enough work and it's left to the same few people every year who don't have the time anymore or something like that.

>> No.9160516


Doesn't surprise me if true. Wonder will they announce before the con though.

>> No.9160546

Sounds a bit unlikely. It's the longest-running and surely they wouldn't just drop it that easily. If Eirta goes, we're fucked and we'll be plagued with baby cons that can't organise themselves and that disappear after two or three years.
I mean, a lot of other cons have been dropping, so surely the attendance for Eirta would go up since there's less local competition.

>> No.9160555

Ireland Seagull Con when?

>> No.9160607


I hear things are slipping a lot this year because the students won't do any work and the older crowd are struggling with full time jobs etc. Apparently the director this year is crap and there's no one willing to take over the hard jobs.

>> No.9160629

Man I really hope it's not true, that sounds awful. I hope they get plenty volunteers, maybe that'd help out on the actual weekend if nothing else? I'd volunteer but I'm probably only going one day of the con.
Always had a great time at Eirta, I hope it comes together okay.

>> No.9160652


It's not the weekend volunteers, they're no problem. It's the need for people to be on the committee and work throughout the whole year. I volunteered last year and got chatting to some people on the committee who mentioned that several people quit their jobs during the year because they didn't realise it'd take so much time/effort and the rest of the committee had to pick up the slack. The Director ended up doing like 2 or 3 additional roles on top of being director and other managers were the same and shit like that. A lot of them looked so stressed out on the weekend I'm not surprised it's hard to find someone to take over their jobs. Sounds like they could be having similar problems this year.

>> No.9160659

Maybe their attendance going up is a plague and they can't handle it anymore as non-professionals/volunteers.

>> No.9160661

Ah I see what you mean, that's pretty awful. I understand people having to leave a committee for valid reasons but I feel like a lot of people jumped on to be "EIRTA COMMITTEE!!1" and thought they could just coast along. It happens a lot with college stuff, people are either really great and helpful or they'll do shit all.

>> No.9160668

Yea that's exactly it. Like I think it was always a case of new people joining, train them up and then older people could leave but the bigger it's gotten, the less people want to join or else they quit and the same people do all the work every year. I'd get fucking fed up of that too.

>> No.9160674

They've been saying this since Eirtakon 2006

>> No.9163618 [DELETED] 

poo in my bum :333

>> No.9164262

>trouble with getting anyone to do enough work and it's left to the same few people every year who don't have the time
Anything run by university students, ever. I would be surprised if this wasn't true regardless of the con's future.

>> No.9164768
File: 912 KB, 1440x1080, [Sephirotic] Evangelion - 01 [MULTI][BD 1080p 8bits 5.1 AAC][6B1607E9].mkv_snapshot_02.44_[2016.08.28_23.28.21].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you worshiped her today yet, lads?

>> No.9165270 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 416x416, jay-leno_416x416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]








>> No.9165279
File: 274 KB, 1839x1011, 1471811047823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9165288 [DELETED] 









>> No.9165330

Shariah law hasn't made it to Donaghmede yet, but I'm working on it

>> No.9165337 [DELETED] 






>> No.9165386

god's work led

>> No.9165431
File: 45 KB, 257x293, 1440078107373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First Sweden, then Germany, now Ireland.

Embrace the shariah, lads

>> No.9165435

For a moment I thought I was in a straya thread with all this shitposting.

>> No.9165439

>Howth posting


>> No.9165441

XDXDXD! Dankest of memes!!

>> No.9165445


>> No.9166190


>> No.9167585

How hipster would it be to go as Tim Hiedeckler from season 8 of On Cinema

>> No.9170506

Sounds like a plan, pub is good for craic but fuck all else.

>> No.9170580
File: 21 KB, 246x292, 1456706230526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so this is what happens when the irish threads don't get forcibly removed.

>> No.9170996

ye got too drunk in the pub, ye leprechaun. No pot of gold for you!

>> No.9170999


Yankee Doodle Dandy: "Erin go braless."
Irishman: "That ain't the way ye say it!"

>> No.9171236 [DELETED] 

What do you do when you're madly infatuated with someone who doesn't even know you exist, lads?

>> No.9171243 [DELETED] 

An hero tbqhwyf

>> No.9171883

I'm currently at DragonCon watching the masquerade on DragonCon TV

Wish all you fuckers could be here too

>> No.9172148

Doesn't lizard slag go to Dragon Con?

>> No.9172909 [DELETED] 

How will leaving the EU effect you guys?

>> No.9172911 [DELETED] 

Britain will try to give us back the economic and cultural black hole that is NI back, but the papers will be mysteriously lost in the post

>> No.9174367

Any fags here in Dunboyne for college?
>tfw no seagull pals
>tfw everyone seems like too much of a normalfag to talk to
>tfw miss having mild autist friend to shitpost irl with


>> No.9175010
File: 53 KB, 720x540, cosplay arseholes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup, I'm still in Atlanta

A lot of people are pissed off because a pair of edgelords cosplayed the twin towers

>> No.9175013


Someone should have reenacted the towers falling by knocking those twunts over

>> No.9175045

did they small bad? guy on left looks greasy as hell

>> No.9175090

Unfortunately I didn't see them myself but I heard the guy smelled pretty stanky

For such a hot city (almost 30C) there was a remarkable lack of stinky people (most stinky person I've ever encountered at a con was at Eirtakon)

>> No.9175107

So how was that Geek Mart thing that was on in Dublin last weekend? Was anybody actually at it?

>> No.9175925
File: 127 KB, 680x800, Nightmare Creature 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank fuck I stopped going to Q-con, the fucking cringe.

>> No.9175967
File: 34 KB, 383x630, Hitomi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will I get a qt weeb culchie egl gf if I do the cosplay blind date, lads?

>> No.9175970

It was okay. Still shitty in general though.

>> No.9175973

The first year it was run there were some qt grils now it's mostly girls you wouldn't poke on facebook.

>> No.9177195
File: 805 KB, 1440x1080, [Sephirotic] Evangelion - 08 [MULTI][BD 1080p 8bits 5.1 AAC][ED1E605A].mkv_snapshot_07.07_[2016.09.01_01.10.49].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start talking to a new girl
>seem to be really hitting it off, a lot of stuff in common
>Evangelion comes up in conversation over Facebook
>ask her who she thinks best girl is
>she says Rei
>tell her I've got to do some stuff and that I'll talk to her later
>that was 2 weeks ago

Disappointing tbqh lads

>> No.9179051

And so this is how it ends, boys.

Not with a bang, but with a FUCK YIZZER

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