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ugly dress thread?

let's start off with some of meta's abominations

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>people unironically like this

why? fucking weeaboos

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Anon you need help

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not as much as meta needs to be shut down

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I know we have ugly dress threads a lot and they always devolve into ever-so-polarizing Great Meta Debate, but damn anon you could've at least tried to start with something else. It just makes you look like a"LOL U MAD XD"-style edgelord.

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meta is trash and has the most ugly dresses out of literally any brand ever

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>thinking anything japanese is for weeaboos

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wa Lolita is a weeb fucking magnet

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people whine

>muh ageplay pretty! meta is so much better!

and then meta goes and shits this out

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>didn't even try to hide the fact that this is a meta hate thread

Also, if you don't think this meta dress is absolutely gorgeous then idk what to say to you
Yeh they have some weird stuff but there are absolute gems in there as well

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it's okay

not good or great

at least it's not complete shit like most meta

I wouldn't want to buy it though

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Noob detected

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It's housewife chan. Just ignore the dumb bitch

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would you like to explain why me disliking a brand makes me a noob? because that's fucking retarded

it's a matter of taste and just because I don't like muh special snowflake creative shart brand doesn't mean I'm new

I have probably been into Lolita longer than you and own more main pieces

not one of them meta

thank god

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let's fuck

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>meta is a japanese brand
>main customer base is japanese people

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I love some of metas weirder things but I'm not a fan of this. I dont like the busy repeating pattern and I never like yellow and red together. But of course thats my personal opinion

Whats that one dress that looks like an illness? Like covered in blood and pus, I dont remember

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wa Lolita mainly attracts weebs

>looks like an illness

sounds like every meta dress ever

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I think its an AP dress

Why are you so mad about meta anon? You can have your own opinion but being so angry about what others like is just stupid.

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Because meta anon is a mental four years old who can't handle people who like different stuff and throwing tantrums on the 4chins is of course the sensible thing to do. I bet she throws drinks at people who like cats instead of dogs.

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I'm a cat person you dumb cunt

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Oh god I forgot about this dress

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I got into vaporwave recently and since then I've seriously been contemplating getting this dress

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I no longer respect BtSSB as a brand.

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This dress just looks droopy and sad

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wtf is this bodyline-tier print bullshit?

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that's fucking terrible

baby is also a bad offender of making trash

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This looks like babby's first lolita sewing project

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This monstrosity

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Almost any anime collabs brands make needs to die in a fire.

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can't find the proper stock pic for this, sorry.

It's better than Celes' outfit, but still not a decent old school outfit either.

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This entire series didn't even make for accurate cosplay, and it's still pretty fugly.

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Ditto any vocaloid collabs, they never seem to go well.

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oh god that's so ugly. I was at a btssb fashion show and pitied the poor girl who had to walk the catwalk in this trainwreck so much.

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AP x Disney can get really bad

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I find it so cute, but for cosplay

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Don't you fucking dare hate on Scarlet Primavera Waltz

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get the fuck out

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Wtf even is this, I just saved it because it was hideous

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Literally who cares about accurate cosplay in lolita? The point is just the cute clothes

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If I ever marry, it'll be in this.

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looks like someone took the dregs of my grandmas sewing box and turned it into a dress

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If you wear that I promise you will be left at the altar

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It reminds me of the mold cultures I had to grow in biology classes

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Remember when ugly dress threads used to be as much about posting dresses you liked despite their ugliness as they were real hate threads? Good times.

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Dumping some ugly AP so the faggot with the meta hate boner can be reminded that her kawaii angelicu puritty is also garbage

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Man I love this ugly dress.

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easy mode: any AP muumuu dress

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it's funny how the poster using ugly AP dresses can't find an AP dress that's on the same level of dumpster fire as meta is so good at regurgitating

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>this would make a super cute maid outfit though

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idk, highlighter yellow vomit monsters like this one trigger my gag reflux pretty bad

just because AP always plays it safe in terms of design doesn't mean they don't churn out some incredible fuckups. Every brand does.

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this one clashes so bad it gives me a headache to look at

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yes but the quantity of fuckups meta has seems to be at an astronomical number

meta is a trash brand

sure they take risks in creativity

but rarely


do they pay off

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I don't like it either anon, if you didn't understand the jellyfish aspect of the shape, I think you might just be inclined to think it's a really odd and awkwardly shaped dress. It doesn’t actually look jellyfish-like enough to me and resembles a mid-range theatre costume.

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>angry yelling 'yeh meta has good dresses but because other ones are weird THEY'RE ALL BAD by default'

by your shitty logic every other brand in history is just as 'trash' as you think meta is then you idiot
enjoy this lopsided mustard mould sack

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no, I'm saying out of every release meta has ever done

only two are acceptable

compared to the majority of AP being acceptable

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have you actually even looked at more than like 10 of their releases

also...have you ever considered that there are 'less' bad AP releases because the majority of stuff they release is borderline the same? I love a lot of their stuff, but there are just huge chunks of it that are the same thing over and over
Essentially, if you've seen one, you've seen them all

There's a lot to be said about a brand that at least tries to make innovative stuff and one that re-uses major design aspects over and over

It doesn't mean they don't have the same abount of bad stuff, it just means they're flossing over it with multitudes of 'safe' designs

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also on the note of AP mistakes

what in the fuck

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I personally don't mind seeing themes repeated because the chances of it ending up like complete shit like meta makes is reduced

and yes, two

I dislike a brand

fucking arrest me for it

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it didn't send the file, how rude
yeh cool you don't have to like it, the point is you're running around yelling how trash it is

do you not think that annoys people
if you don't like it keep it to yourself or at the very least be civil about it good lord

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it's the same troll from the general who kept shitting on meta and meta fans

>> No.8971439 [DELETED] 

>do you not think that annoys people
that's the entire point

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you're talking to housewife-whore, a known troll. They know it's annoying. They know they're retarded. They know they're not being civil. That's the point.

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Can we just fucking report HW-chan instead of replying?

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>mods deleting thread relevant posts in a thread I made


baby is also trash

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Lord, this OP would be better without the pink ribbon, but even then the lace on the front looks like it got lost.

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the whole colour scheme reminds me of a decrepit old person's house, and the wallpaper is yellowing and everything smells vaguely like meals on wheels. It just ain't pretty.

Also, who doesn't love some good titty pouches on their dress??

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>muh ban evasion

you banned me for ban evasion when my bans had expired and forced me to ban evade

fuck off mods

you're retarded

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Another weird bodice coming up!
I know the "straps" are adjustable to make the dress look more normal, but I've always thought this looked ridiculous like this. It would surely be pretty uncomfortable, too.

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mods keep trying

this time I didn't do anything to provoke your bullshit

go back to sucking each other off and fapping to cp

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eesh, those ruffles look awful
I can't even imagine any kind of blouse that would pair with that

that'll make 'em stop! go gettem HW chan!!

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