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Hey Cgl! What do you call a lolita that just got called out on her replica?

Sweet and Salty.

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What if she wore gothic?

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Hey Cgl! What do you call a boystyler that just got finished doing time for bustin up bitches for burando?

An O.G.

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If you are a short lolita
Can we say you are a LOWlita?

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420 blaze it

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And that's why they call it high tea

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My comm was so full of SJWs I couldn't stand it. I want to make jokes without worrying about offending somebody's delicate fee fees. Now that I don't go to meets I started buying some replicas. Feels good to save money on dresses I like but don't love enough to shell out 500+ for

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No one laughs at replica-chan jokes, anon.
Enjoy your solitude

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>SJWs that frown at replicas

this is why I hate comms

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Kala Namak

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Hey CGL! What's a Mori girl called who visits a graveyard.
Memento Mori

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>dresses i like
>but not enough to bother saving for
Cheap ass hoe. There's never an excuse to buy replicas.

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Nothing will make me saltier than the fact that there was no punchline at the end of this post.

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I come to /cgl/ in the search of the best Latin jokes.

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People are too petti over replicas.

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