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The good, the bad, the horror.
Share your stories /cgl/!

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I know people love good horror stories, but I'll start with something kind of heart warming.

>friends and I cosplaying Teen Titans
>older guy stops us
>"Can I get a picture?"
>everyone poses
>"Thanks! I produced the show, so I'm a big fan!"

What he failed to mention is that not only did he produce OG Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, he's also the motherfucking president of WB Animation Studios.

>mfw when I have no face

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>plan to attend con's formal ball
>bf breaks up with me a week before
>don't want to go alone
>do it anyway
>get stared at
>text my older brother, who's elsewhere in the con
>mfw he poses as my bf for the ball
>even pretends to kiss me during the slow dance

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Thats fucking incredible

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>be at AKon at the Marriott
>homestuck is popular and is fucking everywhere
>assholes have been removing the lightbulbs from the elevators
>have to go up pretty far
>elevator stops, door slides open, completely ass dark
>I squint to see if anyone's there
>see no one, get in and stay at the very front due to slight fear of the dark
>elevator stops two floors before mine
>doors slide open
>no one there
>from behind me
>"is this your floor?"
>look back, see only horns and creepy white face paint
>fucking book it out of the elevator, to the stairs and up the stairs
>trip over some potheads, keep going
>arrive in a panic at hotel room, explain situation to friend
>friend shows me a picture of Gamzee afterwards
>got fucking scared by a fucking troll

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Where was this? Maybe he regularly goes to the con you went to.

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why would you do that, someone cute could've asked you to dance. you dance-blocked yourself.

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>be me a little normie ninth grader at my first akon
>at my hotel, getting out of the elevator
>see this creepy guy rushing to go somewhere
>dude looks back at me and does that rape face smile shit and says helloooooo in this awful voice
> say hi and walk with friends
>see him again getting onto the elevator a while later when I come back
>walk into elevator says Lol out loud and presses all the fucking buttons on the elevator and runs out
>guy gives me the saddest look while the doors close
Mfw I still feel bad about it to this day

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>Anime Boston last month
>Saturday morning, go to enter "secret" artist alley entrance
>There is a line to the sheraton lobby, figure it's still the shortest indoor line there is
>Boyfriend and I take our place in line, after a few minutes he asks me if he should go find a starbucks and get us some coffee since we'd be there for a while
>So innocently, I say yes, and he takes his leave
>As soon as he's out of site, the group of people behind me start yelling to call everyone's attention
>Are they staff? Did something happen? Do they need help?
>Nope, they're making sure everyone sees their "The Game" sign
>My soul is in hell
>Turn the other way to avoid witnessing this
>But no, it must continue
>Greasy looking Space Dandy cosplayer comes up to me from this side and asks me if I'm some character
>I'm not
>Try to politely tell him so, and say the correct name of my character
>He repeats the name, but not without butchering it, he pulls out his flip phone as he announces that he's "a dandy space hunter"
>Staff decides this is the perfect time to rearrange the line (???)
>The gods have smiled upon me, I make my escape
>As soon as the hundreds of people have completed forming this new line, staff completely shuts down said entrance
>I have suffered for nothing

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my little incest cant be this cute

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fuck that line. and fuck the volunteers man i was going to beat up one of them for being totally shit.

>friday morning
>heading to 3rd floor entrance from hotel elevator
>ask staffer where end of line is
>"oh it's over there along the wall"
>go over to where i can see empty spots
>be screamed at by tiny bitch volunteer
>"oh, okay, that's fine but you should let the staffer by the elevators know so he directs people properly"
>she tries to get up in my face
>i'm a 5'11 chick in heels
>she is 5'5 at best
>'holy shit calm down, dumb cunt'
>push her aside and she almost falls over
>my friend on senior staff comes over to chat with me all buddy buddy
>tells off volunteer and takes me past the line into the con

like seriously, why be so aggressive, i get autists and frustration but that's clearly not the job for you if you're going to be like that so early...

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Sounds like she got exactly what she wanted.

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>at hotel room before the rave in 2014
>get absolutely shitfaced because i had no self control
>walking to convention center when my roommates ditch me to go to a party.
>stumble to con by myself and begin to feel ill
>dont even make it into the rave and just run straight to the bathroom to barf
>dont barf until i get out of the bathroom and into my wig
>paramedics have to come get me
>get wheeled out in a gurney to the back of the con or whatever i was falling asleep
>eventually pass out
>wake up in the hospital with tubes sticking out of me
>only at the con for one day and leave after im discharged from the hospital

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I have a line story to share too, but it ended happily

>Dragoncon 2015
>First year of the new vendors room in a separate building
>my friend and I make it over there
>it's across the street from where we are, was about to jaywalk because Atlanta, but dont because there's a police officer at the crosswalk
>wait at the crosswalk with everyone else, light changes and the officer motions for everyone to cross
>I ask my friend "So this is how you get in, right? There's no line or anything--"
>look behind us
>huge ass line
>we are somehow at the front of it suddenly
>I swear I like blacked out between crossing the street and getting to the door, we were just at the front of the line with no explanation
>No one says anything to us about it
>Staff at the door asks for our wristbands
>We get inside in less than a minute

Honestly I dont even know if it was that much of a wait because all the other days I didnt have to wait to get inside. This happened on saturday. It still makes me laugh whenever I think of it though.

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Should've suplexed her

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>at tiny first-year con in 2011
>been vending all day with best friend
>end of day, gearing up for the rave
>hotel sets up a bar in front of the entrance
>obviously didn't expect 90% of the guests to be underage weebs
>friend and I are legal and enjoying shooting the shit with the bartender in between drinks
>friend gets moderately tipsy and I stop drinking to chaperone her
>leave the rave and explore some of the nooks and crannies of the con while buzzed
>stumble into group of teenage homestucks sitting in a circle
>neither of us knows anything about homestuck but we want to be friendly and hang with them because the con's got such a small friendly vibe and we miss our old weeb days
>mind you, it's obvious we've been drinking but we are not sloppy drunk, I am only buzzed and friend is just having a good time
>I affectionately call them hamsteaks
>they don't like this
>we ask them how they're doing
>entire circle stares at us coldly and doesn't reply
>friend plods on like a trooper and keeps trying to initiate conversation
>"Hey, have you guys checked out the rave? The music's good it's a lot of fun."
>more cold stares
>"you know, they have a bar right next to the doors..."
>uhh friend what are you-
>"Yeah, you guys, they're like, not even checking ids!"
>BFchan don't tell them that they're underaged!
>"Oh, shit, I'm sorry! Never mind! Do NOT try to get alcohol over there guys they are checking IDs SUPER. HARD."
>they look at us in disgust until we give up and turn around

I guess we were someone else's cringe that day, but I also think they were being really stuck up.

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>tweeting in hotel lobby
>Panty cosplayer throws her panties at me
>compliments my Pokemon phone case
>instantly in love
>her bf, Naruto, shows up
>heart shits itself
>finish my tweet
>"this place smells like ass already. #confunk"

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>be me
>at connecticon
>trying to not sperg from first con
>random dude in bad akira cosplay high fives people
>goes up escalator
>gets high five
>worst con flu of my life

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>in dealer's room
>just came from the bathroom fifteen minutes prior
>realize my skirt is tucked into my panties

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>have furry friends
>be persuaded to go to anthrocon
>make some cute nekomimi character costumes
>on saturday, dress as ms. fortune from skullgirls
>booty shorts, lots of exposed skin
>lots of other people are dressed up but none of their body parts are visible
>you know, like their faces
>feel cartoon eyes on my ass all day
mistakes were made

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>go to crossplay panel called "It's a Trap!"
>creepy middle-aged man in a dress rambles about how he is NOT GAY for the first ten minutes
>he removes a pair of jelly breasts from his shirt and tries to pass them around the room, but nobody wants to touch them
>audience is leaving fast
>gets mad about people thinking he's gay again
>for no reason anyone can fathom, he goes on a tangent about hating furries

>see him outside the rave later, staring at the ground

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you remind me of this guy from Ohayocon.
>saturday night, winter 2016, Columbus
>Arcade room off to the right is winding down for the night, must be 11pm or so already.
>still decent flow of people, see a gap up ahead in the traffic
>policeman comes walking through with some drunk guy and his friends, drunk guy is puking into a bag and being escorted out of the con
>cringe inwardly for drunkman's friends and appreciate that my friend group can hold our liquor
>was about 6 shots deep at the time

Don't get too wasted, then nobody has fun :^)

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Lucky motherfucker

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Haha you kind of deserved it.

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Honestly not sure how I would personally react to this. Cool story though.

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>13 year old me, going to a con for the first time
>go with bro, we meet up with his anime club friends
>friends are actually down to earth and nice guys, especially one tall korean dude
>in the AA, get separated
>i'm with tall korean dude, we cant find my brother or the others
>wander around, taking our time and having fun looking at all the stuff
>finally meet up with bro and play role-play games in one of the game rooms for an hour
very fun time, only downside to that con was that it was hot as balls

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Ladies, I want you level with me on this.

Why is that women love attention and the male gaze when it's from desirable looking men but as soon as an ugly dude looks at you you consider that visual rape, or that they're 'undressing' you with their eyes.

Do you find that it's a double standard when you're staring and checking out hot guys and objectifyin them as well?

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let's flip things
fat chick is trying to jump on your nuts
you ain't having none of that (okay some guys want it)
hot chick wants some
you're like hell yeah

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In terms of cosplay, I'm pretty okay with anybody looking at me and giving me attention, no matter what they look like. When they touch without permission, that's where we start having problems.

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>sitting in darkened room before sword show
>Latino guy enters wearing sunglasses
>sits next to me, feeling the seats for guidance
>puts his hand right on my left ball
>starts screaming in Spansh

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¡Ayy dios mio, cajonessssss!

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No no, I asked the question first.

And I did not say anything about touching. Just looking.

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it's an answer that's a question. think of the revulsion you feel when an uggo hambeast is trying to get with you. maybe she's just licking her lips like you're a giant steak. that's what a girl thinks when a neckbeard fedorakin is gazing at her. yes, it's a double standard. welcome to reality.

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Even attractive guys can be major creepers and not that attractive guys can be charmers, it's the way they check you out. A well groomed normal dude who has social interactions outside of cons is usually better at it.

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If he looks like he also faps to pinkie pie, it's creepy. If she looks like she schlicks to black butler yaoi, it's creepy. If the look like they need someone to hold their gut while they search for their tackle, it's creepy.

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>at con after party
>shitty Goku cosplayer is very drunk
>he cant keep his shirt on
>he accidentally rips his pants
>there's a gaping hole at the butt but he troops on
>he tries to talk to me and my friend
>he's slurring and he's unsteady on his feet
>he asks us to punch him in the head
>we decline
>he's being really insistent
>"I promise I won't get an erection" are the next words out of his mouth
>he gives us a sly smile
>he finally realizes we're not keen so he leaves
>I see him later on pestering a guy twice his size

And that was my friend's first and presumably last con after party. Whether or not Goku got his hard on shall forever remain a mystery.

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>The good

>Project A-Kon a looong time ago
>Have to piss, so duck into a nearby restroom
>Pretty crowded
>Bruce Campbell walks in; apparently he has to piss, too.
>Notices the crowd
>Says in Ash voice, "What is this, some kind of a line?!?"
>Walks out to find less-crowded restroom

Ever since then, "What is this, some kind of a line?!?" said in a Bruce Campbell-ish voice has been a staple of my family's lexicon.

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Wondercon. I think he was promoting whatever the new WB animated movie was.

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There's nothing wrong with masturbating to animu.

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Yeah but masturbating to ponies is weird.

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Pfft, says you

Horses are hot

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>Go as Yusuke Urameshi
>Walking around The con
>Huge black dude that towers over me taps my shoulder
>"Can i take your picture?"
>Gladly accept
>After taking the pic starts talking to me about his fan fic and if he could use my pic for it
>Starts to tell me the whole plot to his fanfic
>after what seems hours of him telling me about his cross over fanfic i had enough and tell him i have a panel i really want to attend so i gotta go
>He says he'll follow me
>The entire way he keeps talking to me about his fanfic
>After sitting at a panel i didnt even want to be in i pretend to receive a text that a friend needs help with something at a hotel.
>Say goodbye to the guy
>Follows me outside
>Follows me outside the con
>tell him its been fun but im tired and my friends had plans to do something in private
>Shakes my hand with his Goliath hand and says "Oh okay ill see if i can find you tomorrow yusuke"

The rest of the con i was kinda looking over my shoulder, hoping i wouldnt run into him.
Interestingly i bumped into him as space dandy last year, took a pic and left.

I got more stories if anyone wants to hear em.

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>Be me at Otakon with GF
>We head to the gaming room
>She's watching Smash bros games
>I find NES Contra and sit down
>Little excited asian man sits next to me
>He seems close to my age and gets my Contra cheat code joke
>Think this guy's ok.
>Invite him to hang with GF and I for a bit
>We go to the dealers room together
>ANY HENTAI themed booth we pass, he has to stop, grab something like a body pillow or doujinshi with graphic cover and show it to my GF
>Proclaims the following: "When I get enough money, I want to have something like this as the first thing people see in my apartment."
>Follows up with fake laugh and just kidding.
>After THIRD TIME, I tell him it's been fun, but we gtg to a panel.
>He follows us to panel and shows us his sketch book of nude models and who he thinks is hot.
>Keeps making an effort to showcase this stuff to my GF
>Ruins panel for us
>Tell him we're meeting friends elsewhere and he's not invited
>I drink in his sadness from rejection
>We left him, and I never tried to make friends at a con ever again.

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People in general of all gender, race, and ethnicity, don't like unattractive people as much as they like attractive people.

Also, attractiveness is at least 50% in bearing, personality, and composure. People don't like the sensation of desperation. Think of walking through the mall, and some salesperson for a product you don't want starts coming towards you and making small talk, clearly just waiting for the opportune time to throw in their sales pitch. There is a tangible feeling of desperation or imposition hanging in the air, and that same feeling is present in many cases when a desperate person is talking to somebody they're attracted to. It is an unnerving and uncomfortable feeling.

That being said, unless you are physically malformed, there are a ton of things you can do to boost attractiveness, from better hygiene to better clothing, to diet and exercise. There are ways to practice your charisma to become more congenial. It isn't a list cause.

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Not sure how to class this but eh, in the end I found it funny
>staff at con
>catch a cold before day 1 because of a shitty hotel room ac that was broken. Can't adjust the temp
>still have to staff
>day 2, cold gets worst but still manageable
>fuck it going to buy an overpriced sweater or someshit at dealers. Seriously who the fuck catches a cold in the middle of fucking summer?
>attendee starts to randomly hug me from behind for no apparent reason or because of the shit i bought to keep me warm
>become patient zero

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This is why you ask before you touch folks

>> No.8953772

Overused bait.

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>Be 20
>starting career in a new city after 2 years of studying something else
>sharing a room
>my roomies are two younger (17 and 18) freshmen (The 17 one is on the same year as 18 and I because he hasn't had his BD yet)
>a friend of 17 who stayed in his home city tells him about an event in the city we are on
>17 wants to go
>18 just accepts as to spend some time outside
> I agree too
>it is called retro anime otaku something (never knew it's actual name)
>it will still have a bit of everyting anime/manga/vidya/western comics cause that's how our country rolls
>we happy and cheerful
>I tell them about a previous con I went to and a Narutard cringe experience, though in a way to keep the light hearted spirit of the conversation
>17 starts going all "hey bro what's wrong with Naruto"
>it's now half serious half jokingly
>even after the conversation goes on he is a little bit pedant on "but you don't like Naruto" as if that made me a boring old man
>18 plays along as to keep the joke even though he isn't that keen on anime
>17 never speaks seriously, always speaks in a badly done sarcasm/irony that exposes his betaness and enormous desire of getting laid
>so hardly get more info on the con
>day of the con (so the next day)
>Shower and shave
>they shower after me even though there are three showers at the place we are staying in and everybody else was outside
>leave nearly an hour late
>we are on a corner opposite the place of the con
>it's in a high school
>17 afraid of it being filled with underages [like him] because of classes
>remind him it's Saturday


>> No.8953965

>we cross the first street separating us from the school
>17 sees a girl near the entrance (which is now crossing to the other side of the street) wearing cat ears
>starts saying what a cool neko she is
>explains to the confused 18 that neko is a Japanese word for cat ears and a man eating woman who turns into a cat
>I (or my autism) can't help but correct him (I study many languages and know about many cultures, Japanese being one of them)
>he gets assblasted and backs his knowledge on Naruto
>18 seems to be disencouraged to go because of the entrance cost and the manifestated autism
>sweep that away and finally decide to go to the damn school to get into the con
>But a great obstacle appears before 17
>the catgirl is talking to some guy
>18 is not the kind of guy who wants to murder an idol because of her being involved with a man, but is on the same level of pathetic
>back away because he feels he won't be getting any pussy
>one of the things he said to convince 18 was that the chicks would be either 10/10s or 0/10s
>as we walk back he says how he'd only go if there was a LoL tournament (we love the game and play together), but there are only 8 or 16 bit games (old arcades apparently)
>try to convince there could be some LoL too
>we ensue into another autistic conversation about history of videogames
>he tells me about other things listed in the con's site (remember, After deciding to not go) include dancing mat...
>Passion for DDR and similar games kicks in
>Fuckers we have to get back!
>no chance

At the very least after that I got an ice cream, and he got himself into some embarassing situations including one where I made him scream "I love tits" in the middle of downtown.
And if you want a twist it was today, Saturday ninth of April 2016 if by any chance the date in the post is wrong.

>> No.8954066

I don't think it was actually a line, it was just that the sidewalk on that side of the street was way overcrowded and got backed up. The entrance was moving faster than the sidewalk to it.

>> No.8954908

Is it considered unsanitary to sleep in your car and shower with those military waterless shower wipes during a con?
I don't like spending money on hotels and shit.

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>be 12 at my first con
>a bunch of my friends, like 6 or 7 of us with only one adult
>it's a small local con
>everything going well
>meet a guy dressed as doctor who who's probably around 20-25 years old when a bunch of people were sitting down just resting
>he sits down and we talk a little about his costume
>he says he massages feet for a living and as a 12 year old I gladly accept since my feet are aching
>we continue talking and he can speak japanese fluently and imitates some well known characters
>says a lelouch line
>immedately start fangirling
>he says something else
>"What did you say?"
>"You're too young to hear something that dirty."
>don't feel anything is wrong
>continue on and talk with him more and hang out throughout the con
>eventually say something like "Man if you could adopt me that would be awesome!" because I'm a 12 year old with shitty parents
>he replies "Then it wouldn't be legal"
>finally my 12 year old brain understands
>realize I should go back to my friends
>he asks if I have a myspace and I say no
>he writes his number down and gives it to me and tells me to call him sometime.
>mfw I remember this

So many pedophiles at cons. Another con I was being called Jail bait by a few guys as a nickname during the rave.
I'm glad I never had anything bad happen

>> No.8955097

This just happened this weekend.
>Be cosplaying Project diva school uniform Rin
>chilling on seats next to escalator, waiting on friends to finish larping
>just playing on phone(Cinderella Girls SS)
>bf comes up to me asking if I he said anything to me
>some guy coming down escalator tried to do a creepshot above me
>another person saw him and confronted him
>creepshot guy instantly bolts away from area, running
>guys chase after him

I have not a clue what happened to him or any idea this happened since I was drowning out everything. The only skin I had exposed was between my socks and skirt, and same with the Lucy next to me.
So whatever he was doing idk

>> No.8955114

It's not ideal but you do what you have to do. As long as you don't stink no one would tell.

>> No.8955462

Have people seen this? It reads like all the most unbelievable con horror stories rolled into one, but people are reposting it like it's proven fact, and acting like anyone who shows any doubts it a rapist waiting to happen:


I've never been to a tabletop gaming convention, but I've been in gaming rooms at cons, and aside from the stink, they've been some of the most welcoming people I've found. Has anyone had an experience anything like this person is claiming?

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Remember, disbelieving is a thought crime.

>> No.8955493

>The white male experience!!!

I, too, have never found the tabletop community to be anything other than welcoming.
You get the occasional fag in videogames, but they're usually 12-year-olds who still believe in stereotypes.

>> No.8955496

>tfw female, girly as fuck tabletop gamer who painted her dark eldar army pink
clearly i must be being oppressed.

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>cosplay Panty and Stocking with friend
>teens congratulate us on our "old school" costumes

I feel old and in the way.

>> No.8955525

I volunteer with my uncle at a small table top gaming event like twice a year. I've been doing it for two years and the people have always been friendly and welcoming. They're all old white males and I'm a young female, but they have never EVER been inappropriate or unfriendly towards me and I'm certainly not an experienced tabletop gamer.

>> No.8955530

All of those stories sound fake. Like all of them.
>An aboriginal woman comes in to the store to look at miniatures
>An aboriginal woman
>how the fuck would you know her specific ethnic background just by looking at her you racist cuck

Are these supposed to be made up stories? Like, "this didn't happen but they COULD happen if we don't stop these terrorists! And these things happen all the time to girls who don't speak up about them!"?

>> No.8955649

Went to Sangawa Project 2015 it was my first con and only were about 400 people but it's 21 and over only.
>Small so you see same faces
> in elevator with staffer
>she asked how we liked it
>bro complains says it small
>ride down few more floors in silence
> see her like 20 times by the e2nd

I had fun though they have alcohol socials and tastings and even some of the hosts of panels are a little hammered so it creates a fun enviroment.

>> No.8955935

>drinking the koolaid

>> No.8956144

the creepy black people like that black Luigi guy and his creeper friends like Kaplan. creepers need to gtfo and not cosplay and not go to cons and the world would be a better place. well some of it.

>> No.8956184
File: 20 KB, 296x394, dylanbanoncy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Toesucker/Dylan bonancy from New England. He attacks girls who are barefoot and sucks on their toes without consent, allegedly raped someone and such. Every girl I know has a story about him it's unbelievable.

>> No.8956186

Whatafuck. I'm not doubting you anon but... How do you even suck someone's toe without their consent? Does he just restrain the girl and suck her toe til she manages to get away?

>> No.8956192

Something to that effect, like he invites girls to his room or goes to room parties and offers a foot massage and he starts rubbing their feet and then suddenly their foot is in his mouth.

He also apparently swatted somebody at Anime Boston last month, and *possibly* sexually assaulted a Corrin cosplayer at Katsucon while on an elevator with her.

>> No.8956196

Fucking. Sangawa project. Now that was a shit show. We tried it out since the idea of an 18 plus con sounded good on paper. It was not. Hygiene was nonexistent, replaced by a hivemind of autism and Jack Daniels. Luckily there was some type of business meeting going on and I spent the rest of the trip learning about good financial planning from business milfs while downing jaeger bombs with an ex marine. Bad con, good learning experience.

>> No.8956210

Are you a dumbfuck? In many, many countries native/aboriginal residents have a distinctive look, compared to the general population. This is like saying "how could you tell they were Asian and not white YOU RACIST!!!!!"

In the story the woman specifically asks for miniatures who "LOOK LIKE ME", how stupid are you, seriously?

>> No.8956274

Don't be a fucking hobo. Either shell out for a motel room/room share or don't go.

>> No.8956284

Spoken like someone who's never been on a budget.

It's not ideal, but as long as they pass the smell test, who cares?

>> No.8956304

>Spoken like someone who's never been on a budget.
Last I checked, a convention is a luxury item. If you have to sleep in your vehicle and use wet wipes to bathe for 3-4 days, you probably shouldn't be going
And also, anon said they didn't LIKE SPENDING MONEY which implies they have the money for a room and a proper bath but they just don't FEEL like paying it which makes them even worse.

>> No.8956311

Again, as long as they don't stink or look like shit, why should anybody care?

>> No.8956322

Because they came in and specifically asked for opinions?

Is it unsanitary to sleep in your car and not actually bathe for 3-4 days? Yes.

>> No.8956333

Just two nights. If it's not a summer con, most people can go without showers for two days, especially if they wipe themselves down.

Not ideal, but doable.

>> No.8956338

I don't get why you even asked honestly. The no-shower thing will only matter if you smell bad. The whole sleeping in your car? That's a legal issue.

>> No.8956348

>The whole sleeping in your car? That's a legal issue.

How so? It's your car.
(Also, not the one who asked)

>> No.8956352

Police will think you're homeless or some shit. It's for 'safety' or something.

>> No.8956359

>(Also, not the one who asked)
>Just two nights.

If you ain't OP then how do you magically know their con schedule?

>> No.8956383
File: 189 KB, 500x281, 1423679140420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8956409
File: 64 KB, 453x545, Nep_Pep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mfw I have not seen a single Homestuck con story. Guess I'll start.

>Be me at New York Comic con back in 2012.
>Cosplaying as dad because I'm older and have the body type.
>Join up with the Homestucks for photo Op in a side area of the Javits Center.
>Can't help but notice there's another guy wearing the Dave shirt and a pair of sunglasses. Half asses cosplay if you want to call it that.
>He's sitting in a circle with other Homestucks.
>They're playing spin the bottle for glomps, hugs, or kisses.
>Girl Karkat spins the bottle, while in character. (Karkat types in all caps and scream profanities)
>Bottle aims at half ass old Dave cosplayer.
>She curses and glomps
>She stays in character, while he cops a quick feel of her ass
>She doesn't realize because she's too busy showing her RP off to everyone.
>I watch and say nothing.
>I walk away knowing he's going to get into someone's pants from that circle.

This isn't the first story I have about Homestucks. But it's one I don't mind sharing off the bat.

>> No.8956435

It's not illegal to be homeless.
And the cops outright tell you to pull over and take a nap if you're getting sleepy while driving.

Most cons are three days, two nights.

>> No.8956437

There's a story involving homestucks near the top of the thread?

>> No.8956441

I could swear I've heard this story before. Either that, or Homestucks play "spin the bottle" a lot.

It makes me feel like I was born to early. Where were girls playing that with ugly nerdy guys when I was a teenager?

>> No.8956443

Chill the fuck out anon. I'm sorry I can't look at someone with a darker skin tone and immediately recognize whether they're African or Aboriginal or Jamaiican. I guess I'm just uneducated. And asking for a figure that "looks like me" implies nothing about ethnicity, just that they were looking for a figure that looked like them. Did she say "do you guys have aboriginal miniatures?" because that's not what I read.

>> No.8956445

>That night, I find a constellation of five bruises on my ass.
She should be glad her ass wasn't already dead

>> No.8956470
File: 1.81 MB, 280x212, 1459885457851.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Where were girls playing that with ugly nerdy guys when I was a teenager?

I feel you. It runs through my mind every con I go to now. My teenage years would've so much nicer if these peer groups existed back then. I would've loved to have the friends at least.

But yeah.........the fact a nasty dude can get even touched by cute girls makes me so jelly. Had I been 15, I would've walked out with some tail. Just a taste. :(

>> No.8956481

Yeah, exactly. Even if cons weren't unsealed body paint Homestuck orgies, it would have been nice to have likeminded weeb friends.

>> No.8956600

But it would be much better if they were.

>> No.8956639

>But it would be much better if they were.

Not if they were Homestucks. As cute as they can SOMETIMES be, most of them are tumblrinas looking to figure out what they sexually identify as. Homestuck is a conduit for them to do this.

>> No.8956757
File: 28 KB, 640x480, 1341682830709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Walking out in the middle of a late Panel at AX
>see a girl with a bunny suit crying her eyes out outside of panel
>We lock eyes for a bit
>I just go to my hotel

To this day i wonder if she needed help. But i had to watch the new episode of space dandy... fuck it.

>> No.8956848


Holy shit, what.

>> No.8956850


> women love attention and the male gaze

You know that carpet-munchers exist, right?

>> No.8956862


Shit like this is why I'm going to be watching my little sister like a hawk during her first con.

>> No.8956888


Had something similar to this at my first Acen.

>Get there all hyped and r easy for our first con as a group.
>Park in structure connected to hyatt.
>Ask where at con registration is.
>Get pointed across skywalk.
>Walk across skywalk and into main enterence.
>See a huge line for at con registration.
>Suffer in line for 2 hours.
>Walk out the main enterence to a line spanning the length of convention center.
>Ask someone what the line is for.
>"Oh, at con registration".
>Walk away laughing, realizing we skipped the first half of the line by accident by coming through the skywalk.

>> No.8956927

any more homestuck horror stories?
i'll share one
>be me at anime expo in good ol' commiefornia around two three years ago
>not cosplaying cuz didnt feel like it besides wearing ash ketchums hat but thats it
>with four other friends ones a homestuck the rest were (surprisingly normal) bronies and i was just pokemon dude before i started reading homestuck
>bronies go to their bunch where there was a group of people who had just the pony tails
>other friend and i didnt wanna be there and neither did i
>we walk around and see a large group of homestucks, mainly 20 humans and a couple half-assed trolls (no makeup, just the clothes and the horns)
>noticed they were all very very young like 13 and i coulda sworn i saw an 11 year old chugging a 2L bottle of faygo
>they see my friend who was cosplaying (i dont remember who) and they all scream his name like hes the creator himself
>even the fucking security told them to pipe down
>they play spin the faygo for about 3 hours and try to drag me in but i just spectate the underage madness
>this kid who looked 6 years younger than my friend kept aiming for him but i dont think he was aware and kept getting upset every time it landed to the person next to him and he would always yell "fuckass! i was so close!"
>i leave and a couple of them scream because of me leaving even though i didnt really talk to them
>go to the adult homestucks cosplaying and stay & chat with them throughout the rest of the time i was there
thats the only story ive got that was cringy

>> No.8956979

>weird dude all in black with trilby
>fake geek girl with fake cats eye glasses and microphone

Two stereotypes in one photo, nice job.

>> No.8956996
File: 9 KB, 238x212, Ahmadinejad trollface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I sexually identify as a troll

At least they're honest about it.

>> No.8957051
File: 85 KB, 480x600, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mfw I might know who that was

Alright small story
>Be in Bioshock cosplay
>Sanji cosplayer comes up to me, wanting picture
>Is super in character, gets very close for picture
>Starts showing me Bioshock tats, keeps same distance after the pictures
>Friends have to pull me away because I'm too shy to excuse myself
>Later, watching Death Match.
>Look onto stage

I still don't know why if he was super in character, spilled his spaghetti, or was an actual creeper

>> No.8957075


Is that a Homestuck thing, or is there an overlap between Homestucks and Juggalos?

>> No.8957094
File: 477 KB, 500x281, approximate knowledge.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a bit of both. One of the characters is a juggalo or at least wears similar looking face paint.

>> No.8957095

I went to Anthrocon last summer. I remember one story that stuck out to me.

>be the fursuit parade
>all the furries are walking by single file
>everyone's having a good time and laughing
>some ugly ass fursuit walks by
>carrying a massive confederate flag
>the crowd goes dead silent as this furry passes by

I don't know what that furry expected, going to a place as faggoty and liberal as a furcon.

>> No.8957130

What? Panty and stocking isn't old at all what the fuck do younger weebs seriously consider it old school?

>> No.8957137
File: 49 KB, 560x612, gestapo dogs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one?

Nazifurs are a thing, so why not Confederatefurs?

Kids these days...

>> No.8957139
File: 5 KB, 214x270, Gamzee Makara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8957204

Haha there was one guy scooping chunkys soup out of a can with crackers in the main hallway and a few people that obviously wore the same clothes everyday there.

I was with you in the idea of a 18+ con being near but it's only worth it if you would want to drink with people who like what you like.

>> No.8957226

My friends and I did the exact same thing last year at dcon- totally jumped in front of that whole line on a saturday while crossing the street. I felt a little guilty when I realized what I'd done but then thought "fuk, no regrets"

>> No.8957246


While I do believe these people exist in stories like this, most of them are kept in the basement and only make comments like this online. There is a need to help push the idea that cosplay is not consent because the nerd crowd attracts a lot of unstable people, but I believe some of these stories blow it fat too out of proportion. Even the first one seems so far gone from reality that I can't accept that everyone at a tabletop meet would be ok and repeat the comment "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed" to a 14 year old girl. Either that or every event I go I've been fortunate enough not to run into such shitty, inhuman people who don't deserve to leave their homes.

>> No.8957330


>2L of faygo.

Story is fake. Don't you know they only come in 1 or 3 liters dummy. Do a little research next time before you make up stories.

>> No.8957334

That's so cool anon! I love hearing stories like this, where cosplayers meet the creators of the show they're cosplaying from. My friend did Ants in my Eyes Johnson from Rick and Morty at AB, and when we were walking around the hotel lobby this dude asked for a pic and said "I work on the show, I'm gonna send this to the creator." We freaked out afterwards.

>> No.8957336
File: 242 KB, 750x1334, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.8957352

Homestucks play spin the bottle/spin the faygo literally every time they group together, I swear. I think it just showed up once in someone's con vid and it became a meme of sorts. I know I had similar experiences back in the day with the KH fandom. Also probably has to do with the combination of heavy emphasis on shipping and young fandom with little dating/sex experience.

>> No.8957376

that was done on purpose. the video its from is satire.

>> No.8957446

>sketch book of nude models and who he think is hot

Speaking as someone who used to be a life model, Jesus Christ how horrifying.

>> No.8957465

>Also probably has to do with the combination of heavy emphasis on shipping and young fandom with little dating/sex experience.

Like I said earlier, where the fuck was a fandom like this when I was a teenager?
The closest it ever came was Invader Zim.

>> No.8957565
File: 78 KB, 600x800, VaIYm0w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Confederatefurs are definitely a thing. I hear this one caused quite an argument throughout the fandom recently.

>> No.8957573

Furitage not hate anon. >:(
No but really who would spend that much time and/or money to make that.

>> No.8957579

I'll be honest...I can appreciate the craftsmanship, considering how difficult it must have been to pattern that flag design.

>> No.8957582


>> No.8957588
File: 26 KB, 378x442, tumblr_n30cc6iVbg1r4rhhzo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8957598

I feel sorry for them, their heritage is suddenly under heavy attack.

>> No.8957652


>> No.8957665

Stop fursecuting me and my confurderate furitage. My Fursona, Robert E. Lynx, is a proud southern gentlefur and I will not stand idly as you besmirch his good name.

>> No.8957910

This dude just likes pissing people off and wanting to be the center of attention, even if it's negative. He did this a few years ago where he created an imposter fursuit based on a famous furry's (Lemonade Coyote) who had died a little before hand in a car accident. Poor guy was on duty as an EMS and a drunk driver hit the ambulance that he and another crew member were in.

He claimed it was in "honor" but it was just to piss people off. The community got nuts and he was forced to give up the fursuit. This past year he wanted to be in the spotlight again and created that confederate fursuit. Once again he was forced to put the suit away or else he was going to get banned/removed from the con.

I could go on about all the con drama but I've never personally been involved in any furry cons. I could share other stories but they aren't mine unfortunately.

>> No.8957917

Share anyway, just be sure to mention the stories are second hand.

>> No.8957930

I'll be back with a trashload later, I haven't gone to bed yet.

I do have a small story I can share about myself however. It was actually my first convention and I've shared it before-

>Ohayocon 2009, was 12 years old
>Had just met my real dad two years ago. He wanted to take me to my first con.
>Should mention he's also the one who urged me to get into more anime. Unfortunately it was shit like Ninja Scroll which I know love but again I was really young when he showed me that shit.
>Anyway, walking through the halls when I see a purple wolf fursuit. A few people are around him laughing.
>Run up, pet the dog's head, he's playing along.
>As the people disperse I decide it's time to move on.
>Out of fucking nowhere the dude picks me up and bolts. Nigga was booking it like the cops were after him.
>Dad's just laughing at this, he thinks it's hilarious.
>A few minutes later the dude stops suddenly as we ended up back near my dad and sets me down. Pats my head and just walks away like he didn't just attempt to kidnap a little girl.
>Dad walks up laughing at me. He thought that his daughter getting kidnapped by a grown man in a wolf costume was funny.

And that's why every Ohayocon I watch out for that motherfucker. He might not remember me but I remember him

>> No.8957952

And one day, years from now, you're gonna grab his kid and see how much he likes it...

>> No.8958250

It's funny, cause the guy is still allowed to wear that suit at other cons for some reason?

>> No.8958285

I was there too. fuck that line

>> No.8958446

Other fur cons or other cons in general?

>> No.8958561

Which one, the insulting one or the annoy SJW one?

>> No.8958598

Other fur cons...I don't know if he's permitted to wear it at fan/anime cons.

>> No.8958709

no, everything any woman does is for men

>> No.8958736

Some furry decided to drink absinthe and started hassling some hot kigurumi girls. He got booted by a security guard dressed as Mace Windu.

>> No.8958907
File: 47 KB, 540x960, tumblr_nj38gal4Gg1reod2ro1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where did you see/here that?

Also, here's him admitting to making the confederate fursuit.

Pic related is his reason for making the impostor fursuit. He was originally going to wear it but apparently sold it instead. I'll also link a WIP thing he had posted.

I can believe that he's allowed to wear the confederate one (albeit without some hate) but the impostor one hasn't surfaced in a while. He's banned from MFF until 2017 as was someone else.

>> No.8958912

Also semi-related but did you know that most furry bomb threats come from self-proclaimed furries themselves? I shouldn't be shocked but I am.

>> No.8958971
File: 31 KB, 470x313, 1457756125585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8959009

Apologies, I got my convention dates mixed up--I was wrong.

However, I'm glad to hear he was banned.

>> No.8959156

The story that haunts me every single day
>At Momocon 2014
>decide to go wait in line for Troy Bakers and Ashley Johnsons autographs since I have nothing else to do
>wearing a masked cosplay with a huge heavy jacket
>waiting in line with my mask on the whole time
>cute girl comes up behind me and asks if its the right line
> say yeah and then turn away
>about 10 or 15 mins later I get hot as fuck and take off the mask and unzip the jacket
> dude in line start looking and saying "So thats who was under there! Great costume dude" and they take a few pics
>dont know why they didn't take them the whole time I had it on
>anyways girl kinda gets close to me after I take off the mask and asks for a pic
>smile and take it
>we wait for like 20 mins and we end up sitting on the floor
>she starts talking to me and we start messing around
>I poke fun at her thousand schedules
>tells me shes been to every autograph session and wants to go to the rest, but she loves Troy and is prioritizing his
>laugh and we do some more dumb stufff
>like 20 more mins in and she's literally leaning against me as we sit whole we wait
> lady asks us for our names so she can give them to Troy beforehand so he can spell them right
> give her mine and the girl says "so thats your name, pretty cool!"
>see hers and say something dumb
> she chuckles and we finally get like 2 people away from Troy
>her friend or her mom or someone comes to the door and texts her "is that your new boyfriend"
>shes gets nervous and laughs it off
>stuff gets signed
>talk a bit more, but its getting late and I have to drive my friends home
>say bye and leave

>in the car driving
>realize I didn't get her number and forgot her last name
>continue driving and go home and try to remember her name for hours
>gave up

I still take time out if every con to see if I recognize her anywhere. Ive forgotten what she looks like now. Its suffering, she was amazing

>> No.8959163
File: 28 KB, 350x350, Chris Pratt is dissapointed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> suiting at family-friendly con
> letting a really tiny child feel my gloves
> parents are 'aww'ing and snapping pictures
> a dude who's been hanging around awkwardly approaches
> "D-don't rape the kid!"
> horrorstruck faces all around
> guy is laughing, then gets angry that no one else is
> handler has to step in and tell the parents that we don't know him
> kid is upset because everyone else is getting upset
> mfw

>> No.8959448

If you're old enough for Invader Zim you're somewhere around my age, and we definitely had crazy ass KH Org XIII girls slapping each other on the ass while screaming yaoi buzzwords.

>> No.8959606

>>8959163 On the opposite side:

> at anime con, not fur con
> wandering through AA
> it's compressed in there, kind of hard to breathe
> suddenly fursuiter
> he reeks like a jockstrap that's been left in the trunk
> can't get away
> on the verge of gagging
> manage to wiggle through the crowd to clean air
> scent lingers in my sinuses for hours
> still get nauseated at the memory

>> No.8959619

Starlord cosplay?

>> No.8959876
File: 65 KB, 1222x596, gas the furries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why am I not surprised?

>> No.8959881

It wasn't at a con, man, but I've been there, and it ate away at me for ages.

>> No.8959907

Corvo Attano from Dishonored
It sucks, she was really nice and actually interested. Sorry it happened to you too bro

>> No.8959986

>a con last January, fail to get a place to sleep on second night
>friend who attended the con too lives small train trip away but I would have to leave the rave at 10 PM and I'm a fucking party animal at cons, not so much in real life
>walk into the small pub at that's in the same hotel as the rave, and one random guy suddenly talks to us
>"Hey, you two are from the con, right?"
>I'm wearing a gasmask so naturally he thought that way
>apparently his friend had to bail out and he's looking for someone to spend time left
>spent the entire fucking rave with him, get some other people to the group too
>rave ends, he's like "so, you have any plans?"
>tell him that I'd appreciate if I could crash at his hotel room floor and he's like sure
>never, ever in my life have I been more afraid about being raped in my sleep.
>I'm a guy too, and apparently he was a lot older than I am.
>wake up with intact anus, walk with him to con place and say goodbye

Everything went a lot better than I expected, but beggars can't be choosers. It's fucking cold in January.

>> No.8960554

A few years back I had this random little canvas mini clutch/oversized coin purse in my purse for holding tampons and liners. This dude (maybe mid teens?) saw it as I was looking for my phone at a gathering and asked for a pic of it. I was like ??? Ok but it's just a $5 piece of shit from Target.
He then said it was so cute and asked for me to take a picture of him holding it. I said there was nothing in it but he insisted. I took a picture of him holding it. He then thanked me, did not ask for the pic of him holding the bag, and left.
I still don't know what the fuck that was about. Was he pathetically trying to rob me?

>> No.8960595


Clearly your rich white male privilege talking. LISTEN and BELIEVE shitlord. Anyone who doubts this brave womyn's claim is a rapist in waiting, and needs to be expelled from the gaming community before they microagress again.

>> No.8960673


You Laid it on way too thick, homie.

2/10, I ain't even gonna give you a (You).

>> No.8960836

I started looking up the Lemonade Coyote guy. Shit he was cute, and an EMT, and so young. I made myself sad /cgl/. Also fuck that dirtbag attention whore suit maker.

>> No.8960872

These are the fakest sounding stories I have EVER read, like I couldnt help but laugh they sounded so fucking fake.

Even at the worst meet up ive ever been to it was just annoying to hear them keep making "make me a sandwich huehue" jokes and trying to make my character into a stripper.

They werent actually mean to me though, and never touched me once.

Does this girl like live in the worst ghetto ever and just prance around waiting to be raped at every street corner? This is so unbelievable.

A police officer actually telling her if she doesnt stop gaming shes going to literally die? No. Ive dealt with some horrible officers, but no.

>> No.8960922

To piggyback on that, she makes it sound like she worked in a comic book store and got harassed there constantly. I can understand wanting to hold your ground and not let that stuff get to you but Jesus if it's THAT big an issue and your manager/coworkers/local law enforcement refuse to help you or are adding to the problem then GET A DIFFERENT JOB. Don't stop doing what you love just find a new place to do it.

>> No.8960988


He was a super sweet guy. At almost every convention he'd go to, he was really outgoing and just nice, you know?

>> No.8961406

Teen boys at cons are pretty weird. I've had two I've run into at the same convention two years in a row that makes me think there's just something messed up with their brains that make them think being lawlrandom is hilarious.

>hanging out with BJD group, don't own any of my own but they're cute and friend brought hers to the meet-up
>kinda just people watching while they talk doll stuff
>see some teen boy in a cardboard box outfit flagging down people
>he'll ask them for photos and hold up his turned off phone and make them stand there without a word until they finally walk away
>grabbed two girls around their shoulders without asking and went "Selfie!" and kept the turned off phone pointed at them
>they tried to get away but he kept grabbing them until they got pissed off and left
>see him spot the BJD group
>he nearly steps on someone's hand trying to get into the middle of the circle
>drops down onto the floor, thankfully misses the expensive dolls
>just lays there in a 'sexy pose' and stares at us
>starts laughing and making a fuss when everyone is uncomfortable and get up to leave
>when he's ruined the meet up he just wanders off by himself because apparently none of us plebs get his amazing humor

and then the year after that

>it's raining outside the convention
>had to run in my costume to get inside, glasses are soaked in water
>I go to a window seat with my friend so I can clean my glasses off and change from my sneakers to my costume shoes
>some teen boy in glasses wanders over, gets right up in my personal space
>starts rambling on about wanting me to be in his video with his friend
>his friend is either fucking imaginary or his phone because he keeps shoving his phone at us
>it's recording I assume because he keeps talking about us saying something into the camera?
>trying to get him to go away because I'm trying to fix my costume and he's right in my face
>kid won't leave
>we have to get up and walk away to sit elsewhere

>> No.8961407

>can't quote
>can't understand that >>8960595 was being sarcastic
Must be summer early

>> No.8961413

Ran out of character limit to reply but I forgot to mention, the second kid? He kept rambling on and on when I kept saying no that "Why don't you like my friend?" and kept the phone pointed at us the entire time.

For all I know it got five whole views on Youtube for "Super lawl random prank at costume con!! XD" but seriously, teen boys are just bizarre. At least with the teen girls all you have to worry about is being squealed at, hugged/glomped, or asked for a bunch of fanservice photos.

>> No.8962071

what year was this?
when i went to AX (2014) we went to a panel and there was a girl crying outside the room. maybe it could be the same girl

>> No.8962284

Cyrus/Tim was a very amazing man. He loved going to conventions to make everyone happy. There was a reason why he was so popular and he really was taken too soon. So to have someone do this? Furries might have a shitty rep but I can tell you when they lose one of their own most of them have such deep respect. Even if they didn't know the person. However...
You get assholes like this impostor and this one other person who pretended to be the mate of someone who died to use the deceased's fursona in porn pictures with their own character. And of course to also garner sympathy.

>> No.8964916

Yes! it was 2014. some hentai panel of all things.

>> No.8965404

Poor thing must've gotten tentacled.

>> No.8965534
File: 815 KB, 500x281, 1365201494196.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


How bout that.

>> No.8965840

oh, mine was the mirai danny cho thing during the day, maybe it was the same girl(i forgot if she was cosplaying or anything)

>> No.8965946

fuck i can't stop laughing at this

>> No.8965976

Post pics of ants in my eyes

>> No.8966002

The good:
>cosplay as Bradford from xcom
>people think I'm security
>let me in front of lines

The bad:
> my friend's friends who were a gang of black dudes thought I was tailing them while I was just hanging out

The ugly:
>security guard arrested me because he thought I was impersonating them

>> No.8966042

My cons are 4 days 3 nights. Depending on where his is at (local or out of state) then we are looking at more days and nights. Assuming here isn't ideal. But if it's a out of state con he should definitely get a motel/hotel 100 percent.

>> No.8966051
File: 23 KB, 480x270, 1456600130056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8966124

>It's not illegal to be homeless.

Aaaaahahahaha! You have too much faith in your fellow man, my friend. Vagrancy is definitely illegal in many, most, US states.

>> No.8966214

When I used to attend my weekly life drawing sessions there is always this one guy that would leave if its a male or unattractive female model, rather obvious to most of the regulars. Think he just comes for the show and pretends to sketch on his lettersize pad lol.

>> No.8966893

>Ikkicon a few years ago
>Hanging out with group of friends in courtyard
>Homestuck photoshoot is happening not too far from where we're sitting
>A literal sea of grey facepaint and orange horns
>See a non-HS cosplayer I want to take a picture of
>Lose sight of her while trying to cross homestuck sea, get caught in the vortex
>Trying to get out of the crowd, troll cosplayer standing next to me asks me to hold her camera
>I'm shy, manage to half-stutter a "sure" before she hands me her camera and runs up to where pictures are being taken
>Didn't get a good look at her face before she ran off
>Look down at the camera
>Holy fuck it's one of the expensive ones, DLSR or whatever, huge lens and weighs a ton
>Look up to try and find cosplayer, realize I have no idea which one she is
>Panic a little
>Can't leave until I give back camera, have no idea which character she was or where she went, can't just set down camera because it'll get stepped on or stolen, can't pass it off to someone else b/c of same reason
>"Okay maybe she'll come back for her camera soon, I can wait"
>5 minutes pass
>10 minutes pass

Eventually managed to find her by wading through the crowd asking people if they know whose camera it was and the owner found me, but still. Why would you pass the ~$500+ camera to a stranger?? Arguably the most stressful 15 minutes of my con career.

>> No.8966917
File: 92 KB, 524x523, tumblr_nsxu7m8T4G1sqxg47o9_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would have stolen it

>> No.8966976
File: 42 KB, 698x420, trap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>went to A&G Ohio yesterday
>decided to crossdress, because why not?
>was going with friends, so wasnt too embarrassed by it.
>Get to con, and they bail on me
>chicken as shit to enter
>decide to go to the darkest panel room possible, hoping my friends change their mind

Didnt need to be so chicken about it in the end.

>looking at merchandise
>hear someone say some girl was hot
>they were behind me, and I wasnt paying too much attention at the time
>I move closer, to look at something else
>the group of guys behind me, were now next to me
>one of them asks "Are you SURE that 'she' is still hot to you now?"
>I started laughing, while the guy walked away embarrassed

I as actually surprised to find out just how many girls were actually hitting on me, despite being crossdressed.

>> No.8967297

Crosdressing boys = My fetish.
I'm a 20 year-old female.

I blame futanari.

>> No.8967420
File: 68 KB, 540x960, 13020182_1009339152434941_1588157421_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didnt really get the courage to try it until yesterday. I'm 30 now (and in that pic) I would have passed far easier when I was 20, but didn't really develop social skills or any backbone until more recent years.

I also blame futanari for going that far. (Though I also blame drawing for getting me into girls clothes, as I never realized how much I liked them, until I started drawing female characters, and saw how much more interesting their clothes were to me, and how much more fun females were to draw.)

>> No.8967429

You look really cute. I didn't know there were other 30 somethings on 4-chan cgl. Not to negate your legitimate hesitation and fear, but you don't have anything to be scared of, you look awesome.

>> No.8967559

Thank you! I don't usually come to this board too often, but I usually do after a convention. (Though I havent been to one in a year.)

As for another story

>my 1st convention in Ohio.
>the only other con I was at, was Anime expo 2000, in Disney Land California
>what is this? this is nothing like anime expo!
>bored, only 200~ people at this convention
>go to dealers room, and see nifty gloves, kunai, and headband.
>buy them
>Put them on
>Some one asks to take a picture of me
>im not dressed as anyone
>I'm just wearing a normal orange t-shirt, and have just basic bleached hair, short, spikey, blue eyes... and some japanese "things" I just bought
>then another person asks for my picture
>and another
>wtf is going on?
>4th person says they like my "Nahrootoh" cosplay
>wtf is Nahrootoh?
>go to dealers room next day
>see a new manga that has come out, which was of course Naruto.
>only 1 volume out atm
>read it

>> No.8967563
File: 715 KB, 629x758, 1408726079566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw i want to crossdress but i still don't have enough courage.

>> No.8967578

there was 1 other decent crossdresser, and about 5 other "horrible" (I say horrible, but they were doing it as a joke, and still had beards and what not)
And the worse they looked, the more people tended to flock around them haha.

So as long as its at a con, and you have a friend to hang around, it's a lot easier to do.

>> No.8967584

>get back from convention this weekend
>have a costume with leggings, form fitting and people can see my butt, never done that before, kind of uncomfortable
>costume had very favorable crowd reactions, but some people were more... outspoken, about things besides the costume, mainly my legs.
>had my butt groped so much it was ridiculous
>strangers in the rave, groping my butt
>pass some person I sat next to in a panel, grope my butt
>someone who looks remotely bi, grope my butt
>some girl and her bf seem to somehow consistently run into me throughout the day, girl keeps rubbing her boobs on my arms, dropping very open suggestions about what to do later
>same couple straight up offers me a threesome, found it very awkard because I'm straight, decline
>an hour later, a super buff mario comes up and offers me Sake and a place to "spend the night", politely turn him down, still follows me most of the evening
>another girl makes some comment on my cape
>leave convention and am determined to make butt armor so people quit trying to cop a feel

Worst part is I'm a dude, and wasn't crossdressing...

>> No.8967585

oh it cut off
>some girl makes a comment on my cape, and said verbatim "what a nice butt!"
I'm in hearing distance yknow ;_;

>> No.8967588

this weekend? were you at A&G? or another convention?

And honestly I never see anything like this go on at cons in 10+ years, so I'm honestly surprised.

>> No.8967612

Was it mostly girls or guys? If it was girls quit complaining but it was boys, eww

>> No.8967617

Are lewd stories allowed?

>> No.8967623

just shows that people appreciate a good man butt.

I don't see why not.

>> No.8967649

>hurr sexual harassment is cool as long as it's someone of the opposite gender
it was. I won't be going back. Asides from the ah... reactions of people, The con itself left much to be desired.

>> No.8967719


Haters gonna hate amirite? Fuck off and quit being so racist. What the fuck did those people do to you anyway?

>> No.8967723

>> Walking around first con as a cosplayer
>> 7kg Captain America Shield, Aluminium 1/3 inch thick
>>Small children running around like fuckwits, one runs past me then cuts me off at a 90 degree turn
>> Turns too soon, goes face first into the center of my shield. Child goes down like sack of shit.
>> Here mother cry out. This is it, I go to jail for man slaughter of a child.
>> Mother picks up child, scolds them. Apologises and asks for a card to repair the paint work of the shield.

After 5 years of retail experience, got proven wrong. Felt better then the best dump of my life

>> No.8967729

>implying he'll ever get laid

>> No.8967739


Not gonna lie I would have jacked that shit then sold it off to fuel my money supply to buy more brando.
It would be a valuable lesson towards the person too.

>> No.8967769
File: 22 KB, 300x300, the sad truth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

General question for all you seagulls,

How do you deal with the heat during a summer timeconvention?

>> No.8967777

> being arrested by a civilian for impersonating said civilian who you have never seen before

I call bs

>> No.8967778

Suffer in silence, drink lots of water, buy ice cream

>> No.8967784

Wow I know what to being next con to plow through the small children abandoned by weaboo parents at every convention that are ALWAYS running into people and in the way.

>> No.8967804
File: 36 KB, 276x276, 1459495286392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It isn't exactly complicated anon.
First you get your ass to the gym and start lifting. None of that pansy-ass cardio or conditioning shit - you lift. Squats, deads, military, rear delt raises, all that good stuff.
Then you start eating properly. Cut out junk food an excess sugar and get healthy food filled with complex carbs like brown rice and lean protein. Cook your own food so you know what's in them instead of supermarket own-brand horse meat.
Then you start reading. Classical history, philosophy, masculinity and self-improvement.
Then you'll notice more success with women. If you don't put in the time and effort, you'll get nothing back.

Next month I'm going to MCM. I've got a hotel booked, logistics planned, supplies taken care of, transport booked, threads sorted and I've started my latest bout of NoFap to make sure I'm hungry for it on a test high when I'm approaching con girls.

If all you're going to do it whine about it on 4chan then just buy a hooker and go live in your mother's cellar.

>> No.8967805

I thought you were a girl at first and was really confused because people are usually pretty careful about harassing girls because they could call rape easily but if you are a guy that makes sense. Damn that's so fucked up though that people seem to think it's OK to just touch guys like that but not girls.

>> No.8967812

Gotta ask where you got the wig, I'm loving that side part on it.

>> No.8967813

Stay in the shade, bring a parasol/umbrella if you're going to be outside in direct sunlight for a half hour or more, DRINK ALL THE WATER.

>> No.8967831

Ice packs as well. Put them between your padding and under layer. They will keep you cool for roughly 1 hour. Keep replacements in an esky in the car. Ideally keep 1 for the front chest, 1 for the back and 1 for each leg.

>> No.8967861

> be me at london mcm
> only request from sister is a rainbow dash plush
> bronies are out in force so prices are pretty high to make bank
> see one in a bag at an asian stall for cheap amidst other plushes
> pay the 5 quid for it and continue
> get home and hand sister the bag with plush
> complains that i bought her a puppet
> "wut"
> check plush
> has hump hole at back
> offer to get it fixed because the back is torn
> throw in trash and order legit plush online

The fuck is wrong with bronies.

>> No.8967869

>Be at Local con cosing Chihiro from DanganRonpa
>2 floors to con, second floor kind of like a balcony so you can see the first floor from it
>Me sitting on first floor resting
>Excited hambeast Celestia cos Yelling for my attention from second floor
>Look up to see her underwear because the railing is glass looks away because gross
>She's still yelling I can't hear what she's saying but I nod regardless "assume she wants a picture or something"
>she suddenly plods down the escalator to the first floor
>Hugs me suddenly, sweat, hair and glue everywhere
>Notice she's not holding a camera or phone-
>Realises she wants me to take a picture of her
>do it out of politeness
>hambeast says "you're welcome"
>she plods away to next victim

I should have kept the picture I deleted it as soon as she left

>> No.8967889

Yeah, normally the con is very good, and used to be my favorite next to Ohayocon (Though ohayocon got too big, and went downhill)

But the owners jen and jason decided to cancel A&G this year last min, and said they didnt want to do A&G anymore.

the rest of the staff urged them to do it, and Ken took over the con, which caused him to move it to a new (and bad) location, and at horrible time of the year, where there was a con last week, and next week, which killed attendance, and killed most events. any events jason had to do, he bailed on, after the 1st wrestling event.

we were very short staffed, due to issues that came from this.

over all, that was the worst A&G has ever been.

Though I'm sorry to hear you were being harassed, I would suggest talking to the head staff at any convention you go to about harassment.

(I won't lie though, I'm jealous. Not to try and insult you by that comment. I had people touch me, but only after asking me very politely.)

>> No.8967898

most of the peopel here lightly touched on attraction, there are 2 other issues at hand here.

(1) it used to be risky for a woman to reproduce with the "wrong" man. (since childbrith used to have a rather high chance of death for human mothers) so being "picky" is normal.

(2) both genders are instinctually programmed to be more fearful of males, and less fearful of females, and more so fearful of adults, and less fearful of children.
(more so the later, than the former, but they overlap)

Women evolved to take up childish features, such as less body hair, less facial hair, not having deeper voices, not being as tall or muscular as the average male, etc.
This in turn makes people around them to be more trusting of them, and less inclined to treat them as "stanger danger"
When a woman gazes at most males or female, they dont feel in danger, but when a male gazes at most males or females, they feel uncomfortable or in danger. But that is slightly overwritten if they are attracted to the person. (The "bad boy" is someone they are attracted to, but still feel slightly in danger around)

>> No.8967913

technically its not a wig, as its "parts" you connect to your hair.
But my hair was too light for anything they had at my local shop, which made me buy a lot, since my hair is actually longer than the parts.
Eventually came up with a way to fold my hair into 2 pigtails on the side, and made the big curls to hide my natural hair behind them.

>> No.8967919

What con was that picture taken at? I recognize the hotel.

>> No.8967920

Oh man, I've had this happen to me on multiple occasions. Sometimes they start laying out really lewd roleplay/fanfic stuff too, and seem to not have an ounce of shame about it.

You know, this raises something that's been an issue for me at cons for a while now. I'm a pretty normal, well-adjusted guy, but I'm also REALLY into anime. I often meet people like this at cons, and it leaves me really torn and feeling guilty, because on one hand it's fun talking to people who share my interests, but on the other hand they're often just so awkward and spergy that I can't help but cringe and not want to be around them or be seen with them. The hardest part is when they're really not that bad, but evening comes around and I want to go to parties and have to figure out to tell them that they can't come.

I didn't think my opinion of Homestucks could get any lower, but if they've got a Juggalo connection, it just has.

I crossdressed at a con once, when I was a lot younger and could pass pretty well. (Wasn't into crossdressing, but people kept telling me I should do it and I was like 17 and liked the attention.) I ended up spending the day getting followed around and hit on by this big fat middle-aged black guy who wasn't even there for the con. He didn't do anything too appropriate, but it was really creepy and annoying, and even after I told him I wasn't into that and to fuck off, he kept lurking around like 100ft behind me and shadowing me. Finally, I realized that he didn't have a badge, so I went in the dealer's hall for like an hour and he was gone when I came back out.

Fast forward ten years or so, and my friends always give me shit for not approaching random women and hitting on them at cons. They don't know this story, so I can't tell them that it's because I know EXACTLY what it feels like.

>> No.8967943

To the ccomment about creepers following crossdressers, I can agree its "creepy", but I just have a hard time getting aggressive with people, or hating them for being creepy. If anything I feel bad for them, because I slightly understand what its like on the opposite side when I'm dressed as a normal guy. (Granted Ive never straight up followed a person, because I dont want to be creepy, but ive been called creepy just for walking up to people to say hi.)

I just let them go ahead, and went on doing my thing.

Then again, I hear stories of groping (which I might like, or not like, but even if I dont like it, I dont really do much about it, other than ask they dont.) but at cons I never come across this, so it always surprises me when ppl talk about it. (I sort of think they just bump into people, and assume people are gropping them due to being paranoid, but then again, I can just be plain wrong.)

As a prior poster mentioned, they saw a guy groping, and the girls didnt notice.

So its possible I didnt notice, or I forgot, because I'm too much of a slut, and dont think about it.

>> No.8967953

Fucking volunteers and lines man

>Very first con, got there early and was nearly first in line
>Have a digital ticket on my phone as I have seen others do
>Get to the point where people are getting tickets scanned and wrist bands
>Volunteer just ushers me through and tells me to keep moving
>When I realise the mistake not 10 seconds later and go back the guy has no memory of me and makes me line up for over an hour
>Halfway through the line they decide to shift the line a little
>Literally 200+ people who were at the very back of the line are now in front of me / the people behind me

The dude behind me cosplaying as Ryu sounded like he would have drop kicked the volunteers if they weren't all female

>> No.8967969

>He says he'll follow me
I feel pretty bad now. If I see a cosplayer I actually want to befriend I ask to tag along in hopes of getting to chat. They don't say no, and in all cases I've kept the friends I've made. But still.

>> No.8967984

Reading stories on this board has completely ruined my ability to socialize at cons. I'm constantly terrified that anything I do will be unwittingly creepy now.

>> No.8967996

yeah... but do it anyways.

its a con, you'll never see those people again, unless you want to.

>> No.8967998

>a few years ago, I was trashy as fuck with no semblence of self control
>naked in hot tub at con
>member of Powerglove joins us in the hot tub, can't remember which one
>I drunkenly tell him "I have sex to your music!"
>he hugs me

I'm embarrassed about it now, but I was very pleased at the time.

>tfw you used to be the cringe

Not con related, but one time I walked home for two miles before someone told me my skirt was stuck up in the back.

>> No.8968001

While I may be the cringe outside of a con, I was always the one getting people under control at cons.

People do shit like show you their cringe worthy shit hentai they draw, and rant on about things, you need to shake them, and wake them up.

>> No.8968031

I try, but man, it's tough.

I'm in an unusually tight situation because a lot of people know who I am in the scene, so when I do embarrassing shit it tends to get back to me. Add to that the fact that I'm now noticeably older than a lot of congoers, and it really makes me scared that I'm gonna fuck up and be the next EBK or whatever.

>> No.8968066

you look cute! i'm glad you had fun

>> No.8968078

i was going to call you out for bullshit until you said you were a guy. girls don't really get groped at conventions anymore after the whole "cosplay is not consent" movement but guys do in a ridiculous amount. sorry that happened to you

>> No.8968081 [DELETED] 

Yesterday was my sibling's birthday, and since I still live at home, I got to deal with the party stuff, including the teenage boys that he's friends with.

>first friend gets here
>I let them take my Xbox out into the front room, I usually keep it in my room, but I was feeling nice
>They're preoccupied for about an hour, before other kids show up
>first kid comes back to my room, and proceeds to start hitting on me
>"Hey, Anon, your bro said you cosplay. Maybe you could try one on?"
>Dear god, why is this kid in my house
>I decline as politely as I can, but he keeps badgering
>"Oh, Anon! I didn't know you had all these posters!"
>They've been on my wall since you got here, dipshit
>"That K-on poster is cool too!"
>"Yeah, it's my boyfriend's, a lot of the merch in here is."
>he's silent for a moment, then his eyes lock on the Homestuck kickstarter poster I have
>"Even a Homestuck gets more than me!"

He the proceeded to complain to me about how he can't get a girlfriend, and how his last one cheated on him, for a good half hour until my brother finally rescued me. The real kicker is I don't even like Homestuck anymore, I just still like the poster.

>> No.8968087

I wish I'd met you when I was your age and could pass super-convincingly. I'm not a crossdresser, but I have a hardcore fetish for doing futa roleplay with a girl.

Sadly, being 30 hasn't treated me as kindly as it has that other anon, and I don't think any amount of hair and makeup will make me look like anything but an aging drag queen now.

>> No.8968443

>"I often meet people like this at cons, and it leaves me really torn and feeling guilty, because on one hand it's fun talking to people who share my interests, but on the other hand they're often just so awkward and spergy that I can't help but cringe and not want to be around them or be seen with them"

Same. It only gets worse if that individual also develops a crush on you. Seriously they follow me around like puppies despite me constantly telling them that I have a girlfriend and am not interested. Thank you for the conversation, now lets just go our seperate ways.

>> No.8968525

Man, I'm sure you'd be fun at parties, if you got invited that is.

>> No.8968531

>le parties meme

>> No.8968536

I think the bigger the group, the better to spot the non-spergs.

>Be at Haikyuu meet up
>Literally a sea of crazy people in orange wigs
>Stay to the outskirt
>See other cosplayers who are on the edge of the group
>Are incredibly normal people who are also uncomfortable in this large crowd
>Fast forward 2 years, going to their wedding in a month

I think in general for big meet ups/shoots at cons, the ""young folks"" or those like minded are usually the loud and obnoxious ones. Generally finding people in cosplay on the outskirts are a good way to judge if they're super obnoxious or not and since they're cosplaying, the level of cosplay helps judge too.

>> No.8968543

Thank you! It was really fun for me, so I plan to try again, probably Colossalcon. (Though I'd rather have an actual outfit from an anime, rather than just a really bad attempt at making lolita out of bargain bin clothes lol)

I have no idea what you're trying to suggest haha. If sarcastic, then your guess would be correct, as I generally dont really enjoy too many parties, except ones focus on weeb stuff.
I get too bored easily at normal parties.

>> No.8968555

Not cosplay related, but definitely my worst Con experience of all time.
>Been madly in love with one of my lady friends for years
>Missed my chance with her as she moved abroad
>Fast forward to 2011
>She moved back but had lost touch with nearly all her friends
>Agree to go to Abunai together
>Hotel messed up my reservation and got us a king sized bed instead of two single beds
>Not a problem
>Day 1, having a great time together
>Eating dinner at day 2, realize I still have strong feelings for her.
>Confess my feelings to her after dinner in my usual "I have no idea what I'm doing or what to say" way
>Her face freezes and she runs away screaming
>First drink instinct kicks in, get drunk on overpriced Scotch in the hotel bar followed by beer and dancing with friends at Deshima Sounds
>Head back to our room at 4am, she isn't there
>Search the hotel for her, find her in a random hallway
>Too drunk to care why she was there, tell her to get to the room with me and we will talk tomorrow
>Awkwardly lie as far away from each other on our king sized bed.
>Next morning; no talking, only awkwardness
>Decide to leave the con early and end all the personal cringe
>5 minutes later I realize she still has my digital camera
>Find her, ask for my camera followed by an even more awkward goodbye.
>Haven't really spoken to her ever since I send her all the pictures
>Still don't know why she ended up running and screaming
It's been five years and I still keep an eye out for her at every con I attend. She doesn't use social media and I just want to know if she is doing okay after all that happened to her in the past.

>> No.8968593
File: 140 KB, 379x440, 1460170397339.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and I've started my latest bout of NoFap to make sure I'm hungry for it on a test high when I'm approaching con girls
More like thirsty

>> No.8968597

I always get hotel rooms with people, so I'm pretty much on the NoFap diet anyways.

But it really does raise ur sex drive a lot.

>> No.8968598

I'll have to keep that in mind next time I see a big group. I do have one question though at the end you mention that you use the level of Cosplay to help determine level of spergyness.

Here's where I'm a little confused is a higher level of Cosplay indicating a higher level of spergyness? Or is the inverse true? I feel like this would really be a case-by-case basis.

>> No.8968638

trips mean it wasn't meant to be. sorry for your loss

>> No.8968653

> Sounds like A-kon

>> No.8968728

>sorry for your loss
Please don't be. At the time I was a twenty year old insecure little shit who could only feel sorry for himself. I was so afraid of getting hurt by anyone I liked, that I would spend my days living deep within the friend zone. I would give it my all to ensure that none of my beloved (lady) friends would ever turn their backs on me, even if it meant late night travels just so I can help them with their relationship troubles. I was worse than the average neckbeard and actually felt proud to feel connected to (pre-rebuild) Shinji, the biggest whiny little bitch in anime history.

That night however, changed everything. It was the night I finally grew a pair and took action. That night I learned it is better to go out and get hurt, rather than continue living inside some safe, made-up fantasy world where no-one could ever get to me. And sure, the pain of rejection is hard and bitter, but every now and then you find yourself getting lucky. Instead of getting hurt you get to find true happiness, which is worth any and all pain. If it wasn't for her and that moment, I would probably still be living inside that unhealthy safe fantasy world of mine and would had never found happiness. For that, I am grateful and will always have a special place in my heart reserved for her, even though she probably doesn't even know how much it all meant to me.

tl;dr: I used to be a self-entitled little shit until I realized it is better to actually live inside the real world rather than a fantasy.

>> No.8968744

Very proud of you anon. Keep that attitude up and you'll find your special someone.

>> No.8968770

I already found them several times, unfortunately none of them were special enough for the long run. Then again I'm still young, so no pressure.
Now, let's return to /cgl/ material shall we?

>> No.8968862

I've done this. I only realized because I caught a glimpse of my reflection in some shop windows.
The ground never opens up and swallows you when you want it to.

>> No.8969042

>Otakon game room
>SO and I have matching Mario Party shirts on
>Random, awkward guy shouts at me and points essentially at my boobs
>Try to keep walking, he runs up to me, completely ignores SO
>Still pointing at my chest with both hands, shouts "Mario Party!"
>Nod, shyly reply "yeah... I like it..."
>He just smiles back
>He's blocking my path, SO is shy and hiding behind me now
>Feels like a century, he never says anything else, but also never puts his hands down
>Finally collect myself, grab SO and almost sprint out the doors

It's not the worst that has happened at a con, but it was so uncomfortable and my SO and I have never been able to forget it.

>> No.8969049
File: 192 KB, 346x332, 1460956611131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>superbitch is being needlessly rude to an ita
>ita is visibly getting fed up
>she leaves in a huff
>bad smell rises
>realize that she farted on us

We deserved it.

>> No.8969100

I tripped going down the stairs and fell on top of some fat chick. Ruined the shoulder straps barely hanging on for dear life around the hillsides she calls shoulders. Felt bad for a whole 5 minutes then gave her 20$ for repairs and went on my marry way. Noticed 3 times that day that I was short 20$ since I'm autismo with spending

>> No.8969142

is ur bum juicy?

>> No.8969309

That's a lot of hasty assumptions for a simple question.

Projecting much?

>> No.8969331
File: 21 KB, 176x232, also despair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she literally runs away screaming

Jesus, anon. How fat, ugly and creepy are you?

>> No.8969372

You sound like an asshole, but at least you compensated her.

>> No.8969401

>Group is cosplaying in retro sailor moon outfits
>Making our way through the dealer's room. Sailor Moon's english VA is a guest at this con, and she has a table. Kind of want to go over, but the line is huge.
>Someone asks for a photo. A dozen other people join in with their cameras, and we pose for a few minutes until they're done.
>Sense that someone is over my shoulder. Turn slightly.
>Sailor Fucking Moon is photobombing us.
>Laughs and tells us she loves our costumes, and runs back to the booth. Everyone is happy.

>> No.8969420

This always happens to me, to a smaller degree. Perfect photo, perfect cosplay.
Best one mysteryiously dissapears.

I think I just get too caught up in chaos and chat to notice I havent actually taken the picture like a fucking idiot

>> No.8969452

> be in long term relationship with controlling girl
> insists she come con with me
> i keep getting stopped for photos
> she gets pissed because hambeast + noone wants to take pictures of her shit tier costumes
> happens every con we go to
> causes arguments
> leave con pissed because pointless arguments
> break up months after
> dat feel when this years con is gonna be perfect because noone to ruin mood

Not really a story more a vent. Enjoy.

>> No.8969466
File: 136 KB, 1536x2048, Vault_dweller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

90KG, 1.80m tall. Although at the time I was probably around 105KG or so.

I don't know, here is a recent pic with a rushed outfit, in which I'm trying to be as ugly/retarded as possible. So you tell me anon.

Slightly perverted when with other perverts, but that's about it really.

>> No.8969526

Anon it's really not a good idea to post a picture of yourself to defend yourself on 4chan how newfag can you get? Also maybe the girl thought you were trying to get some with the whole bed situation and everything? I wouldn't really want to share a bed with someone who I only liked as a friend who just confessed to me. But yea the screaming and running away was just weird. Although I wouldn't put it past some tumblrfag who thinks everyone is out to rape her to do that.

>> No.8969562

I've been at a small gaming convention once, hosted by my uni. It was really fun, and, as far as I know, nobody got harassed. Still, I wouldn't say these stories are fake just because there is so much of them - from the sound of it, this woman has visited tons of gaming conventions in over a decade, so her running into some terrible people doesn't sound far-fetched.
It wasn't at a tabletop meet, but a thing similar to the first story happened to me and my friend once.
We were both 14, walking down the street, eating ice cream, when a bunch of older dudes noticed us.
"So young, yet they already practice sucking... Good girls, good girls."
"Hey, weren't you two the ones we fucked last night?"
They didn't repeat it like a chant, just laughed while me and my friend got out of there as soon as possible. I know they probably wouldn't do anything to us and thought they were being funny, but it was uncomfortable as fuck. There was no way they though we were 18, we looked our age, maybe even slightly younger,

>> No.8969593

Honestly, I don't mind posting myself onto /cgl/. Worst case scenario; some random stranger trash talks me on the internet, I end up in a cosplay cringe thread or maybe someone recognises me. Not really a big deal if you ask me.

In retrospect, everything about that confession was poorly timed, terribly worded and extremely cringe worthy. As for her running away screaming, it wasn't the first time she pulled such a stunt after a guy had let her know he was into her. She had a rough past and avoided love like it was lethal, something I refused to keep in mind due to being all delusional about how everything would be different because "it was me". I don't blame her and I've never been bitter about it. We've all done some stupid cringe worthy shit in our lives and luckily I managed to learn from it and change before it was too late.

>> No.8969617

You seem like a real creep, and seeking validation from 4chan is a bad idea.
Now I know who to watch out for. Thanks for the pic.

>> No.8969643

Jesus christ, that is horrifying.
> Is this your floor?
It is now!

>> No.8969655

You're welcome, feel free to approach me if you feel like being two creeps together. I might even buy you a beer!

>> No.8969800

>implying that this girl even ran away screaming
Odds are the dude is just saying that to explain her excusing herself and leaving. If she had literally run away screaming like he was some kind of axe murderer, he wouldn't have even bothered looking for her at 4am.

>> No.8969802
File: 68 KB, 567x514, 1401033451469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that face
>defending yourself with anything less than your most attractive image
It's like you want to be mocked.

>> No.8969848

SDCC 2014:
>Wearing a partial fursuit (head, hand and foot paws, tail) with a bancho-esque gakuran and geta
>In line for Ballroom 20 well before the first panel
>The room opens up and the line starts to move. FAST.
>Vision in this costume is not awful, but definitely a detriment when you're trying to move
>My footpaws are both tied and taped to the geta, but anything faster than a normal walk feels like dancing on banana peels
>Get to the zig-zagging part of the line, go as fast as I can, but slipping the entire time, can't take corners well, etc.
>Volunteer finally pulls me from the line, lets me walk alongside the zigzags (boyfriend was in line, so they just let me get back to him later)
>Glance behind as I do so, the line backup I created was enormous
>I still feel awful about it to this day
Many lessons were learned.

SDCC 2010ish
>Have two costumes: Season 2 Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index, and a fursuit based off of art from Teotihuacan
>Worried about the fursuit, it's my first full suit and there's always so much hate online
>Instead get an outpouring of love, tons of photos (I was even asked to be in some wedding photos), lovely compliments, etc
>Completely blown away, have a great time in the costume
>I wear Accelerator and I get shoved around, made fun of (for having a cane), and my cane (which I was putting weight on) was purposefully kicked down several times
>Completely confused, have a terrible time in the costume

>> No.8969869

This is embarrassing, just stop posting fir your own sake

>> No.8969879

Like when you find Geoff Johns in the super market and fights you for the last boxes of sugary cereal

>> No.8970351

God you are a cute... I like men in feminin clothes.

>> No.8970371

For some reason I thought you were a lady from your story, but now I see why she ran away lol

>> No.8970391

Recent con got a ass in the elevator with us during checkout. He apparently thought it was funny to squeeze as many on with us as possible despite us pretty packed as is. Which caused my friend to have a panic attack being somewhat claustrophobic. He thought it was hilarious despite nearly everyone in there besides the uptight old couple and extra girl wanting to kill him. He jumped off when my friend from LA began cursing in Korean. To make matters worse the old lady kept sneering at my friend who was clearly stressed being wedged in the back. Not even sorry I shoved passed her hard with my suitcase rolling into her.

We had room for one person with maybe a backpack comfortably. This asshole was shoving the old couple and the girl with a big suitcase in. We had all our luggage with us as well. Really wish elevators had a full button rather than stop on every floor making it worse than needed

>> No.8970415

>Not even sorry I shoved passed her hard with my suitcase rolling into her.
Yes anon, abusing the elderly really makes you seem like an upstanding citizen.

>> No.8970418

What part of not even sorry escaped you?

I could care less if she was elderly. She was a cunt. Being elderly didn't excuse shit.

>> No.8970428

Dude really? Getting shoved for being an ass equals abuse now?

>> No.8970444

Old people don't think like you. They did not grow up the same way you did. Their values are different, and unless they're completely docile they tend to sneer at everything that isn't re-runs of their favorite 50's TV series. I work with them for my job. Shoving someone who's bones are as brittle as Kit Kat bars isn't mature, it's something a 10 year old would do mid tantrum.

>> No.8970452

kek she was like 60 calm your tits. and it's morons like you that enable their bad behavior cause you sit by until they do something really bad

>> No.8970458

Why thank you!
If you don't mind me asking, is it the "idea" of guys wearing girl clothes you like? Or the "look" of a masculine face/body in the clothes?
Or some other combination?

(Just a bit curious, as I noticed a lot of girls seemed to like me crossdressed, and were "fooled" by me, but guys knew I was a guy right away. I dont think I'm that convincing, but with how many girls seemed to react with "genuine" surprise, it makes me wonder.)

>> No.8970459
File: 32 KB, 294x179, 1460222571815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's morons like you that enable their bad behavior
That makes no sense. You sound childish. Stop trying to hurt people because you are incapable of caring for your friend and doing the 1 sensible thing of getting off and taking the stairs.

>> No.8970462

You are wrong. They come in 2L and 20 oz bottles as well

>> No.8970465

>is retarded
What a surprise

>> No.8970477

shit man you as retarded as it gets. anon clearly fucking stated it was full with luggage. old bitch had karma smack her go back to Tumblr to be an sjwfag

>> No.8970480


>> No.8970482

Off yourself retarded namefag

>> No.8970487

newsflash fag we ain't the same. fuck off

>> No.8970492

Who said you were?

>> No.8970592

Don't ever trust the CTCon escalator high-fives. You seriously can't even get on one without someone trying to high-five every person they pass going the other way.
They always bitch or give a dirty look when I don't do it, but dude, that's gross. Touching the hands of basically everyone in the con is fucking nasty, don't take it personally.

>> No.8970629


Who the fuck kicks a cane over? I'm sorry; some people are dicks.

>> No.8970633

touching hands at a con is basically asking for stds

>> No.8970802

Case by case. For really popular fandoms I definitely look out for higher level cosplay just because that usually indicates that they probably have a job? The really spergy people I've noticed at least at sports anime meet ups are the unstyled wigs from ebay and still crinkled from being folded uniforms and then obviously the loudness. Also sometimes a good thing to look for are people in cosplay who have nice cameras, especially if they're hanging out around the edge-again, a good indication they have a job and aren't super loud and cringey.

>> No.8970809

The running away yelling is sort of extreme, but definitely try to hold in your feelings until the end of event. I confessed to a guy I liked in the middle of a con since he was a friend and rooming with us and it was so, so awkward after he said he'd rather just be friends but also was still in our room for another night. I can understand getting the courage in the middle of a hype weekend like con, but definitely way more cringe. Also now that I think about it, I probably ruined that guy's con since he was a really nice dude and was tipping toeing around me all weekend after I confessed. Being in the same hotel room didn't give him any chance to take a step back or not be embarrassed either. It just ruined the weekend for both of us.

>> No.8970830
File: 395 KB, 1026x1539, SAM_0262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw this cosplay as well!

>> No.8970846

Was at a panel where some weeb with her infant made a giant scene about being asked to step outside when she couldn't get it to stop screaming. Apparently cons need to start supplying daycare for weebs.

>> No.8971116

I don't know, you're kinda cute.

>> No.8971180

>mfw I remember the story someone posted about their grandmother who got her jollies by whacking kids in the store with her cane and then fussing that the kid ran into them just to see the parents discipline their child for being careless
Face it, anon. A lot of old people are absolute dicks and you going "It's just how they were raised!" is enabling them to get away with being dicks.

>> No.8971353

>boring local con, taking some pics of mediocre cosplayers
>see Dr. House cosplay, watching from far away I notice he walks in character the while time
>get excited because it's rare to see in character cosplayers
>go to him and ask for a thousand pics
>say that I love his Dr house cosplay
>slowly realize in horror my mistaje
>his Dr House badge was actually a press pass
>He wasn't cosplaying anything, he genuinely had a problem with his knee /leg
>never ever felt so embarrased, turn 180 and leave as fast and red as I could

>> No.8971644

creepers stick together.

>> No.8971647

this is scary. smelly people who do not know what a shower is.

Convention Creepers.


Smelly black people trying to get with younger girls.

Fucking weebs.

>> No.8971653

how did you not die right there and then?

>> No.8971818

This is all really solid advice, thanks anon. Im gonna try it out at my next con.

>> No.8971836

My worse con story is sitting through "Gender Identity at a Convention." Two panelists had fucked off leaving the trans lesbian bitching about how much harder her life is compared to everyone in the room. If she didn't know the answer to a question it was "Don't be a dick!" Was dragged to it by a friend who wanted to be 'open minded'

>> No.8972027

What con?

>> No.8972029

CtCon, apparently it appears at AB too? Idk I avoid anything that reads like a tumblr post now.

>> No.8972525
File: 149 KB, 700x933, uZZXxcl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I have a similar story…
>San Diego Comic Con 2013
>Cosplaying as Book!Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon with my husband as Movie!Hiccup
>I make a baby Deadly Nadder for my husband and a Terrible Terror for me (Book!Hiccup's dragon is basically a Terror)
>I can only get my husband to cosplay for one day, so I have both dragons the rest of the time
>Hear that there's a Deadly Nadder from the live How to Train Your Dragon stage show out and about so I stop by a booth that was said to have info on that
>Guy chatting with people at the booth, looks kinda familiar
>Freak out internally
>"Oh hey!" He says, "Book!Hiccup! And you even have Toothless!"
>We take some photos together
>I nearly cry from happiness

I found that Nadder I was looking for later too:
>HUGE crowd around it
>There's a StageVersion!Hiccup as the handler and for people to also take pictures with
>The crowd is mostly moms and their young children
>I'm totally stuck in place because of this crowd
>Suddenly the Nadder SCREECHES and charges my direction
>It had seen my baby Nadder and leans into the crowd to nuzzle it
>Crowd gets out of the big dragon's way and I take the opportunity to get my picture
The Hiccup handler was NOT pleased and hissed, "You're not a child, why do you want a picture?" And amusingly my husband wasn't able to get any clear shots just because the crowd was that packed

>> No.8972543

>The Hiccup handler was NOT pleased and hissed, "You're not a child, why do you want a picture?"
What the hell? Rude.

>> No.8972565

This kind of attitude always astounds me. Like who made the thing in the first place the 7 year olds? No adults, why is it so stunning to them that adults like related material.

>> No.8973418
File: 29 KB, 500x375, [dolphins quietly].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend wants to go to con together
>he booked a hotel room for us to stay in
>how kind
>it's got 1 bed
>he confesses feelings
>run away
>drunken friend hunts me down in the hotel
>says to come back to the room
>sleep as far away as possible
>most awkward weekend of my life

>> No.8973427

That's just creepy lol
I mean I understand if he told you previously about his feelings/about the hotel room. But booking a one bed hotel THEN confessing feelings seems like something a rapist/murderer would do.
>ALWAYS about sleeping arrangements before rooming with something for a con.

>> No.8973431

> always ASK about sleeping arrangements before rooming with SOMEONE before a con.
fuck, I think I'm having a stroke

>> No.8973432

just rewriting the story of the anon i replied to from another perspective

>> No.8973465
File: 55 KB, 634x375, daniel-pelka-mattress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>15 years old
>a bit lumpy but if I was in better shape I wouldn't be in this flea basket of a motel
>take up a gig letting strangers sleep on me, make minimum wage but it feeds the family
>these two teenage little shits book my room
>girl is scared when she discovers that it's only me in the room and I didn't bring my friend, but that costs money and I fly solo
>guy confesses feelings to the chick on the spot, I was already hard before but now I'm even stiffer, being a mattress and all
>girl runs away, guy proceeds to sit right on my sensitive coil and gets very drunk, spills fucking vodka on me but thankfully doesn't stain
>he leaves, hear muffled noises for several hours
>the two come back later, wonder if I'm about to be witness to a rape, never been in one of those
>both of them sleep on opposite sides of the mattress, girl actually falls off halfway through the night and ends up in the chair
>they leave in the morning, hungover guy left his charger behind my headboard in the wall, pawn it off to some mexicans later, score.
>doesn't matter got laid on

>> No.8973474

>be photographer
>go to con with underageb& friendos
>stupid teenage drama ensues
>get my shit done anyway
>sperglord insists i go home with him
>he's right though
>i'm just a camera, i don't have legs or any autonomy for that matter
>sperglord later shoves a cord up my ass to upload a picture of himself to a thai tapestry forum

>> No.8973477


>> No.8973640

Some of the posts in this thread raise a question that I've had in the back of my head for a while about cons, and I'm curious to get seagull opinions.

At what point does a guy's age make him "creepy" in the con scene? From another angle, if a guy is around 30, what age of girls at cons is appropriate to approach?

I'm finding myself in this boat lately, got out of an LTR a couple years back and I'm finding that I'm not meeting single girls around my age at all in the scene, at least not any I'm interested in, and then when I do hit it off with a single girl she turns out to be 22 or something, and it feels kinda creepy to me.

I know the rule people always go with is "half your age +7," which would be 21-22 for me, but I see so many complaints about "creepy older guys" in these threads that it kind of makes me worry.

>> No.8973649

> You sound like a bitter cat-lady, salt-sama.

>> No.8973669

Who are you quoting?

>> No.8973679

I was actually friendly with a couple guys and ladies in their 30s when I was a teenage weeb. Even looking back now, I don't really find it to be that weird, though thinking about the situation without the details does sound kinda weird. The ones I was friendly with never gave me creeper vibes, although I could tell with one that he probably made women older than me feel a little creeped by him, but I was too young and so he was just friendly. Definitely an awkward with the ladies type. That's just from a friend perspective, though. If an older guy was to hit on me, as a 26 year old I'd probably be okay with up to a 40 year old, I guess? If he's cosplaying an older heart throb like Auron from FF10 then I don't give a fuck how old he is, though.

>> No.8974043

its an opinion, so there is no "absolute rule" that covers everyones opinion on it.

And honestly, the actual definition of "Creepy" to girls, is not scary/wrong, but it's a literal translation of "Not attractive".

If you were some famous movie star they were head over heels, it doesnt matter if you were 10 years older than them. (and honestly most relationships I know of, in the 30-60 range, usually have 1 partner being 5-10 years different, but when you're younger, that age gap makes for a lot of awkward conversations, due to lack of experience from the younger party.

I'm 30, and get a lot of girls who hit on me at cons, because I look 18-23-~ish to most of them.
I crossdressed, and looked a little bit younger, and some of the same girls who hit on me friday, were all for me saturday, and when they realized I was the same person sunday, they didn't care, nor that I was 30.

It boils down to attractions sadly.

>> No.8974068

Who let /r9k/ in?

>> No.8974074


These girls don't know what it's like to be men.

Be civil and move on if you sense discomfort from the girls you're approaching. You owe them nothing else.

Men die alone if they don't make the first move.

>> No.8974130
File: 597 KB, 677x620, oreimo-kyousuke-shy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8974641

Picture was at Midwest Furfest

>> No.8974664

>this exists near me
>may see it on the news
I want to move.

>> No.8974958

creepy doesn't mean unattractive, it means unaware of boundaries and social norms. unfortunately unnattractive people have less chance to learn these norms and are more likely to come off as creepy because of that.

someone can be hot as fuck but if they're sperging all over the place or following someone around all day, waiting in the shadows, they're still fucking creepy.

>> No.8974972

Not to come off as rude, but you just contradicted yourself.

You said creepy doesnt mean unattractive, then say an attractive person who isnt attractive is creepy.

(And assuming its due to a lack of understanding how attractions are different for the average female compared to the average male, a males behavior/actions are far more attractive/unattractive than their looks are. Looks get your foot in the door, but the rest is up to their behavior, while looks for a girl gets them into the house for a few weeks/years)

but ignoring that, you generally got the idea of what I mean, since what you said falls into the attraction category.

>> No.8975480

i was more talking about how there's a correlation, but it's not the cause. there's overlap of looking a certain way and acting a certain way. my point is that people aren't called creepy for looks but behavior. it's just that unattractive people might not get a chance to learn how to not act so inept or may be way too pushy because they never learned when to back off because they haven't had the practice.

>> No.8975638

At Otakon last year my skirt got caught on my low-hanging backpack for who knows how long before someone told me.
Weirdly, I came away from that experience feeling pretty positive about it. I was just so touched that someone cared enough to tell me, I guess (and I was wearing shorts under it anyway)

>> No.8975930

Saw a girl had a similar issue but her panties were showing. It was awkward having to be the one telling her but I didn't appreciate some people acting disgusting.

>> No.8975938

>Wearing a school uniform cosplay, skirt is fairly short
>Wearing tights + two pairs of black hot pants underneath skirt to prevent any weird incidents
>While bending over to talk to a friend who's sitting on the floor a girl comes over and tells me that a group of guys are making comments on how they'd like to pound my ass, so maybe I should stop bending over and revealing everything to them
>All my what

I can appreciate people like you and that girl who'll tell someone when people are being perverted shits behind their backs, but jesus christ some of these creeps are really trying too hard sometimes.

>> No.8975982

I always assume that a lot of cosplayers only really wear skirts, or at least short ones, for cosplay, so they're not really used to keeping track of them. That's at least been the case with the cosplayers I've dated.

It's sort of become a running joke in my group that I tend to always be the one to get flashed, usually by people I really didn't want to be flashed by. I think everybody I know has learned to recognize the quick head turn away and expression I make when it happens, haha.

I'll admit, it's pretty hard to tell somebody that they're having a wardrobe malfunction, especially knowing the level of embarrassment and awkwardness it'll inevitably lead to. I've been having conversations with cosplayers and suddenly a boob or worse will pop out, and it's hard not to be a bit of a deer in the headlights for a second before I manage to say something. It happens a lot during photoshoots too, but for whatever reason cosplayers don't usually seem to be bothered by it then.

>> No.8977734 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 800x600, BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anime Boston
>Find chick on left
>Cum inside her that night
>Gave fake number
>Never seen again.

Illegitimate child out there somewhere, maybe?

>> No.8979322

>be me, 6 years of con-going experience
>I've learned to be pretty reserved because of the cringebags we have locally
>at super tiny local con, event's 2nd year
>being friendly for once, thinking about getting involved with the organization because they clearly need help with future cons so I talk to a staffer for a bit
>realize that the sudden smell of garbage is him
>turns out he "puts on 3 cons a year" in a bigger city about 2 hours away
>I remember meeting him at a LAN party last year, neckbeard FPS extraordinaire
>he was insufferable then, too
>regret washes over me
>he doesnt remember meeting me because I was in a different cosplay
>he proceeds to tell me about all of his events once again, bragging as neckbeards do
>his "cons" are like 200 or less attendees
>mumble some shit about a panel and walk away quickly
>make extra effort to avoid him throughout the rest of the weekend, taking different paths when I see him

>later, walking back to con site with BF after getting lunch to go, been in cosplay all day and just want to take a break to eat
>see staffer again
>he yells to me across the parking lot, I nod and hope to god he doesn't try to talk to me
>think about eating lunch in my hot car just to avoid him
>we're polite, chat for just a minute and excuse ourselves, saying we're going to go eat lunch now
>he lingers for a moment and we think he's left
>we sit down at a table in the outdoor dining area of the hotel's attached restaurant
>short gate encloses outdoor dining area
>staffer appears suddenly and leans over the gate, his BO stink lines raining down upon us, and continues to go on about his shitty events
>starts shit-talking a promoter friend of mine
>again tries to convince us to drive out to his bullshit events
>don't finish lunch, gtfo as quickly as possible
>lunch break ruined
>definitely not going to volunteer to help staff that shit

Not super ridiculous, but its this exact reason why I don't try to make new friends at cons anymore.

>> No.8980088

Sage water can be a life-saver. Alternatively you can look into mint oil if you're allergic to pollen. Both give a pretty nice cooling sensation.

And like everyone mentioned, hydrate. A lot.

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