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There wasn't one in the catalog and people were shitting up other threads with ugly dresses.

I want this but don't want to be called ita

What a glorious monstrosity. Truly a feast for the eyes

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Is this real? I can't believe it.

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pretty much anything from meta belongs in this thread

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P. Much everything AP has released recently besides whipped jacquard and other solids

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Why wouldn't it be?
It's black cats in boots.

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The grey one that poor girl in the dream dress thread wants is way worse. I feel bad for her

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Mangy ass stuffed animal cats with fucked up faces and loud, clashing boots

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Kek, even worse than the real one

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I know there's that girl who has this in every color, but the print is so ugly and random on an otherwise solid dress

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Don't know what's worse, the horribly unbalanced placement of the print or the colors of this

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Awww this is cute tho

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It's nice in green, but all the other colors look horrid.

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This is the one that tipped the 'no more bodyline' scales for me. The price, the quality? TaoBao is sooo much better for similar price. Learned to TaoBao and goodbye Yandy-man forever.

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I love this, sue me

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This is great. Bless Meta.

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Whipped Jacquard is horrendous though.

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These Meta dresses are so tacky and ugly, they circle back around to be a masterpiece.

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Not that anon, but it looks better irl. I didn't like It at first, either. But I love the pink now.

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Did anyone like this unironically?

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>Maki and Asuka visit US many years ago
>design picture related after "being inspired"
Srsly the most back-handed compliment ever.

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D-did it look better IRL? I think I saw a shop photo where it looked OK
I retract my previous statement, that cut and clashing ribbon is ita as fuck

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This colorway is hideous. I like the yellow but not enough to buy it

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I knew this was ugly but holy shit, it's even worse in sax

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Not a fan of the op, but I have the jsk in blue and it is so fucking beautiful.

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It is made for one coord

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I'm getting the dark brown colorway soon. I think it looks nice, just busy. Not a fan of the wacky lacing here, though.

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Part of me likes this print, just not the execution.

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sauce on the socks?

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Can you take the lacing off and have it still be wearable? It would be very cute with no lacing.

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>mfw I bought it and now can't even sell it for half the original price
It's so delicate too, I don't even want to wear it because I'm afraid it'll snag.

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the stock photo literally says angelic pretty

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I fell in love with the yellow but was so disappointed when I got it. It has no lace. The bottom is just mesh. The OP looks like it has lace though.

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the days everyone and their nan had this dress

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Actually would be perfect for punk lolita. Shame punk lolita looks fucking awful.

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Kek punk lolita teddy bears

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I really don't get why this one was so unpopular. It's so light and springy and the print is cute.

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im sorry to break it to you, but you have no taste

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Oh man, the music notes in the border are the icing on the shit cake

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same. I actually like the concept but the prints are so damn ugly and the spacing between the objects on the print is weird.

oh god i didn't even see the music notes before. it makes the dress just that much worse.

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You need to give a stronger indication when you use sarcasm in text form, people might take you seriously

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Well that's the clock chiming, silly!
Actually I've seen the size M gray skirt coordinated cutely a couple of times but the OP is shit and the JSK is nothing special. Too many fatty noobs and steampunks ruined the print by making beastly coords with the OP in the weird colors because it came in tent size and has 'brown in it'.

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The original was more mustard yellow than this neon yellow. I considered getting it, but then the MTO came around. Still, I haven't seen a proper coord with it. If it ever popped up for dirt cheap I'd get it and try to do a nice coord with it.

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Wow. Casually mentioned and it's my bad taste that is the highlight.
I'm honored.
Btw, it's this cut in grey/black that is most preferred. Pray for me.

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I guess I'm ita as fuck but I really like this dress..
But yeah, like the other anon said, might aswell get taobao

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gdi meta

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There are a lot of fine metta dresses anon.

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I kinda love this. It reminds me of OFF.

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I'm filing paperwork as we speak

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It's like they took that Katerina dress they made and printed it

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Stranger things have work

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The halter jsk looks so bad, but I love the other cuts.

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Fucking kek this is amazing

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yo, this dress is lovely in person. grab your rosary and repent, heathen.

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the sax is the best don't know what you're talking about

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yellow is the best

sax you can't even tell where the fuck the design begins and the background ends

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I've seen it in person, but the pink one is the least hideous of them all.

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I have sax in person, and you definitely can.

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I'm so fancy you already know I'm in the fast lane from la to tokyo.

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So many people got this when it came out

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It's like one big elaborate 'amerifat' joke

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The Ita litmus test.

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you bite your tongue.

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>143 people think anon's a bitch

this dress pisses me off, it has so much potential, the blue and white is gorgeous but what in the ever living hell is that print

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oh no i kinda love this one

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why do you feel bad? the dress is gorgeous after all. doesn't fit the thread imo. I think its just an anon trying to start shit desu

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I actually adore this print.

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>looks like a cheap Halloween costume

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Kinda gorgeous. It's a matter of taste I think. The frill monsters have a place in my heart. Not for everybody though.

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I really like the idea for this dress, but the actual print is just awkward and weird. How unfortunate!

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i love this

>> No.8943045

fite me

>> No.8943075

Anyone who hates this is baffling to me.

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dont talk shit about the skull dress

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its not sarcasm

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I don't think you know what cheap Halloween costumes are/look like

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it's such a clusterfuck that it rolls over into a beautiful witchy OTT thing. Typical Meta.

Don't feel bad anon, it's cute.

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nah mang, ricrac is godly.

>> No.8947113

girl, I need you to tell me your costume shop

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I love the JSK of night moon theater, however I hate the op version, something about it really throws me off. I think it's the weird cut off point between the bodice and the skirt part or it looks like a two piece?

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It's ita and the print is backwards on lots of them. For the price, you could get nicer TaoBao or decent used brand. That's not talking shit, it's just the truth.

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have you considered

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Unpopular opinion: I prefer witchy Meta to witchy AatP, fight me

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I looked at this goofy-ass print for too long and now I like it. I feel like an idiot for liking it. Look at those fucking balloons with their shit-eating dumb faces. But I'd wear it anyway.

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>every single colour
aatp why

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I would, but that would mean having to touch someone with Meta cooties.

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It always bothers me so much that the colors of the top and the skirt don't match in the blue version. Why AP?

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what is ita about it? yes backwards print is bodyline's shitting and price is high unless there's a sale but dress itself isn't ugly.

>> No.8948743

I actually adored it, I'm a sucker for tacky things though.

>> No.8949089

I'm Op on that pic. It just looks like a cutsew and skirt coord. I was expecting something extraordinary because the print is extraordinary, however it looks bland and boring and unbalanced.

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I actually think this is cute, but that's just me. Why do you think this is ugly? Share with the class.

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I absolutely adore this

>> No.8953588

I would loved it, if it wasn't for the horizontal lines and the akward fit heanuli dresses have on me.

>> No.8953591

This is lovely! Only thing I'm not keen on is the tulle at the bottom, but I'm pretty sure that's the underskirt

>> No.8953593


Shit taste detected. I bet you are also the same people that thought Moon Jelly Princess was cute...

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I hate this print

>> No.8953633

it's better than what meta half assedly farts out most of the time desu

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I know I shouldn't want them, because I'm not a hooker...but those purple heels are fab.

>> No.8956195

I absolutely adore the color on this one
Agree with >>8953588 about the lines though
>politely says they like it and asks what you don't like about it
So I'm assuming you don't know what you don't like about it?

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This looks so washed out and faded.

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Fight me.

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i agree here, anon. this "kawaii edgy gosick" sack dress has worn out it's welcome for me...

>> No.8956424

I like it, but as soonas my bf called "poop-cats" I cannot handle it

>> No.8956463

Sack dresses are awful.

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This is barely even a sack dress, it's a poncho (the print isn't my thing but it's not ugly, but that cut is disgusting)

>> No.8956488

They look okay only if you're super flat + skinny

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Print is cute, cut is horrendous it makes it look like your boobs cant fit into the bodice so it's stuffed into the skirt

>> No.8956502

don't forget short. tall girls look like ass in them.

>> No.8956504

I cry erry time

this print is my dream but none of the cuts are my thing and this one is a particularly special kind of dumpster fire

>> No.8956522

Yeah. I'm tall and i'll never be able to wear a babydoll/sack dress in my life without looking like a lamp. Sigh.

>> No.8956539

I love the print but I agree, this cut is fucking awful. The zipper jsk is the best cut of this series i.m.o., everything else looks baggy and awful.

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File: 133 KB, 600x800, tumblr_o52k20xkDM1sd87t7o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it's just not my taste but a lot of triple fortune stuff looks uggo. Like I think the idea of this print is cool but the colors and business together is kind of gross looking.

>> No.8957791

Reminds me of Dolly Kei kind of.
>when will it return

>> No.8957799

GOD there is a girl in my spouse's office who owns literally every colorway of this damn dress, and wears them all to work.
I'm consistently wound up and pissed about this knowledge, the fact that her outfits aren't even work place appropriate, and the fact that everyone apparently thinks of Lolita as a tacky as fuck fashion now.
My jimmies are very rustled.

>> No.8957802

Fucking fight me, this is my new favorite dress. The pink one is super cute too.

>> No.8957803

Why is it that every time AP puts out a space print, it is a fucking sack dress? Why the sack dress? Give me kawaii space shit.

>> No.8958264

cause they want you feel like you're the size of the universe

>> No.8958290

If this would be a normal sackdress I'd be fine with it, but the fact that it has a visibly gathered part makes it hidieous. No way anybody wouldn't look fat as fuck in it.

>tfw I considered buying it because eternal regret not getting cosmic
>tfw decided against it and bought a full cosmic set in my favorite color for retail a week later

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