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Are there any lolitas that have changed their sexual orientation after getting into the fashion? I have. I can't fathom the idea being with another guy because most are self-destructive, immature, misogynistic, always wanting sex, dirty, not enjoying my kawaii lifestyle. Lolitas look so adorable that I'm dating one in my Comm right now.

Anyone else want to share their stories?

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i was gay before getting into lolita, but i wish for a girl who will twin with me, we could share wardrobes too.
or boystyle, i dig girls in boystyle/ouji/ega so much

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Fuck off.

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Lets be real here you were probably just so far in the closet you were having adventures in Narnia before getting into the fashion.

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Just popping in to say that I when I see someone posting the 'questioning my sexuality' comment on someone's personal photo it is incredibly rude and NOT considered a compliment to a stranger and I see it happen far too often. It's TMI, especially if the person in question is not interested in replying to an overt statement about YOUR sexuality on THEIR post/photo. keep it to these discussion threads, please? And yes, reblogging their photo or mentioning them by name and saying that or making ANY sort of similar sexual remarks counts as rude too even if it is on YOUR tumblr. Respect goes both ways.

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>changed their sexual orientation
Doesn't work that way, bait-chan.

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Fuck you. I didn't become gay until my mom said it was wrong and I fucking date women now.
I chose to be gay and no one is gonna tell me otherwise.

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Seriously, fuck everyone invalidating my choices. You're not born as anything other than human and you're not autonomous.

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You overshot it, troll-anon.

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That's literally a wedding photo.

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Kek i will be using that one

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Using my wedding photo as a "changing your sexual orientation after getting into Lolita?"

I wasn't even in the fashion until I moved across country to be with my now wife so Lolita has nothing to do with sexual orientation or changing it.

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