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Old one is kill. >>8905461

Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're /cgl/ related.

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>dat feel when you're getting patterns and go to check out and realize they are 40% off.

Ooooooooh yeah.

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>sweeping the dining room at my old job
>girl passes me on her way to the bathroom
>notice she has a biscuit purse
>ask "Wow! Are you a loli??"
>she smirks and waggles her eyebrows
>goes into the bathroom
>manager tells me to get back on dish before loli returns
>tfw I'll never see her coords

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>Dating a girl
>I was the one who gave her the courage to start cosplaying and wearing j-fashion
>I don't love her anymore, but still want to continue being her friend and help her
>Feel like I could do so much more with my life if I was single
>Cannot break up because she is severally depressed and god knows what she would do to herself if I left

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>making bath bombs for artist's alley table
>coffee scented
>smell great
>decide to relax and use one for myself
>mfw it looks like someone poopied in the tub
>send pic of it to my bf
>he laughs at me for hours

Don't make brown bath bombs.

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>reconnected with a friend I haven't really talked to/seen in over a year
>we've since been watching anime on skype and talking about dramu
>feels good
>then start talking with another girl I met at a con a few months ago
>realise we have so much in common
>feels REALLY good

>all within a span of 12 hours

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hey fucker, yeah you feel good about that? You jerking off, feeling like a good person while you know you're really treating her like shit irl?
I'm gonna kick your fucking ass next time I see you bitch, you already know who it is.

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>Cannot break up because she is severally depressed and god knows what she would do to herself if I left
I have dated someone like this and my friends have as well. It is not healthy to be the main source of someone's happiness. You CAN NOT blame yourself if you break up with someone and they do crazy things because of their own mental issues. Seriously, learn from my mistakes. If you are not happy in that relationship you are allowed to break up with her. She may need time before you two can start acting like friends though.

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Send that pic our way?

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this is more of a rant but holy shit. I joined the "knights of ren: costume group" on facebook and some of the things people say on there are so fucking dumb. everyone is always asking if this and that is 501st approveable when the 501st has a document for kylo ren costumes detailing what your costume can have in order to be approved, and it's linked all over the group in the description, the pinned post, and within the group documents. another person asked if you were supposed to tip cosplayers (?). other people post asking how to make the costume expecting to be spoonfed every little detail when, again, in the same 3 spots i mentioned before, there's tons of information on the details of how the costume is made, what types of fabric to use, tons of reference pictures, etc. I just can't believe so many people ask the same questions over and over when there's tons of information on how to make the costume to the T like right there. the worst part is some of the people asking to be spoonfed want to make 501st costumes. I feel like if you were actually serious about joining them you would be doing as much research on your own as possible if you were deciding to make it yourself.

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>Tfw I'm scared this is my bf because I'm also severely clinically depressed and I can feel the love leaving our relationship.

If it is you, I've told you that being with a depressed person is too much work and that you should have found someone normal. I didn't want to do couple cosplay anyway.

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Did you seriously ask someone if they were "a loli"

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tbqf I would've reacted the same way if someone asked me if I was a "loli".

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Your first mistake was joining a cosplay group on Facebook.

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>ask "Wow! Are you a loli??"

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>making super fitted sleeves
>so fitted they have to zip down the inside of the arm
>they're the right length when I sewed them up
>by the time I have the zip in them they're a whole three inches too long

How the actual free range flying fuck. Now I gotta take it apart and bring in the cuff. Feels bad man.

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>TFW you come across a character you really want to cosplay a week before con and actually have the materials to make it

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I mean, I guess, but the group does have a great collection of links to resources and aside from all the fucking noobs, honestly a lot of people in the group are also great sources of knowledge themselves. I just hate that the group is either "total fucking idiot noobs" and "talented people who know what TF they're doing"

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Thank you for your advice and condolences. I'm not necessarily unhappy, it feels more restricting and awkward, like I'm just existing rather than doing anything. She is sweet I want to help her with her depression, but maybe being just a friend would be a better option.

Don't worry anon, I'm a grill. I'm sorry for your situation tho.

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Confirmed. You're 210% retarded

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Maybe make a more light brown/tan color? Like something that looks like sand? Or just do white. Too bad all the colors of brown just look like shit or dirt.

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>that picture

That girl is brave, and I would join her lolita gang.

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Oh, my apologies. Being paranoid.

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> boyf has taut body of an elven prince
> I convince him to let me dress him in boystyle for a local anime convention
> He love the attention he gets, having photos taken of us in kawaii poses together
> Buys me a Sweet Mildred brooch and himself a MB rosette in vendor's room
> On the drive home he is gushing about how he can improve his coordinate for next time, what other styles he wants to wear

How I have dreamed of this day

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>Get into MGS
>After I beat V, in late September, buddy of mine suggests that I go as a Diamond Dog while he goes as Venom
>Get my outfit together by December
>Start hinting that he might wanna look up how to make the cyborg arm
>Keep getting told "Don't worry about it, I've got it"
>Fast forward to 2 weeks ago
>Friend is in a fucking panic because he hasn't done any research of making the arm, he ordered the wrong phantom cigar prop, and he hasn't saved ANY money for materials
>He ends up ordering a custom-made Fullmetal Alchemist arm and he'll just wing it from there
>It's not arriving until Wednesday
>Anime Boston starts on friday
>Girlfriend hasn't even started putting together her Strangelove or David Bowie outfits

Group cosplays were a fucking mistake.

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My department got our redundancy papers today. Bye bye cosplay plans!

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Did you consider voluntary redundancy?

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>be me
>grandpa died
>two weeks later, was diagnosed to my mom a very serious disease
>feet depressed like for 3 months
>my best friends (also girlfriends) said me I changed
>ofc, My mom is fucking sick with a important shit
>tell them we will see in the next con and fix everything
>Day the con
>Tell them to call me when they arrive
> They never call me in all day
> Met them late evening
>Talk like 10 minutes and they run to a photoshoot
>Felt abandoned
>Tomorrow talked with one of the girls and I said I felt abandoned and dissapointed
>The girlfriend talked to me saying they're bussy all the day of the con
>Okay, but you can call me, It's just a moment
>Next day, girlfriend erase me on facebook
>She said I changed a lot and cannot be friends anymore

What the hell, you saw me crying in the con and the best thing you can do is broke our friendship? They're supposed to be my best friends.

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My boyfriend farted on my hand today...

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Did you sniff it afterward?

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But seriously, sorry for your lack of romance. My ex-gf was the same way, never wanted to do couples cosplay or any "coupley" shit. Eventually left me because she was bored. Wtf.

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Shit sucks, man. I hope things get better soon. What's wrong with your mum?

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Damn anon that's harsh. I hope things start looking up for you soon

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>have crush on this really tall pretty boy
>he's really hot
>I'm really shy and cannot bring myself to talk to him
>Last semester he was in my math class and he's really smart
>He's also into nerdy stuff like me
>Every time he is near or I hear his name come up I feel like that yandere simulator girl and my legs are jelly
>I really like him and want to be friends but I know I'll fuck things up
>I'm too fucking shy fuck my life

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I don't think we had the option, or at least no one has said anything about it yet. I haven't been with the company long enough to get the statutory pay which sucks

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>she smirks and waggles her eyebrows
Okay, this chick clearly wanted to rub gumdrops together with you, and your boss is a jealous bastard.

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Tee hee you've made my night. I'd buy it just for giggles.

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shits and giggles.

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Bruh you didn't really think this one through

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I farted point blank next to my girlfriend today. Was all good though because she just laughed it off and we fucked. Farts are a good way of telling your partners true feelings for you. kek

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If you're cute/hot you'll be fine. Bonus points if you're a perv/slut in bed.

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>want to get into lolita
>would definitely need rl friends because i'm uncomfortable wearing it out by myself
>scared the local comm will be full of people who can't dress themselves
>scared it will be full of cringy weebs
>scared people will ask me what i do for a living (because i'm a NEET)
>scared, scared, scared
>scared i'll feel guilty spending my income, that is, disability, on expensive clothes
>"maybe lolita is not for you if it makes you this anxious"
>it's the only type of clothing that evokes this much passion within me

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What area are you in, anon? You can always scope out the local comm before joining.

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Don't be so scared, the first few times you wear it, it just becomes part of you. I used to be scared to wear it, but now it's become a comfortable, welcome feeling. Even when I'm alone. If the comm isn't what you want, you're not obligated to keep going after the first visit- then just find a different comm.

As far as money goes, if you're really dedicated to it, just give yourself a budget. Lolita doesn't need to be ultra expensive. I don't make a lot of money and I make it work.

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>order books to sell at a con
>send books in to be printed on march 3rd
>due to some kind of error with the website it never goes through (they took my money though)
>i dont notice until the 10th
>books finally made and shipped
>supposed to be delivered today
>fedex decided to skip my building

I just want my damn books

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As someone who works at Starbucks

You don't want to actually smell like coffee, it'll just mix with any sweat that's left or developes

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>I tend to go on sewing benders when I'm not at work
>spent eight hours yesterday on my feet pinning and ironing pleats
>the type of ehlers-danlos I have basically means my hips, knees, shoulder, and back all crack every time I move if I stay stationary too long
>every time I turn around to stitch down a pleat my hip and knee crack
>everything below my lumbar spine is in pain today
>anti-inflammatories do nothing
>mfw if I don't finish this last bit of costume in the next two and a half days I'm fucked because I work every day before con next weekend

feels (literally, you ever cracked your hip?) bad man

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My boyfriend's 11 year old little sister is turning into an embarrassing huge weeb and she knows about and thinking about cosplaying Me!Me!Me!. We are hoping she snaps out of this over the years.

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>pre-judges comm as being full of cringey ita weebs
>is a NEET
You don't have much room to talk there, anon. Put up or shut up.

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My clothes always smell like puke after Starbucks.

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Do her parents know? I can't imagine ever allowing my eleven year old to cosplay something that raunchy.

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In this exact same trap right now. She spends her every waking moment attached to me, reminding me she loves me and that I make her happy.

Found out the other day she doesn't even like anime, she's just been pretending because I like it. I feel like the slightest thing I say can send her to tears, and had to stop her from hurting herself a couple weeks back.

Fuck. It's driving me insane.

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You can charge extra for that in the right circles.

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That's so sweet of her, in a way. The whole pretending to like anime. As dysfunctional as that is. Good luck

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what do you use to make bath bombs?

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>usually kawaii
>start breaking out
>this is ok it happens sometimes
>4-5 weeks later still disgusting
God I have a decent hair, figure, and wardrobe and then this shit happens. I don't want to wear anything that'll attract attention because I don't want people to look at me too much or think I'm a butterface. But wearing sweats for 4 weeks is really becoming a downer. I wore cute clothes a few times but I know my makeup looked bad.

I've complained on /cgl/ about it a lot since this started and I'm still at a loss for what to do. Ordered some new skincare stuff, but I feel so discouraged. I already have a good regimen, eat and sleep well, good hygiene, but even my friends that sleep in their makeup and eat potato chips all day have clear skin.

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>friend is obessed with undertale, nbd
>mentioned she's cosplaying asriel and flowey
>she's a big amateur cosplayer, but had a more experienced friend helping
>she posts a pic of her flowey cosplay and it's just a regular outfit in his color scheme
>scared of what she prepared for asriel

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I guess these are basic bitch good feels but I finally made my first taobao order. I used to be one of those girls that would just use a reseller but holy shit is it so much easier with a SS. I never realized how much resellers overcharged. Not to mention I'm no longer limited by what the resellers pick to sell (looking at you MLD)

It feels good man. Well, everywhere but in my wallet.

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>girls asks me to make her a skirt for her cos
>con is in less than a week
>say fuck it and do it anyways bc i love money and wanted to sew anyways
>work my ass off
>turns out okay, couldve been better with more time
>mfw all the pics of her in costume shes covering it

she has a biggish prop but still. feels kinda bad. wish i wouldve taken a pic after i finished it but i was rushing

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why did you ever think this would be a good idea dude come on

>> No.8918875

Well he has like 3 other brothers and sisters, so they can't pay attention to all of them, plus they are kinda shitty parents. His parents don't really hang out with their kids or really know their interests and hobbies. I tried showing her alittle bit more pure anime for her age like Show By Rock. I'm trying to guide her abit and hopefully she gets it. I'm not like trying to take her fun just trying to make her self aware? Her little friend is abit of a bad influence, her friend is the type that watches yaoi and just totally romanticizes it all the time. I really hope she doesn't end up in a weeb horror story.

>> No.8918924

Maybe show her some cringe? I'm so sorry, I hope she doesn't end up super bad.

>> No.8918967

cosplay friend is dating a guy like 10 yrs older who is just... gross. like no. They're a manchild and they can do so much better?

their boyfriend pisses me off so much.

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>want to be a sexy widdle baby for cosplay
>taking care of myself and looking p hot
>fall into sudden depression and eat a bunch of fried chicken
>like, a shit-ton of chicken

GDI, the con is in one week and I can't afford to be doughy.

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Why do friends with extremely limited cosplay knowledge feel the need to give you unsolicited advice and try to draft you into their groups that will never happen all the time?
Girl I will never buy materials for anything that's your idea because it's either a bad idea or you won't even budget enough for gas money to get to the con.

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Sounds like for your next present you should definitely get your gf >>8918056

>> No.8919048

Don't make any more. Try to sell the ones you've already made "other people might have the same 'I didn't think of that' kind of view" and actually buy them. If they don't sell, give them as gifts.

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>sexy widdle baby

>> No.8919054

Can't bear to hurt you or leave you, but slowly losing that spark, clinging pretty desperately at happiness, knowing it'll end and there's nothing you can really do about it.
She can't bear to be alone, huh?

>> No.8919056

Stress will do that, so will your diet, water intake and ability to treat acne like the wound it is.
Go dab a little tea tree oil on your face, dilute it if you have to. You should see results by the time you wake up after a decent night's sleep.

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Go home pepe.

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I went through this kind of shit in high school. I was cutting and my "best friend" was being a total bitch to me. I told her the way she'd been treating me is what makes me sad and what makes me feel the need to cut. she basically said "It's not my fault you're fucked in the head, you're just jealous of me anyways" Haven't had a friendly conversation with this person since. It's been 10 years. I'm so glad she's not in my life anymore. My life has gotten on so much better without her. And I'm sure without these people that really don't care about you enough to even have a 5 min phone call are not worth your time. And there's probably some else out there that'll actually care for you and wanna spend time with you.

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Just eat less for the rest of the week, 1 day of high caloric intake isn't going to destroy you. It'll just be harder because you're appetite will be fucking with you more the next couple of days.

Ignore your appetite, it is lying to you.

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It's like I'm back in 2009

>> No.8919085

Do you think it's stupid to find love at a con..

I just want someone that shares similar interests with me and I work in a complete normy field.

I can barely approach women outside of cons let alone at cons though.

>> No.8919086

The spark is only going because of all of this.

>> No.8919093

Been catching up on some Venus stuff from the past few weeks, and honestly I'm really proud of her.
It's weird in a way to see this girl that would have regular threads on here, break free from her mother whom is really fucking toxic. Honestly it makes me really happy, but it also reminds me that even if it's easy to laugh at people you never know what the hell is going on in their lives and that it might not be easy.

I hope Venus can find her own way now, and grow more into a functioning adult.

>> No.8919123

That's what pisses me off about people. Everyone's so ready to judge, even if you meet someone super nice they might end up being incredibly judgemental of strangers. Yesterday a guy I went on a date with was super nice to me but called the pub girl 'shit' because she couldn't pour a proper stout, when she was clearly a trainee who barely knew how the till works.

I also used to have a really smelly, unkempt girl for a classmate that everyone sort of avoided until we learnt that her mother is a paraplegic and an emotionally abusive asshole who throws tantrums if her soup is a second late. The poor girl also had to take care of 3 step-siblings because fuck her, apparently. And even then most people kept avoiding her except a select few girls.

But yeah, that's why I hate lolcow. It's a toxic website whose users get their rocks off on other people's misery without knowing the full story or the reasoning behind it.

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People change anon, but then again, I have only so much to go on to give you advice. Obviously if you're saying you love her any less there's been some stimuli to provoke it, or you've just... moved on.

In any case, she probably already knows you don't feel the same way about her, hence the new clingy behavior/ reminders of why you are together.
Break it off or repair it anon, don't string her along, it's the least you can do.

Kind of like this dress, I've moved on, but I haven't told her yet. She'd be better off worn by someone that really truly loves her.
That sympathetic feel.

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Male here. To be honest I feel much better joining/drinking/hanging out with my segaull friends. Not that I don't have any male friends. I find seagull friends more nicer to talk with... unlike hanging out with my bros full of sarcasm/fake/clenched fist personalities . Seagulls the best!

>> No.8919143

Same anon here, and yeah I hate lolcow too, I thought it would be nice checking up on some old cows but honestly I feel like I grew out of it. I'm not even trying to sounds like I"m a better person but I just can't find fun in reading post after post about how someone's ugly or whatever. I mean really they find every single person fat and ugly, and the only time they're not fat is when they're anorexic which they'll bash then instead.

It's very sad that people judge so easily, I'll admit I used to do so to but I'm trying hard to give people a chance first and I feel like it makes me less negative too.

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File: 115 KB, 500x500, Normally+i+wouldn+t+give+a+about+any+of+these+_15e3ba9c87b5c1ddb8b5471f70bd3212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anons, Now I try to spend time with other friends and avoid those bitches.

My mom had a tumour in the intestine.
Nowadays the tumour was extirped, but it's possible in a few months she's going to operate one more time and actually she's doing chemotherapy. She's pretty good for the actual bad the shit is.
But I still worried about it.

>> No.8919174

Thanks for the laugh, gull. I needed that.

>> No.8919176


>> No.8919179

went to put my favorite dress on only to find that my boobs have gotten almost too big for it, ughhh

>> No.8919209

>See you bundle of OTKs on y!j
>A few cute pairs the rest aren't my type
>Have a brilliant idea
>I'll just sell the ones I don't want in my comm!
>Win auction for way less then expected
>the OTKs I didn't want sell within 10 minutes of posting a sales post
>Price them a bit higher then usual because I expected haggling
>No one does
>Made an extra 15$ off the original price I got them for

>> No.8919339

>lone Lolita
>in a really continent place to be Lolita
>only problem is I have major trust issues
>want to join a comm but based on everything on cgl I'm nervous because all I want is a Lolita friend to do cute stuff with while looking cute
>encouraged by people who know me to join a comm
>every time I almost reach out I back out like a faggot

>> No.8919355

>Go shopping
>Find this cute loliable blouse
>Sizes are M to XXXL
>Be size XS/S

Why there are always so many big sizes and hardly any small?

>> No.8919362

This month has been hell for me, my mental healt has gone worst and I can't ask for medical help (I go to the school's psychologist but she can't do much) for a lot of reasons, so I'm stuck in this cycle of depression + depersonalization and lately I really wanted to kill myself, yesterday I had some "revelation" and now I feel even worst, basicly I've spent my life in a family full of manipulative people and I tought that I was different, but I discovered that I'm even worst. Now all I want to do is to die and to stop any pain that I caused to people, I deleted all my social media without giving any explanation to anyone. I feel bad and i don't know what to do anymore.

>> No.8919365



anon it's probably not

>> No.8919373

Clearly you've never been in a Forever 21.

With me it's usually the opposite, there will be XS-S and then XL. None of which fit.

>> No.8919378

yeah because I'm not willing to buy cheap trash

who brags about finding cheap bullshit at F21?

>> No.8919381

>Complains about cheap trash
>Probably buys off of taobao

We all like cutting money corners anon, don't even deny it.

>> No.8919383

I don't buy off taobao

why would you even assume that if I said I dislike cheap trash?

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>have really bad flatulence lately
>haven't changed my diet at all
>still cursed with stinky smelly farts a billion times a day
>have to be lolita by Friday

Plz help, I even farted while writing this.

>> No.8919556

>can't find small sizes
Where are you shopping?

>> No.8919559

Me desu

>> No.8919632

>in a really continent place to be Lolita
If you're fully continent, you're already ahead of a lot of lolitas.

>> No.8919637

If this is true then you're missing out, anon.

>> No.8919639

Get to a doctor if you can, anon. If you haven't changed your diet, something could be up.

>> No.8919642

gas x, activated charcoal, etc

>> No.8919656
File: 51 KB, 244x260, dontmocklolis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Wow! Are you a loli??"
I wish someone would ask me this.

>> No.8919711

>Ordered dress cause cute and good deal
>It's Baby, and I have mostly AP in my closet
>Receive it today
>Omg it's so beautiful~
>Definitely worth it and happy with impulse buy
>It matches the blouse I wanted to wear with it perfectly, too
>Put Baby dress on rack with all the AP
>Omg so beautiful~ when I look at my AP dresses next to it
>Be all happy and semi-emotional about how much I love lolita and how happy these dresses make me

It's even better because I had a shit day at work, but I come home to my new dress and all my other babies on my rack. I just love the special feeling it has.

>> No.8919716
File: 51 KB, 1280x720, 639c71a5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Second year in college
>Prime time for an exchange period abroad
>One of the options is Japan
>Sign me the hell up
>Bust my ass off in school, get good grades to qualify for an exchange, even do courses earlier than scheduled to ensure a smooth exchange
>One of my teachers really supports me and offers to write a letter of recommendation for my exchange application
>Everything is looking good
>Suddenly my health takes a dive
>Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a year ago, doctors said it was no problem and with medication would not affect my life much
>Have always had a pretty healthy lifestyle, no idea where the disease came from
>The disease turns out to be aggressive, no medication is working
>Most likely gonna need a surgery
>That means a long sick leave and destroys my dreams of exchange

I know my health is more important than going to Japan, but goddamn. I've worked too hard for this just for it to be destroyed by a literal shit-disease.

>> No.8919754

>two wishes
>1. cosmetic surgery
>2. have a gothic lolita wardrobe
>only enough money for one of them

I feel you, anon. If I hadn't had the illness I have I would've been to Japan twice by now.

>> No.8919773

I'm sick of my boyfriend talking down to me and treating me like I'm stupid and disgusting. I'm tired of him equating my interest in jfashion to me being a weaboo or some weird fetishist or attention whore and not listening to me when I try to explain. I'm tired of him having all the power in the relationship and I'm tired of him getting mad at me and telling me I'm overreacting anytime I express that he's being hurtful to me. He's been a real shithead lately and I'm sick of it.

Don't wanna talk any more about it so don't ask and don't give me any advice.

>> No.8919788


I know you don't want advice or to talk about it, but just know you're not the only one, anon.

>> No.8919800

>I'm tired of him having all the power in the relationship and I'm tired of him getting mad at me and telling me I'm overreacting anytime I express that he's being hurtful to me.

you and me both, anon

>> No.8919822

You got me curious anon, do you have the same illness or some other one?

>I'm jelly of you because I want a cosmetic surgery too but I'm a poor-ass college student

>> No.8919827
File: 133 KB, 1280x720, 01-26-17-1448033491433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not giving advice to anyone, I'm just writing random words here


>> No.8919834

>tfw you'll never be adored as much as a petite average looking asian girl

Not bait, because let's all be honest, even here in the selfpost threads, or the lolita threads, when the person wearing the outfit is an average asian girl, they're loved.

>> No.8919857

Dump his ass

>> No.8919937

Honestly, telling someone that they're the reason you self-injure is pretty shitty, too. Especially if you chose to have this person in your life. I sou;don't want to be friends with someone who was constantly blaming me for their mental state.

>> No.8920038
File: 24 KB, 480x373, 54b58725273f2ae0e61bd338c3ded9b0_480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I created a new facebook account to separate my real life from my new lolita life, at least for now, then applied to a bunch of comms/sales groups and all but one rejected me. I was hoping to check out the sales to see if there was anything I could start with, but I guess empty profiles look suspicious.

>> No.8920048

I did something the same, except my profile picture is me in lolita, and I explicitly specified on my page that it is empty because it is a separate account for my lolita groups. I got accepted into them all?

>> No.8920054

>> Pretty obscure ultimate dream dress
>> Talking about dream dresses with comm
>> Girl hasn't heard of it, shows them
>> "Wow I love it!"
>> Someone else in the comm sells it about two weeks later
>> Comments on it first and gets it
>> Makes a status of how she got her dream dress
How can I sue her

>> No.8920055

>Don't wanna talk any more about it so don't ask and don't give me any advice.

How did you get into that situation, poor anon? Were you happy before?
Maybe you should try telling him how you feel.

>> No.8920091


I don't have a coord yet, so it is virtually a blank profile with a few likes on some shops and interests.

I understand why I wasn't accepted, it's not a big deal.

>> No.8920099
File: 257 KB, 320x583, 1457686308972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw people don't recognize this image/story

what the fuck, gulls. why are you so gullible and memory-impaired? i'm not even reporting it this time. let troll-chan and her bf laugh together at you dumbasses.

you win this round, troll-chan. you win this round.

>> No.8920105

cry about it, virgin

>> No.8920107

Because the people who cosplay are usually giant heffers.

>> No.8920109

You're still going to stay with him, and you know it.

I knew it, too.

Help me.

>> No.8920110

>you're not the only one, anon.

>you and me both, anon

stop dating narcissists. they don't love you. get away from them.

>> No.8920119

>Help me.
respect yourself. you have one life. he doesn't love you. you want to have kids someday? you owe it to them to be as healthy as you can be, and that means getting away from damaging relationships NOW and becoming a strong person.

don't want kids? do you have any friends? do you want any friends? do you want to love anyone, ever? cut this fucker out of your life. he will never let you care about anyone but him, and he will never care about you. he will do anything possible to keep you in his power, and that usually means making you think you NEED to be with him and that nobody else will treat you better.

it's a lie, he's a soulless asshole. it's not normal to make your SO feel worthless. get away.

>> No.8920136
File: 14 KB, 313x313, butthurtazn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy dress secondhand on Facebook group
>dress arrives
>super cute
>it smells like farts

Did you sell me this??

>> No.8920158

>meet old friend (let's call her A) with current friend (B)
>A tells us about a cosplay group for upcoming con
>missing 2 characters
>A asks us to join, really wants full group
>Both of us ended up agreeing
>Get committed and hyped
>ff 2 months group disband
>ask A about it "oh some left so we disbanded but many of us are still doing it!"
>ff 5 months
>find out no one is doing it
>Also A told someone I was doing such a basic bitch cosplay

Like jfc I wouldn't even be doing this in the first place if it weren't for them, plus the outfits plays a lot on some of my insecurities. I'm just really thankful that B is still with me and we both got real excited while working on it.

>> No.8920159
File: 62 KB, 260x200, 1455022797079.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>your bobbin case goes missing... AGAIN

this thing is elusive. I swear gremlins run off with it. It's pretty damn big too since I'm almost impressed that I keep misplacing it. But sure enough every time I go to start a new project, it's not with the rest of my sewing stuff.

>> No.8920211

This one isn't really feels, but hilarious. My GF convinced me to wear Lolita for a con. I felt weird and perverted at first, but I digress. Anyways at around midnight we start driving back to our hotel (which was about 20 minutes away from the con) and we run to a gas station. I run in to use the restroom (I'm still in Lolita) and I'm about to use the urinal, but it felt like a challenge without having to take stuff off so I run into a stall instead. While I'm in the stall another guy comes in. My thought was that I'll wait until he leaves, but I later find out he's waiting for the stall. I suddenly just flip the "Fuck it" switch and exit. Of course the dude had to look like one of those stereotypical truckers with a Mossy Oak hat, jeans, etc and his face was absolutely priceless. As I'm leaving before I open the door I just say "If you're ever looking for a good time sugar" and leave while snickering like a high school slut.

>> No.8920216

>friend from highschool goes to a convention with her boyfriend
>posts pictures on facebook making fun of the attendees
>she's 100% fucking right

>> No.8920314

>go to con recently, first one with boyfriend
>he acts sulky/no fun the whole time
>tells me afterwards he felt uncomfortable with people taking pictures of me
>i wasnt even wearing a revealing costume

And then a few weeks later he told me I'm the only reason he doesnt want to kill himself. I dont want to break up with him, he's great most of the time, but i feel like i can't have much freedom at all... also i had to explain the concept of 'alone time' to him and he was like "wait, so you need...time to yourself... every day? I thought it was just like a once a month or two thing"

>> No.8920315

That's what you get for blabbing about your dream dress before you bring it home. Plenty of time to show it off and discuss AFTER. This is common and can also ruin friendships. Keep it secret next time, anon.

>> No.8920318


>dating another girl

Its weird how Im so well built to automatically see every anon here as female at this point that I'm somewhat impressed with myself.

>> No.8920325
File: 130 KB, 344x472, My drills.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Sounds like a pretty cool dude to me.

>> No.8920341

He's trying to control you

>> No.8920347
File: 195 KB, 300x179, triggered.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Orders cosplay
>Needs by June
>Google Translate description says two weeks to make
>SS gets back to me
>Won't ship til August
>Needs cosplay for group shoot

They're helping me try to find an alternative that won't take so long and isn't terrible quality but damn. Guess that cosplay shop is incredibly popular or overbooked or some shit.

>> No.8920363

I went through this with a guy I dated in the past. Dude literally had a breakdown after a con because he thought being around so many people who weren't him would make me cheat on him and I only needed to hang out with him. He threatened to kill himself when my friend wanted to do a girl's night sleepover at her house. Then he started accusing me of lying about going to work so I could hang out with other people without taking him.
He even literally tried to kill himself to stop me from breaking up with him but my friend called the cops and I got an order of protection against him. He went back to normal after that but from what I heard pulled the same shit again.
Break up with him and if he threatens it, let him try to kill himself so you can call the cops. Once that's on the record you'll have no problem getting a restraining order against him.
It's not about depression, it's about control. And it's also not your problem. Cut him loose.

>> No.8920403

Enlighten us perhaps?

>> No.8920422

All of these things. The first thing emotionally abusive assholes do is try to make you feel bad for having a life away from them. Then they start trying to shape the rest of it, like saying who you're "allowed" to see or not see, where you're allowed to go or what to wear.

Just cut and run before he gets even worse. And if he threatens to kill himself, call the police and send them to his address. It's not your problem even if he does try it, he's using emotional blackmail to keep you close because of his own bullshit.

>> No.8920457

Wasn't constantly blaming them. it was the first time I brought it up to them. Just to inform them how shitty I felt and how shitty they were treating me.

>> No.8920480
File: 67 KB, 225x204, devito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw just saw someone I know in the ita thread, and she's a super bitch

>> No.8920482

I bought my first brand jsk today. I feel so happy thinking of the possiblilites of coording it now, can't wait for it to arrive (if it goes through that is....)

>> No.8920487

Please cut the chord and get out now while it's easy for you to do so. It's only gonna get worse as time moves on. And if you are afraid of him harming hiself when you leave, like >>8917985 said, you can not blame yourself for what he does afterwards. If you are concerned, then contact a family member of his or something but do not allow him to set the stage to hold you hostage in an emotionally abusive relationship. It may be true that he needs help for mental problems or whatever but that doesn't mean he can be abusive towards other. Leave ASAP.

>> No.8920492

just look up coffee bath bomb in the archives. it's troll-chan changing the story a bit each time, but the pic on the left is legit while the pic on right is actual shit.

>> No.8920509

Congrats, anon! I hope it arrives to you just fine. What did you get?

>> No.8920511

My dream dress is for sale but price is much higher than it usually goes. Like double the usual. My emotions are conflicted: I could afford it easily, but I don't want to support scalping. The seller seems to do it almost always, but feedback is excellent.

Congratulations! The first time is unique. Enjoy it.

>> No.8920520

How often does it pop up? If it's fairly common or otherwise easy to track down and you think you can find it for a better price elsewhere, don't buy it.

>> No.8920528

The sewing God's are mysterious.

Yes and I've also had it crack while running. Got a lovely chin scrape because my hands betrayed me.

I read this in Dan's voice..

Use your power for evil

>> No.8920531

Moved farass away from home, brought lolita with me. Realized that I left my waist ties for my Gathered Chiffon dress and a chiffon blouse bow tie at my parents house. Parents are divorcing, house is being sold, and my stuff was cleaned out ages ago.

It really sucks because GC was my first dress, and the blouse came with it. I just have to hope that my mom figured that it was something I'd want to keep and put it in my storage locker.

>> No.8920536
File: 122 KB, 213x117, 1420761409899.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>planning duo cosplay with friend
>her bf is an asshole
>she keeps having panic attacks ever since they started dating
>has backed out of three cons with me because of bullshit emergencies/ultimatums he issues her
>always AFTER she has paid for her ticket, room share, cosplay, and has gotten time off work
>keep telling her to break up with him
>she seems to agree when we talk but later ALWAYS tells me he explained himself, he needs her, things are changing, whatever
>swears this time he will be fine, she can go to convention with me and have fun
>really want to get her away from him a while
>i shoulder the crafting aspect of our cosplays so she doesn't stress out
>need to take her measurements, she has to pick a time that won't inconvenience the asshole
>has panic attack right when we were supposed to meet up
>given past patterns, i am pretty sure he manufactured more drama to keep her isolated
>send herlinks to info about emotional abuse, narcissists, etc.
>she always says it sounds like him but denies there's anything wrong ???
>tells me not to worry about her
>but she has never been this anxious or depressed before, in all the time i have known her
>heart breaks for her but she won't fucking listen to reason
>try to get her to at least go to therapy
>she ends up going to her bf's therapist who is on her bf's side, makes her apologize to him
>won't see a diff one
>there is nothing i can do and she keeps wasting my time and money and emotional investment and i am terrified i am becoming cold to her problems

>message her to suggest we not cosplay together since she's going through a lot, i don't want to add stress to her
>she messages me back all cheery and with a list of measurements her bf helped her take
>PayPals me money to pay for cosplay construction
>i know she will never wear this and i feel like shit taking her money
>will make it anyway and hope he lets her off her leash so she can have fun without him for fucking one time

i just don't know what to do.

>> No.8920546

I got Baby's Little Cat Bouquet JSK in Red~ It was a pretty good price too, only 6500 yen

>> No.8920553
File: 106 KB, 750x750, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Usually I don't mind people and their kinks, but when I'm just minding my own business and it fuckin jumps out of nowhere I get annoyed.

>> No.8920568

this breaks my heart. i wish i had advice for you but i dont really. just be there for her. and i understand that this isn't always doable given how things are, but try to find time to hang out with her that doesn't focus on how much he is ruining her life. one of my least favorite parts of being in an abusive relationship was when i finally was able to go see my friends and then all they wanted to talk about was how much my boyfriend sucked.

also there are some apps on phones now for dating violence emergencies, i think dr. phill's wife made one or something? at the very least see if she'll install that on her phone in case anything physical happens.

you seem like a really sweet and caring friend, she's lucky to have you.

>> No.8920575

That's a great find! Enjoy it!

>> No.8920835

as some one who was part of an emotionally abusive relationship anon, there is no easy solution to this situation.

The hard part is that you get ready for an argument with your SO, you know you're in the right but as soon as you start to talk to them they manage to convince you that youre in the wrong. Through a combination of gas lighting, isolation, destroying confidence and just the generally shityness of it all, it takes a long time to work up the courage to leave.

The unfortunate thing is she cant leave until he places the straw that breaks the camels back for her. She has to realize on her own that she needs to get out of there and now. Friends telling them something is wrong is easily brushed aside. The common line I got was "They just dont understand us."

But anon you are a good friend, much better than any of the ones I pushed away when I was going through my shit like this. Dont overtax yourself emotionally either, but I can say be open when she leaves him, thats when she'll really need the help and be open to it.

>> No.8920866

I lost weight, I love how my body looks, but my face was tons cuter for Lolita with a tiny bit of chub.

>> No.8920870

>Recently diagnosed with psoriasis
>Start becoming increasingly insecure about overall appearance
>Get anxious and depressed whenever I think about how I look
>Decided to finish playing game to take my mind off it
>Find a character I'm in love with and really want to cosplay
>First time I felt actually motivated to do something in a long time
>Feeling pumped
>The fact that the character wears shorts finally hits me

I know I'm being stupid and I should just cosplay the character if I want to. I mostly just wanted to get this off my chest to be honest.

>> No.8920871

i have major babyface and am mistaken for a teenager or girl/MtF because of it when i wear frills (ouji). let's trade.

>> No.8920875

Same, anon, same. I'm waiting for them to realize no one's going to buy it for that price and drop it.

>> No.8920891

My mum has really bad (like 80% coverage) psoriasis and I get it from time to time- usually small patches on my knees and stomach, but last summer it really spread and I had patches all over.
I understand the desire to hide it, I really do, so you have my sympathy.

The main problem is that covering it up is counterproductive - if I can get my skin in the sun mine clears quite quickly (if I don't overdo it and burn) because UV light kills the excess skin cells. So wearing shorts would actually be good. Maybe wear the shorts for the cosplay around the garden if the weather is good and see of you can get your legs clear for the con? Stress and diet seem to be my big triggers, but it's different for everyone.

Good luck anon.

>> No.8920921

Before you start reading, just know I am very stupid and you will probably get angry at me when you read this for being so stupid. Anyway
> One week ago, have waist length blonde hair
> On spring break, think it would be cool to just show up next week having totally different hair
> Decide on jet black bc it will bring out my eyes or something also I have clip in bangs that will match and I have always wanted bangs
> Dye my hair dark red (with permanent dye for some reason, didn't check to see if it was permanent because idiot) then black with arctic fox hair dye, am very proud of myself for knowing to dye it red first lest it turn green
>Have fun with new hair for a while, it looks great, I love bangs so much, it slowly turns to horror as I start dying everything around me blue even when hair is not wet
> Start washing hair until there is absolutely no excess dye so I can't hurt anything anymore
> Hair is now dark purple, but I miss my blonde so much by this point anyway
> Want to call back the place I applied to and see about getting a job interview but can't with my now unnatural but at this point still quite prettily colored hair
> Being a genius, decides to color oops this shit, because the box says it can get rid of permanent dye! I can be a blonde again and this whole fiasco will be over
> Hair after color oops: somehow has patches of green (meaning it somehow got rid of only the middle red layer but not the black?) Red, purple, and blue (no blonde or natural hair colors in sight)
>hair has been processed too much recently, afraid of doing anything more at this point because it could break off
> Am stuck with fugly rainbow shit hair for god knows how long, can not go try and get a job looking like this, school starts tomorrow, and the bangs don't match anymore
I wish there was an undo button for hair

>> No.8920937

Psoriasis is such a dumb condition ;^;
Mine flairs(?) up terribly when I'm stressed

>> No.8920949
File: 23 KB, 500x375, 11986517_1463996793907220_1078880421324110601_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel so confined by the social norm.
I feel like i don't have any REAL goal in life
I feel like life is just going to studying to get a job to earn money to pay bills
I feel like we're powerless

I-I don't know anymore seagulls, i feel so sad, and i keep having existential crisis lately

>> No.8920954

Yeah, I'll think about it. It's not that rare, but doesn't pop up every month.

Let's suffer the wait together, anon. We can do it, hopefully, and then fullfill our dreams.

I don't have psoriasis, I've got atopia. I hope you live somewhere sunny. Also, check your diet. It does wonders. Drop dairy, if you already haven't. It tends to work for most people. Unfortunately not in my case. It's horrible how stress creates a circle where stressing about your skin makes it worse. And should you have horrible luck, visit a doctor. When I had my first bad break outs, I got inflammation and healing started only after medication. Also, check your clothing materials. Consider getting cotton or flax pajamas. Those are skin friendly.

>> No.8920957

Ok first off, cut your hair to a bob or something. Second, don't lay a finger on your hair again. Let it grow out, moisturise it, don't use heat styling tools or blowfryers.

Third, this exact thing has happened to me recently on a smaller scale so I totally feel your pain and I'm not judging you, I just want to bonk you on the head with an umbrella and tell you to stop torturing your hair.

>> No.8920962

French braid it and hope for the best.
I ruined my hair by dying it a blue gradient. Its waist long and totally fried at the ends. I'm scared to go to my stylist for a trim because I know she's going to scold me for doing it myself.

>> No.8920963

Currently a NEET and having the same crisis, I dropped out of my course because I hated it, and while looking around I just realized there wasn't anything I liked, and the few things I do like tend to have shitty work environments and shit pay (art and design) so I don't want to take that risk.

I don't want to live just for the sake of making some money so I can survive, maybe I'll stay a NEET for a bit longer and then end it

>> No.8920966

Get a wig, hide the mess until it grows out again.

>> No.8920992

Not worth ending it anon.
I used to think like that but life is so much more than just paying bills. Trust me. One day you'll find some meaning in life, life doesn't have any true meaning until some supreme divinity say so or whatever, so just don't care about its meaning or find your own meaning.

>> No.8921000

>feel lolita is something to wear to special events, museum trips, fancy dinners
>don't ever do any of these things because of crippling mental illness
>not interested in joining the comm either
>can't just wear my dresses to town because I bike everywhere (that's what you get when you're dutch)
>just give up

Look into Buddhism or even just mindfulness, anon. It's saved me from the biggest existential crisis I've ever had and has given me all the answers I was searching for.

>> No.8921002

>not riding your bike in a dress

>> No.8921007

The thing is, his family is really abusive so telling them is about the last thing i can do. His father is the one who told him he should kill himself in the first place.

>> No.8921022

Are you me, anon? I just feel like life is incredibly boring. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I keep buying clothess hoping it will fill some void but it doesn't, it makes me happy for a few moments and then it's over. I barely leave the house anymore and have zero desire for any social interaction apart from my long-distance boyfriend who is the only thing I even still care about. I have no clue what to do with the future. Nothing seems worth it and everything is a hassle, but staying in bed all day and being entirely unproductive makes me hate myself and feel miserable.

How do I get out of this cycle?

>> No.8921056

Well, it's uncomfortable and probably hardly doable with a petti on.

>look for a capable therapist and let them help you work through your issues
In the meantime:
>start with doing one little thing daily/weekly that makes you feel like a good person
>add working out
>one by one, add hobbies you used to enjoy such, as reading or playing an instrument or even vidya
>keep going even if you feel like shit, no excuses

Keep in mind that following these steps won't suddenly cure you. It's a slow but steady way to improvement.
In the meantime:
Seriously. Read "The Places That Scare You" by Pema Chodron and visit thelazyyogi.com. Follow their wisdom. Start meditating.

>> No.8921100

>always had bad teeth bc poor
>dentists would patch them up here and there but now it's come to the point where there isn't much to patch up
>front teeth were usually fine but now even they've started chipping
>move out of mum's, get back on my feet
>can finally afford proper dental work
>they're pulling out 6 of my teeth and replacements are still too expensive
>tfw will never be kawaii

Da has most of his missing, mum has at least 5. I don't wanna be the third member of my family to get visited by the bad teeth goblin

>> No.8921111
File: 800 KB, 220x220, 1451107330578.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That picture reminds me of a Rockwell painting for some reason

>> No.8921115

>wear something loose and flowy for a bike ride once
>almost immediately caught in bike mechanisms
>never again

>> No.8921116

Honestly it's all about finding the thing in life you enjoy most which generally involves making an investment in yourself, having patience, and working hard at it. This is usually found through hobbies when you notice something comes a little naturally to you or you really enjoy something, or you find something you want to work hard at. For me it's drawing and creating, art is my goal and focus in life, nothing else comes close to making me aod satisfied. I also do pottery, but art and close relationships are what keep me happy in life.

>> No.8921136

Thank you anon. Reading you made me feel a little better.
Other anons please keep hope ok?Happiness will come even if times are though. One day your current problems or at least most of them will only be some foggy memory from the past

>> No.8921171

I honestly don't know what you guys are talking about because I ride my bike in voluminous knee-length or longer skirts every day, since those are all I wear and I ride my bike to work. I don't always wear a petti but when I do, it makes no difference. I even know someone who rode her bike to Elfia in a hoop skirt without a problem.
Now big platform shoes, those are hard to bike with. Long tight pencil skirts too, probably. But lolita skirts are seriously easymode.

>> No.8921199

This, plus ladies bikes often have skirt guards over the rear wheel. How can you get a knee length skirt stuck?

>> No.8921247

Don't your skirts ride up your thigh as you bike? I have a lot of scarring there and want to avoid anyone from seeing. Also biking in full lolita attire just seems really unfabulous.. not necessarily a problem, but I for one wouldn't be courageous enough to do it.

>> No.8921250

Ah that's great! Happiness is possible, I definitely recommend meditation, it really helps to shrink your problems a bit and keep things in perspective, it's very good for your brain by lowering your cortisol which creates adrenaline when you're anxious. Avoid coffee as this can spike adrenaline and agitate you as it puts your body in fight or flight mode. Above all don't beat yourself up, you're accomplishing nothing, love yourself the way you'd love a small child by encouraging them and praising their growth and curiosity.

>> No.8921257
File: 38 KB, 551x734, at-first-i-was-like-and-then.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you put on John Oliver while youre cutting patterns, and then laugh so hard you mess up the cut

well shit

>> No.8921259

No one is going to look at your scars while you are riding a bike.

>> No.8921271

anon, i have UC too, it's really not pretty. i'm sorry yours is more aggressive and not responding to meds :( it stops me from traveling/having fun/having a life too so i definitely understand how you feel.

it'll get better eventually, i've had it for 4 (almost 5) years now and you learn how to live with it.

>> No.8921304
File: 197 KB, 500x321, surprise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ride my bike in a skirt
>splatter mud on the back of it
>realize hours later that it looks like I sharted

>> No.8921314

Please see a counselor or your doctor. Having no interest in anything--even things you once enjoyed--staying in bed all day, zero desire for social interaction, and hopelessness for the future are all classic signs of depression, which is imminently treatable. But only a medical professional or trained social worker who meets with you can diagnose that for sure (yeah, no Tumblr self-diagnosis here).

>> No.8921330

This is not cute anon

>> No.8921337

Aw anon that's adorable.
I need coffee to study better it gives me motivation. Any tips on how2 meditate?

>> No.8921387
File: 1.85 MB, 1018x1073, Ahsoka_Tano_Rebels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Two years of nothing post graduation because of depression
>Parents threaten to kick me out because no job. Constantly tell me I'm an embarassment
>Spend months applying for any sort of job to get them off my back. Absolutely no one calls me back.
>Suck it up and go back to my shitty old job. Decide just to go on as part time so I have days off to figure out my life.
>Working my shitty part time job (delivery truck driver) actually makes me more energetic and happy about little things.
>Watch tv every morning before going in. Star Wars Rebels is always on that time so start watching that.
>Get into it. Look forward to watching it every morning.
>Fall into Star Wars pit

Dear god, I haven't been into Star Wars in years, and I feel like it's just gotten better? I feel kind of dumb for being into a kids show but it's pretty engaging and now I watch Clone Wars on Netflix at night before bed. I haven't looked forward to doing something each day in years. I kind of consider that a good step forward, even though I still haven't managed to pick back up my hobbies.

>> No.8921391

Uh, what makes you think coffee actually will motivate you? Sounds like you need to get off coffee if you are already making bs reasons to take it.

>> No.8921393

>got in photography last year
>sort of starting to know what I am doing
>made photo's at a convention last weekend. Some of those turned out great and the cosplayers posted them on their fbpages.
>feels great

>> No.8921419

For meditation try for 20 minutes, set a timer on your phone, set yourself somewhere quiet, dim light is nice, prop a pillow underneath your butt so you're pushed forward a little and cross your legs, rest your arms however you like. Try to keep your back straight in a good posture so you don't get drowsy and it'll help you breath more deeply. Breath deeply starting at just below your belly button, push it out and let your chest fill up, I always get a bit of a head rush but it's just the extra flow of oxygen. Eventually you'll notice these muscles start to relax. Do what's most comfortable, some people meditate with their eyes closed, some open. If you're feeling fidgety go for as long as you can and try again the next day. Let thoughts meander, if you notice yourself thinking guide yourself back to noticing your breathing like a quiet observer. After 20 minutes you will notice a big difference, especially if you're feeling particularly anxious. Good luck!

>> No.8921428

Because that's what it does. Sprint runners down a shot of espresso before a race, it reduces the buildup up glycogen in your muscles and gets you pumped up, your brain treats it the same way it treats cocaine and heroin, it's a simulant, which is why you should avoid it if you're feeling particularly anxious or have trouble sleeping.

>> No.8921441

Graduated from high school or college?

If the latter, are you me?

>> No.8921455
File: 122 KB, 1080x1080, 12446180_160581220987476_825082255_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Enjoy the kawaii-ugu aesthetic, especially larme-kei
>Normally don't wear much make-up or do anything to my hair, but I'll dress in larme on weekends. Curled hair, circle lenses, falsies, etc.
>Usually take selfies right in front of a window
>Use Pitu to darken my eyeliner and erase my dark eyebags a little
>MAYBE a little dreamy filter to give a more aesthetic look, but nothing else (Pic related is probably a little more than I would go on the blur and brightness even when being heavier handed, but otherwise about the same for reference of makeup/editing. Hard to find a good example.)

>Boyfriend's normalfag friends think this is hilarious
>Try and explain that it's a Japanese fashion style I like, it has nothing to do with wanting to be another race.
>Take photos doing peace signs and duckfaces (neither of which I have ever done) and post it on Instagram captioned "Trying to be Asian like @anon!"
>Constantly saying things like "CHING CHONG" or "ANON I BET U WANT SUSHI HUH"
> My boyfriend is moving away in a week (we're breaking up), but all of his friends will still be here in this small town.

It sucks and hurts my feelings. I just want to enjoy larme and post cute pictures and feel cute. I have anorexia so it's very hard for me to feel happy with my appearance, and larme helps me feel comfortable and happy with myself for once... My photos still look like me... I'm not trying to be Asian. At all. But if enough people genuinely think that I'm just an Asian try-hard and insecure I'll just stop... I feel so discouraged.

>> No.8921494

block and ignore them forever, those people are toxic cunts and should not be in your life. if you happen into them irl just walk past them and don't blink an eye, don't give them the time out of your day. I know it's hard (the irl part in particular) but you can do it anon, I believe in you. <3

(if you really don't want to block them, maybe make a second instagram/something to post your pics on, and don't link it to your real name? I'm sure some anons from here would love to follow you.)

>> No.8921502

sorry anon, i'm going to be mean, but clinging to fashion for insecurity issues is never a good thing. it just makes you more visible and when you're more visible you're different, meaning more people will shit on you than before. they will not help you feel more secure, ever. and in order to wear them(as you can see) you need to be able to not care as much about unreasonable opinions. it's honestly probably better if you try to find something inside yourself to raise your esteem and then go back to it.

>> No.8921504

Thanks a bunch anon dude that helped a lot. Saving it.

>> No.8921514

Block them on all social media and distance yourself from them completely. Cut them out of your life. People like that aren't worth your time. You should focus on what makes you happy and what's good for you. If dressing in larme makes you happy, keep doing it. But don't rely on it completely.

>> No.8921516

Clone Wars and Rebels are both really well-written, given that they're "kids" shows. They add a surprising amount of depth to things (if you ignore the Jar-Jar episodes and the weird thing with Maul's legs).

I've enjoyed both of them quite a bit.

>> No.8921647

Clone Wars had some darn good fight choreography, and I liked how they managed to straighten out Anakin's...everything. (Also Obi Wan was the best)

>> No.8921692
File: 170 KB, 495x860, babyjubilee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Took my wife to her first convention today. She didn't dress up, but I made a simple Jubilee costume for our tiny human. Had lots of people take pictures of her and stuff. Pretty successful for wife and baby's first con even if she chewed on her power sparks all day.

>> No.8921706
File: 53 KB, 471x352, 1446784583292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Working full-time right after college
>Living with my sister so rent is cheap
>No student debt
>Saving a bunch of money
>Feel dead inside every day at work
Sometimes I'm paid to do nothing and it's still terrible. Spending 9 hours in front of a computer is fun until you have to do it. I really want to try making money off of costume/prop/resin kit commissions but I don't really know where to start. The only solid idea I have is fleshing out my social media and getting more outreach as I hone my skills.

>> No.8921724

2cute, congrats on baby!

>> No.8921758
File: 87 KB, 500x375, 779560d6deaa19bd7259bffafb362ed1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally bought my dream dress
>like number one made-me-want-to-be-a-lolita dream dress
>it'll hopefully arrive in time for my birthday
>happy tears forever

>> No.8921762

They actually made him (Anakin) likeable. I was shocked.

>> No.8921775
File: 70 KB, 720x960, babyjub2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks! It was a lot of fun making her little jacket. I've got a bit more notice for some cons later this year so I can make some better outfits.

>> No.8921781

College, senior year was a killer. Hang in there, anon! Nothing like Star Wars to drag you out of a funk.
I'm kind of shocked at how much I'm liking them! I can't say I enjoyed the prequels but I really like Anakin in the cartoon. Ahsoka has to be my favorite character, which is nice because growing up I just really wanted a female SW character to connect with. I had a hard time with Leia because I wanted to be the hero, so I just pretended to be Luke lol. I'm kind of jealous this didn't come out 15 years ago.

>> No.8921791

I joined a Larme group on Facebook since I'm currently really into the fashion, but as many posts there are that are actually cute and larme, there's also the ones that are just horribly off-base. I was just looking at a post with some gentle criticism about how two patterns together generally wasn't a good idea, and of course she gets a "lol it's my style" response. Meanwhile, I'm thinking that it's not just the clashing patterns, nothing about the outfit says larme. I honestly get more booty-bothered than I should, though.

>> No.8921797

Your boyfriend must have been a real gem to have friends like that. Out of curiosity though, why did they start asking if you're trying to be asian? Don't ever explain something as "a japanese fashion" because if you are insecure, assholes can latch onto that. You're better off just playing dumb "what are you talking about I don't look asian in my pictures" and flat out telling them to fuck off.

>> No.8921922
File: 26 KB, 283x281, 1448397851674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else get massive guilt from sinking money into hobbies that won't necessarily bring money back in? I've been making jewelry for years and have definitely made back more than I spent, but recently I've been so busy with schoolwork that I haven't had time to update my shop with anything. Consequently, I haven't made any sales in a while, and I feel like shit for not making time and working harder on this hobby. Just buying more supplies makes me feel so guilty, like I shouldn't even bother because I'm not guaranteed to make money back. Maybe that's a sign I shouldn't be doing this, even as a side thing and not a main source of income. I love making beautiful things and experimenting with different styles, but it feels like I'm flushing money away and being wasteful. I wish I could be like other people and just enjoy my damn hobbies for what they are, instead of feeling like I have to monetize my every ability so as not to end up broke.

>> No.8922002
File: 122 KB, 351x368, itistime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who else REALLY likes seeing boys in skirts?

>> No.8922007
File: 135 KB, 360x401, am I kawaii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8922029

your happiness is also an investment. Time means more than money in the long run and time you spend at a hobby. In the long run you'll enjoy knowing you spent your time on stuff you really enjoyed. I mean dont overspend into debt, but enjoy your hobbies and remember that its not a wasteso long as it makes you happy.

>> No.8922032

I know who you're talking about. Getting the fashion wrong is one thing but if people give you concrit take it....or keep dressing how you like just don't call it larme.

It doesn't really get me mad or anything either way but it's kind of embarssing that they're reaching out to larme magazine when so many members are not dressing larme At all

>> No.8922038

Me me me!

>> No.8922182

Similar story over at the Anovos Stormtrooper group. Maybe not as extreme like it may be in the Kylo Ren group since most people in the group are going for 501st standards and know where to look, but every once in a while I see a post asking a question that's been answered hundreds of times before.

>> No.8922195


I thank my war gods every day that the Mandos let people in before they have finished kits so they can have access to a support network of experienced costumers and a free exchange of information. To me at least it seems like it fosters a much more inclusive atmosphere (especially since I'd start a blood feud with the local 501st if you let me, those fuckers are the goddamn worst) and it really lets people stretch their creativity to the limit.

>> No.8922209

>let people in before they have finished kits so they can have access to a support network of experienced costumers and a free exchange of information

Pretty sure every group does that. 501st, Rebel Legion. You sign up to their forums and have all the info there.

>> No.8922215


Local 501st won't touch you with a 10ft pole unless you have an approved kit ready to go. I don't know how it is in other parts of the world, but that's what it's like around here. Our local chapter is full of assholes.

>> No.8922228

>Local 501st won't touch you with a 10ft pole unless you have an approved kit ready to go

If you mean to join them out on trooping events, well yeah. Kits that meet screen accurate standards is the name of the game for the 501st and Rebel Legion.

>> No.8922279

Oh man I used to have 'friends' like that in high school. I had just discovered lolita and was sewing my own peter pan collar blouses and lace-covered lolita skirts and their constant reaction was "lol anon why are you trying to be asian you're not asian lol ching chang chong"
Cunts. I never should've shown them Tokyo street snaps, but I'm pretty sure that even if I hadn't they would have found something else to be cunty about. It was pretty hypocritical too because one girl was desperately trying to be Scottish (fake accent, random tartan patterns, even dyed her hair orange once) while having zero Scottish ancestry and nobody called her out on her shit.

I know it's not easy anon, but the best thing you can do is ignore them. Realize it's actually really pathetic that they're going out of their way to take photos just to mock you, and learn not to care about a bunch of bored losers' shitty opinions.

>> No.8922333

>tfw your dark skin makes you feel uncomfortable if you try to cosplay as any character
idk why i have this issue

>> No.8922344
File: 2.41 MB, 340x256, 1404963439747.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukelele, drums, guitar, erhu, accordion, concertina, euphonium, glass harp, french horn, or jew's harp
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can fulfil the role of an orchestral concert percussionist by playing instruments like the triangle, chimes, and cymbals
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing, particularly in falsetto or vibrato
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ or use sound synthesis programs
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway

You are the best. Just letting you know.

>> No.8922386

I'm cosplaying Mako (Kill la Kill) this weekend, and I'm not sure whether to wear the skirt or not. Last time, I wore pants.

I can't decide if it would be cute or just gay.

>> No.8922391
File: 149 KB, 400x400, nLMQRyiB_400x400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8922418

I love you anon, I've learned a few instruments before and now wanted to learn orchestral percussion, but I feel too old and have no idea where to start. you reminded me. I'm feeling kinda inspired now to look it up again. thank you.
>also it's ukulele

>> No.8922423

t-that list really expanded since i last saw you music-anon
good job!

>> No.8922601

>want to dress up in lolita to honor lolita friend who passed away
>dont have any coords to wear
>feel like i have failed her in some way for this

these are some weird and depressing feels

>> No.8922611


No, I mean that they treat you like dirt unless you come to them with a finished kit.

>> No.8922643
File: 21 KB, 400x205, ryukocry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry about your friend. My favorite local cosplayer died in October. Even though I didn't know her, it made me pretty sad and I still think about her sometimes.

>> No.8922706

It's not as though her friend's mere presence was the reason she was cutting, it was her friend's bad treatment of her. Subtle but very important difference.

>> No.8922722

Unfortunately we are a bunch of anonymous strangers on the internet. We can't help you. Most of us wouldn't help you even if we had the chance. Abusive relationships are not like any other disaster that might befall you in your life - they are unique in that you have to get yourself out of them entirely on your own, because nobody can take that step for you. We can't take your asshole partner away like we would take an alcoholic's booze. It's up to you to walk out. We'll support you and encourage you to do it, as will a bunch of people in your real life who will do it better, but you're the only person who can actually break it off.

Call your Mom, explain shit to her. Unless she's some kind of psychopath she'll definitely be able to provide some support and maybe even a place to live if you need one. Non-mutual friends are also a good place to start.

>> No.8922742
File: 80 KB, 362x526, 1458219294344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a persistent pleasure.

>> No.8922751
File: 34 KB, 298x268, breathing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I vote skirt.

>> No.8922779

Because tumblr keeps telling you that you're opressed, when in reality, no one cares who you cosplay as long as it's well made.

>> No.8922804

It's not a risk if it will definitely improve your situation in some way. Even if you work for shit pay, you're still getting paid, you still have something to fill a gap in your CV, and you'll still be able to befriend colleagues and get out of the house. If it doesn't work out you can quit at any time and go back to the NEET life except now you have more savings.

>> No.8922813

>you will never fuck this retarded bird

>> No.8922818

This was me the year after college. Make sure you have hobbies that bring you joy so you have stuff to look forward besides what I assume is a soul crushing job. It does get better.

>> No.8922876

It's all staged.

>> No.8923021

It's too late now anyway, I don't have enough time left before the deadline of the portfolio and I can't wait another year.

>> No.8923079

Anon, I'm a graduated arts major. It's fine if you take another year off. Get a part time job, get money, and work on your portfolio. Create a side project, or try freelancing. That is honestly more valuable than going to school and getting credentials. Sometimes Schools hold your credits over for a few years, have you tried contacting your old school about re-enrolling?
Just sitting around doing nothing will do you no favors. Even getting out of the house three days a week to work a shitty job will motivate you, because you are more excited to get home and work on your projects.

>> No.8923082
File: 278 KB, 480x270, stockingevillaugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buying cartoon fabrics at Jo Ann - Pokemon, Doctor Who, My Little Penis, etc.
>"Wow! What are you going to do with all of these?"
>"Oh, just make little crafts to sell at an anime con. Pillowcases, totes, that kind of thing."
>"You know this is licensed for private use only, right?"
>"You know that's copyright infringement, right?"
>"Um, yeah. But in artist alley, everybody... um... uhhhhhh...."
>dude actually looks mad
>"Oh, uhh, never mind. I'll just make some stuff for my sisters."
>"Mhmm. Sure."

I'm cutting out MLP dice bags right now, and laughing because I swear that dude nearly called the cops over this shit.

>> No.8923096

>boyfriend proposes a few months ago
>be super happy and excited, planning loads
>looking at lolita dresses that could be worn at wedding, want it to be lolita hints but not completely themed since his and my family are normies (so is he)
>find out a few days ago he's cheated on me (more than once) with my bitch sister
>at least i hadnt put money down on anything yet

She rang me crying earlier begging me not to tell my parents the real reason the wedding is off. I'm almost tempted not to (though i didnt tell her that), because our whole ives our parents have always, without fail, sided with her on any dispute. I dont know if i could cope with telling them what happened and them somehow making it my fault and not hers. I really hope they wouldnt, but I cant be sure.

If i didnt have my friends in the lolita and cosplay communities here then i would cut all ties with this city and move somewhere else. Idk if its pathetic that its only that thats keeping me here

>> No.8923105

If your folks are anything like mine, they'd say it's your fault for fucking a wanker anyway and how family comes before boyfriends.

>> No.8923112

Fuck anon I'm so sorry that happened.

>> No.8923113

Holy shit Anon, that's some really fd up shit. I say tell parents and point out how they're probably going to side with her before they do.
Move out, become a part of a new community and start afresh, ignore sister and family becaise with family like that what do you want enemies for.

>> No.8923123

"Hello, 911? This girl's table breaks the '50% fanart' rule!"

>> No.8923129

Sorry for the rant

> con is this weekend, getting things done and smoothed out cosplay
>receive a phone call form some unknown number, some lady on the other end
>"your father got in to an accident, he has some trauma, but he will live."
>"we will also have to amputate his arm, the surgery will be on Friday, and he asks you to join him when he comes out of surgery."
>today, just received the tickets in the mail to California and a small letter from father, to leave everything and get on the plane tonight
>didn't even tell my mother anything

No fuck you. I hate you, you left my mother alone in the hospital when I was born. You ran off to the other side of the country and married some fashion model and became a judge, "a good community man" everyone said. What they don't know is you left behind mom and I.

You have a huge career, three sons, multiple vacation houses, all the money in the world, and a car accident makes you think I want to go running to your arms with sympathy? You expect me to just drop everything mom and I build and go to you? Fuck that, fuck you.

>> No.8923132
File: 24 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_o18134xnXb1r6zq2v_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>waiting for ages for a pair of shoes to arrive
>had to basically fight the seller so they wouldn't steal my money
>constant stress and threats
>shoes finally arrive after what feels like 9 years
>try them on
>mfw they don't fit and my big toe feels like its in a SAW trap even though I got the right size

>> No.8923134

sell the ticket for more con swag!

>> No.8923192

Yeah, sounds familiar! My favourite example of their way of thinking was when we were in school (we are twins, not identical thank god) she plagiarised my coursework, and my parents blamed me for not helping her enough.

Thanks. I'm hoping i can turn this whole thing into some kind of lifetime movie life changing event haha. I guess its for the best in the end, at least it happened before we had joint accounts/a house together/kids or something.

Yeah I'm going to do that tomorrow, I think I'll use this as the deciding factor in what I end up doing. If they side with her, fuck them im outta here. I don't live with them anyway, so I can pretty much cut ties as soon as I leave their house after the talk, if i need to.

>> No.8923197

>My little penis
Fucking lost it

>> No.8923208

> Thinks lolita looks really nice
> Especially military lolita
> Remember that you look like a bad transvestite half the time
> and are a poorfag
> and have a unfortunate face
> sadfag

>> No.8923216

My parents wouldn't allow it, and I can't re-enroll because I got essentially kicked out (low grades but I kind of sabotaged myself because I wanted to drop out but couldn't)

For now a job might be nice, I only do commissions from time to time. After this.. I'll just enroll in something, doesn't matter what anymore at this point.

>> No.8923231

I'm sorry.
About all the unnecessary shit i might have said out of anger,insecurity or pure bitchiness.
To all the anons i've been a bitch to without a real reason.
I just want to be more happy and positive you know. I just want everyone here to feel happy too. I just want the world to be a better place.
I think the meaning of life is to take care of us and those around us we care about and find true happiness in little things

I feel like karma bit me in the ass for being such a miserable cunt lately. Posting on lolcow,mocking anons,... and now i feel depressed and terrible.

>> No.8923238

At least you've recognized it, anon. Whether or not you believe in karma, surrounding yourself with negativity will affect your life for the worse. I'm glad you're looking to become more positive, though. A little online bitching is alright, but it's good to put limits on stuff like that so you don't overwhelm yourself with only negative things. Here's hoping you start feeling better soon.

>> No.8923241
File: 499 KB, 500x289, 2ndhandembarassment.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to clinic for a shot
>check weight and height first
>tfw gained weight since I lost my job last month
>tfw only the empire waist jsks fit comfortably on me now

Since I'm not making regular income, I've been stingy about the thought of spending money go to to the gym, but I think I might have to go and invest time and money in this since working out at home isn't working out for me (especially since the weights at home are up to 20lbs plus I'm near food). Most of my time have been spent sitting in front my computer browsing for jobs and junk.

On the upside, even though I applied for something else, the local Olive Garden asked me to come in for a serving interview and I don't even have serving experience. I don't like their food, but I know that they do meetings involving trying the food; I hope I get this and the carbs don't affect my weight negatively.
It's not the ideal job, but with the lay offs going around, there's not a whole lot left for everyone here.

>> No.8923243

Anons one track mind kek

>> No.8923269
File: 744 KB, 245x137, 250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel so unremarkable on CoF, tumblr, and in my comm. I'm jealous of girls like Dreamy Planetarium-chan who can just exist in the same mediocre coordinate again and again and get 500 likes every time. Is it because she's built a unique persona and look?
I'm pretty proud of my coordinates and I think I'm pretty cute, so I guess it's just because I'm not unique in this community. It's always been my dream to be a fashion inspiration like Kurebayashii or Realistic Sweet, but my posts rarely get more than 20 notes on tumblr. I haven't bothered taking pictures of non-lolita outfits and only post good quality pictures from events and such now.
Idk whether to just take it as a sign to give up on the efame train or to just keep trying to post somewhere and see if anyone appreciates me as I improve and change. I know you don't develop legendary fashion-style overnight, but I want to inspire people the same way they've inspired me.
>constantly trying to not be narcissistic and probably failing

>> No.8923276

There's a luck element to getting fashion famous, but you also have to promote yourself. Mediocre newbies have less shame or are less aware of the negative perception towards self promotion when you suck so they get right on out there despite their lack of skill. Then, other newbies latch on to them.

Try utilizing your tags better and try to reblog other kawaii fashion selfies.

>> No.8923280
File: 177 KB, 300x300, elsaroused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>job interview at Jo Ann's tomorrow
>nervous af

If I play my cards right, that employee discount will be mine.

>> No.8923298

Not really >feels but I need some advice.

A few weeks ago I got let go from my freelance writing job because they wanted to slim down on writers due to the fact that they were paying out more money to writers than ads were raking in. I recently got an email response to an application for another writing job. The person I spoke to said that they liked my style and that they wanted me to write a test article for them. I sent in the article 5 days ago and I still haven't gotten a response back yet.

So what should I do? I want to type up a follow-up email to make sure things are still a go but I've never had to for these kinds of circumstances. What should the subject line be? What should be in it? I'm not sure.

>> No.8923301

>write a test article

you likely got scammed. was it a full article?

>> No.8923308


It was only 1000 words long and a quirky thing about dinosaurs. I doubt I was scammed -- the website I'm talking about in my post is owned by the same company that owned the website I previously wrote for.

>> No.8923324


That's how you get written out of a will, anon.

>> No.8923344

Ha, I will try flight is at 9:00 tonight

At this point I don't care fucker has three children, one is a aspiring actor and another is an aspiring abstract artist, It's like jumping in to a den of sharks.

>> No.8923349


>implying he would bother writing her into a will

Assholes who pretend to be upstanding are the worst. Think Jane Eyre.

>> No.8923351

>one is a aspiring actor and another is an aspiring abstract artist

I wish I was born into a rich family so I wouldn't have to worry about going into art or not because my family can't afford shit

>> No.8923364

Oh my god 4chan is the last place I expected to hear someone talking about The Places that Scare You. You made my day.

>> No.8923394

> I won art contest for local con, my name/art is slapped on everything they post
> They hire a post frat boy drunkard to MC
> This individual has been banned from at least three other surrounding conventions and this con is posting about how he is their ~special guest~
>People saying they won't attend because of him, talking about how disgusting and destructive he is at hotels
> Directors defend him and demand "proof" of the dozens of women from various states coming out to decry him
> Con makes a post "Safety is our first concern, if we get enough real evidence we will remove individual as a guest but we are not interested in rumors"
> I message director to say having him as a special guest is bad for the reputation of the entire convention (that my art/name is now tied to
> Director says if he MC's this con he will have a fresh chance to rebuild his reputation

> literally the opposite of " Congoer safety is our first concern"
> (We want congoers to be safe as long as they are raunchy white men like us)
> I'm so mad my ears are red and it is honestly alarming to watch a boys club disregard violence and harassment like this

>> No.8923399

>ditched anon and anon's mom
>started a new family with at least three kids
>thinking anon would be in the will to begin with

The guy is probably just having a spike of guilt because he's going through trauma. And despite what Lifetime TV movies tell you, people who only reach out to you when they're in trouble do not have changes of heart due to trauma. They generally become embittered once the shock has worn off, and revert to their old patterns.

>> No.8923417

Write them saying you're just checking in and was wondering when you would be hearing back from them regarding your test.

>> No.8923475

>was going to start semi lolita related webcomic
>hardrive fries as I'm trying to upload the files to a flash drive
>lose everything

I lost hope.

>too sad to eat
>first time in life I have to tie the back lacing to get the dress to fit

This isn't how I wanted things to be.

>> No.8923508

>be anon
>family scapegoats you, blames you for sister's problems
>fiance leads you on and betrays you horribly
>be optimistic still

your mind is a wonder, please don't lose hope. those people don't deserve your spirit. get away from them toward people your hopefulness will help.

>> No.8923513
File: 988 KB, 450x191, Dl4BXzo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>was going to start semi lolita related webcomic
>>hardrive fries as I'm trying to upload the files to a flash drive
>>lose everything

oh my god

>> No.8923514

Art anon here, sorry to hear that, but know anything you do now will always be better than what you just did, give yourself some time for the shock to subside, but don't let it stop you, never give up, never surrender.

>> No.8923535

not even tumblr, idk and im a poorfag so a well made cosplay may be difficult

>> No.8923548

Something mad happens every time I get close. Its silly but sometimes I feel like the universe is telling me to stop it. I wanted the comic to be up for a con I'm going to at the start of april. I may try to redo the first 3 pages again just because I made business cards for the thing to advertise it but I've lost my motivation. At this point the con seems kind of cursed for me. The books I ordered are all defective, my computer fries and I lose everything, my tendinitis is acting up again. FedEx is refusing to deliver my packages. It's just been a mess.

>> No.8923573
File: 256 KB, 540x341, tumblr_nm3inlNx3K1tvsgjno1_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>several friends are fat and believe in that "muh metabolism, I I barely eat and only eat healthy but im fat for no reason" shit
>let's be honest I'm fat too but I can admit I ate my way there and now I've lost weight
>they ask how
>watching calories in/calories out that's how it works
>"That doesn't work for everyone!! What about people with PCOS"
>none of them even have PCOS
>none of them will record their calories
>can't be happy about my weight loss near them because they get self depreciating and defensive that CICO has nothing to do with weight

Here's to another year of "wah no one likes my cosplays/coords because I'm fat" pity parties...

>> No.8923590
File: 839 KB, 5000x5000, 1449354850226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sweet precious, you are mine.
Crossed off two dream dresses in two days.

>> No.8923591

OH god I hate that. Like honestly as some one WITH PCOS I am so tired of people using it as an excuse. Is it hard? Sure as fuck I have to watch the hell out of what I eat and I'm at the gym five days a week (but thats mostly for fun since I enjoy my work outs)

PCOS is not a catch all 'i have an excuse to be the weight I am' it's a shitty thing that fucks with my hormones and impedes my ability to have kids.

Celebrate the hell out of your weight loss anon. You worked hard for it.

>> No.8923595
File: 62 KB, 294x238, you need it more than me.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8923596
File: 17 KB, 251x201, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be working on cosplay for about 3 months now
> I would be done with it in like 4 days except the people I work with are assholes and call out so the boss makes me work their 12 hour shifts
>frantically trying to finish it, lay it out on my bed, move on to finish my prop
> I guess it must've fallen off when I wasn't looking.
> I come back to it, it's wet.
> Dog pees on it.
> it's all white.


>> No.8923602

Thank you! I feel like I can only ever be happy alone because I don't fit in with skinny girls because I'm still a fatty but I can't say anything to my fat friends because they'll get upset.
But damn I'm still going to be happy about it

>> No.8923790


>> No.8923814

Are you sure the drive is completely fried? And that you lost the files? First off, where were you copying them from, were they saved on another drive? And second, if your only copy really was on that thumb drive, those files may be salvageable with a disc utility. Have any experience with that, or any friends who do? If not there are places that can do it for you, or at least try.

>> No.8924126

I hate fat tumblrinas "muh curves. Cant lose weight anyway wahh wahh" ,sjw,specialsnowflake gender people, muh disability i cant do anything in life people, donate to my gofundme to pay for my shit people,.. and tumblrinas in general with a passion. I just hope they stop or die already. As harsh as it sounds they make me so fucking angry. I miss "before". There wasnt that much of that shit. Now i feel like they are everywhere.
Lazy special snowflake victims.

>> No.8924142

I am not good with computers so I took it to a specialist. He that that trying to retrieve the files was going to cost me $600 because it would require so much effort for him. I'm going to have a friend look at it but my week has been so bad and riddled with things failing in the worst way possible that I doubt it'll work.

>> No.8924197
File: 517 KB, 1600x1065, fuck yeah Miss Marple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck anon! If you get the job, be sure to share your stories in our JoAnn threads

>man runs off and leaves the mother of his (illegitimate?) child in the hospital to marry fashion model on the other side of the country
>becomes a rich ~upstanding~ judge
>his ‘legitimate’ children include an aspiring actor and aspiring abstract artist
>described as den of sharks
>gets into accident and needs to have arm amputated, reaches out to secret oldest child for the first time in presumably forever

Anon I can guarantee that if you go visit him, someone will get murdered. Probably the father, someone finishing what they started with that so-called ‘accident’. Then you will team up with an eccentric old lady who just happened to be visiting to solve the murder, resulting in your spoiled brat half-siblings being thrown in jail and you becoming the sole recipient of his estate. Also you’ll probably hook up with a hot doctor or something.

do it anon go go go go

>> No.8924226

I hate what tumblr has become.

>> No.8924274

As a fan of irish music I think you should add the hammered dulcimer to this list.

>> No.8924282

Congrats anon!!
If you don't mind sharing, what dress is it?

>> No.8924283

Live to ruin him, anon. Become crazy famous for something, and then do a tell all interview and expose his ass.
Or judges sometimes run for office, that would be a good time to contact the local press wherever he's running. Or the offices of whoever he runs against.

>> No.8924287

Funny, cause I barely see them on my feed and am quick to anger, and follow a shitload of lolitas. Granted, I see one weeb related image or cartoon and they are gone. Now facebook....ha, thats another story

>> No.8924379

Real talk, don't expect to fall in love in a weekend. Try and meet some nice boys and keep up contact with them. See where it goes and don't zero in on one till you see they are interested in talking after the con.
Good luck, anon. It can happen.

>> No.8924481

Shall we make a new thread? This one is 300

>> No.8924522

>be me, 4 days before convention.
>all of my cosplay pieces are completed, thanks to good planning and a few late nights
>wake up
>sore throat

I don't have time for this shit.

>> No.8924546

drink war milk with honey and a dash of lemon like it depends on your life anon.
Also lots of sleep,water and covering that throat

>> No.8924572

rinse your throat with saline water, it super helps! also, there's some sprays that are in pharmacies which help a lot, idk what kinds they have over there (if they do)

>> No.8924576

Thanks for the suggestions.
I'm at work, so I'm drinking tea like a motherfucker and I gargled with salt water this morning. When I have a break I'm going to look and see what the pharmacy around the corner has. I've used Zicam in the past and it seems to have worked.

I will not let a cold do this to me.

>> No.8924584


>> No.8924918

I can't fucking pick a name for my cosplay page. It's not so much about getting famous or anything, I just want a single place where I can document my process and if people are interested i can share it. I have an online name I've used forever and I like, but I sort of want to start fresh. I have another nickname I'm attached to, but I'm afraid its too cutesie.

>> No.8924943
File: 93 KB, 400x267, 1377572186687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so lonely, seagulls. I try my best to be nice and kind but the other girls in my comm are so distant. It feels like none of them really like me, they only tolerate me. My other hobbies are not very social so I feel like I have no other opportunities to make friends. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel like I'll never have any friends.

>> No.8925038

I feel you so much anon...I dont like being in comms but at the same time i feel roneri. I've tried going to a meet but i just feel like an alien. I feel different from these girls.

>> No.8925144
File: 265 KB, 640x480, 43609845708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't wear Jfashion anymore but can't stop coming here. I've considered making a thread on /fa/ but there's hardly any girls and everyone just wears their gothninja/palewave/etc shit.
I want to talk about Kylie Jenner, fake nails, western makeup, maybe some onee gyaru, just ANYTHING artificial yet fashionable. And I can't do that on /fa/. But if I make a thread on /cgl/ it'll most likely get deleted straightaway.

>> No.8925164

>>8925163 new thread

>> No.8926993

How do you keep from getting it stuck in the chain? I've broken boot zippers in that shit

>> No.8927463

>used to be obese so I went on a diet
>lost weight and started dressing in jfash again
>diet slowly morphed into eating disorder
>now I'm very underweight and diagnosed anorexic
>started recovery but I'm terrified I won't look good in lolita and larme when I gain
>realize I'm using jfash to justify resisting recovery

I'm very conflicted. Right now recovery should be my main focus and comparing myself to tiny asian girls isn't helpful. But jfash brings me so much joy and I need all the joy I can get. I don't know what to do.

>> No.8927941

>try to clear my face up
>buy some really nice cleanser and a face brush
>looks like its working really well for the first few days
>wake up this morning
>huge pimple on my chin