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Didn't see one in the catalog. Post tutorials and ask all hair related questions. Keep it cute, gulls!

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How do you girls deal with hard water? I want to go no-poo, but it just wrecks my hair, even with ACV. I'm going to get a water softener eventually, but I'm sick of deal with it.

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Op here. I've had peter pan short hair since middle school and now I'm in the process of growing it out. My hair is really thick and curly and it reaches just above my shoulders at the moment. My problem is I haven't had this much hair in a very long time and I have no idea how to style it. Should I use mousse? What brand? Pic related it's sorta what I'd like my hair to do.

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I have kind of dark brown hair and I want to dye it a nice red brown, but I can't seem to really find anything on the internet. Do you gulls have any suggestions?

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I just chopped off a good four inches of hair and I want to try to keep my ends healthy so I can grow out my hair. What shampoo/conditioner are good for growth? Should I put oil into the ends of my hair and if so what is the best to use?

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Are bangs worth it? I just got mine cut up to just above my shoulders, and it's all one length and kind of boring

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actual bangs yes

your shitty ones no

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I think bangs are worth it. There's a lot of different styles. I can post some inspo when I get home. Also if you are worried about it you can get clip on bangs, but I don't know to much about them.

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I think anon meant they got their hair cut to their shoulders.

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Put mousse in your hair when it's damp and let it air dry or dry with a diffuser. I like herbal essences mousses since they smell nice and have good hold without residue.
For more structured waves you could braid, twist, or put your hair in buns before sleeping.

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Minimal use of shampoo is best. I would have a look through the long hair community forums as they are all about growing your hair out!

I think the only solution is to use boiled water...

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Ah, I meant, I got all of my hair cut, and all my hair is one length

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Does the no poo baking soda/apple cider vinegar thing actually work? I just can't see how swapping out shampoo for vinegar and only washing your hair once a week is a good idea; it sounds like the hair version of a fad diet to me.

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Your hair feels gross for weeks but eventually it stops overproducing oil because you aren't stripping it with shampoo. I tried it once but only got to the "it's only half as greasy as it was when I first gave up shampoo" point before giving up because I hated it.
If you want good shampoo that won't irritate your scalp or strip your hair just buy shampoo from the african section. They don't fuck around.

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I never did the baking soda bit because that actually strips my scalp too much as well and makes it feel raw (the pH of that stuff is like 9, no need to upset my normal scalp pH and scrub it on top of that...yeah, that wasn't fun) but have been successful just with vinegar and scalp scrubbing with plain water before. The reason I don't bother with it now is laziness - I do cardio four days a week and on no poo I would have to rinse and scrub my scalp thoroughly with water on the non vinegar days to avoid gross oiliness. Now I do CWC twice a week with sulfate free, pH balanced shampoo and cone-free conditioner. I can just quickly rinse my scalp in between times instead. I didn't actually have much of a problem with dry ends/oily roots prior to trying no poo and was only washing my hair twice a week anyway, I just thought it might help it grow longer.

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Bangs are LIFE

I'm honestly considering making like a bangs in j-fashion image guide to post in there threads, with the different kinds of cuts, different lengths, FAQs, etc. A lot of people tend to ask about them, and I think they're really great in most j-fashions. Normie fringe guides are kind of meh sometimes.

Pic related is obviously a wig, but these are some cute styling ideas.

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I moved from a place with very soft water to a larger city with hard water around six months ago. I still use shampoo and conditioner (the L'Oreal Eversleek line, it's sulphate and silicone free) and before I leave the shower I do an ACV rinse (watering it down to about 10-15%). It's working very well so far, when I first moved here my hair got dirty very quickly and it was less shiny and dry to the touch, but has since improved and back to its usual behavior.

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pls, that's be a really good idea!

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Do you know how to tell if you're going to look shit with bangs before you cut?
I have super long somewhat wavy hair with no bangs what so ever and I'm so afraid to cut it or do anything with it.

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I used to have bangs when I was a kid and hated them, but now that I'm into lolita they started tempting me again. After thinking about it for a while, and remembering how annoying the uptake for them is, I decided to just buy some fake bangs.
My hair colour wasn't simple to match, but I think I found something close enough. They were pretty cheap but turned out to be good quality stuff. I bought a few so I can style them differently so I'd love some inspiration images as well! Bought from http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sweet-Short-Fringe-Bangs-Front-Clip-In-Hair-Extensions-Clip-On-Bangs-Hair-Extension-Hairpiece-Black/32471151645.html

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If your hair is wavy (mine is too) you will need to straighten them every morning. Short hair curls more. Which kind of sucks. But even if you cut bangs and don't like them, you can just grow them out as long side bangs, a lot of people have those.
In theory, there should be some sort of bangs that are flattering for your face. Your face shape plays a big part.

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What bangs are flattering to super obvious cheekbones? I have quite a wide chin so it's a very slight diamond shape (simply b/c cheekbones are so fucking massive,)

Thank you ! I'll try seeing if I can find some in similar shades, atm I'm just trying out with my current collection of cosplay wigs to see what styles suit me.

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Wide chin and cheekbones? Sounds more like square. Could you maybe post a pic? And is yoir face longer or shorter?
If your forehead is narrow or small, I would definitely go for thick bangs, for obvious reasons. If it's more square-like, thinner bangs without side pieces is probably better.
Pic related is a good example of the latter. On people with longer faces, this length would look awkward or edgy. But since her face is shorter, shorter bangs help elongate her face. Her forehead is obviously pretty wide, but starting the tuft of bangs in the middle of the hairline helps her look more rounded.
Cosplay wigs may not always be the most flattering, because the bangs are very thick usually. If you haven't cut them properly, they might be too long as well.

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>If your hair is wavy (mine is too) you will need to straighten them every morning.
Oh so that's why my bangs never look as pretty as other girl's everytime I get them cut. It's like they don't really align properly.

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collection of the worlds shittiest selfies bc no one looks that flattering in face on shots ( these are also not very recent and cheekbones are now a lot more dominant but I don't take photos often, and if ever they're way more angled.), but yeah, I have no clue what this face shape is/cuts that would best suit it?

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Is this the date of expiration or production because my friend used it and it did not develop at all. It's wella color touch.
Sorry is the image is large or flipped I'm on mobile.

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>Hair is growing out from a short bob in that inbetween hair stage
>fried from dye, and blowdrying, its a fucking mess

Picked up some Shiseido "Tsubaki" shampoo and conditioner from a recommendation my hair is feeling so much softer and shinier.

I cant speak to the ingredients but in the cold dry winter its helped tremendously with my shoulder-length, dry hair. Can't speak to the ingredients, but so far its been awesome. Just thought id share if any gulls are having similar issues

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I'm considering laminating my hair with gelatin this weekend. Have any seagulls had any luck with this method?

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If you're unlikely to try dying it another colour after, try henna.
I've been using henna on my naturally dark ash brown hair for nearly a year now and it's very natural looking warm auburn colour now.

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African section? Could you elaborate? I'm quite naive (I'm a man, btw.) to the whole subject... I've been growing out my hair for almost two years, and I've noticed that it has started falling out, what scared me out pretty badly. I've got really oily skin, so my hair gets dirty really fast. I don't use any conditioners or special shampoos, I take a high dose of Vitamin D almost daily, I wash my scalp in medium-hot water around 2 times in a week... That's about it, I guess?

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I've recently noticed my hair is noticeably thinner on the back of my head-so much so that you can see my scalp, and it's also much more oily than any part of my head. Only 19 with a bald spot??? What can I do to lessen the damage? I started sleeping with my hair in a braid, staying away from heat, and gonna avoid too many ponytails. Am I doomed or is there hope?

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I don't know what you did to your scalp,but just in case, maybe you should overthink what you use for haircare.
stop using products which have specific chemicals in it

the are some solutions, just research a lot

.. a braid is good though

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I don't think they'd suit you. given we know eachother irl i cant see it

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I hope this is the right thread for this... But can someone with hair the color of pic related wear pinks? Namely blue toned pinks like bubblegum, pastel and hot pinks? And if not I will just dye my hair black, in which case... What are the "effects" of black hair? As in, does it make under eye circles look darker, teeth yellower, make redness more noticeable etc?

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I personally think your hair color would be fine, but with black everything looks fine in person. I've had a problem with pictures and black hair, like I looked a lot tanner and my pimples showed up a bit more. I don't remember if it makes your teeth look yellower though.

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Don't go full black. Do a dark brown.

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To me your face shape looks like a diamond, I'd definitely go for wispier side swept bangs rather than blunt ones

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You have a short forehead, but also a short face. If you do bangs, they need to be eyebrow level, start high on your crown, medium thick, and potentially pushed to the side a bit. Or a thinner section of jaw-length "bangs" that you can push to the side to cover some of your forehead

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Diff anon, Is there any chance of finding a hairdresser that will henna hair? I've heard it's a bitch to do properly the first time and I don't want to fuck it up. Also probably asking a bit much but do you know if 'no-poo' works with henna? I've finally found a good routine but even a little bit of shampoo dries my hair out terribly so I don't really want to go back unless necessary.

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buy a clip-in fringe close to your hair colour and style it different ways to see what looks good.

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Depending on your skin tone black can either wash you out or look great on you. If you're warm-toned it'll end up looking like a cheap wig.
This, in person it washes you out but in pictures you'll look dirty if it doesn't suit your colouring.

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Unlikely, hairdressers are notorious for their dislike of henna. You may find some, but they're rare.

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Hello /cgl/, first time poster here so sorry if I am breaking any rules.

I have almost shoulder length hair atm and am considering going for a cute anime look. What sort of low maintenance haircut/style do you guys think would look good on this mug?

(sorry for the selfie)

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Low maintenance hair and the anime look are kinda mutually exclusive. You'll need to do at least a little styling. I would just go for some layers around your face and shorter side bangs.

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First time cosplaying soon. Going with the classic Batman Joker rather than Heath or the newer incarnations.

Main issue is my hair. I have jet black hair. Is there any way to temporarily dye that shit green and have it come out well? Or am I looking at emptying four cans of green spray on my head?

Thanks in advance.

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My grandmother is a hairdresser and does it for me, the only bit I'd say is complicated is getting it right to your roots and the mess it makes. This is the process we go through (Using powdered henna from spice stores.)
>Mix the henna with hot water until it's a good consistency
>Make a kind of bain marie with a bowl of hot water to keep the henne mix runny enough to apply
>Start spreading the henne on your hair from the roots
>Make sure you part your hair with a comb so you get to all the different layers
>Once your roots are fully covered start covering the rest of your hair in the henna mix
>If you have long hair you can even dump the ends of it in what remains in the bowl and mix around
>Cover your hair so the henna won't get everywhere and wait for a few hours
>Easiest way I've found to wash it out is to dunk your hair in a bucket of warm water
>Swish and scrub until most of the henna is out
>Wash the rest of it off with conditioner

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no, really. if you're dead set on it, I'd suggest trying Manic Panic's temporary dye gels, but classic Joker probably won't look good any other way.

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My hair is currently (dyed) black with light pink highlights. Every time I redo my roots black, rinsing it out causes it to stain the highlights and they need to be found (tricky because they're quite thin) and bleached again.

Will slapping some Vaseline over the highlights beforehand help with this?

Note I'm not actually getting black dye in the hairs, it just muddies them up as I try to rinse it and it bleeds everywhere.

>Poorly lit pic related.

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Sup gulls! I'm finally taking the plunge and going from natural, light reddish-brown hair to silver toned white. I am getting it professionally done as there's NO way I'd take the risk of botching it myself, but I'm still a little nervous about the whole thing as I've got long virgin hair and it's kind of my vanity point. Any tips or advice before I get it done?

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Side bangs sound like a good idea, any tips on how I can DIY this?

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I want to take a break from using relaxers and heat on my hair this summer, and get twists installed. Anyone here have any experience with them? Tips when it comes to taking care of them?

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Sorry, bad example; those are box braids I believe

These are twists

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Alright, so I've had twists in during winter 2014.
Try washing your roots when they get dirty, trust me. As you generally would, depending on your ways, you can use dry shampoo, no poo, or just oil.
Do not keep them in for more than 8 weeks, you can probably do 2 months, MAX.

Keep your hair mosturised, I cannot stress this enough, if you don't, you'll start seeing your hair fall out (especially from the twists)
The rest is pretty much the same, sleep with satin pillowcase/cap, yadda yadda.

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Get them done properly the first time rather than diy, having a line to follow means that you can just trim them yourself and you don't risk them being shit. If not, you should really, really get hairdressing scissors, cut it at least 1" longer than you think it should be, and consider using the twist method for side bangs.

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Thank you, I really appreciate your advice!

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I have a clarifying shampoo that I use once a week.

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At the moment I have a long, thick 70s-style shag haircut on my 1b hair, which I love and which goes with my usual taste. But has anyone got any ideas of how to wear it in a more modern way for days when I don't feel like dressing retro?

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Ask you hair stylist about opalex. Also to keep your hair silver between salon trips I recommend overtone color depositing conditioner

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I'm getting a haircut soon and I'm really looking for good ideas. An anon posted a link here before a long time ago which was kind of like a hair catalog on a Japanese site. It was a site that showed all kinds of cute hairstyles. Do any of you gulls know that website by any chance?

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okay so, I was really curios about cutting bangs, and since I have really bad self control I decided to do it
Problem is they don't really suit me at all, and I feel really self conscious about it
Is there any way to style bangs to make them look less.. Bang:ish?

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Are there any hairspray similar to Paul Mitchell's super clean flexible, or should I just go back to it since it works really well? I tried switching to Sebastian but I really don't like the texture it gives to my hair.

I was also given a giftcard to sephora and was planning on getting some bumble and bumble hair tonic lotion, but if there are any other recs for hair styling products there I'm all for it.

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When I first gave myself a fringe and cut it lopsided, too thick and too short, I did my hair in a side-part and pinned it back against my head with ordinary bobby-pin hair slides. They grew out and I love them now.

If they're long enough, you can also turn them into a victory roll.

>> No.8912848

Thanks anon! It's definitely too short for a victory roll haha. I guess I'll just have to keep them pinned away until they grow out a bit longer

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I'm using bicarb soda with my routine atm but only once a week (unless your hair gets dirty) otherwise its just lots of brushing (to distribute oils) and warm water 'washing' and making sure you physically wash your hair (you can even -gently- comb it out when wet, but avoid brushing or it'll break)
If you're only just starting no poo, start going a day or two without shampoo first and ease into it, when you introduce the bicarb make sure its diluted (I usually do 1:8 or less) and only use it when your hair is getting oily, it will saponify with the oils in your hair and you should actually get a little bit of lather, if it doesn't lather you are either using too much or your hair isn't oily enough, this is where the problems with ph and drying your hair out tend to happen (been there, done that, it's not fun)
Also please note that this is purely anecdotal/ what's worked for me so feel free to experiment a bit. The longhaircommunity forums have quite a lot of info but they're also a little obsessed and spend hours just on haircare.
Ps. Remember that acids such as acv and lemon juice will lighten hair eventually.

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Not black/don't have the right kind of hair at all, but these are adorable. All I know about them is it causes a lot of stress on your scalp, so it's be best to cycle in and out of them. Probably keeping it for the summer is fine, but definitely consult with someone who has experience with them.

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>African section?
They mean the ethnic section in the hair care aisle. Africans' hair is very different compared to every one else's and therefore needs its own section of hair care. It's usually at the end of the aisle and you'll usually find products with Shea Butter and do rags.

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How do those braid headband (?) hairstyles actually work? Can you even do them on yourself?

>> No.8918611

I'm about to buy my first wig(s) and I was just wondering how unstyled they come, is it just the bangs that need to be cut?

I'm thinking of getting Dreamholic's Dolly Cat in brown or black, but I'd prefer a completely straight black one.

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What are you gulls' opinion on using color protecting shampoo to enhance your natural hair color? I have natural red hair and feel sometimes it looks more brown than red. I don't want to dye it but would just like to enhance with shampoo or masks if possible.

>> No.8921942

How good is manic panic and brands like that? A friend of mine is going to USA the next month and I wanted to ask her for this product (because in my country is overpriced AF). My current hair is grey and there are no other ways to dye it if it's not with dye that needs to be mixed with peroxide and I'm tired of it.

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Use conditioner! only shampoo every few days (2-3)

Cold water is better for hair, I've heard

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I used to have hair dyed black with bleached part underneath, dyed light purple. I would completely soak the purple part in manic panic and let it get dry, and leave that in when I re-dyed the black parts. The excess dye kept the black out, and then my hair was saturated in purple so it had fewer pores to soak up any other color, and I rinsed with cold apple cider vinegar. No mud in my lavender. Good luck!

>> No.8923076

MP is generally okay but Directions tends to have slightly better reviews IME. however, asking someone who has actual experience with the grey dyes from both companies would probably be smarter

>> No.8923085

Nothing wrong with brown hair

>> No.8923183

You mean like color depositing shampoos?
Check out:

There's also shampoos that keep natural colors from fading. Sounds like you want more color too though.

>> No.8923651

Yes! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

>> No.8923950

Special Effects and directions are generally better than manic panic.

>> No.8925146

yes do it! that sounds so helpful and ive searched for something similar and havent found anything worthwhile

>> No.8925419

twists probably have less pulling than box braids but if it feels too tight when they're getting installed, say something. you can wind up with no edges.

>> No.8926218


>> No.8926236

Has anyone had luck regrowing/ growing more hair? About a year ago I tried the birth control shot and half my hair fell out. While the bald patches have filled in, my hair strands are very thin now and if I pull my hair back my entire pony tail is only a bit more than an inch wide. I'm really unhappy with my thin hair and I don't know what to do any more...

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So I have really flat hair. It's a bit thin too, so unless I style it, it looks super dull and boring
Sometimes I curl it, and when I do, I absolutely love how it looks, but it takes sooo long, like an hour.
It lasts until I shower the next time, but I at least need to do it like two times a week and it's really a pain in the ass
Any other methods to add volume/texture/anything to your hair?
Oh and I should mention, my hair is really short, like 5 cm above shoulders (pretty much pic related with less poof)

>> No.8928474

I have a long, Sarah Jessica Parker looking face. I have wavy hair that is a bit frizzy sometimes and will not stay straight unless it's really greasy with product. Could I wear a hime cut or should I stick to just curling it?

If I can wear a hime cut, where should the long bangs be cut relative to my cheekbones and chin to be most flattering? I am thinking they should be in the middle

>> No.8928481

These are fucking adorable. There's a girl in one of my classes who wears these and then curls the twists, it looks so cute! I don't know how she does it but it looks like possibly hot rollers

>> No.8930029

I have hair like that and I started braiding it before bed so in the morning it has some volume and waves to it.

>> No.8930036

Any suggestions? Wondering if I should try a Rogaine type product. I've heard of some people having success with castor oil, but that sounds like voodoo to me.

>> No.8930040

Clarifying shampoo, and not the cheap drugstore stuff either. Salon-quality clarifying shampoo is magical and is usually cleared for daily use/whenever you need to wash-use.

>> No.8930062

Do you use the clarifying shampoo to combat the green? Because I've had to actually dye my hair darker because of hard water/copper piping. When I would go into the hairdressers, they would just sort of hum and haw over it and then use a light bleach or bicarb scrub on the green? I hated it, but I miss my light hair.

>> No.8930065

The key is to pick an under layer of hair right behind the ear and create an open curtain using the upper layers of hair. Also use a small section of hair and fluff it up once all the hair is in a good spot.
It goes without saying but when you pin the ends tuck the non-braided portion under the other braid.
>tfw you have enough hair for two people so this look doesn't seem weird

>> No.8930182

-make sure you have good protein intake
-biotin/zinc/magnesium supplements (basically hair skin and nails)
-try miconazole on your scalp
-remember your existing hair is dead, nothing will make what you have note magically fuller it'll all have to be new growth

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I tried it once, but it didn't suit me
Also since my hair is so short, I had to do tons of small french braids. It was difficult and time consuming and ended up really uneven too
Thanks for the advice though

>> No.8930478

Blow dry it each time you shower with a heat protecting and styling serum. there's heaps on tutorials out there about blow drying for volume and it shouldn't take more than ten minutes

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Okay gulls, here it is. The /cgl/ fringe guide. What do you think? Any other suggestions or content to add?
I wasn't really sure how to format it, so it's a slideshow.

>> No.8930719

This is really good, perhaps some advice for different face shapes than just long or short? Like square, heart, round and diamond?
I ve never found good advice for a diamond face shape.

>> No.8930815

Is there any non-permament hair colour seagulls would recommend?
I have naturally blonde hair and would like to experiment a bit. Ideally the hair colour would only last for about a week.
All reviews I have read online were pretty bad for most products in that there was no effect at all.

>> No.8930817

Biozell is nice

>> No.8931129

Can anyone suggest good YouTube tutorials for cutting jfash bangs?

>> No.8931236

Honestly, I'd love to do this, but I personally have issues identifying face shapes and I haven't really noticed a pattern in things that "work" for various shapes. I should add something about forehead size, though, which I think is more impacting,
Hey dude I just made this sweet powerpoint >>8930712
But yeah, once you figure out what section you want your hair to be, cut it all to about your chin. Then section off slivers on each side for the side pieces, then begin cutting the main part of the fringe into however short you're going. Cut with the scissors held vertically.
I couldn't really find any videos, they were all using this weird twist method. I'm sure it works, but it looked hard to control the length and sometimes a bit wonky. Just strive for a feathered edge.

>> No.8931260

Thanks! I just cut mine, and they're not perfect, but I'm much happier with my hair like this.

>> No.8931985

What are some shampoo and conditioner ingredients to avoid, especially if you have coloured hair? I know about sulfates and silicones, but I'm sure there's more (alcohol?).

I'm prepared to google so just ingredient names would be helpful.

>> No.8932755

Thanks anon! I'll try this
>heat protecting and styling serum
Any good brands? I'm not very experienced with hair products so recommendations would be highly appreciated!

>> No.8932785

What the hell is that?

>> No.8932787

Black is a rough transition. It made my cool toned skin look like dough. I was a goth then, so I liked this, but my under-eye shadows were extreme. Getting back to a better color was a real pain, my hair was two different shades for a year or so.

>> No.8932855

Are there any hime type hair styles for chin length hair? I'd like to get short bangs as well.

>> No.8933748

For hime, your main issue is gonna be volume. I think teased curls around the crown of your head with a good fringe would be cute!

>> No.8933821

What color is your skin tone? Is it more on the pale side or more on the darker side?

>> No.8933905
File: 107 KB, 600x900, TK-2015-09-20-018-003-Harajuku-600x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a name for these type of bangs that are more wedge shape?

>> No.8933980

It's probably just not going to happen senpai. You could do some large tight curls, but it might just look triangle-ish if your hair is that long.
I'd try looking into a curly half wig instead!
I don't think so. It's just a narrow section that's flared out and curled in on the ends.

>> No.8934043

When you dye your hair black and you think it doesn't fit you, you can remove it with ColourB4. It really helped me getting my natural hair colour back. Oh and it smells like hell.

>> No.8934076

One thing is that blue black looks like shit on EVERYBODY.

Go for 'darkest brown' or 'brown black.'

>> No.8934307

My hair has a huge cowlick right in the middle of my forehead and it fucks up my bangs horribly. It likes to part them in half so I look like I'm in a 90s boy band.

I've sort of fixed this by side parting my hair so the weight kinda holds the cowlick down, but I LOVE straight bangs much more than swoopy ones.

Does anyone know of a good way around this damn cowlick?

>> No.8934356

an iron?

>> No.8934700

Just get them wet and let them dry in the right shape. Make it a habit to let your hair dry with your bangs where you want them.

>> No.8934726

What? I think blue black looks way better than brown black on most people.

>> No.8934733

Does anyone here with bangs use a sponge roller on them overnight? I want pretty short bangs but I'm kinda dreading how oily they can get and am wondering how I can prevent it. I also want to curl them so I figure two birds one stone.

>> No.8936025
File: 100 KB, 583x408, break.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me, I just discovered about 3 half-broken locks of hair on the top of my head. The damage from bleaching is finally taking its toll after quitting since december (bleached it for about half a year, 1 full, 2 touchups, I think). Any recommendations to try and prevent further breakage? I don't have easy access to more ethnic-oriented products. At least I can hide the breakage under other curls, for now.

I need to stop brushing my hair when washing it, too. I'll go find a wide toothed comb today.

Pic is what it looks like.

>> No.8936290

>1 full, 2 touchups
And your hair is that damaged? wtf?
I used to bleach mine like 4 full times in a row with barely any breakage at all...
I don't know a lot about preventing breakage, but yeah, don't brush your hair in the shower, don't use a lot of heat etc
Maybe do some hair masks with coconut oils and such?

>> No.8936294

Tried this and it seems to be helping already. :D I always let my hair air dry/don't brush it until it's dry, but just combing out my bangs and leaving them in place seems to make a big difference. Thank you! No idea why I never thought of this.

>> No.8936300

Shea butter, anon. Lots of it. Check if your hair is low porosity to see if you should heat it up before application, but with all that bleaching it's unlikely.

Any suggestions for simple, cute hairstyles like >>8901038, but without heat tools? I'm getting kind of tired of my overnight pleat waves but it's better than nothing I guess.

>> No.8936318

Like this anon, I've bleached my hair to white without this much damage.

Something which might help is argan oil. You can shell out for 100%, but the one I have is about 50/50 argan and linseed oil.

I can't really brush my hair when it's dry without ruining the curly texture, but brushing it when it's wet is obviously super damaging - So I run like 10 pumps of oil through it with my fingers after every wash and just leave it. Super softening, super detangling, no breakage so far.

>Metal friend with hip-length hair of his own wanted to brush my hair the other day.
>Freaked the fuck out because the brush went straight through without a single tangle, even though it straightened out and ruined the lovely curls like wow thanks bro.

>> No.8936334

Power to ya. I mean up until now I thought what I was doing was good enough but this morning kind of woke me straight up. The breaking might not have all happened my last wash, and since I tend to lose a lot of hair as is I can't say I noticed any unusual amounts of hair, but there it is.
Also they were home bleachings, so might have been my dumb ass leaving it in for too long.
Low porosity is the one that stays afloat on water, right? If so, it is. Got a tub of shea butter leave-in conditioner recently, would that do or is it best to go look for the pure stuff? I've only used the conditioner once, yesterday, so can't really say if it'll do.

>> No.8936859

On the topic of short hair does anyone have any styling tutorials for hair that is the length of the picture this Anon posted? >>8928455

I really want to do something with my hair other than having it normal or pushed back with a hairband especially for fancier occasions

>> No.8938888

I've got relatively wavy/curly hair and I'm considering retrying a fringe. But I don't want it to be all curly and separated like it was before. Any suggestions excluding straightening every day/permanent chemical straightening?

>> No.8940430

Pls help me gulls

In early January I coloured my hair with auburn Henne Color (henna powder shit) and my hair was kind of deep reddy coppery ginger. It's pretty much entirely faded now, though my hair still has a very slight gingery tint over my natural light brown. I bought a red chemical dye today and it says in the leaflet thingy not to apply it over henna. I googled it and all I can find is that it'll affect the colour I'll get, and something about metallic salts idk.

I'm basically hair illiterate and have no idea what anything means or what I should do. If It's red over super faded red, will it still not work? Should I just do it and hope for the best? Will I die? Pls halp

>> No.8940641
File: 112 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o4uz8ucpo01qla6e4o1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a real photo equivalent of this type of haircut or something very similar? It looks like a chin-length bob, styled for fluffy volume and with long layers.

I'd feel like a bit of a twerp handing a picture over of what might as well be cartoon hair to my hairdresser.

Thank in advance anons.

>> No.8940678
File: 104 KB, 539x809, Layered-Short-Asian-Bob-Haircut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like this anon?

>> No.8940683
File: 93 KB, 536x794, Cute-Layered-Short-Brown-Bob-Hairstyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8940684
File: 92 KB, 541x778, Layered-Short-Bob-Hairstyle-for-Women.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8941928

Anyone tried something like this?
I'm looking to get something that makes hair styling a bit easier. I love to curl my hair but it takes ages

>> No.8942553

There aren't other options. If you've got curly hair, your bangs will curl unless straightened.

>> No.8944522

Are there any types of bangs that would be good for wavy or curly hair?

>> No.8944524


>> No.8944562

I did the baking soda and apple vinegar for about 6 months. I washed my hair once a week.
My hair got a lot curlier than it ever was and it looked very good. But at the end my scalp got very irritated and I got a wierd rash on the back of my head. So I obviously went back to a normal shampoo/conditioner and the rash also went away. I do miss my curly hair.

>> No.8944588
File: 191 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently went from brown to blonde. I went to my normal salon to get it done, and I was hoping for a medium, ashy blonde. It came out a bit warmer than I intended, particularly in my bangs. I've bought a purple shampoo so far, but do you have any other recommendations to make it less warm/orange-y? Will I just have to get it redone? Any luck with Igora Expert Mousse?

Pic not me, but semi-related.

>> No.8944834

I can't answer that one because I have naturally black hair that didn't seem to change colour when exposed to hard water. Try asking your hairdresser.

>> No.8944976

I was so close to getting bangs but I just don't think I can. It's starting to get warm and there's nothing worse than a sweaty forehead with bangs stuck to it. Having to wash my bangs in the sink as they get oilier a lot quicker, keeping them trimmed all the time, too much bullshit to be bothered, they're cute, props to those who maintain them.

>> No.8945010

Has anyone had luck using castor oil to help thicken hair? As in not the strands, but hair density? I just started it this week and hopefully in a few months I'll see some difference. I thought about minoxidil, but the thought of losing it all again after stopping bothers me!

Also any general tips for keeping hair from breaking too? What shampoos/conditioners/treatments do you personally recommend for someone trying to grow their hair long?

>> No.8945034

Mix a tiny bit of purple/blue semi permanent hair dye with conditioner and leave it in your hair for a few hours.

How much dye you need varies and you may have purple/blue bits after the first wash, but trial and error should clear that up. Or you could buy commercial purple shampoo/conditioner.

>> No.8945170

maybe something like alopecia areata? (are you under a lot of stress?)

>> No.8945732

Bangs make j-fashion a lot easier, i haven't worn a wig since i got mine cut but be prepared to have to trim them yourself every couple of weeks. If you decide that you dont like them anymore, you can just grown them out.

>> No.8945805


It wont last as long imo, I had a friend henna my hair and omg it was a huge smelly muddy mess.. and I have waist length hair.
It went from a dark blonde/lightbrown to a nice auburn, but I want to say it only lasted about a month or two with my routine.. as much as I liked the color the process was enough that I never did it again..

I've been no poo for 2+ years, I started with ACV/BS rinse.

Before getting into the shower I would premaking my rinse mixes..
>>First mix 1 tablespoon Baking Soda to one 32oz cup (I use one of the giant plastic slurpee cups) of hot water
>>In a seperate 32oz cup, mix 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar and fill it up with cold water.
>>Quickly brush out my hair and detangle it..
>>Once in the shower I rinse and start pouring the mixes
>>First the BS mix slowly starting from the top of my head, down the back, making sure I get my oily spots and massage into scalp..
>>I avoid my ends since I want to avoid drying them out further..
>>Then is the ACV mix (which neutralizes the BS)
>>Quick pour from the top of my head, but focus more on ends with the ACV, usually dunking my ends in the cup.
>>Then a final rinse with cool water in the shower..

I usually do this twice a week, with the other days just a quick rinse since I pull my hair up at night to sleep and I get sweaty sometimes..

I kept at this for about 6months before descovering shampoo bars.. I personally use a brand called Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve, and I just replaced the BS/ACV with the soap straight up and never looked back. I love this brand, and although I've never used lush, I'm assuming it would be the equivalent..

If I keep my hair pulled up I usually can go a week with out shampooing and my hair still smells and feels nice, and with a quick rinse I can put it back down again..

>> No.8945811


Fuu meant to link

>> No.8946031

If my bangs are oily I always pull my hair back and just wash them. Since I'm always cutting them I don't think they get damaged.

>> No.8946969

Why don't you use a red temporary dye, like Special Effects or Manic Panic? Permanent box dyes + henna = bad news/unpredictable outcome, but since SFX/MP are just pigment they tend to be okay.

>> No.8947019
File: 385 KB, 1920x1080, 20160405_110811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I just got a haircut, but since I have curly hair it turned out kinda short. I've always had long hair so I styled it really differently. Would it work with lolita and/or larme, and how should I style it?
Pic related.

>> No.8947025

It looks weird. Your hairdresser is retarded.

>> No.8947034
File: 124 KB, 709x952, PhotoEditor-1459849050914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey gulls, I've really been wanting to get bangs, so I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on cuts to minimize the length of my face and width of my jaw?

I'm not really into lolita, but for larme I'd just add some random ass braids or ribbons like in the tutorials upthread. Also, it looks like the color is great on you. It's cute.

>> No.8947036

Was afraid of that..well, I guess I'll just have to wait for it to grow then.

>> No.8947038

Don't get me wrong it's not horrible, but it looks like it was done by an at-home hairdresser who specialises in soccer mom haircuts

>> No.8947055

Thanks! It's my natural colour actually.
Ah I see, this salon had pretty good reviews but I'll just go to a different one next time.

>> No.8947079

How bad is hair chalk, seagulls? Looks pretty good on all the Youtube videos I have seen. But, would it work for a con? would it work for a long photoshoot? Keep in mind I just want to use it to lighten blonde hair a little bit without bleaching it.

>> No.8947082

It's just chalk, anon. Also it rubs off like mad and stains everything in your close proximity.

>> No.8947088

Look up cuts for oblong faces. I manage mine with shorter, sideswept bangs which takes the length of the top of my face and layers that start in line with my lips, so the wide part of my jaw is de-emphasized by the hair kinda curling in around it. The only thing that no haircut will fix for me is that I have quite a long chin, but it's lots less noticeable when people can't see how huge the rest of my face is

>> No.8947105

first, post a pic without your hair tied back. How thick is it? How much can you bring forward for bangs?
Full bangs will suit you, but they will need to be thick to stop curling as will the ones around your face.

>in my world of needs
It isn't possible to reverse anything but visible damage with products, is it? I've been applying oils like hell to my hair which my hairdressers fried (at $200 per treatment) by trying to bleach blue out of my ends. Not even the salon owner told me that it probably wouldn't be possible until after I complained?? So I've dyed over them but it's temporary, because their terrible job has left my ends damaged. Lately, though, it's been sitting straight.

Is this just the image of product deposit? Honestly, I want to get it cut to avoid huge split lengths if that's the case, but if I can avoid it I want to grow it out about an inch longer before cutting so it doesn't sit at my shoulders.

>> No.8947114

It is never possible to reverse damage. Products can mask it a bit but the hair is still damaged. You are best to keep dying over it and cut the ends that are damaged as you feel comfortable.

>> No.8948430

I have short blonde hair with black/dark brown roots (used to have medium length blonde hair, so the roots are orange-blonde) and am going to dye it back to black this weekend, where can I get extensions online? Or should I get them at a hair salon? Should I get real hair extensions or will fake hair look ok? I want them to make my hair five or six inches longer.

>> No.8948479

Thought so, thanks anon! I can cut about an inch off without it looking stupid right now, but I think
I may need about two inches off.

>> No.8949008

Hairspray to hold volume? I have thin hair if that helps.

>> No.8949313

Still looking for anything to help. My hair is just so thin that it's gross.

>> No.8949353

I don't know if the hair thickening works. I don't want to destroy your hope, but I don't think you can actually make your hair thicker, no matter what you do. Just healthier.

Here are some tips to grow it out:
>use a gentle brush, for example the tangle teaser. I love mine, and you can grab one for sale on Amazon quite often
>don't wash your hair everyday! Try to wash it no more than 2-3 times a week
>use conditioner every time!
>coconut oil is your new best friend
>braid your hair overnight, don't wear tight ponytails, try not to wear your hair opent too much; learn some simple braids and updos
>get your split ends cut regularly
>DON'T use any heat like irons or blowdryers. Ever.

Personaly, I just use cheap drugstore shampoo and conditioner. It does the job; I don't really believe in fancy saloon stuff unless you need it for s.t. specific, like taking care of belached hair. Make sure they don't include silicones! Otherwise, you can always use coconut oil or oilve oil for treatments (have I also mentioned coconut oil is your new best friend?).
As said I personally don't use fancy products. There's only so much a shampoo can do, and I try to use natural stuff like aforementioned oils.

These are just general tips without knowing your hair type. I hope it helps, for more specific stuff you'd need to give more details.
I don't have thin hair so I can't help much on that, but I assume a proper hair cut and styling can help giving it more volume.

>> No.8949972

Oil shampoo (like Suave's almond oil shampoo) and biotin.

>> No.8952238
File: 3.96 MB, 1269x1991, gsfdgksd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Advice on a haircut to better frame a circular face? I have type 3a naturally curly hair so adorable bangs aren't really an option. Currently all one length reaching the small of my back. Ready for a moderately drastic change.

Pic related.

>> No.8952252

Face framing layers starting at or just below chin length. You want the shortest layers to be able to sit forward of your ears so that they lengthen your face rather than widen.

>> No.8952253

Sorry I dont have any advice for you, but wow your hair is so lovely!

>> No.8952258

Wtf, my hair is a 3A as well and I can do bangs perfectly. Of course I have to flat iron them after the shower, but if your hair is well hydrated they won't spring towards anyone else's eyes. Just cut them a bit longer than usual so you can curl them inwards, it looks more natural than the super sleek ones.

>> No.8952268

Oh, I didn't mean it was too curly to keep straightened when they're styled, but its my preference not to have to flat iron them every day. I am still considering cutting bangs, but I was also looking for a lower maintenance option. I know, it's pretty lazy. I'm glad to know its not too much upkeep though so thanks!

Thank you!

>> No.8952274

Went to get the highlights (pale blonde in black) touched up. Took forever and she wouldn't let me take out the first ones which had been in for over an hour by the time she did the last ones.
>Rip in pieces, bangs.

>> No.8952412

You need a real toner. The purple shampoo wont get it to what you are looking for. Go to a local sally's and tell them you want a neutral/ash toner, someone should be able to help you. If you have any friends with a licence to purchase salon quality get goldwell 8na and mix with 1/4 ng to get a nice color. leave it on your hair for about 20min. Then keep your follow up with the purple shampoo for upkeep.

>> No.8952419

Castor oil will just get the appearance of hair density sadly. What I would suggest if your hair is colored to stay away from anything with sulfate/parabens. This will strip hair color and weaken hair.
It's a 10 is a great product for hair health, shine, and strength. For a weekly treatment I recommend Kerastase. If you have the money to spend on it it is literally the best thing ever. If you can get the entire line. You will never have a problem with breakage again. they also have a volumizing product to help with limp hair.

>> No.8952453

Whats the laziest thing I can do with straight hair thatll pass for lolita coords?

Right now I just have blunt bangs and am growing my hair out. its about shoulder length now.

>> No.8952483

Hey gulls, I'm graduating this summer, so would you have any recommendations for hair styles fit for a graduation day? My hair is boob-covering length and pretty thick and I have bangs. I don't really have any special wishes, hair up or hair down, I'm open for anything!

>> No.8953168

Can anybody reccomend a good blue-toned grey box dye?

All I can find is ash. Might try using ash and a blue rinse over it.

>> No.8953185

Does anyone here have any experience with Olaplex or special hair treatments like straightening, brazilian blowouts etc?

I live in a humid state so my hair gets insanely frizzy, plus I have silver hair so I have a fair amount of damage from bleaching/dying.

My hair shapes great with straightening but it frizzes so fast.. I've tried coconut oils, serum etc but if a treatment would help better I'd love suggestions.

>> No.8953276

Did a brazilian blow out. Made my hair so straight and smooth, I couldn't get anything to stay in it. If you're just fighting frizz, it's a good option. If you have curls, be aware that some find their curl texture ruined by it. Make sure you go to someone who knows what they're doing. Expect to pay for that, and I'd avoid groupons. Look up reviews of the salon, stylist, etc.

>> No.8953303

This is gonna sound dumb, but I've never done anything with my hair before in my life other than shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes I straighten it, but it gets a little frizzy/I don't use any product.
Where should I start if I want to make my hair nice and smooth like in the OP pic? Also I don't know if it makes a difference in terms of hair care but I'm Asian and have coarse and thick-is hair.

>> No.8953315

I think wavy bangs can be super pretty too, you see them in larme sometimes

>> No.8953379

I really like Pravana Vivids, mix it 50/50 with conditioner so it's not too dark

>> No.8953390

Does anyone know where to buy a good quality clip-in bangs piece? Human hair would be best. I bought a clip-in before but it looked horrendous, it was super obvious where it was attached.

>> No.8954297
File: 148 KB, 533x800, 201409301412045742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tina Tamashiro has hair exactly like that.

>> No.8954326
File: 235 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 4-9-16 at 11.31 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really don't know what to do with my hair anymore, but I feel that it doesn't have any style and I'm just sick of it.

How should I cut it? Color it? Style it?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

>> No.8954333

it's pretty qt anon. i think if you get some bangs it'll pull the whole thing together a lot more.

>> No.8954422

Use a heat protecting serum and look up blow drying tutorials, try "the beauty department". Most of the sleek straight look is a combination of product and heat styling.

>> No.8954430

Thank you, do you think that straight bangs or side bangs would look better?

>> No.8954565

TBD bloggers all have gross hair with ratty ends and torture the shit out of it with heat styling and bleach. The Long Hair Community has much better tips.

>> No.8954603
File: 187 KB, 310x425, 1384547472370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it looks really nice. I have pretty much the same haircut anon. I think it works fine with larme and most street styles. That slightly messy tousled look is really in. Headbands and nice hairclips work well too. I don't really know what else to say, it grows back so its not like it'll be that way for long if you're really unhappy.

>> No.8954704

Honestly, I think your hair is extremely cute. I'd say add a simple bow or one of those "bunny ears" for larme.

>> No.8954720

I think it looks super cute anon and reminiscent of the j-cuts that are really popular now. I think the hairdresser did a good job, don't sweat it.

>> No.8954850

I'm considering getting a perm done, any tips for a first-timer? I'm thinking of a short bob along the lines of a 3B, right now I've just got straight hair and an oval face. Would it be a good idea?

>> No.8955005

This is >>8952258 again, I guess you're out of luck if you wash your hair every day, but I haven't felt the need to style them more than once in between washes (I only wash my hair once a week). I've also found that using a round brush while blow drying can keep them in check for a day or two, but it could work for you if you wash your hair more often and don't need them to be so long lasting (and if you use a hair dryer, which I don't either).

>> No.8955011

side bangs would match the playfulness of it a lot more than straight bangs

>> No.8955236

I recently did my hair red to blonde ombre, but now I'm totally unsure of how to watch it without the red leaking into the blonde

>> No.8955724

They were specifically asking about the hair in OP - none of that is achieved without heat and product, hence why I recommended TBD as the LHC tends to be all about hair protection and heat free styling, which is fine for growing your hair long but doesn't really tell you how to replicate the OP hairstyles particularly with what sounds like typical Asian hair (which tends to pull out of curls and sit quite flat without heat or product). The TBD bloggers' hair is pretty fried from the amount of styling they do but it's not like blow drying it a couple times a week would make your hair look like that, they legit curl or straighten and blow dry their hair daily as well as using a ton of strong chemicals.

>> No.8955728
File: 134 KB, 960x960, attempt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I attempted this the other day, but I don't know about whether is really looks good or not..

>> No.8955731

Coat the blonde in conditioner before you wash the red. Also if you have a detachable shower head hold the lengths of your hair away from your head as you rinse your scalp.

Braided updos are pretty popular. If you like GOT you could definitely replicate some of those styles with practice, I believe Cute Girls' Hairstyles have video tutes for some of those looks.

Straight hair with bangs is fine for lolita as long as it is all in place rather than has lots of flyaways. The thing to be aware is that anything larger than a small bow may overwhelm your head if you don't have a lot of volume at the crown so it may be worth giving your hair a little lift on the top of your head, either by styling it with hairspray or blowdrying it - it's quite a subtle effect but makes a big difference in terms of your headwear not overpowering you.

>> No.8957169

Ahhhh this is so cute, I have this cut just no bangs, it looks so nice but I know it's ass to maintain.

>> No.8957215
File: 17 KB, 354x415, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just jumping in to recommend this thing.

Doesn't smell gross like Etude House's (and most Asian) hair masks. Has a really subtle vanilla and macadamia scent.

There's heaps in it and my super-fried hair now feels like butter. I imagine that if you used it on less damaged hair it would be incredible.

>> No.8957767

So my hair goes from being dry to oily almost all time. I dont really know how to take care of it - if I wash it too often it becomes dry, and sometimes it has like "oil" that leaves white trace on combs. It's thin and curly so I straighten it a bit with hair drier. I try to use shampoos for normal hair because with shampoo for dry hair it becomes oily quickly and with shampoo for oily it becomes dry quickly.

>> No.8958044
File: 141 KB, 480x700, hair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What items can I use to pin up my real hair like this? Imagine those twin tail lolita wigs but with the twin tails up high rather than on the sides -- that's what I'm going for but with my natural hair. Bobby pins are too weak and claw clips I have are bulky and fall down. I'm looking at ULTA and Sally beauty's websites, can anyone recommend products (hair pins, clips, etc) where I can pin my hair up like this? I have fine, thin hair.

>> No.8958048

I'm starting the process of going black to blonde, so my hair is feeling a little dry. I have to check this out

>> No.8958190

With thin hair it might be tough buuut I imagine with some teasing you could fluff up your hair. Honestly though you might be better off getting extensions.

>> No.8958203

That looks pretty cute Anon! I like the color too

>> No.8958222
File: 42 KB, 736x552, f68ddede85d7521f1e82333fcaadd262[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The last time I did one of the high twin-tail lolita styles with my real hair I just did pull-through ponies. I'm going to suggest you do an upside down braid though. It'll get all of your hair to the top of your head at least, and then you can work out the curls with whatever hair is left.

If you want the style in the pic you posted, though, it'd probably easier if you search for bump it hairstyle tutorials.

>> No.8958540

Anon, your hair color looks great and I wouldn't change it. With your texture I'd go for a pixie/short bob cut. Absolutely no bangs, you'd have to straighten them and it would look odd as hell.

>> No.8958906
File: 28 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could put a roller in it at night. Or a curl clip like this pic. Do it while hair is kinda wet or spray a mix of water/frizz conditioner, put it up in the roller, let it dry over night, light comb in the morning.

>> No.8959443


My entire life "western hairdressers" would never get my bangs right, they kept giving me the "normie" bangs which are so so ugly and make ME look ugly! I never knew how to explain it and just thought well Japanese people must have some secret that no one else knows, yet here it is! I almost want to cry. With this guide I can finally get a western hairdresser to understand the look I want.

I feel so emotional over this but after years of horrible haircuts and no one ever understanding the hair I want (even with pictures) I finally have this. I always knew Japanese style bangs had a secret to them. I'm gonna end up repeating myself at this point, but I feel like my torture has finally ended. All those years of looking ugly can be cured with this guide. Thank you so much.

>> No.8959450

Anon this is amazing. Can you do one for side swept bangs as well? Same concept?

>> No.8959601
File: 631 KB, 720x715, 1449429625069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Top center of this pic is fairly similar I think

>> No.8959632

Wow thank you for highlighting this, this is fantastic. Do you think it's actually easier to maintain Japanese style bangs being less thick or do they just get oily faster? This really makes me want to do it but I'm so hesitant.

>> No.8959838
File: 487 KB, 449x457, Sin título.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anybody used a hot brush for straightening the hair? Found it on ebay for cheap.
Has anybody ordered it and used it?

>> No.8959843

i got one for my birthday. i've used it once but it didn't do much, but i think that's because my hair is above my shoulders.
if you have longer hair it'd probably work better.

>> No.8959845
File: 35 KB, 535x462, 1459782396223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you gulls think cutting is the only solution for damaged hair?

My hair is around 85cm and the tips are somewhat damaged (a bit dry, split ends here and there) and I am willing to cut arround 10cm, but I'll do it only if there is no other solution.
It's worth noting my hair has been bleached once before but I don't use any dye on it anymore

Any tips? Been doing treatment once a week, argan oil everyday, is there something else I could do?

>> No.8959848

>tl;dr There is zero way of reversing damage on hair because it's already dead silica. The best thing you can do is remove damage and hide damage.

I'd just trim the very edges (around 2cm) and let it keep growing, trimming every couple of months. That way you'll still at least maintain the length. Eventually you'll have removed all of the damage and can let it grow without bothering.

Argan is the best thing for making your hair LOOK and FEEL good. That shit is amazing.
People say "Oh no, never ever use products with silicone in it! It just hides the damage instead of fixing it!" as though it could be nursed back to heath in the first place. It's stupid. Silicone products are fantastic for the appearance of your hair by coating the follicles and making them smooth.

>> No.8960009

Lots of girls go for big ass curls and full makeup. I suggest doing a trial run that includes pinning the cap to your head to find the time needed. My sis did em for me and it took 2 hours because she wanted to feel included.

>> No.8960670

I still can't decide if I want bangs or not, ugh. I have a tiny but of wave in my hair so I don't know if straight bangs would look good?

>> No.8960675

If it's split, it's done. If it crunches when you squeeze it in your hand, it's done. Cutting is a mercy, but you can get hair scissors and trim off the bare minimum fairly easily.

>> No.8960685

Could you give us an example instead of just telling us that you have a /bit/ of a wave?

>> No.8960690

Crunching isn't necessarily a bad thing (unless it never used to crunch, obviously.)

My natural hair crunches, because the follicle texture is coarse and kinky. A lot of people will curly hair get it.

>> No.8960692
File: 333 KB, 1600x1243, notmyhairbtw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the hell do i do with hair that's so damaged it constantly feels crunchy because of split ends and coloring damage? i'm not going to color it again and i try so hard not to use heat tools, but my hair is so frizzy and shitty i have to do something to it or else i look homeless. i also use hair masks 1x a week, use good conditioner, only shampoo every three days even though the extra oil is shitting up my skin.

inb4 cut it, I know but is there any other way to nurse it back to normalcy or am i doomed? i really want to grow it out so i'm giving up coloring and want to give up heat styling. thanks anons

>> No.8960704

Hair is dead, there's no way to "nurse" it back to health. Cut the gross ends off and let it grow.

>> No.8960709

i'm not looking for health, just normalcy. like, being able to manage it while i grow it out. i've cut off the worst bits but it's still not great.

so it's just the same thing i've heard no matter what: cut everything off and all start over again. great, thanks.

>> No.8960712

Sorry but that hair is past the point of no return. My condolences, it looks like my old Miku wig.

>> No.8960715

What else do you fucking expect, anon? Stop watching Garnier commercials and grow up, there's no miracle product that can help you now because hair is fucking dead and you can't "nurse" something that is dead. You can't keep putting lotion on a dead person and expect their skin to continue looking "normal" because there's no bloodflow to restore nutrition at a cellular level. Your hair masks can only do just that, they coat the hair in shit but they cannot restore your hair because it's fucking ruined.
Literally your only option is to cut it all off and be much kinder to the hair that grows back in.
Also it wouldn't kill you to take a cosmetology course or two at your local college because goddamn you're dumb.

>> No.8960718

>i'm not looking for health, just normalcy
What exactly do you think normalcy is
Seriously, I want to know.

>> No.8960760

Keep it salty, /cgl/

>> No.8960772

Could you samefag any harder? Jesus, try to be less of a raging bitch next time someone asks for help.

Anon, unfortunately you will have to cut it off. You are misinformed about what hair can and cannot do. Sounds like you're on the right track with not dyeing and using heat tools though! Just try to treat your hair better after getting rid of the most damaged parts, and in about a year you will see some good growth. Best of luck!

Oh, and don't waste your money on cosmetology classes if you don't intend on being a hairdresser. That's a dumb idea.

>> No.8960780

Yikes, you're going to have to get that cut. It's only like two or three inches though. But definitely get that shit trimmed.

>> No.8960786
File: 1.75 MB, 358x202, 1366509757687.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8960850

Not either of those anons, but I thought the same thing.
"So it's still the same thing everyone else has told me? Whatever. Thanks, asshole."

If you're going to be shitty about the advice you receive, expect to be called out on it.

>tl;dr Yes, it's the same that everybody has told you because it's true, you rude bitch.

>> No.8960900

You have got to use a heat resistant sprays for styling. You hair looks crazy fried. I know other people said you can't fix it and it's true. If anything get yourself a cut pixie cut and never, ever, use a flat iron or a curler [In your case maybe not even a blow dryer] without a heat protecting spray. Stop bleaching at home too.

>> No.8960935

Try taking biotin supplements.

>> No.8960941

Try washing it once or twice a week, overwashing leads to an overproduction of oils to conpensate for the loss. It'a gonna take a bit of time to get your hair to adjust but you can use dry shampoo in the mean time.

On the subject of heat protectant spray, is it worth it to dish out on an expensive ones or is drugstore just as good?

>> No.8960946

To be fair anon, even 'healthy' hair is dead.
Follicles under the surface of your skin is alive, but once it hits air, it's dead.

>> No.8960951
File: 60 KB, 408x306, G57Zu7unymp5eyglf2PcruXao1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time I see this post I made I read it in Frank's voice.
>you know what it is, bitch

>> No.8961132

As someone with lower-back length hair in great condition who used to have a frizzy mop on their head years ago, nothing damages hair as much as dyeing and bleaching. Chemical processing is what really ruined it for me. Heat styling doesnt even come close. Maybe you can fuck up virgin hair if you sizzle the shit out of it with a flat iron, but blow drying is pretty harmless imo. Ive blown out my hair every 2-3 days for 3 years and its quite healthy and shiny

>> No.8961144

That's exactly what that anon was actually saying.

>> No.8961164

I've had bangs for years but decided on a change a few months back (new year, new you and all that rubbish) so am in the process of growing it out. I was doing well early on in that I could still flip my bangs over and look semi-presentable but now it's almost reached my chin and fuck this, I want out. I've a really high forehead and honestly my head looks seriously weird without bangs covering it. I've also had a side parting for years but when I tried to part my bangs down the middle I was horrified, I look like someone from a bad 1970s photo.

How have you seagulls managed growing out your bangs? I could use some motivation right now because I'm tempted to call the whole growing out thing off and go back.

>> No.8961169

I've joined the ranks oh the side sweep and never looked back. My square jaw has thanked me since.
Since it's at your chin, you could cut it into hime bangs.

>> No.8961347


Cut the dead ends off. It's how I repaired my hair.

>> No.8961354

Thanks for the input. I guess I'll have to trim it a bit.

>> No.8962096

What products (if any) do you use?
They look so sleek and frizz-free.

>> No.8962725

Seconding this, they're quite nice.

>> No.8962803

Mine never look this flowy or cute, they look like coiled snakes or poop spirals.

>> No.8962839

Never heard of it until you posted about it, but now I have to try it!
One tutorial said it'll take 2 months for full results, but results show in the first use. I'll post about how I go in a future Hair Thread... hope you're following these threads too anon

>> No.8962867

You need to let them loosen/fluff up before you pin them...

>> No.8962952

best place to get cheapish human hair extensions? I just want clip ins and will be dying them to my colour (bleach blonde) and it will only be for occasional use so I am not set on getting the best of the best. If people just recommend ebay, any sellers people have used and been happy with before?

>> No.8962993

I bought mine back in 2010 and the seller appears to have gone now - I looked for Remy hair and also the total weight in grams rather than the number of extensions as you can get really piddly thin "3-clip" and "4 clip" ones. I ended up doubling up and resewing some of mine since my own hair is quite thin so makes it harder to hide clips, that way I only had to hide one area where the clips were.

>> No.8963745
File: 59 KB, 500x708, 1460633923138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do these type of curly bangs have a name? been trying to look up tutorials but haven't had any luck

>> No.8963771

ive actually gotten human hair off of aliexpress just fine. i bought it to weft into a human hair wig that was a little thing in the back

>> No.8963775

My hair is grazing my collarbones now which means it's long enough to style. I'm very glad to finally be able to participate in hair threads (before i got into jfash, about 3 years ago, i cut my hair very short and havent been able to do much with it since)

>> No.8963779

I had hair like this when I used to bleach it myself. No amount of argon oil or conditioner could fix it, so I just cut it off and started going to the salon to get my bleaching done

>> No.8964030

Thank you for this tip, did you have any problem with hair falling out from sewing it yourself?
what shop/s did you buy from?

>> No.8964438

No because I didn't cut the wefts at all, they were pre-cut into 4-clip/3-clip/2-clip sizes but instead of having 4 2 clip pieces I removed the clips from one, doubled them up by stacking them on top of each other and had 2 2-clip pieces of double thickness.

>> No.8964612

Bought from this listing, it shipped very fast
Also I bleached it with L'oreal quick blue and volume 30 developer and didn't run into any problems with shedding or anything

>> No.8965037

Beauty supply store, especially one that caters to black women.

>> No.8965545

Does anyone have any cute hairstyles to wear with a hat? I wear so many hats with lolita and I'm tired of plain hair or braids

>> No.8965599
File: 24 KB, 450x311, Cute-Asian-short-hair2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm kind of lazy and I was thinking about cutting my hair short. I've got 20 inches in length, is it worth cutting off? It gets really greasy with in a day now and it gets tangled unless i have it up. Which i hate having it up because why have long hair if it's up all the time. Also i feel like i can never wash the conditioner out of my hair all the way, so even if i just washed it it willl look like its greasy.
pic related thinking about that short

>> No.8965634

how much did you get? was it thick enough for a full head?

>> No.8965656

If your hair is stick straight, go for it. If it has any wavy or textured, you WILL hate it. Shorter hair curls more. Trust me, I did this last year. It doesn't end up like a cute wavy bob, it will be a triangle and you will have to heat style it every day.
But yeah if it's straight, it's totally cute, go for it.

>> No.8965689

No, but it might be worth looking into alternative hair care strategies. Even dead straight hair will need daily styling to look like that at that length (it will want to flip in/flip out/possibly stick up if you sleep on it funny) so that sort of hairstyle is bad if you are lazy. You're probably best with hair about to your armpit length so it's long enough to pull itself into somewhat of a structure but not so long that it's tangling, or look into layered/thinned out styles if it's the sheer amount that tangles.

Chignons, styled ponytails, buns, faux-bobs...

>> No.8965700
File: 580 KB, 1536x1968, 1432529317284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My hair has a very slight wavy to it probably because of how long it is. I looked at some old pictures from when i was 14, back then it curled but not in a triangular way who knows what it does now
what about this length?

>> No.8965715

Quick question, are you conditioning your hair up to your scalp? You should try only conditioning the ends and maybe the shaft at most.

>> No.8965738

Sort of i condition up to about maybe an inch away my hair never did it before

>> No.8965751

I'd go longer, if your hair has a wave to it then it may well curl up to that length once you cut it - in the before picture it looks like her hair is about armpit length anyway. Also bangs may not be your friend, I have to heat style mine even though I have typical straight Asian hair, because they stick up weirdly.

>> No.8965765

I currently have bangs, they are naturally straight.

>> No.8965795

Yeah, but the extra length weighs your hair down a little, and conditioner can weigh it down even more, and using it that close to the root is redundant anyway since you're producing oil to protect that part of the hair already. The two could be part of your troubles. You should try clarifying shampoo, too. It might help clear away any buildup of product in your hair.

The oil/wash balance is a problem I'm currently trying to deal with for myself with moderate success. My hair is 30" and it's fucking everywhere. I keep it up most of the time, but I agree it's not the cutest.

>> No.8965828

Not really. My sister has wavy hair and she loves her short cut. It gives her texture without it looking like a hot mess and even so, that look is in style right now. Hair grows back. I say just try it and if you don't like it, let it start to grow again.

>> No.8965873

I felt the exact same way which is why I cut it short, no regrets, just below the cheek bone or at the jawline will look great.

>> No.8966188

Okay, so I'm considering to dye my hair pink, like a really light cotton candy pink. But I'm afraid it won't go with my skin, and also, I've never dyed my hair before, I've been a boring brunette my while life and I really want to change that. Anyone who has dyed their hair this color can share the experience?
Also, how would it go with j fashion?

>> No.8966253

Basically you've got to read everything you can about treating damaged hair. Because you've gotta bleach your hair to light blonde to be able to get cotton candy. Also you might really want to *keep* it that color because depending of the pink dye you'll probably have to bleach again if you want to dye it another color.
Jfash wise it's perfect if you wear sweet/fairy kei/other pastel styles. If you still wanna wear classic or gothic prepare to buy a wig.

>> No.8966336

Forget how it'll go with j-fashion, enjoy up keeping that shit. Have you read anything about dying hair before? To get it light pink, you'd basically need white hair, which is very hard to achieve. If your hair is even a little yellow, it'll be orange. You would need to bleach at a salon multiple times, then keep up the pink color yourself. Light colors will wash out within just a few washes. You need to kwep your hair toned because the toner will wash out as well. Then go back to the salon every month and a half or so for your roots. Bleaching at home would be terrible because it always ends up very uneven that way, which is more noticeable when you add colors because the more damaged and porous parts will end up brighter than the darker healthier parts. It's expensive and your hair could all break off either way. I'm not telling you not to do it, but don't do it.
Why not just get a couple of big highlights and dye them pink? Then you don't have to worry about them growing out or looking patchy. Or you could do a Rinrindoll thing. You can still have fun hair without potentially fucking it all up.

>> No.8966345

You're gonna have to style it a lot and trim it often, don't be fooled by how easy it looks.
I've had short hair all my life and it's now at mid back length for the first time since I was a toddler. Take it from me, long hair is ten times easier to style.

>> No.8966349

anon I've dyed my hair ever shade of the rainbow since I was a wee one. Yes, you have to be careful of damage, but that's really only true if you use bleach A LOT. it will be harder to get and maintain a lighter pink, but I kept a solid bubblegum for a long time. It's about using good product, which means going salon unless you've got any friends in beauty school and you can shop at places like Cosmo Prof or something or the sort. Look for salons that use Olaplex, or Pravana Vivids line is amazing and the color holds like a mofo.

If you're serious about your hair, talk to a salon, and make sure you buy some good shampoo as well to keep your hair lively and fresh looking.

>> No.8968141

Thanks SO much for this! I was able to show it to a stylist friend over the weekend and get some super cute bangs for the first time since high school.

Does anyone have more magazine tutorials with bangs, or a good resource? I used to skip over them in these threads since I was bang-less but now I'm dying to get some ideas and play with my hair.

>> No.8969096

Suggestions for convincing clip-in fringes or extension pieces? I've tried a couple of brands (Taobao off-brands, Prisila and Cyperous) without much luck. They're always glaringly obviously fake due to the fibre types being a heavier texture than my natural hair.

My hair is pretty thin and fine, but I also have a fivehead, and look stupid without a fringe. Being so thin, I can't have a fringe cut into my natural hair without devoting most of my hair to it. I mostly stick to wigs, but it'd be nice to have an alternative in summer when it's hot, but I'm at a loss for convincing clip-ins.

>> No.8969755

Hi, I guess this is the right place to ask. I recently just got off a round of Accutane, and it wrecked my hair. I shed so much while I was on it and it completely dried it out, but is slowly going back to how it used to be (gets oily easily). I also recently started birth control, and ever since I did my hair's gotten kind of blah, I just feel like my body has gone through so much lately that it doesn't know what to do.
Do you think getting a good hair cut would help? I had to get about 4 inches cut off not that long ago because of split ends, and so the stylist could go in and just help with all the shedding. Like, I shed so bad I broke my vaccuum, it was just hair everywhere. But maybe just hacking off a bit more would help?

Or is there some sort of vitamin besides biotin or a supplement I could take to help? Or food I should be eating? Sorry if this is confusing, I feel like my hair just can't keep up with my body at the moment.

>> No.8969765

>wavy hair
>almost always dry
>many many thin hairs, it lives own life, my hair floats when a person in a next room closes doors
>iron makes my hair look like an dry fuzzball with threads/streaks in all directions
literally how am I supposed to maintain it.
I did post photos and closest to help was someone telling me that they have similar hair, but Idk. After washing my hair I want to cry. I had 60cm+ and I cut it and still it looks bad and I can't manage it.

>> No.8969840

Curly girl method?

>> No.8969947
File: 64 KB, 600x600, main.original.600x0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have any tutorials, but when my hair was like that I liked french braiding my bangs/down one side of my head? it kept the hair out of my eyes while looking super cute

>> No.8970249

Probably a modified version of the curly girl method?

The curly girl method may be too heavy for someone with thin and wavy hairs with all the Is and creams they recommend.

I recommend stop using heat too anon, have you considered a keratin treatment? On making your hair thicker, I honestly don't know.

>> No.8970412

My hair is 1b and its really long, problem is that its get tangled so much and so quickly doesn't matter if I just brushed it, someone knows how I can fix that? I dont wanna cut my hair because short hair looks like shit on me. Sorry my shitty english

>> No.8970819

I just cut my hair short for same reason ahah. Cut it medium length or put your hair up in braids or buns, pony tails can work, but still tangle sometimes.

>> No.8970866

If your hair is really straight, it sounds like it might be dry. Do you use heat tools like a curling iron or a blow dryer? If you do, you should try letting your hair air dry, and avoid curling it unless it's for a special occasion. This is number one. After that, you can try treating your hair with coconut oil, maybe cut it with conditioner at about an oil:conditioner ratio of 1:5, it really can be a pain in the ass to wash out. If you're having a lot of tangling issues you might buy the slippery-est conditioner you can find with a silicone (dimethicone or any other -ones) high on the list of ingredients (ie. a cheap conditioner).

I hope this helps you!

>> No.8970888

For those who use clip in bangs, how did you pull off color matching?

I have always had really thin hair so real bangs would be too much of a sacrifice. But my hair also gets lighter near the bottom. Either the shaft/ends of my hair won't match or my roots weren't.

My local Sally's didn't have any in store and we don't have an Ulta so I don't think there's anywhere I can go to physically look either.

>> No.8970900

I really would love to have a cute hairdo, but my hair has these huge waves that aren't curly either.
It's like I've very very dense hair but when I google 'thickening hair' all find are advice for people losing hair. They're just as thin as threads and act kind of similar.

>> No.8970979

Any advice for severe dandruff? For as long as I can remember my scalp has been a flaky mess. I don't use any products on my hair, other than shampoo and conditioner. I've never dyed my hair, and have always been told by hairdressers that my hair is in good condition. I don't wash my hair excessively either. My hair is waist length, and very thin. I'm afraid to try anything like baking soda, as my skin is very sensitive. I've Googled this many times before, and the methods mentioned never seem to work. Any ideas?

>> No.8971141

I have thin hair and when I have it long I always braid it to avoid tangles (and minimise the brushing needed). There are lots of cute braided styles, but I am lazy and usually just had a single French braid down my back. I also never use heat styling. I cut it to just above my shoulders last autumn, so I could donate to little princess trust, and oh my it is so much harder to care for when it's too short to braid! Luckily it's just about long enough again now!

>> No.8971161


don't go aliexpress, go to alibaba and buy extensions from the sellers there, it's actually all super good quality if you look for verified sellers.

source: worked with a few salons and watched them buy extensions for $150 from alibaba and charge clients $700

>> No.8971173

I hope if you ever need advice anon, that people are just as much a cunt to you as you are to them.

>> No.8971392

Have you tried T Gel before? I used to get stupidly bad dandruff but now I use it and it's gotten much better. There is still some (I seem to get it more when I get stressed) but it's a massive improvement from what it was before.

>> No.8971529

This is great, but more examples of j-fashion bangs vs normalfag bangs would be incredibly beneficial. By posting examples of j-fashion bangs on normies makes it confusing and hard to tell what works and what doesn't.

>> No.8971973

Thank you so much! I don't use heat on my hair only if is a really special occacion and I always let my hair air dry, but I will try out the ideas, thank you again <3

>> No.8971985

Does anyone have any good natural lolita hairstyle inspiration? I'm so bored of doing twintails, twin buns, curls, braids, hoop braids, over the head braids...

>> No.8972874

Thank you, anon! I've never heard/seen this product before. But I see it's available in Boots, in the UK. I'm familiar with Neutrogena products, so I'm looking forward to trying this product!

>> No.8972882

Advice for heat protection treatment spray/recommendation?

>> No.8972898

I'm seconding the Tgel recommendation. I use it because it's sulphate free. The formulation for greasy hair is perfect for me, because most antidandruff shampoos assume your hair is dry and mine definitely isn't!

>> No.8973492

Can someone post cute hair tutorials w/o bangs
I have an interview tommorow and I want to look nice and I can't find anything to do with my long hair.

>> No.8973575

that girl (>>8960692) asked for help, got it and didnt want to take it
I'm on >>8960715 's side.

I cant stand people who cant just accept shit if it's not what they want to hear

>> No.8973576

I hope your hair falls out you dumb bitch.

>> No.8973583

how old are you?

>> No.8973743
File: 291 KB, 850x1275, pink wig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wear wigs. Don't fuck up your hair just yet.

>> No.8973748
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just get one of those foam dye applicators you see in most stores in the hair dye section. its easy as fuck and bleaches and dyes your hair. or if you dont trust that use bubble hair dye which is the same thing.
I have very thick almost black hair and turned my hair reddish brown just fine in one application.

>> No.8973759

This literally is what people are talking about when they say avoid box dyes.

>> No.8973765

no it's not, asian boxed dyes are actually way way better than western ones, not because muh ingredients either, they have better applicators and work better in general. we reccomend palty and etude house brands all the time.

>> No.8973792

this. as long as you're not using them constantly.

>> No.8973894

I'm 20 years old. I don't want to wear wigs, it's not like I'm cosplaying some shitty character, I just want to have pink hair.

>> No.8973953

thank you so much, do you have any specific stores you've used before? Sorry to ask to be spoon fed but it is a lot more reassuring when I know some one has ordered from there and know what they're talking about than what can be sock puppet reviews and such.

>> No.8973958
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fuck it then, just go for it. if you want to have pink hair just fucking do it. and if it doesnt match your complexion, then dye it back. easy.

>> No.8974019

Kinda related but anyone has experience giving drawings to hairdressers for reference? I feel like generally it's a bad idea but I have trouble finding haircuts I really like any other way.

>> No.8974039

Get palty or liese though, that thing dried out my hair like fuck

>> No.8974114

Depends on how difficult the cut style is in the drawing. Hair-stylists have many books with different photographed cut-styles, so a drawing might not be too far off. It all really depends on how well the drawing is made, and if the cut is doable.

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