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Anyone have stories from con's they've been to? Can range from cool to cringey.

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At a Convention in Kansas I rode in the hotel elevator with the dude who plays the main character in Trigun and had no idea at all.

I have tons of fun ones, I only ever go to like one convention a year though :(

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I had a artist alley table at a con last week and a girl came up to me, told me she loved my stuff, hugged me, then licked my face.
That was unexpected.

One con I went to was so dead that at times, there were actually more staff and vendors at the con than attendees.

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had someone prick their finger and press it to a print I bought once.
"People need to suffer for their art"

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what the fuck

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con virgin here.

I want to go to a con near me, but don't have much of an internet presence and am more into the idea of networking. Do you have suggestions?

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>Anonymous 02/15/16(Mon)00:26:21 No.886
Pretty much just talk to people, you'll meet lots of people that way. Especially if you find people cosplaying characters you know.

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I accidentally deleted this part in my original post but, any info/tips about getting a table at artist's alley events?

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If you are looking to meet people at a con, then just cosplay. It is very easy to go up and talk to people when your cosplaying, especially when you talk to someone is is cosplaying from the same, or similar show.
You can also talk to artists and vendors during off hours when they aren't busy. We get bored during the end of the day and don't mind conversation if we aren't busy. Ask about our products and other cons we have been to.

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Isn't that a pic of Comic Fiesta lel

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I touched a girl's hand once

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>Babby's first PAX
>Two of my friends and I decide to go literally one week before PAX, fuck it let's do it.
>Drive up to Seattle overnight, arriving in the morning.
>Literally no idea what's in store
>Arrive at the con, super pumped about all the stuff going on, especially League of Legends LCS
>Riot employee start directing people towards the LCS room, I separate from my friends and follow the Rioter
>Crowd is hype, front seat, start talking to a really awesome group near me.
>A cutie grill seperated from her friends finds her way up front and sits next to me.
>Spaghetti ensues from both of us, awkward at first, but we make it work.
>Talk a lot to the people around me, going great; game is hype.
>grill invites me to spend some time with her and her friends.
>super hyped. I get a text from my friends saying, "Dude, we forgot to charge our phone and it's about to die. If we want to ever meet up, we have to do it now."
>Game is still going strong, things are going great with this grill.
>Feels bad, but I gotta meet up with my friends. apologize, and leave to meetup.
>I meet up, immediately they are both complaining; one friend says he's not having fun, and the other one is not having fun because the other one is not having fun.
>Both really upset, and want to go home. I spend some time with them since their phone is dead. Try to cheer them up and show them around.
>They don't want to do anything but leave.
>Spend the next few hours walking around, doing nothing but looking.

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>We leave to find a motel on the outskirts of the city, using my phone but runs out of battery.
>We were completely relying on the GPS.
>Absolutely lost, we somehow drove to a run down ghetto neighborhood, and no sight of the city anymore, absolutely dark.
>Complainer Friend start freaking out, he's absolutely buttblasted.
>He start complaining how it this was a terrible idea, and starts blaming me.
>I pull into a dark neighborhood, with little lights, and a bunch of cars.
>I'm fucking tired of the two of them, and stressed out of my mind
>I tell them we're sleeping here. I'm too tired to do anything else right now.
>They start arguing against it, but I'm adamant, so they accept it.
>The worse night ensued. Complaining friend has a bad snore, and constantly woke up the morning paranoid as shit. Got absolutely no sleep.
>Morning comes, and I just follow traffic into the city, and somehow find my way back to the convention center.
>Try my best to enjoy my day, but it's pretty much ruined by my two friends. Still unable to do anything I wanted to do, and the two constantly complaining about there nothing interesting to do while I try to find things of interest for the two.
>We leave early on the second day, three hours into the event because friend says he's feeling really sick, and wants to go home.
>Never again.

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>One con I went to was so dead that at times, there were actually more staff and vendors at the con than attendees.
I can imagine if its some con that was planned during a major holiday week/weekend. ex. Thanksgiving

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>Feels bad, but I gotta meet up with my friends. apologize, and leave to meetup.
>I meet up, immediately they are both complaining; one friend says he's not having fun, and the other one is not having fun because the other one is not having fun.
>Both really upset, and want to go home. I spend some time with them since their phone is dead. Try to cheer them up and show them around.
>They don't want to do anything but leave.
>Spend the next few hours walking around, doing nothing but looking.

>Complainer Friend start freaking out, he's absolutely buttblasted.
>He start complaining how it this was a terrible idea, and starts blaming me.

>Try my best to enjoy my day, but it's pretty much ruined by my two friends. Still unable to do anything I wanted to do, and the two constantly complaining about there nothing interesting to do while I try to find things of interest for the two.
Holy shit are you me? I have two idoits just like this only they're a couple

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I went to a convention like that once
>Geek stuff starts getting popular here
>Some outside people see that and decide to host their own convention
>Cause geeks will buy anything right?
>Rent out huge event hall
>That's so out of the way that no young people can get there
>Schedule it for the end of summer
>So it was boiling hot, and everyone had already spent all their money at the earlier summer conventions
>Decide to create a odd coin system for buying things
>Only events are gaming tournaments
>I went for a few hours because a good friend of mine was a vendor there
>Only 20 or so people in the whole convention hall

Last I've heard they were trying to organize a big "international level" hotel convention, but in a town that's a 6 hour drive from any of the main cities here.
>And this is in a country where everyone complains constantly if a convention is moved to a town an hour away from them.

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> not a con, but selling at an event hosted by a comic book store
> event room with vendors is accessible from the street since everything's ground floor and the comic shop is right off the road
> homeless man wanders in
> starts circling around the vendor space talking to everyone in garbled English
> keeps repeating "Just keep looking. Just keep looking. Don't touch! Nu uh, just keep looking don't touch mmhmm. That's what I tell them. "
> two girls next to me look like deer caught in headlights
He left and went into another part of the store pretty quickly after passing my table and we didn't see him again.

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This is the only con story I have and it makes me rage every time I think about it

>go to really small con in city
>like 3 shops and a room playing anime
>went with friend and felt really hype
>she was going to meet with her friends too
>suddenly, at the con, Im all alone
>cant find her, littlest con ever and I get fucking lost, head starts to ache
>she appears half an hour later telling me she was outside with her friends
>of fucking course
>tell her my head aches and I want to leave
>she tells me she has pills somewhere
>she cant find them so she requests her dad to drive us to our homes
>while in the car back home, she finds her fucking pills
>"oh no, here they are... I could have spend more time with my friends"
>my face when she only wanted to spend time with her other friends and leave me watching anime or some shit

Never again.

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nope... It was in January, in Nashville, TN. It was a good con too, they had good guests and panels. I think their prices were a little higher for being a first year con.

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>Staffing a con, working with guests of honor
>One guest, an animator/director, draws a picture for his translator
>Finishes, asks who wants one next
>Translator is friend, rushes to me with a hissed "YOU KNOW HE WORKED ON THAT MOVIE YOU'RE CRAZY FOR"
>Yeah, but there's no reason he should have to draw for me, besides, I don't have a shikishi for him to draw o—
>Grab shikishi, rush back
>Ask guest to draw movie's main character
>He does, it's glorious
>Later other translator friend comes in, gets a drawing of the same character
>She and I met through the LJ community for this movie like ten years ago, so this is really special to us
>Guest ends up drawing something for every staffer working with the guests of honor
>Hands down one of the coolest guests I've ever worked with; super skilled, super chill, and incredibly kind

Probably one of the greatest conventions I've ever been to. I still owe my translator friend big for pushing me to ask for that drawing.

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We have artist alley threads you know

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This would be a better story if I knew what movie it was. I don't understand the lizard bit.

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I'm not sure why, but this made me laugh. If you can specify... What movie was it? You don't have to answer if that makes you uncomfortable, I just want to know what the Stupid Lizard is.

Sounds like a really great guest, either way!

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you idiots have friends like this?
how about drop them immediately and hang out with ppl who want to do cool shit like you do

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The movie was Brave Story, the lizard was this guy here, Kee Keema. I had no idea my friend hated him so much until then. It was such an odd thing to tell me, it definitely made me laugh.

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You sound obnoxious. Half an hour into the con and you make your fried leave because you have a headache? Please.

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I never said it was half an hour into the con, I was lost half an hour. We spend at least 3 hours at the con from the start to the travel back home.

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hah you're right, not sure which year

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the katsucon 2016 fire alarm

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>paying admission to a con to be there 3 hours

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PAX-Faggot here; I did drop them senpai, I ended up going with another group but that was another nightmare. I just need to go alone next time.

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>in pre-reg line
>qt Mako (Kill la Kill) cosplayer in front of me
>she suddenly has a coughing fit
>loud trombone noise comes from her butt
>jolts upright, stares forward, and tries to feign ignorance of her own deafening fart

u serious, Mako?

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Well, what can't be helped can't be helped. I'm sure she must have felt super awkward as well lel.

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>big comic convention coming up and one of my smaller favorite comic writers was coming
>convince my roommate to read the comics
>she gets con hype and blasts out a partner cosplay to mine in a week
>we go and hover near by his table for an hour because we're both chickenshits
>its pretty busy so he doesnt see us until
>"Oh Anons! You guys are the best characters I've seen, can I take a photo?"
>spends the next hour gushing about this comic and talking about theories
>point out a loose end and he ends up texting his co writer about it so they wrap it up in the next few issues
>roommate absolutely floored by how kind and talkative the writer was
>gets shown later issues wips and plot ideas that they were juggling at the time

Honestly one of the best fan-creator meets I've ever had. He was so genuinely touched that we liked his comic series so much and we were both fangirling so hard. I think just having a now best friend/then roommate there with me because she'd gotten into the series so quickly also was just a cool plus.

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>friend wanted to meet some other friends
>friend tried to help when you got a headache
>friend actually thought of bringing pills when you didn't and was kind enough to share them
>friend actually set her wants aside to help you because you were in pain
>you still bitch about her
>because how dare her world not revolve around you!1!!

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Oh yeah, I'm not ripping on her. We've all cough- or sneeze-farted before.

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>see a qt cosplayers
>ask if i can take a picture
>she says yes and poses for it
>want to thank her, but before i get the chance she says "thank you!"
>looks kinda emberrased, grabs her bag and leaves

I tought that was just adorable

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Trust me have I tried. It seems like the only people I attract are super sjw or full edge lord, and the last person I found that liked anime thought Bleach had a good story line and Death Note was to hard to follow.

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>I'm not ripping on her
Sounds like she's the one that "ripped" on you.

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you done goofed. bros before hoes doesn't apply at cons, because it's weekend-long event and thus you are not required to spend every waking hour with the people you came with. your friends were responsible for their own enjoyment and you let them drag you down with them when you were putting in the effort to enjoy yourself.

>none of you brought a cell phone charger
what were you thinking?

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>I ended up going with another group but that was another nightmare
Go on...

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We've all had horror stories, but has anyone ever had a horror story with a seagull? Like 100% confirmed they go on /cgl/?

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No horror here

>cosplay pic related
>vaguely robotic I guess, if you don't know the source material?
>walk from parking to con
>children close by nudging mom and "whispering"
>"no way ask her yourself"
>slowly turn head towards them
>eventually wave
>gleeful laughter from kids

Happened a few times more inside the con. Making kids smile is pretty neat.

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I did dun goof'd. Like I said it was my first time attending a con, with no idea what to do. It was mostly a learning experience. I brought my charger, but we were in the car, and got lost. They forgot their charger.


Alright senpai you asked for it.

>Babby's second year at PAX
>I had a lot of fun when I got the oppurtunity to do what I wanted, decide to give it another shot.
>Last year inspired me to actually plan so things wouldn't go like last year.
>Gather a bunch of friends to go to make it cheap as fuck, 9 in total.
>Complainer friend is definitely not invited; I just stop talking to him after that.
>We gather into two cars, head up to Seattle and check into our motel, super cheap, and works out great.
>We're staying out of town, so we have to drive in every morning, and leave together at night.
>Set up a designated time we meet up every night and where.
>Friends are hyped, so am I.
>Head into the event, we all split up and do our own thing, con is progressing really nicely. We all stay in touch via text.
>Issue arises when one of the friends, let's name him Gold, starts flaking meet-up time.
>He was gone doing his own thing all day, not answering his phone or text; which is important for us to keep tabs on where everyone else is at.
>We're all worried as fuck, he's the only one underaged amongst us all.
>it's 10:50, an hour and a half since we agreed to meet up. Everyone is pissed and upset, we can't leave PAX without him. His phone is goes straight to voicemail.
>Suddenly get a call, he's calling from a stranger's phone; apparently his phone died, and he forgot when and where to meet up.
>We meet up and everyone are very upset and tired of waiting, he puts it aside by some flimsy excuse.

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>Day 2. We tell him to keep his phone charged.
>Day goes great.
>Gold misses the meet up time again.
>No idea where he is. Last text we got from him was, "I think I'll be a little late, there's this thing I want to check out".
>Again, his phone is dead. We can't ditch him, the motel is almost half an hour's drive away.
>We go searching, and almost miss him as he comes to the meetup drunk out of his mind.
>Apparently he was at a party and drank 12 shots, lost his phone, and then tried to find said phone.
>We start driving back, and he starts spazzing out. It's like a mini-seizure. We're all starting to worry since he's 16-years old, and the implications of trouble. Also the fact that he's having a fucking seizure or something.
>We don't want to take him to the hospital. Bad idea in hindsight, we just thought if we kept him propped up, and kept a watch over him and made sure he was still breathing, he'd be fine.
>We get back to the hotel and put him on the couch. We take turns watching over him. Every few seconds he would shake, and his eyes would flutter.
>Not looking good.
>An hour in he starts shaking like crazy, and a friend start freaking out. We end up calling the ambulance, and EMT's come over to check him out.
>We're all in one Motel room together. 9 of us in one motel room. It is crammed as fuck.
>Hotel manager and EMT's show up. We tried our best to hide all of our sleeping bags, but something is still out. Worried as fuck about the Hotel Manager being concerned.
>Gold woke up briefly when the EMT's shone their lights into his eyes, and answered his questions on his name, who he was, where he was at; but could not remember his last name.
>They ask if he needs to go to the hospital, and he declines. They make him sign a waiver, and leave. We go to start talking to Gold and ask what the fuck happened. It's now around 3:00 AM.
>He passes out again. Returns to spasming.
>Nobody got much sleep.

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>Day 3. Gold wakes up, does not remember anything from the day before. We're all mad, but he legitimately looks bad. He gets dressed, and we all get ready for the day.
>He falls over and passes out again, and returns to spasming.
>This is really bad.
>Everyone is tired of his shit. So I tell everyone to go to PAX, and I'll watch over him.
>They do. Gold would constantly fade in and out of consciousness, and would make no sense.
>Eventually half-way through the day, he finally wakes up, and pukes a bunch.
>Nothing to say to him, we just awkwardly watch TV; he still doesn't remember what happened last night.
>People return, start telling their stories about their day while I'm salty about having to watch Gold.
>Day 4.
>We make sure someone accompanies Gold this time, so we would have tabs on him, and make sure he's okay.
>He sneaks away really quickly.
>My friend texts me that he's gone.
>I'm tired of his shit to the point where I don't fucking care anymore.
>Friends try to find him, still no idea where he's at. I ignore the effort, and go do what I wanted to do.
>I meet up later that night. He's apparently gone again, and phone is still dead.
>I'm tired, I didn't get much sleep and it was a long day. Seriously came to the point where I thought we should just say fuck him and leave.
>He returns, abit late, saying that he was in the middle of a tournament, and he didn't want to lose his spot since he was doing really good.
>Everyone tells me, "Never invite Gold again."

There always seems to be one friend who fucks up or doesn't know how to avoid being an inconvenience every year. Next con I'll just go alone. Fuck drama.

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This is my dreamcosplay.
I really love playing xelor and a friend of mine did a really good Nox so I wish to cosplay a female xelor with him. But the whole mummy thing seems so complex to me.

>> No.8868605

>Gather a bunch of friends to go to make it cheap as fuck
>We're staying out of town, so we have to drive in every morning, and leave together at night
There's your first mistake. I don't even consider staying at hotels that aren't walking distance from the con.
You don't realize the benefit of being able to go back and fourth, multiple time a day, as you please, until you have it.
>9 in total
You definitely should have gotten a more expensive room closer to the con.

>drank 12 shots
>starts spazzing out
>16-years old
>starts shaking like crazy
>EMT's come over
>ask if he needs to go to the hospital
>he declines
>returns to spasming
>sneaks away again
HOLYSHITNOTEVENONCE but you are partially at fault for inviting a 16 y/o shitwad.

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I deeply wish you shaved off that kid's eyebrows or something while he was passed out. He got off scott free despite being a shithead and everybody babied him for being underage.

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Maybe not exactly a horror, but…
>ALA a few year back
>Sharing a room with like ten people because I'm a fool
>Seven of the ten or so are on /cgl/ so we all head to the gathering
>I don't really know/recognize anyone, so I head back to the room after maybe a half hour, another /cgl/ friend comes with me
>It's just her, my boyfriend, and me, and we end up having a great time just shooting the shit for a few hours
>It's like 1am, we're tired, we go to bed
>3am rolls around and the rest of the room bursts in, very drunk and talking loudly
>"Guys, we're really tired, can you keep it down?"
>They get more people to come in the room
>More drinking and loud talking
>I'm sleeping on the far edge of the room and people walk on top of me for who knows what reason
>I'm so tired I finally just black out

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>Take daughter to con in Oklahoma
>Nothing bad happens
>She has fun
>Meets Jason Mewes while going home
>Asked if he voice acted for cat pokemon
>The end

A rollar coaster, i know

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Yeah, it's not a simple outfit, but the mummy bandages are easier than you think. You take a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved top, put them on (or put them on a mannequin if you have one), then just use textile glue to glue the bandages on at a few key spots as you unwind them. As long as you let the glue dry before you take off the piece of clothing, it should be good to last at least one con day (I haven't worn it longer). I would do some tests with scrap bandages and fabric first, since I had to switch glues midway and one of them left visible glue marks.
I made seperate gloves and a balaclava and wrapped them with the same method. I'd reccommend protecting your hair if you have to glue bandages on while you wear the balaclava, though.

>> No.8869696

>Have dissenting non-pc non-genderspecial opinions
>Spend too much time on internet
>Worried people won't like me if they find out, but have too great of an ego to go along with stuff I find stupid.
>Live in very PC genderspecial country
>Live in hicksville, where any dissent against public 'progressive' opinion means you are a racist sexist pariah and noone wants to talk to you
>Go to con, happen upon people with opinions
>Explain my opinions
>Get into heated discussion
>Agree to disagree, then go back to talking about fandom
>Made friend
>This repeats itself
>Last day of con, say bye to friends
>Trade internet info, talk to friend online after con
>MFW people are ok with putting their opinions aside to be friends with people

>> No.8869770

>Live in very PC genderspecial country

Canada? I have the same slight fear every year going to cons because I know I've jumped into a lot of fights on the con pages and especially with small ones I don't want people to ignore me or something based on my political opinions lol. I've never seen someone walk away from someone or start an irl fight at a con though. Seems to be an online-exclusive thing.

>> No.8869781

I've done that a lot. Mostly because people going out of their way to take a photo of me makes me super greatful.

>> No.8869799

Holy shit, what a brat. Almost sounds like he got ethanol poisoning.

I was going to say you should have all kept him at arm's reach the whole time, but he sounds like a defiant little fuck that would have run off anyway.

>> No.8869834

>making everyone sleep in a car in a random residential area
Jesus Christ. Your friends are downers but damn I would have pitched a fit if you had made me sleep in a car too.

>> No.8869842

Anyone know who the male Red is in this pic tho?

>> No.8869844

>Wondercon the year before it moved from San Francisco
>I'm able to get industry passes, so I get one for me, my boyfriend, and my older brother.
>Brother's first convention, I really want him to have a good time.
>He's a big fan of Human Target so we go to the Human Target panel
>The series was pretty much cancelled at that point and the show had unfortunately gotten pretty bad
>Totally reflected in the panel
>I think everyone was drunk off their gourd
>Seemed like they barely cared about why they were there
>Not the worst panel I've been to, but really awkward
>They were just… so drunk…

My brother said he still had a good time, so that's cool, but I felt really bad about it.

>> No.8870087

>Being totally OK cosplayer in a huge cosplay
>Everyone asks for pictures
>Say yes to everyone because why not
>One person asks me for a picture but I had my small prop knife in my bag so I ask them to wait while I search for it.
>Suddenly hear *Click* and then they just leave
>They took a photo of me looking for my prop in my bag.

So out there somewhere is a picture of me in a really cool, light up cosplay and looking into my bag for my prop. Sure, he was a dad and it wasn't a cosplay convention per say, but come on?

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>Me and three friends about to go to kamic-con
>decide to grab some food after 2 hour car ride
>go to burger king
>wearing cosplay, nothing special, just above casual cosplay
>sit down and eat meal
>notice guy in pic related
>he sits down and stares at us while slowly eating his fries literally the entire time we are there

Technically a con story.
He didn't just stare for a second or two a few times or something, he actually continuously stared at us almost the entire time we were there.

>> No.8870379

>youmacon 2014
i was chilling out near the door that leads to the lake and some stupid fuck wearing a colossal titan suit came over and kicked a hole through the wall while doing some stunt. the hole was covered up this year but it was so surreal to watch

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>> No.8870540

Not some cool big story or anything but, I cosplay adelie from space dandy and talked with a cool dandy cosplayer on day 1 of a con, found him again on day 2 when we were both in cosplay and got a couple selfies with him, made my day.

>> No.8870565

Can I just say that that was one of the most fucked up manga I've ever read

>> No.8870674

>Second time going to convention
>Decide to invite friend, friend decides to be a part of a "ask a homestuck character" panel
>Tells friend to meet me at con at 10am
>Get there, friend won't answer phone calls or texts
>Whatever, enjoys con with other friends
>Friend arrives at fucking 6pm
>She got into a fight with her mom, arrives super pissed
>"Anon I'm late for the panel ugh I hate conventions come watch my panel though"
>Panel is a horrible train wreck and she barely gets asked anything
>Sits there looking pissed off the whole time
>After panel she just sits around looking bored and complaining about how boring the convention is
>Does this for over an hour, tries to convince her to go to panels with me but she doesn't want to move
>"Anon cons are so boring and horrible I hate being here"

She literally kept being a total bitch until I just got fed up and just ditched her ass to go to the rave. I don't even remember how she got home that night but she didn't come back to the con even though she paid for a 3 day pass. Never went with her to a con again, up until now she complains about how "horrible cons are" and how "her friends left her for no reason". Fuck outta here.

>> No.8870717

you should read his other work. some if it's even better

>> No.8872092

I remember reading this before ages ago and it still gets me.

>> No.8872107

Why would she even bother to go if she hated it so much?

>> No.8872463

I genuinely don't know. I think it's because most of our friend group was going and she didn't want to feel left out. I'm just glad she didn't show up the other days.

>> No.8872564

I think it's a combo of that, arriving late/being pissy about the fight and trying to redivert that into "this shit sucks", and then being ignored at the panel. You know, "nothing is going right so everything sucks".

>> No.8876169

Bump. I'm sure there's more stories out there

>> No.8878182
File: 33 KB, 640x480, zB4CJXcl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So a few years back at AUSA, I was stupid enough to allow unknown people room with me. Anyway I had two rooms and quite a few of my friends with me.
>Friday afternoon and I notice one of the doors was locked and I couldn't get in. I shrugged it off thinking people were changing. So I go to the other room.
> 2 hours later I go back and the door is unlocked and I walk in on one of the strangers ass naked and full view of his penis.
> I turn the fuck around and leave letting him have his privacy.
> 6 Hours later I return and they are still at it. This time A Tranny is thrown into the mix.
>I am tired,sick (Had gotten food poisoning from a Cesar salad) and just want to sleep but too shy to tell them to knock it off so I go to the other room and crash out for a bit.
>Wake up the next morning and Round two had already started, Annoyed I allowed people to change in the other room and ignore it.
> They stop sometime around 3 to get food and we walk in to claim our stuff and find condoms everywhere. On the floor, Desk and Dresser, One horrified roommate found more shit in the bathroom. another Found rope used to Tie the tranny... apparently to keep them in submission while they did what ever the fuck they did to them.
> They come back and I get on them about using the bed I had assigned to a couple who were my friends and paid more. I moved on and left the room (Still sick as a dog) to see if I could see friends I hadn't seen in a while
>Come back and they are fucking again. And I mean we can hear shit through the walls. Go to the other room and turn on Anime hell to try and drown it out. After a few more hours I had enough and asked the friend who found the rope to tell them they had 5 minutes to wrap it up or they would be kicked out.
> They leave and come back begging me to allow the woman to stay because she was kicked out of her room for being a shitty roommate.

>> No.8878194
File: 76 KB, 330x238, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>I reluctantly agree under the condition of no more sex.
>They agree and it holds for about 2 hours And they are at it again again on the bed that they weren't supposed to be on. Fortunately for us one of the couple who were assigned that bed went home for an emergency.
>This time they stop around 11pm and walk out to get food.
>We survey the damage and find Stains all over the bed including blood stains.
>Consider it a lost cause and make the guy who was suppose to sleep on the bed sleep in the other room
>The guy was a nice guy and declined to share a bed with another girl (Religious reasons and he felt it was uncomfortable since he was engaged) So he sleeps on the floor.
>Fast forward to the next morning and we are cleaning up the hotel rooms. Find more condoms.
>In the end the two who hooked up ended up dating

Needless to say they weren't allowed to room with me again. From that point on only people I knew were allowed to stay with me and Sex was restricted to the bathroom. Now that I am married I am pretty much in the room alone and will allow maybe 1-2 people to stay only if I really know them and they know the rules.

Sadly I will forever have that Guy's Dick etched into my brain.

>> No.8878207

>first con, super excited about everything
>just getting into cosplay and BJD's
>heading with friends to get our badges when I see a lady with a BJD walking around
>stop with friends to ask about it, she hands him to me so I can see how he poses
>we talk about him for a few seconds, friends are standing to the side
>one friend suddenly being pulled away from nowhere
>masked guy has arm around her neck, dragging her backwards quickly
>she's too panicked/confused to yell for help
>can't shove BJD back to lady as she is holding another
>can't drop it because I can't afford to repair it
>can't run away with it to help friend
>second friend gives chase to help her
>second friend manages to pull her away and bring her back
>guy vanishes as fast as he came as soon as we got her back

Turns out the dude is someone we went to school with, we hadn't spoken to him in 2 years and he assumed it was cool to grab someone around the throat while wearing a mask and kidnap them.

>> No.8878316

Oh! Which con? I frequent a fair amount of middle Tennessee cons.

>> No.8879016

What do you do to where you can get industry passes?

>> No.8879501

this just happened recently at magic city comic con in miami.

>go with three friends who have never been to a con before, they don't live this life, but they are having fun
>we notice that toward the back of the dealer's room, there is a bar set up, and the line for it is absolutely huge
>i mention how it's a bad idea to have a bar at a con
>friend says "this is miami, of course there's a bar"
>we move on
>two friends leave because they're tried so it's just me and dude friend
>me and dude friend grab something to eat around 7:30
>chat a bit with a group of guys at the table next to ours and they are having some beers
>they don't seem too drunk, they're just being friendly, etc
>they leave before us and me and due friend even comment to each other how they were nice

>> No.8879509

>the harmontown podcast is taping an episode at the con, and it's the last event i'm interested in seeing
>we go, sit down in the front row to the left, on an aisle
>across the isle and one row behind us are the guys who we chatted with as we ate our dinner
>we wave, they wave, we all wait for podcast to start
>as it starts, it's clear there's a lot of really awkward nerds at this panel
>people yelling stuff out constantly that they think is funny
>included is one of the guys we chatted with at dinner
>notice these guys have been drinking since we saw them an hour and a half ago
>turn around and notice that there is a bar set up IN THE PANEL ROOM, jesus christ
>lots of people in the room are holding drinks
>oh god

>> No.8879517

>at one point, Dan HArmon invites someone up on stage and is asking him questions about stuff
>it's one of the guys from the group we talked to at dinner
>somehow gets to the subject of the new deadpool movie that is coming out
>Harmon asks kid if he knows anything about deadpool because he himself has not read too much stuff with deadpool in it
>kid basically says he's in the same boat, doesn't know that much
>one of the friends he was with stands up, and runs in the aisle towards the stage
>i cringe, thinking he is going to grab the mic and say some embarrassing shit
>he leaps onto the stage
>the force knocks the kid's chair back and he falls backward on the stage
>for a moment, everyone is stunned
>punchman just goes back to his seat, looking proud
>yells as he sits down "AND THAT'S A FRIEND OF MINE"
>sits there looking triumphant
>everyone sitting around him gets up and backs away
>dude friend steps between me and punchman to make sure i don't get hurt either
>panel descends into chaos

>> No.8879611

>be gay
>meet straight dude through friend on Thursday night
>click extremely hard
>bro it up from the moment we met to 6am Sunday morning
>no sexual tension
>just amazing bro times

10/10 can't wait for next time.

>> No.8879700


>be me at San Diego Comic Con 2011
>female woman girl in Star Trek uniform dress
>10 PM
>it's late, walking around all day, tired, hungry
>need to use the restroom
>"That's strange, I thought the Human restroom was on the other side of the hall."
>enter restroom, followed by a confused Asian man
>"What's he looking at?"
>realize there are urinals
>leave without seeing anything notable
>H U M A N R E S T R O O M
>all those costumes really got to me

Alternatively, my female friend cosplaying as Darth Maul accidentally made a guy enter the ladies' room by mistake.

>> No.8880371
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>> No.8880408

That was a wild ride. I'm still baffled as to why he punched him.

>> No.8880411

Now that was funny. May I never reach this level of exhaustion.

>> No.8880422

It seems like there's a catch-22 when it comes to attending cons. You can go by yourself, and do all the stuff you want to do; but certain things are better experienced with others, and seeing other people hanging with their friends while you're alone can be rather depressing. You can go with friends, and have no lack of people to do things with; but you probably won't get to do half the stuff you really want to do, and will probably have to deal with dumbass drama to boot.

So, you either get to be lonely or disappointed.
Yay life.

>> No.8880453

Or you could go with friends, split up if one of you wants to see a panel or whatever, and meet up at a designated spot. Life doesn't have to be shit.

>> No.8880465

Probably not Canada, I live in Toronto and not many people tolerate opinions like that.

I wish I met some people like this. But whenever I say anyone underage should never be allowed to be trans and undergo treatment and adjust their hormones during puberty, and that it's a mental disorder basically. They all get very offended

>> No.8880537

Thank you anon glad to see others point out how dumb other anon sounds

>> No.8880549

This. It's really not hard to have both - you should be friends with people who understand the need for alone time or the fact that you guys will wanna split on occasion cause you won't always want to be going to the same stuff. I've gone to cons with friends who don't mind doing stuff together and then splitting up and then meeting back up again and it's been nice. I've also been to cons with people who felt that we had to be glued to the hip every moment of the convention and would complain about going to things I wanted to go to or would be mad if I wasn't as enthusiastic as they were about going to something they loved and I didn't know about.

There's a difference between life being shitty and making it shitty. Do your best to avoid making it shitty, yeah?

>> No.8880563

what character was she?

>> No.8880579

Being offended =/= hating your guts afterwards. Like I disagree with you, but I would still hang out with you if you were a fun person to hang out with. The problem is the people who get really anal about their opinions, regardless of whether they're conservative or liberal. Also the people who cannot contain their own opinions and shove it into everything, even if it hurts other people. Just be reasonable, and most people won't mind that much.

>> No.8881451

>Tumblrina friend happens to meet up with me and my other friends as we're passing by the rave hall, where the rave had just ended
>Tumblrina friend blames me for making her miss the rave
>She didn't want to just go with her BF because I didn't text her and ask her to go
>I didn't even want to go to the rave

We don't talk anymore. She's a pride monster and a spoiled brat with 'muh gender dysphoria'. I asked her why she was near the rave hall if she didn't go and she whined about being left out of everything. Gurl, if you wanted to be part of my day, you should have said something.

>> No.8884765


>conventions in the summer

The worst thing. Friend of mine invited me to a con as well.

>it's Metrocon
>it's in Tampa, Florida
>in fucking mid July

I want to go but I also really don't want to go.

>> No.8884787

Oh my god anon this reminds me of a few years back
>For some unexplainable reason, there's two restrooms with a divider in the middle.. but both are womens
>Watch a teenage boy come up to one side and walk in
>He quickly exits and runs around the corner
>Just to be faced with another womens rest room sign
>I'm losing my shit as we make brief eye contact
I'm so sorry, kid, but watching you suffer was hilarious.

>> No.8884816
File: 360 KB, 480x480, 143303899603.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AX 2015
>Day 1
>Learned from previous years that trying to pick up badge on Day 0 is a clusterfuck is you're better off getting it early on Day 1
>Our group gets our badges in 8 minutes
>We're happy that it wasn't a hassle and that we might be able to get a good spot in line for the exhibit hall
>walk outside and see a huge line
>we all assume it's because no one is being let in yet so we get in line
>we ask the people in front of us if the line is to get in
>they say yes
>line moves at snail's pace
>30 minutes later and we're hardly far from where we started and the line is now almost reaching the end of the massive block
>one friend goes to the front to see what's going on
>he comes back
>tells us this huge line everyone is waiting in is for bag check
>there are 4 other short as hell lines for bag check on the other side that no one is going to because everyone thinks the huge line is the only line
>no staff member ever came by to tell anyone that there are more lines for bag check
>move to other unseen bagcheck line
>get through in 5 minutes
>people are still in that line to this day

>> No.8884850


I am planning on going to Florida Supercon this year, what's wrong with cons in summer?

I'm not from USA but a friend lives there so he might book us a hotel.

>> No.8884876

this reminds me
>go to small con with friend
>because it is small cheap con it attracts a lot of younger weebs
>friend and i are hosting a bjd meet so we have dolls with us
>carrying around my dollfie dream done up like miyuki from lucky star
>mostly positive reactions, a few 'the eyes/face is creepy' chucky comments, usual
>one girl though is glaring daggers at us from across room
>like i legit had to ask my friend if she knew her because the girl looked way too mad for a stranger
>she makes her way over to us and gets in our face
>"how many dicks you had to suck to get that shit?"
>what the actual fuck
>this bitch is like 15 btw
>my friend and i exchange glances and just back off and leave
>girl is still yelling at us but we ignore her
>later at meetup we have a bunch of dolls spread out through room, as a decent amount of people actually showed up
>suddenly bitch shoves her face into the door and screams again
>see a staff member come over and start escorting her away
>turns out she's been harassing everyone with a doll because one girl who had an LE told her what the market value was
>and thats how i got called a cocksucking whore over a $150 chunk of plastic

>> No.8884877

Heh, I had something similar to that happen to me at ACen except that people didn't know what line was for pre-reg including the staff, so they kept moving my friend and I from line to line.

>> No.8884882

Ahh, ConnectiCon bathrooms. Back when they only used the top floor of the con center, this happened ALL the time.

>With friends in the ladies' room, there's two aisles of stalls connected by a nice seating area with floor-length mirrors (awesome for costume adjustments) where we are, fixing our wigs, etc.
>Guy walks in
>See his OH SHIT moment, he shouts "Sorry!"
>He pauses, takes in the scene in front of him, totally flabbergasted
>"You guys have COUCHES?"
>Realizes he's still in the wrong restroom and scurries away

>> No.8884892

lolomg. I'm so sorry, but at the same time, that was pretty funny. I wish I was that edgy at 15.

I showed my cousins around that age my pullip and they were shocked at how much mine was - and so was I when I had initially bought it at $75, and then I remember that I've got a good 10 years over them. Feels weird.

That reminds me of an experience I missed

>small local con
>con head managed to get some indie-emo band from Japan
>group of friends and I realized that they were tricked into thinking they were performing in a bigger city
>still enjoyed their music; felt bad that they came all the way out and had a tiny crowd
>I left; everyone else stayed since I was commuting
>friends run into the band in an elevator and they all decide to sit on the floor as the elevator went up and down

cross cultural experience

>> No.8885167

wait, getting a badge on day 0 is more of a hassle than on day 1? thanks for that info, honestly.

>> No.8885187
File: 56 KB, 574x518, every single day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's the tropics.

>> No.8885195

Don't want to be a one upper but 27C is such a nice weather where I live.
During summer cons we get upwards to 40~45C (104~113F), and the AC almost never works.

>> No.8885220
File: 34 KB, 620x375, 18df2b56513f75a0930a1b8f8eada16b1acb44ed986b69144e9f0abb8b2c5b33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sitting at my shop at my first ever con
>smell something funky and its only getting stronger.
>someone has thrown up? a dog maybe?
>it smells like something ate a lot of cheese and cola and just puked it up.
>it's so bad I'm almost gagging now
>look up to see a guy, maybe late 30s in what can only loosely be called steampunk costume. >the pirate shirt once, perhaps, was white.
>currently it's yellow with spreading brown patches under the arms and where it's come untucked
>pants are stained with food, what i hope to every god is food.
>he is the source of the smell.
>he is waddling towards my stall.
>i am frozen in horror.
>he stays for what feels like hours. touches everything, and eventually leaves without buying anything.
>products are filthy. the smell lingers.
>I sold nothing more that day and spent the night cleaning EVERYTHING

>> No.8885236

I don't fucking understand people. I'm so sorry anon...

>> No.8885329

'Jealous bitches' reminds me of my own story. Not really horror, just was funny for me at the time.

>At small con wearing cosplay from popular fandom. Detailed, custom-embroidered, something I put a lot of effort into.
>Sitting in the big gathering area, chatting with friends
>15 feet away, see two cosplayers dressed as the characters me and my friend are also cosplaying. Both have shoddy craftsmanship, raw edges, thin fabric. Both are glaring daggers across the room.
>Every time I look up these two are still staring silently like we kicked their dogs.
>"Hey does anyone know those two?"
>They stay like that for 25 minutes until we eventually leave.

>> No.8885353

omg I'm so sorry. Would it be rude to have said "don't touch, please"?

>> No.8885372
File: 27 KB, 637x476, IMG-20151102-WA0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a small con in my hometown
>Time to get wasted and fuck someone up.mp4
> drink heavily before the con
>arrive at the place, be a boss in the karaoke room, beat up a supervisor and sone random cuck.

>get thrown out

>later i found out that my gf met me first time at that con

>> No.8885528
File: 60 KB, 500x666, 1ebd2ef970047350a58eb81edf743971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8885555

You are the con horror story here. I feel bad for your friend.

>> No.8885813

The heat in Florida is annoying because of the humidity more than anything else. I'm in TX and we at least get a breeze most days.

>> No.8885895
File: 93 KB, 480x360, 11058796_1061071170624639_6757693324213715522_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was new to the con biz. Ever so new and had hope in my heart he would buy something. hahah it was a tiny con too so I didn't do very well regardless of swampthing
worst part was when he found out I worked for Weta and tried to sell me his idea for a tv show.
wtf man i made costume and props. I don't care about ur shitty doctor who steampunk ripoff screenplay, go home and wash. and burn your clothing cause that shit is never coming out.
But I don't do that con anymore and have never seen him, or smelled him, again thank the gods

>> No.8886089

This reminds me of the first con i went to. University anime club some how scrounged up the money to rent out a small convention center and setup a con. There are less then 200 people at this con but its baby's first con so I'm excited. They somehow trick several VAs and other guest to show up telling them this was an established con including Yoko Ishida. They have a small stage setup in the dealer room for her but she's not there. Overhear some people talking that Yoko was almost in tears because she was not told the con was so small.

The con didn't last. They tried again 2 years later but it they haven't done anything for years.

>> No.8886126

She was Vriska, so I guess her personality kinda fit the cosplay.

>> No.8888043

>Went to Connecticon 2015
>bathrooms in exhibit hall are gender neutral
>see guys with full beards go into the "women" bathroom
>feedback panel at same con
>people want all bathrooms to be gender neutral at the con in 2016
Seriously that con is starting to become sjw con

>> No.8890167

>at Anime LA
>homeless man is sobbing
>several lolis bring him the remainder of their food
>he graciously inhales it
>homeless comments on how much he loves the copsplays
>Luffy cosplayer buys him a 3-day pass
>he becomes the life of the party
>everyone who sees him chants "Home-less bro! Home-less bro!"
>he ends up DJing the rave
>hundreds of pictures with him
>con ends
>two moths pass
>read in the LA papers that he starved a week later
>ALA Fb group holds a sevrice for him


>> No.8890222

>everyone who sees him chants "Home-less bro! Home-less bro!"
Ok, sure.

>> No.8890245

I will never understand jealous cosplayers. If I see someone cosplaying a character bettee, the first thing I will do is ask for advice.damn plebs

>> No.8890262

I was there and I heard nothing of the sort, nor is there anything about it on the fb page

I call bulshit

>> No.8890287

Just out of curiosity, but people honestly want completely gender neutral bathrooms? I feel like there should be three bathrooms, Ladies, Mens, and a Gender Neutral one. However, I personally do not want big burly dudes coming into the ladies' room. I feel like there is such a thing as going too far...

>> No.8890301

Kago's work is satisfying to read.
I like a lot of out there work though.

>> No.8890302

I worry more about gay guys getting the shit beat outta them but yeah, three bathrooms wouldn't be that bad. If anything it'll cut the waitline in half

>> No.8890992

Where is your face?

>> No.8891079

You discriminating against my muscles?

>> No.8891107

I think part of the problem is that the concepts of "ladies room" and "mens room" still exist.
I mean, you're going in there to piss/take a dump. It's something we all do.

This far in, we should realize that there's no real, logical reason in segregating facilities based on biological sex. Like, just go in there, take care of business, then move on with your life.

>b-b-but muh privacy
The presence of a person with a penis in the vicinity does not mean you still can't have privacy if you're in a stall.

>b-b-but muh threat of sexual assault
I got news for you: 99% of people are just regular-ass people who just need to use the bathroom. Also, if a predator is gonna, a sign on a door ain't gonna stop him. ALSO, there seems to be some whole fucking weird assumption that women are never assaulted by other women.

>b-b-but muh grown men in the same room with little girls
Did you know that grown men are in the same space as little girls everywhere else? It's true! As long as everyone involved is just behaving normally and using the restroom for it's intended purpose (which 99% of the people out there will), then everything will be fine. Stop assuming that all grown men are fucking pedophile rapists who are about to snap.

All restrooms should be gender-neutral. People, especially women, need to get the fuck over themselves.

>> No.8891116

This doesn't make sense if all the bathrooms are gender neutral there's no "womens" bathroom they're all gender neutral. Get your stupid made up story out of here and go back to your containment board /pol

>> No.8891130

I get what you're saying but honestly, I ain't wanting to take a shit with dudes. That's just me. Why can't we have three bathrooms: neutral, men's, women's? We all piss away happy.

>> No.8891131

iirc, the restrooms were still separated in the con center, but the con staff themselves had designated them as "gender neutral" bathrooms. so there were still signs for a "men's room" and a "women's room" but in those particular restrooms they were meant to be disregarded (i think they had separate signs up posted by con staff)

i agree with >>8891107 that the whole thing is stupid as hell, i just thought i'd clear up confusion on that particular aspect of the story seeing as i was there as well

>> No.8891169

What con was it? I feel like I know exactly which one you're talking about

>> No.8891206

Agreed, although honestly I think making genderneutral bathrooms is kind of overkill. Once the genderneutral fad dies away no one will care anymore and no one will use the genderneutral bathrooms if it's presented as a third option, even most trans people will still use the bathrooms they do now (which is the gender they identify with). In that way it has to be all or nothing, there's literally no point in creating a third set of bathrooms for gn.

Anyway to keep this related has anyone noticed that you need a pass to get into artist alleys? And they've been a lot more disappointing the last few years, not a lot of good arts and crafts. Just feels awkward to have to go into a seperate part of the convention where they have like five booths with some badly drawn fanart and a bunch of it is weird mlp shit.

>> No.8891256

Tbh I think instead of making gender neutral bathrooms jsut make a general "handicapped, family, neutral" amalgamation bathroom

>> No.8891984

A lot of malls and public places where I live have family bathrooms now. Apparently because someone threw a fit over putting baby changing tables in the men's bathroom.

>> No.8891994

>Friend of a friend is having a small room party at a con, only about ten or so people.
>Only really know two of them everyone else is either an acquaintance or friend of a friend
>everyone is drinking, at least one person is 18
>two girls just strip down to their underwear
>play some cell phone games because I'm socially awkward and can't really get into any of the conversations people are having
>randomly look up as someone hurries to leave the room
>one girl is naked and is letting her guyfriend spank her with a leather flail
>didn't realize it was happening because everyone else was trying to ignore it
>pretend to get a phone call and politely excuse myself from the room

I only found out later that he was apparently her BDSM partner and that the girl who left was his girlfriend. I mean people can like what they like, but goddamn, when people say get a room they usually mean one that's empty.

>> No.8892012

>someone threw a fit over putting baby changing tables in the men's bathroom
That's messed up. Fathers need to change their babies too.

>> No.8892054
File: 221 KB, 296x436, knees_weak_arms_are_heavy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw 27C in my country makes everyone wear coats

>> No.8892149

> be at small college con
> Didn't really want to go, but crush begged me to. Wants us to cosplay Rufioh and Horuss from Hamsteak. I hate hamsteak.
> howcanIsaynotothatface.jpg
> Get there late because cosplay makeup took a long time.
> "Oh, hey Anon! You missed the homestuck panel..." Thank god.
>"But it's ok I met a new friend!" He points to Damara cosplayer.
> We all start talking together and really enjoying ourselves when crush looks at his watch "Oh man! The DBZ panel is starting, see ya!"
> Ok.jpg. Now left alone with Damara cosplayer as spaghetti spills around the room.
> Surprisingly, we hit it off well. She's a really outgoing azn grill. Pinkie Pie type.
> We go to a panel upstairs and are met with a huge line.
> Decide to break out the CAH. Have so much fun playing CAH with others we just screw the panel.
> Damara looks around, "Hey were's (crush)?" She goes off to look for him while I continue playing CAH with strangers.
> Ten minutes pass. Then twenty. Then an hour.
> Ok where the fuck are my friends?
> They come back an hour and thirty minutes later with their makeup smeared, their faces sweaty and Horuss covered in red lipstick.
> "Hey, Anon, sorry we got lost"
> Ok. Let's just play some more CAH.
> "No thanks"
> Watch this girl climb all over my crush and start swallowing his tongue.
> That's when i smelt the fuck fumes.
> Walk away because I can't look anymore.
>Cry all the way home.

Feels bad guys.

>> No.8892170

I'm sorry that happened to you, but your crush sounds like a fucking himbo.

>> No.8892189
File: 774 KB, 276x220, animatedazn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one is about toilet stuff, if you don't like that.

>being a cute Rin
>15 minutes before Vocaloid photoshoot and have to take a dump
>think I can hold it
>forced to use public restroom
>thankfully empty
>damn it, hear footsteps before I can drop a poopie
>old lady sees my feet under the stall
>"Excuse me. Can you tell me why all of these children are dressed so oddly?"
>try to explain while silently crapping
>"Oh? Is it the 'comic con'?"
>"Oh god. Um, yes, it is."
>she keeps asking followup questions
>5 minutes 'til the photoshoot
>know I'll miss it if I continue to be modest
>fuck it
>pull knees up to chest and shift into maximum overshit
>lady starts to lay off, clearly disturbed by the ruckus
>soon answering her questions only in farts
>she leaves without even using the toilet
>clean myself up
>return to group and get lots of cute pics

You'd never know that I'd just come back from such foulness

>> No.8892213

I'm laughing, because now it's clear that every cute girl I've ever swooned over at a con was literally moments removed from maximum overshit.

>> No.8892224

I'm sorry anon but I'm Hamsteak trash and this is like the opposite of what happens in canon so I laughed.

In all seriousness though, I'm sorry this happened to you.

>> No.8892225
File: 67 KB, 225x204, 1456889064802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fuck it
>pull knees up to chest and shift into maximum overshit

>> No.8892238
File: 84 KB, 596x648, Keksimus Maximus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You're my hero of the day.

>> No.8892280

Yo, this story changed my whole mood today. Thank you. :)

>> No.8892325

I don't want a bathroom with men because I want a safe place where I can holla, "Anyone got a pad or a tampon?" Where I can putz without with my makeup without worrying about some dude rolling his eyes and making my appearance & the time it takes about them. I just want some privacy and I can get some by being divided from men.

>> No.8892331


Echoing this from the male side. We like not having to queue for the toilet and we need a safe space to hold fart contests and use the ass dryer.

>> No.8892346

>pull knees up to chest and shift into maximum overshit
God I'm laughing so hard I'm crying

>> No.8892396

I... can see why they would get offended. You sort of sound like an asshole if you bring that up for no reason.

>> No.8892959

>2013 anime con
>attending my first lolita tea party
>girl with cookie bag wants to start a twerk contest
>sounds dumb but whatever
>wants to find a judge
>as if on cue, Pedobear sneaks into the room

>> No.8892974

This is the Fucking greatest.

More stories like this? 10/10

>> No.8892991

one drama llama in the irish con scene pitched a fit about there not being gender neutral bathrooms at an irish anime con

>> No.8893007
File: 984 KB, 280x216, tumblr_n6ovvd8P1z1qj8u1do5_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are tears in my eyes anon

>> No.8893021

if you still work for weta you could sell peter jackson an idea for a movie about a smelly monster that touches everything it sees and makes said stuff smell like it

>> No.8893048

Different anon. I've posted this once before but it's similar so might as well.

>lolita tea party at a con 4 hours away from me starts at 10am and I work until 2am the night before
>am also on my period
>wake up a 5am to get there on time
>stop once at very beginning of the trip to get coffee
>by the time I get to the hotel I have to pee so bad and feel my tampon trying to squirm it's way out from all the pressure
>no one can tell me where a bathroom is except to say that there's one after registration table
>reluctantly get in the reg line making bitchy comments about how the neckbeards who own the con need some better fucking social event planning skills
>holding my jsk, blouse, and all my accessories, stressing as it gets closer and closer to 10am
>finally get registered and make beeline for bathroom
>stop long enough to laugh to myself about the L putting on makeup at the mirror, amazement at people still cosplaying L
>go into stall, pull my leggings down to my ankles and start to pee
>realize I'm not stopping any time soon
>decide to maximize my time and take off leggings all the way while I pee
>bad idea.jpg
>piss geysers everywhere, including all over my change of clothes, but luckily missing my jsk
>entire bathroom smells like period piss
>sheepishly sanitize my hands and wipe myself off as best I can and pull on JSK and blouse
>need to step out of stall to put tights on so I don't get pee all over them
>L is still putting on makeup unfazed
>tells me I look pretty
>I am such a bitch and I deserved all of this

>> No.8893055


Malefag here, what the fuck does period piss smell like?

>> No.8893061

Idk about others, but mine smells like a cross between pee from a dehydrated person and a 4th of July cookout

>> No.8893065
File: 499 KB, 1000x1000, ramensasha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get period on day of con
>walk to the hotel
>pack of stray dogs follow me for five blocks

They know.

>> No.8893094
File: 147 KB, 321x321, 1454317997276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon, that was some good shit.


>> No.8893104

>years ago went to Otakon with friends
>first con, friends also have table in artists' alley, helping to run the table
>having a great time, occasionally get to wander about
>see a table of a craft artist I recognize from deviantART, she made an amazing full scale replica of Vash's gun
>tell her I recognize her from devART, really admire her stuff
>she asks for my profile name, even recognizes it which blows me away because I'm fucking nobody
>second day of con, me and friends are all starving for dinner but can't leave because of busy table and then it's too late, all places are closed
>all of a sudden devART crafter comes over with bag of taco bell, somehow noticed we never got away from our table and had her significant other fetch food for us
>for the rest of the con we were blown away by her kindness and generosity, we all buy at least one art print of hers and thank her every chance we get

No con since then has ever had such an awesome moment but I've been lucky to avoid any trainwrecks either, aside from the time a road cone tried to kill me and my friends on the way to a con in Vermont.

>> No.8893124

Sadly I no longer work for weta on films. :( but they do take other work from me reasonably regular. The guy did set the bar for horror tho. nobody has yet to beat him in the smell and sweat categories. tho I have had some contenders in the social inept mouth breathy field.

>> No.8893133
File: 82 KB, 641x357, mikutunak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to my first con rave, and first rave in general
>walk in the door ready to try to have fun
>see an anime jack skeleton grinding VERY hard on fat guy
>strange liquid splashes on neck and side of face when in crowd
>180 walk out
>spend rest of night (friends were liking the rave so they stayed) at a vocaloid panel with a girl who was slightly drunk and really REALLY liked vocaloid which was a funny time all around

>> No.8893145


Holy shit anon, get fucked. LOL

Seriously though, male anon here.
Something similar happened to me once.
>I was in a rush to use the restroom
>ran up to the urinal
>didn't realize it was mounted on the wall shorter than the rest
>start to do what I had to
>halfway through niagara falls I realize I'm pissing all over the top of the urinal
>piss is all over the floor
>can't stop the stream, continue to piss but aim down now
>zip my shit up and wash hands at mach speed
>mfw no-one was watching me and I got away with pissing all over the floor and wall

I still feel bad about it...

>> No.8893155

my first con and only one to date, going to one in may Excite.Jpg
>>friday morning
>>go through check in line
>>see this 260 Lbs. guy ripping through a spandex Cpt. 'Merica suit and a foot long subway sandwich.
>>mustard, oils and shit dripping onto his suit.
>>hes just glaring at the fucking line the entire time.
>>get my pass and go back out to my bros car
>>start putting on the rest of my cosplay (half of it it under my street clothes)
>>go back in, hes now pedo-locked onto a 17 Y/O chick
>>shes dressed as black widow
>>Hot Tamalli.Jpg
>>she's looking for an escape route
>>so me being dressed as a Hydra soldier decide to go "kidnap" her.
>>"Red Skull would like your presence, i'm to escort you."
>>Cpt. Average America looks pissed.
>>she has a sigh of relief and hastily follows me
>>we go out to smoke, hit it off really well.
>>see this guy every five minutes just staring at me throughout the entire day.
>>Stalking, Waiting as if he were waiting for a chance to drizzle me in Oil, Vinegar, and mustard and eat me.
To be Cont.

>> No.8893163

so much "that happened" in this story jesus christ

>> No.8893164

I had the most autistic experience of my life and I still cringe to this day about it.

>be me, waiting in line for musical guest
>end up talking to anon that is pretty cool to my right
>wait and continue to talk to anon in line for an hour
>show starts
>get in concert hall and enjoy the whole performance next to anon
>rush out after performance is over to get in autograph line
> fuckyeah.jpg
>get my autograph after waiting in line with anon
>start walking away when suddenly I get stopped by a camera crew and two qt's with professional mics
>spaghetti so hard from unexpected interview
>"Hey anon! Can you tell us about your experience and your favorite song?!"
>anxiety explodes
>" I L-LOVED I-IT... (tells them that my favorite song was the only song they did that was a cover of someone else's song) MUSICAL GUEST, I L-LOVE YOU!"
>voice cracks
>awkward silence for five seconds
>an hero mode enabled
>spaghetti even harder
>later find the clip online
>they edited the whole conversation to exclude my momentary anxiety attack

Never again. Fuck.

>> No.8893166


>> next fucking night at the con
>>see this guy again
>>same outfit
>>Same Subway Stains
>>Same Look as hes burning a hole through my soul
>>im still walking around with Black Widow
>>he makes a B-Line for us.
>>obviously he's been drinking, because hes stumbling and screaming in a slur "hey you fucking Nazi!"
>>Finally gets to us.
>>Chick is Frightened as f***, mainly because of the stench of him.
>>i push her behind me and confront him
>>"you're trying to steal away my future wife you Nazi F***, get away from her i saw her first, shes mine"
>>he grabs me by my vest
>>No Touchy.Gif
>>i give him a right hook and he goes down like a sack full of hammers and Oil/Vinaigrette.
>>security hauls him off
>>find out my old college buddy is second hand to head of security for the event.
>>i get to stay at the event.
>>get home
>>have the chicks number.
>>great fucking weekend
>>later monday im telling my mome that i got in one little fight and she gets scared and says "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Aire".

>> No.8893199

this fake story wasnt even funny. pls try harder next time

>> No.8893319

Are you me at every con?

>> No.8893369

You are so new it hurts.

>> No.8893372

>tfw our high school has "gender neutral toilets"
>It's actually an open area with a bunch of segregated toilets but shared sinks/hand dryers
>always take ages taking a dump because of OCD
>girls always spend ages hanging around in front of the mirrors, so they know if you've spent "too long" in a toilet
>Have to hide in shame for an extra ten minutes until they fuck off

Gender neutral toilets are inherently a bad idea, imo

>> No.8893404

I have OCD and can't use unisex. Currently there are 2 segregated toilets in my city that I can still use. Assholes who can't be bothered walking a block to the unisex ones want them to be unisex too. Super pissed possibly literally if they get their way

>> No.8893430

public toilets are a nightmare no matter what. my local con has "family restrooms" which only allow one occupant and they are the best fucking things ever. i hate having to use public restrooms and i hate having to negotiate restroom usage with hotelmates and i hate having a body with needs and extreme social anxiety

>> No.8893787

>show up to con with uneasy stomach
>ignore it, probably just nerves/excitement
>sees lots of friends, having a good time
>feels stomach start to shift
>no no no no
>feels intestines start to shift
>dont you fucking dare
>run to bathroom, fucking nothing
>decide to continue to spend time with friends at con, taking photos
>pressure starts to build up in my asshole
>I can feel the biggest fart of my life coming
>holding it but can't for much longer, excuse self to go to the bathroom again
>sees a girl I don't like on the way there, she waves at me
>"heeeeeyyyy anon!! I missed you!"
>bitch thinks we're best friends because I'm polite to her
>she stops me and starts talking to me
>its coming
>makes the biggest, deadliest, silent fart of my life
>immediately says "I have to run to the bathroom hee hee bye"
>sees her a few times after that, she never talks to me again

>> No.8893882

>be me
>shy; terrible conversationalist
>see comic artist for a title I just started reading in AA, no one is at his table
>go up to flip through his stuff
>tell him I really like his art
>he asks me what I'm reading, obviously a conversation starter
>completely blank out
>cannot for the life of me remember the title
>awkward silence getting longer and longer
>realize I need to say something NOW
>blurt out first thing that comes to mind
>"oh, I'm not really reading anything in particular"
>facepalm.jpg, already said it outloud so it's too late to backtrack now
>artist is puzzled, asks how can I like his art if I'm not even reading the stuff he is working on
>full on spaghetti mode now
>"I've just seen it around?"
>realize that sounds stupid
>realize that sounds even stupider
>"uh, I read the latest issue. Where [character]' goes to..."
>mind blanks on location name
>"uh, I mean, I really like his interaction with..."
>realize I'm not sure if Captain Marvel or Shazam is the correct name nowadays
>brain is full-on red alert, lockdown mode
>abort abort abort
>tell him again his art is great and run away

>> No.8893890

Someone recently wrote up a horror story from the POV of the wicked witch of the west. Everyone loved it because it was a great story even though it turned out to be fake. Clearly someone with less writing talent thinks they can do the same thing.

>> No.8893897

Dang. I'm sorry that happened to you, anon. Obviously it's too late for tips now but maybe keep this in mind for the future, in case something similar happens to you again: Sometimes simply being honest does the trick. Your mind goes blank? Take a deep breath and say so. "I'm sorry, the name escapes me right now, I'm just really excited to talk to you" - It might seem like an idiotic thing to do but you'd be surprised how forgiving people can be. Just don't completely lose it and you'll be fine, these things happen.

>> No.8893910

I'm glad things worked out anon.

>> No.8893921

Making kids smile really is a good feeling

>be /o/
>drive an old Chevy Nova that's been partially restored
>four year old kid is pointing at it as I start up
>rev up a bit
>big smile
>small burnout out of the lot
>big smile from both kid and father

>be driving newer car
>track day bro
>lunch time and refuel time
>pumping gas
>kid is all WOW A RACE CAR
>finish fueling, fire it up
>9000 rpm redline with exhaust backfire
>ear to ear smile

>> No.8893970

Not any more, no. AX switched to Eventbrite last year, once the line opened on day zero, they cut through it within about two hours. It got to the point where a lot of the staff had nothing to do, and my buddy who was one actually got into a little bit of trouble because he missed a shift.

>> No.8894807


>>At con.
>>Girl crying in the bathroom.
>>Hey you alright? Need security or something?
>>Can't get her contacts in. Eyes are bright red and scratched up.
>>Give her tips, wear them every day.
>>"Anon I can't do it. Will you put them in my eyes?"
>>Stranger asked me to touch her eyes in the bathroom.

>>Be in Artist's Alley
>>Selling buttons
>>Sperg approaches the table
>>"lol hey what happens if I stab myself on a button? Do I get to keep it lol?"
>>"Ha ha, I guess?" /tries to joke with this guy
>>Cringey McFuck picks up a button and stabs the pin end into his palm.
>>"Leave. Now."
>>Jackass runs off.

>> No.8894827

Yeah but a lot of women still get pissy over men bringing their kids into the family bathroom.

>> No.8894830

Like wet, dirty pennies.

>> No.8894844

I would just lose my mind if someone walked on me. I'd probably trip them. Don't step on me while I'm sleeping.

>> No.8894854

Could you post some pics? I attempted to cosplay Nox, and while the armor came out good my bandages were a bloody mess...

>> No.8894860
File: 49 KB, 906x813, 20151231-000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anime convention 2014
>beaner packing a room with 5 strangers i met online. 3 grills 2 men

>1st night at con
>everyone is headed back to the room to get a good night's rest for tommorow
>I decide to go for a late night work out. Place with lots of stairs near by to get my lower body nice and toned fir tommorow
>make my self a protein shake before I leave.
>work out for about 40 minutes and head back to the room.
>pretty thirsty at this point
>buy a ginger ale
>get to the room and lay down for the night.
>1 hour in

>Fart the room up real bad.
>Audibly loud and very smelly
>go to the bathroom and try to get them all out

>I can hear everyone laughing at me

>> No.8894876


>> No.8894879

I want to believe someone isn't that much of a sperg but I'm having trouble not believing it.

>> No.8894887

>getting toned for tomorrow
your mistake was not having done all that shit ahead of time

>> No.8894909

Like someone pissed in a water bottle,put the top on and left it in direct sunlight for 3 days.
For some its a mix smell of tuna and blood.

>> No.8894947


>> No.8894966
File: 234 KB, 999x2627, fav.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8895106


>> No.8895309

Hilarious. This person is my hero.

>> No.8895340

Have you ever sucked on a penny? It's like that times ten mixed with asparagus pee.

>> No.8895341

Slightly off topic but at my university they have gender neutral bathrooms. Ironically they were all unisex handicap bathrooms before, and while everyone is falling over themselves at how progressive they were, all they did was change a sign.

Not that I would use them anyway. Before, I was afraid of being called out on some ablest shit and now because people will think I'm a special snowflake

>> No.8895422

Holy shit, can we stop talking about period piss and blood. LOL

>> No.8895479

Underaged boy, begone.

>> No.8895791

Do you have a vaginal secretion fetish or something?
Does it take three separate descriptions of the same thing to answer some autist asking about period piss? :^)

>muh mature, superior understanding and adult aesthetic

You go girl!

>> No.8897291

>be SacAnime 2015
>going with usual group of 4: brother, brother's friend, militaryfag friend, and I
>day before we go, militaryfag friend(MF) asks if its cool if he brings his neighbor along
>"yeah sure, whatever we have an extra seat anyway"
>pick everyone up that morning
>MF explains to us that neighbor is really conservative and probably won't approve of the degeneracy she will most likely encounter there
>"haha, she's in for a wake up call then"
>on way there stop to get brooze because drunk cons are best cons
>load Gatorade memedrinks in parking lot and head in
>first few hours go gud, enjoying ourselves walking around buzzed
>neighbor girl doesn't seemed excited but she's keeping quiet so whatever
>after lunch head back to car and reload drinks
>MF makes his strong
>shortly after he finishes second drink, hidden obnoxious/mean drunk MF comes out
>he's annoying as fuck so I split off from group
>find one of my brother's old friends and we head to the cosplay show together
>after cosplay show meet back up with original group
>MF has gotten extremely obnoxious by this point

>> No.8897313
File: 14 KB, 480x360, the horror.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>neighbor looks pissed
>MF starts yelling at random strangers in the street
>FUCK he's underage! don't want to get arrested tonight
>starting heading back to the car
>MF asks if we're going to get more booze and head to the late night rave
>driver(brother's friend that's been with MF all day) says "fuck no, I'm leaving" and throws wristband away
>MF keeps wanting the rest of our memedrinks
>dump in parking lot when he's not looking
>stop for food on way home
>MF still drunk starts cursing up a storm while we're eating
>big ass black dude at table next to us gets pissed
>MF manages to come to his senses for a second and apologize
>drive home things go from bad to worse
>MF starts singing(yelling) his songs from boot camp
>make it stahp.png
>finally get back to town, neighbor girl gets out of car with MF and slams door
>later that night brother explains what happened after I disappeared
>MF tried to fuck neighbor girl in bathroom during the cosplay show
>she wasn't having any of it
>get text next day from MF, explaining he doesn't remember much of last night but thinks he was out of control
>"don't worry man, it's cool, nothing bad happened"

>drunk con with MF
>never again

>> No.8897703
File: 148 KB, 768x1024, 1455592051454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


but... but you guys still went to the rest of the con w/o him, right?

man, that's my fear of inviting anons or someone i've never even met/seen before.

>> No.8897724

I had a similar thing happen to me at a bathroom once. Girl was so frustrated struggling to put fake eyelashes on and noticed that I was wearing some, so she asked me to help her put hers.

It freaked me out to touch a stranger eyelids and face so upclose. She didn't even flinch. I'd rather die or go without eyelashes than have someone's grubby hands on my eyes.

Don't wait til con day to try putting eyelashes for the first time wtf.

>> No.8897771

>Friend is going to Katsucon, she's never been before
>literally the other fucking side of the goddamn country with no friends out there to fall back on
>she's really excited because one of the people she's going with managed to find them a room in the Gaylord last minute.
>"Where did they find the room?" I ask
>"Oh she totally found it on /cgl/ and another friend of ours totally vouches for the dude that is running the room" she says
>"What the fuck are you doing, why would you room with randoms someone found on 4chan, the last time I did that one girl tried to deal pot out of the room" I say
>"It'll be fine," she says
>it was not fine
>one roommate was apparently so aggressive and verbally abusive towards her that she refused to be in the room while he was there
>she spent more time in other people's rooms than her own
>dude tried to friend her on FB after the fact
>I told you about /cgl/, bro. I told you.

idegaf if you know who I'm posting about. You know what you did.

>> No.8897781

My uncle used to tell me a story about how he took his girlfriend somewhere while she was on her period. A horny horse smelled it and started humping the car.

This guy also wanted me to believe that he was Johnny Depp's best friend and invented Transformers, so take that as you will.

>> No.8897858

>but... but you guys still went to the rest of the con w/o him, right?
no we usually only go for Saturday because we're poorfags. We went to Jan 2016 SacAnime with MF, but he acted much better because we skipped the memedrinks and bringing his neighbor.
>mfw I was the one who was drunk last time
>tfw rejection over text message sucks ass

>> No.8898046

>AFO 2015 (AFO is our favorite con, though its party atmosphere usually leads to a mix of fun/scary experiences for my friend group)
>Rent room across street from the Wyndham, really cool efficiency style suites with kitchens and other amenities
>FL summer, of course it rains, slippery puddles everywhere
>Break a toe running across I-Drive because my ankles like to give out sometimes
>Don't realize it's broken until following day, have a great time at con, pool party, then a room party at out hotel with a friendly batch of randos we met at a late night panel
>Make a drunken goof of myself, we're sharing flat keg beer out of hotel bowls since that room had long since run out of clean cups
>Wearing a kigu, keep sloshing beer on myself and going "NO it's fine I'm so absorbent right now!" In reference to the fact that I'm basically wearing a thick blanket
>Get back to our room. Toe is still fucked obviously, even if I can't feel it
>Step on it wrong, fall over, smash eyebrow into dresser
>Go home sunday with rekt purple toe, giant shiner, catch horrific case of con crud from sharing communal drinks
>TFW, for the first time in a decade of con attendance, *I* was the one who produced the most drunken shenanigans

We still all had a lot of fun. I'm glad that even though I was a hot mess, I didn't mess it up for anyone. I have more stories if anyone would like.

>> No.8898276

>"NO it's fine I'm so absorbent right now!"
you're adorable. hope your toe healed okay.

>> No.8898321

Mine smells kinda like a low sugar cake. Like if you made a cake with stevia instead of sugar, I guess? It's kinda weird.

>> No.8898769
File: 202 KB, 720x405, blush.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>accidentally fart too much in the room due to eating Cheerios
>spray a little perfume to cover the smell
>bf and crew return
>"what smells like perfume and farts?"

>> No.8898963

I met a grill like that, was fun until I discovered she was kinda fucked in the head and chased me with a knife cause I didn't like like her

>> No.8899231

>"don't worry man, it's cool, nothing bad happened"
Why the fuck would you tell him that when he's already admitted he thought he was out of control? Dude, no. Should have told him "Yeah you had a little bit too much." and hoped he learned his lesson and didn't repeat it. Telling him it was alright and nothing happened when he was obnoxious and pretty much ruined a good con and almost got his ass beat by some rightfully angry patron, on top of harassing the neighbor girl in a bathroom.. should've come clean, bro.

>> No.8899605


>> No.8900430
File: 46 KB, 600x316, titanscare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend cosplays Tommy Pickles
>buys adult diapers for costume
>he banned from con for wearing real diaper

>> No.8900939

holy shit are you me
the only thing i can describe mine smelling like is 'some kind of cooked food'

>> No.8900975

Not much of a story but I remember washing my hands after using the bathroom at Otakon and there was this one (probably) dad finishing up too. When I was about to leave these two girl Homestuck cosplayers walk in and start checking themselves on the mirror.

The dad mentions something about how this is the men's bathroom and one of the homestuck girls say "it's alright, I identify as male." Walked right out before i got the urge to laugh in their face.

>> No.8900981
File: 1.08 MB, 1000x493, bandages.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unfortunatly I don't have any pictures on me at the moment but these. The principle is the same as on the leggings/shirt, the bandages are tea dyed.
Sorry for the shit quality, they were quick shots to show to some friends.

>> No.8901176
File: 62 KB, 591x605, these-rugrats-cosplayers-are-totally-adorable-699235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8901442

>people are still in that line to this day

>> No.8904580

ikkicon 2016

>either friday or saturday night can't remember
>head to /cgl/ room party
>drink for a bit
>play hammer janken
>one more drink for the road
>Nikka whiskey that I brought, and a splash of ginger beer on top, can't remember what else though but was fucking good
(seriously, if you're in this thread do you remember?)
>head down to hentai panel
>I swear this host had a fucking doctorate in hentai history
>hour long history lecture
>I have a 20 pound bag of h-manga with me
>nudge random next to me, "want some reading material?"
>he's quietly losing his shit
>now comes the videos
>guys I'm with are just done entire time during the videos
>Pigeon Blood
>Inyouchuu Etsu
>summary of chat log
*gun emoji*
"there's no amount of alcohol for this"
>meanwhile my power level is flowing freely
>barely able to breathe from drunk laughter because I knew exactly where this was going

Head back out into the lobby and play hammer janken more pulling random people in. Also we're in legitimate bulletproof armor at this time, and a couple of cops walk in and make the fucking BEST WTF faces when they saw us smacking each other with a toy hammer with a kevlar helmet as protection

>> No.8904750

>you still can't have privacy if you're in a stal
Yeah okay, gender neutral washrooms got removed where I live because guys ended up taking pictures with their phones from in the stall looking into other stalls beside theirs. Not only that but the washroom becomes so much filthier. Fuck your SJW views and your perceived oppression, you're as oppressed as the president.

>> No.8905921
File: 219 KB, 708x768, koncry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplaying with then-girlfriend
>chilling with some Vocaloids when gf comes over
>she motions me to let her sit on my lap
>know from experience that this means she's going to fart on my dick
>...but she wouldn't do that in front of Miku, would she?
>let her sit down
>she rips a fart on my dick and walks away giggling

If you're reading this, Hannah, I still love you. ;__;

>> No.8906184


Hannah is a gross cunt and I would beat the shit out of here if she disrespected me like that in public.

>> No.8906413

I hate it when dogs sniff around my crotch area while I'm on my period, No matter how many showers I take they must always make me feel stinky

>> No.8907022
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>soon answering her questions only in farts


>> No.8907071

>ichibancon 2016
>went with best friend and her boyfriend as well as her aunt
>her aunt is annoying but tolerable
>her boyfriend isn't really into anime so he just asked all 3 of us questions for the entire weekend
>see this girl cosplaying cubone
>that's my favorite pokemon so I tell her I want a pic later
>show her the cubone tattoo I have
>first night of the con and the rave is soon
>best friend and company don't wanna go so I'm on my own
>rave is kinda shitty but I've seen worse
>there's a pretty cute girl dancing near me and we start talking
>doesn't really go anywhere
>next day run into cubone girl at elevator with best friend
>she takes off the mask and I recognize her as the girl from the rave
>she seems to take a liking to me. Friend won't stop teasing me about it.
>she's at the rave again that night and takes me to a party in one of the rooms
>drunkenly make out with her
>she has to go wake up her friend apparently so we leave and go do that
>turns out friend has a twin and they both wanna fuck her
>tfw she didn't even offer to let me in on a foursome or some shit (i would have declined but still)
>she told me on facebook recently that I'm more attractive than them but that she would never have that opportunity again

She better fucking make up for this next con

>> No.8907085

>She better fucking make up for this next con

>> No.8907268

Why were you even at a con with your bff's aunt? Do you seriously need a chaperon?

>> No.8907280

Speaking of chaperons.. this is the worst con experience I've had my entire life.

>be 18 year old weeb, going to first con with weeb friends
>friends are all 20+ and can drive and got a hotel room
>excited to get away for an entire weekend and see a real anime con!
>it's me, Normie Friend, Wiccan Girl, Religious Girl, and Religious Girl's Boyfriend
>no one is bothered by RGB being a dude or sharing a hotel room with him because he's super harmless and RG rules over him with an iron fist and strict "Not until marriage!" rules
>Wiccan picks me and Normie up and we drive to RG's house to get her and RGB.. at least that's what I thought the plan was
>we roll up at the house and Wiccan starts taking our stuff out of her car to pile into RG's car she shares with her Mom
>already I'm getting alarm bells because RG lives with grandparents and has to share a room and a bed with her Mom and Mom is super controlling
>see RG's Mom come out the house with her own luggage
>keep in mind, I'm the youngest in the group at 18 but everyone else is 20-22 years old
>Mom is not only driving us to the convention but she's going to be there all weekend to chaperon.
>no one else in the group aside from me and Normie seem confused by this because no one is a minor, half the group can drive, what's going on?
>apparently Mom is coming to chaperon because RGB is in the group and if there were all girls, she wouldn't have cared. She just wants to protect RG's virginity or some crazy shit like that
>shoves five of us plus luggage into her car, I'm crammed in the front seat straddling the gear shift box
>worst two hour drive of my life
>too scared to say anything because Mom acts like she's already pissed off
>Normie friend is getting car sick in the backseat but Wiccan refuses to let her sit up front because of her various (mostly made up) ailments
>this is truly the road to hell and when will it end?


>> No.8907303


>> No.8907312

>get to the convention, Mom parks the car and everyone piles out
>Mom immediately demands everyone's cellphone number and personally programs her number into everyone's phones
>Mom also demands that everyone check in with her every hour on the hour or else and that everyone meet up for dinner at X time or else you're getting left behind and no dinner
>once again, no but me and Normie think this is ridiculous
>Wiccan, RG, and RGB split in one direction and Normie and I are left in a hotel we've never been to before (neither of us had ever been to a con) wondering what the hell do we do now?
>we wander for hours, dutifully sending in texts to Mom every hour but she never replies so we just stop bothering
>dinner time rolls around, we go to the lobby where everyone was supposed to meet
>no one is there at all
>text friends, no one responds
>text Mom, get a snotty message in reply saying she wanted to go eat already and we stopped checking in with her so she didn't bother to inform us because no one knew where we were
>stranded in hotel that has no food options, don't know anywhere nearby
>everyone but us got to go to McDonalds and get food
>group gets back, Wiccan, RG, and RGB make excuses "Well we didn't know where you had gone so we just left without you because we figured you weren't hungry."
>they ditched us, we never saw them the entire weekend, how is it our fault?
>it's going on 6pm, surely we can check into the hotel by now, right?
>there is no hotel room for Thursday night
>once again, everyone but me and Normie knew this
>group acts like nothing's wrong and is excited about staying at the con ALL NIGHT


>> No.8907322

>but I thought I was paying for an entire weekend of rooming?
>decide it's fine, it's just one night and then we'll have a hotel room, probably at the convention hotel
>con winds down for the night, it's pretty much abandoned
>exhausted and desperate for sleep
>Mom is asleep in the car in the parking lot with all the doors locked and outright refused to let anyone else sleep in there and demanded no one wake her
>once again, Wiccan, RG, and RGB have fucked off to who knows where
>Normie met two guys also staying up all night and getting their rooms tomorrow and they're chatting and hanging out in the abandoned Artist Alley area (just covered tables in the hallway)
>going on past midnight, I absolutely cannot sleep
>we end up partially hiding behind and between two Artist Alley tables since they told us how staff will kick out people caught sleeping in con areas
>Normie and a dude (let's call him Buddy) have resorted to sleeping under the Artist Alley tables where it's dark while me and other guy (let's call him Dude) are still awake keeping watch in case of hotel workers or whatever that would kick us out
>one table holds all our backpacks and some snacks that Dude and Buddy were nice enough to share, the other table is hiding Normie and Buddy
>Wiccan, RG, and RB come around and ask where Normie is
>don't even think about it and tell them she's under the table sleeping
>they ask who Dude is, he introduces himself and says he's there with Buddy who's also asleep under the table
>they don't seem to care one way or another but now won't leave and are talking and laughing loud enough to wake Normie and Buddy
>Normie and Buddy come out from underneath the table but no one says anything about it at the time
>spend the rest of the night and into the morning awake and groggy, just begging for the forces of nature to either get me to a hotel room or strike me down where I stand to put me out of my misery


>> No.8907328


>> No.8907335

>exhausted almost to the point of tears by the time we meet up to go to the hotel at noon
>couldn't enjoy Friday morning at the con at all because of it
>think we're going to the hotel lobby to check in
>we pile into the car and drive ten miles away to hotel
>never did find out why the fuck we were staying this far out
>get into the room and see there's a Queen sized bed and a pull out couch, surely this can't fit six people?
>well it's a good thing Mom had no intentions of fitting all of us in the room at all
>unlocks the door separating first room from the next where there's a King sized bed and nothing else
>no, we're not splitting up the rooms evenly, Mom wouldn't stand for that with a filthy male in the group!
>all four of us girls get sandwiched in one room
>second room is for her and RGB and that means Mom gets the bed to herself and RGB gets the floor
>it gets better!
>Mom demands room money right then and there and I hand her what I had been told was my amount
>"Anon, you owe me more than this."
>repeat that again, please?
>tell her this is what Wiccan said my amount would be
>"I had to book a second room! You owe me more than this!"
>bitch you must be fucking crazy
>wants everyone to chip in to pay for the room she bought for herself to keep RGB away from the temptation of her daughter's virginity
>forced to hand over all of my food money, am now completely broke and it's only Friday
>once again, no one in group aside from me and Normie are upset about this
>Mom refuses to drive back to the con, says she's tired and she's taking a nap
>I'm exhausted and don't even care so I take the opportunity to sleep anyway
>the whole time Wiccan, RG, and RGB are whining about missing this or that
>Mom finally drives everyone back over to the convention and says we all have to meet up at 7pm to go back
>7pm curfew for a convention, seriously?

>> No.8907345

>Normie hangs out with Buddy and Dude again, really is hitting it off with them
>I'm tagging along since Wiccan, RG, and RGB have abandoned us once again
>Normie is telling Buddy and Dude about the bullshit because they wanted to show her the rave and all that and hang out like they did Thursday night
>Buddy and Dude have separate rooms but Buddy offers to let Normie stay with him for free since she's 20 and he's got a party room
>Dude meanwhile is the nicest fucking guy in the world and buys a pizza to split with us
>just makes my little weeby day because I gave all my money to Mom and I was too embarrassed to say something about it
>dinner time comes around and this time Normie and I just don't show up
>Wiccan, RG, and RGB find us later and RG is saying how upset her Mom was that we never showed or checked in
>clearly she couldn't have been too upset if she didn't bother to contact us, RG says her mom totally did despite neither of our phones showing anything
>I'm mildly annoyed by now and tell her that I couldn't have bought anything anyway because her Mom took all my money and besides, we had pizza for dinner
>RG latches onto this because muh Mom I gotta defend her! and asks how we could have gotten pizza if we had no money?
>tell her that the guys we were hanging out with bought it for us
>RG stomps off, seeming mad that how dare I eat food from strangers but she had to go and pay for food?!
>Normie says she's had enough of being treated like a child and she's going to crash in Buddy's room until Sunday and asks me to tell Mom about it when I go meet them
>I'm iffy about telling Mom by myself but I figure hey, if I were older I'd be jumping ship too but I'm the youngest and just turned 18 a few months prior
>show up at 7pm and the almighty Hell erupts from the fury that is a religious Mom.


>> No.8907347
File: 129 KB, 540x720, tumblr_mihwwlo0Zx1r2z0r5o1_r1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it's lunch time! I'll be back in an hour or so, sorry!

>> No.8907367

I'm literally just waiting for more this is too good anon

But also shit that is like the worst convention experience I can imagine

>> No.8907368

Dang it, Anon, I'm on the edge of my seat.

>> No.8907374

I think I broke my F5 key

can't wait for this

>> No.8907377

>I got in one little fight with her mom, she got scared
Be back now please

>> No.8907400

you sound like a dumb asshole, anon desu

>> No.8907406

Sorry for the delay, had to deal with laundry as well.

>Mom is completely and utterly pissed off that Normie is refusing to come back to the hotel
>apparently RG has been gossiping to her mother because Mom already has an idea of who she's rooming with
>all I say is that she decided to stay with friends and she'll see us on Sunday
>Mom angry silence drives us back to the hotel
>once in the room she becomes a HOLY GOD WARRIOR and shuts RGB up in their room to begin yelling/lecturing us females
>calling Normie a slut and a whore and says RG told her how she was caught giving Buddy a handjob under the table
>the fuck you say?
>I was there the entire time, that didn't happen
>RG doesn't even look ashamed for lying right out her ass to her Mom, the bitch
>Mom continues to tirade before finally claiming she has a migraine and telling everyone to go to sleep
>it's not even 9pm but whatever, I don't want to risk her wrath
>glaring at RG the entire time and calling her out on her bullshit
>"Oh well I saw it, Anon! She was under there with him and I heard noises!"
>you couldn't hear anything over how loud you fuckers were, don't even start that shit
>take Normie's luggage to her on Saturday
>Wiccan, RG, and RGB once again ditch me the moment we get there
>end up hanging out with Normie, Buddy, and Dude all day
>dinner time rolls around
>Mom calls me and tells me I absolute HAVE to go with them
>forced to go to McDonalds
>forced to sit there while everyone else eats
>Mom is an uncaring bitch and doesn't even ask why I'm not eating anything
>haven't had anything since pizza the night before
>this fucking sucks harder than a desperate neckbeard trying out a homemade blowjob with the vacuum hose


>> No.8907411


>> No.8907424

>Saturday night passes without any issues, every by now is pretty subdued because of curfews and missing out on con stuff and Mom being a total raging bitch
>Sunday morning we're all forced to pack up as soon as we wake up
>Mom checks out asap and drives to the convention
>wants to pick up and leave right then and there but RG and Wiccan whine about wanting to see closing ceremonies
>Mom doesn't want to leave the luggage in the car because "It'll be broken in to!!" because Mom's luggage fit in the trunk but everyone else had to put theirs in their laps
>doesn't want to sit in the car either because it's hot outside
>everyone forced to bring their luggage in
>dump it in a pile beside an abandoned Artist Alley table
>Mom parks her ass there and makes me sit there with her because "You have a habit of wandering off."
>maybe I wanted to see stuff too?
>bored out of my mind, getting the silent treatment from Mom aside from her snide remarks about any girls in short skirts that walk by
>RG comes back and starts digging through my bag and then hers for a cosplay piece she loaned me (a black blouse for Misa from Death Note) to make sure she has it before we leave
>Normie shows up so everyone starts grabbing their bags
>Mom makes a disgusted noise and picks up a pair of my shorts I had worn under my Misa skirt off the floor with two fingers and looks like she's just found a pair of dirty panties on the ground
>demands to know whose it is
>honestly too ashamed by her behavior to admit that it's mine even though I know they're not dirty or smelling gross or anything because I keep those lilac scent pouches in my bag
>gives everyone in the group that suspicious "Which one of you godless immoral heathens?" look

-CONT because I was 173 characters over the limit

>> No.8907425

>when no one speaks up she throws my shorts into the trash bin
>everyone has to pile back into the car
>once again crammed in the front seat in an area no one should ever be forced to sit
>every time she shifts gears she's almost knocking me right in the vag with her hand and the gear shift
>never have been so glad to get home

A year later I roomed again with them for the very last time. I can post that if anyone is interested but angry religious Mom isn't in it.

>> No.8907433

why would you EVER room with them again? God I would drop them as friends the second I got home

>> No.8907437

POST ABOUT THE NEXT YEAR YOU ROOMED WITH THEM!!! And why isn't she there the second year?

>> No.8907442

That was my first ever convention and aside from friends, I knew no one and so I didn't know anyone to room with the next year. My urge to go to the convention was more than the bullshit I'd gone through the previous year.

I'll start on the next year and you'll find out why RG's Mom wasn't there pretty early on.

>> No.8907451

yeah, i literally only would've stayed friends with normie. fucking hell that sounds traumatizing.

>> No.8907452


Have you posted this story before? I feel like I've read it on another thread.

>> No.8907455

Ok all of /cgl/ will be waiting

>> No.8907469

Con Roomies from Hell Year 2

>con time roles back around, I'm now 19 and looking forward to my second ever convention
>I talked with Wiccan months ahead of time and she swore up an down that RG's Mom wouldn't be there
>Oh, wonderful! Has she finally accepted that her adult daughter is an actual adult and having a boyfriend is totally normal?
>Hell no!
>RG told Mom that she didn't have to chaperon this year because we'd all be rooming together with Married Couple who would chaperon them!
>either Mom doesn't want to deal with us ungrateful heathens or she thinks that the presence of Married Couple is all her precious virgin child needs
>well, that and RG and RGB split up during the year
>it's just a shame that Mom didn't know precious RG was secretly seeing another guy who was the total opposite of shy/polite RGB and had bedded her precious virgin daughter within weeks of dating her
>RG keeps all this secret from her mother but brags about it everyone else, the relationship is a total train wreck
>New Boyfriend eventually dumps her right before the convention in favor of someone else he can fuck and is less crazy
>RG can't stand it and gets back together with RGB literally a week before the convention after telling Mom that he wouldn't be there and all that
>RGB takes her back without a second thought, he's a total nice guy like that

>Thursday Wiccan picks me and Normie up
>ask if we're going to pick up RG and RGB again since they're back together
>Nope, we're not going anywhere near RG's house by order of her
>apparently RG and Mom's story about Normie having sex with a stranger at a convention and sharing a room with him to have even more sex is still going strong
>Normie isn't allowed anywhere near RG's home
>RG hasn't even told Mom that Normie is going because Mom wouldn't let her go if Normie was going to be there
>this is a now 21 and 23 year old we're talking about


>> No.8907482

>we drive to the convention with Wiccan and she parks us in the hotel parking garage
>says she wants to get changed
>can't wait until she gets into the convention hotel, she has to change into her costume right then and there
>opens the car door to hide behind and starts stripping down right there in the second level of garage
>giggling and making lewd comments the entire time about hoping no one sees
>literally, she's in a flesh colored thong and nothing else
>bitch, hurry up before parking security comes by!
>wiggles her way into some odd Sexy no Jutsu version of a Bleach uniform
>talking crop top shirt and the uniform pants with nothing but a strap holding the front and back together
>you look at her from the right angle and it's all underboobs and a good view of her flesh colored thong covered crotch
>reluctantly follow her out of the garage and into the hotel
>she doesn't even last thirty minutes before staff is asking her to leave the registration line to go change
>tries to get us to leave with her and walk her back to the car
>neither me or Normie do so because the registration line is super long
>later on I'll be glad we did this because guess what? No hotel room on Thursday, again!
>Wiccan didn't tell us, yet again.
>at least this time it's for a legitimate reason
>Married Couple only got Friday through Sunday off from work and they booked the room
>RG and RGB show up during the night, act all lovey dovey the entire time
>it's going on 3am and we're all still there, Wiccan, RG, and RGB have fucked off who knows where, not answering their phones
>it's just Normie and Me sitting up talking
>staffer we saw a lot during Thursday asks us if we have a room
>tell him we don't until tomorrow, he says we're fine but he's got an apartment a few blocks away and was about to head there to sleep
>offers to let us sleep on his couch


>> No.8907500

>all our shit is in Wiccan's car and we can't get up with her so we have to tell staffer no
>he's cool with it, wishes us luck staying up and heads off
>Thanks Wiccan, you ass.
>we're all sleep deprived by the time we have to drive to the hotel to meet Married Couple to check in
>once again we're blocks away at some extended stay place with a kitchen and stuff
>at least the hotel has a shuttle to the convention hotel so no one has to carpool
>hotel has a pull out couch and a Queen sized bed with plenty of floor room
>RG and RGB immediately try to claim the bed, Married Couple has to tell them no so RG reluctantly takes the pull out couch because "The couples ought to get the beds!"
>Wiccan whines and complains about having to sleep on the floor because of her ailments (most of them imaginary or over exaggerated)
>I'm stuck on the floor as well, resort to using the cushions off the couch to make a makeshift mattress
>Normie and I both weren't told we'd have to take the floor, Normie decides she's not dealing with this shit
>she grabs her stuff, determined to find someone to room with at the convention
>leave everyone fighting over using the kitchen to make food and take the shuttle back to the convention
>Normie gives zero shits about making friends with strangers and getting crash room with them while I'm more reluctant to stay with strangers
>runs into Buddy from last year and scores a spot in his room with Dude as well
>it's the party room with alcohol and I'm only 19 so they're sorry but they don't want to get busted for having underaged in there
>I'm fine with it, no big deal
>Married Couple has no problems with Normie rooming somewhere else, don't even make her pay her share for their room


>> No.8907510

>RG, of course, is snotty over it because this just confirms her wild tales about Normie being a con slut and etc
>this is the same RG whose now ex-boyfriend liked to brag to everyone was freaky as hell in the sheets and even made him fist her
>RGB still thinks the sun shines out RG's ass though and lets her get away with everything
>including demanding a third room key despite the hotel only issuing two per room because normally six people aren't all sharing a room
>hotel hands over a third key but this messes with the system or something because the key cards start fucking up
>Wiccan and I's key won't work, go and get another from staff
>RG and RGB's key still works so all of us head to the con without really thinking about it
>Married Couple is out having a date night at a nice restaurant without their toddler son (he's with his grandmother for the con weekend) and turned their phone off, told everyone they would so no one would disturb them

>I ride with Wiccan, RG and RGB to the convention
>once again they fuck off and leave me alone
>I can't find Normie so I just hang out by myself for a few hours
>get a call about two hours later from Wiccan
>RG and RGB had gone back to the hotel to "have time alone because they were tired"
>locked out of the room and were forced to call Wiccan to get her key
>Wiccan had to go get her car and drive over there
>Wiccan's key didn't work either
>Wiccan crying over the phone over how neither key worked and the hotel workers wouldn't let them in and they can't get up with Married Couple
>I'm 19 and several years younger than them, what the hell do they expect me to do?
>get on the hotel shuttle and ride over to the extended stay hotel
>walk into the lobby to find Wiccan sobbing loudly in a chair and RG taking after her mother by raising holy hell at the desk worker
>RGB keeps trying to calm her down and get her to take deep breaths, etc


>> No.8907518

>I try to call Married Couple, goes straight to voicemail
>I leave them a voicemail explaining the situation and telling them they need to get there asap
>meanwhile there's an unholy screech from the hotel desk
>the harassed worker has had enough and tells RG they can't get them replacement keys or let them in the room to get an of their luggage until the room owners show up because of hotel policy
>also told RG that if she didn't calm down and stop shouting, he was going to call security to have her removed
>RGB's whiteknight boyfriend will not stand for this injustice to his innocent fair maiden!!!
>RGB flips from quiet calming force to raging over how dare the worker upset and threaten his girlfriend!
>RGB is shouting "Go ahead, call security! Call the cops!"
>Wiccan is wailing and sobbing louder now because "They're going to throw us out!"
>grab Wiccan, yell at RG "Go outside now!"
>RG is trying to drag RGB off, saying it's not worth it, finally gets him outside
>RGB is pacing and ranting while RG and Wiccan are both now crying
>I have reached my level, my rage has reached its final form
>flip my shit at them, telling them they're grown adults and this is fucking ridiculous and I'm not sticking around
>I go inside, approach the desk worker who looks like he's expecting me to launch myself over the desk at him
>apologize to him, explain the situation and tell him it's not right that I'm the youngest one in the group but I'm having to apologize for their dumbasses and could he please tell me when the hotel shuttle would get there so I could leave
>hotel worker turns out to be a total bro and calls a shuttle just for me
>shuttle driver is amazing woman and sees I'm upset and asks me about the convention to get my mind off stuff


>> No.8907527

>I get to the convention, just step off the shuttle and head inside when my phone rings
>it's the Married Couple and they sound pissed as hell and ask me what happened
>I tell them honestly what I saw and they tell me to sit tight and they'll pick me up in five minutes
>when Married Couple get to the hotel and spot Wiccan, RG, and RGB still waiting in the lobby, they're adult enough not to cause a scene right then and there
>they apologize to the worker, get a single key to the room and force everyone up there
>the moment the door shuts, Married Couple start yelling at Wiccan, RG, and RGB
>full on nearly 15 minutes of yelling over what they had done and how fucking stupid could they be and none of them were allowed to room with them again
>not Anon though, you're alright Anon and you can stay with us next year
>thanks but no thanks, this is my sign to get the hell out of this friend group
>Wiccan, RG and RGB on room probation and forced to ask Married Couple every time they wanted to go to the room for something
>I'm included in this but by now I really don't care, I get why they don't want to make a second key in case the system goes all to hell again
>Normie is completely baffled by all this when we pick her up Sunday to go home
>turn 20 the next year and talks to Buddy and I room with Buddy and Normie the next year in the most expensive suite in the con hotel for free while Wiccan, RG, and RGB are forced to room nearly 10 miles away
>never room with them again
>feels good man

>> No.8907532
File: 1.73 MB, 357x296, DAMN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.8907533

thank you for this anon

>> No.8907545

Thanks for following along with the journey, anons! I rarely see Wiccan, RG, and RGB anymore despite going to the same convention every year for over five years now so I'm kinda sad I don't have any more horror stories about staying with them, just what I've heard from other people since then and the few times Wiccan has tried to get me back to being her friend (I met her first and Normie came along about three years later when I was in high school) and only succeeded in making me like her less and those aren't convention related.

>> No.8907599
File: 203 KB, 586x489, 1440349286780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon that was a wild ride, thank you for sharing

>> No.8907722


>Wiccan crying over the phone over how neither key worked and the hotel workers wouldn't let them in and they can't get up with Married Couple

What the hell is wrong with her? I can understand the two religious horn-dogs being miffed that their sexytime has been cancelled, but what is Wiccan so upset about that she's crying? Why the hell didn't they all just go back to the con and wait for Married Couple to come back later?

JFC this is what I'd expect some 16-year-old sperg first time on their own to do, but these people were in their 20s? How do they remember to breath?

>> No.8907743

I honestly can't say why Wiccan was crying aside from RG and RGB causing a scene even before I got there and Wiccan just wanting to get in there and change before she went to the rave.
Why they didn't go back to the con? Probably because they were all stuck up and thought not being able to get into the room was the end of the world and they had to get into the room RIGHT THEN instead of waiting forever for Married Couple to come back since no one knew how long they were going to be out.

The most ridiculous part of it all was that I was several years younger than anyone else and only there for a second convention and yet I coped better. Yeah, I had a minor freak out earlier on Saturday morning when I left for the con in the shuttle and realized when I got there that I had left my badge at the hotel and almost cried because Wiccan, RG, and RGB were like "Well too bad because we won't be there for two hours because our cosplays take forever to put on." and I couldn't even get past the hotel lobby without a badge and I had a photoshoot to go to in 30 minutes. Needless to say I missed it but I got over it pretty quick and didn't lose my mind at staffers to force them to let me pass because "I totally have a badge, I just don't have it on me!"

>> No.8907848
File: 44 KB, 500x434, waltvomit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to con
>bring my young gf
>everyone calls me her dad

>> No.8907864

it's what you get for being a disgusting degenerate pedo

>> No.8907866

Are you cute? Were you in a revealing outfit?

>> No.8907888
File: 1.65 MB, 200x150, 23423423432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh lord

>> No.8907937

>walk around
>realize I'm still an autist even around weebs and neckbeards
>don't talk to anyone
>even if I'm in cosplay I suck at making small talk with people who talk to me
>buy what I want
>go alone to panels
>go home when I get bored

How do I have fun at cons? I always see people go with friends/gf/bf and instantly feel sad because I have none of those.

>> No.8907969

be attractive

>> No.8907994

Talk to people anyway? If you suck at making small talk with strangers then try attending meet ups and see if that helps? It's easier to talk to a bunch of people all joined together for a photoshoot/fandom meet than it is to do a one on one conversation.

>> No.8908011

I picked up some fag from cgl before to go to a con, bad decision.

I'm too lazy to greentext maybe if I get enough interest

>> No.8908018

>maybe if i get enough interest

kill yourself desu

>> No.8908047

stfu about Hannah. She's a dick-farting GODDESS.

>> No.8908053


After sex with my ex his dog would always shove her face into my cooch when I was trying to get dressed or heading to the bathroom to clean up. It's like she thought I was hiding bacon in my vagoo. She mounted me once on his couch also.

>> No.8908093

I'm such a fag for letting some Anon deceide my trip to fanime...
>be me
>shut in introvert that wants to go to fanime but not alone
>cgl has this meet up thread
>get some fag named J's Skype and like a faggot I am deceide to pick him up from neighboring city to go to con with
>he's a black guy that barely looks into cgl
>wutevs, drive to fanime drinking my brew that I brought
>wait in front of con cause more people might meet here from thread.
>no one comes so we go inside
>some asuka displayed meets up with us from the thread but leaves before we get into anything
>continue on, see inuyasha displayed sing Gwen Stefano's song hollerback girl
>go to some hentai viewing cause no one to hang with.
>some HS demonic voice hentai
>some posters on the thread meme us about hotel room hangout, so we go to that
>meet with couple and friend in animal onesies, and halo guy
>we take a few shots and we go hang out on the patio drinking my brews, I was smoking some regular Swisher cigars
>some couple complain to me about smoke, dontcarememe
>staff finds us and says we gotta put away beer
> group departs and me and j get left with boring night with no one to hang with.
>I drop j off and his gay ass can't even give me any gas.

The next day I ended up going. Just walked around and felt lonely and left.

I was some guy wearing a sjsu jersey

>> No.8908107

this story was boring and you sound gross.

>> No.8908110

Here's the archive of the meet up thread. >>https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/7573505

I'm actually a nice guy but the greentext was done tldr rushed si didn't put too much effort to storylord.

>> No.8908197

because she likes anime too and also goes to cons. Good job assuming shit.

>> No.8908918
File: 18 KB, 292x302, tumblr_lnph1020Ch1qj6u4r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got banned for being underage last time I told this story so let me specify that this was ~6 years ago first off

>Be 14
>At con, friends leave, decide to call up some dude I met on the internet since he's there to hang out with me
>We're chilling, I see a ponyo cosplayer that was probably around my age
>I fucking love Ponyo, tell him this as I approach her for a photo.
>I ask her, as she's getting ready, he tells this cosplayer "She was just telling me how wet you make her"
>There's no coming back from that
I am so sorry, Ponyo.

>> No.8909052

You sound cringy as fuck.

>> No.8909064


Did you learn English from 4chan?

>> No.8909074

> fag faggoty fag faggot
> drinking while driving
> "displayed"
> meme.jpg.meme

You sound like a boring gross individual and your story was a waste of time. Also this >>8909064

>> No.8909130

We weren't all born in a stable, some of us like as much privacy as possible. You might be the kind to drop your keks and shit where you please but we don't all share your attitude, thankfully.

>> No.8909190

>How do I have fun at cons?
Drink and go to /cgl/ meet ups
You'll meet people but you have to try.

>> No.8909243
File: 1.54 MB, 4200x2936, xxxHOLiC.full.347817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so out of there you can't make this up, I swear this happened to me.

>Be Yuuko in butterfly kimono outfit from XxXHolic.
>I look legit and fiiine as hell. Wig, pipe, even did the white powder make up on my face, hands and legs to look extra pale.
>Little girl and mom take pic with me.
>Little girl dressed in Halloween type butterfly costume, but old enough to read manga and recognized who I was and had a little fangirl moment.
>Draws a big crowd, everyone going AWWWWW look at the tiny little butterfly with Yuuko.
>People asking her if she's one of my little soul seeking spirits or little helper. She nods and laughs and poses.
>She's having a ball. Takes my hand at one point. (maybe got confused and thought her mom was standing behind her or scared. My heart melts and even I'm like AWW).
>Everyone AWWWWs harder.
>More photos.
>Finally little girl gets bored and seeks out something new, says byyyyyyyyyyye to me.
>My boyfriend was in the crowd of all the photo takers/official stuff holder since he is my beloved con pack mule.
>Comes up to me as we make our way down the hall. "Anon, sooooo I don't know if you noticed, but did you see her mom was standing next to me during your little paparazzi shoot?"
>"Hmm? No, why, was she ok? She say something to you?"
>She said that the little girl used to have if not cancer, something like it, and when she was in the hospital, all she would read was Clamp manga.
>When they thought she was going to die, she told her mom she hoped heaven looked like Yuuko's smoke parlor so she can have tea with her.
>Said mom kept wiping tears away she was so happy that the little girl was so happy and found her Yuuko.
>...............what. Are you serious?? Did you take a pic!?"
>My hands were full with your stuff!

>> No.8909249

>I'm sure its out there somewhere
with that many people, surely someone was in video mode.

>> No.8909254


That's a good point! If anyone was at NDK 2014 in Colorado and got a pic or video of this, post it here please. I would have loved a copy.

>> No.8909256

You know, if you had just grown a pair of balls and stood up for yourself a lot of this didn't have to happen.

>> No.8909258


And people wonder why I'm so nit picky when it comes to cosplay. You might the last thing dying Make-a-Wish children see!

>> No.8909270

Bruh, I'd never been to a convention in my life, was barely legal, and angry religious Mom I'd only met once for 5 minutes was my only ride home and I've no doubt she would've left my ass there if she thought she could get away with it.

Second year, everything was chill up until Saturday night and I did stand up for myself then and got the fuck out of there.

>> No.8909405


>> No.8909440

I keep hearing that Canada is ultra PC and stuff, is it true?

I'm trying to figure out where should I escape to from a 3rd world country I'm currently in, and always thought that Canada is a good choice, but I really don't want to just trade up one extreme for another.

>> No.8909450

Make sure you don't go to /cg/ meetups if you're a guy, though

you'll likely be labeled as an ugly autist looking to fuck (which they usually are)

seriously, we're getting tired of this shit

>> No.8909542
File: 194 KB, 552x311, liftsinternally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck that
I met some of best friends of my life at the megacon 2015 meet up all guys. Yea maybe for tiny cons that applies but if you go to a meet up don't be a sweaty nerd looking to score.
Actually just don't go to cons if your some thirsty dick but don't be dissuaded from going to meet ups just because your a guy.
Con's are about meeting people don't be afraid to go out make some connections who cares if they reject your friendship for some half baked reason.

>> No.8909568

Captain Average America

>> No.8909942


>What the fuck are kids wearing nowadays?
>All this study in college about sociology and human has never explained to me stuff like this
>I must observe this unique speciman in its natural habitat while it communicates in its regular pod
>For the sake of science

>> No.8909943
File: 1021 KB, 288x162, 1433389334793.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i was at one this past weekend, friend invited me. Havent been to one since highschool back in 2006 for Otakon. Felt slightly old and out of my element with these people. but here we go!
>be me, successful 29yr old with good full-time job working part-time hours
>anime, japanese anything were my teen years, grown past that
>friend is like "hey we should go back to X"
>im like "yeah i hear they got like 100,000 people now, remember when it was just 11,000 and fucking crowded? how the fuck is it now?"
>friend mentions local con right in our backyard has been going on for a few yrs
>groupon FTW
>mentions video game tournaments
>MK8, sm4sh, persona, the works...
>sign up for MK8 because Ive grown up with that shit since '92
>round 1 = me, some kid in costume with mask, 2 others (one was a literal n00b by definition)
>race #1 ends and I already feel guilty for winning
>i move to round 2 after four races and I tell them "sorry" for making it unfair for them (i did cheer the girl because she somehow trolled the finish line and placed second in a few races)
>round 2, close races I once again handicap myself and pick base mario and base cart/wheel/glider
>red shell aggro all 4 races, somehow finish second. Number of players results in final right consisting of 1st and 2nd place in both heats. So i move to finals
>Final round: me, the guy who looks like he mains metaknight, luigi playing as luigi, and some guy who does all the local tournaments in my area cause everyone knew who he was...
>easy first win
>good come back in race 2 for 2nd
>fucked sideways for a 3rd place finish in race 3
>rainbow road, 4th place, final lap, final stretch to the finish
>item? bullet bill
>trolled my way to victory and the tournament win
>"GG" to my peers, and a grammys style thank you to RNG

outside of this tournament i participated in, I found myself kinda missing it all. The panels, the dealers, the art, the "hey! look! it's X!" moments.

>> No.8909953

In a quiet lull, I walked to the bathroom between activities. At the end of the hall, there was a small grand piano. A man was sitting there quietly but tentatively looking around, seemingly shy. I walked up and asked him, "Play for me, please?" He deferred a bit but I motioned for him to do it. I stood while he played all the parts of one of my most favorite classical pieces, without any hint it was my favorite, but somehow, he knew to play it. I thanked him, we smiled and I went on my way. Just a small magical moment.

>> No.8909959

I was walking behind a really sexy beautiful Supergirl.... I don't think she was wearing the red cape. I am a virgin and all I wanted to do was pinch her ass.

I knew 3 things would have happened. I would have been jumped and slapped by the dozens of people around me. I would have been arrested and my life would be over. And I'd be another creeper rape statistic that gets posted about by unfuckable fat girls on >>/co/

Haha sorry for the potshot. I just get pissed at the creeper posts, I feel like I'm being scolded with each story. I had self control and didn't touch the gal, I just kept moving along and went home with dozens of prints.

>> No.8909973

Wanting to do something naughty is normal, we all have similar urges at one time or another. You aren't a creeper if you don't DO anything. Thought is not the deed. Way different.

>> No.8910109

define ugly and sweaty or post a pic of someone that would fit that image.

>> No.8910695

>Have always gone to cons alone and just meet up with folks
>couple years ago my friends tell me they're interested in going
>bring them along with me for a convention
>they're super silent the whole time
>they just follow me wherever I go even if it's nowhere
>I tell them about the gaming hall, vendors, and panels they might be interested in
>nah we'll stay with you
>I spend most of my time taking photos of cosplays
>They still follow me around completely silent
>eventually we're leaving
>did you guys actually enjoy it?
>definitely, they want to go back next year
>they've done this for 3 years now and every time it's the same

>> No.8910723


sometimes i just want to pour juice on my dog's head. i don't do it because i'm not an ass, but the thought crosses my mind.

>> No.8911820

>went to convention
>super high (like feeling extremely good and having fun)
>go to Denny's afterwards with friends, its like 3am
>watched an incident where a family was in the the large circular booth and one of them was too large
>squeezed and struggled to get out
>ended up pulling the entire seat out and crashed to the floor
>they leave and one the waiters had to fix it
>he's laughing, I'm laughing really hard
>get up to leave
>standing in front of group of people eating with my back to them
>let out the most silent and deadliest fart I have ever made (even the air was hot)
>as I leave I hear the conversation suddenly die down and one of them whispers "Oh my god"
>laughing as I get in the car
>laughing as I get home
>laughing as I go to bed
>that day was a good day

>> No.8911828
File: 16 KB, 610x425, Why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sometimes i just want to pour juice on my dog's head
You monster.

>> No.8911835

i feel like this a lot, and when i try and ask them if there's something they want to do
>ummmmm...i dont know what do you want to do?

>> No.8911874

I have one friend who has done this every con I've been to with him. Once or twice he wanted to see a guest and get a autograph so we did that but typically he doesn't have anything specific in mind and he just ends up following me around like a shadow. I went to a speed dating panel and he just sat in a food court waiting for me the entire time instead of going off and meeting people or finding a panel or an anime viewing room or something. It was...kind of off putting? But he always says he has a great time and he wants to go to more cons so whatever.

>> No.8911881

Don't act like your dog is a perfect angel. Sometimes the ones we love are being little shits, and that's okay.

>> No.8913766

holy shit ok so if this is real life then
i am so sorry you had to go through this. that's legitimately insane. at that age you are ok to go to cons on your own, is this what it's like in america? how could anyone think it was ok taht this woman was disrespectful to all of you?

>> No.8913807

100% real, anon. RG's mom was all shades of crazy but so was Wiccan's mom so I guess since they grew up with it, they didn't see anything wrong with it?

And no, that's not typical of America. Usually if you got to conventions, you're not going to have a parent with you unless you're underaged or you're an adult who just shares geek bonding with your parents and the both of you want to be there.

>> No.8913852


I will never understand these people. I'm very independent at cons to the point where I'll even leave my gf to run around solo if I'm feeling bored/restless. It's all about trying/seeing new things, and hanging around one person all day isn't going to let you do that. Sheesh

>> No.8913857

LOL It wasn't like that at Katsucon. Had a good mix of for the initial meetup. Eventually it became like 70/30 after people got tired of the novelty but overall it was alright.

>> No.8913933


Aren't the cgl meets mostly dudes? If there are girls the girls tend to leave early anyway. So it's basically a good way to find other cgl-bros and do bro things together, isn't it? I don't think there's even enough girls to call anyone autists at those meetups.

>> No.8914607

I don't know about other meetups but my local ones are pretty even. Maybe a few more guys but y'know.

>> No.8915787
File: 138 KB, 500x333, 1455105282995.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8916460 [DELETED] 

>on my way to con
>dressed as Panty
>see dead homeless man
>go to inform security
>not only is he still alive, but he thinks I'm a hooker

>> No.8916701

All the /cgl/ meetups I've been to were mostly women. But the ones I went to were only people who cosplayed or wore lolita. Now it's just people who come here during a con looking to meetup with people, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly dudes.

>> No.8917166
File: 31 KB, 600x900, Nigga-What-7xqrqv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welp My story isn't that good but hopefully someone will like it
>be me, 18 yo girl hype to meet con friends and enjoy con
>also be anal about being on time
>Pick up friend, lets call her Hannah
>On the way to H's house, I get a text from J
>Haven't seen/talked to J all week, didn't even know if she was coming to the con
>mfw when she asks me to pick her up
>being the nice doormat that I am, I get H's stuff then pick J up
>remind both of them that I'm already late and can't make any more stops besides my place
>H then has the nerve to tell me she left her phone
>bitch what
>reminder that con friends of mine can't get their badges til i'm there due to being me 18+ and they're texting me
>turn around for H's phone, I'm swearing the whole time
>Finally get to con, let J hang with other friend bc i cant be bothered
>H says she wants to hang around me all day
>I tend to be a lone wolf at cons and meet up with ppl on occasion
>I even know H is ridiculously socially awkward and will just sit there
>say okay anyway
>try to say hi to all of my friends at the con and be social
>H just stand there to the side looking awkwardly
>finally after tiring of H's antics I suggest we get food before the rave
>on the way there I remember H is a slob
>"H just so you know no one eats in my car"
>H gets bitchy with me claiming to not know that rule
>in the middle of arguing and trying to lane change some asshole zooms up behind me and I slam into the car in front of us
>Reminder that I have a flawless driving record now tarnished
>turns out just a scratch on their car and a basketball sized dent in mine
>other car doesn't give a fuck after brief inspection and leaves
>While I call parents and try to sort this out H starts eating in my car
>it took all my strength to not punch her in the fucking face
>on the way back I cant even talk I'm so mad
>hear weird noises from passenger seat
>H is sobbing and doing a shit job of hiding it

>> No.8917172

>I finally make it back and basically tell H to fuck off before I explode
>I run around looking for other friend to try and calm down
>eventually leave and chew H out when we leave for the night
>day 2
>thankfully two mutual friends of H and I show up
>politely inform H that I don't want to see her til we leave
>have a great time for the next two days
>learn to never attend with H ever again

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