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So the new year is just around the corner, we might as well talk about 2015 and new years resolutions.
>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
>Favourite release in 2015?
A litte challenge: create a New Year's coord just with things released in this year.

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As a new years resolution I want to make my lifestyle more lolita. I never talk about this with any of my lolita friends because I don't want to seem weird/tryhard/snowflakey, but I would really like to be able to consider myself a lifestyler. To me it's a self improvement thing, if that makes any sense.

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I really want this to be a massive lolita year.
I want to refill my closet with amazing dresses, I want to take more photos of improved old outfits, new outfits, different variations. I finally want to take part in a teaparty outside of my hometown.
We have our first big TP in my hometown and I need a kickass outfit for that.
I want to make more hats for myself and other accessories.

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I would like to get back down to 120 pounds, I'm at 135 now and the difference is huge. I need to stop buying so much lolita stuff until I can get a better storage area set up. I should also actually wear my stuff. I love buying it but I have never worn at least 2/3rds of my wardrobe.

I suppose my wardrobe changed mostly just in size, storage has become quite an issue. I got rid of most of my sweet stuff even though a lot of it was boderline, wish I could stick to just one style but I love them all.

My favourite release of the year is probably the blue rose OP Moitie put out this year.

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I want to overcome depression so I can give more time to lolita, my comm and to enjoy myself.

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2016 is the year I'll finally wear lolita. I've been following the fashion for years but have never gotten the chance to wear it. Though I can't afford the really nice stuff just yet, I'm happy to start building up my closet (even if it'll only have bodyline and taobao brands for awhile)

It'll also help me with my weight goal. Currently 140 and hoping to be 120 by the end of 2016.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
I want to set a budget for lolita and actually follow it, i'm thinking 1 dress per month unless i sell something. Buy more dresses that i actually love rather than things that are cheap. I also want to go to more meets and make some friends. Cosplay resolution is probably to stop buying fabric until I finish the cosplay i'm working on.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
Definitely bought a lot more main pieces this year.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Regretting not getting the Meta jsk now, i love the cut and print.

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I'll openly admit to it, I was a landwhale, and disgusted by the way I looked.
I've lost 25 kilo's the past 7 months and it's still dropping off with ease. That was 2015's resolution and it will continue to be 2016's resolution as well.
And I'm still not thin (and I want to be thin, not chubby like I am now), and like to lose quite a bit more, and I will hit my goal weight of 50 kilo's somewhere in the new year.
And then I'm going to wear more Lolita and buy more Lolita (brand) clothing.
The past few years I haven't really worn Lolita a lot cause I hated the way I looked due to the extra weight, which I gained when my dad died over 2 years ago.
Thanks to therapy, I got over my emotional eating habits. Without it I don't think I could have lost the 25 kilo's I have lost.
If you struggle with emotional eating too, please get help cause it is something YOU can conquer!
I want to be confident and look pretty in Lolita, do it justice by trying to look my best.
The past year I've been actively looking and buying the brand items from my (kinda large) wishlist, as a gift to myself for sticking with the diet at all times, even during holidays.
And I will continue to do the same in 2016. It's actually fun (and sometimes disappointing cause sometimes someone beat you to it), hunting dresses, other items or sets you're after.
Nothing motivates me more to lose weight when I have gorgeous brand dresses in my closet waiting to be worn!
Most of them will fit now, due to shirring but I want to fit unshirred stuff too, so I'm waiting till I get to that point.
I need to focus on getting more accessories and blouses though. Acquiring matching accessories would be really nice.

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I just want to say anon...

You are amazing! :)

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
I actually want to lose around 6 kg, that's the amount of weight which I gained in the last 2 years. My waist is now at 70cm and it used to be at 63cm, and many of my old dresses don't fit me anymore, so I really have to do something about it.
I also want to buy less, but more quality pieces. And trying to hunt down my impossible dream dresses.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I didn't change much in style, it has just grewn bigger.
>Favourite release in 2015?
2015 has been pretty meh for me release wise. But my vote goes to the newest Jane Marple book print, and JetJ's Paysage JSK because it's finally a painting print that isn't tacky as fuck.

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Aww thank you!!

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the only good thing about this year was how much my wardrobe grew. I'd like to keep that trend going. I want to keep buying dream items and casual things only. I want to buy a bunch more cutsews and cardigans. I'd like to add more black and red into my wardrobe and I need more head wear and shoes.
I'd like to dress up at least three times a week and get a good picture of each outfit.

End goal is to be cute everyday.

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1) dust off my machine and sew more
2) finish degree and get a job that actually pays real money
3) use said money to Be An Adult but also save some to go towards lolita
4) at least try to make a dent in my fabric stash
5) finally get my socially awkward butt involved with the local community already
6) maybe host crafting meet or something idk
7) more sewing
8) maybe sell some things that I make (very big maybe)
9) sewwwiinnnggg

This list is painfully similar to last year's. At least I got a fair deal of my non-lolita shit together in 2015...

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My resolution is to get more out there with my fashion, j fashion or other wise.

I've always loved the fuck of cutsey stuff but have been to nervous to wear it. But last years resolution pretty much worked (lost 30 pounds and made a lot more friends) so I'm just hoping now that I feel better about my body I'll have the confidence to wear what I want again. I'm also resulting to go down a bit more. I was 180 at the start of last year, now I'm down to 150 and I want to make it down to 130.

I'm also making a resolution to go to more cons this year now that I'm more able to financially. That includes cosplaying more, I'm going to start by making Rey from Star Wars once I get home this week.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? I've been changing my diet and exercising more, so I wanna keep doing that and get fit to better fit into brand. I mean I can now, but I can always look better.
I also want to save money so my husband and I can take a big trip out of the country. I wanna try to not buy anything new from the brands and just buy second hand which is something I've never done.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
It didn't, it just grew some.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Dolly Cat!!

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
I'd like to save up and buy more nice jsks rather than settling for cheaper brand skirts just because they're cheap like I've sorta been doing. I also would like to get fit again. I'm not exactly fat I'm in a healthy weight range (barely) but I think if I worked out more and ate a bit better I would look nicer in swimsuits and lolita would probably fit me a bit better. It's also probably a good idea to try to be a bit more fit because I have basic training for the air force this summer and that'll probably kick my ass if I'm not at least a little more fit beforehand.
>how did your wardrobe change in 2015?
Well 2015 was when I first started wearing lolita! So I'd say a lot considering it didn't even exist in 2014! Haha I have changed my taste from when I first started looking into wearing lolita. At first I thought I would wear nothing but sweet but when I bought my first brand piece which ended up being a classic piece I realized I loved classic more so my wardrobe is all classic pieces instead of sweet like I thought it would be.
>favorite release in 2015?
I loooove the OP from the Meta sailor series in the green color. I need it. I'm regretting not buying it when it came out still.

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Aww, really? I was hoping that 135 was going to be enough for me to get down to just purely on measurements. Good luck to you then. Hopefully you and I can reach our goals.

This year, I'm hoping to get down to 135 and then reassess. I do want an ultimate goal of 125 but would be happy if I reached 135-140.

I also would want to focus on building my Liz Lisa wardrobe too. My goal is to be able to wear himekaji during weekends regularly.

With that note, I want to be more responsible with my Lolita dresses. I'm going with more of a gut feeling. It's pretty much based on first glance. I know that I spent way too much then what I would have wanted

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This year, I want to dress for myself and not my boyfriend. I love him to death, and it's great that he wants me to coord all these different jfashions, but I'm sick of hopping styles and spending big bucks on something I'm only ever going to wear with him. I want to dress to make myself happy.

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It pains me to say it but my resolution may be less cosplay and jfash until I've spent some time getting my shit together.
Over the past year my anxiety has been spiking and cosplay and jfashion had been what was getting me through it... But that also means I went a little crazy with it. Now it's at the point where even this stuff is causing undue stress even while I'm doing my best to pace myself.
On the plus side, maybe this will be the carrot I needed to finally get my butt back in therapy.

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no shame in that anon. You gotta get your priorities going straight some times. I took a two year break from cosplay and j fash while I was getting money and life back on track during university. I hope it goes well for you.

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I want to wear lolita or otome more often and more casually this year, ideally 3-4 times per week. I'm trying to make my closet more everyday friendly, so that's also a goal; I need more cardigans, blouses, and legwear. Less impulse buying, more wardrobe padding. Also, lose a bit of weight (like 3 kilos) and get in shape. Finally, I want to craft more of my own accessories.
My wardrobe became a lot more cohesive because I sold off things that didn't fit within a pretty strict color scheme/theme. I kept a few dresses that were either very sentimental or wouldn't sell for a decent amount (like an old Baby dress I have that didn't even sell at ~70 dollars), but they make up only like 1/6 of my wardrobe. I also started buying more casual pieces, like cutsews and cutsew OPs.
>Favorite release in 2015
I don't own it, unfortunately, but I love AP's British Bear. I was disappointed with most of their releases this year, but I love that print and the JSK cut is nice, too. Meta's Little Squirrel is a close second.

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Going to keep getting into shape and working on commissions so I can afford to expand my lolita wardrobe!

Dude I'm crushing hard on seems interested in going to conventions and is A-OK with cosplay so I might get back into the sewing game, but I'm not sure I'd call it a resolution at this point.

2016 is going to kick ass or I'm going to kick its ass!

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Your (mental) health should come first, cosplay and jfash will still be there after you sorted yourself out.
Used to have terrible anxiety too, EMDR sorted that out for me. Have you ever tried that?
I can really recommend that therapy method.

Best of luck to you anon. I hope this year will be a good year for you.

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Thanks guys. It just sucks to have to give up something that I love so much because of my stupid brain.
I'll keep that method in mind, my first priority is just finding a therapist that doesn't suck

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I need to round up my wardrobes.

I currently have three distinctive wardrobes that don't overlap at all : lolita, kimono and /fa/ shit. They're all collectioneur hobby on top of being functional wardrobes, so they ask for time and money and I can't be dedicated to the three of them simultaneously. I took a hiatus in buying lolita this year when I got more into high fashion since it's also my work wardrobe, but now that I've got the basics down I can stop spending 150-200€+ in it every month. On the other hand I had a style shift in lolita and I sold a bunch of pieces that didn't meet my quality standards anymore, as well as thing that didn't fit (I lost a bunch of weight to fit high fashion stuff better), so I have "holes" in my lolita wardrobe that I need to fill, buuuut of course I'm extremely picky and only like the cut and fit of few brands.
Kimono wise I need a few basics and will sell a few pieces, I really want a new furisode too.

I'd also like to take more time to go to kimono and lolita meetups since I can't wear these to work, and maybe organise a few since people liked my last meet ups ideas.

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My main resolution is to start seeing someone about my mental health problems (mainly depression and anxiety) in the hopes that I'll regain interest in the things I live, including cosplay, and find the motivation to get into a healthier lifestyle, exercise and diet-wise. I'm not gross or anything, still a healthy weight for my height, but it's the heaviest I've ever been, and I'm definitely softer, and it makes me feel bad about myself in general, but especially in cosplay and lolita.

More cgl-specific, I'd like to focus on adding more staples to my lolita wardrobe, and I'd like to finish at least three new costumes next year.

My growth in 2015, cosplay-wise, was very minor. I barely sewed, but I did note that my skills are still decent, and I did learn a couple new things. This was my first year in lolita, and I feel confident in saying that my coording skills improved a lot from my first attempt last December.

No specific releases spring to mind from this past year, so I guess I wasn't wild about any of them. I do find myself wishing I'd gone for Chess Emblem when I see it on others, though.

Good luck to all of you in your goals for 2016! I hope the year is wonderful for all of you!

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Good luck, anon. I finally started seeing someone in 2015 and got some medication and I feel so much better at least 80% of the time (no medication is perfect, of course.) I really hope you're able to regain more of your sense of self and your interest in your hobbies.

Hm my only 2016 resolution that's cgl related is to complete the revamp of my wardrobe and finally finish selling things off that I no longer want. I would also like to wear lolita more and organize meets for my comm.

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I need to lose 30 more pounds to get to pre psych inpatient weight and buy more acessessories this year. I got a lot more dresses that fit me and was able to fit into a few of my old ones that didn't fit anymore. I also got more blouses (with two more in the mail!) and am much more active in my local comm.

All in all, it was a busy but okay year.

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Thank you for that, and I'm glad that things have improved for you. I've been dealing with this on my own for so long that the idea of seeing someone makes me feel very uncomfortable, but hearing another's positive experience always helps. Good luck to you with your resolutions! Good on you for wanting to take some initiate in your comm.

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>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I swayed from buying nothing but lolita into buying a lot of larme and himekaji styled clothes. I went to Japan for the first time but I ended up buying a bunch of cute random clothing pieces from LL and Ank Rouge that were hardly coherent. I kind of regret it.

>2016 resolutions
Going back to Japan and it is my goal to buy full outfits from head to toe so I can actually wear it. I want my closet to be more coherent. I want to be brave with my fashion choices as many times in 2015 I was too self conscious to wear my Jfash outside. I want to push my self to be brave with people as well in an attempt to actually make friends this year.

Another big thing for the new year is I want to improve my beauty routine. I'm planning on starting a Korean skincare routine. I want to improve my makeup and hair styling skills tons, I feel so mediocre looking and I feel the need to start working on this stuff so I can feel more than just okay.

Health wise I want to start biking to get fit. Also hoping to improve my mental health and find ways to combat stress/anxiety.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
I want to lose a lot of weight for non-cgl reasons, but I guess lolita is in the back of my mind as well. I also want to get more solids and transition my daily wardrobe into otome.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I bought over 20 dresses and sold about 15 or more. I learned that liking something doesn't mean I'll actually wear it, and that I just don't feel comfortable in certain colors.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Nothing in particular, but I really liked the stuff Leur Getter released this year, as usual.

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#1 goal is to continue losing weight. I've lost 50lbs so far and have another 25 to go. If everything goes according to plan (I fucked up over Christmas...) I should be at my goal by spring.

I also really want to expand my wardrobe. I only have 5 dresses and 6 skirts. Now that I have a decent paying job I can actually buy shit, which is nice.

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>2015 changes
I finally took the leap and bought my first dress, so that's an obvious change... in my normie wardrobe, I got a little bit bolder with clothes.

>2016 plans
obviously, expand my wardrobe. get proper brand. I want to get into other j-fash too (mori and nanchatte are great), and I really should start working out more for health + work reasons.

>favourite release
besides an indie brand fox dress no one will have heard of, I have to say HL (but I missed most of the beginning of year releases). the pink zipper jsk has taken my heart and the fact that I didn't have money during the MTOs fucking kills me.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
Find a way to acquire more capital in order to buy more brand. I've been writing a lot of notes on my Facebook (those who are my friends) recently. Just taking it easy.

Maybe go to Hong Kong to meet with HK Lolitas during the 3F event in April. My best friend in college is wondering when I will travel to Hong Kong again.

Travel to Japan for Comiket 91.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
It didn't change much. Though I want to wear more reds and blacks now.

>Favourite release in 2015?
HL. I love the JSK cut. It's a dress I would wear for a girls night for wine out or a date at a fancy restaurant. I actually dreamt of wearing that JSK at a famous restaurant in Chicago one night.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
I want to get better at drawing, I just got a new tablet and some books to help me learn a few different programs and their ins and outs (photoshop cs6, which i'm already somewhat familiar with and krita). I'm sub-par at the moment, but I'd like to especially get better at coloring. I hope to be able to participate in the draw threads (and draw well) and draw the characters I make for tabletop games.

I also want to exercise more-- I don't necessarily want to lose a lot of weight, even though I'm a bit of a chubby-chan. Honestly, I'd just like my bust size to go down a few cm so I can fit into j-fashion better. Everything else fits fine, it's just my bust. I'd like to be a bit more toned, which I'll do by exercising hopefully daily. Dieting is hard for me, because I'm autistic as fuck when it comes to food and am really sensitive to certain kinds of textures-- regardless of taste, some things make me want to just immediately vomit. I wish it didn't happen like that.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
This is the year I actually broke down and decided to dress in Lolita-- I've been watching and admiring for a long time, so I managed to pass over the weeby ita phase, luckily. I have 6 dresses right now, 4 are brand and 2 are Indie/Taobao brands! Two Innocent World and two AP dresses, and I bought the AP Twinkle Doll pack, and the Meta skirt LP, so I'll have more brand soon, too! I've only been to one meet, and when I went, I won the outfit contest and got a brand bow and non-lolita brand dress! So, that really lifted my spirits.

>Favorite release in 2015?
Little Squirrel. 100%, hands down. Love that dress to death, it's dream dress tier to me right now.

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>bf who likes all sorts of different jfashions
Wanna trade? My boyfriend pretty much only likes nanchatte but it doesn't really work with my body type at all.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Losing weight is the big one this year. I gained almost 35lbs during my pregnancy last year and it hasn't dropped. I want to lose around 40lbs, get back into running and not be pillsbury doughgirl next year. Aside from that, I'd like to transition from a sweet wardrobe to a more classic themed one. Less pink, less OTT, more floral, creams and long dresses. I'd like to invest in multipurpose items, not all prints.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
It stagnated in 2015. I sold off the majority when I found out I was expecting and after I gave birth I bought a few things to begin building a wardrobe up again. I basically just bought things that were cheap (exception being Castle Mirage) and went from there. No real rhyme or reason, honestly.

>Favourite release in 2015?
Castle Mirage. It's the print of my dreams. Even after making the switch next year, I think it's the one dress I'm going to keep. Might try to track down a few different cuts/colours of it.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
Get my WIP cosplays finished, actually make it to a con, fix the zipper on my handmade OP that's been waiting for fixing for 18 months, finish my lolita sewing projects
>Losing weight?
I'd like to have an active lifestyle and diet that keeps me at a lower body fat percentage and 50kg. I'm short and pear shaped so being 52kg is enough to give me bad muffin top and chubby thighs, and I need to accept that I'm never going to have the stick thin legs of Asian beauty ideals
>Buying less?
Selling more! I need to get ruthless and cull my wardrobe to things I wear, then build it up again from there
>More wardrobe staples?
More accessories, more hats, and more tops in a colour other than black, white or off white
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I bought way too many items, and finally got my dream dress! Reds snuck back in, book prints made an appearance and I started buying more prints overall
>Favourite release in 2015?
Meta's Daydreaming Goldfish.

That cut is awesome, I considered getting dozing cat just because of it.

To be fair it depends on body composition, height and frame size as well. A 6 foot person with large ribcage, broad shoulders and wide pelvis who does lots of exercise will look very different at 135lb than a 5' small framed sedentary person

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Make a wardrobe post so that I will actually organize my wardrobe. I have accessories everywhere and I put my dresses all out of order.
Also lose weight and buy less.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I spent a lot of money this year on lolita. I think I dropped about a grand on lucky packs alone. I did get some dream dresses this year which I am really happy about, and I feel like I can slow down with auction hunting somewhat.
>Favourite release in 2015?
To be honest, I really didn't like most of the releases this year. Everything looked kind of samey and recycled from last year, but I like Salon de the Rose and British Bear and the endless slew of summer prints from Meta like Candy Bar and Pink Lemonade.

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Yea, youre right. Being 5'5, I am hoping that 135 would look good on me, enough to at least carry the dresses better

>> No.8789900

I think as long as you're exercising and building some muscle rather than being 135lb of skin/fat/bone with very little muscle, then it'll be fine. IMO measurements are more important for lolita rather than exact scale numbers

>> No.8790170

This is true. When people hear I'm 155lbs at 5'6", they always cry fatty-chan, but my waist is still small enough for Mary Magdalene (~64cm), so measurements are definitely more important. Untrain yourself from having such visceral negative responses to what you perceive as a high weight.

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>>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
To take a break from cosplay. Only doing one local con this year and not making anything new. It's sad to think about, but cosplay has taken up so much of my time and money lately, and causes me a ton of stress trying to get things perfect and done on time. I need to stop and be a grownup for a little bit.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
I want to get a lot more accessories and variety within my wardrobe. I own a lot of head pieces but only cycle through about 3, so I want to work on coording those more often. I also want to get more cardigans and boleros. I would like to continue to focus on a simpler, more daily wear style. I want to get into nanchatte and expand my casual jfash wardrobe as well.

Losing about 20 pounds would be cool as well, I'd still be chubs, but I don't really mind.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I got a job! Which means it expanded a lot. Basically everything in my wardrobe I got this year, even though I've been into lolita for 3 years now. I got my first pieces that weren't from Bodyline. My style went all over the place. I used to strictly stick to classic, but now I have some gothic and sweet as well (although they still toe the classic line).

>Favourite release in 2015?
I really loved Crest Gobelin from Innocent World, and British Bear (although it's mostly the accessories that sold this series for me).

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Thank you for the encouragement. I was hoping to start Stronglifts when I got closer to my goal weight and focus on fit of my dresses than actual weight. I would much rather be a strong 135 than a skinnyfat 120

>> No.8790224

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Go back to being slim with a little bit of muscle. I lost my boobs, but damn did I love having lady abs. My hips never really change their size either, and that matters more to me than boobs. This is actually more because I'm thinking of applying to be a nuclear engineer with the military and even engineers have to pass certain physical requirements even if I wouldn't have to go to boot camp.
I want to start trying my hand at machine embroidery.
I also want to make some lolita dresses, an uchuu kei outfit and some more costumes next year.

>> No.8790225

Oh, and I almost forgot that I want to do more cosplay photography!

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
For cosplay, my goal is to seriously lift weights and get swole for crossplay.
For Lolita, I want to get more blouses and expand my boystyle wardrobe.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
Added more boystyle and more handmade pieces, but overall no major changes.

>Favourite release in 2015?
AatP "Rose's Prisoner", in all cuts. That print was so understatedly beautiful, and I love the shantung material.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?

Losing weight.
More staples.
Becoming accepted into the cool girls click in my comm.
Selling off some items and buying better items that look nicer on me.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?

I added a lot of things. More burando main pieces plus my first brand jewelry and purses. Replaced some shoes with much needed upgrades. Collected all my original dream dresses.

>Favourite release in 2015?

Oh man this is tough. Probably Dolly Cat. I loved Cherry Marguerite too, and Meta's Halloween print, I think it was Secret Laboratory, right?
All the brands had amazing things that I loved though.

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Two big ones; I want to finish more cosplays, and I want to commit to weightlifting/general strength training. I hate it, but it's definitely the next step, after my weight loss from last year went well (did lots of running, which I actually enjoy).

I also want to improve my makeup game and make more cosplay friends, but those two are the big ones that will require the most effort.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I got into rokku gyaru, which after eyeing tons of jfashion styles over the years is finally the one I liked enough to actually commit money to it. So I mostly restocked my closet with all the black clothing I ignored for years, bought a bunch of fake eyelashes, and other stuff like that.

>> No.8790383
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>>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
get in shape (lose fat, build muscle), obtain mental stability (free from anxiety&depression melange).

>>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
it began in earnest. most my wardrobe was acquired in 2015.

>>Favourite release in 2015?
the unfolding Holy Lantern drama has been quite entertaining, but a personal favorite would be pic related. i prefer details to prints.

>> No.8790515

I don't have much muscle weight and I have a small frame so the extra weight looks really bad on me. My measurements are okay for some brands (35", 27") but not great for lots of Moitie which is my favorite. If you're actually working out then you will look 10x better than me as I am pretty lazy and only do walking as exercise for the most part. Good luck!

>> No.8790576

It's now 2016 here,
and I've just realised I've only cosplayed 3 times in 2015, but I haven't finished a cosplay, only projects I picked up, and never touched again. I guess I haven't felt motivated or bothered to touch my sewing machine.

But, I have attended more Lolita meets (5) in 2015 compared to Cosplay events (3), so I reckon this year I'll just focus on sewing more Loliable items, rather than buying blouses too small, or JSK's that don't fit or flatter me online.

I have other unrelated aspirations, but for now I think I might try to make a JSK a month. I think that's doable.

>> No.8790826
File: 83 KB, 480x640, baby juno's bouquet jsk 1_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
More staples of course, but my main goal is to improve at handmade. I think my dresses are alright, but they're pretty basic. I want to get better at designing more detailed JSK/OP. Also I want to try to make it to more meetups or host my own.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
Got some accessories I really needed. Handmade a lot more things than I got from Bodyline.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Juno's bouquet from BTSSB. What can I say, I love floral prints and pink.

>> No.8790963

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Buying less main pieces but buying more basic staples to make them more versatile to wear in different coords. I have sewed a few pieces this year but they were relatively simple, I want to challenge myself into sewing something a bit more ornate.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I finally decided to actually wear lolita this year and joined a comm. My wardrobe grew from one to five dresses since april this year. I'm a bit scared of the rapid growth but I guess I love all my pieces so much.

>Favourite release in 2015?
I am loving all the long classic/mori dresses that are coming from taobao this year (yolanda, surface spell). Still really thinking about whether I want them in my wardrobe.

>> No.8790966

Good luck, anon. I know the struggle.

>> No.8790982

/cgl/ New Years resolutions:
> get a job again so I can start expanding my wardrobe
> sell off unwanted clothes and refine my wardrobe into an all-gothic lolita wardrobe
> buy at least one main piece firsthand
> buy something from h.NAOTO
> wear ouji to a meet for the first time
> start a YouTube channel (putting this under my resolutions since I don't know if I want to make lolita videos or not)
> attend more meets where I go to college compared to attending meets solely in my hometown

>> No.8790990

> How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
My wardrobe now is completely different compared to the end of last year. Since I started lolita last year, I sold a lot of my ita pieces and got better quality clothing this year. I also got more lolita staples, like Mary Jane shoes and more blouses. As for my general style, I started gravitating towards elegance and away from cuteness.
> Favorite release of 2015?
The rerelease of "Angel of Music" from Haenuli. That instantly became my dream dress the moment I first saw it, and I was so happy when I finally got it.

>> No.8791145
File: 100 KB, 566x714, Phalloides and Lymantriidae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Resolution wise, I actually need to stop blowing my money as soon as my paycheck comes through.. I want to try and finish some coords so every dress in my wardrobe becomes wearable, meaning I should probably be aiming to buy more things like blouses/ shoes/ bags and less main dresses.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I finally got another job in October so my wardrobe and spending habits kind of blew up. I probably have bought a good 15 or so main pieces in the last couple of months. But I have also finally started buying brand so thats changed everything a fair bit.

>Favourite release in 2015?
That Death Cap print from Ista Mori hah! HAD to get it!

>> No.8791150

My new years resolution is to stop thinking I'm so fucking fat. It's prevented me from dressing how I want (fairy kei and himekaji, as well as cosplaying) because I can't stop comparing myself with presumably photoshopped to death girls. My perspective is so fucking skewed from idolizing asian loli girls I don't know what to think anymore. My waist stays around 24" and my weight is considered "underweight" for my height -- not that it matters, because I'm skinny-fat with practically no muscle. Is there anywhere I can go where I can post dressed-down photos of myself and get people's opinions and/or comparisons of other girls? I don't know what's wrong with me, but I definitely don't have an eating disorder... anymore. I just keep thinking I'm fat due to comparisons of other girls. I'm isolated from everyone irl and any time I make a comment about a girl being ridiculously thin, other people comment that I'm "just as thin as her." Hell I did not go to a single fucking convention in 2015 because of this.

>> No.8791152

You sound like you have a bit of body dysmorphia to be quite honest. It sounds like you need to look after your health

>> No.8791156

I was diagnosed with BDD in high school. I plan on exercising on a regular basis this year to improve my health, but it's not going to stop me from not thinking I'm fat. I know it's all in my head, but I can't stop feeling like I'm fat even though I know I am not fat (unless we're talking body fat percentage, since I'm probably high in that aspect even though physically I am rail-thin).

>> No.8791182

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Wear lolita at least once a week. Get back into daily workouts. Stick to a better budget to regrow my savings and make better use of what I already own. Sell everything I don't love. Sew a dream cosplay and a jsk. I've been really lazy about making new things.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I bought lots of new pieces and solidified the direction of my wardrobe into more solid colours and stripes and got a lot of good staples.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Rerelease of chocolate rosette, but it slipped through my fingers. I also love pretty school, so I was happy it was rereleased too.

>> No.8791656

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
I plan on losing weight and buying more! I started my wardrobe this year after what seems like a million years of living on the outside looking in. I plan on expanding my wardrobe now I have some funds to do that with, and actually becoming a functioning lolita & joining a comm now I have a bit more confidence.

Also I plan to be less salty and not post gossip, as I'm not really proud of who I was this year.
I wasn't even a proper lolita but I was surrounding myself with all the online gossip and drama. It wasn't making me a very nice person honestly, but it was addictive. If I hurt anyone, I'm sorry, I thought I was just a drop in the ocean but that doesn't make it any less pathetic. Even with the drama surrounding people like Kate, I feel bad. I'm working on it, I get I'm no saint but it feels somewhat satisfying to take a bitchy comment out of my post, or just editing myself to be nicer. I know this is 4chan and it's a ~terrible place~ and whatnot, but that doesn't mean I have to let myself be a bitch. Idk, sorry for the blog post there

>> No.8791832
File: 7 KB, 194x259, Babyclassicalseries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Losing weight, I gained and lost weight throughout 2015 but I'd like to really try to manage it better.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
The oldschool portion of my wardrobe expanded. I sold most of my AATP prints and replaced them with Moi Meme Moitie. My wardrobe also contains more velvet and solid pieces.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Not a single release but I loved Baby's Classical Series.

>> No.8791967

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
I'd like to lose weight(goal weight is 150 so I have to lose around 40 pounds) , buy more lolita items + accessories, cosplay things I wanted to but was too fat for

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I bought my first brand piece and a Bodyline skirt I'd been eyeing for awhile, bought some accessories. I'm happy I made these purchases but I still need to find something to match Queen Cat...fuckin' weird cream/gold colour, man

>Favourite release in 2015?
I don't really follow releases.

>> No.8791981

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? My resolution is to actually wear lolita. I've barely worn any of my dresses since 2013 because I gained a fuck-ton of weight and hated how they looked on me. I felt like the "fat friend" at a lot of meet ups. I got sick of it and recently lost 30 pounds by changing my eating habits and exercising a bit more. I'm ready to get back my hobby that I used to really love. I also want to buy more brand pieces and make jewelry like I used to.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015? I got rid of some things at the very beginning of the year, but that's about it. I kind of regret that, honestly.
>Favourite release in 2015? I didn't pay any attention. I have a lot to catch up on.

>> No.8792040

Exercising sounds like a good idea. I don't think it's a good idea to post yourself for comparison somewhere like here, just because it's largely unpredictable as to whether people will shitpost for the hell of it.
I meant your mental health as well as it sounds like you have ongoing body dysmorphia. Have you had any success with things like CBT/DBT? They're supposed to help with reframing thoughts, but from what I've heard it's very person-dependent as well.

>> No.8792358

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
...See if there's any way I can tweak my diet or exercise regime to lose a few stubborn inches on my waist. Run 3x a week and lift 4x a week.
.. buy more more accesories (jewelry, headdresses, and shoes).
...Get more confident with making my own accessories
...find a good setup for taking outfit photos
...go to some meets with my local comm
...make practice coords just for fun and don't feel pressured to buy them
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
Started only a few months ago. Got two dresses, plus some tights and blouses and only like one pair of shoes and one bag.
>Favourite release in 2015?
I really want Dozing Cat...I really like Dreamy Jewel but I don't want the dress, I just think the print is beautiful.

>> No.8792384

I need to buy less. Spend somewhere around 2.5k last year on the fashion

>> No.8792399

I'm going to continue to work hard to lose 10-15 pounds (I'm 130 right now and even at 125 I look bad because of my weight distribution) and try to buy more blouses and accessories rather than spend so much on main pieces instead. They're just so tempting...

>> No.8792986

>I would like to get back down to 120 pounds, I'm at 135 now and the difference is huge.
Are you me? Being short makes any weight fluctuation so important.

>> No.8792993

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Losing weight. I want to 110lbs give or take. I also want to save up money instead of living from paycheck to paycheck.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I got more main pieces, which is great.

>Favourite release in 2015?
The mushroom print from Ista Mori. Too bad the conversion rate is too shit and I didn't get it. Hoping to get it on the secondhand market when my currency improves.

>> No.8793243

this is very lolita-specific (favorite release?), but since this is more a lolita board, I guess I should have expected that.

I plan on losing weight. I went into a severe depression and gained 60lbs over the last two years.... Hoping to lose at least 25 in the next three months, and keep up with strict lifestyle changes from there, while incorporating lifting for the muscle I've lost from laying in bed for days at a time.

Get into cosplay, after I've gotten closer to my goal. None of my other costumes fit anymore, and I've been too depressed and anxious to attempt at anything anyway.

Go to more conventions.I didn't go to a single convention last year, and I regret it so much.I'm getting myself together so I can actually enjoy my youth and I can do all the things I love while I'm still cute.

>> No.8794048
File: 58 KB, 639x354, 2 thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep it up anon! You sound like you have a lot of motivation and drive. I hope you continue to lose weight, keep healthy eating and exercise habits, and wear those lovely pieces!!

>> No.8794053

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
Better budgeting for sure.
I'm a couponer and I won't buy something unless it's on sale and/or has a coupon - but really, spending money on something I don't need is still spending money. I spent a lot of money on makeup in hopes of selling it to others (new and unopened) and it has proven to just not be worth it. I have unsubscribed from a lot of email newsletters so I'm hoping that helps. I have also organized everything to where I can see exactly what I have and how much I have. Lastly, I started a "favorites" list on Ulta of all the beauty items I'm interested in that way if a good sale does roll around I will buy something I want, not something simply because it's on sale.
I'd like to get more J fash pieces throughout the year and maybe I can if this makeup budgeting works.

>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I got a few J fash pieces I really like. I didn't buy much clothes since most of my money was spent on makeup.

>> No.8794392

Thank you anon!

>> No.8794497

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
Losing 17-22 pounds. I'm still a size s/m, but I slipped up and now no longer fit into some main pieces or blouses very well. I will hopefully buy less, but probably won't. I am also hoping to sell some stuff that I am not really planning on wearing.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I bought 16 new pieces. I tried to keep it to a minimum of five but they just kept falling out of the sky. I sold 5. It has now a lot more red in it and more darker pieces and some more rare pieces as well.

>Favourite release in 2015?
Not much from this year that really caught my attention..

>> No.8794598

>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions? Losing weight? Buying less? More wardrobe staples?
My resolution for my Lolita wardrobe is that I want to build a decent size three colour wardrobe; pink, brown, and cream. That means buying at least two more cardigans/boleros, and two or more blouses, all in brown or pink.
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I got rid of all my Bodyline, and all my skirts. I went from a much more muddled wardrobe with skirts I never wore, to a smaller but better quality wardrobe.
>Favourite release in 2015?
Nothing really caught my attention at all!

>> No.8794611
File: 52 KB, 480x480, coordisnap-1701562-2859780-d2kznx8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My resolution is to change my wardrobe to the stuff I like which is j-fashion ofc. And to stop caring about what people think when I wear it. I'm going to stop talking to the people who have negative comments about my wardrobe and make new friends who are into j-fashion too.

I find it crazy how simply wearing a frilly skirt or something will get you hate? Like are you mad because I'm cute?

LETS GO 2016

>> No.8794639

Loosing 10 pounds and trying to get a breast reduction (28G bust size) so I can fit brand and normal clothing better
Buy more blouses/socks!
Buy more chiffon OPs
Wardrobe: I started replacing replicas with genuine brand and homemade and sold a lot of bodyline pierces
Favorite release: Cherry Marguerite

>> No.8794645

also to stop trichotillomania from taking over my life

>> No.8798175

I don't think many people have seen this yet but it's kinda funny. I'm going to be looking forward to newer episodes

>> No.8798542

Thank you for posting this, anon. My ldr boyfriend just broke up with me, and this gave me a much needed laugh.

My resolution is to stop giving a fuck what people think of how I dress in my free time. I want to be cute and frilly when I'm not in my drab work uniform.

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