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/cgl/ confession thread? /cgl/ confession thread.

I am with my boyfriend since nearly two years now, "likes" lolita and such, and lately i've discovered he was texting another girl that was actually in cosplay and i saw he was sexting with her. (i basically trust in a relationship but it was accidental, mine was totally dead from the whole day and charging so i took his to make a call and...fell on all their stuff. He was basically sexting right before i came home. Wow)
Heart= broken.
He even said that my boobs were too small to "justify" his cheating what a piece of trash.
I was so sad and mad i saved his mother's number under her name
Long story short he sent dirty texts and probably a dick pic to his mom or something similar from all the yelling i've heard when he was at the phone with her.
I regret absolutely nothing.

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I think he got what was coming to him

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OP you're my hero.

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fucking screencapped
serves him well

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OP, I love you!

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What a jerk, serves him right.
(Besides, Isn't small boobs a trend thing anyway?
''Flat is justice''
Or is that trend finally letting go?)

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bless u anon, I hope you find someone better than that piece of trash.

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I feel awful about this, but there are some e-fame Lolitas online that I just can't fucking stand. I don't know why. I'm not even sure they've done anything particularly bad or even annoying, but any time I see their faces I get angry. I'd put it down the jealousy but I don't really give a shit about e-fame and my wardrobe is pretty sizeable.

I guess I should cut down on the salt intake.

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The fuck are you talking about mate?

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trend? justice is eternal

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I don't count my Lolita pieces. I never have and I think it's a bit weird to do that.

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I died when i saw his accidental dick pic sending to his mom, Karma did a good job!!
Lol, i had someone that loved i had small boobs and not even into lolicon fetishes hopefully. Men that can appreciate smaller bodies and not into weird fetishes exsist, you deserve better anon!!

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>my boyfriend
You mean ex boyfriend right?

Beautifully played btw

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what's this got to do with cosplay and or j-fashion? nobody gives a shit about your life OP

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damn, someone's fuckin salty today. chill, bitch

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>being this salty

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I love you anon

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I hate RHS, I really do. I hate it when I see really good coords but then when I look down, I see RHS. They should all burn.

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There's a group of girls in my community who have been making life hell for my friends and I. Spreading rumors and lies, insulting us, basically doing things that are ridiculous just to make up unhappy. The mods won't do anything because it's not within their moderation guidelines, so I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? This is worse than middle school.

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justice. awe yiss

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Wtf how old are they? Which comm? I got a little bitch who did that and i never said anything until one day where she spilled on my brand and i was too much of a pussy but my best friend called her father pretending to be a lady from the (our families knew each other and they are like..rich retarded people that think sex before marriage is shame) and told him she was preg or something like that. Huge shitstorm ensue. Her parents gave the lolita dresses to me. They made her leave the fashion and leave to live with her aunt in Wisconsin. I was delighted even though it wasnt that much or anything. She first entered the fashion just to annoy me and because she kinda liked it too but mainly to bully me furthermore i think. How sad must you be to dedicate yourself like that

Also good job OP he deserved it

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Everyone is in their mid-to-late twenties which is what blows my mind. I'm afraid to say what comm because they've accused us of posting comm members here (we never did).
That story is insane, I wish I had the balls for that lol.

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You need to tell the moderators to do something about their bullying. Doesn't matter if it's not in the guidelines-it needs to be in the guidelines. Maybe threaten to get the police involved? I doubt they would, but the threat might scare them.

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I'm so sick of seeing the disgusting DIY scepters in lolita fashion. They CAN look nice if the are elegant and thin enough, but everyone makes them out of broom handles or some shit.

>inb4 I know this picture is cosplay, not lolita. But I would wear that scepter with a coord

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I agree. A lot of the handmade ones I've seen remind me of dildos.
>ruffled for her pleasure

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They can't control what people say or do outside of meetups or the community, so I'm just stuck.

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I actually hate rocking horse shoes. With a passion. They're honest to god so ugly and clunky and more than half the time people in them are stumbling around with shaky ankles.

There have been so many times when I've seen beautiful, elegant coords only to notice these bulky shoes and it's instantly ruined.

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Any chance this community name starts with the number 4 and has a page dedicated to cosplay and lolita?

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Uhhhh no, I don't think so. We're located in America, that's all I can say.

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samefag or hivemind?

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It's Arizona isn't it?

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Now get your hands on his phone and 'drunkenly' text her that he was editing all his dick pics because his is smaller than his thumb. Add in something about having a pregnancy/lactation fetish and that was why he liked her tits, and screencap the results.

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I don't like the word "coord", mostly because random people would come up to me just to say "I like your coord" as if it's the secret handshake of the lolita society. Even "I like your dress" or "I like your outfit" is less grating.

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>thinking about re-entering a relationship after years of being single
>was spending time trying to get self-esteem back on track after being cheated on often
>read >>8753104
>fuck that whole plan. mo money, mo burando.

For my own confession, I've been putting off making serious changes and decisions by expanding my dream dress collection. Even though I know I haven't the money to get any of them. Planning coords and collecting images and links is such wonderful escapism but I know I will need to return to reality soon.

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what are people supposed to say then?

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I hate when people say coordinate unless they're foreign/ ESL lol. Coord is so much easier to say

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I'm afraid to let people know how many dresses I have. I know a lot of the girls in my comm have 2-3 dresses. Some of the people who have been in the community forever have modestly sized wardrobes... Whereas I have over 20 main pieces (dresses and skirts) after being in the community for a year. I'm almost afraid to do a wardrobe post in case they find it. This fear is also why I've decided to slow down on my purchasing lately. People have already asked how I can afford to buy new dresses, and it's sad because I have only worn a small fraction of my stuff out. I earn my money by working. I always buy secondhand. I shouldn't feel bad. Still, I can't help but feel that people would think I'm a brand whore. Anyone else have this problem?

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i like that op's image is a brown girl, it fits with the telenovela theme of the thread

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Haha yes! I've had that happen to me. It's supposed to imply they know about lolita and I get the feeling I'm supposed to be impressed.

Outfit, clothes, anything? Literally nobody uses the word coord outside of lolita, despite everyone also having to coordinate an outfit because running around naked is like, 'indecent exposure' and illegal.

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If people in your community give you shit for that, they aren't worth spending time with. Just post your stuff and don't be boastful. I have a bigger wardrobe than most of my comm because I'm older and have a decent income. You're just in a different stage of your life, or different circumstance. You're earning the money yourself and saving up. That's a perfectly fine explanation if asked about it.

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>I was so sad and mad i saved his mother's number under her name
That is genius

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I'm afraid of re entering a relationship because I don't know how to explain to a normalfag boyfriend what is lolita, because I mostly meet people in bars or casual settings where I wear comfy street style.

Ex-bf didn't like it much when I went out in lolita (it wasn't OTT sweet)
I need advices and stories gulls

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pretty sure she's japanese, i don't remember the name of the movie but it was about 2 sisters and one working in a maid cafe.

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you're reading too much into it. if i compliment someone using the word "coord" it just means i'm just excited to see another lolita. you should dial down your suspiciousness toward others, you'll probably enjoy life more.

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I just wear it and don't give a shit. If a guy is going to try to dictate to me what to wear, that's probably a sign I'm better off without him. Obviously if it's about being appropriate to meet family, for work functions etc I am happy for him to have as much input on my outfit as I would on his. Current boyfriend is basically like "it's your body/your clothing, do what you like with it". He has his own preferences and will voice an opinion, but ultimately we both make our own fashion choices.

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OP is this you

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Wow you sound like a cunt m8

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nah he deserved it

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I know it's going to pop up some day. But for example, guy I'm seeing is japanese and I never mentioned any interest in fashion or mangas (neither did he), I saw his house there's nothing weeb at all and he told me he doesn't even like women from his own country, personnality wise.

I feel like dying of embarassment if he finds out I love collecting AP/Baby/others goodies (mugs, candles, etc) and can't throw away my cute plushies. Somehow it's worse to me that he's asian and I'm the one interested in the weeby/kawaii stuff.

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You fucked up m8 unless he's a secret weeb trying to impress your non aznness

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You sound embarrassing. You shouldn't be in a relationship with him if you can't even tell him basic interests. Invite him over I guess if you want to progress.

>> No.8755021

Honestly I think you're over thinking this and also you need to work on your own insecurities. Liking some things from Japan doesn't make you like a Japanese woman personality wise, the stereotype of what a Japanese woman is like is probably all related to the societal stuff that encourages them to be a certain way. Plushies, cute things etc aren't exclusively Japanese, shit if he doesn't in2 fashion he may have no idea that AP and Baby are even Japanese brands. It's not like the average normalfag knows lolita fashion brands.

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I have a huge crush on one of my Lolita friends and I know that my SO would be alright with me starting a relationship with her, but how do I even go about telling her this? Idk if she even would like back and if she would be ok with me being poly, even though I know she likes girls. What do?????

>> No.8755033

Maybe you should tell her more about yourself if she doesn't even know that much. If you like her, just tell her. What else are you supposed to do to start a relationship?

>> No.8755035

She's a good friend of mine too and I would just hate for us to get awkward, mostly because I also like the company she keeps. I'm thinking of coming out to my comm anyways soon.

>> No.8755042

You can't predict things like that so you have to tell her or ignore your feelings. Once you come out you can ask her what she thinks of that lifestyle if that isn't an awkward question for you two then try and gauge if she's acting differently around you which would be a sign of it not working.

>> No.8755046

It'd be perfect if he secretly liked this kind of shit but no hints so far.

I'm using "seeing someone" loosely because I actually really like my independance and that's why I liked buying so much crap for my bedroom because it was finally mine only (after splitting). Azn dude seems really into me though so that made me rethink what if I entered a new relationship. Ex got used to the closet chock full of frilly dresses slowly over time but it may be a bit strange for a new bf.

Seems you're right anon, I didn't mean I was like them but rather I don't want him to think I got the yellow fever or want to be like them.
Usually I'm not embarassed in the slightest with it when it's friends or fuckbuddies visiting (Even if I got the typical "Shit anon, your room is really a girl room") but freaking out a potential SO seems scarier. Usually I don't plan on dating anyone so I don't even tell them I'm interested in japanese stuff, it never comes up and I often stop seeing the person outside of bars.

>> No.8755074


Totally agree. Isn't that little weird to carry a stick with you?

>> No.8755310

I don't understand the appeal of idols.

>> No.8755345

I don't get it either anon. But then I also don't like celebrity 'news' or reality shows, maybe idols are more for that crowd.

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Arizona is actually doing great now, thanks for asking. All of our drama-whores are gone.
Our ILD went very nicely, and our mods rented a beautiful venue with catering. Also I think it's safe to say not a single ita attended? I'll have to double check when the group photo comes out, but everyone was dressed so nicely.
I'm sorry we can't be your drama scapegoats anymore, but I'm sure you'll find another comm to put all that energy into! Good luck!

>> No.8755349

Hey don't bring us into this, that doesn't sound like our drama

>> No.8755351

Musashino sen no Shimai I think

>> No.8755358

i get annoyed by seagulls who take pride in being classless, salty, bitter, etc. venting is one thing, but adopting a sour attitude as your identity on an online forum is stupid.

>> No.8755364

i love being salty irl and online

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Whatever you do make it extremely clear that it's not monogamous and you have a boyfriend. Nothing is more disappointing than hitting it off and finding out she has a boyfriend and that she wants an open relationship or have him try to get involved in your sex life.

>> No.8755962

I feel the same way about minori, there is something to be said for just getting sick of looking at someone. If you're not like going after them and being psycho we can just sit here and be bitter assholes together.

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Larme looks like pedobait to me.
And I feel dumb even saying it because I'm sure a thousand people have posted it before just as bait (or even sincerely) and nobody cares, but this a confession thread and this is my confession gdi.

But even then it's not really all of it, it's mostly just the magazine spreads. Whenever there's a shop staff snap or people actually wearing the clothing, they look totally fine, still not my thing, but whatever, but something about the light blue filter on all the magazine photos, the really sparse, childish bangs, and the fact that half the models all have "oh, little me?" type doe-eyed expressions, ugh, I feel creepy just looking at it.

And of course I'd never say anything to anyone actually wearing it because I'm not a huge dick, and I don't think less of the people who wear it really, it's just creepy and I don't like it. And also it's everywhere, so I can't escape the fact that I don't like it.

>> No.8755991

The thing is, you should first casually mention that you're poly. If she reactis negatief, then you know confessing is useless.

>> No.8756110

Imo it's better than the more mainstream version of lolita. It has specific makeup and hair and a more distinctive style, whereas the Western version, as far as I've seen, is just school uniform variations with heart sunglasses, red lips and a lollipop. It looks way creepier because it's nothing more than a fetish you can wear outside. The blogs with nymphet fashion all seem to be dd/lg, too, which is just ew.
I agree that larme's kinda dodgy sometimes, but at least it's broader and more fleshed out than nymphet.

>> No.8756121

This is true, and I'm not a huge fan of the western "lolita" fashion either. Larme is definitely better than its western alternative, but I don't like either one of them.

And like I mentioned, the actual people wearing the clothes? Totally fine. I definitely see where the hair and makeup and clothes all come together for a cohesive look. I'm just weirded out by the way all that is advertised.

>> No.8756212

YES! Me too. It makes me think of corduroy. I also hate "petti" it's petticoat or pannier.
I'm old.

>> No.8756215

I look down on anyone who spells whoa as "woah" and won't like or reblog any of their coords.

I am a petty, petty person.

>> No.8756218

That's hilarious

>> No.8756224

What why? Is that how it's actually spelt? I always spelt it as 'woah', and always thought that was correct?

>> No.8756244

....I do that too, but with "uwu." I don't mind "UwU," yet for some reason "uwu" annoys me.

>> No.8756250

I only come here for the occasional booty threads.

>> No.8756265

I secretly wish I could tag my coords with #[myethnicity/poc] lolita or #chubbylolita for notes and asspats. The only reason i restrain myself is because I don't want to come off as a speshul snowflake to my sane seagull followers.

>> No.8756271

"Whoa" has been the standard for a couple hundred years. Alternate variants started becoming popular a couple years ago when illiterates took over the internet.

I might add this to my no-like list, just for kicks.

>> No.8756372

oh you're right! thanks I've been meaning to watch it!

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Get em OP

>> No.8756391


Back OT, I'm kind of meh about my current lolita comm. The group has reached 300 members, with only the same 20 people who regularly show up.

I consider 4 lolitas good friends. One has disclosed that she is thinking of leaving the fashion. Another has already left the comm (but still wears lolita regularly). And all of us feel weary of the current comm mods.

I already live in a metropolis that is used to alternative fashions, so wearing it out by myself is no issue.

There are good things about the comm. Most people are well-dressed and friendly. The meets organized by members who are not the mods are awesome. But I am starting to feel exhausted doing social chatter with girls who are extremely nice but are no more than acquaintances. I'd like to organize private get-togethers with those few close friends, doing things like tea time, karaoke, or even a sleepover.

>> No.8756450

I'm in a cosplay comm full of salty seagulls. All my country cosplay comm is full of salty seagulls.

>> No.8756498

>Anonymous 12/08/15(Tue)02:20:15 No.8754963▶
>File: 12301461_1235013389983189(...).png (174 KB, 675x646)
>>>8753104 (OP)
same, and the cringy culture of young badly dressed girls wanting to be them just fascinates me to no end. like, the fuck you doing whitey? no japanese person on the other side of the planet cares about you.

>> No.8756508

wow I fucked that left and right, my bad guys.

>> No.8756591

I really hate this girl in my comm, so i post her here a lot and try to make it look like a self-post, and then after when people call it as a self-post I defend the post saying it isn't so people will call her out more and dislike her. It seems to be working. I'm terrible, but i don't care.

>> No.8756593

What did she do to you anon?

>> No.8756599

Not much, I just can't stand her and want her to leave. Maybe it's because i'm an oldfag and can't stand the new my-mommy-buys-my-brand gen that popped up in the comm within the last few years.

>> No.8756619

I start into Fairy kei like a month ago, and I haven't a lot of pinky clothes yet.
I'd buy a pink wig to Fairy Kei and my bf loves pink hair. I think he wants to fuck me with the wig. It's cute and creep at the same time.

>> No.8756995

A girl came in to work in lolita recently so I told her she looked cute and I recognized the dress and she still tried to explain what lolita was to me.
I also hate using "coord" and name dropping brands sounds dickish. I'd kill for a secret handshake of some sort.

>> No.8756998

>I also hate using "coord" and name dropping brands sounds dickish. I'd kill for a secret handshake of some sort.
just curious, why would a secret handshake be less dickish than using recognizable words?

>> No.8756999

I'm all for being a bitter ass. I don't mind minori at all but HelloBatty drives me round the fucking bend. There's something really unsettling about her smile that makes me deeply uncomfortable and angry.

>> No.8757011

That's some Mean Girls level shit 10/10 for pulling it off

>> No.8757019

Unless you're being outright offensive about it ("Why would you wear Bodyline?"/"Taobao brands are all so cheap looking"/"I hate this print, AP has gone downhill" etc.) I don't think that name dropping brands is dickish at all. It is a bit odd that she tried explaining the fashion to you anyway, though.

>> No.8757027

I feel like my current style is too boring (think Kotakoti's style except without the dollface and with shoulder lenght hair)
Idk what to do, i think about changing to something more excentric even though i don't really feel like it just to feel "special" and "not like the others" again. I'm a speshul snowflak at heart.

>> No.8757031

2011-2012 Kota, not now, her current style is bullshit

>> No.8757035

Not really a confession, I just don't know where else to put this.

I find it weird when girls will have baskets full of fruits or flowers as part of their outfits outside of photoshoots.
They're almost like carrying a staff or a scepter, cept a basket you can actually put one extra thing inside or maybe two.
You know, even if the basket was empty and you could put things inside....it still seems a little weird to me because if it doesn't have a top, everyone can see what you have in there or even reach in to swipe something out.

>> No.8757548

Everyone's supposed to see what they have in there. It's like they've just gone and picked all those flowers/fruits themselves.
It is a bit much for just a meetup but photos will still be taken there so they probably want the full look they envision.

>> No.8757725

No, I mean if you decide to have your personal effects in your basket. Phone, wallet, etc.

>> No.8757743

Then yeah, that's not a good idea. They probably assume no one at a meet would take anything but then they still have to keep an eye on it the whole time.

>> No.8757789

I know that baby has made baskets that can close up, so it is possible to be safe.

>> No.8757791

Lol bait

>> No.8757793

How do you know her "mommy" buys her stuff?

>> No.8758715

Lol you're fine anon

>> No.8758738

I only come here because I know there are girls here.

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File: 34 KB, 640x480, Spongebob_(Just_One_Bite).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when I'm my-mommy-buys-me-brand gen
>be mad

>> No.8759691

i lie about random things for the sake of conversation here. i would never lie about another person, but i make things up about "me" all the time. just innocuous things to spark discussion or distract from baiters and drama whores.

>> No.8760188

I feel like Quantum Destiny self promotes on /cgl/ a lot more than JNig. I just haven't said anything yet because she's popular and I knew I'd get shat on.

>> No.8760231

I feel ya. I love making fake greentext stories. To this day no one here has suspected they were fake.

>> No.8760243

Are you super new or something? Tons of people hate those shoes.

>> No.8760247

I used to live closer to the city and had a good factory job that paid 200+ every week. I was so happy I had enough to pay off bills and still have extra to buy brand without going broke. But halfway through the year I moved down away from the city with my boyfriend, and now I work a job that barely gets me 100 every two weeks. He's trying to find work, but in a small town, if no one is hiring, it leaves us limited for options. I love him dearly, but I hate that we're living off my paychecks and I'm starting to sell my wardrobe that I worked so hard for before we moved just to cover health insurance. It doesn't help right after we moved we had to help pay for his friend's wedding and lost 1000+ on shit they didn't need. I hate feeling so bitter, but I hate being in this financial situation even more.

>> No.8760251

break up with that garbage

>> No.8760253

20 isn't that much to anyone who isn't a total newfag or poorfag. The question of "what is small vs average vs big vs huge" comes up a lot and people always have 20 in the small or average range.

Also, anyone who would judge you for your wardrobe isn't worth giving a fuck about, especially at such a low quantity.

>> No.8760256

Indeed she was, but not nearly as much of one as her boyfriend and the cosplay slut he was sexting.

>> No.8760259

Self inflicted.
Move back, dump boyfriend, get old job.

>> No.8760261

Oh god, you bitter jellies who look down on people for their parents buying them nice things are just beyond obnoxious. Get over yourself. If they're not acting superior because of it, you have nothing valid to complain about.

>> No.8760262

calm down

>> No.8760293

What is there exactly to calm down about? It was a legitimate question, I don't see how someone could call potential samefag on two people stating their dislike of those shoes unless they were extremely new.

>> No.8760302

the wording and development of ideas is similar, not the dislike itself

could have been someone who forgot they already posted, or two gulls with very similar modes of expression (hivemind)

>> No.8760313

Different anon, but they're comments weren't anymore similar than your typical two gulls sharing the same opinion. Not trying to be mean, but are you ESL?

>> No.8760315

>I hate it when I see really good coords but then when I look down, I see RHS.

>There have been so many times when I've seen beautiful, elegant coords only to notice these bulky shoes and it's instantly ruined.

it's just a funny coincidence that they both paint the same mental image. don't read too much into a lighthearted comment made in response.

>> No.8760316

whine incoming

I realised today that the only two interests I have that aren't to please someone are aviation and lolita. I don't even own any fucking dresses yet because I dropped my money on a new phone and I was planning to fix up my computer next but idk if there's any point, it was just for playing games with people so they'd like me more

even if I got a dress I'd probably never wear it out because I'm scared of trying to join the comm we have

I want to get my hair cut into a pixie cut (you know, the typical 'I had a shit breakup and I want to change myself' routine) but that would kill my plans to dye it and pixies look weird with lolita
when I grew it out I wanted to learn to braid it but I've tried a lot of different things and I'm so horrible at it, I might as well just give up

>> No.8760324

anon i wish you to find a lolita friend

>> No.8760325

Virtually everyone I have ever seen complaining about rocking horse shoes over the years has given the same reasoning. No one is reading too much into your post, it's just clear you're relatively new if you've never seen this before.

>> No.8760328

Are from my Comm? This sounds really familiar.

>> No.8760339

>it's just clear you're relatively new
wrong though. so yes, you're making a lot out of a random response. might want to examine your thought processes.

>> No.8760341

>even if I got a dress I'd probably never wear it out because I'm scared of trying to join the comm we have
Why would you need to join a community to wear a dress? Lolita is a fashion, anon, joining a community is optional.

>> No.8760346

I don't see how assuming you're new for having not ever seen such a common complaint is "reading too much into it" anymore than you assuming two people are a samefag or of a hive mind because they have the same very common opinion with similar reasoning behind it. Maybe if you say less things that scream newfag, people will jump to that conclusion less.

>> No.8760351

>not ever seen such a common complaint
not what happened

>you assuming two people are a samefag or of a hive mind
also not what happened.

so: too much is being read into it.

it's a random comment highlighting two disconnected posts that paint the same mental image when reading it. that's all.

>> No.8760352

Sounds like Chicago. They always pull shit like that there.

>> No.8760358

i suspect some of the cattiest comms occur in areas where racial tensions are high. atlanta, chicago... come on.

>> No.8760359

that sounds so stupid.

>> No.8760360

thank you anon. I don't really have a lot of friends in general, especially living close to me, so a lolita friend would be rly nice

word would spread fast and people would prob start harassing me about joining a comm. it's a really small country, jfash is very rare, I'd stick out like a sore thumb (which I don't really care about)
I don't think anyone in the comm is a seagull either so I'm scared of acting like a gull (I've lurked a lot, used to be a /b/tard which used to apparently come off my behaviour strong enough for someone to notice) and making everyone awkward. doesn't help that I'm a literal autist

>> No.8760361

My confession is that I wish my boyfriend was more into lolita than he is. He's okay with it and I realize that makes me luckier than most but I can't help wishing that he actually LIKED it. One time I asked him to dress me up in a way he thought was cute/sexy and he picked a skin-tight outfit with jeans and a really skimpy sundress I never wear out of the house. Bleh.

I met my boyfriend while I was wearing something casual but frilly, so when he found out about lolita he was surprised but not totally shocked. Same with my coworkers - I sometimes wear some of my lolita stuff to work in work-appropriate outfits (we don't have to interact with the public or anything so our dress code is lax) and when one of them stumbled upon some of my lolita pictures and showed the rest, the reaction was basically just "yup, that's Anon". They already knew I was sort of eccentric/weird so it wasn't a huge shock for them. It's up to you whether you actually want to incorporate Jfash into your daily life, though.

>> No.8760366

>not what happened
Your exact words in your initial response were "samefag or hive mind". You can deny what you said all you want for the sake of feeling right, but it's right there in the thread.

Also, all I said in response to it was "are you new? This is a common complaint" and you proceeded to be extremely defensive, so I can't take your insistence that I'm reading too much into it by assuming your new even remotely serious.

>> No.8760367

All the girls in my comm have at most 2 brand dresses, and my whole wardrobe is brand. I'm the youngest member and, while I don't really mind being a brandwhore, I really wish they would not be so bitter. I just wanna make lolita friends, I'm not here to make fun of them for having less money than I do.

>> No.8760377

>to be extremely defensive
mostly i just want someone to talk to

imagine the isolation i'm experiencing right now

>> No.8760378

I fucking despise HelloBatty, as well as Fahrlight and Kate and Jillian. I don't even know why (although when the last two flounced they showed what self-centered crybabies they are so hurray for that) but it isn't just about the brand or popularity because I'm perfectly fine with other efamous girls who have nice wardrobes. For some reason I just really want to see HB and Fahr's shit get wrecked.

>> No.8760386

>For some reason I just really want to see HB and Fahr's shit get wrecked.
wew lad

>> No.8760391

I'm a lone lolita in a small (European) country too and nobody has ever hassled me about joining the local comm. You'll probably be fine, anon!

>> No.8760395

Idk what comm are you in?

>> No.8760404

It's okay anon, we can still talk.

My confession: I used to be really salty about OTT pastel sweet and longed for it to die, but now that classic is taking over, my dream dresses are becoming way more expensive and I feel like it's my karma.

>> No.8760407

i would be your friend anon! i also just went through a shit breakup and i've been realizing a lot of shit about myself. take the time to focus on things you enjoy, you can start small with lolita! i've noticed that a lot of the classic dresses i own receive the least amount of stares.

i believe in you!

>> No.8760410

HelloBatty's wardrobe isn't impressive. I don't think she has even 20 main pieces and the quality does not make up for the quantity. I mean, if she likes it then obviously that's all that matters, I'm just saying that her wardrobe isn't nice enough to be jealous of like the other efamous girls.

>> No.8760411

Like >>8760391 said, I don't think you have a reason to worry about people harassing you into joining a comm, that's not a thing that people do. If you happen to meet one of the local comm members while you're dressed up they might suggest you join the comm, but you're under no obligation to do it and no one can force you into it. Just do what makes you happy.

>> No.8760415

I don't even know where all this edge comes from bro

I'm not jelly of her wardrobe at all though, even if it was actually impressive it's not remotely my style. It's her entire persona that grinds on my nerves for whatever reason.

>> No.8760422

You should consider becoming a flight attendant or get your pilot's license. This will make you happy.

Meta's came out with an airline print 4 years ago. You should search for that online.

>> No.8760424

I've heard she's a total bitch and that would make me like her more if she showed it. If you're elitist let it show.

>> No.8760425

I know you aren't jelly. You said you weren't bitter about them being popular and having nice wardrobes, so I was just pointing out HB's wardrobe isn't nice enough to be jealous of, anyway.

>> No.8760432

I know who you are now. You need to lookout for yourself and find a good career that you are passionate about. Don't settle for less. Follow your heart, Anon. I am glad you can drive now and it gives for more options in the future.

>> No.8760456

Am I the only one who feels like it's really awkward when someone compares their size to yours? For example, I can fit into Victorian maiden. It's weird and sort of rude when someone says "wow your dress is so pretty! Too bad I could
never fit into that..." Like, what am I expected to say? There's literally no appropriate response to that.

>> No.8760462

My advice is not to explain it to him right away, but nip it in the bud early on by wearing it around him. I wore lolita around my fiance for the first time on our third or forth date then explained the fashion in depth after we had been together for like a month. I feel like it weirds guys out less if you don't make a big deal about wearing it by explaining it to them when they first see you in it.

>> No.8760468

same here anon.

i also managed to be extra awkward by discussing techniques for making my face paler without looking cakey or clownish (for gothic looks) with a black lolita. she said she would never be able to do that and i felt like an idiot. she did initiate the conversation and asked about the products i used, but i still felt weird.

my response was that the pale face look isn't necessary for gothic makeup but eh, it was awkward.

>> No.8760472

I don't acknowledge their self deprecation and just say thank you fr the complement. If it were a close friend, I might try to say some body positive thing, but otherwise, it's not my job to police their self image.

>> No.8760475

I completely second this, anon. Sometimes I really just want to say "lose weight then". What's even worse to me is when people say "wow, I love that dress, too bad I could never afford it". Why do people have to announce that they can't fit into or afford people's dresses? I can't imagine any reason other than that they're just extremely self-absorbed or are trying to shame the other person for having something they don't.

>> No.8760483

>Why do people have to announce that they can't fit into or afford people's dresses? I can't imagine any reason other than that they're just extremely self-absorbed or are trying to shame the other person for having something they don't.
might just have no filter. i know a lot of people who say whatever comes to mind as a way of making conversation, without meaning anything negative by it.

but they'll usually do it with an upbeat tone (making a joke out of it), or will apologize if they realize they were complaining. the guilt-trippers are usually very self-aware and control their expressions to try to achieve the biggest reaction to their complaints, if that makes sense, while the people without a filter just say it and move on.

>> No.8760486


While I'm glad that other people feel the same way, it makes me sad that people think that this is an appropriate thing to say in a social conversation. For example, I was talking about how I wanted more jsks compared to ops at a meet and someone basically told me that if I can fit into ops I should just wear ops with extra emphasis on me fitting into them. Like, why even say that? Sometimes I want to respond saying I'm sorry, let me hit up Walmart and eat 50 boxes of twinkies if it'll make you stop making this conversation awkward. Yes I'm salty.

>> No.8760494

I guess I meant something less awkward than "nice lolita outfit!" Or "I recognize the fashion you are wearing and I appreciate it"

>> No.8760542

>had to pay for his friend's wedding

Um no. Grow a fucking backbone and take care of yourself

>> No.8760549


He is sucking you dry. You are being taken advantage of. I'm sorry you are learning the hard way. Hth.

>> No.8760561

Reading stuff like OPs post makes me feel nauseous.

I'm a guy who has been cheating for a while on his girlfriend.

Could you find it in your heart to forgive your boyfriend or husband if he was truly sorry?

>> No.8760564

> for a while
> truly sorry
Nope, you reap what you sow.

>> No.8760571

I don't want to lose her.

I'm a fucking idiot anon. But I don't want to lose her.

>> No.8760580

What he did was wrong, but what you did was unnecessary. Revenge doesn't solve anything, it only causes more hatred. What if he gets so mad that he does something bad to you? What if he becomes violent?

>> No.8760589

Lol, it would have caused confusion but nothing more would have happened if he didn't continue sexting the other girl. It's not like she sent dick pics to his mother pretending to be him or anything.

>> No.8760592

Him sexting and sending dick pictures to his mom would definitely be very embarrassing. It's possible that when he finds out that his girlfriend did it, he could lash out.

>> No.8760596

the longer you hide it, the harder you hurt her.

>> No.8760598 [DELETED] 

I think this move was a genius and non-confrontational, also payback is a bitch using the very tool that caused the very grief in the first place.

If that doesn't teach him a lesson, I am sure his mom will let him know now. Some guys need a very hard lesson to act more responsibly and not be shady when they are with someone already.

I would even believe that his mom would thank HER for showing that her son was being a douchebag.

>I'm a guy and think he deserves it. Well played.

>> No.8760602
File: 57 KB, 300x184, https%3A%2F%2F33.media.tumblr.com%2F3b67942e8aa293ebf40ff830d2dd6286%2Ftumblr_nmc5aj08y91qhrduko1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then cut the shit, and be honest with her. Because I guarantee if she finds out on her own its over forever. She's not going to trust you again, eveb if you tell her yourself. If she's so wonderful why the hell would you cheat on her, you sack of shit? I hope she dumps your sorry ass. No one deserves to be cheated on.

>> No.8760603

thank you anons, I guess I'm just kinda socially inept and scared that I'd be forced into a group. I'll think about getting that one gorgeous fox dress I've had my eyes on for a while now.

hey, really? I'll drop email in case you're actualy interested. we can complain about our breakups and discuss frilly dresses.
classic is what interests me mosts so I guess that would be good on the attention part, heh.

thank you anon but I can't yet, I'm stuck in last remnants of education. :l also, I don't think I can fill the medical requirements for piloting, but both flight attending and actually ATC really interest me, I think I'll try out for both.
I've seen the meta print around and it didn't really pull me in for some reason but I don't think I've seen all the colourways and whatnot. I'll look at it again.

/cgl/ really has some of the sweetest people, thank you all. <3

come clean about everything 100% and accept if she leaves you. if you're lucky, she will be very suspicious but stay with you, if not, it's still the bet to make it happen now.
being the clingy ex is never a good thing.

>> No.8760622

I won't deny that it was a creative move, but I can't endorse revenge. If she had confronted him about his cheating, it would make him the bad guy and make him feel bad for what he did. Most of the time, that's enough to make people learn. With revenge, she opens herself up to retaliation from the boyfriend.

>> No.8760623

also: don't just come clean for her, but for yourself. living honestly will make you a stronger person. grow integrity, even when it hurts, and your character will improve in other areas.

>> No.8760624

I think this was a genius and non-confrontational move, also payback is a bitch using the very tool that caused the grief in the first place.

If that doesn't teach him a lesson, I am sure his mom will let him know now. Some guys need a hard lesson when they are caught cheating.

I would even believe that his mom would thank HER for showing that her son was being a cheating douchebag.

>I'm a guy and I think that was well played on her part, all the drama is in his hands now.

>> No.8760634

and receive a restraining order and making his story even more public.

>> No.8760638

Tell her what you've done and propose an open relationship. If you're a person who has trouble with monogamy, this is your best option.

>> No.8760660

I don't do it for sex. All of my cheating is because I meet some other girl who I end up falling for, and love her just as much as I love my girlfriend.

I just love women in general and find it hard to say no.

>> No.8760667

If you didn't want to lose her than you shouldn't have cheated on her. Stop thinking with your dick you asshole.

>> No.8760670

The greater majority of people don't want to be in an open relatioship, and if this girl had been expecting a monogamous partner it's a shitty thing to spring on a person. Either way he fucked up and if he really wanted this girl in his life he can man up and learn some fucking self restraint.

>> No.8760671

Then you should be up front about your inability to be monogamous. It's not like you can't just be poly or have some friends with benefits type situation. You need to grow a backbone and take responsibility for your actions.

>> No.8760672

I don't want them to have other men.

>> No.8760674

You're a troll.

>> No.8760675

Ding ding! Found the emotionally manipulative asshole who wants his girlfriend to sit at home reading a book while he goes out and fuck other women.
Rot in hell.

>> No.8760676

Than you're just another selfish piece of shit who can't keep his dick in his pants.

>> No.8760680

I'm not a troll. I wish I hadn't landed myself in this shit, but like I said whenever I meet anyone cute, who shares interests with me, and who fits a particular "type" - I fall for them and for whatever reason they fall for me (no idea why since I'm not attractive). And from that point on I simply can't say "no".

I actually think part of this would be solved by being able to have female friends. But I think that's impossible.

>> No.8760684

>And now, I'm gonna take out my acoustic guitar and play wonderwall

>> No.8760686

grats, you have no self-control or integrity.

>> No.8760687

Well, then you're just gonna have to get the fuck over that or stop being a slut.

>> No.8760691

well, chances are if you feel awkward saying "coord," you will feel awkward using any other niche expression.

i try to avoid saying "coord" because people pronounce it different ways and argue about how it should be said. shibboleths are maddening.

>> No.8760692

Oh god, just last week my hipster musician friend was playing Wonderwall to this girl he's been trying to get with.

>> No.8760693

are you 12

>> No.8760694

I really don't do it for sex, it's an inability to say no that I think stems from the fact I was a "late starter" with women.

Sometimes I think my girlfriend turns a blind to it on purpose. I actually feel more sorry for the other girl since she doesn't know about the girlfriend and I feel like I'm wasting her time.

I just want to know when I break things off with her it isn't going to emotionally scar things to the point she won't be able to have relationships with other people. I don't want to live with the knowledge that I've destroyed her trust in men for the rest of her life.

>> No.8760699

truly sorry, yes
"""truly sorry""", no.

>> No.8760701
File: 59 KB, 468x359, https%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2F1950cd3e1f8135064996ad4d49db48df%2Ftumblr_inline_nxu1puHSo01rxgdzt_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never wanted to punch someone in the face more than you right now. Gtfo.

>> No.8760702

move on child, your mind wants to be with one girl but your dick does not think so.
>you are doing this girl a favor should you ever contract an std, help her by staying away.

>> No.8760703
File: 70 KB, 255x326, 1435933656688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an inability to say no that I think stems from the fact I was a "late starter" with women.

>> No.8760707

Holy autism batman.

>> No.8760709

Ok. You're not that important. She'll get over it. Let her get started on the process and break up.

>> No.8760714

I don't sleep with sluts, which makes it worse. I sleep with women I unconsciously and unintentionally trick into thinking there's some future between us and the beginnings of love. That makes it much, much worse and makes me feel like shit.

I lost my virginity late on so there's a fear of not experiencing enough girls.

>> No.8760716

You....you really need to grow up.

When you'e with someone, it doesn't mean you'e not going to be attracted to other girls. It DOES mean that you have to make a conscious choice to not go through with those feelings. This is real life, and in a relationship, your actions affect another person. If you can't handle the responsibility, you shouldn't be in a relationship in the first place.

Things like this bother me so much. Relationships and love aren't something that just happens--it takes work to make them successful. It takes responsibility.

>> No.8760717

You are so not ready to have a relationship. Learn a little self-restraint first. Sure, you might fall for another person, but you don't have to act on your emotions.

>> No.8760720

You need to stop blaming other people/things on your inability to say no and realize that you are in control of your actions. Then work on not being such a blithering snail.

>> No.8760721

>I unconsciously and unintentionally trick
you are a deluded piece of shit. you know what you're doing, and why. stop making excuses and man up.

>I lost my virginity late on so there's a fear of not experiencing enough girls.
go see a therapist, who seriously thinks like this? you are so fucked up in the head it's approaching hilarity.

>> No.8760722

I'm just hearing a lot of deflection, justification and pussyfooting around excuses. And this is coming from another dude.

You're a manslut. Stop pretending you are some lost and dark soul who is secretly conflicted and LOL SO DEEP.

>> No.8760724

Well, you need to tell her asap and figure this shit out because for all you know, you could get an STD from cheating and give it to her. They're a lot more common and harder to avoid than people like to think, condoms only protect against some of them. Seriously, I knew a girl who found out her boyfriend was cheating because he ended up giving her herpes.

>> No.8760726

>And this is coming from another dude.
for what it's worth, i've been replying to this guy and am male also. just getting that out there before the feelsthread troll comes in and announces /cgl/ is full of bitches who hate men or whatever.

>> No.8760729

I can't truthfully say I disagree with any of that.

I realize that, but I can't help myself. I just love women.

I'm not making excuses, I'm not delusional. I do not do this consciously. I just get "charmed" by their charm, and end up charming them in turn.

I do it with girls who are lonely themselves too, and deal with issues. I don't want to be that guy whose philandering makes some girl go back to hurting herself when she finds out.

>> No.8760732
File: 369 KB, 480x270, https%3A%2F%2F33.media.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_lyquhrz9tf1r4o2jko1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't know this was a cringe thread.

>> No.8760735

Jesus, what does this even mean? I love petite women. If you're over 5'4" (162cm) I probably won't notice you (and even that's on the tall side). I wasn't aware that it was seen as a "fetish." It has nothing to do with "wow, wish I was banging a pre-schooler." I just think petite women are cute. Goddamn this world that has to question every single thing a man likes and make it into something sick.

>> No.8760736

Um, you can help yourself. You are physically capable of saying a two letter word and cutting things off. If you have to, make sure you aren't alone with the girl(s), or keep an accountability partner.

>> No.8760738

you are fully aware of what happens and you let it happen anyway.

you're not charmed, you're fucked in the head. you're a selfish baby who never learned discipline or self-control, and you enjoy thinking of yourself as helpless when you are fucking someone.

you're gross. put yourself in chastity and give the key to your mom so you can experience shame constructively.

>> No.8760739

You can help yourself. And you can help others by staying far far away from relationships until you mature more. Keep your dick in your pants if you don't want to hurt these girls. You're doing them more harm than good. If you don't or are 'incapable' of doing so... well, then you know where you actually stand in terms of 'loving' them.

>> No.8760740

Perhaps it was unnecessary and maybe it would lead to retaliation, but how would it make it her fault that he becomes violent? If he becomes violent, he's more of a disgusting asshole than we thought.

>> No.8760741

anon is trying to stir shit

>> No.8760743
File: 44 KB, 500x223, 1410679744022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8760744

>STDs are only a concern of you fuck sluts
Oh my fucking god, I'm praying for your girlfriend's sake you're a troll. There's not some magical number of people you have to fuck before you suddenly are at risk of STDs, this one of the biggest misconceptions about them and part of why they spread so much. Most people who get them, believe it or not, are not sluts, they just fucked a person who happened to have an STD unbeknownst to them. Which you might have already done for all you know.

>> No.8760745

>I don't want to be that guy whose philandering makes some girl go back to hurting herself when she finds out.
too bad, you're a shitstain. feeling ~sorry~ doesn't change the fact that you're hurting people.

>> No.8760747

this is exactly what I thought, idk why everyone is sucking OP's dick for their story when it's 99% just ripped off this and didn't actually happen

>> No.8760748

Nowhere did I say it would be her fault; you're putting words in my mouth. What I am saying, is that it's a risk, and you never know how people will react.

>> No.8760749

The most disgusting thing here is you are hurting so many women in your life that you claim to love, yet you still pity yourself and think you're the victim.

>> No.8760750

>Most people who get them, believe it or not, are not sluts, they just fucked a person who happened to have an STD unbeknownst to them. Which you might have already done for all you know.
especially something like HPV, which men carry silently and which can kill women.

tell. your. girlfriend. she needs to get tested.

>> No.8760751

True enough.

>> No.8760752

people want to believe there is justice in the world. let them have a sliver of hope in a world full of cowards who cheat on them with impunity.

>> No.8760754

>you're gross. put yourself in chastity and give the key to your mom so you can experience shame constructively.

That's not a mental image that appeals to me.

But I need female intimacy. I need female sympathy. I need a woman to go through all the perfunctory motions of saying she "understands" and "wants to help".

Part of the reason I fessed up ITT is because I wanted a femanon to say something like that. So I feel less alone in my thoughts.

I'm not a manwhore, including the current girl there has been one other girl that I've slept with.

>> No.8760755

>I want to get my hair cut into a pixie cut (you know, the typical 'I had a shit breakup and I want to change myself' routine) but that would kill my plans to dye it and pixies look weird with lolita

No! Get it cut the way you want it. Just don't try to throw huge head eating bows or really big accessories on. Those will make you look weird.
But those types of headbands that have tiny bows flat on the side or pretty matching barrettes/clips, those types of things would look cute.
You just have to know how to accessorize without overpowering your hair.

>> No.8760757

Well, to be fair, a lot of guys are attracted to things associated with prepubescent girls that can't possibly be due to anything other than wanting to fuck prepubescent girls (like guys who absolutely refuse to touch a vagina that isn't completely hairless) so people are kind of sensitive to stuff like that.

>> No.8760758

nope i would end it there and never speak to him again.

good luck anon youre a shitlord

>> No.8760759

>That's not a mental image that appeals to me.
it's not supposed to appeal to you, fuckboy. someone needs to control your penis because you aren't willing to.

you're a physical and mental health hazard. lock up your fucking dick.

>> No.8760762

I know what you want to hear is 'yeah sure, as long as you're completely and truly sorry,' but to be honest I could not forgive a boyfriend who cheated on me. Thinking about it makes me feel nauseous too.
Anon I feel like you have to accept that you are probably going to lose your girlfriend and that's your mistake. BUT you can learn from your mistakes. Do the right thing and tell her but know that this is your fault. In time you'll get over it and she will too hopefully but you've dicked this one up, I'm afraid. Just use this as something you should never do again, not if you care as much for your girlfriend as you say.

>> No.8760763

Good luck finding that femanon here. You "need" feminine intimacy so much you cheat? Fuck off.

I am hoping this is a troll just because I may get depressed that someone this stupid exists.

>> No.8760764

>But I need female intimacy.
you are not entitled to anything from women.

>Part of the reason I fessed up ITT is because I wanted a femanon to say something like that.

if any woman in your life knew what you really were, they would greet you daily with such disgust you would never want to leave your room again.

>> No.8760765

>But I need female intimacy. I need female sympathy. I need a woman to go through all the perfunctory motions of saying she "understands" and "wants to help".
You don't need them, you want them. You're being selfish and childish. Go to your mother if you want to be babied; that's not the role of whichever girl you're in a relationship with.

>> No.8760766

You're right. But what can I do? If I tell her, she's going to hurt herself, she's fragile. I don't want her to do that. I will pay out of my own pocket for her to go to therapy if that's what it takes. That's how much I care.

I do love them both.

>> No.8760771

>I'm not a manwhore, including the current girl there has been one other girl that I've slept with.
>in response to a list emphasizing you don't have to be a slut to get an STD
It doesn't matter if you're only cheating with one girl, she can still give you and STD that you can pass to your girlfriend.

>> No.8760772

Honestly it's probably more hurtful to hear that you have fallen for another girl as well as your gf than just had a drunken one night stand or whatever

>> No.8760773

for a minute i thought you might be matt seo!

>> No.8760775

Then Baker Act her ass, then tell her the truth. You staying with her will only fuck her up more in the long run.

>> No.8760778

>You "need" feminine intimacy so much you cheat? Fuck off.

You put it bluntly, but that's most of it, yeah. The sex isn't even a big deal to me, just cuddling up next to her and holding her is more important.

>if any woman in your life knew what you really were, they would greet you daily with such disgust you would never want to leave your room again.

Why do you say things like this?

Do you think I have no feelings?

>> No.8760779

>I am hoping this is a troll just because I may get depressed that someone this stupid exists.
whether or not it is a troll, such people exist, which is partly why anons wanted to believe OP's prank was true (despite being based on a famous tweet). this shit happens too much.

>> No.8760780

Why do you need a *woman* to do that? Why don't YOU feel the need to give those women the same kind of intimacy, respect, and sympathy you're demanding of them? Fucking creep. You seem like the kinda guy who loved/despised women because they rejected your nasty ass, but the only diff is you finally (unfortunately) found women who pitied you enough to like you. That's just sad.

I'm almost certain you're a troll, but people like you exist, so this response is for them.

>> No.8760781

I think you're lost, are you looking for the Biblical era. You know, when men had 40 wives who had to be monogamous to the one husband. Because back then when women were commodity, it was okay to be this selfish and dickbaggish. I gave you advice but then I saw this and, well, fuck that.

>> No.8760783

>Do you think I have no feelings?

Troll in the dungeon!

>> No.8760784
File: 287 KB, 405x412, CuteHahaNo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fedora lord, women aren't that fragile. You're exactly like the other sexist guys. Women aren't Madonnas or whores, they're people. Putting them on a pedestal is just as harmful as treating them like dirt. You don't love these woman, you love the idea of them. If anyone needs that therapy, it's you.

>> No.8760785

>Why do you say things like this?
>Do you think I have no feelings?
your feelings aren't more important than the health and safety of the women you are manipulating, or the women you will manipulate in the future.

>> No.8760786

The feelings of someone like you don't matter. You're a swine.

>> No.8760787

yeah i'm done. troll or delusional asshat, there's no point in continuing.

>> No.8760788

Say what you want, but I've never despised or hated women in the same way people like /r9k/ers have. Not once. Not even when I was a girlfriendless dweeb in school. I actually really admire elements of women's character: How forgiving they are, their empathy for others, their caring and nurturing instincts towards people and things in distress.

>Why do you need a *woman* to do that?

Becuase of the above.

>Why don't YOU feel the need to give those women the same kind of intimacy, respect, and sympathy you're demanding of them?

I do. The only reason I'm still with the other girl is because she's so fragile.

>> No.8760789

I'm laying my heart out here. I realize it seems repugnant to you, but I'm being a lot more honest than most men would be about how I feel.

Do you really think I deserve to suffer?

>> No.8760790

>I don't sleep with sluts
honestly I don't think you're in the moral position to be calling girls sluts when you're a slut yourself

>> No.8760791

>I actually really admire elements of women's character: How forgiving they are, their empathy for others, their caring and nurturing instincts towards people and things in distress.

look around this board, which is mostly full of women, and see the reality of women's "character."

>> No.8760792

id like to think this guy is a troll but i have met a man who has said these exact things to me
im also 80% sure that man is a sociopath

>> No.8760793

You're a sociopath desu

>> No.8760794

yep. you need to learn somehow. we tried reasoning with you, and you rejected it. if you can't be rehabilitated you need to be contained so you stop harming people.

>> No.8760797

Shaving pubic hair wasn't even the norm/fashionable until very recently. Did people ~suddenly~ realize their pedophiliac instinct for shaved pussy? Nah. Stop with the pseudo-scientific instinct bull.

>> No.8760801

i don't know why you didn't consider she may be less hurt by you breaking up 'gently' (relatively speaking: almost all break ups hurt,but still) than by the inevitable break up because you get caught cheating, which WILL fuck her up and give her a horrible, scarring experience YOU could've avoided by not being a greedy idiot. you're not in it for the women and their ~*feminine sensitivity*~, you're in it because you're insecure as fuck and think being with multiple women will make up for everything else you're lacking

>> No.8760803


shaved genitals go in and out of fashion. anal sex also increased in popularity due to porn, as did erectile dysfunction in young men who whack it with a death grip.

not everything is because of innate instinct. humans can't even fucking walk without being taught how.

>> No.8760804

>look around this board, which is mostly full of women, and see the reality of women's "character."

I'd like to think beneath all the bitchiness /cgl/ girls are still maternal and kind t.b.h.

>> No.8760805

Women weren't put on this earth to baby you. They're complex and varied humans just like anyone else. Some are caring, and you found some who are, and you took advantage of that. You probably hate "Chads" and think you're better than any other cheating pig because even though you fuck other girls ~it's barely about the sex~.

>> No.8760806

Yeah you do t b h
also if some anons of cgl telling you the truth is too much for your precious feelings then honey, you've got a big storm comin'
what did you expect? For us to be like 'aw its ok baby, just tell her u didn't mean it, ur a gr8 person xox uwu'

>> No.8760807


This. Speaking as another guy who has done what the guy ITT is doing, you're right. I've also never been a misogynist but I do hold women with a certain amount of reverence, regard them as "fragile" and "delicate" like he does etc. This is what led to my problems in relationships and cheating. I'd get involved with multiple women who were broken and feel it was my responsibility to help fix them all because they were so "innocent and pure" and couldn't cope without a man and that kind of stuff.

Part of me still feels that way.

>> No.8760808

Ah, I think people misunderstand pediophilia. It has nothing to do with how people dress or act. It is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Period. There is no mistaking someone who is post-pubescent for someone who is pre, especially girls, no matter how childishly they dress, act, or groom. If someone is sexually attracted to "childishness" it's not the same as being attracted to children.

It just strikes me that screaming "pedophile!" is the new "communist." Just the possibility of being tainted by the accusation is enough to ruin someone and so people throw it around to exercise outsized power and influence on things that aren't even related.

BTW, I'm the same anon that said he likes petite women. I'm not into age-play, and I personally can't wait for the whole "shaved" fad to die; worst trend ever IMHO. So, so much for stereotypes, I guess. But here I am still fighting them.

>> No.8760809

We're vehemently defending women you're treating like shit, yet you see bitchiness and (somehow) maternalism.
>alright then

>> No.8760810

kindness isn't innate to a specific gender. it's socialized. even female monkeys deprived of socialization will mutilate their young.

your mom must have fucked you up big time.

>> No.8760813

>Just the possibility of being tainted by the accusation is enough to ruin someone and so people throw it around to exercise outsized power and influence on things that aren't even related.

>> No.8760814

>Some are caring, and you found some who are, and you took advantage of that.

Yeah. When you put it like that I feel even worse.

>You probably hate "Chads"

I don't think Chad is really a thing. I dislike MRA stuff.

>~it's barely about the sex~.

If I didn't sleep with them, would you still consider it cheating if we were emotionally intimate?

I expected some sort of empathy, sorry.

Reading this makes me feel better, it's good to know there are other men out there who deal with this way of thinking too.

>> No.8760815

> How forgiving they are, their empathy for others, their caring and nurturing instincts towards people and things in distress
met plenty of guys like that, met plenty of girls not like that. Of course there are some that are, but you're generalising here and I'm starting to wonder if you've ever met a woman, because that's pretty much akin to saying 'all women are blonde'. It's a trait that varies person to person and you can't expect forgiveness just because you think women are genetically predisposed to give it to you or whatever

>> No.8760816

That wasn't me.

I do think women should be kinder to each other though.

>> No.8760818

telling another girl you love them or positing that you're in a romantic relationship while you're in a relationship with someone else is worse than just having sex with them

>> No.8760822

This was a really good response.

As a girl who has been cheated on by a guy she loved and planned to marry, yes, I did forgive him. I also believed in him incredibly much to be able to change behavior and do better when he realized he had done something wrong.
However, even though I forgave him (it was extremely difficult to do), he still wound up breaking up with me over something stupid.
I don't know that I ever really got over it. Time makes it hurt less. Forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean you "get over it." I still have a few residual trust issues, even with other people.

I just try to remember they aren't him, and it's unfair to treat them differently because of something someone else did.

There is a possibility of forgiveness. Just know it will hurt her a lot, even if she does forgive you.

>> No.8760826
File: 1.07 MB, 480x270, 1266441914325.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always smile a lot at meets and cons
but when i go home i cry because i feel so ugly next to the other girls and i cry a lot at con photos because of how ugly i feel
People keep telling me i look super cute and very little know about my insecurities.
But in a con when i get asked for a pic i often hide my face or look away.
I'm so tired of crying because i feel like other girls are prettier and better and i feel like shit. I wish to feel at peace with myself

>> No.8760829
File: 204 KB, 329x444, 1389243632405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can smell the fedora from here
also nope not gonna forgive his sorry ass, he's an asshole and i choose my frills over a man any day. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.8760836


No, no, you got it all wrong. A fedora would say "M'lady, how could you stay with the big alpha male while nice guy me would always be there for you."

Then when you start dating him he turns out to be a useless beta fag who can't even hold down a job or clean the house you're paying the mortgage for. The only reason he isn't cheating is because only you will fuck his sorry ass.

>> No.8760838


Also, I meant 'general you.'

And nothing against stay at home men. I just don't appreciate when stay at home men don't clean up the house, or anything. Bring home the dough or wash the dishes m8.

>> No.8760839

I don't care at this point. I'll take that over men who cheat.

But fedoras will cheat too, given the opportunity.

>> No.8760843

Maybe, just maybe, cheating doesn't mean you don't love the woman you're with?

>> No.8760845

Is there a recipe for this trollish'ish dish?

>> No.8760846

I actually do kinda want a pixie cut, I was just referring to the act of cutting hair as a typical breakup thing. I just feel like I might regret it later since I grew this for quite a while.

I know fuck all about accessorising in general so idek how this stuff will work out, but we'll see. thank you for the tips anon

>> No.8760847

>on the tall side
bruh, my girlfriend is 5"5 and she looks short to me and i'm not even really tall.
You must be on the tiny side yourself.
Though i understand what you mean somehow, but she's cute and look small, is on the slim side, small boobs, and she give that feeling that makes me want to protect her. Plus a babyface. I'm just so weak for cute girls, mature women are nice but i prefer cute over mature.
>tfw when she jump because she can't reach a top shelf

>> No.8760848

My eyes have rolled too hard. I've strained something.

>> No.8760849

So you're OK with her cheating on you? Just make it an open relationship.

>> No.8760854

i'm afraid wearing ouji makes people question my sexuality or gender identity. even within the comm.

>> No.8760859

Why are you afraid of people thinking that?

>> No.8760888
File: 225 KB, 700x609, When you tip your fedora, you're tipping with Hitler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would like

to take advantage

of ur low self-esteem

and give you

the dick


>> No.8760889

I'm 5"5 and anyone I talk to about height says something along the lines of "that's about average for a women, isn't it?" and after having just googled it, the average height of most women in most predominantly english-speaking countries is around 5"4-5"5

>> No.8760896

Can my confession be that it really annoys me that slut is still a pejorative because I think it's the best-sounding way to describe a promiscuous person, or is that just too fedorian?

>> No.8760900


I mean, it is a perjorative for a promiscuous person, if that's what you mean.

>> No.8760906

I think it's more pejorative since it's easier for women to get sex, lock and key and all that.

>> No.8760907


There are very clearly men who are sluts given this thread.

My ideal wouldn't be to 'ban' it like some people insist but use it as an umbrella term for pieces of shit who like to cheat on their significant others, men and women and whatever else people have hanging off of their nether regions.

>> No.8760908

I just would like it to not be negatively charged, just a word for a factual situation. Because I like saying slut. I don't know, I've had wine.

>> No.8760911

The guy in this thread wasn't a slut, just a typical male 4channer who is clueless about how to manage different women who may be interested in him.

>> No.8760947
File: 33 KB, 300x300, 1446408323697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cause they gotta feel they know the most about it and try and inform you on everything as if you don't already know it, to be first p much (like a youtube comment)

i say this because i have a friend who does this shit all. the. fucking. time. i've just given up and cut her off sometimes saying, "yeah, i know what it is." and wait for her to continue

she also takes a funny joke or something i say and tweets it as her own about 99% of the time. idk what to do cause i love her humor and she's so cute but like.... her personality and her undermining comments are awful i hate ittttttt

sorry for rant :|

>> No.8760957

>but I can't help myself. I just love women.
Stop saying shit that isn't true. It's not like you slipped and your dick fell in. You CAN stop yourself. Grow up and learn some self control.

>> No.8760960

I've never loved this board more than I do right now.

>> No.8760966
File: 48 KB, 499x484, 1448397063647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8760984
File: 34 KB, 279x360, 8c25cf407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can't help myself. I just love women.

>> No.8760990

>I don't want them to have other men.
>I just want to know when I break things off with her it isn't going to emotionally scar things to the point she won't be able to have relationships with other people.
>it isn't going to emotionally scar
>relationships with other people.
>I don't want them to have other men.
pick one

>> No.8761003 [DELETED] 

>just a typical male 4channer who is clueless a slut

>> No.8761005 [DELETED] 

Oooh, I want to join in on the shitty analogies and comparing people to objects!

A bear trap that catches many bears is clearly a good trap. But a bear that gets caught in many traps is a stupid bear.

>> No.8761023

I don't know many dudes who would mind being compared to bears desu. Bears are badass.

>> No.8761059

>A douchebag bear nonetheless

>> No.8761070

>"had to help pay"

It wasn't the entire event, just his share. He was the best man, so he paid for the bachelor's party and the booze. It's kind of a standard for most weddings.

>> No.8761073
File: 49 KB, 400x300, how-I-am-around-girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm just so weak for cute girls, mature women are nice but i prefer cute over mature.

>> No.8761077

I'm at least happy my hours are picking up a little. And when February hits I'll be better. But I'm still looking for a third shift job just to have more pocket money for brand.
And the driving helps greatly. If nothing else, it gets me out of the house to clear my head.

>> No.8761114

Then do it? Just don't be a cunt about it and make an event on the comm page titled "EXLCUSIVE MEETUP" or post all your together pictures from the outing (single outfit shots from home would be fine if that's a trend but no "look at all of us at our secret speshul meetup) to the page. If you're legitimate friends outside the comm and its events, just text them and plan it?

>> No.8761123

If it's four girls or less I don't think anyone is going to care about group photos.

>> No.8761288

Amen. Emotionally stunted men are funny and incredibly pathetic

>> No.8761346

>(Besides, Isn't small boobs a trend thing anyway?
>''Flat is justice''
>Or is that trend finally letting go?)

That trend will live in me forever.

>> No.8761355

I'm on this page, too. There's a huge difference between the body and face of a petite woman and an actual child, and I'm attracted to the former, not the latter. That said, I'm also attracted to tall, busty women, so it's not like it's an exclusive thing, just that I can appreciate a flat, petite girl just as much as any other.

Actually, there's a much easier and less freaky explanation of guys liking shaved girls, and it's porn. The vast majority of American guys under 40 or so grew up on porn where almost every woman was shaved, and so it's basically normal to us. As a pretty average guy who grew up in this society, my gut reaction is that a hairy pussy is more fetishistic than a shaved one. Also, the vagina itself is an area of focus to guys for obvious regions, and we have a much clearer view of it when a girl shaves, which is probably a lot of why it became normal in porn to begin with.

>> No.8761375

You're fucking disgusting.

>> No.8761379

Yeah, "I fell in love with another girl" > "I got horny and couldn't control myself and my selfish ass let it escalate" in terms of "holy shit I want to kill myself." It's too fucking late to worry about how "fragile" she is. You weren't and aren't thinking about her, you're thinking about yourself, no matter what you believe. The fact that you would be okay with multiple partners but wouldn't want them to have the same opportunity exemplifies this. There's no way she won't find out, you're obviously not intelligent enough to keep it hidden since it's not obvious to her that you should tell her the truth. Either way she's going to be crushed, and it's all your fault, because...I want to call you all sorts of names but I can't because I have cheated on a partner and I know you already know what you are. But you need to take it a step further, tell her, and let her get on with her life and finding someone that actually cares about her, that would be sick at the thought of hurting her like this.

>> No.8761384

not obvious to you*

>> No.8761387

Yes. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt, in the very very very very very rare chance this might actually be a serious issue for you and you're not just trying to justify your abhorrent behavior.

Yes, you deserve to suffer. Intentional or not you have caused so much emotional harm and possible psychical harm upon at least two other people - and you don't care. This entire situation is about YOU in your head. You DON'T care about them.

I honestly think you've never truly experience what "love" is. Love is selflessness, something I don't think you know the very definition of.

Get help, clean up your own mess, or wallow in your own shit like you deserve.

Regardless, intentional or not, You deserve to suffer. You need to feel just a slice of the hurt you have inflicted on others with your behavior. Maybe then you will finally understand why the SHIT everything you have ever done is WRONG.

>> No.8761388

I can't wait for this hot mess of a thread to sage.

>> No.8761390

They say, bumping the thread.

>> No.8761391

>to sage
newfag pls

>> No.8761392
File: 30 KB, 660x300, That-Guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't Be

>> No.8761414

You get empathy when you display a capability for it yourself. So far you've done nothing but make us feel sorry for the poor women you're deceiving - you're clearly in the wrong and even more despicable for expecting people to coddle you for your conflicted feelings over it. You have feelings, but you don't seem to realize that the people you're fucking with are actually human beings that have feelings just as complex as yours. You're selfish and mean. Even the biggest bullies have feelings, but that doesn't mean they deserve pats on the back for bothering to confess to being bullies.

>> No.8761468

I get what you're saying and I know the reason most guys like shaved is because pubic hair is "unnatural" on women. But most guys seem to think anything but bubblegum pink labia-less innies are disgusting, so I don't really think wanting to see it is the issue. The only exceptions I've found are guys with fetishes and they only like the "extreme" kinds.

>> No.8761526

this is still a confessions thread right lol

i have such a huge complex about my age. i'm mid twenties and i feel like this is too old to wear lolita (i wear sweet) and i always wanted to cosplay but i feel like my opportunity is gone and that i need to move on from cute stuff and it's so depressing because these are my interests and im not interested in anything else and never have been. whenever i see older lolitas or cosplayers instead of letting them inspire me to continue i just think "well they've been doing this for a while so it's ok that they're older and still into these hobbies". it's so frustrating. sometimes i want to just sell all my dresses and cute stuff and move on and be normal or whatever but the thought depresses me.

>> No.8761556

20s is still so young, even 30s is pretty low considering the average lifespan. You're fine, you're at the perfect age to be able to do what you want.

>> No.8761585

not guy ur responding to but that is lewd anon

>> No.8761729

Yeah, but there's a difference between preference and refusal for anything else. I don't think guys preferring shaved pussy is indication they like prepubescent girls, but when a guy refuses to touch a vagina that isn't hairless, I think it's safe to assume he probably would rather fuck 12 year olds if he legally could. Also, the fact so many guys apply porn star shit as a mandatory standard for women does not really make it any less disturbing.

>> No.8761841

Men are so pathetic jfc.

>> No.8761846

Yeah, no offense, but does this actually exist? I mean, you've had men refuse to touch you because you weren't shaved? I'm curious about these men you know who "refuse" sex.

>> No.8761850

Be 100% honest, would you be okay if you found out the 2 girls were cheating you?

>> No.8761963

I think I know who you are. The comm doesn't care that much about how much of what you have. There's probably a few new girls who might, but they'll get over it. And if not, the rest of the comm's overall energy about it will settle them down. Don't worry about it and enjoy what you like.

>> No.8762438

Body hair is gross in general that's basically the equivalent of saying if a girl refuses a guy based on hairy pits or a chest carpet, she secretly wants to bang kids. Literally non sequitur. I'm sorry if this is done personal issue you've run into, but body hair is just gross in general, and it had nothing to do with pedophilia.

>> No.8762446

seconding this. i like both my men and women hairless; i find kids disgusting. i just dont want dirty hair in my mouth.

>> No.8762523

Disgusting asiaphiles detected.

>> No.8762751

kek have you seen asian pussy? no thanks. and i'm married to a white dude, nice try though.


>> No.8762917

You didnt realize he was a piece of trash in two years? WTF.

>> No.8763917

This is so shitty, anon, I am so sorry that happened to you
This is what terrifies me about relationships, man. I've heard way too many stories about husbands getting busted as kiddie diddlers like 15 years into marriage. It's so easy to miss
>bitter and jaded from my own recent breakup lol

>> No.8764606

Stop being such a bitch, you're a normal man who wants a variety of pussy.

Just be honest with the girls you date that you see other women too. Most chicks are down for a semi-relationship fuckbuddy thing these days if you're a cut above other guys attractiveness-wise, which it sounds like you are cause most guys couldn't cheat if they wanted to.

>> No.8764853

Guys cheat all the fucking time, and it has nothing to do with looks. As well most girls are not looking for a fuck buddy these days, guys like him are why.

>> No.8766126

I never see her, and I always see a lot more pics of JNig than anyone else so theres that.

>> No.8766400


>Sometimes I think my girlfriend turns a blind to it on purpose
Good idea its really your girlfriends fault for trusting you.

Listen anon your full of shit, likely 95% of what you say is bullshit with your life style choices. You probably don't know how to speak without spewing bullshit since you've been doing it for so long and don't even realize you're doing it. It's going to take more balls than what you have to make this situation right. You're pathetic. You don't have to tell your girlfriend anything. just keeping doing what you're doing. Yes, everyone want you to confess for some kind of Justice. But life isn't fair because shitty people like you exist. So enjoy it Anon because you will receive no sympathy here. Just know that you are pathetic in ever sense of the word.

>> No.8766418

Sorry "Pathetic" isn't the right word by definition.
Pathetic would mean you deserve pity. Weak or Spineless might be better but also reprehensible.

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