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It's been a while since we had one of these threads, so let's get one started! What kind of reactions do you get when you wear more unusual fashion out in public (Fairy kei, visual-kei, lolita, etc.)? Mostly positive? Mostly negative? What are some of your most memorable experiences with normies while dressed up? Please share!

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I'm a sweet lolita, and the reactions are mostly positive. You get your "Are you in a play?" and "Who are you dressed up as?" questions, but they don't usually mean any harm. But I did get a "It's not Halloween yet!" yelled at me from a speeding car once. It was only a few days before Halloween, anyway. Even if I was in costume, people have Halloween parties early sometimes... Don't know what her problem was. Also got a "Little Bo Peep" comment from a mall Santa a couple days ago, lol. As if he was in a position to comment on people dressing up.

Still, people are generally positive and complimentary. A lot of strangers have called me cute while I was wearing lolita, which is a nice feeling. A lot of old ladies seem to like it, and I've also gotten a surprising number of moms getting excited and telling me about how their kids would love it. A lot of people ask to take my picture, but I don't mind. (Even if I always look derpy in photos, oh well.)

Overall, not bad.

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I wear Lolita every Friday, since I typically have labs and can't wear skirts or dresses, and then I go out to eat with my mom.

I got froyo with another lolita recently, and people loved it. We actually found a mother who's daughter was a lolita and had been wondering if there was a local comm!

Out to lunch though, my own boss won't even recognize me, he charged me full price on accident when I wore gothic on Halloween.

It's mainly the older people who question it or ask if I'm doing a play or if I'm doing some sort of Art Project for the college.

I've only had one negative experience though with someone saying it was offensive for me to wear a dress with crosses on it after a large religious event occurred at school and called me out on the town facebook page. But once I told her I wasn't trying to be offensive and explained myself, she apologized and explained herself a little bit better.

So all in all, it's been pretty well, never had anyone make any rude remarks to me, I have had people take photos of me when I'm stuffing my face full of food or trying to order food in public, but that's to be expected.

Honestly though, my work place loves it! They always try to guess on Friday morning what I'll be wearing in to lunch that day and find it great that I am into such a nice hobby.

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I love the reactions from kids the best. Shortlisted:

The little girl who utterly lost her shit when she spotted our tea party through the front window of the cafe.

The toddler on the bus who was fascinated by my gloves. I held out my hand and let him touch the lace, he just patted my hands in awe.

The little girl who looked to the side and saw me waiting behind her for the walk signal and started yanking on her dad's arm and trying to whisper to him to look at the princess.

The group of kids who wanted to take turns wearing my flower crown.

Every little kid who has stared at me in wide eyed wonder on public transit.

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Kids are always the best!

We had a meet at a restaurant and there was a small child, couldn't even walk yet, that was staring at us and trying to stand up and was giggling every time we would wave at her.

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Same person, I remembered another:

A friendly middle aged lady with a dog, who let us all pet her dog. Said dog was a massive suck and rolled all over in front of us for tummy rubs. Apparently, she trains dogs to be support animals, and we were perfect for an exercise in people who look different.

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Wore a plain jsk and a bolero for open class (I work at a korean kindergarten) with the students' parents and the kids got a kick out of princess seonsaeng-nim. The parents commented that it made the classroom environment a little more whimsical and fun.

I wish I could wear more lolita but I just know it'd be distraction in class.

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Yeah, kids with their parents or old ladies are the best. I was in OTT sweet lolita and my husband and I decided to go to the mall after a shitty day at a local convention. When we were about to walk in, a little girl got so excited and told her dad, "daddy, look at the princess!"

It was so adorable, I wish I could wear lolita more often but humid tropical weather doesn't do my petticoat any favors.

As for negative comments, I haven't gotten any besides some teenage boys snickering behind me and then the regular "eh" comments like "are you in a play?" or "look, it's little bo peep!"

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One of my favorite encounters was with an old woman and her friend in Paris. She asked me if she could "make a picture of me" I was a bit worried it was a scam but she was genuinely interested and wanted to show her sewing club.

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>shipping meet
>in a store
>man comes up to us
>"excuse me ladies my son has a question for you all"
>little boy, maybe about 5-6 comes up to us
>"miss do you dress like this every day?" (directed at one girl in the comm but everyone answered because we were standing in a group)
it was so cute

and for the not so pleasant:
on the way to the meet i had to walk about a block to meet some friends and a passing car honked at me. Another lady stopped in the middle of the road, leaned out the window (not that i was on the passenger side of the car and she was driving) and took a photo of me before speeding away
this was within the span of one block

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gdi autocorrect

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I've had lots of people just stop me and ask where I got clothes or novelty bags from (book, violin, giant star etc), ask for photos, or just come and tell me they think I'm well dressed and ask where I'm going. I've been asked if I was dressed as little bo peep (understandable, I was in a bonnet) but I've also been called mary poppins while in sailor/sweet.... not really sure of the connection there haha. I've had people lean out of cars/work vans to cat call and a few guys on a train think they were being subtle by looking over, sniggering and turning away again, which are probably the only negative reactions so far. Most people are just generally curious and have something nice to say, which always puts a smile on my face. The most awkward normie reaction I've had though was I was checking into a hotel after a convention in a pretty OTT classic/themed coord, the door guy looks like he recognises me before I get to the counter and starts taking me somewhere, thinking I'm entertainment for a party that was apparently happening in the hotel. When I tried to explain I just wanted to check into my room he got really embarassed, and every time I went through the lobby he'd desperately plea to carry my freaking heavy con purchases, book me taxis, get me refreshments....it was so uncomfortable having him flap around trying to make up for it.

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>wearing rhs
>walk past group of maybe 6 teenage boys
>all of them turn to me

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First time I put a coord together, twinning in sax and white with friend
>Little girl: Look mommy, Angels!
>Woman in an amazing ballgown at con: I can't believe that's all bodyline!
>Creepy Indian man on the way home: How much? ;)

Two outta three ain't bad.

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>Why is that grown-ass woman dressed like a five year old?

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Kids are so much fun, I was waiting for the bus with a mom and her 2 little boys and the younger one was absolutely fascinated by my lemon-shaped purse
It was really cute

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I get a variety of reactions, especially when I take the train to meets. Usually it is positive. The most negative comment was from a passing car with "Bo-peep, where is your sheep?" .

- Whenever someone asks me "why are you all dressed up?", I always reply "I'm going to a party."

-Waiting for the train in the platform, a guy gives me the look down and says "Cool cosplay. What you cosplaying as?" Me being newb at the time, proceeded to give a long explanation about how it is a fashion and cosplaying is something else, history blah blah. Bored him to death till he walked away because the train arrived.

-Wore ott sweet lolita and was travelling to a high tea meet, a little girl said I looked like a princess and the dress was very nice after talking her mum.

- Whilst taking photos with the comm, a tourist asked us, "That's lolita fashion?" and was talking to us about her holiday in Japan.

-Whilst finding a seat on the homebound train,
a middle aged lady stopped me in the aisle and asked if it was ok to take a photo, saying it was for her girlfriend (was wearing a shiro coord). I just let her since she asked politely. When she returned to her seat, I saw her show the photo to the guy sitting next to her.

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Was this during the High Tea meet at Shangri-La in Toronto?
Cause if it was I fucking loved that dog so much, the dog was so cute and friendly. Just rolling all over the place.

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The most awful experience I had with normies was during a school trip in Barcelona. since I was away from my parents I used the opportunity to dress up everyday, so there I was with my classmates, wearing gothic in front of the Sagrada Familia, waiting for our teachers to finish buying our tickets, when two tourists approached me and asked me a question in something that was probably supposed to be english. I realized we were from the same country so I told them I understood them, which made them become overly familiar and overly touchyfeely towards me. I agreed for a picture despite being quite embarrassed already, but after that they told the rest of the group they were with to join us and all of a sudden I was being moved around like a prop by various strangers wanting to take pictures of me, some people even took my parasol to get a picture with it.
It was one of the most humiliating experiences I've ever had.

Thinking about it after years kind of makes me laugh at their ignorance tho, those people decided that a teenage girl dressed in a weird fashion was more interesting that the Sagrada Familia!!!

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>The toddler on the bus who was fascinated by my gloves. I held out my hand and let him touch the lace, he just patted my hands in awe.

And this is how fetishes are born

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I was out with a friend at a cafe and a family came in with their 2 year old little girl and sat next to us. She was so adorable and loved our shoes and dresses. She was shy though, but sweet.

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Another time I was shopping with my mom and a man asked me about what I was wearing. He said he was a photographer and he liked my dress a lot. I've found that some people really just love the details and will spend a couple moments just looking at my dresses. I appreciate their interest.

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If I ever have doubts about being out in lolita, old ladies are 100% guaranteed to make me feel better about it.

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>wearing RHS
>some guy asks if i can walk in those
>trip and fall as i'm walking away

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Lol if I had a penny for every random photographer who approaches me.

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>halloween meetup
>meeting outside a library to go shopping
>waiting with a few girls for everyone else to show up
>my town has a major film festival every year
>library literally right next to the hub for the film festival
>some guy from the film festival with this camera on a very fancy rig attached to his chest comes up to us
>no idea if he was filming or not, he took some photos though
>lady with him kept asking us questions, like if we wore this year round or just on Halloween

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i live in a fairly big city and actually love it when tourists want to take my picture even if they don't speak the language and just make gestures. they always seem so excited and happy! but I can definitely see how having your things manhandled my strangers would be awful. luckily I've only encountered really nice people sofar

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>Waiting for a bus with boyfriend one day.
>See lady at the other end of the street.
>She starts walking fast towards us.
>Breaks into a jog.
>The street is full of bus-stops, nothing unusual about that.
>Stops at me.
>"I just had to get a proper look at what you're wearing, oh my god!"
>SUPER enthusiastic, no idea what she's looking at but delighted anyway.
>Particularly likes the lace on my sleeves.
>Tells me she loves my outfit and goes back to walking down the street.

>Coming out of a tea place after lunch with a friend.
>I'm in shiro, she's in kuro.
>Walking past a theatre as the matinée pantomime is letting out.
>I'm no good at judging crowds but I'd say there were at least ten million kids
>One little girl sees us, she's about 5 or 6.
>Tries to say something to... us? Her parents?
>All that comes out is a gasp and "A... buh- buh-"
>We made a little girl lose her words.

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Yes! Hello fellow sixer!

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I've had a mix of reactions.

I've had kids gasp and shout "A PRINCESS!" I've had a little girl climb under the back of my skirt to look for the "pillow" holding it up (and get thoroughly chastised by her mum for it).
I've had dudebros hurl insults (and in one instance, a beer bottle).
I've had little old ladies grow sentimental about their days in petticoats/crinolines.
I've had a tradie block people from sitting in my row on the train, to protect me from harassment.
I've had a woman tell me I looked like a "two dollar whore" and another woman say I was "just another fuckin' Barbie doll" for refusing to give her loose change.

It varies day to day and outfit to outfit, but the positives usually outweigh the negatives.

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Aww she looks so sad :(

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I actually went out in pretty fancy Classic the other day and NO ONE SAID ANYTHING. I guess not technically true one store clerk said "I dig your outfit" not sure if it's a product of living in a trendy city or what but it's nice to be left pretty much alone.

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No worries. It was staged

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It's staged. Fahrlight did a series of these.

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Thank god.

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>Husband and I work together at a small bakery at a farmer's market
>He's wearing full on 18th century influenced Aristo
>Dudebro stranger suddenly appears out of nowhere behind the counter
>Without a word to either of us he puts his arm around my husband and holds up his phone to start taking a selfie
>Husband stops him and tells him no
>Dude slinks off
>Comes back later (staying out from behind the counter this time) and says to husband "You know, I would buy something but you wouldn't take a picture with me."
>Husband: "I can live with that."
>Dude calls husband a fuckface and stomps off.
>Our boss is super cool and thought that was hilarious and told my husband "good for you!"

Like I understand people trying to stealth take pictures, which is rude, but...I mean what in the world makes a guy think it's totally okay to go behind the counter where you're not employed and physically grab someone to try and take a selfie without even saying anything at all first?

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I don't get why he didn't just think to ask first

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Daddy issues?

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Recently went to a bookstore wearing pic related.
A little boy in the same section was staring. After a while, my boyfriend (being the goof that he is) told the little boy I was a real princess.
He then ran back to his mom and brought her over to see the "real life princess"

It was embarrassing, but mostly cute

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>be me walking back from big lolita tea party
>feeling great
>wearing one of the super princess-y dresses from AP, bonnet, parasol, the whole getup
>just met famous japanese lolita figure
>called me cute (i know it's pretty typical for them to call everyone cute but it was still nice)
>walking to car from tea party
>lots of stares
>one person chases me from across the street to ask why i was dressed up
>random cars honking
>one car slows down as i'm walking
>honking like crazy
>look over and a child no older than 10 flips me off

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I've mainly had a lot of people not so subtly filming/taking pictures as I walk by. Just recently I had someone give me their baby to take a picture with. They didn't really say anything either. Just kind of put him in my arms.

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Went to a mall during a meetup as something to do after the main part of it, and people were losing their shit over how we were dressed. All these people were wanting photos with us, telling us they loved our dresses, and one woman who said she just had to come over to tell us we look great and to keep doing our thing.

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I dress mostly in classic and occasionally sweet with some otome on the side and have never had anyone say anything rude to me. Most people say that I/my comm as a group look beautiful and maybe ask if we're going to an event, if we dress like that often, where we get our clothes. Very average questions. Occasionally, someone pops off with some "living doll" or "Bo Peep" comment, but it never seems malicious, and even if it were, it doesn't really bother me when at least 90% of interactions are nothing but compliments.

The most interesting thing I've noticed is how dads in my area seem to really like point lolitas out to their kids, even moreso than moms seem to. It's sweet, I think, to see them trying to get their kids excited about something whimsical rather than trying to turn them away from us freaky girls or something equally judgmental.

What bothers me more than normies asking questions is how my comm members deal with it, honestly. I don't mind, so I often answer those simple questions with very watered down explanations, a sentence or two, but politely. If I'm not right there to be the first to answer, most of the rest hate talking to normies and act like they're offended that people won't mind their damn business and come across as somewhat rude, which I understand, I guess, but also find really unnecessary. The worst is if someone asks for a photo; instead of just saying "no thank you", they'll all hem and haw a little before glaring at the camera and grumbling afterwards about how rude people are and wtf do they want photos for while the person is still in ear shot. It's just kind of tacky imo.

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Forgot to add a not so great moment. My friends and I had just left Denny's and they told me that the girl behind me in line to pay was pointing at me to her friend and laughing. I remember seeing her behind me because she had looked a hot mess. She was really overweight and had managed to squeeze herself into a tight spaghetti strap top with tiny shorts.

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I don't wear lolita out that often except for a couple of meets, I mostly wear himekaji and rokku/gothic gyaru, I definitely get a lot of stares and raised eyebrows, especially from parents giving me that "please don't taint my child look." I get a lot of compliments, though, so that's good.

When wearing lolita, I've had an old man come up to me and give me a lengthy rant about how crosses are not something to be used as fashion, and the usual "WHAT IS THIS? WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING?" stuff, but nothing over the top.

>> No.8721941

Now this shit I don't understand. Who the fuck just plops their child into a stranger's arms? I'm waiting for the day someone just fucking runs off with it.

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Damn, your comm sounds like assholes.

>> No.8721967

The guys on the right are obviously looking at something that the guy in blue is doing but this girl is so cute who is she?

>> No.8721971

It's odd because to lolitas, especially ones who are new to the group, everyone is very friendly and inviting and eager to help one another, but the second a normie asks, "What are you all dressed up for?", they get weirdly defensive about strangers prying into their business. Like I said, I kind of get it, it is a little nosy, but they handle it poorly with weird passive-aggression. I guess I don't mind being the one to answer those questions - just means I get more direct compliments - but I want to cringe any time one of the others acts short and snippy with a stranger for a harmless question.

>> No.8721980

I don't think it's about strangers "prying into their business" at all. I think it's because they get these questions very often, and the more you hear something, the more annoying it gets each time.

Kind of like working at a job, and being asked the same questions all the time. Like if it's holiday season and you get 50 calls from people asking your holiday hours, or if you're open on Thanksgiving. You're bound to get sick of it.

That doesn't mean I condone being rude, I'm just trying to explain their point of view. We shouldn't lose our composure at the 100th person who has asked the same question.

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I would say it's about equal negative and positive reactions. For every person that looks at you like you are insane, makes a crass joke or walks by you snickering there is a person smiling and complimenting you.

My most notable experience was when I went to the big Chicago annual meet for the first time a few years back. It was kind of chaotic and they kept moving the event. My little group had to walk several blocks trying to find them all. During that time we must have had around 30 or so people ask for our photo. It was insane.
Mostly little girls and their mothers. A couple oversea tourists. The most embarrassing was a wedding party getting pictures done outside the conservatory. The bride spotted us and freaked out. She came up to us in excitement and asked us to take pictures with her and her bridesmaids... I still cant believe I'm in some random person's wedding album somewhere.

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it's Fahrlight, pretty sure. Same girl as in


and I am 99.8% sure this too is staged.

>> No.8722072

I get that, too. I only mention it being in part about other people being nosy and prying into their business because some of them have actually phrased it that way when grumbling about the normies, sometimes right in front of them. I've been in lolita just as long if not longer than most of my comm's regulars now, I know how old it gets, and I just don't get how being pissy makes the experience at all better.

>> No.8722084

God, where are you from if you don't mind?
>thoughtful tradie
My heart

>> No.8722087

>I just don't get how being pissy makes the experience at all better.
This, exactly. If this behavior is more common among the newer members in your comm I'd say there's a chance they'll grow out of it in time, if it's any consolation. I used to be super agitated for no good reason when I started out (not proud of it but it's true) but thankfully I learned to deal with the attention and not take myself so seriously. Hopefully the same thing will be true for your comm mates.

>> No.8722140

I think a lot of newer comm members suffer from both a bit of a superiority complex, and an inherent overzealous nature. So when combined, they're nippy brats who think they are well above the normie culture they were born into.

I think a lot of them fail to realize just how outlandish the fashion is in many aspects to people who aren't familiar with it, so that may contribute to their attitude also. They could likely be defensive because they're choosing to perceive all curiosity as a threat toward them, personally.

>> No.8722195

>Wearing shiro outfit with white rose headpiece
>On way to local convention
>Little girl of about five with her parents
>"Oh my gosh, look at that girl's wedding dress!"
>Good times.

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I wear otome or hime gyaru (see: liz lisa) and people love it
the only people that make negative comments are my parents (surprise, surprise)
People in class call me a Russian doll or a balerina
in terms of strangers on the streets i dont really notice anything but one time this one girl came up to me and was very happy to see someone wearing jfashion (apparently she was into it too)

>> No.8722314

South of Sydney

I've posted a few of these stories as green text in past threads. The tradie stayed in my row until I got off, and wished me a good and safe night.

>> No.8722336

They are not staged. They are snapshots from different shoots of hers.

>> No.8722337

They are not staged. Maybe one but not all of them. She runs around with a photographer, surely that attacked attention?

>> No.8722347

A friend and I went to NYCC in lolita. When we left, we got a slew of people asking for photos. One whipped out a camera to show us she stealth took a photo of a girl wearing that IW strawberry dress. She was so excited. One guy and his boyfriend ran across the street to get our photo. I gave them some pins and they were really happy. One really janky lady called my friend ugly though but she seemed to have mental issues so it wasn't a big deal.

>> No.8722359

I'm from Barcelona and I really hate it.
Spaniards are so fucking retarded.
Here Jfashion is very uncommon, you only see a pair of Lolitas in a con, and oftenly they are itas.
Another Jfashion have no existence.
Our "coslay comm" is composed with some cosplayers cosplaying like 10 years and they think they are "populars and comm sempais" when their cosplays are barely decent.

>> No.8722447


>> No.8722450

Hi, Fahr.

>> No.8722478


how did you explained yourself?

some religious people can be difficult to deal with, not only with a "is fashion"

>> No.8722493

People actually don't come up to me often when I'm out in jfash, but when I do get reactions they're overwhelmingly positive. I can't remember a single negative experience.

Most of the time it's friendly cashiers that tell me I look cute.

>> No.8722782

No. Sorry to disappoint you!

>> No.8723474

same anon. we are lucky

>> No.8724000

>how my comm members deal with it
Yeah, the local comm here jumps in with the hyper detailed explanations every time someone looks at us. They actually started handing out fliers on busy streets now to 'spread the knowledge'.

>> No.8724073

>handing out flyers

Oh man, that sounds embarrassing as hell.

>> No.8724244

They actually tried to make a meet out of going to the more trendy area of the city and hand out fliers on street corners to raise lolita awareness. This wasn't a random ita who came up with it, by the way, it was our mod.

>> No.8724254


>I've also gotten a surprising number of moms getting excited and telling me about how their kids would love it

This happens to me all the time. They ask where I bought my dress/if I made it myself, and that their kids love it.

For all the griping I hear about going out in normie settings with Lolita, I would actually say every encounter I've had has been positive (going on about 3 years in the fashion). If people are laughing or saying things I haven't heard them, and that's fine. But no one has ever heckled me or been plain rude.

>> No.8724258

I mean, maybe if it was someone who seemed genuinely interested in joining the fashion, a little card with the comm info and lolita sources would be useful (it happens at quithe a few public meets) but that sounds terrible. Lolita isn't cancer or refugees, we don't need to spread awareness about it.

>> No.8724313

Whenever I wear a lolita bag that looks like something else (book, violin, clock), I get comments, usually positive/neutral. I remember once I went to cvs to get something really quick in casual clothes and the cashier lady wouldn't stop asking questions about my bag. I get that she's curious about it and I usually don't mind explaining things, but she was starting to get rude after a while.

>> No.8724316

Once I was in Kings Cross(for teapot cocktails) which for non sydney people, is a red light district, full of junkies and such, and I was wearing pink sweet lolita, quite a few years ago now, and as I was walking back to the train station with my friend, an old man approached us and said "You wanna be careful, Ronald the pedophile is about, you want to leave, now", and we were like, what is this, Underbelly? That was my best normie reaction, although the old man was not a normie.

>> No.8724405

This is my life.

>> No.8724484

Oh man my mom does this. I've almost stopped wearing lolita when I go to see her because any time we're out together and someone compliments my outfit she starts talking about how it's called lolita but it has nothing to do with pedophilia and it's from Japan but it's totally not a sex thing and also the dresses are really expensive etc. etc.
She means well but dang. Nobody even asked about the fashion or care where I bought things, they just say I look cute. Plus, immediately yelling "b-but it's not a sex thing!" is a pretty good way to get people to think that it's probably a sex thing.

Sounds like our old mod, except she also kept trying to invite film crews to our meets. Blech.

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>At Disney for race weekend
>On the bus for the 5K
>Older woman sits next to me
>We start talking about Disney, she mentions she's been to Tokyo Disneyland
>Talk about that for a while
>Oh yeah I'd love to go there, especially for the shopping haha
>"Yeah my daughter and I went to Harajuku, bought all the dresses"
>stutter out Y-You mean like lolita fashion?
>She starts talking about her daughters dresses and that her and her friends go out for meetups
>She's in the Cincinnati comm

Cincinnati-chan if you lurk here, your mom was the highlight of my day! Hope she did well!

>> No.8724602

omfg my mom does this even when I'm not actually wearing lolita at the moment
she would be talking to her friends or relatives and suddenly she'll go "Oh you know anon does this interesting thing called lolita fashion" and she'll give a basic explanation and then she'll tell me to further explain the details

>> No.8724610

A lady stalked my friend and I for over 3 blocks while we were dressed in Lolita, turns out she just wanted to know where we got our outfits from, but it was still beyond creepy that she followed us for so long.

I've also had ladies basically surround me and tug on my dress/headbow/etc. I honestly don't know why they thought that was appropriate, and I was thoroughly annoyed afterward.

As for positive experiences, my favourite was when a little girl got really excited when she saw me, and begged her mom to ask for a picture with me. She was really sweet!

>> No.8724654

I also love kids reactions!
There are some teenagers that sometimes sit in front of my building and I hear them saying things like "I like how she dresses" or "it's cool". And I'm surprised because I always thought teenagers here at that age (14/16) are always morons.
Also, I once made a kid almost fall because he was turning back his head to see me, but he wasn't able to do it completely so he turned back his whole body while he was walking. He tripped and almost fall but his mother holded him in middle air and yelled at him.
Poor rascal, but I had a good laugh.

>> No.8724758

I'm really curious how she got rude! If you don't mind elaborating.

>> No.8724764

Your card idea is perfect and I want to make them now!

>> No.8724769

I live in a pretty conservative small-ish city in Germany, and I've had some pretty bizarre shit shouted at me when I'm out with my friends, including some girl and a guy in a car yelling "Hey, do you want to meet an Italian guy?" (I still have no idea what that was about), and some dude following us really slowly in his car hitting on us in French. We also get a lot of "is there an event?" or "why are you dressed like that?" and "is it Oktoberfest already?".

When I'm by myself, people usually just quietly stare at me or smile when they see me, I also notice people secretly taking pictures of me regularly.

In other cities besides my hometown, people are often a lot nicer, come up and ask about the fashion, some even know about lolita, it's pretty pleasant. I just live in a shithole.

>> No.8724770

Teenagers are weird. I once overheard some young boy say "ooh, look at me, I'm a pretty lady" in a mocking voice, to his friends.

>> No.8724783

I took the Greyhound in lolita since a trip cost me like $15. It's a weird contrast since I looked out of place. A little kid kept touching the hem of my dress while I was in line and his mom kept scolding him. I just kinda have an ignore filter on these days so I just let comments slide and just say thanks and give the shortest explanation of lolita: I'm dressed up for an event, it's a Japanese Street Fashion, thanks!

>> No.8724799

Only real negative thing that's ever happened was some 50 year old asshole tried to get my number and I was like 'no bye'. Otherwise people either just stare which is fine or compliment me. Bus drivers are especially nice most of the time.

>> No.8724801

I was afraid my boyfriend's family didn't like how I dress but their reaction was totally the opposite.
I sometimes think it might be because they want to be polite but they seem to be interested and such.
I wish my own family acted like them or at least stop making me feel so rejected.

>> No.8724827

She started asking me how much it cost and when I told her, she reacted like I was stupid for paying so much for a purse. Which is weird, because people pay more for designer bags. Honestly, my mom has the same kind of reactions to my dresses. It's pretty rude coming from a stranger though.

>> No.8724836

Weirdest thing that happened is when I'm waiting for the bus near my house and a car just stops and asks me where I'm going and if I'd like them to take me. Even weirder because it has happened three separate times, different men. Why would I want to get into a stranger's car when the bus I'm waiting for arrives in five minutes and only costs like three euros? Do they think I'm a prostitute or something? What kind of prostitute hangs out at bus stops in upper middle class residential neighborhoods around 9 AM?

I may be a grown-ass wearing big poofy Japanese dresses with sparkly drawings on them but I sure as hell aren't the weirdest person in this neighborhood.

Usually people are super nice, though, especially older ladies.

>> No.8724862

ahhhh, I was around NYCC wearing a IW strawberry dress on Sunday. Wonder if it was me?

>> No.8724866 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 720x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a "normie" I want you to understand something, and I want you to understand it good.

When out in public YOU are the one defying conventions and this is your right. BUT it is my right to find it absurd and if I wish to point, laugh, or gape you have ZERO right to complain.

When you put yourself out there like this you become a passing object of entertainment for me. You are a break into absurdity, a nonsequiter in my day.

You are entertainment for the rest of us.

Dance monkey, dance.

>> No.8724869

Are you asian with glasses? Girl in the photo was Asian with glasses. Looked like she was in a diner or at least sitting at a table. The ladies obviously took the photo without asking.

>> No.8724873

Oh, wow, the normie got offended.
Cry normie, cry. No one cares.

>> No.8724885 [DELETED] 
File: 74 KB, 460x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was posting that for your information.

I'm not offended in the least, you phase in and out of my life in a heartbeat.

Why would I care that you chose to create and worship a lifestyle based upon conspicuous consumption?

I'm just letting you know why I laugh and why you have no right to be offended.

>> No.8724888

i love it when lolitas get offended, and then claim the other person is offended. It's hilarious

>> No.8724890

Different anon but you realise most of us only get annoyed when normies stop treating us as people and treat us like animals. If you are polite or curious or even weirded out, we don't care. We are polite until you arent.

>> No.8724944

Oh man, I have a good one.
>Be with co-workers/friends after eating in a restaurant.
>Casual talk.
>One girl starts asking about how I dress.
>She seems interested so I politely answer.
>"Oh, anon, may I ask you a question?"
>"Is your innerwear also so frilly?"

We laughed a lot that day and had a good time.

>> No.8724952

Since I'm always freezing and it's cold as FUCK here where I live, my general jfash outfits tend to go unnoticed during winter, but I DO get commented on my hair, which has resulted in the best/weirdest reactions this season.
(My hair is screaming blue, btw, with a buzz underneat and a long top to my shoulders)
I also get commented on my earrings since my motto is go bold or go home.

> About a month ago, waiting for a bus to my friend's place
> wearing huge black cross earrings
> dude sitting next to me
> "Are you a Christian?"
> uhwhat.jpg
> dude looks normal, a bit punk, not high or drunk
> "Ohh you mean my earrings. Yeah, I am, but that's not why I wear them."
> "Why Christian tho?"
> wtf, proceed to snortlaugh at his face
> "That's just my cup of tea."
> "Cool. Because I'm an atheist!"
> "Neat, so's my boyfriend-"
> gets to his bus
> baffled

This was better and what I usually get every day when I'm out, be it guys or old ppl.
> got out of a store
> unlocking my bike
> hair on a huge bun
> A guy walks up to me mid-phone call
> interrupts his friend at the other end
> "Dude, wait a sec I gotta say something to this gal-"
> to me? Ookay.
> "Girl. Your hair is fucking AMAZING!"
> didn't leave me time to thank him as he continues his intense call and walks off
> thanks, guy who looked like a homeless japanese reggae singer from 2000

Once I carried a spell book bag with me and a teenager yelled "WIIITCH!!" at me.
High level achieved.

>> No.8724971

>I'm a normie

>Posts a New Pepe (Common, ed 1)

Wait a minute are you trying to trick me again.

>> No.8724973
File: 84 KB, 391x577, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That Pepe isn't even rare!

>> No.8724983

Anon, this is embarrassing.

>> No.8724986

>calls self a 'normie'
>found browsing 4chan
>on the cosplay board of all fucking things

autism detected.
now back to /soc/ with you, 'normie'~

>> No.8725106

>>"Is your innerwear also so frilly?"
Made me chuckle. That's really cute.

>> No.8725125

so are we not allowed to share stories about things that happened?

>> No.8725132

Stop taking the bait you morons.

>> No.8725136

or the child was fascinated by a texture they hadn't felt or seen before, ever see those texture blankets for babies? you dont have to make everything sexual you know

>> No.8725164

Oh, yes I am. Had a straw hat and braids/the black OP? ugh, totally didn't notice...

>> No.8725183

Yep yep and yep. The women were a group of tourists and while they were nice enough to ask my friend and I for a picture, we felt really uncomfortable when she whipped out her camera to show us your picture. They only had nice things to say but it is weird that someone could take your picture and show it to others and you'd never know. It probably doesn't mean anything but you looked super adorable.

>> No.8725196

Thank you!
Yeah, it's weird to think about all the people who have photos of lolitas, and you have no idea what they do with them.
But haha, so random that I found out this time.

>> No.8725207

>live in the reddest of red states, Texas
>at a meetup in toned down classic
>lady in hijab has been following our small group
>sees us being friendly when people ask for photos
>she walks by more than once openly filming us on her phone and snickering
>never actually speaks to us

You'd think of all fucking people she'd be understanding about us not wanting to be gawked at.

>> No.8725351

Some people are just happy when they can finally be the one doing the gawking.

>> No.8725396

OMG all those evil racist fundie homophobic bible thumping rednecks left you alone and that innocent woman from the religion of peace did something rude? This isn't how tumblr told me it works!

>> No.8725410
File: 81 KB, 639x960, rarepepes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you've activated my trap pepe

>> No.8725439

Oh shut up

>> No.8725624
File: 1.01 MB, 640x360, rori.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh anon, that's so hilarious but terrible.

>> No.8725727
File: 124 KB, 640x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M'lady I was only trying to keep you safe from those stupid funDIEs

>> No.8725747

As someone who has worked with a lot of Muslim women, I can tell you that they don't see themselves as looking nearly as out there as lolitas. They're wearing hijabs because its a central belief to them and they see themselves as being proper. We don't really have any excuse to wearing lolita other than that we like being princesses. So yeah in general muslim women are no more likely to be nice to you than the average redneck would.

as an aside I'm not defending it. I just worked with a lot of Muslim women at my old salon job. The group I had as regulars were vicious in a way that rivals /cgl/ at its bitterest. I guess when the only time you get to dress up is when you're in a room of other women, shit is gonna get catty.

>> No.8725768

I live in an area with a lot of Muslims and in my experience the younger women and kids LOVE lolita, the older men and women openly sneer at me and the younger men see it as a reason to scream at me on the street. Funnily enough with non-Muslims it's usually the older women who love it and the younger women/teenagers who sneer while men don't give a fuck.
Now I'm a bit paranoid that even the girls who say they like it are just talking shit behind my back or something. Oh well.

>> No.8725813

>I live in an area with a lot of Muslims


>> No.8725846

<"What is this Underbelly?" kek. Also I thought Kings Cross was better now, or is it still really seedy?

>> No.8726528
File: 1.44 MB, 720x720, 1447306384969.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

N-no my pepe

Y-you'll pay for this!!!!!

>> No.8726562

Nope, different country.

>> No.8726840

At meetups, it's mainly middle aged women who are curious, but in a totally nice way. We get a lot of them taking our pictures, usually because they want to show their daughter/niece/granddaughter who they think will appreciate it. My comm is very friendly and approachable when it comes to pictures and questions from normies.

>> No.8726978

Younger women usually are more open to more things fashion wise though. My clients were almost always the older ones, or if they were younger they were there with their mothers usually. They were very very fashion conscious though and nearly everyone had high end clothing and super well done hair and nails.

>> No.8727195

My gf is dresses in sweet lolita and I dress in fairy kei and the overwhelming weird trend for us is huge burly metalheads approaching us in the street and enthusing abput how cool our styles are.

I had a guy just straight up punch me in the arm a week or so back. Wound up to punch him back and then noticed that there was a little girl, probably about 5, holding is other hand, so I bottled it and walked away while he shouted abuse at me down the street. That was the worst thing that's happened to me because of the way I dress.

A little girl once told her mum that I must be a prince because I wear so much pink, that one stuck with me. It's mostly stuff like that and a few sideways glances.

>> No.8727544

>"Hey, do you want to meet an Italian guy?" (I still have no idea what that was about)
Do you have long blonde hair and was your dress pink? Were you also wearing a crown shaped headpiece?

>> No.8727646

No, I was with a friend who has brown hair and mine is black, neither of us were wearing pink.
What would the outfit you described mean?

>> No.8727683

>A little girl once told her mum that I must be a prince because I wear so much pink
That's adorable, oh my gosh.

>> No.8727913

I'm thinking the outfit would look kinda like princess Peach, and "Italian guy" would be Mario ofc

>> No.8728104

He probably got really offended/flustered when you mentioned you had a boyfriend because he wasn't allowed to pick you up anymore.

>> No.8728145

Heh, I didn't even think of that. That would have been hilarious.

>> No.8728172

>Dad comes over to visit.
>Comes in my lolita/crafting/office room.
>Looks at my display of rosettes and pins.
>Cats, crowns, shells, etc Shit that ties in with a sweet, sweet/classic wardrobe
>What did you win these awards for?
>They're not awards, Dad. See.
>clips one to my head

>> No.8728227

>meetup at a park
>waiting for everyone, meet with two newbies
>walk around the park, it's morning so it's nice and not too many people around
>talk to a one of the girls we were waiting for, they're at the park's entrance
>walk toward them with newbies
>a lot more people now, as we're on our way to the entrace and more and more people are showing up
>mind you, this is in a country known for its loud people that never hold back what they think
>a guy yells at us "why are you dressed like this??"
>newbies are emberresed, stop for a second
>I just answer "cause we're cute" and Keep walking, giggling newbs by my side
>walk proud.
>later on had a picnic at the park, a huge family are not too far away keeps looking at us
>girls shyly aproach us and ask for pictures
>we do a whole set with them, they compliment us constantly
>it was a good day

>> No.8728453

I remember your story of the little girl looking for pillows under your skirt, it was so cute!

>> No.8728470

Those are your awards for being fucking kawaii.

>> No.8728480

>I've also gotten a surprising number of moms getting excited and telling me about how their kids would love it
When that happens, i always wonder if their kids are weebs or something
>the next generation gaiz!

>> No.8728561

>show hairdressers a picture of the local comm at our last meet
>"i don't understand how it's not cosplay, anon"
>no one is even wearing ott

>> No.8728564

you have been desensitized. It looks fucking weird. Don't ever forget.

>> No.8728571

I don't know why but I thought this was hilarious

>> No.8728706

no but i've explained to her it's not cosplay before
we keep having this conversation

>> No.8728712

Stories about kids are almost always the best.

>> No.8728929

I wear lolita to class almost everyday. My school is pretty chill so the most I usually get is stares and the occasional positive comment but within the past couple weeks a girl came up to me and asked to professionally photograph me, studio and all, and another girl asked for a hug. I accepted the hug and may accept the photograph invitation soon.

>> No.8729416
File: 57 KB, 300x249, 1446610517987.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you have to admire from a distance because you apparently are a fetishist looking for a 'doll'

I know not all you guys are like that but it really hit me hard. Walked up to say hello and how pretty she looked, and she gave me this reviling glare and told me "She wasnt interested."
>Then the insults from her friends came

Said "Just thought you looked nice" and walked on. Wife asked me what was wrong but i didnt feel like explaining it. Thaaaaaanks for the memories Tulsa.

>> No.8729422

Sorry that you had to go through that anon. Normally as long as you say a combination of the words 'angelic pretty/other brand' 'coord' and 'jfashion/lolita', a lolita won't get the wrong idea unless you mumble.
If they still do treat you like that, that means they are genuinely a bitch and it's not your fault.

>> No.8729425

Im not really a mumbler, i was quite excited to see coords in the flesh. Im quite the normie fellow on appearance and im groomed because the wife makes me. But all i said was "Wow you guys look amazing" before she held up her hand and said what she did. Then her friends chimed in and it just took the wind away.

>> No.8729426

Teenagers can be so fucking stupid.
Early teen girls scare me so much because they always take photos on their phones while giggling and it gives me the fear for no reason.

>> No.8729429

I don't think you deserve to be treated that way but you'd probably have had an easier time saying her outfit, dress, bag is pretty or something like that. Not referring too much to her in general but her fashion choice. That can make a lot of difference in the way she perceives it.

>> No.8729432

I hear all this stuff about kids being cute to lolitas, but where I live children just look at me like they want to punch me. This one tourist girl tried to snatch my usakumya while I was having tea.

Middle-aged aunties and grannies are always nicest.

>> No.8729456

>in the park for picnic
>some frat boy concert going on in the same park
>two guys pass by yelling insults
>don't respond
>guys keep shouting insults for the entire 50 yards road they were walking
>still don't respond
>guys turn around, walk the 50 yards back again while still shouting insults

they came back a few minutes later with more guys and did it again. It was great.

>> No.8729476

The general populace of China, including children, are assholes. You have my condolences, anon.

>> No.8729517

I seriously wonder why people do this, especially when they go out of their way just to heckle. What's the fucking point?

>> No.8730148

It could be that, it could also be one of those guys who doesn't know how to talk to people but has read dubious tips online, and has heard about or experienced women mentioning their boyfriend "casually" to shut down pickup attempts, and panicked.

>> No.8730526

(Im terrible with Jfash names besides lolita so idk if what I did was closer to something else)

I used to loove lolita but had no time or money to invest in actually wearing it. I managed to put together a few normie outfits that were lolita inspired (with headbows, frills, petti, not lolita but very cute imo), enough so that a few normies even asked if I liked lolita haha

I put together a rose themed outfit for Portland rose festival a few years ago and I got many compliments and one VERY enthusiastic teenager just went squealled 'OMG HER OUTFIT!!!' when I walked by

Idk if what I was wearing had any jfash equivalent, I just call it dressing cute :P

>> No.8730722

I've had only positive reactions in Lolita, especially when I wear sweet. Lots of little girls/old ladies like it.

>> No.8730724

How old are you?

>> No.8730725 [DELETED] 

I'm absolutely sick of this shit on /sp/. This isn't bro culture. This is borderline sucking-another-man's-dick culture. You faggots need to wake up and realize this is a board for SPORTS, not group therapy. Take this shit to /r9k/. None of you will ever get a girlfriend, but will come here to talk about how you thought you had a chance with a girl, but missed out on it. Then the other 50 of the same cockslobbers on this board will hit you up with the "I know that feel, bro." It's the same thing, day in day out. There are sports on right now. "But I don't follow that sport, it's boring." Well guess fucking what? Who cares? If you wanted to talk about your faggy feels with other beta males, do it on some other board or down at your local mall's Hot Topic store. You cancers need to leave this board and come back when you have something worthwhile to contribute. Bro culture my fucking ass.

>> No.8730740
File: 4 KB, 240x130, 1442079599063.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8730743

I've made the same mistake before.


>> No.8731354

>had a guy punch me in the arm
>shouted abuse at me
>little girl holding his hand

Should've either punched him back or called the cops for assault. If he acts that way in front of a little kid then he's probably that way with them.

>> No.8731357

Drawing anons, please make this scenario a reality.

>> No.8731498

>about this time last year
>work at mall
>getting lunch at food court
>turn around after getting my tray
>super cute younger lolita there with her parents
>she's wearing a gingerbread themed skirt (I don't know sweet, idk what it is sorry)
>this is the cutest shit i have ever seen
>ask her what print it is
>she gets flustered and turns red
>"i uh, i don't remember im so sorry"
>cue approximately 2 minutes of us just repeatedly apologizing to each other
>head off with food to try to stop awkward interaction
>can hear her parents going 'aw wasn't that nice she knew what you were!'
>i think i broke some poor 14 year old's courage
>her coord was so good for a kid tho

>> No.8732708

14 year olds scare easy.

>in grocery store
>see kid who did halfway decent job putting together a coord
>say I like her coord
>she smiles
>she looks terrified
>she looks at the floor

>> No.8732736

That's adorable.

>> No.8732831

Kids in my area are little shits, too. A few weeks ago I was wearing super toned-down solid colour classic IW coord and when I popped around the store for groceries this kid who couldn't have been older than 8 called me a whore. Then an older guy, who looked to be his older brother or even his dad, high-fived him. Wtf?
Kids CAN be cute but in my experience they're just as likely to be little assholes.

>> No.8732871

>Then an older guy, who looked to be his older brother or even his dad, high-fived him
See, there's the problem. Kids aren't assholes by default, they're just raised to be like that. It's pretty sad.

>> No.8732928

i have a cute little story
>in target looking at toys with friend
>wearing sweet, big pink frilly dress
>hear "look sweetie, a princess!"
>look over and see a middle aged mom and her daughter
>the girl is looking and hiding behind her mom
>must be shy
>wave at her and say hi
>the little girl just hides more
>"haha sorry, shes shy. you look cute."
its not much, but i havnt been wearing lolita for long and it was easily my cutest experience.

>> No.8733142

>go to Starbucks
>order coffee
>guy stares at me
>you remind me of someone
>dunno if you've heard of her but Chun Li

>> No.8733146
File: 48 KB, 500x375, usagi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was cute

>> No.8733155

pics of your coord please

>> No.8733168

Weirdly, I've only had positive experiences while wearing lolita--even when I still lived in my small college town. People ask the usual goofy questions ("Are you in a play?" And the like) but for the most part they're super nice and just tell me I look really pretty/nice.

>> No.8733213

I remember wearing an AP chocolate coord with my hair tied up in double buns to look like bear ears and when my dad saw me he said I looked like Chun Li

>> No.8733726

>at work so generally try to hide power level
>my one coworker loves when i wear crazy jewelry though so I wear old HP time turner necklace
>cashing out customer when he suddenly notices it
>his face lights up so excitedly
>oh yeah its pretty neat I loved the b-

>> No.8733754

So.... she dropped her spaghetti?

>> No.8733975

Don't have pics sadly but it was oldschool sweet with high ponytails. I think that might have been it..?

>> No.8734103

>At a convention. Wearing some sweet coord.
>Getting breakfast at the hotel.
>Older woman, probably early 60's working there compliments me.
>Say "Oh thank you!" etc.
>She asks about my "character."
>Explain that I'm not dressed up as anyone, it's actually a Japanese fashion. I'm just myself in a cute outfit. (my typical response to this)
>"Oh you look just like my avatar!"


>> No.8734111

Maybe she plays dress up games?

>> No.8735700 [DELETED] 
File: 923 KB, 1024x1076, fams2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How true is this?

>> No.8735701 [DELETED] 
File: 790 KB, 1024x1076, fams.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry this.

/fit/ never stops shitposting on our board saying REAL women want REAL men.

But I know the faggots are jelly they don't fit in Saint Laurent Paris and other high fashion clothing.

>> No.8736165 [DELETED] 

Pretty true, from what I've seen. Girls who are more into fashion and looks like whats on fa or cgl will generally want the same in their partner - a girl/boy who dresses nice. And usually from what I've seen people on this board say they want a kind of skinny/not very muscular guy, but of course there are always exceptions.

>> No.8737680

second life maybe? alot of old people are on there still

>> No.8737775

And creepy people with cannibal vore, asphyxiation and murder fetishes, I mean it's creppy and all but legal.

Second Life is becoming the Deepweb 2.0 ever since the Deepweb became mainstream and got full of feds. Probably the only interesting thing left in Second Life are those creepy places.

>> No.8737818

kek, I think this happens when someone has only seen a certain thing in only one circumstance, so they have nothing else to associate it with. They've probably never seen double buns besides on Chun Li. Or like how people never see the lolita silhouette anywhere else but with Alice in Wonderland, so they are only capable of associating it with that.

>wore decora to high school for a while
>one day a girl walks up to me, never seen her before
>don't recall what she said, but hands me a chibi drawing she drew of me
>made me look kawaii af, inked and colored and pretty good
>great day

I'd post it but my dad wanted it, and I have no idea where he put it.

>> No.8737905
File: 322 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_nydu6v1uAO1tj9v1jo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8737920

Lol, a similar thing happened to me at a MLP convention.

"What's your OC?"


"Original character?"

"Oh! This isn't a costume, these are just my clothes."

Both of us awkwardly walked away from each other, probably both thinking the other as goddamn weird.

>> No.8737962

I really like these sorts of pictures.

>> No.8737966

I'm also curious as to how you explained yourself, since something like that is why I haven't worn some of my favorite dresses out more than once.

>> No.8738002

This: >>8728571
The mental image of clipping an 'award' onto your head while your dad stares in confusion is fucking killing me.

>> No.8739008

I'm currently sitting in a bar for karaoke night with some normie friends and like 3 dudes came up to me in the first 15 minutes to try and sit down at our table next to me to ask me what the fuck I'm wearing. I'm never approached in street clothes when I'm here.

>> No.8739019

Update: a drunk woman just came and told me she wanted to put me on a shelf. I'm not going anywhere alone tonight

>> No.8739036

That guy on the right is beyond done.

>> No.8739083

Don't you know? J K Rowling plagiarized Prince of Persia.

>I'm just jesting

>> No.8739088
File: 11 KB, 500x367, 1444288256803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolitas in public

Just where ARE you all? I've never known or seen a single person like this. Is Florida just normie central or something?

Why the fuck did I have to be born a guy

>> No.8739135

Not exactly J-fashion, but I work in an anime cafe.
>Me, bearded guy
>Asked to fill in for female barista
>Told to wear wig, cat ears and sweet lolita-esque apron
>Man comes in with her daugther, no one else behind register
>Serve them and make their orders, the daughter, no older than 8, keeps staring at me
>Later, walk past their table and hear "Why is that man a cat princess?"

>> No.8739149

Maybe you are creepy af and they avoid you. I've seen plenty of lolitas, either lone or meetups in Florida.

>> No.8739254

>living with mudslims
There is your problem

>> No.8739369

This is because such things are extremely rare here. Personally I consider it an act of rebellion against the social canon. It's imagination in physical state, and people are not used to see it in streets.

>> No.8739565

I live in Barcelona too and I think the local lolita comm is really active. There is also a lolita shop close to where I live and I know there are other lolita shops a bit further away.

The reactions I've gotten were mostly "aren't you hot in those clothes?" (During summer)
"You look lovely"(mostly from old people)
And "are you going to a party/event?" When I was wearing something more eleborate

>> No.8739587

Never had anything out of the ordinary other than the one time I wore some galaxxxy and 6%dokidoki trousers one day and some fucks in McDonalds called me spongebob and yanked the hood on my hoodie. They were clearly on drugs so I didn't bother putting up a fight but its put me off wearing those trousers.

>> No.8739590
File: 1.00 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151128_173437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic is the stuff I was wearing.

>> No.8739607

Keep wearing them, anon. You'll never see those two again and even if you did, I doubt they'd even remember since it sounds like they were strung out on drugs.

>> No.8739662

>my gf
>fairy kei

Thought you were a girl, but... Pics please!

>> No.8739819

>called me spongebob


>> No.8740375

Not going to be a bitch and call creeper. But for what it's worth, even though I'm not in Florida, I never see any lolitas outside those in my comm and ones at conventions. I keep hoping to one day bump into another lolita somewhere, or see one come in my store. The closest I see are people carrying bags or something that can be easily found on Ebay but are entry-level newb-chan bags. I know everyone in my area, and I don't think anyone really goes out in lolita much at all. I don't even do it much anymore when I'm alone.

>> No.8740771

>changing platforms at train station
>guy with skateboard, high af, skates past
>he does a double take and yells out "Wow, a fairy!" and starts laughing his head off

>> No.8740993

>caring about what normies think

>> No.8741020

Different anon, but shit, didn't think of that. You're probably right.

>> No.8741638

..wow she's cute

>> No.8741659

>Not kicking him in the nuts, stealing the girl and selling her into slavery to fund more outfits.
Pff, betafag

>> No.8741997

One of my old high school friends used to do this. She loved drawing people but was really shy about asking people to model for her (she had some kind of social dysfunction, idk what) so she'd just hand them the finished drawing and slip away quickly.

>> No.8742153

A couple weeks ago I was wearing lolita in SF, generally people there don't pay too much mind since there are plenty of weird looking people there. Well the group stopped into a Starbucks and the guy behind the counter who I initially though was a normie said something about our, "Nice fits." I was so surprised that I didn't even know what to say. I have never heard that term used outside of /fa/.

>> No.8742227
File: 68 KB, 650x650, 1448141102796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're closer than you think.

>> No.8742232
File: 322 KB, 488x650, 1438560965069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've only worn Lolita out once, and it really wasn't much of a coord, understated everything, Meta coat with their heraldry. I got a bunch of looks, but the only thing that stood out to me was a middle aged woman said she loved my coat...twice. It was a little awkward.

I've only ever seen one wild lolita. Whoever you are, girl that dressed in a blue/teal coord walking down Manzanita blvd in Carmichael CA, I salute you!
Saw a girl in J-fash running up to the mall entrance to meet her bf, I saw her bloomers- SHE WAS SO FREAKING CUTE.
If I hadn't been driving both times I'm certain I would have spilled my spaghetti hard.

>> No.8742233
File: 315 KB, 810x1440, 1438641997882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8742234
File: 638 KB, 500x742, 1441039603568.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8742236
File: 50 KB, 450x600, 1438560898082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone has any more of these, they seriously make me happy.

>> No.8742267

I initially read that as "nice tits" and was even more confused.

>> No.8742572
File: 100 KB, 500x500, question.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is closer?

>> No.8742598

>on my way home from meet
> bunch of drunk middle age Dominican men walking together, stumbling everywhere
>one who looks at me and starts pointing
>"look at the little doll!" in spanish
>hitting his friends to get their attention
>"its just so cute!" He keeps repeating and trying to touch my bag
>too drunk so he keeps just lunging forward and not touching anything so he starts crying about it..

HIs(slightly) more sober friends pull him up and apologized but I felt weirdly proud of my self the rest of the night..

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