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Hey, I'm thinking of getting some new sleepwear and do you guys have any idea of anything cute but also comfortable you can sleep and laze around in

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>Not sleeping the nude

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also interested. roomwear wtf

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>live in scandinavia
>nipples hard enough to cut glass half of the year
Nah not gonna sleep in the nude bro

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bloomers and cutsews

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cutsews suck

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you suck

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Most successful thread 2k15

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How about this?

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Not OP, but I would sleep in the nude, but y'know, I don't really live alone.
Plus, it's fun to have cute pajamas

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I wear replica dresses as pajama's...

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You're weak anon
>You won't survive the winter like that

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What the fuck you gonna do if you get robbed or a rapist breaks in son you can't fight with your tits and vagoo hanging out

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This tbh

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I'm sure being naked won't impede your fighting skills. Unless you usually do wear actual protective garments?

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Have you tried to run topless? Climb over something without pants or in a skirt? How are you going to fight or get the hell outta dodge if your tits are flying every which way or you get a splinter in your urethra trying to climb over a fence?

If the house catches on fire somehow, I don't have time to cover my naked ass before I burn to death. Don't sleep naked.

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Your vagoo shouldn't be hanging out anyway anon, that's called a prolapse. I'd go see a doctor if I were you.

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How do you survive showering or changing clothing knowing that someone might come right there and then forcing you to run around the neighborhood climbing fences completely naked?

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Search "roomwear" tags, lots of Japanese brands put the stuff out because insulation in Japanese houses sucks.
There's cute ccs and sailor moon themed sets i want.

Oh you crazy kids

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Jesus Christ, I understand what you're getting at, but please god get yourself some help.

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That's different. Don't be stupid. Sleeping is completely different from showering. You're already awake and alert. Just waking up and finding something wrong in your house...

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I recently got a cute NWT dress second hand for around $6-$8 at a local consignment shop with the intention of using it as a nightgown. Sorry I cant find a pic of anything similar and cant remember the brand. It's grey, knee length, the fabric is soft and a little stretchy and the back is fully shirred so there's no fasteners, you just pull it over. Very suitable as Lolita nightgown. Ended up wearing it as a lazy day dress instead oops, but I figure I'll retire it into a nightgown if it ever gets stained or starts to look a little worn.

I know it was a lucky find and one of the only lucky finds I've ever had second hand shopping, but it might be worth it to look through a second hand store for something that might work.

I need Lolita-esque room wear and PJ's for sure though.

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Decided to look for some PJ and room wear examples. Here's a BABY room wear set.

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A personal favorite of mine by VM

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another VM, this time a more mature take on the bloomers + cute top combo.

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an OTT nightgown by BABY

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OOPS sorry didn't realize this one was already posted.

this is another set by BABY

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>OTT nightgown

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last one, an indie room wear brand Good Night Miss Princess gown and bloomer set. The brand was very short-lived and I don't remember seeing much about them.

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Well, it is pretty over the top for pajamas. It was probably meant to be worn more like a house dress type of thing and not slept in.

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What replicas though? I use to own a few when it was a bit more acceptable begore they blew up. Scratchy as fuck

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I remember being really excited about this when it first came out but thabk god i never went through with an order because looking at pictures now, that shit sucks. No wonder they fizzled out so quickly

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oh my god this is the PERFECT dress to me. how the fuck do i find more.

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I just got this and i think im going to use it as pajamas since it was so cheap lol

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If a rapist broke in they would rape you regardless of what you're wearing. At least in sleepwear you'd look cute?

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That's cute.
But we post pics around here.

Hey, anyone remember that 'Make your own loli night gown' post on LJ?

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Im on mobile and my phone wont let me save photos from y!j
>newer "upgraded" version of my last phone
>has shittier camera
>has no option to make screen caps
>should of gotten the same older model instead of the newer "improved" one

This is super old anon. It's pretty simple though, if you are handy at the sewing machine perhaps you could try to replicate it? That's what I would like to do for the upcoming winter months.

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Sorry about that then.

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If a robber and/or rapist breaks in you've got more important things to worry about than modesty bro.

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No, but that's why you worry about it before, like before getting your ass in bed.

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quit being dumb

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That is so cute! I would wear it as regular clothing.

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I used to own a similar one (in light blue) offbrand that my little sister ruined, comfy as hell

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Reminds me of Momoko's roomwear in Shimotsuma, of which I want one of each, please.
Commencing dump.

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Has quite a bunch of girly pastel nightgowns even for the coldest winter.

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They just look so comfy.

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Bitch, did I stutter.

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this looks SO cozy and cute even though it looks frumpy as hell.

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Oh man, I love wearing plain/baggy sundresses in my house when I have days off, (I live where it's always warm) but having actual lolita JSKs like this would be so much better. I wonder how difficult this older style would be to find on mbok or closet child or something...

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I haven't been able to find any, but I mainly only trawl closet child. They look so comfy but still frilly, I'd love them for beach wear. I've got a lolita bible/sewing mook which has a pattern similar to these, I can look it up for you if you're interested?

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That would be great, actually.

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Here ya go gulls! Somebody please get this because im broke as fuck


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Alright, I'm sorry for the delay(life), but I looked them up and in Gothic and Lolita handmade, volume 5 there is a pattern for a knee length roomwear-y dress, a full length nightgown and a bloomers/cropped camisole set.

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It's from 2005, I think, if I'm understanding the moon runes correctly, ISBN4 8347 2277 5 you might be able to find scans or source it from kinokuniya? It's got a navy blue cover and the main picture is of a person in a jacket and checkered trousers with with bondage flappy bits.

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There was a girl who posted in the handmade thread a while back with a pair of bloomers and a loose top made out of milky berry fabric. It was cute.

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I have this, unfortunately it only has the pattern for the pinks jsk. The GLB extra does have patterns for a similar camisole and bloomer set if thats what you are looking for.

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It's also got the pattern for the white night dress, it's #20.

>> No.8661241

are you positive? i've looked through mine about 5 times and I cant find it

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I just bought some pink cotton fleece today and im hoping to make a pair of bloomers and cami similar to this for some cute PJs for this winter (im on the equater so it doesnt get too terribly cold here). Bloomers are pretty easy, but I've never done a top like this, so Im hoping it will turn out allright! If anyone is interested I'll post some photos when im done!

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