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It's already getting cold where I live so I'm looking for some pretty but durable coats. What brands have the best quality? Doesn't have to be specifically lolita brands. Thanks for any help.

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Ooooo I need this. Also anybody have any links for furry type coats ? Like white or pink?

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I have this exact coat but in a different colourway and it seems great. It was really warm when I tried it on but I haven't worn it in the winter yet.

I also have the Bodyline l460 coat and it's a good quality BL item- thick, fully lined, nice lace&buttons plus pockets. Also haven't tried it on in the winter but it will probably be a few months until it's cold enough for it here.

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I need a cute girly coat in pink

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I am so in love with ETC's new bear coat it hurts

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that was one of my favorite prints when it was first released and I hated the cuts of the rereleases but THIS, shiiiit

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>tfw i finally have enough spare money to throw around and buy this coat
>tfw they're out of the color i want in my size
I want it so fucking bad, you don't even know guys. I spent so long trying to find it in the first place and I'm so salty that its sold out in my size.

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ew, those ears.

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Do you think you could post a picture of the BL coat? The fabric looks very stiff on the official pictures.

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I got this review coat last year and it's pretty nice, but it rarely gets cold enough to wear it here. Review has a lot of elegant coats, I don't know how the warmth is as there aren't really sub 0 temps to test it in.

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Whaaat, the ears are like my favourite part about it. To each their own, I guess. I wish it came in light pink.

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I like Rose Melody coats the most as you can choose between berber fleece and quilted lining hiwch makes them warm enough for winter here (~ -20°C) when wearing few layers of fur tights and sweaters.

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Does anyone know how MM does under really cold weather? I'm talking min -40 (doesn't matter if it's C or F at this point lol).


Oh sweet, maybe I should look into those I sincerely doubt without some fleece linings I'll be able to make it but the coat sounds really good with some layering.

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Sorry for shit lighting, anon, but both the black coat and the beige one are the one you asked for pics of! I haven't noticed any stiffness, and the black one has been washed and came out fine.

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Thank you for the picture, I really appreciate it! It looks so much better in real life. The pink one is very pretty. Is the cape detachable?

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That is NICE, gull.

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It's very much a beige in real life, and yes, the capelets are detachable. They're lined, and tuck under the collar, then tie with the ribbon attachments. I've worn them with both at once, just the coat, or just the capelet on a warmer day.

Holler if there's anything else you want pics of, they're right beside me!

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Hell Bunny makes good coats. I have pic related. It seems super warm and heavy, but I haven't worn it in the cold yet.

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I have MM's alistine coat (50/50 angora-wool blend), and I really like it. Where I live, it gets to around -30 celcius with wind chill. The material is surprisingly warm for its weight - it is thinner than most wool coats, but since it's angora I don't think the extra thickness is needed anyways. It keeps me noticeably warmer than my other wool blend coats. I still layer a bit to stay totally warm, though.

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how thick and warm would you say there are? would they be warm enough for somewhere like new york in winter?

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Has anyone bought any Fanplusfriend coats? They also have an option to add fleece lining, is it worth it?

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I bought a VM coat last year and I'm utterly disappointed by its quality. MM is superior in every way.

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I live in England, and they're pretty good - they keep the rain out, but if it's very cold, you might also want to wear a cardigan under them.

Anon would reccomend buying a bigger coat than you need, so you can layer of it gets really cold.

The fur cuffs can roll down, which lengthens the sleeves a bit, and means no cold wrists.

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8613473 here, sorry for the bad quality picture.

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Anon, there's a cute simple Maxicimam coat for sale here if you're interested!


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I broke and bought an MM coat on auctions because of all your hype. Here's to hoping it lives up!

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I can't wait for closet child to update with their coat selection. Here's hoping I can finally own a qt coat that doesn't set me back over 20k

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Can I get some opinions on this adorable vintage coat?

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anon do you know the name of the coat?

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Does anyone have recs for nice full length black or brown lolita coats for cold weather that are *not* made of wool? Either polyester ones or puffer coats that can hold a petti.

I'm allergic so unfortunately even having the edges of the cuffs/collar near my skin is terribly uncomfortable.

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Should add, I need one that can withstand use in the northeast USA, so below freezing temps, at least 15° F if not less.

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Plarinetta coat.

It was listed as D grade, so I'm a little wary. But still, pretty excited.

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Cute, it's like the one I have. Princess coats are nice.
Would go well in classic or gothic, but hell, you could even wear it with sweet if it's cold and nobody cares. They fit nicely over petticoats.

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been browsing taobao like a madwoman looking for nice affordable coats in case nothing satisfactory pops up on the auctions in time for winter (got one y!ja auction bookmarked but of course the seller didn't mention brand or sizing anywhere in the listing...), managed to narrow it down to these
pardon my canadian reference prices!

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also not included in collage, but forever bummed out that my all-time favourite coat is sold out in my size/colour

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Does anyone here own IW's Eliane coat? Is it flattering in person and can it be worn casually?

Considering buying it since it's so cheap, but the stock pictures look so frumpy.

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That shit's overpriced mang
And not even that cute

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It's still available, isn't it? I guess soot is only there for custom, but the red version is available in all sizes! http://world.taobao.com/item/6793507466.htm?

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Depends on how cold it is, they are warm as fuck without it anyways.

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Can someone link some Forest girl coats? I've been looking but all I find are ones that are too small or not really that warm.

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yeah ive been debating over the red, but soot was my preferred colourway and i'm having trouble making that compromise

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Britbong here, anyone know what time closet child updates?

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Usually around 5pm JST. So in like 7 hours.

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Closet Child coats are up

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Does anyone have shops or coats they can recommend from Taobao that are a bit more on the sweet/cute side?

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I got this coat from bobon21 a while back. I love the way it looks, even though it isn't too thick or heavy. Which is fine, considering I live in Texas.

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Sorry for noob-tier question but does anyone know if Bodyline ever restocks coats? I know they are shit at restocking in general but winter is coming and I want that l460 a lot. It's sold out on both the colorways I like..

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That's such a nice coat. The kind I prefer actually.

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So cute! I should invest in a winter coat for lolita but there's this puffy pink one Bobon has that I've been determined to get since last year for casual wear, not sure if I should put that aside again...

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>>8619493 here, i noticed that pumpkin cat and cmloli.taobao.com had some really cute sweet ones. Also when i've been looking for secondhand ones on mbok/y!ja pretty much all i've been finding are really sweet and pink brand ones

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no clue anon, i want it in wine or black so badly too. i'm really holding out hope that with winter coming soon, yan will see the potential $$$ and restock them all. my bets are on riight after halloween finishes up.

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Thanks, anon! I actually really love the Chess Story coat, but I wish they'd released a short version as well, since I already have a long BtSSB coat and a long loliable offbrand coat. I'll check out CM lolita and pumpkin cat as well.

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I really want the black as well, though I wouldn't mind settling for the blue one. Wine is very pretty but it would go with nothing on my wardrobe, unfortunately. I'm hoping you are right because I'm in dire need. Though if it does get restocked, it'll probably suffer a price markup..

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I have a Hell Bunny coat and I was in good shape for a midwestern winter last year. Is this a new one? They have so supremely ita ones but it looks like their styling might be improving even more.

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Try Hell Bunny, mine isn't wool.
I'm >>8621123
example >>8614699

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I have the image related and it always seems to make my petti bunch up in the front, which makes me look pregnant lmao. Has anyone had a similar problem or know how to possibly stop that from happening?

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anyone know any coats similar to this one?

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Oh that one is beautiful, thank you!

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