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Share your stories! Your drama! Your costumes! Your con sex!
>Hotel pricing clusterfucks
>Cosplay/ Lolita drama
>Best/ worst costumes
>Masquarade winnars
>Self-post your costumes to the moon and back.
>What'd you waste your money on?

Gulls, how was your D*Con 2015?

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Old Thread on autosage >>8561027

Dump your pictures! I didn't get to see the contest.

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I was really happy and surprised to find a shitzillion one piece fans at DCon. Funniest thing was when this sorta scary looking biker guy that looked in his 40's approached me and said "Nice Lucy".

Also I got to see what it was like to be on the other side of someone losing their spaghetti. I got to nerd out with some girl who was way too cute to be talking to me about the recent happenings in the manga/anime. Fun con, can't wait for next year.

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>Hotel pricing clusterfucks
Nothing too bad, just hoping I can switch from Marriott to Hilton next year despite the early booking that apparently wasn't supposed to happen. They were really nice about splitting the bill. Bummed we couldn't get two beds.
>Cosplay/ Lolita drama
Some friend drama, but I'll post later when my face isn't attached.
>Best/ worst costumes
Really fucking loved the Hodor with the half bran cereal box on his back.
I saw two harleys that weren't together in the same fucking tutu/corset mashup. I giggled as they glared at each other.
>Masquerade winners
I'm not happy. Frankly, I don't understand the judges judgements.
>Self-post your costumes to the moon and back.
>What'd you waste your money on?
One of the tentacle cats that I'm currently cuddling and a Lisa Frank kigu.

Everyone's best and worst moments?

>My best
Passing out cookies to people on friday night as Osono from Kiki's Delivery Service. Drunks love bread and it's great.

My worst
Drama with some friends or the fact that Aku cut up my bf's arm pretty bad.

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Seriously did OP popularity explode this year?

Must have been because Naruto ended and people finally wised up.

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lol at masquerade and all the sluts on stage.

who won all the awards? i know the wizard of oz got BiS.

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Stupid big ass dragon won, Joker and Penguin won, Oogie Boogie won that's all I could remember right now still recovering

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oh god, I FUCKING NEW IT. OP who posted in the progress thread was a fucking ham all along! No wonder she didn't like how she looked in costume. You can never look good with that much ham clogging up your bones!

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I saw a couple of those! The Aku was hard to miss. I have no pictures of myself because my friend hasn't uploaded them. We were pretty much the only Dark Souls there though.

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That Pinocchio had to be paid by Geico, that shit is too high quality.

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Shit, really? that dragon was so fucking derpy. you'd think if he's taking on an effort like that he'd attempt to make it anatomically correct.

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Ugh, I never said I didn't like how I looked in the costume, I said that I didn't like how the flowers and hat looked. Oh and I never said I wasn't fat, you should have been able to tell from the dress form :P idc, people at the con loved it, even when they had no fucking idea what it was. Also *knew

Booo, I love DS, who'd you go as? Did you get a cookie? Did any of you gulls get cookies from me?

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When you do a terrible copy of a terrible cosplay, have you created a great cosplay?

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Also, tested posted an album with 800+ cosplays, like 800 different ones. You can see it here


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i'm pretty pissed the temple of doom shanghai club skit didn't get anything....

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Any tips for getting a hotel room for next year? I was sad that I had to miss out this year but definitely want to go next year

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That one and the Alice McGee one were the only actually good skits. They seemed prepared, practiced and thought out. Over all well done. So when the Shanghai Club skit didn't get anything, I huffed and turned off the tv. That was frustration at it's finest. I saw pictures of their dresses and there was so much detail. I'm so confused how they didn't place.

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I had a really great time, must have the best luck avoiding incidents because I heard so much "negative" shit happened??
Anyways, here's me and my boyfriend.

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there seems to be some drama about the judges moving them up a division when they shouldn't have (some novices in the group) and without letting anyone in the group know they were going to do it.

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Another 2 strikes against the big ass dragon was everyone was waiting for the fire to shoot out of it's nose but NOTHING!!!

Then as he exit he did an U-Turn and showed he had FB and Twitter logon on the wing.. WTF man.

Damn it now all I remember are the cringe ones

- Joker Batman that skit was a little too long
- Witches of Oz could be a little short and just show off what their costume can do (BUBBLES!!!)

- The one with 2 back drop stand and some girl had 4 arms and black girl with big robot fists (sorry I don't know the cartoon) that skit went on too long

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So how about those awful MCs at Friday night's costume contest? Hooooooly shit, they were terribad. Easily the worst MCs I've ever seen. People were literally fleeing the room from them. Those of us who stayed through awards announcement pretty much devolved into insulting them from the audience every time they went off on a tangent.

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>Hotel pricing
I just did AirBNB. Paid a total of $260 for three nights
Loved the Mirror Master, and father/son Falcon duo hated all the Harleys. Its the pumpkin spice latte of cosplay
>self post
See image, im captain cold. Lord that flash got really uncomfortable haha.
God so many autographs.

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yeah, I had a lot more respect for Roy and RJ before that contest, tbh they seemed a little intoxicated.

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You paid a total for what I spent on one night.

I cared for a second, but then I remember I could go up to my room and poop. I'm willing to shell out for that luxury.

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How was it to do AirBNB? I've never booked a place through them but I was considering it. Any tips/advice?

>> No.8602786

Thats a totally fair and valid point. I had no such luxury being a little farther away from the con.
It was super easy. Ive used tons of times both in the states, Europe and Asia. Ijust suggest you use their map when searching, to be able to find a place that isnt super far from whereever you want/need to be.
Also dont book anywhere with less than 10 reviews.

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Ok, cool, thanks anon! I'll keep looking.

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temple of doom didn't win anything!? what the fuck

cartoon was steven universe. basically tween bullshit. new homestuck

i had some major secondhand embarrassment because i'm a big fan of face off but i have no idea what they were thinking.

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lol it's the little things, but for real how far away were you? I'm thinking it will be my back up plan if I cant get host hotel.

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I'm pretty sure I praised the sun with you.

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File: 1.65 MB, 2432x4320, Lilith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah they got bump to Master's level which General Grievous won... given it's on stilts and the 2 extra arm move... but light sabers were bought, stilts were bought and the costume wasn't ever that good.

For Master level Temple of Doom should have won.

I don't know what Lilith was thinking

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Anyone use the Parking Panda I wasn't sure how far those parking spots were, also did you have a reserved spot?

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>I don't know what Lilith was thinking

She believed in the power of boners.

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We were Havel the Rock and Oswald of Carim, I didn't get any cookies from anybody! Well except my friend who made cookies back in their room.

You are gonna have to be a LOT more specific than that. There was a lot of drunken sun praising going on. If you were also in DaS costume then you must have been Girl-Solaire but other than that...

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I wasn't in DaS this year, but I'll be Priscilla the Half-Breed next year!

>> No.8602988

I'm shocked they allowed this on stage, especially with kids in the audience. They censored it on Dragon con tv. I wonder if she covered herself up during judging and then wore the "real" thing onstage.

>> No.8603011

What parts were censored on DragonCon TV? Picture I posted was taken after the judging, that's what she worn on stage. After she flashed everyone, she cover her self with the fan/cape thing and exit the stage.

>> No.8603088

I think I had seen you in the Marriott. I appreciate how you went with this variation as I've rarely seen it cosplayed before, thanks!

>> No.8603102

I watched on DTV and nothing was censored, I don't see how unless they had a 5-7 second delay for such moments.

>> No.8603107

anyone know what was up with the yaya han impersonators Sunday night. Yaya showed up herself, was it a joke thing by her or did people try to make fun of her image

>> No.8603169

the group was frsutrated becaseu they got bumped to master's even though all the people were either novice or journeyman level. also dcon fucked up their music....should've been an extra 10 seconds where willie came back out and indy came and picked her up and carried her off.

>> No.8603195

>was it a joke thing by her or did people try to make fun of her image

I think it was a joke she was in on cause I saw friends of hers in the group.

Probably to promote her as usual.

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This kinda shit makes me glad I don't waste money on Dragon*Con.

>> No.8603409

>mfw when I always hear bad things about DCon but they get actors for my current, kinda unpopular fandoms.

Someday I will waste money on DCon.

>> No.8603481

>Probably to promote her as usual.
wow what a fucking surprise

>> No.8603486

I meant the replayed version

>> No.8603770

Im pretty sure she said it was the premier for one of the wigs stores that made a wig after her hair.

>> No.8604026

I was impressed by the quality of the Immortan Joes I saw.

The number of Harley's were off the charts this year - especially ones carrying giant hammers in the dealers room and almost hitting me in the head with them. They should not allow giant props in that building.

Steven Universe was ridiculous too.

>> No.8604044

Next year is going to be my first time trying to book a hotel for myself.
Will they announce when you can begin booking or does it automatically start after the con?
Any advice for booking a host hotel?

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In the old thread someone said join DragonCon's FB page they will send out announcements. IIRC Westin opened for booking annnnnnnnnnnnd it's gone.

>> No.8604120


They're sold out.

>> No.8604157

so far I have figured out that Hyatt books after the 29th of September and Marriott is Oct 7th

>> No.8604160


What about double queen bed rooms for the hilton

>> No.8604208

apparently there will only be king bed rooms

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File: 239 KB, 1270x715, 10397029_10154267836527575_7988188054073408841_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we got a photo with the pedobear Jared too! We thought it'd be ironic because we were cosplaying from the Wiggles. Our red Wiggle was missing at this point because they had to run up to their hotel room to grab something.

>> No.8604366

They were getting some indictments from us actually!

>> No.8604467

30 min walk, or you could take the marta or 8min uber. The ubers would be roughly $6 one-way

>> No.8604663

I got in on that accidental Hilton block. I'm super paranoid that they end up cancelling my room now, and I didn't get a room at the Westin which was my regular go-to hotel.

>> No.8604671

I'm kind of regretting not grabbing either the early Hilton or Westin. Fingers crossed something opens up. I'm supposed to be finding 2 rooms this year (or a suite) and I'm super nervous.

>> No.8604683

If you aren't on the Dragoncon Hotel group in Facebook, get on that now. They are great about posting when blocks open asap.

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I'm so awkward
> Fucking love Lisa Frank, my childhood
> See guy in Lisa Frank get up on Thurs, take his pic
> Don't think anything of it
> Sunday night, see girl in Lisa Frank Kigu, both gush over Lisa Frank, she tells me where she got it in vendor area
> Get the last one on Monday
>looking through photos, the dude is Micah from Beat Down Boogie..
> he's wearing the same kigu
> recognize him as the guy who gave me a weird look as I was giving someone else a cookie, then I offered and gave one to him.
> he's going to think that I'm his stalker or something when really I just like Lisa Frank and giving cookies to people.
> Mfw I'll never be in another bdb video again

Looking back on it, I kinda remember a Lisa Frank related post from their page, but I'm terrible with faces. I was also slightly intoxicated during both events.

>> No.8604932

That's kind of bullshit - usually the way you "bump" someone up a level is by giving them an award. Forcing journeymen/novices into the master category and then not giving them a single prize is ridiculous.

TBH Grievous's skit was shitty and I saw the costume up close - it was big of course but just made of a bunch of tubes cobbled together. Same goes for that weird dragon - big but badly constructed.

>> No.8604966

I am, thanks. I just have to be patient. It's hard to sit here and not be able to do anything because stuff is either booked, not open yet, or there's a lot of stuff I can't even look at because it's simply too early. I'll feel better once I have something booked.

>> No.8605113

Does anyone have actual pics of the winners?

>> No.8605357

Not to mention the face for the Grievous was FUCKING WRONG.

I don't understand.

>> No.8605430

I know Dragon is super western but does any on remember the black Butler skit? I thought she looked nice and I was happy she actually performed something and didn't just walk on and pose.

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Spandam and Jabura (I was the Jabura). It was my first time really making a costume. I liked how it turned out except for the eyes- I guess I didn't make the pupils big enough; they just look solid white from this angle/ distance. I thought they looked fine when I put the head on and looked in the mirror, but I was standing pretty close at a favorable angle. Oh well, I guess it shouldn't be too hard to fix for next time.

>> No.8605462

I had to really think about it to be able to know what you were talking about. It wasn't very memorable

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My group stayed at the Doubletree this year and it was nice. It was only a block away so it was close enough that the walk was short, and far enough away to avoid the major crowds. I had a great time. My biggest issue was the boots I had for my costume, they were last minute premade boots that I had painted. The first issue is that they were tighter in the toes then I thought when I had tried them on originally. The second issue was the yellow paint I used didnt set for whatever reason. I went through a ton of clearcoat but the stickyness still ended up bleeding through. They pretty much have the texture of the lint roller things and are completely disgusting now.
>Best Moment
There was a really cute group of Madoka Magica cosplayers in line for the vender hall on the second day that I met, they got a pic with me but because they were in line I didnt have time to get a picture.
>Worst Moment
My boots were soo uncomfortable I ended up staying in most of sunday because of how bad my feet were hurting.

>> No.8605682

How the fuck do people even afford Dragoncon with these crazy hotel and travel costs? Asking somebody to put up $1000 up front for a host hotel is insane.

>> No.8605697

I am always saving for the next con. I had money for 2015 saved back in 2014, and in 2014 I had money for 2013, etc.

This is my home con, I've never regretted a single moment of it. You don't have to stay in a host hotel, and 80 bucks is cheap for a 5 day con.

This is a con largely populated by adults, and high cost keeps it that way. I'm personally glad, the feel of dragon is extremely different than anything else.

>> No.8605731

Also for many people, dragon con is their only con. Costs balance out if you don't get badges/hotels for other places

>> No.8605737

I keep a massive float in my banking account so that I can pay up front for things when hotels do BS like this or emergencies happen. At any given time I probably have about $2500 tied up in hotel deposits for my group for the year because I book early. Dragoncon draws a lot of employed adults who are probably in the same situation as me and can afford it.

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File: 694 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-10-13-20-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least he knows he dun goofed

>> No.8605798

Unlike your average anime con, Dragoncon draws in a lot of older individuals that have well paid professional carreers. Shit, all things considered I'm a well paid government employee that's on a double digit GS scale. My new position also gives me access to my agency's travel coordinatorfor when I need a hotel.

>> No.8605806

Yes we all know. You don't have to mention it literally every time you post here.

>> No.8605841

I thought yours was pretty awesome. I was just upset there wasn't a Kaku there with ya. Also I feel like spandam would have been better with the strap mask.

Have you seen any of the photos from the photoshoot at the hilton yet?

>> No.8605860

>a con largely populated by adults
i was seeing some complaints on FB about the con having a ton of young kids this year, and dcon trying to be more "family friendly".....was this actually the case? (note, i didn't go this year, but have been the previous 3 years) i personally love that it's an adult crowd (oldfag here) so i don't feel fucking old like i do at most animu cons.

>> No.8605889

Early in the day and on saturday when they do the parade sure, but after a certain hour it becomes mostly 25+.

>> No.8605890


Thanks. Yeah no Kaku infortunately, but my friend was Sanji one of the days. Also, I have been looking everywhere for photos from the Hilton photo shoot. Do you know where to find them? They aren't on the Facebook group I was told they'd be. You'd be like my personal hero, man.

>> No.8605891

>The only kids I saw were in the masquerade and from pictures.

kids at dragoncon are a myth

>> No.8605905
File: 785 KB, 2448x2448, L5CVaEj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The guy in charge of it still hasn't posted any photos yet. I'm assuming you're also watching The Shinobi Light Artist fb group. About the only thing I could find were a few photos that I think were taken after we left.

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File: 176 KB, 960x720, Kid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 years ago when the pedo co-founder of DragonCon's share were bought out by the rest of the share holders there was a HUGE influx of kids attending, before that it was kinda boycott towards him.


But other anon are right about older crowd for DragonCon with more funds and skill that's why a lot of costume looked AWESOME.

See pic, hehe

>> No.8606017

again anon, I only saw kids in the masquerade and PICTURES.

I did not see any children within the hotel walls. The myth thing was a joke.

>> No.8606139

Ah, I actually wasn't watching that Facebook group. I forgot to ask the photographer where to find the pictures, but I did ask one of the cosplayers and they told me check the One Piece Cosplay Nakama Facebook group. I'll keep an eye on both, thanks.

>> No.8606309

Hey! I was that guy that got like 500 different selfies. Fat, wears glasses, makes stupid faces. Thanks to all I took photos with and thank you to the lovely couple who gave me a cookie. You are all awesome.

>> No.8606477

Wait was that couple this one? >>8602550

That's meeeee, much love my friend <3

>> No.8606539

The power of boners is strong with her!

>> No.8606596

>Fat, wears glasses, makes stupid faces.
man, that describes at least half of the people there. Maybe closer to 60%.

>> No.8606601

Ngl, that describes me but I wore contacts all weekend

So, how do we fix the line problem?

>> No.8606608

We need some kind of ranking system between scooter-fat and kind of fat.

>> No.8606751

We totally chatted while waiting in line for a panel.

>> No.8607840

I keep seeing did you see my cosplay requests from Harley Quinn cosplayers on the dcon fb groups.

How to tell them they're all trash and no one likes them? I have no idea why I'm so salty over it, but Harley cosplayers really got on my nerves this year.

Maybe because they're typically special snowflake? Like my take on Harley is so original, let's get a tutu and a corset with some pigtales.

>> No.8607877


Friday night costume contest, watch Roy and Rj be asses

>> No.8607962

I've only been to two Dragoncons, but it seems to me it's not worth entering costume contests. I've toyed with the strictly comic character contest... are there any that are worth your time and effort to enter?

>> No.8607973

>links an hour long video
Where exactly is the assery you're referring to? I don't see anything within the first few minutes and I don't feel like sitting through this entire thing.

>> No.8607980

It's during the awards announcement where the audience started to lose its patience. Not sure if that video has the awards since I'm at work and can't watch it. But yeah, the audience was pretty much yelling at them during awards, but also during the last few walk-on entries.

>> No.8607984

Their contests are run like Babby's First Cosplay Contest at a 1st year convention. So no.

>> No.8607985

if you're hardcore crafter/sewer, the friday night one is judged really well. i've been in the YA lit one as well, and really liked that one for HP and other young adult series.

>> No.8607988

maybe some of the track contests, but fri night is ICG rules/judging

>> No.8608047

Friday night and the new "The Chosen" contest at the aquarium are pretty worth while. Oh and I like how the anime/video game is run. But the costumes for that aren't really that amazing.

>> No.8608064


Hall contest takes ten minutes to enter, lots of random categories, but you dont get anything but a certificate. Still, if youre already in the Hyatt...

>> No.8608466

hmm, I might have a chance at that one if the costumes aren't that great.

>> No.8608581

Yeah, chosen is run by picking twenty of the 100 or so people who entered 15/20 were amazing.

Video game/anime/cartoons sign up is on Sat, judging takes place throughout the day and the walk ons/poses are around 5. The costumes are broken into Newb, Journeyman, Master and group and what not. Best chance at winning something is there unless you spent ~1000 dollars or hours on your costume for Chosen.

>> No.8608613

Stayed in the DoubleTree this year and its the closest I've been in three years. My group fell apart - car accident with my two cousins and my sister got proposed to, so she was too in love to come along.

I had a lot of fun, but my boots wrecked my feet the first day and though I had a spare pair, it was a mood killer to have to hobble around everywhere.

I was the sweaty jedi in the gray tunic and the sweaty guy with the red Drabbit on his shoulder in plain clothes.

>> No.8609051

Who's the big tittied Yellow Wiggle on the right?

>> No.8609156
File: 85 KB, 720x960, 14416809157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone use those pre-paid reserve parking - Parking Penguin (I think) I want know if they are worth doing next year.

Miss Frizzle and her magic school bus

INB4 Carlos

>> No.8609254
File: 67 KB, 640x960, dcon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8609469
File: 99 KB, 720x960, Pending Wardrobe Malfunction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is like 3 hops away from wardrobe malfunction

>> No.8609524

Are those real, because got damn.

If they are then that corset must be killing her..

>> No.8609532

I lost my badge Saturday afternoon and somehow my cousin managed to find the person who found it in the throngs of Marriott people like 3 hours later.

Feel good story of the year, man.

>> No.8609544

I lost my cell phone at SDCC one year and figured it was just gone. My friend called my phone and someone answered. We met up with them and got my phone back. Not everyone is an asshole, thankfully.

Generally speaking, the crowds at DragonCon are usually pretty courteous. It's just a huge volume of people, and some people act badly when they're drunk.

>> No.8609572

2 years ago at DragonCon we found a phone just sitting there by the escalator which was a common sitting area because of an outlet. We sat down and plug the phone to the charger while we waited for the owner to come back. Sure enough this girl with panic look on her face.. "Umm have you guys seen a phone around here?"
me "What does it look like?"
girl "It's red and with a cracked screen"
me "Here you go, it was low on power we figure you should be back in this area looking for it"

She sat down with her friends and it just fell out of her pocket.

>> No.8609958

See thats why I'm specifically waiting until I'm back in shape and doing classic Harley. She's a gymnast, you should at least look like you can pop a somersault in the suit.

>> No.8610444

Looks like um...damn it whatsherface

She shows her chest off in just about everything she does. Don't think she has much of a choice in that really.

>> No.8610448


I found someone's phone last year at DragonCon.
Turned it right into con security.
I hope the person knew where to look.

In turn I got my lost camera battery back that I lost somewhere on the floor of the Marriott.

>> No.8610452

that is some niceeee waist training, I'm mad jelly

>> No.8610978

Dude, I ran into this chick and she was moping around under the escalators at the Marriot whining about her friends ditching her and more or less begging for food then she started trash talking someone elses winter soldier cosplay. someone else i mentioned her that was wearing a cap america cosplay to told me she frikkin cons people out of badge money and hotel rooms

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