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Old one autosage, >>8544520

As was stated previously:
Discuss comms. Don't single people out or we'll get deleted.

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I'm coming up on 2 years of ever meeting my comm, I saw them at a panel at a con, and joined one year later.

There's a lot of drama and hate in our comm, but I have made so many good friends since joining and they have always made me feel at home

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God tier:
Adelaide- Well dressed and well run
Melbourne- Well dressed

Brisbane- Reasonably dressed but lots of nit picks
Sydney- Reasonably dressed and well run

Tasmania comm

The other Brisbane comm

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brolita jennys new yt account btw

Wasn't the other Brisbane comm started by a girl who thought the original was too full of brand whores?

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Yep- brandwhores and owing people money for meets she bailed on

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my comm needs to learn how to organize meets more efficiently, or at least have more organized people planning meet ups. it's not cool to organize a meet and have people plan their week around it and for the person who planned it not even check if the restaurant is open or even bother to show up

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I personally don't like my comm. Lot of backstabbing, shit talking, fake smiling gulls. Quite a few brand itas too. But I love the few friends I was able to find in the comm and now we just hang out instead of attending bullshit meets.
Life is good.

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Wait, Tasmania has a comm? Pics?

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My comm is big, so meets end up being a little impersonal or split off into cliques and it makes it difficult for a newbie like me to make many friends. I'd really just like one or two good lolita friends... Sigh!

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Anyone who went to the LA museum of death meet, how was it? Did anyone pussy out or passed out?

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I am considering moving from Southern California to Portland Oregon does anyone know about the comm there? Are they well dressed and any drama?

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I moved away awhile ago (to SoCal actually, ha) but still keep up with people in Portland. From what I can tell, there's a core group that dresses really well (Look up Mint Kismet, for one) and then a few meh people and itas show up to other meets. I dunno about drama, but I think they do a pretty good job of squashing it.

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I want an active comm so bad but I live in Arkansas. Hopefully wherever I move after college has an active comm

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I moved to a new comm recently and there haven't been any meets yet. It's been a really hot summer though. I hope there's a meet soon so I can meet new people.

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My Comm seems all very sweet and drama free.
I'm happy everyone seems nice but i kind of know drama will happen at one point, it's louisiana. It's bound to happen

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What comm?

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The NYC comm is feels very unfriendly. There is almost no way to find out about meets happening if you are not invited or not part of any side groups that do private meets.

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List of lolita comms: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1evXegSoFbfEXn8o0joeA-KFvolNKPKllgvaYqNgvOiw/edit#gid=1

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i wouldnt fuck with the NYC lolitas unless i had thousands of dollars of delicious burando. those girls are scary.

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It went well and it seemed like everyone enjoyed each other's company. No one passed out and I am so glad because that would have been annoying.

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How was the Chicago megameet? I went a couple years ago and it was a mess, but the girl who organized that year got kicked out the comm for pretending to have cancer (people donated money and gifts to her) so I have to figure it is better now than it was.

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After a year of being in the local comm, I left. Too much like a dictatorship.

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I went and it was nice! Overall everyone was dressed well and it was indoors this year so the weather wasn't an issue. There was a lot of food too and someone brought little signs on sticks so we could get selfies with them. The raffle wasn't as good as last year but I didn't go for the raffle.

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Bingo was better than the raffle, but it seems they didn't have as many prizes to give out as they expected?

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Was it hella gorey inside? I wanted to go so bad but I got sick and didn't want to pass out from being sick and watching gore all day. I am glad you guys had fun tho.

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Not really. I mean it's gorey but I don't think it's that bad but I also have a high tolerance for that kind of stuff.

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Have a video
I think there's more on her account.

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So many shitty accessories in one video and the girls filming seem obnoxious.

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this is kind of a silly question, but out of curiosity what comm is the deerstalker pictures group a part of?

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On mute it looks like some sort of edgy student film about finishing school...

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That fuckin bowtie guy...

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Originally Brisbane but now Sydney.

I was more impressed by the Hawaiian shirt

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Minor drama, it could be a lot worse. But it's a fun comm, I love it to death.

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Maybe the prize pool was smaller because last year they allowed used/offbrand items but this year they didn't. There was a lot of used clothes and a couple pairs offbrand shoes donated last year.

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This reminds me of how much I hate it when girls bring their boyfriends/husbands to meets and tea parties. Specifically the ones that are not wearing the fashion, why do they go? Do they not have friends? Do they have to obsessively follow each other around? I can't be the only one who finds this behavior to be creepy.

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My fiance takes me to his jedi meets and I don't have a costume, I take him to my lolita meets and he doesn't have a coord. We just share in each other's stuff because we love and support each other. Outside of work it's like the only time we do anything together.

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tfw got hundreds of meet ideas, but my comm just isn't interested and wants to do safe things over and over.

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Bingo? Like how old ladies play? That sounds terrible.

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Basically this. We have a few girls in our comm who sometimes bring their boyfriends or husbands, and it's more or less them being supportive, along with them being really interested in going to the place for the meet. It's not really codependency, it's just if they want to tag along. One of them is a good friend of mine now. He likes the same video games as me and we help him pick out presents for his girl. I feel they'd be bored at a tea party or a more strict event though, if they weren't that into it.

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Sorry you're too ugly to get a bf of your own

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There is nearly 850 people the NYC lolitas group. Most venues can hold a max of 8 or 10 people. Would you be posting every meetup you plan to the main group?

Here's what you do: There is the massive Central Park meetup on September 12th (the only reason it's not public is because Yanise wasn't able to make the event through the group and when she tried to make it public 2000 random people marked "Going"). There is also a meetup at 6 Flags September 5th (this you can view on the facebook group event page). Go to one of those meetups. Pretend that you're a normal person and talk to people and then friend them on facebook. If any of them accepts your request congrats, you now can make a meetup of your own. If you're incapable of making enough non-awkward small talk to get even 1 new "friend" out of one of these meetups then maybe you need to reevaluate your life. And if you're the person that refuses to use facebook then I don't know what to tell you because that's your only option right now.

We're not unfriendly, we just all got too much shit to do to go out of our way to hand-hold every single person into finding a place in the comm. You're never going to be friends with everyone, shit you're probably never going to meet every person in the comm - but if you have lived here for any length of time, you'll know that the "well known" NYC Lolitas are generally 21+ and working full time grown up jobs
which is why this anon thinks you have to be dripping in brand to fit in. It's not that we are unfriendly or mean, we just too busy hustlin'. Now, if you want to *earn respect* in the comm, you'll make your own hustle and people WILL notice it.

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If you're shy or have "social anxiety" then I hate to say it but the only way is to grit your teeth and fuckin do it, don't let your dreams be dreams. Plenty of girls in our comm feel the same way but they gird their loins, don their frills and do their best and let me tell you, it shows when people are putting an effort in to be part of the comm and that usually earns respect too.

So, in summary, to not be ignored by the NYC comm, here's what you do:
1. Put some fucking effort in. Put effort into your coordinate, put effort into trying to talk to new people, put effort into building a relationship with anyone you find has common interests. That's really it. Sounds simple but a lot of people clearly have a hard time with this concept.

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No it was fun, each square had elements of a coordinate so you had to find someone wearing it. It got people talking to each other without feeling forced and awkward.

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not even that anon, but screw you guys. I think it's cool that your s/o are supportive, but nobody wants random guys hanging around at a meet.

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I made a seperate facebook to join my local comm once I get some coords together, what should I put on it to make it look like I didn't just throw it together? I'm hesitant about posting my face in the profile picture and I don't have any finished outfits to post yet.

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Honestly, unless your comm is full of shitty people you should be fine. I know girls in my comm post coords that they are working on for advice and recommendations.

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You sad you're lonely, anon? You won't get anyone with that attitude.

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That's a pretty hostile response to someone's legitimate issue.

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I think it really depends on the SO in question. Some guys just sit in a corner and mope while on their smartphone. Others take pictures and join in on the conversation. I found one guy that was too social with us. His girlfriend brought him with her because she was shy, but he ended up domineering every conversation people tried to have with her so she didn't end up socializing at all.

If it is a huge public meet I think it is okay if we have a random SO at the pick-nick. If there are only a limited amount of places/tickets I think the SO should let actual comm members to the meet. I think it is sad to see many lovely comm members not being able to go because a couple of girls bring their boyfriends who are not even interested in being their aside from the food. I don't think they should really go to small meets, those are for really getting to know certain comm members and no one is interested in getting to know a random SO.

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This exactly. I think it's pretty normal to be weirded out by "random" guys at small gatherings - lolitas go to meets to socialize with other lolitas, not dodge awkwardly around some attendees' SOs. If it's big then it's fine, I'm sure they won't bother anyone, but when it comes to parties with lolita oriented events, games, and prizes, they'll seem like they're really out of place. Some attendees might find it hard to relax if there are stranger normies about.

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Agreed. I don't really care for someone's random SO, I go there to meet other lolitas. If it's an actual activity like a picknick or museum, it's okay, but otherwise, leave them at home.

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I have to agree with this. Even if your s/o supports your hobby, you don't need to drag them to every meet. You can have a social life without them around you 24/7. It can be awkward for other attendees there, especially if the only person you intend to socialize with is your s/o.

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>you'll never land a husband if you don't enjoy interacting with my greasy, surly boyfriend at j-fashion events :3
Seriously, not everyone who has a problem with weird boyfriends hanging around like a bad smell is forever alone or in a terrible relationship. I'm very happy with my boyfriend but he doesn't attend meetups with me because he has no interest in the fashion beyond thinking I look cute in it and he'd have nothing to talk about with the girls. If you seriously need moral support to hang out with people, you have a problem.

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*picnic btw

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Is the Kansas comm active? I just moved and I planned on joining.

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No it was a get to know each other game and it was really fun! Calm your salt.

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What are your meet up ideas?

The mods did a wonderful job getting it put together and I agree with how everyone stepped up their game - even the new comers did well dressing up. I'd say that the quality of the raffle prizes were better than the previous years and they did their best to spread it out so more people could get something. I think it helped that there was a way to post what people were bringing (food, prizes, or otherwise). I think I'm going to talk to some of my crafty friends to see if they're interested in making little goodie bags. That year cancer-chan tried to put it together wasn't so great, but I liked that some of the more active lolitas involved took the time to make little goodie bags as a souvenir from the event; I still have my little sachet from it! I know it's a big endeavor, but I'd like to believe that it'd be worth the effort.

Bingo was definitely fun. They've done it before and I'm glad they did it again because there are a lot of lolitas in the comm I've seen, but never really talked to and it helped with introducing people.

I think I won't bring any food next year. People ate what my friends and I brought, but it was just too much work and money.

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There's also Rufflecon in October. Most NY, NJ, and CT lolitas go, so this is definitely a place you can mingle and make friends.

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it's like hey, a lot of us work hard to get where we are at. I bust my ass every day at my job to earn money for my burando and i'm not going to apologize for that. New people have to make an effort. As much as we would love to help people through the process, we have lives. We're allowed to hang out with our friends we made in lolita and not invite the whole comm. You think that some of us don't have social anxiety too? We do, we're human. Make your own meet and dress halfway decent. Be a nice person and we'll be responsive. If you're super new, suck it up and PM a mod. they will eventually get around to you and i'm sure they can give tidbits of advice. If you're so new that you don't even have a coord yet, join the other nyc comm. Yeah, there's some itas in there but if you need personal attention i'm sure they can coach you through that until you are ready to go to a real meet in the main comm with people who are seriously into the fashion (but personality-wise are pretty chill as fuck). Hey, it's New York. We're not exactly known to be hand holders. But you learn a lot, and you'll get a great appreciation for the fashion. I can guarantee if you put on your big girl panties and go to the big Comm meet, you will have made progress. The main comm is actually a really good comm in a lot of ways. And if you're busy that day, make your own meet in the main comm. Just have your profile pic as you wearing something nice so that people don't assume you're some rando-kawaii-chan just starting out. i'm pretty sure that's frowned upon in any comm Good luck!

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Glad I'm not apart of this comm, you guys sound like condescending cunts tbh.

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*a part

"apart" means the opposite.


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Does anyone have any experience as to what the conneticut comm is like?

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Based on what?

>> No.8578414

that was an overwhelmingly new york response

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Agreed. I love my fiancé and have taken him along to some of our more casual meets (museum meet, he hangs around and the museum with us but doesn't come to the teaparty after) but dragging your SO around everywhere isn't healthy either. Plus I totally get how some girls are uncomfortable having these random dudes in normal clothing at a frilly feminine fashion meetup.

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Holland community are cunts!!!!

>> No.8578631

I meant because you're saltier than an entire city in Utah but sure, we'll go with that. C:

I'm surprised you have friends.

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I love how far my comm has come. It's gone from batshit crazy bodyline mess to brand filled where more or less everyone knows how to coordinate it.

>> No.8578673

Please elaborate?

>> No.8578677

*Dutch community

>> No.8578688

I haven't even found the comm yet, I threw some group requests out on Facebook with no acception :(

UK Midlands and Lincolnshire comms, where are you?

>> No.8578765

I wasn't the one you were originally replying to but okay, keep thinking only one person can disagree with you.

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Maybe I'm biased but I don't think we're condescending, just a lot more straight forward than the majority of Lolita communities, which if you look around, tend to have just as many problems with people being patronizing, overly-nice to people who don't deserve it and "fake".

NYC comm catches a lot of shit for not being lovelies, but despite it having an exceptionally large Lolita community you don't see too many fame-chans like Kate stirring up massive amounts of drama. We have a few people with "reputations" but for the most part no one tolerates their shit for very long and any dumb stuff gets smacked down pretty fast.

> in before people bring up drama that is at least 2 years old at this point involving people who are not active or prominent anymore

>> No.8578889

Agreed. A lot of New Yorkers keep to themselves and have lives/hobbies outside of lolita. You don't see drama llamas as much in New York anymore compared to 4 years ago. All of them do not want to be efamous.

New York is a big Comm and know a number of lolitas there. However, do not friend everyone and find 1 or 2 circles you can be with. With 850 members, you will find enemies and adversaries who will get irate at you and start talking drama behind your back privately.

>> No.8578934

Is Victoria Suzanne Elizabeth Unicorn Sparkle Farts Screw The Rules I Have Pink Hair not active/prominent anymore?

>> No.8578962

1. She's technically not a NYC Lolita as she lives in CT, though CT and NYC have a lot of overlap though so I'll allow it.

2. I don't know that she was ever particularly embroiled in drama, she just had a popular blog which made her a target. Compared to fame-chan antics these days, she's pretty tame. Her illness seems to be getting worse lately as well so that probably contributes to her only attending small meetups with her immediate friends.

>> No.8579040

it seems low-key, meh tier, and undramatic.

>> No.8579054

My comm was good until a massive ita was left in charge, invited her equally ita friend to be a moderator then shat up the comm. Nearest comm is too far so fuck that, I'll be a lone lolita

>> No.8579118

the Connecticut comm pulled off a fairly successful first-year lolita/alternative fashion convention last year. nobody was scammed, there was no drama, just some hiccups that can be expected from a first-year con.

they aren't god-tier lolitas, and there are a lot of basic or even ita members, and despite being in CT it's not a wealthy comm at all. they are approachable and friendly but in my experience it can be hard to establish friends (like most of CT).

the more serious members have dual membership with the NYC comm.

>> No.8579763

I LOVE the PDX comm. you will too. Great people. Some drama, but they keep it between themselves. Fun meets and nice people. Can't wait for you to join us! Welcome!

>> No.8579786

Is the NYC comm rich? Gossip Girl Park Avenue lolitas are my dream.

>> No.8579831

Pretty sure the girl who organized the goody bags that year is the same one who made bingo this year. She's a good mod, and the mod who reserved the room so we could have an indoor meet is a good mod. Pity the third mod just takes up space and tries to take credit for organizing things.

>> No.8579908

>Is the NYC comm rich?

Every comm has rich brandwhores and poor Bodyline itas. I would not say the word "rich" at all. If you're trying to prowl for drama instead of dressing up in frills, you're looking in the wrong place.

>> No.8579919

It's a very large and very varied comm that encompasses the rich and the poor. We do probably have more rich lolitas than the average comm only because we have a larger population of lolitas overall.

>> No.8580220


Am i really condescending? No. Very New York? Sure why not. i've worked every shitty job you can imagine. i've cleaned people's shit, toilets, worked the floors at supermarkets, got spit on (literally) by customers while maintaining my Customer service smile... I worked hard, busted my ass for my bachelors. you can to. be fucking proud of whatever it is that you do. i've never felt ashamed of any job i've worked and i've treated everyone with kindness along the way. Your problem is that you aren't proud of yourself, but you should be. Look in the fucking mirror. What do you see? Do you feel pretty? Do you feel worth it? You should. If you can do that, you can do anything. Dissatisfied with your career and constantly feel like people are comparing you? Then plan your next move. Live at home and can't work? Find a hobby and do it. Be happy. So when you read a post about a person who is comfortable with their life you'll cheer them on and not try to tear them down or label them one way or another. I don't care who the fuck you are, you have something in you that no one else does. Use it.

>> No.8580221

Nah, a good chunk of us work for our stuff. Some are rich and others struggle like any other person does. Also, keep in mind that NYC tends to attract people in the tri-state area. Some regulars legit live in Jersey or Bumblefuck upstate NY

>> No.8580258

OMG thank you

*shit up the comm

Past particle of shit is shit. Just because shit rhymes with sit doesn't mean their past participles rhyme too. Y'all need to brush up on German

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my own meandering thoughts

>> No.8580329

it's okay. some itas here and there, but the bigger meets are nice

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that was beautiful anon.

>> No.8580381

"Shat" is a perfectly acceptable, if more recent, past participle of "shit".

>> No.8580406

I agree! I love our comm so much

>> No.8580414

>Look up Mint Kismet
lol self post you whore. I hate that bitch wish she would move back to Florida or Colorado.

>> No.8580460

I don't follow the LA comm online on FB but are we having a halloween themed meet or naw?

>> No.8580530

I'm in need of a decent midlands comm too anon. Leicestershire here

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>Victoria Suzanne
>never particularly embroiled in drama
Anon confirmed for having no idea what she's talking about.

>> No.8580607

If you're midlands, have you read the rules? We do request that you message one (or more!) of the mods so that we know you're local/actually a lolita/not a spam-bot. We're down as "Midlands Lolitas".

Are you going to Regalia? A lot of us are

>> No.8580620

What's the drama?

>> No.8580656

I'm about to join the Dutch comm. I'm going to live there for 9-12 months. Going to learn German tough and not Dutch (just staying there close to the border because my aunty lives there). Should I join both the dutch and german comm? Is there anyone I should avoid, or anyone cool I can look up online?

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I didn't think you would right a fucking blog in response. jfc calm down.

>> No.8580807

I've been in Lolita for around 5 years and the only things that come to mind are people posting her here trying to start shit that never seems to catch on. Her blog can be a little contrived but as far as I can recall, she's never had straight beef with anyone or done anything that caused damage to any of her local communities.

The only things I've ever seen posted about her is that she can come off as aloof or "elitist" (to be totally fair I had that opinion of her as well, the first few times I encountered her) but she's also pretty ill and honestly you could find something unkind to say about just about anyone in the NYC comm if you wanted to.

If you want to dredge up drama involving her from before 2010 be my guest but unless you start citing specific examples I'm going to interpret your comment as aimless sandiness.

>> No.8580826

I don't know much about her except she self-posts and never shuts up about her Nihonjin boyfurendo. Anything else?

>> No.8580982

can anyone give me a quick rundown on how the Boston comm is?

>> No.8580987

SF comm has been exploding with new members - what happened? Most are weebs and itas too.

>> No.8580999

I have no idea. I just checked the fb page and it looks like they're planning a trip to Carmel to take pictures in front of people's houses because they're cute. Creepy girl who never talks is also asking where people live. wtf.

>> No.8581061

Was it a TX comm?

>> No.8581154

The Portland comm is full of a bunch of poorfags and itas. There are very few who actually wear brand. While I'm not a brandwhore, some of the attitudes of itas just piss me the fuck off. I'm fine with replicas. I'm talking about these girls who use their welfare checks to buy bodyline, refuse to work, and then complain/bitch about how spoiled the girls who do buy brand with their own hardworking money are. I've hung around both groups, and even though I originally perceive L & A as brandwhores, they are so much better than 90% of that fucking ita comm. And a lot of girls (itas) won't shut the fuck up about LGBT shit.

>> No.8581185

Anyone know anything about the Philadelphia/Frilladelphia Comm? I was too busy with university to join, and finally have some free time, but want to go in eyes wide.

>> No.8581214

Story on creepy girl?

>> No.8581226

Yeah, sounds about right. I used to wonder if this was just how lolita comms were. Glad to know it's just this one. Is Seattle any better? What is the best comm in peoples opinion?

>> No.8581228

Are there any Danish comms? How are they?

>> No.8581260

Seattle is better than Portland for sure but there are a lot of introverted people. You don't see to many itas at most meets

>> No.8581286

At the moment, we're kind of quiet but we were hoping to maybe do a meetup next month and a Mutter Museum one for Halloween. Are you on our FB group?

>> No.8581329

I'm moving to Austin in about 6 months, I never hear much about the comm there, what's it like?

>> No.8581375

Yes. I see that there's a large amount of people on the facebook, but how many people are actually active? Anything you might have wanted to know about it before joining?

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She's probably non-verbal. She would show people things she wrote on Post It notes instead of speaking. Online she kept doing things like pic related, bumping up old threads with a string of comments. Also she kept posting random crap on the comm's FB page and even asked someone to buy a dress for her.

>> No.8581423
File: 182 KB, 492x558, cg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All these comments are made by her, like she's talking to herself online or something.

>> No.8581453

Interestingly, it's what we call a "hypercorrect" term. Let me explain.

In the original German irregular verb for "shit", the forms, if we list them as infinitive -> present -> imperfect-> perfect, turns out to be:

scheißen, er scheißt, er schiß, er hat geschissen

The vowel pattern is "ei, ei, i, i". According to the German-to-English conversion rules, the vowel pattern for the English verb should become "i, i, i, i".

However, the German word for "sit" follows a different pattern:

sitzen, er sitzt, er saß, er hat gesessen

The vowel pattern is different, being "i, i, a, e" instead.

Some 18th century English speakers assigned on the vowel order for "sit" to the verb "shit", and thus created the word "shat". And they probably didn't know enough German to realize it was wrong. (This may not be their fault; it was only later in the 19th century when the Brothers Grimm wrote their famous history of the German language, which included a section on English.)

So in this case, it had been created out of "hypercorrectness": an attempt to be correct, but instead turning out to be completely wrong.

Of course, there is another rule of grammar that trumps all: if enough native speakers use a word enough and is perfectly understood by other native speakers, it is a correct word in that language, regardless of whether it existed in the past or not. So over time, "shat" did become correct, if just by force of repeated use.

>> No.8581457

I know. My German is so weak I confuse the table for a plastic bag.
I would also like to know anything about LA comm. So far I've been a loner and it's not much fun. I did find something on the meet up site but there are none planned.

>> No.8581467

When I moved here, it took me a while to find too. There's a small tight knit group of regulars and a few you see time to time. Most everyone is p chill. Hope you have an easy move!

>> No.8581471

They have a reputation for being sort of ita, but they're a nice bunch, very friendly. It's Austin so some of their meets are ~wacky~.

>> No.8581494
File: 1.51 MB, 309x208, 1431960041594.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw reading this post

>> No.8581514

Hey there, ATX gal here. Just a heads up, I guess some people have had trouble finding the comm on FB, it's "ATX Lolitas" just in case.

And yeah- we're really chill. I was unaware we had a rep for being ita, but then, I was unaware we had a rep at all, haha. I think we have a lot of members who like to experiment with fashion, and a lot of our meets are informal, but just as with any comm there's a variety. As far as meetups being "weird" or "out there", well... we've had to get creative. We don't have a lot in the way of museums etc, so we're just as likely to get together for crafting meets, bubble tea, or shopping. There's plenty of "plain clothes" meets as well.

You might also want to check out the JSFC (Japanese Street Fashion Club) at UT. They have weekly regular meets that are open to the public (so there's a lot of crossover of members) and are also a good bunch.

Anyways, we look forward to meeting you!

>> No.8581758

>>8580336 glad you liked. I seriously mean it. Push on my fellow salty lolita.

Cute pic, I hope this helped you just a little.

>> No.8581775

Is there a separate LA comm FB group? I'm in the "lolitas and harajuku fashion in CA" one but I don't know if there's another more specific one.

>> No.8581788

She used to whine on tumblr constantly about being sick all the time and her weight. It's soo hard being a skinny girl apparently. Other than that and the self-posting nothing really.

>> No.8581823

Very curious which comm you're referring to, Anon, because I might be able to commiserate.

>> No.8581824

The main group is LA Lolitas.

>> No.8581926

Is there anything interesting about Dallas? How relevant are they and where do they sit on the tier?

>> No.8581991

Pretty quiet but nice. Some people are more warm and welcoming than others. Overall I would give us a neutral rating as far as friendliness and meets. Hope you like it down here!

>> No.8581996

Grow up anon.

>> No.8582001

Not recently?
I mean there's a couple of new girls coming to the monthly meet, but that's standard fare.

Yeaaaa I'm not a big fan of that meetup idea.
Carmel is ok, but it's pretty homogenous.
(Old rich white folks, pretty much)

>> No.8582027

Honestly, I feel like everyone has been REALLY nice to her, but the mods needs to have a conversation with her about appropriate behavior on the FB page or she needs to be removed. A lot of the things she's done (posted random Etsy pages, asked people to buy things for her, etc) have been completely inappropriate, and she's been given plenty of chances.

I understand that she has some sort of disability, but we're a social/fashion group, and it's not our job to cater to that 24/7.

>> No.8582055

Is it normal for a comm to suggest a meetup at a real cemetery? It seems so disrespectful but no one has called this girl out on it.

>> No.8582061

What? Which comm is doing this?

>> No.8582072

Oregon. The girl suggesting it is part of some facebook group called "Dark and Dreamy Cemeteries".

>> No.8582075

>tfw 2.5 hours away from the nearest comm
fuck college

>> No.8582124

Not particularly. Very nice girls, I saw a lot at San Japan. They have a lot of meets, page has a lot of people but they have very little spam conversation. Probably mid-tier on average; some of the girls whip out some gorgeous coords, and then some are ita as fuck with no improvement. But less of them and more those who put in effort it seems?

>> No.8582138

I'm kinda afraid to ask this, but I'd like to know how the Baltimore comm is, please.

>> No.8582144

the murder rate is high but the people are great

>> No.8582147

kekked irl
When I was a child my playgroup would go to cemeteries to do gravestone rubbings. It isn't that strange or disrespectful. Depends on the nature of the meet up though.

>> No.8582149

Pretty much the same as the DC comm, since there's a large member overlap.

>> No.8582164

That's creepy and very disrespectful. Are ppl supporting it? I mean you can have a cemetery themed meet up at a house or park but not at an actual cemetery ya know.

>> No.8582203

There are reasons to respect the dead. I hope the meet is stopped before someone unwittingly brings something home.

>> No.8582212

From what she said, it seems like she's over 18 but still under some sort of guardianship. I'm wondering if her guardians are aware of exactly what she's up to.

>> No.8582351

Nice girls. Try coming to one of the monthly dinners at La Madeleine in Columbia. It's a good way to meet the more active members in a casual setting.

>> No.8582514

Sweet. It seems like a good comm to be in.

>> No.8582525

Oh my fucking God that random dude that's so cringey

>> No.8582530

That doesn't sound supportive, that sounds like you annoy each group of people. How about you guys make time for each other? Rather than just being accessories. It sounds like a really unhealthy relationship tbh.

>> No.8582536

Ah must have missed that! I will do later this evening :)

I've been considering it. Are there many Lolitas from Lincoln within the group? I know there is a Comm but they seem a little allusive.

>> No.8582552

Cemeteries used to also be the sites of picnics and family outings, because you generally had "the family plot" and did your own maintenance/brought flowers.

Cemeteries in my area are actually trying to bring this tradition back and have twice yearly festivals with food, re-enactors from different periods, grave rubbing kits that they hand out, and so forth.

But times change, so I can see why people wouldn't be okay with it. I don't see anything wrong with going to visit a historical cemetery site if you're respectful about it, but it can be a bit weird otherwise. And there's always some idiot who wants to loll about on top of gravesite entablatures.

>> No.8582570

On the one hand, I find burials super weird anyways ("YOU'RE PRESERVING YOUR DEAD PEOPLE AND STORING THEM?! WHAT ARE YOU SAVING THEM FOR?!") so hey man, whatever.

On the other hand while I feel like it's possible to visit a cemetery and "honor" the dead by being respectful and enjoy the space peacefully, i really doubt the average person is capable of that.

>> No.8582791

I did go ahead and join the FB group but I wasn't sure if it'd be a good representation of the comm itself or not! It seems to mainly be one person posting most things. I haven't looked into it too much since it's still a ways off before I move. As long as folks are nice and fun, I think I'll be happy. I'm coming from a "comm" of literally 4 people so my expectations aren't super high. Though I've spent some time with the NOLA comm and they're awesome. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm looking forward to it as well!!

>> No.8582802

Most of the ita group are strippers or sex workers. Somehow they still can't afford brand?

>> No.8582846

I been to parties in cemeteries but it's because my bf's family go often to celebrate a very close family member's birthday who passed away. We get stares a lot but then ppl get the feels when it involves a younger family member like a 7 year old who passed away or a granny. It's pretty interesting to see it happening the first time and they are the only family I know who do that kind of thing here in America but weirdly, ppl are kind enough to sing and eat cake with us after awhile. But I am sure that lolita comm ain't going to celebrate shit or be respectful about it since there's always that one person there.

>> No.8582864

That sounds really nice, actually, albeit sad. Better than trying to push your pain away and spend a dead loved one's birthday in misery.

>> No.8582975

Ah I love the NOLA girls!! Excited to meet you!

>> No.8583061


>> No.8583085

the third mod is fantastic. all of the Chicago mods are fantastic.
try again vendetta chan.
your obviously knew to the comm,otherwise that comment wouldn't have come out of your mouth.

>> No.8583088

srsly i wouldnt bother to come to anymore meets.
just leave the comm

>> No.8583109
File: 171 KB, 290x429, samefag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8583196

Every once in a while some random comm will go to a cemetery and take photos and stuff, and it always makes me cringe. I just imagine someone being there, mourning the loss of their husband or mom or whatever, and when they look over, there are some girls dressed up in "costumes" and having a party. It seems pretty insensitive. I think that it would probably be OK if it's a really old/inactive cemetery where there are probably no living relatives who would be visiting it.

>> No.8583198

There were like 5 people who liked the post, but they are weird itas

>> No.8583204


>> No.8583221

1. Waku Waku this weekend
2. NY Mega Picnic in September
3. Rufflecon in October

Tokyo Rebel also hosted big guests this year like Novala Takemoto and Akira. These are all public lolita events. If you're not a social wreck, it is easy to meet people at these things and make friends. It's true that it is easier to get people interested in you if you're well dressed and friendly, but this is the case in most comms, not just NYC.

On that note, anyone here planning to go to Waku Waku this weekend? What are you looking forward to the most?

>> No.8583312

>provides historical grammar lecture correcting us when we say 'shat'
>does not comment on Americanised spelling of English words rooted in German
Fuck your off topic correcting and fuck me for being retarded enough to comment

>> No.8583323

I want the fucking weeaboos and furries out of my comm right fucking now.

>> No.8583337

Fucking thank you.
>tfw people think all Linguistics majors are like this

>> No.8583381

well obviously idiot

>> No.8583388

Well there are different types of cemeteries. Forest Lawn has a big museum and garden that's separate from the actual graves and is a tourist attraction. So at a place like that it wouldn't be too inappropriate (provided they're not posing on graves and whatnot). It it's a smaller normal cemetery that's primarily graves it would be more awkward.

>> No.8583455
File: 252 KB, 511x428, i feel u.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i feel you too hard, anon. And they all support each other too, so if one were to say anything, they would instantly be antagonized.

>> No.8583492

Wow Heather, thanks for proving that you post on cgl. Email in field and everything!

>> No.8583501

tfw Chicago has four mods

>> No.8583534 [DELETED] 

thats not heather dumbass. its alaina.

>> No.8583535

there are 5 mods. lol

>> No.8583537

That wasn't Heather, I won't expose who it was, but it wasn't her.
>heather is constantly on cgl, though

The fourth mod is pretty chill, but she just joined the team so not many people know about her/what she does besides that one Facebook post.

>> No.8583539

Just because one is morbidly obese, she doesnt count as two people

>> No.8583551

Hahah oh man this is gonna be great.

>> No.8583565

Wait, then who the Hell is the fifth? (not counting who just started)

>> No.8583607

Sauce? My boyfriend and I might move to the valley at the end of the year for his job.

>> No.8583674

There's E, J, H, and C for the mod team? The other mod A doesn't count since she moved to NYC, they haven't updated the description yet.

>> No.8583728

okay vendetta chan

>> No.8583731

a still counts. if you look under members then at admins, she is still one.

>> No.8583841

Comm is chill. good mix of people with meetups that meet a good middle of nice/relax. Dont be nervous to make yourself known on the FB page or at meets.
All in all in my experience, A pretty low pressure comm.

>> No.8583842

His name is Albert

>> No.8583900

Moved to NYC but probably still does more than H so they don't remove her. What does H actually do? Other than complain about being posted here, or enter the raffle so she can win something nicer than the cheap make up pouch she donates every year?

>> No.8583921
File: 1.46 MB, 3264x2448, 1440642642059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please let me know if this sounds scammy as fuck.

I'm moving soon to a comm with 500+ members. I will be moving there without a job most likely. Is it OK to post on the comm to ask if the companies they are working at are hiring in my field? If I get hired, whoever referred me would get a referral bonus of probably $1000+.

Hurr durr, obviously I plan to look for a job the normal way, but referrals help you get your foot in the door.

>> No.8583984

I know who you're talking about. She does this ALLLL the time. Just don't go.

>> No.8584026

Which ones are strippers??!!

>> No.8584028

Who would be giving that referral bonus? You?
That sounds awkward as fuck to me, but whatever.

>> No.8584029

No. Go find a job yourself.

>> No.8584059

Why would they refer you? They dont know you.

>> No.8584089

that was such bullshit. the raffle is for the community, not her greedy ass. almost nobody clapped when her name was pulled too.

>> No.8584096

Look, there are a lot of nice members of the Chicago Comm who don't cause drama and help newer Comm members improve in coords or plan meets.

I am getting tired of the drama in the Chicago Comm. Stop stirring drama. If you want to talk about drama in your Comm, take it to lolcow.

>> No.8584128

What are some good conversation starters/ fun activities or topics for when a group is at a cafe or restaurant?

>> No.8584159

Not scammy, but too specific a request to be comm appropriate as a general comm post (out of those 500+, there are young kids, students, NEETS, lolitas with part time jobs, career lolitas in other fields, and then maybe some career lolitas in your specific field. It doesn't relate to enough of the comm, just a very specific section of it.) and innapropriate as a request in general because they have no way of knowing your work history and ethics.

Go to some meets, then maybe as an ice breaker, ask who's in your field and maybe see who's hiring, what recruiters or websites to check out for positions. From there, be prepared to do your own footwork, because they still likely may not want to refer someone they have no work history with, bonus aside.

>> No.8584175

Each person takes a turn saying something about one item they chose to wear that day.

>comm regular
Hey chicks, I wore this necklace with dreamy planetarium because I just got it and I love constellations
>shy new chick
I um... Me too. I wore this Sagittarius brooch today and some star clips.
>everyone @ shy girl
So cute!!
>next person
I made these wrist cuffs and finished them this weekend!

and so on? I feel like, unless you showed up in jeans, everyone will have something to say and share, and it's not a tabletop game or a loud activity.

>> No.8584180

Why? This is the community thread, for community discussion. Lolcow is for lolcows. Are your mods lolcows?

>> No.8584185

Talk about Comms, don't talk about singling out members and stirring drama. I dislike how much H gets discussed on here. Enough.

>> No.8584200
File: 34 KB, 495x325, tumblr_n4rbaxYdHg1slrsino1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks a lot, anon. I really appreciate that response.

Have a hot dog in return.

>> No.8584209

Good thing is, Chicago really doesn't have drama anymore. This is just dumb bickering, the real drama went away a long time ago. everyone still is really chill, I love the comm.

>> No.8584220

I think it's really weird too, I have a boyfriend and even when he likes me and my lolita hobby it doesn't mean he has to come to a meet with me, he would be so bored and it would be really awkward. I know a friend of mine takes her man with her and all he talks about is his job and some other stuff that I don't care about and it's just..why..you know..why. I get it when you don't have a lot of time together but even then. I wonder if these lolita's are afraid to feel alone without their significant other and are dragging them everywhere literally.

>> No.8584247

If you think this is drama, you must be new. This is nothing - this is just a few people expressing their feelings about the weakest link mod.

>> No.8584260

A stepped down last year when she moved; I just don't think they ever updated that section. The new mod is L and got added about a month ago, so as far as I know, the only mods are E, J, H, and L. It still says C is a mod as well, but is she?

>> No.8584263

Yes they did, you must've been standing in the back at that time, Rachel.

>> No.8584266

C is an active mod just not recently, and she couldn't make it to the mega meet.

>> No.8584308 [DELETED] 

>J fashion preferences?
Lolita, AP's autumn/winter prints are my jam
>What are you looking for in a friend?
Someone who wants to talk about brand releses, coordinates and /cgl/ drama
>What AREN'T you looking for?
SJWs and people who want me to be their new SS
>Hobbies outside of j fashion/ cosplay?
Drawing, shopping, make up, TV shows, baking.
>Anything extra you think we should know?
I'm on Japan time so it might be a little difficult to catch me online depending on your time zone.
>Preferred method of contact?
[email protected], please email me for my skype.

>> No.8584310 [DELETED] 

Fuck sorry wrong thread.
>polite sage for dumb

>> No.8584604

are other meetups that awkward looking?

>> No.8584673

>And if you're the person that refuses to use facebook then I don't know what to tell you because that's your only option right now.

There's more than one of us I'm pretty sure, but honestly, even I manage to go to meets now and then, just not as often the ones organized by the fb group. It's not too hard to find public events or meets and find a group to hang out with at them, unless I guess you want an event to attend every single month. So yeah, girls having trouble finding meets, just keep your ear to the comm threads and local stores/events. You'll find stuff to do and I haven't met an awful person yet at any event I've been to.

>> No.8584750

this isn't even drama
this exactly. how dare anyone complain about a mod nobody likes.

>> No.8584872

I found it was easiest to join all of them, since people inconsistently post and everything in SoCal is an hour away.

>> No.8585070

Now she's going to blame everyone in the comm for being the one posting her. Protip, it's not Rachel. Or Dina, or Abby, or Vanessa, or any of the other people you like to badmouth at meets.

>> No.8585104

lol if you know who the anon is, why not share it with Mod E so we can eliminate the problem.

>> No.8585131

Knowing who it isn't doesn't mean I know who it is. We have a huge comm so it's not going to be easy to narrow down which of the people who are tired of her witch-hunt is posting about her. And it seems like multiple people since this is my second post on this thread.

>> No.8585161

That's not really drama though, just annoying. It's easy to ignore if you don't add everyone in the comm on Facebook. There are lots of nice normal people in the community. Some people have personal drama but it doesn't interfere with the comm very much.

>> No.8585201

Who's L? I don't remember seeing anything about another new mod.

>> No.8585409

Lindsay. She's really sweet, I'm sure she'll do a good job.

>> No.8585630

Lindsay is great but she's not a mod of the lolita comm. She is one of the mods of the strega comm. There isn't a lolita comm mod whose name starts with L.

>> No.8585642

Are Texas comms just shitty in general? No it's not a TX comm. I live in the UK.

>> No.8585658

Kek. Moved out the rgv 2 years ago. From what I remember there was a bunch of shitty cosplayers and cons and i can imagine what the Lolita comm there would be like.

>> No.8585746

Huh, strange. A month or two ago there was a post in group saying she was made a mod, but I just looked and that's all gone. I'm not in the Strega group, so I couldn't have seen it there. Guess she's not, then.

>> No.8586254

>strega comm

>> No.8586264

Weird. I never saw or heard anything about that. The only new mod I know if is C and that was probably close to a year ago now. I do remember seeing L being made a mod of the Strega comm though.

>> No.8587510

Ditto Anon. Heard some shit went down and man it's kinda funny because the community is so fucking small.

>> No.8587512

No, but several have gone on borderline lockdown in the wake of the HLC drama.

>> No.8587577

It's really just certain people being posted on /cgl/ and then throwing huge fits because they're being posted instead of ignoring everything or trying to improve. Of course, everybody still has a high school mentality around here so that's too much to ask. Not sure if that's what happened with the lolitas since I'm not part of that but I'm sure it contributed.

>> No.8587600

The high school mentality really runs rapid down there for some reason. Some of the girls seem to be above it but it does seem like that's the main factor in why there would be drama in the first place.

>> No.8587617

None of us went on lockdown. Most of the other cons in Texas are just chill when compared to HLC, all we do is stop bullshit from escalating before it reaches that point.

Not sure what Houston's efame hungry mess of girls did that caused all their explosions but I have never seen those kinds of explosion in any of the other comm fb pages. And I'm part of four of them. I'm convinced it's the water; I don't drink water in Houston.

>> No.8588607

To be around people that aren't you

>> No.8588626

Start one and post every now and then on online comms looking for members. I'm sure there are some out there who want that comm too! I do understand though, I've visited Arkansas.

>> No.8588640

I'm glad my comm isn't like this. Everyone seems to be okay with SO's and SO's even participate in some kind of way usually, taking photos, talking, etc.

>> No.8588717

I don't want to name names, but it's one of the first things I found out about them, so you'll learn soon enough, anon.

>> No.8588750

My comm is like this too. Most of the SOs are friends at this point and they even hang out together without us girls. They are all reasonably knowledgeable about lolita too, because they are allowed to participate in meets even though they don't wear the fashion. Maybe we just got lucky.

>> No.8588758

You'll find out
Their profiles say it and they advertise it often. One of them is fairly active in the comm

>> No.8588792

Yeah, I think we are lucky. I kind of wonder if we're same comm haha

>> No.8588800

>Not sure what Houston's efame hungry mess of girls did
That kind of sums up what they did in itself.

>> No.8588804

......damn, you're so right.

>> No.8588845

Might be moving to Portland this fall, is there a general jfash community in addition to the lolita one or no? Also how do I find the communities on FB? I really suck when it comes to using that site.

>> No.8588854

What the fuck do you even mean by lockdown?
But in all honesty, HLC is still the best dressed. I think the rest of the state is improving, but they're not quite there.

>> No.8588950

Looking for older lolita opinions please, my local comm is mainly college aged girls living at home with their parents. I think the oldest is 25. I am 10 years older & have my own home to run. My main concern is it would be alienating & we would have nothing in common. I also have a large wardobe and want to wear my frills with other Lolitas. Should I join?

>> No.8588954

Just join. I'm a 22 year old college student and my two best friends in the comm are older lolitas (26 and 29).

>> No.8588968

...well hello, fellow moving-to-Portland seagulls.I too am moving there! I hope we can all meet each other.

>> No.8588972


I'm the original NYC question anon. Thank you for your replies. I don't even have the anxiety, and I do try and go to meets, I do make some acquaintances but I often also see photos of private meets I had no clue about, and it kind of bums me out. Sometimes its even with the very people I sort of know. They are usually pics of the "good comm" not the public or ita comm.

All the replies do kind of support my statement that it's a very unfriendly comm, but honestly I get it, after seeing all of the "I have social anxiety" "I was scared to go to Waku Waku" posts in the main group in the last week or so.

>> No.8589294

If you only "sort of know them," I don't know how much you should expect to be invited. In my comm, most private meets are set up as hangouts between close friends. I know that if I was outside of lolita, I wouldn't invite a casual acquaintance to a hangout with my best friends, so the same social rules apply here. I don't think it's meant to be "unfriendly."

If you're friends with any of them on Facebook, I would suggest liking their posts, and writing nice comments on their photos and messages. Hopefully they'll notice you and invite you to stuff. Don't be pushy, though, because that can be a huge turnoff.

>> No.8589329

UK comm is doing this. I see no issue if they are quiet, respectful and don't knock anything over or leave any litter

>> No.8589365

Go to the picnic. Talk to the "good comm" and dress nicely.

>> No.8589391

Have you ever been to a strip club? Because I live in Portland I've been to many as they are everywhere. The only ones making a ton of cash are the girls who get Fridays and Saturdays.
Shit, Devils Point gets huge fucking turn outs for all their gimmick events but if ita a Sunday night, no one is getting a nice tip. I've seen really good looking girls only get like 5 bucks a dance. It's kind of sad.

>> No.8589393

Anyone know if there is an issue with age in the comm?
I'm almost 30 and just now getting into lolita. It's really hard to make friends once you get past a certain age and I feel like a lot of lolitas I try to talk with get weirded out after they learn how old I am.
Everyone I've seen on the fb comm for Portland looks way younger than me. I fear I'm gonna be a lonelita.

>> No.8589403

>I am 10 years older & have my own home to run. My main concern is it would be alienating & we would have nothing in common.

Frankly anon, I'm in the former situation (post grad) and I LOVE girls in my comm who have their own houses. It's a chance to get away from my parents, and it's not like I don't have aspirations to be a homeowner. I'd love to talk about house projects and decorating with somebody. Yeah, it sucks that I have no place of my own but don't assume that girls my age wouldn't be interested. You'd be popular in your comm, especially if you threw tea parties.

>> No.8589420

There's quite a few of us older than 25, myself included. You definitely won't be the odd one out.

>> No.8589438

I love that, too! I wish I could afford to get my own house and not have to deal with normie roommates too; I'm also post-grad, so I'm waiting it out until I can afford to make it on my own.

Many girls in my comm, including me actually prefer private in-house meetups because it would be an excuse to get together and not have to deal with strangers every ten minutes.

>> No.8589445

Most are 23-30

>> No.8589497

Oh good. I plan on not being an ita and buying more brand than off brand, and pretty soon I won't even be a poorfag, so yay!

>> No.8589811

Sf comm-ers going to the ott party-
Who is A (the videographer) married to?

>> No.8589816

Never mind- answered my own question, it's not who she hosted the jubilee with.

>> No.8589869

I honestly don't think it's an unfriendly comm. We've got many "Type A" Personalities that kinda run the comm but most of us are pretty chill. Even if you don't have social anxiety it seems that you are expecting something from someone, which comes off as you're too intimidated to just genuinely ask. For example, if we were friends and i went out privately with my friends an didn't invite you it's not because i don't like you. People forget or maybe the group just clicks well together. Let's say you sent me a message asking how i'm doing and if i would like to hang out sometime, I'd be thrilled! Maybe i thought you didn't want to hang out or that you would be disinterested in stuff that me and my mini group do. So, next time we have an event i'd think to invite you or otherwise make an event just to hang out with you and the others. I mean, i have no clue who you are or if i know you but I just can't imagine that most of the comm thinks much differently. Also, we all have friends that we enjoy who either don't work well with the group (or a member of the group) and you may not always get invited for those reasons. At a larger event it's different than 3-6 people.

I'm just not sure what you want a comm to do that would make you feel that it's friendly. Maybe a more productive way to figure this out is to ask you, what about a comm makes you feel included? Maybe you're really looking for a small comm that relies on each member to keep it going. A comm where if 1 person can't make it you reschedule the event untill all or most can make it. There's nothing wrong with wanting that. Maybe you just need to figure out whether you're looking for a comm or looking for personal friends. You can't always have both but usually you'll find a close buddy or two and a bunch of really friendly acquaintances. I can honestly say that i haven't met one active Lolita who was an actual ass in this comm. One or two were Rude at times yes, but actual ass- NO.

>> No.8589946

Any more stories on Creepy Girl in the most recent SF monthly meeup?

>> No.8589965
File: 47 KB, 980x306, 21 plus ftw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The amount of snowflakes at meets nowadays deters me a lot from attending them; thank god for the 21+ meet coming up.

Pic related

>> No.8590133
File: 367 KB, 540x640, xrpMhJo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for dramu but does anyone know who this is? Because I'm imagining a lolita sitting in her basement surrounded by pagan shit trying to curse her comm members for looking cuter in her dream dresses or something.

>> No.8590180

There is a tiny one but we are really spread out and there hasn't been a meet for months and even then it was nearly 3 hours away. Once I get my car I will join in and encourage more meets. I just hate how far away they all are. I wish I had just one lolita friend in fort smith

>> No.8590204

Nothing to big just a small comm.
I heard one of the married girls that were there was a big cheat and had cheated on her husband a few times with some type of gaming company that would run stuff at cons.
I knew one of the guys that she cheated with blew up about the whole thing on fb a while back but little to no idea if it's true.
If it is then that's just a shame.

>> No.8590339

Has anyone here ever made a comm before? My country has a handful of active lolita communities. The closest three comms to me are both very negative and full of drama. I'm aware making a new comm is going to draw attention and drama, but I'd like to try my best to minimize it. I would appreciate any advice or personal anecdotes in regards to making a new comm.

>> No.8590353

I saw this exact same comment posted in another thread some months ago and somebody there was commenting that THEY had seen it in another thread before, what is going on?

>> No.8590406

Didn't she run the raffle and then win the prize filled with BtSSB stuff last year? Shady af.

>> No.8590491

if they're too young to drink why would they post in a 21+ event at all?

>> No.8590776

That's just how Fakeboy is for everything.

>"Hey those of you with kids do you want a kids friendly meetup?"

>"Can I bring my furbaby?"

>"Does anyone know if there's a vegetarian option for tea?"

>"I don't know but I just have to comment."

>> No.8590780

I have not been to one in portland. I thought it was not as lucrative as they claim. Good to know.

>> No.8590796

I think HLC is the one with the most money and able to throw it around most. Metroplex has some rising cuties though, SATX I worry for a lot. ATX has a strong mix between gorgeous girls and trainwrecks. And RGV... I've lost hope.

>> No.8591022

Don't be a bitch. She's mellowed out a great deal and is kinda fun to hang with.

>> No.8591042

People badmouth A? why?

>> No.8591046

No idea but I'm curious to since there is girl in my comm that it could be but there's be no aus shitposters so I'm doubting that it's her.

>> No.8591056

>these girls who use their welfare checks to buy bodyline, refuse to work, and then complain/bitch about how spoiled the girls who do buy brand with their own hardworking money are
Isn't one of the mods still doing this shit? I dropped the comm a while ago because I just couldn't take her attitude. I was friends with her for a while on FB and finally cracked when she was asking people for their foodstamp money for Thanksgiving because she can't budget well enough to feed her child.

>> No.8591065

hello seattle?

>> No.8591069

Different anon but yeah there's so fucking many here. Maybe if there were fewer clubs or fewer girls, but there's much less shame on it in this area (at least among the more liberal city crowd) so yeah, tons of girls get into it thinking they'll make bank. I know a few girls I went to college with who weren't even really being paid, they just got free club access and occasional tips. On that kinda gig, $20-40 seemed average to good as far as a nights tips go since they're mostly one dollar bills... but for real if you worked a part time minimum wage job you'd make more than that.

>> No.8591112

If you can go to Rufflecon, do it. I went last year as a lone lolita, found roommates online and it was honestly the best time of my life. I made so many friends. It helped me kind of break into the lolita community.

I get what you're saying about the private meets- I always see photos from really great looking meets that obviously the organizer invited just their friends to. I get bummed out too because they look like a lot of fun, but by the same token my friends and I organized a meet last month and we were having a lot of trouble getting a reservation for a big group without putting down payments and stuff so I get that with all the pain in the neck it is to organize nyc meets, you don't necessarily want to open it up to any rando-chan. You want to make sure you've got people you know and trust, who will actually have the money to pay when the check comes around or who will actually show up because the restaurant might hit you with a fee if they don't. Of course there are some things you can do (like the Picnic on the 12th) but anything really good requires a fuckton of planning.

>> No.8591128

She's still trying to go after Dear Lenore for her shoes and the second pair she's decided she also needs for the scamming.

This includes singling out comm members who like Dear Lenore's Facebook page for some reason.

>> No.8591132

Is this M R? She seems really nice from online comm conversations, and very helpful in the sewing groups.

>> No.8591140

>but for real if you worked a part time minimum wage job you'd make more than that
Yeah its way easier to get big tips working in food industry. When my ex worked at a food cart he made an extra 200 a week on top of his average check.

>> No.8591167

This, so much. I've been to two or three public meets in NYC that have been a train wreck because people would show up to a restaurant and not have enough to pay their portions. It makes for a really awkward social situation, because some rando-chan you barely know has just screwed your group over on the bill by ordering more than they can afford. This isn't the kind of situation you can prepare for by collecting deposits in advance since people are going to be ordering their own meals at the meet. I've found a few girls to hang out with, and we've pretty much sworn off public meets because none of us want to get stuck in those situations again.

>> No.8591351

This exactly. Even a group of gals i enjoyed hanging out with pretty much stopped paying for their own stuff. Everyone looked my way to pay if rando-chan who just joined wanted to go to the restaurant but drink water and we were getting charged extra gratuity and entertainment fees for having them with us. Most of them don't Lolita anymore anyway but seriously dudes, pay for your shit!

>> No.8591478

Only H does. There are a few people she really does not get along with and she is convinced they post her here.

>> No.8591479

Yes, and the other mods made her give some of the prizes away. I laughed when she won the petti and one of the two mods standing up there could not hide the look of disgust and annoyance on her face.

>> No.8591485

She is kind and an amazing seamstress. But, if you get to know her, you see the crazy. Anyone who doesn't agree 100% with her is wrong. Anyone who has anything to say about her is BULLYING AND ABUSING her. She's on disability (not necessarily a bad thing) so she spends a LOT of time planning, running, and taking over events until they all sound the same. She's also protective of planning things. That's it.

>> No.8591684

The text seems a little google translate-y/ESL so I'm assuming it's not from an English speaking comm.

>> No.8591859

I've heard of this happening before. Did they pay you back later? Do you name and shame them if they don't?

>> No.8592271

Most girls in my comm work part-time retail-type jobs, so when the check comes at restaurants, they also look to me to cover the leftover amount that people didn't pay themselves. I have a full-time job, but I also am paying off student loans and a credit card, so it's not like I'm loaded. I would say that at a lot of meets, I end up paying something like 40% gratuity to make up for all the people who only leave a $1 tip on a $15 tab.

People never pay back in these situations. My friends and I will secretly talk about it with each other, but we'd probably be accused of causing drama if we brought it up publicly. Two of the people that have underpaid the bill at meets are fairly e-famous in my part of the world. Practically the entire comm is extremely loyal to them, so it would just make me look bad if I name and shame them.

>> No.8592470

To be fair, at tea meets there's usually sandwiches, so there usually is a veggie option

>> No.8592656

There's a girl in my comm that at first I thought was pretty cool. She seemed a little bizarre, but I tend to hang out with weird people. She's gotten a lot of crap from others for several reasons too. Over the summer she's shown her true colors, and I can kinda see why she doesn't have many friends. She very controlling and wants you to cater to her every whim. Everything she does is for attention, negative or positive she doesn't care. I think I pissed her off, because I refused to entertain this behavior. Now I'm feeling a bit paranoid because lately a lot of people from our comm have been posted here, and I can't help but think that it's her. Even if it's not her, I wish she would just chill out.

>> No.8592668

.....holy shit that's STILL going on? that started before I left. Jesus.

>> No.8592677

Why do you worry for SATX? I thought the pictures from the San Japan tea looked pretty solid. But I suppose there were a lot of non-comm girls there.

>> No.8592682

Holy fuck

>> No.8592686

Different anon, but I have the sad suspicion that they were asking for the actual tea to be vegetarian. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous (as it is literally leaves) but I used to help out at non-lolita-related tea luncheons and have been asked for vegan tea before and been yelled at because the tin did not specifically state whether or not it is vegan.

They then proceeded to put cream in it.

>> No.8592705

Conventions aren't generally a good indication of what the comm is like as a whole for that exact reason.

>> No.8592713

It's someone else asking questions and Fakeboy always answers"lol IDK" or something else irrelevant.

>> No.8592732

fun group of people! I think I was definitely nervous my first few meets because of some of the criticism I'd seen in these threads, but after going to meet-ups IMO I think the criticism is a bit outdated (mostly people being itas, young, badly dressed, etc)

>FB group has a shitload of people in it, but average meet can be anywhere between 5 and 15 people, certain meets may have more.
>there are established friend groups, so people may split off into these during meets, but don't get discouraged, people are pretty friendly and welcoming to newcomers.
>with the amount of people in the FB group I find that there tends to be revolving-door type members: people who may show up for 1 or 2 meets that you then may not see again ever or for a very long time. there is a solid group of people that regularly attend meets, though.
>demographics: a good mix of college-age girls + out-of-college/adults-with-a-job age girls. a few high schoolers, but meets are not overwhelmed by 15 year old itas. everyone is pretty cool+ ~normal, I've had a pleasant time at meets in terms of socialization
>minimal drama lol I'm really happy about this. I think anyone that is one either a.) is not primarily apart of the comm (fb group has a lot of people from nearby comms) b.) gone for good or c.) doesn't attend meets regularly at all and keeps quiet/drama to themselves. I think the last biggest drama episode was Kai Narita/Angelique de la Rouge a few years ago? but a good chunk of that was outside the comm and she's gone now.
>pretty good dressers! with the newbies there's obviously gonna be some inevitable meh coords but nothing horrific, and nothing horrific that occurs on a regular basis.

basically if you're looking for a comm that is smaller sized, normal, minimal to no drama, slightly older in age (most people in their 20's), pretty average-to-well dressed, then you got it right here. if you're a n00b the comm is also really welcoming and helpful.

>> No.8592911

Also from Boston comm and we have a lot of crossover meets with the northern new england girls, and the RI girls. I think ILD actually might be handled on a revolving basis between RI/BOS mods. Everyone is very sweet and chill and we have large extravagant meets sometimes as well as regular mid-sized meets and a handful of small/last-minute meets.

I was also really nervous my first time but honestly everyone is so friendly and if there's any issues with transit or anything everyone is very communicative as well.

All of us have a wide range of interests too so no matter your style or hobbies you'll probably find someone nice to bond over lolita AND other interests with.

New England Lolitas are a great group of girls!

>> No.8592921

when did this ever happen in the seattle comm?

>> No.8593085

The transfaggot man/woman/thing, one of the moderators (fucking fat ass ugly ita lesbian thing, dunno if "it's" male or female), and girl who posts provacative images of themselves... Just look through their photos! Ver- advertises it a lot.

>> No.8593148

Tough spot you're in there. You can't really say anything unless it's at the meet. It's like sure I can refuse to pay more than my share but really? What about the poor waitresses/waiters. I couldn't do that to them and I feel like the girls know this. I'm also one of the only full time working girls in my group so I often feel the pressure. Technically yeah, an extra $20-$40 won't break my bank. But i also paid for what I ate and more already. Why should I pay for people to eat for free when they could have easily gone home. I trust nobody when it comes to money these days. Anywho, sorry anon. You don't deserve to be treated like a bank either.

>> No.8593152

>friend has vegan girlfriend
>girlfriend bitches about no one ever having food she can eat at parties
>someone goes out of their way to make vegan cupcakes and pesto pasta dish for her
>she eats the goddamn cheesecake I brought instead

>> No.8593697

>someone goes out of their way to make vegan cupcakes and pesto pasta dish for her

I wish! She sounds ungrateful. I don't understand why people complain about the lack of options at restaurants, meets, etc. when vegan/ vegetarian. It doesn't make veganism appealing to possible recruits when they think there's no options... Not only that but what do people really expect? Of course there's going to be restricted options for you. Vegans need to be responsible for bringing our own food when at meets. I've been guilty of indulging in vegetarian foods at restaurants out of embarrassment for having nothing else and unwanted adults concern for not eating enough but if there's options.. there's no reason.

>> No.8593746

UGH, I feel this so hard.
>first time meeting with new comm
>two girls need dairy free and/or gluten free options
>brings fresh fruit and a delicious homemade coffee cake that's both gluten free and dairy free
>neither girl shows up

>> No.8594387

She's apparently no longer vegan now, and has become pescatarian. Or something.

I try to be considerate of others' dietary needs, because I have some weird ones of my own, but goddamn. I have known an inordinate number of entitled (and generally insane otherwise) vegans.

Do these people just not get enough protein in their diets or something, because. Shit. I think I know a grand total of one vegan who isn't totally batshit and self-centred.

>> No.8594390

What the fuck is a furbaby? Typo for furby? Baby that was forced to be a furry?

>> No.8594395

Furbaby = pet for people who don't plan to have children, or people who can't just say "this is my cat/dog/guinea pig/etc."

>> No.8594403

I think it's a bit creepy when people talk to their pets like they are their children. "Go to daddy" "Mommy is sleepy now so take a nap" seriously, Pets feel more like friends than children to me. even if you clean their poop.

>> No.8594413

The only time someone has referred to me as my cats' "mummy" has been my boyfriend being facetious (I'm away on an extended trip, and they've both been anxious and wandering the house crying a lot), or the vet. And I think the vet mostly does it because other clients refer to themselves that way.

I love my cats. More than most people I know think is "normal" to feel close to a cat, but I am not their mother and they are not my babies. They're cats, ffs.

>> No.8594588

YES! This is precicely what i mean! You love your pets, but they don't have to become substitute children. They are companions and friends more realistically.

>> No.8594606
File: 329 KB, 639x613, 1404423293750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Always been raised with dog
>My sister and I always refer to them as our brother/sisters
>use the term mummy and daddy when talking to the dogs to refer to parents.
I never knew this was seen as creepy

>> No.8596551

It's not like i would think much differently about you over it. But an eyebrow would be raised. It's more weird when you live with people who do it. My room mates have cats and dogs. It's just awkward...

>> No.8596870

Woah, another Arkansas lolita? I thought I was the only one.

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