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Anything of lolita, jfash, cosplay, conventions, etc.

I'll start,
I can't stand short sleeve OPs, extra points if it's a bodyline dress. Some short sleeves are a fine length, but like pic related, I think it's too short.

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I once got a short-sleeved op and I had no idea whether or not to wear a blouse under it or not.

>My pet peeve?
Store pics not having detailed pictures. Like I don't need close ups of ever single bit of lace, but when you don't even have all the colorways shown it becomes a problem

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I own a few OPs with short sleeves and I never really thought much of it, but I never liked how they fit my arms and now I'm seeing why. It makes everything look small and my arms thicker.

My pet peeve
> Untrimmed bangs
> Pic related (I just think they look really cheap and they remind me of the mesh bags/netting that turkeys are sold in)

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Completely agree, OP. I think that super short sleeved OPs or blouses with really short sleeves are really unflattering.

>My pet peeve

Lack of personal hygiene in lolita. I understand if it's the end of the day and your makeup isn't perfect, or if your hair has gotten a bit frizz, but flat out greasy, unwashed hair, scuzzy teeth, unclean nails, etc. are inexcusable things.

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> Everything I love is made for petite frames and flat chests. Weight loss can't fix that problem.
> Everything has to be super OTT all the time. All photos posted online must be photoshoot quality all the time. Otherwise you are ita.
> Don't like it, not your personal taste, it's now ita.
> Summer on /cgl/

Anon, I'm pretty sure that's a Jsk with a cutsew underneath, not an OP.

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Yeah it's a JSK

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I actually love them. I would only wear them as OTKs or a bit burther up my thigh though.They don't look cute when worn below the knee

My pet peeve?
>Those angel leggins/tights that are worn a lot in CPK. I can't stand the way they look
>That jellyfish dress being treated like it's some magnificent print when it's actually meh at it best

In cosplay:
>badly sanded props or armor
>eyelashes applied below your lower lashline, it never looks cute
>eyebrows not matching the wig
>out of proportion props, either too small or too big
>chubby females trying to crossplay a fit male from a yaoi series

I think there are a lot more that I'm forgetting, but I don't want to write a textwall

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Oops, I didn't notice. Have a real picture of a short short sleeved OP.

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Black colorways with sweet prints, aka what some people call "bittersweet." That color combo just gets on my nerves for some reason.

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I fucking hate those microscopic pics I see for ap

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honestly a bigger pet peeve of mine in OP pic would be the ugly raccoon eyes and the piercing

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shut up I fucking love these tights. If you own the authentic version the print quality is really good

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it took me like 5 minutes to realize CPK = cult party kei because there's a restaurant in California called California Pizza Kitchen that's also abreviated to CPK

I also hate chubby women trying to cosplay fit men or when hamplanets try to cosplay the smallest, thinnest girl in the series.

>they remind me of the mesh bags/netting that turkeys are sold in
top kek. I didn't even think about them this way but now I'll always refer to them as turkey netting socks. I hate them too.

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I hate that lolita is becoming so damn constumey and con wear in the west. I love wearing it out on random days, and I love seeing the street snaps in GLB of girls just wearing fancy not toooo OTT brand outside.

I just don't like that lolita has become part of con culture in the west in general instead of street fashion.

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gold bodyline/antaina shoes
that cheap gold color bothers the fuck out of me. ruins the entire coord imo

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The design is indeed beautiful, but I don't like the way it looks on legs. I guess it's because you have two of the same angel picture, one on each foot, and I don't like copy-pasted faces or bodies... it's really hard to explain and I'm probably sounding autistic, so I'll stop.

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This x10000. I cringe every time I see those ugly shiny ass gold shoes. Especially when they accessorize with mismatching shades of gold.

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I totally agree 100% but I'm guilty of wearing lolita at basically every con I go to. I spend so much on it that it's kinda like I'm digging for any excuse to wear it.

My pet peeve tho?
> Lolita coords "inspired" by characters. Basically discrete cosplay Lolita. Ew

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Those are miles better than the new glitter shoe trend. They look cheap and tacky as fuck. Just because AP made some glitter shoes doesn't make them any more cheap looking.

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Black colourways of pastel prints. I can't stand it-it looks so tacky and cheap.

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I've only seen a few coords where they looked decent. But come on, if you're too scared to do it yourself, have someone else do it

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Angelic Pretty has been pissing me off lately. They're rereleasing everything, to the point where I don't even want to bother trying to get things anymore. They'll just open up a MTO or do another release. It's also annoying how they don't listen to their western customers at all. We emailed asking for rereleases for years and years, but they didn't do shit until the Chinese lolitas started asking. Also Shanghai gets an exclusive Celestial special set but not SF? Why the fuck is that? SF has been around longer and Shanghai didn't even have a physical store for a while. At this rate I might buy only from baby and IW from now on.

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I think the girls that do wear lolita casually just don't post anymore. I kind of miss daily_lolita where you can really see girls posting about wearing lolita for weekend shopping, getting ice cream, etc, instead of big tea parties or con events.

They're also getting rarer and harder to find. Part of the fallout from insisting on the lolita rules are the number of newbies who are quick to point out an outfit breaks the rules or isn't lolita if it doesn't have a petticoat, or a blouse, or "omg she's ruining my dream dress!". So I can see how it's easier for people not to post, or at least label their outfits otome or just casual cute, instead of putting themselves under potential scrutiny from the petticoat police.

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>My brother
>I hate those fucking socks too

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Probably because of all the replicas coming out of China. Whereas in the west, even if we do have a replica problem, most tend to be newbs, what they buy is clearly poorer quality, and more are educated enough about them. Though I do feel like taobao reseller shops are starting to make the taobao replica shops more accessible than they were before.

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I think frankly, the reason why we don't see more casual or toned-down coordinates is because people don't want to have their pictures posted everywhere. Especially because of some strict rules the community as a whole has set for themselves. It goes beyond making sure your shoulders are covered and you're wearing a petticoat. So they don't get posted or if they are, they aren't widely shared. Otherwise, it's an OTT outfit, because more thought, time and perpetration was put into it. If it was an event, perhaps better photography rather than a mirror selfie. Now we've got newbies coming in believing this is the standard.

You can't complain about all of this being the standard, and then turn around and nitpick everyone to death including down to their facial features and expect there to be no repercussions that come back on you and everyone else as a whole. People are reading this shit. Beginners are impressionable and especially the young ones coming in from places like Tumblr (as much as we hate it) want to please others, even if it is jumping on every bandwagon or tumblr or lolita trend there is.

I'd like to say we created this beast ourselves.

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My pet peeve is people who write or say "leggins"

it's fucking "leggings."

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spot on anon.

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Your pet peeves are literally why I don't like girlyhoot

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I literally call them butterball turkey tights that's all I ever think of.

It's even worse if you have stumpy or thicker pale legs (and they make nearly everyone's legs look thicker).

>Lacy lolita turkey legs

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Cosplay skit pet peeve - freaking accents. I'm Australian and nothing turns me off a skit faster than a strong Australian accent.

Pet peeves don't have to be reasonable.

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what the fuck is "leggins"

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>"I don't like this so it's ita!"
>AP's recent releases of such lovely prints in awful cuts. I'm talking Luminous Sanctuary and Milky Cross, etc
>While I'm at it, those awful chiffon overdresses AP keeps putting on everything. Especially when theres a huge gap between the hem of the dress and the end of the chiffon. It looks awful, AP.

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My pet peeve is salty anons who don't realize they're ita and blame it on high standards and summerfags.

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Fucking this, with the Baby deer release there were no pictures of the red or brown color ways at all so reserving those was a big gamble. I'm happy I ended up not going for the red after all.

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I wear lolita regularly but don't feel comfortable posting pictures on CoF or in the tumblr lolita fashion tag because I worry that if I don't look 100% on point, or if certain outfits are too similar to previous ones, I'll get shit on. I'm not even someone who wears jsks without blouses/boleros or doesn't wear a petticoat, I'm just worried that people will nitpick me to death for stuff like my hair, makeup, theme mixing, plain legwear, lack of perfectly matching bag with every coord, etc.
On the one hand I enjoy the high standards of the online lolita comms because they encourage itas and newbies to improve but on the other hand I feel like these same standards have bitten me in the ass.

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>Lolita coords "inspired" by characters.
I feel like the only time this can be acceptable is for Halloween meets, r-right? Seeing as part of Halloween is dressing up as characters

>tfw dont own any gothic or spooky stuff
>dont want to spend money on stuff suitable for one meet a year
>cardcaptor sakura inspired coord...?

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This one is very true for me. I don't know why brand even release them, they just look ugly in a black (or otherwise dark) colorway and encourage itas to wear "bittersweet"

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>Pet Peeves

Unstyled hair combined with no makeup.
Flat, limp lifeless hair with plain face grinds my gears. Girls! Pretty, average or ugly, make some goddam effort! You look like you just tried on your newly arrived dress.

No blouse on a JSK
Especially when the wearer wears old school, bodyline or plain pieces with no blouse combined with the first pet peeve. Just gangly lanky hunched back bare shoulders isn't effing Kawaii!

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Coswhores wearing bought shit to the conventions when they're a guest. It's just a slap to the face imo. We obviously came to see why you were chosen to be a guest with no skills but silicone tits. If you can't fucking make a cosplay for the con they're paying you to attend, move the fuck aside for those of us who can.

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Those aren't pet peeves. Those are things that pretty much everybody hates.

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>when hamplanets cosplay nico
please stop

>> No.8547172

I thought they flocked to Nozomi?

>> No.8547328

Dresses with large amounts of detail (pintucks, ruffles, lacing, etc.) on the front but are plain when viewed from behind. It's imbalanced and makes the whole thing look cheap.

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More like /cgl/ pet peeves
>people saying "you're a jerk you shouldn't have done that" in confession/what is the worst thing you've done thread
>"I'm interested in lolita fashion because of historical fashion"
>newfags from tumblr who think they own the place
>that girl in the BST thread yesterday that samefagged and pretended to be 2 different people after responding to bait and after I tried to help her
I'm so salty but I didn't want to derail. If you see this, fuck you.

>> No.8547475

>"I'm interested in lolita fashion because of historical fashion"
As someone who got into lolita through a background in historical costuming, what's annoying about this?

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I think my biggest pet peeve is people who constantly complain about piercings. I have one and I take it out in lolita unless I can coord it, but I see so many posts that are "ugh she'd be perfect IF SHE DIDN'T HAVE THAT TINY DOT ON HER NOSE" or "This coord is cute EXCEPT THAT BULLRING THAT IS ACTUALLY COORDED PRETTY WELL".

Like, it's perfectly fine to not like them, and I understand not liking them if they're huge eyesores that they didn't try to coord, but there are so many coords that they really don't stand out in or look nice and every damn person posting has to comment about how they hate piercings. It makes the whole community look like a bunch of prudes who can't stand anything that has a shred of personality.

>> No.8547497

>piercings are part of your personality
Common anon, I have piercings too and their are not about your personality. On top of that piercings are not a thing in Japan at all, not even ear piercings. The fact that brand sometimes release earrings already make them super edgy desu, so no wonder why piercing aren't a thing in lolita.

>> No.8547508

It probably sounds pretentious to some people, especially those who discovered lolita through weeabism.

>> No.8547525

I didn't say that they are a part of personality, but rather wearing jewelry that accents a coord gives it personality. And if you think piercings aren't a thing in Japan, then you've never been to Japan.

>> No.8547539


My bad, I'm not a native English speaker. Sometimes I forget how to spell some words or to capitalize stuff. I can assure you my spelling is perfect in my mother language, at least.

>> No.8547540

Lol I have been. Piercing are worn in alternative culture and by really girly "western" girls, but there is still plenty of places where simple earrings can get you fired or at least in hot waters. Hell I've worked with japanese teenager marveling at my piercings because they couldn't get any at the risk of getting in trouble with their schools.

>> No.8547542

Good thing we're talking about wearing lolita (alternative fashion/culture) here and not trying to get a job/going to work in it.

>> No.8547552

Yeah, then you've never been in Japan. Did you ever wonder why so many lolitas refuse to be taken in pictures ? Because they have jobs. Dressing like a human sized doll is not going to help you going forward and once again can get you fired pretty easily. Anything alternative can ostracize you pretty quickly in your work place, earrings included. So it still stands : earrings and by extension any kind of piercing are not a thing in Japan generally speaking, brand most of the time don't include them in their looks so it's not a thing in lolita. Was it so hard ?

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I'm not especially excited here, my ESL is showing I guess. Piercings just don't belong in lolita to me, but hey to each their own.

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Agree with you. This is exactly why I sold pic related, finding a way to coord it was a fucking nightmare.
>high collar makes it almost impossible to find the right blouse
>looks horrible without a blouse, looks even worse with one

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I've just always personally felt that seeing constant complaints about piercings that are always the same, whether they belong or not, is a lot more annoying than actually seeing the piercings, whether they belong or not.

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Not that anon, but where I live it's common practice to have baby girls ears pierced a few days after they're born, they usually put little gold earrings, sometimes with pearls. (pic related, it's me) Do they do the same in America? I've seen a movie where a girl got her ears pierced and her mother went nuts, and I found that really strange.

>> No.8547591

They do the same in the US; my mom did that to me when I was little. However, I wouldn't keep earrings in through my whole childhood until I was a teenager. It's amazing that they didn't close.

>> No.8547594

a jacket or bolero would be your answer

>> No.8547597

In Canada you usually wait until they're 4-6mo at the earliest. Though I'd say it's more common to get them done at age 2-4yrs because you can tell a 2+ yr old not to pull at their earrings

>> No.8547600

I tried, but the sleeves bunched up the fabric of both chiffon and cotton1 boleros and it looked frumpy as hell. Oh well, not my problem anymore.

>> No.8547612

I'm not US based. Dunno, usually here the docs recommend waiting for teenage years. I was particularly sensitive though, and my first tthree ear piercings got infected. I cringe every time I see a kid going to get them at Claire's.

>> No.8547625

Did you try a low collar blouse with long sleeves under it?

>> No.8547652

because i got a gold purse and i'm new
>anon why don't you use gold shoes with your coord
cause it looks costumey and they don't match nice gold tones like my purse, ew. but i'm noob and i can't say this else i'm not taking help well. I'll never get those shoes, no thanks.

>> No.8547654

Do you think that poster is mentally challenged?

>> No.8547697

Just post your outfits. I post my plain date night coords all the time. They rarely get many notes, and get ignored for the most part. When I have more OTT stuff for fancy meets, they get circulated. If you're worried about it, don't tag it as lolita. I just like having a spot with all my outfits.

>> No.8547749

but you put your leg in them.

>> No.8547939

I personally think lolita is a style that was based off of a creepy victorian doll look, and it evolved into what it is today. Brands like MM and VM and some indie brands make some historically inspired pieces, but that's not what the roots are. I have no problems with girls who do historically inspired stuff, but it's annoying when they bash on sweet lolitas for not being elegant and classy enough, like "this isn't a real lolita style, real lolita style is victorian and rococo". Like say that to Misako's face, bitch. I think its safe to say she's better versed than them in the fashion, and she's seen in pastel prints all the time.
If you're really interested in historical fashion, join a living history/reenactment group. They're just as fun, if not more fun then lolita comms.
And that's why I think those people are annoying.

>> No.8547948

when people talk about sweet lolita not being the same as real lolita it's almost always in reference to AP, not baby. also, victorian dolls are historical by the way, and their clothing is based on fashions of the time, so i don't get why you're mad. people like you seem more annoying honestly.

>> No.8547955

I wouldn't put it past some of the people that post here.

>> No.8548035

>when people talk about sweet lolita not being the same as real lolita it's almost always in reference to AP, not baby.
I agree with this. However, AP is arguably the most iconic and most popular lolita brand, and I don't think no one can just dismiss it as "not lolita". Whether or not someone likes the style, they have to accept that it's a large part of the fashion and that's not going to change.
>also, victorian dolls are historical by the way, and their clothing is based on fashions of the time
But Victorian dolls don't look like Victorian people. The focus was on the doll's aesthetic as a whole, not the clothes dolls wore. And if moving away from "victorian" part of it is a crime, then so is moving away from the "doll" part. Classic and Sweet styles both break away from the original look, and that's not a bad thing.
>I don't get why you're so mad. people like you seem more annoying honestly.
I promise I don't normally bitch and moan about this, I've just been seeing a lot of "historical accuracy!!" finger-pointing on /cgl/ lately.

>> No.8548048

sorry this is kind of a clusterfuck. What I mean to say is:
>Historically inspired lolitas are different from the original look because they dress more like victorian ladies instead of victorian dolls
>AP pastel vomit lolitas are different from the original look because they still look like dolls, but more like lalaloopsy than madame alexander

>> No.8548097

While I don't really agree with you, it does irk me when lolitas explain the fashion as if it were based solely on Rococo and/or Victorian fashions. Especially if they only reference one time period. Like in that reality show Lor did- it was fine, but it annoyed me that they only emphasized the Rococo influences. Not to long ago, it seemed people only pointed out Victorian influences. This fashion takes influence from other periods (Regency, Edwardian, 50's) and in many cases has it's own unique asthenic devoid of historical derivation i.e. much of modern AP and other brands.

>> No.8548110

>coord pronounced "chord"
>kate davis
>"you could just get _____ from leg avenue"
>those crochet socks that look like they came from a scene girl's wardrobe
>tops of your otks showing. idgaf if youre tall or whatever. wear underskirts or tights you skank

>> No.8548112

You and me both, anon.

Similarly, coswhores wearing shit like thongs and swimsuits and saying they "made it themselves". Like I'm sure the entire bolt of cloth that went into making what little is there was made by you. I know too many people like this irl now and I hate it.

>> No.8548120

>This fashion takes influence from other periods (Regency, Edwardian, 50's) and in many cases has it's own unique asthenic devoid of historical derivation i.e. much of modern AP and other brands.
This. A majority of what's popular comes from what brands put out. Baby's releasing a lot of classic and historically inspired nonprints lately, and those are more popular. And when all 170 of the different AP toyroom prints were released, they all obviously sold and continue to be sold. Maybe not a lot of people in the community thought they wanted an ageplay themed coord until it became an option.
I especially now that japanese lolita brands are so accessible, it's the designers that set the trends just as much as the community.

>> No.8548145

What was it about my post that made it look like I'm mentally challenged, exactly?

>> No.8548156

Yes, I did try a low collar blouse with long sleeves, the problem is that those tiny-ass sleeves on the dress give an awkward shoulder pad effect no matter what kind of blouse I wear.

>> No.8548157

P sure anon was just saying that because what you said was the obvious solution.

>> No.8548184

I almost feel like a bad lolita for this but: "lifestylers are superior" types. People who act like having delicate hobbies in lolita make you superior. People who act like nibbling biscuits and sipping tea is a "part" of the lolita "subculture" and if you don't do twee little Victorian/Rococo inspired shit then you're just some chick in a nice outfit and not a "true lolita".

I really hate to break it to these people but lolita got popular because of jrock. All the tea and sympathy is manufactured by brands, it's just a way of advertising their overpriced dresses in a way that appeals to the young girls in Japan who made up the vast majority of their initial market. It's 100% a manufactured fashion with no "true" roots in the Victorian era and it makes me salty when people act like lolita started as more than wearing clothes and listening to Malice Mizer on Sunday in Akihabara and hoping your dad doesn't see you.

>> No.8549054

oh gosh, are you me

>> No.8549060

you were a cute baby

>> No.8549088

One AP shop girl (Yukari) has 2 lip peircings and gauges... Just sayin

>> No.8549516

Agree with all of this. Add in those people who think "lolitas must be lovelies!" Often, they're also "lifestyers".
They're fucking clothes. All other attributes are a result of marketing and wishful thinking.

>> No.8549523

Doesn't one of the Tokyo managers (can't remember which shop) also have facial piercings and crazy dyed hair with shaved panels? Or is that Yukari?

>> No.8549637

...How is coord supposed to be pronounced?

>> No.8549662

I think the lifestyle is fine, I've never met anyone who was a lifestyler that used it as a form of elitism. I personally don't think that lifestylers are any better or "more Lolita" than anyone else, just like I don't think the ones who think it's just clothes aren't real lolitas or something crazy like that. But I do think it's a little bit sad that more people don't have that kind of passion and interest for the lifestyle aspect of things. I think the Lolita community could use a little bit of a romantic awakening.

On the opposite side of what you guys are saying, I can't stand it when lolitas act like shits and then try to justify it by saying "lolitas don't have to be perfect and wonderful we are real people" Have some basic decency, use your manners and don't curse like a sailor in public, and don't act like a 12 year old brat.

>> No.8549664


>> No.8549672

Me too, Claire's reuses the piercing gun and the reloads the cartridge between each customer. If any blood spattered on the gun, it never gets cleaned off.

it's an infection waiting to happen. I made the mistake of getting my second lobe piercing from a place like claire's. They got super infected and I had to buy special antibacterial earrings to wear until it cleared up.

>> No.8549694

-When people pin their bangs to the side. If you wand side-swept bags, trim them. It looks so bad.

- I also hate white shoes on black socks, disgusting.

- People saying that lolita is "rococo inspired" fashion when it looks nothing like it and has never looked like it.

>> No.8549695

I always forgive the coord thing though. Most people figure it's short for coordinate so they only say the first half of the word.

>> No.8549708

except that coordinate isn't pronounced like chord or cord.

>> No.8549737

Where im from we pronounce it "cord-uh-net," So I say "cord." The way you pronounce it depends on your accent I would assume.

If it's not short for coordinate, then what the heck IS it? Seriously confused.

>> No.8549744

>Male cosplayers who don't wear makeup
>Not wearing wigs.
I will find you and kick you

>> No.8549769

co-ord-inate is how it's pronounced.
it is short for coordinate, which is a set of clothing.

>> No.8549781

This so much. Unfortunately, many thinks lolita lifestyle is a big joke but hey, lolita fashion started with a lifestyle connected to it. Not everyone must get into this lifestyle if they don't want but at least they have to be respectful of someone that choose to be a lifestyler.
Yes one of my pet peeve is people that thinks lolita lifestyle is something stupid and they always claim "but they are only clothing gurl!".
Other pet peeves of mine
>underskirts worn by tiny people, especially if they don't match
>stuff with no shirring
>people that still scream ageplay when they see pastel vomit print, it's getting old
>people that is too much nitpickey/matchy matchy or label simple or casual coords as not lolita enough or ita
I don't mean putting unflattening shoes, normalfag ugly tops or something like that but a cute coord with a cutsew, skirt, simpler shoes, bag, plain headwear and legwear is lolita too!
Piercings could be removed with no issues if you need to find a job or go to work and put them again during your free time. Idk why people make it so hard. Unless you have wild colored hair and you don't cover your super tattooed skin, you are fine.

>> No.8549787


>Most people figure it's short for coordinate so they only say the first half of the word.

>If it's not short for coordinate, then what the heck IS it?

>it is short for coordinate, which is a set of clothing.

Okay CGL I can't deal with y'all anymore.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring up the point that accents can play a part on you people pronounce words. Everyone in my state pronounces that word the same way because of the local accent.

>> No.8549854

Pet Peeve:
>knee socks
>otks that don't reach the knee
It always looks so unflattering.

>> No.8549909

It's different from family to family. I've known girls who have had pierced ears their whole life, but my sister got hers in middle school, and I've never gotten mine pierced.

>> No.8549987

i want to talk about fashion, not people.

i don't care about what someone is "really" like. if they aren't hurting anyone, i don't need to know and i am not going to get upset about it.

the drama addiction on this board is neurotic.

>> No.8550004

>diamond OTKs with ouji

>> No.8550178

Agreed. Also the bad attitude people have in general.

I am interested in talking about fashion so I can forget about real life drama, I'm not trying to come looking for it.

>> No.8551600

Lolitas posing with guns with their finger on the trigger.
Lolitas at shooting ranges not keeping their weapon pointed down range or at the floor.
Lolitas at the gun counter dry firing or fake aiming at their friends. Please make it stop.

>> No.8551747

My pet peeve is when ANYONE behaves like that, not just lolitas.
Guns are not toys, they need to be treated with care and precaution.

>> No.8551761

When a person's makeup is mostly fine, coord is nice and they're well put together. But their eyeliner isn't flush against their lashes and there's at least a 2-3 mm gap, sometimes more between eyeliner and skin above the lashes. I'm blind as a bat with shaky hands and have to put my liner on with my nose to the mirror and still manage to get my eyeliner nice. How do you people manage to fuck this up but no the rest of your makeup?

>> No.8551766

My pet peeve is that this exact shit happens to me on my upper eyelids. Lately I somewhat solved it by lining the under eyelash and the actual eyelash area with a pencil, and doing the rest in liquid liner. If there is a better way, please let me know.

>> No.8551770

I was born in Vancouver and I think I was under a year old when I got my ears pierced, they were little gold studs with emeralds in them. I moved to Ireland then and it seemed like it was actually seen as more of a thing for the travelling community to get them done? Like I had a few pairs of hoop earrings which are nice in Canada but I had to stop wearing them when I moved here cause it was seen as trashy/tacky to wear them, especially as a kid or teenager.

>> No.8551774
File: 399 KB, 600x1182, how_to_tightline_your_eyes_tutorialp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People don't know how to tightline, and thats ok cause I didn't know until I started heavily investing time and money into makeup. When I was a kid I would just grab my liner and pull my eye (like that stereotypical chinese eye thing) and run eyeliner between my lids. It would catch my lower waterline and tightline for me.

it wasn't until I got into buying gel liners that I finally learned how to tightline without doing this dumb thing I've been doing since I was 12.

>> No.8552095

I think it's super trashy to get a baby's ears pierced. Babies are going to pick at a piercing, they end up infected so fucking often, and they just look like their parents are treating them like a "fashion" accessory.

Anyway, back on topic. Pet peeves

>twintail wigs (they're dying but I always fear a resurgence)
>calling any plain bullshit "oldschool"

>> No.8552102

That looks fucking terrifying, how do you not just poke yourself in the eye repeatedly?

>> No.8552207

I got my ears pierced as a baby. I hated it and wanted them to close. I am 28 and have not worn earings in forever, but the piercing are still open.

>> No.8552216

My parents had my ears pierced when I was 3 months and they'll never close. Some pediatricians will pierce ears too. I swore that if I ever had a daughter I'd wait until she was old enough to want her ears pierced instead of just doing it. Kids aren't accessories or toys.

>> No.8552217

>mfw tightlining makes little to no difference on my eyes but makes a giant impact on my friend's eyes
>we used the same products and technique
>i was even the one who introduced her to it

damnit eyeballs, get it together

>> No.8552228

where i live, it's common for hispanic and black families to pierce their baby's ears.

>> No.8552233

I totally agree. My mom is an amazing person, but this is one grudge I will never let go.

My pet peeves, shiny wigs. Also, I am very picky on wig color and complexion. If you have a darker skin complexion, please be mindful of the color of your wig. It may clash and look awful.

>> No.8552246


>> No.8552286

From what I've seen, fatties go for Nozomi and uglies go for Nico

>> No.8552298

>diamond otks with anything

>> No.8552410

I really hate sellers who post an auction with a starting bid $50 or less than the BIN price (talking about items like dresses/skirts). Like, no. Auctions should start significantly lower than its BIN.

>> No.8552416

I also think it's really shitty for sellers to start an auction really low but with a really high reserve. Like, you might as well just list it as a BIN or start the auction higher. If you're not prepared to sell it cheap, don't start it cheap.

>> No.8552439

>calling any plain bullshit "oldschool"
Thank you! To add to this, people who wear modern style shoes like teaparties in oldschool

>> No.8552444

But piercings do look shit in lolita though. What I hate worse are speshul widdle snowflakes who interpret people's disdain for piercings in lolita as "not having personality" instead of just them having an opinion on something that looks shit in a fashion that clearly has rules.

>> No.8552462

say what you want but they're better than most of con scum & gaijin idol groups

>> No.8552463

Yeah. It should be reasonable. Like your starting bid should be the reserve price or maybe a little lower. Bins should be the higher-end of a reasonable market value.

I get so pissed seeing auctions on LM for a $300 dress and the difference between the BIN & SB is like $25. Who do you think you're fooling? SB to BIN should be a decent enough difference that a seller might feel they have something to benefit through the risk of a bidding. BINS are for those who hate auctions or just don't want to risk it.

>> No.8552722
File: 873 KB, 640x891, GUNZ1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related

>> No.8552752

>zero trigger awareness

ffs kill me

>> No.8553090

>Piercings could be removed with no issues if you need to find a job or go to work and put them again during your free time
Depends on the piercing. Earlobes? Definitely. Had mine out for five years. Eyebrows, belly buttons, and lips? Hell nawh, if you're lucky, they'll stay open for a few hours and you can sneak them in for a few minutes during your break. If not, then they can potentially close within twenty minutes.

>> No.8553100

The really fat girl looks like a mango from the side.

>> No.8554178

Really? I thought not instead because i know a person that stays a long time with no lip piercings (days or weeks) but they don't close.

>> No.8554185

More peeved by the lack of blouse than gun stuff

>> No.8554189

Everyone's body is different, and it oftentimes depends on how long one has had the piercing. I can't still put jewelry in some of mine that I haven't worn in years, but others that I didn't have so long are completely healed.

>> No.8554225

You sound more autistic than I do normally and I actually have autism

>> No.8554232

this this this

never seen any piece of clothing with black and any other pastel colour that didnt look like absolute shit, even outside lolita.

>> No.8554345

She also works in what would be considered in Japan an alternative shop.

>> No.8554747


Also depends on how it was pierced. Crappy at home jobs/piercing guns/other shitty piercings will close up a lot faster than a properly done one using a tube needle.

>> No.8554831

It more so depends on how long you've had the piercing. New ones will close very quickly, longer established ones will not. Unless you're removing a fresh piercing (which you shouldn't be doing anyway) it's not going to close up completely in 20 minutes, maybe the end would but you could still get it through.
This is why they make retainers.

>> No.8555008

Back to pet peeves—

I really get salty when I see someone do detailed shots that include their hands and their fingernails aren't painted. This is also true for try cuticles, uneven nails, etc. If you're going to go through the details of a fucking Lolita coord + hair, also pay attention to your hands.

>> No.8555053

This, a friend of mine had her lip piercing out for a few hours and it closed but another friend had his out for months and it was still open. The general rule is, if you like the piercing, keep some jewelry in it.

>> No.8555057

I hate when, in lolita, girls wear brown / black shoes when the coord hasn't that color, just because "it's a plain, basic color, matchs everything" NO. If you wear a sweet pink coordinate don't trhow black shoes on it when your outfit doesn't have even a trace of black.


>> No.8555182

What about brown shoes with classic?

>> No.8555293

I hate when people here bitch about how you should only post your best coordinates to Closet of Frills. It's called "daily lolita coords" for a reason. Not every coord is going to be amazing, just like how daily_lolita used to be.

>> No.8555299

Yes but my point was that lolita is an alternative fashion as is. And some lolitas even in japan have many peircings who are still fairly well know.
If someone worked elsewhere at a non alternative store at a more main stream job then they can just take them out. But with lolita i don't see a problem wearing something alternative in an alternative style.

>> No.8555352

I kind of like it in more casual looks, but styles like pastel sweet lolita or other really fancy things really don't have a place for that.

On the flip side, it really bothers me when people coord everything with white only, especially if there's no white in the dress. Like step up your coord game.

>> No.8555417 [DELETED] 

Lol, I moved from Ireland to Vancouver, piercings are far more common and accepted here. In Ireland they're considered super trashy. Though Ireland is super traditional, so anything more exciting than potato farming is 'trashy'.
Sage for ot

>> No.8555437

Out of curiosity, how do you gulls pronounce lolita? Where I'm from, it was usually pronounced with less stress on the first syllable, like 'lol-ita'. Since I moved here, halfway across the world, I've noticed far more people elongation the first syllable, as in 'low-lita'. It's probably just down to local dialects. Sorry if I'm way off topic!

>> No.8555460

I say low-lee-tah. I think the difference is in dialect, but also just different people. lol-ita and lo-lita are kind of the same, it's just when people use a short o instea of a long o that it sounds dumb.

I also hate when people say 4chahn. instead of 4chohn. I know it's short for channel, but no one says "2chan" like that.

>> No.8555488

I say -chahn, but I hate switching between accents when speaking in one language so I usually just use the butchered American pronunciation. It's so much more convenient to say hare-a-jew-ku than it is to change how my mouth moves mid-sentence to pronounce it properly if that makes sense?

>> No.8555499

The short o is far more common where I'm from. I've noticed it's a North American thing to elongate vowel sounds. I say 'chahn', 'chohn' sounds completely wrong to me.

>> No.8556110

When people say that black sweet is gothic. Ugh

>> No.8556230
File: 163 KB, 424x470, 1437436089040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone coords your dream dress with one of those star clips
>no stars and/or matching colour in the dress

>> No.8556261
File: 42 KB, 500x726, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inexperienced dumbasses who ask you how you made parts of your costume or what materials you used, then get pissy when you don't want to answer.

Like bitch, I spent hours researching the best materials and best possible ways to make this shit so no, I'm not going to hold the hand of some random noob and let them make a carbon copy of my cosplay. I owe you nothing.

>> No.8556325

>make over-sized plushie prop
>obviously hand-made
>post it on tumblr
>endless "OMG WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT" comments

Just because you have no talent and have to buy your shit doesn't mean everyone else does. I've had people assume my cosplays were bought as well. I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or not.

>> No.8556354

What's wrong with white shoes with black tights? Seems like a pretty common pet peeve. So many people think black + navy is a huge no no too.
I can't be assed to maintain nail polish, but I keep my nails clean and buffed at least.
Dirty nails are just gross.

>> No.8556356

I don't get why this would make you upset. It means your prop was really well made.

>> No.8556366


i pronounce it chæn like apple or hat. anything else sounds pretentious or forced to me.

>> No.8556368

If moot pronounces it that way, then that's how it should be pronounced.

>> No.8556384

I feel the sizing issue. I have large breasts (I'm not overweight at all) and it makes fitting in so many things very difficult.

>> No.8556393

I so agree with this! I wear Lolita casually all the time to go shopping or out to eat or whatever but it often feels lackluster compared to the current "standard" of OTT. I don't share as much because of this honestly.
Also I wear Lolita at cons but that's just because I often wear it out whenever I can.

>> No.8556395

Bullrings look like shit on everyone 100% of the time. There is no way to "coord them well".

>> No.8556426

God yes to the last bit. We keep getting these edgy special snowflakes at meets who loudly swear like a GTA character and try to order liquor at our brunch meet at 11 fucking AM and then cry about "elitist lifestylers" online when the rest of us give them the side-eye. Time and place, people. We're not asking you to be a ~lovly~, we're asking you to act like a real adult with situational awareness instead of like Princess Danger-chan. Gtfo.

>> No.8556428

I haven't worn my labret in over 2 years. I'm still able to push a 16 gauge stem through. Hurts, but it's possible. I could probably go back to wearing it normally after some adjusting. Same goes for my navel piercings, 3 years out.

Even when they were like a year old I remember removing them for an entire schoolday without a problem later on.
You're talking about either very fresh piercings or very overactive skin.

>> No.8556433

The unfortunate life of a tall girl.

>> No.8556441

>head-eating bow
>dress covered in bows and scallops
>heart- or star-shaped purse
>tea party shoes

I can sort of understand the confusion with all-black classic coords but whenever anyone calls an all-black sweet coord gothic I die a little inside.

>> No.8556442

My nails get really brittle if I paint them so I keep them long and shaped and buffed and I think it looks nice in Lolita. Also to add onto that, clean your nail people! It isn't even hard and you look so sloppy if you don't!

>> No.8556447

So much this. People in my community always call my all black sweet coords gothic and I don't want to sound like a bitch correcting them but it bugs me so much.

>> No.8556486

I never get too upset for that reason (it is a bit of an ego boost sometimes), but it always peeves me that people assume it's bought and I don't have the skill to make it.

>> No.8556487


moot doesn't live here anymore

>> No.8556684

He's the founder.

>> No.8556837

Isaki what are you doing on cgl??

>> No.8556841

california pizza kei. i love it

>> No.8556873

>all these high waisted lolita dresses getting released

I"m looking at you Baby and AP, you two are the worst offenders. It's not even that I hate the cuts, it's that they look godawful on 90% of people and I'm salty as fuck because I'm 6ft tall and those dresses are impossible for me.

And a cgl related one
>the fucking drawthread

That entire thread is cringeworthy each time, and not because of the artists (you guys are good) but because of the people posting in them. They started out alright when they were first posted, but now it seems like 90% of the people come straight off tumblr, have shitty coords or my favorite

Just a picture of their face.

>> No.8557138

she did the same in her rant video didn't she?

>> No.8557153

the drawthreads used to be kind of pleasant
but now
>newfags from tumblr
>desperate reposts from previous threads
>all of the above

and they still get drawings regardless

>> No.8557157


>> No.8557869

Yeah half of them are expecting drawings posting a bad grainy photo of their mediocore coord where you can't see the details with their faces covered up.

>> No.8558349
File: 72 KB, 480x640, 12047_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My gmg/pet peeve. The star clips. Yes they are adorable and can look cute in a coord IF there is a theme/print on a dress that makes it work. I hate it when there's an i.e AP MCD coord and a random Starclip just because it's brand and so kawaii

>> No.8558382

Drawfag here, please, for the love of god, a) please tell us what your print your dress is, it'll help with the details b) detail shots are a godsend and c) post your face. No-one cares about you posting in the drawthread. Your comm are not going to kick you out for it. Otherwise, how the fuck can we draw you, looking like you?

>> No.8558689
File: 85 KB, 428x960, 11205060_10153550591561797_7392149880353727612_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related

AP making dresses that look like they just came out of Yan's crazy dreams. I haven't seen a single coord with this where the dress doesn't look cheap af

>> No.8558696

Call me salty but
>anything being called bittersweet. IT'S NOT A THING!
>split wigs.
>Brown. Purely because I dislike the color.

>> No.8558701

anon, are you me?

>> No.8558702


no shit, sherlock

>> No.8558712

That isn't AP's fault. The problem here is clearly how this girl corded the dress

>> No.8558720
File: 91 KB, 500x600, 413631-208-2015-07-11482320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The dress looks cheap on its own

>> No.8558741


you're both me wtf

>> No.8558755

Reminds me of a joke cosplay I did years ago, involved a pair of butterfly wings that I cut out of cardboard and finger painted and literally used duct tape to attach. All day people complimented me on my wings. I couldn't fucking belive it.

>> No.8558818

I love brown accents and brown hair, it's really classic and soft. But coords with an all brown main piece are really dark and unappealing.

>> No.8558830


ngl I saw a girl out of the corner of my eye wearing it and thought it was that bodyline carousel print till she walked by again.

>> No.8558834


>> No.8558842

Helix piercings are extremely popular in japan right now

>> No.8558850

most american thing I read today

>> No.8558853

I do the pull eye thing. Is it really bad ?

>> No.8558864

oh you do. i tightline on almost a daily basis and it took me years to not poke myself every 5 seconds. and sometimes i still do.

>> No.8558889

that's a really stupid assumption

>> No.8559257

I'm male and have waist length hair and only wear a wig if character's hair isn't my color/length.

>> No.8559261
File: 553 KB, 1275x1920, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wore that better lol, props to her for trying though!

>> No.8559267

Fuck off vendetta anon

>> No.8559269

are you even trying anymore vendetta-chan?

>> No.8559275

what exactly did she do to get all this hate?

>> No.8559277


Is this a self post?

>> No.8559310

No, it's an anon posing as her to try to make people hate her. They've been spamming all over the board and make it very obvious.

>> No.8559313

what did she do though?

>> No.8559320

This isn't the place to talk about trip drama, please don't ruin a good thread.

>> No.8559321

>inb4 it's Starchan or Kate trying to deflect via scapegoat

>> No.8559336

ok thanks, youre so very helpful anon

>> No.8559848

Cut your damn hair, you hippie. And never, ever, EVER is it acceptable to not wear a wig in cosplay, unless you have THE perfect colour and style, which I find hard to believe on a man with waist-length hair.

>> No.8560046

Pulling at your skin, especially thin delicate skin like your eyelids, causes it to wrinkle much faster.

>> No.8560083

It is a pet peeve of mine because I just want the bitching about piercings to stop. I'm tired of hearing about it. It isn't part of the formal rules of Lolita, so IDGAF what a pierced Lolita does; not my business. But, more than that, the argument goes on and on and never stops. I just don't want to hear it anymore.

>> No.8560098

I don't know why, but the anons that are obviously straight from Tumblr that only come for the draw threads irritate me the most.

>can you draw my card uwu
>omg i know it's not very good but i would loooove a drawing~ ;_;

If you're going to post just for one thread, at least make it seem like you've used the board before. No one wants to deal with that Tumblr typing.

>> No.8560120

as a drawfag I just don't draw the people who type like that.

>> No.8560143

I have a soft spot for black shoes, particularly mary janes in otherwise colored coords, it reminds me of the early alice inspiration for lolita and also makes it look less costumey, more like actual clothes.

There are select prints where it works, cotton candy shop for example, I think it's because the dress is printed all over and it makes it balanced, but ultimately I think it more depends on how you coord it. If you pair it with an OTT pastel clusterfuck yeah it's gonna look garish but with a white or black base color and simple accesories it can be made into a perfectly cute oldschool sweet outfit.

>> No.8560166

cotton candy shop in black looks bodyline-tier garish what are you even talking about?

>> No.8560181


I wear Lolita every weekend and on weekdays sometime, etc. It's not so much "oh gee I'm scared cgl will piss on me" it's more like, I wear it so often I'm just too lazy to take and post pictures of every outfit.
Normalfags don't take pictures of their clothes every day so it's p much the same for lots of dailies I know.

>> No.8560184

hey anon have you heard about this thing called objectivity? and if you can't tell the difference between a bodyline print and AP then I'm questioning your judgement

>> No.8560217

objectivity works both ways you know? and i'm questioning your judgment if you believe in a print's inherent superiority based solely on its brand origin.

>> No.8560244
File: 193 KB, 403x343, 1433528256325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next time, think about what you're going to write beforehand, type it out, read it again, then delete it and shut down your computer cos it offers nothing to this thread.

>> No.8560311

IMO it sounds stupid and when people stretch the o in Lolita. most non-english speakers I meet put the emphasis in the li syllable.

Saying it 4chohn just sounds like isaki.

>> No.8560565

In cosplay, generally speaking, I can't stand plushie accessories or props unless the character has them in canon. Like, a honey-senpai from ouran with the bear is fine and can be cute, but I just think it's tacky to see an L with a giant plush strawberry or something of that nature.

>> No.8560569
File: 68 KB, 528x960, 11828688_1066769240002605_821629659729762249_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cosplayers who have these cheap huge ass wings (not even related to the character) like in the pic and are special snowflakes about it.

>> No.8560575
File: 974 KB, 250x150, 8892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8560581

omg anon how daer u tell that gorgeous cosplayess to make herself small u oppressor

>> No.8560666

You sound unreasonably salty.

My point was we should pronounce it the way moot does because he founded the goddamn site. It doesn't matter if he's here anymore or not.

>> No.8560820

>overweight girls wearing kneesocks, it's so unflattering. tights are your friend
>bandaids on faces with OTT sweet
>any kind of punk/emo elements

>> No.8560822

Now I'm imagining a cosplayer's handler wearing wings like that to provide a decent looking backdrop for photos.

>> No.8561022

My lolita pet peeve is probably only when people say "loli" instead of "lolita" it just skeeves me out.

>> No.8561522

I don't really have pet peeves for lolita since I'm still kinda new. I guess the worst I get is that I'll usually check out from actually looking at a coord when I see pastelvomit. Just not my thing, don't mind if it's yours. Just don't expect me to actually care which necklace you're wearing to match an embellishment on your socks.

I feel so bad for even thinking about wearing lolita to cons... Unless there's a lolita focus or some events, like PMX, I don't think I could bring myself to wear them to conventions.

CPK gathering at CPK someone please fund this.

>> No.8561587

Woah, get back on the traintracks. This has nothing to do with her other than a pair of fucking socks. Stay in your lane.

>> No.8561596

Yeah. The over nitpickiness has eaten any desire for me to publicly share my casual coords. I'm just going to the store to buy a damn six pack of tolite paper, not a fashion walk.

>> No.8561626

Mm. I think that I enjoy lolita for the same REASON that I enjoy historical fashion; It's luxurious as shit compared to what is currently popular. The textures, cuts and details are all such a big deal within the fashion.

I don't get the whole "Lolita is based on the Victorian/Rococo era!" thing, though, especially when you're using that to explain the style to normalfags. Perhaps originally it was, but modern Lolita has diverged from that style far too much to still make the comparison.

>> No.8561703

This. I love the idea of just having 10-12 really nice "going out" dresses, and soft roomwear for time at home. Which is sort of a historically inspired idea. It kind of sucks that it's considered weird these days to wear the same dress more than twice a month.
I already kind of do this, I usually hang up my dress and blouse and put my jewelry in a tray when I get home, then if I'm going back out, I only need to quickly put them back on. I just wished it looke daintier than just sitting around in bloomers and a cami.

>> No.8561721

my pet peeve is people not realizing how retarded they look for spelling "whoa" like this.

>> No.8561723

>It kind of sucks that it's considered weird these days to wear the same dress more than twice a month.
considered weird by whom? who seriously can afford to never wear the same thing twice in a month?

>> No.8561861

I suppose you pronounce .gif 'jif' as well

>> No.8561955

Are you serious? That's how it's supposed to be spelled, whoa is a different word

>> No.8561964

I wonder if that was their intention. I mean, I'd take that over crowded dealer room bgs.

>> No.8562516

Every cosplayer I've met so far with these wings either have it for legit reasons or want them to be "unique different [insert character] uwu~~~" for attention points

>> No.8562535

I feel like it works for Mars, though. If you fancied them up a bit you could make a cool flame effect.

>> No.8562549

This. There are some characters where this may be not accurate, but it makes an effect that suits the character and adds to its power. Cosplay should be about more than just accuracy. It should be like fanart — Accuracy combined with creativity centered on the character. Cosplay should be about quality.

And, all cosplay/jfash is done for attention points. Don't try and lie and don't try to act like this is a thing to criticize cosplayers for. If they didn't want attention then they would make the costume and prance around it in their living room listening to 80s rock with a fuck to give. But, no, they are at a convention. If something unique and "out there" there fits the character, I want to see it done. I'd love to see a Sailormars with those wings and painted flames that flutter as they move. That kind of wings would also work with a Selenity if done in proper colors, and there are loads of characters that would be great. You're just jelly because you're boring besides them. Oops.

>> No.8562554

without a fuck to give*

>> No.8562567
File: 737 KB, 1171x677, tumblr_mqa7od6WpL1qc32e4o4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh man. I just had an idea for a costume(outfit?) based on a Mucha painting with the wings making the patterned round frame behind you.

>> No.8562756
File: 49 KB, 600x342, 1439276285165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


no, "woah" is not a word.

how do you personally pronounce and use "woah" as opposed to "whoa"? nobody i have asked pronounces or uses it differently than "whoa," they just misspell it. but maybe you are special.

>> No.8562824

My pet peeve is when people argue about pointless things like this.

>> No.8564171

I'v been toying with the idea of cosplaying a mucha painting for awhile now but I thought it might be seen as weird.

>> No.8564322

I'd love to cosplay a Mucha painting as well but it seems too sophisticated, I doubt anyone will recognize it without the background.

>> No.8564381

What are you, autistic?

>> No.8564386

is this the same bloody anon that had a shit fit about the aussies saying yeh nah

>> No.8564671

In the past I've gotten it cut just to be the right style for a cospaly..

>> No.8564706

Wigs. I fucking hate wigs.

>> No.8564729

>is this the same bloody anon that had a shit fit about the aussies saying yeh nah
no, "yeh" makes sense and is a bit elegant imo.

>> No.8564759

>Yeh is ok
>Woah is not
How do you even reach a decision like that?I'm fine with both words like any other normal person, but I'm super confused by your reasoning. Also I don't understand how "yeh" is elegant.

>> No.8564764

/cgl/-specific pet peeves

>OP starts a thread with an ugly image
>seagulls respond to crossboarders who are only here for female attention
>seagulls all decide it would be nice for X to happen, but never put forth the effort

>> No.8564787

okay, since you asked...

"yeh" is phonetic. it makes sense as a regional variant of "yeah." it also doesn't already exist as another word, so there is little chance for confusion. like using "gawd" or "fuark," it gives personality to casual writing.

"woah" would need to sound like "Noah" or "Shoah" to make sense, but no one who spells it that way pronounces it with two syllables. it is simply a misspelling of "whoa," without any logic behind it.

again, if you do pronounce it "wo-ah," you are in a minority. most people who use it mean "whoa" and are probably repeating the wrong spelling they picked up somewhere. it's not even an organic/phonetic mistake like "could of" (which should be "could've") is. i can't figure out how this weird, unphonetic misspelling of a common word, which has a very old history of being spelled "whoa," could have even gotten started.

so it is a pet peeve for me.

>> No.8564796
File: 193 KB, 255x144, 1432554853676.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8564797

So basically
>wah, I hate evolution, stop making things change! I don't like it!

>> No.8564801

Same. I hate that so much.

>> No.8564820

Also lolita has no rules! Stop getting so mad when I wear a skater dress without a petticoat. Fashions change, and a lot of lolis wear lolita this way.

>> No.8564857

Not a lolita and couldn't care less about it. I guess you're just mad that your precious language changes.

Also, your use of the word "like" is wrong. You should probably get your usage right before you start going autismal over a nit-pick.

>> No.8564866

>You should probably get your usage right before you start going autismal over a nit-pick.
i think you're reading too much into a pet peeve tbh.

>> No.8564917
File: 990 KB, 500x219, http%3A%2F%2F38.media.tumblr.com%2Fe9947d805492febf671163021e75ddcb%2Ftumblr_n4v2ouR8Tu1rt99d1o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting this mad in the pet peeve thread

>> No.8564920

Anon is the only one ITT writing essays on why they're in the right about their personal pet peeve and everyone else is wrong. That sounds pretty autistic to me, and I'm on the spectrum myself.

>> No.8564936

i've been responding to questions about why it's a pet peeve. whoever asked wanted to know. if you're on the spectrum you might consider the idea you are misinterpreting the situation.

this tbh.

>> No.8564982



>> No.8566024

tw: trigger awareness

>> No.8569323


>> No.8569827

>tops of otks showing
>you skank
wow someone is salty

>> No.8570055
File: 303 KB, 960x720, 3430897_lookbookchristmas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep seeing people attempt to incorporate gift bows in to their coords. Is this actually cute? Am I just not getting it?

>> No.8570064

Wtf why is it there is always one thing OFF with her coords? Like, she would look amazing to me otherwise. It is just a little too much sometimes.

>> No.8570093

No, it makes her look like some high school student's "turn trash into art!11!" project.

>> No.8570173

this is terrible

>> No.8570199
File: 9 KB, 259x194, cgl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You must hate this place

>> No.8571175

I fucking hate sellers who don't state that their stuff are knock offs. Like people selling Samantha Vega sailor moon purses for $40, that shit ain't original.

>> No.8571212

I did this in decora, but on my birthday. I think wearing a gift bow or party hat on your bday (during your party/casual dinner/silly with friends) is just fine, but any other time is stupid. And I love party hats.

>> No.8571225

so euhm I always thought it was put in pencil or pen shape because you put it on like that but people actually use a brush for that? Then why not just in a disc-like shape so you can brush it like eye-shadow?

>> No.8571230
File: 83 KB, 680x680, scandaleyes_gel_pot_liner_product.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why not just in a disc-like shape so you can brush it

>> No.8571238

for the love of god don't get this specific eyeliner. It's so fucking horrid

>> No.8571285

does this board look like a grammar or spelling thing to you? When people start a pet peeve thread it's about cosplay or lolita or any other jfashion or convention related topic. F off with your phonetic stuff!

>> No.8571296

>lolita has no rules
>I can do what I want
> I can wear a skater dress and call it lolita
>lolita changes because I wear it and call it like that

lol most ita's say this. You suck. For gawds sake no lolita's dont have superstrict rules but a fashion is a fashion. You can't say you're steampunk and wear stuff so colorful like a clown. You can't say you're wearing a dress but then actually wearing a skirt and a blouse. Learn stuff at least. Lolita's nowadays wear petticoats, even old-school lolita's had flat petti's. YES lolita dresses and skirt have certain lengths and shapes because of the elegance statement of the fashion and a simple skater dress will never have that even when it has a nice print or cute colors. Don't just think because all your ita friends wear things like you do that it is actually is what you think it is, be more observant and read at least some things on 4chan here, you can learn from it. Thanks for the bait though, it was nice to vent.

>> No.8571312

That wasn't even bait, it was straight up sarcasm.

>> No.8571313

Even the fucking OED lists woah as a variant of whoa. Get the stick out of your ass and stay on topic.

Relevent pet peeve:
I hate light colored shoes against darker legwear, like OP's pic. It pulls the eye away, distracting from the overall coord, and generally just looks like shit. The only time I find it acceptable is when it's maybe a small ankle sock and the colours aren't that different, like navy ankle socks with red shoes, or if the shoes are gold.

>> No.8571314

>responds to a 3-day old post telling poster to fuck off

u thirsty for drama m80?

>> No.8571336

Off-topic, but dinosaur variants aren't typically acceptable. The OED is a good resource for historic English usage, not necessarily modern.

"Woah" appears specifically in the OED as a 19th-century variant of "woa," which is also no longer used.

I agree with the rest of your post, though.

>> No.8574699

>when people purposely make their voices ear breakingly high, like bitch I know you sound fucking deeper than that
>people who get offended when they can't try on my costume or hold my props
>people who impose so much on other people, like fucker they are complete strangers, don't force people off the bed just because you're uncomfortable on the floor

Yes I mad

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