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Has anyone actually died at a con?

You hear horror stories of people being injured and hospitalised, but has any con had a fatality? What happened? Accident, medical emergency, overdose, murder?

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Twilight fan got hit by a car at SDCC. Well, technically before the con.

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I can't believe link is fucking dead

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Twilight is total trash, so...

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Shit I don't remember enough details to google it, but wasn't there a girl who fell out of a window once?

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Hasnt someone died in a hospital from some virus they caught while attending a convention?

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Not too sure, but wasn't some partier left in the hotel lobby of the westin at AX 14? She had white powder all over her and seemed dead the way her mouth was open. Could be different hotel, I was only visiting but it looked like a drug overdose.

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There's at least the attempted death of Tumbles the Stairdragon.

My ex also threatened to kill himself during a con weekend once. I called a cop on him, and he backpedaled SO hard during the call and to the cop. I'd greentext for you guys but that's literally all that happened.

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Someone accidentally gassed that furry con, I think that just hospitalized people.

If anything starts to give us a body count, it'll be more raves/dances/parties. Not those specifically, but because people do drugs and are then stupid about it and take cut MDMA or overdose.

They're talking about banning raves in LA County after three people died this weekend at Hard Summer, even though honestly it was their fault. Know what you're taking, pace it out, and drink fucking water.

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Weren't they talking about banning raves in LA after that Electric Daisy festival some years back? Raves always become a hot news topic when they find out someone ODs or something as if it's the raves' fault itself.

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I forget exactly what that accomplished. EDC itself moved to Vegas, but Insomniac, the company who does it, throws a bunch of similar events in San Bernardino and the exact same people show up.

I've been quite a few times now to their events and Insomniac goes WAY WAY out of their way to offer free water and you-wont-be-in-trouble free medical, and people still fuck themselves up. Sadly you can't make someone have self control or discretion.

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I think that was a Katsucon head staffer who got the flu that was going around but was also an obese women in a scooter who already had health problems.

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I know dozens of folks were getting sick right after ala this year. which was odd cus me and my grinds never did but we were high as fuck the three days, even when we came in contact with people who later got sick.

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That was no accident!

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LA has been trying to ban raves since the mid 90s. The 16 year old that snuck into EDC 2010 and OD'ed was the straw that broke the camels back for LA.

San Bern has also been trying to push Insomniac out, but they would be bankrupt if they didn't have any events at the NOS center.

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A guy committed suicide down the road from Animazement in '07. It didn't happen directly at the con but he was an attendee and apparently there was some drama involving him and a cosplayer (unconfirmed, but he apparently mentions her in his note).

There was also this:
Again, not at the con, but they were both weebs who met online and first met in person at Acen.

Aside from the window story >>8537683, which iirc involves a lolita getting really high and jumping from the window, I haven't heard of any deaths directly at a con.

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A saw a kid break a finger in a bokkun fight once...

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>Someone accidentally gassed that furry con,

How do you accidentally use chemical weapons on people, anon? Are you pic related?

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It was apparently two cleaners off the janitors cart dumped, mixed, and left in a stairwell. There was argument if it was an accident or not.

Only way the gas would have actually killed someone is if they already had respiratory problems. Everyone else just felt woozy and had to stand outside for a while.

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Why else would it be mixed and left there?

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There were the 20 odd casualties from Kitacon.
20 casualties from drinking and drugs on the first night.
People carried out on stretches by ambulance crew throughout the weekend.
Hotel nearly pulling the con halfway through the weekend.

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bleach an ammonia = mustard gas
acetone and peroxide = high explosive
all four are common cleaners

you'd be amazed at what you can do with shit laying around the house

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I was amazed when I discovered comic/cartoon stories of the Joker poisoning entire buildings with the contents of a janitors cart had strong basis in reality.

And we entrust these things to underpayed, overworked illegal migrants.

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I'm more inclined to believe it was some idiot attendees.


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>I think that just hospitalized people.

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don't forget that Link in the masquerade a few years ago that almost broke his back

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I was actually there for the Electric Daisy festival since since I lived 2 blocks away and could hear the music and ppl. Some 14/15 year old girl sneaked in somehow form the back and got hella OD and died. It was a sad death but it was her fault and her parents for not knowing where the hell she went.
>Parents tried to blame the ravers and city
>Ravers just wanted to party to good music
>Daughter shouldn't of done hard drugs if she didn't know what the fuck would happen
>Got sad that the raver scene got a bad name for a year or two cause of it

I was too young to enter to the rave but was outside hearing the music with a few ppl since I knew raves were a whole different world. Now that I am older, it's sad that LA has less raves than before just because that one girl OD.

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What happened?

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I went to smash once and died during the cosplay competition.

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I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been some sort of shooting at a con. I mean, it's a packed convention hall full of socially maladjusted nerds, many of whom are already carrying prop guns and wearing masks.

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I've heard a story about someone who died at a LARP event.
Not from fighting of course. The dumbass fell asleep outside wearing chainmail. Died of hypothermia.

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I think about this constantly and I always get scared when I see realistic gun props..

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Its, literally, only a matter of time.

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there was at least one guy in scandinavia who got lost and fell down from a cliff.
Stuff like that are rare but sooner or later happens

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that's a lie, my friends a furry and knew the guy who did it... It was on purpose.

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I forget what con it was, but i heard about one held where the only food options were across a busy road and several people got hit and at least hospitalized trying to cross it

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We had a discussion about this a while ago. The general consensus is that people don't shoot up cons because they're one of the few places where outsider weirdos can feel part of a crowd. Yes the con scene has bitches, attention whores and drama, but as a whole congoers are nice people. If they see someone upset and in distress, they'll go up and talk to them. Although they're judgemental, they don't bat an eye at socially maladjusted rejects in stupid costumes.

Really the only people who would shoot up an anime con would be an outsider, but good luck them getting organised and getting in, especially when there's much more viable, easier and better publicised targets.

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A lady got murdered in the hotel about a week and a half before Newcon PDX 2015. She was apparently a victim of sex trafficking and I don't know if they ever caught the killer. We had a programming organizer refuse to stay in the building over the weekend despite having (and paying for)a room onsite.

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I think its got more to do with the fact that the most aggression that comes from this scene is passive aggression. There's still potential motives there, like how some mass shooters just wanted to see what it'd be like, or there's people like Elliot who were irrationally mad at stupid things and decided to kill people for it.

On the very rare chance someone gets a motive and isn't too passive aggressive to take action or too timid to actually obtain a gun and bring it into a con, most cons have a good amount of hotel security and while convention security for everything but the huge cons are primarily untrained volunteers, some of them are military and LEO's who are trained and/or carrying. I've met regular attendees who also concealed carry or are professionally trained.

Really, with the type of people cons attract these days, it would be risky and utterly pointless to try and shoot up a con for stupid personal reasons. Its not like you're targeting a bunch of defenseless suburban moms in a movie theater or obviously unarmed kids and teachers. Whip out a real pistol and some bearmode guy comes flying out of the game room and you spend the next 20 or so years having your butthole turned into a drink cozy.

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Some dumbfuck Wota died from pneumonia after AX 2009 because he would blast the AC over night everyday during con. I remember because he only he went for the Morning Musume concert.

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Midwest Furfest was purposely gassed with powdered chlorine which hospitalised 19 people, some got trapped in their rooms because of the toxic gas (chlorine has been used in wars and concentration camps) and it was a very horrifying incident to be apart of. Expecially when a news anchor (known for her unproffessionablity) laughed at the story, if it wasn't furries people would be in uproar.One person who's claimed responsibility is Ryan Hill whos threatened to bomb Anthrocon and has recently made a replica of a fursuit that belonged to a famous deceased furry and wore it to conventions, the second time he did this he started wearing a halo as an accessory, Ryan Hill had never met this furry either. He's not mentally stable.

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it's fucking chlorine you absolute gobshite that shit was used to kill soliders in the world wars the only reason people felt woozy was because it was in a stairwell not many people went in and it leaked into the lobby faintly

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I got that reference

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Furfags shouldn't be let out of their homes in suits, but killing them just makes the killer an even bigger fag.

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you want the job so bad? you go work as a janitor for a hotel.

immigrants are doing it because most of us consider ourselves too good to be doing that shit, it's the job no one else will fucking do.

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I heard from another attendee that at connecticon in 2010-12? some teenage kid died because he tried to stay up for the whole con with 0 hours of sleep for the weekend, and ate/drank nothing but energy drinks.

Also, can anyone confirm? - I've heard bits and pieces of rumors that the real reason why Anime Boston ultimately can't host another rave at the sheraton is because someone died at the rave (as opposed to just a seizure or sent to hospital because of OD). like, from molly or something. I know there was a medical thing but it was never fully explained, it would make sense if the real situation was kept under wraps because a minor died.

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I really hope you're just saying that last bit to be funny on an anonymous board. Do you really think someone that just spent a grueling time escaping a shitty country to leave behind gang violence, poverty, murder, corruption, etc. etc. to come to america for nothing? They might be having a crappy time jere, but it's probably a walk in the park compared to what lots of people decide to leave their old country for, especially if they're trying to sneak into the country undocumented. I seriously doubt they would fuck that up just because they were pissed at The White Man and decided to 'accidentally' make mustard gas.

I'm sure one of the idiot kids at conventions are more likely to do this shit then the poor janitor with a shitty job just trying to make some cash for themselves.

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Midwinter gaming convention a guy argued with his gf then then himself off a balcony. Landed infront of a 14 year old friend of mine. http://fox6now.com/2013/01/21/cause-of-death-for-man-who-fell-at-hyatt-hotel-pending/

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>being this bigoted

I share my bouts of distasteful opinions but damn, anon.

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AX is during summer in southern california. Blasting the ac all night isn't all that strange.

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Reminds me of AX, food trucks are on the other side of a busy intersection. The combo of impatient LA drivers and dumbass attendee stragglers running across the street during a green light is so cringey, no wonder normies hate us.

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get a load of this shitlord

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Have you ever woken up around 3-4am during a SoCal summer though? I shiver a ton and actually need a jacket when I wake up during the night for whatever reason. It's unexpected.

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no cloud cover, the heat dissipates fast when the sun's gone. pretty common in deserts, hot days cold nights, if there's no moisture nothing keeps the heat in.

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I live in so Cal. Personally, I love when the room is cold and I can dive under blankets. I wish summer nights here would be colder.
Also, if you're hotel room stuffing, and the windows of the room don't open (pretty common), then that room gets stuffy pretty quick. I'd leave the air on all night too.

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I'm with the "matter of time" crowd. I don't cosplay outside of comfortable walking around costumes, but I've been staff. Once, I even walked into a /co/ meetup at a big con about an hour into it. 15 minutes in and I remember thinking "wow, if even some 3/10 paid attention to some of these people I could see it ending in an obsessive murder suicide."

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Katsucon. Swine flu was going around and one of te rad people died from complications from it a week or two after the con
>always bring hand sanitizer

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Not enough blankets and pillows. Make a wind break with the pillows, kinda like a fort and burrito yourself in blankets. I sleep with a comforter and fan year round to keep my room cool.

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Funfact from a furry insider: Meth is incredibly rampant in the furry community. This was almost certainly someone trying to make it in a hotel room and fucking up.

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Well this is oddly not surprising to me.

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>the tumblrinas responding to your post

that's not entirely inaccurate, these bitches have never worked as a janitor before

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> people not getting that the anon meant that they could fuck up on accident


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of course that's the point of their bringing that up, why would I need to acnowledge it?

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Going without sleep for several days won't kill you, although you'll feel like utter shit. You have to be awake for about a week for it to be a risk of death.

Energy drinks though are a health risk, but again depends on how much he drank. 30 cans a day with no sleep will fuck you up.

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No, that's not true, it was just because they were underage. Some dumb underaged shits were doing drugs and drunk and the girl passed out on the dance floor. Her stupid boyfriend freaked out and tried to attack people trying to help including the EMTs because he didn't want to get in trouble. AB's always gotten flack for the rave. Plus, it's not that they can't host at Sheraton, they can't host it anywhere.

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Holy shit, I haven't thought about tumbles the stairdragon for years.

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Someone actually did die in my room at Otakon years ago. Don't bring druggies to the anime.

We got a free room.

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I don't know of any deaths but Sac Anime has had a stabbing, and tons of drug and booze problems.
Hell one year a drunk girl from the rave came to our door and just barged in and tried to sleep. She's lucky is was a room of women she walked into.
I know the older hotel had a shiton of drugs because of the hot tub. Like seriously who shares a bag of mixed booze around the entire hot tub and doesn't expect to get drugged?

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I've never once had my bags checked at a convention, not even the big ones. they just glance in and let you through. You could do anything with big concealing costumes.

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I was at Ota the year they got the bomb threats from 4chan or whatever happened it was stupid looking back sure but I was only 15?? or 16 I think. I don't even know what really went on.

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Maybe in your community also I don't remember chlorine being ingredients for meth

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Holy shit anon, what happened? Did you just wake up to find them dead? Did they collapse?

I'm a first aider and it's my worst fear for someone to die in front of me.

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Wasn't there a cosplayer who went missing and later they found her on the side of the road?
She was wearing a red bunnysuit I remember the picture

>> No.8545120

She went missing during a con

>> No.8545129

The lolita who got high and jumped from a window wasn't at a con though. I don't think a con was even going on then if its the same story I'm thinking of.

>> No.8545299

actually, just this past weekend, while it wasn't technically AT the con (still extremely relevant), four people were headed to RTX and got hit by a car going the wrong way in traffic, then got hit by a semi. I think 3 of them died and one is in crit care currently? Might have my numbers wrong, but it was really unnerving to wake up in my hotel for RTX and read that someone died on their way... :(

>> No.8546128

no she didnt go missing. Just got really drunk and regretted sleeping with an older guy and tripped and fell on a fence. Dumb white trah bitch

>> No.8550785

Yeah that really sucks

>> No.8550804

Can confirm. Matt talked about it on the Founding Fathers panel.

The kids were 17-18, just graduated high school and were all friends. They were from Virginia and on the road to RTX somewhere in Houston where a driver fell asleep and hit them. There was a big rig behind them and it couldn't stop in time so their car was sandwiched.

3 died on impact, the driver who fell asleep died, and 2 are in critical care without much hope of recovery. It was only known they were going to RTX because in the rubble of the crash were their tickets.

One girl also went missing on the last day but I don't think I've seen an update on her whereabouts.

>> No.8550876

An event like SDCC would be a very easy mass casualty event for someone who wanted to make headlines. You can buy a one day ticket from a scalper for probably $100. Make a bunch of bombs however you choose. There are no security checks besides making sure you have a badge. Go into the exhibit hall and drop some off. Lots of cardboard boxes just sitting around. Maybe you dump them in the myriad garbage cans or leave them near the Hall H lines.

If it's AX you don't even need to buy a ticket because there are ways in without having to go through the bag checks (I even avoid them out of principle). Just imagine how many injuries you'd have in south hall lobby with a few well placed bombs and how packed that lobby gets. If you want to add a few more casualties then yeah you could gun down some people who are panicking and running too.

Also in California lol carrying. California basically doesn't allow you to defend yourself with firearms unless it's your house. Good luck getting a concealed carry license here.

I'm really surprised no terrorist group has done a single there here minus 9/11

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And even if you do defend yourself in your own home, whoever is barging in your house that you shoot, and they live, or their family finds out, can sue you.

On the topic of death at conventions: Wasn't there a girl who got really fucked up on drugs and jumped out of a hotel window? I vaguely remember something about that a few years ago.

>> No.8555118

yeah, she was a lolita. i can't remember her name but she did a ton of drugs (lsd i think?) with her boyfriend and jumped out of a window naked

>> No.8555200

At MCM London one year it was on at the same time as a Peace Rally. Someone from their lot stabbed a person.

I'm pretty sure he didn't die though. It didn't even make the papers.

>> No.8555351

Yeah I think it was swine flu at Katsu a few years ago

>> No.8555367

That's a botched peace rally...

>> No.8555376

Why do you think this? Not being salty or anything, and I'm not a furry, I'm just genuinely curious as to why everyone hates fursuiters. I met a group at a convention and they mostly kept to themselves and occasionally did cutesy pictures with one another. I see no harm in that.

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Fuck u

>> No.8555384

That's horrible, their families must be devastated.

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There's a big difference between fursuiters and furries. But because furries tend to wear fursuits, it's assumed that all fursuiters are furries when they're not.

Basically, people don't like furries because they tend to be horrible people. On the mild side they're attention whores and drama queens. On the worse side they abuse animals. A while ago someone who worked in an animal shelter posted a story of them taking in a dog that had been sexually abused by a furry. The dog was a complete wreck, it was absolutely heartbreaking.

So yeah, people don't like furries because they're either unpleasant and annoying, or because they're fucked up in a bad way. Nobody gives a shit about what you get up to in the privacy of your own home, but when you go out in public in a bright green fox fursuit saying that you're actually Lucifurr the Sparklefox on the inside, don't get offended when people think you're an idiot.

>> No.8556153

jesus christ

>> No.8556157

Man, I had no idea that some furries abuse animals. That's awful. I just assumed some got a little frisky or whatever and people looked down on them.

>> No.8556206

There is an episode of dateline about a murder where the girl who was murdered was a cosplayer. They showed a pic of her cosplaying Fuuka from Persona 3. The other people involved in the case were congoers too.
I can try digging up a link to the ep if someone is interested, it's on youtube and I can probably find it in my watch history.

>> No.8556219

I remember that story! About the furry abusing the dog, I remember being in that thread. Anyone have a screentshot of it?

>> No.8556222

It's more common than you think. Some furries reach the point where they think it's not bestiality and that their pet genuinely likes it. Needless to say, raping your dog gives it psychological issues. The most fucked up thing I ever saw on 4chan was a photo of bondage restraints a furry had put on their dog to better...'facilitate' the process. Still makes me sick thinking about it. Poor thing.

Back on topic, I'd be interested if you can find the link. What happened, was it pre meditated? Con drama gone horribly wrong?

>> No.8556255

Fucking hell. I don't understand how anyone could do that to such an innocent animal. Now I understand why a lot of people hate furries. I still kinda have respect for the fursuiters that do things like volunteering at children's hospitals though (if anyone has a fucked up story about that do share, I'd be more than willing to change my stance on them after that).

>> No.8556275

Ok as a furry I need to give some info on this. Furries are not a fetish, furries are people who like anthropomorphic characters. Beastiality is what you guys are thinking of, not furries. Furries are not at all sexual, there is a minor subculture called yiffers, yiffing is a fetish for anthropomorhic characters. It's like a venn diagram, all yiffers are furries but furries are not all yiffers. Yiffers are shunned by most furry communities and it's heaviliy looked down upon. Beastiality and animal abuse is also looked down upon. Very very few fursuiters have sex in fursuits, people who have sex in fursuits are called murrsuiters. Fursuits cost hundreds of dollars so noone wants to fuck in it because its a waste of money, only a few people with really shit suits do it because they're weird. It's looked down upon to have sex in a fursuit or wear a fursuit you've had sex in in public, people who do either of those things tend to be bullied out of the fandom.

Furries have shit tons of drama, all sub cultures have drama. Furries have a lot of drama because theres a lot of people, we're arguably the biggest sub culture known. The bad furries/yiffers/murrers are the loud ones while the good ones tend to avoid being public with being a furry from fear of bullying from others. No furry believes that they're an animal in a human body, most people mean it in a metaphorical way when they say it but people take it literal. All furries are are people who like the lion king a lot, if you like the lion king congratulations you're a furry welcome to the club.

Theres lots of bad people in the fandom but thats because theres a lot of people in it, theres lots of bad people in every culture but furries get a bigger rap for it because people don't understand it so they chalk it up to being a fetish out of ignorance, people think that if they don't know why someone does something it HAS to be some sort of weird fetish.

>> No.8556276

It wasn't con related as far as I understood, the dude who did it kept denying it but from the evidence it looked like the girl's boyfriend's roommate was gay and jealous so he killed the girl to be with the guy. There was a mention that the girl and the boyfriend went to a con but didn't invite the gay dude.
I tried searcing for a pic of her cosplay and I actually found her old deviantart which has some cosplay pics. I hope it's ok to share it... mods can delete this post it it's out of line. http://flutterby727.deviantart.com/

>> No.8556619

>and they live, or their family finds out, can sue you.

Jesus, really? That's insane. How is that legal.
I've always been of the opinion that if you break into somebody else's house (especially during the night!), you assume the risk of the situation, and you deserve whatever happens to you.

>> No.8556668

This type of shit pisses me off because of the massive double standards. Bars and normalfag clubs have people die/kill someone as a result of drunk driving and underage people sneaking in all the time, but no one other than the most extreme of religious fundies want them closed. Someone ODs at a rave? OMG SHUT THEM ALL DOWN EDM AND KANDII JEWELRY WILL BE THE DEATH OF OUR CHILDREN.

>> No.8556749

they definitely deserve whatever happens to them but if I remember correctly there's a law about over aggressive defense? Like if you kill someone for coming onto your property in "self defense" but if they never actually threatened you or they weren't armed then it could be seen that you just wanted an excuse to kill someone.

>> No.8556792

Anyone know what happened to her?

>> No.8556809

The thought is you shouldn't use lethal force unless faced with a lethal threat. Being broken into--say to be robbed--isn't necessarily considered a lethal threat. If they don't have a firearm on them and you use lethal force, prosecutors may seek homicide/manslaughter charges. Whoever kills another person may be faced with a civil suit, even if it was justifiable manslaughter.

>> No.8556812

Come on now, let's be realistic. First of all, con attendees aren't anymore badass than your general public, that concept is just laughable. Even if there were a few people attending the con that were well trained enough to take on a gunman, if the terrorist was even the slightest bit competent, they would have still mowed down a good number of people before they were stopped. You're also implying they would merely have a pistol, and what mass shooter does that? Secondly, you are gravely underestimating just how unstable anime and comic book fans can be. Six different people I know who go to cons have admitted to me that they planned out school shootings in their younger years that they seriously considered following through with, which isn't uncommon among nerds. Given how lax security is at cons, it would be so easy to get weapons in. Even the bag checks at AB, which were put into place because of a terrorist attack, won't stop people from smuggling a machine gun under a trench coat or big skirt. I'm agreeing with everyone saying it's inevitable.

>Its not like you're targeting a bunch of defenseless suburban moms in a movie theater
I feel like if a anything, you're way more likely to find the military or trained types you were talking about in a movie theater than at a con. I'm not sure why you seem to think that suburban mothers are the only people who attend movies?

>> No.8556818

IMO, if someone breaks into your house to steal from you, you should be totally allowed to kill them. You don't know what they're doing there. sure they might be there to rob you, but for all you know, they could be there to rape your daughter or something. I'm usually not particularly harsh on people, but I can't feel sorry for someone who gets killed because the broke into someone random person's house with the intention of stealing from them, and I think it's pretty fucking disgusting that their family would sue over that.

>> No.8556840

I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I know a lot of people think it won't, because they're under this impression that everyone sees cons as some nerdy sanctuary and thus would never target them, but that's far from reality.

>> No.8557076

iirc, Friday morning of RTX last week, there was sort of an insane acting ma waving a gun around and pointing it at people in line for their badges. The police were quick to move in and arrest him but the thought of him still just waving his gun and pretending to fire was pretty horrifying.

Saw a drunk man get full on hit by a car only to stand up as if nothing happened. We asked if he needed help or an ambulance but he just sing-song said no and ballet away. Downtown Austin is weird.

>> No.8557078

Sadly people will do what they have to/want to to get money now a days.

>> No.8557082

>work at a hair salon
>acetone and peroxide
Only a matter of time until one of the other girls does this. Some of them are dumber than a box of rocks.

>> No.8557109

Actually you'd be surprised at the amount of fucking nerds in the military. Think of all the nerds with hero complexes and figure maybe 10-25% of them aren't medically disqualified for their aspergers. That doesn't mean they can fight, but the biggest wota I know drives a tank irl.

>> No.8557121


Furries are literally the worst people I've ever met. They're creepy and don't know how to function outside of their circles/suits, and way too confident when they're in them.

I've been personally assaulted three times at conventions, and all three of those times were by furries (anime cons, not furfag cons)

Furries are so socially inept, they actually think it's okay to just touch, hug, etc. people they don't know, without permission, just because they're wearing a mascot suit? And they don't seem to ever understand why the people they go after get upset. There's no boundaries. They actually act like animals.

>furries, not fursuiters in general.

I automatically stay the fuck away from anyone wearing a tail outside of actual cosplay because 8/10 times it's one of these fucking autists.

>> No.8557127

Someone almost died in my room last year at Katsu. We kicked them out before the drugs took full effect, but that bitch was out cold. Her semi-sober friend carried her out. Found out she went to the hospital later on. Apparently she was mixing shit, a ton of alcohol with some kind of injectables and some kind of pills (Ritalin or adderall i think). She was also definitely underaged.

Don't room with randies, friends.

>> No.8557144
File: 145 KB, 640x271, cent wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I think about this constantly and I always get scared when I see realistic gun props..
>Anime Midwest
>guy walking around with an actual sword
>Yuno cosplayer with an actual hatchet
Literally triggered when a cosplayer showed me her gun prop with a trigger function, pointed said gun at my face, and shot. No bullets, but you just don't do that to someone from a rough neighborhood.

>> No.8557163

wait what day was the yuno cosplayer at acen? i only was able to go on that sunday

>> No.8557165

I think it was Saturday. Positive even.

>> No.8557173

im relieved nobody brought anything like that on sunday (at least i didnt see anything)
but then again it was my first con and from what i got from others, sunday is the day nobody cares anymore (the perfect day to debut my terrible first cosplay)
so perhaps nobody wanted to bother carrying around weapons by sunday

>> No.8557188

As far as the shooting goes, while I don't think we're automatically safe, since nobody is, a random shooting is actually not what I suspect will happen first. I always assumed it would be;

1. One of the religious protestors thinking he's doing something in the name of god

2. An attempt/botched kidnapping of a VA.

>> No.8557222

Eh, a Yuno cosplayer with a real hatchet isn't that big a deal imo

>> No.8557225

1 slip anon. All it takes is 1 slip while getting ready for a pose and someones fingers can go flying off.

>> No.8557226

I'm well aware that there are a lot of nerds in the military. I'm just saying that an anime con isn't going to have a higher concentration of potential bad asses than somewhere like a movie theater, nor would they be very effective against a gunman open firing with a machine gun.

>> No.8557234

Thank you. My best friend is a furry and defends the fandom to the death, and a local con that just sprouted up over the past couple years in the area donates most if not all the funds it makes to local animal shelters. Furries are not bad people unless the person in mention is a shitty person to begin with, and the furries that aren't bad people have been trying to make the fandom not look like a bunch of animal-fuckers for ages.

>> No.8557239

That logic could be applied to a lot of things, though. I don't think that scenario is anymore likely than someone wearing giant wings turning too abruptly on an escalator, hitting some random person with a wing, and sending them tumbling down, just to name one of many examples coming into my mind. I'm just saying, pretty much any prop can be dangerous if you're not careful.

>> No.8557243

Every furry I've ever known has claimed there's nothing sexual about it, but I've never met a single one that wasn't attracted to anthro. They always say it's different from yiffers, but I don't get how.

>> No.8557254

Dangerous, yes. However, lethal arms and live steel are a step up from big armor. At some cons they ban giant wings and armor/props that are above a certain size to prevent things like that anyway.

>> No.8557280


"there is nothing sexual about furies" and then they go buy anthro porn at the AA, and I'm just like... did you not just... oh forget it.

>> No.8557284

Thirding it. I have never ever met somebody who was into furry, but didn't see it as a sexual thing. I've seen plenty who claimed it wasn't but still treated it like a sexual thing, but never even one for whom it was actually a non-sexual thing.

>> No.8557827

Still, the chances of some freak accident occurring with a hatchet aren't high unless you're running with it or something.

Which I'm sure there's no shortage of Yuno cosplayers who would.

>> No.8557832

I think they don't want to be lumped in with full on bestiality, which is a whole different ball game from most anthro. Their denial just males it more questionable, though. I don't see what's so hard about owning up to being attracted to anthro if you're already admitting to being a furry. No one isn't going to assume you are, anyway.

>> No.8557962


Also had a suicide at Otakon a few years back, where someone jumped off a hotel roof. I think it was one of the off-site hotels, not at the main convention center.

I vaguely remember someone saying they even took their shoes off first.

>> No.8557966

At a con I missed Ichiban I believe someone died of the latest strain of whatever animal related flu was going around that year. A lot of my cosplay buddies I usually meetup with at cons caught it.

Also at a con I attended a couple years ago, well she didn't die, but a girl was mending a tear in her cosplay and accidentally swallowed a sewing needle and started coughing up blood and they had to get and ambulance out there

>> No.8558020


Pretty much this.

The maladjusted would very likely only want to mass kill "normies" and such. I can see a fandom vendetta murder or something happening, but indiscriminate shooting at a con? No way.

>> No.8558303

>no con would be shot up because shooters would only go after "normies"
Are you people telling yourselves this because the concept freaks you out too much to accept or something? First of all, hardly anyone who has actually carried out a mass shooting has been the type of person that would give a flying fuck about whether or not we're nerds. It's not our kind we have to worry about as much as random crazies who will see the con as an easy target. It's an event with thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands, of people in a confined space with lax security. They don't care if we're "normies", a giant crowd of people is still a giant crowd of people. Even if we are talking about one of us, there's tons of people who have had really awful experiences with cosplay, lolita, and conventions, and if you lurk enough, you should be well aware of just how mentally fucked some of these people can be. Not to mention, there's people who see it as setting someone free to kill them and think they're doing them a favor, so liking conventions and their attendees doesn't mean the person won't do it, either. The idea that not a single person would ever shoot up a convention is absolutely preposterous when you really stop to think about it.

>> No.8558532

They will pull your liquor license if youngsters are seen and you do not card, and if you have too many complaints against you.

>> No.8558596

Someone died at Magfest this year due to either alcohol poisoning or drug OD.

>> No.8558646

By this logic, most anime fans have a fetish for anime since they get off to hentai or yaoi on occasion. Don't even try to pretend that I'm statistically wrong. Every anime fans I've talked to has admitted it. Before you pull the "well, furries are an-i-mals and that's fucked up!" argument... keep in mind that Sailor Moon, Rei Ayanami, the guys from Free, and most anime characters who people "like" in that extra special way are 17 years old at the very most. I guess that means most anime fans are child molesters. Same logic.

It can't just be because furry art is such a huge part of their life that, as physically healthy people who are past puberty, they like porn now and then. Nope. If you get turned on by furry porn EVEN ONCE, you're just like the sick fucked up minority who rape dogs. Just like if you fap to hentai every now and then, you're exactly like that guy who was in love with that girl from School Days who ended up being arrested for diddling kids.

>> No.8558678

Anime fans are really self-hating. I always see it in sub vs. dub threads, or when weebs are trying to justify their weebiness by finding bigger weebs than them.

If someone from the community just wants to kill a bunch of people, I could see them justifying themselves doing it at a con because they either see the attendees lower than them despite their similair hobbies, or because the attendees remind them of themselves.

>> No.8558697

How do you accidentally swallow a needle?

>> No.8558703

if you do shoot in a scenario like this (home invasion) and do kill the intruder you have to swear up and down that you were in fear of your life/someone else's life. you cannot just say that "he was stealing my stuff;" must involve something like "he was threatening to come back and kill me" or "he was threatening my daughter." you generally don't want to shoot them in the back because that would mean they are fleeing.

depending on the state you may have a stand your ground/no duty to retreat or castle doctrine law. these dictate that, if confronted, you do not have to flee. surprisingly california has a castle doctrine but i think this is because politicians know it would not look well if they were trying to remove someone's legal ability to defend themself (as opposed to effectively banning most firearms carrying which sort of does the same thing; it helps a lot if people are scared of something like they were with open carry)

you also don't "shoot to injure" because that's a good way to miss. shooting at an arm or leg, something that is oftentimes moving and is much smaller than center mass, is very hard especially when you're jacked up on adrenaline and both of you are scrambling. if you shoot, shoot to kill. the important thing is to make sure you're in the clear with the shoot/no shoot scenario

>> No.8558714

This is similar to the real reason furries are hated. Geeks always want to justify their geekiness by finding a group of geeks who are more "weird" and socially inept than them to draw attention away from themselves. It's the "I may be X, but at least I'm not Y. Look at Y! What freaks!" tactic. Since furries are full of people who are eccentric, sensitive to criticism, and mentally ill, they're an easy group to target.

>> No.8558745

I'm thinking she was holding it in her teeth or between her lips. I do that sometimes and worry that I might bump into something or lose my grip for a second and have the same happen.

>> No.8558753

I hope this isn't too armchair psychologist, but I could believe it.

Anime fans: At least we're not bronies!

Bronies: At least we're not furries!

Furries: At least....we're not actual animal abusers?

Animal Abusers: We miss Michael Vick.

The geek community really has this crazy conflict spiral where people are trying so hard to prove they're not "as bad as" something else, but I don't understand why anyone needs to think that way. I'm an anime fan, but I find myself good as is. I am an awesome cook, I'm a good student, and I'm about as good a person as someone who goes to 4chan can be. But then again, I do have hobbies and loves outside of anime, so when I can sit back and watch it, I find it truly relaxing.

A lot of the people I know off of the top of my head who I would not be all that surprised if they shot a place up do NOTHING but watch anime, usually to keep up with the new season or be the first to give some dickhead review about what the studio didn't do compentently enough for them. As though it's their job, but they don't get paid for it. I know that after I watch TV all day I feel lethargic but restless, like my day was wasted, kinda gross....if I did that every day, maybe I'd hate myself too? And if I hated myself, maybe I'd be desperate to find someone I could hate even more?

I honestly don't know. I wish there was a way to raise people's perceptions of themselves so they wouldn't have to hate others, but if I could do that I'd be rich.

>> No.8558799

Oh god, after hearing this, I am literally ever doing that again. Just reading that makes my skin crawl.

>> No.8558805

I don't think they were criticizing furries for it being sexual, but simply pointing out they are. Yo are right, though. Anime fans who are attracted to characters under 18 don't get to judge furries for liking anthro porn.

>> No.8558890

They think this way because they're afraid of facing ridicule and social rejection for their interests. Maybe they've already faced it. Most people who pull the whole "I may be X, but at least I'm not Y" are either teenagers, people who still think like teenagers, or people who are mentally unstable. Remember that the average age of anime fandom is 14-23. Geeks like to think they're "above" how the average person thinks, but when you get right down to it, they still think the same way themselves. I see it all over the places at cons and in fandom.

>> No.8558949
File: 88 KB, 720x587, 11781632_890481737712157_7248117814257385352_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you!
I'm asexual, and know people who aren't attracted to anthros too. A lot of furries are into Yiff but theres a large group that are not, me for example.
Theres nothing sexual about furries, they're buying yiff. Theres anime, and then theres hentai, all hentai is anime but not all anime is hentai, it's the same goddamn thing, theres furries and then theres yiff, furries aren't sexual nor is anime but yiff and hentai are.

>> No.8559031

All these hypocrites up in here. Anime fans masturbate to pedophilia, rape and minor beastiality (tentacle/monster rape, kemonomimi) as well as having self-hating yellow fever. Bronies masturbate to pedophilia and beastiality in the most autistic and obnoxious ways, Furries masturbate to beastiality and are drama queens. ALL of them are autistic sperglords. ALL of them are infected with tumblrite SJW trans magic eponakin.

Honestly, nerds are nerds. Everyone already thinks we're fucked up. Why cast stones?

>> No.8559037

No one wants to be the most fucked up and people want to take pride in their group. It's like asking which is more fucked up, Greece or Mexico, to each countries' inhabitants

>> No.8559039

Buying porn now and then doesn't mean that the fandom is 100% about sex. Furries who deny that the furry fandom has a sexual side and people who claim that furry fandom is nothing but sex are equally as fucking stupid.

People buy hentai and yaoi. That doesn't mean anime fandom is about nothing except masturbating to teenage characters getting it on.

>> No.8559044

About that picture... it's the same with bronies. They've donated millions of dollars to charity and the majority are pretty ok people, but it's more fun (and convenient) to focus on the nutcases and the weird ones with fucked up fetishes.

>> No.8559049

Why do you care so much about "who's more fucked up"? Like what you like and fuck what other people think.

>> No.8559054

Yeah some kid at my high school had this happen to him because he was holding a corsage needle in his mouth and his buddy accidentally startled him with a clap on the back and he inhaled the needle.

>> No.8559067

>Why cast stones?
>>8559037 has it down. Just look at any comments section or go to /v/. The constant fighting and bullying is proof.

>> No.8559089

I'm a furry, and I have to say that furries/bronies that are obvious furries/bronies at anime cons are usually fucking autistic. My sister in law always liked desu shit, and when she decided to go to that brony con, my brother begged me to go with her to make sure she was stayed safe. (New to cons, prone to overdoing things, trouble magnet, I could go on.) Despite virulently hating My Little Pony and I went to watch out for her. The bronies I met there were...surprisingly normal. Most of them, anyway. Yet the most autistic, desperate, woman-hating faggot I've ever met was a brony at an anime con.

I'm betting that's your cue. People who are legit autistic and cannot understand social information stand out and are irritating and creepy.I cosplayed last fanime, and I fursuited at Further Confusion, you'd never know I was a furry because I understand social norms and don't wear things that do not fit the venue. A fursuit does not make sense at an anime con, it's not topical and makes no sense (unless cosplay, or cosplay inspired like Gijinka). Imagine the sailor moon cosplayer at a normal sushi restaurant. They're equally autistic as a fursuit at an anime con.

>> No.8559093

Damn, you didn't call an ambulance for her or anything? You're an asshole dude, would love to know who you are so I can avoid you from now on.

>> No.8559094

>Somebody's watched the Yandere Simulator promo

>> No.8559106

Someone died ar Magfest this year. They announced it on closing ceremonies and cancelled all events in the last day. (It happened on Sunday night)

>> No.8559136

Humans are for the most part social creatures and a large part of a person's identity is the groups they are in. There are going to be winners and losers and everyone wants to be a winner. People cheer for their local sports teams, their country at the the Olympics, the brands they use (see apple, Canon, nikon, Playstation, Microsoft, brand Lolita vs off brand, guns like ar15 vs ak47, etc) ,everything.

No, you don't have to give a shit if you're a loner. If you aren't you will have to give a shit because others will even if you don't. That's just how existence is. Winners and losers.

>> No.8559160


For taking shoes off? I just assumed that you're supposed to take them off before you jump so in case they fall off while you're falling they don't hit anyone in the head.

>> No.8559171

We know that already dude, we just wanted to see the screenshot from that thread because we love weaboo horor stories.

>> No.8559180

Not trying to defend that other anon, but they mentioned she was underaged and obviously doing drugs and mixing them. Just by rooming with her that anon and everyone else in that room would have gotten in a shitton of legal trouble just by associating with her, especially since she was a minor. Not to say that wasn't a dick move, because she could have died.

>> No.8559188

Nah, probably someone who wanted to make it LOOK like suicide. If you're going to kill yourself i doubt consideration and manners are a thing in your mind at that point...

>> No.8559228
File: 2.92 MB, 480x270, yandere.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit I just realized for the first time how being a normie would hurt weebs, terms being used very loosely. The guy investigating them did not understand that "I just want someone to hang out with" type relationship most introverts want and are content with and he's like "Huh? A college boy who's had a gf for two months and hasn't kissed her? He's got problems!!" Not to mention the "A collection of knives and swords. Who collects that kind of stuff?" Man could only imagine the reaction if he'd been a buyfag into anime girl figs or had a daki in his room. It'd be more difficult for someone with more traditional thinking to pinpoint a motive if some manner of weebiness was involved; I'd never thought about this before.

>> No.8559251

But he said she did end up dying. She might of lived if he called hotel security or medics. Either way thats a scary situation to be in. Shit I at least make sure the people I room with are 21+.

>> No.8559274

By that logic, anyone who cosplays a character from Steven Universe, a character from MLP, a character from a Western video game, or someone from Star Trek at an anime con is "autistic", too. Despite what some tumbrinas or idiot bronies say, none of those things belong at an anime con... yet more than half of cosplays at cons these days aren't anime related at all. If you're going to allow this other shit, why not allow fursuits? Furuits are a small part of a much bigger problem at anime conventions, but they aren't THE problem.

If I had to pick, I'd rather see a clean and well-constructed fursuit than another shitty closet SU cosplay at an anime con any day. Of course, I'd rather see these people cosplay actual anime characters, but you know, people can't just do that anymore.

>> No.8559276


>> No.8559307

I don't know about that. I've never been suicidal, but I did pick up smoking a few years ago with hopes of getting cancer before grad school because all I could think about was what a burden I am to everyone I know, but didn't want the stigma. I realize now that even if people don't care about you that much, the discomfort they'd feel from your suicide would be far greater than their annoyance at you, but I was so caught up in the little niceties I could show to try not to be a burden.

I think that little manners like that are exactly what people are fixated on if they want to die and not make a fuss about it or go about it as cleanly as possible.

>> No.8559324

Where does he say that? In his post he says she almost died in the hotel room and went to the hospital after, I don't see any mention of her demise.

No one over 18 should ever room with underage people. Too much risk in too many ways.

>> No.8559341

Just sounds like an ultra weeb to me. Removing shoes before suicide by jumping in Japan is common.

>> No.8559427

That's a bit different. How do I communicate this effectively? It comes down to hobby vs fandom vs subculture.

Using the closest to universal definition available, a hobby is a repeating action not average for the culture by its own nature or by extent. A fandom is loosely associated individuals bound by their enjoyment of a particular thing, typically consisting of multiple hobbies. A subculture is an autonomous collection of fandoms, which contain hobbies.

Most anime and comic cons loosely be defined as "cartoon fans," as most anime fans also enjoy western cartoons and vise-versa. The nature of these fandoms is derivative of media that both typically partake in. I should say that the two major subcultures - anime and comic - are very compatible and overlap a lot. Western cartoons are not anime or comics, but often the individuals are one in the same. By this I mean that the hobbies contained in both subcultures are nearly identical - cosplay, fanfiction, fanart, etc. Even if the fandoms don't line up, the hobbies do. That allows the subcultures to mesh well. More lines up than does not.

Furries are not a fandom, they are a subculture. The majority of the fandoms are self derivative. The hobby expressions - fursuiting, art, RP, writing, dance, puppetry, etc - only line up in a marginal sense. The treatment of the costuming is also markedly different - fursuiters are closer to larpers in that they are acting - versus the more glamor or photo -oriented cosplay.

The reason furries do not belong at anime cons is because the hobbies do not line up nearly as much with as many people. The shared hobbies - art and costuming, are only superficially similar. One is representational and derivative; costumes emulate, art reproduces an icon - the other is autonomous; art produces individual likenesses, costumes are a medium for acting. A pokemon fursuiter and a Gijinka cosplayer do not enjoy their hobbies the same way.

Beyond tl;dr, I know.

>> No.8559461

>A lot of the people I know off of the top of my head who I would not be all that surprised if they shot a place up do NOTHING but watch anime

>And if I hated myself, maybe I'd be desperate to find someone I could hate even more?

yeah i agree with this. scary to think how many people like that are simmering away at home. hundreds of embryonic elliot rodger's lurking on /r9k/

>> No.8559466

oops. meant to reply to this:

>> No.8559503
File: 139 KB, 448x645, 魚生CSP-2014-10-23-A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Personally I think any "im going to shoot em up" sort of things would have to be personally based (ie a stalker, a bad break up, ect) and would probably be done easier in a room or something, not on the con floor.
That used to scare the shit out of me because I thought it was going to happen to me.

>> No.8559542

Not at a Con but Cosplay-related.

I remember that a 15-year old Malaysian cosplayer was murdered and stuffed in a suitcase about 2 years ago. She was at the home of a 23 year old to get help making a cosplay and he tried to rape her which ended with him striking her multiple times with a dumb bell.

>> No.8559738

Thissss I totally remember this.

It's like /fit/ and /cgl/ gone wrong.

>> No.8559865


I was horrified when I heard this. I can't believe that it have been 2 years since that...

>> No.8559871

Never trust a /fit/izen.

If you meet a /fit/izen at the next /cgl/ meetup, take him down with your concealed carry before he can smash your brains with a dumbbell and drop spaghetti all over your corpse.

And I guess technically you could shoot /fa/ people too, you'd be doing the world a favor.

Do your part!

>> No.8559970

What deceased furry?

>> No.8560076


>> No.8560086

This made me so sad.

Sometimes people give you bad vibes at cons and meets but you never really believe any of them could go this far.

>> No.8560275

That's what you get for having shit taste I guess.

>> No.8560410

A lot of times drunk/high people have a better chance of survival and fewer injuries from things like getting hit by cars or falling out of windows. It has to do with their slower response times-- they go kind of rubbery, and this helps prevent injuries.

>> No.8560419

Didn't some girl die at the katsucon rave a few years ago from drinking a glow stick with drugs in it or whatever?

>> No.8560606

Given what usually inside glowsticks, it's probably healthier to drink one that has drugs instead of glowy stuff.

>> No.8560644

A transgirl went missing during OhayoCon this past year. It was big news for a while, everyone thought she was going to wind up dead. She got came home in the end.

>> No.8560828

>This much butthurt in one picture caption

Aside from bragging how much you give to charity being real fucking immature, furries giving to autism charities is like a beggar buying himself a burger then bragging how he's helping to feed the homeless.

>Also at a con I attended a couple years ago, well she didn't die, but a girl was mending a tear in her cosplay and accidentally swallowed a sewing needle and started coughing up blood and they had to get and ambulance out there

Jebus. I have a bad habit of holding the needle in my mouth when I'm sewing. I need to stop doing that.

>> No.8560858

I remember that. Asshole kid decides to not talk to her parents for the weekend, and everyone freaked out looking for her. Ruined everyone else's time out of pure selfishness.

>> No.8560956

KumoriCon in Vancouver, Washington a couple years ago someone committed suicide by jumping off a bridge or something.

Kcon is coming up again in a couple weeks.

>> No.8561541

they started bag check at Anime Boston (the year after the marathon bombing), they also started doing it at AX either the same year or the year after, I believe? (I go to both cons)

>> No.8562701

Hey, Furry. I understand you plenty. I didn't learn everything about you off CSI and
MTV. I also know enough to say with full confidence that your claims of "most furries
aren't into porn" or "furries aren't all about sex" is a steaming load. I also know
enough to see the hypocrisy you can't, in throwing stereotypes at everyone who doesn't
like you. "You must have seen that one CSI episode"? Give me a fucking break, you
pathetic waste of space. Your whiny self-pitying claims supply 100% the
daily-recommended allowance of horse shit and your outdated suppositons about your
detractors is part of a complete persecution complex. I have every right to judge you
based on the group you belong to -- because you actively choose to belong to it. It's
not a higher force like a religion and it's not genetic like race. So stop trying to
compare your internet-mockery to groups that have had to face actual persecution and
oppression, because you don't fit that fucking bill. And I've got plenty of reasons to
make that judgement a negative one. to your distinct person. I CAN use your affiliation
as a sign of your stupidity. And the most prominent reason is the most obvious: If you
WEREN'T stupid, you wouldn't be a fucking furry.

>> No.8562702

But through all that, I'll give you your request, because I don't even have to judge
you from your group. Not for a second. Because if you'd broken out of your whiny
fucking shell for one second you'd have realized the thing I hate the most isn't the
porn -- there are fetishes out there that disgust me more, both physically and morally.
Neither is it the whole furry-convention thing you take such special care to point out
is a rare occurance that gets unpopular press converage. If that was the nerdiest thing
I'd seen on the internet, I'd be LUCKY. No, the thing I hate most about furries is
people just like you. Self-aggrandizing fucktards who think they're the ones making
that shit look good, instead of exactly what it is. Idiot furries claiming "you don't
understand us, thinking no one could POSSIBLY understand you AND dislike you.
IMPOSSIBLE. So right now, I am judging you on an individual basis. And you just gave me
more reason than I'd ever need to hate you.

You get it yet? I hate YOU.

Your quasi-intellectual bullshit and your nauseatingly asinine persecution complex is worse to me than any private sexual fetish.
I'm gonna post this in every fucking furry thread.

>> No.8562966
File: 124 KB, 960x719, tumblr_npwxblpNvd1sbcl03o5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


next time come up with insults that don't make me bored out of my mind you pathetic brat, do you honestly not have anything better to do with your time to spend an hour attempting to make an edgemaster comeback about someone liking something? go sit back in the hole you crawled out of and shut the fuck up you whiny sack of shit,

>> No.8562992

>post thread asking about lolitas dying
>mods delete it even though there's nothing against the rules about it
>this thread still going strong

Seriously, you guys need better consistency and to start only deleting things that actually, you know, break rules. It's pretty ridiculous.

>> No.8563064


Apparently they had a suicide at Biccoline this year, according to >>8561157

>> No.8563095


Fandom and sick fucks happen together no matter what the fandom.

Goes all the way back to the original Trekkies and it'll never change. Weird attracts weird, and some of that weird is fucked up no matter whether it's focus ends up being ponies or Klingons, Kill la Kill or Doctor Who.

The really sicko types are just using the surrounding weird as camouflage.

>> No.8563859

Yeah, there's definitely a lot of that misplaced superiority complex. Unfortunately, it's a case of socially inept people lumped with other socially inept people into the same things, so they have to comb through each other's interests in order to find something they can feel superior to. It's a pity that furries (the normal ones, that is) bear the brunt of the hatred when there are so many better targets, especially MRAs, who tend to blend into the general autism instead of being shooed out.

>> No.8563867

Bronies are waaaaay more visible to the general public though, because they A) actively enjoy a show aimed at young girls while being mostly grown men, B) are known for making explicit porn of said show and spamming it online, therefore shoving it onto the radar of normalfags who just want to buy their kid a toy, and C) the loudest and most obnoxious ones are fedora'd gentlesirs who have exquisite taste in pones and would like to make this known to the world. Nothing screams 'crazy' like some obese hatted neckbeard with a smarmy smile and a collection of pony-printed sex pillows. Furries are known to the general public but if you see someone in a cute fursuit you'd assume that they were a mascot or taking part in a charity event, whereas a grown man carting around a hugeass pillow with a bondage cartoon horse will only be seen as a pervert and therefore taint the entire community of people who genuinely enjoy the show for its story and characters.

>> No.8563869
File: 242 KB, 391x340, Benedict_Cumberbatch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Timothy McCormick, aka Lemonade Coyote. He was an EMT that was killed when a car crashed into the ambulance he was in, on the way to assist someone.

I've never met him, but neither had the guy that made a replica of his suit. Presumably, he only did it to piggyback off of Tim's popularity.


> mfw I see suiters bothering people that want to be left alone

Granted, at conventions, it's not just suiters that go around touching, glomping, and being annoying in general. Remember why yaoi paddles are banned from most cons now?

>> No.8563870

This is why I'm incredibly grateful for Anime Boston's bag check. It's a pain in the ass to get through every time you wanna come back into the con but god damn if they aren't thorough. Makes me feel a lot safer.

>> No.8563874

No anon, this was a murder made to look like a suicide.

>> No.8563879


It's a convention, not a secret club. Honestly, if you buy the badge, wear whatever you want...as long as it's not sexually inappropriate.

By your logic, jfashion doesn't belong at anime cons either, despite the fact that I've never been to an anime con that didn't have a few jfashion panels lined up. Come to think of it, almost every convention I've been to has had a few fursuiting panels, too.

>> No.8563884

Age of consent in Japan is different. Legally a woman can marry at 16. I can't remember the age of consent for dogs, can you fill me in?

(Not saying either is right, or that furry is inherently wrong. Not my cup of tea, but not wrong as long as you don't hurt any real animals. Just untwist your panties please.)

>> No.8563960

Holy fucking shit guys, what's with the newfaggotry? I can't remember if it was a robot or a /b/tard, but one of those people attempted to do this great service for us.

>> No.8563962

Exactly. Makes you feel safer. The checking is worth a hill of beans in actual functionality. As people have noted you can easily sneak weapons in on your person. Have you ever heard of the term security theater? You might want to look up the effectiveness of things like the TSA checkpoints. Actually, don't. You'd probably freak out and cry.

>> No.8563975

>this is 4chaaan y aren't u being totally edgy like me, the coolest and most jaded guy evar?!?

>> No.8564022
File: 69 KB, 900x900, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That picture

Of course they're donating to autism and diabetes research, they desperately need a cure.

>> No.8564161

That's a shame, it was a good convention too.

>> No.8564236

>"Devilman" or "Devil Man"
>no results

Alright kids, time for one of the con legends. Whether it is true or not, I cannot say.

I'd heard this happened at AX. Not sure of that (read otherwise on some blogs), but from the circumstances, it sounds a lot like an AX I attended when they were at Anaheim.

Anaheim Convention Center double-booked two cons: Anime Expo and some Christian conference/con/whatever.

So of course, this leads to some interesting sights for Christian con-goers as they're in the same hotels at AX attendees with their cosplay and whatnot.

Supposedly, some old lady was waiting for the elevator to head to the lobby. When the doors opened, she beheld Devilman.

All he said was "Going down?" in the deepest possible voice. The story goes that she died of a heart-attack.

>> No.8564249

Dogs can't effectively communicate and therefore can't consent.
Sorry, high-fives and shakes don't count.

>> No.8564276

I've heard this one in a different incarnation, without the "dying of a heart attack" bit. Makes a great story nonetheless.

>> No.8564314

Something Awful: At least we're not anime fans!
4chan: At least we don't have a legitimate paedophile as a mod
Reddit: At least we don't have Neo-Nazis
Normal people: At least I have a girlfriend
Chad: I'm the best, thanks for the promotion Wankelberg.

>> No.8564356

Reddit has plenty of Neo-Nazis.

>> No.8564369

Not anymore. Try and pay attention.

>> No.8564372

I'm with this anon all the way. As a furry myself, I will not hesitate to say that this fandom has its sexual side, just like any other fandom. Some people like yiff, some people like murrsuiting (sex in fursuits), and others do not. Everyone has their thing that gets them off, and in my humble opinion, its fine-- so long as it is between 2 consenting adults and no one is getting hurt. I don't even care if they're wearing their murrsuit at a convention or something...just clean that shit damn well, cover up any holes, and don't hug children while wearing it. Whatever.

On that note, bestiality is VERY much looked down upon in the furry community. If you harm an animal in any way, you're going to get ostracised from the rest of the community. Of course, there are the few retards that think that bestiality and shit is ok, but trust me in saying 98% of furries do not think that way. Sadly, the ones that DO think that way are usually the ones that get noticed by non-furries, and it all spirals into "all of them do it" from there. All because some idiot says he dresses up as an animal and fucks his own pet.

As stated before, furries are well known for donating to charities and stuff. Almost all of the furry conventions around today collect donations as a part of the registration fee, and subsequent donations from auctions held at the con get totalled up and sent to whatever charity that convention is supporting. Anthrocon (one of the largest conventions, held in Pittsburgh) raised $35,910 for The Western PA Humane Society this year alone. This doesn't include the 17 years Anthrocon has been going on for, and also doesn't include the multiple other conventions doing the same thing for other charities.

Some furries like to fursuit, others do not. Wearing a fursuit does not make you a furry. liking anthropomorphic art (whether it be PG or porn) makes you a furry.

>> No.8564617

/pol/ leaking.

>> No.8564620

>comparing normalfag answers to tumblr-shit

you've been lurking too long here, anon.

>> No.8564624

Every set of humans have their weird sexual fetishes.

Some cosplayers do sex stuff involving cosplay. Some others do not.
Some bronies do, some others do not.

In the end, I'm just not gonna ask anyone unless I'm dating them. No reason to know, no reason to care.

I really don't care if people are furries.

>> No.8564691

Most well-type furry response of the year.
Thank you for keeping your furfag habits in appropriate locations.

>> No.8565144

Thanks, anon. Speaking of, about the whole fursuits at anime cons debate, I think they should be allowed, so long as said fursuiters know how to behave.

No one should be touching anyone without full consent given, fursuit or not. Some furries really need to learn that boundary, but the ones that seem to act out the most are usually the ones that are newer to the fandom. That is still no excuse, however.

>> No.8565481

What matters is the country you're in right now. A man who gets arrested for having a doujinshi full of Lucky Star characters (who are 17, but look 12) getting tied up and raped by old ugly men isn't going to get away with it by saying "well, it's legal for me to fuck 16-year-olds in Japan!".

Anime fans just don't want to admit that they fap to equally as messed up shit.

>> No.8565617

What the fuck country do you live in where underage 2D gets you arrested?

>> No.8565621

Sounds like a civilized place with a good sense of morality.

Age of consent where I live is 17 but I agree with anon. There are regions of Japan where the age of consent is 13 and I think 12 in some parts of the middle east. But it doesn't make it ok to try and fondle said girls because it's ok there and completely illegal where they are currently.

>> No.8565639

>Sounds like a civilized place with a good sense of morality.
Oh, please. First of all, no actual children are being hurt, they're drawings. Second, it's an important outlet for a lot of pedophiles to keep them from hurting real, existent children. Japan's comparatively low sexual assault rates are largely accredited to their countless outlets for their sick fantasies like rape porn and lolicon. Would you rather them hurting real children or fapping to 2D? I don't like loli or shota anymore than the next non-pedo, but to say it should be illegal is fucking retarded.

>But it doesn't make it ok to try and fondle said girls because it's ok there and completely illegal where they are currently.
I never said anything contesting this, not sure why you're telling me this.

>> No.8565645
File: 40 KB, 640x480, willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-17594222-640-480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people should be arrested for fapping to drawings I don't approve of
Should people also be arrested for fapping to porn of girls who are 18, but look 13 or under?

>> No.8565657

Australia thinks so.

>> No.8565668
File: 17 KB, 328x215, 1431544692934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people should be arrested for fapping to drawings I don't approve of
You go it. I'm selfish and really do hate things I can't understand. Like other people's fetishes. And naturally, I get peeved when I can't break through to someone who doesn't understand mine.

>> No.8565680

Yet furries get told that they're horrible people to fapping to talking animals. That's kind of... the point of the argument.

Masturbating to 2D girls that look 12? No chance that guy could molest real children, you idiot. Masturbating to 2D talking animals that have more of a human form than an animal form? Arrest those freaks, burn them all, and keep them away from my dog!

Thought policing is a-ok and encouraged if it's related to something I don't like, but wrong if it's related to something that I do like.

>> No.8565684

thats called being selfish anon ;3

>> No.8565909


>> No.8566254

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manga_Murder stay classy belgium

>> No.8566306

You're incredibly naive if you honestly believe most of the furries you know aren't fucking in their suits or molesting animals. It's extremely common. And you say "furry has nothing to do with sex and isn't sexual," yet I'm SURE you jack it to furry shit every day of your life, because I've never, ever met a furry who didn't do that, and I've met hundreds of them. And they all say "IT ISN'T SEXUAL!"

Many of them would actually pay people to draw their fursonas and then jack it to them. I don't know if you're just new to the furry fandom or are extremely delusional or just simply lying (also very common), but you have no idea what you're touting. Furries are fucked up, I'm sure the longer you stay a furfaggot the more you will learn about how deep down the rabbit hole your fetish goes. And yes, it is a fetish. No amount of bullshit your kind spout off is going to undo what sort of activities most of us have personally witnessed you cretins doing, and I personally knew a furry who proudly stated that he lets his dog fuck him. I really have nothing more to say other than this: I hate you and all other furfags as well, and I'm being entirely sincere when I tell you to go to hell and yiff there.

>> No.8566375

lolwut I never even said anything against furries. I support y'all and your 2D animal porn just as much as pedos and their 2D loli. chill

>> No.8566379
File: 41 KB, 500x294, 1436746123162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're incredibly naive if you honestly believe most of the furries you know aren't fucking in their suits or molesting animals. It's extremely common.
Either you're a troll or you read too much ED

>> No.8567032

Does everything you know come from ED, I'm pretty sure some parts of that were copy pasted.

>> No.8567062
File: 25 KB, 354x230, spang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate to tell you, anon, but I've been a furry for 7 years. I got my first fursuit 4 years ago, and have been attending conventions for a while. You must not have read my post, as I clearly stated that, yes, sex happens in the furry fandom. Porn happens. Some people like the sexual aspect of it all. There ARE naive people who will believe that there is nothing sexual about it, but THOSE people are usually the newbies. Those people don't like to remember that the first furry convention was marketed as a fetish convention, simply because they didn't know what else to market it as.

Of course some people pay for artwork of their fursonas, and of course some people get off to the artwork. Same thing happens in quite a few fandoms. However, this entire fandom isn't about sex. Some people are solely interested in portraying a character and acting in a costume/interacting with general public.

You obviously aren't very intelligent, though, since it seems that you can't do some basic research on what I'm talking about.

>> No.8567431

So paying someone to draw you porn of anthropomorphic animals = molesting animals. Got it.

Paying for porn or Sailor Moon getting raped by ugly old men = fucking real 14 year olds, too.

And everyone who's ever beaten off to hentai must have a fetish for anime, then.

This is a very clear case of needing some fandom or subculture to hate on to draw attention away from your own fucked up interests. That or some hot girl dumped you for a furry.

>> No.8567433

I have a prediction for his response:

"LOL lalalala not listening to you furfag yiff in hell stop fucking dogs lololol lalala".

>> No.8567447


I would never let anyone get body fluids around my suit. Shit was way too expensive to be ruined like that.

>> No.8567502

Bleach is usually chlorine based, and makes a cheap solvent.

>> No.8567508

You do realize that you sweat, right?
But in all seriousness, that's your decision. Many murrsuiters just get separate suits for that kind of stuff. However, fur can be cleaned of sexual fluids with a bit of work...no one wants to see a ratty old dirty fursuit walking around at cons.

>> No.8567543
File: 235 KB, 200x261, 1234143.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a strong feeling that it was the latter.

>> No.8567550
File: 57 KB, 500x333, tumblr_myhhdpwk0H1s6u7eho3_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no, it's retarded

>> No.8568205

Guys, stop derailing the thread will furfaggotry arguing. It actually started out civilised and interesting. Go contain it in another thread.

This story is as old as the internet (the heart attack is a new embellishment). Is there actually any evidence this happened, or is it just an urban myth?

>> No.8568298

Assuming all furries are into it as a sexual thing is no different to saying all anime fans just have a hentai fetish. I'm sorry that you knew someone so fucked up but completely non-sexual furries genuinely do exist.

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