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Ever had the general public come up and say something while you were dressed up? From "Wow! Are you in a play?" to catcalls to not-so-subtle photos.

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I was at a con eating a taco in full lolita after a fashion show, and I was talking on the phone with a friend, and this guy comes up and starts photographing me

I put my food down and covered my face and he finally took the hint

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It's more of a "lolita in public question", but.
>when is it acceptable to wear full lolita fashion
Obviously days out with friends, to nice dinners, comm events.
Some grey areas are college classes, errand running, public transport.
But what about going to taco bell or grocery shopping?
Whenever I hear stories from lolitas at walmart, I always think they deserve it. At the same time, I want to give my dresses some more wear.

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luckily most of time people ask for pics when I'm in lolita.

>waited for a train when a woman, who apparently is a fashion designer, asked for pictures and we kept contact
>went shopping in the city and two teenage girls asked rudely 'what IS that?'
>went to Germany and stayed in a hostel, a cute asian guy asked for a pic quite politely

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keep it low, no prints and non-flashy colors

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No one *deserves* to be harassed for minding their own business. What is this high school mentality?

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>Having a meetup
>Old lady comes up saying "oh my god! I want to take a picture of you all!"
>Asks everyone to line up
>Everyone poses
>She suddenly starts taking video instead
>goes from person to person asking about their "costume" and holding her phone like 3 inches from their face
>gets politely corrected on "it's a fashion" by like 5 different people but it ain't sticking
>Some people try to hide by deciding they need to have a conversation on the other side of any handy large furniture
>She hunts them down anyway

It was the weirdest 20 minutes of my month.

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>Was on a train to a meetup
>Women in her late 40's was sitting in front of me
>casually pulls out her camera
>takes photos in the "air"
>I silently hold up my middle finger for nice portraits

Women do you really think I can't hear the shutter and seing where you aim your lense?!
This was the first time some ninja paparazzi made me angry.

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>no one deserves
My mistake, you're right. Bad word choice. I meant that when I hear stories from walmart, I wonder how they expected not to get a negative response.
The idea of the question was about wearing a full lolita coord, specifically as a sweet lolita/printwhore.

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I was at the mall with a couple other lolitas recently and it was actually shocking how positive the reactions were. The worst we got were stares, not a single insult shouted at us or anything. People even ASKED to take pictures of us. It was bazaar.

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I once had a new boyfriend try to bring ageplay into the bedroom because he saw some photos on Facebook of me in lolita and thought I was into ageplay and daddy/daughter stuff. That was interesting. The relationship didn't last long.

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glad for your nice experience though

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I had a feeling I fucked that word up, thanks

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This happened the other day
>Go to a cafe with a friend, both in lolita, nothing fancy though
>See a middle aged lady looking at us and talking to another lady
>She comes over to us
>"Do you dress like this most of the time?"
>"You both look so beautiful"
>"Are there more people who dress like you?"
>"Does it have a name?"
>We reply mostly with nods and thank you's as we're both painfully shy
>She walks back to her table talking about how lovely we both look
>All went better than expected

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I was at a large gathering and I had a girl run up to me and demand my phone number. She also yelled YOU KEEP DOING YOU at me. I think she was excited because (and I'm sorry if this sounds weird) we were in an area with a lot of old religious Black ladies and this girl was happy to see a white girl dressed weird like an old religious black lady.

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Have had some skimpy dressed girl point and laugh, stares, people saying it looks cool and to keep doing me, and some people who just love it.

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> when is it acceptable to wear full lolita fashion?

Whenever and wherever you feel comfortable wearing it, they're clothes.

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> wear lolita to work
> Casual co-ord obvi
> middle aged co-worker asks
> "Are you a fan of that Katy Perry girl Anon?"
> "no not really, some of her songs are catchy I guess"
> "You dress just like she dresses! You must be a fan!"
> I've told this woman about the fashion
> I've told her I don't like Katy Perry or even follow celebrities
> Still every time we have a shift together it's the same thing
> "Katy Perry's got a new song out Anon!"
> "Kary Perry's going on tour will you be getting a ticket?"
> "My Granddaughter wants to meet you she's a big Katy Perry fan too!"
> never want to hear another Katy Perry song again.

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>Work at a gothic tourist trap
>I'm the most normal dressed person here even for the one time I did OTT sweet
Maybe I make people think lolita is a costume but I don't care.

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Sorry, just like photos of lolitas doing everyday normal things.

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Also a classic, but staged.

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This looks like a stock photo

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>Friend and I are in full lolita and a bit OTT after a ILD tea party
>Went on the train to shop at local plaza
>sits down to rest with friend since our heels were killing us
>random guy gets between us and almost rips our burando
>guy's friend takes a quick pic and they all run
>both of us were in shock to even react
>no burando hurt lucky

We had other better experiences that day which made us really happy but that one guy ruined our mood. Also if I wasn't as tired, I would of punched the guy since I get angry very easily when it comes to my burando and my friend.

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Love it

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I once went out with some friends to a old fashion pharmacy themed cocktail bar so I decided to dress in classic to fit the mood.
On the way there we stopped at a vintage fair and at least 3 people thought I was part of the event and asked which stall I was advertising, so I told them I'm advertising myself because it's a fashion I like and continued to walk around with my friends.

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clothes are worn for a reason. No matter what the occasion is. I know alot of normies and they always are careful of wearing bright colors or prints based off the event, trying not to stick out. The more into country bumpkin/hood territory you find people with a "its just clothes" attitude.

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For some reason I really like this!

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Not a normie encounter but related to topic:

>starting uni
>starting lolita
>socially awkward

I want to eventually start wearing lolita to my classes, most likely more toned down/elegant classic coords. I'm still afraid of peoples reactions. I'm not expecting folks to be blind and not say anything but I wondered if there were any Lolita's out there who have shared similar experiences that would be willing to say what it is like, so I will be nervous. I really want to do it but I'm a little scared.

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I met a girl dressed in a toned down Lolita coord at a major scientific conference a while back. I was in normal clothes. We chatted a bit about our research while in line for some freebies. She wasn't wearing anything too loud - blouse, shirt, socks and tea parties with two bows in her hair, all in neutral colors - but she definitely stood out. Which can work in your favor when you are networking, because people remember you. I personally wouldn't do it.

Slightly related, more of a 'normie reactions' story:
>scientist on Twitter mentions how they think cosplay sounds perverted
>majority in agreement, lone voice of dissent squashed by science
>another scientist suggests cosplaying at next conference
>creates hashtag
>people suggest cosplaying as famous Nobel Laureate
>even talk about meeting up

Of course it was in all in jest and didn't go anywhere. But a little part of me was hoping to see an more people wearing bow ties that year.

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I was in the same situation as you last year and I also wear the same style, heh. When I walked around on campus people mostly just stared for a few seconds and went back to minding their own business, and a few people in my classes stopped by to say "I like your dress/ outfit" on their way to their seats. I avoided meeting privately with professors in lolita, I usually changed into a nice top and skirt/ slacks before going to their offices just because it made me nervous for some reason. I wore mostly non-print pieces or florals to class and saved the prints for special events like the release party for the magazine I helped edit and people were complimenting me all night. The only people who said mean things were the hobos and hippies running street stalls taunting me about how much money my clothes must have cost. All I had to do was stick to certain streets to avoid them. All in all, it went a lot better than I expected and I encourage you to at least test the waters with toned-down outfits for a week or two. Good luck and have fun!

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>angry, dolled up lolita knocks a guy out in the subway
I want to see this

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I mean walking to campus I have gotten rude mothers and the like, and the occasional mean stare on campus, but generally no one has said anything to me except "oh, so you make your own clothes?"
On the other hand, I have people in classes that said they love seeing my outfits each week so it balances out. Just wear stuff that's VERY toned down and leave the wigs at home.

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>very toned down
Would that mean no petticoat? I'm probably going to go with a smaller A-line for stuff on campus anyway

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Not the person you're replying to, but I always wore a toned-down petticoat so I could squeeze into tiny lecture hall seats because most dresses just won't look right without one.

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It might happen sometime soon since I am pretty ghetto and get very angry easily if I see someone messing with my burando and ppl I like and know and don't mind punching a guy or two in the face.

>tfw you have a resting bitch face
>No one wants to get near me until someone sees me smile when I talk to friends
It atleast helps when weird weebs and ppl want to touch my friend's and my stuff.

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I'd always do even a slight petti with lolita. You're going for a particular silhoutte.

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> summer ILD meetup
> at a garden in a very touristy part of the city
> someone comes up to us and asks for a picture
> "Sure, why not?"
> suddenly a whole SWARM of tourists come up to us and take our photos
> never ending for at least 45 minutes
> ohgodwhy.jpg

A couple who just got married even asked us to be in their wedding photos as well.

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Not in lolita but
>cute casual goth outfit, all black, flowy blouse, flared mini skirt, tights and short boots
>hanging out with a friend
>pass by tourist trap
>plenty of people
>random guy points a big camera in my general direction (too close to not be toward me though)
>hide my face while keeping on talking
>guy shouts "Eh, I didn't know you wanted to be unnoticed"
>got a stressful day enough, didn't want to respond
>guy start to fake a big laughter
>walk away swiftly while swearing to avoid any and all touristy area
I deeply appreciate being a zoo animal. Thanks, tourist.

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>What is this high school mentality?
daily reminder the average reading level in the US is 8th grade
what would lead you to believe the average person's maturity level is much higher?

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I love pictures like this tbh

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Are you autistic or something?

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I always lose it when people ask more than two questions. I can't help it

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St. Augustine? That whole city is nothing but a double edged sword for goths. I fucking love the place, so do the tourists.

>> No.8528077

That's really disheartening. I'm going into a STEM field myself, the goal is to be a Toxicologist, but somewhere down the line I think I'll get lost in either Pathology or Botany. Ha, one of those.

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I need more of this in my life

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How did she stage to make a huge amount of strangers look disgusted?! Did she go around and ask them all to make fun of her?! Highly unlikely.

>> No.8528091

Looks like most are just minding their own business. At best, a "what's that?" reaction.

If anyone's disgusted, it's probably because someone's pointing a camera in their direction.

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I've had the same thing happen but with Emilie Autumn, simply because I was wearing a very toned-down sweet/classic coord with a petticoat. I don't mind people making associations like that once but when they keep insisting despite being corrected I get so pissed off. I hate Emilie Autumn, leave me alone!

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There's literally nothing wrong with Katy Perry

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Ha, hahaha. Ok.

>> No.8528108

Yeah but anon didn't say there was.

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I'm astounded about people's inabilty to think objectively. If they are politely curious about the style or compliment me I elaborate, but when people put it really retardedly like 'what are you' 'do you work in a cake shop' 'what do you think you're doing out here' (said to me across the street from my house) or 'why are you wearing that' (specifically opposed to 'is there a special occasion?') blunt or rhetorical souding questions like that get blunt answers like 'it's just clothes/a dress/skirt' because that's precisely what it is. You can tell whether a lolita is alone or by herself that the clothes are not a costume of any particular fictional character (though I forgive two assumptions it was some form of national dress whilst wearing Dim Light) Looking at the components of a coordinate you can tell it is an outfit constructed by that girl, even just from signs of wear on accessories, the quality and diversity of items the wearer wouldn't have bought new all at one time for a costume. In groups you can tell there are a few common elements but the outfits are all individual, further removing it from a costume

When I see people dressed unusually it is generally easy enough to work out the context/reasoning whether it's for a specific party, event or that person is just an outlandish dresser from small cues.

If people seriously cannot wrap their heads around the idea that someone might wear clothes that they do not, then they're just stupid. I'm usually very niceynicey but on this topic, I haven't got time to be stopped by people who seem to be just after a reaction rather than a genuine aswer

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People are stupid, don't know what else to say

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>wear lolita to college
>guy comes up to me
>hey, do you like anime, cuz you're dressed like that?
>meh, don't watch it.
>guy starts spamming me on fb
>hey anon, a new anime came out and it's really something you'd like
>hey anon there's a con coming up, are you going?
>hey anon I've started this series, it's really fun, you should watch it

It took him a long time and a lot of replies to get that 'I don't watch it' means that I don't watch it.

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As far as I can tell, when people blurt out blunt questions like WHAT IS THIS they're not even thinking, just reacting. They're not looking closely at your outfit or devoting much brainspace to it at all, they just see something that confuses them or reminds them of something else and their mouth goes BLARP. Whether they then feel a bit embarrassed or stand by their dumb outburst differs per person, though.

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I think a lot of lolita clothing looks like costume quality though with all the plastic materials, so I can see why someone might think that.

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That is precisely why it infuriates me. I don't go up to people and blurt out that shit even if they're dressed as a pink cosmonaut. It's the inability to do a shred of critical thinking or stop for half a second to save me having to 'explain' what I'm doing outside/wearing when all it is is a dress, blouse and tights really. It's the way they just... React... I don't wear OTT or any vaguely costumey elements/materials either. Some people even act like they're offended by my presence and I'm a shy person who tends to keep to themselves and just look at the floor or my phone

But when people clearly have some sense and just want to know a bit more about the style/outfit I'll elaborate. Often mothers say they want to buy something like that for their daughters or it reminds them of Gone With The Wind and such. I met one guy on the train who spoke to me about seeing lolitas whilst he lived in Japan and his dog HachikĊ which was nice. Older ladies do compliment alot and I once randomly passed an aristo guy in the street who doffed his hat to me and I think my ovaries about leapt from within my loins. Hid my face and giggled like an idiot...

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>waiting for some friends with my buddy about a block from the con center
>cosplaying pic related
>two African american gentleman approach us
>begin making strange noises mixed in with "ooo" and "dayum"
>mmmm girl you got that nice teddy bear going"
>turn to look at them
>"thats right girl we just talking about yo teddy bear. just yo bear that's all"
>realize the plush toy has shifted from my hip to my ass
>realize my buddy is like 10 seconds away from bolting
>no idea what to even say so just awkwardly look over for our other friends til the men shuffle off

city cons are the worst sometimes

>> No.8529038

do you never get photographed against your will? this obviously isn't the first time it's happened to >>8526528 and it gets super fucking annoying really quickly.

not even in lolita but
>be low-level crusty punk kid
>band shirt, battle vest, black denim cutoffs, combat boots, green hair, sweaty
>on break from work last week
>sitting on bench next to potted plant outside shop checking emails
>group of preppy teens uses selfie stick to take photos of me from around ficus
>cry whole walk back to work
>so punk rock

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How old were you?

>> No.8529102

At Otakon, I was in an OTT coord, and while sitting in the harbor area eating ice cream with friends I kept getting asked for photos by the normies. It seems like a lot of them thought I was cosplaying a princess, and had me pose with their kids. it was probably the most pleasant time I've had dressed in lolita outside of meeting my comm for the first time.
Most of my other experiences have been people taking sneak shots of me, or random guys catcalling me, or getting really close into my face while I'm just minding my own business walking down the street.

>> No.8529132

>mfw 10+ years ago our family vacation was St. Augustine and my teenage paranormal self loved it

I'd still like to go back just because I'm still a huge paranormal nut but damn it's fucking hot in Florida.

>> No.8529142

my first experience ever wearing lolita in public was nice. i just wanted to walk around downtown with my bf so we did, and some lady drove up to the sidewalk and yelled out of her car how cute i looked and to "keep it up".

cons seem to attract the worse, though. last year some random added me on facebook and insisted i was a "loli" and would get really aggressive when i told him otherwise and started sending nudes. when i told him to stop he threw a fit and blocked me. i suppose he's not really a "normie" but i'll include it since he clearly didnt have the correct idea of what lolita is.

other than that i mostly find i just get dirty looks from moms.

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You're walking down the street looking cute and without saying a word this guy raises his camera and points it at your direction. What do you do?

>> No.8529172

>Group of cosplays in a park for a photoshoot
>Surprise, political event
>A lot of elegant normies
>We need to pass across them
>A lot of weird faces

That was very uncomfortable. And after:

>All the normies of the event gone
>Grupal photo
>normie look at us
>Camera appears
>A girl in cosplay shouted to him
>Looks like she's going to hit him
>Normie run away
>Woah what

>> No.8529173

Stop and casually pose so he gets a good photo, then continue walking. A lot of people get embarrassed when you acknowledge that they were trying to take a photo and won't even take it if it might mean actually interacting with you. Others don't care and will usually tell you how they feel about what you're wearing or why they took the photo, which in my experience will be something like "You look weird but I dig it" or "I thought my daughter would like your outfit". Once in a blue moon I'll get somebody who says something to the effect of "you look like a freak" or "you should go home and change", to which I smile and say "You too, have a nice day!" I prefer to kill people with kindness, it makes my day easier.

>> No.8529184

Your negative way of thinking will probably attract negative responses. If you go out expecting bad comments, it'll show in your face and body, thus people will be more inclined to make fun of you.

I've never once gotten bad remarks while running errands when wearing lolita, unless you count the morons shouting nasty things out of their car windows as they drive past, but I don't because they're idiots and they don't have the ability to appreciate good fashion.

>> No.8529185

This. Never understood why lolis get so angry when a normie asks if they are dressing up as someone.

>> No.8529200

Here's my normie story:

>Be me
>Hosting a meet
>Gather everyone together to decide on lunch
>Normalfag walks up to us
>Tries to ask for a photo while we're obviously mid conversation
>One girl tells him kindly to wait just a second
>He keeps pestering us
>Can't think with him hovering around us
>Really trying hard to figure out what people want for lunch
>I snap
>Hold my hand up to his face
>"Can you shut up and wait, we're trying to have a conversation."
>He looks sad and walks away with no picture of us

Tbh I do feel a little bad, we would have let him take a photo if he had just waited it out, but at the same time he was really annoying us and we were all really hungry. It's also stressful enough to organise lunch for a bunch of people, and having someone constantly trying to butt into the conversation only made it worse...

>> No.8529217

>"mmmm girl you got that nice teddy bear going"
toppest of keks

>> No.8529490

>all the plastic materials
what is classic

>> No.8529505

Also a load of plastic. Especially the way recent OTT trends are going.

>> No.8529535

This. Usually I'm in a really good mood when I'm out in lolita because I just love it so much, and I pretty much only get positive responses. The few times people were rude to me I put on my best Disney Princess act and niced the shit out of them, to which they reacted by looking completely bewildered and awkwardly slinking away. I can understand why people tend to react with sneers and middle fingers to rude comments, but most of the time that's exactly what they're expecting of you. If you can muster it then try being super nice back because it will usually make rude people feel like the jackasses they are.

>> No.8529548

>be me rushing for train through busy main London
>on the phone to bf at the same time
>half running
>suddenly these two wrinkly munters stop me

In a really loud nasally voice one of them is like "Now we have been seeing a few people in these costumes they are very good you simply must tell us-"

>Not in the fucking mood, I'm late and I'm on the phone are you blind?

"I'm actually on the phone right now, and I'm going somewhere thankyou."

>leaves the crusties aghast that someone dared to ignore them

Felt good man, I've had to pander to so many people like them.

>> No.8529550
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Same situation here too! I'm more sweeter classic though and I did meet with my professors in lolita because my school is really small (the only major there is pharmacy) and they all knew I wore it so I didn't bother changing. Some even complimented me on it, like my English professors would actually get disappointed if I showed up in normie clothes, my Biology professor would ask if I made what I was wearing every time I wore something new to class, and my chemistry professor said I looked like I came straight out of a fairytale. I didn't wear it to lab of course, don't want to get chemicals or dissected shark on my stuff, you know?

>> No.8529573

>at an anime gathering
>dressed in toned down "lolita"; no poof, no OTT accessories, floral dress has very muted colors
>costume contest starts
>kept getting asked if I'm participating in said contest
>funny looks when I kept saying "I'm not in costume"
I looked pretty normal fag to me. It was weird to say the least.

>> No.8529605

>toned down "lolita"
>no poof

Honey I've got some news for you

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>> No.8529675

Marine Biology huh?
My normie stories nearly always happen while walking through San Fran, but the last one was fairly terrifying. Pretty sure I stepped over someone that was either dead or had OD'd.

At Folsom Street Fair in casual jfash, definitely not the weird one here, have lots of fun, get drunk, bop around town until it's time to leave. We're walking back, and we realize. Oh fuck. Our car is on the other end of the Tenderloin.
My friend isn't carrying concealed for the first day in his life since all of his ammo is hollow points (restricted in SanFran), double fuck. So we do the shiggy through the streets, feeling that hostility, my bf is dressed like a golden Buddha, one guy crosses the street towards us muttering, I notice he has a box cutter in his hand. We kept walking with our eyes glued ahead of us, the old man stops following us after we pass a couple guys smoking crack. We're down the street some, and I here HEY HEY, HEY, WHITE SUGAR! HAHAA- HEY WHER U GOIN!?
We still joke about that bit, would have been so much better and less nerve wracking if our friend wasn't dragging along behind slowing us down, drunk as shit, yelling at me that I stole his dance (a lap dance, from when we were at crazy horse). We made it out in one peice though, so there's that.

>> No.8529741


And this is why I hate the TL. I'm so glad I moved.

>> No.8529782

Because of the cut, it would have looked weird with a peti, which is why I didn't wear one. (It's an AATP JSK, hell if I remember the name)

Which is why I put Lolita in quotation marks; it was a pretty normal looking outfit that had lolita elements. I just found it odd that I kept getting asked if I was in the costume contest.

Reminds me:
>wear full gothic coord to another anime gathering
>kept being harassed by someone because my "costume was incorrect"
>still no clue who the hell she thought I was

>> No.8529788

is the news that it wasn't lolita?

because that was anon's point.

>> No.8529823


I love how it's a white dude staring at her, and the Japanese are into their own shit. Might be because she's Asian though, they'd stare a lot more at an obvious gaijin.

>> No.8529844

Not marine biology, we dissected some insects, worms, planaria, and of course the fetal pig.

>> No.8529907

What gothic shops are in St. Aug? I live in the area, and I've NEVER seen goths in the historic part. I know there are the pirate stores, but nothing gothy...

>> No.8530065

Take creeper shots of them in return. They usually get the point after that.

>> No.8530103

So does anyone here open carry while wearing lolita? I'm thinking of making custom holsters to match my coords when I go out in public.

>> No.8530152

I was in a toned down gothic co-ord for a concert (in a nice theatre with seating of course) with a friend, and was wearing an offbrand princess sleeved blouse I'd recently bought.
Anyway my friend asked about it and I was showing her the detailing in the sleeves 'cause I thought it was cute, then out of nowhere this other chick (full blown goth) sticks her arm in my face, wearing the same blouse, and yells 'OHMYGOD WE MATCH!!1!', naturally I was a bit taken aback by the outburst, but we just laughed about it later.

>> No.8530154

I'd love to see pictures of this. Be very interesting to pull it off and keep it looking cute/thematic.

>> No.8530159


>> No.8530359

I just looked her up and you've ruined my life now. I can't stop listening I hate you

>> No.8530364
File: 11 KB, 410x397, 1437122809342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Last week.

An adult, I'm guessing.

>> No.8530377

greet him politely and ask him if he would like a picture

>if i'm in the middle of something
ignore him

If he's a creep then I'd probably just ignore or call the cops but honestly it depends on how close to me he is. I don't mind photos in lolita because I'm wearing weird clothes anyhow

>> No.8530392
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i'm mid-20s. blah blah blah, KIDS ARE SHITTY LMAO AMIRITE, but the endless stream of being treated like an attraction and made to feel unsafe in even my workplace is really fucking getting to me. i have a shitty boss, the adult customers are all fucking shitty and sometimes scream and threaten me with physical violence over returns, and i end up hiding in the back room at least once a week because shitty entitled-ass teenagers are following me around the store harassing me for their snapchats or instagrams or whatever and i need to go cry in the bathroom until one of my coworkers can kick them out.

it's never any of my coworkers. we're all pretty "alternative" looking, cuz this is one of the only places in the area that will hire you with tattoos and unnaturally-colored hair. i'm starting to think i'm extra particularly ugly or something, which doesn't make sense cuz i'm hella fuckin kawaii in the face, plus tall and naturally thin so it's not LOL THIS HAMBEAST mockery. but i honestly don't know.

>went home and shaved entire head
>nobody's followed or photographed me (yet) since then
>feel super super ugly but enjoying being invisible
>could now work at Starbucks cuz no hair = no haircolor-related dresscode violation

sage for general uselessness sry

>> No.8530394

You'd cry because of that?
Trigger? Why are you on here go back to tumblr.

>> No.8530403


>> No.8530416

I usually wear big sunglasses when I'm around in goth so people won't have my face if they sneak a picture. Strangely enough as a classic lolita I get fewer reaction, mainly because it's usually consideredy less attractiv/weirder than just wearing black and plateforms I believe. So little to no catcall and people act nicer to me, espcially women. Punk and aomoji gets me little to no reaction.

>> No.8530417

i'm sorry, you enjoy complete strangers laughing at you in public for internet points when you're trying to mind your own business?? wow. gee. sorry. i will just hop my happy ass back to tumblr because it is so unheard of for a human to be upset by that. golly gosh, what a sensitive asshole i am.

i literally cannot be rude to these people because even when we're on breaks at work "IF YOU'RE OUT IN THE MALL YOU'RE STILL REPRESENTING OUR BRAND!!!!!" so i can't tell them to fuck off, cuz if my manager hears about it, i'm out of a job. so i'm forced to quietly endure any amount of awfulness from a neverending parade of shitty children who have it 1000000x better than i do. and that'll grate at anybody's spirit until yes, you cry. i'm so fucking fed up all i can do is cry, cuz i certainly can't get up and slap the phone out of their hands.

this is a thread about normies saying stuff to you or taking "not-so-subtle photos". what about "teenagers used a SELFIE STICK to take pictures of me from AROUND A FICUS" does not fit the thread here? fuck off.

>> No.8530422

Holy overreaction batman

>> No.8530425

Tell him to fuck off

>> No.8530440

sorry, i just got home from another completely shitty day at work so i am ~sensitive~. i really need to quit this job, it's obviously not gonna improve.

>Starbucks here i come

>> No.8530442

Back to tumblr cry baby.

>> No.8530448


As funny as you are, this really would be more appropriate for tumblr.

>wow. gee. sorry. i will just hop my happy ass back to tumblr because it is so unheard of for a human to be upset by that. golly gosh, what a sensitive asshole i am.

You kind of are.

>> No.8530452

Did they check their privilege or what?

>> No.8530483

Was the ficus offended too?

>> No.8530512

Why you so mad though?

>> No.8530751

I'm going to wear it to uni tomorrow for the first time as it's my last semester and i dont give a fuck anymore. I'll let you know how it goes.
(my confidence is also slightly bolstered as today I saw a girl walking around with a sugary carnival tote)

>> No.8530798

I was at a con in lolita, but I went across the street to where all these restaurants were to eat dinner with a friend. Some older people came up and asked if it was a costume. I said no. One of the women asked I wasn't sure I was an angel. I said "shhh don't blow my cover!"

>> No.8530819

Don't feel bad anon, he was being rude. Focusing on something and having someone bother you for something else is irritating, he should've known he was being annoying and waited for you all to finish.

>> No.8530833
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>> No.8530862

Ignore the salty seagulls, anon. You should quit your job if the attention makes you that unhappy.

>> No.8530923

Shitty encounter years ago.

>Meet up with Mother and Mothers bestie after meet to catch a ride home
>Mothers bestie is kick ass female body builder and all around athlete.
>Waiting at lights to cross road next to outdoor bistro of sorts.
>Feel something brush past my leg. ignore it.
>next minute pain! notice pebble on the ground next to me..wtf
> look around and see douchey bunch of fiends at bistro, they quickly look away laughing. bunch of very same pebbles in the garden next to their table. Fucking Ass hats!!!!
>Mother and Mothers Bestie ask what's wrong. Pick up offending pebble and explain.
>Mothers Bestie takes pebble, hurls it full force with those well muscled arms.
>Breaks glass on table. Idiots shit themselves.
>light turns green.
>Walk off with Amazon bodyguard.

>> No.8530975

If you're going to invent stories, at least make them plausible. You shouldve said she picked up a fist sized rock and hurled it at their table, not a pebble.

>> No.8531033

A thousand keks, that's something I would say entirely as a joke no matter what the person looks like. I do it when I see those million-tailed LoL cosers. I think their humor just didnt translate too well...or they were creeps, whatever.

>> No.8533402
File: 76 KB, 450x322, 1427897782396.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wearing toned-down but not casual coord
>taking public transit to a meet
>old black lady sits next to me
>i smile to acknowledge her and go back to my DS
>she stares at me for a while then says, "i just don't understand kids these days. what are you doing with your life?"
>try to answer politely, but she takes everything i say and applies it to "kids" like me
>mfw i am 22 and about to graduate college
>hfw i represent everything in the world that's confusing her

>at her stop, she gets up to leave and tells me to take care of myself and try not to make older folks feel crazy

>> No.8533994

This one still makes me question what the fuck kind of hookers they've seen. Maybe too much Sweeny Todd?
>stop by my work in a gothic coord
>very modest by any standard (yes this is relevant)
>pretty much covered from chin to toes
>co worker looks up and goes "Oh my goodness! You look like a prostitute!"

>no longer at old job, obviously
>run into co-worker's brother (who also worked at my old job)
>start talking about weird shit that's happened to us there
>bring up what his sister said to me (light heartedly because it was so odd to me)
>"Well I mean, you kinda did look like a hooker."

>> No.8534001

Makeup maybe? Only thing I can think of since people tend to wear darker/stronger makeup in gothic and people tend to associate that sort of thing with sexworkers I guess? No clue

>> No.8534005

"Come on then, dolly! Give us a blowjob!"

I was minding my own business in the train station after a meet (in a toned-down sweet-classic coord)
Definitely not the worst out there, but it was kind of irritating.

I've been lucky to have good experiences with normies though. On the way to a con in a shiro coord I got a little girl pointing at me and saying, "Oh my gosh! Look at that girl's wedding dress, it's so pretty!" Good times.

>> No.8534009

If I'm in lolita, I normally go for a "natural" look, even in gothic, but yeah, ether way, still very odd.
Now that I think on it, maybe it was the makeup. They were very..."simple" folks who probably thought "done up = lady of the night". (Don't get me wrong; whole family is nice as hell, generous, and caring)

>Here's your one chance Fancy, don't let me down...

>> No.8534066
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I went to Krispy Kream after Comikaze in my Edward Scissorhands cosplay and everyone was silently laughing. Two people wanted pictures with me.The clerk asked me if I needed help grabbing my bag so I silenced her by poking a donut hole with my scissor finger and eating it.
It was funny, I might do it again some time.
Pic related, another time I wore it to a theater festival because a costume I needed for a play was almost exactly like it. .

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