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stop oojia

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Is that supposed to be a quilt?

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did someone cut apart burando to make a quilt holy shit

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Replica fabric.

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If someone actually stitches it nicely and adds the proper furnishings I can see replica comforters working. This one is blah.

Other than that, who cares?

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it's replica fabric calm down.

personally I'm against replica dresses, but something like this... I think it's cute. Would love to get some brand replica curtains.

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Oo Jia still makes profit from selling the fabric so buying it in any form will continue to fund her replica business. Maybe even increase it since she can sell off the remainder fabric at a profit after clothing the ham planets and cheapfags.

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I don't know that I would want a border print comforter since one side would always be shoved between the bed and the wall, but this could be cute with larger all-over prints.

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Think of the adorable floaty curtains. It would be like living in burando beach house


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I don't see how fake brand curtains would be any more desirable than a replica dress, it's just all low-grade knock-off shit ripped off from brand designs.

Except not brand. Just cheap fakes. Sweet dreams? No, more like nightmares.

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Yup, how terrible. All of these brands that want to sell me stuff and make a profit off of me are my friends and I should be loyal to them. Sorry, but I can understand the hatred towards replicas: it's an exclusivity thing, but making pjs or curtains out of replica fabric? Come on.

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A rip-off is a rip-off and any sales oO jia makes helps to fund the next round of replicas she will make by giving her more cash to continue her shitty, shady sweatshop business. The stolen artwork is on the fabric, no matter what it's made into. I just don't support art thieves in any way. And I don't want any replica fabric made into anything, it's just cheap and tacky anyway.

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someone post her terrible vampire requiem replica in ketchup red
she got so butthurt about it too

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Tbqh I'd love ivory replica fabric of that print so I could make my own comforter and pillows and do a royal chocolate/white chocolate room theme.

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>that link to all the knockoff AP fabric
I'd seen the melty donut replicas etc but the full force of these replica powerhouses is overwhelming me
Mercator wasn't even that popular or that old

I finally get why everyone hates these chinese replica makers so much, it feels so wrong and shady
I wonder how flooded the western market really secretly is by them

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You could call it 'Replica Royale'.

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Lol that would be fun. I'd love to get some chessboard themed pieces and repaint them ivory/chocolate to match.

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If they made Lady Rose fabric I would buy the shit out of it to decorate my room.

Then again I don't wear lolita anymore but I love the prints and would love to use them for other aspects of my life.

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Ugh this is just tacky

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Ngl, I love this. I'm an avid hater of replicas, though. Does anyone know if there is some non replica prints she could use for this?

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>non-replica prints
She'd still be knocking off a print to do it (and making money off the sheep who think it's ~totally okay because it's not a dress~).

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Didn't she have some AP inspired chocolate print at one point? I wouldn't mind a chocolate themed bed by her and it's not stolen from anyone.

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Meh, if you take some inspiration from other artists but create your own version of it that doesn't look literally identical, who gives a shit?

Brands kind of copy off one another with inspirations anyway. I mean why else do you think there was a sudden influx of space themed things. Deer prints.. etc.

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So is there a place to order non-replica lolita-esque border prints? I don't wear lolita anymore but the designs are still really cute for other stuff. Not particular to any one style.
>kind of want a candy/chocolate themed nursery for future children

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Usually taobao has a lot of it.

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This is terrible to suggest, but since you can't even tell replica and brand apart anymore, you could make big bucks by sewing brand tags into taobao replicas.

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TBH I know brands do a few other things with their designs sometimes. Like trinkets and stuff. If they started selling bed sheets & pillowcases I'm sure they'd sell really well.

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Can someone get CG anon and her horde of Chinese lolita friends to email brands about this? They manage to convince brands to do MTOs; I don't think bed sheets would be that different.

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Thank god that none of my dream prints are popular enough to get replicas.

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I think people do indeed do that. Replicas aren't always poor quality like people think and they can be so similar it can be hard to identify the difference without meticulously comparing it in to the original in person. Also, brand construction can be wonky as fuck sometimes.

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>Other than that, who cares?
I feel like after two seconds of thought it should be obvious. This woman is profiting off of stolen artwork and has been for years, even after the major brands have asked her to stop and publicly declared their disapproval. If you don't care yourself, that's all fine and dandy, but to not get why others do indicates you either haven't put any form of real thought into the subject or are just a idiot.
Yeah, I really don't get the position of being against replica print dresses, but not other things made with replica fabric. She's still profiting off of AP's stolen art, regardless of what she's making with it.
>Meh, if you take some inspiration from other artists but create your own version of it that doesn't look literally identical, who gives a shit?
... are you missing the part of how she's still using replica fabric? This isn't a case of taking inspiration and creating your own version, it's copy/pasting AP's fabric and making it into different random shit.
>Brands kind of copy off one another with inspirations anyway. I mean why else do you think there was a sudden influx of space themed things. Deer prints.. etc.
There's a world of difference between ripping off another brand's theme and directly stealing their images. Print replicas are in no way comparable to IW doing a deer print and then BtSSB and AP coming out with kind of similar looking ones.

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Girl, how the hell do you think big name designer fakes work? Exactly like that.

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Yeah, these days with a lot of replicas, it's not enough to assume based on quality. You have to really know the original dress well so that you can pin point the little details that are different. With AatP and Baby replicas, it's much much easier because all the materials they use are so different that you can pretty much tell on sight. A lot of the newer AP ones are very difficult, though.

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you must be new

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*an idiot
ulg, that's one of the worst typos to make

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Man, such mixed feelings after seeing OP's pic. Maybe it's better to help a poor newb by buying their replicas to be used for stuff around the house so they can better spend their money on brand or indie businesses.

I know there's someone who lurks here who does this, but I want to see pics.

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File: 117 KB, 960x640, sugary carnival duvet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I wish an indie brand would make loliable sheets and curtains though.

>> No.8483553

Go for it Tacky-chan. I'm sure you'd enjoy it so much.

ITT: shit taste in home goods in addition to replicas. What is fabric count?

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I think it's funny how you guys are still calling them replicas instead of knock-offs like the rest of the world.

>> No.8483559

A replica implies stolen artwork, a knock off is very closely copying design details without stolen art. In lolita it's because we see it differently and design knock-offs aren't as hated as print replications of stolen art. It's a way to talk aboit them and differentiate between them.

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Looks so shitty.

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Knock offs and replicas are different at least in the lolita community. Knock offs are usually confined to things like shoes and plain dresses where the design of the dress is the same (since you cannot copyright a pattern) but replicas are generally defined by a print being copied and the sewn into the same dress in which case the art is copyrighted by the company and therefore is being "stolen".
It is a fine line but they are different at least in this community.

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But if it matters because you are giving money to an art thief... shouldn't we also not be buying from places like the ever popular my-lolita-dress, which resells DoL and other replicas?

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Lol bitch.

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Someone said that this person made a print that was "inspired" by a brand print. Which to me just sounds like she had the same themes, maybe even the same styling, but did not literally copy and paste an original print onto fabric. That's what I'm talking about as far as creating your own version.

I guess doing this AND selling replica prints is pretty lame, but I would feel less shitty buying an original print is what im saying.

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>muh disapproval
Or maybe some people know it's disapproved and just don't give a shit. Years ago when AP replicas started to pick up people squealed about how it would damage AP. And look, it hasn't. In fact it got replica chans invested in obtaining real AP brand, and AP is stronger than ever. Oh, and those fucking used ass prints like Sugary Carnival are still sold over retail so their value didn't even decrease secondhand.

>my first and only replica was Twinkle Journey
>sold it years later
>when Meta did the rerelease I finally bought it

Maybe my cutesy replica sheets would look good while I pose in my real brand, saltchan. And if brands wised up and started to sell home decor, I'd buy that too. Stay mad, because I know you will.

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Nice retort retard.

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(You're not worth it)

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She made clothes out of that commercially available rakuten fabric.

Although now that you put it that way... I'm not sure if she also replicated the rakuten fabric instead of making it out of the original....

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>tfw there are lots of cute sheet sets available but the thread count on all of them is 300 or under.
Can't a girl get some 800 - 1000 thread count sheets in cute patterns? Why am I such a fabric snob?

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popular doesn't matter. DOL and KStar replicate the most random stuff.

>> No.8486346

We should actually be calling them counterfeits, but the word replica has been used for so long that we got stuck on it.

>> No.8486507

Remember when DOL replicated Carnival Wappen? I didn't even think it was all that popular.

>> No.8486511

Petition to start calling them counterfeits.

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Hate me for it, but I kind of like this. Its super cute. D: I love pastels with browns though, so Im biased towards it.

I also have no idea who this person is that you are all talking about.

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You're worthless.

>> No.8486547

Using clothes prints for bedding like this looks like utter garbage, it's way too busy. If there were proper burando bedspreads with the prints at a decent scale I'd be all over that shit though.

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I could imagine this turning grey after being washed twice

>> No.8489317

She probably just bought it. Do you know where it's at on Rakuten? It was a cute chocolate print. I'm sure some sewing lolitas wouldn't mind it.

>> No.8490090

If only it was not the shittiest color

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