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Alright, which one of you fame-hungry cock-gobblers is this on TLC right now?

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Wow what a fucking trainwreck

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i was literally just watching this...shes that sailor moon from the really bad anime expo group where they all wore latex uniforms.

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Trainwreck aside, that dress is gorgeous.

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LMAO. I want to throw peanuts at these freaks.

If they seriously want to look back 30-40 years from now (if their marriages last that long) and want to see pictures of themselves with antlers and badly dyed hair, then that's their business.
I want to look classy on my special day, no thank you TLC.

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The face on her tattoo is how I feel

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East Coast

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Damn. TLC needs to gtfo of the lolita/cosplay/j-fash communities like yesterday. THis is already the fourth? show that feeds on us.

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I know this is the new word to throw around but do you really think so?
I feel like this is some shitty reality show exec trying to get people to watch their show cause fucking no one has cable anymore.

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After. Not bad... needs better styling and shapeware. They seem to have done a goth chick too.

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let her dress the way she wants on her wedding day man. At least she isn't wearing a camo and fluorescent orange dress like some hillbillies wear

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She wanted to go on the show, so let her have the consequences of going on some pleb tier show because she's so fame hungry.

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that's true
hope her 15 mins of fame was worth it

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>new word to throw around
Oh man summer is late this year.

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keep posting yourself then later you can cry wolf about it

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The dress is nice. I like the styling they did on her hair. Very cute.

I dunno why you guys get all uppity about these shows. You know people volunteer themselves for it, right?

Besides, ultimately this doesnt even belong on this board. >>8476918 aint jfash, lolita, or cosplay. It's more along the lines of tumblr-chic. Flower crowns, brightly colored hair, horns. Nothing about this says lolita OR jfash for that matter.

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Spoiler: she's not actually a fan of any of that, just someone who randomly jumped in for their 15 minutes, that's it.

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I actually agree with this. They didn't work with her alternative/subculture look she has going on at all, just made her into another generic looking bride... who happens to have pink hair and tattoos. At least give it some more character? What the hell.

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This is a stripper for emos and edgelords, not a cosplayer

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>badly dyed hair
i know we're all a lil salty here but her hair is fine. she's just got an ugly mug and doesn't wasn't to spend time styling her hair and making it look cute. the dye job is fine.

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At least it's better than that fake-ass Love, Lust or Run where it seems like they pick random people off the street and tell them to dress up in the most extreme style they can think of

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what the everliving fuck is this. booring as shit.
If #1 was her ideal, they should have took the idea of this >>8476918 and worked around that to make something better.

But hey, reality makeover shows don't care for that, they care for their bland idea of whatever is "in"

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She picked the dress after trying on the one she has her grubby little fame-whore hands on in OP looked like shit on her.
That's the point. They put everyone in the *~*3dGy*~* shit they want to try on, and then the bride hates it and they put them in dresses that compliment their style instead of overwhelming them and they always like those dresses better.

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This is an ugly ass wedding dress

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>pink fried neon hair
It is fucking stupid. And if you have poor shit hair that screams of issues then consider redoing it if you don't like the judgements that come with it.

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I wonder if this chick ever regrets her ugly ass neck tattoo.
Her job was: doing makeup tutorials on YouTube

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I suppose, but my point is that this dress/look doesn't especially complement her style. It's a nice dress, but she looks very plain - some flowers in her hair and a statement piece (a pink ribbon/chiffon belt or a fantasy-looking pendant) would have added some character to the dress without being overwhelming and tacky, IMO.

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>tattoo sleeve
>hair looks like a wig
>shitty flowers because the bouquet wasn't enough
>unflattering dress
>hideous obviously fake nails


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Holy fuck it makes her look fat. Why would they do that.

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Boy you gotta be real committed to a fake tv show to be picked up off the street and cut your hair and dye it green.

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What a horrible dress, jfc. Who the fuck thinks that texture looks good for any dress. Reminds me of a cheap flapper costume.

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I like everything about both looks other than her tattoo.

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that is the dumbest tattoo

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These re-styling shows don't give a shit about individual styles, all they care about is that people look "normal", which usually means they get dressed in whatever is in for mid 30s women and end up ooking completely generic.

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My favorite so far although this pic isn't nearly as flattering as it was on the show

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the bridal store forced me into a gown i hated and i left such a nasty review on their website that they gave me a refund even though its against policy and let me order a beautiful gown off their website. I think on your wedding day its more important that you feel beautiful than whether or not other people do, because it shows.

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How did they force you?

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I like her face a lot. In the left especially. She looks smart and reliable for anything that isn't fashion advice.

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Is her one arm bigger than the other? Is it a bad angle or something? Non tatted arm looks like a regular fat arm, but the tattooed sleeve arm looks like a sausage all the way down.

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It looked better with the bouquet, but I highly agree she needs some sort of necklace

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I'm a fat chick, and what I wanted was a deep v neck wrap-style dress in cream, preferably not BEDAZZLED AS FUCK BECAUSE THATS FUCKING TACKY. When they kept pulling were stark white beaded gowns with cap sleeves, which look super shitty on fat chicks. I triedto tell them this and they kept pushing and pushing and pushing and I was already so stressed with the planning and everything and lack of sleep that I agreed to a dress that in the light of the store looked somewhat cream coloured, and they made sure to tell me this was literally all they had. When I got home I was horrified to see it was actually white, and the beading was silver [not iridescent green like they said] and didnt match my wedding colours or jewelry at all. Even when I got the new dress, they botched the hemming at the neckline and made it dowdy. I plan to have it released so I can use it for formal events and when I renew my vows. The whole thing was a nightmare.

Never shop David's Bridal. Not even once. Go to a store that sells Quince dresses.

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Yeah these people aren't models so they look really shitty standing still. Probably looks much better in motion.

You can feel beautiful all you want. Most people getting married have not tried on wedding dresses and they are a whole different beast than other dresses.After going shopping with my sister who was hellbent on a particular style and trying every single one of them on, we had her try something else and it just looked so much better on her. Regardless she bought the one she wanted, and was happy, but now she cringes when she looks at her wedding photos.

I mean yeah she didn't think about it that day, but she thinks about it whenever she sees a picture. Don't pick something you're hell bent on and that you ~*love*~ but looks like shit on you.

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They pick real people. They are currently raiding the NYC lolita comm for content. Thankfully we are all too classy for this bullshit (praying that nobody ruins it for everyone.)

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not that anon but I've gone into places where they look at you like pic related and think "wow, this will be GREAT on them!" and are extremely pushy about you trying it on/getting it.

Woman at my local wigstore does this a lot. I had to actually argue with her a bit to purchase what I wanted because she thought it would be ugly on me.

They mean well, but in the end, when the customer knows what they want don't try to push them to get something outside of that.

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>NYC lolita comm
>nobody ruining it for everyone else

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Wow you sound like a bitch lol
Not their fault you're a spineless whale.
Also people who can afford to spend more than $99 on a dress already know not to go to David's Bridal

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Bridal store got me to try on a style I wasn't 100% into. Ended up buying it because it made my body look amazing and I just never pictured myself in it. (I lots 105 pounds for my wedding and just never considered a different style bc I was still in my old body mindset.) It isn't an uncommon practice. Shame you had such a shit experience though.

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Your first mistake was going to David's Bridal. Even my mom who's clueless about clothing in general knows it's shit quality.

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>Bunch of people into costumes and presumably able to sew.
>Not sewing your own wedding dress to an exact fit.

I mean, admittedly, my dress is going to be based off of Princess Serenity's because I am a terrible person. So much georgette.

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Lol if you only shop in their poorfag section, you wouldn't find anything expensive. Don't tell me you can't afford Vera Wang for your big day! I'll set up a go fund me for you, sweetie.

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David's bridal isn't bad around prom season. Most high school students need a cheap, Okay looking dress that will get them through a night of sweating on the dance floor

>> No.8477121


I went to sears myself for ball outfits because I'm classy like that (sarcasm intended), but yeah, spending a ton of money for a high school night is not I would call smart.

Then again, I never went to prom, so I might be biased.

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I went to get my hair cut the night before my wedding and I knew exactly what I wanted but the stylist flat out REFUSED to cut my hair that way because she didn't think it would look good. Tried to tell her I had gotten it before but she was like "but not for your wedding, dear." Dammit if thats what I want, don't argue with me about it. Finally found one the next morning who agreed with me and did a beautiful job. Some people, I swear.

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I like her hair, but they turned her into like a rockabilly-looking chick when that clearly wasn't her style before. Plus that dress is really poorly fitted, ugly / tacky to begin with, and those paisleys and the design below them look like anatomical designs.

i like her hair, but ffs what is with that dress? Also they should have put her in one of those collar necklaces to hide that awful tat.

This would almost be okay if they picked a dress that flattered her top half. Cap sleeves on wide shoulders? That plunge V with those clearly saggy tits and grand canyon cleavage? No.

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That's okay lol
I got most of mine last minute off the clearance rack of windsor or David's
I'm only gonna wear it once so why drop $200+ on it?

>> No.8477141

It is because they don't wanna be responsible for ducking it up if it it too drastic anon. Especially the night before. Didn't you go for a consultation for your hair anon? I did. Makes for less chances of surprises.

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>thinking Vera Wang dresses are expensive
>most expensive dress even offered by David's is just over $2000
Did you even try on anything that cost more than $300? Or did they not have anything in your size?

>> No.8477200

They probably didn't want you to go and bitch about it online when you looked ugly in it like they said you would like Mrs. David's Bridal Cow in this thread. Also that's why you go and do a consultation and a trial run BEFORE right before the wedding day
It's like how if you order your food extra spicy at an Indian restaurant, they'll still send you medium spicy food because they know the dumb little Caucasian is going to take one bite and go "this is too spicy!" And send it back to be remade, wasting food. Because that's what happens.

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I'd love to follow you on tumblr! What are your preferred pronouns? I hope you tag every trigger in all of your posts; I'm triggered by almost everything. Even the word "n*rmal"

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Man I know DavidsBridal is terrible the more i think about getting married in the future the less options i have. especially as a fatass.

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...did she really ombre her eyebrows in the photo on the left?

>> No.8477393

holy shit she did

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She's gorgeous but that dress has absolutely no shape. :(

>> No.8477425

Is 2000 dollars too cheap for you? lol

>> No.8477430

could do with a cock-gobbler tbh birds

currently accepting offers if you're interested

>> No.8477432

David's Bridal is your only option if you're tight on money, but you can definitely find a dress in your size. When I was shopping for my wedding dress all of the samples I tried on were way too big and I had to be clamped into them lol

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might make a wank tbh

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When I was trying on the plus size gowns they were way too big even on me, and I'm fat af.

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top munter detected

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catgirls tbh

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Where did it all go so wrong lads

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I don't like tattoos

>> No.8477539

Looking at dresses, I want a nice dress but I don't want a open/super low back just because I have paranoia issues and open backs make me panic like fuck (grim story, I'll not fill in). And I wanted sleeves but it seems the only only option for sleeves is getting a shitty bolero for middle age women.

>> No.8477543

just get a cover-up from another place? like, it;s not too difficult. It also depends when your wedding is. I worse satin and I practically died and it was only May.

>> No.8477544


It sounds like an interesting story. You don't have to tell us if you don't want to, but I'm intrigued to hear what caused such a fear of open-backed dresses

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Yeah I get the feeling I'll be footing the bill mostly when I get married. I've been dating this guy steadily for 3 years and we've seriously talked about getting married lately. Not for a while, 3 years more probably. He wants to be able to put a down payment on a house and all that. My parents don't talk to me at all about the option of marriage. From what I hear about my mom she complains about not having money all the god damn time for stuff. Always complaining about the expense of the mortgage. BFs parents said they saved up 10k for us, but we'd rather that go to a house rather than a wedding.

I dunno. Parts of me want to have a really elaborate traditional wedding with a giant dress and 200 guests and all that fun shit. But the sad reality is gunna be that we go on vacation to vegas and get married with me in my $200 davids bridal dress.

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My issue is it would never be perfect if I made it. Because I'm always improving I would want to re-do bits again and again to make it perfect.
So I'd buy a dress because I can just accept it as good or not when I see it. And I won't feel compelled to improve it.

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Do you even understand the stress of planning your own wedding? And not everyone here is into sewing.

The more classy ones aren't that expensive. The retarded dresses like this are the more expensive ones.

>> No.8477566

>nyc Lolita comm

Which of the six divided bitchy comma is classy? The brandwhores? The replica/bodyline chans? The one ran by that black troll with the orange wig?

The only classy Lolitas left in NYC stay out of the "comms".

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It's not open back dresses, it's just skin showing that I can't see.
Went swimming at a waterpark where they have that fake sand ground that is basically sandpaper. One girl pushes me over on a sloped bit of ground and I got up, found a few scratches on my front and thought it was okay.
Turns out all the skin on my back/back of legs/back of arms was gone and bleeding like fuck. I didn't realise for a few minutes until people started pointing and whispering and I got paranoid as fuck. Because I was in shock I didn't feel a thing.

And then whenever I wore something showing my back, more pointing and whispering at the mass of ripped up skin and scars.

It's faded and healed up now but I get uncomfortable with people seeing the skin I can't see.

I know it's long, but you asked.

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That sounds horrible :( Was it a big slope, or was the fake sand just that rough?

>> No.8477598


>david's bridal

you got what you deserved

>> No.8477601

The park then paid my family so much to not start a lawsuit because it turns out the flooring was too sharp and literally sandpaper.
So expensive dress is a go.

>> No.8477609


Well I'm glad it sort of worked out for you.

>> No.8477618

i thought the original one i posted wasnt too crazy. i'd like a bit of tulle.

I have a long time 'till this happens so maybe things will look better in the future

>> No.8477639

I don't know, to me this American spoilt princess attitude of "well it's MY big day and I want everyone to pay attention to ME and do as I say because this whole event is for ME and ME ALONE" is just ridiculous.
I get wanting to look pretty but it's just another event, like graduation, and you can look nice on a much tighter budget and with a lot less than a big gala that you need to fucking rehearse for.

I get especially salty when former bridezillas impose their own tastes and opinions onto others who didn't ask for them, like 'hahahaha she had a courthouse wedding?! it's not even a real marriage then!', like the amount of money spent on the ceremony and dress is a worthy measure of how much you love your SO (and they you). As long as it's not in Vegas who fucking cares, if the lady wants to wear a nappy on her head, on her head be it.

>> No.8477662

They are classy enough to not buy into the stupid shows. You sound salty, did you get rejected from all of those comms?

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>> No.8477687

You sound like a bit of a dumbass. I'm planning on sewing my own dress too, but I'm not delusional enough to think that every cosplayer has the time and skillset to make a tailored, professional-looking gown. There is a world of difference between a costume and something you wear to your wedding.

>> No.8477693


That just looks so digusting

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>> No.8477720

David's bridal is a joke. I went there first when I was dress shopping and jfc it was all clearance rack bullshit. Go to an actual bridal shop.

>> No.8477721

jupiter looks like megara from hercules. mercury looks like she might be cute.

the rest look like drag queens, and i'm disappointed tuxedo mask isn't also wearing latex.

>> No.8477724

Tbh I'm an American and I judge people less if they have courthouse weddings over tacky weddings or weddings that shouldn't be bothered to be had because all the brides can do the entire time is WHINE and BITCH about not having the money for it to begin with.

>> No.8477732

>Parts of me want to have a really elaborate traditional wedding with a giant dress and 200 guests and all that fun shit. But the sad reality is gunna be that we go on vacation to vegas and get married with me in my $200 davids bridal dress.

I had a bigger wedding then I would have liked because of family traditions and cultures and it was stressful. But I was very lucky to have a family willing to help out. If I wasnt I think I would have just eloped somewhere and sad FUCK IT and bought myself whatever dress I wanted or rented a designer one and hired an amazing photographer to take pictures great pictures.

>> No.8477751

The hairstyle is kinda cute but this is unflattering as fuck. Her "before" outfit was stupid but at least it didn't make her body look like an old sock.

>> No.8477761


>lack of character posing
>sexualizing chibi moon


>> No.8477775

Why are courthouse weddings so frowned upon in the States? Here it's quite normal, some people would rather invest in a house or a big honeymoon trip than a one-and-done party. Besides, you can always have a second wedding (to the same person, I mean) bash when you renew your vows.

I totally 1000% get wanting good wedding photos but some people just don't want a big wedding and that's fine.

If I had an elaborate wedding I'd have killed myself, I can't stand everyone staring at me and spending lots of money on something I'd feel absolutely miserable doing, all the while being judged for my sartorial choices and taste in décor

>> No.8477780

>caring about the hair color choice of others
>sweeping generalizations about those who have unconventional taste in hair color
are you like a middle aged white christian soccer mom or something
do you also hate tattoos and facial piercings
will you please get off your high horse

>> No.8477783

i feel the same way. my parents got married in a courthouse, and the two married friends of mine did the same. while i would like to invest in a house when i get married, i think i'd end up doing a big honeymoon trip for the hell of it.

also agreeing with the good wedding photos. one of my married friends hasn't even had her wedding photos yet, and it's been 2-3 years. she's waiting to get her braces off (which she says she actually got because she wants the wedding photos to be good)

>> No.8477789

yeah, thats where i get my love of big weddings. cultural weddings are so awesome and fun, i've always had a blast at every wedding i've attended.

Then again I am dating your average american white boy so, the traditional wedding probably wouldn't work anyway

>> No.8477810

>tattoos and neon hair
Hun, they look bad. Even the OP has to have extensions because her real fried hair ends at her jawline.
I'm doing you a favor by telling you it looks horrid, stop before it's too late.

>> No.8477826

I went to David's bridal for the sole purpose of trying on different styles. I had my heart set on a mermaid/trumpet, but when I went to this high end boutique they put me in this $3000 ball gown that I fell in love with. I held off, ate lunch, and realized that even though the dress was gorgeous, I just couldn't picture myself walking down the aisle in it.
I went to David's Bridal for the sole reason of trying on every style I could think of, but ended up falling in love with a dress. The location I was at didn't have that dress and was so ridiculous about trying to order it in my size because they were discontinuing it to produce pretty much the exact same dress for twice the price. Drove from northern va to Richmond to a place that WAS helpful and ended up buying the dress there.

My $0.02 on the cheap wedding thing: my wedding is all about celebrating with friends and family. I'm okay with spending more on an open bar, dj, etc, that will make things more fun.
BUT a lot of people have decided to have small weddings or courthouse weddings when they first get married because us millenials can't even afford a fucking apartment, much less a $20,000 wedding. But then they can have extravagant recommitment ceremonies later when they can actually afford it

>> No.8477830

If you go to a real bridal store and voice your concerns they tend to be able to help you, whether it's an off the rack dress, suggesting a place to buy a matching coverup, or even making one for you if their sewing/alterations department is big enough.

>> No.8477834

They are fun to attend but man do the parents and family get involved cause unnecessary stress. It can be a blessing to be less traditional.

I was a very easy going bride. I really didnt care what the center pieces looked like, let my bridesmaids wear whatever dress they wanted as long as it was the same color even purchased them so they didnt have to spend money, made my own invitations to save cash etc but with big cultures/traditions comes really strange demands.

Ever decision I made to save money/because I thought it would be practical was met with lots of resistance. I didnt mind being accommodating but sometimes the demands were just so odd. There were fights ppl started about who was in the wedding party. My husbands uncle got mad his son wasnt in the wedding party a week before the wedding. No one had told me this was an issue or that the cousin felt this way for the full year I was planning the wedding but suddenly a week before BOOM how dare you shame me.

I could go on. There was demands about music, how I was insulting my cousin for not wearing a tiara she could make. (I didnt even say no. I just said I didn't know she made them and wasnt sure how I planned on wearing my hair yet.) I know ppl like to rag on brides about being bitches and making it about them but man can some family and attendees be just as bad. Sorry about the tangent rant.

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File: 288 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_nb5vl8vcid1t03ixwo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many of you cosplayers and lolitas would actually consider incorporating your hobbies into your weddings?

>> No.8477841

Going through her website, I totally feel like this was advertising for her work.
I had a feeling you guys would rip her apart.

>> No.8477844

I wouldn't, personally it's a bit much

>> No.8477864
File: 116 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_mxxml6q1tQ1qad55j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I intend to wear a lolita dress for my wedding. There are some beautifully intricate ones out there.
Nothing overboard in your face. I'd just like Victorian aesthetics.

>> No.8477869

I would, but in small details. If I could live out my fantasy I would have a sailor moon/lolita fusion. I've always wanted bridesmaids dressed up in classic or verrrry toned down sweet (hey at least if you spend $200 on a lolita dress, you can resell it on lacemarket.) Light lilac colors.

The decor for the wedding would be SM inspired. moons, stars maybe little silhouettes of endymion and neo queen serenity near the head table/hanging from the backs of our seats. Nothing too overtly nerdy but just little influences.

I would basically want it to look like it has nothing to do with my interests, but absolutely does.

>> No.8477870

jesus christ...they're even worse close up...

>> No.8477879

I wouldn't mind some lolita design elements hidden in what I wear and the decor, but I wouldn't make it obvious. Then again I'm classic so it'll probably end up looking ambiguously "romantic" and "period" anyways. Though my no-budget-limits dream wedding dress would be a robe a l'anglaise in ivory and gold.

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That Uranus looks like a stressed out middle age mom.

>> No.8477939

I was unable to do a consultation because I was literally the only one doing any appointments and that one slipped through my fingers in favor of other things. Didn't think about the fact that I hadn't gotten my hair cut in almost a year, and all I wanted was straight bangs. If she felt she couldn't do it without messing it up, she should have said so instead of wasting my time and money. Thankfully my maid of honors mother took all of us to someone who was willing to do what we wanted and did a damn good job of it. A little last minute but at least she did her job.

>> No.8477947

If straight bangs were that complicated for her, she should have said so instead of wasting my time and money.

>> No.8477950

just a little bit, not overwhelmingly so

>> No.8477958

The db I went to was horrible. I just couldn't trust them. But if you got what you wanted from there, that's great. I think it really depends on the staff.

I have a completely opposing view on weddings though. I think the night should be about you and your partner. Not your family. I had a small courthouse thing with the family then had a luxurious ceremony/honeymoon by ourselves overseas for the third of the cost of a local wedding. Best decision ever. But everyone has different priorities. I just couldn't imagine spending $20k+ on one night locally...

>> No.8477959

For a minute I thought that lolita was really fat, but it was just the dress.

>> No.8477960

Don't waste it on a wedding. Use it for something that will last longer than a day. Trust me. If youre getting married to impress other people then you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

>> No.8477968

>the sad reality is gonna be going on vacation to Vegas to get married
What's sad about that? Little wedding planning stress. No drama. Quick and painless. Way cheaper. Plus, a vacation. It sounds preferable.

>> No.8477977

Ouch, I'm so sorry anon. But how awesome would it be to have the courage to walk doen the isle not giving a fuck about what other people thought because you're beautiful with your scars?

>> No.8478001

This. My wedding was a small courthouse affair, our honeymoon was a 2-day stay in the local spa but now we've got a lofty, fully furnished flat with fancy new gadgets to show for it.

>> No.8478054

>white dress
>beige shoes
>jimmies rustled.

>> No.8478073

>robe a l'anglaise
>not dreaming of a robe à la française
im so disappointed anon

>> No.8478074

Ugh so much hooker makeup.

>> No.8478081

Have a casual cheap wedding. Best one I've ever gone to was in the groom's dad's backyard, food cooked at home and ended with us all in the pool. Shit was cash.

>> No.8478086

When I was younger I wanted to make a Rosebride dress, but Tristen Citrine's looked pretty meh, so I nixed that. There'd probably be little nerdy details here and there. Honestly just imagining myself wearing a dress is enough of a hurdle to get over.

That feel when you're a straight girl but you'd rather wear a banging suit to your own wedding.

>> No.8478092
File: 45 KB, 454x599, Fleur-Delacour-with-Bill-Weasley-promo-fleur-delacour-21061707-454-599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've posted it before, but my dream wedding dress is the dress Fleur wore to her wedding (yes, I know it's based off McQueen, who is also a favourite of mine). I've also considered wearing lolita, maybe to the afterparty

>> No.8478106

Why is the point of these shows to suck the "colorful" personality from someone who clearly goes against the grain and to wash them down until their unrecognizable? I'm seriously surprised they even let her do that with her hair. The "improvement" is bad. At least she was some happy tumblr weeb before.

It feels like it's to purposefully make us phobic of unusual people and laugh at others who are different. You're only good if you're a uniform, generic person!

>> No.8478112


It's like TLC is catering to the lowest common denominator to get more ratings. Good job discovering this revelation! Why don't you write a reflection on tumblr now?

>> No.8478130

I'm considering wearing Haenuli's Angel of Music in white on my wedding day. I've never loved a dress more.

>> No.8478148

I feel like latex Salior Moon cosplays would be better done by women who actually have decent figures and make up skills. Plus only using the outfits for lewd videos online.

Please tell me that the Chibi Moon isn't wearing latex, cause if so I would call CPS.

>> No.8478155
File: 85 KB, 520x707, 1427603586193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


same people?

>> No.8478162
File: 108 KB, 730x487, margie-and-edi-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most I would involve lolita in my wedding is having a bow with tails hanging down the back of my dress, and I want an Alice in Wonderland themed reception with the tables decorated full of tea cups, books, candles, etc.

Pic related. The Alice in Wonderland wedding I know I'll never be able to afford unless I marry a rich man.

>> No.8478168

This is my wedding dress. Go for it anon!

>> No.8478174

ew, why would anyone choose them aside from fulfilling their fap folder interests?

>> No.8478181

are you guys the two in the pic in >>8477306 ?

>> No.8478185

Good news! Most of that is sequins and hot glue! You can marry a crafty guy and still get what you want.

>> No.8478189
File: 25 KB, 533x800, 8886912_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going off thread here, even though I'm a lolita, I could not for the life of me use a "bride-like" lolita dress as the bride dress.

I would personally go for the Kate Middleton/Princess Grace kelly-like dress

>pic related of my dream dress

>> No.8478199

Weddings have always been a big fucking celebration, not just in America. Don't think you're any better since you deiced to be a cheap-o with your big day

>> No.8478222

I can't even see the bunny
>Dream Dress spotted

>> No.8478223

>i'm disappointed tuxedo mask isn't also wearing latex

Me too, anon. They fucked up.

>> No.8478234
File: 193 KB, 630x420, judging.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is that a Star Power Stick for Sailor moon?

>> No.8478236
File: 378 KB, 487x730, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it'll take a bit more than that

>> No.8478239

>saying this on a cosplay and lolita board
Yeah, okay. You're definitely so normal.

It's fucking stupid people want to scrub these people off their quirks. I think she looks awful, but it's clearly more "her". Weddings are supposed to be just what the bride wants, though.

>> No.8478288

Don't cut yourself on that edge, summer child.

>> No.8478297


Why do you feel sorry for her? As I said before, she wanted to whore herself to a cable tv show for her wedding. More power to her for getting that giant sock dress and 15 minutes of fame really.

>> No.8478305


Hey man, I'm not the one acting all surprised here that a trash of a channel is doing what reality TV does best.

>> No.8478331

I could care less about her, really. If anything, it's how the shows are vultures that go hunting for anyone strange and entice the lowest common denominator onto them. It's like when that lolita went onto that one show and said she was a living doll. She ruins things for lolitas, the show ruins things for normies by basically outright lying or playing up certain subcultures as freaks.

>> No.8478339

Wait, here it is. Emily is a qt. Is she still in lolita?

>> No.8478341


Yeah, I have to agree with you there, it's kind of tiring we have to grow up with the assumption that even in our own groups, we're bound to get thrown under a bus by that one person who wants more money/fame/power etc. In this case, it's kind of pathetic really - like wow, you have an episode on cable TV about weird people.

It's like how that same show plays up certain legitimate kinks as 'weird,' and not even in a legitimate manner, just like "lel look at the weird kid let's go make fun of him!"

It really just reinforces that expectation that in essence by doing whatever we want, and I don't even mean in an edgy way, we run the risk of having 'society's' (or media's view of society) ire on us.

Meh, I'm just sort of irritated that now I'm in a smallish town and in a job that apparently is largely based on how you present yourself, I have to watch what I do, which includes not wearing lolita in public for the time being.

>> No.8478343

Venusangelic or emily. I watched that episode time and time again and still cannot for the life of me can pinpoint Emily's "lolita" style.

I'm not counting on VA. She's just a "living doll" No where in relations to lolita or anyone considering her one, only her fans, weebs, and itas would.

>> No.8478391

She was never a lolita or a living doll. just an attention whore with shitty taste.

>> No.8478404

I want a wedding appropriate lolita dress for mine, but I'd have it as a reception dress

>> No.8478437

>all those comms
Damn is NYC that bad that they need multiple comms?
Good lord this is sad to look at.

>> No.8478438

All this talk about small weddings and saving money toward something more worthwhile—a house—feels so foreign to me. Most of my gigantic Chinese family lives here so I've been to a fuck ton of giant beach resort weddings with my entire whichever side of the family invited. It's the default.

>> No.8478470

David's Bridal is literally the worst in the bridal industry, anyone who knows anything about the wedding industry knows this.

>> No.8478471
File: 982 KB, 1936x1936, picstitch-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This poor jupiter

>> No.8478479

>all americans who have big weddings are bridezillas and bitch about money

smh at this blanket statement

>> No.8478480

...there's no edge? Where is the lie

>> No.8478496

I call it the McDonald's of bridal stores. So many fashion school dropouts I know work there as seamstresses.

>> No.8478600

>This wedding is about ME ME ME ME ME! The napkins are wrong, the hair is wrong, and why are you wearing that dress?! Stop trying to steal attention away from me, this is MY day!
>waaaaah, why won't people listen to me? I am the bride, my word is law!
Are you implying they aren't?

>> No.8478602

>your big day
My big day is getting a promotion and buying a big house, not getting hitched to a man. The celebration is just as much for him as it is for me but apparently you people are selfish enough to ignore that.

>> No.8478604

I would never have a cosplay wedding, but I would love a mildly lotr-inspired wedding in some sort of forest setting with cute leafey motifs and fairy lights etc etc
No elf ears though.

>> No.8478613

All the fuckin way.

Bridesmaids outfits based on their favorite magical girls (like regular dresses but the colors/accessories based off said magical girls)
and their necklaces could be the magical girl's magical item or some shit

My dress? I cant find it online but princess euphemia's dress from code geass.. I saw a cosplayer wearing it in the english edition of cosmode and goddamn its pretty, all other versions of the dress are fugly af though. I might change my opinion though, its in the distant future.

Cake? something cool and yummy, cake toppers would be me and muh lovers favorite ship or something

you know what, this seemed like a great idea in my head for years but goddamn does this sound like a clusterfuck after typing it out

>> No.8478621

It's not a huge deal if you have a big wedding if you can also pay for the stuff that comes after. It's only a problem if you use up all your money on something that lasts literally one day instead of what you're going to be living in for years.

>> No.8478623

I regularly scour the internet for lace and I quickly learnt not to bother with "bridal" lace because it usually looks kind of gross.

Same. If it were up to me I wouldn't even have a ceremony but there's a lot of pressure from family and my fiancé really wants to see me in a wedding dress. Preferably one I made myself. He's really underestimating how much work it would be.
>but my mom made her own wedding dress in a week!
honey your mom's wedding dress looked like a pillowcase with a ruffle sewn on

>> No.8478634
File: 145 KB, 841x949, mars_and_jupiter_sailor_outfit_by_ivycosplay-d5jk2l1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

latex is not meant to be that frumpy jfc

>> No.8478773
File: 2.19 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_20150614_184221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My husband and I were really clear from the get go that we didn't want our hobbies to be in the spot light for our wedding. We wanted it to be beautiful and classic so the pictures wouldn't be an embarrassment to look at years later.

That being said, I had a lot of fun putting subtle nerdy touches here and there. Our cake toppers were Totoros, and I incorporated a lot of instrumental music from videogames and anime into the ceremony and reception.

I walked down the aisle to a violin and piano cover of Zelda's Lullaby, our procession after the ceremony was a strings version of Kiss, Kiss Fall in Love haha! The big flourishes in it really made it fun and happy!

The best part about it all though, was that the music was special to me and my husband. To everyone else it just sounded pretty, but it had meaning to us, which is what everyone rags on and on about when it comes to planning a wedding.

Pic related. My Totoros, and my bouquet at brunch the next day.

>> No.8478816

Jesus those spaghetti straps are just not right. It's like they picked the dress out before they even saw her, it doesn't suit her at all.

I'd have gone for a bardot neckline to take the emphasis off of her upper arms and enhance her cleavage. Her stomach would probably look better in an a-line, too. They could have kept the pastel pink shade, to be honest, at least that would have made her tattoo stick out less. Ditch the dime-store bracelet and the nails of death, add a nice necklace, and they'd be set.

>> No.8478832

I really doubt she'd bother tbh. Also seriously how many times do people think that many posts are self posts? I keep seeing at least one or two people comment self post

>> No.8478841

That's sounds exactly how I'd want my wedding to be!

>> No.8478856

That clear part on Jupiter's shoulders... I thought it was bubble wrap at first.

>> No.8478915
File: 467 KB, 600x901, 6a0120a65f64b9970c01910371cae1970c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking hate this TLC horseshit where you're taken the piss out of if you ever so slightly stand out.
Reminds me of my own wedding. I'm not even a weeaboo (anymore), and for all intents and purposes my tastes are pretty normie but I committed the capital sin of wanting an unorthodox wedding dress that isn't a poofy quinceanera gown or a bodycon mermaid dress. Call the cops, I like Edwardian dresses, and that was apparently reason enough for the fine ladies at the bridal shop to start laughing and commenting how 'oh no honey.... you'll look like a grandma'.
Fuck you.

>> No.8478922

So you like traditional dresses. There is a market for you. Just don't visit trendy shops with trendy attendants who will try to stick you in the newest flavor of the month.

>> No.8478927

The dress looks like a lingere

>> No.8478928
File: 88 KB, 540x960, 11737826_10206770022427712_1977315604112860094_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you the one asking if you can change your dress to a lolita dress? 'cus that ain't happenin.

>> No.8478931

You're the one who read too much into that statement. Or are you implying there are no American brides who haven't pitched tantrums about their ceremonies because they financed beforehand and did ceremonies when they were ready and had money?

Not everyone is a 20-something poorfag who's interested in rushing an expensive ceremony just for the social status and bragging rights. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.8478933

The dress is so unflattering and looks more apple shaped than before, they should of gone for more a-line to balance out the top half then it would look alright

>> No.8478954

>Vera Wang
>Not choosing Inbal Dror

Do you even Haute couture you pleb?

>> No.8478961
File: 55 KB, 550x788, plus-size-wedding-dresses-with-sleeves26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not interested in meme mermaid tail dresses or mega poof
>just want a simple gown with sleeves
>preferably with some sort of waist
>pic related

Also is anyone for non-traditional colors? Like a dark red or green?

>> No.8478989
File: 133 KB, 640x640, inbal-dror-a-true-floral-fantasy-with-these-3d-blooms-on-illusion-sleeves_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something about that dress just looks off to me, I think it might be the neckline. Sleeves can look amazing specially with a bardot neckline like pic related. As for non traditional colors, if it's like a light creme, or light pink I can get behind it, but full blown dark red or greens? It would be too jarring for my taste but it's your big day so do what you want I guess? Just expect a looot of resistance to the idea from everyone around you.

>> No.8479005

Thanks for the input anon. I'm just speaking hypotheticals, I'm 23 but I don't plan on having a wedding with my partner until we're both at least 30 and/or financially secure to have a nice wedding. So I've got tons of time to plan and decide.

I've seen firsthand how horrible and cringey a rushed, low-budget wedding can be so I'm going to do my best to avoid it.

>> No.8479013

They made her look fatter though.

>> No.8479038

why do Jupiters ignore that she has bangs?

>> No.8479039

I feel you anon. If you're going to hold off that many years though it might be pointless to plan. Your tastes will mature and change over the years, and so will the worlds.

As for cringey weddings, my best friend had a horrible low budget wedding despite being married to a millionaire and she instantly regretted it. I get the whole, save that money for something more important mentality but your wedding is a very important memory. It's a story you'll have to tell friends and your kids for the rest of your life. Probably will have to share pictures too. Might as well make it something you can look back on with fondness rather than horrified embarrassment.

>> No.8479101

what? no, I don't wear lolita

>> No.8479115

Green would be lovely but I'm afraid of it coming off too fantasy elf lady like.

>> No.8479166

>As for cringey weddings, my best friend had a horrible low budget wedding
Same anon you're talking to, and yeah exactly my experience. Except this girl was more like a best friend to me in high school and we drifted apart and had fights over the years because her priorities were/are out of whack. The story is kind of TL;DR, but I think it's a great cautionary story.

She went for the "nerdy" wedding even though neither her nor her fiance could afford anything with their fast food jobs, and child to take care of, with another on the way.
They ordered cheap LoZ "wedding" rings from Etsy, and then set up a GoFundMe to beg people to pay for a new wedding dress when her pregnancy made her outgrow her old one. She claimed she couldn't return her old dress or exchange it (it was an outright lie in an attempt to get a brand new dress since the old one she bought on clearance at a bridal chain). All but three people didn't bite so she wound up with what looked more like a used beach or prom dress. It was ugly and unflattering.

Her mom recorded the "ceremony" which just involved six close friends and her dad walking her down to this lakefront beach while the song of time played statically on a portable stereo in the background. The front wasn't even pretty, it was already a grey day. The beach was littered with pebbles, driftwood, and dead fish.
And to top it off the audio on the recording was so bad that I couldn't even hear their vows, just her obese mother's heavy breathing. No professional recording or pictures of her wedding exist because they didn't have the money to hire anyone.

Never heard talk of a reception for her guests, she just went to a Hard Rock Cafe afterward and their wedding cake was their peach cobbler.

>> No.8479184

I've seen someone whose dress was offwhite with crimson accents. It looked pretty fantastic.

>> No.8479199

Here's prob a good place to ask cuz we're all mostly on the same page. I'm an extreme hourglass (normal body weight) and every where recommends I wear a mermaid dress, but I am not a sexy person and don't want a sexy dress. What are some dresses/cuts that would flatter an hourglass that aren't 'VAVAVOOM LOOK AT MY TITS' that won't make me look like a blimp? I'm not into lolita but I prefer that aesthetic to the alternative.

>> No.8479263

Shitty dated rockabilly style/10. They made everything look worse from her body to her nails.
Tbh >>8476918 wasn't even that bad. Her hair looks beautiful when long, the jewelry is on point and the pink flowers are pretty nice too. The golden antlers are inconsequential, some people like fantasy-themed weddings and if that's the aesthetic she's going for, at least it looks cool. Oh, and at least theisdress doesn't make her look fat. Jfc.
All they should've done was lengthen the dress and added pink roses to it to match the jewelry and flower crown.
But of course that wouldn't have sold.

>> No.8479274

Why the fuck are people sexualizing latex? It's a fucking fabric, not BDSM wear. It just reminds me of raincoats, it's not that bad.

>> No.8479298

ehh its not to impress others. When my sister, cousin, other family friends got married it was a huge traditional blow out and i loved the experience of those.

Truuue. I love vegas, I've only been once and it could only be better getting married to the guy I love. I'd really want my mother and sisters there, and his parents as well. But I don't want to force people to go to a ~destination wedding~

>> No.8479311
File: 76 KB, 450x322, 1407653124391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8479342
File: 85 KB, 642x1000, StateLibQld_1_138983_Margaret_Murray_Murray-Prior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nothing overboard in your face.
>I'd just like Victorian aesthetics
Your picture being unrelated?

>> No.8479347

That's a legit awesome wedding dress right there.

>> No.8479352

Did they have Edwardian dresses and laugh at their own products or did they just know what style you wanted? This is also really pretty and makes you look rather young if you have the right body compared to the standard dresses nowadays.

Lovely dress.

I wonder if these people even understand fashion themselves. How can you put her in a dress that clings to her bottom like that when she's an inverted triangle. Do you want to draw attention to her flaws?

>> No.8479353

>what kinda dress do you want, fam

>> No.8479363

check out dolly couture!

>> No.8479373

That dress looks like a night gown you'd buy at Ross for $7.99

>> No.8479403

Maybe try a cupcake dress? Or something with a higher cut neckline to hind a little more of your chest?

>> No.8479413

But hey! At least they didn't waste money on a big wedding because FUCK that special day, amirite?

JK anon, that sounds depressing as hell

>> No.8479490

I fear my wedding will this be bad if I have one. My boyfriend wants to have an actual wedding, but I am a cheap. All my friend's weddings have been at least 8,000 or more. If only I could convince my boyfriend of the courthouse route. I don't see why people have weddings when they can't afford one. Just go to the court house and spend money on things that actually matter like, a down payment on a house. Or you can have an awesome honeymoon.

>> No.8479505

Have you maybe considered that not everyone considers it 'their special day'?

>> No.8479507

This dress is so unflattering.

>> No.8479521

Why the ass bouquet?

>> No.8479530

Tbh the way she was begging for money was really pathetic. You could tell based on her facebook posts that she wanted a fancy wedding, but she was unwilling to wait and save for it. Every month it was someone or something's fault as to why she couldn't save money.

She really escalated the wedding plans especially after she found out she was pregnant. She didn't lock down the man who fathered her first child and he got away quick.

You'd have to try to get a wedding that bad. I guarantee this girl did not dump more than $400 for that shitshow, even with the rings and dress included.

It was her special day anon, but she had shit taste and couldn't risk waiting for when she had the money because the man could have left anytime scot free.

>> No.8479541


For hourglass shape, the important thing is to make sure you show off your waist. It doesn't need to be a mermaid dress, you can totally rock a fifties-style dress. Just make sure the dress comes in at your waist, plus one or two inches lower, before it poofs out again, so everyone can get a good look at how small your waist is. Otherwise you'll end up looking thick due to your boobs and hips being so much wider.

I'm not clear if you want to minimise big boobs. The obvious one is to get a good bra -- saggy big boobs somehow look cheesier than perky big boobs.

If you do want to minimise big boobs, choose designs that divide up your torso, but avoid frills and ruffles on the bust area. For lolita, it's usually as easy as the blouse being one colour, the jsk being another colour, and then there's usually some chest decoration like a lace panel or a ribbon on the underbust that further divides up the chest area.

For a wedding dress, a strapless design is a pretty good way to divide up the chest area. You can cover up the top with a lace bolero, or choose a design with a sheer portion on top. If you don't want to show cleavage, a high neck halter dress could work as well if you also make sure there's something else that divides the underbust (eg- a ribbon on the underbust, or a having one area be textured (lace or beading) and the other area be plain and smooth).

Whatever you do, don't choose a bodice that covers from your neck to your waist, it merges your boobs with your shoulders into one giant blob of flesh.

>> No.8479549

>Did they have Edwardian dresses and laugh at their own products
They had some in the catalogue but not in-store, yes.
>This is also really pretty
Thanks anon, that means a lot.
I have a slim 'banana' figure and these dresses look really nice on me, as do 20s drop waist dresses. However, whomever I show the pictures to, they end up laughing and saying I've got shit taste.

>> No.8479551

What kind of wedding dress sleeves look best for people who have soccer mom arms?
>tfw can't afford plastic surgery to remove skin/fat

>> No.8479554

Lol are the one who reported >>8477306 ?
Was the word "normal" too triggering for you?

Jesus I haven't been on Cgl in months; this place is turning in to tumblr

>> No.8479570

Why do so many people insist on getting married anyway? A lot of them don't even use the tax/insurance benefits. It's kind of outdated custom imo it makes me sad that so many people consider it a necessary life event.

>> No.8479624

I'm guessing you're a fatty-chan.
I'm one too, but I don't get why all others love this dress so much.

>> No.8479631


The cosplayers somehow look like overworked grumpy hookers, it's kinda hard not to make the connection.

>> No.8479644

Who put extra salt in your tea?

>> No.8479649

I can second Dolly Couture. I had a custom Avila Bay and it was everything I wanted in my wedding dress and the price was pretty reasonable (around $900 I think with shipping and everything)

>> No.8479658


What kind of pathetic loveless childhood did you (or anyone for that matter) have where the official union of you and your love one isn't a "special day"
>Like fuck, even if it falls apart the next year, THAT day should be special

>> No.8479671

Because the 'official union' is a piece of paper and you will have probably lived with them for several years prior. It's a shitty argument to make

>> No.8479706

That's actually a very reasonable question. I agree with her in that there's no reason to marry aside from tax sheltering and benefits. That anyone thinks it was ever about love, or that it is now, makes me question how deluded most people must be.

>> No.8479711

A deed to a house is a "piece of paper" and so is your birth certificate. It's the meaning that they hold which carries the importance.I know you're not an autistic dumbass, so why are you acting like the whole concept of marriage is bust since your small group of friends don't use the benefits that come with it?

>> No.8479713

Because I've been with my SO for over six years, and I've never considered marriage to be of value to me. He's not leaving, I'm not leaving. This saves me the time of doing a prenup and a nup as in one!

>> No.8479719

Not that anon but watching parents interact in a loveless abusive marriage. For me it's just not that special it's just a day. Now if I had a baby I would freaking cry.

>> No.8479724

>People have been getting married for over 1000 years, even countries that at the time had no benefit other than to be bound to that person for life
>It must be about tax benefits, nothing else

>> No.8479726

What meaning is that?
I'm 23, is there some sort of distinct difference in our age or something? All the people I know that are obsessed with the dream wedding are all 'old'.

>> No.8479735

Yeah, by a year.
Sorry I don't enjoy shitting all over marriage like the rest of you salty dogs. Whatever, if not getting hitched makes you and your lover happy then so be it. Just don't act like marriage is a waste for everyone else
>That kind of shit irks me, I mean I'm just NOW being able to marry my datemate

>> No.8479739

Certainly wasn't dominantly love the last 1000 years.

>> No.8479740

Hoooly shit this is fucking unflattering. She looks so frumpy. There are tons of gorgeous, sophisticated gowns that still have loads of personality. They're harder to find and more expensive, but they exist. Instead they assumed that tattoo + hair color must mean she's into like, I dunno, vintage rockabilly shit.

Gowns in pic are by Yumi Katsura, in case anyone was wondering.

>> No.8479742

there are definitely wedding-appropriate suits for women, even straight women, on even the rtw market right now

look at the haider ackermann suits tilda swinton wears on the red carpet, for example. this wouldn't even run you more than $2000 RETAIL (that being the highest price for a dress i saw quoted in this thread), and it's easy to find on sale, so you could get off spending like $300-$600

/cgl/, would you wear a designer suit?

>> No.8479750

also ann demeulemeester, certainly

i could wear this for my wedding, but i'd crop and taper the trousers and wear with white margiela tabi

>> No.8479756

Every day with my SO is special. I don't need to throw a big party to celebrate trapping him.

>> No.8479757

Ugh this whole thing just reminds me how I'm getting married in about a month and how I really am meh over my dress. My mom has forced the idea that it has to be "super nice and fancy upscale" and demanded that David's Bridal is the best around, couldn't even look elsewhere. She also bought the Bridesmaids dresses from a random mall store without me around. They look like ass but whatever.

Sorta on topic anyone have cute lolita/anime related cake toppers? I still haven't decided on those.

>> No.8479760

In fact marriage has rarely been about love. I suggest doing some more research.
I think other anon is right, people really are deluded and don't realize how much marriage has changed over time.

>> No.8479777

Sounds like your mother needs to back the fuck up. It's your wedding, not hers.

>> No.8479782

Why are you so threatened by the idea that some people don't believe marriage to be important? The concept of marriage has changed drastically over time. It's not as sacred as you think it is. A paper carries no meaning to me. I don't need a piece of paper to add value to my relationship and I don't think the government should be involved.
Personally, I wonder if there won't be a cultural shift like we're seeing with having kids. In the past, it was pretty much assumed that you'd have kids unless you were some kind of spinster or infertile. Now in the past 10 years, there's been a great increase in the amount of information about what having kids is really like - turns out it's not so great for everyone. There's more support for people who don't want to start a family. So now far fewer people are having children, when in the past, those people would have had them anyway. It was culturally expected of them.
I see a similar issue with marriage. I'm always confused when I see someone who seems pretty reasonable and childfree getting married. Some people may like it but I believe with others, there's an expectation. I get a much more shocking response when I tell people I don't want to be married than when I say I don't want to have kids. When people find out how long my SO and I have been together, they are shocked and think something's wrong. In this very thread there's been a very potent reaction to the idea that marriage isn't valuable to some people. For some reason what's a social institution is now more mandatory than a basic biological function.

>> No.8479783

I'd try to incorporate it. My hobbies are a part of who I am and ideally play into how I meet my SO (who knows I might marry someone not into vidya or cosplay, but I doubt it). I already know in my heart that I want a video game themed wedding. However, I don't think it's a bad thing if people opt for a more traditional wedding. I think the most important thing for a wedding is that the couple enjoys it. It's THEIR day.

I really hate this competitive culture that's surrounded weddings due to TV and stuff. It's like everyone's default setting is to judge weddings. I know, because I fall into it a lot and I have to stop myself. I mean sure some of those really bad cosplay weddings and con weddings are really cringe and fun to laugh at, but after a quick laugh I don't feel the need to delve into it more. Some people just seem hellbent on judging weddings, it's weird.

>> No.8479791


Ah if only. I gave up after the announcement of me being engaged, me and the fiance are just in it for the ride at this point. We'll just be happily married when it's all over with ha.

>> No.8479798

I'm so sorry anon.

If that were my mom I would've told her to piss off at the beginning of David's Bridal.

>> No.8479805


>> No.8479813

Lolita has damaged me so much because of this.
I was never planning to get married or even ever commit long term, but lately I've been getting wedding blue when I walk past the bridal stores with my boyfriend.
Until I see the lace on the dresses. Forever a spinster.

>> No.8479833

kek. I'm printing and framing this. Thank you anon

>> No.8479848

Indian wedding are 10x bigger and tackier than American ones.

>> No.8479853

I like how this turned into a /cgl/ wedding thread. I'm just going to drop this here then.

Too lazy to skim up through all the old comments, but to the anons who said they preferred more "traditional" dresses, I am completely there with you. I don't hate modern dresses, but this idea that those shop owners can shove them down your throat is awful. They really like to hustle and make sales, so your opinion is irrelevant, even if they act like they listen.

This is Ange de Rose Blanche from JetJ from 2008. ¥320,000! That's roughly $2,593 atm.
>inb4 I hate it!
It's definitely not everyone's taste, but I love the details on. It looks more traditional and like a heirloom with actual wedding laces on it.

>mfw I just want it to wear for lolita
>has no intention to ever get married
>has no intention to have kids to pass this down to
>I'll marry myself tyvm

>> No.8479881

Bigger, tackier and so much more fun. I love cultural weddings, they are always the most fun.

>> No.8479894

but 10x less uptight and snooty

>> No.8481544

I wouldn't go non-traditional for all over, but as an accent on an off-white dress it would look really nice, especially dark red.

If you wanted to incorporate green, I'd suggest having your bridemaids dress in that colour and then you could have a sash or a bouquet that alluded to it. In general, pastels and neutrals are the way to go for weddings. Jewel tones tend to look very dour, and brights are prone to becoming tacky.

>> No.8481555

>cultural weddings
wtf is this? Some American blanket term for non-Christian weddings?

>> No.8481557

Yeah but a HBO show isn't going to shell out their budget to pay for anything that nice.

>> No.8481558

I can't stand when people's parents get over invested in their weddings. The whole idea is that the day is about what the couple wants, not what some random 60 year old feels she needs to butt in with.

>> No.8481566

I love the dresses they make at House of Mooshki. There's a lot of choice for lengths etc - I personally love these shorter dresses in the New Look silhouette.

>> No.8481568

not non-Christian, non-American.

>> No.8481569

This is the design I have in mind for my own wedding dress.

A solid pale pink jacquard bodice with 3/4 sleeves and some amount of pearl detailing, scalloped 'petal' panels with small windows, a white georgette layer with matching jacquard petals overlayed, and two or three layers of plain white georgette, heavily gathered.

>> No.8481585

Wear a square neck, a line dress with princess seams. I'm a hourglass too and they look fucking qt on me.

>> No.8481602

I have been in love with pic related for a very long time now but this style would probably look terrible on me
>tfw wide shoulders

Sounds like the horribleness being half due to the low budget and half due to your friend and her family being trashy as fuck. Something tells me it wouldn't have been much nicer if they had thrown more money at it.

My parents never got married and they are the most ridiculously happy lovey-dovey couple on the planet so to me, marriage and weddings were never really a big deal. Also this >>8479756.
I understand that for some people it's a lot more important, though. Funnily enough the nicest wedding I've ever been to was between two guys, my best friend and his now-husband. If my bf and I ever get married I'm considering asking my friend's husband to help out because that guy is classy as fuck.

If >>8479735 is anything to go by I'd guess that anon is gay and has been hearing his/her whole life that they shouldn't be able to get married because their love is icky/wrong/not real/etc. so the whole marriage thing may be a bigger deal to them than to straight people for who marriage was always kind of a given.

>> No.8481610

I'm sorry you have pinkies for arms

>> No.8481618

They call me Nubs McGee.

>> No.8481756



isn't that the point of a wedding? This isn't a backyard BBQ.

>> No.8481761

No, the point of a wedding is to unite two people in holy (or not) matrimony.
Not to endure the bride's tantrums and attention whoring and ignore the groom.

>> No.8481837

Historically, marriage is about uniting two families/clans/tribes/whathaveyou. People giving half a shit what the bride wants is a very recent development.

>> No.8481936


>> No.8481985

Wow anon, this dress is beautiful. Do you know if JetJ has made any other wedding dresses?

>> No.8481991

I think you look beautiful and pull off that dress really well! Screw what those tasteless ladies in the store say. It's your freakin' wedding for gosh sakes.

>> No.8482003

that looks nice, post pics when executed

>> No.8482010

That's adorable

>> No.8482019

Is your situation this way because your mother is paying for it? Because if she isn't, tell her to take that shit back and get on it yourself.

>> No.8482021

This looks amazing. I don't think Indian stuff can look tacky; bright colours and sparkling ornaments are part of the aesthetic and so sit just fine for me.

I wish I could get a way with an elephant at my wedding

>> No.8482028


How about two brides making it both about themselves and each other and feeling gorgeous?

Marriage is an outdated concept but I want the financial benefits of being in a married couple, and I also want an excuse to dress up super pretty and have a brilliant party. Whoever I marry is probably going to have a similar view.

>> No.8482036

Well sure, that's your wedding, you have every right to make of it what you wish. If it's significant to you, great! But don't say it's what it's SUPPOSED to be or that a bride is SUPPOSED to wear x, spend y dollars/euros/rubles and do z because to many people around the world it's clearly just another thing to cross off the list.

>> No.8482061

Ty BB great advice

>> No.8482099

getting married in lolita would actually cost less than getting married in a normie wedding dress (even if it's a dress that goes for near $1,000, it's less than normie wedding dresses). and if i hate the dress after the wedding, it's a lot easier to resell

>> No.8482305

See I want mine to have lots of influence from other eras, as I, and most my family, love anything pre-1920's.Especially my Granddad, who was born in 1917 and saw the tail end of Edwardian fashion.

Because I'm >>8477539 anon the dress'd be full backed.

I think two skirts, the first huge and OTT, with wide hips on panniers which would be made from lace and taffeta, to be worn for the cerormoy and photos. Then another smaller version with a very small train for the reception.

I think the corset and skirt made from satin, in a nice antique beige colour, with venetian lace in a slightly darker colour. And lots of little beading in rose and white all over the lace.

>CGL bit
I'm so fussy on the lace now because of lolita, that if the dress was made in even slightly less than perfect lace, I'd burn it. And the lace I like is about $50/pm, and I'd need about 9 meters for this. Then all the other work would make this so expensive.
But I don't want to make it myself, because I want the day to be perfect. If I make it myself I'd be worried all day about what people thought about my sewing. Plus it would be less magical when I put it on.

>> No.8482333

idk why brides insist on wearing strapless dresses. they're so boring, restrict movement, and honestly don't make anyone look particularly amazing

>> No.8482362

Preach. And you get bad boob loaf if you don't have a good corset under it, because most strapless bras are crap. And you also emphasise any folds or fat underarms which never looks good. And the also make you look boarder than you should.

>> No.8482381

Thank you.

While I do understand that some males may not want to go through all the details of planning, it's not all about the bride.

I hate that me me me attitude.

>> No.8484289

sauce please for the love of god
google is giving me nothing but i have to see the rest of that dress

>> No.8484298

>friend loses nearly 80 lbs for her wedding
>still kinda chubby but looks significantly better
>gets old Alfred Angelou Disney Collection Jasmine dress
>looks extremely unflattering because mermaid style with tube body
>back boob for days
>weight loss transformation ruined for wedding pics because it had to be a Disney jasmine dress

On my phone so I can't find the dress. There's a million other cuts that would gave looked great on her.

>> No.8484315

Grrrl, I think the lady in OP looks a hot mess, but you care way too much about what other like and judge them very unnecessarily for it. Believe it or not, your tastes are not the be all end all of what's good looking. I'm sure you have things you like that many would consider shit taste.

Also, equating dyed hair with issues is something fedoras and obnoxious conservative old people do. Don't be that stupid.

>> No.8484320

This one?

These gowns are pretty ehh not worth the price/not inspired enough. The only one I like is the replica of the live action Cinderella wedding dress. Elsa's would be rad if I were a snow queen rather than a bride though.

>> No.8484323

I want my wedding to be at the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disney Land and my fiance originally agreed to it, but then he decided he didn't want to. I was going to go all out and wear one of the Alfred Angelo Disney dresses and get the Gemvara Aurora ring, with "Once Upon a Dream" engraved. It's really bugging me that he changed his mind because I put months and months into planning this wedding, and now I can't even imagine it going any differently and nothing I come up with is half as magical.

... Actually, I wonder if he'll agree again if I tell him I'll pay for it all.

>> No.8484332

I was fairly disappointed by the majority of the Disney gowns, but they're not even close to over priced for wedding dresses at all, especially designer ones. Less than $1,500 for a wedding dress is actually pretty cheap outside of budget world.

>> No.8484335

Yeah, one of my friends is ham planet level fat, and her whole thing is "I want a dress that shows off my giant boobs because they're the best part of my body!" and she keeps choosing strapless mermaid dresses that don't flatter her at all. It's pretty awful, the boobs on her back are almost as big as her actual boobs in the style she wants.

>> No.8484360

Hey! I'm the plus-size bride from earlier. My wedding colours were a soft green, ivory and butter yellow. My veil was suppose to be embroidered with red and green flora but it was... destroyed by the women I commissioned. ANYWAY, Hungarian weddings traditionally use those colours via floral embroidery on the dress. At the after-party, you typically change into a red dress. In Asian cultures women wear red on their wedding day.

>> No.8484409

What's his excuse? I'd be irate, to be honest. If money is a factor, make sure you pay what makes him feel comfortable. If he won't do it even then, reconsider this guy. It's your day and it deserves to be special. He can suffer through it, and if he can't, imagine how much more he'll make you compromise down the line.

>> No.8484415

It's also his day and he also deserves to feel special. Don't be a bridezilla.

>> No.8484434

Are you serious? It's always been something that's bigger on the brides side. Do you really think a wedding dress is the same as a tux? Do you think most men want to marry in fairy tail castle? If you left it up to them, it wouldn't look like that. Some want to mutually decide and that's up to them, but the other anon's boyfriend was aware she was set on it for months and just decided against it.

You probably have/will bow down and marry some overbearing type that'll force you to be ~~frugal~~ and force you to marry in the Chapel O Love on one of you biggest life events.

>> No.8484439

So exactly what's wrong with deciding something together rather than letting the bride dominate everything?

>> No.8484442

Anon, it's YOUR wedding, you need to speak up. It's not her big day, it's yours. Tell her to back the fuck off or just cut her out of the planning. Stop caring about feelings when other people are trying to run your show. You should have just grabbed a friend or two and just went out and looked on your own. And fucking return the bridesmaid dresses and pick your own. Jesus christ, you're an adult.

>> No.8484443

>It's always been something that's bigger on the brides side
Actually nobody gave jack shit about what the bride wants, including her choice of husband, until recently.

>> No.8484444


>> No.8484449

Not maintaining equal control is a sure sign that the relationship isn't healthy. his opinion should be just as important as hers. Being a spoiled brat is sort of an indication that she's not ready to marry.

I'm already married, and trust me, it's not a ME ME ME ME ME type thing. Your husband matters. His opinion matters. did anon even bother asking him what he wanted?

>> No.8484459

This, I don't get why so many women/girls think that just because something is related to decor and clothing it automatically means their husband has no say in it or doesn't care. Most of the time men don't want a pink frilly vomit room or a silly OTT wedding, being the wife doesn't give you the right to go apeshit when something isn't to your tastes.

>> No.8484464


>> No.8484471

You're right, sadly. It's a good change too. I don't like bridezillas but I think she definitely needs to have more say in things. You can let the bride have her say and it is a mutual compromise.

>> No.8484520

He's actually one of the least controlling and most compromising people I've ever known. We have one of those "you cook, I do the dishes" dynamics. The thing is, when we first got engaged, he didn't really care about the wedding, just the getting married part, and was of the "I don't care if we get married in sweat pants at a courthouse, I just want to get it done" mentality at first. So, when I pitched the venue, he had no objections because he originally didn't give a shit either way. As time went by, his perspective changed, though. Now he wants it to be this super romantic, special thing and he feels like he can't have that same magical feeling at Disney Land. He said it can still be fairy tale themed, though, and the kind of venues he wants to look at certainly are good for it, like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It just makes me a little sad because I'm a gigantic faggot who has wanted my wedding to be at Sleeping Beauty Castle since I first found out that was a thing you could do, before I even met him. Honestly, even though I'm not super happy about the venue change, I like that he's now an active part of the planning and wants it to be super special for himself as well as me, instead of his original "idgaf, do whatever you want" attitude.
>Being a spoiled brat is sort of an indication that she's not ready to marry.
I don't see how I'm a spoiled brat who isn't ready to get married, because I'm voicing my frustration that my fiance decided against the venue we agreed on months after planning. Yes, I did indeed ask him, not sure why you're assuming I didn't. He didn't show any hesitation or being remotely against it. I just asked him where he wanted the venue and he had no preference, so asked if he'd be fine with Disney Land and he said yes.

>> No.8484545

I think the "all about the bride" thing comes from the fact that, in my experience, husbands-to-be don't care that much about 90% of the reception choices.
A total list of things my fiancé cared about:
>actual ceremony in a church
>his dad officiating
>a vegetarian dish for him
>no chicken dance
It was to the point where it's almost been frustrating. I ask what he thinks of x or y and his response is "that sounds nice I guess. I'm not good with that stuff"
I'm lucky enough to have a very nice wedding, due to my parents contributing the vast majority of the funds (I think my mother wants to have a party that makes her look good). But at the end of the day, I would have been happy with a courthouse wedding and chilling at a bar afterwards.
Although my heart is breaking that I can't have sky lanterns. But I do get my mashed potato bar.

>> No.8484550

good for you man, but nobody cares

>> No.8484553

I'm curious if that would be your response if they weren't a tripfag

>> No.8484641

As long as you're wedding doesn't look like this


>> No.8484651

not as much, no
gas all tripfags

>> No.8484662

Legitimate stance

>> No.8484680

Cute cute cute!!
I'm in love with the idea of just putting small touches on everything. It makes it enjoyable and not awkward for anyone

>> No.8484691

Ugh yeah strapless is so bad for hamplanets because they usually have very round/bulky shoulders and I can't imagine they're that comfortable with all the under support you need

>> No.8484703

That's a good point. Weddings were traditionally a family affair than a lovey-dovey couple union, and now that it's shifted to become centered around the bride, most men aren't too interested in actively participating in arranging the wedding.

Also, good choice with the mashed potato bar.

>> No.8484714

Most US grooms genuinely don't care what happens for the wedding as long as it doesn't go over budget. They usually make a couple requests like my husband wanted Megaman cufflinks for his attendants and blue rose boutonnières. Its not usually because the bride is a selfish brat.

That being said I think there's way too many people getting married just for the party and to feel like a princess. Not a lot of people are being married by clergy now and therefore don't have the meetings ahead of time to see if they're actually ready. Not trying go push religion I just think people are losing focus on what marriage is.

>> No.8485138

You guys need to watch Don't Tell The Bride.

The men get given 3 weeks and £14000 to organize the wedding. But they can't have any contact and have to do the whole thing, like pick out her dress, the venue, theme ect themselves.

I fucking love it. The most recent one the dude went for an army theme wedding, and her hen do was an assault course.

>> No.8486049

its because girls have it engrained into our heads that a wedding will be the crowning jewel of their life. idk about guys tho seeing as "guy's life ends as soon as he gets hitched" is such a common trope

>> No.8486158

All these replies and nobody has pointed out that you can see her tits through her wedding dress.

>> No.8487456
File: 10 KB, 236x312, 7c6205ba861c4e45836a2c3a973f0c56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my dream wedding dress, I'm disappointed in myself though because my sweet 16 dress was bigger and poofier.
How does finding dresses you see online go? I have no clue who makes this or how even go about looking because I'm sure wedding dresses are like lolita dresses, the stock once and then you're fucked.
Like is it worth getting someone to make your dream dress or is that usually a disaster?

>> No.8487848
File: 102 KB, 227x493, 1388959814405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is an 18+ site, anon. Most of us have seen tiddies before.

>> No.8487850

There was an article few years ago on this. Strapless gets pushed on brides a lot because it's easier to sew and alter. But if you don't want that, then don't. More bridal brands are sucking it up now lol

>> No.8487856


I don't want to be That Guy, but traditional isn't "tacky". I dare you to say that to them

>> No.8488592

The face tattoo on her shoulder is her mom who was the original girl from the Easy Bake Oven commercial.

>> No.8488750
File: 1.08 MB, 2200x2428, Daisy-with-Over-Skirt-123571421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about something like this?

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