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old thread is saging >>8449252

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This Innocent World sale has me all over the place.

>buys six items total in two separate orders (3 per order)
>gets back to me on my second order and not first order; all three items are sold out
>some of these items still listed still as in stock, some of these items don't even have the FEW LEFT listed on them
>check items from first order
>all sold out except one JSK
>JSK is in FEW LEFT status

So basically I may or may not get one item off of that entire order. I'm really hoping I do, though; I love that JSK and have wanted it for a while. I wish their ordering system wasn't so damn slow and inefficient, because if I knew I could actually get the items, I'd probably even try for more.

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AP updated their site - Classic Fairy Tales aka the mushroom print will be out this weekend.

Thoughts on the print? I want to like it because it's nature-y. But it looks like a grandma's rug and the colors don't look flattering at all.

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I think the motifs are nice and it's refreshing to see something new, but goddamn, they went over the top on trying to cram as much shit into a small space as possible. It's way too busy.

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I think it's adorable, but the fact that I only really love the OP and that cut won't love me is all that's saving my wallet. It is very busy and kind of tacky, I'll give you that, but for some reasons it gets me right in the corner of my heart reserved for pretty dresses.

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I've been dying for AP to release something that isn't pastel ever since I got a job and can actually afford it. But this isn't doing it for me. I agree with everyone else that it's really busy, but I don't like the cut of the JSK either. I think it's the big front bow that annoys me.

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just wondering, but how much do shirred meta jsk's usually stretch? do they stretch more than the measurements listed or nah

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I'm totally in love with the JSK in the navy colorway. I'm so sad I can't afford it right now.

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I think it might be my time to leave the fashion.
>tfw I just want a nice boyfriend who isn't a weirdo who accepts lolita but also match me economically

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It reminds me of pic related which makes me incredibly tempted to buy it, despite the clusterfuck placement and general busyness of the print. Kinda pissed that you can barely see the print for all the shit going on.

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Mushrooms and deer are my shit man. I wish I hadn't gone crazy and bought up all those dresses on ClosetChild earlier this month

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now that would make a hot border print

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>IW Sale
>Meta Pink Lemonade Restock
>Indie brands posting like crazy
it has been a rough week for my willpower

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I love mushrooms, deer and general forest prints but the print is so busy it's giving me migraine.

Can't you just tone it down a bit instead? I met my boyfriend while I was wearing otome and while at first he thought lolita was a bit much, he's grown to appreciate it and now thinks it's cute. I wouldn't want to date someone who is completely turned off by cute fashion.

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I'm in the same boat right now; did two orders, one for me and one for a friend. They got back to me on the second order on what was out and not the first. I'm wondering if my first order is good and they just have everything on hold without notice, since those items are pretty much all now marked sold out and they didn't tell me if they were in or not.

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Holy shit anon, I feel you on Meta's lemonade print. I already ordered from the IW sale, so unless I make some sales soon, I'll have to pass on it. Stay strong!

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I like the print but not a fan of the colorways they chose. I think navy is the best one but still not my thing.

Someone photoshopped the print onto an ivory background and it looks so much better. I hope they do a special set w/ it on a light background.

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I love Mila and I think she is an amazing lolita but in the same time I'm disappointed she didn't bother to wear a blouse in pic related. Why ? She should definitely know how important it is, right ?
>inb4 she still looks fucking cute

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Do you have a pic of the ivory shoop? Because one of the biggest drawbacks about the print to me is the background colors. The poor little foxes and shrooms deserve to be on nicer colored dresses.

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From the way she styled her hair she was probably going for an American Housewife 1950's look. I'm disappointed by the lack of her blouse, but she still looks really cute.

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Thank you AP for saving my wallet, I'm passing on this for sure. Since I already got Shadow Dream Carnival and Milky cross last month anyway.
I just don't like the print at all. A majority of the dress looks like camouflage to me.

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She does look cute but completely out of place amongst other lolitas wearing the fashion as is standard these days. Plus with the gorgeous setting for this rather large event I'm a bit baffled as to why she would go for such an unconventional look.

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got dreamy girl and the way it fits is so weird. the pearls under the bust area fall in the middle of my boobs. the dress looks soo awkward when the boob pockets are empty.
Am I just a freak of nature or has anyone else had this problem with empire waists?

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>hime bangs and pony tail
>50s house wife
What? More like 1950s sock hop enthusiast. As in, a teenager.

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It's in the lolita updates group on fb.

It's just a shoop of the print, not the dress.

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This is a super common problem for me. I'm a bit taller than the average lolita so anything empire waisted just ends up looking really wonky. The westerner's curse I'm afraid. Nothing to do except avoid these cuts I'm afraid.

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Wow, blouseless can actually look really cute on thin girls with small chests. I've only ever seen it on girls with a few too many rolls and big boobloaf.
I agree that it looks out of place at an event like that, though. It would be better at a picnic or something.

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Are you busty? Because the way the fit sounds on you sounds similar to how OPs fit on me. I've seen this dress look fine on petite girls.

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Why do you need to leave the fashion? Just find yourself a decent boyfriend

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Was Cesky krumlov a popular dress?
I don't have to worry about it being sold out do I?

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I'm taller than the average lolita, but I have teeny tiny boobs so my only problem with higher cut waists are that the dress ends up being too short on me.

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I have the same issue, anon. I'm too tall so the waist sits right on my boobs. We just have to avoid these cuts altogether sadly, which is a shame since so many cute OPs have empire waists.

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It's pretty tacky, you should be fine anon. Never seemed to push too many sales, and at 30% I doubt it will for the sale. Maybe if it gets bumped to 50% more people would be interested.

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I'm only 5'6" would you guys consider that a bit taller than the average lolita ?
I know I am really disappointed. I had 2 other dresses like this one on my wishlist
I'm a 34 C .

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Taller than the average Japanese lolita and what the Japanese brand clothing is intended for.

Average Japanese adult woman is 5'2" and around 110lbs.

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>tfw 5'2" and around 130lbs

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While 34c might not seem big by American standards, that's super busty for Japanese clothing, especially lolita. I would avoid OPs in general, they don't flatter large busts.

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32AA here, I have to pad out in OPs so that they don't look deflated. Maybe if I gained 15lbs and hit 100lbs, I'd have more boobs.

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Anyone knows when IW usually release oddment packs? Im saving my money for one of those

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Buy really padded bras, they help a lot.
>I'm also fetus sized

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5'6 is absolutely fine for some of the brands. IW do quite often long length jsks which have a longer bodice, so ideal for taller girls. Boz are also pretty friendly on the length side of things if you're into gothic. AatP tends to run short I find, unless it's the longer corset jsks, such as Masquerade Theatre.

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Towards the end of the year or beginning of.

>> No.8463639

I grew half an inch and lost 12 lbs (so now 5'3 and 130ish), it made a world of difference on how lolita looks on me
>tfw now /fit boyfriend keeps pressuring me to work out
>don't want to because of all the stories of girls who can't fit into brand socks/tights because of their calves or have arms too big to fit into brand blouses

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You're making me think I pulled the trigger too early buying this dress ;_;
I really love it.

>> No.8463694

I like it too anon, it's a matter of personal taste.

>> No.8463697

It's a really lovely dress anon. It's just more on the otome side of things.

So since everyone is talking about sold out sales items. I ordered yesterday morning, when can I expect a reply? And can I cancel an order if only filler items are left of it?

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Their back shirring usually stretches 10cm above their measurements with ease. So JSKs that they give measurements 88cm/68cm usually go to 98cm/78cm. Any larger depends on the dress. Full elastic shirring usually goes to 110cm bust, about 90cm waist but depends on the dress

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>mfw I LOVE most of the items on the IW sale
>mfw 3 dream dresses on there
>mfw no money
>mfw they won't even fucking fit me yet.

>> No.8463753

Work out, but do body weight stuff rather than weights (darebee, pop Pilates etc). Fit guys insist you don't get big lifting heavy, but while it's true you won't get to bodybuilder tier status it can be a pain trying to fit Asian sizing (particularly shoulder width) unless you have a small Asian size frame to start with.

>> No.8463799

But think of how amazing your butt will look naked and how you'll make all the guys and girls swoon when you flex.
You can be a little more muscular without ruining your clothing fit. I mean most brand releases nowadays are Western average / Asian fatty friendly.

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can we talk about that awful neck ruff instead

>> No.8463815

If this was a recent event it was a million degrees, right? I'm also not much bothered by the shoulders but rather how it's a bit out of place. Then again I'd rather be out of place but cute than look like sausage roll with a cone of shame.

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She was modelling and probably cbf geting dressed up again. It was hot in there. Other girls went blouseless or wore something simple. Even Marie didn't even go all out..

>> No.8463936

Probably stupid question:
I ordered from the IW sale yesterday and soon after got an email informing me that one of the blouses I wanted is sold out. This is the only thing I've heard from them so far. Are they going to invoice me eventually for the rest or are they expecting me to reply and tell them it's okay and that I still want the rest of the order? I'm assuming the former, but I don't want to miss out on the other stuff by waiting too long if it's the latter.

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What do you guys wear under sheer blouses? Wearing a cami under a slightly sheer lolita blouse just seems odd with modest looking classic lolita. Any ideas?

>> No.8463983

This. You'll get toned before you gain a shit ton of muscle mass. I do heavy weights once in a while and still fit into brand just fine.

>> No.8463992

I usually wear sheer blouses under JSKs so that it it's not a problem, but with skirts I usually wear a crew neck tank top underneath in a similar colour so it looks like the body was lined.

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File: 6 KB, 200x250, mm6-by-maison-martin-margiela-skin-colour-top-product-1-11806227-281057270..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wear beige/nude/skin-colored tops and bras like pic related under anything white or slightly sheer. Under something super sheer I wear a camisole in the same colour, but I tend to layer stuff like that under JSKs anyway.

>> No.8463999

I generally only wear sheer blouses with JSKs. I have yet to find a way to make them look good with a skirt, unless I have a blazer or cardigan on top of that.

That being said, I always wear a nude-colored cami under my blouses because it helps protect them from sweat.

>> No.8464005

I always wear a cami under sheer blouses, just wear a cami that's the same color as the blouse.

>> No.8464055

I wouldn't be worried. It takes a shit ton of effort for girls to even gain muscles mass. You don't have to do super heavy weights, just enough to lose some calories but also look lean/fit.

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Alright Lads and Ladies.
I can't figure out which one I like better. So I'm gonna take a poll.
Elegy's new print "Eat Your Heart Out"

>> No.8464126

The black one looks way too desaturated to me. Not in a good way. Couldn't she have gotten a decent petti too? It's doing that thing that I hate to the skirt.

>> No.8464127

Dark is effing hideous. The way the striped print continues on the sleeves is reminiscent of an over-sized striped Polo shirt or something, ugh. I find both of them to be tacky, but the white is more appealing and has a more 'medical' look to it. The rancid pus colored trim is pretty nasty though.

>> No.8464128

black looks better imo
white is ruined by those puke-colored stripes

>> No.8464130

It boggles my mind. You wear a nude Cami or bra. Fashion 101

>> No.8464134

Those are two cuts I think. OP and JSK. The stripe sleeves aren't specific to the black colorway.
Both of the cuts suck. Did Elegy stop making just waist dresses because all of her customers are hamplanets?

>> No.8464135

It's even uglier than I had originally thought. The promo video made the white look a bit nicer with the more subdued tones but really, both of them are hideous.

>> No.8464139

Also wtf is going on with that fork? It's so crude looking. Like somebody drew a fork without ever having seen one.

>> No.8464146

Even here in Japan Innocent World ordering is slow to confirm now. Many girl are now frustrated. We think maybe they need more web staff because now many foreigners are placing order that are not made.

>> No.8464154

Unfortunately some people need to be told outright to wear a nude bra under a white t-shirt. Nobody told me during high school that a white bra will show through under a white t-shirt.

>> No.8464169

White's better

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I'm so upset that this is going to get released this week. *sigh* why couldn't they just realease Dreamy Planetarium so that I would have the funds to get this beauty.

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Anyone here ordered from magicatstreet before? I am tempted to order their new JSK (missed the reservation period though), but not sure about the quality.

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...So does anyone want to let a bitch in on what print this is on Angelic Pretty's website and who I have to kill for it? I scoured the shop and couldn't find any hint of it

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>mfw student loans have made me too broke to buy any new lolita or other jfash for the past year
i've even sold off my entire wardrobe. all i have left is my first dress. it's just a solid IW piece and not particularly valuable (probably sells today for under $100) but i have a lot of emotional attachment to it

>> No.8464218


I have half an order still to pay from from Violet Fane.
Elegy just released their print.
And I have to pay to get my wisdom teeth out.
AND save up for PAX.

But the want for this dress is so strong, I honestly don't even care if it's 10-20cm too small or what colorway it's in. I NEEED IT!!

>> No.8464222

I have seen their items at cons and they all seem decent construction wise with sturdy materials. I also own some blouses from them and they're well made. If you like it, go for it.
The girl behind the Facebook page is pretty nice so you can try to PM her and ask if you can get an order in?

>> No.8464238

Yeah, it seems like they've been short-staffed for over a year now. You'd think they could hire more, they don't seem like they're in financial trouble.

>> No.8464243

It will release this weeekend

>> No.8464248

same. I know it wont fit me at all but I but myself stuff when I meet my monthly weight loss goals at this would have been great for that if AP could have waited until like August or September when I have money. Right now I have Otakon, a few bills to pay, text books to buy all within the next month.

>> No.8464259

So here's the tally so far...
6 People complaining

2 for White

and 1 for Black

>> No.8464278

white's better

>> No.8464286

Never mind all it took was going to the japanese website. I'm an idiot.

But in all seriousness how does Angelic Pretty work with their releases? With Baby you can reserve but I can't see any option for it on AP so is it like Meta where they give you the date and its a free for all? Never bought anything from them that wasn't secondhand so I have no idea, but I'm ready for war. I'll get this print if it kills me.

>> No.8464288

>that model styling
ugh when will people learn shit styling is so off putting and never helps your profits.

>> No.8464301

AP releases are normally blood baths, but I have no idea what this one if going to be like. It doesn't really fit with AP's typical aesthetic (to me it looks like Meta trying to do a Baby-esque print) and I don't see too many people outside of /cgl/ excited for it.

I think you need to contact your shopping service and let them know what you want.

>> No.8464302

Definitely the white one, but on another note what the fuck is wrong with the model's mouth?

>> No.8464318

yeah I've noticed that too. I think she's trying to go for the cute doll mouth, but it just looks weird.

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File: 1.82 MB, 499x281, AP release day be like.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See if you can find an SS who isn't all booked up. Good luck.

>> No.8464358

Puts me at ease that it won't be a full on lolita world war, feels slightly better that at least predominately if it comes down to it fellow gulls will get it.

As for it being shipped would tenso be the best, and can I count on them to fight the good fight in my place? They're linked on the website but I've never really fooled with SS that much so I'm pretty newfag when it comes to it

>> No.8464367

Wish they functioned like IW, So we don't need a fucking SS.

>> No.8464376

You'd think with AP being one of the big brands it'd have worldwide. They got a English site now but it doesn't seem worth half a damn.

>> No.8464382

I'd much rather the current AP system so I can start looking 2nd hand as soon as I know I didn't get the dress.
Unlike IW, where you have to wait a few days to know if you didn't get it, or be on time for the release and find out that all the dresses have been bought by the VIP customers.
>I am still mad about Night Fantasia or whatever the unicorn print is

>> No.8464390

On a scale from one to village raids how much scalping should we expect from secondhand right after the release?

>> No.8464401

For Classical Fairy Tale? not a lot. It's not really hyped up and while I think it is nice, it's simply not as well received by other AP fans. There is almost no hype on weibo, a little interest on tumblr and facebook, as far as I can see only /cgl/ is crazy about it. I'm no prophet but I can see that this won't sell as well as their kawaii sweet stuff.

>> No.8464427
File: 223 KB, 450x250, puppycat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more chances for me to snag it then.

>> No.8464431

Good luck! I hope you get it. It's a super nice print.

>> No.8464471

If it helps, they're considering releasing that series because they'll be stupid not to.

>already put in a order with chibi for this
>I need this

>> No.8464473

I can't even find it on the US San Francisco.
>We often get a email inquring if we will stock an upcoming print, or one that have recenly been released in Japan. The answer is yes, we do and we will carry every single current and upcoming exclusive print collections. Please follow our press release in our news section or our blogs for details of each release.
It says this and yet no info AT ALL on this print in their news feed both on the site and their facebook. Like nigga please I need to know for sure so I don't need to track down an available SS damn it

>> No.8464474

Is this how IW is lately? I didn't know it was that bad. I usually only make small orders and a few items would go missing from that. They really need like one extra staffer just to keep track of all staff and inventory. Half my order disappeared last time too.

>> No.8464495

White is better but both are tacky as fuck

>> No.8464497

I ordered a couple of months ago when there was literally nothing going on for one blouse and two hair clips and it took nine days to get an invoice, and was basically the same situation as now of "did I actually get this orrr....?"

I'm hoping I got all of my first order. I jumped on that shit and haven't got any word back that any of it was sold out (even though some is now marked as such... hoping they're holding my items and I'm good?). I put in a third order to replace a couple things that were all gone from the second order and who the Hell knows what I'll get of that, of course.

(First order is what really matters, though. Fingers crossed!)

>> No.8464498

Am I the only one who thinks this is hideous? It looks like the dress was rolled around in mud

>Inb4 better than pastel vomit

>> No.8464517

Are there any brands that make dresses that can look flattering on a 5'11 monster? I've always wanted to get into the fashion, but money and my height have kept me away. My summer job finally cured my money problems, so now I'm just looking for nice dresses that won't look like I bought them when I was 13.

>> No.8464530

Depends on the rest of your build. If you are lanky and really thin, then you'd look killer in a lot of Victorian Maiden and Juliette et Justine stuff, but if you're average build, then just try to find things with more of a dropped waist and longer skirt (some Baby/AATP stuff). The waist lining up weird on your body will probably be the toughest issue.

>> No.8464531

MMM has some really pretty long dresses.

I would just try to find dresses that are meant to be mid-calf length

>> No.8464533

Boz, Excentrique, VM and longer Baby dresses. IW dresses sit a bit weird on taller girls but it doesn't hurt to try

>> No.8464545

I'm 5'9 and IW is very hit or miss on me. The pieces that have looked the best have all been OPs, for the most part. Get IW size L for the length, even if the rest of you fits size M, because the sleeve length difference on the two is absurd.

Boz is also a really good choice because of how many pieces have longer bodices.

>> No.8464551

5'10 here. Generally speaking, anything longer than 95cm looks fine with an inch or so of underskirt. You can go without if you don't mind showing a bit of thigh but I'm conservative about that. 100cm+ and the underskirt becomes optional. Almost all the main brands except for AP and Meta release longer cuts semi-regularly. IW is known for making tea-length cuts on some of their pieces, and I personally really like how VM's longer cuts sit on me.

In terms of cuts, be prepared for things to sit higher on you. IW makes longer bodices if most of your height is in your torso. Baby/Alice empire waists are your worst enemy if your chest does not look prepubescent.

JSKs with adjustable straps and elasticized puff-sleeve OPs can be lengthened a couple of centimeters, but really the only way to significantly add length where there is none is underskirts.

>> No.8464557

Eh, I like them. Definitely the white more than the black because i'm not so fond of the green tones, but I still really like it.

>> No.8464560

It's a shit site. Honestly If you are going to have stores in other countries then do something to keep it current in each of those countries. Like idk why AP's US site can't have the same stuff as their Japanese site. Also why not have simultaneous releases in the states, and France along with in Japan. It just doesn't make sense and it's not like they'd loose that much money on it. But whatever.

>> No.8464562
File: 150 KB, 639x1016, eyhofreshapronm1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really dig the apron skirt.

>> No.8464570
File: 155 KB, 468x254, 4umZ1qimexqo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see the mud thing. Even at this moment I'm trying to piece together which colorway would end up being the most flattering when worn. I love the green print originally but I'm having second guesses on if it'll look good worn on the JSK so leaning towards the dark blue. Hell even the light blue could have potential but we'll never know from that low quality preview of just it on the skirt.

How are people supposed to get hyped if we can't even take a good look at the products? Why so beta AP?

>> No.8464581

Maybe with a different colored blouse, but holy god damn that models face pisses me off

>> No.8464595

What kind of repayment plan are you on, anon? You might want to look into Income Based Repayment - it surprises me how few people know this exists. The monthly difference is like $300 between the default plan and IBR for me.

>> No.8464598

At this point I'm not even sure if I should trust them for competency and just suck it up and make a tenso account. It just bothers me so much not being able to order it myself directly because if I screw up the process that's on me, but if someone else does I'm going to be heated till the end of time. The less people involved the better

>> No.8464715

But even then you can see them if it's sheer enough and that looks a bit odd with some of my classic coords. I will probably go with the person's advice that said to get a crew neck undershirt shirt to make it look like the sheer shirt is partially lined.

>> No.8464735

Is that puke green in the print intentionally a gross color? Either way I kind of love this and find it ugly at the same time. I would never buy it but the concept is cool.

>> No.8464741

Just got an email from IW again; all items from order 3 are sold out. Still no word on order #1!

At this point I don't even think it's worth ordering from them. Everything that I've been told is sold out is still marked as available on the site. Wtf, IW. There's no telling what's there if anything, anymore.

>> No.8464749
File: 146 KB, 450x600, 0300275007112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have experience with getting stains out of IW dresses? I got one for super cheap because it has a tea stain. I have a stain stick but it isn't the greatest. I've been recommended lemon juice, baking soda, vanish and white vinegar but I don't know which method is best.

>> No.8464790

Try dishwashing soap.

>> No.8464811

Gentle detergent and handwash it.

>> No.8464817

If you can get it Oxiclean is amazing but buy the powder version. Soak the dress in warm water, sprinkle the oxiclean over the dress, and rub it in.
>works everytime

>> No.8464836

They don't do oxiclean in the UK but they do a similar product called vanish oxiaction. Hopefully it should be hand washable.

>> No.8464845

I'll try both of these, thanks!

>> No.8464846

I believe one of the employees of Innocent World said that almost all of their products are safe to be hand washed in cold water [citation needed]. From experience, I have never had an IW item wash poorly, and that's most of my closet. A good, yet gentle detergent and handwash should do it!

(btw, that looks beautiful)

>> No.8464859
File: 120 KB, 452x600, 0300275007110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, it's Angel Rose Basket, I got it for a steal so I'm happy to try stain removal.

>> No.8464872

I just checked a few of my tags against this guide and you're right!


>> No.8464882
File: 256 KB, 720x480, 1422297906567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually really like the way the print is laid out. It makes me think of a Jane Marple print with a gory theme. The green tone in the white is a bit off-putting, but I like the print a lot. Kudos for the uniqueness.
>tfw broke a f tho

>> No.8464885

Another lolita at PAX? I kinda wanna link up

>> No.8464901

I like using AP USA because they often get popular dresses in that were sold out on the main site.
I managed to get Milky Cross, and Shadow Day Dream carnival through them.
I really don't mind that they're a week behind, because their updates are often concurrent with my paychecks.

>> No.8464907

I won't be dressed in lolita though. I have two cosplays planned 'cause I'm going on Sun and Monday.

>> No.8465109

I actually really love the new AP print but them prices...
Decided to just buy the green headbow using Tenso and try to catch the skirt in green on CC or Y!Japan.

>> No.8465123

I'm way too obsessed with that JSK. I couldn't sleep last night because of it. I NEED IT!!!

>> No.8465192

>dat file name
You got something against Jesse?

>> No.8465278

Damn, couldn't they have found a cuter model?

>> No.8465378

Considering how fast they're responding to people to let them know what's out, they're probably holding the rest of your order, if that's the only thing that's missing. You'll get an invoice for it eventually, but who the Hell knows when at this point.

>> No.8465434

Tenso dont buy it for you they just provide you with a japanese address so you can buy from the japanese webshop

>> No.8465534
File: 466 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nr7s0bz6qN1qh8q7io1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I got my IW lucky pack.. I was really hoping to get a blouse but instead I got two OPs, one jsk, shorts and a head piece that actually matched with one of the ops? The strawberry OP is so cute! Like cute asf!

>I really wanted a blouse
>next year
>sorry for potato quality

>> No.8465545

>it looks like Meta trying to do a Baby-esque print

kek. I knew there was something off about it and just couldn't put my finger on it. You absolutely nailed the aesthetic here.

>> No.8465548

Still a really cute haul, anon. I love the OP on the right.

>> No.8465553

They wrote that they won't have blouses in the LPs because they were on sale at the time.

>> No.8465563

Hey frillies, so I need your help on this! I'm planning on buying the Fantastic Carnival OP from the Angelic Pretty US-based website, the only problem is I'm a fatty-chan. (Not morbidly obese or anything, but right into beginning fatty territory, I fluctuate between a size 12 and 14 and have about a 38 or 39 inch waist.)

Fantastic Carnival will definitely not fit me the way it is now so like various other brand dresses I'll have to resort to buying two of them and taking it to my local seamstress to get it altered to fit comfortably. Only problem is they unfortunately only have 1 of the lavender and sax colorways left, no multiples of each! ;__;

That's where my question comes in, if I buy both in the two different colorways, would it clash terribly if I used one to add on to the other? So say for example if I chose the lavender colorway to wear and used the blue colorway's fabric to add onto it. Is this a bad idea? Should I just wait for one of these two colorways to pop up in the sales comm and then safely order it? What if I bought just one of them this time, is there enough material for a seamstress to work with to alter the sizing without me needing a second dress?

Seagulls HALP!

>> No.8465574

Oh god, I suddenly seriously regret not getting one!

I didn't like the example pieces and last year they were really boring packs. These are lovely!

>> No.8465575

ah welp, didn't see that. I'm already doing a blouse haul on taobao.

>> No.8465618

It doesn't look like Meta at all though? And Meta are unique and thus don't hop on bandwagons as much. It looks like a certain Haenuli print

>> No.8465619

isn't that just throwing away money if you buy two dresses of which one you would cut up? see if you can find a matching fabric at your local fabric store, if you get the back altered it won't be too obvious, as long as you don't try to add a white strip of fabric to make the bodice longer as that one girl fucking up cat's teaparty

>> No.8465624

The vintage roses have an IW feel though.

>> No.8465646


I think we can all agree, whatever it is, it's not very "AP". I say it's Baby for the fairy tale theme (usually their thing), but I can see that Meta and IW vibe too.

>> No.8465687

...Troll? Sewing two dresses together is going to look like shit, especially if you're that big. Unless you're over six feet tall, a 38-39 inch waist means that you're well into obese territory and by no means a "beginning fatty". Go lose some weight rather than wasting all that money on sewing multiple dresses into one enormous monstrosity.

>> No.8465702


May i ask something before dump a massive amount of money for materials: is rubber (latex) okay for lets say more than blouses or jackets? The colour is easy to match and looks nicely pastel if so wanted. I do costumes for theater and such outa it, also head pieces (quite large ones, rather stiff) like hats and ribbons.soon i'll buy a laser cutter and i will be able to do prints on rubber fabric and lace out of rubber. So im considering doing some lolita dresses, have already rubbered whool and cotton (with liquid latex) or socks as example, but i am unsure if people would get mad at me for fabricating a rubber lolita coord.... also you can nicely polish it, no washing required no stains possible and would cost arround the same as brand items

Any reply welcome

>> No.8465720

>rubber lolita
Fam are you high

>> No.8465733

I love that the color scheme on the light colorway is actually sickly.
I'm going to get the tights and maybe a few accessories, wish I could grab a main piece but I just don't have the money.

>> No.8465741
File: 998 KB, 400x224, 1434474502036.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rubber/latex in lolita

Only Meta has ever pulled off using latex for skirts and even then it was very questionable. It's certainly not okay for blouses. I don't think anyone would get mad (unless you mistake lolita for fetish wear, that rustles plenty of jimmies) but they'll certainly be very confused and probably make a big joke of the whole thing.

>> No.8465756

hi meta

>> No.8465767

The IW is fucking killing me.

All of my dream dresses for ridiculous prices and yet they'll still never fit my torso properly.

>> No.8465772
File: 752 KB, 1500x846, 1436236183334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Latex is not appropriate

>> No.8465775

This is the best lolita lucky pack I've ever seen. Shit.

>waaaaaa I wanted a blouse

Fuck you anon, I hope you know how good this is.

Naaaw dawg, I’m just kidding (and jealous), that is some good shit right there.

>> No.8465800


>can never unread this as anything other than 'edgy'
>looks at print

I admit, I have a bug up my ass about this company's prints, they all look like they were formed in a tumblr aggregator machine - somewhere between deviantart and clipart.

They seem to be doing well for themselves though and I wish them the best, genuinely (but my hate will continue to bubble from within).

>> No.8465803

make a spandex lolita bathing suit or something. latex lolita won't get you anywhere unless you wanna look like a futuristic idiot

>> No.8465820
File: 393 KB, 960x1280, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha thanks anon, its my first LP so I thought it was a typical thing to receive a blouse (from looking at previous LP pics and there was another anon that got their LP last thread). I'm happy with the pieces I got though, except for the random set of shorts I got as well

>didn't even know that IW had shorts

>> No.8465835


Losing weight not only means you'll fit into one dress and look 100% better in it, it'll improve your quality of life. Obesity is completely curable with will power and you won't look like a jester in a mangled brand dress.

>> No.8465854

The shorts are also cute as shit. Would totally wear in a vintagey meets j-fash type coord or something.

This is off the scale now anon, I hope you're proud of yourself.

>> No.8465872
File: 60 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nlq909SudD1qadi4fo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not the best example perhaps but still pretty cute

>> No.8465882
File: 399 KB, 1280x1173, 1401509085840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bonus boystyle /ouji pic

>> No.8465896

Same, but going Fri and Sat. Damn it.

>> No.8465931

It's really hard to find someone who's interested in lolita, willing to work crap hours, able to use decent English, and will accept crap pay (minimum wage). They've had an ad up since 2014 for someone to work on overseas orders.
BtSSB and AP have had postings even for "main" positions like designer/illustrator up for a loooong time - because tbh working for a lolita brand sucks.

>> No.8465956

Source on tights?

>> No.8465958

Latex does need washing and DOES stain; especially pastel colors.

Don't do it, because not only do you not know what you're talking about, it'll look like shit and is an inappropriate material choice.

>> No.8465960

Sure it sucks, but you'd think some poor unsuspecting gaijin would be willing to take on the challenge. Hell, I'd do it if I lived in Japan. Work's work as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.8466058

There's a bunch of MM and VM up on Wunderwelt right now.

>> No.8466083

harsh maybe but true, I wouldn't attempt it unless you already know lolita fashion inside out and want a 'one off' challenge. This is not a beginners project or even intermediate level stuff.

>> No.8466096

I would also not recommend trying anything in latex unless you have a solid grip on garment construction. I've been working in latex for five years now and whereas I can say it's easy once you get the hang of it and the process is quicker, it's a whole different world from making anything out of fabric and you need SOLID garment construction skills.

Not to mention, it needs very specific care (handwashing after EVERY use) and stains VERY easy. It cannot be held against any metals or latex of darker colors, because metal will oxidize on it and it will pick up colors of other latex and fabric pieces; it will suck up dye like a sponge if the color is light.

>> No.8466212

Grimoire but you can get the replicas on aliexpress or ebay.

>> No.8466719

They didn't use latex, it was pvc

>> No.8466779
File: 1.47 MB, 500x250, bitch2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah. i love him to death. favorite brba character. watching what happened to him in the end was painful. but as we know he says bitch a lot (and cries a lot past season 2). hence the file name
back on topic:
I have a pair of the Celeste Stein "First Kiss" tights (the blue ones with the cherubs, and yes I have the real thing, not one of the million replicas) and I'd like to work them into a coord somehow but have no ideas. The blue is more vibrant than expected. Hell I'm not even sure how to coord them with other jfash styles or normie clothes.

>> No.8466857
File: 314 KB, 847x1459, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my Meta Twinkle Journey set in the mail today! I didn't have time to do more than try it on quickly before I had to go to work (which is why I look like a new frump-chan) but here's a worn photo of the JSK, socks, blouse, and bow.

I got the long version and holy crap is it long. For reference I'm about 5'9 and it hits me barely above the knee, it'll probably be a ball gown on anyone shorter. I need a longer petti, because all of mine look awkward under it. I kind of engineered a faux petti for this photo with a few barely fluffy petticoats and longer normie skirts. Headbow is nice, no fit problems even though I have a larger head.

Blouse is white chiffon, has detachable waist ties and back shirring, pintucks vertically down the sleeves, came with two small detachable bows. I don't own any other Meta blouses for comparison but it's as nice as my AP and BTSSB blouses, and nicer than the one I got in the AP LP set from this year.

The socks are stretchy and came up maybe an inch and a half above my knee with no problem. They're more off-white than true white though, and it's not too obvious when worn, but when directly compared against the blouse they look practically cream.

If anyone wants more photos or details just ask, I can take photos when I get off work tonight.

>> No.8466869

>mfw I got the bigger length too and I'm 5'3

FUCK. Mine hasn't arrived yet but it'll likely be the case. This thing will fit me like a tent then, what's worse is that I'm chubs so long dresses never look good on me. I'm not sure how I'll wear this without looking frumpy.

>> No.8466877

I'm about to sell a piece to a girl through fb, but she seems kind of young so I dont know if she's going to go through with the buy and I'm not exactly sure on what to do.

>> No.8466879

Congrats anon! Looking cute!

>> No.8466884
File: 112 KB, 540x228, 092754972076w5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So will AP USA have Classic Fairy Tale in stock or no?
>stressing me the fuck out
>bout to just call the number on their website

>> No.8466919
File: 57 KB, 537x460, hereliesmyhopesanddreams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>woke up to this
I almost cried. My first ever coord idea is now in the shitter. It'll be ages till they show up on the second hand market and they'll be scalped to boot.

>> No.8466933
File: 65 KB, 322x600, 020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it wasn't for us buying shit like this back in the day no one would have their newest AP print to scalp

>> No.8466937
File: 31 KB, 345x437, strahov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone please let me know if they've gotten a sold out notice for Strahov Library in green yet. It's shown as FEW LEFT, but I have hope, since it's 30% instead of 50% marked down.

>> No.8466959

I have that OP on the right in the tea length, I really need to get to finding a petticoat for it that's not like $40+

>> No.8466962

AP USA tends to get releases 1-3 weeks after they're released in Japan. It will happen, just be patient and look for updates on their Facebook.

>> No.8466964

>hey frillies!

Please go back to Facebook and stay there

>> No.8466968

Have any other brands announced LPs? Im bummed i missed out on the meta twinkle journey and i really want to blow most of my next paycheck on something cute

>> No.8466976

;_; has been an acceptable emote on 4chan for ages. Why don't you get out?

>> No.8466993

"pardon the brevity of this note."
woahhhh i'm impressed IW

>> No.8466999

I've got two of those messages so far, but hey, at least they're fast!

>the pain

May try order 4 tonight.

>> No.8467012
File: 298 KB, 884x902, 1396330782672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a nice touch but didn't help any in softening the blow, for me.

>> No.8467013

The only emote one use on 4chan is :^)

>> No.8467019

Does anyone know when Boz releases lucky packs and if they will be in store only?

>> No.8467022

no one really cares if people use emotes on 4chan. bitching people out for using emotes is a meme in itself.

>> No.8467031

Sorry that happened to you, anon. For future reference, I wouldn't bother inquiring about stock during IW sale time. Just buy it and don't hesitate.

>> No.8467042

Yeah, this is a lesson for next time. I'm glad I'm learning all this early on, just means I won't miss a chance next time. I'm trying to create a different coord now with some of their non sale stuff, and it'll be back to the drawing board if that stuff is out of stock, too.

>> No.8467064
File: 707 KB, 250x141, 1435309312881.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh thank god. Then there's the added bonus of getting to see the full stock photos of each colorway before the release day instead of that shitty poster

>> No.8467084

Has anyone canceled an order with IW? They sent me an invoice but only for a pair of socks/the dress I wanted isn't included. Isn't there meant to be a confirmation email before hand to tell me when something is out of stock?

>> No.8467097

Shit, was that an order from the sale? That makes me a bit nervous. When did you place your order?

>> No.8467105

yeah from the sale and just 2 days ago, there was something on the site that said I might get banned if I cancel, is that how it works?

>> No.8467115

I don't know, but you should have received an email telling you the item was out of stock. There's a chance they just made a mistake, or that the email went into the wrong folder. I say email them and inquire about the missing item and see what they say. Best case scenario, they just got overwhelmed and forgot.

>> No.8467116

Apparently if you ask nicely and explain that the rest of your items were based on the sold out item they'll cancel it.

>> No.8467119

Since you weren't able to get your main piece, you should be able to cancel. I've been in the same scenario as you before except they didn't invoice me, they just offered me the chance to cancel the remainder of my order in the email where they explained some of my items were out of stock.

>> No.8467132

Okay I'll go email them now, thank you guys so much for the help

>> No.8467252

Can anyone recommend a nice waist cincher/belt/short corset that doesn't make me look like a tube? This is really hard to find for some reason.

>> No.8467341

any corset is kind of going to do that. you could just try looking for some shapewear instead of something rigid like a corset

>> No.8467368

Thanks, though I'm trying to get something to hide the band of my skirt. I'll keep looking!

>> No.8467372

Corsets aren't meant to make you look tubular. Only the shitty fashion ones do that.

If you want a nice corset for relatively cheap, OrchardCorset has some options. If you're looking for good shapewear, try the brand Rago. Their stuff is amazing, though pricey.

>> No.8467400
File: 133 KB, 960x417, brehs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8467401

Ah, thanks for the suggestions! They look really nice.

>> No.8467432

fucking gross

>> No.8467443
File: 20 KB, 236x295, 1434808936309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You...don't like jellyfish, anon?

>> No.8467445
File: 101 KB, 960x640, ss_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why such vitriol, anon? Granted, you're entitled to your opinion.

>> No.8467449

Not that anon but the print just look tacky

>> No.8467460
File: 701 KB, 500x321, 1435309022980.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's pretty in teal and pink (not a huge fan of the other colorways). More for me I guess

>> No.8467487

I fucking love jellyfish. I'll get this if the cuts are good.

>> No.8467493

I'm excited to see how this pans out in terms of cuts. I'm a little nervous that it's going to look too busy, but I've been waiting for forever for Haenuli to release a sweeter print, especially in pink.

>> No.8467512

Haneuli goes so fucking overboard with prints and it just keeps elevating to a higher and higher level of tackiness.


its gross, i hate it, i fucking hate brands who puke out this garbage

>> No.8467515

What Katie Did Baby corset

>> No.8467537

This picture looks a lot better than the clipart preview. I'd be curious about what the full dress looks like.

>> No.8467539

Hey thats an awsome idea because i actually did some bathsuits, but how the hack does lolita bathsuits look alike? I assume it with them 50/60's bathsuits, rather loose and with ruffles (if it is called like that?)

>> No.8467540


Heanuli should stop doing that shitty tacky digi lace patterns that I could get off of dA for GIMP. It's stupid and gross, and definitely not suitable for a dress print.

Although on the other hand, it makes me long for the Krad jellyfish dress that I sold. Oh well, I was never going to wear it again anyways....

>> No.8467573

I do not know lolita well, but i do my homework. be me, wear rubber everyday, sleep on rubber sheets aswell. Yes i rinse my bed everyday with water and a little towel, but no it wont turn yellowish if you seal the surface. I know latex is not a easy material, but you can achive that much with it. After a slim fit i did for several cosplays i want to burn material and do loose things, nice blouses and skirts. If it is so hard to pull off im gonna stay at Accessoires like headpieces bags socks such things

>> No.8467580

You have much bigger problems than not knowing lolita.

>> No.8467604

Why the fuck do you sleep on rubber sheets

>> No.8467618

Honestly those doily-type circles at the top kill it for me.

>> No.8467650

You really love your rubber, eh?

>> No.8467672

Maybe she wets the bed

>> No.8467931

I'm so conflicted....
I love anything with jellies but I'm worried that this will just look like a blue dress with blobs all over it....I guess I'll have to wait for the cuts to be released....if the jelly print is all over, I'll have to pass or just get the skirt maybe

>> No.8467992

>knows everything about rubber
>wears it everyday
>doesn't know how easily it stains

I'm calling bullshit on 100% of what you say.

>> No.8468051

I'm shocked you got your invoice so fast. Did anyone else get theirs? Last time I ordered there were no sales or LPs and it took 10 or 11 days to get mine. Maybe they did hire extra staff for this time.

>> No.8468107

Piss fetish?

>> No.8468178

How long should I wait before attempting to contact a buyer on Facebook (already attempted LM and the email listed there, the latter of which is invalid)?
My TOS states that invoices need to be paid within a day, but the buyer hasn't even read my messages, much less replied to them, in two days.
Since I'm pretty sure the email she listed on LM doesn't work, I'll have to edit and resend the invoice once she finally gets back to me.
Buyer also has some pretty bad feedback regarding communication and payment.

>> No.8468182

Try to contact her asap, if you can't be bothered, just cancel it.
It's in your TOS that the invoice needs to be paid within a day, so you're perfectly in the right to cancel the transaction.

>> No.8468191


For the record, this usually only works with regular releases, and usually if you're obviously buying a set. I've seen another anon on here saying IW got a little annoyed when she tried to cancel a sales item since she only got the socks.


If it helps, solid IW pieces tend not to get scalped. If anything, they don't fetch a particularly good price, so most girls don't bother selling them, so it's true that you may never see this particular dress again on secondhand sales.

But, if you just want a solid IW piece, you can look for IW on mbok or yja, there's a fair number of them for 10k yen or less, a fair number of inexpensive blouses too.

>> No.8468202


This looks like the scene from Michael Crichton's Sphere where the giant jellyfish attack.... definitely not feeling this print.

>> No.8468429

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Damnit, Wundewelt.
Uhg, I saw a dress IN STOCK yesterday and went through the cart process to buy it. After buying it, I noticed the dress was marked out of stock.
But I got an email today saying they will refund me as the dress is out of stock.
I wonder if someone sent an email before me to buy the dress? Fuck people buying via email. They don't deserve it if they can't go through the moon runes!

>> No.8468446

Fuck you AP, the art is so pretty but the overall print looks like shit. Maybe they should stick to pastel vomit and leave this kinda stuff to Baby.

>> No.8468455

Alright so the finally tally is.

14 people complaining

6 for white

and 1 for black

Sooooo white it is.

>> No.8468479

Oh, is that how it works? Do VIP really get it first? I kind of wish AP had something like this. I'm sure many people would be in on it. AP and IW are my favorite brands, but are the worst to order from. AP is bloodbaths, stupid "international" site, and IW has taken me half a month to even confirm if I got an order.

>> No.8468489

>asking IW about buying stock
>being this new

In any situation in lolita, anon, let me give you a slice of advice: Buy it.

You think you'll have buyers remorse later? Then just sell it. Never, ever hesitate in lolita.

If it's something like Tokyo Rebel, Baby SF, etc. they usually only have one of each in stock. On international or Japanese sites, it gets a bit more unclear of what's in stock, depending on the brand. IW is just the worst with this.

If this is your first coord idea, aim lower. There's plenty of items sitting in stock on IW. Go for something slightly less coveted so you get exactly what you want.

>> No.8468507

VIPs get to reserve things earlier than their regular customers, if the VIPs buy the items out, there will not be any left for the regular customers. This was what happened to Fantasy Night Sky.

>> No.8468531

search on lolibrary for bathing suits / bikinis. brands have put out a few in the past

>> No.8468580
File: 28 KB, 598x257, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it AP that said they do re-releases based on emails or something asking for them?

I really need these.

>> No.8468584

I would've liked it if it were just the jellies without the tacky clipart lace.

>> No.8468588

I haven't gotten my invoice yet.

>> No.8468602

Still waiting, ordered the first day of the sale. Everything's still in stock on the site, so fingers crossed

>> No.8468648

if you go through a SS, black and pink are still available

>> No.8468672

Feels good man. Also i dont sweat anymore

>> No.8468675

I buyed a new sink because the old one had copper elements under the finish and it ruined me several pieces while washing... didnt know that before... didnt remeber either saying it wont stain

>> No.8468682

>didnt remeber either saying it wont stain

>you can nicely polish it, no washing required no stains possible

>> No.8468703

So anons, how does one name an indie brand?

>> No.8468729

just like people name bands I guess. inspired by something or just random

>> No.8468757
File: 27 KB, 180x180, logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just placed an order with Emily Temple Cute on their sales. I got a confirmation e-mail and shipping confirmation e-mail but never got a paypal invoice from them. It says the item is already shipped out and I tried to contact the shop with no response. I should be happy about this mistake but I don't want to get banned from their shop...I'm not sure what to do?

>> No.8468758

But you need a visa sponsorship as well which I doubt they're willing to provide for a minimum wage part time job

>> No.8468760

Oh boy i am so sorry for the bad vibe i caused, i was off while writing for a moment, thinking about what i read earlier; that people here are afraid of stains in their extravagantly printed dresses after washing... so basicly you wash and polish latex, but i just do it gently with a towel and this works nice out. Also sun burns in the silicone oil leaving the surface sealed so till that point my biking capes turned darker blue and the silver one golden but it wont need any more care and it wont stain any more. Piece is 2 years old tho and not for sale but looks still nicely

I apologize in big gesture

>> No.8468774

Welp, IW FINALLY got back to me on order #1. Fucking everything is gone. Placing four orders with a total of 13 items and I didn't get a single one of them. Their ordering system is just awful.

>> No.8468784

..jesus christ sorry to hear that anon :(

>> No.8468793

This makes me nervous for my order. I haven't got a single response yet and I made my order at the start of the sale

>> No.8468801

This is very busy and the pattern gets lost in the gathers so it just looks like bubbles. Since they make also for plus size, the size of the jellies is not going to be a very good proportion on a big girl.

>> No.8468815

White. I don't like those dark colors together plus with the design, it's just too much and not in a good OTT way. Too busy. I also think the dark will be harder to coordinate. If I was set on dark, I'd get the JSK so less busy sleeves. I'd absolutely get the matching tights too, it's a unique enough design and I'd want to wear the tights with other things, just kind of sneak them in.

>> No.8468819

Are you serious? Jesus Christ, IW. I love their brand, but I lost so many items I've wanted in orders this past year. It didn't use to be this abyssmal. I'm going to stop ordering from them honestly because some of the things I don't even understand why are removed from my order.

>unwanted socks
>basic blouses
>non "low stock" items

If any brand has an ordering system I like, it's Baby. I might just be going to other brands like them until they work this out. I just want to put an item in my cart, order, and confirm I have it for once.

They at least need to get someone that can check stock more easy. The issue with IW, from what I put together, is that they actually have to call their factory to see if things are in stock a lot. If you notice their calendar on the site, they're off on weekends, plus whatever their factory hours are. I had a dress "semi-confirmed", for lack of better words, but told me they had to call the factory on Monday just to double check. Maybe their issue is the factory not being so accessible and needing multiple calls that suck up their hours, rather than needing more staff?

>> No.8468839

I am mostly bothered by the fact that they got to my last three orders immediately, and took them days to grt to the first order. I had assumed I was good on the first order since I placed it immediately, and that they were just holding my items. I guess not, the JSK was marked sold out last night, and that's when they finally got back to me that that whole order was also sold out. Man, I'm so frustrated, I wanted that damn thing since it came out.

>> No.8468846

And yupppp everything but one pair of socks sold out. I don't understand. I literally sent this in minutes after the sale started.

>> No.8468854

I feel like there's straight no point in trying to order anything. Best to just wait for it to come up second hand, I suppose. I placed my first order as soon as the sale started and didn't get shit out of it; all I've heard anyone get so far is literally "one pair of socks".

>> No.8468865

This. Get a steel boned corset. You won't ook back,>>8467252.

>> No.8468866

>using silicone based oil on latex

Get out of here. Silicone oil should NEVER be used on latex outside of indoors fetish play since it stains and makes the material unable to be worked with or a garment repaired after that shit touches it. You're a fetishist who's never made a damn thing out of latex.

>> No.8468870

I just wanted a nice blouse and cesky krumlov. Why is it all too hard. Let's throw an IW sale pity party.

>> No.8468879

You'll probably get Cesky Krumlov; I think those are all still up? Most likely won't get a blouse, though.

>> No.8468885

I just got an email saying nothing i ordered is in stock aswell. I thought i was safe since they sent me an email the day i ordered saying one of the dresses i wanted was out of stock but nothing about my other items. My first time ordering from IW, how disappointing god damn.

>> No.8468887

All colourways apart from purple are sold out.

>> No.8468933

eh, just lost an auction for baby's Ribbon Heart Bag in black x white. sent Baby an email if they can message me when that bag is back in stock. I know there's one on Wunderwelt, but it's such a bad condition. hope everything goes well

>> No.8468999

Kek now you went full retarded. After you finished washing a piece you can for sure take care with a little drop of silicon oil or prepare it with talkum for the hanger... For repair you can clean it with benzin before glueing.
Ps: silicone oil aint a fatty product like baby oil for example

Take care and sorry for disruption

>> No.8469002
File: 112 KB, 1060x404, my fase wen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not in LL I imagine.

>> No.8469067

Yeah, sure, go treat your material with silicone and then tell me how well it holds together. Talcum is perfectly fine and expected, silicone is not.

>> No.8469110


This is a wonderful troll and reads like Chinese pots and pans ads.

>> No.8469122

I think it's just a crazy person.

>> No.8469222

What JSK is that on the left? I have a mighty need...

>> No.8469243

Made some joke photos but BTB's submission post hasn't been posted yet. wtf?

>> No.8469434

Girlyhoot paid them in secret to close down BtB.

Lolita shouldn't be about hate, it should be about love and happiness. This is why LACE was created. :^)

>> No.8469446

Hilarious. Never heard something so funny in my life.

>> No.8469496
File: 49 KB, 500x280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same here. IW just emailed me saying that Cesky Krumlov in blue/white is all sold out. I ordered it right when the sale started, too.

I just wanted Cesky Krumlov, dammit. :'(

>> No.8469509

Same anon here.
I just got an email that the grey/black colorway for Doll Museum JSK has been sold out. I ordered approximately 2 hours after the sale started. Just letting any other anons know that tried to order it.

>> No.8469672

I love these! Almost makes me want to try boystyle haha!

>> No.8469679
File: 43 KB, 599x274, CJXSE6HUsAAcwOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only a few hours left before Classic Fairy Tales is released. Am I right? Let's begin the bloodbath.

>> No.8469685

Question: Has sweet tea-length lolita been done yet? Can someone post a couple examples?

>> No.8469699
File: 37 KB, 384x384, cqtumo1373003649168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like this?

>> No.8469703

Any IW lucky packs? A couple people have posted theirs on the lp lj and egl. Looks like a lot of older stuff. A lot of the same accessories too.

>> No.8469710

Sorry to be so specific, I just got Twinkle Journey in the mail and I'm so short that it falls below my knees. Never coordinated with a tea length dress before and I have no idea where to begin, I just know it can go awry very quickly.

>> No.8469716

Fuck anon my heart just dropped nooo. Which jsk or OP did you try anon.
And when did you order.
I hope I got it D:

>> No.8469845

maybe this is just an elaborate "sale" scheme for IW to get rid of their unwanted socks and shit...??

>> No.8469848

tbh if I ran BTB and Girlyhoot paid me a good amount I'd close it too
>more money for burando

>> No.8469865

Customs has mine, if it arrives before too many others have gotten and posted theirs various places I'll post but I don't know when it will.

>> No.8470052

then open up another site in a different name
get her to close that too
infinite burando :^)

>> No.8470083

I posted mine here >>8465534 >>8465820

>> No.8470096

Amongst my misery, laughter has come.
Thank you for the kek.

>> No.8470131
File: 757 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nr23y0n3Kx1qh1hjxo5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm absolutely not into AP and sweet but I can't get over how beautiful this colorway is.

>> No.8470132

Oh, IW.
If only there was someone out there who loved your socks enough to buy out your whole stock at retail price.

>> No.8470152

More ponies. I'm getting really sick of this.
At least my wallet is safe for now.

>> No.8470164

>I'm getting really sick of this.
Same. I'd take another goddamn chocolate print over more ponies/carousels/what have you.

>> No.8470165

It's like they're trying to hop on that brony hype train
>The one that crashed a few years ago

>> No.8470184

I'm glad you're sick of it because I only really like the cut and colors anyway.
But unfortunately I'm sure everyone else will love it.

>> No.8470214

I really like the cut and color too. but like i said, I'm glad I don't have the taste of everyone else. better luck getting a dress I want in the second hand market when everyone is drooling over something else.

>> No.8470277

Aftee I got that email saying that Cesky Krumlob was sold out, I checked the website. Apparently, it's sold out in every single colorway in both JSK and OP form except for purple.

>> No.8470374
File: 854 KB, 1000x655, tumblr_ndn33cE28N1rqqow6o3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for some help, anons. Helping a friend find some non-MLP clone/non-super cutesy unicorn print dresses.

She loved Haenuli's Planetary Dreamer but couldn't get one and can't find the one she wants secondhand.

We've checked Lolibrary but searching 'Unicorn' only brings up prints with Unicorn in the name and doesn't show ones like Meta's "Twinkle Journey" print.


>> No.8470385

I bet you could coordinate that into gothic fairly easily. Gothic doesn't have to be black on black on black all the time

>> No.8470462

Twinkly Journey is pegasus, not unicorn. Maybe search for horse instead, that should be a catch-all.

>> No.8470471

Maybe I missed some posts on CoF or at other places but I still haven't seen anyone wearing AP University serie, though it was released quite some time ago, now. Were all the dresses bought by chinese girls ? Anyone has pics ?

>> No.8470484

She'd take pegasus prints at this rate. Thank you though, checking now!

>> No.8470545

I wear a slip with a lace v collar. None of my stuff is super sheer but something like that might be nice.

>> No.8470562
File: 102 KB, 500x628, 1405577447482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8470631

Got the headbow in green as planned, doesn't seem to have been much of a bloodbath actually.
Now just to wait until the green skirt shows up on secondhand sites.

Also they have the socks in a ivory colourway so maybe a special set for the ivory colour is really being planned.

>> No.8470675

Wow, that was.. really not a bloodbath. Almost everything is still in stock. Kinda regretting not getting the green jsk.. maybe it'll pop up somewhere.

But the green skirt is still available?

>> No.8470684

?? wtf?? 50 mins in and it's still all there.. damn..

>> No.8470687

Yeah, only one op, two jsks, some socks, and the cape thingy sold out. Majority of the stock is still there.

>> No.8470696

Too expensive though. I'm sure it'll turn up on second hand sites like CC or Y!Japan for cheaper soon enough.

It's just that matching accessories from the release are a pain to find in the right colours so best to get those firsthand.

>> No.8470705
File: 20 KB, 350x266, 1435581212801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OMG! I missed it! I miscalculated the time difference. Stupid me! My JSK is gone now.

>> No.8470719

someone in my comm got the exact same LP except in different colorways lmfao

>> No.8470726

I really like it.

>> No.8470785

New thread!

>> No.8472503

You could try bustling it at the hem a little by pinning up the area below the print with bows? Idk, godspeed anon

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